Acting Together Quotes

Acting Together Quotes by James Mill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Thomas Carlyle, Jacques Chirac, Rick Riordan and many others.

The government and the people are under a moral necessi

The government and the people are under a moral necessity of acting together; a free press compels them to bend to one another.
James Mill
People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
In a symbol there is concealment and yet revelation: here therefore, by Silence and by Speech acting together, comes a double significance.
Thomas Carlyle
For the first time, humanity is instituting a genuine instrument Kyoto Protocol of global governance,”…”By acting together, by building this unprecedented instrument, the first component of an authentic global governance, we are working for dialogue and peace.
Jacques Chirac
Are you suggesting that the gods have trouble acting together, young lady?” Dionysus asked. Yes, Lord Dionysus.” Mr. D nodded. “Just checking. You’re right, of course. Carry on.
Rick Riordan