Affection Quotes

Affection Quotes by James A. Baldwin, Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, Terence McKenna, Christian Nestell Bovee, Charles Dudley Warner and many others.

When Americans look out on the world, they see nothing

When Americans look out on the world, they see nothing but dark and menacing strangers who appear to have no sense of rhythm at all, nor any respect or affection for white people; and white Americans really do not know what to make of all this, except to increase the defense budget.
James A. Baldwin
We begin our public affection in our families. No cold relation is a zealous citizen.
Edmund Burke
My affections were first for my own country, then, generally, for all mankind
Thomas Jefferson
When we look within ourselves with psilocybin, we discover that we do not have to look outward toward the futile promise of life that circles distant stars in order to still our cosmic loneliness. We should look within; the paths of the heart lead to nearby universes full of life and affection for humanity.
Terence McKenna
Words of praise, indeed, are almost as necessary to warm a child into a genial life as acts of kindness and affection. Judicious praise is to children what the sun is to flowers.
Christian Nestell Bovee
If there was any petting to be done…he chose to do it. Often he would sit looking at me, and then, moved by a delicate affection, come and pull at my coat and sleeve until he could touch my face with his nose, and then go away contented.
Charles Dudley Warner
My upbringing did not create a healthy affection for confrontation. I’d love it if everyone always got along, and nothing ever got tense.
Trisha Yearwood
With the first issue of ‘Weasel,’ I was even aware myself that I’d improved. I still have affection for my earlier stuff, but I don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as ‘Weasel.’
Dave Cooper
Poverty cannot deprive us of many consolations. It cannot rob us of the affection we have for each other, or degrade us in our own opinion, of in that of any person, whose opinion we ought to value.
Ann Radcliffe
When a writer admits that he has an affection for something which he has written, it is high time to pray for his soul.
Dornford Yates
The principle we call self-love never seeks anything external for the sake of the thing, but only as a means of happiness or good: particular affections rest in the external things themselves.
Joseph Butler
When love is pure, it has the power to conquer. Lover and beloved conquer each other by their affection. The source, the essence, the fullest manifestation of love’s conquering power is the love of the soul for the supreme soul, or God.
Radhanath Swami
Affection! Affection is false.
Elizabeth I
As a filmmaker, I love the medium. I have a great affection for it and I’ve been lucky enough to do all different kinds of films. The greatest part of the success I’ve had comes from horror. I love the idea of mixing humor and horror and to me, it’s all a giggle.
George A. Romero
From that moment our love became sad, and sadness is a disease which gives the death-blow to affection.
Giacomo Casanova
Outpouring of affection for God, of resting in his presence, of good feelings towards everyone and sentiments and prayers like theseare suspect if they do not express themselves in practical love which has real effects.
St. Vincent
My dad would do horrible things to me, but I was so desperate for his affection and his approval that I would keep coming back.
Bart Millard
The inspired scribbler always has the gift for gossip in our common usage he or she can always inspire the commonplace with an uncommon flavor, and transform trivialities by some original grace or sympathy or humor or affection.
Elizabeth Drew
Worst, when this sensualism intrudes into the education of young women, and withers the hope and affection of human nature, by teaching that marriage signifies nothing but a housewife’s thrift, and that woman’s life has no other aim.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
If you wish particularly to gain the good graces and affection of certain people, men or women, try to discover their most striking merit, if they have one, and their dominant weakness, for every one has his own, then do justice to the one, and a little more than justice to the other.
Lord Chesterfield
We are very fond of blaming the poor for destroying the environment. But often it is the powerful, including governments, that are responsible.
Wangari Maathai
The final test for a novel will be our affection for it, as it is the test of our friends, and of anything else which we cannot define.
E. M. Forster
Christianity has been cruel in much to the human race. It has quenched much of the sweet joy and gladness of life; it has caused the natural passions and affections of it to be held as sins.
I have often thought that if a well-grounded affection be not really a part of virtue, it is something extremely akin to it.
Robert Burns
There is nothing but death
Our affections can sever,
And till life’s latest breath
Love shall bind us for ever.
James Gates Percival
Childhood may have periods of great happiness, but it also has times that must simply be endured. Childhood at its best is a form of slavery tempered by affection.
Robertson Davies
Noble characters and pure affections and happy scenes are very comforting things. They’re a refuge from life’s disillusionments.
Gustave Flaubert
What if all it took to bring us to our knees and to ignite our affections was the Word opened and the presence of God? What if that was enough for us? What if it didn’t take a great band to evoke that kind of response from us in worship? What if His presence – His Word opened – what if it was enough?
David Platt
Nobody now is going from department to another department. Only Walt did that. I was very fond of him, really.
John Hench
Animals speak with pure affection. It’s important to me to get something going in NY so we can get to be a no-kill city, and give the animals homes and more attention and love.
Bernadette Peters
Find the things that stir your affections for Christ and saturate your life in them. Find the things that rob you of that affection and walk away from them. That’s the Christian life as easy as I can explain it for you.
Matt Chandler
The nation which indulges towards another an habitual hatred, or an habitual fondness, is in some degree a slave. It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection, either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interest.
George Washington
The Spirit of man is like a kite, which rises by means of those very forces which seem to oppose its rise; the tie that joins it to the earth, the opposing winds of temptation, and the weight of earth-born affections which it carries with it into the sky.
Coventry Patmore
There are two sorts of affection – the love of a woman you respect, and the love for the woman you love.
Arthur Wing Pinero
What will not woman, gentle woman dare; when strong affection stirs her spirit up?
Robert Southey
Comradeship is obvious and universal and open; but it is only one kind of affection; it has characteristics that would destroy any other kind. Anyone who has known true comradeship in a club or in a regiment, knows that it is impersonal.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
The objective of the demonstrators is to win the affection of the armed agents of the government… Most of the Kiev police have now pledged their support for the people…
Bob Schaffer
I certainly do have this feeling of affection for the absolute sense of intellectual freedom that exists as a live nerve, a live wire, right through the center of American life.
Norman Mailer
In life, there are no perfect affections.
James Merrill
If the time has come to leave Porto, the club and its fans will forever have a place in my heart. I can only thank them for all the affection they’ve shown me.
But one thing about human beings puzzles me the most is their conscious effort to be connected with the object of their affection even if it kills them slowly within.
Sigmund Freud
It was demeaning to scrape affection from virtually everyone you encountered. That was immature.
John Knowles
Mom was bossy. Even in print I could hear her tone, smugly congratulating me on already earning the prince’s affections and telling me firmly to keep up whatever I was doing. Yeah, Mom, I’ll just keep telling the prince that he has absolutely no shot with me and offend him as often as I can. Great plan.
Kiera Cass
Personal hatred and family affection are not incompatible; they often flourish and grow strong together.
Willa Cather
The lust of dominion burns with a flame so fierce as to overpower all other affections of the human breast.
I love my dogs and I give them affection all the time but it has to be at the right time or they get confused.
Cesar Millan
I know Donald Trump. I’ve met him; I know his family. I have love and friendship and affection for his family members. But I’m going to work very hard to ensure that he is not our president.
Cory Booker
Do you know what makes the prison disappear? Every deep, genuine affection. Being friends, being brothers, loving, that is what opens the prison, with supreme power, by some magic force. Without these one stays dead. But whenever affection is revived, there life revives.
Vincent Van Gogh
Skins may differ, but affection
Dwells in white and black the same.
William Cowper
I’m very fond of doing movies where men fight over me. I don’t get to do enough.
Anjelica Huston
True Shandeism, think what you will against it, opens the heart and lungs, and like all those affections which partake of its nature, it forces the blood and other vital fluids of the body to run freely thro’ its channels, and makes the wheel of life run long and chearfully round.
Laurence Sterne
Affection is an overpowering craving to be compellingly sought.
Robert Frost
People, workers, the elderly, all these people I see with sympathy and affection. These are the people who have fought the battle of life and who now and then show the hard work and the frustration …It’s all about human activity, it’s truth, and we all get there.
Duane Hanson
We’re already saying it’s not the dog, but you need to adopt this lifestyle which is exercise, discipline, and affection.
Cesar Millan
I have a great need for affection from an audience. I don’t know whether this is because I had such a tough life when I was a child.
Eartha Kitt
There is not a soul who does not have to beg alms of another, either a smile, a handshake, or a fond eye.
Lord Acton
We each appear to hold within ourselves a range of divergent views as to our native qualities.. And amid such uncertainty, we typically turn to the wider world to settle the question of our significance.. we seem beholden to affections of others to endure ourselves.
Alain de Botton
I have an affection for a great city. I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle
There is no ideal Christmas; only the one Christmas you decide to make as a reflection of your values, desires, affections, traditions.
Bill McKibben
A public library is the most enduring of memorials, the trustiest monument for the preservation of an event or a name or an affection; for it, and it only, is respected by wars and revolutions, and survives them.
Mark Twain
I’m lucky to have met Nicolas Ghesquiere, the creative director of Vuitton. He understands me and knows me, and I admire his sensibility and talent. Karl Lagerfeld is another huge designer and artist for whom I feel affection and admiration.
Brigitte Macron
But most of all, I’m a part of you people out there who have listened to me, because especially you people in Michigan, you Tiger fans, you’ve given me so much warmth, so much affection and so much love.
Ernie Harwell
A little love and affection in everything you do will make the world a better place with or without you.
Neil Young
I’m not fond of any of my films in an intimate way, but Gregory’s Girl would be number 4 on my list.
Bill Forsyth
Oh, I love hugging. I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug 10 people at a time!
Drew Barrymore
The intelligence of affection is carried on by the eye only; good-breeding has made the tongue falsify the heart, and act a part of continued restraint, while nature has preserved the eyes to herself, that she may not be disguised or misrepresented.
Joseph Addison
Hatter!” She would have hugged him if she hadn’t thought he’d be bothered by the dislay of affection. Pterry good timing.” Dodge smiled. “A litte sooner and you would’ve been perfect.
Frank Beddor
I watched ‘Who’ with a mixture of affection and exasperation through the eighties, always ready to cheer on the Doctor but seldom feeling that the series was playing to its strengths. Some of the adventures, revisited on DVD, turn out to be better than I remembered – others just as infuriating.
Alastair Reynolds
A hit film is what we work for as actors, as that goes to show that we have managed to entertain our audiences who shower us with their love and affection throughout the years.
Mahesh Babu
Mother Liberty caresses with generous affections…[those] who, armed with the weapons of high-minded honesty,…have grasped that the freedom of each is rooted in the freedom of all.
Emma Goldman
For me and my family personally, September 11 was a reminder that life is fleeting, impermanent, and uncertain. Therefore, we must make use of every moment and nurture it with affection, tenderness, beauty, creativity, and laughter.
Deepak Chopra
My affection hath an unknown bottom, like the Bay of Portugal.
William Shakespeare
I’m very fond of the Talent series, and also the Crystal Singer trio.
Anne McCaffrey
We shall reach our goal, when we have the power to laugh as we destroy, as we smash, whatever was sacred to us as tradition, as education, and as human affection.
Joseph Goebbels
Respect and affection for animals, particularly those who share our homes, recognize no geographic borders.
Nick Clooney
I love Washington. I have an affection for the place. For a satirist, I think it’s sort of Disneyland. I mean, you know, there’s always some inspiration in the morning’s headlines.
Christopher Buckley
[My father] was generous with his affection, given to great, awkward, engulfing hugs, and I can remember so clearly the smell of his hugs, all starched shirt, tobacco, Old Spice, and Cutty Sark. Sometimes I think I’ve never been properly hugged since.
Linda Ellerbee
No man of high and generous spirit is ever willing to indulge in flattery; the good may feel affection for others, but will not flatter them.
This is not the land of my birth, but it is the land for which I hold the greatest affection, and I certainly will come back in the springtime
John F. Kennedy
Marry first, and love will come after is a shocking assertion; since a thousand things may happen to make the state but barely tolerable, when it is entered into with mutual affection.
Samuel Richardson
Our virtues are dearer to us the more we have had to suffer for them. It is the same with our children. All profound affection admits a sacrifice.
Luc de Clapiers
Real affection comes from the face. Those political leaders, when they meet, they are always hugging, but not very genuine. Deep, sincerity comes from face and eye.
Dalai Lama
You can’t measure the mutual affection of two human beings by the number of words they exchange.
Milan Kundera
I think ‘Horace Silver’ was actually the first live jazz group I ever heard back when I was a kid in St. Louis. So along with most players of my generation, I have a real affection for the music of ‘Horace Silver.’
David Sanborn
Dogs, bless them, operate on the premise that human beings are fragile and require incessant applications of affection and reassurance. The random lick of a hand and the furry chin draped over the instep are calculated to let the shaky owner know that a friend is nearby.
Mary McGrory
To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.
Jane Austen
If you like affection, then about one in three squirrels makes an excellent companion.
Bernhard Goetz
Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserve; it is life’s undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room.
Harriet Beecher Stowe
When I come to England, I don’t claim England; I don’t own it. I feel a great kinship because of the literature and the landscape. I have great affection for Edward Thomas and Philip Larkin, but there’s still this distance: looking on at what I’m admiring, separate from what I am. And that’s OK.
Derek Walcott
You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection.
Gautama Buddha
I suppose I was dying again, so I asked the Lord of Permanent Affection for the strength to live the day. Clearly, the answer came in the affirmative.” “I didn’t know there was such a Fellow,” Buttercup said. “Neither did I, in truth, but if He didn’t exist, I didn’t much want to either.
William Goldman
Very often when I am introduced to women, I think, What is she really like behind the disguise which she wears? And very often I discover that she is pleasant enough, and probably would expand and glow if she received enough affection.
Robertson Davies
You have to create love and affection for your body, for what it can do for you. Love must be incarnated in the smallest pore of the skin, the smallest cell of the body to make them intelligent so they can collaborate with all the other ones, in the big republic of the body. This love must radiate from you to others.
B.K.S. Iyengar
No money on earth can buy the love and affection that has been given to me by a grateful nation.
Abdul Qadeer Khan
There is a worse tyranny than that of ill-treatment. It is the tyranny of tears, vapours, appeals to feelings of affection and of gratitude!
Georgette Heyer
The India I Love, does not make the headlines, but I find it wherever I go – in field or forest, town or village, mountain or desert – and in the hearts and minds of people who have given me love and affection for the better part of my lifetime.
Ruskin Bond
I was always aware of what the language I was using meant in terms of my bond with my parents – how it defined the lines of affection between us. When I spoke English, I felt I wasn’t completely their child any more but the child of another language.
Jhumpa Lahiri
What is right or duty without power ? To tell a man it is his duty to submit his judgment to the judgment of the church, is like telling a wife it is her duty to love her husband a thing easy to say, but meaning simply nothing. Affection must be won, not commanded.
James Anthony Froude
It is my appeal to the people of Bihar and U.P. to always shower their love and affection on sons of the soil who make a name for themselves in Bollywood enduring untold hardships.
Khesari Lal Yadav
I know my parents loved me – they certainly did everything they could for me – but displays of affection were kept on a distinctly low flame.
Laurie Graham
If our life is not a course of humility, self-denial, renunciation of the world, poverty of spirit, and heavenly affection, we do not live the lives of Christians.
William Law
Men are misers, and women prodigal, in affection.
Alphonse de Lamartine
Always when I see a man fond of praise I always think it is because he is an affectionate man craving for affection
Jack Butler Yeats
A letter, timely writ, is a rivet to the chain of affection;
And a letter, untimely delayed, is as rust to the solder.
Martin Farquhar Tupper
Home is the dearest spot on earth, and it should be the centre, but not the boundary, of the affections.
Mary Baker Eddy
The conqueror is regarded with awe; the wise man commands our respect; but it is only the benevolent man that wins our affection.
William Dean Howells
It is remarkable that men, when they differ in what they think considerable, will be apt to differ in almost everything else; their difference begets contradiction; contradiction begets heat; heat quickly rises into resentment, rage, and ill-will; thus they differ in affections, as they differ in judgment.
Cato the Younger
Friendship is nothing else than an accord in all things, human and divine, conjoined with mutual goodwill and affection.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
We desire the good of the world and the happiness of the nations that the bonds of affection and unity between the sons of men should be strengthened… what harm is there in this?… these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the ‘Most Great Peace’ shall come.
Talk not of wasted affection, affection never was wasted; If it enrich not the heart of another, its waters, returning Back to their springs, like the rain, shall fill them full of refreshment; That which the fountain sends forth returns again to the fountain.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Although I believe affection and romance should be shown all year around, it’s always smart to have a good plan up your sleeve for Valentine’s Day.
Marcus Samuelsson
It is expressions of affection rather than money and power that attract real friends.
Dalai Lama
Whatever attracts the mind from God, whatever draws the affections away from Christ, is an enemy to the soul.
Ellen G. White
The objects that we have known in better days are the main props that sustain the weight of our affections, and give us strength to await our future lot.
William Hazlitt
I knew my affection for the Philippines was equally as telling: a democracy on paper, apparently well ordered, regularly subverted by irrational chaos. A place where I’d felt instantly at home.
Alex Garland
My home is humble and unattractive to strangers, but to me it contains what I shall find nowhere else in the world – the … affection which brothers and sisters feel for each other.
Charlotte Bronte
As long as a human being worries about when he will die, and what he has that is his,
all of his works are zero.
When affection for the I-creature and what it owns is dead,
then the work of the Teacher is over.
A Universalist, your heart cannot but dilate, and your affections widen, until the divine expansion, like the ambient atmosphere, embraces every form, which is acted upon by an immortal spirit.
Judith Sargent Murray
We have to move toward specificity, intelligence, facts, proof, and mutual affection. What I think people have to do now is be very, very assertive about the utter essentiality of intellectual undertakings.
George Saunders
There wasn’t exactly a plethora of physical affection in our family.
Mariette Hartley
Love and envy make a man pine, which other affections do not, because they are not so continual.
Francis Bacon
Shopmas now begins on Thanksgiving Day. Apparently, escaping the families you cannot stand to spend another minute with on Thanksgiving Day to go buy them gifts is how some Americans show their affection for one another. Weird.
Barry Ritholtz
I cannot be so bad when everybody is so fond of me.
Clara Schumann
Humans are not machines-we are something more. We have feeling and experience. Material comforts are not sufficient to satisfy us. We need something deeper-human affection.
Dalai Lama
I worked with my son when he was much younger; we did L.A. Law together, where I played his father and he played a kid who was suing his father for alienation of affection or something. It was great.
Rene Auberjonois
I have been seized by the power of a great affection.
Brennan Manning
I have been in love, and it was a great feeling. It’s when you are attracted to and feel affection for someone. You want to do things for that person. But only love isn’t enough in a relationship – understanding and communication are very important aspects.
Yuvraj Singh
Charity is an unending self-discipline which always looks and leads towards the eternal affection. Therefore, its triumph shall be lasting and everlasting.
Julia Ward Howe
The English have this extraordianry respect for longevity. The best example of this was Queen Victoria, a most unpleasant woman who achieved a sort of public affection simply by living to be an enormous age.
Malcolm Muggeridge
Then let thy love be younger than thyself, Or thy affection cannot hold the bent.
William Shakespeare
All false practices and affections of knowledge are more odious to God, and deserve to be so to men, than any want or defect of knowledge can be.
Thomas Sprat
There is always speculation about me and Palmeiras, precisely because of the affection I have for the team and I have made it clear I identify with Palmeiras.
Here was a man with loads of talent, loads of ability, lots of love to give; but that had been stifled and aborted. I became very fond of that character.
Michael Zaslow
I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the Heart’s affections and the truth of the Imagination – What the imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth – whether it existed before or not – for I have the same Idea of all our Passions as of Love they are all in their sublime, creative of essential Beauty . . .
John Keats
The affection of young ladies is of as rapid growth as Jack’s beanstalk, and reaches up to the sky in a night.
William Makepeace Thackeray
Rhymes, meters, stanza forms, etc., are like servants. If the master is fair enough to win their affection and firm enough to command their respect, the result is an orderly happy household. If he is too tyrannical, they give notice; if he lacks authority, they become slovenly, impertinent, drunk and dishonest.
W. H. Auden
When you play the field selfishly everything works against you: one can’t insist on love or demand affection. you’re finally left with whatever you have been willing to give which often is: nothing.
Charles Bukowski
The public has always had affection for gay entertainers. The time was right for an out gay entertainer.
Julian Clary
How much more beautiful would be the world and the society in which we live if…every mother regarded her children as the jewels of her life, as gifts from the God of heaven, who is their Eternal Father, and brought them up in true affection in the wisdom and admonition of the Lord.
Gordon B. Hinckley
I never ceased to be surprised when southern whites, at their homes or clubs, told racial jokes and spoke so derogatorily of blacks while longtime servants, for whom they quite clearly had some affection, were well within earshot.
Walter Cronkite
It’s true that nothing in this world makes us so necessary to others as the affection we have for them.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
We spend so much time trying to put send to death that we don’t spend enough time striving to know God deeply, trying to gaze upon the wonder of Jesus Christ and have that transform our affections to the point where our love and hope are steadfastly on Christ.
Matt Chandler
Why do we love our grandparents so much? Part of the reason I think has to do with the tremendous natural affection and affinity that kids have for older people, whether they are their actual grandparents or not.
Willard Scott
I think that what comes through in Chicago humor is the affection. Even though you’re poking fun at someone or something, there’s still an affection for it.
Bob Newhart
The two qualities which chiefly inspire regard and affection are that a thing is your own and that it is your only one.
Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice, and is as necessary for the support of societies as natural affection is for the support of families.
Benjamin Rush
SPIRITUAL EXERCISES whereby to conquer oneself, and order one’s life, without being influenced in one’s decision by any inordinate affection.
Ignatius of Loyola
At school boys become gluttons and slovens, and, instead of cultivating domestic affections, very early rush into the libertinism which destroys the constitution before it is formed; hardening the heart as it weakens the understanding.
Mary Wollstonecraft
If society will adopt the rule of nature, and justify no marriage without a supreme affection, the evils of marriage without love will be sufficiently cured. Those who marry without the consent of Nature may securely expect trouble.
Joseph Cook
That fine part of our construction, the eye, seems as much the receptacle and seat of our passions as the mind itself; and at least it is the outward portal to introduce them to the house within, or rather the common thoroughfare to let our affections pass in and out.
Joseph Addison
If a man’s innate self-respect will not save him from habitual, disgusting intoxication, all the female influences in the universe would not avail. Man’s will, like woman’s, is stronger than the affection, and, once subjugated by vice, all eternal influences will be futile.
Augusta Jane Evans
Yes, the meeting of dear friends atones for the regret of separation; and like it so much enhances affection, that after absence one wonders how one has been able to stay away from them so long.
Marguerite Gardiner
Had I been in love, I could not have been more wretchedly blind. But vanity, not love, has been my folly.
Jane Austen
My father-in-law was once Chairman of Military Affairs in the Senate, the latter part of the Wilson Administrations. He knew a lot about and was fond of the Army.
Stuart Symington
Even an animal, if you show genuine affection, gradually trust develops… If you always showing bad face and beating, how can you develop friendship?
Dalai Lama
Why should men leave great fortunes to their children? If this is done from affection, is it not misguided affection? Observation teaches that, generally speaking, it is not well for the children that they should be so burdened.
Andrew Carnegie
Set me free from evil passions, and heal my heart of all inordinate affections; that being inwardly cured and thoroughly cleansed, I may be made fit to love, courageous to suffer, steady to persevere.
Thomas a Kempis
In dread fear of sentimentality, another thing true is not said-that for its staff the paper is a source of pride and, I do believe, an object of affection and-yes, love.
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger
I’m not sure it’s affection for Australian or New Zealand films or not. I think it’s just that there’s something about ‘Wilderpeople’ that has really struck a chord.
Sam Neill
Children need loving attention, closeness and deep affection and also loving touch. Love will make them feel safe.
Deepak Chopra
There is nothing which so generally strikes the imagination and engages the affections of mankind, as the right of property.
William Blackstone
As much as I reiterate my affection for Elon, there is nothing Elon does that we cannot do.
Sergio Marchionne
Coercive measures may have a restraining effect for a time, but can never subdue an untractable spirit: it is only by engaging the affections and enlarging the understanding, that the heart can be meliorated or principles be formed; for like a bow forcibly bent, the mind recoils from oppression with elastic power.
Mary Hays
Our people, though capable of strong and durable feeling, were not demonstrative in their affection at any time, least of all in the presence of guests or strangers.
Charles Alexander Eastman
Expert advice on improving ur relationship – 4A’s – attention,appreciation, affection & attraction.
Nicholas Sparks
If our principal treasure be as we profess, in things spiritual and heavenly, and woe unto us if it be not so! on them will our affections, and consequently our desires and thoughts, be principally fixed.
John Owen
Old men feel a slightly reluctant affection for one another.
Mason Cooley
My favorite type of pet has always been a dog. They’re loyal, kind, and offer endless affection. My friend Eric says, ‘The more people I meet, the more I like my dog.’ Funny thought.
Brendon Urie
Words of affection, howsoe’er expressed, The latest spoken still are deem’d the best.
Joanna Baillie
Nothing but love can answer to love; no affection, no kindness, no care, can supply its place: it is its own sweet want.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
Don’t be afraid of showing affection. Be warm and tender, thoughtful and affectionate. Men are more helped by sympathy than by service. Love is more than money, and a kind word will give more pleasure than a present.
John Lubbock
It is said that stone is the affection of old men. That may be so. It is the most challenging to work. A dialogue ensues – of chance no chance, mistakes no mistakes. No erasing or reproduction is possible, at least in the way I work, leaving nature’s mark. It is unique and final.
Isamu Noguchi
Laughter is more than just a pleasurable activity…When people laugh together, they tend to talk and touch more and to make eye contact more frequently.
Gretchen Rubin
It is more important what the jobs report shows in December and January — that will affect how many rate hikes we’ll have this spring.
David Malpass
Affection is the broadest basis of a good life.
George Eliot
Strong affections for God, rooted in and shaped by the truth of Scripture – this is the bone and marrow of Biblical worship.
John Piper
To me, he was the grand master of wine. He was a forceful Russian and a gentle person. The greats of wine all over the world have great affection and admiration for him. What a beautiful man he was and what a privilege to have been touched by him.
Margrit Mondavi
The object of self-love is expressed in the term self; and every appetite of sense, and every particular affection of the heart, are equally interested or disinterested, because the objects of them all are equally self or somewhat else.
Joseph Butler
The natural term of the affection of the human animal for its offspring is six years.
George Bernard Shaw
But if you love animals for all the right reasons- and that’s just love and affection- then you’re going to go after animals who need you.
Eric Roberts
Beauty is a dangerous property, tending to corrupt the mind of the wife, though it soon loses its influence over the husband. A figure agreeable and engaging, which inspires affection, without the ebriety of love, is a much safer choice.
Henry Home, Lord Kames
At the point when affection is not frenzy, it is not adore.
Pedro Calderon de la Barca
To the loved, a word of affection is a morsel; but to the love-starved, a word of affection can be a feast.
Max Lucado
I always had the deepest affection for people who carried sublime tears in their silences.
Virginia Woolf
Book tours are almost designed to beat out of an author any affection he has for his book.
Michael Lewis
Love is an optical illusion that makes you believe the object of your affection is the most beautiful person in the world.
Tom Holt
Unrequited affection is very painful for the lover, but it can have unexpected, creative consequences.
Damon Galgut
Do not allow yourself to be imprisoned by any affection. Keep your solitude. The day, if it ever comes, when you are given true affection, there will be no opposition between interior solitude and friendship, quite the reverse. It is even by this infallible sigh that you will recognize it.
Simone Weil
As the years have passed I have kept growing and I notice the affection from the fans even more. I have always seen myself in Barcelona and my dream is to retire here.
Jordi Alba
The great charm of poetry consists in lively pictures of the sublime passions, magnanimity, courage, disdain of fortune; or thoseof the tender affections, love and friendship; which warm the heart, and diffuse over it similar sentiments and emotions.
David Hume
Men of strong affections are jealous of their own genius. They fear lest they should be loved for a quality, and not for themselves.
Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Authentic men aren’t afraid to show affection, release their feelings, hug their children, cry when they’re sad, admit it when they’re wrong, and ask for help when they need it.
Charles R. Swindoll
Sometimes I think we Americans are the loneliest people in the world. To be sure, we hunger for the power of affection, the self-acceptance that gives life. It is the oldest and strongest hunger in the world. But hungering is not enough.
Sherwood Anderson
The affections are the children of ignorance; when the horizon of our experience expands, and models multiply, love and admiration imperceptibly vanish.
Benjamin Disraeli
In proportion as man gets back the spirit of manliness, which is self-sacrifice, affection, loyalty loan idea beyond himself, a God above himself, so far will he rise above circumstances, and wield them at his will.
Charles Kingsley
To be loved is the birthright of every mewling babe, but, once grown, a man is not assured of such affection.
Katherine Marsh
Today’s youth cannot miss something they have never known, but I fear that there are no current fictional characters whose impact and influence will last with such abiding affection into their ‘sore and yellow’ as this splendid man’s creations have in mine!
Peter Cushing
The man of character is the persistent man, the man who is faithful to his own word, his own convictions, his own affections.
Maria Montessori
O the anguish of that thought that we can never atone to our dead for the stinted affection we gave them, for the light answers we returned to their plaints or their pleadings, for the little reverence we showed to that sacred human soul that lived so close to us, and was the divinest thing God had given us to know!
George Eliot
I want to be very close to someone I respect and admire and have somebody who feels the same way about me.
Richard Bach
If I return to Spain someday, Atletico Madrid would be one of my top choices without doubt. It is a club that I have a lot of affection for.
Pepe Reina
You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
Gautama Buddha
Affection is the most important thing. And the quality of affection – with your friends, your lovers, your family. But particularly for your own generation.
Allen Ginsberg
I still feel the affection of the fans that I get because of my acting career.
Roopa Ganguly
Wives rarely fuss about their beauty To guarantee their mate’s affection.
Armadillos make affectionate pets, if you need affection that much.
Will Cuppy
Unless one is inordinately fond of subordination, one is always at war.
Philip Roth
Say Say Say What you want But don’t play games With my affection Take take take What you need But don’t leave me With no direction
Michael Jackson
Chastening is a mark of affection, not a sign of rejection.
Max Anders
There is nothing, in itself, valuable or despicable, desirable or hateful, beautiful or deformed; but that these attributes arise from the particular constitution and fabric of human sentiment and affection.
David Hume
The moment we indulge our affections, the earth is metamorphosed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
He that has doctrinal knowledge and speculation only, without affection, never is engaged in the business of religion.
Jonathan Edwards
During my 2004 presidential campaign, I was fond of saying that it was high time for the Christian right to meet the right Christians.
Al Sharpton
Faith in Christ is not an exercise of the understanding merely; it is an affection of the heart. “With the heart man believeth.” To those who believe Christ is precious.
Gardiner Spring
There are wonders in true affection. It is a body of enigmas, mysteries, and riddles, wherein two so become one, as they both become two.
Thomas Browne
A child deserves love, affection, the chance to just play and do nothing, to sit under a tree, read a book, dream and not have a care in the world.
Sean Hepburn Ferrer
When we bring back with us the objects most dear, and find those we left unchanged, we are tempted to doubt the lapse of time; but one link in the chain of affection broken, and every thing seems altered.
Marguerite Gardiner
Our wish, our object, our chief preoccupation must be to form Jesus in ourselves, to make his spirit, his devotion, his affections, his desire, and his disposition live and reign there.
John Eudes
If the human heart sometimes finds moments of pause as it ascends the slopes of affection, it rarely halts on the way down.
Honore de Balzac
Citizens by birth or choice of a common country, that country has a right to concentrate your affections. The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.
George Washington
Malice and hatred are very fretting and vexatious, and apt to make our minds sore and uneasy; but he that can moderate these affections will find ease in his mind.
John Tillotson
Love is the affection of a mind that has nothing better to engage it.
I cherish my childish loves–the memory of that warm little nest where my affections were fledged.
George Eliot
Civility is a work of the imagination, for it is through the imagination that we render others sufficiently like ourselves for them to become subjects of tolerance and respect, if not always affection.
Benjamin Barber
Even Stravinsky does not evoke the same public affection as Verdi.
Charles Rosen
I did, but I’m not real fond of giving interviews.
Priscilla Presley
Guru Nanak Dev ji’s life and teachings give a message of affection, compassion and brotherhood for the entire humanity.
Ram Nath Kovind
If there is an amateur reader still left in the world – or anybody who just reads and runs – I ask him or her, with untellable affection and gratitude, to split the dedication of this book four ways with my wife and children.
J. D. Salinger
PLATONIC, adj. Pertaining to the philosophy of Socrates. Platonic Love is a fool’s name for the affection between a disability and a frost.
Ambrose Bierce
Right is more beautiful than private affection, and is compatible with universal wisdom.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection. Prayer is the utilization of the love wherewith He loves us.
Mary Baker Eddy
Despite the knowledge that her affections were unattainable, I couldn’t help but be drawn to try.
Kiera Cass
There is a gentle absurdity about Washington, D.C., and it is easy to develop affection for the place, if you can forget that the consequences of what goes on there are real, whereas what goes on there may not be.
Linda Ellerbee
Strange the affection which clings to inanimate objects – objects which cannot even know our love! But it is not return that constitutes the strength of an attachment.
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
India means everything to me. It is my homeland. India is my country. It is here that I have gotten love and affection as a film star from millions and millions of my fans over the last five decades.
Dilip Kumar
To feel much for others and little for ourselves; to restrain our selfishness and exercise our benevolent affections, constitute the perfection of human nature.
Adam Smith
All gifts from God are intended to direct our attention to God and create fresh affection for God.
C. J. Mahaney
Would ministers preach for eternity! They would then act the part of true Christian orators, and not only calmly and cooly inform the understanding, but, by persuasive, pathetic address, endeavour to move the affections and warm the heart.
George Whitefield
A really free mind is scarcely attached to its opinions. If the mind cannot help giving birth to … emotions and affections which at first appear to be inseparable from them, it reacts against these intimate phenomena it experiences against its will.
Paul Valery
The heart is long, very long in receiving the convictions that is forced upon it by reason… affection still lingers in the Bosom, even after esteem has taken its flight.
Abigail Adams
Nature forever puts a premium on reality. What is done for effect is seen to be done for effect; what is done for love is felt to be done for love. A man inspires affection and honor because he was not lying in wait for these.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
No important change in ethics was ever accomplished without an internal chage in our intellectual emphasis, loyalties, affections, and convictions.
Aldo Leopold
I really do believe that God is love, one of deep affection and grace and forgiveness and inspiration.
William P. Young
A difference of taste in jokes is a great strain on the affections.
George Eliot
Most women lament not the death of their lovers so much out of real affection for them, as because they would appear worthy of love.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
During my film career, I have received love and affection from Indian cinegoers. I have received unconditional love from them.
Dilip Kumar
My father, who died a few years ago, was a good, simple, very honest man. His faith and affection for his family was just unassailable, without question.
David Ogden Stiers
If you have, especially with siblings, something like the competition for mom’s affection, it just never goes away.
Jonathan Krisel
The one woman Trump does seem to totally respect is his daughter from his first marriage, Ivanka, on whom he heaps constant, effusive, at-times borderline creepy praise and physical affection.
Joy Reid
Momma was home. She was the most totally human, human being that I have ever known, and so very beautiful. Within our home, she was an abundance of love, discipline, fun, affection, strength, tenderness, encouragement, understanding, inspiration, support.
Leontyne Price
But it’s also because of something personal. My mother and father met while playing chess, so I’ve always had a fondness for the game. If it weren’t for chess, I might not be here.
Dorothy Dunnett
Expressions of affection, like putting your arm around someone’s shoulder, holding hands, or giving a kiss good night, involve the principle of honesty.
John Bytheway
Affection is responsible for nine-tenths of whatever solid and durable happiness there is in our lives.
C. S. Lewis
The place of my birth, and residence for nearly sixteen years, in the early part of my life, became endeared to my feelings and affections; and more especially so after I had quitted it for an unknown place, and to associate with strangers.
John Britton
Your top job as a new parent is to love your baby like crazy. After showering her with affection, your next two important jobs are to feed her and to calm her when she cries.
Harvey Karp
What then in love can woman do? If we grow fond they shun us. And when we fly them, they pursue: But leave us when they’ve won us.
John Gay
You know full well as I do the value of sisters’ affections: There is nothing like it in this world.
Charlotte Bronte
Great affection is often the cause of violent animosity. The quarrels of men often arise from too great a familiarity.
Saskya Pandita
The Neapolitans have a special affection for Argentines. They are similar to us as well as having Diego Maradona in their hearts.
Gonzalo Higuain
If someone comes along, gonna give you some love and affection, I say get it while you can.
Janis Joplin
Daffodils, blossom and tulips jostle to the front of the stage in April. I love these early perennials: they may be more modest but they nearly all have that one special quality that a plant needs to transform your affections from admiration to affection – charm.
Monty Don
I think if you’re Red Sox, well, it’s something you’re born with, and affection you have.
Johnny Pesky
I’m a person with a lot of affection for adventure – I scuba dive, skydive, fly helicopters.
Sebastian Pinera
I bask in the affection I get on the streets. I recently went into the kitchen of a restaurant to meet the cooks. They were people I didn’t know, but what a joy it was meet them! Such experiences wouldn’t happen if I were doing only one kind of cinema.
Boman Irani
In the education of children there is nothing like alluring the interest and affection; otherwise you only make so many asses laden with books.
Michel de Montaigne
A mightier love for the Son of God, to overpower and subdue and lead captive these wayward and truant affections of the natural heart – this is what is needed.
Adoniram Judson Gordon
A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.
Ingrid Bergman
We object not to the narration of the deeds of our unregenerate condition, but to the mode in which it is too often done. Let sin have its monument, but let it be a heap of stones cast by the hands of execration – not a mausoleum erected by the hands of affection.
Charles Spurgeon
Man in his raw, natural state as he comes from the womb is morally and spiritually corrupt in disposition and character. Every part of his being-his mind, his will, his emotions, his affections, his conscience, his body-has been affected by sin (this is what is meant by the doctrine of total depravity)
Robert L. Reymond
Be fond of the man who jests at his scars, if you like; but never believe he is being on the level with you.
Pamela Hansford Johnson
Almighty God, we make our earnest prayer that
Thou wilt incline the hearts of the citizens
to cultivate a spirit of subordination and
obedience to government; to entertain a
brotherly affection and love for one another and
for their fellow-citizens of the United States at large.
George Washington
The chief recommendation is modesty, then dutiful conduct toward parents, then affection for kindred.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
My husband and I were so closely united by our affection and our common work that we passed nearly all of our time together.
Marie Curie
Afflictions tend to wean us from the world – and to fix our affections on things above.
John Angell James
Real people are places to me as much as persons: I want to see them, as I want to see the places I am fond of, in all weathers and at all times of the year.
Leonard Strong
I cannot match with anything for the love and affection fans extend.
We all owe each other concessions of taste and opinion for the sake of family peace and affection.
Eugenie de Guerin
True friendship develops not as a result of money or power but on the basis of genuine human affection.
Dalai Lama
Childhood romances always seem so real, so enduring, when we are separated from the object of our affection. But usually, when we return, we find that our dreams and memories quiet surpassed reality. -Lady Anne, Whitney’s aunt
Judith McNaught
Many things are unknown to the wisest, and the best men can never wholly divest themselves of passions and affections… nothing can or ought to be permanent but that which is perfect.
Algernon Sidney
There is a time for risky love. There is a time for extravagant gestures. There is a time to pour out your affections on one you love. And when the time comes – seize it, don’t miss it.
Max Lucado
The parental, and filial affections seem to be as ardent, their sensibility and attachment, as active and faithful, as those observed to be in human nature.
William Bartram
Nouns are seldom improved by the modifier ‘public.’ Few of us, given a private alternative, prefer public restrooms or public transportation or public displays of affection.
Steve Rushin
Some of us, regarding the ocean with understanding and affection, have seen it looking old, as if the immemorial ages had been stirred up from the undisturbed bottom of ooze. For it is a gale of wind that makes the sea look old.
Joseph Conrad
Our affections as well as our bodies are in perpetual flux.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
If you live in a material universe where acquiring things is very important to you, then family is an absolute deterrent to maintaining that sort of a world, because family involves values like affection, and sympathy, and passion, and types of pleasure that lead nowhere in a material sense.
John Taylor Gatto
He showed in the last interview, as on the later portions of the chart, a genuine fondness for the rabbit.
Mary Cover Jones
Whatever affection we have for our friends or relations, the happiness of others never suffices for our own.
Luc de Clapiers
No matter how sexually attracted a man might be toward other men, or a woman toward other women, and no matter how close the bonds of affection and friendship might be within same-sex couples, there is no act of court or Congress that can make these relationships the same as the coupling between a man and a woman.
Orson Scott Card
He makes a great mistake… who supposes that authority is firmer or better established when it is founded by force than that which is welded by affection.
A Warrior of Light needs love.
Love and affection are part of his nature.
He makes use of solitude,
but is not used by it.
Paulo Coelho
I believe, Eragon, that you are full of love and that you are looking for one who will reciprocate your affection. No shame exists in that.
Christopher Paolini
The mountain rill Seeks with no surer flow the far bright sea, Than my unchang’d affections flow to thee.
Friends are the leaders of the bosom, being more ourselves than we are, and we complement our affections in theirs.
Amos Bronson Alcott
I was a very good friend of Rajiv Gandhi, and I had affection for Sonia as his wife.
Subramanian Swamy
When someone sets his affections upon the cross and the love of Christ, he crucifies the world as a dead and undesirable thing. The baits of sin lose their attraction and disappear. Fill your affections with the cross of Christ and you will find no room for sin.
John Owen
Was that really love? I saw all these passionate people reel about and drift haphazardly as if driven by a storm, the man filled with desire today, satiated on the morrow, loving fiercely and discarding brutally, sure of no affection and happy in no love.
Hermann Hesse
Those who place their affections at first on trifles for amusement, will find these trifles become at last their most serious concerns.
Oliver Goldsmith
Of all the tyrants the world affords, our own affections are the fiercest lords.
John Sterling
Friendship and domestic happiness are continually praised; yet how little is there of either in the world, because it requires more cultivation of mind to keep awake affection, even in our own hearts, than the common run of people suppose.
Mary Wollstonecraft
What signifies the sound of words in prayer without the affection of the heart, and a sedulous application of the proper means that may naturally lead us to such an end?
Roger L’Estrange
In every loving woman there is a priestess of the past – a pious guardian of some affection, of which the object has disappeared.
Henri Frederic Amiel
Competition between women is good only if it does not prevail; that is to say if it coexists with affinity, affection, with a real sense of being mutually indispensable, with sudden peaks of solidarity in spite of envy, jealousy and the whole inevitable cohort of bad feelings.
Elena Ferrante
No affection and a great brain, these are the people to command the world.
Benjamin Disraeli
I often tease young people about their concern for how they look; more important is inner beauty – compassion, affection and respect.
Dalai Lama
He had not breathed a word of love, or dropped one hint of tenderness or affection, and yet I had been supremely happy. To be near him, to hear him talk as he did talk, and to feel that he thought me worthy to be so spoken to – capable of understanding and duly appreciating such discourse – was enough.
Anne Bronte
We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.
George Eliot
My mom, we had a relationship. I knew she loved me. I always knew she loved me. But she didn’t, openly or overtly, express, you know, affection and love. But I – I knew. I knew she did.
Nadya Suleman
Genius is the naturalist or geographer of the supersensible regions, and draws their map; and, by acquainting us with new fields of activity, cools our affection for the old. These are at once accepted as the reality, of which the world we have conversed with is the show.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Where are you getting your affection? Who’s touching you? Who’s holding you? Who makes you feel alive? Who says, “You are a beautiful person, you are the beloved of God, don’t forget it”? That’s an important discipline.
Henri Nouwen
Nonsense and noise will oft prevail, When honor and affection fail.
Robert Lloyd
So many of us have loved ones and people we really care about, and the only time we show affection is when they are gone. I have preached at funerals, and you see loved ones who didn’t even say hello to dear ones when they were alive. Give them hugs, kisses while they are alive and need it.
George Foreman
It was chilling to realize that the sentimental qualities most valued between people, like loyalty, constancy, and affection, are the ones most likely to impede change.
Ted Simon
Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter.
Joseph Addison
There are moments of mingled sorrow and tenderness, which hallow the caresses of affection.
Washington Irving
When I was in office I expressed admiration and respect and even affection for Republicans that I knew and liked and cared about, and I tried to find ways to work with them. I think the Democrats should do that, and just keep trying to lower the temperature.
William J. Clinton
The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by
the object of its love: he who loveth mean and sordid things
doth thereby become base and vile; but a noble
and well placed affection doth advance and improve the spirit
into a conformity with the perfections which it loves.
Henry Scougal
I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?
William Shakespeare
If we verily bear the cross we shall be neither controlled nor influenced by soulical affection but shall be fit to love in the power of the Holy Spirit. Even so did the Lord Jesus love His family while on earth.
Watchman Nee
Women, in all fields – whether mothers or not – still encounter an extraordinary number of obstacles. They have to hold too many things together and often sacrifice their aspirations in the name of affections.
Elena Ferrante
A man might engage in flirtation with distinterest, even disdain. But he never teases without affection.
Tessa Dare
I had great affection for Dana Carvey, and I think we all thought, “Dana’s the guy. There’s the comic genius.”
Kurt Fuller
Due to many cosmic and worldly reasons, we will surely lose our planet one day! Till that dark day comes, let us give our profound affection to our beloved earth!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
After praying, and before eating anything, it is a good custom for everyone to feed one another a small portion of the food. This will help to cultivate mutual love and affection among the family members.
Mata Amritanandamayi
Affection can withstand very severe storms of vigor, but not a long polar frost of indifference.
Walter Scott
The love of popularity seems little else than the love of being beloved; and is only blamable when a person aims at the affections of a people by means in appearance honest, but in their end pernicious and destructive.
William Shenstone
There are few mortals so insensible that their affections cannot he gained by mildness, their confidence by sincerity, their hatred by scorn or neglect
Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann
Believe it or not, friendships are difficult to write in fiction. They can easily come across as forced, particularly if they involve too much explication and too many overt gestures of affection.
Steven Erikson
There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that trancends all other affections of the heart
Washington Irving
In India, public display of affection is frowned upon.
Divyanka Tripathi
Poetry, my dear friends, is a sacred incarnation of a smile. Poetry is a sigh that dries the tears. Poetry is a spirit who dwells in the soul, whose nourishment is the heart, whose wine is affection. Poetry that comes not in this form is a false messiah.
Khalil Gibran
I believe in God as I believe in my friends, because I feel the breath of His affection, feel His invisible and intangible hand, drawing me, leading me, grasping me; because I possess an inner consciousness of a particular providence and of a universal mind that marks out for me the course of my own destiny.
Miguel de Unamuno
Sometimes, if you have a lot of history with a character and a lot of affection, it’s hard for you to do anything with that character. Like with Swamp Thing, for instance, I revere the Alan Moore run so much that it would be hard for me to do my own Swamp Thing. I care too much about the way it was done before.
Jeff Lemire
Define home “not as a comforable, stable, inherited and familiar space, but instead as an imaginative, politically-charged space where the familiarity and sense of affection and commitment lay in shared collective analysis of social injustice as well as a vision for radical transformation”
Chandra Talpade Mohanty
I enjoy receiving love from my wife. I’m ecstatic when Kim loves me and expresses affection toward me. Something in me comes alive when she does that. But I’ve learned this freeing truth: I don’t need that love, because in Jesus, I receive all the love I need.
Tullian Tchividjian
Grief is only the memory of widowed affections.
James Martineau
I know no study that will take you nearer the way to happiness than the study of nature – and I include in the study of nature not only things and their forces, but also mankind and their ways, and the moulding of the affections and the will into an earnest desire not only to be happy, but to create happiness.
Helen Keller
The simulated approval and affection with which parents and teachers are often urged to solve behavior problems are counterfeit. So are flattery, backslap-ping, and many other ways of “winning friends.
B. F. Skinner
The first story I wrote was called ‘Days,’ and I have very little affection for it.
Deborah Eisenberg
Every diminution of the public burdens arising from taxation gives to individual enterprise increased power and furnishes to all the members of our happy confederacy new motives for patriotic affection and support.
Andrew Jackson
We were never intimate mother and children while she was our mother – but… when she became our child, the affection came.
Emily Dickinson
The characteristic of coquettes is affectation governed by whim.
Henry Fielding
The Fat Girl Code of Conduct: 1. Any sexual activity is a secret. No public displays of affection. 2. Don’t discuss your weight with him. 3. Go further than skinny girls. If you can’t sell him on your body, you’d better overcompensate with sexual perks. 4. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever push the relationship thing.
Carolyn Mackler
Jealousy is sustained as often by pride as by affection.
Charles Caleb Colton
I thought about how stupid it is, that all of us are born destined to desire somebody else, though desire brings with it such disappointment and pain. Humankind’s history must be scored bloody with heartbreak. This hankering for affection is a blight upon us.
Sonya Hartnett
Wonder [said Socrates] is very much the affection of a philosopher; for there is no other beginning of philosophy than this.
I have been used to consider poetry as “the food of love” said Darcy. “Of a fine, stout, healthy love it may. Everything nourishes what is strong already. But if it be only a slight, thin sort of inclination, I am convinced that one good sonnet will starve it entirely away.
Jane Austen
The constant desire of pleasing which is the peculiar quality of some, may be called the happiest of all desires in this that it rarely fails of attaining its end when not disgraced by affectation.
Henry Fielding
Whatever pretext we may give for our affections, often it is only interest and vanity which cause them.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Love that goes upward is worship;
Love that goes outward is affection;
Love that stoops is grace.
Donald Barnhouse
It is not because food, clothes and property are inherently evil that Christians today must lower their standard of living. It is because others are starving. Creation is good. But the one who gave us this gorgeous token of his affection has asked us to share it with our sisters and brothers.
Ronald J. Sider
Pets require feeding, training, affection and exercise, but in return they offer unconditional love and companionship.
Jeanne Phillips