Analog Quotes

Analog Quotes by Joe Walsh, Saharon Shelah, Adrian Younge, Seth Shostak, Samuel R. Delany, John Cameron Mitchell and many others.

People try to function in the real world - the analog w

People try to function in the real world – the analog world – while they’re texting in the digital world, and they run into the car in front of them. It doesn’t work to be in both.
Joe Walsh
There is an old maxim that says that two empires that are too large will collapse. The analog in set theory is that two different theories that are too powerful must necessarily contradict each other.
Saharon Shelah
My studio is fully analog. There’s nothing modern. There’s not even a computer in my studio.
Adrian Younge
Lamentably, alien audiences may be frustrated by the switch to digital television. That’s because the transmitter power for DTV is fairly evenly spread across the spectrum. The spikiness is gone, and from afar, the attention-grabbing squeals of analog television’s carriers have been replaced by DTV’s smooth, low hiss.
Seth Shostak
The poems … are moments when I had the intensity to see, and the energy to build, some careful analog that completed the seeing. … All I have been left is the exhausting habit of trying to tack up the slack in my life with words.
Samuel R. Delany
‘Hedwig’ is unabashedly analog.
John Cameron Mitchell
Luckily for both the tech industry and Hollywood, there is only one thing that counts – use of the Internet is still growing exponentially, as consumers shift to digital everything from analog.
Kara Swisher
The brain, being analog, is able to grasp images so much better. The brain is just designed for comparing images and some patterns – patterns in space and patterns in time – which we do amazingly well. Computers can do it, too, but not in anything like the same kind of flexibility.
Freeman Dyson
By serializing two novels in ‘Analog,’ the world’s No. 1, best-selling science fiction magazine, I’ve had 200,000 words of fiction and three cover stories in that magazine. Quite an enviable record.
Robert J. Sawyer
We won’t really understand the brain until we can make models of it which are analog rather than digital, which nobody seems to be trying very much.
Freeman Dyson
I’m a very tactile learner, so I need analog index cards, moving them all about, trying out various sequences for the book’s architecture.
Joshua Mohr
I prefer recording drums in the analog format, but that does not mean I would only do it that way.
Randy Castillo
I like to work with a combination of analog and Pro Tools. I love the sound of analog tape, but there’s so many things you can do with Pro Tools that would be incredibly difficult and very time-consuming with analog.
Kate Bush
The advent of Kindle, the iPad, and other portable reading devices has so far simply resulted in turning analog print into digital print while keeping the same linear prose format.
Daniel Lubetzky
You can’t live in the digital and die in the analog.
Dean Cavanagh
I really love laser-cutting. I do a lot of laser-cut jewelry and laser-etched stationery. I’ll even etch my food sometimes. You can download an image online and etch it onto a tortilla or a brownie. It’s so cool to meld the digital and analog worlds together.
Brit Morin
The Mobius strip is only an analog for the reality of what it is.
Paul Laffoley
I am an analog, slide-rule kind of guy.
Baba Kalyani
We believe that the next generation of powerful mobile companies have a deep understanding of the world as a unified whole, where digital and analog experiences affect each other rather than transporting analog experiences into the digital realm.
Evan Spiegel
I always think of albums as the format. I think it’s perfect. I don’t think you can tamper with that. It’s not just sound, the analog, which is so much richer. It’s the format. You’re constrained by just 45 minutes, and it’s perfect to me. I don’t want to listen to any more than, and I live and breathe music.
Jim James
I don’t have any computers in my studio, it’s all analog tape. All analog tape, all old equipment, I mean my mics are like from the 60’s and early 70’s, everything in there is old.
Adrian Younge
No one disputes that online businesses offer much more variety than their analog counterparts.
Anita Elberse
As for memes, the word ‘meme’ is a cliche, which is to say it’s already a meme. We all hear it all the time, and maybe we even have started to use it in ordinary speech. The man who invented it was Richard Dawkins, who was, not coincidentally, an evolutionary biologist. And he invented it as an analog for the gene.
James Gleick
What we want to be is something completely new. There is no physical analog for what is becoming.
Jeff Bezos
Both analog and digital developments have intensified the viral nature of sonic culture.
As wild and anarchistic as ‘Deadpool”s marketing was in using the Internet, its viral pieces and billboards, ‘Logan’ was the opposite. We went really analog and old-fashioned, much like the movie itself.
Simon Kinberg
But the rhythm of the mix tape is the rhythm of romance, the analog hum of a physical connection between two sloppy, human bodies.
Rob Sheffield
We live in a digital world, but we’re fairly analog creatures.
Omar Ahmad
I think there has never ever been a career like John Williams’. That whole ‘Jaws’ phenomenon – there’s nobody that knows how to use music like Spielberg, and John is just the perfect analog to Spielberg.
David Newman
In ’83, not only was there no such thing as performance motion capture technology, there was no such thing as digital animation. This was the analog era.
Steven Spielberg
The digital tools allow us to have control over what and how we can alter an image that was unimaginable in the era of analog photography.
Pedro Meyer
One day, digital will be it. Analog will just be another oddity, and that’s fine, too. I have no great misgivings about it, but there will always be something to analog. It’s the smell of the tape and all that visceral, physical stuff.
John Vanderslice
No one has any faith in the tape anymore – everyone just relies on computers and considers the hardrive to be the safest option, and I don’t. I think an analog tape is something you can hold.
Dave Grohl
‘Muppets’ is incredibly analog, ‘Alice’ is very digital.
James Bobin
People don’t realize enough how important and influentical John Carpenter has been in electronic music. He did his soundtracks by himself, using mostly electronic and analog synthesizers. He’s a cult figure with DJs these days for good reasons.
Jean-Michel Jarre
We are analog beings living in a digital world, facing a quantum future.
Neil Turok
Analog components don’t ‘scale’ as well as digital components, but integrating them into relatively mature 28 nm platforms will accelerate the connection of everything from watches, personal healthcare, and home appliances to automotive, transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, and industrial controls.
Henry Samueli
I won’t say I’m analog. I’m not like Jack White. I’m more like 1991.
Shooter Jennings
A lot of the records you buy, there’s nothing you can hold in your hand, it’s all 1′s and 0′s, this digital cloud floating in the ether, but with analog albums, you can hold it in your hand.
Dave Grohl
Im a product of my influences, and those are the 60s. All analog. I loved the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and the Stones – and then later on, of course, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix.
Mike Campbell
The whole point of taking pictures is so that you don’t have to explain things with words.
Elliott Erwitt
Well, I think first of all, probably the most fundamental thing is that we are a mixed-signal analog semiconductor company, which, along with some of the other well-known names in the industry, enjoys very good economics.
David Milne
When documents were analog, they were protected by government laws against unreasonable search and seizure. When they live in the cloud… the ground is shifting.
John Battelle
There are a significant number of people who appreciate what we do, and most of them gravitate to Analog because this is where they can find it. The other magazines tend to share their audiences, which may result in each of them having a smaller market share.
Stanley Schmidt
Those folks who try to impose analog rules on digital content will find themselves on the wrong side of the tidal wave.
Mark Shuttleworth
I don’t think much about the digital world… because I am in the analog world!
William Eggleston
Personally, I just got one of these Vonage IP phones. It’s actually pretty cool. It comes with one of these Cisco ATA routers where you just plug an analog handset in.
Robert Glaser
There is something that always will be true about painting and sculpture – that in order to really get it, you have to show up. That is something that is both sad and kind of beautiful about it. It remains analog. It remains special and irreducible.
Kehinde Wiley
I’m not on any social media. I’m a bit analog when it comes to the Internet and technology.
Benedict Samuel
Analog is more beautiful than digital, really, but we go for comfort.
Anton Corbijn
In the industrial age and in analog clocks, a minute is some portion of an hour which is some portion of a day. You know, in the digital age, a minute is just a number. It’s just 3:23. It’s almost this absolute duration that doesn’t have a connection to where the sun is or where our day is.
Douglas Rushkoff
The scarce water of Dune is an exact analog of oil scarcity. CHOAM is OPEC.
Frank Herbert
I always liked American Analog Set.
Samuel Ervin Beam
We always get back to old soul singers like Nina Simone, and how her recordings sound. Also new music like Tobacco, or people that use a mixture of analog and electronic music.
Jose Gonzalez
We have all this digital equipment, and sometimes this analog stuff comes back and people say “Oh my god!” It makes a different sounding music.
Sam de Jong
One of the many conditions that have to be met for a brain to become a mind, and therefore have consciousness, is ‘the analog I’ around which all the simultaneous inflow of sensations and stimulations are reflected and organized.
Aleksandar Hemon
I remember disassembling and putting an old analog alarm clock together. It was a lot of fun figuring out why it still worked with that one spring missing.
Markus Persson
All of our media is made of language: our films, our music, our images, and of course our words. How different this is from analog production, where, if you were somehow able to peel back the emulsion from, say, a photograph, you wouldn’t find a speck of language lurking below the surface.
Kenneth Goldsmith
While headlines are being generated about the Democrat mindset of nationalizing private businesses and bailing out failed ventures, we seem to be ignoring one of the most massive bail-outs ever: the taxpayer-funded process of transitioning people from analog to digital television.
Mike Gallagher
A lot of the records you buy, there’s nothing you can hold in your hand, it’s all 1’s and 0’s, this digital cloud floating in the ether. but with analog albums, you can hold it in your hand.
Dave Grohl
I thought that it would be interesting to have a mirror and grab a light and shine it around in different ways. It’s an analog to the acoustic reflections that we’re going to be trying to activate as well.
Pauline Oliveros
Regardless what technology is, I like analog too.
Lou Gramm
I started getting back into buying old analog gear while we were recording. Lots of old drum machines and synths. It wasn’t a conscious thing. I didn’t consider myself a collector, but boxes of vintage gear would turn up virtually every day.
Martin Gore
Love cannot be defined, caught, cast in stone, or archived. It’s something we have no control over. Love is completely analog. Love can never be digital.
Vicky Krieps
Oftentimes, when people cut a record from analog tape to vinyl, they digitize the music first; I did a little investigating and discovered that most vinyl records that I’ve ever heard were digitized before they were put onto vinyl.
Kevin Shields
Boys’ brains are being digitally rewired for change, novelty, excitement and constant arousal. That means they’re totally out of sync in traditional classes, which are analog, static, interactively passive.
Philip Zimbardo
I have a Chamberlain I bought from some surfers in Westwood many years ago. It’s an early analog synthesizer; it operates on tape loops. It has 60 voices – everything from galloping horses to owls to rain to every instrument in the orchestra.
Tom Waits
Analog was perfected over 70 years, though. Digital will one day be fantastic. I’m sure of it.
John Vanderslice
I really like the sound of analog things where clearly there’s something being touched. You can sense that something is handmade. So much with digital, there’s a disconnect.
Andrew Bird
From analog film cameras to digital cameras to iPhone cameras, it has become progressively easier to take and store photographs. Today, we don’t even think twice about snapping a shot.
Om Malik
As so much music is listened to via MP3 download, many will never experience the joy of analog playback, and for them, I feel sorry. They are missing out.
Henry Rollins
In music, we can still record analog and then do the post production in digital. In film, sooner or later, we’re not even going to be able to film because they won’t be able to process. The labs won’t exist anymore. You’ll just have to do it with digital.
Mathieu Demy
You are an analog girl, living in a digital world.
Neil Gaiman
Back in the day, I actually studied photography in Florence for a few months, and my photography teacher took away my digital camera and said, ‘No, use this – it’s analog and it’s square.’ It was a Holga camera, a very cheap $3 or $4 plastic camera. And that’s what inspired ‘Instagram’.
Kevin Systrom
We grew up understanding how the analog sound is a driving force for music.
Rohan Marley
People are so into digital recording now they forgot how easy analog recording can be.
Dave Grohl
Every console, I don’t give a damn if it’s analog or digital-hell, every mixing situation today-is the brainchild of Bill Putnam.
Bruce Swedien