Appropriation Quotes

Appropriation Quotes by Lev Manovich, Phyllis Schlafly, Stanley Hauerwas, Albert J. Nock, Gad Saad, Susan Sontag and many others.

It has become a clichГ© to announce that 'we live in a r

It has become a clichГ© to announce that ‘we live in a remix culture’… What was referred to in post-modern times as quoting, appropriation, and pastiche no longer needs any special name. Now this is simlpy the basic logic of cultural production.
Lev Manovich
Now that judges embrace forcibly starving someone to death, Congress should use its appropriation power to starve the judicial budget.
Phyllis Schlafly
From the beginning, Christianity has struggled to sustain the creative tension between the personal appropriation of the gospel and the gospel’s universal reach.
Stanley Hauerwas
There are two methods, or means, and only two, whereby man’s needs and desires can be satisfied. One is the production and exchange of wealth; this is the economic means. The other is the uncompensated appropriation of wealth produced by others; this is the political means.
Albert J. Nock
Our African ancestors were the first to engage in breathing. By that logic, I think by breathing today, we are engaging in cultural appropriation of the first Homo sapiens. And so the only way I will ask you to stop being racist is to suffocate – to stop breathing.
Gad Saad
Quotation is a method of appropriation which is invincible, I think. It’s not a procedure which displeases me, contrary to recycling.
Susan Sontag
The meaning lies in the appropriation.
Soren Kierkegaard
Feminist pedagogy can only be liberatory if it is truly revolutionary because the mechanisms of appropriation within white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy are able to co-opt with tremendous ease that which merely appears radical or subversive
Bell Hooks
If you want to learn about the whole government and how it operates, the Appropriations Committee is the best place to learn it.
John J. Rooney
There is not a more important and fundamental principle in legislation, than that the ways and means ought always to face the public engagements; that our appropriations should ever go hand in hand with our promises.
James Madison
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting distributes an annual appropriation that we provide in accordance with a statutory formula, the vast majority of which goes directly to public radio and television stations.
Earl Blumenauer
The law-abiding citizen by his labor serves both himself and his fellow man and thereby integrates himself peacefully into the social order. The robber, on the other hand, is intent, not on honest toil, but on the forcible appropriation of the fruits of others’ labor.
Ludwig von Mises
I am against: general ideas / the nude / the appropriation of images / the mystification of the untitled / the glorification of artistic doubt / the fuzzy edges of sensitivity / old sins / and useless guilt.
Marlene Dumas
What I find is that the taking, the stealing, the appropriation of images has to do with prior availability, and it sets up a degree where things can be shared… It’s like 50% off… You can let something of another emotion or another personality sign on your work, or co-sign it.
Richard Prince
In the ’50s, to appropriate was a real no-no. However, once you go from Duchamp to Jasper Johns to Warhol, appropriation becomes not only a common thing to do, but possibly the central way of working in the era we call postmodernism.
Irving Sandler
Many of the earmark request forms are actually filled out by lobbyists and then just turned in by the member’s staff to the appropriations committee.
Jeff Flake
What would America be like if we loved black people as much as we loved black culture?
Amandla Stenberg
If philosophy is practice, a demand to know the manner in which its history is to be studied is entailed: a theoretical attitude toward it becomes real only in the living appropriation of its contents from the texts.
Karl Jaspers
Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the Weekend’ video featuring Beyonce is already caught in a heated conversation about cultural appreciation of Indian religion and culture versus cultural appropriation of that culture for the western gaze.
Anthea Butler
The Asian male has an interesting history as far as Western appropriation. At one point, we were completely sexless Chinamen building the railroads. Then, World War II came around, and it was like, Asian guys are coming after the white women. We became a menace for a second.
Freddie Wong
I propose in the following discussion to call one’s own labor, and the equivalent exchange of one’s own labor for the labor of others, the ‘economic means’ for the satisfaction of needs, while the unrequited appropriation of the labor of others will be called the ‘political means’.
Franz Oppenheimer
If all money capital invests in appropriation and none in actual production, then capitalism is not long for this world.
David Harvey
Gone are the days when imitation equalled flattery. What happens today, is essentially an entire generation looking outward – not for inspiration, but appropriation – because quite frankly, they’re lost and their role models are increasingly questionable.
Shweta Bachchan Nanda
Translation is not appropriation, as is sometimes claimed; it is a form of listening that then changes how you speak.
Eliot Weinberger
Through its appropriation of “texts of terror” and especially through the application of those texts to the Jews, the Christian religion created the conditions for the oppression of Palestinians.
Brian D. McLaren
The concept of cultural appropriation is nothing less than an intellectual fence: Keep out.
Richard Cohen
I feel obliged to withhold my approval of the plan to indulge in benevolent and charitable sentiment through the appropriation of public funds … I find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution.
Grover Cleveland
Every exploration is an appropriation.
Roland Barthes
We all are influenced by things and copy things, but often where there is a certain level of copying, only the surface value ends up being reproduced and that becomes thinner and thinner. I feel like a lot of appropriation suffers from that.
Jason Fulford
If you want to talk about cultural appropriation, we have to go back to the Greeks.
Frances McDormand
As chairman of the Senate subcommittee responsible for NASA appropriations, I say not a penny for this nutty fantasy.
William Proxmire
The law which their prophet Mohamed has given to muslims is that any harm done to any one who does not accept their law and any appropriation of his goods, is no sin at all.
Marco Polo
By importing into the U.K. the divisive politics of anti-racism from America, with its demented campus dramas and neuroses about ‘safe spaces’, ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘cultural appropriation,’ they make it almost impossible for people of goodwill of all ethnicities to rub along together.
Munira Mirza
Some decent regulated pre-eminence, some preference (not exclusive appropriation) given to birth, is neither unnatural, nor unjust, nor impolite.
Edmund Burke
I am hopeful that the concept of ‘cultural appropriation’ is a passing fad: people with different backgrounds rubbing up against each other and exchanging ideas and practices is self-evidently one of the most productive, fascinating aspects of modern urban life.
Lionel Shriver
..Acts of appropriation are part of the process by which we make ourselves. Appropriating – taking something for one’s own use – need not be synonymous with exploitation. This is especially true of cultural appropriation. The “use” one makes of what is appropriated is the crucial factor.
Bell Hooks
Appropriation is a fact of life; no point in complaining about it. But if that’s the way the game’s being played, let’s do it on both sides. I don’t want some white guy making ‘A Rage in Harlem III’ if I can’t do ‘The Godfather V’ or ‘E.T. III.’
Bill Duke
To avoid the necessity of a permanent debt and its inevitable consequences, I have advocated and endeavored to carry into effect the policy of confining the appropriations for the public service to such objects only as are clearly with the constitutional authority of the Federal Government.
Martin Van Buren
Just like families must live within their budgets, the Federal Government must live within its means. We have passed appropriations bills that have been fiscally responsible while recognizing our national priorities.
Dennis Hastert
The appropriation of radical thinking by lazy, self-obsessed hippies is a public relations disaster that could cost the earth.
Ben Elton
It will be the duty of the Executive, with sufficient appropriations for the purpose, to prosecute unsparingly all who have been engaged in depriving citizens of the rights guaranteed to them by the Constitution.
Rutherford B. Hayes
What I want to tell people is that you can mix the culture a little bit and it’s not always appropriation.
I think now because of this whole social media thing, people obviously felt these things [about cultural appropriation] before, and they comment on everything.
Guido Palau
That appropriation of resources and the transformation of them into goods and services through the European production system characterized, and characterizes to this day, all industrial systems including the information age.
Paul Hawken
I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the General Government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit.
Grover Cleveland
The body in defense against male appropriation expresses itself through work in writing, and the work in writing produces the book. So it’s a different form of creation and generation that may be viewed as creation without male contribution as a component or challenge.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
All that we want to do away with is the miserable character of this appropriation, under which the labourer lives merely to increase capital , and allowed to live only so far as the interest to the ruling class requires it.
Karl Marx
I’m not tied to the news cycle. I can do an episode on cultural appropriation, not on Rachel Dolezal. We might make a joke about her, but that’s not going to be the focus of the conversation.
Moshe Kasher
The personal appropriation of cliches is a condition for the spread of cultural tourism.
Serge Daney
Socialism never arises in the earlier phases of capitalism, as, for instance, among the pioneers of civilisation in a country where there is plenty of land available for private appropriation by the last comer.
George Bernard Shaw
While appropriation art is critical to art, it’s an ambiguous art form in the world of the Supreme Court.
Lawrence Lessig
The conversation of cultural appropriation versus appreciation is especially important for the NFL as it seeks to expand its fan base to London and all over the world.
Anthea Butler
The NRA was one of the items that we pointed to when we added money to the labor, health and Education appropriations bill by reducing the size of the tax cut.
Dave Obey
The Appropriations Committee in the Senate is out of control, out of control on spending.
John Ensign