Arena Quotes

Arena Quotes by Hannah Kent, Michael McIntyre, Jo Coudert, Tristan Thompson, Nick Nurse, Johnny Vegas and many others.

People speak of the fear of the blank canvas as though

People speak of the fear of the blank canvas as though it is a temporary hesitation, a trembling moment of self-doubt. For me it was more like being abducted from my bed by a clown, thrust into a circus arena with a wicker chair, and told to tame a pissed-off lion in front of an expectant crowd.
Hannah Kent
Success and arena shows are a great anti-depressant.
Michael McIntyre
The unlived life is not worth examining. … Self-awareness, self-examination, self-consciousness are for the quiet moments. In the arena they are paralyzing. The self must not be held out of the arena until living skills have been learned.
Jo Coudert
What I really lick my chops for is when you get the offensive rebounds at the end of the third quarter, fourth quarter. That really just sucks the life out of the opponent. You can see it in their face, especially when you’re on the road, it just takes the whole energy out of the arena. That’s what I live for.
Tristan Thompson
In a game, I’m locked in. I maybe notice three rows in the stands the arena over, and that’s it.
Nick Nurse
I always say that the stand-up world is the arena of the unwell, and it is.
Johnny Vegas
When I got into the NBA, the thing of it was, if you won, you got a new arena. But if you lost, you had to work to get the arena.
Shawn Kemp
Maybe guys also have insecurities, but in a sporting arena, they keep it to themselves. I can’t do that.
Victoria Pendleton
Whitaker is nothing without me. He can’t fill an arena or stadium. He’s nobody.
Julio Cesar Chavez Sr.
When you’re in the arena…you just remember who the enemy is” – Haymitch
Suzanne Collins
Prayer is the arena where our faith meets God’s abilities.
Steven Furtick
Television … the new gladiatorial arena.
Josephine Hart
I believe the returns on investment in the poor are just as exciting as successes achieved in the business arena, and they are even more meaningful!
Bill Gates
I’m a fine artist working in a commercial arena, so that’s my cross to bear
Joni Mitchell
No matter where you play, a stadium or an arena, when you’re present on stage, it’s going to feel like a theater.
Shawn Mendes
I don’t think Adam Sandler or Will Ferrell fear competition from me in their arena.
Viggo Mortensen
Almost every morning when I go to the studio to work, I discover a fresh rose in the bud vase on my dressing table… one living and vital thing in a dusty arena of powder and tissue and matches and greasepaint.
Julie Andrews
Any time you put on the mouthpiece of somebody that you’re not, there’s a professional responsibility to get it right. I did a great deal of research in both of those arenas.
Jodi Picoult
The library is an arena of possibility, opening both a window into the soul and a door onto the world.
Rita Dove
The Test arena is a place I have been desperate to get back to, it is the pinnacle of the sport
James Taylor
I used to shy away from publicity so as not to let it get in the way of the work. But it’s part of the job. The tabloids are a whole other arena. If fame happens, it happens. I just want to maintain focus.
Giovanni Ribisi
I always said to myself when I walked into the arena ‘today they’re going to know how good I am’ and that was the attitude I carried with me every single time and just felt like at the end, you can’t hold talent down. If you have it, eventually it’s going to shine through and you just have to keep pushing.
Christian Cage
Many people are trying to remove religion from public life. Under the banner of pluralism, cultural and political leaders are seeking to push all talk about God out of the public arena.
Charles Colson
This stadium is the history of football, the most important arena in Italy. Stepping into San Siro always has an effect on you.
Leonardo Bonucci
Say the average arena is 20,000 people. You’re in the very center of that arena, and you’re playing to the worst seat in the house up there. So everything is very big, very large. It’s like a very violent form of Broadway in a 20×20 ring.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Politics has never been for the thin-skinned or the faint-of-heart, and if you enter the arena, you should expect to get roughed up.
Barack Obama
I think Edmonton’s Rogers Place is still the nicest arena I’ve ever been to.
Ariel Helwani
I raise quarter horses. Mine are mostly thoroughbred cross horses, a little bigger horses than some people like. I sell them or use them on the ranch. A lot of them go to the rodeo arena and some of them go to racetracks.
Wilford Brimley
Popular culture is one of the sites where this struggle for and against a culture of the powerful is engaged: it is also the stake to be won or lost in that struggle. It is the arena of consent and resistance.
Stuart Hall
I just know that it is strange if you win a game at the Allianz Arena and cannot celebrate with your fans.
Joshua Kimmich
The video for ‘Ride the Wind,’ we shot that in Detroit. We shot it at Joe Louis Arena two nights in a row.
Bret Michaels
I remember getting up and singing with them at Mile One arena in St. John’s. It was such an honour that they asked me, but all I could think of was, “But I’m such a fan!” Later I sang on one of their records, that was awesome.
Sarah Harmer
I used to be a big arena person. I thought more people equaled more intensity, but smaller places are a lot more intimate, I feel more connected with the audience.
Billy Squier
We are all fighters, every single person who walks this earth is a fighter, everything that lives. To live is to fight. And we just fight in different arenas.
Rashad Evans
A lot of people look at a basketball team as an anchor tenant for an arena. I look at an arena as the anchor tenant for a much larger program.
Ross Perot, Jr.
I think that at its best you just have to respect each arena for what they can do well.
Kehinde Wiley
The United States provides Israel with crucial security and economic aid and invaluable political backing in the international arena.
Ehud Olmert
The Berlin Wall fell because the East Germans saw the West had more. The Koreans don’t like the Japanese and try to prove to them that they are worth more in the industrial arena.
Stef Wertheimer
My efforts to join the fight against breast cancer all began around the fact that women were getting short-changed in the medical arena.
Evelyn Lauder
Even in the political arena, we need good people to join politics. I believe women can lead the country.
Jaya Prada
The Left forces have a strong and growing presence in universities, youth organizations, and among trade unions and farmer organizations… This strength is bound to reflect in the parliamentary arena.
Pinarayi Vijayan
This is the warfare of the future. America’s dominance in this arena [cybersecurity] must be unquestioned.
Donald Trump
The credit belongs to those of us who are actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood. We strive valiantly and sometimes there’s the triumph of achievement but at the worst, we fail, but at least we fail while daring greatly.” That has really changed my life. Profoundly changed my life.
BrenГ© Brown
Media scrutiny is a great trademark of the American political arena.
Duncan Hunter
I’ve turned down a lot of arena dates because I’ve done the big-arena thing. Now, I want to do something where people can feel me and I can feel them.
Whitney Houston
My wife’s name, Rebecca Lobo, is on sandwiches and street signs in New England. It adorns the arena rafters at the University of Connecticut, where she first became a basketball star. Her high school in Massachusetts is on Rebecca Lobo Way, a nice trump card to play at reunions.
Steve Rushin
We don’t worry about the integrity of our game. I’m more focused on the atmosphere in the arena, and that’s something we’re comfortable with going forward.
Gary Bettman
There is no greater thing than standing victorious in the arena.
I have lived my dream and played at the finest of cricket grounds across the globe, and I want to thank the groundsmen, clubs, associations, and everyone who painstakingly prepare the arena for our performances.
Virender Sehwag
I want to be an arena act. There’s so many steps to take to get there, and it’s so easy to get lost and cocky. I just take small steps each day.
The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred with dust and sweat; who strives valiantly; who errs and may fall again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming.
Theodore Roosevelt
Well, clearly Apple is a role model of the American innovation whereby it produced all these products – iPod, iPhone, iPad – that are really now dominating all the technology arena in the world.
Al-Waleed bin Talal
Be sure you avoid the Ku Klux Klan. Don’t get that albatross around your neck. Once you’ve made that mistake, you inhibit your operations in the political arena.
Robert Byrd
I got it into my head that I had somewhat neglected the guitar, and then I did a record called ‘Arena,’ and it was not a particularly bad record – it wasn’t a bad record at all, but it was built around a certain concept, which is a guitar quartet, with a little bit of augmentation here and there.
Todd Rundgren
Putting it in plain terms, the general public must be reduced to its traditional apathy and obedience, and driven from the arena of political debate and action, if democracy is to survive.
Noam Chomsky
My first summer in college, I interned for Arena Stage in D.C. and taught a disastrous class on standup comedy to middle schoolers at the Arena Stage camp. I had never taught anything before, and needless to say, I quickly lost control of the class.
Alexandra Petri
The political arena is the funniest.They [politicians] are always pretending to change, but they never change. They’re the best actors and actresses in the world. They’ve always been hilarious since the beginning of time.
Paul Mooney
One reason George Soros has been able to be so active in the political arena is that he has received a considerable amount of our tax dollars to fund his activities.
Tom Fitton
I am so grateful that respected global swimwear brand Arena stepped up to support U.S. Paralympics as a supplier. They also sponsor me individually, as their first Paralympic swimmer.
Jessica Long
Orlando has a very nice arena. It doesn’t seem like you’re encased in concrete there. It is very comfortable.
Robin Lopez
My very best memory of Montreal was the moment inside the Olympic arena when I was waiting under the stadium and those majestic gates opened up. It was a whole other world.
Sugar Ray Leonard
Not being well-versed in that arena myself, it’s a little bit frightening because I’m not very good in those situations with lots of people and lots of famous people and cameras and all of that. It’s not my specialty.
Johnny Depp
I’m so excited to be appearing in ‘Peter Pan.’ It really is an extraordinary production, the like of which Wembley has never seen before. It’s a big, bold arena extravaganza and festive treat with something for everyone.
Bradley Walsh
When I bought the team, I wasn’t thinking about a new arena. But obviously I’m very proud of the contributions that the Bulls franchise has made to the community between Chicago Bulls Charities and the re-development of the West Side with the United Center being the catalyst.
Jerry Reinsdorf
I realize, for the first time, how very lonely I’ve been in the arena. How comforting the presence of another human being can be.
Suzanne Collins
The world is littered with corpses that predicted technology in a particular arena was done. If there’s another gigantic step change out there, we don’t yet know what it is.
Jeff Bezos
I think that passion is the secret ingredient that drives hard work and excellence. My passion is to serve the public: to be in the arena of public policy, to have the opportunity to solve problems for our country, to be in a position where I can make a difference.
Kelly Ayotte
You get to bring your own sound system when you play an arena, all the lights and visual stuff, which I think is really cool. There’s something about those old arenas, where it feels larger than life.
Dan Auerbach
Most of my films I call arena films. I deal with a confined area — an arena — and I try to cover every aspect of it.
Robert Altman
With heavy hitters like ‘Who’s in Control’ and ‘Stunde Null,’ it’s easy to imagine British Sea Power wailing on Flying Vs in front of a packed arena of screaming fans.
Anthony Fantano
The transformation of the social world is at its heart the transformation of personal relations. That’s the key to transforming society in the larger arena.
Dallas Willard
I can’t be paralyzed anymore by the critics. My new mantra is, if you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked on occasion, then I’m not interested in your feedback. You don’t get to sit in the cheat seat and criticize my appearance or my work with mean-spiritedness if you’re also not in the arena.
BrenГ© Brown
I would argue that in the cyber arena, the need for private sector partnership is higher than really anywhere else of any program we have. So, the reality is we couldn’t do what we do without the private sector, and vice versa.
Christopher A. Wray
Masters of one art have mastered all because they have mastered themselves. With dominion over both mind and muscle, they demonstrate power, serenity, and spirit. They not only have talent for their sport, they have an expanded capacity for life. The experts shine in the competitive arena; the masters shine everywhere.
Dan Millman
There is no arena in which vanity displays itself under such a variety of forms as in conversation.
Blaise Pascal
The fact that we don’t keep repeating tests in the same arena is not because the probability of the hypothesis showing its falsity in other arenas goes up after it has passed tests in one arena.
Robert Nozick
Steven Barnes  is  uniquely powerful  in helping others balance  their physica and emotional arenas  along a path of  unifying purpose.”
Gerald M. Levin
I want to rematch ‘Cigano’ in Brazil, at the Arena do Gremio in Porto Alegre. It would be a dream come true. Fighting in my hometown, where I was born and raised.
Fabricio Werdum
As far as the live shows go, we’re not leapfrogging all the smaller venues. We would have bypassed these kind of shows and gone straight to the Arena shows, but we didn’t want to.
Dan Hawkins
I definitely want to be a doting grandmother. I love babies. My colleagues will tell you if I’m in an arena and there’s a baby in my vicinity I’m holding that baby.
Doris Burke
Indeed, there is an attack against things Christian in America. We see it in the movies, on TV, in the schools, in the universities, in the public arena, in the courts, and even within some church circles.
D. James Kennedy
Japanese players do not like being thrown into an arena in which they are given very little instruction. You can head in any direction, 360 degrees. They say, ‘What am I supposed to do? Give me hints. Provide me service instead of just throwing me into this arena.’
Hideo Kojima
I have never been one who is comfortable talking about my faith in the political arena. In fact, the pandering that typically occurs in the election season I find to be distasteful. But for those who have asked, I freely confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, and that I seek His guidance in all that I do.
Ron Paul
If LeBron James is playing in Las Vegas, the arena would be sold out, and it would be rocking. If LeBron James is playing for Las Vegas, it would be beyond sold out.
Kenny Smith
What I do know is that writing is the thing I am best at, and I don’t have the stomach, the ability, the strength or the courage to enter the political arena. And I think writing can be a political act, if only to let those people accountable know they are being watched. Literature can be a conscience.
Miguel Syjuco
Something inside me twists as I remember another voice. Rue. In the arena. When I gave her the leg of groosling. “Oh, I’ve never had a whole leg to myself before.” The disbelief of the chronically hungry.
Suzanne Collins
Life on the road not easy. You live in the cold arena, hotel, airport day after day, you get tired, lonely very quick.
The Iron Sheik
I didn’t take it seriously myself at the time, but now all of my old teachers are supportive. Even my principal – I sold out the O2 Arena in London, and he came out to see me, which was really cool. I actually put a picture with him on my Instagram, and I think and he’s wearing one of my snapbacks.
Tinie Tempah
Prestige is the shadow of money and power. Where these are, there it is. Like the national market for soap or automobiles and the enlarged arena of federal power, the national cash-in area for prestige has grown, slowly being consolidated into a truly national system.
C. Wright Mills
Anonymous comments? You’re not in the arena, man. If you can’t say it to me in person in front of my kids, don’t say it.
Brene Brown
In the legislative arena, especially when the country is closely divided, compromises tend to be the rule the day. But when judges rule this or that policy unconstitutional, there’s little room for compromise: One side must win, the other must lose.
Neil Gorsuch
I have always been very comfortable behind a microphone. I love talking about basketball, I love being around people, I love being around the game, the travel and the excitement around the arena.
Steve Kerr
Washington is like playing the Super Bowl, only there are no timeouts, no potty breaks, and the arena is filled with the media. In government, you have to learn to put yourself second in a big way. But I am a business person at heart. I like to be in charge.
Desiree Rogers
Money is not a measure of a man’s character or success in the arena of public service.
Ed Schultz
I like watching anime or music videos and stuff like that, just to get my mind somewhere else, to make it feel like I’m not in the arena, not in the gym, so when I step on the court, I’m locked in.
John Collins
In wrestling, people just throw each other around, possibly actually bleed, and are still friends in the locker room afterwards. But there’s a real glee – a feeling goes up in the arena, especially on non-TV days. If it’s just people in a room and somebody starts to bleed, that’s very exciting.
John Darnielle
United States is a great Country and has its effective role on the international arena, so we have to boost our relations with it, in order to achieve peace and stability in our region and the world.
Bill Vaughan
When I came to the high-performance arena, I was kind of a one-off in a lot of ways. I was as much an iron man as much as I was a cricketer. Having surfed, fished, hunted, that was just a natural thing.
Matthew Hayden
Theology, however implausible many of its truth claims, is one of the most ambitious theoretical arenas left in an increasingly specialized world
Terry Eagleton
Wrestling, at its core, is all about fan and audience participation and fan interaction live in that Arena. Live in that bingo hall, live in that gymnasium, whatever it is, man, I’ve wrestled in all of them.
Tyson Kidd
I’m not a union guy in the sense that I know a lot about how they operate. But I know fighters. They are individual athletes. This is not a team sport. I think it’s going to be hard to say, ‘Hey, do you mind not fighting on Saturday and walking around the arena with a picket sign instead?’ I just don’t see it.
Scott Coker
But now I’ve been in the arena for 47 years and I stutter less today than I did in those days.
Mel Tillis
My main goal is to leave everything I have out there in that ring at every arena.
Tyson Kidd
It is not the critic who counts…The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.
Theodore Roosevelt
I’d go onstage doing this thing, trying to fill this arena that I can’t fill because I don’t understand what this is. It’s like you’re given a job that’s beyond you. And it’s taken me years to realize what works in those big situations.
Thom Yorke
The sports arena Julie calls home is unaccountably large, perhaps one of those dual-event ‘super venues’ built for an era when the greatest quandary facing the world was where to put all the parties.
Isaac Marion
When we were bringing ‘Raisin’ onto Broadway, our first stop was at Arena in D.C. Several things struck me about being in D.C.: One was the enormous poverty around the capital at that time – it was 1973, ’74 – and I was stunned by people literally living in poverty, with holes in their houses and other things.
Joe Morton
Outlawing religion form the political arena is not what the Founding Fathers intended when they drafted the First Amendment. We do a grave disservice to our country by removing the influence of religion. If you separate God from the public arena, inevitably you separate good from our government.
Bill Bright
During the 1960s, large groups of people who are normally passive and apathetic began to try to enter the political arena to press their demands…. The naive might call that democracy, but that’s because they don’t understand. The sophisticated understand that that’s the crisis of democracy.
Noam Chomsky
In 2007, when I was governor of New York, I proposed that our state once again permit undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. To say the proposal lit a firestorm in the political arena is an understatement.
Eliot Spitzer
I used to shy away from publicity so as not to let it get in the way of the work. But it’s part of the job. The tabloids are a whole other arena. If fame happens, it happens. I just want to maintain focus
Giovanni Ribisi
But in school I remember hearing that for the second Quarter Quell, the Capitol demanded that twice the number of tributes be provided for the arena. The teachers didn’t go into much more detail, which is surprising, because that was the year District 12’s very own Haymitch Abernathy won the crown.
Suzanne Collins
It is not enough to understand, or to see clearly. The future will be shaped in the arena of human activity, by those willing to commit their minds and their bodies to the task.
Robert Kennedy
I’ve never been platinum. I’ve never sold out an arena. I’ve never been on an arena tour.
Joe Budden
I happen to believe, and I think many others do, Donald Trump is probably the great public speaker in those large arenas since William Jennings Bryan.
Stephen K. Bannon
I had watched Dad climb into the biggest arena and succeed. I wanted to find out if I had what it took to join him.
George W. Bush
When you first come out of the box, you want to play the 300-capacity place, then it’s 1,600-capacity, then it’s an arena – so, do you want to be in a stadium now? The ego keeps telling you that it’s not enough.
Craig David
The media is not about the arena of ideas. The media is not about persuading. The media is about overcoming the will of the people. The media has joined forces with the Democrat Party, members of the Democrat Party, and the extreme radical left in the United States to advance the extreme radical leftist agenda.
Rush Limbaugh
My dream is to stand in front of 60,000 people in an arena and know that everyone came because they wanted to make memories with me.
Zara Larsson
Yes, victors are our strongest. They’re the ones who survived the arena and slipped the noose of poverty that strangles the rest of us. They, or should I say we, are the very embodiment of hope where there is no hope. And now twenty-three of us will be killed to show how even that hope was an illusion.
Suzanne Collins
On one side, citizens have great respect for the United States; they have a great feeling of friendship. That is solid. But in the opposition and in the political arena I often find criticism of the closeness of relations with the United States. That is a reality.
Vicente Fox
Philadelphia is kind of like a Mecca for professional wrestling, especially the old ECW Arena down in South Philly. That’s the place I always wanted to wrestle growing up, and I got that opportunity when I worked with Ring of Honor.
Seth Rollins
There exists among the intolerable degraded, the perverse and powerful desire to force into the arena of the actual those fantastic crimes of which they have been accused, achieving their vengeance and their own destruction through making the nightmare real.
James A. Baldwin
I think WCW will kill any kind of joy in your life. I think I started hating money. The money they paid me was insane, but I would be off and fly first-class airplane, luxury cars and hotels, and then arrive at the arena and have Eric Bischoff tell you 5-10 minutes after 6 P.M. that you are off tonight.
Bret Hart
ONCE remove the old arena of theological quarrels, and you will throw open the whole world to the most horrible, the most hopeless, the most endless, the most truly interminable quarrels; the untheological quarrels.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
A canvas is an arena in which to act.
Jackson Pollock
America somehow thinks that leadership relates to governance, and it certainly does. But society is much bigger than governance, and some of the truly great leadership of our society is outside the governance arena.
Jim Leach
I am forever grateful to St. John’s for giving me the opportunity to hear Carnesecca Arena and Madison Square Garden roar again for college basketball and especially for our players.
Chris Mullin
You’re standing onstage in a sold-out arena with people singing your music, and you feel like the loneliest person in the world. Because here’s a party that, essentially, it’s for you. And you still somehow feel like you don’t belong there. Those people all have their lives and go back home.
Trent Reznor
I’m sure back in the Greek days or the Roman Empire days, when guys fought in arenas and were fighting lions, people were talking smack. Every era in history has someone talking smack. No way you can have talent and not proclaim your victory.
J. B. Smoove
Through leadership of the fight against French colonialism, Ho Chi Minh had made a name for himself in the international political arena.
Nguyen Cao Ky
The fact remains that the overwhelming majority of people who have become wealthy have become so thanks to work they found profoundly absorbing. The long term study of people who eventually became wealthy clearly reveals that their ‘luck’ arose from accidental dedication they had to an arena they enjoyed.
Srully Blotnick
I want to sell out arenas and make an album and work with some of the best artists in the world.
Niall Horan
Walks work for me. I enter some arena that is neither conscious or unconscious.
Mary Oliver
The power of the human will to compete and the drive to excel beyond the body’s normal capabilities is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sport.
Aimee Mullins
People, on their bucket lists, are saying, ‘I want to see a game at Rupp Arena.’ Magic Johnson will call and say, ‘I want to come to the game tonight. I want to see John Wall or Anthony Davis or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.’ It’s become fashionable to be seen here, because people want to be seen and associated with success.
John Calipari
You never know. Say the arena’s actually a giant cake-” “Say we move on,” I broke in.
Suzanne Collins
I’ve earned this microphone. No one gave this to me. I’ve earned this microphone. I use it each day to enter the arena of ideas, and do whatever I can to persuade you to agree with me.
Rush Limbaugh
I know this: Jerry Jones is unique, he’s as cool as James Bond and he has a command of his business. He can step into any arena and succeed.
Michael Buffer
Politics isn’t a reality show or a gong show. It’s not show business for ugly people. It’s the arena where we define our common life in a rough and ready contest that has winners and losers.
Michael Ignatieff
Chris Martin has this voice that resonates through a whole arena.
Adam Rippon
I feel that the work that I have done in the comedy arena, is priceless in terms of what I learned, timing, everything that these incredibly talented performers were generous enough in teaching me.
Khandi Alexander
The truth is, I initially became a singer-songwriter while still in my teens because it was the only way to guarantee that somebody on earth would sing the songs I was writing. Since then, I’ve performed just about everywhere: rock clubs, concerts halls, arenas, TV.
Rupert Holmes
When I walk into the arena, I get excited and emotional, when I see the fans rise and start cheering. But then I get into the ring and it’s all business for me.
Mikey Garcia
Don’t be afraid of new arenas.
Elon Musk
Touring has been a major part of my career. I’ve done a lot of huge shows, including a 13-night sell-out stint at the Indoor Arena in Birmingham, playing to a total audience of 65,000.
Jasper Carrott
I think the museum should be an arena in which ideals can hash it out, fight it out, tooth and nail, for attention.
Kerry James Marshall
The word ‘tolerance’ once meant we all have the right to argue rationally for our deepest convictions in the public arena. Now it means those convictions are not even subject to rational debate.
Nancy Pearcey
Most people think of a feel as when you touch something or someone and what it feels like to your fingers but, a feel can have a thousand different definitions. Sometimes feel is a mental thing. Sometimes feel can happen clear ‘cross the arena. Sort of an invitation from the horse to come to you.
Buck Brannaman
People are looking for a way to tear down anyone who is successful in any arena. That’s the way fans are.
Brendan Schaub
People have to be atomized and segregated and alone. They’re not supposed to organize, because then they might be something beyond spectators of action. They might actually be participants if many people with limited resources could get together to enter the political arena. That’s really threatening.
Noam Chomsky
Nobody travels better than Northern State fans and nobody knows the game better than Northern State fans. If I’d die and went to heaven and I was coaching, it would be at Wachs Arena.
Don Meyer
QuickBooks – the very fact that we could even dream to make something in the business arena, and that it would then succeed – was a total revolution to me.
Scott D. Cook
Then I get it, what it means. At least, for me. District 12 only has three existing victors to choose from. Two male. One female… I am going back into the arena.
Suzanne Collins
International rugby is an unforgiving arena.
James Haskell
I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people who cannot defend themselves.
Donald Trump
As a Business Ambassador, I am delighted to help both new and established British designers receive the recognition they deserve in the global fashion arena.
Tamara Mellon
Climbing is one of the few sports in which the arena (the cliffs, the mountains and their specific routes) acquire a notoriety that outpopulates, outshines and outlives the actual athletes.
Jonathan Waterman
There’s good and bad in every arena. It’s funny, some people, the reason they’re in the underground is because they’re lazy and don’t make things happen for themselves.
Shepard Fairey
I was 17, and a friend said, ‘Man, you’ve got to listen to this song,’ and he played ‘Man to Man.’ From there on, I was hooked on country. Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Clint Black. Every show that came through America West Arena, I was there.
Dierks Bentley
I’ve always been alone. I grew up alone. I like it that way. Even when I’m in an arena surrounded by 10,000 people, I’m alone in my head.
It was an unusual environment. We’re used to having the jotter arena at this time of year. It’s unfortunate that it was that way, but both teams had to deal with it.
Erik Spoelstra
Generally, the view that I’ve had on Twitter is if you’re on Twitter, you’re in, like, the meme – you’re in meme war land. If you’re on Twitter, you’re in the arena. And so, essentially, if you attack me, it is therefore OK for me to attack back.
Elon Musk
In today’s work arena, creativity may be more of an asset than competence.
Dan Miller
I think I can achieve more outside the political arena.
Chuck Norris
In season, and on game days, you are so used to shoot-around, going back home to eat lunch and sleep and then coming back to the arena for the game. Or you come and practice and then you rest.
Nikola Vucevic
When I went to Boston, I tell people all the time, being able to be in that arena with those banners hanging up, it excited me.
Stephon Marbury
Be not the one who debunks but the one who assembles, not the one who lifts the rugs from under the feet of the naive believers but the one who offers arenas in which to gather.
Bruno Latour
I’d still prefer to do five nights at a club than one night at Allstate Arena.
Al Jourgensen
Change is the immediate responsibility of each of us, wherever and however we are standing, in whatever arena we choose.
Audre Lorde
That just gives sort of the democracy an opportunity to test ideas, for those who lost to catch their breath, regain energy, re-energize themselves and then get back in the arena, and then we’ll make some more progress in the future.
Barack Obama
The reason why we have 19 percent women in places like Congress is because we don’t run at the same rate as men. And I think one of the things we’re starting to realize is we have to step into the arena.
Amy McGrath
For the first time in my career, I’m working in a fine-arts arena, so I’m finally getting some intelligent reviews.
Joni Mitchell
When we make our art a practice, when we make our workspace sacred and enter it daily with respect and high intention, then we elevate our actions (even if they’re taking place within the profane arena of commerce) beyond ego and above gimme-gimme ambition.
Steven Pressfield
Political stress is always apt to shrink the private arena and attach it on to the public
Robert Hughes
Artists are able to do well in the political arena because of fame, if only they can educate themselves.
Ronee Blakley
I want to serve my country, but not necessarily in the political arena.
Ingrid Betancourt
I remember when I used to go to York Hall and just watch, and I’d be like ‘how are these people doing it.’ Even though I was an amateur boxer at the time, I was like ‘how are these guys fighting professionally in this arena?’
Anthony Yarde
Our Nation is in great need of young men and women of character to lead in every arena of our society.
Michael C. Burgess
The United Nations has an irreplaceable role in dealing with global issues. While other international bodies play important roles, the U.N. is the only truly global arena where we can achieve results for the global good.
Miroslav Lajcak
In the sports arena I would say there is nothing like training and preparation. You have to train your mind as much as your body.
Venus Williams
You never know how many times you’re going to be able to come out on Rod Laver Arena and just play.
Grigor Dimitrov
The arenas are historic sites, preserved after the Games. Popular destinations for Capitol residents to visit, to vacation. Go for a month, rewatch the Games, tour the catacombs, visit the sites where the deaths took place. You can even take part in reenactments. They say the food is excellent
Suzanne Collins
When we spend our lives waiting until we’re perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena, we ultimately sacrifice relationships and opportunities that may not be recoverable, we squander our precious time, and we turn our backs on our gifts, those unique contributions that only we can make.
BrenГ© Brown
In an arena, with Girls Aloud, it’s a big production and you don’t have time to talk to the crowd about the songs.
Nicola Roberts
In the business arena, the standard rules of morality don’t apply. What we’re really looking for is efficiency. It doesn’t do anyone any good to be nice to the weak. In a certain sense, competition is inefficient.
H. W. Brands
I think dreams are metaphors. Everything you do in writing is metaphorical. So it seems like the same arena to me.
Charlie Kaufman
I don’t think there is anything more proud or glorious than standing in the arena as a fighter – that you’ve done it in on your own. That’s why I love fighting.
Carl Froch
I have never regarded politics as the arena of morals. It is the arena of interest.
Aneurin Bevan
O the joy of the strong-brawn’d fighter, towering in the arena in perfect condition, conscious of power, thirsting to meet his opponent.
Walt Whitman
It’s better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot.
Steven Pressfield
Trust into leadership evaporates with communities when they see that their problems are not adequately addressed, neither at the national level nor at the international arena.
Peter Maurer
Successful weight management really means a permanent change in lifestyle – and success in this arena provides that person with a great opportunity to model that behavior for friends and family.
Francis Collins
We were lucky that when we were making the transition from children’s to prime time a lot of other presenters our age shied away from that arena.
Declan Donnelly
I don’t think there’s any question that the Arena League allowed me to flourish. I played three years in a league where the quarterback wasn’t supposed to be stopped. We never wanted to kick. When I went into the NFL, I had that same mentality.
Kurt Warner
My entry into the environmental arena was through the issue that so dramatically – and destructively – demonstrates the link between science and social action: nuclear weapons.
Barry Commoner
The political arena leaves one no alternative, one must either be a dunce or a rogue.
Emma Goldman
I love the multi-format series. Within it they’ve found a way to retain Test matches and England v Australia in the Test arena, they were always my favourite matches to play in.
Isa Guha
It doesn’t matter what else is going on. When you walk into your arena or your – whatever you excel at, you’re there to take care of the job that you have to do.
Michael Phelps
Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose the time, and the arena, and the manner of our revolution, but more usually we must do battle where we are standing.
Audre Lorde
The Arena League is the best thing that could have happened to me because I get to run the whole process. I’m seeing not only the football side but the business side
John Elway
Despite my emphasis on technology, I do not view laws as inherently evil. My goals are political ones, even if my techniques are not. The only way to fundamentally succeed is by changing existing laws. If I rejected all help from the political arena I would inevitably fail.
Bram Cohen
All have used the economic opportunity of a new arena project to transform their cities into the future.
Gary Bettman
The heart unites whatever the mind separates, pushes on beyond the arena of necessity and transmutes the struggle into love.
Nikos Kazantzakis
I would love to be a mentor to many people who want to go into the political arena, teach them the art of winning elections.
Tan Cheng Bock
Sometimes I take a movie that I know is not great; it’s not great on the page, but I need to work. Sometimes I need to make the money. I need dough. I want to work, and so I’ll take something that is compromised in some arena. But it’s like, actors gotta act.
Holly Hunter
United States is a great Country and has its effective role on the international arena, so we have to boost our relations with it, in order to achieve peace and stability in our region and the world.
Ali Abdullah Saleh
I would love to be associated with some sports organization. I was a journalism major. That’s kind of intriguing, to do something in the political-commentary arena.
J. C. Watts
There was a language specific to all things. The ability to learn another language in one arena, whether it was music, medicine, or finance, could be used to accelerate learning and other arenas, too.
Chris Gardner
My time in the arena made me realize how I needed to stop punishing [my mother] for something she couldn’t help, specifically the crushing depression she fell into after my father’s death. Because sometimes things happen to people and they’re not equipped to deal with them.
Suzanne Collins
When I’m about to go on stage, and I look out and just see the fans filled out in the arena, all pumped up and screaming – that gives me butterflies! I just love that feeling, and I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s gonna be a great show!’
I see myself touring internationally – everywhere, every theater, every arena – and putting out stand-up comedy specials until I can’t even stand no more. Even then, I’ll probably do my comedy special in a hospital bed.
Jermaine Fowler
Bioethics is a very, very important field. As we get more and more in the arena of understanding science and getting better opportunities, the fact that you can do things with biological sciences that have an impact on a human being means you must have ethical standards.
Anthony Fauci
All I know is don’t ever get into a feud with Taylor Swift. She has, like, 50 million people that will die for her. You can’t step into that arena.
It gets to the point where, by the time you’re underneath the arena lights and you’re staring at your opponent, that’s the best time. That’s the best feeling in the world, because all the other stuff goes away.
Tito Ortiz
Politics are not my arena. Music is.
Aretha Franklin
To get your own chatshow, with your name in the title, my arena tour last year – that was another goal for me – I got my own radio show, again with my name in the title… Apart from rehab, there isn’t really much on my to-do list!
Alan Carr
The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena!
Tim Cook
As an actor, you put yourself out there. You put yourself in the arena as an easy target.
Katee Sackhoff
Gerald Ford brought to the political arena no demons, no hidden agenda, no hit list or acts of vengeance. He knew who he was, and he didn’t require consultants or gurus to change him.
Tom Brokaw
We should confine booing in sports arenas to sport. I love a good boo as much as the next football fan.
Alastair Campbell
The world is changing from day to day; it is high time for our writers to take off their masks, look frankly, keenly, and boldly at life, and write about real flesh and blood. It is high time for a brand-new arena for literature, high time for some bold fighters to charge headlong into battle!
Lu Xun
I was content playing Arena football. If a better opportunity hadn’t come along, they would’ve had to throw me out of the league to get rid of me.
Kurt Warner
I want to go to China or coach or play arena football.
Metta World Peace
The Dead’s best venues were the outdoor concerts. I’ve been to a few, including one outside of Kansas City on the Fourth of July, but my fave was Shoreline Amphitheatre – a beautiful outdoor arena built on a landfill.
Ann Coulter
In the old days of literature, only the very thick-skinned – or the very brilliant – dared enter the arena of literary criticism. To criticise a person’s work required equal measures of erudition and wit, and inferior critics were often the butt of satire and ridicule.
Joanne Harris
As a trial lawyer, intelligence is important only in the sense that it allows you to play the game, if you will. Without it, you don’t even have a ticket into the competitive arena. But beyond that, it doesn’t get you very far at all.
Vincent Bugliosi
Vince and WWE, they’re not fresh. Yes, Vince does big business. They have the best talent in the world, but they have no fresh ideas. They should be selling out every arena.
Terry Funk
I’m happy with the Arena Football League right now. I’m happy in Denver.
John Elway
I don’t know if a pro wrestling career prepares you for Hollywood. When you get out there, and you’re in an arena for 20,000 people or 90,000 people, it’s a lot different than being on a quiet set with 100 people, so I think you get used to dealing with cameras.
Stone Cold Steve Austin
In 2007 and 2008, the first two Danish ships were hijacked. I started to research it. I’ve had the idea of writing in this arena for a long time, but I could never find the angle of what kind of story.
Tobias Lindholm
So many horses get stage fright when they enter the arena, and that’s it – the performance is over.
Charlotte Dujardin
I wasn’t going to sell out on top, if I was going to be in the main event with somebody I wasn’t going to sell out an 80,000 seat arena, I wasn’t going to sell a lot of merchandise. I wasn’t that guy that you were going to put as the face of your company.
Arn Anderson
I would not want to do one-episode television – that’s just a brief encounter with your audience. The arc takes the actor into an arena where he can really stretch.
Jerry Lewis
The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered on a new and enlarged arena.
Jefferson Davis
It’s too bad that one has to conceive of sports as being the only arena where risks are, [for] all of life is risk exercise. That’s the only way to live more freely, and more interestingly.
William Sloane Coffin
Beginning in 1973 and then acts in ’77, ’78, 1980, 1994 and then into the 21st century in the international arena, governments have steadily gotten out of the transportation business.
Frederick W. Smith
I’ve good memories of fighting at the Echo Arena. It’s been a happy hunting ground for me in the past.
George Groves
Today, you’re either very big or you’re playing stadiums or you’re not playing anymore. You’re either popular where everybody will go to a 20,000 seat arena to see you or they won’t go to see you at all.
Bobby Vinton
ARENA, n. In politics, an imaginary rat-pit in which the statesman wrestles with his record.
Ambrose Bierce
The endgame is an arena in which miraculous escapes are not uncommon.
Leonid Shamkovich
Well, I’ve been in the political arena all of my life, and 10 years of that as a candidate and elected official, and that’s about enough.
Jim Hightower
If you don’t physically age gracefully, it’s a bit sad. I think Steven Tyler can get away anything, because he still looks like he did in ’73. Especially from row Z backwards in an arena. As long as the Stones keep their hair and don’t get fat they’ll get away with the wrinkles.
Joe Elliott
The Madison Square Garden is a great arena to play at.
Manu Ginobili
Some people use NVC to respond compassionately to themselves, some to create greater depth in their personal relationships, and still others to build effective relationships at work or in the political arena. Worldwide, NVC is used to mediate disputes and conflicts at all levels.
Marshall B. Rosenberg
Voting is a very scary arena to be in, but I do vote. I go in there and pull the lever. It’s kind of like pulling the lever and watching the trap door fall out from beneath you. Why should we trust any of these people? None of them ever deliver on anything. It’s always disappointing.
Mel Gibson
Bullfights have so much color. Not just the matador but also the bull, the arena, and the public. It’s all very festive.
Fernando Botero
My scare value is high. My arena is controversy. My tough front is my biggest asset.
Roy Cohn
My career was always about working with people, and understanding issues and problems and helping them to solve those issues and problems. How you deal with people – that’s what diplomacy is all about. So while I’m not a career diplomat, many of the skills I had seemed to directly translate into the diplomatic arena.
John Roos
You can take 200 people in a crowd of 10,000 and if they choose to be heard, they sound very loud. I’m talking fans scattered around the arena – if they’re chanting the same thing, 200 people can make a lot of noise.
Arn Anderson
My mum always felt that women deserved as much as men, and should have as much power, so I suppose I opted to go into a very male-dominated arena to try and prove that.
Jo Brand
The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena.
Carl Sagan
It is feasible for someone who comes from a privileged background to understand the privilege they have had and to use the formal political arena in a way that would disperse power and engage with people in their own lives.
David Blunkett
Enough is enough. Six years you serve the countries. You been working hard. You sacrifice your time even your life. And, even your family life. So it’s, it’s time for me to go back as a private citizen. And contribute to the Thai society outside political arena.
Thaksin Shinawatra
Sexy in India is not considered positive. But, with today’s crop of fresh faces in the modelling arena, being sexy is an asset.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
It’s like how science fiction in the ’50s was a way of talking about war without actually having to risk any political capital. The obvious metaphor is power and powerlessness, but I also think it’s a way of experimenting with dangerous feelings in a safe arena and trying things out.
Margaret Stohl
MSG is the world’s greatest arena, and New York is so competitive.
Larry Johnson
You walk into an arena with 10,000 people and no security and everybody hating you, it takes some gumption.
Roddy Piper
I’d like to build my company and make a bigger company always, but I think in the behind the scenes arena is where I’d prefer to spend my time.
Joel Silver
Entertainment seems to be the only arena where children who pursue the work of their parents, which is an inherently natural thing to do, is met with a lot of skepticism.
Dan Levy
There are a lot of actors out there who don’t have an arena to present their stuff.
Joe Penny
President Obama certainly has an impressive gift for eloquence, and he has a global vision, as did my father. He doesn’t rattle easy, and he doesn’t harbor animosity, which were also characteristics my father had. But my father’s arena was far broader than politics.
Martin Luther King III
God is being siphoned out of the public arena. People don’t even say God bless you when you sneeze anymore. I want to be able to lay a Merry Christmas on someone without its feeling like a political statement.
Orson Bean
I do love directing. I’m only comfortable working in the independent film arena for a very small budget where I have creative control and I can put my stamp on it.
Vera Farmiga
Even before I could vote, I was involved in the political arena. My father was an admirer of Adlai Stevenson, and he took me to the Stevenson for President headquarters, and he volunteered me. That was my introduction to electoral politics, which was exciting and fun and thrilling and very theatrical.
George Takei
I’ve always considered myself a crunch-time player. I just love having the ball in my hands. Everyone in the arena knows the ball is supposed to be in your hands and you still make it. It’s the odds. I love the odds.
Reggie Miller
After 18 NBA years, it’s hard to believe I’ll be playing in each arena for the last time.
Paul Pierce
Although I love all genres, I really love to play in two main arenas: Comedy and Thriller/Horror. In either genre I love playing flawed, layered characters that are actively fighting to achieve something in the story.
Kyle Cassie
I’d always liked the idea that drama acts at its best as a kind of arena for debate, not just about the thing itself, but also producing aesthetic, stylistic, political and moral discussions.
Jeremy Northam
It’s just like any job. We’re either in the arena or working out during certain hours of the day, but you have other hours for things that you want to do during the day as a human being, and for me, maybe I don’t go shopping. Maybe I go into my backyard and throw against a net.
Pat Connaughton
I got involved in the political arena in college, protesting the Vietnam War, and became friends with some of the activists at the University of Hawaii.
Mazie Hirono
I enjoy just the raw human visceral reaction of jumping into the arena and just swinging the hammer and seeing what is left over afterwards. Twitter is just modern-day gladiatorial combat.
Mike Cernovich
I found the writing arena to be much less competitive.
Phil Hartman
There’s no doubt arena shows are exciting, but you don’t get that up close and personal kind of vibe, and that’s what rock n’ roll is all about for me.
Joe Perry
You know, I play in small, intimate venues; I’m not an arena performer.
Sondre Lerche
A new world will be won not by those who stand at a distance with their arms folded, but by those who are in the arena, whose garments are torn by storms and whose bodies are maimed in the course of the contest.
Nelson Mandela
Now that Sacramento is building an arena downtown, they’re the only one not in an urban core. The only one. It’s really not good business. It’s nothing against Auburn Hills, Oakland County or L. Brooks Patterson. An arena in the middle of a field is not an ideal thing.
Dan Gilbert
You talk of our having an idea; we do not have an idea. The idea has us, and martyrs us, and scourges us, and drives us into the arena to fight and die for it, whether we want to or not.
Heinrich Heine
All of our other albums were consecutive year after year: ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy,’ ‘Step in the Arena,’ ‘Daily Operation,’ ‘Hard to Earn.’ After ‘Hard to Earn,’ a four-year gap is a lot of not having Gang Starr music, as far as an album is concerned.
DJ Premier
I got my Equity card right out of NYU grad school in 2000, doing ‘The Great White Hope’ at Arena Stage. I played Jack Jefferson. It was an amazing part to walk into, to carry that responsibility for that amount of time. The challenges and the breadth of that role were pretty amazing.
Mahershala Ali
I know that I’m never as good or bad as any single performance. I’ve never believed my critics or my worshippers, and I’ve always been able to leave the game at the arena.
Charles Barkley
I remember watching Mike [Michael Jordan]. I remember him having a royal blue blazer and all black t-shirt and he came out of a blue Corvette. That was dope to us. We were like, ‘Yo, Michael killed today.’ He didn’t even talk to the media and walked straight into the arena. Everyday’s like Mike.
Iman Shumpert
When you’re in a club or a theater or even an arena, yeah, you want visuals, you want a good light show. But Slayer has always been about the sound. We have to sound good. It has to be tight.
Tom Araya
I play some places where the people are right at my feet, and you can see their expressions. It’s kind of more like playing in your living room. It’s almost easier to play in front of thousands of people in an arena scene, in some ways, but you don’t get the personal contact.
Timothy B. Schmit
I thought I would write something that would make some people uncomfortable. . . . What intrigued me, I think, was the idea of women of my own generation who were successful, intelligent, coming to power and suddenly in the public arena. I started to think about what they are allowed and what they are not allowed.
Wendy Wasserstein
I come from Venezuela, from the independent film arena, and you work with one camera.
Edgar Ramirez
I have always considered tennis as a combat in an arena between two gladiators who have their racquets and their courage as their weapons.
Yannick Noah
Intelligence takes chances with limited data in an arena where mistakes are not only possible but also necessary.
Frank Herbert
We used to approach a small 400-person show like an arena show, as if I was a star and I was coming out on stage in front of screaming people and that I was to be larger than life.
I’ve always been into sport, I watch all sport – I love golf, tennis, football and to me to box and have people in the arena cheering me on, I’ll always miss that.
Carl Froch
My biggest dream is to headline an arena tour.
Kelsea Ballerini
In policy arena after policy arena, Democrats respond to every failure of clunky government by proposing the addition of still more layers to 1960s-era bureaucracies as they break down.
Ben Sasse
That’s what life is about: about daring greatly, about being in the arena.
BrenГ© Brown
To enter a theatre for a performance is to be inducted into a magical space, to be ushered into the sacred arena of the imagination.
Simon Callow
I got a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Catholic University of America in D.C. and started working as an understudy at the Arena.
John Carroll Lynch
Now we have so many different genres of music, it’s amazing to me. Even in the gospel music arena, you’ve got hip-hop, you got contemporary, urban contemporary, you got traditional, you got neo-soul gospel, you’ve got all of these different things.
Marvin Sapp
Sometimes legends find themselves remembered more for what they have not done than for their accomplishments. But those resume gaps can also help drive them to achieve even greater things in new arenas.
Don Yaeger
If my duty does involve heralding His law in every arena, then the Church in America is failing radically today.
Randall Terry
War is not the only arena where peace is done to death. Wherever suffering is ignored, there will be the seeds of conflict, for suffering degrades and embitters and enrages.
Aung San Suu Kyi
I fought on the undercard of a show headlined by Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather Jr. There was almost no one in the arena then. But when Hatton and Mayweather came out, every seat was filled. There had to be 16,000 or 17,000 people in there. The place was going crazy.
Danny Garcia
I’m not crazy about arenas just because I can sell them out. It doesn’t do anything for my ego at all. I want to play places where people don’t have to sit in the nosebleed seats and wonder what the hell is going on.
Whitney Houston
A culture’s ability to understand the world and itself is critical to its survival. But today we are led into the arena of public debate by seers whose main gift is their ability to compel people to continue to watch them.
George Saunders
The Arena League is the best thing that could have happened to me because I get to run the whole process. I’m seeing not only the football side but the business side.
John Elway
The arena of logic was made by men for men; it was expressly founded on the exclusion of what is not male, as well as what is not Greek, not Christian, nor Western, not Aryan.
Catharine MacKinnon
We’re bringing a focus on wrestling. We’re bringing an emphasis on wrestling matches and action taking place in or around the ring. We’ll do great interviews too, but in these segments, we can do it all in the arena and around the ring. We can do some stuff backstage; we just don’t spend half the show backstage.
Tony Khan
World Play is very ’70s arena rock, very raw and in your face, and that’s what we wanted. We recorded it in a very off-the-cuff manner and didn’t really plan out how we were going to play. My solos are first takes.
Neal Schon
In a global arena, what our businessmen need in order to be competitive is transparency and a level playing-field.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
I maintain the rather old-fashioned view that this is my work and it’s in the public arena, but that doesn’t entitle everyone to know what happened at home before coming here.
Francesca Annis
When you do an arena show, and the lights have to sync up to the sound, and the sound has to sync up to the music, and all of that – things are really mapped out, and you lose some of that spontaneity.
Gary LeVox
In the build-up to a fight, I am scared, and I do worry about myself. But once I step into that arena, that worry has gone. A switch gets flicked, and I want to do damage. All I care about is doing damage as fast as possible.
Tony Bellew
The ranch was raw land when I bought it and, for better or worse, I have designed every aspect of it from the corrals, the arena, to the barn, to the house.
Janine Turner
At a certain moment the canvas began to appear to one American painter after another as an arena in which to act-rather than as a space in which to reproduce, re-design, analyze or express an object, actual or imagined. What was to go on the canvas was not a picture but an event.
Harold Rosenberg
We must understand that the British public’s relationship with Europe is – and always has been, the sporting arena aside – about the benefits we can achieve in jobs, security, and quality of life from membership and how these benefits outweigh any disadvantages.
Gordon Brown
People working at the arenas are not just depending on one or two concerts. I think it gives a symbolic boost, as well as those shows do bring down some monetary investments in the city.
Al Sharpton
The age of economic relations as the primary arena for interactions between states is already upon us.
Chrystia Freeland
Every year’s going to be a what-if. That’s the game of basketball. What if a guy turns his ankle? What if a guy gets in a car wreck coming to the arena? There are so many different aspects that could happen that nobody knows. Only the man upstairs knows.
Robert Horry
While we know gambling is part of the industry in Las Vegas, we’re not going to make it all that easy for you to pick up a ticket, a gambling ticket, on your way into the arena.
Gary Bettman
One day. I was putting on a hill in Zurich, and a few hundred yards away, Diana Ross was doing a sound test at an arena for a performance that night of ‘Take My Breath Away,’ my song with her. That was a very nice game, an incredible feeling.
Giorgio Moroder
They didn’t have a problem with me being wild and crazy when it came time to fill the arenas.
Dennis Rodman
He ploughs the waves, sows the sand, and hopes to gather the wind in a net, who places his hopes on the heart of a woman.
[It., Ne l’onde solca, e ne l’arena semina,
E’l vago vento spera in rete acogliere
Chi sue speranze fonda in cor di femina.]
Jacopo Sannazaro
If dysfunction means that a family doesn’t work, then every family ambles into some arena in which that happens, where relationships get strained or even break down entirely. We fail each other or disappoint each other. That goes for parents, siblings, kids, marriage partners – the whole enchilada.
Mary Karr
I love being in an arena that has like 10,000 people and huge crowds. I want to do a show at like the Viper room so badly. Like go up on stage and thrash myself around, go jump into the crowd. You can effing swear, get drunk on stage and do whatever you want basically.
Avril Lavigne
Before 1915, space and time were thought of as a fixed arena in which events took place, but which was not affected by what happened in it. Space and time are now dynamic quantities… space and time not only affect but are also affected by everything that happens in the universe.
Stephen Hawking
Every arena of life intersects with what’s going on in our hearts. Everything passes through on its way to wherever it’s going. Everything.
Andy Stanley
I became a Christian at about 26 years old as I was going through the process of playing Arena football and trying to get back into the NFL and pursue my dream.
Kurt Warner
I don’t think there is a person who loves the Nets as much as I do – from our fans, all the employees in the arenas, the front office personnel and the owners. I will always be loyal to our fans and the Nets.
Jayson Williams
That’s not an easy message to deliver whether it’s in war and peace or in the economic arena, people don’t want to be told that all their problems have been solved and everything good so it’s a little bit tricky.
Vin Weber
Broadway is a tough, tough arena for singing.
Julie Andrews
I’ve had a lot of successes as a songwriter, and I really have nothing to prove in that arena, so I’m just excited about the next challenge of pursuing this artist thing.
Bonnie McKee
The rules of survival never change, whether you’re in a desert or in an arena.
Bear Grylls
There is something about this process, and about the whole 8 x 10 [camera] business, that takes it out of the arena of the snapshot, even though, of course, I’m always desperate for that feeling. I wanted those family pictures to look effortless. I wanted them to look like snapshots. And some of them did.
Sally Mann
Whether it’s boxing, basketball, or badminton, one must be ready to succeed before entering the arena…long before the lights come up.
Muhammad Ali
The Ariake Arena is stunningly beautiful.
Karch Kiraly
We are indeed drifting into the arena of the unwell.
Bruce Robinson
The road I’ve taken to this point has not been easy. Being back on HBO is a big thing, but fighting on HBO in my hometown is huge. To be great you have to fight the best. Chad has beaten the best so these are the type fights I want to take. I will put on a great show for all the fans that come out to Oracle Arena.
Andre Ward
I’ve always felt kind of safe on stage, protected. I’ve talked to other performers about this and they feel the same things, particularly in the live arena. I never get nervous going on stage to do a play. Doing film or television I’ll have more butterflies.
Cillian Murphy
You cannot win a battle in any arena merely by defending yourself.
Richard M. Nixon
It doesn’t matter whether I’m in an NHL arena, at a local rink, or on a sheet of ice in the middle of a baseball stadium: when I’m around the game, I feel at home.
Gordie Howe
Cannes is a sort of gladiators’ arena, and that’s the fun part of it. When you accept to come here to open the festival, you know you are going to be criticised. I have no problem with the fact that I expose myself and the movie, and it’s normal that I can disagree with the way some people feel.
Olivier Dahan
Somehow, Rush can still sell out arenas. If I was sitting in row one, I would take my chair, unbolt it from the ground and run away.
Kaki King
If you want to know the real meaning of pornography, it is the utter dissociation of love and sex, the banishment of love from the sexual arena.
Martin Amis
I was 10 years old, and I went to the Marigold Arena in Chicago, and I was hooked, just like that.
Bobby Heenan
I must admit that self-tanner is one beauty arena I’ve been hesitant to explore, let alone fully embrace.
Emily Weiss
Courage is a value. My faith is the organizing principle in my life and what underpins my faith is courage and love, and so I have to be in the arena if I’m going to live in alignment with my values.
BrenГ© Brown
So when I went to Arista, I had a period of writing where I suddenly was unrestricted. I wasn’t writing for a band for the first time. It opened up a whole other arena for me to work within.
Eric Carmen
There will be days when I walk in an arena and people will cheer and then there might be days when I walk in an arena and people might boo, but it all sounds the same to me because it’s all just noise that lets me know that I’m relevant.
Cancer is a passport to intimacy. It is an invitation, maybe even a mandate, to enter the most vital arenas of human life, the most sensitive and the most frightening, the ones that we never want to go to – but when we do go there, we feel incredibly transformed.
Bruce Feiler
I sing all the time, and my co-actors from theatre arena feel that my choice of songs and timing is bad – not that I pay heed, though.
Mithila Palkar
One of the most critical reasons believers experience defeat is because we categorize only a few areas of our lives as Christ’s arena.
Beth Moore
When I was a kid, I got to meet Shawn Michaels at the Continental Airlines Arena, and I showed Shawn that picture.
Enzo Amore
There are a lot of good men’s magazines. In England, you have ‘Arena Homme+’ and ‘Another Man;’ and in France we have ‘L’Officiel Hommes.’ But all are looking similar.
Carine Roitfeld
I did the best I could, and in some arenas, my best was not good enough. I’ve made some bad choices.
Amy Grant
There’s so many great matches that you can think of. I could fantasy book all kinds of stuff, you know, fight a few family members. If we could have Umaga back, I would love to wrestle him in any arena in any town just because of how good he was.
Roman Reigns
I do not like – in the middle of a wrestling arena where they’re serving alcohol and there are screaming fans including children in the front row – I don’t feel like that is the proper place to be exposed.
There are severe limitations on civil rights. In the international arena, Iran is turning into an isolated country, and the international community is becoming more hostile toward it.
Moshe Katsav
Satan must be defeated in the arena he dominates, this world. So Christ was sent into this world to destroy Satan’s works.
Charles Caldwell Ryrie
With WWE, you’re live every single week. You’re in an arena, and there can be anywhere from 12,000 to 20,000 people watching you perform.
Christian Cage
The uncluttered arena grants every living thing its unique existence. Including me.
John Nichol
Everything is about them, not the dying boys and girls in the arena.
Suzanne Collins
The most effective way to restrict democracy is to transfer decision-making from the public arena to unaccountable institutions: kings and princes, priestly castes, military juntas, party dictatorships, or modern corporations.
Noam Chomsky
Today’s secular libertarians, who want to remove biblical religion from public life, have trouble making sense of the civil rights movement because it was so clearly a religiously inspired movement that entered the public arena and made a major difference in American life.
Bruce L. Shelley
International politics is no longer a zero-sum game but a multi-dimensional arena where cooperation and competition often occur simultaneously. Gone is the age of blood feuds. World leaders are expected to lead in turning threats into opportunities.
Hassan Rouhani
I say it all the time: it’s different when two heavyweights, especially when they are the size of Ben Rothwell, face each other in the Octagon. Even the leather – right in the back seat of the arena, they will be able to hear the sounds of the punches.
Junior dos Santos
I came from the stage so it was a different kind of acting, or a different arena of acting, and I just loved to do it as a kid. It’s really gratifying to get to create these different characters and to get to create different voices and to get to wear different clothes.
Freddy Rodriguez
When you play a smaller, more intimate venue, you can have real conversations with your audience, take risks, and stay current. You can also change the set list, on how the day feels or how the audience reacts. When you do arena shows, every arena looks and feels the same. You can’t see who is in the room.
Jason Mraz
Beyond the fact that it is a limitless arena for the full play of human nature, there is no sure accounting for golf’s fascination… Perhaps it is nothing more than the best game man has ever devised.
Herbert Wind
And we realized that it was kind of a starting point for gymnastics, to go professional, and also to just get a lot more of the audiences in the arenas on the off years, in the years that we’re not in the Olympics.
Shannon Miller
The fans at Quicken Loans Arena are pretty hostile. They say nasty things.
Draymond Green
In the late 1960s, the masses were supposed to be passive, not entering into the public arena and having their voices heard.
Noam Chomsky
Battles are won in the trenches, in the grit and grime of courageous determination; they are won day by day in the arena of life.
Charles R. Swindoll
Everyone wants to be an arena act, and it’s making country music evolve. People are cutting things more for that arena environment. But who’s to say that that is a sign of any more of a successful career than what James Taylor has been able to do, when he still comes and plays the Ryman every two years?
Tracy Lawrence
At last, Russia has returned to the world arena as a strong state – a country that others heed and that can stand up for itself.
Vladimir Putin
I’ve been very true to know that I have a base of fans and I’m extremely loyal and extremely supportive to that base of fans. To the rest of them, I enjoy the fact that they fill the arenas and tell me to go to hell.
John Cena
Thus, during the winter of 2003 I ventured into a new arena as a professional photographer.
Janine Turner
What do you think?” he asks. “I hate them,” I say. I can almost smell the blood, the dirt, the unnatural breath of the mutt. “All I do is go around trying to forget the arena and you’ve brought it back to life. How do you remember these things so exactly?” “I see them every night,” he says.
Suzanne Collins
QuickBooks – the very fact that we could even dream to make something in the business arena, and that it would then succeed – was a total revolution to me.
Scott Cook
Timeless awareness occurs to very few in this world, to step beyond the circle of fear. The body has created a magnificent arena of fear. We have developed ways of seeing life that exclude us from seeing life.
Frederick Lenz
What you should want from life is an arena big enough to express your talents and gifts.
Pleasant Rowland
Since the Six-Day War, the whole world, which is the real arena of battle between us and the Palestinians, believes that Israel is right in regard to procedure, namely problems and disputes should be solved around the negotiating table.
Ehud Barak
Success is choosing to enter the arena of action, determined to give yourself to the cause that will better humanity and last for eternity.
John C. Maxwell
I can still deliver behind closed doors, we just need to get a recording of the fans singing and shouting in the arena so I can hear them chanting.
Dereck Chisora
The Honda Center is a wonderful arena. And it’s a great arena, not only for the NHL, but it would be a great arena for an NBA team.
Henry Samueli
Churches should be able to decide what kinds of unions are sanctified by their denomination, but not what kinds of unions are accepted in the civil arena.
Jared Polis
If I am going to shine in any arena, it is going to be blues and soul.
Guy Sebastian
The average movie set is the least political arena on Earth. Nobody bothers talking about politics because, one, we all love the job so much. You don’t talk about current events. You talk about old show business stories and whether or not there’s gonna be French onion dip at the craft services table that day.
Tom Hanks
I figure it could become a self-fulfilling prophecy; if I make a successful arena rock record, I’ll wind up playing arenas! I wouldn’t mind being back in that kind of venue because of the kinds of things you can do with production. You can make your shows more interesting, which would be fun to do.
Todd Rundgren
For all these internet fans out there that want to hate Roman Reigns and say, ‘No, we’re standing up because we don’t like him…’ Few people in the history of this business walk into an arena and everybody stands on their feet – everybody.
John Layfield
When you’re playing Wembley Arena the emotion comes in waves, but in a tiny club it hits you in the face.
Paul Young
I remember in one parish a terrible row over the ideal size of mince pies, and in another two great ladies dashing trays of pancakes to the vicarage floor in a controversy over whether to roll or to fold. But the real arena for food combat is television.
Richard Coles
I want to win a Grammy. I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. I want to be a musical guest on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ And I want to play arenas and have tons of people watching me.
Cheyenne Kimball
We are at our best when we are at our proudest. Canadians need to harness that confidence in every arena, not just the ice rink. The Maple Leaf stands for quality, thoughtfulness, and innovation, so let’s brand it proudly on the things that we’ve invented, created, and figured out.
Tobias Lutke
The gladiator lays his plans after he enters the arena.
Publilius Syrus
I do a medley of hymns in all of my sets, whether I’m in an arena, in a theater, in an amusement park.
Yolanda Adams
I am not a jazz singer. I wouldn’t place myself on that footing. I wouldn’t even enter that arena.
Boz Scaggs
I’d rather play a few nights at the Fillmore than play one night at an arena.
Lucinda Williams
Work hard at work worth doing.
Theodore Roosevelt
I don’t dig Trump or follow what he has to say, but I find it fascinating that he’s surfaced in the political arena. But I’m a Hillary supporter, and I don’t go the Trump way.
Jeff Bridges
It’s one of the craziest feelings to be on stage and know that you were sitting on your bedroom floor when that song came to be and now there’s an arena full of people singing it.
Taylor Swift
President Obama, don’t you think you should follow in the footsteps of your predecessor? Remember, President George W. Bush? He stayed out of the political arena, and he let you, his successor, do your job.
Sean Hannity
The present is filled with flotsam and irony and chaos and disorder in all arenas, political and sociological. I think we have to work in the present even if it’s awkward, even if it’s not necessarily good, even if we don’t understand it ourselves. You only find out 10, maybe 20 years later what was going on.
Frank Gehry
I main-evented a sold-out Budokan Arena show; I participated in the first-ever ladder match in NJPW, made the transition from junior to heavyweight, and earned a G1 win with a series full of performances that I’m personally very proud of.
Kenny Omega
From the psychological jousting between sisters in the early family arena emerge the first tentative boundaries of their personalities.
Elizabeth Fishel
The place where the system and people’s intentions meet is the political arena.
Peter Garrett
Whether a woman’s running for office or she’s supporting her husband who’s running for office and she gets criticised for wearing open-toed shoes or for the colour of her coat, there’s just a lot of history that you bear if you are a woman who puts herself out in the political arena.
Hillary Clinton
I’ve been fortunate and blessed to further my career in the Arena Football League, and I’ve had a good time doing it.
Jeff Garcia
Ridley Scott’s company makes great work in whatever arena, whether it’s movies or commercials or television. They just do really quality stuff, so you know it’s going to be quality.
Rob Lowe
When I come to the arena, my mind is on basketball, not thinking I’m walking a runway.
J. J. Redick
I follow the baseball team on the Internet more than I do the football team. Generally you can get a Nebraska game anywhere. Before I started doing big arenas and stuff and had a tour bus when I was just working comedy clubs way back when I would always listen to the games in my hotel room on the Internet.
Larry the Cable Guy
It’s too bad that one has to conceive of sports as being the only arena where risks are, for all of life is risk exercise. That’s the only way to live more freely, and more interestingly.
William Sloane Coffin
I don’t type my sentences on an arena’s pitch, surrounded by thousands of cheering or booing fans – I don’t feel pressure to please a crowd.
David Benioff
I think there is a misunderstanding about Indians’ traditional views. India did send army into Goa, India did send an army into and fought a war in Kashmir in 1948, India did get Hyderabad by force… I think the narrow projection on the international… arena distorted India’s image.
Subramanian Swamy
It’s lovely. If only you could frost someone to death.” “Don’t be so superior. You can never tell what you will find in the arena. Say it’s a gigantic cake-
Suzanne Collins
I had some amazing opportunities through TNA, even my time in WWE. Just to be able to go out there and walk out there in a WWE arena is an opportunity in itself but I don’t think I was ready to capitalize on that.
Lance Archer
The Southern California arena rock, hair metal, laidback hippie garden culture – for many growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, none of it made us who we were like Lou Reed did.
Alissa Quart
The arena of women’s lives is somewhat more intimate. If a woman goes out with an incredibly attractive man and they break up, that woman is not more attractive to men. It’s completely irrelevant to them. That’s an example of the way women’s minds work.
Zadie Smith
I have always had my doubts about any form of divine intervention in sports contests. The power of prayer may be remarkable in many other arenas, but why should God want my team to win instead of the other side? Isn’t it insulting to request God to even take an interest in baseball?
Roger Ebert
Everybody in this public arena makes statements and gets interpreted different ways.
Terry McAuliffe
I can’t tell you how many spot shows little Johnny Nitro, like, pulled the chair out in the arena in Shelbyville Fair and did a moonsault only to get chewed out by Rip Rogers and Jim Cornette about it. I mean, I did years of it.
John Morrison
Would you believe that Sammy Davis, Jr. taught me how to sing a ballad? ‘You can be in an arena,’ he said, ‘and you should be able to hold their attention.’
Gladys Knight
You can look at what I did in the Senate. I did introduce legislation to rein in compensation. I looked at ways that the shareholders would have more control over what was going on in that arena. And specifically said to Wall Street, that what they were doing in the mortgage market was bringing our country down.
Hillary Clinton
Always maintain the attitude of a student. If you think you’ve done learning, bitterness sets in, but if you have more to achieve every day, in any arena, that makes each morning’s awakening full of potential and cheery portent.
Nick Offerman
The only privilege literature deserves – and this privilege it requires in order to exist – is the privilege of being in the arena of discourse, the place where the struggle of our languages can be acted out.
Salman Rushdie
I’m a visual writer, so it’s fitting that my first brush with ‘Red Queen’ was an image. I had the idea of a teenage girl in an arena, a bit like ‘Gladiator,’ and she’s about to be executed. But instead of being killed, she kills her executioner with lightning.
Victoria Aveyard
It is often quite impossible to gauge the mood of the Chamber in advance, particularly on big occasions. One moment, it is relaxed and good-humoured; at the next, it can be angry and querulous, and the House in this mood can be a formidable arena.
Nicholas Soames
Your mom was right when she told you never to discuss politics and religion because emotions run so high in those arenas. Especially religion.
Bill O’Reilly
The most difficult idea to reconcile in war is the notion that anything is going to be solved by killing a stranger, or in risking your life for a cause anchored in some distant political arena.
Walter Dean Myers
A defendant on trial for a specific crime is entitled to his day in court, not in a stadium or a city or nationwide arena.
Tom C. Clark
Everything I did is because I wanted to do it. If I weren’t playing this arena, if I were playing a club, I’d still be doing it because that’s what I want to do. I love playing the guitar.
Eddie Van Halen
The Cleveland Cavaliers are forced to play in something called the ‘Quicken Loans Arena.’ This is a terrible name for a sports venue.
Adam Schlesinger
God may thunder His commands from Mount Sinai and men may fear, yet remain at heart exactly as they were before. But let a man once see his God down in the arena as a Man-suffering, tempted, sweating, and agonized, finally dying a criminal’s death-and he is a hard man indeed who is untouched.
John Bertram Phillips
Michael Jordan brings millions of dollars when he shows up in an arena. Since money is how we judge people, he’s very valuable. But while that’s happening, Rome is burning within the black community.
Jim Brown
The gladiator is formulating his plan in the arena or essentially Too late.
Seneca the Younger
I have a Christian worldview and so it shapes the way that I view issues. I don’t apologize for that, and I don’t think people of faith ought to shrink away from being in the public arena.
John Thune
The best thing is to go into an opposing arena, and 15,000 people are focusing on you. That’s the best feeling.
Reggie Miller
War is an arena for the display of courage and virtue. Or war is politics by other means. War is a quasi-mystical experience where you get in touch with the real. There are millions of narratives we impose to try to make sense of war.
Phil Klay
Our romance became a key strategy for our survival in the arena. Only it wasn’t just a strategy for Peeta.
Suzanne Collins
I’m a brand type guy and we want to make sure that ‘Gas Monkey’ is out there in every arena that we can be. I’m also never short on ideas and I usually try to get them out there at all times.
Richard Rawlings
I think every person that brings a beach ball into a WWE arena should get ejected for life.
I have been happy . . . in believing that . . . whatever follies we may be led into as to foreign nations, we shall never give up our Union, the last anchor of our hope, and that alone which is to prevent this heavenly country from becoming an arena of gladiators.
Thomas Jefferson
The incentive of a medal at the biggest sporting arena in the world is what drives me. Before I hang my gloves, I want to win the Olympic medal, and my performance at London will decide my future in the sport.
Mary Kom
Love and marriage are wonderful arenas in which to place a character. We are most likely to risk our morals and beliefs while in love. Betrayal gives tremendous insights into a character as well.
Anita Shreve
Beginning in 1962… the courts began to systematically secularize the nation, reflecting its view that God and the Scripture had no place in the public arena.
Rick Scarborough
I don’t know anyone in the hunting or sporting arena that goes out with an assault rifle.
Joe Manchin
Even though our society is increasingly pluralistic, we must ensure an equal playing field rather than a religiously cleansed arena where people of faith are no longer welcome.
Jay Sekulow
If a hip-hop artist can get on stage and entertain an arena full of 30,000 people and keep their attention for 45 minutes, imagine that on a big screen.
I had to play arena football for three years. I had to work in a grocery store for a while to make ends meet. I had to go to Amsterdam to play.
Kurt Warner
When I look back, I don’t remember the best of the best. I don’t remember arena shows with 20,000 people. I remember funky little bar gigs where nobody shows up. The weirdest of the weird are what you retain.
Vince Gill
The atmosphere at the different arenas has been pretty crazy. It’s been a lot of fun coming to the rink every night and competing at this level and intensity. It’s going to continue and get better.
Eric Staal
I’ve got news for you… both those idiots [Al Snow and the Rock] aren’t your friends! They hate you! Everybody hates you! All the people at home, all these people in the arena hate you, and most importantly, Y2J hates you!
Chris Jericho