Ashes Quotes

Ashes Quotes by Alaya Dawn Johnson, Wong Kar-wai, Robert Harris, Stephen Kinzer, Sherrilyn Kenyon, William Shakespeare and many others.

Palmares Tres is a society born out of a distinct, idio

Palmares Tres is a society born out of a distinct, idiosyncratic utopian vision formed in the midst of an apocalypse. I would say the residents of Palmares Tres respect the strength of that history and their remarkable ability to rise from the ashes of the old world.
Alaya Dawn Johnson
‘Ashes of Time’ was my third film, and as a young director at that point, it’s not very often that you have the chance to make a big martial arts film, so of course I jumped at this opportunity.
Wong Kar-wai
What a heap of ash most political careers amount to, when one really stops to consider them!
Robert Harris
There is much to justify Turkey’s reverence for Ataturk. He is the force that allowed Turkey to rise from the ashes of defeat and emerge as a vibrant new nation.
Stephen Kinzer
Because she’s Acheron companion. (Astrid) Ash has a companion? (Zarek) (The demon snorted. She stood up and whispered loudly in Astrid’s ear.) Dark-Hunters are cute, but very stupid. (Simi)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Nor shall this peace sleep with her; but as when The bird of wonder dies, the maiden phoenix, Her ashes new-create another heir As great in admiration as herself.
William Shakespeare
Sometimes hate is not enough to turn this all to ashes, together as one and against all others, break all of their wings to make sure it crashes.
Marilyn Manson
Thoth, Hermes, the stylus,
the palette, the pen, the quill endure,
though our books are a floor
of smouldering ash under our feet.
Hilda Doolittle
Ash, ash —- You poke and stir. Flesh, bone, there is nothing there—— A cake of soap, A wedding ring, A gold filling. Herr God, Herr Lucifer Beware Beware. Out of the ash I rise with my red hair And I eat men like air.
Sylvia Plath
Metallica is like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We set everything on fire, and this is what has risen from it – ‘St. Anger’ being the fire and ‘Death Magnetic’ being the phoenix.
Kirk Hammett
Even ashes are a part of your freedom.
Sarah Waters
Since its founding, Detroit has been a place of perpetual flames. Three times the city has suffered race riots and three times the city has burned to the ground. The city’s flag acknowledges as much. Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus: We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.
Charlie LeDuff
You are the Energizer Bunny for badasses. -Ash
Sherrilyn Kenyon
The oak roars when a high wind wrestles with it; the beech shrieks; the elm sends forth a long, deep groan; the ash pours out moans of thrilling anguish.
Thomas Starr King
Dying was just an extended version of Ash Wednesday.
Don DeLillo
When passion is mutual, there is always the danger of the fire burning to ashes.
Beryl Bainbridge
Here halt, I pray you, make a little stay. O wayfarer, to read what I have writ, And know by my fate what thy fate shall be. What thou art now, so shall thou be. The world’s delight I followed with a heart Unsatisfied: ashes am I, and dust.
Even on days when every cinder in our soul feels cold, if we crawl to the Word of God and cry out for ears to hear, the cold ashes will be lifted and the tiny spark of life will be fanned. For ‘the law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul.’
John Piper
Can you believe our Ash is getting laid? Our baby is growing up. I’m so proud!
Sherrilyn Kenyon
She had acquired some of his gypsy ways, some of his nonchalance, his bohemian indiscipline. She had swung with him into the disorders of strewn clothes, spilled cigarette ashes, slipping into bed all dressed, falling asleep thus, indolence, timelessness…A region of chaos and moonlight. She liked it there.
Anais Nin
There was something about Ash that made every hormone in her body stand up and pant for more
Sherrilyn Kenyon
It was one of those dreams that invade the space between seconds, proving sleep has its own physics- where time shrinks and swells, lifetimes unspool in a blink, and cities burn to ash in a mere flutter of lashes.
Laini Taylor
O lust, thou infernal fire, whose fuel is gluttony; whose flame is pride, whose sparkles are wanton words; whose smoke is infamy; whose ashes are uncleanness; whose end is hell.
Francis Quarles
When you make something fetish, ashes and dusts will laugh at you, because they know even the most valuable fetishes will turn into dusts and ashes!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Would you become a pilgrim on the road of love? The first condition is that you make yourself humble as dust and ashes.
The temple of fame stands upon the grave: the flame that burns upon its altars is kindled from the ashes of great men.
William Hazlitt
She is all the great heroines of the world in one. She is more than an individual. I love her, and I must make her love me. I want to make Romeo jealous. I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter, and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain.
Oscar Wilde
Yet how hard most people work for mere dust and ashes and care, taking no thought of growing in knowledge and grace, never having time to get in sight of their own ignorance.
John Muir
Here is a truth, a truth by which to live: there is hope. There is always hope. If we choose to abandon it, our souls will turn to ash and blow away.
John Connolly
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods?
Thomas B. Macaulay
I don’t have much time for stories,” Vin said. “Seems that fewer and fewer people do, these days.” A canopy kept off the ash, but he seemed unconcerned about the mists. “It makes me wonder what is so alluring about the real world that gives them all such a fetish for it. It’s not a very nice place these days.
Brandon Sanderson
A nuclear war does not defend a country and it does not defend a system. I’ve put it the same way many times; not even the most accomplished ideologue will be able to tell the difference between the ashes of capitalism and the ashes of communism.
John Kenneth Galbraith
Her heart of compressed ash, which had resisted the most telling blows of daily reality without strain, fell apart with the first waves of nostalgia.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.
Abigail Van Buren
We shall defend every village, every town and every city. The vast mass of London itself, fought street by street, could easily devour an entire hostile army; and we would rather see London laid in ruins and ashes than that it should be tamely and abjectly enslaved.
Winston Churchill
What passes relentlessly through the years is blood, and time; all the bitterness or warmth along the way is almost incidental. Even blood gets forgotten eventually, bleached into myth which are bleached of all colour into ashes of myth.
Luke Davies
Ewwww-eee-wwww. Hey Ash, you vant to suck my blud? (Fang) No, thanks. The last thing I want is to catch parvo from you, or some other freaky dog disease that makes me lift my leg around hydrants. (Acheron)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Without preservation and cultivation of the spiritual, your material success will be as ashes in your mouths.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Ash has worked with my dad, so I have to call her Aunty, na?
Sonam Kapoor
I think character never changes; the Acorn becomes an Oak, which is very little like an Acorn to be sure, but it never becomes an Ash.
Hester Lynch Piozzi
Volcanic ash will be experienced in all parts of your world, as the volcanoes around your earth are simultaneously activated. Face masks and goggles will be of great value
Esther Hicks
I don’t care,” Clary said. “He’d do it for me. Tell me he wouldn’t. If I were missing-” “He’d burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes. I know,” Alec said.
Cassandra Clare
The Ashes have been hard, but you take the accolades when they come along.
Andrew Flintoff
A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare to the jeweled vision of a life started anew.
Instinct. When the house burns one forgets even lunch. Yes, but one eats it later in the ashes.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Max: “You’ll never be good enough to deserve her, you know.” Ash: “God doesn’t always give you what you deserve,” Ash said quietly. “Sometimes he gives you what you can’t live without.
Teresa Medeiros
Don’t save something good for a later place. Don’t hold back from your students, from the poor, don’t try to keep anything for yourself ’cause it’ll turn to ashes.
Annie Dillard
The Passion of the Christ opened up on Ash Wednesday, had a Good Friday.
Billy Crystal
Love. Of course, love. Flames for a year, ashes for thirty.
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa
A normal way that the American free market system has worked is that we have a process of unwinding. It’s called bankruptcy. It doesn’t mean, necessarily, that the industry is eclipsed or that it’s gone. Often times, the phoenix rises out of the ashes.
Michele Bachmann
Relationships that begin in passion’s raging fire often end in the coldest ashes.
Deepak Chopra
We are better people than what these laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the ash heap of history.
John E. Jones III
…Shorty’s laugh was cold-blooded as he spoke so foul,
Only twelve tryin to tell me that he liked my style.
Then I rose, wiping the blunt’s ash from my clothes,
Then froze, only to blow the herb smoke through my nose.
For the human soul is virtually indestructible, and its ability to rise from the ashes remains as long as the body draws breath.
Alice Miller
Every man’s life is a train made of straw which tries to move on a track made of fire! The very next stop is ashes and dust.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Every day there comes a moment when a person lays his hands in his lap and all his busyness collapses like ashes. The work accomplished is, from the soul’s point of view, entirely imaginary.
Robert Musil
Whether we remain the ash or become the phoenix is up to us.
Ming-Dao Deng
I was a fortnight away from my 16th birthday when the fabled 2005 Ashes series ended. My hero-worship throughout it belonged to Ian Bell – though I don’t think I’ve ever made that abundantly clear to him.
Jonny Bairstow
It’s one of the greatest sporting environments you can be in, the first morning of an Ashes series. It’s hard to explain, you can only really explain it when you’re out there. It’s awesome.
Ben Stokes
We will not prematurely or unnecessarily risk the costs of a worldwide nuclear war in which even the fruits of victory would be ashes in our mouth – but neither shall we shrink from that risk any time it must be faced.
John F. Kennedy
Hotel tea is when you have to mix together a plastic envelope containing too much sugar, a small plastic pot of something which is not milk but has curdled anyway, and a thin brown packet seemingly containing the ashes of a cremated mole.
Frank Muir
Torch every book. Burn every page. Char every word to ash. Ideas are incombustible. And therein lies your real fear.
Ellen Hopkins
Brass is polished by ashes; copper is cleaned by tamarind; a woman, by her menses; and a river by its flow.
She told me if I clean all the ashes out of the grate, then I’ll be able to help my sisters get ready for the bal.” “It’s Christmas, Dashiel. Can’t you give that atitude a rest?” “Merry Christmas, Dad. And thanks for the presents.” “What presents?” “I’m sorry—those were all from Mom, weren’t they?
Rachel Cohn
‘Ashes To Ashes’ is a victim of its own success. We started lots of trends. I like to think we had something to do with bringing back the high waist. It’s so much more flattering.
Keeley Hawes
I don’t want to have a gravestone. I want to have all my friends burn me and then snort the ashes. I think that’s the only way to go out.
Marilyn Manson
One of the most powerful sayings I have come across is by Imam ash-Shafi’I, “My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.”
Agapi Stassinopoulos
There is no morality in the mushroom cloud. The black rain of nuclear ashes will fall alike on the just and the unjust. And then it will be too late to wish that we had done the real work of this atomic age, which is to seek a world that is neither red nor dead.
Edward Kennedy
But thy strong Hours indignant work’d their wills, And beat me down and marr’d and wasted me, And tho’ they could not end me, left me maim’d To dwell in presence of immortal youth, Immortal age beside immortal youth, And all I was, in ashes. – Tithonus
Alfred Lord Tennyson
A man like Fidel Castro doesn’t die: He is in the hearts and minds of the children who lined the streets when his ashes were driven from Havana, tracing the route of the revolution back to Santiago de Cuba.
Louis Farrakhan
Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God’s story never ends with ‘ashes.
Elisabeth Elliot
As the priest is characterized by his cassock, so the smoker by his pipe. The way in which he holds it, raises it to his lips, and knocks out the ashes, reveals his personality, habits, passions, and even his thoughts.
E. T. A. Hoffmann
Some combinations of people are toxic, you know? You have to find the right one that isn’t just going to explode into fiery ash and destruction.
Taylor Swift
Ashes to ashes. Garage sale to garage sale,” I said.
John Green
My friend, be not like him who sits by his fireside and watches the fire go out, then blows vainly upon the dead ashes. Do not give up hope or yield to despair because of that which is past, for to bewail the irretrievable is the worst of human frailties.
Khalil Gibran
But when I am around strangers, I turn into a conversational Mount St. Helens. I’m dormant, dormant, quiet, quiet, old-guy loners build log cabins on the slopes of my silence and then, boom, it’s 1980. Once I erupt, they’ll be wiping my verbal ashes off their windshields as far away as North Dakota.
Sarah Vowell
Forget ‘redeeming social value,’ dirty pictures are fun. When I die I want my ashes sprinkled over a nudist camp.
L. Neil Smith
I am not one to rely upon the expert procedure. It is the psychology I seek, not the fingerprint or the cigarette ash.
Agatha Christie
When it’s time to shuffle off this mortal coil, you leave your ashes to be composted.
Bette Midler
Amid apocalyptic dystopia, ‘Fahrenheit 451”s protagonist retains sparks of curiosity, creativity, and courage, and these human characteristics are the seeds of hope that can arise, phoenix-like, from civilization’s ashes.
Heidi Hammel
In the midst of life we are in death, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust,В in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection.
Thomas Cranmer
Which of us that is thirty years old has not had its Pompeii? Deep under ashes lies the life of youth–the careless sport, the pleasure and the passion, the darling joy.
William Makepeace Thackeray
We are made of stellar ash. Our origin and evolution have been tied to distant cosmic events. The exploration of the cosmos is a voyage of self-discovery.
Carl Sagan
Fiorito has all the right stuff. His splendid memoir about his relationship with his dying father belongs on that small shelf with Philip Roth’s Patrimony and Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes.
Mordecai Richler
AFC Wimbledon in the League! Talk about the ashes rising from the flames.
Stan Collymore
Passion has overthrown tyrants and freed prisoners and slaves. Passion has brought justice where there was savagery. Passion has created freedom where there was nothing but fear. Passion has helped souls rise from the ashes of their horrible lives and build something better, stronger, more beautiful.
Jim Butcher
Mark how fleeting and paltry is the estate of man – yesterday in embryo, tomorrow a mummy or ashes. So for the hairsbreadth of time assigned to thee, live rationally, and part with life cheerfully, as drops the ripe olive, extolling the season that bore it and the tree that matured it.
Marcus Aurelius
I learned another thing, which is that just because someone is eating the ashes of your protagonist doesn’t mean you stop telling the story.
Miriam Toews
One of life’s quiet excitements is to stand somewhat apart from yourself and watch yourself softly becoming the author of something beautiful even if it is only a floating ash.
Norman Maclean
To us, the ashes of our ancestors are sacred and their resting place is hallowed ground.
Chief Seattle
For it’s home, dearie, home–it’s home I want to be.
Our topsails are hoisted, and we’ll away to sea.
O, the oak and the ash and the bonnie birken tree
They’re all growing green in the old countrie.
William Ernest Henley
Flowers are reincarnation. They come out of the earth of our ashes. Nothing else looks so soul-like.
Francesca Lia Block
And within the house
ashes are being stuffed into my marriage,
fury is lapping the walls,
dishes crack on the shelves,
a strangler needs my throat,
the daughter has ceased to eat anything.
Anne Sexton
‎And yet I have had the weakness, and have still the weakness, to wish you to know with what a sudden mastery you kindled me, heap of ashes that I am, into fire.
Charles Dickens
A phoenix, Beirut seems to always pull itself out its ashes, reinvents itself, has been conquered numerous times in its 7,000-year history, yet it survives by both becoming whatever its conquerors wished it to be and retaining its idiosyncratic persona.
Rabih Alameddine
And how can man die better than facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers, and the temples of his Gods?
Thomas Babington Macaulay
I want to win the Ashes.
Jofra Archer
Without peace, all other dreams vanish and are reduced to ashes.
Jawaharlal Nehru
Sorrow, the heart must bear,
Sits in the home of each, conspicuous there.
Many a circumstance, at least,
Touches the very breast.
For those
Whom any sent away,–he knows:
And in the live man’s stead,
Armor and ashes reach
The house of each.
Robert Browning
In a world full of quitters, it takes true courage to commit to marriage renewal. If you want a field manual for restoring your relationship, get The Phoenix Marriage: God creates beauty out of ashes.
Tony Jeary
The fire which seems extinguished often slumbers beneath the ashes.
Pierre Corneille
My father’s ashes are not yet interred.strangely, I find the fact that he isn’t properly laid to rest helps me when I’m doingthis play.
Lynn Redgrave
On April 18, 1980, the last outpost of empire in Africa died. From Rhodesia’s ashes rose a country that would take its place among the free nations as Zimbabwe, the last among equals. And men and women leapt to embrace this dream called Zimbabwe.
Petina Gappah
Like to the apples on the Dead Sea’s shore, All ashes to the taste.
Lord Byron
And in an Ashes series the best approach as a player is to not get caught up in feeling pressure for your position but to think only about the greater cause. How can I contribute? It could be a single moment, like a blinding catch or a run out. Think only of the team’s needs.
Moeen Ali
When I die, sprinkle my ashes over the 80’s.
David Lee Roth
Out of the ashes of the music business, comes the rebirth of the musician business.
John Perry Barlow
I’m not going to have a tombstone. I’m going to be tossed in the air. Ashes, tossed like a salad.
William Shatner
Glory comes too late, after one as been reduced to ashes.
Marcus Valerius Martial
Maybe I’ll be like the man in the Hanging Tree still waiting for an answer.’ Gale who I have never seen cry has tears in his eyes. To keep them from spilling over. I reach forward and press my lips against his. We taste of heat, ashes and misery.
Suzanne Collins
Also, what mountains of dead ashes, wreck and burnt bones, does assiduous pedantry dig up from the past time and name it History.
Thomas Carlyle
And the dreams so rich in color. How else would death call you? Waking in the cold dawn it all turned to ash instantly. Like certain ancient frescoes entombed for centuries suddenly exposed to the day.
Cormac McCarthy
The dog that licks ashes, trust not with meale.
[The dog that licks ashes trust not with meal.]
George Herbert
I want my ashes either with some really good primo or as some fertilizer for plants.
Tommy Chong
If but a few live coals are found in a mountain of ashes, no one should be disappointed. Genius is a rare quality in this world, and there is no reason why it should be more ubiquitous among Blacks than Whites.
Wallace Thurman
Mr. Burns comes out and flips cigar ashes on his shoes, and makes up about 90 percent of what you hear.
Bobby Darin
Remember finally, that the ashes that were on your forehead are created from the burnt palms of last Palm Sunday. New beginnings invariably come from old false things that are allowed to die.
Richard Rohr
The wet air was as cold as the ashes of love.
Raymond Chandler
I’m a sinner. I don’t always love God as strongly as I could or as directly as I should. Ash Wednesday reminds me that it is only through God that I have life; He gave it to me. God forgives. He loves. And He gives this sinner a second chance. Put simply: my God kicks ash.
Mark Hart
Living fire begets cold, impotent ash.
Chinua Achebe
Fighting fire with fire only gets you ashes!
Abigail Van Buren
An innings of neurotic violence, of eccentric watchfulness, of brainless impetuosity and incontinent savagery – it was an extraordinary innings, a masterpiece and it secured the Ashes for England [on Pietersen’s Ashes winning innings, 2005
Simon Barnes
It is the Soviet Union that runs against the tide of history . . . . [It is] the march of freedom and democracy which will leave Marxism-Leninism on the ash heap of history, as it has left other tyrannies which stifle the freedom and muzzle the self-expression of the people.
Ronald Reagan
Losing the Ashes was intense and emotional. My personal lack of results and contribution through that series played havoc in my mind.
Adam Gilchrist
Bombs fall and wipe out civilization as we know it, two things come up out of the ashes: roaches and F-150s.
James Sallis
Metallica is like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We set everything on fire, and this is what has risen from it – St. Anger being the fire and Death Magnetic being the phoenix.
Kirk Hammett
It should not be hard for you to stop sometimes and look into the stains of walls, or ashes of a fire, or clouds, or mud or like places, in which…you may find really marvellous ideas.
Leonardo da Vinci
media saturation is probably very destructive to art. New movements get overexposed and exhausted before they have a chance to grow, and they turn to ashes in a short time. Some degree of time and obscurity is often very necessary to artists.
Joyce Johnson
Real victories are those that protect human life, not those that result from its destruction or emerge from its ashes.
King Hussein I
My pen is alight and my body aflame. Until both burn down to ash, my love and my hate will remain here in the world.
Ba Jin
Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.
Gustav Mahler
Humans are made from nuclear ash of dead stars
Jenny Downham
Above my cradle loomed the bookcase where/ Latin ashes and the dust of Greece/ mingled with novels, history, and verse/ in one dark Babel. I was folio-high/ when I first heard the voices.
Charles Baudelaire
What a couple. I’m consumed into ashes. And he’s always raking up the ashes and setting them on fire again.
Agnes Smedley
Who says we can’t win the World Cup and the Ashes in the same year? Oh yes we can. It all goes back to my motto in life: Be proud of how far you’ve come – and have faith in how far you can still go.
Jonny Bairstow
It’s hard to let go anything we love. We live in a world which teaches us to clutch. But when we clutch we’re left with a fistful of ashes.
Madeleine L’Engle
I worked on ‘Line of Duty’ with Vicky McClure after she’d just finished the last series of ‘This Is EnglandI think the great thing about ‘Ashes To Ashes’ is that it is very much its own show. and I kept nagging her to find out how it ended.
Daniel Mays
We will all, someday, experience death, and become obsolete as a dead leaf falling from a tree, crushed by passersby to ashes underlying the earth.
Elizabeth Kim
Of the crow-blue mussel shells, one keeps
adjusting the ash heaps;
opening and shutting itself like
injured fan.
Marianne Moore
Breaking America’s oil addiction would not lead to a future of sackcloth and ashes.
Colman McCarthy
Don’t celebrate yet, Ms. Lane. Don’t believe anything is dead until you’ve burned it, poked around in its ashes, and then waited a day or two to see if anything rises from them.
Karen Marie Moning
The master says it’s a glorious thing to die for the Faith and Dad says it’s a glorious thing to die for Ireland and I wonder if there’s anyone in the world who would like us to live.
Frank McCourt
I had been playing for a while, and I asked Louisville Slugger to send me a dozen flame treated bats. But when I got it, I realized they had sent me a box of ashes.
Bob Uecker
…… an outlaw gulch, a haven for draft resisters, struggling artists, and drug addicts…..a camp for semi-demented adults…. Venice is like the legendary Phoenix – it always seems to rise again from the ashes.
Sara Davidson
You can flush my ashes down the toilet, for all I care.
Carolyn Gold Heilbrun
Back in 2006-07 when we completed the first Ashes whitewash in 86 years, the historical significance didn’t really filter in to our thinking. We didn’t realise it at the time – we were just making amends for 2005.
Glenn McGrath
Real victories are those that protect human life, not those that result from its destruction or emerge from its ashes.
Hussein of Jordan
Why are you not where you belong? / A black hat on a hook says nothing. / Ashes mirror ashes / In a mirroring window.
Mary Jo Bang
What mighty ills have not been done by woman!
Who was’t betray’d the Capitol? A woman;
Who lost Mark Antony the world? A woman;
Who was the cause of a long ten years’ war,
And laid at last old Troy is ashes? Woman;
Destructive, damnable, deceitful woman!
Thomas Otway
For Humanity sweeps onward: where today the martyr stands, On the morrow crouches Judas with the silver in his hands; Far in front the cross stands ready and the crackling fagots burn, While the hooting mob of yesterday in silent awe return To glean up the scattered ashes into History’s golden urn.
James Russell Lowell
Ethiopia shall once more arise from the ashes of material ruin to the heights of temporal glory.
Marcus Garvey
I’m always fascinated by something that leaves the surface of the earth. My series, ‘Rocket Man’, was based on a true story of a man who put his wife’s ashes into space.
Robson Green
A lot of the things we do in Test cricket revolves around planning for the Ashes series down under.
Joe Root
An Ashes series is huge for Australian cricketers – and English cricketers for that matter – and there’s always that added pressure.
Steve Smith
Being an Israeli is to know that you have risen from the ashes of those who were killed and knowing you have a responsibility for the coming generations.
Tzipi Livni
My experience with Australia in the 1997 Ashes series taught me that fighting back is a combination of technique and mindset.
Glenn McGrath
History is a bucket of ashes.
Samuel Butler
From the colour the nature And by the nature the sign! Beatific spirits welding together As in one ash-tree in Ygdrasail.
Ezra Pound
Scatter my ashes on the Shannon.
Frank McCourt
You know Americans are obsessed with life and death and rebirth, that’s the American Cycle. You know, awakening, tragic, horrible death and then Phoenix rising from the ashes. That’s the American story, again and again.
Billy Corgan
Even the darkest moments of the liturgy are filled with joy, and Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the lenten fast, is a day of happiness, a Christian feast.
Thomas Merton
I love you so much that it feels like the universe will explode, for as long as it takes for the oceans to dry up, so much that I don’t care if my soul burns to ashes.
Later our dreams begin catching fire around the edges, they burn like paper, we wake with our hands full of ash.
Naomi Shihab Nye
We’ve persevered because of a belief we share with the Iraqi people – a belief that out of the ashes of war, a new beginning could be born in this cradle of civilization. Through this remarkable chapter in the history of the United States and Iraq, we have met our responsibility. Now, it’s time to turn the page.
Barack Obama
I swear if that’s a pair of demon horns digging into my belly and stabbing me right now, Ash, I’m going to beat you after it’s born.” ‘Cause face it, horns on the head didn’t come from my side of the family or genetic code.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ashes.
Pauline Phillips
Nick glowered at Ash. “Are we through now, Dad? Can I go play with my friends if I promise to be a good boy? I’ll even try and make it home by curfew.” Ash laughed evilly. “Oh, absolutely, son. In fact, here come your new playmates now.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Yes, the sky was now a devastating, home-cooked red. The small German town had been flung apart one more time. Snowflakes of ash fell so lovelily you were tempted to stretch out your tongue to catch them, taste them. Only, they would have scorched your lips. They would have cooked your mouth.
Markus Zusak
You couldn’t do it?” Rob Lynburn sneered. “I know her,” Ash said in a low voice. “I can’t… hurt someone I know.
Sarah Rees Brennan
We can’t afford to lose all that we’ve built from the ashes of the Korean War.
Moon Jae-in
The profoundly ‘atomic’ character of the universe is visible in everyday experience, in raindrops and grains of sand, in the hosts of the living, and the multitude of stars; even in the ashes of the dead.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
I have learned that you’re not perfect, and that sometimes the one you love can burn you. But it’s just the fool that’s looking backwards: a bitter heart turns the love we made to ashes.
Ben Rector
Of thousands of others, nearer the centre of the explosion, there was no trace. They vanished. The theory in Hiroshima is that the atomic heat was so great that they burned instantly to ashes – except that there were no ashes.
Wilfred Burchett
True confessions are written with tears only. But my tears would drown the world, as my inner fire would reduce it to ashes.
Emile M. Cioran
Popular music is slowly being laid to rest in every conceivable way… the ashes are already about us if we could but notice them.
Steven Morrissey
Something good was happening. My life was rising from the ashes, and the sight of it left me feeling something like hopeful.
Katherine Center
Fantasy is silver and scarlet, indigo and azure, obsidian veined with gold and lapis lazuli. Reality is plywood and plastic, done up in mud brown and olive drab. Fantasy tastes of habaneros and honey, cinnamon and cloves, rare red meat and wines as sweet as summer. Reality is beans and tofu, and ashes at the end.
George R. R. Martin
Gravitational systems are the ashes of prior electrical systems.
Hannes Alfven
You know there is something a little bit special about an Ashes.
Glenn McGrath
I heard a lot about Ian Botham’s Ashes, in 1981. Everybody still talks about his performance.
Dinesh Karthik
As a fire blazes brightly when the covering of ash over it is scattered by the wind, the divine fire within the body shines in all its majesty when the ashes of desire are scattered by the practice of pranayama.
B.K.S. Iyengar
The bread of bitterness is the food on which men grow to their fullest stature; the waters of bitterness are the debatable ford through which they reach the shores of wisdom; the ashes boldly grasped and eaten without faltering are the price that must be paid for the golden fruit of knowledge.
A wrong action may not bring its reaction at once, even as fresh milk turns not sour at once: like a smouldering fire concealed under ashes it consumes the wrongdoer, the fool.
Gautama Buddha
A truth comes out when it must; A dream comes true when it will. Though the world turn to ash and dust A secret’s a secret still.
Sharon Shinn
Similarly, the impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you. You open your safe and find ashes.
Annie Dillard
Trent Bridge, 2013, is my favourite Test. An Ashes opener and England won a thriller by 14 runs. I managed to take ten wickets, which helps.
James Anderson
You’re killing me here, Ash. Good, she said. She’d bend a few rules, but they both knew she wasn’t going to push him beyond where he chose to go. Love wasn’t to be based on trickery. But reminding him what he’s refusing isn’t trickery.
Melissa Marr
A world war – God forbid! – will leave only smoldering ashes as a mute testimony of a human race whose folly led inexorably to untimely death. Yet there are those who sincerely feel that disarmament is an evil and international negotiation is an abominable waste of time.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Since the Icelandic volcano obviously needs a virgin sacrifice and the Catholic Church obviously needs new leadership the Pope must volunteer to jump in the volcano. Pontiff, don’t think of it as endorsing paganism, think of it as supersizing Ash Wednesday.
Bill Maher
What armies and how much of war I have seen, what thousands of marching troops, what fields of slain, what prisons, what hospitals, what ruins, what cities in ashes, what hunger and nakedness, what orphanages, what widowhood, what wrongs and what vengeance.
Clara Barton
You Republicans are the arsonists who burned down our national home. Now you have the nerve to criticize the ‘architect’ America just hired – President Obama – to rebuild from the ashes.
Frank Schaeffer
The bread I eat in London, is a deleterious paste, mixed up with chalk, alum, and bone ashes: insipid to the taste, and destructive to the constitution.
Tobias Smollett
I havent really thought about where to scatter my ashes when the time comes, but I doubt that it would be in space.
Scott Bakula
Never did he once consider directing his hatred toward the hunters. Such an emotion would have destroyed him … His subconscious knew what his min did not guess-that hating them would have consumed him, burned him up like a piece of soft coal, leaving only flakes of ash and a question mark of smoke.
Toni Morrison
I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided that at the end I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered over someone I don’t like.
J. Michael Straczynski
‎A day in which I don’t write leaves a taste of ashes.
Simone de Beauvoir
When you step out of the team environment you think, ‘Wow, I’m England captain and we’ve just won the Ashes.’
Alastair Cook
In order to rise From its own ashes A phoenix First Must Burn.
Octavia Butler
The happy childhood is hardly worth your while.
Frank McCourt
And the headbonny ash that sits over the burn.
What would the world be, once bereft
Of wet and of wildness? Let them be left,
O Let them be left, wildness and wet:
Long live the weeds and the wilderness yet.
Gerard Manley Hopkins
Dead news like dead love has no phoenix in its ashes.
Enid Bagnold
Every tiny molecule of Ash is in motion with my heat I am such a Lunatic that I am free even in Jail.
Bhagat Singh
Let us look for secret things somewhere in the world on the blue shore of silence or where the storm has passed rampaging like a train. There the faint signs are left, coins of time and water, debris ,celestial ash and the irreplaceable rapture of sharing in the labour of soitude in the sand.
Pablo Neruda
Let us help the phoenix to rise from the ashes; let us help lay the foundation for a new renaissance; let us help to accelerate the spiritual awakening until it lifts us into the golden age which would come.
Peace Pilgrim
Time burns but leaves no ashes.
Elsa Triolet
Imora thea mi savur,” Ash whispered under his breath in Atlantean. God save me from love.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
O, how much those men are to be valued who, in the spirit with which the widow gave up her two mites, have given up themselves! How their names sparkle! How rich their very ashes are! How they will count up in heaven!
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Nature satisfies my thirst; it feeds my hunger; it finds me clothing; it affords me shelter; it wraps me around when I sleep with beneficent and watchful care; and it takes me at last to its great bosom, where my ashes mingle with their kindred dust.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Of all the trees that grow so fair Old England to adorn,
Greater are none beneath the Sun
Than Oak, and Ash and Thorn.
Rudyard Kipling
I always thought I had a difficult childhood ’til I saw the film ‘Angela’s Ashes’.
Roland Orzabal
When we get ashes we are not publicly proclaiming our greatness, but God’s. We are not saying, ‘look at how great I am,’ but ‘ask me about how great my God is!’
Mark Hart
Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself and become a new person.
Gerard Way
We each should have 2 pockets: in 1 the message, ‘I am dust & ashes;’ in the other, ‘For me the universe was made.’
Joan D. Chittister
I’m thinking maybe letting the latches burn is the right idea. Let everything burn until there’s nothing left but ashes and cool rain.
Rodman Philbrick
My husband wanted to be cremated. I told him I’d scatter his ashes at Neiman Marcus – that way, I’d visit him every day.
Joan Rivers
I had learned one of the bitter lessons of life: never try to regain the past, the fire will have become ashes.
Douglas MacArthur
Do me a favor.” “Don’t lick your seat belt?” Ash’s expression was total confusion. “Huh? where did that randomness come from?
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Ah me! what wonder-working, occult science Can from the ashes in our hearts once more The rose of youth restore? What craft of alchemy can bid defiance To time and change, and for a single hour Renew this phantom-flower?
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Is there a chance?
A fragment of light at the end of the tunnel?
A reason to fight?
Is there a chance you may change your mind?
Or are we ashes and wine?
A Fine Frenzy
We need to celebrate our lives. One day, we’re all going to be dead and gone, and be nothing more than a pile of ashes. This is one life we’ve got and the only way to live it is to live it up shamelessly and joyously.
Pooja Bedi
ashes or diamonds foe or friend we’re all equal in the end
Roger Waters
Lestat: I despise you! I ought to destroy you-finish what I started when I made you. Turn you into ashes and sift them through my hands. You know that I could do it! Like that! Like the snap of mortal fingers, I could do it. Burn you as I burnt your little house. And nothing could save you, nothing at all.
Anne Rice
Old religious factions are volcanoes burned out; on the lava and ashes and squalid scoriae of old eruptions grow the peaceful olive, the cheering vine and the sustaining corn.
Edmund Burke
Lucifer also has died with God, and from his ashes has arisen a spiteful demon who does not even understand the object of his venture.
Albert Camus
The plants that produce visions can function- for those of us who have inherited the New World Order of barren materialism, cut off from our spiritual heritage by a spiteful culture that gives us nothing but ashes- as the talismans of recognition that awaken our minds to reality.
Daniel Pinchbeck
the last cigarettes are smoked, the loaves are sliced, and lest this be taken for wry sorrow, drown the spider in wine. you are much more than simply dead: I am a dish for your ashes, I am a fist for your vanished air. the most terrible thing about life is finding it gone.
Charles Bukowski
You lack the courage to be consumed in flames and to become ashes: so you will never become new, and never young again!
Friedrich Nietzsche
At the age of 12 I won the school prize for Best English Essay. The prize was a copy of Somerset Maugham’s ‘Introduction To Modern English And American Literature.’ To this day I keep it on the shelf between my collection of Forester’s works and the little urn that contains my mother’s ashes.
Wilbur Smith
The fire of the forest burns trees to ashes. Even expensive sandalwood tree which is endowed with qualities of cooling and fragrance, cannot escape from burning. In the same way wicked cause harm to their benefactors also.
Fawkes is a phoenix, Harry. Phoenixes burst into flame when it is time for them to die and are reborn from the ashes.
J. K. Rowling
This is hard… Never said it would be easy. Nothing good ever is.’ — Josie & Ash
Maya Banks
It is my wish that my ashes may repose on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of the French people, whom I have loved so well.
Napoleon Bonaparte
you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame; how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?
Friedrich Nietzsche
(Ash used his powers to lift Zarek from the floor and pin him roughly against the ceiling.) Stop pushing your luck, boy. I’ve had it with you. (Acheron) Have you ever thought of hiring yourself out to Disneyland? People would pay a fortune for this ride. (Zarek)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Billy, in one of his nice new sashes, Fell in the fire and was burnt to ashes; Now, although the room grows chilly, I haven’t the heart to poke poor Billy.
Harry Graham
And let it direct your passion with reason, that your passion may livethrough its own daily resurrection, and like the phoenix rise above its own ashes.
Khalil Gibran
The last cobwebs
of fog in the
black firtrees are flakes
of white ash in the world’s hearth.
Denise Levertov
All analyses end badly. Each ‘termination’ leaves the participants with the taste of ashes in their mouths; each is absurd; each is a small, pointless death. Psychoanalysis cannot tolerate happy endings; it casts them off the way the body’s immunological system casts off transplanted organs.
Janet Malcolm
For, after all, you do grow up, you do outgrow your ideals, which turn to dust and ashes, which are shattered into fragments; and if you have no other life, you just have to build one up out of these fragments.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
I do love the Ashes and some of my best memories are from Ashes cricket. I just wish we’d played a few more Test matches.
Isa Guha
the whole flavor and quality of the American representative government turns to ashes on the tongue, if one regards that government as simply an inferior and rather second-rate sort of corporation.
Margaret Halsey
Then I will speak upon the ashes.
Sojourner Truth
You turn up to an Ashes series and put everything you can into it.
Joe Root
Alas! that my body, clean and whole, never been corrupted, today must be consumed and burnt to ashes!
Joan of Arc
I want a church service with New Orleans funeral jazz music. I’d like people to say a few words about me and I may have my ashes scattered in the sea.
Paul Young
You catch a fairly young field-vole and flay it… We take the skin, when Venus stands in the sign of the scorpion, and combust the skin… Now take the ash, which you got this way, and pepper it out on the fields.
Rudolf Steiner
But helping to raise a football club from the ashes, and running it as director of football operations, is the hardest thing I’ve ever done by a million miles.
Robbie Savage
the most common type of pessimism is neither philosophical nor religious: it is the pessimism of thwarted desire. … It is the cynical sneer of the man who, seeking roses, finds only ashes.
Georgia Harkness
The Republic needed to be passed through chastening, purifying fires of adversity and suffering: so these came and did their work and the verdure of a new national life springs greenly, luxuriantly, from their ashes.
Horace Greeley
Umm, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you suppose to be dead? Currently being chased by two Cabals? You’re waltzing around Vancouver, eating in restaurants?” (Ash)”Hell no,” Corey said. “I never waltz. I do the fox-trot sometimes though.
Kelley Armstrong
In a world of smoke and ashes, you are milk and honey
The Ashes are the biggest Test series played in the world.
Ben Stokes
You can’t lie down in the ashes of another person’s life.
Mattie Stepanek
Democracy is always the work of kings. Ashes, which in themselves are sterile, fertilize the land they are cast upon.
Walter Savage Landor
But man is a Noble Animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave, solemnizing Nativities and Deaths with equal lustre, nor omitting Ceremonies of Bravery, in the infamy of his nature. Life is a pure flame, and we live by an invisible Sun within us.
Thomas Browne
It’s great to retain the Ashes but it just doesn’t sit right with me when you don’t win it.
Steve Smith
I think the great thing about ‘Ashes To Ashes’ is that it is very much its own show.
Daniel Mays
[Michael Hastings] has composed a dirge to incompatibility, which, because it raises expectations only to defeat them, leaves a taste of exhumed ashes.
Richard Corliss
Got a hundred grand in my ash tray, spend a 100 k on a bad day.
Wiz Khalifa
Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus: We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes.
Charlie LeDuff
We swallowed a few bites-not to much scince the food of the gods can burn you to ashes is you overindulge. I guess thats why you don’t see many fat gods
Rick Riordan
I guess they have had 16 years when they haven’t even been close in an Ashes series but we have found some sections of the crowd to be scathing and harsh. That has not been overly enjoyable. We have seen a pretty ugly side in some supporters.
Adam Gilchrist
I was a cub reporter on a local newspaper in Limerick city, and I used to cover the district court meetings. All of life passed through the Limerick courthouse. Misery, malevolence, the dark side of humanity… I tell ya, it made ‘Angela’s Ashes’ look like ‘The Wonderful World of Disney.’
Kevin Barry
Hawaii is the best form of comfort for me. When I die, I want to be cremated, and I want half my ashes spread in the Pacific around the island, the rest on the property.
Richard Pryor
As a young kid you stay up late to watch the Ashes, getting told off for not being in bed, and dream of making a hundred against Australia.
Jonny Bairstow
At its heart, ‘Fat City’ is not about boxing. It is a universal story of grim realities and toxic delusions. It is awash with awareness of chances blown, dreams stymied, precious time wasted, and all future prospects scorched to ashes by the process.
Katherine Dunn
The whites have resolved to destroy our liberty and have therefore brought a force commensurate to their intentions. The Cape, after a proper resistance, has fallen into their hands, but the enemy found only a town and plain in ashes; the forts were blown up, and all was burnt.
Toussaint Louverture
Glory paid to our ashes comes too late.
Marcus Valerius Martial
I don’t mind a bit of cricket, but it has to be something massive like the Ashes.
Jamie Carragher
Ash Wednesday is full of joy…The source of all sorrow is the illusion that of ourselves we are anything but dust.
Thomas Merton
Man is a noble animal, splendid in ashes, and pompous in the grave.
Thomas Browne
Why do you not do as I do? Letting go of your thoughts as though they were the cold ashes of a long dead fire?
John Cage
Stars are phoenixes, rising from their own ashes.
Carl Sagan
I am ashes where once I was fire.
Lord Byron
The Greatest Happiness is to scatter your enemy and drive him before you. To see his cities reduced to ashes. To see those who love him shrouded and in tears. And to gather to your bosom his wives and daughters.
Genghis Khan
Each book starts from ashes really. I don’t feel that I have this to say or that to say or this story to tell or that story to tell, but I want to be occupied with the writing process while I’m living.
Philip Roth
I felt the mask crumple, the great poisonous store of corrosive ashes begin to spew out of my mouth.
Sylvia Plath
Over my pile of ashes
Stephenie Meyer
Accounts of eating Christmas sweet potatoes baked in ashes and jackrabbit stewed with white flour dumplings are testaments to pioneer resilience and pleasure – and they help inspire my own best scratch cooking.
Isabel Gillies
When I started Ashes and Snow in 1992, I set out to explore the relationship between man and animals from the inside out.
Gregory Colbert
Seth: “You’re what matters” Ash: “Hold me? If you still want to, I mean.” Seth: “Every day, I want to hold you every day. Nothing will ever change that.
Melissa Marr
The one term I don’t like to be called is a ‘vulture.’ Because to me, a vulture is a kind of asset-stripper that eats dead flesh off the bones of a dead creature. Our bird should be the phoenix, the bird that reinvents itself, recreates itself from its ashes. And that’s much closer to what it is that we really do.
Wilbur Ross
We want to avoid suffering, death, sin, ashes. But we live in a world crushed and broken and torn, a world God Himself visited to redeem. We receive his poured-out life, and being allowed the high privilege of suffering with Him, may then pour ourselves out for others.
Elisabeth Elliot
‘Ashes Of Love’ has much more hot-blooded vocal than what PC Music is known for, and a much harder production than what I usually do, so I was fully prepared for people to hate it.
Caroline Polachek
I shall show the cinders of my spirits Through the ashes of my chance.
William Shakespeare
My mother was a phoenix who always expected to rise from the ashes of her latest disaster. She loved being Judy Garland.
Lorna Luft
We got a new song called ‘Ashes in Your Mouth,’ and it is NOT about a joint falling apart.
Dave Mustaine
Something the heart must have to cherish, Must love and joy and sorrow learn; Something with passion clasp, or perish And in itself to ashes burn.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
My very first acting job was with Alan Parker on’ Angela’s Ashes,’ but as a child, I had written to so many other productions just applying for any role. I always wanted to be an actress, and I did loads of acting summer schools.
Kerry Condon
As the last Seelie left the hall, Roiben, self-declared King of the Unseelie Court, nearly fell into his throne. Kaye tried to smile at him, but he was not looking at her. He was staring out across the brugh with eyes the color of falling ash. Corny had not stopped laughing.
Holly Black
Tradition is the spreading of fire and not the veneration of ashes.
Gustav Mahler
When the race is ended, and the play is either won or lost, and ye are in the utmost circle and border of time, and shall put your foot within the march of eternity, all the good things of your short nightdream shall seem to you like ashes of a blaze of thorns or straw.
Samuel Rutherford
Look: I am nothing. I do not even have ashes to rub into my eyes.
James Wright
Tradition is tending the flame, not worshiping the ashes.
Gustav Mahler
God scorns and mocks the devil, in setting under his very nose a poor, weak, human creature, mere dust and ashes, yet endowed with the firstfruits of the Spirit, against whom the devil can do nothing.
Martin Luther
Divine ashes are better then earthly meale.
George Herbert
I thought my fire was out, and stirred the ashes…. I burnt my fingers.
Antonio Machado
…there are some children who aren’t really children at all, they’re just pillars of flame that burn everything they touch. And there are some children who are just pillars of ash, that fall apart when you touch them…” ~ Thomas Builds-the-Fire (played by Evan Adams) in Alexie’s “Smoke Signals
Sherman Alexie
And Heaven, that every virtue bears in mind, E’en to the ashes of the just is kind.
Then worms shall try That long preserved virginity, And your quaint honor turn to dust, And into ashes all my lust. The grave’s a fine and private place But none, I think, do there embrace.
To subdue one’s self to one’s own ends might be dangerous, but to subdue one’s self to other people’s ends was dust and ashes. Yet there were those, still more unhappy, who envied even the ashy saltness of those dead sea apples.
Dorothy L. Sayers
Today’s empire is tomorrow’s ashes…
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.
Leonard Cohen
It’s tough to take, losing the Ashes. It’s bitterly disappointing.
Joe Root
Every masterpiece is just dirt and ash put together in some perfect way.
Chuck Palahniuk
Feather to fire,fire to blood
Blood to bone,bone to marrow
Marrow to ashes,ashes to snow…
Gregory Colbert
I cry out from the ashes, burned with sin and shame. I ask you Lord to make me whole again.
Rebecca St. James
We can bring to earth a new world from the ashes of the old because our union transforms us the powerless into the powerful. And I ask you to join together in using all that power-all that strength to make the dreams of all workers and communities around the world come true.
Andy Stern
Meantime, the world in which we exist has other aims. But it will pass away, burnt up in the fire of its own hot passions; and from its ashes will spring a new and younger world, full of fresh hope, woth the light of morning in its eyes.
Bertrand Russell
We’ll all be the first to hold up our hands and take it on the chin [can’t all be the first Ash!]
Ashley Giles
Glory comes too late when we are nought but ashes.
You can’t feel your way into an Ashes series, you have to be switched on from ball one. That’s just me in a nutshell.
Ben Stokes