Autographs Quotes

Autographs Quotes by Artie Shaw, Steve Perry, Caster Semenya, Bob Christo, Carli Lloyd, Katie Price and many others.

I can't understand guys who just have to have your auto

I can’t understand guys who just have to have your autograph. What do you do when you get home, take it out & look at it?
Artie Shaw
A whole other generation is coming up to me now – anywhere from 8 to 22 years old – wanting me to sign autographs. They think Journey was awesome.
Steve Perry
People are always asking me for pictures, signing autographs, everywhere I go. Before, it used to irritate me, but I’ve learned to handle the situation. I cannot run away unless I lock myself in my room and never go out.
Caster Semenya
During the making of ‘Abdullah’ I asked the assistant director to teach me Hindi; he taught me to read the script too. He also taught me Urdu. Now I can sign autographs in Hindi, Urdu and can write my name in Tamil.
Bob Christo
I don’t think anyone would say that the women on the United States national team are not great role models and ambassadors. Everywhere we go, we connect with fans, sign autographs, and represent our sport and federation with class.
Carli Lloyd
If there was somebody I wanted to meet, I’d like to be able to get their autograph.
Katie Price
My fame? Truly I don’t consider myself famous…long way to go yet. But if anyone does ask for an autograph it’s a wonderful feeling.
Henry Cavill
I literally knew nothing when I did that show [“Tony Flanagan”]. It was the first time I signed an autograph, it was the first time I got fan letters, it was the first time people screamed when I came out.
Rob Lowe
A fan can only go as far as you let them. I’ve seen crazy things like girls having me autograph their body and then they go get it tattooed. I guess that’s too far, but it’s cool with me.
Kirko Bangz
When I went to America I had two secretaries, one for autographs, one for locks of hair. Within six months the one had died of writer’s cramp, the other was completely bald.
Oscar Wilde
I wanted to be the perfect artist. I’d do three hours of media interviews a day, going to every radio station I could squeeze in. I’d sign autographs after the show until everybody left.
Clint Black
I’m amazed that years after I stopped playing tennis, people still recognize me in restaurants and ask for my autograph.
Bjorn Borg
The thing thats caught me off guard is going to dinner and people asking me for autographs or to take a picture. People coming to my house asking for autographs – thats something I really havent grasped the whole entirety of yet.
Johnny Manziel
I’ve been to a few conventions, you know, when the tax man knocks at the door and the ‘Star Wars’ convention people say: ‘Do you want to come and sign some autographs?’
Ralph Brown
If I had never won a single medal, I’d still be skating in a rink somewhere. There wouldn’t be an audience or camera flashes or autograph seekers, but I’d still be skating.
Brian Boitano
Concerts every night, autograph signings, endorsements, and so on. That’s not what real life is about.
Vanilla Ice
Well, you know, it’s fun to sign autographs still for me. I don’t sign that many.
Sam Rockwell
A lot of the time when I go to church, people want to take pictures. They want you to sign autographs. So I don’t go all the time. I go once in a blue moon. Every once in a blue moon.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
People definitely wait outside my house, hotel, apartment, whatever, asking for hugs or autographs.
Nikki Reed
You have no idea the people I meet when I do these Comic-Cons. When I go sign autographs and say hello to people, I see everything!
Adam West
People ask me for my autograph after a show. I’m not famous, I think they’re messing with me. I think they’re trying to make me late for something.
Mitch Hedberg
I always signed autographs when I could and always stayed and chatted with them when I could.
Frank Langella
I was one of those little girls who practiced signing autographs since I was 5 years old.
Rebecca Black
When I go to Comic-Cons and people line up for autographs, so many people have a story about how they are moved, how they get tearful about what ‘Back To The Future’ meant to them.
Christopher Lloyd
People always take pictures and ask me for autographs. That just comes with it. We all do that.
Zdeno Chara
I don’t understand people who won’t sign autographs or have pictures taken.
Nikki Sanderson
I’m on social media a lot. It kind of revises or revives your career. Because of social media I get pictures and autographs from all over the place. If that wasn’t around, people would wonder, “What’s Frank Stallone up to?” Now they can just got to YouTube and see a million things. It’s quite a bit of fun.
Frank Stallone
I never refused an autograph, never refused to buy someone a drink. Now I’m learning to say I’ve got other things on, instead of doing it and wondering why.
Paul Gascoigne
I told myself that if I ever make it to the big leagues that I would be the one to appreciate the fans. Take a little time out to sign autographs and shake their hands and say hello to them.
Rickey Henderson
Kids are always going to be around people who break world records and that. It’s how you deal with that. I never let it get in the way of my race, but I am always more than happy after the race to sign autographs and have photos.
Adam Peaty
I love being able to sign autographs when I get that extra free time after a round just to be able to give back to the fans.
Rickie Fowler
I was probably about 13 or 14, and I went by myself to the City Auditorium in Colorado Springs and saw the guy who wrote and sang “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini.” Brian something. And I got to meet him and he signed an autograph for me, a little piece of paper. Brian Hyland! It was so bizarre.
Cassandra Peterson
If you want to be an actor because you want to be recognized on the street and have people ask you for autographs, look for another career. If you want to be an actor because you love being on stage and want to capture a person’s heart, go for it.
Jaime Camil
I never get tired of signing autographs ’cause I used to do it so much in class dreaming about the day that it might mean something to somebody.
Taylor Swift
Out in the world I go! Muggers! Autograph hounds! Junkies! People with real jobs! Maybe an easy lay! United Nation functionaries and diplomats!
Kurt Vonnegut
I still remember going to a smart restaurant in Los Angeles, and the maitre d’ knew my name and showed me straight to a table even though we hadn’t booked. I get stopped for autographs by people from Sweden on the tops of mountains.
Kevin Whately
One of the Canadian customs guards got suspicious and said ‘Haven’t you been coming and going across the border a lot lately?’ I finally told him I was auditioning for Wolverine and everything changed. One minute it was get ready for the strip search, the next it was come on and sign six hundred autographs.
Hugh Jackman
I will never reject an autograph, hug or photo. I was also a fan of football.
Cristiano Ronaldo
I performed for the U.S. troops in Guantanamo Bay. And signed autographs for people who’ve been gone from America for so long they didn’t realize that I’m not famous.
Mike Birbiglia
I was a huge fan of ‘Avenue Q’ long before I ever dreamed of being a part of it. I saw it off-Broadway at the Vineyard and waited at the stage door for autographs!
Rob McClure
Sometimes I dream to be alone and that nobody would talk to me. But I understand that football is really important and that everybody watches it. When you’re famous, you have to do photos or autographs, especially for the kids.
Mario Balotelli
I was one of Them: the Strange Ones. The Funny People. The Odd Tribes of autograph collectors and photographers. The Ones who waited through long days and nights, who used other people’s dreams for their lives.
Ray Bradbury
I mean, autographs are so funny. I don’t think it’s good to encourage that sort of thing. Why do people want to have an autograph? What does it do for you?
Hope Sandoval
There should be both a humbleness and an arrogance. Humble when you are on the team coach and you wear the club suit, you do up your top button and wear your tie, you represent the club in the right way. Then you sign autographs for the people who pay your wages.
Ed Woodward
I love to meet my fans, and after every show I usually hang out for a few hours, talking to my fans, signing autographs, and selling T-shirts.
Tommy Chong
I went to one AA meeting and I got asked for an autograph.
Marilyn Manson
You have to pretend that your life is a financial pleasure even when your autographs are bouncing.
Kinky Friedman
I get letters. I get several a week, I think. A lot of people want a picture, a lot of people just want an autograph.
Elmore Leonard
My office walls are covered with autographs of famous writers – it’s what my children call my ‘dead author wall.’ I have signatures from Mark Twain, Earnest Hemingway, Jack London, Harriett Beecher Stowe, Pearl Buck, Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, to name a few.
Debbie Macomber
One time I went into a restroom and a girl followed me in. I signed an autograph for her in the sink. It was pretty funny because she was in a guy’s restroom and she wasn’t embarrassed at all.
Zac Efron
Every day someone notices me and waves to me, or stops and speaks to me, or asks me for an autograph, or photographs me.
Quentin Crisp
Is not a kiss the very autograph of love?
Henry Theophilus Finck
I can still go grocery shopping and not get mobbed. But when I was in South Africa this summer, I had people asking for autographs, and that scared me.
Evangeline Lilly
That cat will write her autograph all over your leg if you let her.
Mark Twain
Celebs that hit the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills quadrant and places like the Urth Caffe are not exactly trying to keep a low profile; it’s sort of like if LeBron James went to an ESPN Zone and then whined about being hounded for autographs.
Stephen Rodrick
I have one show biz picture in my house. It’s with Mr. Hope. I have asked for one autograph in my life: Mr. Hope’s.
Henry Cho
There are people who want photographs and autographs when they meet me.
Hima Das
If there are people out by the bus, I’ll come off the bus and sign autographs, too. I always want to be accessible. I always tell my fans, ‘If I ever get on the bus and don’t come off, it’s because I’m under the weather or I’m really tired.’
Luke Bryan
I hate it when people come up to me on trains and ask ‘Are you Soulja Boy?’ If people want pictures or autographs, that’s cool, but I don’t like the dumb questions.
Soulja Boy
If I went to jail, at least I wouldn’t have to sign autographs.
Kurt Cobain
I love signing autographs. I’ll sign anything but veal cutlets. My ballpoint slips on veal cutlets.
Casey Stengel
Any ballplayer that don’t sign autographs for little kids ain’t an American. He’s a communist.
Rogers Hornsby
Well, I’m playing for the fans so whenever they come and ask for autographs I always try to give it to everybody because I’m out there for the people.
Anna Kournikova
I’m closer to being happy. I’m doing things that make me happy. In football I loved to practice and I loved to play, but I hated to be in meetings, hated to talk to the media, hated to have cameras in my face, hated to sign autographs. I hated to do all those things.
Ricky Williams
You do it a day at a time. You just put your rejection slips in a shoebox and tell yourself one day you’re going to autograph them and sell them at auction.
James Lee Burke
I get a lot of kids distracted. Sometimes they got to go cover left field, but they’re over here talking to me, getting an autograph.
Pedro Martinez
I’ve had lots of kids come up and ask for my autograph, I’ve had a grandmother stop me and ask me if I know a good place to buy underwear.
Prince William
Oh, the most fun thing I’ve ever been asked to autograph was breasts.
Peter Tork
I have never in my whole life asked for an autograph. It seems a little … unnecessary.
Jack White
I can’t go to the cinema. I go to the bathroom in a petrol station and people come in there for autographs. It’s tough but I knew that was going to be the case.
Lewis Hamilton
Abdul Kalam
Don’t waste time collecting other people’s autographs; rather devote it to making your own autograph worth collecting.
George Bernard Shaw
‘Twilight’ has been a great opportunity, and it’s been great fun. Hey, if I’m 50, and someone still wants an autograph for ‘Twilight,’ OK, cool.
Christian Serratos
This Osama bin Laden, now they say he has had plastic surgery. They say he sneaked across the border into Pakistan, which by the way is the place to go to have plastic surgery. He looks great. A tourist came up to him earlier this week and said, ‘May I have your autograph, Mr. Hasselhoff?’
David Letterman
I saw James Ellsworth at an independent wrestling show where I was signing autographs, so I took a photo with him and put up a post on Facebook called ‘The night I met James Ellsworth.’ Just by nature of how popular that post was, how many comments there were and likes and shares, I was like, ‘people love this kid.’
Mick Foley
For some reason people are very polite to me, but some ask me for autographs and photos.
Hafthor Bjornsson
Walking down the street, it’s a humbling feeling. Everyone stopping you for photos and autographs, it’s real humbling.
Joseph Parker
I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.
Shirley Temple
People recognize me all the time now, and there’s lots of autograph hunting and smiling. But then I get to play gigs, which are amazing. It’s a good job.
Lily Allen
When mom and dad were at the height of their careers, and things were super-crazy, and they couldn’t leave their houses, there wasn’t social media. It was all about autographs. Now, everyone’s the press. I feel fame is perforated: it can be glorious, but it can completely destroy a human, too.
Dakota Johnson
It’s always been kind of weird to me because when you give someone an autograph, you’re looking down at a piece of paper and once you sign it the person moves on.
Christopher Meloni
In Naples, each time I go out people want to take my photo or ask for autographs.
Kalidou Koulibaly
I went to one of these signing conventions. It was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had. It was so strange that people would pay for autographs. You keep thinking you should do a little dance for them as well or something.
Robert Pattinson
When I’m on the road with concerts, people ask me to autograph my CDs, but more and more they come up with the cookbooks.
Mandy Patinkin
I get up in the morning. I usually do a radio interview early in the morning. I usually do a book signing, because I’m also a cookbook author, so I’m at some store, at a Walmart or a Williams Sonoma, for three hours, standing up, signing autographs, and taking pictures for three hours.
Trisha Yearwood
People at rehab were stealing my hats and pens and notebooks and asking for autographs. I couldn’t concentrate on my problem.
I autograph a lot of body parts of intoxicated people. And lots of shoes. And I signed a diaper once!
Carrie Underwood
When people ask me for an autograph I usually ask for a pen and then stab them with it.
Thom Yorke
It does get crazy sometimes, but I’ve never complained about stopping to give autographs or anything like that.
Jordan Knight
The only time I mind autographs is when I’m out with my family. You’re trying to enjoy kids and grandkids and here comes a swarm, and there go your wife and kids. That happens to every celebrity. It’s the price you pay.
Billy Williams
I have to deal with being famous. Sometimes I have to tell people I don’t do autographs, thank you very much. At certain places, I refuse to have my photograph taken.
Morgan Freeman
I get really restless when I haven’t worked for a day and a half. I have a recurring dream that people are lined up next to my bed, waiting for autographs and taking pictures of me!
Taylor Swift
Several children present me with scraps of paper for autographs: obviously don’t know who I am and don’t care. I sign “Jackie Collins” and they go away quite content.
Robertson Davies
I’ve learned now to talk, act or walk famous. I can still walk around New York, without being molested or bothered. I don’t mind autographs – that’s part of it. I just do not see the point of being “out there” or behaving outrageously. It will bring nothing but trouble.
Norah Jones
The thing that’s caught me off guard is going to dinner and people asking me for autographs or to take a picture. People coming to my house asking for autographs – that’s something I really haven’t grasped the whole entirety of yet.
Johnny Manziel
Do you know what I love about hunting? That I am no one in the woods, no one at all. I thought the animals might recognize me, but they didn’t. They did not even ask me for any autographs.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
I funded this guy [Ted Cruz]. I gave him a check.You know why? I didn`t want to, but he sent me his book with his autograph.
Donald Trump
I say to the young blokes, when you get asked for an autograph, don’t knock it back because there’ll be a time where no one will ask you.
Brett Kenny
When ‘Dabangg’ released, we were shooting in Chennai, but we still went to watch it in a theatre. I am not bothered if people try to mob me or ask me for autographs.
It’s very rare that I get stopped or get asked for an autograph or anything – none of which I mind – but people don’t really care that much.
Daniel Radcliffe
American fans want to meet you, and they wait for that autograph by the stage door. In the UK, it doesn’t really happen that much.
Jessie Ware
It is natural for me to ignore autograph seekers, but God wants me to share my testimony card with them and be loving. That power and initiative comes from him.
Ben Zobrist
This hand is not very active always, because it was in this hand that I carried my books. My carrying hand was always my strongest. Now I think my other hand has developed more muscles from signing all those autographs.
Haile Gebrselassie
It’s nice when people want your autograph, but it’s a little strange because I never expected it.
Mena Suvari
I don’t look at women as groupies. To me, a groupie is a stalker. If you’re a fan, then you’re a fan. But I can look at a woman and become a fan of hers instantly. I’ll tell a woman, “Look, I don’t want your phone number. Just give me your autograph. Can I take a picture with you?”
Tyrese Gibson
Pretty good, you know its nice when you get people coming up to you saying Can I have a photo or an autograph; its a compliment, I think.
Luke Pasqualino
Once a crowd chased me for an autograph. “Beat it”, I said, “go sit on a tack!” “We made you”, they said. “Like hell you did”, I told them.
Katharine Hepburn
I often steal sandwiches, eat them, and put the container’s back., with a signed autograph of my self in its place. It’s my way of giving back to society.
Thom Yorke
Dad never misses a chance to remind me that whenever we are travelling together, if 100 people mob him for autographs, five approach me.
Jeev Milkha Singh
The first time an autograph hunter told me, ‘You are my mother’s favorite actress,’ I aged twenty years.
Ingrid Bergman
Going to the cinema or a meal can be difficult, with people asking for pictures or autographs.
Katie Taylor
People say that [i’m a celebrity], but I’ve only had to sign autographs for “civ-libs” types. And I autograph court orders.
Edward Snowden
I don’t even like to go out onto the streets sometimes because I can’t get anything done. People want pictures and autographs all the time.
Usain Bolt
If I’ve done a gig and at the end there are people waiting for autographs, they always seem nervous, but they probably don’t realise that I’m more nervous than them. I get very embarrassed.
Amy Macdonald
I grew up watching Lindsay and it made me want to do what she does. Just the whole vibe. Being there, being on camera, or on stage, with everybody listening to you it’s so cool when people look up to you. I’ve already been asked for my autograph and it’s just a really good feeling to have.
Ali Lohan
If I had the hand strength to sign autographs for everybody in Kansas City, I would… but its just impossible to get to everyone.
Dante Hall
Giving autographs is flattering.
Brad Rutter
Some people come up and ask for an autograph and don’t even look at me. They’re like, ‘Here, do it.’ That don’t bother me, but it doesn’t open my heart.
Erykah Badu
Everywhere I find the signature, the autograph of God, and he will never deny his own handwriting. God has set his tabernacle in the dewdrop as surely as in the sun. No man can any more create the smallest flower than he could create the greatest world.
Joseph Parker
Now, as an astronaut, I have to bring a Sharpie with me everywhere – so I have a pen to sign autographs.
Chris Hadfield
I never used to get photographed and people asking for autographs. I don’t mind the autographs, but the paparazzi I find weird. As an actor, you want to be able to regard the world instead of having it regard you.
Mark Ruffalo
Retarded kids are the best. When they ask for an autograph I just fake sign a picture and tell them that it’s in invisible ink and it will show up later. They totally buy it. It saves me a fortune in markers.
Zach Braff
I remember meeting the princesses at Disney World and getting their autographs.
Lily James
There were certain areas in the country where I couldn’t go without being stopped and asked for autographs and pictures for years.
Tyler Perry
It almost hurts me to walk down a road and have people grab my hand and ask for my autograph and not sit and talk. When I’m finished I’m not going to be on the front page, but I’m going to be just as happy without the publicity.
Terry Fox
None of my other investments give me the joy that autographs do because they make me feel that I am holding a piece of history in my hands.
Malcolm Forbes
When [Julia Marie Pacino] was 5 or 6 years old, we were in an Italian restaurant, and these people came by the table and they would start talking to me, asking me for my autograph and she just went under the table.
Al Pacino
I sign every autograph I can for kids because I remember myself at that age. I think it’s ridiculous that some guys won’t sign for a kid.
Jim Thome
When we were at the Apollo, Holiday was a block away. I asked her for her autograph.
Ella Fitzgerald
Wherever we play golf, people come out here to get autographs. They obviously come out to watch us play and see us in action, but they also want to interact with us.
Bernhard Langer
At TNA, I like to promote the time that the doors open. And they open up an hour before showtime, and you have autographs and pictures from the time you come in the door.
Jeff Jarrett
[Brian Hyland autograph] was what got me started on going to concerts, because from then on, I was at every concert for everybody.
Cassandra Peterson
You don’t get Billie Joe Armstrong’s autograph on your forehead without following your instincts.
Gordon Korman
I love performing, signing autographs, taking ‘selfies’ with the fans. This is just what I feel like I was born to do.
Juicy J
I have a fun time, doing the meet and greets, the pictures and the autographs. Every show I’ve ever done, lends itself to that kind of thing. My convention life has legs.
David Anders
I speak to everybody. I’m one of those kind of artists that I’m cool with everybody. If they [fans] want to meet me, it’s cool. That’s as far as it goes. But I’m the cool artist. I shake everybody’s hand, try to sign all the autographs, take pictures when I can.
Lil Jon
The “Dazed” fans are the best! “Dazed” fans never even want an autograph or nothin’.
Matthew McConaughey
I really enjoy being with my fans. They offer great support and encouragement to me. I like signing autographs and posing for pictures.
Lexi Thompson
My dad sent Frank Sinatra a dollar bill to autograph, and when it came back, signed, he had it framed: it was always up on the wall in whatever flat we were in.
Robbie Williams
I am a very open, social, friendly person, and when it comes to people approaching me and asking for an autograph, I am totally cool with doing any of that. It’s a lot of fun.
Corbin Bleu
Fame lost its appeal for me when I went into a public restroom and an autograph seeker handed me a pen and paper under the stall door.
Marlo Thomas
There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. I always help in any way I can, even if it’s just by signing an autograph. A child’s smile is worth more than all the money in the world.
Lionel Messi
I used to save all my rejection slips because I told myself, one day I’m going to autograph these and auction them. And then I lost the box.
James Lee Burke
Best-selling writers should go to bookstores to say thanks to the booksellers, to meet fans, sign autographs, sign books, talk, whatever.
John Grisham
Everywhere I go, people ask me for photos and autographs, saying I inspired them to start training. Boris Johnson says his sons started boxing after seeing me – how cool is that?
Nicola Adams
Some movie stars wear their sunglasses even in church. They’re afraid God might recognize them and ask for autographs.
Fred Allen
No, I don’t autograph blank slips, checks, or stickers, and certainly no books without me in them.
Jack L. Chalker
Galleries are nice to me. I sign a lot of autographs.
Vijay Singh
You should prepare when you go to a public event to be public. That’s when I will sign autographs. But not when you’re going about your normal business.
Robert Redford
Bonanza’ has given me the springboard to dive in so many other things. You’ll hear no complaints from me. Certainly, there are times when I would like to have one spoonful of clam chowder before being asked to sign autographs, but that’s part of the price.
Lorne Greene
It’s definitely a dream come true to be recognized and to be able to sign autographs. But, it’s also a lot of hard work and can be draining. If you don’t know already, you will quickly learn who your real friends are.
Christina Aguilera
Signing autographs is weird. I’m an introvert, so it’s been a strain in that way.
Amy Sherald
If I had unlimited funds, wall space and storage, I would collect a lot more things, like ‘Planet of the Apes,’ ‘Star Wars,’ science fiction stuff, autographs, and prop guns and weapons. I have to draw the line somewhere.
Kirk Hammett
A presentation copy…is a copy of a book whoch does not sell, sent you by the author, with his foolish autograph at the beginning of it; for which, if a stranger, he only demands your friendship; if a brother author, he expects from you a book of yours, which does not sell, in return.
Charles Lamb
I’ve never turned down an autograph request. I’ve never not taken a picture with someone.
George Hamilton
My first record had just broken, and these guys wanted my autograph. I thought, Oh, god, they recognize me. Turns out they thought I was Heidi Fleiss.
Sheryl Crow
I know I’m appreciated by how fans treat me, and the best way to treat them is play every day, hard. I sign autographs, but if I’m with someone I don’t know who doesn’t start the conversation, there won’t be a conversation. That’s just me, living my life. But I’ll loosen up after baseball.
Ryne Sandberg
Well, when you get into the business, what you have to realize is that signing autographs and getting ‘bothered’ is just part of the deal. It’s not a bother to me at all. That’s part of being an actor and that’s something you have to realize before you ever get into this business.
Zachery Ty Bryan
Astronauts are the only kind of celebrity I know who can have a line of people waiting for their autograph, even if the line of people does not know in advance the astronaut’s name.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I never refused autograph seekers, unless they were old enough to look like collection agents.
Joe Pepitone
I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books.
Kanye West
They paint me as a villain, I just autograph the artwork.
Lil Wayne
When fans come up to me and Vanessa, they’re really sweet and ask for autographs – but once they see the guys, the girls tend to scream.
Ashley Tisdale
The people who ask me for my autograph are the people who’ve put me here today, and you can’t afford to forget that.
Katie Price
Oh yeah people recognize me, but the craziest thing? I mean I’ve had the normal autographs … but I had to sign a baby’s carriage once. I thought that was weird, so yeah, I guess that’s the craziest thing.
Terrence J
I usually don’t mind giving autographs, but when hundreds of folks with paper and pen start coming at you, it’s time to seek shelter.
Mary Lou Retton
I’m a little too belligerent. I cuss and swear at people. I yell at umpires and maybe I’m a little to tough at home sometimes. I don’t sign as many autographs as I should and I haven’t always been that good with writers.
Thurman Munson
Hey! Jack the Wanker! Over here! I want your autograph!
Maureen Johnson
I try to sign for as many kids as possible. Kids come first, and I’ll always sign for a kid before an adult.
Derek Jeter
In order to stay connected with my fans I do my best to sign autographs before and after every game as well sign all cards that are sent to me via throughout the year.
Graham Taylor
You are my superstar. I’m your number one fan, give me your autograph, sign it right here on my heart. Girl, I’ll be your groupie, baby.
I drive around on my scooter in Milan alone – we don’t have bodyguards or anything like that. I am a fashion designer, not a celebrity, and although I get stopped for autographs and the like, I don’t think I am famous.
Stefano Gabbana