Banjos Quotes

Banjos Quotes by Anthony Hopkins, Steve Martin, Jonny Greenwood, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Sonny Burgess, Carl Sandburg and many others.

There's many a good tune played by an old banjo.

There’s many a good tune played by an old banjo.
Anthony Hopkins
It’s horrible for someone to listen to someone learning any instrument – when I was first learning the banjo, I used to have to go out and sit in the car, and even in the summertime I’d have to roll up the windows. Because you just couldn’t practice a banjo or a fiddle with other people around. Unless they’re being paid.
Steve Martin
I suppose, counting back, if the Beatles had been influenced by music in the same length of time ago – you’d have to put that into better English for me, thank you – they would have been like a banjo orchestra. They would have been doing show tunes.
Jonny Greenwood
Grab a guitar, put some kind of strings on it, a banjo string, then a violin string, then a guitar string, tune it any way you want, and make some noise, and see what you get. And work on it until you get something that you think is interesting. That’s all there is to art for me.
Buffy Sainte-Marie
I also play fiddle, banjo and mandolin.
Sonny Burgess
Drum on your drums, batter on your banjos, sob on the long cool winding saxophones. Go to it, O jazzmen.
Carl Sandburg
Id be happiest standing at the back, strumming my little banjo where no one could see me.
Rupert Grint
The banjo is such a happy instrument–you can’t play a sad song on the banjo – it always comes out so cheerful.
Steve Martin
I didn’t grow up on the porch of a cabin looking out over the 90 acres that the mule was plowing with Paw-Paw playing the banjo. But I was always interested in folk music.
Ketch Secor
A banjo will get you through times of no money, but money won’t get you through times of no banjo
John Hartford
She dumped me for the quarterback after she’d played my body like a banjo. So Sad.” “I bet” “I’m serious. I was heartbroken.” “For how long?” “A whole week.” An eternity in the life of a teenage boy.
Nalini Singh
There’s a lot of hip-hop that would be great with a banjo in it. It would just groove like crazy, and I hope I get to be one of the guys who does that, because it’s coming. It’s coming.
Bela Fleck
The banjo am the instrument for me.
Grandpa Jones
Like, What is the least often heard sentence in the English language? That would be: Say, isn’t that the banjo player’s Porsche parked outside?
Jackson Browne
I was about 16 years old years when my father took me to a square dance festival in North Carolina. For the first time in my life, I found there was music in my country that you never heard on the radio, and you didn’t hear on the juke boxes, and in theaters. I fell in love with it, especially the long-necked banjos.
Pete Seeger
I was 16 when I came to New York. I had graduated to a tenor banjo in the school jazz band, and it was kind of boring – just chords, chords, chords. Then my father took me to a mountain music and dance festival in Asheville, North Carolina, and there I saw relatively uneducated people playing great music by ear.
Pete Seeger
I’m, I guess you could say, the Chinese-speaking, banjo-picking girl.
Abigail Washburn
I told my father I wanted to play the banjo, and so he saved the money and got ready to give me a banjo for my next birthday, and between that time and my birthday, I lost interest in the banjo and was playing guitar.
Jackson Browne
It took me the bulk of my twenties to write one book about a family of alligator wrestlers. Whereas somebody like Steve Martin is releasing his latest banjo symphony, having just completed another movie and acclaimed, best-selling novel.
Karen Russell
When I got out of school, I spent two years just hitchhiking around. Every time I met some old farmer who could play banjo, I got him to teach me a lick or two. Little by little, I put it together.
Pete Seeger
The major labels, they roll with whatever is making money. I don’t know if R&B turned into making banjo music and it sounded like blue grass, they’ll buy it if it’s selling.
Warryn Campbell
I prefer to make common cause with those whose weapons are guitars, banjos, fiddles and words.
Theodore Bikel
I want you to hear a new version of Dueling Banjos. Anyone else is welcome.
James Dickey
I happened to take a photo, and there was my wife, my dog and my banjo, all in the same shot – and I thought, “Oh, that’s like a family portrait right there.”
Steve Martin
The real beauty of it – key to my life was playing key chords on a banjo. For somebody else it may be a golf club that mom and dad put in their hands or a baseball or ballet lessons. Real gift to give to me and put it in writing.
Vince Gill
I’m into old-time music, I’m not very interested in modern, popular music at all. And if I’m really into some particular old-time musician, some fiddler or banjo player, I’m always dying of curiosity to see what they look like.
Robert Crumb
Country music isn’t a guitar, it isn’t a banjo, it isn’t a melody, it isn’t a lyric. It’s a feeling.
Waylon Jennings
I remember doing “As Cool As I Am” and Steve Miller, the producer, saying “I really hear a drum loop here. I want to play it for you.” When I wrote it, I thought, “This isn’t going to sound very folky. I don’t think it’s going to go with mandolins and banjos.” Then he played the loop for me and it sounded right.
Dar Williams
I didn’t realize until I was older what a huge music fan my daddy really was, and actually that my grandma played banjo at one time, and I didn’t even know that until a year or two ago.
Alan Jackson
Woodrell’s storytelling is as melodic, jangly and energetic as a good banjo riff…. Sammy Barlach’s story is a tragedy, but the telling of it is a pleasure.
Valerie Sayers
In a strange way, I don’t have a job, so I have a lot of time on my hands. When I do work, it might be very concentrated, and it might be months where you’re not really doing anything except maybe playing the banjo or writing something. You know, there’s a lot of time in the day if you’re not working 9 to 5.
Steve Martin
I think it is very ironic that most people think that the banjo is a southern white instrument. It came from Africa and even for the first years that white people played banjo they would put on blackface.
Bela Fleck
Some people can’t physically hear things. A kid that listens to Metallica or something can’t hear that, because he’s filled himself up with this stuff, he physically can’t hear a banjo or a harp or something.
Elvis Costello
It seems like everyone’s listening to fiddles and banjos.
Ketch Secor
Whenever a big white man picks up a banjo, my cheeks tighten.
Robin Williams
I would get records by Earl Scruggs… I would tune my banjo down and I’d pick out the songs note by note. Learned how to play that way. I persevered. There was a book written by Pete Seeger, who showed you some basic strumming and some basic picking… And I kind of worked out my own style of playing.
Steve Martin
Set your guitars and banjos on fire and before you write a song smoke a pack of whiskey and it’ll all take care of itself.
The piano may do for love-sick girls who lace themselves to skeletons, and lunch on chalk, pickles and slate pencils, but give me the banjo.
Mark Twain
When we moved back to the US, folk music was all the rage. So I traded in my banjo for a guitar.
Michael Storm
Being from New York, I wonder why am I inspired by bluegrass and Earl Scruggs? But when I look at the whole history of the banjo, I feel really good about it, including the Earl Scruggs part.
Bela Fleck
Nothing says ‘dropping out of society’ like learning the banjo.
Daniel Roth