Banker Quotes

Banker Quotes by Charlie Worsham, Robertson Davies, Francis Spufford, Ron Chernow, Jamie Dimon, Etel Adnan and many others.

You know, I only claim to play three instruments. My da

You know, I only claim to play three instruments. My dad is a banker, but a drummer at heart; and my mom used to teach piano lessons when she was younger. So I can play some piano, play a little drums, and fake the bass – but banjo, mandolin, and guitar are my thing.
Charlie Worsham
I see Canada as a country torn between a very northern, rather extraordinary, mystical spirit which it fears and its desire to present itself to the world as a Scotch banker.
Robertson Davies
You don’t have to become an investment banker as a way of demonstrating that education has worked for you. But librarians have to believe in the values of high culture. Not just high culture but middle culture, low culture, kinds of exciting eye-catching crap of all kinds. Everyone needs that.
Francis Spufford
Once the brokerage house, rather than the bank, became the locus for American savings, that money would find its way into the stock market, because the broker was someone with a much higher tolerance for risk than the banker.
Ron Chernow
I am not embarrassed to be a banker. I am not embarrassed to be in business.
Jamie Dimon
Once I put down a color, I never cover it up. If you are born a musician, why become a banker?
Etel Adnan
When I moved to New York, I was dead broke and lost my mind, and my girlfriend dumped me and was with some banker making money. I wandered by Jane Curtin’s house, and she’s like, ‘Come in here, dear. I’ll make you lunch. Tell me, what’s going on in your life?’
Donal Logue
In the public mind, an investment banker is no longer conservative; he’s a risk taker, a gambler in high stakes, not to mention a thief. These people are dangerous – deliciously so.
Lionel Shriver
I do what I do, and write what I write, without calculating what is worth what and so on. Fortunately, I am not a banker or an accountant. I feel that there is a time when a political statement needs to be made and I make it.
Arundhati Roy
For an investment banker, the choice between a payment that doubles with every square on the chessboard and one that doubles with every other square is more important than any other part of the contract. Who cares whether the payment is in pennies, pounds, or pesos?
Paul Romer
What is important for a central banker is that you have to convey that you know what you are doing.
Raghuram Rajan
Of course, looking tough on inflation is part of any central banker’s job description: if investors believe that inflation is going to get out of control, you end up with higher interest rates and capital flight, and a vicious circle quickly ensues.
James Surowiecki
I wouldn’t finance a fad if I were a banker.
Ken Hakuta
Whether you’re a banker or a botanist – the economic benefits of a clean energy revolution are compelling.
Barry Gardiner
My father was a banker, and my mother worked for the state government.
Urmila Matondkar
The benefit of appointing a hawkish central banker is the increased inflation-fighting credibility that such an appointment brings.
Ben Bernanke
A Microsoft-Yahoo merger is a deal only an investment banker could love.
Kara Swisher
What I want to say about the Kanye thing is that whoever wants me to be in their life – whether it’s a rapper, celebrity, janitor, banker, newsman, teacher – my job is to be a light for God and Christ. Whoever I’m with and whatever I’m doing, that’s my purpose.
Kirk Franklin
When ‘If God Was a Banker’ became a success, it changed my entire perspective. I wanted to write more and wanted to be lot more successful as a writer.
Ravi Subramanian
I like being married to someone who does what I do, and we can talk for hours about all of this stuff that I struggle with and all this stuff that he struggles with because we’re struggling with the same things. If I was married to a banker, I don’t know what we’d talk about.
Leslie Mann
I was a banker in Morocco when I first saw ‘American Graffiti.’ It was before I was an actor, a melancholy time in my life, and this mood was reflected in the film.
Jean Reno
You should never do anything too much. If you only eat healthy food, that is too much. Success is balance – a banker with no time with his kids, he’s not successful. If he doesn’t have time to walk his kids to school, that is not success – that is a mistake.
Magnus Scheving
I hated being a junior investment banker. I loved the research business, the wealth management business.
Sallie Krawcheck
A banker who is allowed to borrow money at X and loan it out at X plus Y will just go crazy and do too much of it if the civilization doesn’t have rules that prevent it.
Charlie Munger
I was raised in an orthodox Jewish home where it was expected that, as a woman, I’d marry an investment banker, raise kids in the suburbs and go to temple. I wasn’t raised to set the world on fire.
Dani Shapiro
Actually I’d had a certain amount of experience in Europe in the inter-war period, as a banker, and I was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce.
W. Averell Harriman
Is it okay for a U.S. bank to pay a U.S. banker but not a U.K. bank to pay a U.S. banker?
Bob Diamond
I’ve never categorically been a banker. I had two internships while I was at university. The decision was more banking, or magic, and I went with the latter.
Drummond Money-Coutts
I was an accidental banker. To please my parents, I went for an interview with Chase Manhattan Bank in 1983. They promised to send me into their offices in more than 40 countries and essentially audit the practices. It was an extraordinary job.
Jacqueline Novogratz
Interesting stories appeal to me, much like it appeals to the audience. Or else I might as well become a banker and make more money.
Sobhita Dhulipala
As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you are intimately familiar with goals. You’ve dreamed of the ‘right’ ones, you’ve projected ‘real’ ones for the banker and the investor, and, secretly, you’ve imagined how life can be if you can reach the ones you’ve set.
Michael Gerber
People don’t tend to hassle me because when I’ve got a hat on, I look like a banker. I’m just a plain guy.
Kevin Spacey
Banking types should take their cue from Gordon Gekko. Or pick the best-looking banker in their firm and copy him.
Tom Ford
I think creating of any sort, whatever line you’re in, is paramount – you can be an architect, you can be a banker, you can be anything – I think that when you create, you’re closest to God and yourself.
Ellen Greene
My father was a banker, but he was an independent spirit. He was a very good pianist and very much into music.
Yoko Ono
I now realize that I am a gay man before anything else. Other gays may think they’re a Jew first, or black, or a banker, but I’m gay.
Larry Kramer
Companies are bought not sold, an investment banker told me that once and it is very true. Basically what it means is you can’t control selling your company, you can only sell it if somebody wants to buy it, and you need someone to want to buy it.
Justin Kan
I’ve been focused on the West Coast economy and being a banker and lending in these markets.
Steve Mnuchin
I almost didn’t turn pro at all. I was tempted to be a career amateur. I worked as an investment banker for nine months after I got out of school, and the money was fantastic and promised to get even more lucrative.
Matt Kuchar
My dad was a banker, and I’ve always had an interest in it.
John Layfield
If you are a banker… you can do that for all your life, but if you are a footballer once you hit your mid 30s, you have to find something else to do.
Stephan Lichtsteiner
A good way to make children tell the truth is to tell it yourself. Keep your word with your child the same as you would with your banker.
Robert Green Ingersoll
George Bush is by American standards rabidly Upper Class – Eastern, Socially Attractive, WASP, 19th-century money, several generations of Andover and Yale (and, while we’re at it, his father, George H. W. ‘Poppy’ Bush, was a former president and his grandfather was the Nazis’ U.S. banker in the 1930s).
Peter York
I’m going to start by making a confession. My name’s Sajid Javid. And I used to be a banker. No point denying it.
Sajid Javid
Every central banker in the world pays attention to credit growth, but not in the U.S.
Marc Faber
If we want to be the banker to every Indian as we want to be, then we will have to use technology.
Arundhati Bhattacharya
When I trade, I don’t have an agency problem; I have my neck on the line. When a bank or banker trades, it’s not his neck on the line.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
People always try to put a title or a symbol on you. If you work in a bank, you are a banker. For me, they see a co-founder of Facebook.
Eduardo Saverin
I did not have a mobile phone in 1993. No one did, except the occasional banker or Hollywood star seeming smart, or the main character in ‘American Psycho.’ In 1993, every day was ‘let’s get lost.’ I could walk Greenwich Village for hours and not be found.
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Individually the poor are not too tempting to thieves, for obvious reasons. Mug a banker and you might score a wallet containing a month’s rent. Mug a janitor and you will be lucky to get away with bus fare to flee the crime scene.
Barbara Ehrenreich
My parents, or Asian parents in general, they’re like, ‘You should be a doctor, a lawyer, or a banker’ – all that’s laid out. As a kid that’s what I bought into, which is why I ended up going the corporate route initially.
Eric Nam
It would be too glib, not a hundred per cent true, to say that my father’s career as a banker was what made me a writer. But it would be slightly true, and it was certainly the case that his work as a banker made me see that the trade-offs people make between their work and their lives are often badly skewed.
John Lanchester
Is there anyone I wouldn’t take as a client? Well, I’d never represent a banker.
Gerry Spence
To find a pool of lawyers from whom to choose, solicit referrals from other professionals you know or deal with – an accountant, banker or business leader. Check out Bar Association listings as well, and don’t neglect Internet research.
Laura Wasser
Chicago’s privatization mania began during Mayor Richard M. Daley’s administration, which ran from 1989 to 2011. Under his successor, Rahm Emanuel, the trend has continued apace. For Rahm’s investment banker buddies, the trend has been a boon. For citizens? Not so much.
Rick Perlstein
My father was a small-town banker. He became very ill when I was 10 years old, and we went to California three years later in an attempt to recover his health, which never happened.
Warren Christopher