Beach Quotes

Beach Quotes by Martin Cooper, Denis Lawson, Rick Nielsen, Kim Cattrall, Tom Robbins, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and many others.

What else is there in life but to accomplish things and

What else is there in life but to accomplish things and to do things? Sure I like to be on a beach on occasion, I like to ski on occasion, but as long as I have the ability to make a contribution, I am going to keep going.
Martin Cooper
I got married on a beach in Italy. It was very romantic getting married in Italian. But I’ve no idea what we agreed to.
Denis Lawson
I didn’t want to be one of the Beach Boys or one of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band. I mean, we appreciated that music. But I didn’t want to grow a beard to look like Roy Wood just because I liked him.
Rick Nielsen
What would be really difficult is to be sitting on a beach. There’s vacations, and there’s vegetations. I don’t do well vegetating.
Kim Cattrall
I would only read the novels that people classify as ‘beach books’ if I were being held prisoner and the only alternative was the ‘Book of Mormon.’
Tom Robbins
The sea hath no king but God alone.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
We made part of the record in Miami, and I would go down to the beach, and not 20 feet from the water I see a fish that is at least seven feet long swimming close to the shore. I did not go back in the ocean the entire month.
Michael Stipe
I live in Wellington now but I love going back to the farm where all you can hear are the cows or the sea crashing in about a kilometre away. Our uncle’s farm is on the beach and we are one up from that towards the mountain.
Beauden Barrett
It was unknowable then, but so much of the progress that would define the 20th century, on both sides of the Atlantic, came down to the battle for a slice of beach only six miles long and two miles wide.
Barack Obama
I started taking ballet lessons when I was 4, and I was performing in ballet companies when I was 10, and I did summer stock in Miami Beach when I was 12, and finally I said, ‘I gotta go to Broadway.’
Rita Rudner
When I was a child, my parents took my brothers and me to Port-au-Prince during the summer so we could get to know the country of our ancestors. Because Haiti is an island, the beach is everywhere. Haitians are particular, even snobby, about beaches.
Roxane Gay
The beach is not the place to work; to read, write or think.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
If I had only one more round to play, I would choose to play it at Pebble Beach. I’ve loved this course from the first time I saw it. It’s possibly the best in the world.
Jack Nicklaus
One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
I grew up in Florida in different cities. I was born in Mississippi. My parents moved a lot, so I moved to Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Virginia, all through the South. But my family’s roots were from central Florida, like Daytona Beach area, so we ended up moving there.
I was an anorexic, beer drinking, class cutting, doodling, shoplifting, skater chick that was into nature, art class, and the beach.
Rebecca Miller
One of the things I love about summer is that you can wear a bikini top and put something over it and it kind of just always looks a little beach-ready, which I think is very fun.
Debby Ryan
The awesomeness of God is that even in the works of the Beach Boys, Beatles, etc., the beauty of the music is a mere reflection of what God does everyday. He creates music of all kinds and moods.
John Foster
I try to do yoga. I really enjoy stretching and having a nice yoga class or taking a run on the beach. I’m not a big fan of the gym. I try to be out as much as possible.
Laura Ramsey
When I was in my late 30s, I lit a figure on fire on Baker Beach in San Francisco. It was me, a friend, and maybe eight people, tops. There wasn’t any premeditation to it at all. It was really just a product of San Franciscan bohemian milieu.
Larry Harvey
Instead of looking for the dream in reverie, people should look for reverie in the dream. There are calm beaches in the midst of nightmares.
Gaston Bachelard
As a little girl, I thought I’d like to get married on the beach. But I’m not the quintessential girl who had these sort of fantasies about that stuff.
Mandy Moore
Chasing kids on the beach and sleeping is the closest I come to exercising while in Hawaii.
Adam Scott
The beach and I are two things that get along really well.
Maryse Mizanin
From 1997 to 2003, there was a decline of 50 percent in the proportion of children nine to twelve who spent time in such outside activities as hiking, walking, fishing, beach play, and gardening, according to a study by Sandra Hofferth at the University of Maryland.
Richard Louv
Car-essential is a real turn-off to me, so yeah, I just want a friendly holiday resort with a villa and a pool, but which is really private, but there again, there’s a supermarket and a doctor’s and a beach a five-minute walk away. That’s all I want, and it’s quite difficult to find.
Robert Webb
I live three blocks away from the beach, so every day I walk down to the beach to run or go swimming. Hiking is a big one for me – so long as it’s something where I’m not thinking about working out, like in a contrived class or the gym.
Dylan Penn
I love hanging out with friends and family, going to the beach or just being a couch potato and binge watching TV shows or watching a good movie.
Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer
As I’m a complete water baby, being by the beach helps me relax.
Shweta Tripathi
Photography is not cute cats, nor nudes, motherhood or arrangements of manufactured products. Under no circumstances it is anything ever anywhere near a beach.
Walker Evans
In fact, I was one of the few trusted people that Lucy allowed to play with their kids. I spent time at their summer home, rode horses at their ranch, and swam at their beach house. I even spent a Christmas with them at Palm Springs one year.
Keith Thibodeaux
‘Safe Harbor’ is a state of mind… it’s the place – in reality or metaphor – to which one goes in times of trouble or worry. It can be a friendship, marriage, church, garden, beach, poem, prayer, or song.
Luanne Rice
Here silence stands Like heat. Here leaves unnoticed thicken, Hidden weeds flower, neglected waters quicken, Luminously-peopled air ascends; And past the poppies bluish neutral distance Ends the land suddenly beyond a beach Of shapes and shingle. Here is unfenced existence: Facing the sun, untalkative, out of reach.
Philip Larkin
Beauty – what is beauty, forsooth? Form and color; that is, surface only. Fortune – what is fortune? Nothing is ever a pleasure or a real profit to him who has to labour for it. Truth – you die in the pursuit, and the sea beats the beach as it did a thousand years ago. The stolid are alone happy.
Richard Jefferies
I’ve got two dogs – one’s a Jack Russell and she’s one year old now, and I’ve got another dog called Kanga, and I got him from a rescue shelter, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than just walking them on the beach in Cape Town. I find that very destressing and very relaxing.
Lewis Pugh
I hang out with the right people, my friends that I’ve had since the beginning. We go to the beach, take walks, paint, see our family – just normal things that people who become famous lose sight of.
I like to run on the beach. It’s a different exercise as well when you’re in sand, a different kind of training.
Charlie Bewley
In the morning there was a big wind blowing and the waves were running high up on the beach and he was awake a long time before he remembered that his heart was broken.
Ernest Hemingway
If you’re a woman lying on the beach in the Maldives, you might want to know that a kilometer away, another woman is being flogged. And you might want to find your own way to protest that.
Amal Clooney
When you’re putting together a campaign for president, like I’ve been, that entails a lot of time. It’s not like I’ve been at the beach sipping a pina colada.
Ted Cruz
I got my first tattoo when I was 19. The one on my shoulder is an eagle. I’d go to the beach, and I’d take off my shirt, and I’d almost feel self-conscious because nobody out there had tattoos except my buddies, the guys who rode motorcycles. American-made bikes, mainly.
Lorenzo Lamas
I kind of assumed all of Australia was like the Gold Coast – so I was telling people Australians just work out and go to the beach. Like, Australia has it figured out! But then I went to Sydney, and it was nothing like the Gold Coast – but I still loved it.
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
I have always loved food, and for me, even if I was on a beach, I would be cooking food every day.
Kimbal Musk
I’ve never been one for sitting on beaches. Let me tell you who I am: I’m a girl from New Jersey who moved to New York and worked in a bar while trying to make a living at what I really wanted to do, which was act.
Piper Perabo
I think its really matured a lot. I like the fact that there is now more to do there than gamble, since I don’t do a lot of that. The people are great. I seldom have time for vacations and when I do I prefer the beach instead of the desert.
Doug Davidson
I could run nearly naked on a hot, windy beach and plunge without care into a running diamond sea; roll on the sand and fling my arms wide to the sun and still be what I was…young.
Anne Rivers Siddons
I’ve been kind of submerged in my own little geographic location for a really long time in Venice Beach.
Amber Tamblyn
If you noticed, I wear high-water pants and white socks, which is inspired by the mod ’60s, like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, what have you. That style of dress during that time is really, really dope to me.
Ashton Sanders
Abstention means you stayed at home or went to the beach. By casting a blank vote, you’re saying you have a political conscience but you don’t agree with any of the existing parties.
Jose Saramago
Waihi Beach. It’s a lovely beach, and we’re right on the shore and I get a lot of pleasure out of waking up in the morning and hearing the waves roll in.
Edmund Hillary
If it is a good song, it is a good song. The Beatles were pop, the beach boys were pop and it’s the best music of all time.
William Fitzsimmons
I have two houses in California, and they’re both within a couple of minutes from the beach. So, I definitely feel at home in California and by the ocean.
Marisa Miller
Aesthetic life is not something sophisticated – that’s a humanistic lie. Aesthetic life is as integral to being human as building sandcastles on the beach and giving your children names.
Calvin Seerveld
You know that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran? Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.
John McCain
I’m a really big surfer, and I have also been playing a ton of volleyball on the beach on the weekends.
Teddy Sears
My mother worked for a white family that lived in one of the mansions on the beach. The husband in the family was a lawyer; he worked for a firm in New Orleans.
Jesmyn Ward
I became a beach bum.
George Best
Reading is like thinking, like praying, like talking to a friend, like expressing your ideas, like listening to other people’s ideas, like listening to music, like looking at the view, like taking a walk on the beach.
Roberto Bolano
The Beach Boys was a family hobby that we turned into a profession. We’re very blessed.
Mike Love
I started ‘The Daily Show’ when I was 22. I was going to class at Long Beach.
Jessica Williams
Rock bottom is a crisis… and everyone wants to avoid crisis. But what ‘crisis’ means literally is ‘to sift’ – like a child who goes to the beach, lifts up the sand, and watches all the sand fall away, hoping that there’s treasure left over. That’s what crisis does.
Glennon Doyle Melton
People don’t really go to museums in Rio. I shouldn’t say it’s not sophisticated, but, you know, they go to the beach.
Francisco Costa
The debris of civilization litters the landscapes and spoils the beaches. Conservation’s concerns now is not only for man’s enjoyment-but for man’s survival.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Everyone has faith in God though everyone does not know it. For everyone has faith in himself and that multiplied to the nth degree is God. The sum total of all that lives is God. We may not be God, but we are of God, even as a little drop of water is of the ocean.
Mahatma Gandhi
I’ve never lived in Los Angeles. I’ve always lived 30 miles away in Long Beach.
Wendi McLendon-Covey
It’s only the sea,’ said Moomintroll. ‘Every wave that dies on the beach sings a little song to a shell. But you mustn’t go inside because it’s a labyrinth and you may never come out again.
Tove Jansson
One thing I hate is going to a beach – they all look the same to me!
Antara Mali
The underground is not a place but a way of life. You can be underground most anywhere, from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Hermosa Beach, California.
Bryan Burrough
I go on a hunting safari at least once a year to Botswana, which is fantastic because we have a huge area of wilderness entirely to ourselves. My island covers roughly 55 acres, which again I have to myself, with nearly half a kilometre of private beach with my own jetties and boats.
Wilbur Smith
My earliest memories are sitting on the beach at Blackpool, and I know that if I went back, it would be horrible. I know what Blackpool’s like – it’s nothing like I imagined it was as a child.
Robert Smith
One of the nicest things to do in Kingston on a Sunday is eat johnnycake, Festival and fish at Hellshire Beach.
Rita Marley
Half the time on vacation, if I’m in a bikini, I allow myself – I eat, like, waffles and pancakes for breakfast, so that’s me after, like, a big meal. I’m not the one that’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m going to be on the beach.’
Ashley Tisdale
The grass is always greener on the other side. We are busy applying fairness creams while people in the West go bare-bodied on the beach to get a tan. Indian girls have ruled the roost when it comes to beauty pageants. I flaunt my complexion, and I am proud to be noticed as an Indian wherever I go.
Shilpa Shetty
The first job I did was Volkswagen, we shot it in Long Beach, and it was like they won multiple awards with it and they were super excited about it and that kind of launched me into the world of commercials. Still most of what I do is car-related stuff.
Paul W. S. Anderson
I always had the fantasy of Hollywood and Los Angeles and the beach, not realizing that Hollywood was so very far from the beach.
Bonnie McKee
Where I am from in Sweden was on the beach, so I love the sound of the water hitting the dock.
Freddie Ljungberg
I grew up in San Diego, California, and I spent a lot of time in the summer basically living in a bathing suit, you know, get in the car and drive straight to the beach and spend the entire day in that thing, so I always approached bathing suits thinking that they are very much like outfits.
Emily Ratajkowski
I went with Beach Fossils and we played 40 shows because we wanted people to see us.
Zachary Cole Smith
Before the first World War women were arrested for smoking cigarettes in public, for using profanity, for appearing on beaches without stockings, for driving automobiles without a man beside them, for wearing outlandish attire for example, shorts
Geoffrey Perret
To survive, you had to steer your course midstream, where the water was deepest and ran fastest, that you had to paddle fast, as fast as you could to stay there to stay still in the rushing current because the price of failure was to be washed up on the beach or dashed to pieces on the wharves.
Melanie McGrath
I don’t see why a poem couldn’t be spoken out a car window or written on the beach at low tide. In fact, I’m sure people are doing it.
James Arthur
One of the most positive things about America is just like what we’re all doing here today. We’re standing on Jensen Beach, we’re watching a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic. It’s all because of men and women who were willing to make a sacrifice so that we can enjoy these freedoms.
Allen West
Being an actor is a good way to earn a living. And to meet fabulous people. It’s great to live very comfortably. I’ve been lucky, I’ve had a lot of fun with great roles, but it is true that if I were extremely rich, I would stop and I would go to play football on a beach in the Caribbean with my children.
Gary Oldman
This is going to make me sound ancient, but I remember Juhu Beach when there weren’t any buildings on it. You’d go through countryside and arrive at this amazing beach. I remember driving from Delhi to the Qutab Minar through countryside. Mehrauli was a little village – that’s all gone.
Salman Rushdie
Once you find that perfect suit that fits just right, it will give you an extra boost of confidence that will make your pool or beach day even better.
Denise Bidot
The situation in the film is like me going out to Venice Beach and talking to a homeless guy on the boardwalk, and 13 years later he’s the president.
John Cusack
They eat the dainty food of famous chefs with the same pleasure with which they devour gross peasant dishes, mostly composed of garlic and tomatoes, or fisherman’s octopus and shrimps, fried in heavily scented olive oil on a little deserted beach.
Luigi Barzini
To me the sea is a continual miracle; The fishes that swim – the rocks – the motion of the waves – the ships, with men in them, what stranger miracles are there?
Walt Whitman
What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
You never know how many friends you have until you rent a house on the beach.
Jim Steinman
Hydration is really important, particularly as a beach volleyball player.
Brooke Sweat
That’s why you can’t be a true Yankee without winter: because all the best pleasures are earned – the fire, the fried oysters; the warmer seasons, too. Who knows the real worth of summer at the beach without a good taste of the seaside in winter?
Julia Glass
New York was at the forefront of rap, so because of all the great people who have gone before me, being a rapper from Queens, I have to live up to those standards. I’m basically just a regular guy who says what he feels and likes to joke. I like long walks on the beach… and I love rap.
Action Bronson
Look at me. Home boy wore combat boots to the beach. I know you don’t want to call that your boyfriend, I know you don’t.
Lauren Conrad
Beaches are really important to me, and I love Sennen Cove and Perranporth Beach.
John Torode
The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.
Isak Dinesen
There’s nothing like taking Proust to the beach and daydreaming along to it.
Jerry Hall
A beach house isn’t just real estate. It’s a state of mind.
Douglas Adams
There’s nothing better for kids than a bucket and shovel at the beach. I grew up across the marsh from The Citadel. We loved buying chicken necks at the Piggly Wiggly, tying them to a string on a stick and catching blue crabs.
Thomas Gibson
They didn’t know why these things were funny. Sometimes you laugh because you’ve got no more room for crying. Sometimes you laugh because table manners on a beach are funny. And sometimes you laugh because you’re alive, when you really shouldn’t be.
Terry Pratchett
To escape and sit quietly on the beach – that’s my idea of paradise.
Emilia Wickstead
I felt that the beach portraits were all self-portraits. That moment of unease, that attempt to find a pose, it was all about me.
Rineke Dijkstra
I think that going to the beach as a child, being in the water and smelling that salt air and hearing the seagulls, it had a real calming effect. But also, it was a mysterious thing – I remember wondering what was under those dark New England seas.
Brian Skerry
I’m still obsessed with the beach whenever I’m home; when I’m on the beach, it feels like home to me.
Brett Young
You can take for granted that people know more or less what a street, a shop, a beach, a sky, an oak tree look like. Tell them what makes this one different.
Neil Gaiman
Every thought and word that a novelist thinks or writes is part of that castle constructed from sands on the beach of Me, including the turret or rampart or moat he may have thought or written on behalf of someone or something else.
Steve Erickson
The moon is essentially gray, no color; looks like plaster of Paris or sort of a grayish beach sand.
Jim Lovell
I was not trying to be snarky or snobby by saying that West Palm Beach is no Palm Beach.
Tinsley Mortimer
Opening day is always so cool to be a part of and to people watch. The Pacific Classic, which I’ve had the privilege of riding in a couple of times, is great. Every day at Del Mar is fantastic. I love the smells, working out on the beach, running the stairs. It’s just a healthy environment. I love it.
Chantal Sutherland
I grew up in Imperial Beach, surfing and going to the beach – my son plays baseball at the park.
Sonny Sandoval
I rent houses in LA when I’m filming. I find the isolation there terrifying. There’s nowhere to go, there’s nowhere to be with people. I’m not a beach bunny.
Kathleen Turner
Even before I had ever seen ‘Beach Blanket Babylon,’ I had a similar aesthetic: colorful and sparkly.
Chris March
I have become an orchid
washed in on the salt white beach.
what can I make of it now
that might please you-
this life, already wasted
and still strewn with miracles?
Mary Ruefle
Go with the pain, let it take you. Open your palms and your body to the pain. It comes in waves like the tide and you must be open as a vessel lying on the beach, letting it fill you up and then, retreating, leaving you empty and clear.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
My mom was married to a Mexican guy – a surfer – and so we’d kind of camp out on the beach the swell season.
Cary Fukunaga
Now, back to my vacation idea.” Finn grinned, showing off his perfect white teeth. “Just think about it. You, Owen, me, and Bria, all happily ensconced in a swanky hotel by a beautiful beach. Bria in a bikini. You and Owen doing your own thing, Bria in a bikini. Did I mention Bria in a bikini?
Jennifer Estep
A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.
I first went to India because of my interest in yoga, hoping to go to the Iyengar Centre in Pune for a while. That didn’t work out, but I ended up on a beach in Goa, writing.
Damon Galgut
I like anywhere with a beach. A beach and warm weather is all I really need.
Rob Gronkowski
I have to at least get a couple weekends in where I can just be on Santa Monica beach or Malibu and just ride the waves.
Jake T. Austin
I am a keen medievalist and like going around museums and ruins and finding out about the people and local culture. I’m not one for sitting by a pool or lying on a beach. I also like to sketch while I’m on holiday, if I have time.
Jools Holland
I cannot fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I am not his employer. I do not have such authority. And even if I did, I would never fire Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. I love Brian Wilson. We are partners. He’s my cousin by birth and my brother in music.
Mike Love
I’m at the beach all the time. I surf. I fish. I dive. These things on Instagram are really my life with my buddies doing my normal day-to-day stuff. I happen to be shirtless a lot.
Scott Eastwood
In California, I’m more of a beach chick, and I kind of take on a model city girl when I’m in New York.
Gigi Hadid
Now I’m livin’ out here on the beach, but those seagulls are still out of reach.
Neil Young
Of course I like to be tan, but now I try to avoid it. I don’t mind having a little glow, but now when I go to the beach, I put SPF 50 everywhere – either Avene or La Roche-Posay Anthelios. I have freckles, so as long as my little freckles come out, I’m happy.
Julia Restoin Roitfeld
My body is for my tennis – it’s for my sport. I’m not a model at all. I don’t work out to go to the beach: I work out to play well and to do well on the court.
Stan Wawrinka
I grew up close to Melbourne, about two hours outside, on Phillip Island. It’s really small; it’s kind of a little summer beach town.
Liam Hemsworth
When I was nine, I was taught to ride a surfboard in Waikiki by the beach boy Rabbit Kekai.
Susanna Moore
If Frank and The Beach Boys got together and did a Super Session album, it would be a gas.
Mike Love
People are always telling me that they’ve seen people reading my books on the subway, or the beach, or whenever.
Salman Rushdie
My day is done, and I am like a boat drawn on the beach, listening to the dance-music of the tide in the evening.
Rabindranath Tagore
There’s no way running on a beach or at some high school playground that you’re going to get in football shape like you do when you practice.
Steve Mariucci
I remember the first time I heard ‘The Thunder Rolls.’ It was dark, and we were driving to the beach. There was the thunder outside and the thunder in the song. It was eerie.
Zac Brown
So I started to relax and would work on my act eight hours a day, sitting at a desk writing at my grandmother’s house, and I would put on Richard Pryor Live on Long Beach and would play it like a loop and think and write
George Lopez
I was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and the whole lifestyle revolves around the beach. My parents met surfing, and the beach was a major part of our daily lives.
Marisa Miller
If St. Andrews is the home of golf, I think Pebble Beach feels like the home of American golf, like the home of championship golf. It has a real sense of history here.
Stewart Cink
My best vacation memory is getting barreled at the beach in Hawaii.
Troy Polamalu
I’ve fallen in love with Waikiki; the beach, the climate, the people, and the hotel – it really is a paradise.
Ivanka Trump
I like a real beach. A crowded one, you know? People, towels, umbrellas. I hate those little private strips of sand you see up in Malibu.
Jimmy Kimmel
I’m gonna open a small restaurant on the beach in Mexico. We’re only gonna have a few tables, and we’re only gonna cook what’s fresh that day. We’re gonna get back to the basics.
Guy Fieri
I grew up in Belle Harbor, which is in New York City, but it has the most powerful sense of nature and seasons. It wasn’t even the beach and the water. I just dreamt about everything that had to do with nature. I read about Thoreau.
Joel Sternfeld
One learns first of all in beach living the art of shedding; how little one can get along with, not how much.
Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Time moves on but Barbara Hershey’s doing good and John Heard, they’re all people working. I know there were a couple of kids in that movie who I used who have been in other movies since Beaches.
Garry Marshall
When I’m not working I’m a slug – a full slug. I am not good at the in-between. I’m either fever-pitched or want to just pass out on a beach with a really sleazy book and eat a cheeseburger.
Michael Kors
Once you become an actor, it’s important to take care of yourself. I live in Santa Monica, where I can mountain bike, hike and go running on the beach. I like a nice sunset jog.
Mark Feuerstein
The first I heard of the beach was in Bangkok, on the Ko Sanh Road.
Alex Garland
Rich people who own mansions on the beach shouldn’t get federal subsidies. If you want to stay there, take the risk
Geraldo Rivera
On the beach, I’m definitely team natural. I mean, a good tan when the freckles are popping and some saltwater hair, I think that’s super hot. So, I’m all about the natural on the beach.
Nina Agdal
And tar is washing up onto the beaches – big globs of tar. And people are saying, ‘Is that going to ruin our summer at the beach?’ No, of course not. You take the big blobs of tar and you use them to hold down your blanket.
David Letterman
Maybe out of the fifty top Beach Boys songs, I was probably the co-writer and singing lead on forty of them.
Mike Love
T.S. Eliot, who learned to swim at the same beach as I did, just threw in the towel and moved to Cheyne Walk. I’m not going to do that but I’m not scared of the open channel between me and Britain.
William Monahan
Between planning family vacations and running away for novel-writing retreats, I’ve spent much of my adult life questing for the perfect beach escape, renting cottages all along the Florida Gulf and up and down the Atlantic Coast – as far north as Nags Head, as far south as Key West.
Mary Kay Andrews
Independence, like honor, is a rocky island, without a beach.
Napoleon Bonaparte
In L.A. you can hide. I can hide at the beach, hide up in the hills. In Miami everybody is looking at you.
Jamie Foxx
Every summer my husband and I pack our suitcases, load our kids into the car, and drive from tense, crowded New York City to my family’s cottage in Maine. It’s on an island, with stretches of sea and sandy beaches, rocky coasts, and pine trees. We barbecue, swim, lie around, and try to do nothing.
Hope Davis
Of course I would buy a house in Marbella. In Marbella, you can buy a house by the beach, relax there, and later you can go there on holiday and everything.
Carlos Tevez
One day when I was working on a movie, I stayed at the beach a little too long, and they said, “You are going to ruin a whole day of shooting because you’re so dark. Two days ago you weren’t like this!” So I started putting that in the character; I made him suntanned all the time.
George Hamilton
Christmas is the beachhead of God’s campaign against sin and sadness, darkness and death, fear and frustration.
Tullian Tchividjian
I know plenty of people who do, who get their holidays paid for and in return have their photographs taken on the beach, but not me.
Max Beesley
It seems that half the point of being in Miami Beach – particularly the northern end of South Beach – is to be observed by people-watchers like me, and the display along Ocean Drive during my visit was, as always, sublime.
Susan Orlean
I can tell you one of the most surprising ingredients I’ve ever found. Perhaps five years ago on a beach I saw this herb that looked exactly like chives. I put it in my mouth and started chewing and, surprise, it tasted exactly like coriander.
Rene Redzepi
A mere forty years ago, beach volleyball was just beginning. No bureaucrat would have invented it, and that’s what freedom is all about.
Newt Gingrich
My husband is a journalist as well, and while we love beaches, we can’t sit for that long. If we go to a beach destination, there needs to be something else we can do there as well. I need to be around interesting and different people and cultures.
Mariana van Zeller
Gentlemen, we are being killed on the beaches. Lets go inland and be killed.
Norman Cota
I always had the most fun going to the beach on the weekends with my friends. In a way, we treated our beach style the way New Yorkers treat their street style, so I was always conscious of how I looked.
Izabel Goulart
Smart, truly hilarious, and entirely sympathetic. Like a hot bubble bath or a holiday at the beach, you won’t want it to end.
Cecily von Ziegesar
I wrote large chunks of ‘The Impostor’ and ‘The Good Doctor’ on a beach in Goa.
Damon Galgut
The fools that came in here brought their beach gear to a cave…go figure.
Joe Teti
I’m always in Malibu, and I’m a big fan of surfing and stuff. I love the beach. Someday I will live on the beach.
Riff Raff
I’m in love with the city. You can impress an Australian with a city, but you can’t impress them with a beach.
Rose Byrne
If you want to swim across the English Channel from England to France – you have to leave your doubt on the beach in England.
Lewis Gordon
It doesn’t matter where I am, what I do, whether I’m in the sauna, whether I’m on the beach, whether I’m with my girl at the spa – man’s never hot. It’s that simple.
Michael Dapaah
For me exotic means beaches, palm trees and sand and frolicking in the ocean
Priyanka Chopra
So that the monotonous fall of the waves on the beach, which for the most part beat a measured and soothing tattoo to her thoughts seemed consolingly to repeat over and over again.
Virginia Woolf
When I’m at the gym, I think about chicks, going to the beach, and looking good. I do it for the girls.
Usain Bolt
I taught high school for one year in Deerfield Beach, Fla., and in the end, it was such an enjoyable experience breaking up fights daily, that I decided to return to the combat zone of Afghanistan.
Allen West
Acting in a scene is like paddling a canoe from a pebbly beach on to the river, the writer builds the canoe, and the actor provides the river. The river is the actor’s thoughts and emotions.
Sanford Meisner
The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.
Henry Beston
As I travelled around Australia, strangers in pubs, on airplanes, in beach parking lots would bring up Gina Rinehart, not knowing I was writing about her. Everybody had something to say, some of it thoughtful, some of it poorly informed, some of it vividly obscene.
William Finnegan
There’s a sweet nirvana, Stirring on a jazzy, North Beach night
William Henry Irwin
I don’t know whether to admit it or not. You think I should tell them, Snerdley? Okay. Folks, some good friends of mine who live here in Palm Beach bought a Smart Car… and there’s a picture of me in it.
Rush Limbaugh
The balance and patience factors are much more critical in surfing than they are in snowboarding … if you’re out surfing serious waves and you wipe out, you don’t land on soft snow. It’s usually either very sharp coral, or you get raked across the beach gravel and sand while you’re tumbling underwater.
Frederick Lenz
Here about the beach I wandered, nourishing a youth sublime
With the fairy tales of science, and the long result of Time.
Alfred Lord Tennyson
‘Love Will Keep Us Together’ was a combination of three different singing styles – Al Green, the Beach Boys, and Diana Ross. I loved all these people, and I put their singing styles together and wrote that tune.
Neil Sedaka
We’re competing with everything: the beach, the mall, bookstores. Libraries are in a transition right now, caught between two forces, the old ways and technology. Libraries are under a lot of pressure to provide both.
John Callahan
On my real vacations, I meet up with friends and we go for walks on the beach. We stroll through old cities, swim in the sea, and take afternoon naps. We shop, lunch, and, yeah, drink.
Carole Radziwill
The sheeplike nature of travel – being on a beach with thousands of other people is not my idea of fun. I also don’t like being a tourist because you don’t know what’s really going on in a country.
Diana Quick
I’m more spiritual than I am religious. I don’t go to church; I go to the beach.
Paula Deen
I’m a sucker for turquoise sea, white beaches and palm trees. I’ve been to the tropics every year since I could afford it. It’s the perfect place to unwind. I can chill out, read, do a bit of yoga.
Bruno Tonioli
When I was working at Sony, I used to live near the beach. I’d get up in the morning, walk my dog, go for a swim with dolphins, and in 25 minutes I would be at Sony.
Jon Feltheimer
My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.
Christina Applegate
I pray. I try to find space to process with a walk on the beach, a hike in the hills. Nature is restorative. I also try not to overreact. I grew up in Ireland, and we are big tea drinkers, and I think it’s less about the tea itself and more about the ritual and the moment to prepare.
Roma Downey
I like the 50s, party-movie aesthetic of the beach. I’m not really into modern-day beach.
Bethany Cosentino
I’m thrilled to have Corona join me on my ‘X100PRE’ Tour to give my fans a taste of Corona Estereo Beach and showcase their support of Latin music. It’s not solely about the music – it’s about the culture, creativity, and contributing to the movement that connects us all together.
Bad Bunny
I want the cheesy dates at the movies, the stupid walks at the beach and sharing straws in a cup
Tyler, The Creator
Even though my face has gotten more familiar with doing ‘China Beach’ and ‘The Wonder Years,’ I’m the kind of actor that people thought, ‘Gee, that guy looks familiar. He must have put my storm windows in. He works at my bank or something.’
Robert Picardo
You wouldn’t want Alan Greenspan to write the instructions for assembling a beach chair.
Robert Orben
Ah, my dad’s whistle. On holidays when I was a kid, we would all be off in the rock pools along the beach. When it came time to go, we’d hear the whistle and we’d all come running. Like dogs!
Kate Winslet
A beach walk is for stretching your legs and your mind, for looking at life with newfound eyes.
Sandy Gingras
Apparently President Obama’s favorite cocktail is a martini. When asked how he likes it, he said, ‘On the beach, in Hawaii, in 2017.’
Jimmy Fallon
If you ask any couple who have been married 50 years or longer, they will tell you they’ve experienced it all. The same is true of the Beach Boys.
Mike Love
A play called ‘Bichchu’ with Om Puri in the main role was going to be staged and I was working backstage. An actor failed to turn up for rehearsals and the director asked me to do that role instead. I agreed and would go to the beach to rehearse my dialogues as I had no place to stay those days.
Satish Kaushik
I couldn’t live in L.A. and not be close to the beach, you know, that’s like the whole thing. I don’t understand people who don’t live by the beach. Why would you not?
Mayer Hawthorne
When the Beatles came in, I really concentrated on making a lot of movies. Those beach films that we did were a lot fun. They hit with an audience that related to what we were trying to do on the screen. That kept me going all through that Beatle period.
Frankie Avalon
I always take an iPod and iPod speakers so that when you’re in the hotel room you can have it on, or when you’re at the beach you can put it on quietly. Music can really set the tone for your holiday.
Alesha Dixon
I still carry the residue of the pressure I felt as a child to read and appreciate the right books. Growing up, I never allowed myself to read beach reading. I was always plowing through Ford Madox Ford’s ‘Good Solider’ or something I wasn’t equipped to understand.
Noah Baumbach
I wish I loved to run, because I’d love to run through Central Park or on vacation on the beach, but I absolutely hate it.
Nina Agdal
Babies don’t need a vacation. But I still see them at the beach. It pisses me off.
Steven Wright
Along the beach I never collected shells from my father’s shore.
Corey Hart
Growing up, it was about finding a way to entertain myself outdoors. We spent all the summers on the beach, camping with my family a bunch, and traveling as much as we could. My parents wouldn’t let me watch too much TV growing up or play video games, or anything like that.
Stephen Colletti
I moved into this neighborhood, and I was walking on this beach with my kids, and we came across a sign that said, ‘Water’s polluted, no swimming.’ And I didn’t have any answers.
Ted Danson
I used to skip out of high school and go flying. It was just one of those things, I thought it was kind of a cool thing to do. I never thought about doing that as a profession, but I started checking things out and I found out there was a flight school down in Daytona Beach, called Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.
Jerry Doyle
The percentage of gays is the same, probably, as anywhere. Most bodybuilders are straight, regular street guys, though a lot aren’t serious. Many in California are punks, beach bums just lying around in the sun and maybe collecting unemployment.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Oh, there were all sorts of things to wonder about, but the truth was simple: here stood this door alone on an endless stretch of beach, and it was for only one of two things: opening or leaving closed.
Stephen King
It’s just fantastic to have someone like the Duchess of Cambridge wear the brand. I think there are often misconceptions about who the brand is for, but it’s not just a 20-year-old blonde girl on the beach, and Kate is testament to that.
Matthew Williamson
Ryanair brings lots of different cultures to the beaches of Spain, Greece and Italy, where they couple and copulate in the interests of pan-European peace.
Michael O’Leary
It’s really intimidating to go on the beach in a bikini.
Helena Christensen
I love fitness, yoga. I love fashion. On the weekends, I try to relax. I have pretty crazy weeks. I like spas and nice dinners. I’m not much of a club person. I like to hang on the beach in Malibu.
Charlotte McKinney
I love L.A. for the beach and stuff, that’s the reason I live here.
Eddie Money
The French, not the Americans, commissioned ‘Einstein on the Beach.’
Robert Wilson
Donald Trump was in a tuxedo, standing next to his award: a statue of a palm tree, as tall as a toddler. It was 2010, and Trump was being honored by a charity – the Palm Beach Police Foundation – for his ‘selfless support’ of its cause. His support did not include any of his own money.
David Fahrenthold
Los Angeles and Sydney are very similar, but I definitely enjoy more fresh seafood when I’m back in Australia, as there is so much great, fresh produce here. I also like going swimming at the beach while I’m home, too.
Phoebe Tonkin
I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach where I’d been happy. Then I fired four more times at the motionless body where the bullets lodged without leaving a trace. And it was like knocking four quick times on the door of unhappiness.
Albert Camus
What first got me involved in politics was being 14, and a youth organizer comes to my house with a van full of 14 year old girls. “Hey, you want to go to the beach with us? But first we’re going to go support the cannery workers’ strike in Watsonville.”
Boots Riley
I’m actually most comfortable when I’m in a bikini, running around on the beach, like, no makeup. It’s really free-feeling, whereas I’m always having to get dressed up and putting makeup on.
Ashley Tisdale
I burn very easily, so if I forget sunscreen, I will be a tomato by the end of the day. I’m very big on sunscreen and hats. I grew up in Florida, and I love the beach, and I think it’s healthy to get a little bit of color.
Candice Accola
I live in Palm Beach, where no one wants to hear bad news.
Jeff Greene
I’ve said many times before that Pebble Beach is a wonderful thinking-man’s golf course. That is why it is such a great U.S. Open venue.
Jack Nicklaus
A lot of guys like to go to the beach and bring a crowd, but not me. I like to be alone and out there with a couple of pelicans.
Robert Englund
The South Coast is not teeming with fish any more; there are no fleets of trawlers left. Small local boats land their fish daily and often sell it at the back of the beach, a scenario repeated all the way from West Bay to Whitstable.
Rick Stein
The world is a grain of sand on the beach of Eternity. Eternity is a grain of sand on the beach of Infinity. The ocean of Nirvana connects both Eternity and Infinity without connecting them. Know this and you will be free.
Frederick Lenz
New York is like a vacation – no beach required.
Sean William Scott
I was a West Hollywood and Laurel Canyon girl for years, and it was so central that I felt like we’d moved to Portland when we came to Malibu, but now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. We have the best of all worlds, hilltop living, 15 minutes from town, with the beach at the bottom of the road.
Sonya Walger
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: ‘Beach Blanket’ was one of the most important experiences of my whole life. It’s part of me.
Chris March
Me, I still believe in paradise. But now at least I know its not some place you can look for because its not where you go.  It’s how you feel for a moment in your life when you’re a part of something and if you find that moment, it lasts forever.
Leonardo DiCaprio
Think about it: it is easy to see God’s beauty in a glorious sunset or in ocean waves crashing on a beach. But can you find the holiness in a struggle for life?
Harold S. Kushner
If I entered a tropical beach, would I end up in Nazi Germany with my highly inconvenient black hair?
Karen Marie Moning
I grew up in Texas and we used to go to Padre Island, eight hours in the car down to the beach.
St. Vincent
There is a lot of California in my… sound, and a ton of it is the laid-back nature of Southern Californians and the beach.
Brett Young
I still have the Triumph Palm Beach I was given for Christmas when I was 11. By today’s standards, it is heavy and slow, but was my pride and joy at the time.
Jeremy Corbyn
And if the world does turn, and if London burns, I’ll be standing on the beach with my guitar. I want to be in a band, when I get to Heaven. Anyone can play guitar, and they won’t be a nothing anymore.
Thom Yorke
They were heading out to the middle of the bay – the Gulf – that’s another thing that became kind of standard practice, we didn’t hurry the destroyers around the beach any more, when it got dark, we’d take ’em out thirty or forty miles out in the middle of the Tonkin Gulf.
James Stockdale
The Doors formed on the beaches of Los Angeles, in what you might imagine is the tradition of local rock bands since the Beach Boys.
Steve Erickson
It might be that some day I shall be drowned by the sea, or die of pneumonia from sleeping out at night, or be robbed and strangled by strangers. These things happen. Even so, I shall be ahead because of trusting the beach, the night and strangers.
Janet Reno
Being with Kyra is so natural for me; it’s the easiest aspect of my life. I know that I don’t need a beach or room service to be happy.
Kevin Bacon
You can tell all you need to about a society from how it treats animals and beaches.
Frank Deford
There’s a lot of talent in South Central L.A., in Compton and Long Beach and Watts, and the city north of Pico pretty much sits back and waits for that talent to emerge and then steps in.
Ice Cube
The day you feel like you don’t have anything to prove, it’s better you go to the beach and stay there and take in the sunshine.
Gianfranco Zola
Certainly, the Beach Boys and the early Beatles records were a huge influence on me lyrically.
Rivers Cuomo
I like swimming. I like the beach. I like fast cars. I like speedboats.
Marcel Wanders
If you make a wrong move with explosives, it could be deadly. If you’re there when they blow up the beach, you get blown up, too. So you need to get your job done correctly… then pull the fuse with enough lag time for you to clear the area completely and get picked up by the small boats.
Jack Ramsay
Old beach houses sometimes don’t have TVs, or you don’t get cellphone reception.
Jim Rash
I knew when I was a kid that I had a Broadway voice. I wanted to be a rocker, because I grew up in that era of transistor radios at the beach.
Patti LuPone
The sea lives in every one of us.
Robert Wyland
I’m 26 years old, I’m not some 43-year-old who’s just gonna watch TV all day. Of course I want to go out there, hang out with teammates, hang out with people I love, go to the beach, go hang out!
Enes Kanter
When I was a toddler, my father cut hair in the townhouse we had shared together in Long Beach, California, where Dad was stationed with the U.S. Navy. The buzz of clippers consistently hummed as he gave fades to his coworkers, my uncles, and my brother, but his clippers were never oiled and plugged in for my head.
Janet Mock
I’ve often argued that oil and gas exploration is a state’s rights issue. It is abundantly clear that the State of Florida does not want drilling to negatively affect its beaches and shores
Jeff Miller
May we all, as a nation of believers, fight for the achievement of America, may we make sacrifices worthy of those proud men and women who fought for us, labored for us, bled soil from the beaches of Normandy to the fields of Gettysburg for us.
Cory Booker
I move between San Francisco and Paris… I have a wonderful beach house in California.
Danielle Steel
Then in October, Indian Summer, the air turned so soft, the sunlight so fragile, and each day’s loveliness so poignantly doomed that even self-ignorance and restlessness felt like profound states of being, and he just wandered the empty beaches and misty headlands in a state of serene confusion and awe.
David James Duncan
My ideal meal varies, depending on the time of year. Lobster on a deck overlooking a beach at sunset is one – but all my kids have to be there, because they are all lobster-lovers. Making a bolognese sauce over pappardelle for my husband on a winter evening, because he loves my bolognese sauce and it’s his comfort food.
Amy Bloom
Throughout my career, people have totally confused ‘Laguna Beach’ and ‘The O.C.’ I think, in people’s minds, it all kind of got blurred over time.
Mischa Barton
I used to come to the gay pride parades in New York. I’ve been to a few down in Miami Beach, if memory serves.
Elvis Duran
I’d most likely be a helicopter pilot, or I’d own a really cool surf hotel somewhere on a beach.
Wade Eastwood
I was kind of a tough girl. And I guess that came through, like, moving around, my parents getting a divorce, different step-families, and stuff like that. I’d been through a little bit more than most people who are just from Laguna Beach.
Kristin Cavallari
Hollywood’s schizophrenia over guns is matched only by their attitude toward taxes. Ever wonder why they film in Vancouver so often? It ain’t for the beaches, I can tell you.
Greg Gutfeld
Drugs are so easy to get in the ghetto. They might not be easy to get in nice areas like Beverly Hills, but in Long Beach and Compton and South Central they’re easy to get.
Snoop Dogg
I like to work out in the gym, but when I’m in Miami, it’s all about the beach for exercise.
Ser’Darius Blain
I’m taking my talents to South Beach.
LeBron James
My stepfather, Steve Mallonee, is a retired Miami Beach firefighter, loved and adored by many. After numerous years of heroic work, saving lives through fire and heavy smoke, he has developed a very fatal lunge disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis.
Chad Gilbert
The oceans are more or less in disrepair. Long Beach really is making an effort to acknowledge this, and that’s a great place to start. I’m trying to spread at least the knowledge that it’s never too early to take care of our oceans and our environment.
Aaron Peirsol
So, I went to see No Doubt play on March 14, 1987 at the show at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California. A week later I tried out and I joined the band and that was obviously a completely incredible thing for me and a life changing moment.
Tony Kanal
The funny thing is that I’m the girl who no one sees at the beach. Ask anyone who’s traveled with me. Normally, I’m in so many layers, I look like Lawrence of Arabia!
Vera Wang
I saw thousands of pumpkins last night come floating in on the tide, bumping up against the rocks and rolling up on the beaches; it must be Halloween in the sea
Richard Brautigan
If not doing VICE, I probably would be selling Cokes on the beach in Vietnam. I like the sea.
Shane Smith
What happens is that every August photographers camp out in Hyannis Port. So anytime I go down to the beach, or go to the pier or whatever, there’s no avoiding them.
John F. Kennedy Jr.
I have never been in a bad mood and near a beach ball at the same time. Causation? Correlation? Or fate?
Demetri Martin
You don’t know who to believe. Like Abraham Lincoln. He said all men were created equal. He never went to a nude beach.
Rodney Dangerfield
Oh, this is fun – went to a nude beach for the first time. Yeah, that’s what I thought. You ever been to a nude beach? Thought it would be all sexy and hot. Oh my God, what a flubber fest! Everybody who shouldn’t be naked is naked – didn’t make me want to take off my clothes, made me want to take out my contacts.
Carol Leifer
I love to go to the beach or stay at the pool with my girls – enjoy the sun and the water as much as I can, take rides with the bicycles, and spend time with my family.
Bianca Balti
I can’t wait to be that age and hanging out with a bunch of people hanging out all day playing golf and going to the beach, all my own age. We’d be laughing and having a good time and getting loopy on our prescription drugs. Driving golf carts around. I can’t wait.
Cameron Diaz
It feels like Gangstarr is the purest group in hip-hop. They was shooting videos on the beach in the winter when the water was ice. Razor-blade music.
Fat Joe
I am lucky enough to live in Miami so dinner on the beach with people I love is one of my favorite ways to relax.
Adriana Lima
Some folks like to get away Take a holiday from the neighborhood. Hop a flight to Miami Beach Or to Hollywood But I’m talking a Greyhound On the Hudson River Line. I’m in a New York state of mind.
Billy Joel
Miami Beach is a completely interesting hybrid because it is, on the one hand, a resort and, on the other hand, a real city. This condition of city and water on two sides I think is really amazing. And in the heart of that city, it has put an enormous convention center, an enormous physical presence.
Rem Koolhaas
If you take away scale, the nature of the story changes. I made a joke the other day: if I were to try to make ‘Glory’ now, rather than be about a regiment, it would be about a platoon. It would be seven men in the woods rather than all the men on the beach.
Edward Zwick
I do get credit for having a California sound to my music, but I don’t think people really know what that means – they think the Beach Boys. I’m thinking more like Sunset Strip in the 1960s and stuff like that.
Ariel Pink
I’m really into coconut oil for everything. I cook it, eat it, put it in my hair, and use it as body lotion. I put it on my face, too – day cream, night cream, whatever. I love the smell. It reminds me of the beach. I’m not particular on what brand as long as it’s organic.
Juliette Lewis
We’ve grown up on the Beach Boys and the Beatles and Blur and Bowie and the Clash. Also E.L.O. and Hall and Oates. Those are all artists who write songs that are accessible but still left of center. It’s intelligent pop. There’s still something different and complex about it.
Mark Foster
The beach is in our blood. Everyone in our family returns to the beach instinctively, just like the sea turtles.
Sandy Archibald
In their matching candy-stripe shirts, the Beach Boys were America’s biggest band of the early ’60s, transmitting utopian bulletins of summer without end to a cold and overcast nation.
Steve Erickson
She grew more and more silent about what really mattered. She curled inside herself like one of those black chimney brushes, the little shellfish you see on the beach, and you touch them, and then go inside and don’t come out.
Janet Frame
My ideal holiday would be to spend the first week doing lots of fun stuff, then to spend the second week relaxing on a beach.
Charley Boorman
My first novel, ‘You Lost Me There,’ has been described as a beach read. Tough bracket, beach reads. There’s not much room for mistakes when you’re competing against the sun for a person’s attention.
Rosecrans Baldwin
My natural state is a state of an explorer – a performer, but someone who wants to explore their experience and reflect on their experience more than just lie on the beach. Even when I go on vacations, I get stressed out if I’m at the beach for, like, two days. I’m like, ‘Can’t we do something? I can’t just sit there.’
David Harbour
Lou Tyrrell has created a theatre that is a safe haven for playwrights, a birthing center for new American writing. Arts Garage has created a vital, enthusiastic audience for theatre, music, painting and sculpture in Delray Beach.
Israel Horovitz
As a kid in the projects, I always looked forward to spring break. We’d either have cousins visiting us for the week from up north, and we’d all play sports together, or sometimes I’d go to Vero Beach and hang with my cousins there.
Flo Rida
I swim a lot, almost every day. I just go out to the beach by my place in Malibu and jump into the ocean.
Michael Madsen
When a mother takes pictures of her children on the beach, she doesn’t take herself for an artist; she does it for love, which is an excellent reason, from my point of view.
Martin Parr
We didn’t worry about getting a venue or asking permission. We started out guerrilla. We were illegal, going down to the beach to burn this thing.
Larry Harvey
I love the beach; I grew up on the Baltic Sea. I love the beach. I love the water. I love surfing and swimming.
When people say money doesn’t matter, it sure as hell does when you’re able to show your mother a beach house and then hand her the keys to it. That was one of the happiest moments of my life.
Tony Robbins
I was a street kid, but that meant hopping a ride on the back of the MTA down to Revere Beach – that’s the beach that’s made out of concrete – or sneaking into the Boston Garden to watch the Celtics or the Bruins.
Howie Long
The sun shines everywhere, not just at the beach.
Brande Roderick
Men are polished, through act and speech, Each by each, As pebbles are smoothed on the rolling beach.
John Townsend Trowbridge
I’m not someone who can lie on a beach and do nothing. I am not sure what you are supposed to do, so I get bored. I prefer to have a purpose, such as going to Alaska to see orca whales.
Miranda Richardson
Words today are like the shells and rope of seaweed which a child brings home glistening from the beach and which in an hour have lost their luster.
Cyril Connolly
At a certain point memory becomes a beach strewn with landmines, all life’s many losses buried in those sands.
Thomas H. Cook
I remember being so homesick and realizing that where I came from was not something that existed in the cultural imagination outside the city. People used to think Miami was just partying in South Beach all the time.
Jennine CapГі Crucet
When I run on the beach, it’s always in slow motion. That’s just how I roll.
Amber Heard
To be whole and harmonious, man must also know the music of the beaches and the woods. He must find the thing of which he is only an infinitesimal part and nurture it and love it, if he is to live.
William O. Douglas
In Huntington Beach, California, three police instructors lost their jobs after ordering two cadets who were caught smoking to eat cigarette sandwiches as punishment. And of course the tobacco companies are thinking, ‘Cigarette sandwiches – what a great idea.’
Jay Leno
I toured around the country and met all these Broadway producers who put me in all these Neil Simon plays like ‘Brighton Beach Memoirs’ and ‘Biloxi Blues.’
Jon Tenney
I found all these stupid pictures of cats at the beach, and I was like, “They get it, man. They totally get it.”
Bethany Cosentino
When I think back to my childhood, I just think of the word ‘freedom.’ In the summers, we spent all day on the beach.
Donna Langley
She felt… how life, from being made up of little separate incidents which one lived one by one, became curled and whole like a wave which bore one up with it and threw one down with it, there, with a dash on the beach.
Virginia Woolf
Everyone thinks L.A. is the beach. And actually, Hollywood is really far from the beach.
Glenn Danzig
Coco is the greatest part of my life. I love everything about being a mom, but our talks and walks on the beach are my favorite moments.
Courteney Cox
They had me doing Beach Boys remakes and all that. I was basically a marionette.
Leif Garrett
There was a summer in college where I worked for a stretch picking up garbage at the beach. On the early shift, it was very meditative walking the shoreline and crisscrossing the sand, picking up the junk people had dropped or tossed or that the ocean had returned. And there was this strange fantasy element to it.
Nathan Englander
Kneeling on the sea bottom in a place known as Tiger Beach, I watched a 12-foot- long female tiger shark cruise over the turtle grass with three silver bar jacks swimming in front of her nose.
Brian Skerry
I like getting a tan, so if I’m lying on the beach, I want to get as much skin out as possible.
Eliza Doolittle
My best friends are just girls who go to school. They’re not in the industry, and we have dinner nights and learn how to cook together and go on hiking trails and the beach.
Nicole Gale Anderson
When he proposed to me, Yash said one of the nicest things ever. He spoke of a vision in which he saw himself, his wife, and a stroller, with a baby, on a scenic beach. And the lady in his vision was me. That sealed the deal for me.
Radhika Pandit
Wake up to find out that you are the eyes of the world, but the heart has its beaches, its homeland, and thoughts of its own. Wake now, discover that you are the song that the morning brings, but the heart has its seasons its evenings, and songs of its own
Robert Hunter
If you took all the sand from all the beaches, all the desserts, and all the oceans and called that the Universe, our whole solar system would be less than one grain of sand.
Seth Shostak
I don’t know if [Samuel] Beckett is something you ever bring to the beach – get out of the water, towel off, and start reading some of “The Unnamable.” Although, because it’s the kind of book you can open to any page and start reading, it is beach reading in that way.
David Duchovny
So I started to relax and would work on my act eight hours a day, sitting at a desk writing at my grandmother’s house, and I would put on Richard Pryor Live on Long Beach and would play it like a loop and think and write.
George Lopez
I’m not going to give quotes about inventing the ‘beach book,’ but I was certainly at the forefront of it.
Elin Hilderbrand
Every now and again I want to go to the beach and be in the sun, but that’s a very rare feeling, so I could live in London, definitely.
Taylor Momsen
there on the beaches of Normandy I began to reflect on the wonders of these ordinary people whose lives were laced with the markings of greatness.
Tom Brokaw
In times of uncertainty – whether it’s economic, psychological, emotional, or philosophical – people often say that the only thing we can truly control is our attitudes. If that’s true, then I’m going to spend today walking my 14-year-old dog on a free beach and treasuring the fact that she’s still alive.
Ali Liebegott
It happened on ‘Laguna Beach’ where you don’t know what’s real and fake, and I saw cast members who couldn’t distinguish what was real and what was fake anymore. It was kind of scary to see, so I kept them very separate so that I didn’t go crazy.
Kristin Cavallari
My dad was very excited about me doing ‘Laguna Beach,’ and he thought it was a great opportunity. My mom, however, living in Chicago, was a little nervous. I mean she had some reservations about MTV. I think there was a point in my life where I wasn’t even allowed to watch MTV!
Kristin Cavallari
You can never have too much sky.
Sandra Cisneros
Summer means happy times and good sunshine. It means going to the beach, going to Disneyland, having fun.
Brian Wilson
I like to escape to the beach and kind of ground myself whenever I can.
Lili Reinhart
My father had his own business, a clothing store, which he inherited from his father. He travelled abroad frequently and was quite extravagant, so we had skiing holidays and summer holidays on the beach.
Britt Ekland
I am you; you are ME. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.
Sathya Sai Baba
Nothing erodes [a mother’s love]. It is not sand on a beach. It is the nuclear heart of things-hard as the rock of this earth.
Beth Kephart
I get up at 7:30. I grab a canvas bag and go out. I say hello to the people in the supermarket and liquor store. I buy the ‘New York Times.’ I go to the beach and think about characters and plot.
Lawrence Sanders
Mounting those red stairs [in Cannes] is something I’ve done with a very different intention many times. So it’s interesting any time you witness those shifts of perspective. The beach scenes were also fun. It felt very strange and very theatrical to kind of commandeer it and have La Mer booming over the speakers.
Willem Dafoe
I like to run down to the beach and have a little swim in the nude in the morning.
Robert McNamara
I’m a culture person when I’m working, so my downtime is beach time: sand, surf and a barbecue.
John Torode
That’s your solution? Have a cookie?’ Astrid asked. ‘No, my solution is to run down to the beach and hide out until this is all over,’ Sam said. ‘But a cookie never hurts.
Michael Grant
I believe it’s a woman’s right to decide what she wants to wear and if a woman can go to the beach and wear nothing, then why can’t she also wear everything?
Malala Yousafzai
Los Angeles is a very magical place when you take the entertainment industry out of it. You have beautiful beaches and amazing mountains here. I’m a big rock climber. I head out into the mountains whenever I have free time. It’s amazing.
Alex Pettyfer
I like The Four Freshmen, anything with good harmonies, some Beach Boys. I like the girl groups as well, like The Dixie Cups and all that.
Alex Turner
If I have a Sunday free, I’ll go up the coast and spend some time on the beach. I scuba dive and swim and sail. A lot of the things I like are around the water.
Parker Stevenson
To see for themselves what the United States has been willing to undertake in the name of freedom. We should all visit Normandy. We should pay homage to those brave Americans who stormed ashore at Omaha Beach and gave their lives for the freedom of others.
Fatos Nano
I’m a fan of all these genres of music, everything from Mumford & Sons to Beach Boys to doo-wop music to reggae.
I’m the girl that’s on the beach with a hat on, under an umbrella. Like, very shaded.
Dakota Fanning
Welcome to Perdido beach, where our motto is: Radiation, what radiation?
Michael Grant
Gather a shell from the strewn beach
And listen at its lips: they sigh
The same desire and mystery,
The echo of the whole sea’s speech.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
I’ve never been to a beach party before. We have gravel-pit parties in Alaska.
John Gourley
I go eat a sandwich for lunch and have a milk shake and miss going to the gym for 10 days, and somebody snaps a picture of me on the beach, and all of a sudden, I’ve lost it. Why do I need to be perfect all the time?
Eric Dane
The person who betrayed you is sunning themselves on a beach in Hawaii and you’re knotted up in hatred. Who is suffering?
Jack Kornfield
You can’t find an uglier urban environment than the centre of Hollywood, but then you go to Griffith Park, you go to the beach, you go to the mountains, and it’s rural. I live up in the Hollywood Hills and I have frogs, owls, coyotes, mountain lions – but I’m ten minutes from the centre of the city.
I get a call from my sister. They go, ‘We met the funniest, funniest doctor in Newport Beach.’ And they introduced me to Dr. Terry Dubrow.
Paul Nassif
I love the ocean, but I’m just not one to lie on the beach.
Naomi Judd
I was trying to put myself in a bottle that would one day wash up on the beach for my children. If I were a painter, I would have painted for them. If I were a musician, I would have composed music. But I am a lecturer. So I lectured.
Randy Pausch
I grew up surfing on the north coast of New South Wales, and on most of the beaches, women never wore tops. When we were 10 or 11, me and my mates couldn’t drive, so they’d take us surfing and then sit on the beach topless and read a book. I don’t know if I quite saw them sexually, but there was physical intrigue.
Simon Baker
The great thing about the Island is you’ve got room. You can go for a bike ride. We’re 20 minutes to a beach, and you can get on the beach and go for a long walk.
Barry Trotz
Life is a beach, and these hoes try’na lay out
Lil Wayne
I couldn’t do any of my other characters, you know? But I could have done the lady. Church Lady’s Malibu Beach party is an idea I have for a movie, too. Yes.
Dana Carvey
It’s easier to be healthy in Hawaii than it is, almost anywhere else I’ve lived. You spend a lot of time outside, in the ocean and on the beach.
Terry O’Quinn
Where’s your sense of adventure?” “Off on a beach somewhere with your sanity?
Rachel Caine
I always try to start my weekend by running on the beach, which is great fun here in Barcelona.
Daniel Bruhl
There will always be a Beach Boys. Being a Beach Boy is like being in love.
Dennis Wilson
We are truly the land of the great. From the rock shores of… Hawaii… to the beautiful sandy beaches of… Hawaii… America is our home.
Sarah Palin
I think it’s a very old and deep-seated double standard that holds that when a man writes about family and feelings, it’s literature with a capital L, but when a woman considers the same topics, it’s romance, or a beach book – in short, it’s something unworthy of a serious critic’s attention.
Jennifer Weiner
When you get to the holidays, if you think that the holidays will be forever, you just take it for granted. But, if you know that you have just three days at the beach, you will be so happy to be there, every day.
Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu
My dad was a soul fan and a singer himself, and he loved vocal harmony, stuff like the Beach Boys and Motown like the Four Tops, which was a big influence on me.
Katy B
You know if you pick up a beach read, you’re excused from the problems in your own life and safe in a world with conflicts you understand, and you know you will get a happy ending.
Nancy Thayer
I think that Pebble Beach is my favorite golf course to go to. I think Augusta is my favorite place to go play golf.
Jack Nicklaus
One of my favorite vacation places is Miami, because of the people, the water and the beach – of course – and the architecture on Miami Beach is so wonderful.
Oksana Baiul
I surfed Dana Point, San Clemente, and of course Huntington Beach. Every morning, you could find me at the hot water pipe.
Dick Dale
[Beaches] is a pretty picture and I just liked having somebody like Bette [Mudler] who can be flying in the big comedy scenes and have her do more like a realistic part.
Garry Marshall
I’m one of three boys raised by a single mom in a military beach town in the South.
Jason Winston George
The nice thing about e-books is that if you’re sitting on the beach and you finish one Elin Hilderbrand novel and don’t want to get out of your chair, you can sit there, buy the rest, and load them on your device.
Elin Hilderbrand
Puerto Rico has a stray dog problem. Tens of thousands of homeless canines – hundreds of thousands, by some estimates – live and die on the streets and beaches all over this Caribbean island of almost four million people.
Juliana Hatfield
What most people find festive-a weekend at a beach shack with friends, a boat trip down a river, a crackling bonfire on a summer night-I see as a bleak nightmare to be grimly endured. I would sooner put lit cigarettes in my eyes than share a vacation house with a crowd.
Jancee Dunn
Couples without kids have each other, their friends, families, and Siri to talk to. It’s not like they’re quarantining themselves in an underground bunker, never to take a romantic stroll on the beach or attend a Morrissey concert ever again. They’re just using birth control.
Jen Kirkman
For me, the idea of being a successful actor is hanging out with my dogs and my boy, down in Venice beach, and going, “I don’t have to audition today. I’ve got a little respite here.”
Robert Knepper
I love the beach and rock climbing and boxing and nature, so I like to stay away from my phone as much as possible.
Millie Bobby Brown
As far as informing the headmaster, Harry had no idea where Dumbledore went during the summer holidays. He amused himself for a moment, picturing Dumbledore, with his long silver beard, full-length wizard’s robes, and pointed hat, stretched out on a beach somewhere, rubbing suntan lotion onto his long crooked nose.
J. K. Rowling
Sometimes just being on a beach with my loved ones is all the adventure I need. I am a happy camper and continue to be a citizen of the world. I have yet to discover other cultures, other peoples’ dreams and treasures. I will always be a traveler who is discovering beautiful Gaia.
Guy Laliberte
If I do go to the beach there have to be certain rules: it can’t be a pebbly beach, there has to be some shade and there has to be a beach bar. I don’t want to go off the beaten track.
Jenny Eclair
Our family life, before figure skating turned it upside down, seemed normal. Our town of Riverside, Connecticut, was part of Greenwich, and we had the advantage of their wonderful community, with great beaches and beautiful parks.
Dorothy Hamill
When I come in from the beach at night, I’m too hungry to wait for anything that takes very long.
Nell Newman
Rich people who own mansions on the beach shouldn’t get federal subsidies. If you want to stay there, take the risk.
Geraldo Rivera
At the risk of sounding corny, the beach and the ocean are such a constant part of Los Angeles life, so that definitely seeps into our music.
Sasha Spielberg
I would be doing anything to avoid a 9-5 job and high heels. Lifeguard, beach volleyball player, whatever.
Julie Foudy
When we reached the beach, Leif fell to his knees with a dramatic cry. “Solid ground! I’ll never take you for granted again.” “Are you going to kiss the sand?” I asked. “Don’t be ridiculous.” “Now I’M the one being silly?” “Yes.
Maria V. Snyder
I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.
Rosamund Pike
The sun was down, And all the west was paved with sullen fire. I cried, Behold! the barren beach of hell At ebb of tide.
Alexander Smith
He was swept with a sadness, a sadness deep and penetrating, leaving him desolate like someone washed up on a beach, a lone survivor in a world full of strangers.
Robert Cormier
When I was learning to creep, my mother set me down on the beach to see what I thought of it. I crawled straight for the coming wave and was just through the wall of green when she caught my heels.
Sylvia Plath
Writing the first draft is like hitting the beach on D Day. You don’t stop to mourn the dead or comfort the wounded. You get off the beach because, if you don’t, you’ll die there.
Matt Hughes
We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.
Winston Churchill
I never tell one client that I cannot attend his sales convention because I have a previous engagement with another client; successful polygamy depends upon pretending to each spouse that she is the only pebble on your beach.
David Ogilvy
I’m really into beaches, but I also enjoy a bit of culture. An ideal holiday would have a nice balance of the two, but I’m definitely not into adrenalin sports, nor would I enjoy spending a month solid on a beach.
Miranda Raison
I love the night. I love to feel the tide of darkness rising, slowly and slowly washing, turning over and over, lifting, floating, all that lies strewn upon the dark beach, all that lies hid in rocky hollows.
Katherine Mansfield
I love St. Ives and Fowey. I have childhood memories of the Headland Hotel, where ‘The Witches’ was filmed, standing on the Fistral Beach. There’s something about packing a bikini and Wellington boots – and I’m away.
Suranne Jones
I try to get to the beach every day. It brings sanity to my life. I’ll just sit and read a book and enjoy the quiet.
Audrina Patridge
I gather most people don’t remember that when the U.S. Open first went to Pebble Beach in 1972, a big deal was made of the Open going to a public course for the first time.
Dan Jenkins
I enjoyed growing up part of my life in Virginia Beach. We had the ocean and the beach and a beautiful landscape. We were outdoors all the time and we played outside.
Mark Ruffalo
Crank up the Beach Boys, Baby.
Randy Newman
That road to V-E Day was hard and long, and traveled by weary and valiant men. And history will always record where that road began. It began here, with the first footprints on the beaches of Normandy.
George W. Bush
The total number of stars in the Universe is larger than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the planet Earth.
Carl Sagan
I lived in Brooklyn for a year and I moved out to Rockaway Beach. I’ve been living here for two years now. I put my address on the album, so I have a lot of visitors all the time.
Mac DeMarco
To me, Miami is like Hell and I’m Osiris when it comes to music – I’m underrated and I came through with this rare sound. “East” means east of Miami, which is South Beach. So I’m the “Osiris of the East”, I became my own god in music, and I took over South Beach.
Every season, we spend what really should be our hiatus, and what really should be me relaxing on a beach, planning out the whole season.
Marc Guggenheim
It’s funny, but when I arrived in California to start college I was much more interested in becoming a surfer and cruise along in life from one beach to the next. I didn’t plan out any huge career for myself.
Benicio Del Toro
I gravitate towards happy music. I love the Beach Boys.
Zooey Deschanel
Beaches, music, and car rides—they could all bring on a sudden bout of deep, dreamy thoughts.
Deb Caletti
Being from Florida and playing so many tournaments on that beach in Fort Lauderdale, I just want to be on that beach playing.
Brooke Sweat
I typically enjoy a beautiful beach destination, as I find the water and sand to be the most replenishing.
Elizabeth Berkley
I don’t get to go to the beach often, so when I’m in Miami I usually spent the majority of my time by the ocean.
Brandi Cyrus
I grew up on the beach and I grew up surfing and I grew up swimming in this very genuine beach town back in Australia, and it’s just something I really want to reflect in my lifestyle and in the way I am, the way I represent myself, the way I dress and the music that I make.
Cody Simpson
I don’t want to be in my car all day. I love getting up in the morning in Venice and walking my dogs down to the cafГ© to get my tea, and then perhaps going to a bookstore and sitting and reading, then walking to the beach.
Jessica Chastain
A lot of my buddies also played golf, but when it came to going to the beach or on the boat and chasing girls, they usually went that way and I went to the golf course to practice. Sometimes they’d come from the beach at dark to pick me up at the course.
Mike Weir
I just love spending the day at the beach and then staying inside all night.
Lili Reinhart
Back in the old days, we were often compared to Led Zeppelin. If we did something with harmony, it was the Beach Hoys. Something heavy was Led Zeppelin.
Freddie Mercury
I’m a total beach bum.
Amyra Dastur
I have always thought beach weddings are beautiful. A sunset ceremony with a beautiful sky, white drapes and fire lanterns.
Ricky Whittle
I like to go to the beach, have a bonfire, and play music.
Colbie Caillat
My husband and I like cities. We like to go to other cities. Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London. We’re not big beach people. We’re the type that get those books out and go to every museum. We are those people.
Julie Halston
I go to Saint Barth in the French West Indies for two weeks each year. That place is amazing. Amazing people, beautiful beaches, great wine, wonderful harbors… It’s incredibly romantic.
Brooke Burke
They all went down in droves because just scenes of palm trees and beaches can get pretty boring.
James MacArthur
Views are overrated; it’s light that counts. I have an apartment in Miami’s South Beach, and I get tired of looking at the ocean. Even that view gets old after a while. Sunlight streaming into a room – it never gets old.
Michael Graves
Pebble Beach. It is tough and the lay out is amazing.
It is one thing to do your dance on a beach and quite another to collaborate intimately with the sand.
Deborah Jowitt
I’ve always been fascinated by the Gold Coast. The homes themselves are spectacular, unlike anything you’ll see other than in Newport, Bar Harbor or Palm Beach. It’s a very special area that, because of local demographics, is not going to survive much longer.
Nelson DeMille
I was born in Orange, California and I grew up in Huntington Beach. I started skateboarding when I was five and continued to do so off and on over the years.
Jason Lee
To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me
Isaac Newton
Going from Miami to L.A., it’s such a different scene. In L.A., it’s always dressing to impress. Miami is not, unless you go to South Beach.
Sabrina Claudio
If I lose my mind again and I tell you that I’m thinking of getting married, I want you to put me in a straight jacket and take me to the beach at high tide.
Rush Limbaugh
When they first kiss, there on the beach, they will kneel at the edge of the Pacific and say a prayer of thanks, sending all the stories of love inside them out in a fleet of bottles all across the oceans of the world.
Francesca Lia Block
I’m not one for walking the beaches humming a melody. I love the discipline of sitting in the studio, writing and listening. That is my domain.
There’s worse things in life than to put sunscreen on. It means I’m going to work, which is on the beach, which is pretty wonderful.
Kerri Walsh Jennings
I definitely have an eye on doing more work in features and playing different characters, but I am also a big fan of going on vacation and playing golf and going to the beach. With anything, it’s about finding the balance.
Bailey Chase
You can never have too much, butter.
Julie Powell
When someone discovers something in their lives that really interests them, then they should be content with doing that – without having to go and lie on a beach once a year.
Bernd Becher
By 1968, both The Beatles and The Beach Boys had plenty of fame – we were looking for something deeper. The Maharishi taught us how to go beyond thinking and action in order to grow from within.
Mike Love
He looked like the king of muscle beach and he was a surfer. But he had vision. He believed that for a city to be great, it had to have a great newspaper.
Tom Rosenstiel
I’m from Long Beach – not the best area in the world – and I had a lot of ghetto friends growing up.
Manny Montana
I used to be a street performer, and performances on Venice Beach, it’s like playing the Apollo: They let you know if they don’t like you!
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
I cannot lie on the beach or by a swimming pool. I think I’m too Nordic to like a lot of relentless sun.
Sandi Toksvig