Better Person Quotes

Better Person Quotes by Ray Lewis, Dottie West, Molly Ivins, Bob Proctor, Hyde, Cindy Crawford and many others.

When you try to help people become a better person, you

When you try to help people become a better person, you’re going to have to find out what’s really going in their world.
Ray Lewis
I guess you could say that I’m the luckiest girl because I got to meet my true hero. She was a precious person. She made me a better singer, a better person. She was the consummate artist and human being.
Dottie West
I’m sorry to say cancer can kill you, but it doesn’t make you a better person.
Molly Ivins
Goal setting is the essence of life. Tenaciously pursue your goals not for external praise but for inner reward. It makes you a better person, parent, professional. It is important to be constantly growing.
Bob Proctor
If there is another me inside of me Then I hope that he’s a better person than I am
I like to work. The self-esteem and satisfaction that I get from working makes me a better person, which makes me a better mom.
Cindy Crawford
When I was young, living in Belgium, my parents spoke Portuguese, we have the Brazilian passion at home, I played with PSV in Holland, you experience all these different cultures and you get used to living with that. I think it has made me a better player and a better person to get out of my comfort zone.
Andreas Pereira
In fact, Parkinson’s has made me a better person. A better husband, father and overall human being.
Michael J. Fox
The experience of travelling, getting familiar with other languages, other cultures definitely helps. It makes you a better person.
Brendan Rodgers
I’m very very happy for my hardships and misfortunes: they build character and make you a better person. Even if I think it’s something you have to carry with you, it’s definitely something that makes you more empathic towards other people, makes you understand people and relationships so much better.
Jens Lekman
It makes me a better person, surfing, I think. It’s a great outlet.
Luke Hemsworth
Music may not make you a genius, or rich, or even a better person. But it helps train you to think differently, to process different points of view — and most important, to take pleasure in listening.
Joanne Lipman
Not only am I constantly seeking better performance but also to be a better person, to be respected.
Yani Tseng
Everyone knows Pep Guardiola is a great professional, but getting to know him, I have realised he is an even better person.
Gabriel Jesus
That was the way it was that beautiful evening of cold November rain and muddy country roads and crazy windshield wipers. That was the moment of my greatest security and confidence; it was the time when I realized that love makes one a better person, a kinder gentler one.
Irene Hunt
Having red hair is never good when you’re a kid. I was picked on a lot and didn’t have a lot of friends. But I think that gave me a thick skin and helped make me a better person.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Meditation is not a matter of trying to achieve ecstasy, spiritual bliss, or tranquillity, nor is it attempting to become a better person. It is simply the creation of a space in which we are able to expose and undo our neurotic games, our self-deceptions, our hidden fears and hopes.
Pema Chodron
Let each new year find you a better person.
Benjamin Franklin
My four sons all knew I was a Jew, but they were allowed to be whatever they wanted to be. The only thing important to me was that they be good people who help other people, because all religion should try to make you a better person and a more caring person. Whenever religion does that for you, it’s a good religion.
Kirk Douglas
Sometimes, off the field you learn the most, becoming a better person, and nutritionally, I’ve worked a lot on it.
Jordan Pickford
I suppose maybe [Wilson] would be a better person if he were able to censor himself, but then he wouldn’t be as interesting.
Woody Harrelson
You have to be confident in who you are and what you’re doing. Of course, you try to evolve. I would never tell you, ‘Today is the best I will ever be.’ I’m always trying to be a better chef, a better dad, a better person.
Guy Fieri
Jazz has a tradition that has enriched the culture in America. The intellectualism of it does nothing but make you think on a higher level and make you a better person if you engage in the music and let it do what it does when it is played at its highest level.
Jon Batiste
Love should be that person that inspires you to be a better person.
Angelina Jolie
You look at yourself and you accept yourself for who you are, and once you accept yourself for who you are you become a better person.
Oprah Winfrey
Throughout L.A. Reid’s career, I realize he has been a part of creating some of the biggest superstars in the industry. I feel there is no better person to partner with.
Yo Gotti
I couldn’t tell you what was my last performance before I was incarcerated. I couldn’t tell you what last meal I had, or anything of those things because I didn’t think about it; it wasn’t important to me. I think about it now. I can tell you everything I ate for the past week. I think that alone makes me a better person.
Remy Ma
Become a better person and be sure to know who you are, before meeting someone new and hoping that person knows who you are
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
What does culture mean? It’s not a physical thing. I love a museum, but that, for me, doesn’t make you a better person.
Karamo Brown
Martial arts has been a way of life for me since I was a young kid. It created a discipline and respect for everything. Martial arts has just made me a better person. It’s a way of life.
Luke Rockhold
The partner that you have is supposed to make you a better person, and when you’re happy, you’re a better person.
Bai Ling
I started running ultras to become a better person. I thought if you could run 100 miles you’d be in this Zen state. You’d be the Buddha, bringing peace and a smile to the world. It didn’t work in my case. I’m the same old punk-ass as before, but there’s always hope.
Jenn Shelton
Sometimes I overtinker, which is something wrong with my brain chemistry. But in figuring out why I do that, maybe I’ll make myself a better person. I doubt it.
John Goodman
Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.
Naveen Jain
Growing up in music motivated me. I applied that to my education and it made me a better person.
I pray for forgiveness. For help and guidance. To be a better person. For the health of my family. For the world to be a better place.
Tyson Fury
the only way to become a better writer is to become a better person.
Brenda Ueland
The new midlife is where you realize that even your failures make you more beautiful and are turned spiritually into success if you became a better person because of them. You became a more humble person. You became a more merciful and compassionate person.
Marianne Williamson
At 49, I can say something I never would have said when I was a player. I am a better person because of my failures and disgraces.
Bill Walton
You’ve got two choices: you could either complain about it, or use it as fuel to make you a better person.
Brent Smith
I think that great programming is not all that dissimilar to great art. Once you start thinking in concepts of programming it makes you a better person…as does learning a foreign language, as does learning math, as does learning how to read.
Jack Dorsey
A Champion is all they can be in every facet of their lives. They prioritize what they need to get done. But for me it’s someone who works every single day on being a better person.
Shannon Higgins-Cirovski
People say you should read your criticism because it will make you a better person but it doesn’t. It just makes you a sad bitter old showbiz nightmare.
Jo Brand
I now realize that a broken back, failed surgery, and Stage IV cancer are three of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Three of the most positive, transformative things that ever happened to me. They helped me become a vastly better person than I ever was, and I am eternally grateful for that.
Brad Willis
Falling in love-you should go with it, regardless of whether or not your heart gets smashed. You’ll be a better person.
Sandra Bullock
When you make a lot of money, it just means you made a lot of money. It doesn’t make you a better person.
Martina Navratilova
Many kids going through tough times watch WWE on TV and tell me that they feel inspired to be strong and brave because of us. That makes me feel the need to be an even better person because I feel like I’m a role model to them, and that’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly.
Natalya Neidhart
I’ve hurt people unnecessarily when it was about my own insecurities. But you have to make those mistakes to become a better person.
Joel Kinnaman
He was such a fabulous drama coach. What better person to have than Alfred Hitchcock? His work as a director was impeccable. I learned so much.
Tippi Hedren
I am a better person when I am writing, and I am probably a better mother because I can focus all that laser attention on these characters rather than worrying about my kids.
MacKenzie Scott
Realistically, looks offer an advantage to an actor. I’m going to work hard to maintain my skin. I’m going to prevent aging as much as possible. And I will keep trying to become a better person on the inside as much as I spruce up the outside.
Song Joong-ki
It’s not always about getting better on the basketball court. This game teaches you how to become a better person as well. It pushes you into the team concept.
Scottie Pippen
Even when there’s pressure and distractions and expectations from others or myself, it’s a good thing. It just makes me a better person. It makes me stronger.
Nick Goepper
I think life gives you lemons, and the thing that I’m working on doing is not watering it down, not putting sugar in it. Just drink it straight. The more you can take life head on… it’s gonna make you a better person, and then you have nothing left to be afraid of. And what an awesome way to live.
Mum is withdrawn and very shy. I don’t see her as a friend, like I do my dad. He’s active and bouncy. She’s maternal, nurturing, exceptionally intelligent and empathetic. I’m a better person for having had her as a mother.
Chloe Madeley
I just want to be a better person to the community.
Lil Yachty
I do hot yoga. I try to keep one hour a day where I have space to reflect and meditate and take care of me and what is going on inside. This way, I can be a better person to be around.
Patricia Velasquez
I’m a better person when I’m preparing for a role, when I’m studying a role.
Val Kilmer
Being a mom has made me a better person. It’s made me more compassionate. It’s just awesome. I think I was put here to be a mom.
Stephanie Mills
Art is art. You can take it or leave it. Liking it or not liking it does not make you a better person, and who you like or dislike results in the same thing.
Trent Zelazny
We’re always going to remind ourselves of our mistakes and how we do things differently, trying to be a better person or whatever.
Cat Power
I think the rejection – if it’s taken in the right spirit, it can make you a better person. And I think that is what I’ve always striven for. If one thing didn’t work out, a project or anything, it doesn’t mean that I lose my own confidence. In fact, I give myself a lot more confidence and opportunities.
Kangana Ran
Live a life of grace. You’ll be a better person for it, and so will your children.
Chevy Chase
I want to be a better person in every aspect. I really don’t feel I’ve in anyway fulfilled my potential in every area of my life. But I’m optimistic.
Damon Albarn
Fame does different things to different people. For some people it makes them a better person.
Andy Cohen
I’ve gotten incredibly lucky with the people I’ve gotten to work with. It’s made my mind better, and it’s made me a better person.
Zoe Kazan
Sometimes you have to steer away from the crowd in order to be a better person. It’s not always easy, that’s for sure. But it’s right. And sometimes doing the right thing feels good, even if it does end up in a trip to the principal’s office.
Simone Elkeles
I believe you can take all experiences and use them as knowledge and fuel to be a better person.
Allison Holker
I didn’t want to be cut, but it made me a better person and a better player.
Jason Spezza
Beijing didn’t go the way I planned and I would have liked to have performed a little bit better personally. After Beijing that is what stuck in my mind. I want a better Olympic finish.
Alicia Sacramone
To be successful in anything, a person must always want to be better, not only than your opponent but better than your last performance. Done correctly, being competitive is a wonderful way to always try to be a better person by learning from your mistakes and capitalizing on your successes.
Hale Irwin
An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life—becoming a better person.
Leo Tolstoy
Love’s about finding the one person who makes your heart complete. Who makes you a better person than you ever dreamed you could be. Its about looking in the eyes of your wife and knowing all the way to your bones that she’s simply the best person you’ve ever known.
Julia Quinn
It makes one a better person to have had hardships and to have overcome hardships and not to blame anybody else for your mistakes.
Maureen Forrester
Every morning when I wake and every night when I go to sleep, I’m thinking about what I can do to become a better father and a better person.
Dwyane Wade
I absolutely am an environmentalist. I am probably more of an environmentalist than most people who live in the world, but I think that comes from my position in the world and that doesn’t make me a better person.
Ian Bremmer
Obviously you try to learn from the past and your mistakes and how you can become a better player as well as a better person.
Donovan McNabb
I grew up below the poverty line; I didn’t have as much as other people did. I think it made me stronger as a person, it built my character. Now I have a 4.0 grade point average and I want to go to college, and just become a better person.
Justin Bieber
I feel like I’m a better person without the game of football. I’m happier.
Martellus Bennett
It is only when you have mastered the art of loving yourself that you can truly love others. it’s only when you have opened your own heart that you can touch the hearts of others. when you feel centered and alive, you are in much better position to be a better person.
Robin Sharma
You can’t be crazy and wild when you’re on work time. But, I like it, in that sense I think it makes you a better person for having matured at a younger age.
Kay Panabaker
Sean’s a better person when he’s directing. He becomes a queen when he’s an actor. And he’s so unhappy when he’s acting.
Robin Wright
I feel like I am a better person because of my struggles, because of my challenges and persevering through them and realizing the mistakes that I’ve made, correcting them.
Doug Baldwin
Change is definitely every day. It’s an ever-changing world. Everything changes, so I really don’t know. I just hope I become a better person, a better man.
I think people change, but the media, they never allowed me to change. They never allowed me to be a better person
Terrell Owens
I feel the happiest when I’m at the golf course. And I feel calm when I’m on the golf course. I think I’m just a much better person when I’m on the golf course.
Inbee Park
I was real positive when I got out of surgery. I was going to attack rehab, do the little things and become a better person, a better player mentally. Once I come back, I know it’s a long process, but I think I’ll be better for it.
Rodney Hood
I don’t think you learn as much about yourself when you are moving forwards as when you have fallen backwards. That’s when you really learn who you are. And reach for the things that have propelled you forward and made you a better person.
Octavia Spencer
I’ll tell a young kid in a minute, ‘If you don’t know how to read, then what good is trying to be an MC?’ Like, you can MC, but if you’re not trying to be a better person, learn and apply that to your MCing, then how far do you think you’re really going to go?
I’ve tried to be a better person… I’ve tried, and tried and tried! You know how hard I’ve tried! Tell me how I’ve tried…” “Nice try… Five cents, please!
Charles M. Schulz
I found myself thinking a lot about my own spirituality. What it means to be Jewish, what it means to forgive, what it means to sacrifice, but mostly what it means to be alive, how to be a better person, how not to make the mistakes my parents had made. I guess that’s what one might typically call a midlife crisis.
Tod Goldberg
A man can’t ask for much more than the chance to make a difference in his chosen field of work. Politics is my vocation. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this great country of ours. I know I am a better person for it.
Jean Chretien
Doubt can be good because it means you want to improve: you want to be a better person, a better player. But it’s also good not to have too many doubts on the court.
Stan Wawrinka
At any moment, I could start being a better person…but which moment should I choose?
Ashleigh Brilliant
In the end, all that time I spent in the ‘Star Wars’ universe fostered galaxies of creativity and made me a better person here on Earth, because it taught me that everyone counts. That’s why I can sincerely and with a straight face say: ‘May the Force be with you.’
Chris Hardwick
I try to get better every day, and I think the hard work has helped turn me into a better person and not someone who would get a big head.
Julio Jones
At the end of the day, you’re not defined, I don’t believe, by your financial means. That doesn’t make you a better person or a smarter person.
Zac Posen
If you live with a single parent, you don’t see compromise. You witness a grown person living in a world where they do what they want to do. When you are raised by two parents, you are constantly watching compromise take place. Just by observing that, it made me a better person.
Chris Rock
I think I may be a better person for having given serious time and thought and effort to gardening.
Martha Stewart
Fear can be conquered. I became a better person and a better football player when I learned that lesson.
Roger Craig
I want my lasting legacy to be that I was a good wrestler but a better person. I want people to remember me as a good dude. I think that’s very important.
Johnny Gargano
Every day ask yourself, “What would I do today if I were a better person?
Robert Breault
He’s a better person when she’s around, and isn’t that what friends are for, to raise you up and keep you at your best?
David Nicholls
I want to take time to understand life. I want to travel. I want to be a better person, a better Mom. I want to
do something good with my life.
Angelina Jolie
I always hope to be a better person tomorrow than today.
Mahershala Ali
Reading makes me feel I’ve accomplished something, learned something, become a better person. … Reading is bliss.
Nora Ephron
I feel like you can’t really be truthful as an artist and empathize with the human experience, unless you know your truth and you’re not living a lie. So I’m learning through it, and it’s making me a better person, and it’s making me a better artist, I think.
Diane Guerrero
I don’t watch TV. I’d probably be a better person if I did, but it makes me anxious.
Bill Pullman
I try each day, each month, each year to become a better and better person and to be good to the people I love and let them know how much I appreciate them.
Drew Barrymore
If your religion hasn’t made you a better person, then it has failed you as a religion.
Immortal Technique
As you mature as a woman, you relate to songs differently. You’ve experienced more things. If I had a choice to have or have not had the tough stuff happen, well, I don’t wish for that for anybody, to strengthen them or make them a better person.
Lorrie Morgan
I was lucky enough to have parents that took me out from country to country and go to school and learn how to be a better person.
Barkhad Abdi
Success means being satisfied with what you do every day. It’s being proud of the better person you are becoming.
Dwyane Wade
I like to try to learn from my past and be a better person because of it. Better player, better teammate. Better everything.
Trevor Bauer
If I want to be a better person for whoever is in my life, I have to learn.
Paul Gascoigne
Try to be a better person everyday.
Ryan Leaf
I want to be a better person. I want to be a stronger person. I want to be someone who hurts less.
Brian Molko
It makes you a better person to know where you came from, because whereever you go, there is somebody in some town, city, hamlet, whatever, that has the same dreams you have.
Jamie Farr
I think the better actor I am, the better person I become.
Nick Gehlfuss
I know that if I scare myself once a day, I’m a better person.
Laird Hamilton
We’re all flawed human beings trying to be a better person on a daily basis and I didn’t figure that out for a long, long time.
Ryan Leaf
Even the mistakes, even everything bad that happened, I wouldn’t change because then I wouldn’t be the person that I am today. The past is the past. I just want to focus on the future, and getting better, not making the same mistakes and just becoming a better person, a better artist. Just a better everything.
Jay Park
I’m a better artist and I’m a better person because I’m wiser, and stronger and I know who’s hip for me and who ain’t.
I’ve become a better boxer and a better person.
Ryan Garcia
Never regret anything you have been through, because only with those trials will you become a better person the next day.
Crystal Hunt
I think a good mom is an awake mom. At least for me, I’ve always been a kinder, better person awake than sleep-deprived!
Lisa Loeb
It is not making better people of others that management is about. It’s about making a better person of self. Income, power, and titles have nothing to do with that.
Dee Hock
I want people to leave the theater and think, “How can I be a better person?” That’s the only way things are going to improve.
Michael B. Jordan
I think being a Catholic made me a better person. It taught me how to choose good over evil, and how to be a more caring human being.
Sonia Sotomayor
The battle for self-discipline may leave you a bit bruised and battered but always a better person.
Thomas S. Monson
It’s a big theme in my life, learning about myself and being a better person. I’m a work in progress; I have revelations every day.
Rick Rubin
I remember reading Dostoevsky’s ‘The Idiot’ in my grandmother’s Moscow apartment and feeling this call to be a better person.
Keith Gessen
I am and always will be a sinner. But that’s the beautiful thing about Jesus. I’ll always try to be a better person in the eyes of God. But I’m not all of a sudden stepping up on a pedestal and saying I’m holier than thou, ’cause I’m not!
Billy Ray Cyrus
You can’t describe the feeling of being in love – when you meet someone who makes you a better person.
Zac Efron
I do tend to have characters that I guess are in some way loners or dealing with obstacles that they have to confront that ultimately make them a better person in a way.
Craig Gillespie
If you’re going to become a better person, do it in high school.
Camila Mendes
If you are not a better person tomorrow than you are today, what need have you for a tomorrow?
Nachman of Breslov
My life is not separate from my music, you know? It’s not like a day job that I leave and go home. It’s who I am as a person and how I am trying to grow, come closer to God, be a better person.
Such honesty comes with a price, but when you get past the hurt and shock of realizing that you’re faulted and frequently wrong, you also realize that you are really loved and respected for who you are, and you become a better person.
Peter Yarrow
People get the wrong impression about me. They think I’m elitist or I’m conceited or whatever. But I’m a really good person. I take care of my friends and my family. I’m kindhearted. I’m a better person than a lot of people I’m surrounded by. I’ll get chewed up for saying that, but it’s true.
Trevor Bauer
Pain or perspective, that’s the choice.’ . . . You choose pain – you choose to fight it, deny it, bury it – then yes, the choice is always hard. But you choose perspective – embrace your history, give it credit for the better person it can make you, scars and all – the choice gets easier every time.
Ted Dekker
Every one of us strives to be a better person; and if I am to contribute one thing of myself, it would be compassion.
Masiela Lusha
…The God I know is one that promotes peace and freedom. But I get great sustenance from my personal relationship. That doesn’t make me think I’m a better person than you are, by the way. Because one of the great admonitions in the Good Book is, don’t try to take a speck out of your eye if I’ve got a log in my own.
George W. Bush
The main message of it is to not get stagnant and that God wants us to continue to grow and become a better person.
Joel Osteen
I didn’t want to repeat my mistakes so I stopped, took some time out and started having therapy. My songs were bringing up feelings inside of me I didn’t really understand, so I wanted to understand where they were coming from to help me be a better person and a better songwriter.
Neil Diamond
I was forced, more or less, to go to anger management. I was either going to make myself and everyone around me miserable, or I was going to realize that there’s more than one person on this Earth. It definitely has made me a better person.
Randy Orton
I’m a bit of a romantic, to a fault. It’s led me to some great things and also some sad things. It’s made me a better person, to keep a good spirit about dating.
Alexander Koch
My fans firstly [inspire me]. They make me want to be a better person and really motivate me when times get tough. Also Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” and, oddly enough, hubcaps.
Ashley Rickards
So often we think of a wound or a loss as making a person feel more deeply, become a better person. But I don’t think that always happens. I think it can constrict people’s lives, especially if they don’t push beyond it.
Leni Zumas
I would have to say that my divorce was an incredibly difficult experience in my life, but I am truly thankful for it. It made me a stronger and better person.
Sebastian Roche
I don’t have regrets, there are only lessons. You learn from them, and you become a better person.
Nicole Polizzi
One emerges as a better person after going through the wringer.
S. Sreesanth
I have therapy. Every day. I read a bit of Freud; I try to be a better person. Every day.
Art Malik
I have realised it is easy to point fingers at others, but the moment you start questioning yourself, you become a better person.
Kirti Kulhari
The biggest obstacle to people becoming better is that you have to really want to be a good person in order to be a better person, and most people would rather be other things.
Dennis Prager
Not having my father around has made me a better person.
Bradley Wiggins
It’s not the nineteenth century; I’m not meant to be judged on how good a housekeeper I am. Getting down on the floor with a lemon and a bucket of vinegar does not make me a better person.
Emily Matchar
People are gonna like who they like, there’s nothing you can do about it. Just go out there, do what you do best, play your game and try to become a better person on and off the court.
Dion Waiters
I feel like I’m a much better person when I’m developing my imagination and my innocence and my vulnerability. I like that version of me better than the version where I’m just working on my analytical mind.
Brit Marling
Looking in a mirror and telling yourself to feel better doesn’t work when you’re a girl, but finding something that you love to do, something that makes you a better person like volunteering to help others, will definitely make a difference.
Su-chin Pak
I wanted to write about relationships in a more honest, raw sort of way. Get away from all those cliches about how ‘time heals’ and how you can be the better person. Less sugar-coating and more ‘feel the pain.’
Tove Lo
I wanted to go into prison and come out a better person – mentally, physically. So, I read a lot of books, got my GED while I was in there, and worked out every day. Strong body, strong mind.
Ja Rule
I’m on a constant path of self-discovery and change. I’m trying to become a better person, a nicer person. I love therapy – it’s brilliant.
Julia Sawalha
If you’re honest with yourself, that’s the first step in maturing and becoming a better person. If you suppress your shortcomings and fears, they will follow you until the day you die. It was difficult, but I finally admitted to myself that I made mistakes.
Keith Millard
I liked you because you could make me smile. I fell in love with you because you made me want to be a better person. Now that you’re leaving me, what am I supposed to do?
Lisa Gilbert
Saying someone is ugly doesn’t make you any prettier.
John Spence
When you have kids, it takes the focus off of you. You forget about what clothes you’re wearing, or if you went to the gym. It makes you a better person if you do it right.
James Denton
To leave this world a better person, and for me to not be the only one who knows it.
Gavin DeGraw
I would say that Barack Obama not only made me a better person but made me better at my job. He’s one of the most intellectually curious people you’ll ever meet and really brings that out in other people.
Alyssa Mastromonaco
I think that when somebody, when people really have a connection with each other, they change each other. You become a different person, hopefully a better person, because of it.
Emily Deschanel
It’s really rubbish that some kind of “technical” learning means you will be a better person because you know this skill better.
Ai Weiwei
Ask yourself: was there anything I could have done to prevent the situation? If the answer is yes, do something now and become a better person for it.
Dave Pelzer
Your beliefs don’t make you a better person. Your behavior does.
‘Man In The Mirror’ by Michael Jackson – I used to have my very first dance parties with my kids to this song when they were little, even carried them around to it. It just makes you want to be a better person and be inspired.
Summer Sanders
If I get to the end of my life, if I die, and I find out religion is one big lie, I still won’t regret it because it’s helped me to live a better life, to be a better person, to care about people, to believe in forgiveness, to believe in hope.
Elizabeth Smart
Love is a fine cushion to rest upon, but only hate can make you a better person.
Joe Abercrombie
You learn how to be a better person not just on the [race] track, but all around.
Bobby Labonte
I’m grateful that I’ve matured and that I’ve gained that wisdom to be a better person, a better actress, a better musician and a better entertainer overall.
Da Brat
I always have a slight sense of sadness when Ramadan ends. It’s such an amazing, blessed month. For me it is like a training camp for the year. You reflect on your life and things you can improve on. And it’s not about food and drink, it’s about learning to be a better person.
Moeen Ali
I worked on becoming a better person and nurturing what I’ve been blessed with, improving my skills and taking care of my health and beauty.
Heart Evangelista
I’ve done therapy over the years and it has helped me to be a better person and it pushes me to be a better person every day.
Aroldis Chapman
Through a long and painful process, I’ve learned that happiness is an inside job – not based on anything or anyone in the outer material world. I’ve become a different and better person – not perfect, but still a work in progress.
Alana Stewart
I’m working to be a better person.
Aroldis Chapman
It’s a good feeling to know that I’m able to give my kids more and be a better person to be around.
Shaunie O’Neal
I stay away from churches in which I feel like I have to pretend I’m a better person than I am. That sort of thing moves my faith backwards.
Donald Miller
Money will make you more of what you already are. If you’re not a nice person, money’s going to make you a despicable individual. If you’re a good person, money’s going to make you a better person.
Bob Proctor
Motherhood made me a better person.
Jessie James Decker
If I die unexpectedly can everyone just do the right thing and pretend I was a way better person than I am?
Anna Kendrick
In New Japan, it is kept very simple. It’s about proving to the other man or woman that you are the better person. And guess what? It’s about championships.
Mauro Ranallo
I’m still growing each and every day. I’m trying to become a better person, a better player and an all-time better QB.
Lamar Jackson
The only category I do badly in is my personality. And that`s OK. Who cares? And you know what? You want to know something? I`m a better person than the people I`m running against. I see it.
Donald Trump
You don’t just go to somebody and say, ‘I’m a better person because you’re in my head.
Neal Shusterman
Every day I’m getting out of bed and trying to become a better player, a better person.
Michael Clarke
There is no question that sobriety has made me a better actor, made me a better person.
Edie Falco
I’ve made mistakes but the beauty of life is that each regret builds character and makes us a better person
Vitor Belfort
It’s a full time job – trying to be at peace in my life, trying to be a better person and be best in every way I can be, be a good brother, be a good actor and a good human being.
Prateik Babbar
Leaving a great organization and a lucrative contract is not easy, but it allows me to take a deep breath and work on things that can make me a better driver and a better person.
Kurt Busch
For me to be able to reach out to other people throughout all this has been great, people want to hear from me and hear my music right now so it keeps me happy. I cherish every moment. I have a different perspective on everything now. In the end, I think it will make me a better person.
Will Allison
Those who seek a better life must first become a better person.
Jim Rohn
I do need to exercise. I feel I’m a much better person for it.
Joe Wicks
The little things I used to take for granted before I don’t take for granted anymore. This whole situation has evolved me into a better person. Mentally, I’m much stronger, I’m more loving. I’m a man now. Cancer has played a huge role into making me into this person.
Daniel Jacobs
To simply wake up every morning a better person than when I went to bed.
Sidney Poitier
When I play myself, I want to be a slightly better person. It just agrees. Everything I play about myself is kind of true, but it’s amplified. We all edit, don’t we? If you’re self-aware, you stop yourself – you know how to behave properly.
Steve Coogan
A lot of people out there are bullies, and they pick on people and call people names. You need to grow up from that, and you need to become a better person.
Roy Nelson
How can you not forgive someone who made you a better person?
Piolo Pascual
I definitely feel like kids do look up to me as a potential role model. It’s an honor, but it can also be a burden. I may be on TV, but I’m also a teenager. I don’t get it right every time. But I always do my absolute best to stay above board in every way. My fans inspire me to be a better person.
Nathan Kress
As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like I do write a lot, not necessarily for a message to be taken away. I feel like it is a little bit egotistical to be like, “I hope they are a better person after listening to my song.”
I really believe waiting tables, and service industry jobs in general, make you a better person.
Judy Greer
I just don’t see the point in beating myself up. I think it’s more productive to concentrate on being a better person right now than punishing myself for who I was in the past.
Megan McCafferty
What shocked me, and what I wasn’t prepared for, was just how brutal and how unethical some people can be in the NFL. I mean, there were some great people, but there were some real snakes, too. I was like, ‘Holy cow!’ But it made me a better person, and it got me ready for other things.
Terry Crews
I’m still aspiring to be a better and better person, but I think that disappointments have made me gentler with other people and their disappointments, the stuff that they have to carry around and endure.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I always think challenges are interesting and help you to become a better person.
Aung San
She was the most beautiful woman in the world. If she was alive I’d probably be a better person.
Melina Marchetta
I’ve done a lot of self-improvement. I’m always working on being a better person.
Joel Madden
Jail just made me wiser. It made me smarter. It made me wake up to a lot of stuff. And also it made me a better businessman. I had to learn the music business. It just made me a better person as far as the way I live.
I’m sure Mourinho will make me a better player and a better person.
Paul Pogba
Much of the impotence of American churches is tied to a profound ignorance and apathy about justification. Our people live in a fog of guilt. Or just as bad, they think being a better person is all God requires.
Kevin DeYoung
I don’t think you can be in a good relationship unless you love yourself to the fullest and you want to help the other person become a better person.
Nicole Johnson
I’m happy that I have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing child who’s made me a better person.
Solange Knowles
You’re always becoming; you’ve never arrived. And I use that day by day just for me to work hard each and every day, and know that no matter how good I worked out today, no matter how good I thought I was today, I can always get better and always be a better person.
Brandon Ingram
She believed that owning a lots of things made you a better person. She didn’t know – possibly didn’t want to know – that happiness comes from the inside.
Dorothy Koomson
Go afield with a good attitude, with respect for the wildlife you hunt and for the forest and fields in which you walk. Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make you a better person.
Fred Bear
It took more strength and hard work than I would’ve believed myself capable of, but with God’s grace and strength, I managed to lift myself up and become a better person that I’d ever imagined – I believe I have become a loving husband, a compassionate father, and a stronger wrestler.
Eddie Guerrero
I am a better person when I have less on my plate.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Unless the theatre can ennoble you, make you a better person, you should flee from it.
Constantin Stanislavski
I keep joking that I’m in Jason Reitman Film School, because I keep asking him questions every single day about directing and I have a list of things that he’s told me to do and not do and I definitely couldn’t learn from a better person.
Diablo Cody
You shouldn’t just work on your jump shot. You should work on being a better person, a better teammate, and a better friend.
Sue Wicks
Know your history. It can teach you who you are, where you have come from, and how to be a better person as a result.
Emayatzy E. Corinealdi
I like to work. The self-esteem and satisfaction that I get from working makes me a better person, which makes me a better mom. I feel lucky because I have the luxury of working only one or two days a week.
Cindy Crawford
The program of A.A., as written by Bill Wilson and Dr. Smith, only has one purpose: to get you sober. That’s it. To make you a better person, forget it. That was one of the things he came to understand in those years of trial and error. It has to be about only one thing.
Susan Cheever
I started teaching myself, taking a breath or a moment that’s not overreacting or having an explosion. It made me such a better person. Let alone a better mother, but also just a better human.
Mila Kunis
George Clooney is a super-human, he’s just such an amazing human being, he taught me how to be a better person and a better actor!
Shailene Woodley
Everything’s not black and white. We choose to make bad decisions or not. I wanted to explore that and shine a light on it. Chip is trying to be a better person and lead a better life. His methods are just super flawed.
Will Arnett
And it occurred to him that there were two parts to being a better person. One part was thinking about other people. The other part was not giving a toss what other people thought.
Mark Haddon
I wasn’t paid a dime for my track career. But participating in the Olympics gave me the opportunity to learn about different cultures; it made me a better person. I wouldn’t trade the time I competed for anything.
Wyomia Tyus
Immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. It will cleanse your soul and make your a better person.
Fred Bear
In my life I’ve learned that true happiness comes from giving. Helping others along the way makes you evaluate who you are. I think that love is what we’re all searching for. I haven’t come across anyone who didn’t become a better person through love.
Marla Gibbs
Plant a seed of greatness in your children. Speak a word of encourgement to someone who needs to hear it. Inspire someone to be a better person. One day you’ll reap a harvest, and your world will become a better place to live.
George Foreman
Revolution is like a love story. When you are in love, you become a much better person. And when you are in revolution, you become a much better person.
Alaa Al Aswany
As you learn who you are, you can better surround yourself with friends who make you a better person, and that sometimes only happens when you disassemble old relationships.
Maggie Stiefvater
I take no pleasure in seeing DeLay swing gently in the wind. But the thing I believe in the most is ethics. If someone has lost his moral compass and has to go to jail to find it, then I believe it will make him a much better person.
Tom DeLay
Don’t choose the better person, choose the person who makes a better you.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I can’t speak for others, but I find the fundamental idea that a life worth living is one during which one strives every day to become a better person to be compelling.
Massimo Pigliucci
And I thought, you know, a little gender confusion makes a better person. A little adversity in life at an early age. It’s character building.
Lesley Gore
I make mistakes, but each and every day you want to try to better yourself to be a better person and learn from your mistakes.
O. J. Mayo
If you’re fortunate, you’ll meet people over the course of your career who exceed your expectations in every way. When you work or spend time with them, you find yourself wanting to be a better person.
Mark Goulston
Watching children grow up, you learn a lot about life and about being a better person – you learn a lot about what’s really important in the world and what isn’t.
Sharon Stone
Everything happens for a reason, and hopefully it makes me a better person in the process.
Tony Gonzalez
Life has only gotten better personally for me as I’ve gotten older. I mean, being young was such a gross waste of time. I was just such a miserable, miserable person.
Maurice Sendak
I’m learning all the time. I’ve learned things like how to be a better person, better father, better husband.
Peter Frampton
All the stuff I learned off the track about what’s going on in the world made me a bigger and better person.
Kyle Larson
Popularity is given to you, and if you think that just because you’re really popular you’re a better person, it could be a real crash when you find the popularity goes down.
Amy Tan
Most of the things are either not communicable through human expression or they’re top secret. Also I’m working on being a better person, and becoming more disciplined.
Kalan Sherrard
When I found out that I had a baby on the way it changed my mind and my whole way of thinking. I knew I needed to change and be a better person for my daughter.
NLE Choppa
Yoga probably makes me a better person.
Jennifer Morrison
I’m very vocal about my belief that all religion is garbage. Most of my friends are religious or at least spiritual. These are people I like and I know are intelligent. It’s this thing that I carry around. I know I’d be a better person if I was fairer, but it’s at the core of who I am and what I believe.
David Cross
I try to exercise as much as possible and eat healthy. But most importantly, I try to make sure that I’m near people who inspire me to be a better person.
Joshua Radin
I started running ultras to become a better person.
Jenn Shelton
Your love has build me from strength to strength. It has made me a stronger and better person than I was. There is nothing that love cannot change darling. Once you fall in love, even wars turn to love stories.
Thomas More
Study continuously, developing yourself into a better person, more sensitive to things in nature. Spend years in getting ready.
Charles Webster Hawthorne
I wake up every morning trying to be a new, better person and version of myself. I never try and be the same thing. So that’s what’s going to be hard for girls to keep up with me, because I’m always ever-evolving my style.
Rose Namajunas
I’m self-made. I always wanted to make myself a better person, because I was not educated. But that was my dream – to have class.
Tina Turner
I have the best people around me. None of them have ever been on the radio. They’re all such great people, and I found that I was able to be a better person when I was doing the radio show. It kept me from being a radio person.
Bobby Bones
I’m having a wonderful time in training. It’s so funny because you go through ups and you go through downs. People have to realize that my career started on a down. I got ripped off a Gold Medal at the Olympics but it didn’t stop me and it made me a better person.
Roy Jones Jr.
I feel like the worst has happened to me, so what better person to skate to ‘Madame Butterfly’ than me?
Mirai Nagasu
As soon as a person starts thinking, ‘I want to be a better person,’ that is the start of Yoga.
Baba Hari Dass
I always want to be a person who challenges herself to be a better person and spends her time giving rather than receiving.
Danielle Fishel
Be happy in what you do. Be respectful of yourself. Do good works for others, and the goodness will come back to you and make you a better person. I think that’s what happiness is all about.
Gerard Malanga
I want to be made better personally. That is the gig.
Keith Carter
True love is supposed to make you into a better person-uplift you.
Emily Giffin
I am human like everyone else. I am aware that there are people who look up to me. When mistakes are made, they aren’t intentional, and I constantly push myself to be a better person.
Vanessa Hudgens
I have vitamins I intend to take to be a better person. I even have a pillbox for them to remind myself to be healthier. But will I take them? Definitely not.
Lake Bell
[…] every time he forces himself to think before acting, it’s her voice in his head telling him to slow down. He wants to tell her, but she’s always so busy in the medical jet—and you don’t just go to somebody and say, “I’m a better person because you’re in my head.
Neal Shusterman
It’s not that I bounce ideas off of my children as much as it is that having children has had a profound effect on the way I see the world. They have mined my soul. They’ve made me a better person and therefore a more empathetic writer.
Julianna Baggott
What do I like in a girl? I like a girl that likes me, a girl that knows how to smile and see the bright side of things. A girl that makes me a better person.
James Lafferty
An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person’s main task in life – becoming a better person.
Leo Tolstoy
It’s certainly not wrong to want to be a better person. God gave us that desire.
Joyce Meyer
I feel Mehr has brought in a lot of changes in me. She has made me understand a lot of things and there’s a lot of gratitude towards the universe and people now. It has made me a better person and a better performer. It has made me realise the value of family and of my own parents.
Angad Bedi
My first time alone in Spain playing basketball – that kind of made me tougher, especially for my character and my personality. It’s not easy when you’re alone. Some nights you have bad games or bad days and it’s not easy. I think that is the one thing that changed me, to make me a better person, a tougher guy.
Goran Dragic
To my three sons, Peter, Scott, and Alexander who pulled me from the 18th Century and back into the present on a regular basis and therefore made me a better person, thank you. And to my wife, who sits at the table there. Who is right about almost everything.
Joseph J. Ellis
I found the emotion that as an athlete you block out, and it really helped me to understand myself as a person. I’m a really emotional person and it helped make me a better person.
Carl Lewis
If you live long enough, you’ll experience everything.
Robert Torricelli
My girlfriend makes me want to be a better person… so I can get a better girlfriend.
Anthony Jeselnik
Though I still have no semblance of a life outside of Nine Inch Nails at the moment, I realize my goals have gone from getting a record deal or selling another record to being a better person, more well-rounded, having friends, having a relationship with somebody.
Trent Reznor
All stress can be used to better yourself, each individual has to understand how to use that particular stress – whether it is in your relationship, personal life, your own thoughts about yourself – to become a better person.
Milind Soman
There is no place on or off the court for language that disrespects anyone’s sexual orientation. That is not who I am or what I believe, and I will strive every day to be a better person.
Rajon Rondo
I have so much fun and I’m a better person when I’m happy.
Karrueche Tran
I know I haven’t always done things the right way. I’m just trying to reflect on how to make myself better, how to become a better man, a better father, a better person, a better artist.
I’m happier and a better person when I work out, especially if I work out outdoors.
Amy Jo Martin
Being in the public eye, going through so much in life personal and my work, all of that put together it’s either it will destroy you or make you a better person.
Heart Evangelista
I am even thankful for the negative things that have made me a stronger and better person.
Joanna Krupa
You ought to expect better of people. It encourages you to be a better person yourself.
Jeph Jacques
Not everything you’re going to do in volleyball – or in life, for that matter – is exciting or fully functional, but if you have the willpower to make each minute count, you’ll benefit in some way. And it will make you a better player and a better person in the long run.
Karch Kiraly
I wouldn’t be the type of person to critique anybody. I’ve got to look at myself first, to be a better person.
Yoel Romero
Tom Regan’s now classic Case for Animal Rights blends careful argument with intense moral concern. For two decades, where Regan has been taken seriously, animals have been better off and people have become better persons. This new edition is a welcome sign of this influence continuing.
Holmes Rolston III
I think that being a mom has made me a better person. I’m much more patient and much more chill than I was before.
Cobie Smulders
I do want someone, need someone. В You’re right. В And, when I’m with you, I feel like I’m a better person. В I feel happier. В Less alone, less lonely. В But it’s not as simple as that, is it? В Being with someone?
Naomi Campbell
Young readers have to be entertained. No child reads fiction because they think it’s going to make them a better person.
Mark Haddon
I believe in therapy, and I believe an objective opinion sometimes helps you be a better person.
Damon Dash
The greatest achievement of my life is enduring a disease that nearly killed me. I came out of it a better person. It’s my one great accomplishment – more so than anything else I’ve done.
John Lydon
Le Mans is such a great race because you can never do anything alone. You have to work as a team member. And being a team member makes you a better person.
Tom Kristensen
It’s the song in your heart that wants you to help make yourself a better person, and to help other people do the same. Everybody has one.
Mattie Stepanek
People don’t need to know what Albert Belle is thinking. I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past, and that’s what’s made me a better person.
Albert Belle