Bias Quotes

Bias Quotes by Thomas Jefferson, Jay Roach, Rob Lowe, Ben Domenech, Peter C Bunnell, George Orwell and many others.

If the question [before justices of the peace] relate t

If the question [before justices of the peace] relate to any point of public liberty, or if it be one of those in which the judges may be suspected of bias, the jury undertake to decide both law and fact.
Thomas Jefferson
When Ben Carson said that he would remove all federal funding for universities that had ‘extreme political bias.’ Who would decide what political bias was, and what is ‘extreme’? That kind of policing of ideas has a striking resemblance to the black list, and that’s what happened during that era.
Jay Roach
There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people, that they can’t be in pain or they can’t have rough lives or be deep or interesting.
Rob Lowe
It’d be nice to claim that the American press, while maintaining objectivity and balancing against bias, is still inherently American – that they are patriots who love this country even as they report on its defects.
Ben Domenech
Photographs freed from the scientific bias can, and indeed usually do, have double meanings, implied meanings, unintended meanings, can hint and insinuate, and may even mean the opposite of what they apparently mean.
Peter C Bunnell
[T]he more one is conscious of one’s political bias, the more chance one has of acting politically without sacrificing one’s aesthetic and intellectual integrity.
George Orwell
Understanding the psychology of changing norms starts from a simple insight: although we may wish to be perfectly rational and impartial, bias is an inescapable part of what it means to be human.
Maria Konnikova
Has feminism made us all more conscious? I think it has. Feminist critiques of anthropological masculine bias have been quite important, and they have increased my sensitivity to that kind of issue
Clifford Geertz
Stewardship of our air and water is a responsibility that should be free of the bias of politics. What’s more, environmental regulators should abide by the law.
Luther Strange
The FCC banned throttling for good reason, namely that Internet service providers should not bias their networks toward some applications or classes of applications. Biasing the network interferes with user choice, innovation, decisions of application makers, and the competitive marketplace.
Marvin Ammori
I see now our fireside formed into a groupe, no one member of which has a fibre in their composition which can ever produce any jarring or jealousies among us. No irregular passions, no dangerous bias, which may render problematical the future fortunes and happiness of our descendants.
Thomas Jefferson
The ACLU’s various policies regarding religious freedom in public schools are a revealing collection of anti-religious bias.
F. LaGard Smith
That is why Bias jested with those who were going through the perils of a great storm with him and calling on the gods for help: “Shut up,” he said, “so that they do not realize that you are here with me.
Michel de Montaigne
The four BIAs in the area support it. Operational benefits include accessibility and a place for police officers to come and go when they’re working. Everyone’s clamoring for more police presence.
Julian Fantino
Lots of stand-up showcases on TV are made by production companies that also represent acts as clients, so there tends to be a demonstrable bias towards a certain group of people.
Stewart Lee
It is quite exhilarating to speak about a God who has an incredible bias, a notorious bias in favor of the downtrodden. You look at Exodus and the Israelites’ escape from a bottomless pit. God is not evenhanded. God is biased up to his eyebrows.
Desmond Tutu
Good managers have a bias for action.
Tom Peters
There are still very few companies run by women these days. And, clearly, there are many reasons for that, including what many see as the role of both unconscious bias and outright sexism.
Judy Woodruff
As a comedian and satirist you have to be neutral, because everyone’s fair game. Once you show bias, you lose that.
Bill Bailey
When we get feedback on women, we ask, “Is that real or is that the gender bias at play?” Everyone could start doing that today and I think we’d see really big results.
Sheryl Sandberg
It really felt like a tidal wave of bias washed over our country and we’re still soaked in it.
Paula Broadwell
Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.
William J. Clinton
The solar system has no anxiety about its reputation, and the credit of truth and honesty is as safe; nor have I any fear that a skeptical bias can be given by leaning hard on the sides of fate, of practical power, or of trade, which the doctrine of Faith cannot down-weigh.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
All attempts by the State to bias the conclusions of its citizens on disputed subjects, are evil.
John Stuart Mill
My own bias in folkloristics is decidedly psychoanalytic. I believe that the vast majority of folklore concerns fantasy, and because of that, I am persuaded that techniques of analyzing fantasy are relevant to folklore data.
Alan Dundes
The trouble with politics and political coverage today is that there’s too much liberal bias…. There’s too much tilt toward the left-wing agenda. Too much apology for liberal policy failures. Too much pandering to liberal candidates and causes.
William Kristol
On channels terrified of accusations of bias, or political retribution, comics making jokes about the growing power base of far-right politicians aren’t taking the ‘easy’ route.
Frankie Boyle
There are those who believe a liberal or a conservative bias permeates the media. I don’t. The operative press bias is one that favors conflict, not ideology, and it is lashed by a market-driven bias to boost ratings or circulation with more wow stories, more sizzle.
Ken Auletta
I have a clear bias for international, global experience. On my management team, everybody has two or three countries they’ve lived and worked in.
Dinesh Paliwal
Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind faith and curiosity; between expertise and creativity; between bias and openness; between experience and epiphany; between ambition and passion; and between arrogance and conviction – in short, between an old today and a new tomorrow.
Heinrich Rohrer
If anyone ever accuses me of bias – on Twitter, say – they’re blocked straight away. It simply isn’t true.
Jonathan Agnew
Rarest of all is the man who can and does reason at all times, quickly, accurately, inclusively, despite hope or fear or bodily distress, without egocentric bias or thalmic disturbance, with correct memory, with clear distinction between fact, assumption, and non-fact.
Robert A. Heinlein
My view is that at a younger age your optimism is more and you have more imagination etc. You have less bias.
Abdul Kalam
When I saw how Russia was involved and pushing for Trump, I contacted the FBI. But at the time, they were confident Clinton would get elected and the last thing they wanted to do is show some kind of bias, especially because there was already a controversy with Clinton’s email.
Christopher Wylie
Whether it is crimes against women, whether it’s discrimination against women, whether it’s just social bias against women – these things should be anomalies; they should not be the norm.
Farhan Akhtar
It is a proof of our natural bias to evil, that gain is slower and harder than loss in all things good; but in all things bad getting is quicker and easier than getting rid of.
Augustus Hare
I ran for office because I believe personally that the cycle of poverty is systemic, is rooted in racial injustice, and is rooted in gender bias. It is violence. It is trauma. It is a crime. But, most importantly, it is our policy choice.
Jamaal Bowman
Sport can transcend bias.
Elana Meyers
There is a sense that science and politics are incompatible. I don’t think so at all. I think it’s important that scientists take great pains to make sure that ideology and personal bias and wishful thinking do not contaminate the collection and analysis and evidence.
Rush D. Holt, Jr.
Hindsight bias makes surprises vanish.
Daniel Kahneman
In politics, during my organisational roles, I have never seen gender bias within my organisation.
Smriti Irani
People have to fix whatever bias they have, and I see this bias consistently, all the time, towards women directors. They’re just not being trusted with action.
Lexi Alexander
I can promise to be upright, but not to be without bias.
[Ger., Aufrichtig zu sein kann ich versprechen; unparteiisch zu sein aber nicht.]
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Criticisms of mainstream media bias have been a staple of the conservative movement and talk radio from the beginning.
Charlie Sykes
There was a near-universal set of editorial endorsements of Clinton. Trump used this disparity to his advantage, to claim media bias and unify his base of supporters.
Richard Edelman
Precisely because white denial has long trumped claims of racism, people of color tend to underreport their experiences with racial bias rather than exaggerate them.
Tim Wise
What offends me the most when I hear criticisms about this so-called Africa bias is how quick we are to focus on the words and propaganda of a few powerful, influential individuals, and to forget about the millions of anonymous people who suffer from their crimes.
Fatou Bensouda
Being deeply knowledgeable on one subject narrows one’s focus and increases confidence, but it also blurs dissenting views until they are no longer visible, thereby transforming data collection into bias confirmation and morphing self-deception into self-assurance.
Michael Shermer
I think there’s a bias against fat people on network television.
Ralphie May
The bad news is that most traditional VCs have a youth bias that they will state very overtly. You always wonder if that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy or if it’s something about the nature of those businesses.
Steve Jurvetson
There’s an unconscious bias in our society: girls are wonderful; boys are terrible. And to be a boy, or young man, growing up, having to listen to all this, it must be painful.
Doris Lessing
Incidents of racial bias and implicit bias happen to African-Americans of every social class daily in America. White people seldom notice or dwell on these as they encounter the quotidian events of their day.
Anthea Butler
We need to be vigilant about how we design and train these machine-learning systems, or we will see ingrained forms of bias built into the artificial intelligence of the future.
Kate Crawford
And anytime a programmer makes a decision about how to deal with data, how to average it or clean it, you’re imparting more of your own bias on it.
Hannah Fry
Anybody who has had the pleasure of reading an article about themselves in the press knows that, on the whole, there is a huge amount of inaccuracy, value judgment and the use of a crowbar to insert editorial bias that reflects the current political leaning of that particular paper.
Jo Brand
I think often there is great rivalry between neurosurgeons and cardiac surgeons. I think I maybe have a bit of bias with neurosurgeons’ opinion that nothing tops neurosurgery! But that makes for a quite interesting conflict between the two.
James Nesbitt
Everybody is sitting around saying, ‘Well, jeez, we need somebody to solve this problem of bias.’ That somebody is us. We all have to try to figure out a better way to get along.
Wilma Mankiller
I think there’s a value in people talking, it’s just that we’re in this culture now where everyone wants to ‘out’ each other at every moment, for their unconscious bias or whatever, and people then don’t feel free to just talk. Do you know what I mean?
Tom Burke
The real bias of the media is not to the left or to the right, but to the thin strata of economic elites at the top of our society.
Jim Hightower
The legal bias for special protection for women has begun to wreak havoc with the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection.
Warren Farrell
I was increasingly disappointed in how so many of the members here of the media do their job or, rather, don’t do their job: the bias at which they come from it at.
Sean Spicer
I think that bias is not a fixed thing. It’s not as though some people are biased and others are not. It ebbs and flows. It can be manipulated. It changes according to a person’s circumstances.
George Packer
I think my own bias is that there may be something wrong with the timing and the connectivity between regions rather than pointing to one particular spot in the brain.
Gerald Fischbach
Bias and prejudice make me angry…more than anything.
Rod Serling
I think that survivorship bias, the survivorship bias is something I’m very acutely familiar with because of investing.
Tim Ferriss
The most damaging part of pervasive bias, whether it’s implicit or complicit because sometimes it can be well-intentioned, is when that bias gets internalized and women start self-centering and stop thinking that they’re incapable of achieving what they want and achieve empowerment.
Lisa Joy
The bias against introversion leads to a colossal waste of talent, energy, and happiness.
Susan Cain
The bias tax is actually a loss in economy.
Vivienne Ming
There’s a socialist bias to the consensus of the literary world: a ’30s mentality that says factory workers are more worthy of our attention.
Jay McInerney
To ask whether the mainstream media has a conservative or liberal bias is like asking whether al-Qaida uses too much oil in their hummus. It’s – I think they might use too much oil in their hummus – but it’s the wrong question.
Al Franken
You can call it my bias or love for Harbhajan but if you are picking three best spinners in the country, he’s got to be among them. Harbhajan is one bowler who should be playing all three formats of the game.
Sourav Ganguly
You are a much more forceful advocate against gender bias and wage inequality if you actually hire women. If you are a white man who advocates for change, then hire someone other than a white man as an example of that change.
Nina Shaw
When only one or two percent of filmmakers are female, you can’t help but have some kind of bias.
Amber Heard
We have a history of gender and racial bias on our court that continues to undermine the system. Excluding individuals based on race is antagonistic to the pursuit of justice.
Anita Hill
I can say this very clearly: I have come into this Congress with an antiwar bias.
Lois Frankel
Our legal and political culture has created a bias in the law that borders on censorship against reading, displaying, or quoting the Bible.
Ralph E. Reed, Jr.
In martial arts, for every attack, there is a counter you can throw. Somebody traps you, you can throw a hook. But there is no counter for bias.
Lexi Alexander
We tend to accept information that confirms our prior beliefs and ignore or discredit information that does not. This confirmation bias settles over our eyes like distorting spectacles for everything we look at.
Kyle Hill
Why do you think people don’t think that homosexual parents are good? You don’t know what a homosexual family looks like. I will be the role model for the good gay family. Don’t let these children suffer without families because of your bias.
Rosie O’Donnell
If being a woman is a factor politically, it’s usually not because of a conscious bias, but because women are a novelty.
Madeleine M. Kunin
The American press is extraordinarily free and vigorous, as it should be. It should be, not because it is free of inaccuracy, oversimplification and bias, but because the alternative to that freedom is worse than those failings.
Robert Bork
I always recommend navigating the landscape and understanding where it’s coming from, so don’t get your media from just one source; get it from a variety of different sources but understand the bias and the source.
Abby Martin
Journalists generally have no bias toward one cosmological theory or another, but many have a natural preference for excitement.
Steven Weinberg
#MeToo shows this bias is systemic, that people get away with violence against women, get away with discrimination – whether in work or society in general – because, for too long, silence has been the answer.
Sharan Burrow
I said, well, it’s a very primitive country, the United States, and it’s full of superstitions, which come out of a very fundamental religious bias, which is primitive Christianity.
Gore Vidal
I’m speaking out against social media bias.
Laura Loomer
All of us show bias when it comes to what information we take in. We typically focus on anything that agrees with the outcome we want.
Noreena Hertz
When a reporter files a piece about Republican that slams Republican or law enforcement or hypes up climate change, there’s no attempt to expose their bias, to look at their background. And then when you find out later that they usually have a bias.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
‘Sonchiriya’ speaks of the consequences of societal bias and the bloody consequences of revenge when human lives become casualty.
Bhumi Pednekar
I’m not asking that people accept homosexuality. I’m not asking that they believe like I do that it’s inborn. I’m not asking that. All I’m saying is don’t let these children suffer without a family because of your bias.
Rosie O’Donnell
Bias, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. Facts are your firewall against bias.
Tom Brokaw
Physicists have a bias to aspire to be “seers” like Einstein rather than “craftspeople” who do simple and practical research. I have seen that in economics departments. The same must be true to some extent in other departments.
Robert J. Shiller
History must not be written with bias, and both sides must be given, even if there is only one side.
John Betjeman
Anybody who has had the pleasure of reading an article about themselves in the press, knows that on the whole, there is a huge amount of inaccuracy, value judgment and the use of a crowbar to insert editorial bias that reflects the current political leaning of that particular paper.
Jo Brand
The bias against the show is purely elitist. We’re all like the people on the show – the difference is that some of us speak better, or were born richer. There’s nothing that happens on my show that rich people don’t experience.
Jerry Springer
There’s still a great deal of bias about homosexuality.
Rupert Everett
I think that business book reporting, it’s all Jim Collins, it’s the story of victory; it’s success bias over and over again.
Ben Horowitz
Fake news and rumors thrive online because few verify what’s real and always bias towards content that reinforces their own biases.
Ryan Higa
The difference between Koppell and Olberman types is that one gives editorializing in all its editorial frankness so there are no mistakes as to bias, and the other passes off a subtler bias as objectivity.
Dana Loesch
A man without a bias cannot write interesting history – if indeed such a man exists.
Bertrand Russell
Default choices often remain unchanged for no reason other than being the default, either because of this lack of information or humans’ status quo bias.
Marvin Ammori
If you’re differently-abled, if you’re a person of color, if you express your identity in a way that’s different from the norm, for whatever reason, there’s an implicit bias where people, frankly, sometimes take you less seriously.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
The reasonableness of the agency of the national courts in cases in which the state tribunals cannot be supposed to be impartial, speaks for itself. No man ought certainly to be a judge in his own cause, or in any cause in respect to which he has the least interest or bias.
Alexander Hamilton
It’s not really a question of who is biased, but which bias is the correct bias with which to be biased!
Jonathan Sarfati
Labels bias our perceptions, thinking, and behavior. A label or story can either separate us from, or connect us to, nature. For our health and happiness, we must critically evaluate our labels and stories by their effects.
Michael J Cohen
District attorneys are often some of the finest public servants. However, the system in which they operate to investigate cases of police misconduct leaves a huge window for unintended bias.
Letitia James
Does the mainstream media have a liberal bias? On a couple of things, maybe. Compared to the American public at large, probably a slightly higher percentage of journalists, because of thier enhanced power of discernment, realize they know a gay person or two, and are, therefore, less frightened of them.
Al Franken
It’s human nature to make the complex manageable and determine things that fit your conclusions. That’s bias.
Richard Burr
It is doubtless impossible to approach any human problems with a mind free from bias.
Simone de Beauvoir
When reviewing one’s portfolio, it is important to be aware of common mental mistakes that may lead to bad decisions. The most powerful is commitment bias, which, as manifested in investing, is the tendency to fall in love with one’s stocks.
Whitney Tilson
Black women, historically, have been doubly victimized by the twin immoralities of Jim Crow and Jane Crow. … Black women, faced with these dual barriers, have often found that sex bias is more formidable than racial bias.
Pauli Murray
The bias among architecture critics isn’t against skyscrapers per se, but against the way in which their design is so heavily dictated by economic considerations – the way in which skyscrapers are real estate before they are architecture.
Paul Goldberger
What Fox News has become in 2020 is a conclusion of decades of right wing media and rhetoric against the rest of the media. In the ’90s it was about media bias. In the 2000s it was about media bias. Now, the rhetoric is so much more extreme. It’s about enemies of the people.
Brian Stelter
What we need is not a history of selected races or nations, but the history of the world void of national bias, race hate, and religious prejudice.
Carter G. Woodson
We can at least try to understand our own motives, passions, and prejudices, so as to be conscious of what we are doing when we apeal to those of others. This is very difficult, because our own prejudice and emotional bias always seems to us so rational.
T. S. Eliot
We think that there really is racial bias in determining who people want to date.
Sam Yagan
Are public school textbooks biased? Are they censored? The answer to both is yes. And the nature of the bias is clear: Religion, traditional family values, and conservative political and economic positions have been reliably excluded from children’s textbooks.
Paul Vitz
On television, I tried to absolutely hew to the middle of the road and not show any prejudice or bias in any way.
Walter Cronkite
Media bias is one thing. Rejection of reality is another
Chuck Todd
I don’t believe it’s humanly possible to be free of bias.
Robin DiAngelo
It’s CNN’s bigger problem that CNN wants to deny reality. I, too, used to drink the Kool-Aid that it was a top journalism operation that reports without bias. Now that I’m outside the walls of traditional media, I know there is no such thing.
Daryn Kagan
The perception of bias isn’t there, that’s what I told Ken Tomlinson, … The majority of Americans do not perceive a bias.
Pat Mitchell
Listening without bias or distraction is the greatest value you can pay another person.
Denis Waitley
New immigration plan is about legal education. It allows educated people who want to become Americans to stay and become Americans. It was nothing but common sense. It went over the heads of the media because their prejudicial bias did not permit them to even understand this was about legal immigration.
Rush Limbaugh
When I needed to overcome the low expectations of others or the bias that would be expressed in one circumstance or another, I’d keep on keeping on. And I climb over the obstacle, go around it, dig under it, fly over it. That’s what kept me going. Otherwise I would have never been an astrophysicist.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
I’m suspicious of any man or woman who approaches their own liberation with any kind of gender bias.
Andrew Cohen
We want to become a group that many people cheer for and trust without bias, no matter what kind of songs we sing, or what stage we stand on.
There is no neutrality. There is only greater or lesser awareness of one’s bias.
Phyllis Rose
A lot of those old ideas are dying with the people who created them, and there’s this new generation of filmmaker that’s saying, “We’re in this together, these are issues that we all deal with, let’s just present issues to screen without bias and figure out what the audience has to say about them.”
Nate Parker
That’s stupid, that’s bias.. they lied, they don’t wanna gift credit for anything
Michael J. Jackson
If you’re trying to cut down the distance travelled from the farm to your plate, it makes sense to do the same for your pet. If we all shifted our bias towards sustainable pet food, we would be helping more than just our faithful friends.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
People shouldn’t be afraid to bring up issues of bias in law enforcement.
Tim Kaine
Should the Catholic Church find itself discriminated against by the Obama administration on key delivery of services because of the bias and the bigotry of the administration?
Newt Gingrich
The print is devised so that I can cut the dresses on the bias, so they work around the body. It’s not like a regular print that you buy and ends up being a vertical and a horizontal placement. It works around the body.
John Galliano
Reality has a well-known liberal bias.
Stephen Colbert
People are always going to have favorite albums or songs and you know that’s more the listener’s personal bias than basing it on anything musical or actual. I’m the same way as a listener.
Page Hamilton
I like CrossFit. I agree with a lot of their coaching tips and the foundation of functional movements and hard work. They embody all that stuff. But I also think there’s a bit of a cult following within the CrossFit community, a bit of a fraternity, which obviously creates a bias and a little bit of a tunnel vision.
Roman Reigns
Night-dreams trace on Memory’s wall Shadows of the thoughts of day, And thy fortunes, as they fall, The bias of the will betray.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
A gentleman can see a question from all sides without bias.
The small man is biased and can see a question only from one side.
The fight against racial bias in society will not be won by hounding Liam Neeson or boycotting his films. It will be won by allowing honest discussions about why people hold biased views and exposing the flawed logic behind them.
John Barnes
Kurt [Cobain ]was a feminist. A lot of the bashing against Courtney [Love] I think has to deal with gender bias and the media, and I think that he liked that she was taking the attention off of him.
Brett Morgen
If one seeks to analyze experiences and reactions to the first postwar years, I hope one may say without being accused of bias that it is easier for the victor than for the vanquished to advocate peace.
Gustav Stresemann
If a reader believes that everything in nonfiction or history is just objectively true, I don’t really know what to tell them, except that at least in fiction, the choice of what perspective and bias to tell a given story from – which is always a deliberate choice – is foregrounded and clear.
Kathleen Rooney
There’s no bias when it comes to facts, and there’s no bias when it comes to decency.
Jake Tapper
I need to be very careful about going on certain networks that seem to have a bias.
Rand Paul
It is a well known fact that reality has liberal bias.
Stephen Colbert
Let me very proudly say that as a television actor, I never, ever saw any gender bias.
Smriti Irani
If liberals think they are losing elections because of the conservative bias in the media, they may as well give up right now.
Ann Coulter
Tragedy speaks not of secular dilemmas which may be resolved by rational innovation, but of the unalterable bias toward inhumanity and destruction in the drift of the world.
George Steiner
The whole Universe is on your side. Life is forever biased on the side of healing, on the side of overcoming, on the side of success. When you get yourself centered in the Universal flow you become synchronized with this divine bias for good.
Eric Butterworth
There’s a tremendous bias against taking risks. Everyone is trying to optimize their ass-covering.
Elon Musk
Japanese management practices succeed simply because they are good management practices. This success has little to do with cultural factors. And the lack of cultural bias means that these practices can be – and are – just as successfully employed elsewhere.
Masaaki Imai
I’m not telling women to be like men. I’m telling us to evaluate what men and women do in the workforce and at home without the gender bias.
Sheryl Sandberg
Between hindsight bias, fake causality, positive bias, anchoring/priming, et cetera et cetera, and above all the dreaded confirmation bias, once an idea gets into your head, it’s probably going to stay there.
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Fox News covers stories that some other news outlets won’t cover. We ask some questions that other news outlets wouldn’t ask. And sometimes that’s perceived as bias by people who’ve grown up in a world where there are only liberal outlets.
Megyn Kelly
That is why I come forward tonight without any political label, without any bias, but just simply as an Englishman to say to you: a crime is being committed against civilization.
John Amery
Everyone that is not an ultra-conservative recognizes the irony of FOX’s ‘Fair and Balanced’ moniker, which only accentuates its actual bias.
Daniel Lubetzky
This determined bias against religion, especially Christianity, is clearly evident when viewed against the religious heritage of American culture as revealed in the Church of the Holy Trinity v. United States, 143 U.S. 452. 1892.
Mathew Staver
The tech industry has a strong bias towards technical solutions to social problems.
Brianna Wu
Customer needs may vary, but their bias for quality never does.
J. Willard Marriott
We should always be suspicious when machine-learning systems are described as free from bias if it’s been trained on human-generated data. Our biases are built into that training data.
Kate Crawford
I think unconscious bias is one of the hardest things to get at.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Science is the search for truth, that is the effort to understand the world: it involves the rejection of bias, of dogma, of revelation, but not the rejection of morality.
Linus Pauling
We almost need to cultivate – I hate to sound New Age-y – but to cultivate a positive bias, and really work to focus on those things and notice those things that are wonderful and uplifting.
I do not believe, given her past decisions and comments on the reasons to go to war in Iraq, that Dr. Rice will be able to represent the United States without a predetermined bias from the war.
Daniel Kahikina Akaka
When a Caltech student asked the eminent cosmologist Michael Turner what his “bias” was in favoring one or another particle as a likely candidate to compromise dark matter in the universe, Feynmann snapped, “Why do you want to know his bias? Form your own bias!”
Richard P. Feynman
Old stories have a habit of being told and retold and changed. Each subsequent storyteller puts his or her mark upon it. Whatever truth the story once had is buried in bias and embellishment. The reasons do not matter as much as the story itself.
Erin Morgenstern
Unequal access to money and media plus bias, external and internalized, and male-dominant religions and illegality at the polls – all those are reasons for women’s wildly unequal political power.
Gloria Steinem
The idea of a liberal media bias is simply a myth. If only it were true, we might have a more humane, open-minded, and ultimately effective public debate on the issues facing the country.
Barbra Streisand
This particular school of Zen has always considered itself the Marines of the spiritual world, so it has a kind of bias against conceptual thinking in favor of a very rigorous physical life.
Leonard Cohen
We’ve all been acculturated into accepting the inevitability of wrongful convictions, unfair sentences, racial bias, and racial disparities and discrimination against the poor.
Bryan Stevenson
Citizens are not prepared for attacks because there is a bias against the public by nearly every expert and government official. In emergency preparedness, there is this belief that public will panic, that the public is not to be trusted, that there will be looting.
Amanda Ripley
The way to Heaven is ascending; we must be content to travel uphill, though it be hard and tiresome, and contrary to the natural bias of our flesh.
Jonathan Edwards
As physics has proven, we’re ultimately particulate matter, which means we are all one. That’s why racial and gender bias is so ridiculous.
Valerie Harper
Every individual man has a bias which he must obey, and…it is only as he feels and obeys this that he rightly develops and attains his legitimate power in the world. It is his magnetic needle, which points always in one direction to his proper path…. He is never happy nor strong until he finds it, keeps it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I challenge anybody to show me an example of bias in Fox News Channel.
Rupert Murdoch
Knowing that one may be subject to bias is one thing; being able to correct it is another.
Jon Elster
Transgender people frequently face bias in court and are assigned unsupportive public defenders, factors which lead to more extreme sentences and longer incarcerations.
Sarah McBride
Once I appealed to distinguish words “gay” and “homosexual”… “Gayship” is a political homosexualism, a sort of left-wing ideology based on a bias against traditional lifestyle… Homosexualism is a sexual preference.
Rafal A. Ziemkiewicz
All I can say is that these cult stories are totally untrue, are without any foundation, and trade on a deep bias against Westerners who dare to embrace an Eastern belief-system.
Frederick Lenz
Almost every culture has a cognitive bias for the tough guy, the alpha, the winner.
Rick Wilson
If a man aspires for a political career, he can start at 18 and go on and on. This is not true about women, who fall back when marriage and children happen, which are equally important. That is not gender bias.
Jaggi Vasudev
Until we get rid of racial bias, sexism, homophobia in society, it will exist in all walks of society.
John Barnes
‘Dhokha’ is a film devoid of any political bias. It conveys to the government that when we talk about individuals who are terrorists, we have to first acknowledge that we created them.
Pooja Bhatt
Homeschool history tells of more than two centuries of home-teaching influence on American education, although it has been largely obscured by the drawn curtains of conventional bias.
Raymond S. Moore
I don’t know about liberal bias, but people of a liberal mentality are probably attracted in greater numbers to the arts than people of a conservative mentality.
Sydney Pollack
We have got to do a better job recognizing and correcting the errors in the system that do reflect an institutional bias in criminal justice, but what Donald Trump and I are saying is let’s not have the reflex of assuming the worst of men and women in law enforcement.
Mike Pence
The Bible itself is a book that constantly must be wrestled with and re-interpreted. … Bible interpretation is colored by historical context, the reader’s bias and current realities. The more you study the Bible, the more questions it raises. It is not possible to simply do what the Bible says.
Rob Bell
In some ways, to believe in evolution is almost like a following; a cult following – if you don’t believe in evolution, you’re considered completely backward. That seems to me very indicative of bias as well.
Michele Bachmann
Well, except for ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, the Washington Post, and about another 100 newspapers, I find little evidence of liberal bias in the media.
Rupert Murdoch
There is a rampant tendency in any industry where someone is trying to sell something with a bunch of data, where they cherry pick a little bit… bias a little bit. This becomes quite easy when there is an enormous amount of data to cherry pick from.
Burt Rutan
The human mind can hardly remain entirely free from bias, and decisive opinions are often formed before a thorough examination of a subject from all its aspects has been made.
H. P. Blavatsky
We love serious technology innovations, and there is a strong bias towards large technology innovations that are sort of disruptive to the current market.
Vinod Khosla
I had an immense advantage over many others dealing with the problem inasmuch as I had no fixed ideas derived from long-established practice to control and bias my mind, and did not suffer from the general belief that whatever is, is right.
Henry Bessemer
Thirdly-but not lastly-there was the bias toward what people saw with their own eyes, or thought they had seen. The human mind played tricks on itself when it relied exclusively on what it saw. There was a lot you couldn’t see when you watched a game
Michael Lewis
As we all know, reality has a liberal bias.
Stephen Colbert
(on A History of Western Philosophy) I was sometimes accused by reviewers of writing not a true history but a biased account of the events that I arbitrarily chose to write of. But to my mind, a man without a bias cannot write interesting history – if, indeed, such man exists.
Bertrand Russell
Something we do know is that review coverage does go to male authors more than women authors. That’s a fact. I think it’s one of those examples of unconscious bias: If you hire a lot of male journalists, they’re more likely to pick up the latest Ian McEwan novel than the latest A.S. Byatt novel.
Emma Donoghue
It’s simply not bias for a judge to explain her reasoning in a dissent.
George T. Conway III
In reading the biographies of very successful men and women, one theme frequently surfaces: such people have a strong bias for action. Those who achieve high levels of success in some areas of life tend to take a LOT more action than those who settle for average or below average results.
Steve Pavlina
Gender bias is real. I was an early Barack Obama supporter, and I was even shocked at the way the media treated President Obama vs. how they treated Secretary Hillary Clinton. Questions that were asked about, what is wearing, how much does she weigh, about her hair were never ascribed to the president.
Cory Booker
The cable news channels have cleverly seized on the creed of objectivity and redefined it in populist terms. They attack news based on verifiable fact for its liberal bias, for, in essence, failing to be objective, and promise a return to genuine objectivity.
Chris Hedges
If you’re a balanced cartoonist, you’re not a cartoonist. You definitely have to have a bias.
Jeff MacNelly
Your bait of falsehood takes this carp of truth,
And thus do we of wisdom and of reach,
With windlasses and with assays of bias,
By indirections find directions out.
William Shakespeare
Of course the self-serving bias is something you want to get out of yourself. Thinking that what’s good for you is good for the wider civilization and rationalizing all these ridiculous conclusions based on this subconscious tendency to serve one’s self is a terribly inaccurate way to think.
Charlie Munger
Human beings are poor examiners, subject to superstition, bias, prejudice, and a PROFOUND tendency to see what they want to see rather than what is really there.
M. Scott Peck
I think, though, that people will read into a reporter’s story a bias that they want to see in a reporter.
Garrett Graff
True repentance will entirely change you; the bias of your souls will be changed, then you will delight in God, in Christ, in His Law, and in His people.
George Whitefield
When I stepped into this world, I saw that we were all burdened by a certain kind of indifference to the plight of poor people. We were burdened by an insensitivity to a legacy of racial bias. We were tolerating unfairness and unreliability in a way that burdened me and provoked me.
Bryan Stevenson
To make the argument that the media has a left- or right-wing, or a liberal or a conservative bias, is like asking if the problem with Al-Qaeda is do they use too much oil in their hummus.
Al Franken
If the Senate impeachment trial were a real court, all 100 senators would be removed as jurors for bias for or against the president.
Mike Braun
Have a bias toward action – let’s see something happen now. You can break that big plan into small steps and take the first step right away.
Indira Gandhi
I don’t think that I would always be asked about my feelings about liberal bias in the media if there wasn’t any liberal bias in the media. If it was a moot question, then we wouldn’t always have the discussion.
Dana Perino
I admit to a bias toward high culture.
Sandra Tsing Loh
The greatest threat to America is not necessarily a recession or even another terrorist attack. The greatest threat to America is a liberal media bias.
Lamar S. Smith
Maybe I should declare a bias. I like Americans. Always have. Always will.
Gavin Esler
The Jews would have us believe that God had this bias to this little small tribe in the middle of the Sinai Desert, and all the rest of humanity is just rubbish. I mean, that is the basic doctrine of the Jewish religion, and that’s why it is a most racist religion.
Hamza Yusuf
Central authority is bad. The bias should be for freedom. And without a central authority, there are lots of little authorities, and we learn which ones to trust.
John Stossel
I am an artist, and, through my eye, must confess to a tremendous bias. In my purely literary voyages my eye is always my compass.
Wyndham Lewis
We [in Think Broader.] went through and looked at coverage in different industries and were able to point out to newsrooms that they had these hidden biases. We’d do a review and provide a report card, and provide our suggestion on how to avoid bias.
Paula Broadwell
My point is that perceptual bias can affect nut jobs and scientists alike. If we hold too rigidly to what we think we know, we ignore or avoid evidence of anything that might change our mind.
Martha Beck
When African-American police officers involved in a police action shooting involving an African-American, why would Hillary Clinton accuse that African-American police officer of implicit bias?
Mike Pence
Optimism is normal, but some fortunate people are more optimistic than the rest of us. If you are genetically endowed with an optimistic bias, you hardly need to be told that you are a lucky person – you already feel fortunate.
Daniel Kahneman
Most people have a kind of survivor bias about luck. When something wonderful happens – when preparation meets opportunity, with excellent results – we think: ‘How lucky!’ But we don’t usually acknowledge all the times when things just… fizzle out. All the times when preparation comes to nothing.
Marc Randolph