Body Quotes

Body Quotes by Akon, Leonardo da Vinci, Juan Enriquez, Lucy Christopher, Brahmagupta, Blaise Pascal and many others.

Melody has a certain way that it projects back to you.

Melody has a certain way that it projects back to you. It triggers certain nerves in your body and certain instincts that normally wouldn’t be triggered by a normal voice.
The spirit desires to remain with its body, because, without the organic instruments of that body, it can neither act, nor feel anything.
Leonardo da Vinci
It’s not going to surprise me if our kids end up running on the beach in Florida when they’re 100 years old on regrown body parts with a much higher quality of life than we can begin to imagine.
Juan Enriquez
I stayed there, curled up into the warmth of your body, under the blankets, like something soft in a shell. Your arms were firm as rock around me.
Lucy Christopher
Bodies fall towards the earth as it is in the nature of the earth to attract bodies, just as it is in the nature of water to flow.
Our soul is cast into a body, where it finds number, time, dimension. Thereupon it reasons, and calls this nature necessity, and can believe nothing else.
Blaise Pascal
I’ve never taken a scalpel to a dead body.
Patricia Cornwell
All punishments by which the human body might be maimed are barbarbarism.
Catherine the Great
There’s a booming, rotating, never sleeping city in the center of my brain and no body can come in and I can’t escape. I have a strange sense of pride that my brain works that way, but I’m also terrified of what would happen if I ever tried to think in another way.
We will be in tune with our bodies only if we truly love and honor them. We can’t be in good communication with the enemy.
Harriet Lerner
There are other forms of community-based decision-making, not unlike, you know, our elected bodies, except that the intention here is to exclude pay-to-play players from determining how these decisions are made.
Jill Stein
We are made of stardust, our whole body consists of material that has been here before the beginning of time.
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Death happens to the body with which it is associated, with which it mixes. The delusion that the body is the core, that the body is real, that verily is the death.
Sathya Sai Baba
Your body loves you, but if you do not love your life, it will end it far sooner, thinking it is doing you a favor.
Bernie Siegel
It’s so silly. All you do is get the heck out of your body when you die. My gosh, everybody’s done it thousands of times. Just because they don’t remember, it doesn’t mean they haven’t done it.
J. D. Salinger
Every part of my body felt electric. My chest ached and my head throbbed with the great terrible limitless possibility of the morning, and when it came, the sky was washed white, everything was new, and I hadn’t slept at all.
Dave Eggers
Body am I entirely, and nothing else; and soul is only a word for something about the body.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The key to winning, as always, was looking as if you had every right, nay, duty to be where you were. It helped if you could also suggest in every line of your body that no one else had any rights to be doing anything, anywhere, whatsoever.
Terry Pratchett
Spirit and body, when joined together, become a living soul of supernal worth.
Russell M. Nelson
Dance is the most intimate art, the most unbrainy art, because it is done wholly with the body, which is so limited in its ability to speak anything but the truth.
Joan Acocella
It must not content us to take our bodies to church if we leave our hearts at home.
J. C. Ryle
Food is more than a matter of taste-it is the fuel for our bodies.
Jane Fonda
This was, I would later realise, a planet of things wrapped inside things. Food inside wrappers. Bodies inside clothes. Contempt inside smiles. Everything was hidden away.
Matt Haig
All bodies are slow in growth but rapid in decay.
E=mc2. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. The original statement is: If a body gives off the energy L in the form of radiation, its mass diminishes by L/c2. Ist die Tragheit eines Korpers von Seinem Energieghalt Abhangig? 1905
Albert Einstein
Even if you don’t have time for a big workout, stretching in the morning and night really changes your body.
Erin Heatherton
Body have to physically strong and sturdy. Spiritually balanced fi clean and purge me. Mentally advanced fi always urge me. Read a couple books and challenge the clergy. Read a couple psalms up in the morning early.
Damian Marley
Are we treating our body kindly by the way we eat, by the way we drink, by the way we work? Are we treating ourselves with enough joy and tenderness and peace? Or are we feeding ourselves with toxins that we get from the market – the spiritual, intellectual, entertainment market?
Nhat Hanh
I understand that, each time we contemplate with desire and devotion the Host in which is hidden Christ’s Eucharistic Body, we increase our merits in heaven and secure special joys to be ours later in the beatific vision of God
Gertrude the Great
There are three bodies no sensible man directly challenges: the Roman Catholic Church, the Brigade of Guards and the National Union of Mineworkers
Harold MacMillan
When you look at the sun during your walking meditation, the mindfulness of the body helps you to see that the sun is in you; without the sun there is no life at all and suddenly you get in touch with the sun in a different way.
Nhat Hanh
Tell me about the dream where we pull the bodies out of the lake and dress them in warm clothes again.
Richard Siken
It’s an amazing feeling to know that life is actually growing inside your body. The first time you see the ultrasound and you see the little bones and you realise that it’s part of you and it’s in your care is life changing and this sort of protective instinct has taken over.
Halle Berry
Whilst shooting think of nothing else; brace the whole of the body; have both hands on the stick; concentrate on your ring sight.
Adolph Malan
The person and society are yoked, like mind and body. Arguing which is more important is like debating whether oxygen or hydrogen is the more essential property of water.
Marilyn Ferguson
The law of attraction which holds good for the heavenly bodies also holds good for the smallest particles.
Swami Vivekananda
I have a vamp body for you,” Andrea said. “It’s in the freezer.” I gave her a nice smile. “You shouldn’t have.
Ilona Andrews
If you would perfect your body, guard your mind.
James Allen
I would like to look back on my body of work and be proud of each record in its own right, but as a whole, I want to continue to grow and move forward.
Sara Bareilles
Money is the root of all evil. Yeah, money is the root. It’s not racism and “this-ism” and “that-ism”; it’s our thirst and hunger for money. And that’s where all the bodies are buried.
Ice Cube
It is continued temperance which sustains the body for the longest period of time, and which most surely preserves it free from sickness.
Wilhelm von Humboldt
I love the percussion. It’s a right brain, left brain thing. There are different beats, but cooperating together. It’s your whole body doing it, you’re doing the snare drum and the high top with your hands and the bass drum with your foot. You’re this whole motion machine.
Shalom Harlow
Stop. Take 3 deep breaths and smile everywhere in your body, observing what’s happening in your body. Proceed now with kindness and understanding.
Deepak Chopra
I found that the body, mind and spirit are all connected. They are not separate pieces.
Judith Light
We live not alone but chained to a creature of a different kingdom: our body.
Marcel Proust
The soul should take care of the body, just as the pilgrim on his way to Makkah takes care of his camel; but if the pilgrim spends his whole time in feeding and adorning his camel, the caravan will leave him behind, and he will perish in the desert.
There isn’t a line that you can draw between the air and your body. We are the environment.
Severn Cullis-Suzuki
And I have tried to forget him, I have tried to convince myself that it was just one of those things, but it’s difficult to do that when my body is standing here, eight feet deep in the earth of northern France, while my heart remains by a stream in a clearing in England where I left it weeks ago.
John Boyne
All that I would like to be is human, having a share
in a civilized, articulate and well-adjusted
community where the mind is given its due
but the body is not distrusted
Louis MacNeice
I have the most perfect belly button. When I stick my fingers in it, I feel a nerve in the center of my body shoot up my spine.
Madonna Ciccone
Polka dots can’t stay alone. When we obliterate nature and our bodies with polka dots we become part of the unity of our environments.
Yayoi Kusama
It is not just that science and technology are possible means of great human satisfaction, as well as a matrix of complex dominations. Cyborg imagery can suggest a way out of the maze of dualisms in which we have explained our bodies and our tools to ourselves.
Donna J. Haraway
I’m a body builder, but I don’t use weights. I use snacks. It’s kind of a different building process.
Demetri Martin
There’s a point of poverty at which the spirit isn’t with the body all the time. It finds the body really too unbearable. So it’s almost as if you were talking to the soul itself. And a soul’s not properly responsible.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
Too often the great decisions are originated and given form in bodies made up wholly of men, or so completely dominated by them that whatever of special value women have to offer is shunted aside without expression.
Eleanor Roosevelt
In most instances, the driving force behind the action is the mood, the personality, the attitude of the character – or all three. Therefore, the mind is the pilot. We think of things before the body does them.
Walt Disney
In theater, you’ve got to be aware of your whole body because it involves stamina. It involves two-and-a-half hours and a sustained release of energy, maybe for six months.
Alan Rickman
Everything you need to know is within you. Listen. Feel. Trust the body’s wisdom.
Dan Millman
In backbends, one touches the body physically, mentally, intellectually, consciously and spiritually everywhere.
B.K.S. Iyengar
You have to train your brain to be positive just like you work out your body.
Shawn Achor
The next wave of medical advances will be when we come to recognize the body as an energetic system.
Lisa Oz
A lack of restful sleep disrupts the body’s innate balance, weakens our immune system, and speeds up the aging process.
Deepak Chopra
The body will shine if the character is fine; service of man and worship of God will preserve its charm.
Sathya Sai Baba
The soul helps the body, and at certain moments raises it. It is the only bird that sustains its cage.
Victor Hugo
Fear in the mind causes stress in the body.
Mark Driscoll
Language is called the garment of thought: however, it should rather be, language is the flesh-garment, the body, of thought.
Thomas Carlyle
The real message of the Dance opens up the vistas of life to all who have the urge to express beauty with no other instrument than their own bodies, with no apparatus and no dependence on anything other than space.
Ruth St. Denis
Do you think there’s such a thing as a ghost who masquerades as a person? Do you believe that there are people whose bodies are still alive here on earth but whose souls are already in hell?
Ann-Marie MacDonald
Our mothers who have gone are buried in our bodies. It can be said that we were born with dead mothers in our body.
Kim Hyesoon
I find 12 P.M. as the best time to work out. During training, I do two body parts a day: chest-back, back-triceps or chest-biceps so that my body doesn’t get used to a pattern.
Arjun Rampal
Ultimately, what may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight.
Jonathan Gruber
I think that if most guys in America could somehow get their fave-rave poster girl in bed and have total license to do whatever they wanted with this legendary body for one afternoon, at least 75 percent of the guys in the country would elect to beat her up.
Lester Bangs
I must assert in the most unqualified way that it is primarily and mainly for the sake of saving the soul that I seek the salvation of the body.
William Booth
This same formula by which Buddhists so anti-rationalistically and anti-banausically describe the “relation” between soul and body also applies to the relation between lover and lover, parent and child, member and community.
Kenny Smith
To whatever world He carries our souls when they shall pass out of these imprisoning bodies, in those worlds these souls of ours shall find themselves part of the same great temple; for it belongs not to this earth alone.
Phillips Brooks
Sometimes desire is air, sometimes desire is liquid. And every now and then, when everything else is air and liquid, desire solidifies, and the body is the magnet that draws its weight.
David Levithan
WikiLeaks is what happens when the entire US government is forced to go through a full-body scanner.
Evgeny Morozov
You must study their deliveries, their use of their bodies, their timing, and their use of audio and vocal effects.
Franklyn Ajaye
I use the words gods and goddesses principally, I think, to mean beautiful bodies – bodies that are absolute instruments. And I believe in discipline, I believe in a very definite technique.
Martha Graham
Rid of craving and without clinging, an expert in the study of texts, and understanding the right sequence of the words, he may indeed be called “In his last body”, “Great in wisdom” and a “Great man.”
Gautama Buddha
Nature grinds all of us. Keep count of the ounce of pleasure you get. In the long run, nature did her work through you, and when you die your body will make other plants grow. Yet we think all the time that we are getting pleasure ourselves. Thus the wheel goes round.
Swami Vivekananda
No Child Left Behind … is a giraffe with an elephant’s body. … You can’t take the vision of Ted Kennedy and merge it to the public policy of George Bush and come out with anything that works.
Steve Rauschenberger
Your body will never be familiar.
Leonard Cohen
I was never particularly wild, just very busy and often didn’t think about what I was putting into my body. Today things are very different. I stopped smoking in my late 30s; I avoid wheat and gluten as this makes me feel bloated and sluggish; exercise regularly and bounce out of bed.
Britt Ekland
For me, from the point of view of my life, I’ve been impacted by women that taught me that, as a woman, my body is a sanctuary, that whoever I invite in my body, I have to be clear in that invitation.
Angelique Kidjo
The soul, like the body, lives by what it feeds on.
J. G. Holland
I went from really hating my body, to disliking it, to accepting it but not exactly liking it, then accepting it and liking it, and now I love it.
Jenni Schaefer
References to everybody just disturb me, and it also disturbs me that the people who make policy are not the same people who live policy. When we talk about everybody, we are leaving a whole lot of bodies out.
Julianne Malveaux
I don’t really have an issue with showing certain parts of my body. I’d rather not, but it’s not a big deal. Growing up in Sweden, it’s natural over there.
Malin Akerman
There were big geysers coming up where the shells were landing and there were bodies floating, face down, face up.
Elliot Johnson
Behind the violence of the birthing of galaxies and stars and planets came a quiet and tender melody, a gentle love song. All the raging of creation, the continuing hydrogen explosions on the countless suns, the heaving of planetary bodies, all was enfolded in a patient, waiting love.
Madeleine L’Engle
To anger female voters in America is to tread on the tiger’s tail. Women turn out in huge numbers, and they are well aware of how their bodies work and what they need.
Henry Rollins
All is lost! Monks, Monks, Monks! So, now all is gone – Empire, Body, and Soul!.
Henry VIII of England
The accumulation of toxins in the body/mind system accelerates aging.
Deepak Chopra
For she is my love, and other women are but big bodies of flame.
Janet Fitch
The mind is but the subtle part of the body. You must retain great strength in your mind and words.
Swami Vivekananda
On every film, the clothes are half the battle in creating the character. I have a great deal of opinion about how my people are presented. We show a great deal by what we put on our bodies.
Meryl Streep
Let Love step down,
open the clasped hands,
forfeit the thorny crown,
retrieve the garment
that was whole,
body and spirit one, spirit and soul.
Hilda Doolittle
Sophos turned red, and I wondered about the circulation of his blood; maybe his body kept an extra supply of it in his head, ready for blushing.
Megan Whalen Turner
Natural healing has the power to cure pancreatic cancer. But usually, before I see the patient, medical treatments – not the disease – have destroyed the patient’s body.
Richard M. Schulze
For those men who, sooner or later, are lucky enough to break away from the pack, the most intoxicating moment comes when they cease being bodies in other men’s command and find that they control their own time, when they learn their own voice and authority.
Theodore White
I was like ‘No!’ I’ve never had body issues, I’ve never had an eating disorder. I’ve never had to go on a diet and that’s because of Weight Watchers.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I was at Pepperdine University in Malibu, and during my sophomore year, I played a dying burn victim on ‘ER.’ The makeup artist put burn makeup all over my body and I couldn’t move or eat for 12 hours. I lost 8 pounds that week.
Eric Christian Olsen
There are in Europe many good generals, but they see too many things at once. I see one thing, namely the enemy’s main body. I try to crush it, confident that secondary matters will then settle themselves.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Therefore tremble, O man, at any power thou hast, except thou usest it for God. Art thou strong in body; who hath thy strength? God, or thy lusts?
William Gurnall
In order to cooperate in the material worlds as agents of a divine power, the spirits temporarily have a material body. By the work required in their corporeal lives, the spirits improve their intelligence and, by observing God’s law, they acquire the merits which will lead them to eternal happiness.
Allan Kardec
I don’t believe civilization can do a lot more than educate a person’s senses.
Grace Paley
By practice and conviction formed, With ancient stubbornness ingrained, Although her body clung and swarmed, My own identity remained.
Yvor Winters
She didn’t even have to smile, and she rarely did outside her house–it was the eyes, her dancer’s carriage, the way she seemed to deliberate over the smallest movement of her body.
Alice Sebold
I’m quite insufferable about fitness, I suppose. I think it’s really important, though I’m not a body nut.
Iman Abdulmajid
People around me die. They drop like flies. I’ve gone through life leaving a trail of dead bodies behind me. My mother is dead, my guardian is dead, my aunt is dead—because I killed her, and when my real father finds me, he’ll move heaven and earth to make me dead.
Ilona Andrews
You are here. However you imagine yourself to be, you are here. Imagine yourself as a body, you are here. Imagine yourself as God, you are here. Imagine yourself as worthless, superior, nothing at all, you are still here. My suggestion is that you stop all imagining, here.
Anarchism stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion and liberation of the human body from the coercion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government. It stands for a social order based on the free grouping of individuals.
Emma Goldman
For at some point, each of us will be asked to embody what we feel and know.
Chang-Rae Lee
When we give ourselves the chance to let go of all our tension, the body’s natural capacity to heal itself can begin to work.
Nhat Hanh
Long live the new flesh.
David Cronenberg
I didn’t think there was anything more or less obscene about any part of the body. Now, I recognize that there are certain postures and angles that make people see red, which are evidence of original sin or something, and I avoid that.
Jock Sturges
Know that you are worth so much more than the value you place on your body. It’s not the only thing that defines you.
Molly Tarlov
Similarly, thought is a system. That system not only includes thought and feelings, but it includes the state of the body; it includes the whole of society – as thought is passing back and forth between people in a process by which thought evolved from ancient times.
David Bohm
For the first time in my life, I put my body and reputation on the line to stand up for my beliefs and do the right thing. I hope I’ve encouraged other people to do the same.
Lucy Lawless
As soon as I look up, his eyes click onto my face. The breath whooshes out of my body and everything freezes for a second, as though I’m looking at him through my camera lens, zoomed in all the way, the world pausing for that tiny span of time between the opening and closing of the shutter.
Lauren Oliver
As an artist your trajectory just has to keep going up. the thing that subverts your next body of work is the work you’ve taken before.
Sally Mann
If you look closely at a tree you’ll notice it’s knots and dead branches, just like our bodies. What we learn is that beauty and imperfection go together wonderfully.
Matthew Fox
Her body was a prison, her mind was a prison. Her memories were a prison. The people she loved. She couldn’t get away from the hurt of them. She could leave Eric, walk out of her apartment, walk forever if she liked, but she couldn’t escape what really hurt. Tonight even the sky felt like a prison.
Ann Brashares
All I ever really want to know is how other people are making it through life—where do they put their body, hour by hour, and how do they cope inside of it.
Miranda July
Wait by the river long enough and the body of your enemy will float by you.
Sun Tzu
Do not let your spirit be influenced by your body, or your body be influenced by your spirit. Be neither insufficiently spirited or over spirited. An elevated spirit is weak and a low spirit is weak. Do not let the enemy see your spirit.
Miyamoto Musashi
Basically, what you really want to do is try to engage the viewer’s body relation to his thinking and walking and looking, without being overly heavy-handed about it.
Richard Serra
Imagine a world where children were fed tasty and nutritious, real food at school from the age of 4 to 18. A world where every child was educated about how amazing food is, where it comes from, how it affects the body and how it can save their lives.
Jamie Oliver
The pictures achieve something rarely articulated about the metaphysical state of swimming: The body, immersed, feels amplified, heavier and lighter at the same time. Weightless yet stronger.
Leanne Shapton
…I never understood until the past months why the Master so often withdrew alone into the wilderness. There is not only food and medicine for one’s body; there is also healing for the heart and strength for the soul in nature. One gets very close to God…in these temples of God’s own building.
Harold Bell Wright
So what if man’s body evolved from the monkeys? Whether he came from monkeys or fish is unimportant. The important idea is that when the body became “human” enough, the first human soul slipped into it.
Garth Stein
When God created you, He created a dream and wrapped a body around it.
Lou Engle
My smile is my way of saying: “You can destroy my body, but not my soul.
Paulo Coelho
First you buy me a mocha. Then you let me help you hide a body. Now you take me to a biker clubhouse. Best. Day. Ever.
Kelley Armstrong
I can give you a spirit love, I have given you this long, long time; but not embodied passion. See, you are a nun. I have given you what I would give a holy nun…In all our relations no body enters. I do not talk to you through the senses – rather through the spirit. That is why we cannot love in the common sense.
D. H. Lawrence
Learn to accept the transitory nature of existence of the body and the mind; see eternity in everything, this world, the other worlds, and nirvana.
Frederick Lenz
There is all this controversy that women and girls are too skinny or too overweight. I say to just do martial arts and everything will be okay. You will tone up your body and find a confidence you can’t find just sitting around watching TV and hanging out with friends.
Milla Jovovich
After a bath, I like to use Jo Wood Organics Usiku Body Oil. It mositurises my skin without leaving it greasy.
Jessica Alba
I try to stay calm and I try to enjoy myself as I perform these actions so I perform them with minimal stress on my body.
Alex Caceres
Sex is essentially deep. We become what we do with our bodies, and there is no deeper act than sex.
Dietrich von Hildebrand
Cook, at that moment in time, I would have sold my body for a mocha latte
Darynda Jones
The more I work with the body, keeping my assumptions in a temporary state of reservation, the more I appreciate and sympathize with a given disease. The body no longer appears as a sick or irrational demon, but as a process with its own inner logic and wisdom.
George MacDonald
There are seven natural openings in the head and body. A lawyer is the only human being with eight. The extra one is a slot to store money in, should his bank be unable to hold all of it.
W. C. Fields
The Body of B. Franklin, Printer Like the Cover of an old Book Its Contents turn out And Stript of its Lettering & Guilding Lies here. Food for Worms For, it will as he believed appear once more In a new and more elegant Edition corrected and improved By the Author.
Benjamin Franklin
You feel your own life – your heart, your mind, your body, your sexuality, the people and things you are connected to – and you spontaneously fill with the exclamation: “God, it feels great to be alive!” That’s delight.
Ronald Rolheiser
I became a journalist at 17. A few hours later, I saw my first dead body, which was somewhat… colourful. That’s when I learned you can go on throwing up after you run out of things to throw up.
Terry Pratchett
The soul is the ancestral animals. The body is their knowledge.
Austin Osman Spare
The holy trinity, the holy triad is a construction which is found in every aspect of life. Whether it is body, mind and spirit, or whether it is conscious, subconscious and superconscious.
Neale Donald Walsch
Stress is extremely harmful to the body.
Eckhart Tolle
It was the sick and decaying who despised the body and earth and invented the heavenly realm and the redemptive drops of blood: but they took even these sweet and gloomy poisons from body and earth. They wanted to escape their own misery, and the stars were too far for them.
Friedrich Nietzsche
That neither our thoughts, nor passions, nor ideas formed by the imagination, exist without the mind, is what every body will allow.
George Berkeley
This is motherhood for you,’ said my own mother. ‘Going through life with your heart outside your body.
Jennifer Weiner
The root of the whole evil lay, particularly in Schonerer’s opinion, in the fact that the directing body of the Catholic Church was not in Germany, and that for this very reason alone it was hostile to the interests of our nationality.
Adolf Hitler
People need to pay attention to their bodies and go get a checkup. If you do that, you have a chance to help illnesses from getting even worse.
Tony Dorsett
The process of the body changing and making a whole human fascinates me.
Marcel Dzama
Life is but the expression of spirit through matter. To make life manifest requires the union of spirit and body.
Daniel D. Palmer
When bodies spring apart, because the air
Somehow condenses, wander they from truth:
For then a void is formed, where none before;
And, too, a void is filled which was before.
I have seen women walk right past a TV set with a football game on and – this always amazes me – not stop to watch, even if the TV is showing replays of what we call a “good hit,” which is a tackle that causes at least one major internal organ to actually fly out of a player’s body.
Dave Barry
Do you know what pain is, Cammie? It’s the body’s physical response to imminent harm. It is the mind’s way of telling us to move our hand off the stove or let go of the broken glass.
Ally Carter
And woman should stand beside man as the comrade of his soul, not the servant of his body.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
She was aware that in love even the most passionate idealism will not rid the body’s surface of its terrible, basic importance.
Milan Kundera
I sing the body electric,
The armies of those I love engirth me and I engirth them,
They will not let me off till I go with them, respond to them,
And discorrupt them, and charge them full with the charge of the soul.
Walt Whitman
I was having an out-of-body experience, it was so hot. I felt I was watching someone play in a blue dress, and it wasn’t me.
Serena Williams
I’m not trying to be a different weight. I want to be a different body type so that I’m not an apple. I just want to be a pear!
Octavia Spencer
An angel is a spiritual creature created by God without a body, for the service of Christendom and of the church.
Martin Luther
Everything you deny is actually killing you on some level. You see something, you feel something wrong with your body, you pretend it’s not happening, it goes on, it grows, it gets worse.
Eve Ensler
I have the brain of a German Shepherd and the body of a 16-year-old boy; they’re both in my car and I want you to see them
Bob Saget
The peace of the world concerns only body and time but the peace, the joy, that Christ gives enriches the soul for eternity
T. B. Joshua
Mom always said people worried too much about their children. Suffering when you are young is good for you, she said. It immunized your body and your soul.
Jeannette Walls
Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.
Martha Graham
The brain is the man; its health is essential for normal living; its disorders are surely the most profound of human miseries; and its destruction annihilates a person humanly, however intact his body.
H. Chandler Elliott
We are human beings, you need to mentally switch off now and again to refresh your body and mind. But I never just lie on the couch in my downtime, I still keep my body in good shape.
Luke Campbell
When you see a fish you don’t think of its scales, do you? You think of its speed, its floating, flashing body seen through the water… If I made fins and eyes and scales, I would arrest its movement, give a pattern or shape of reality. I want just the flash of its spirit.
Constantin Brancusi
Those trees are your lungs. The earth recycles as your body. The rivers recycle as your circulation. The air is your breath. So what do we call the environment?
Deepak Chopra
But in the secret history of anger–one man’s silence / lives in the bodies of others.
Ilya Kaminsky
Sign is a live, contemporaneous, visual-gestural language and consists of hand shapes, hand positioning, facial expressions, and body movements. Simply put, it is for me the most beautiful, immediate, and expressive of languages, because it incorporates the entire human body.
Myron Uhlberg
We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery because whilst others might free the body, none but ourselves can free the mind. Mind is your only ruler, sovereign. The man who is not able to develop and use his mind is bound to be the slave of the other man who uses his mind.
Marcus Garvey
A ball had passed between my body and the right arm which supported him, cutting through the sleeve and passing through his chest from shoulder to shoulder. There was no more to be done for him and I left him to his rest. I have never mended that hole in my sleeve.
Clara Barton
What America demands in her black champions is a brilliant, powerful body and a dull, bestial mind.
Eldridge Cleaver
Newspapers are to the body politic what arteries are to the human body, their function being to carry blood and sustenance and repair to every part of the body.
Henry Ward Beecher
Love is a trick played on us by the forces of evolution. Pleasure is the bait laid down by the same. There is only power. Power is of the individual mind but the mind’s power is not enough. Power of the body decides everything in the end and only might is right.
T. H. White
God has given us a vision to see the body of Christ move from being an inactive audience to a Spirit-filled army. . . God is about to unloose a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit of an unprecedented magnitude. . . He is looking for individuals who will be ‘dread champions’ for his cause.
John Wimber
Do not neglect this body. This is the house of God; take care of it, only in this body can God be realized.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
We are not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body. When the body dies the soul returns to the source.
Wayne Dyer
How sweet is that? I know I’m no boy expert, but I have heard entire lectures on reading body language, and I have to say that assuming that a person will have forgotten your name is way high on my “indicators of humbleness” list (not that I have one, but I totally have a starting point now).
Ally Carter
I see plainly how external images influence the image that I call my body : they transmit movement to it.
Henri Bergson
My energy levels are off the charts. I can run all day, I breathe well, and I sweat a lot, so the toxins and impurities come out of my body.
Larry Fitzgerald
You wouldn’t run a marathon the day before you run a marathon, you need to leave some sort of surprise for your body.
Greg James
When you’re talking about fighting, as it is, with no rules, well then, baby you’d better train every part of your body!
Bruce Lee
Casting the body’s vest aside, My soul into the boughs does glide.
Andrew Marvell
It’s time that we recognize the Supreme Court is not the supreme being, and we change the policy to be pro-life and protect children instead of rip up their body parts and sell them like they’re parts to a Buick.
Mike Huckabee
The print does not always have the same shape as the body that impressed it, and it doesn’t always derive from the pressure of a body. At times it reproduces the impression a body has left in our mind: it is the print of an idea.
Umberto Eco
He was going to take a dive into this lake. He just didn’t know it. Cerise rose, finding footing in the soft mud. The water came up to just below her breasts and her wet shirt stuck to her body. William’s gaze snagged on her chest. Yep, keep looking, Lord Bill. Keeeeeep looking.
Ilona Andrews
Donald Trump may undermine some of the traditional checks on the presidency: the press in particular, but also the various government and Congressional ethics bodies, as well as the career civil service.
Anne Applebaum
Jiva (individual soul) is the conscious ruler of this body, in whom the five life principles come into unity, and yet that very Jiva is the Atman, because all is Atman.
Swami Vivekananda
As an artist, it’s so important to create music that puts a chill through your body or does something to make you feel good. I think my album has a little bit of everything in it and that’s important to me.
Good for the body is the work of the body, good for the soul the work of the soul, and good for either the work of the other.
Henry David Thoreau
Meditation is the only means to the harmonious development of the body, mind and soul.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Loving is a journey with water and with stars, with smothered air and abrupt storms of flour: loving is a clash of lightning-bolts and two bodies defeated by a single drop of honey.
Pablo Neruda
The human body is vapor materialized by sunshine mixed with the life of the stars.
I went through puberty really early, when I was 11. It makes you feel weird – you know, like your uncle is now hugging you a little bit longer than he used to. I think we all go through wanting to go back – you’re not sure you’re ready for that body.
Jessica Alba
To listen is to be vulnerable. You allow something outside your body to come inside. To be open and impressionable, to hear everything, is dangerous. You can be damaged all too easily.
W.A. Mathieu
At my death paint my body with red paint and plunge it into fresh water to be restored back to life, otherwise my bones will be turned into stone and my joints into flint in my grave, but my spirit will rise
Crazy Horse
Just because I haven’t yet had any project surgery, I’m not going to knock it, because I think women have the right to do whatever they want to their bodies that make them feel good about themselves.
Susan Sarandon
A great influence in my life was the sanctified or Holiness churches…Everybody in there sang and they clapped and stomped heir feet and sang with their whole body… Their music was so strong and expressive, it used to bring tears to my eyes.
Mahalia Jackson
I know a lot of athletes and models are written off as just bodies. I never felt used for my body.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
I know when I’m off alignment. I know when my body is out of adjustment. If your body is there, then mentally, you’ll be there. If your body feels good, then your mind feels good and your are going to feel better about your game.
Barry Bonds
I think that there is a sort of spiritual power that is translating into our bodies as we perform. Performers give, and giving is so important. It can heal. That is my experience, anyway.
Yoko Ono
If you don’t look after your body, you’ll have nowhere to live
Jason Vale
I have learned more and more to enjoy my body when I have a few extra pounds on, just being more voluptuous.
You are pretty smart. But your body is smarter.
Pete Egoscue
At the Sharper Image store, I saw a body fat analyzer. Didn’t that used to be called a mirror?
Jay Leno
The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.
Mortimer Adler
Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.
Douglas MacArthur
When I feel like my body is exhausted, I focus on making my fifth Olympic team so I can push through it.
Dara Torres
You are going in one second the length of a football field. That means your brain is receiving information from your body what your car is doing physically, bumping, balance, performance.
Emerson Fittipaldi
If a musician is making a mediocre, self-indulgent body of work, they have to know that, for the most part, people aren’t going to be interested.
Greek dress was in its essence inartistic. Nothing should reveal the body but the body.
Oscar Wilde
A good and wholesome thing is a little harmless fun in this world; it tones a body up and keeps him human and prevents him from souring.
Mark Twain
Women are wearing tight and sexy clothes again. It is the body-conscious mentality, and women are revealing every bulge.
Manolo Blahnik
Well to me the most interesting things can be an actor’s facial expression, a gesture, the movement of a body – all those things that we are saying to each other in-between the words.
Julia Loktev
It is a mark of a mean capacity to spend much time on the things which concern the body, such as much exercise, much eating, much drinking, much easing of the body, much copulation. But these things should be done as subordinate things: and let all your care be directed to the mind.
For human words are like shadows, and shadows are incapable of explaining light and between shadow and light there is the opaque body from which words are born.
Jose Saramago
Death is the separation of soul from body.
You know, at 35 or at 38 or 40 you really start to see what your body could look like if you just don’t do anything all winter long. So that’s another motivating factor, our vanity.
Stone Gossard
It’s very crucial that you get your feelings out- but don’t ever inflict harm on your body because your body is sacred
Demi Lovato
A manpossessesnothing certainlysavea brief loanof his own body.
James Branch Cabell
I started practicing yoga. I started learning some hands-on healing stuff. And I found really good chiropractors, really good massage therapists, and what I found is I’ve been able to actually peel off layers of trauma on my body and actually move better now than I did.
Ricky Williams
But when the fox hath once got in his nose, He’ll soon find means to make the body follow.
William Shakespeare
Theologians frequently assert that God has no body, no gender, no race and no age. Most people state that God is neither male nor female. Yet most people become flustered, upset or even angry when it is suggested that the God they know as Lord and Father might also be God the Mother, or Goddess.
Carol P. Christ
Hard courts are very negative for the body. I know the sport is a business and creating these courts is easier than clay or grass, but I am 100 per cent sure it is wrong.
Rafael Nadal
In real everyday life, I don’t walk around feeling fat and if on TV I’m considered fat, honestly, I kind of like it, because I’m a big advocate of positive unique representations of women in media. And so I like how I’m able to represent a curvier body and still be beautiful.
Kether Donohue
I didn’t view my body as broken, I reasoned that a human being can never be broken. Technology is broken. Technology is inadequate.
Hugh Herr
DNA is the messenger which illuminates that connection,handed down from generation to generation,carried,literally,in the bodies of my ancestors.
Bryan Sykes
The clothes back in those days were made so much better than clothes are today. They actually took time to make clothes to fit a woman’s body. Today they make clothes that fit sizes, so it stretches to fit this and that.
Debbie Allen
Angels are always with you. You’re never alone, especially in your time of need. Listen in stillness for our guidance, which comes upon wings to your heart, mind, and body. Our messages always speak of love.
Doreen Virtue
We have arranged for ourselves a world in which we can live – by positing bodies, lines, planes, causes and effects, motion and rest, form and content; without these articles of faith nobody could now endure life. But that does not prove them. Life is no argument. The conditions of life might include error.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Your body’s always going through changes. It’s fattening or thinning or wrinkling or blotching, and the only thing you really have control over is putting some decoration on it.
Bill Ayers
I eat eight bags of chips in one sitting, and then nothing for a day or two. I learned that my body thought it was starving, so it would hold on to fat.
Whoopi Goldberg
In terms of the black female audience, usually if you’re true to that character but more so in your body of work if you’ve proven that you love your sisters and you proven you will come back home like in 42.4% they’ll give you a pass when you jump ship. I hear it all the time.
Blair Underwood
Unlike femininity, relaxed masculinity is at bottom empty, a limp nullity. While the female body is full of internal potentiality, the male is internally barren. Manhood at the most basic level can be validated and expressed only in action.
George Gilder
Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them.
Shakti Gawain
A republic cannot succeed, till it contains a certain body of men imbued with the principles of justice and honour.
Charles Darwin
Those who think of themselves as healthy are indeed healthy – no matter what is really going on with their bodies.
Christiane Northrup
The body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within your body responds to every single thought you think and every word you speak.
Louise Hay
Pythagoras said that the most divine art was that of healing. And if the healing art is most divine, it must occupy itself with the soul as well as with the body; for no creature can be sound so long as the higher part in it is sickly.
Apollonius of Tyana
The guru is not someone who is confined to the body. When there is selfless love for the guru, we will be able to see him not only in his body but in every living and nonliving thing in this world. Learn to see everything as the guru’s body and to serve them accordingly.
Mata Amritanandamayi
At least a third of a woman’s life is marked with aging; about a third of her body is made of fat. Both symbols are being transformed into operable condition
Naomi Wolf
It [Jamaat-e-Islami] is not a missionary organisation or a body of preachers or evangelists, but an organisation of God’s troopers.
Abul A’la Maududi
The flood subsides, and the body, like a worn sea-shell
emerges strange and lovely.
D. H. Lawrence
All the terrible things we do to ourselves and others from alcoholism to character assignation to abuse to murder come from one cause: the inability to stay present with an uncomfortable feeling in the body and seek short-term relief.
Pema Chodron
The planetary etheric body is a whole, unbroken and continuous; of this etheric body, those of the healer and the patient are integral, intrinsic parts.
Alice Bailey
At home, I dedicate occasional whole days to reading as if I’m a convalescent. The ideal place for this is the bath, where the body floats free. Books go a little wavy, but they’re mine, so who cares.
Rachel Kushner
In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs. RALPH WALDO EMERSON, Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks Greek architecture is the perfect flowering of geometry.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
As we mature spiritually, we exhibit a growing capacity to care for and appreciate one another in the body of Christ, regardless of our differences.
Joseph Stowell
The commercial paper market, when that dries up, you know, that’s just like sucking the blood out of the economic body of the United States.
Howard Warren Buffett
Ever since childhood I have scorned the commonplace limits so often set upon human ambition. Possessions, outward success, publicity, luxury – to me these have always been contemptible. I believe that a simple and unassuming manner of life is best for everyone; best both for the body and the mind
Albert Einstein
I have days of self-doubt, but I think the kindest thing I can do to myself is accept where my body is at.
Geri Halliwell
A disease-free body, quiver-free breath, stress-free mind, inhibition-free intellect, obsession-free memory, ego that includes all, and soul which is free from sorrow is the birthright of every human being.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
I did a lot of writing for a lot of different kinds of bands that I was in and out of during those five years and that left me with a little body of songs that I liked better when I played alone, so I ended up going out solo and very soon made my first album.
Bruce Cockburn
The effect of a representative democracy is to refine and enlarge the public views, by passing them through the medium of a chosen body of citizens, whose wisdom may best discern the true interest of the nation.
James Madison
He had not an ounce of superfluous flesh on his bones, and leanness goes a great way towards gentility.
Elizabeth Gaskell
There will be no sickness for the saint of God. … If your body belongs to God, it does not and cannot belong to sickness.
Benny Hinn
The body is our general medium for having a world.
Maurice Merleau-Ponty
Meditation is the only cure for all sicknesses that man is prone to; a single medicine. And I should remind you that the word meditation and medicine come from the same root. Medicine for the body and meditation for the soul. They both bring health.
At times, I do Tabata, a high-intensity Japanese training regimen, in which I must do 20 seconds of a specific body part with 10 seconds of rest. This must be done eight times within four minutes. Your heart rate shoots through the roof, but you burn a lot of fat.
Arjun Rampal
Bureaucrats are a pox. They are supposed to be necessary. Certain chemicals in the body are supposed to be necessary to life, but cause death the moment they increase beyond a suitable limit
Ezra Pound
What does it matter where my body happens to be?’ he said. ‘My mind goes on working all the same.
Lewis Carroll
Creatively express your love through your life. Love is expressed through our hearts, minds, and bodies.
John Friend
I want to play football until my body says, ‘You can’t run anymore: you’re dead.’
Son Heung-min
Souls, I said. I mean, you always wonder if they’re real. Even if you believe in them, you still have to wonder: Is my existence just this body? Is there really something more? Do I really have a soul?Uriel’s smile blossomed again. You’ve got it backward, Harry, he said. You are a soul. You have a body.
Jim Butcher
I attend many functions, go to different areas, you wouldn’t have heard any political comment from me. If I go to a government function, I talk about government related topics. If I attend a Railway’s function I talk about railways, if water then water, if water bodies, then water bodies. My focus is on governance.
Narendra Modi
The body is the soul’s poor house or home, whose ribs the laths are and whose flesh the loam.
Robert Herrick
Time (again, Time) like the soul, wears many faces, many bodies and climates and attitudes. The past is one face, the present a second and the future yet another.
Childbearing is the most consistent of human events. Male and female alike, we have all been gestated inside a woman’s body. As a phenomenon, childbearing is seemingly eternal and universal, yet like no other it highlights the gender divide, the singularity of individual experience and sociocultural diversities.
Joan Raphael-Leff
I find that the hot yoga is sort of a false thing, so your body temperature goes up and you can stretch and you can injure yourself a little bit easier than if you work yourself into… if you heat yourself up.
Tricia Helfer
It is not I who become addicted, it is my body.
Jean Cocteau
Play touches and stimulates vitality, awakening the whole person – mind, body, intelligence and creativity.
Viola Spolin
God never wastes pain.В  He always uses it to accomplish his purpose.В  And his purpose is for his glory and our good.В  Therefore we can trust him when our hearts are aching or our bodies are racked with pain
Jerry Bridges
It makes one hope and believe that a day will come when, in the eye of the law, literary property will be as sacred as whiskey, or any other of the necessaries of life. It grieves me to think how far more profound and reverent a respect the law would have for literature if a body could only get drunk on it.
Mark Twain
“Sometimes”, says a fellow depressive, “I wish I was in a full body cast, with every bone in my body broken. That’s how I feel anyway. Then, maybe, people would stop minimising my illness because they can actually see what’s wrong with me. They seem to need physical evidence.”
Sally Brampton
The problem in narcissism is not the high ideals and ambitions, it’s the difficulty one encounters when trying to give them body.
Thomas Moore
Fasting of the body is food for the soul.
Saint John Chrysostom
I have the body of an eighteen year old. I keep it in the fridge.
Spike Milligan
Now he found out a new thing–namely, that to promise not to do a thing is the surest way in the world to make a body want to go and do that very thing.
Mark Twain
Anything which is a hindrance to the fight of the soul is a delusion and a snare, even like the body which often does hinder you in the path of salvation.
Mahatma Gandhi
Industry keeps the body healthy, the mind clear, the heart whole, and the purse full.
Charles Simmons
Flesh sells. People don’t want to see pictures of churches. They want to see naked bodies.
Helen Mirren
Even if an alcoholic is powerless over alcohol once it enters his body, he still makes a choice to drink. And, even if someone is attracted to a person of the same sex, he or she still makes a choice to engage in sexual activity with someone of the same gender.
Rick Perry
When we free ourselves from name and form, especially from a body – when we need no body, good or bad – then only do we escape from bondage.
Swami Vivekananda
If you are ever going to achieve as much as you can in a sport, you are going to have to be willing to make a leap of faith to learn how much your body can handle.
Meredith Rainey-Valmon
My body is damaged from music in two ways. I have a red irritation in my stomach. It’s psychosomatic, caused by all the anger and the screaming. I have scoliosis, where the curvature of your spine is bent, and the weight of my guitar has made it worse. I’m always in pain, and that adds to the anger in our music.
Kurt Cobain
I come from a background where bigger women are appreciated. After all, you can’t belly dance with a flat stomach, so my ideal body would be curvy, womanly and voluptuous.
Laila Rouass
The body is only a garment. How many times you have changed your clothing in this life, yet because of this you would not say that you have changed. Similarly, when you give up this bodily dress at death you do not change. You are just the same, an immortal soul, a child of God.
Paramahansa Yogananda
Every morning
I wake up with the news
of bloodshed.
I feel my body,
desperate to know whether
I’m still alive.
Suman Pokhrel
Kids have little computer bodies with disks that store information. They remember who had to do the dishes the last time you had spaghetti, who lost the knob off the TV set six years ago, who got punished for teasing the dog when he wasn’t teasing the dog and who had to wear girls boots the last time it snowed.
Erma Bombeck
Sometimes something as simple as going for a 20-minute jog on any given day is important. Keeps your body moving and legs from getting stiffened up from doing high-intensity workouts during the week.
Jozy Altidore
Fear is a way of not allowing yourself to choose freely what you will do next; a way of letting your body’s reflexes, not the needs of your mind, choose for you.
Marion Zimmer Bradley
The mistake is that we cling to the body when it is the spirit that is really immortal.
Swami Vivekananda
To the large extent that music can organize our perceptions of our own bodies and emotions, it can tell us things about history that are not accessible through any other medium.
Susan McClary
All individuals have moral deficiencies, and when introducing these to reality one not only strengthens himself but also the confidence of others in the human exigency for Christ due to a reflection throughout the body of Christ.
Criss Jami
My body takes me everywhere easily and effortlessly.
Louise Hay
There’s no need to glamorize one body type and slam another. We need to stop this absurd hatred towards bodies for being different sizes. It doesn’t help anyone and it’s getting old.
Jennie Runk
Did you know that it’s a lot harder to put organs back in the body than it is to get them out?
Richelle Mead
The mind always fails first, not the body. The secret is to make your mind work for you, not against you.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
The soul is subject to health and disease, just as is the body. The health and disease of both . . . undoubtedly depend upon beliefs and customs, which are peculiar to mankind.
I learned different ways of working out. I learned a lot about my body. Let me just say that Arnold Schwarzenegger had 20-inch biceps when he did his first film, and when I did ‘Saala Khadoos,’ being a vegetarian, I managed 18 and half inches.
R. Madhavan
Then is Love blest, when from the cup of the body he drinks the wine of the soul.
Richard B. Garnett
The Body Is Very Important, But The Mind Is MORE Important Than The Body
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Hence reason also demands that, since our thoughts cannot all be true because we are not wholly perfect, what truth they do possess must inevitably be found in the thoughts we have when awake, rather than in our dreams.
Rene Descartes
Pay attention to the intricate patterns of your existence that you take for granted.
C. Douglas Dillon
I missed him so much that I had physical sensations of loss, all over my body. Like one minute I was missing an arm, the next my spleen. It was making me feel sick, like throwing up.
Augusten Burroughs
The challenge is that if you stimulate your immune system, it might get over-stimulated. And it might actually start causing harm to normal cells in your body. So we have to work a balance between attacking the cancer and not attacking yourself.
Tyler Jacks
It is still beautiful to hear the heart beat but often the shadow seems more real than the body.
Tomas Transtromer
The moment it begins to question itself, the mind becomes so clear that it starts working with itself rather than with the body’s identification.
Byron Katie
It was a weak spot in any nation to have a large body of disaffected people within its confusion.
Zora Neale Hurston
But the most reliable indication of the future of Open Source is its past: in just a few years, we have gone from nothing to a robust body of software that solves many different problems and is reaching the million-user count. There’s no reason for us to slow down now.
Bruce Perens
Our souls belong to our bodies, not our bodies to our souls.
Herman Melville
I heard a lot in school, ‘You’ve got a really great talent, but there’s no way you’re going to be a dancer with that body.
Tracy Anderson
You always know. You have basic needs, and when they aren’t met, your body sends signals. Hunger, loneliness, exhaustion, thirst, and fear are all signals that something is missing, and you need to act on it now.
Mel Robbins
When the faith is strong enough, it is sufficient just to be. It’s a journey towards simplicity, towards quietness, towards a kind of joy that is not in time. It’s a journey that has taken us from primary identification with our body and our psyche, on to an identification with God, and ultimately beyond identification.
Ram Dass
Education is that human process of feeling your body mature, feeding your mind with ideas that it never had before, or information you never had. You simply cannot do that on a computer.
Richard Rodriguez
Wouldst thou enjoy a long Life, a healthy Body, and a vigorous Mind, and be acquainted also with the wonderful Works of God? labour in the first place to bring thy Appetite into Subjection to Reason.
Benjamin Franklin
In vain we shall penetrate more and more deeply the secrets of the structure of the human body, we shall not dupe nature; we shall die as usual.
Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle
Let us have a Universal Mind that loves and protects all creation and helps all things grow and develop. To unify mind and body and become one with the Universe is the ultimate purpose of our study.
Koichi Tohei
Only recently have we come up with the technology to turn lazing around into a way of life. We’ve taken our sinewy, durable, hunter-gatherer bodies and plunked them into an artificial world of leisure.
Christopher McDougall
Yoga means to bind back, unite. To bring the body and the soul together. For this reason the practice of yoga is a holy endeavor and the teaching of it to our people a very high calling.
Alice Walker
You have but a short time to live in this world. As you age, you will experience the pains of aging. If your hopes and joys rest upon the body, then you will suffer greatly.
Frederick Lenz
I feel like someone is pressing me into a mold that does not fit my body, forcing me intothe wrong shape.
Veronica Roth
As we have explained, in first love the soul is taken long before the body; later the body is taken long before the soul; sometimes the soul is not taken at all.
Victor Hugo
If you watch any good player, they’re using different parts of their body and working with instruments that respond to those movements. They’re moving in many dimensions at once.
Brian Eno
As a cosmion incarnating the cells of a new body, New Lights will function as transitional vessels through which transforming energy can renew the divine image in the world, moving postmoderns from one state of embodiment to another.
Leonard Sweet
The only decent bone in her body was mine.
Ernest Hemingway
Why should I be weary when every cell of my body is bursting with life?
Imperfection is in some sort essential to all that we know of life. It is the sign of life in a mortal body, that is to say, of a state of progress and change. Nothing that lives is, or can be rigidly perfect; part of it is decaying, part nascent.
John Ruskin
The Prelude to Tristan and Isolde reminds me of the old Italian painting of a martyr whose intestines are slowly unwound from his body on a reel.
Eduard Hanslick
I was a momma’s boy. I didn’t get anything from Dad, except my body and baseball knowledge. The only time I spent with him was at the ballpark.
Barry Bonds
It’s funny what a few no-hitters do for a body.
Satchel Paige
I bet you my body is three-quarters Red Bull.
Charlamagne tha God
Every passion, every emotion, has its effect upon the mind. Every change of mind, however slight, has its effect upon the body.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
I could tell you all the medical terminology,’ She says. ‘But what finally happened is his heart got to big for his body’
Rodman Philbrick
In the busy city, dying might be resented as a breach of good taste, and the body hastily dispatched to the undertaker and the crematorium; but in Lost Haven, where a man’s mates had to turn out and dig his grave, it was an occasion shared by the whole community.
Kylie Tennant
Meditation… never leave the body without it!
Frederick Lenz
Teaching which ignores the realities of children will be rejected as surely as any graft which attempts to ignore the body’s immune system.
Howard Gardner
Dearest – my body is simply crazy with wanting you – If you don’t come tomorrow – I don’t see how I can wait for you – I wonder if your body wants mine the way mine wants yours – the kisses – the hotness – the wetness – all melting together – the being held so tight that it hurts – the strangle and the struggle.
Georgia O’Keeffe
I shave my body in all kinds of ways, wear tons of eyeliner and dye my hair pink.
Beth Ditto
I am an instrument in the shape/ of a woman trying to translate pulsations/ into images for the relief of the body/ and the reconstruction of the mind.
Adrienne Rich
The Sexual Revolution is a complete rebellion against authority, natural and supernatural, even against the body and its needs, its natural functions of child bearing. This is not reverence for life, it is a great denial and more resembles Nihilism than the revolution that they think they are furthering.
Dorothy Day
The body loaded by the excess of yesterday, depresses the mind also, and fixes to the ground this particle of divine breath.
[Lat., Quin corpus onustum
Hesternis vitiis, animum quoque praegravat una
Atque affigit humo divinae particulam aurae.]
What’s the point of prolonging your life if you don’t enjoy it? It’s your body. Do whatever you want with it. Better to wear out than rust over.
Rita Mae Brown
Illness and accidents were mysterious manifestations of the war of the spirits, fought on the battleground of the body.
Jean M. Auel
The present moment is never intolerable. What’s intolerable is what’s going to happen in the next four hours. To have your body here at 8 pm and your mind at 10:30 pm, that’s what causes us suffering.
Anthony de Mello
Not everyone is there to get an abortion. Your body is like a car that has needs and women’s bodies constantly need a level of care that men don’t.
Jen Kirkman
I have learnt a lot about my body since my heart attack. I don’t drink as much now as before.
Gerard Depardieu
To make others less happy is a crime. To make ourselves unhappy is where all crime starts. We must try to contribute joy to the world. That is true no matter what our problems, our health, our circumstances. We must try. I didn’t always know this and am happy I lived long enough to find it out.
Roger Ebert
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,
A being darkly wise and rudely great…
He hangs between; in doubt to act or rest;
In doubt to deem himself a god, or beast;
In doubt his mind or body to prefer;
Born to die, and reasoning but to err.
Alexander Pope
Music is to the mind as air is to the body.
What we’re dealt with hopefully is two arms, two eyes, two legs, a head, a heart. The variations, the extensions, the possibilities of the human body, what that can do
John Guare
It was a though we’d been living for a year in a dense grove of old trees, a cluster of firs, each with its own rhythm and character, from whom our bodies had drawn not just shelter but perhaps even a kind of guidance as we grew into a family.
David Abram
I like monsters in general – that’s what I like to write about. Somebody was joking with me that my body was becoming a manual for a role-playing game because I’m covered in little monsters. That’s true. I could easily have more monsters on my skin.
Maria Dahvana Headley
At Milan when I was younger, I worked a lot on the leg press because I’d lost a bit of my natural speed as my body was changing. I was growing too fast for the rest of my body to cope and I had some knee problems. I worked really hard in the gym to regain these fast sprints.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
The soul needs attention like the body needs to breath.
Ray Davies
Your legs were heaven, your breasts were the alter, your body was the holy land.
Bruce Springsteen
There should be no element of slavery in learning. Enforced exercise does no harm to the body, but enforced learning will not stay in the mind. So avoid compulsion, and let your children’s lessons take the form of play.
Weight loss can change your whole character. That always amazed me: Shedding pounds does change your personality. It changes your philosophy of life because you recognize that you are capable of using your mind to change your body.
Jean Nidetch
Beautiful women, wealth, sensations, celebrity, substances capable of distorting my perception, and even forcing my body into positions ready for the covers of important yoga magazines – I pursued them all, some wholeheartedly, but none would satisfy my real longing.
Rod Stryker
Our desires are the way that the healing life force comes through us and replenishes our bodies.
Christiane Northrup
When you don’t know how to fight you tend to put all your energy into one punch. That will tire you out quickly. You learn to keep energy in reserve and use your body in an efficient manner.
Tom Payne
There’s only a handful of directors who really understand what I call the alchemical balance between a man and a woman, in a woman’s body, which most people consider the strong woman character.
Michelle Rodriguez
The mind tricks the body, Body thinks the mind is crazy.
You can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy. I’m very confident and happy with my body.
Christina Aguilera
At six
I lived in a graveyard full of dolls,
avoiding myself,
my body, the suspect
in its grotesque house.
Anne Sexton
If you’ll be my body guard, I can be your long lost pal.
Paul Simon
The belief that the soul continues its existence after the dissolution of the body is a matter of philosophical or theological speculation rather than of simple faith, and is accordingly nowhere expressly taught in Holy Scripture
James H. Cone
Medicine is the restoration of discordant elements; sickness is the discord of the elements infused into the living body.
Leonardo da Vinci
You’ve been provided with a perfect body to house your soul for a few brief moments in eternity. So regardless of its size, shape, color, or any imagined infirmities, you can honor the temple that houses you by eating healthfully, exercising, listening to your body’s needs, and treating it with dignity and love.
Wayne Dyer
Ciel: *Over Sebastian’s ‘dead’ body* THAT’S AN ORDER! WAKE UP! RIGHT NOW! Sebastian: *thinking* But I am awake.
Yana Toboso
The body, in ‘La Belle Noiseuse,’ was the source of the artist’s creativity.
Emmanuelle Beart
Life is about change, it never stops, it’s moving and it’s moving this human body inexorably towards its demise.
Elizabeth Lesser
I always thought it was a B.S. thing that they didn’t show it [scalping] in other Westerns, but especially if you’re going to really go with the idea that we’re desecrating the bodies, and the idea is to strike fear in the hearts of other German soldiers, then we had to see what they’re talking about.
Quentin Tarantino
The body is a vehicle for the mind, and that vehicle is how you travel through space.
A man must be clothed with society, or we shall feel a certain bareness and poverty, as of a displaced and unfurnished member. He is to be dressed in arts and institutions, as well as in body garments. Now and then a man exquisitely made can live alone, and must; but coop up most men and you undo them.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
What is necessary is to teach each class and profession the importance of the others.В  All together form one mighty body; labourer, peasant, and professional man.
Adolf Hitler
The cell is a city of production centres, each part working away like mad, and it’s co-ordinated. Six trillion cells in a body – you can’t help but be moved.
Charles Jencks
My doctor asked me how many golf balls I had hit in my career. I’m lying there in bed calculating somewhere between four and five million golf balls I had hit to do that on my body.
Greg Norman
I can still bring into my body the joy I felt at seeing the first trillium of spring, which seemed to be telling me, “Never give up hope, spring will come.”
Jessica Stern
Bread, soup – these were my whole life. I was a body. Perhaps less than that even: a starved stomach. The stomach alone was aware of the passage of time.
Elie Wiesel
Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
He who has two cakes of bread, let him dispose of one of them for some flowers of the narcissus; for bread is the food of the body, and the narcissus is the food of the soul.
I think when I was younger, it was like – who cares? You don’t realize the longterm effects. It takes its toll, which is I think why I’m better about it and take care of my body now more than ever.
Jennifer Aniston
Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.
Kevin Trudeau
Growing up in the public eye was really tough. When you’re 14 and your body is changing, your life is changing, and people are watching every step you make, it’s really hard to deal with. But I was pretty lucky, people didn’t watch me that closely.
Mandy Moore
The truly wise man is he who believes the Bible against the opinions of any man. If the Bible says one thing, and any body of men says another, the wise man will decide, “This book is the Word of him who cannot lie”.
R. A. Torrey
I’ve lived long enough to feel the sway of corporations both legal and illegal. Corporations give you drugs and they prescribe and prescribe them and they can be worse for you. Whereas you have illegal drugs and that is all about moderation. You have to know your body.
Grace Jones
When you are enlightened, your physical body will still feel pain if you get hurt, but you will not be overwhelmed even by extreme physical pain, because your mind is filled with light, love and understanding.
Frederick Lenz
When I was a kid, my favorite movies were the George Pal version of ‘War Of The Worlds,’ ‘Them,’ and ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers.’ Those movies were scary! They haunted my nightmares for years, so when I started writing, I wanted to write a story that was just as big and just as scary.
David Gerrold
You have to protect yourself, your body, your being. You cannot treat it badly; you have to keep it, make as sensitive as possible
Klaus Kinski
If you are hurt, whether in mind or body, don’t nurse your bruises. Get up, and light-heartedly, courageously, good-temperedly, get ready for the next encounter.
Emily Post
He that studies only men will get the body of knowledge without the soul; and he that studies only books, the soul without the body.
Charles Caleb Colton
All meditations are nothing but efforts to bring you to the present. When you live in the present moment, with no past hanging around you, with no future projection, you are free from life and death, you are free from body and mind. You are free – simply free – you are freedom.
The magic of “Musical Medicine” will come into its own. The application of such healing potencies will not be limited just to man’s body and mind. It will be an agency for building and healing his soul as well.
Corinne Heline
The moon and other celestial bodies should be free for exploration and use by all countries. No country should be permitted to advance a claim of sovereignty.
Lyndon B. Johnson
These simple to prepare recipes should inspire anyone who wants to honor their body-God’s Temple-and feed their family from a biblical perspective.
Jordan Rubin
Your body Hurts me as the world hurts God
Sylvia Plath
You would think there’s a natural limit to tears: only so much the body can give at one sitting before it runs dry.
Janice Galloway
If you can’t pronounce it, you probably shouldn’t be putting it in your body or in your environment.
Sandra Bullock
Body is purified by water. Ego by tears. Intellect is purified by knowledge. And soul is purified with love.
Ali ibn Abi Talib
Shapeshifter parenting motto—if your kid slit somebody’s throat, always have a backup plan to make the body disappear.
Ilona Andrews
There was no direct way to prevent the Boston murders. There are some easy ways to prevent likely future ones: by not inciting them. That’s also true of another case of a suspect murdered, his body disposed of without autopsy, when he could easily have been apprehended and brought to trial: Osama bin Laden.
Noam Chomsky
Ever since I dated a woman, I know what it is to grab a curve on a woman’s body. Skinny’s not fine when the lights are low.
Angelina Jolie
You can’t start with imbalance and end with peace, be that in your own body, in an ecosystem or between a government and its people. What we need to strive for is not perfection, but balance.
Ani DiFranco
I guess I’m pretty lucky because in childhood I studied so many martial arts styles and I never stopped researching them, my body is very adjustable and I can turn into different expressions with my body.
Donnie Yen
The soul is part of the body. The mind is part of the body. When folks do physical violence to black people, to black bodies in this country, the soul as we construe it is damaged, too – the mind is damaged, too.
Ta-Nehisi Coates
We do not see through our eyes alone.
Dave Ulrich
There is a life in you, search that life, search the secret jewel in the mountain of your body.
Everyone danced — sweaty bodies packed tight, drunk with sound.
Holly Black
It is important for those of us who are Christian to remember that our physical lives don’t last forever. Our souls will last an eternity, and thus we should place even more emphasis on the health of our souls than the health of our bodies.
Michael Huffington
Being surrounded by supermodels’ bodies was triggering to me.
Demi Lovato
The elemental world we all live in is the darkness of the body.
Antony Gormley
Being pregnant finally helped me understand what my true relationship was with my body – meaning that it wasn’t put on this earth to look good in a swimsuit.
Amy Adams
Before all it’s necessary to look after the Soul, if you want the head and the rest of the body to function correctly.
A sound soul dwells within a sound mind and a sound body.
And I kissed him back so hard, like I was trying to merge our bodies through our lips.
Gayle Forman
Our bodies are the time machine.
Rudy Rucker
What? Corpus. Body. Corpse. Good idea the Latin. Stupifies them first. Hospice for the dying. They don’t seem to chew it; only swallow it down.
James Joyce
The ideal body is everywhere you look, and we are made to feel like failures by advertisers and corporations who shame us into buying their products.
Caitlin Stasey
Punishment is but legalized crime. In a society built on prevention, rather than retaliation, there would be very little crime. The few exceptions will be treated medically, as of unsound mind and body.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
all the small squalors of the body, known only to oneself, insignificant in youth, easily dismissed, in old age became dominant and entered into fulfilment of the tyranny they had always threatened.
Vita Sackville-West
Men in great fortunes are strangers to themselves, and while they are in the puzzle of business, they have no time to tend their health either of body or mind.
John Locke
The body never lies.
Martha Graham
. . . It is God’s plan that those who are to help others spiritually fall into the temptations of mind and body by which others can be tormented. . . . Scorn both these evil suggestions and the wickedness of their author, who is the devil.
Vincent de Paul
When you go on an extreme diet, your body’s self-preservation mechanism responds by burning calories as slowly as possible. Of course, that makes it much more difficult to lose weight.
Tony Robbins
When a government requires a man to support a child he was tricked into creating, that government subsidizes fraud. No. It is worse than that: It subsidizes the woman using a man’s body for 18-21 years without his consent.
Warren Farrell
The physicality of a real relationship – one that encompasses mind, body and soul – ultimately makes it more fulfilling and powerful than any virtual relationship ever could be.
Henry Cloud
The way I treat my body is not disconnected from the way I treat my family or the commitment I have to peace on our earth.
Jack Kornfield
I accept the consequences of all that I do. No matter what we do with our lives, our bodies are temporary. We’re all going to die, and I’d rather die climbing than doing anything else.
John Bachar
Just being sentient and in a body with the sun coming up is a state of rapture.
Coleman Barks
They are not said to be husband and wife, who merely sit together. Rather they alone are called husband and wife, who have one soul in two bodies.
Guru Amar Das
When you are more awake at nights, they’ll toss and turn, they’ll think more, they get frustrated. And when that starts to happen, you really don’t sleep even more because you’re making your body tense and your mind is getting more and more active.
Shelby Harris
Mindfulness practices enhance the connection between our body, our mind and everything else that is around us. Mindful living is the key to understanding our struggles with weight and to empowering us to control our weight.
Nhat Hanh
Many, many times I find that whatever is looking good on the screen doesn’t always look or feel good on the body. So who do we design for – do we design for the screen, or do we design for women?
Alber Elbaz
A man at work, making something which he feels will exist because he is working at it and wills it, is exercising the energies of his mind and soul as well as of his body. Memory and imagination help him as he works.
William Morris
It’s because you have no power. You give them all the material and the cinematographer, the director, the editor, boy what they can choose… You better hope they like you because they can slice and dice and make you look like a damn fool when your face and body are up there on a 30-foot screen.
William Mapother
As evacuation eases the body, so occasional ejectment of passion seems to appease the agonies of the soul, and dispose to tranquility the agitations of the heart.
Norm MacDonald
In every ancient culture, there are rituals to mortify the body as a way of understanding that the energy of the soul is indestructible. The more I think about energy, the simpler my art becomes, because it is just about pure presence.
Marina Abramovic
The stability of the internal medium is a primary condition for the freedom and independence of certain living bodies in relation to the environment surrounding them.
Claude Bernard
The body is a sacred garment.
Martha Graham
To survive, humans need food, water, and air. Yet biodiversity, the Earth’s bodies of water, and the planet’s atmosphere are all under threat.
Graciela Chichilnisky
When I was a teen, I was never really into the captain of the football team or the student body president. The guys I liked were quirky and different: They listened to music I’d never heard
of, never had lunch or gas money, and could always make you laugh.
Sarah Dessen
I finally realized that no one is perfect and that I like the fact that I look different and don’t have the perfect body. No one does!
Shay Mitchell
There’s [in Outcast] so much for my ear, brain and mind and body to gain.
That judges of important causes should hold office for life is a questionable thing, for the mind grows old as well as the body.
The men I idolized built their bodies and became somebody – like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger – and I thought, ‘That can be me.’ So I started working out. The funny thing is I didn’t realize back then that I was having a defining moment.
Dwayne Johnson
It was a very vulnerable time going from being insecure about my body and who I am to becoming comfortable with me. I had to tune out what the hell everybody else had to say about who I was. When I was able to do that, I felt free.
Queen Latifah
Everyone contributes something different to the mind, body and spirit.
Donna Karan
There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.
Laurell K. Hamilton
The human body is a machine that winds up its own springs: it is a living image of the perpetual motion.
Julien Offray de La Mettrie
The idea is to encourage men to go with their wives and screen. So, if the wife is going to go and do her screening, then the man can go and do his baseline screening, too. Men need to be aware of the health of their bodies, as well – prostate cancer and breast cancer are almost on the same level.
Olivia Newton-John
One evening at a hotel in New York I flipped around the television channels. Suddenly there on the public access channel was a voluptuous young woman, naked, her body oiled, writhing on the floor while fondling herself intimately… I watched for some time — riveted by the sociological significance of it all.
Robert Bork
I had been a feminist all my life, but the big problem was how to make your feminism jibe with you unappeasable hunger for male bodies.
Erica Jong
To be fair, it’s not even the first time I’ve seen a dead version of myself. There was one on Harry Potter, on the last movie, that they actually used to bring to set in a body bag.
Daniel Radcliffe
The body is God’s temple, but we are to worship God, not the temple.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Once, when she was six years old, she had fallen from a tree, flat on her stomach. She could still recall that sickening interval before breath came back into her body. Now, as she looked at him, she felt the same way she had felt then, breathless, stunned, nauseated.
Margaret Mitchell
Dreams nourish the soul just as food nourishes the body. The pleasure of the search and of adventure feeds our dreams.
Paulo Coelho
One fan sent me one tooth, so I made a necklace out of it. But then I found a bunch of my baby teeth, and started realizing I would love to wear a piece of my fans’ bodies on me.
When you dance, your body just wants to find its natural weight. I’m naturally a lot more Tommy Tune than I am Wolverine.
Hugh Jackman
Sedentary people are apt to have sluggish minds. A sluggish mind is apt to be reflected in flabbiness of body and in a dullness of expression that invites no interest and gets none.
Rose Kennedy
To surrender one’s vulnerable body to water has always seemed to me a limpid act of will that has no coutnerpart or equal, unless it is sex.
Barbara Grizzuti Harrison
In the 20 long, hungry years between my late teens and late 30s I bought in to virtually every new diet and/or exercise regime that hoved into view, particularly at this most vulnerable time for those of us prone to poor body image – a new year.
Arabella Weir
The body is your instrument in dance, but your art is outside that creature, the body.
Martha Graham
Where our language suggests a body and there is none: there, we should like to say, is a spirit.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
How should we judge what we see? More intimately, let us consider the vulnerability of the human body and soul under these circumstances. It’s all creation. It’s made. It’s not a given.
Thomas Struth
I daydream too. I visualise. I think ahead, I can do it now, sitting here. I think ahead to the walk-in, I can hear the crowd, the music, I can feel the cameras all around me, I can feel movements in my body as I am heading there, I can bring up that incredible feeling you get when you step into the cage.
Conor McGregor
Just as a lamp waved in darkness creates a figure of light in the air, which remains for as long as the lamp repeats its motion exactly, so the universe retains its shape by repetition: the universe is Time’s body. And how will we perceive this body? And how operate on it?
John Crowley
It’s perfectly clear that the millions of babies, who are crying at this very moment, want unanimously to be next to a live body. Do you really think they’re all wrong? Theirs is the voice of nature. This is the clear, pure voice of nature, without intellectual interference.
Jean Liedloff
When people have problems with their mortgages and jobs many feel they’re a failure, they didn’t work hard enough or speak well enough: It’s their fault things are going so bad. When they see their bodies right there [at occupations], we have something profoundly in common.
Haskell Wexler
The spine is the highway to the Infinite. Your own body is the temple of God. It is within your own self that God must be realized.
Paramahansa Yogananda
One can’t save and then pitchfork souls into heaven… Souls are more or less securely fastened to bodies… And as you can’t get the souls out and deal with them separately, you have to take them both together.
Amy Carmichael
For all the concern about bodies and weight, ‘Baywatch’ has three huge catering trucks on the set at all times. One for entrees, one appetizers and one for junk food.
Nicole Eggert
The human heart was undeniably the stupidest organ in the body.
Francine Pascal
I always took note of them, because I think if you’re in the black or brown body, you’re negotiating them all the time. It’s like women taking note of sexism. It’s a kind of incoherency that you are constantly negotiating.
Claudia Rankine
People can see a picture of my body from the neck down and know who it is because of my beauty marks or whatever you call them, moles. I’ve always had them, and I’ve always loved them. Obviously you have to be careful with that; I get them checked regularly and make sure that they’re healthy.
Gigi Hadid
Be careful in dealing with a man who cares nothing for comfort or promotion, but is simply determined to do what he believes to be right. He is a dangerous uncomfortable enemy, because his body, which you can always conquer, gives you little purchase upon his soul.
Gilbert Murray
From the fame opinion of a soul distinct from the body came the practice of praying, first for the dead, and then to them with a long train of other absurd opinions, and superstitious practices.
Joseph Priestley
I think women are usually a little bit nervous about wearing white denim. There are rules associated, body issues, all of those things.
Brad Goreski
Youth is the spirit of adventure and awakening. It is a time of physical emerging when the body attains the vigor and good health that may ignore the caution of temperance. Youth is a period of timelessness when the horizons of age seem too distant to be noticed.
Ezra Taft Benson
But nothing is more estimable than a physician who, having studied nature from his youth, knows the properties of the human body, the diseases which assail it, the remedies which will benefit it, exercises his art with caution, and pays equal attention to the rich and the poor.
He kissed me for a long moment, holding my shoulders, perhaps to keep me from pressing my whole body against his. Then he tried to lift my bag. “My God,” he said. “What happened?” “I found out one may check out twenty books at a time from the school library.
Laura Whitcomb
Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body.
Brett Ratner
The material universe must consist … of bodies … such that each of them exercises its own separate, independent, and invariable effect, a change of the total state being compounded of a number of separate changes each of which is solely due to a separate portion of the preceding state.
Arthur David Ritchie
Love is the feeling that emanates from the heart and extends through the blood to every cell of the body.
Alexander Lowen
I don’t know when they first had feeds. Like maybe, fifty or a hundred years ago. Before that, they had to use their hands and their eyes. Computers were all outside the body. They carried them around outside of them, in their hands, like if you carried your lungs in a briefcase and opened it to breathe.
Matthew Tobin Anderson
It is not the right angle that attracts me, nor the straight line, hard and inflexible, created by man. What attracts me is the free and sensual curve – the curve that I find in the mountains of my country, in the sinuous course of its rivers, in the body of the beloved woman.
Oscar Niemeyer
The body becomes stronger as its members become healthier. The whole church of God gains when the members that compose it begin to seek a better and a higher life.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
I have never been able to understand why the tax comes as such a body blow to many people since the rate on long-term capital gain is lower than on most likes of endeavor (tax policy indicated digging ditches is regarded as socially less desirable than shuffling stock certificates).
Warren Buffett
I can’t believe people got so upset at the sight of a single breast! America is so parochial, I may just have to move to Europe where people are more mature about things like that!
Janet Jackson
The world is a body common to all men, changes to it bring about a change in the souls of all men who are turned towards that part of it at that moment.
Georg C. Lichtenberg
As long as you do not live totally in the body, you do not live totally in the Self.
B.K.S. Iyengar
By exercising your stomach muscles, you wring out the body, you don’t catch colds, you don’t get cancer, you don’t get hernias. Do animals get hernias? Do animals go on diets?
Joseph Pilates
If one finds oneself with bread in both hands, that person should exchange one loaf for some flowers of the narcissus, because the loaf feeds the body, but the flowers feed the soul.
Nazr Mohammed
There are people who are born and die and never once are aware of their breath going in and out of their body. That’s how far away they live from themselves
Ajahn Chah
Genetic scientists say that one day it will be possible to grow new body parts, like new breasts and new hands. It’s going to be a huge moneymaker, because you know that as soon as women grow another breast, men will want another hand.
Jay Leno
What I really found myself interested in was the idea that our minds our so powerful and when we’re living, the mind is dampened by the body. As crazy as our minds can get, they’re only so crazy because they’re physically housed.
George Saunders
I’m not a body with a soul, I’m a soul that has a visible part called the body
Paulo Coelho
Rest is so necessary for the health of our minds and bodies, and often so difficult to achieve due to the many demands placed on us. But rest is also essential for our spiritual health, so that we can hear God’s voice and understand what he asks of us.
Pope Francis
Tonight, I feel like my whole body is made out of memories. I’m a mix-tape, a cassette that’s been rewound so many times you can hear the fingerprints smudged on the tape.
Rob Sheffield
Your body is a form of energy slowed down to assume the appearance of mass. And the mind directs the energy that determines the form.
Terry Cole-Whittaker
For many years, my formula has been to love yourself, move your body and to watch portion size. But the No. 1 thing is to love and value yourself, no matter what you’ve been through.
Richard Simmons
This body is not a home, but an inn; and that only for a short time. Seneca Friendship is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.
Get drunk, Austin, have a love affair. It would be a tragedy to die and discover that you hadn’t completely used up your body.
Jane Urquhart
Never did I think so much, exist so much, be myself so much as in the journeys I have made alone and on foot. Walking has something about it which animates and enlivens my ideas. I can hardly think while I am still; my body must be in motion to move my mind.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
When temptation comes, you can invent a delete key in your mind- perhaps the words from a favorite hymn. Your mind is in charge; your body is the instrument of your mind. When some unworthy thought pushes into your mind, replace it with your delete key. Worthy music is powerful and can help you control your thoughts.
Boyd K. Packer
You should do it against the clock. Say you are going to do 30 laps in 15 minutes. Then you try to do it each day a little faster. That is putting demands on the body, and that is how you build up. You keep up your energy instead of going downhill.
Jack LaLanne
I have no interest in being the biggest, the most profitable or the largest retailer. I just want The Body Shop to be the best, most breathlessly exciting company – and one that changes the way business is carried out.
Anita Roddick
I am a typed director. If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
Alfred Hitchcock
‎Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.
Bliss follows witnessing – and that is going to be your meditation. Witness your body as separate, witness your mind as separate. Remain rooted in witnessing: “I am only a watcher.” That is going to transform your whole life, it is going to give you the ultimate.
A woman watches her body uneasily, as though it were an unreliable ally in the battle for love.
Leonard Cohen
In war, the truth must be guarded by a body guard of lies.
Winston Churchill
The great secret that all old people share is that you really haven’t changed in seventy or eighty years. Your body changes, but you don’t change at all. And that, of course, causes great confusion.
Doris Lessing
It is too early for politicians to presume on our forgetting that the public good, the real welfare of the great body of the people, is the supreme object to be pursued; and that no form of government whatever has any other value than as it may be fitted for the attainment of this object.
James Madison
Don’t follow the mind. Don’t follow the body. Follow the Conscience. That is the main principle of this text. So we should follow our Conscience.
Sathya Sai Baba
Foppery is never cured; it is the bad stamina of the mind, which, like those of the body, are never rectified; once a coxcomb always a coxcomb.
Samuel Johnson
The history of progress is written in the blood of men and women who have dared to espouse an unpopular cause, as, for instance, the black man’s right to his body, or woman’s right to her soul.
Emma Goldman
Love becomes the deposit of the heart, analogous in all degrees to the ‘findings’ in a tomb. As in one will be charted the taken place of the body, the raiment, the utensils necessary to its other life, so in the heart of the lover will be traced, as an indelible shadow, that which he loves.
Djuna Barnes
Easy money, sudden fortunes, increasingly powerful political machines and blatant corruption transformed much of the nation; and the Senate, as befits a democratic legislative body, accurately represented the nation.
John F. Kennedy
To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini – put it on and stay strong.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Because when God heals a body, that is temporal; but when God saves a soul, that has eternal importance.
Benny Hinn
Nothing is greater than to break the chains from the bodies of men, nothing nobler than to destroy the phantom of the soul.
Robert Green Ingersoll
The great art of films does not consist of descriptive movement of face and body but in the movements of thought and soul transmitted in a kind of intense isolation.
Louise Brooks
I have found being a mother has made me emotionally raw in many situations. You heart is beating outside your body when you have a baby.
Kate Beckinsale
Profit is like oxygen, food, water, and blood for the body; they are not the point of life, but without them, there is no life.
James C. Collins
Volume in your hair is sexy, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be that Brigitte Bardot kind of volume – it’s just that nice texture up top that gives it some life and body to it.
Chrissy Teigen
Americans are a decade behind Canada when it comes to sex education and understanding their bodies.
Sue Johanson
Love felt and returned, love which our bodies exact and our hearts have transfigured, love which is the most real thing that we shall ever meet, reappeared now as the world’s enemy, and she must stifle it.
E. M. Forster
The body that we tend to is only temporary, while the soul that we neglect is #‎ eternal .
Yasmin Mogahed
The mind like a sick body can be healed and changed by medicine.
Nature, it appears, has been rather more bountiful to Paul’s body and purse than to his intellect; above the ears, speaking bluntly, the boy is strictly tapioca.
S. J. Perelman
You have to put your body on the line from time to time in order to make a statement or change a law.
Paul Stookey
But for the last couple of weeks I’ve had this bizarre sensation that something is watching me. (Simone) You mean someONE, right? (Tate) I know it sounds crazy – (Simone) I just had a body walk off the table mid-autopsy and you think your story is nuts? (Tate)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
When was it that people decided as a society that your body is in one place and your sexuality in another place, something like a hat, or a coat, that when you leave home you hang it and when you come back home you say, “Ah! Let’s wear my sexuality! I might wear it tonight”? It is something that belongs to your body.
Sonia Braga
The good of our soul is more important than that of our body; and we have to prefer the spiritual welfare of our neighbor to our bodily comforts. . . If a certain kind of dress constitutes a grave and proximate occasion of sin, and endangers the salvation of your soul and others, it is your duty to give it up.
Pope Pius XII
You say ‘I’ and you are proud of this word. But greater than this- although you will not believe in it – is your body and its great intelligence, which does not say ‘I’ but performs ‘I’.
Friedrich Nietzsche
I don’t have a diet, and whenever I feel like eating a burger or pizza or tacos, I just go for it. I feel like my body is telling me I need that. I think it’s important for an actress to look like a real person.
Stephanie Sigman
The singular point of beautiful objects, and people, is that they are experienced not as parts, or ratios between cheekbones and chin, but as wholes. The experience of beauty is a perception, but it is one that mixes up various other sensations and makes them converge in a particular way.
Charles Jencks
There is a place where the human enters dream and myth, and becomes a part of it, or maybe it is the other way around when the story grows from the body and spirit of humankind. In any case, we are a story, each of us, a bundle of stories, some as false as phantom islands but believed in nevertheless. Some might be true.
Linda Hogan
The body is the one thing you can’t fake; it’s just got to be there.
James Dickey
I know people will think it’s funny because I’ve done glamour modelling in the past, but I felt embarrassed about my body and just wanted to cover it up.
Jennifer Ellison
Young girls are like helpless children in the hands of amorous men, whatever is said to them is true and whatever manipulation on their bodies seems like love to them, sooner or later, they come back to their senses, but the scars are not dead inasmuch as her spoiler lives.
Michael Bassey
The first thing I would do for anyone who’s trying to lose body fat, for instance, would be to remove foods from the house that he or she would consume during lapses of self-control.
Tim Ferriss
The body is a device to calculate
the astronomy of the spirit.
Look through that astrolabe
and become oceanic.
The body of poetry is nothing but energy, waves, rhythm.
Kim Hyesoon
The soul is neither inside nor outside the body; neither proximate to nor separate from it.
Muhammad Iqbal
Folk music is not so much a body of art as it is a process, an attitude, and a way of life; its distinguishing features lie not within the songs themselves, but in the relations of those songs to a folk culture.
Sam Hinton
Is there a separation between body and mind, and if so which is it better to have?
Woody Allen
If there is something hauntingly beautiful or impressive in your dream, just honor it, respect it, recall it, sense it with your body. More will come.
Eugene Gendlin
Biology designed the dance. Terror timed it. Dictated the rhythm with which their bodies answered each other. As though they already knew that for each tremor of pleasure they would pay with an equal measure of pain. As though they knew that how far they went would be measured against how far they would be taken.
Arundhati Roy
The use of chance operations opened out my way of working. The body tends to be habitual. The use of chance allowed us to find new ways to move and to put movements together that would not otherwise have been available to us. It revealed possibilities that were always there except that my mind hadn’t seen them.
Merce Cunningham
Your body’s many cries for water: you are not sick, you are thirsty: don’t treat thirst with medications!
Fereydoon Batmanghelidj
98% of the atoms in your body were not there a year ago.
Deepak Chopra
Food is all those substances which, submitted to the action of the stomach, can be assimilated or changed into life by digestion, and can thus repair the losses which the human body suffers through the act of living.
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
I feel things more deeply… anything to do with kids. It just makes a big difference in my life… Having a child is like taking the deepest core vulnerable aspect of myself, reaching in and taking it outside of my body.
Ben Affleck
Never be ashamed of your problems, your body, yourself. You are worth life.
Demi Lovato
Life happens from within. How aware you are of it, decides the quality of your body, your mind, and your experience of life.
Jaggi Vasudev
It’s no wonder we’re all such a mess, is it? We’re like Tom Hanks in Big. Little boys and girls trapped in adult bodies and forced to get on with it.
Nick Hornby
Shams, my body is a candle touched with fire.
What is more important in life than our bodies or in the world than what we look like?
George Santayana
The body must be credited with an immense fund of know-how.
Deepak Chopra
Your mind is your servant, your body is your vehicle and your soul is your residence.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
When you treat your body like a Bentley, you value yourself and you start to look at your body differently.
Demi Lovato
I think it’s going to be a very important, unique data set in terms of measuring the behavior of your lower body in space and trying to figure out what we can do to preserve bone and muscle density.
John L. Phillips
Everyone knew that fat had become the new cancer, yet they bellyached about the dieting hysteria and applauded the “real” women’s body. As though doing no exercise and being overfed was some kind of sensible mold.
Jo Nesbo
My body could stand the crutches but my mind couldn’t stand the sideline.
Michael Jordan
When you know in your bones that your body is a sacred gift, you move in the world with an effortless grace. Gratitude and humility rise up spontaneously.
Debbie Ford
When you become centered, suddenly there is great freedom because you know you are not the mind and you are not the body.
I love the cello, I love the physical sense of an instrument that’s about the size of your body that vibrates enough that even if you play an open string, you feel it.
Tod Machover
Greasy food might not be good for your body, but it does wonders for the soul. A healthy diet may prolong your life, but what would you have to live for? What is the point of living to a hundred if you have to subsist on bland food? One may as well die of boredom.
Jessica Zafra
Film is the greatest teacher because it teaches not only through the brain but through the whole body
Vsevolod Pudovkin
All the arts serving human desires and needs are derived from the breath that Godsent into the human body.
Hildegard of Bingen
I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself, and that is so important. And not just about your body, but so many ways of confidence. You’re constantly learning how to be confident, aren’t you?
Beth Ditto
In so far as the mind is stronger than the body, so are the ills contracted by the mind more severe than those contracted by the body.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Use the mind to direct the chi and the chi to mobilise the body.
Cheng Man-ch’ing
All the more I study Nature do I revere God, because Nature is all the body of God we will ever know.
Frank Lloyd Wright
The church is a sort of hospital for men’s souls and as full of quackery as the hospital for their bodies.
Henry David Thoreau
The back is like a frame, the front body, the painting that it throws into relief.
B.K.S. Iyengar
The free market is not only a more efficient decision maker than even the wisest central planning body, but even more important, the free market keeps economic power widely dispersed.
Milton Friedman
I’m just grateful that my body is healthy. I want to be on this planet for a long time, so I try to eat things that make me feel good and make me strong. But I also love food and I love life: Some days having that extra bowl of pasta and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup means more to me than being thin.
Mariska Hargitay
A mind too vigorous and active, serves only to consume the body to which it is joined.
Oliver Goldsmith
You have only two hemispheres in your brain – a left and a right side. The left side controls the right side of your body and the right controls the left half. It’s a fact. Therefore, left-handers are the only people in their right minds.
Bill Lee
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll is all my brain and body need. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll is very good indeed.
Ian Dury
It was morning by the clock but deepest nighttime in his body.
Jeffrey Eugenides
In every ancient culture, there are rituals to mortify the body as a way of understanding that the energy of the soul is indestructible.
Marina Abramovic
Freedom can never be reached by the weak. Throw away all weakness. Tell your body that it is strong, tell your mind that it is strong, and have unbounded faith and hope in yourself.
Swami Vivekananda
I love my daughter. She and I have shared my body. There is a part of her mind that is a part of mine. But when she was born, she sprang from me like a slippery fish, and has been swimming away ever since.
Amy Tan
After thirty, a body has a mind of its own.
Bette Midler
It is an error to believe that Christ did not teach a determined body of doctrine applicable to all times and to all men, but rather that He inaugurated a religious movement adapted, or to be adapted, to different times and different places.
Pope Pius X
I think there are a lot of dudes out there that are runnin’ out of gas. Some of my favourites, even ones I look up to… I haven’t been fully impressed with their dynamics of makin’ a body of work that makes sense to me.
The most prosaic of us betray a belief in the inward life every time we talk about ‘my body’ rather than ‘I.
Jeanette Winterson
I allow the healing power in my body to manifest perfect health.
Louise Hay
I have cellulite – and had it even when I was at my absolute thinnest. I’m never not going to have cellulite. People need to just accept that it’s there and maybe dress accordingly or use body makeup to cope with it.
Holly Madison
My mind and body, my mind and body I cut my body into pieces, and I dedicate these to Him.
Guru Nanak
Each inhale creates more space in our bodies.
Tara Stiles
I’m one of those people who thinks that changing one’s hair is the only part of the body that you can change at will.
Hillary Clinton
When I free my body from its clothes, from all their buttons, belts, and laces, it seems to me that my soul takes a deeper, freer breath.
August Strindberg
They may torture my body, break my bones, even kill me. Then they will have my dead body, but not my obedience.
Mahatma Gandhi
My skull, my eyes, my nose three times, my jaw, my shoulder, my chest, two fingers, a knee, everything from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Listing what body parts he has broken
Jackie Chan
Their [Republicans] approach to a woman’s body is the same as their approach to the economy: they have no idea how it works, but they’re eager to screw with it anyway.
Bill Maher
Just went to the gym and worked on every body part. Four people slapped me.
Bob Saget
The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task.
Roger Williams
There’s a very basic human, non-verbal aspect to our need to make music and use it as part of our human expression. It doesn’t have to do with body movements, it doesn’t have to do with articulation of a language, but with something spiritual.
John Towner Williams
There are two levels to your pain: the pain that you create now, and the pain from the past that still lives on in your mind and body. Ceasing to create pain in the present and dissolving past pain – this is what I want to talk about now.
Eckhart Tolle
I have developed a unique way of looking at the relationship of the human body to health and disease.
David Agus
If you want to obtain the secrets of such wonderful techniques, drill yourself, harden yourself, undergo severe training, abandoned body and mind; follow this course for years and you will naturally reach the profoundest levels. To know if water is hot or cold you must taste it yourself.
Yamaoka Tesshu
If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.
Thomas Jefferson
I’m a teenager trapped in an old body.
Betty White
You are water, you understand – electrified water. The elements and balance of ocean water match the blood in your human body. Humans were made from the ocean. This is one of the greatest secrets of creation.
Barbara Marciniak
No mistake, I shall regret the absence of your keen mind; unfortunately, it is inseparable from an extremely disturbing body.
Gary Cooper
But the body is deeper than the soul and its secrets inscrutable.
E. M. Forster
Wellness is the compete integration of body, mind, and spirit – the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being.
Greg Anderson
Is it not common to say to a child, ‘Put your finger in that candle, can you bear it even for one minute?’ How then will you bear Hell-fire? Surely it would be torment enough to have the flesh burnt off from only one finger; what then will it be to have the whole body plunged into a lake of fire, burning with brimstone?
John Wesley
This is why it is good to remember: if you want to get high, don’t drink whiskey; read Shakespeare, Tennyson, Keats, Neruda, Hopkins, Millay, Whitman, aloud and let your body sing.
A dissolute and intemperate youth hands down the body to old age in a worn-out state.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
You are going to be what you put in your body, so I try to teach that to my kids, and the kids around me.
Emeril Lagasse
On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.
David Ogilvy
You’ll discover in countries where women have control over their own bodies, where they have education, where they have birth control, where they have facilities and where they are literate, when those things happen, the birth rate falls.
David Attenborough
A pool of melancholy blooms in my chest and rushes into my body like deep-blue blood.
Ben H. Winters
I paint my face and travel at night. You don’t know it’s over until you’re in a body bag.
Ralph E. Reed, Jr.
Wellness is a state of mind, body, and spirit. When the three are in alignment, you feel balanced and energized. You have more to give of yourself creatively and to your loved ones. That’s what we all strive for.
Donna Karan
You see, you are a spirit, you have a soul, and you live in a body. You have emotions, you have thoughts, you have a will, and you have a conscience. You are a complex being! And Jesus came to heal every single part of you. There’s not one part that He doesn’t want to make completely whole.
Joyce Meyer
There is nothing I fear so much as idleness, the want of occupation, inactivity, the lethargy of the faculties; when the body is idle, the spirit suffers painfully.
Charlotte Bronte
It was only when we were in that bed, high above the world – then I thought the birds could have been circling around our bodies circled around each other – that we made our world totally separated from everything else. It was the only way we could be together.
Kathy Acker
This is life. Our bodies change. Our minds change. Our hearts change. Things are always evolving. I hope we can be supportive of each other and try to really have each other’s backs, especially when we don’t know the whole story.
Emma Stone
If the face appears, the picture is inevitably a portrait and the expression of the face will dictate the viewer’s response to the body.
Charis Wilson
I smoke weed.It’s not an addiction. It’s something I wanna do. It’s not smart though. It’s not good for my body but I’m doing it. I’m not telling people to do it.
Schoolboy Q
Right now I feel like playing as long as I can, As long as my body will allow me to play I’m going to continue to play.
Julius Peppers
I was walking down the street with my friend and he said ‘I hear music,’ as though there’s any other way to take it in. ‘You’re not special. That’s how I receive it too… I tried to taste it, but it did not work’.
Mitch Hedberg
Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest. Nutrition is obviously very important, but rest is equally important. At rest is when your body is trying to recover.
Misty May-Treanor
You put your camera around your neck along with putting on your shoes, and there it is, an appendage of the body that shares your life with you. The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.
Dorothea Lange
Pretend all you want, pretty girl. You and I know that deep down you’re secretly glad to be pressed up to my body.
Jessica Sorensen
Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others.
Tom Ford
What of the souls already released from their bodies? We believe that they are overwhelmed in that vast sea of eternal light and of luminous eternity
Bernard of Clairvaux
Moderate labor of the body conduces to the preservation of health, and cares many initial diseases.
William Harvey
Perfection does not consist in macerating or killing the body, but in killing our perverse self-will.
St. Catherine of Siena
Jackass: The Movie is great. I think it’s in the tradition of physical comedy, which I’m really interested in. Its relationship to gravity, and how gravity acts on the body
Matthew Barney
I think I’m a character actress in a leading lady’s body, but the industry doesn’t really see me that way.
Sanaa Lathan
Ballet is always about the realm of possibilities, the realm of what the human body can do, what the human spirit can do. And it’s about listening, it’s about listening to remarkable music and how we respond to that.
John Guare
In a body [like Congress] where there are more than one hundred talking lawyers, you can make no calculation upon the termination of any debate.
Franklin Pierce
Whatever is needed for you and your body will be taken care of, when you know this the lack will disappear from your life. When you realise ISHA permeates your everything you relax and are at ease – that is when things happen.
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
It is an in, a grave evil and a disturbance of the right order, for a larger and higher organisation, to arrogate to itself functions which can be performed efficiently by smaller and lower bodies.
Pope Leo XIII
The body grows by food and work, the mind by use, and the soul through joy and pain.
Myrtle Reed
We should teach our children to think no more of their bodies when dead than they do of their hair when cut off, or of their old clothes when they have done with them.
George MacDonald
I just know that when I go onstage, I give everything I have, not only my feet, not only my legs, not only my body. I try to tell a story. Sometimes I am able to cry because I feel like it. Sometimes I am able to love because I feel like it.
Sylvie Guillem
Dr. McDreamy, that’s what I call Patrick’s character. He’s gorgeous, he’s got a great body and he’s got damn fine hair.
Ellen Pompeo
Within 25 years, virtual reality meetings will be essentially transparent to being there in person. Once we can do this, the idea of climbing into an aircraft, and burning up huge quantities of fossil fuels to propel our bodies and briefcases full of papers, will seem absolutely backward.
Burt Rutan
The instinct to survive will never change, neither will the human body’s amazing ability to endure.
Lofty Wiseman
Your craving should be for me, angel, not an orgasm. For my body, my hands. Eventually, you won’t be able to come without my skin touching yours.
Sylvia Day
It is a misconception to think that during evolution humans sacrificed physical skill in exchange for intelligence: wielding one’s body is a mental activity.
Ted Chiang
When you don’t give yourself the time and care you need, your body rebels in the form of sickness and exhaustion
Oprah Winfrey
Modern Western thought will pass into history and be incorporated in it, will have its influence and its place, just as our body will pass into the composition of grass, of sheep, of cutlets, and of men.
Alexander Herzen
Like Canada, we very much wanted the United Nations to be a relevant and effective body. But once those efforts failed, we no longer saw things from a multilateral perspective. For us, now, it is much more basic than that. It is about family.
Paul Cellucci
Every climb is different, has its own unique set of movements and body positions. Climbing and my appreciation for nature are totally intertwined.
Chris Sharma
God likes to listen favorably to the prayers of His faithful, particularly when they look at Christ’s body
William of Auxerre
I think that every town should have a park, or rather a primitive forest, of five hundred or a thousand acres, either in one body or several, where a stick would never be cut for fuel, not for the navy, not to make wagons, but stand and decay for higher uses – a common possession for instruction and recreation.
Henry David Thoreau
Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body
George Carlin
I say that the power of vision extends through the visual rays to the surface of non-transparent bodies, while the power possessed by these bodies extends to the power of vision.
Leonardo da Vinci
I am comfortable with my body and embrace who I am. I love to work it.
Chanel Iman
Whatever you have learned in your previous incarnations is retained within your causal body, your multi-lifetime body of energy that lives from one incarnation to another.
Frederick Lenz
Fighting terrorism is not unlike fighting a deadly cancer. It can’t be treated just where it’s visible – every diseased cell in the body must be destroyed.
David Hackworth
This noble body, equipped with everything necessary, almost to the point of bursting, also appeared to carry freedom around with it.
Franz Kafka
The harp was so much more gestural and physical for me than the piano – something about bringing this instrument into your body.
Zeena Parkins
The pain over my heart returns, and from it I imagine tiny fissures spreading out into my body. Through my torso, down my arms and legs, over my face, leaving it crisscrossed with cracks. One good jolt…and I could shatter into strange razor-sharp shards.
Suzanne Collins
Every corporeal substance, so far forth as it is corporeal, has a natural fitness for resting in every place where it may be situated by itself beyond the sphere of influence of a body cognate with it.
Johannes Kepler
The cave is a dark, shadowy place. It’s a place that’s very close and yet distant at the same time, and it’s a place of revelation and isolation. Your form, your body, your writing is your confinement.
Gerald Stern
If you memorize the periodic table it will speed you up if you’re a chemist, but by and large, the reason you have a periodic table is so that you can store that information outside of your body. That way it frees up some part of your brain to do something else…
Bill Nye
I like my body so much more now since having my baby. It”s just kind of empowering when you become a mother. You just get overwhelmed with this new confidence and you feel really in control of your life. It”s been beautiful.
We sleep, allowing gravity to hold us, allowing Earth – our larger body – to recalibrate our neurons, composting the keen encounters of our waking hours , stirring them back, as dreams, into the sleeping substance of our muscles.
David Abram
You embrace your body in your thought, and you should delineate upon it thoughts of health, not of sickness.
Mary Baker Eddy
By letting go of dieting, I free up mental and emotional room. I have more space, I can move. The pursuit of another, elusive body, the body someone else says I should have, is a terrible distraction, a side-tracking that might have lasted my whole life long. By letting myself go, I go places.
Sallie Tisdale
My body is the only thing that’s truly mine, so I don’t give it away as though it’s worthless.
Jeaniene Frost
The world should not be exclusive of the ideal body. It has to include all ideals, all bodies.
Emily Ratajkowski
As our bodies live upon the earth and find sustenance in the fruits which it produces, so our minds feed on the same truths as the intelligible and immutable substance of the divine Word contains.
Nicolas Malebranche
As with most physical activity, yoga helps boost your immune system. However, it also stretches and strengthens your body simultaneously, while also balancing your mind and spirit. It benefits the whole human.
Jennifer Nettles
The saying ‘the arts aid the body’ is for samurai of other regions. For samurai of the Nabeshima clan the arts bring ruin to the body.
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
The Bible talks about your spirit being immortal, that you were created for existence beyond your physical body. Well, that’s no different from Scientology! I don’t think that because the word someone uses for spirit is thetan that the definition becomes any different.
Will Smith
Do not keep the slanderer away,
treat him with affection and honor:
Body and soul, he scours all clean,
babbling about this and that.
Because Melissa McCarthy actually is a fat woman, she isnt allowed to make brash statements about body acceptance. She has to apologize for her body.
Jennifer Armintrout
The larger a star the shorter its life, but all the more fascinating its death. As it collapses within it’s body, the infalling material can be no longer be compressed; the star is blown to pieces; its shattered mass realeases out ward at the speed of light.
Kelly Easton
This is the body you’ve been given – love what you’ve got.
Oprah Winfrey
Money is to my social existence what health is to my body.
Mason Cooley
A Locanian having plucked all the feathers off from a nightingale and seeing what a little body it had, “surely,” quoth he, “thou art all voice and nothing else.
Fear of pain has resulted in many women losing sight of birth as normal and natural, and of themselves as powerful and capable. Labor is an opportunity for women to learn about themselves and discover the strength and wisdom inherent in their bodies.
Deepak Chopra
The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe.
Lena Horne
Yes, I was infatuated with you: I am still. No one has ever heightened such a keen capacity of physical sensation in me. I cut you out because I couldn’t stand being a passing fancy. Before I give my body, I must give my thoughts, my mind, my dreams. And you weren’t having any of those.
Sylvia Plath
There is no death. The body withers but the spirit still lives.
K. J. Yesudas
I have learned never to underestimate the capacity of the human mind and body to regenerate – even when prospects seem most wretched. The life force may be the least understood force on earth.
Norman Cousins
In every physical action, unless it is purely mechanical, there is concealed some inner action, some feelings. This is how the two levels of life in a part are created, the inner and the outer. They are intertwined. A common purpose brings them together and reinforces the unbreakable bond.
Constantin Stanislavski
By education, I mean an all-round drawing of the best in child and man in body, mind and spirit.
Mahatma Gandhi
Within Inspirational Psychology, health doesn’t refer to just the state of the body, but also the state of the mind, which affects the body.
Lee L Jampolsky
Human beings have become so afraid of the unknown, themselves, and each other that they deprive themselves of that innate ecstasy and love of life which comes with a human body, mind and spirit, by hiding behind the empty shell of their ego.
Frederick Lenz
The wedlocks of minds will be greater than that of bodies.
Desiderius Erasmus
You [meaning mothers] said good-bye a little every day — from the minute they left your body until they left your home.
Lisa Unger
Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos — the trees, the clouds, everything.
Nhat Hanh
From seeds of his body blossomed the flower that liberated a people and touched the soul of a nation.
Jesse Jackson
Watch how you communicate with a woman. Because you’re always communicating, even when you’re not talking – with your body language, your facial expressions, your eyes.
Orlando Bloom
There comes a time when it is vitally important for your spiritual health to drop your clothes, look in the mirror, and say, ‘Here I am. This is the body-like-no-other that my life has shaped. I live here. This is my soul’s address
Barbara Brown Taylor
When a woman isn’t feeling good about herself and you combine that with her period, eventually she’ll ask you if you like her body. You have to say no.
Chris Klein
Coming from a barely clothed childhood as a swimmer makes me really comfortable with my body.
Estella Warren
A person who is really saved by Grace does not need to be told that he is under solemn obligations to serve Christ. The new life within him tells him that. Instead of regarding it as a burden, he gladly surrenders himself, body, soul, and spirit, to the Lord.
Charles Spurgeon
When we give ourselves the chance to let go of all our tension, the body’s natural capacity to heal itself can begin to work.
Thich Nhat Hanh
I don’t have a hateful bone in my body. I don’t believe anyone should be bullied or made to feel bad about who they are.
Tracy Morgan
The study of enlightenment is really a reorganization of our perceptual body or our perceptual field. We learn to see life more directly and more clearly.
Frederick Lenz
To set the record straight, I’m not upset for me, but for all the girls out there that are struggling with their body image.
Jennifer Love Hewitt
When first thy eyes unveil, give thy soul leave
To do the like; our bodies but forerun
The spirit’s duty. True hearts spread and heave
Unto their God, as flow’rs do to the sun.
Give him thy first thoughts then; so shalt thou keep
Him company all day, and in him sleep.
Henry Vaughan
Science is not the affirmation of a set of beliefs but a process of inquiry aimed at building a testable body of knowledge constantly open to rejection or confirmation. In science, knowledge is fluid and certainty fleeting. That is at the heart of its limitations. It is also its greatest strength.
Michael Shermer
I found that I could find the energy … that I could find the determination to keep on going. I learned that your mind can amaze your body, if you just keep telling yourself, I can do it … I can do it … I can do it!
Jon David Erickson
This love thing awakened a group of slumbering senses in my body that I never even knew existed.
Cecelia Ahern
Human bodies are designed for regular physical activity. The sedentary nature of much of modern life probably plays a significant role in the epidemic incidence of depression today. Many studies show that depressed patients who stick to a regimen of aerobic exercise improve as much as those treated with medication.
Andrew Weil
Even if you weren’t born with a genetically perfect body, you can take something like a hand, where everyone has the same capabilities, and you can make it speak. You can make it speak in many different ways.
Sarah Lamb
As a woman, I believe you have to embrace your body, and feel beautiful both inside and out.
Tamara Ecclestone
The truth is that throughout my careers in both chess and the martial arts, I often knew that my rivals were more naturally gifted than me – either with their mental machines or their bodies. But I have believed in my training, my approach to learning, and my ability to rise to the challenge under pressure.
Joshua Waitzkin
My body, now close to fifty years of age, has become an old tree that bears bitter peaches, a snail which has lost its shell, a bagworm separated from its bag; it drifts with the winds and clouds that know no destination. Morning and night I have eaten traveler’s fare, and have held out for alms a pilgrim’s wallet.
Matsuo Basho
Inordinate love for the flesh is cruelty, because under the appearance of pleasing the body, we kill the soul.
Bernard of Clairvaux
Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body and prayer is to the soul.
Matthew Kelly
Clouds of insects danced and buzzed in the golden autumn light, and the air was full of the piping of the song-birds. Long, glinting dragonflies shot across the path, or hung tremulous with gauzy wings and gleaming bodies.
Arthur Conan Doyle
The body needs its rest, and sleep is extremely important in any health regimen. There should be three main things: eating, exercise and sleep. All three together in the right balance make for a truly healthy lifestyle.
Rohit Shetty
An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
It is wonderful to me that old men should not be sensible that their minds keep pace with their bodies in the progress of decay.
Thomas Jefferson
I found I could also be good in cross country. I don’t think my running style has anything to do with it. If you have speed and your body feels good, you can do any distance.
Catherine Ndereba
Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. In order to achieve happiness, it is imperative to gain mastery of your body. If at the age of 30 you are stiff and out of shape, you are old. If at 60 you are supple and strong then you are young.
Joseph Pilates
Diet is highly individual. You have to see what your body wants and what is healthy for it.
Frederick Lenz
I love food, so having a lot of food allergies now and just having a really sensitive body, it forces me to be very mindful and conscious and eat when I’m hungry, not just when I’m bored, and just really slow down. Everything in moderation.
On the street luge side, you need to have a solid core and balance. A healthy body is a must in that sport if you want to compete for wins, and my diet has certainly enabled me to make the most of myself.
Andy Lally
I think it’s healthy when fitness experts encourage fitness rather than getting a certain body shape.
Sophia Bush
I’m proposing … that we reach into our bodies and we grab the genotype, and we reach into the medical system and we grab our records, and we use it to build something together.
John Wilbanks
Tape is wonderful at preserving evidence – fingerprints, hairs, fibers. Tape preserves this, especially on the sticky side, even if the body’s been out there for a year.
Michael Baden
When you call me close to tell me your body is not beautiful I want to summon the eyes and hidden mouths of stone and light and water to testify against you.
Leonard Cohen
In the sports arena I would say there is nothing like training and preparation. You have to train your mind as much as your body.
Venus Williams
It’s nothing mystical, necessarily. It’s nothing secretive. It’s just what we do with our body we do with our soul.
Max Lucado
Just as our bodies need proper food to live and develop, our souls need love to blossom. The strength and nourishment that love can give our souls is even more potent than the nourishing power of a mother’s milk for a baby.
Mata Amritanandamayi
I don’t care what you write man, just make sure you make us sound sexy. Say that we looked like we’d just come from the beach and that our bodies were glistening. Say we got no hair on our chests. Anything so the girls will like us.
Nathan Followill
The way the parts of me sometimes disagree,
it’s a wonder this body doesn’t shatter.
Josh James
It’s not about weight, it’s about fitness, and one component of being fit is to have relatively low body fat, because fat is not very efficient, whereas muscle is.
Deborah Bull
I’m proud of my body. My body weight will always be something I’ll struggle with for the rest of my life, but I’m finally in a good place and learning to love me for me, and not somebody else’s standards.
Khloe Kardashian
I went to comprehensive school in North London and left without any qualifications [diploma]. And I was doing bits of acting and improv in a drama club in the evenings. Then I discovered you didn’t need qualifications to go to art school, you just needed a body of work.
Joe Wright
Preserve and treat food as you would your body, remembering that in time food will be your body.
Benjamin Ward Richardson
I do it because I love animals and I saw the reality. And I just couldn’t ignore it anymore. I’m healthier for it, I’m happier for it. I can’t imagine that if you’re putting something in your body that is filled with fear or anxiety or pain, that that isn’t somehow going to be inside of you.
Ellen DeGeneres
The finger of the atheists’ own divinity, Reason, wrote on the wall the appalling judgments that there is no God; that the universe is only matter in spontaneous motion; and, most grievous word of all, that what men call their souls die with the death of the body, as music dies when the strings are broken.
John Lothrop Motley
Mythology is a vast body of knowledge that has not been tapped.
Devdutt Pattanaik
Parsons always seem to be specially horrified about things like sunbathing and naked bodies. They don’t mind poverty and misery and cruelty to animals nearly as much.
Susan Ertz
Body and soul, Black America reveals the extreme questions of contemporary life, questions of freedom and identity: How can I be who I am?
June Jordan
The church is a sort of hospital for men’s souls, and as full of quackery as the hospital for their bodies. Those who are taken into it live like pensioners in their Retreat or Sailors’ Snug Harbor, where you may see a row of religious cripples sitting outside in sunny weather.
Henry David Thoreau
Come for the body, stay for the soul.
Karen Dawn
I’m always the one who gets killed. And I want it to be really gory. Body parts all over the place. Mangled!
Sarah Michelle Gellar
You can feel small, insignificant and insubstantial, but knowing the universe is in your tiny body should be enough to make you happy.
Agapi Stassinopoulos
Tori joined us for dinner –in body, at least. She spent the meal practicing for a role in the next zombie movie, expressionless, methodically moving fork to mouth, sometimes even with food on it.
Kelley Armstrong
I feel like a physician, one who’s done a scan of the patient’s body and seen evidence of a potentially serious issue.
Katharine Hayhoe
I had, as I told you, a great passion while still almost a child. When it was over, I divided myself in two, placing on one side the soul I kept for Art, and on the other, my body, which would have to fend for itself.
Gustave Flaubert
What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to emanate health. I am willing to give up difficulty so that I can be a living example of what humanity can be.
Barbara Marciniak
I can still improve a lot, but there is definitely a limit to what the human body can do.
Usain Bolt
If the whole universe can be found in our own body and mind, this is where we need to make our inquires. We all have the answers within ourselves, we just have not got in touch with them yet. The potential of finding the truth within requires faith in ourselves.
Ayya Khema
It’s always a disappointing business confronting my own reflection. My body isn’t bad. It’s a perfectly nice, serviceable body. It’s just that the external me- the study, lightly wrinkled, handbagged me- does so little credit to the stuff that’s inside.
ZoГ« Heller
The bottom line is that the human body is complex and subtle, and oversimplifying – as common sense sometimes impels us to do – can be hazardous to your health.
Andrew Weil
The one arm one leg pushup is an exercise in total body tension
Pavel Tsatsouline
Fasting is not sustainable or enjoyable, yet we’ve been conditioned to think the only way to burn fat is to cut out all the things we love and spend hours in the gym. How can anyone live like that? Don’t starve yourself; train, then refuel your body.
Joe Wicks
My body is the fruit of spirits’ play.
Vanna Bonta
Girls are taught to view their bodies as unending projects to work on, whereas boys from a young age, are taught to view their bodies as tools to master their environment
Gloria Steinem
Without the body, the wisdom of the larger self cannot be known.
John P. Conger
Anybody can and should dance… It’s good for the body and the spirit.
Isadora Duncan
The soul comes from without into the human body, as into a temporary abode, and it goes out of it anewВ… it passes into other habitations, for the soul is immortal.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Bulgarians eat tarator every single day in summer. They think of it as salad although we’d call it a soup. You can make it as thick or thin as you like depending on how much water you add. It’s very practical in summer because yogurt cools the body faster than water, but the water hydrates you.
Elizabeth Kostova
I haven’t had many injuries, and I know that’s because I take care of my body, and I do the things that I need to do to keep it strong.
Christen Press
There is no reason that we should ever be ashamed of our bodies or ashamed of our love.
David Levithan
And I’m calling in a favor. (Savitar) Sav, you can’t keep doing this. I’m running out of places to put the bodies. (Takeshi)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
You’ve gotta take care of the body you’ve got. You’ve got to be fit. You’ve got to be active. You’ve got to be healthy. We don’t need to be pictures in a magazine.
Michael Cudlitz
When we learn to eat properly we begin to rebuild our bodies and to fulfill our purpose on this planet to grow in health, creativity, wisdom, and compassion.
Ann Wigmore
Voluntary paid maternity leave: yes; compulsory paid maternity leave: over this Government’s dead body, frankly. It just won’t happen.
Tony Abbott
Australians just don’t see that many Australian films, but it’s also our responsibility as filmmakers and the responsibility of the funding bodies to remember that audiences want to be entertained, and people are entertained in lots of different ways.
Georgina Haig
If every day you practice walking and sitting meditation and generate the energy of mindfulness and concentration and peace, you are a cell in the body of the new Buddha. This is not a dream but is possible today and tomorrow.
Thich Nhat Hanh
Every music – except dance music, which is for dancing, I suppose – is for the spirit of the human being, and not for the body.
Klaus Schulze
We are becoming a nation of sissies and hypochondriacs, a self medicating society easily intimidated by pain and prone to panic. We understand almost nothing about the essential robustness of the human body or its ability to meet the challenge of illness.
Norman Cousins
You feel as if you’re not living a full life. Which, of course, is why – it’s my theory about why so many people who are heavily into computers are also into extreme sports and S&M. It’s because their bodies are crying out for some kind of action.
Brian Eno
Hey! My body may be small, but my soul is large. It’s why I wear platforms. So I can reach the top of my soul.
Laini Taylor
The longer it possesseth a man the more he will delight in it, and the older he groweth the more he shall be subject to it; for it dulleth the spirits, and destroyeth the body as ivy doth the old tree, or as the worm that engendereth in the kernal of the nut.
Walter Raleigh
In fashion, women have more sensitivity, more sense of the body, so they know how things fit and feel. Yet there are not many women who study fashion. It’s ridiculous.
Donatella Versace
Ordinary women attempt to change our bodies to resemble a pornographic ideal. Ordinary women construct a false self and come to hate this self.
Susan Griffin
I’m just very body-conscious. Sometimes I’m really proud that I don’t look like other pop stars. But there’s also moments where I’m like, ‘Ugh, I wish I had abs like Bieber.’
Sam Smith
It’s how you look at beauty. Is it only an outward appearance with hair and makeup and a hot body, or is it something deeper than that?
Hilary Swank
stop fixing your bodies and start fixing the world!
Eve Ensler
I’m constantly criticised for being too skinny. I’m trying to gain weight but my body won’t let it happen. What people don’t understand is that calling someone too skinny is the same as calling someone too fat, it’s not a nice feeling.
Kendall Jenner
The body’s ills are the least of ills, for they end only in death, which is but a little thing. But if the spirit dies, then all is lost.
Michael Flynn
They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit.
Bhagat Singh
We had no alternative except that of preparing for direct action, whereby we would present our very bodies as a means of laying our case before the conscience of the local and national community.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
We are not sure to what extent Saddam’s [Hussein ] own people were conveying an incorrect picture to him. But this body of evidence was believed not only by President George W. Bush. President Bill Clinton used that same body of intelligence before bombing Iraq in 1998.
Colin Powell
We need to make fun of and ridicule the media images that seek to keep us down, divide us against each other by age, class, and race, and insist that we spend so much psychic energy on our faces, clothes and bodies that nothing is left for ideas, social change, or politics.
Susan J. Douglas
Dance, which displays the body in public, is one of the channels of communication used to pass along important social skills from one generation to the next.
Gerald Jonas
Shura, I’m yours. You may not like it today, you may not want it tonight, you may wish for it all to be different now, but it remains, and I remain, as always, only yours. Nothing can change that. Not your wrath, your fists, your body or your death.
Paullina Simons
The vaunted experience of age was perhaps only a matter of wounds and scarring — that young minds to old minds might be as young bodies to old bodies: stronger, more vital, less twisted by damage.
Kim Stanley Robinson
A shoe is not only a design, but it’s a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you’re going to move is quite dictated by your shoes.
Christian Louboutin
All it means is that, while our minds may have trouble communicating, our bodies don’t have any problem at all.” “I don’t think it’s that simple.” “Sure it is.” “The earth moved,” she said softly. “That has to be more than bodies communicating.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
It is not just the vulgar, premature bawdiness of pro-war triumphalists which I find revolting. It is that they accuse anti-war people of being uncaring about the people of Iraq, and the lack of concern that these proponents of war show for the bodies of the killed and those maimed and injured by their invasion.
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
It is easy now to communicate with people through abstraction, and particularly so in sculpture. Since the whole body reacts to its presence, people become themselves a living part of the whole.
Barbara Hepworth
Physicians are the cobblers, rather the botchers, of men’s bodies; as the one patches our tattered clothes, so the other solders our diseased flesh.
John Ford
War is an episode, a crisis, a fever the purpose of which is to rid the body of fever. So the purpose of a war is to end the war.
William Faulkner
The Eternal Being, who knows everything and who created the whole universe, became not only a man but (before that) a baby, and before that a fetus in a woman’s body.
C. S. Lewis
Dancing is bigger than the physical body. Think bigger than that. When you extend your arm, it doesn’t stop at the end of your fingers, because you’re dancing bigger than that. You’re dancing spirit.
Judith Jamison
People are increasingly realising that what they eat is important. You can’t put junk food in your body and be healthy. All sorts of problems can develop, like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, strokes. Gardening not only helps with exercise and mental health, but it can improve diet as well.
Monty Don
What fools indeed we morals are to lavish care upon a car, with never a bit of time to see about our own machinery!
John Kendrick Bangs
It may be said that artist and censor differ in this wise: that the first is a decent mind in an indecent body and that the second is an indecent mind in a decent body.
George Jean Nathan
We ought, in humanity, no more to despise a man for the misfortunes of the mind than for those of the body, when they are such as he cannot help; were this thoroughly considered we should no more laugh at a man for having his brains cracked than for having his head broke.
Alexander Pope
I don’t pamper my voice. It’s part of my body. If my body is rested and healthy, my voice is rested and healthy.
Neil Diamond
The water reached up for her, pulled her down tenderly out of the heat, seeped in her hair and ran into the corners of her body. She turned round and round in it, embracing it, wallowing in it.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Paint records the most delicate gesture and the most tense. It tells whether the painter sat or stood or crouched in front of the canvas. Paint is a cast made of the painter’s movements, a portrait of the painter’s body and thoughts.
James Elkins
I know how to dress for my body to give off illusions, and I like to teach women about it – it’s important for women to have that power and that arsenal… tricks that make you feel good when you walk outside.
Tyra Banks
Very few of us trust our immediate connection with nature, or the intuitive intelligence of our body. All too easily, we align ourselves with the logical world of Masculine intelligence. As a culture, we have become so Masculine that we are much more comfortable with analytical problem-solving than with ecstatic dancing!
David Deida
Be strong then, and enter into your own body; there you have a solid place for your feet. Think about it carefully! Don’t go off somewhere else! …just throw away all thoughts of imaginary things, and stand firm in that which you are.
I belong to no organized political body. I am a Democrat.
Will Rogers
How you feed your mind is every bit as critical to your happiness as how you feed your body.
Jeff Olson
Often people with fine countenances and fit bodies were mistakenly assumed by others to have the brains to match.
J.R. Ward
You may see the emergence of a new political party from the body of the trade union movement which represents a very clear-cut socialist alternative policy and which gives expression to the views of the trade union movement in parliament.
Arthur Scargill
Global warming is real. It is happening today. It is being charted by our satellites. It is being charted by our scientists. It is being charted by those of us in this body, and I think the real key is if we are ready to admit that fact and take the action to make the necessary conversion.
Dianne Feinstein
Find a way to get a full-body massage every day.
S. Jay Olshansky
A psychiatrist once asked me to draw a picture of my family. This is when I was a member of a family of four. I drew the three other people in the family first, bodies and heads. And then, last, I began to draw myself – but gave up.
Jamaica Kincaid
But the rhythm of the mix tape is the rhythm of romance, the analog hum of a physical connection between two sloppy, human bodies.
Rob Sheffield
I accept my body. I accept how I am and make the best of what I am given. Children orientate towards examples. That’s why I talk solely positive about my body in front of my daughter.
Kate Winslet
Wisdom is to the soul what health is to the body.
Cesar Vichard de Saint-Real
By living in harmony with Nature one gains a healthy mind and body.
Mata Amritanandamayi
The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up.
Marilyn Monroe
Words are the only arteries of thought our poor human body possesses.
Freya Stark
At every stage of spiritual growth, the greatest ally you have is your body.
Deepak Chopra
All the powers of soul and body,memory, understanding, and will, interior and exterior senses, thedesires of spirit and of sense, all workin and by love.
John of the Cross
An immense body, encircling my delirium, a body made of wind and sunlight, crouching and stretching, encompassed the existence of the slightest human echo.
JoГ« Bousquet
Just one living cell in the human body is, more complex than New York City.
Linus Pauling
If I can help and influence girls who are going through body-image issues then I think that’s amazing.
Kate Upton
Millions of people are provided with their thoughts as with their clothes; authors, printers, booksellers, and newsmen stand, in relation to their minds, simply as shoemakers and tailors stand to their bodies.
George Augustus Henry Sala
When body, breath, and mind work together in harmony to achieve a spiritual goal, that is yoga.
Baba Hari Dass
So what if I’m ninety-three? So what if I’m ancient and cranky and my body’s a wreck? If they’re willing to accept me and my guilty conscience, why the hell shouldn’t I run away with the circus?
Sara Gruen
There’s a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk.
M. F. K. Fisher
Muscle mass does not always equal strength. Strength is kindness and sensitivity. Strength is understanding that your power is both physical and emotional. That it comes from the body and the mind. And the heart.
Henry Rollins
Being a father is like directing Alien or Invasion of the Body Snatchers. It’s much more difficult than directing an episode of TV. Also, directing a show or movie lasts a few months at most, parenting lasts for decades.
Misha Collins
But one thing you need to do in the game, is to adapt and adjust your game to what you have been asked to do and also to what your body is telling you to do.
Thierry Henry
The single most important hindrance to world evangelization right now is the lack of total involvement by the body of Christ.
K.P. Yohannan
It feels wonderful to be go back to the 1940s and recreate the whole era through my clothes, voice and body language. I am tired of playing the larger-than-life hero.
Akshay Kumar
The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted.
Martha Graham
So now I have sworn to bury All this dead body of hate I feel so free and so clear By the loss of that dead weight
Alfred Lord Tennyson
When women can support themselves, have entry to all the trades and professions, with a house of their own over their heads and a bank account, they will own their bodies and be dictators in the social realm.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
The digestive canal represents a tube passing through the entire organism and communicating with the external world, i.e. as it were the external surface of the body, but turned inwards and thus hidden in the organism.
Ivan Pavlov
Warm Bodies ended up becoming one of the most personal relatable things I’ve written.
Isaac Marion
We’re told about a woman’s right to control her own body. But doesn’t the unborn child have a higher right, and that is to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Ronald Reagan
Beckendorf, whose legs were now working fine (nothing like being chased by a huge monster to get your body back in order) shook his head and gasped for breath. “You shouldn’t have turned it on! It’s unstable! After a few years, automatons go wild!
Rick Riordan
When one considers the body in relation to dance, it is then that one truly realizes what suffering is: it is a part of our lives. No matter how much we search for it from the outside there is no way we can find it without delving intoВ ourselves.
Tatsumi Hijikata
They didn’t train me to be in the ring for five and a half hours punching air. So, it was hard, I had to get some body contact in there somewhere, it was mostly body shots and stuff. I had no clue, really.
Michelle Rodriguez
Just like any woman,…we weave our stories out of our bodies. Some of us through our children, or our art; some do it just by living. It’s all the same.
Francesca Lia Block
All of us have mortal bodies, composed of perishable matter, but the soul lives forever: it is a portion of the Deity housed in our bodies
What really happens is that the gene pool becomes filled with genes that influence bodies in such a way that they behave ‘as if’ they made complex, if unconscious, cost/benefit calculations
Richard Dawkins
Girls of all kinds can be beautiful.
Tyra Banks
We must never stop dreaming. Dreams provide nourishment for the soul, just as a meal does for the body. Many times in our lives we see our dreams shattered and our desires frustrated, but we have to continue dreaming. If we don’t, our soul dies, and agape cannot reach it.
Paulo Coelho
Every day, we communicate more with our energy, body language, face and eyes. That really is what communication is, and not so much words. And it’s rare that you get to explore that in a film.
Dakota Fanning
My intention is to tell of bodies changed into new forms.
I’ve got so many ideas, and sometimes the more exhausted my body gets, the more active my mind gets.
Hilary Mantel
Your body is the harp of the soul.
Khalil Gibran
There is nothing in all the world more beautiful or significant of the laws of the universe than the nude human body.
Robert Henri
The pain-body wants to survive, just like every other entity in existence, and it can only survive if it gets you to unconsciously identify with it.
Eckhart Tolle
Baseball people think they can find athletes with good bodies and teach them to play baseball. What’s wrong with giving someone who already knows how to play baseball a chance? I think I fall into that category.
Marcus Giles
…..there are approximately 125 billion miles of DNA in a human body — your personal DNA is long enough to wrap around the earth 5 million times.
Jeremy Narby
There is but one temple in the universe, and that is the body of man.
The study of what is excellent is food for the mind and body.
Leonardo da Vinci
Heavy thoughts bring on physical maladies; when the soul is oppressed so is the body.
Martin Luther
I find myself regarding existence as though from beyond the tomb, from another world; all is strange to me; I am, as it were, outside my own body and individuality; I am depersonalized, detached, cut adrift. Is this madness?
Henri Frederic Amiel
LIFE, n. A spiritual pickle preserving the body from decay. We live in daily apprehension of its loss; yet when lost it is not missed.
Ambrose Bierce
A desire to kneel down sometimes pulses through my body, or rather it is as if my body has been meant and made for the act of kneeling. Sometimes, in moments of deep gratitude, kneeling down becomes an overwhelming urge, head deeply bowed, hands before my face.
Etty Hillesum
Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.
Tyra Banks
Each body is a lion of courage, something precious of the earth.
Mary Oliver
I am born connected. I am born remembering rivers flowing from my mother’s body into my body.
Meinrad Craighead
The body of People may with Respect resist intolerable Tyranny.
John Locke
Christmas is, of course, the time to be home – in heart as well as body.
Garry Moore
Ah those knock-out body fluids: blood, sperm, tears!
Jean Genet
A strong body listens. It obeys. A weak body commands. If your body is weak it tells you what to do. If your body is strong it’ll actually listen to you when you tell it to do something. If you build it right you can overcome some of the obstacles of age and recovery.
Andre Agassi
Tidal rhythms have an effect on our physiology…. When we feel out of sorts, our body is out of sync with the body of the Universe. Spending time near the ocean, or anywhere in nature, can help us to synchronize our rhythms with nature’s rhythms.
Deepak Chopra
The Magi are filled with awe by what they see; heaven on earth and earth in heaven; man in God and God in man; they see enclosed in a tiny body the One whom the entire world cannot contain.
Peter Chrysologus
Several sorts of memory exist in us; body and mind each possesses one peculiar to itself. Nostalgia, for instance, is a malady of the physical memory.
Honore de Balzac
Jason Lee made me laugh all the time because he’s so big, and I love how goofy bodies can be.
Selma Blair
[You’re voice acting] and you’re screaming and yelling you can’t help but sort of physicalize things. The next day I’m usually sore in some weird part of my body.
Jason Sudeikis
My fantasy is that there is a new regulatory body that is in charge of algorithmic auditing.
Cathy O’Neil
If a person is found dead here, a postmorten will always reveal whether he has spent less than three weeks in the city. That is the length of time it takes this pollution to invade the body, after which it is there forever.
Liv Ullmann
I wish I could be whole for you…I wish I could hold you and dance with you, take you in my arms and make love to you the way I want to. (Adron) And I’m just grateful I have you at all. It’s not your body or face that I love, Adron. It’s your heart, your soul, and your mind. (Livia)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
If something about the human body disgusts you, the fault lies with the manufacturer.
Lenny Bruce
Movement is good for the body. Stillness is good for the mind.
Sakyong Mipham
The realm of immediate or personal knowledge is a narrow circle in which these bodies move; the realm of knowledge derived through faith is as wide as the universe, and old as eternity.
Matthew Simpson
It is better to be cured in the Church than to be cut off from this Body as incurable … for, as long as the member is still attached to the Body, his cure is not beyond hope, but when he has been cut off, he can neither be treated nor cured.
Saint Augustine
When I’m dancing, I’m not thinking about anything. I am here. I am totally there. You know? And the feeling is a sensation of being away from myself. My soul dances with the angels, and my body dances with my wife.
Paulo Coelho
He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everything.
Thomas Carlyle
The maimed bodies aren’t the worst. That’s the easy way to hate war. The safe way. I – hate it just as much for the maimed souls that stay at home.
Fannie Hurst
Nobody’s more serious about health and fitness than me and staying fit is my top priority, That’s why I’ve teamed up with Medifast to bring my fans a line of products that are packed with everything the body needs to get in better shape and improve their health. I use the products every day as part of my training.
Ray Lewis
After the first miscarriage, I tried to take the attitude that it was my body’s way of telling me that this pregnancy wasn’t meant to be.
Christie Brinkley
Keep belly lightly loaded, if mind would wisdom see;For bodies crammed to bursting, make empty souls to be.
My body has been making women laugh for the last 20 years and I’m happy to continue to oblige.
Rainn Wilson
Beware, my body and my soul, beware above all of crossing your arms and assuming the sterile attitude of the spectator, for life is not a spectacle, a sea of griefs is not a proscenium, and a man who wails is not a dancing bear.
Aime Cesaire
The wisdom of the appearance of the spirit in the body is this: the human spirit is a Divine Trust, and it must traverse all conditions, for its passage and movement through the conditions of existence will be the means of its acquiring perfections.
The heaviest object in the world is the body of the woman you have ceased to love.
Luc de Clapiers
I am overwhelmed by the strength of my body and the power of my mind. For one moment, just one second, I feel immortal.
Diana Nyad
You can focus your mind. You can respect your body. All of that is important.
Laura Huxley
I feel the sexiest when I’m by myself, walking around nude. I have this new obsession with nudity, it’s really weird. It may sound weird, but I just really love embracing the body.
Peace is the whole truth that wishes to enrapture humanity. War is the whole falsehood that wants to capture humanity. Peace begins in the soul and ends in the heart. War begins in the mind and ends in the body.
Sri Chinmoy
One certainly has a soul; but how it came to allow itself to be enclosed in a body is more than I can imagine.
Lord Byron
I had a world, and it slipped away from me. The War blew up more than the bodies of men….It blew ideas away.
Sherwood Anderson
The only hope we have are our bodies. We’re all trapped in them and we all hate them, and it’s this reason why we’re comic and not tragic.
Scott McClanahan
Punish the body to perfect the soul.
Mark Twight
You have to contort your body in a certain way to hit a low note. When you’re on film, you can’t. So you do, in a sense, get to hide behind your voice, which is nice.
Will Friedle
I’m taller than most actresses, so most corsets tend to be too short in the body.
Michelle Dockery