Boys Quotes

Boys Quotes by Jay Leno, Dom DeLuise, Homer, Alexandre Dumas, Michael Grant, Irvine Welsh and many others.

At the G-20 summit, the White House accidentally listed

At the G-20 summit, the White House accidentally listed a phone-sex line for journalists seeking an on-record briefing call for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. To which Bill said, ‘Boy, did they get the wrong number.’
Jay Leno
Mel is nuts. He puts on a suit and a tie and acts like a normal person so people think he’s okay. He’s definitely out in left field. He’s got the ambition of a boy.
Dom DeLuise
Boy, those Germans have a word for everything!
It is rare that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman.
Alexandre Dumas
You’re staring,” Lana said. “Yes. I am. I’m a teenage boy. Beautiful girls in wet underwear have a tendency to cause staring in teenage boys.
Michael Grant
The first of the Trainspotting crew to die. Out of the five of them like, Begbie, Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and [Margaret] Thatcher. Who’d have thunk she’d have been the first to go? She was the invisible author of the book, really. She created the conditions and the hubris whereby that whole culture flourished.
Irvine Welsh
I asked Stu Hart earlier. I said, ‘Stu, you gotta be proud of your boys.’ He said, ‘I have boys?’
Bobby Heenan
One aspect of politics too little acknowledged is that besides being jolly serious and all that, it is also a hugely enjoyable game for boys.
Andrew Marr
Doing scripted acting is a challenge to me. I can’t remember things too good, so remembering lines is a challenge to your boy.
Flavor Flav
I was rescued by librarians. It was librarians who said ‘maybe you would like to read The Hardy Boys as well as Nancy Drew.’ It is true for me, as for so many countless others, that librarians saved my life, my internal life.
Gloria Steinem
I grew up in Synagogue in the boys’ choir. We didn’t listen to music in the house; only at temple. Then I went to a mostly African American high school on the South Side of Chicago and joined a gospel choir.
Mandy Patinkin
The boy told himself that, on the way toward realizing his own destiny, he had learned all he needed to know, and had experienced everything he might have dreamed of.
Paulo Coelho
The boys are so well-rounded, they’re so self-disciplined, there is so much camaraderie
Kevin Pietersen
Perhaps there lives some dreamy boy, untaught
In schools, some graduate of the field or street,
Who shall become a master of art,
An admiral sailing the high seas of thought
Fearless and first, and steering with his fleet
For lands not yet laid down in any chart.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
In wars, boy, fools kill other fools for foolish causes
Robert Jordan
A boy’s best friend is his mother.
Joseph Stefano
If boys don’t learn, men won’t know.
Douglas Wilson
Life, love, boys—it was all about balance. ~Anna Percy
Zoey Dean
The minute I’m in a little pain … your rough, tough, scary bad boy image totally falls apart.
Christine Feehan
The Good Turn will educate the boy out of the groove of selfishness.
Baden Powell de Aquino
A virtuous girl never chases after boys; who ever saw a mousetrap chasing mice?
Julian Tuwim
I did not grow up in poverty. But I did grow up with a poor boy’s sense of longing, in my case not for what my family had never had, but for what we had had and lost.
Mohsin Hamid
I think I might have been a more interesting actor, had more of a career earlier on, if I had more formal preparation. When I see something ten years later that I was in I think, ‘Boy, would I love to do that over.
Sam Elliott
I wanna smash the faces of those beautiful boys, those Christian boys.
Tori Amos
It is well we cannot see into the future. There are few boys of fourteen who would not feel ashamed of themselves at forty.
Jerome K. Jerome
For the longest time, you couldnt even say boys and girls were different. It was taboo in the educational world.
Jon Scieszka
Don’t miss the bus, boy. You’re missing a lot of things in the world, better not miss that bus.
Robert Cormier
Two of my boys are Manchester United fans; one is an Arsenal fan. Whenever there is a game I can take the boys to, I love taking them.
David Beckham
Across the world, in Africa, Asia, Latin America, everywhere, there is a widespread recognition on the part of the parents, too, that the children’s life will go much better by being educated. And that applies to girls as well as boys.
Amartya Sen
This must be part of Mother Nature’s master plan—making these boys so irresistibly cute, in such a naughty way, that the purity of their intentions becomes irrelevant.
Rachel Cohn
I am just a middle-class farm boy from Dodge City and my grandparents were wheat farmers. I thought painting, acting, directing and photography were all part of being an artist. I have made my money that way. And I have had some fun. It’s not been a bad life.
Dennis Hopper
I set our house on fire when I was a little child playing with lighters. Boy, did I burn the place down!
Flavor Flav
Marissa laughed, utterly delighted with her mate. “Later. Food first.” Butch settled back immediately, like she’d called his lust to a heel and it behaved because it wanted to be a good boy. As she left, the cop’s eyes followed her with rank hunger and adoration. V shook his head. “You are a total sap.
J.R. Ward
Boys naturally look on all force as an enemy.
Henry Adams
I feel sometimes with boys that the tyranny of patriarchy has had a much more devastating blow on boys than it has on anyone. Because they have literally been forced to disassociate from their hearts.
Eve Ensler
When I heard that our bodies change when we get a bit older, I thought, oh good, now I’ll go back to being a boy again. But it didn’t happen like that.
Tenzin Palmo
It must be a hard thing, to be a father; living in fear that your daughter would meet a boy she liked, but also having to worry if she didn’t.
Stephenie Meyer
After violent emotion most people and all boys demand food.
Rudyard Kipling
I love it when mothers get so mad they can’t remember your name. “Come here, Roy, er, Rupert, er, Rutabaga… what is your name, boy? And don’t lie to me, because you live here, and I’ll find out who you are.”
Bill Cosby
I did The Newton Boys and during the whole process of making the film, I may have spent a week in Los Angeles.
Richard Linklater
I have been listening to sport and watching sport on the BBC since I was a tiny boy.
Allan McNish
The right boys I always toss and the wrong ones I keep on top of me like paperweights.
Daniel Handler
Can the imagination, any more than the boy, be held prisoner ?” – from the foreword to the 1976 edition of “The Painted Bird
Jerzy Kosinski
If I was going to do Fall Out Boy, I wanted it to be a real outlet for my writing.
Joe Trohman
There’s a good sarcasm and a camaraderie that comes after being in a band. And we’ve known each other forever. We’ve never been a band that fought or argued. As a songwriter, I’m really happy that the boys support me and contribute and that, but I’ve always wanted to be under the band Stereophonics.
Kelly Jones
That was a very different emotion and I felt Dido’s words would be good and I had a template with my voice in it. Then, when he heard it, he wanted both our voices together in it and that’s the scene when he sees the boy and then he gets charged to go on that final cutting effort.
A. R. Rahman
I will howl for you, human boy (…). I will hunt you in my girl skin but I’ll celebrate as wolf.
Annette Curtis Klause
A boy is a dangerous animal.
Lionel Shriver
Knowing what to take out and what to leave in is what separates the men from the boys.
Frank Frazetta
Contrary to what you might think, I don’t spend every waking hour thinking about boys.” “Just most waking hours?
Rick Riordan
In times past there were rituals of passage that conducted a boy into manhood, where other men passed along the wisdom and responsibilities that needed to be shared. But today we have no rituals. We are not conducted into manhood; we simply find ourselves there.
Kent Nerburn
It’s at the borders of pain and suffering that the men are separated from the boys.
Emil Zatopek
Such a courageous boy I was. To act brazenly under scrutiny and risk further injury to my wounded heart. Ah, the resilience, the blind, dumb persistence of youth.
Meg Rosoff
In a museum in Havana, there are two skulls of Christopher Columbus, one when he was a boy and one when he was a man
Mark Twain
I tried to convey to the boy how people’s lives are often altered by curved lines read slowly from paper, sand, or stone.
Simon Van Booy
When other boys dreamt of going to the moon or becoming doctors, I wanted to be a designer.
Olivier Theyskens
Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.
Of course the success of A Boy’s Own Story took me utterly off guard.
Edmund White
Before you marry, you have to get shot by an arrow and fall in love,” the boy explained. He paused thoughtfully. “But I don’t think the rest of it hurts as much as the beginning.
Lisa Kleypas
I have four kids; three girls and a boy. The oldest girl is 13, and has her own social life now, so there’s a bit of begrudging cooperation there. It’s tough.
Gregory Harrison
Hazel Grace,” he said. “Hi,” I said. “How are you?” “Grand,” he said. “I have been wanting to call you on a nearly minutely basis, but I have been waiting until I could form a coherent thought in re An Imperial Affliction.” (He said “in re.” He really did. That boy.)
John Green
I’ll never forget the first time Elisabeth Moss kissed me on screen. It was season one of the West Wing and she had to pin me up against a wall in the lobby of the White House. We didn’t rehearse it at all and when we did it, she sure enough laid one on me, boy. I was like, “Well, ok, this is going to work out just fine.”
Dule Hill
You just mingled saliva with the most beautiful boy ever to tread the hallways of Saint Pock’s. Saliva. There’s DNA in saliva. You’re like carrying his cells in your mouth like one of those weird frogs that incubates its eggs in its cheeks
Laini Taylor
I’m a boys’ girl! I come from an army background and I haven’t known what being a ‘good Indian girl’ means.
Anushka Sharma
My grandfather had two boys, my uncle had three boys, my dad had me and my two brothers, each of my brothers have had two boys. Then something happened with the chromosomal experiment and suddenly I’ve got three girls.
Greg Kinnear
Boys, as far as England was concerned, were always the hard core. And you just know the guys like it. They want to be you. Some might be attracted to you without knowing it.
Mick Jagger
I’ve always tried to separate my looks from all the other aspects of myself. I think girls are taught so much to focus on their looks that they tend to have their personality and intelligence develop slower than boys
Natalie Portman
We must change boys from a ‘what can I get’ to a ‘what can I give’ attitude.
Baden Powell de Aquino
The more I study men, the more I realize that they are nothing in the world but boys grown too big to be spankable.
Jean Webster
I had a brief experience in the food industry. I was a bus boy in a Mexican restaurant in Arizona, scraping re-fried beans off people’s plates. It teaches you a bit of humility and the importance of a good deodorant.
Wentworth Miller
I want to drag you off and hide you away,” he whispered. “Why?” “I always knew you were beautiful, but now everyone else will too. I won’t be able to keep other boys away from you, and it’ll make me crazy.
Ann Aguirre
When the gender role starts to descend, boys get into the masculine box.
Gloria Steinem
I might not remember how the sky looked on any given day. I do remember, though, what it was like to be a boy beneath a sky.
Kevin Brockmeier
One year they asked me to be poster boy – for birth control.
Rodney Dangerfield
I have to be real cool and not savage and radical, because it makes me angry when I think about it when I see the white boys, who are really the number one citizens, the future rulers.
Muhammad Ali
Every boy needs a role model that he can be proud of and talk about to the other kids in the playground.
Athol Fugard
Harry, you wonderful boy, you brave, brave man.
J. K. Rowling
As far as I am concerned, collectively, the right wing of the blogosphere is the ‘boy who called traitor.’ Not a week goes by when I hear that so and so should be ostracized because they are a treasonous rat, they are a commie symp, whatever.
John Cole
How long can we maintain? I wonder. How long before one of us starts raving and jabbering at this boy? What will he think then? This same lonely desert was the last known home of the Manson family. Will he make that grim connection.
Hunter S. Thompson
Men often think it’s the bad boys who get the hot chicks. But I’m living proof that the good guys win.
Carson Daly
It is always better to live the truth than to live a lie. And that lie would have kept him alone forever. He may have had nearly nothing for 5 years, but now he can have everything. A boy who looks like that… Magnus.
Cassandra Clare
I think boys are yucky, and that’s it. Nothing more to say.
Nicki Minaj
He never pays attention, he always knows the answer, and he can never tell you how he knows. We can’t keep thrashing him. He is a bad example to the other pupils. There’s no educating a smart boy.
Terry Pratchett
Patch backed me into a tree and kissed me, hard. I regained my breath. “Boys take not everywhere: That was a kiss.
Becca Fitzpatrick
I sincerely believe I could have wounded up in a lot of trouble if I had not been taught as a boy to fear Hell, and to believe that certain wicked acts could lead me to damnation.
Robert Vaughn
Statement: A girl and a boy jump into a river. The boy swims over to the girl and says, “God, it’s cold.” Question: What’s the probability they will kiss?
Jenny Downham
Harry Potter was a highly unusual boy in many ways.
J. K. Rowling
A jury found former Enron sleezeballs Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling guilty of fraud and conspiracy. Ken Lay? That’s not a good name to have when you’re going to prison. And Kenny Boy ain’t too good either. … I guess in prison they’ll have done to them what they did to the stockholders.
Jay Leno
Then he kissed her. Betsy didn’t believe in letting boys kiss you. She thought it was silly to be letting first this boy and then that one kiss you, when it didn’t mean a thing. But it was wonderful when Joe Willard kissed her. And it did mean a thing.
Maud Hart Lovelace
When it comes to love, always be open. Because the second youre not pining after a boy, or a boyfriend, amazing love comes into your life.
Emma Roberts
Some boy nuh know dis, dem only come around like tourist. On the beach with a few club sodas. Bedtime stories, and pose like dem name Chuck Norris and don’t know the real hardcore.
Damian Marley
when I was a boy I used to dream of becoming the village idiot. I used to lie in bed and imagine myself the happy idiot able to get food easily …and easy sympathy, a planned confusion of not too much love or effort. some would claim that I have succeeded.
Charles Bukowski
I believe God was in Christ, not will be, perhaps, maybe if we’re good boys and girls, it’s over, it’s done, we are one people, race is a violation, nations are a violation.
Will Davis Campbell
In America, any boy can grow up to become president. Or, if he never grows up, vice president.
Pat Paulsen
As you’ll never hear the thing again, my boy, why not throw in a couple of brass bands?
Thomas Beecham
Nintendo DS is not standing still. As a tenth serious competitor decides to make a run at Game Boy, DS raises the bar on portable gaming, before they even get started.
Reggie Fils-Aime
Shoot, boy, the country’s just fulla folks what knows everything, and don’t understand nothing, just fullofem.
Truman Capote
Boys, I’m one of those umpires that misses ’em every once in a while so if it’s close, you’d better hit it.
Cal Hubbard
Never trust to general impressions, my boy, but concentrate yourself upon details.
Arthur Conan Doyle
You’ll see. I’m as good as any boy. I’m better. – Kel
Tamora Pierce
Weirdness is not my game. I’m just a square boy from Wisconsin.
Willem Dafoe
Don’t ever ask me again if I hate living anywhere with you and Jasmina. This Rock reminds me of the boy I was and being with you in the palace reminds me of the man I want to be.’ ‘Not just any man,’ she whispered. ‘A King. Mine.
Melina Marchetta
I’m a lucky boy. Never wanted for anything; new tracksuit, new pair of football boots. I had a happy childhood.
Martin Compston
If I had the choice of educating a boy or a girl, I would educate the girl. If you educate a boy, you educate one, but if you educate a girl, you educate a generation.
Brigham Young
I’m essentially a momma’s boy with a good education.
Tom Sizemore
[My boys] bloody well will work. Same as myself, same as David. They’re not going to be the kinds of kids that just hang about. I want them to be able to fulfill their passions, but I think it’s important that the children grow up and have respect for themselves.
Victoria Beckham
My whole life as a grammar-school boy, getting to Cambridge University and working on the ‘London Sunday Times’ has been very aspirational.
Robert Lacey
Yes, we are our fathers’ sons and daughters, but we are not their choices. For despite their absences we are still here. Still alive, still breathing,
with the power to change this world, one little boy and girl at a time.
Daniel Beaty
For a long time our son ws a little boy with autism, which was a certain kind of challenge. Now that he’s a teenager with autism – and a teenager who notices girls – we’re faced with something else altogether.
Claire LaZebnik
Girls can wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, ’cause it’s okay to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
I like to hang with the boys and I like to prove that I can be one of the boys, if not better.
Michelle Borth
No offense, boys are more immature than girls. Knowing that and not wanting any BS in my life – not having time for it – you just have to be smart about it. Obviously, if you’re really attracted to someone and you’re in love with them, that’s fine. But I see all my brothers and how they act and … to be picky is good.
Nicola Peltz
Once upon a time a man whose ax was missing suspected his neighbor’s son. The boy walked like a thief, looked like a thief and spoke like a thief. But the man found his ax while digging in the valley, and the next time he saw his neighbor’s son, the boy walked, looked and spoke like any other child.
When I was a boy I used to think that STRONG meant having big muscles, great physical power; but the longer I live, the more I realize that real strength has much more to do with what is NOT seen. Real strength has to do with helping others.
Fred Rogers
Hale!’ Kat cried, but the boy only stared at her. ‘Fine,’ she conceded. ‘I love your boat.’ ‘Ship.’ ‘Ship … Your ship is beautiful.
Ally Carter
You know that old Beach Boys song, Bomb Iran? Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.
John McCain
They say he’s an intelligent man, right? Speaks five languages! I’ve got a 15-year-old boy from the Ivory Coast who speaks five languages!
Alex Ferguson
I went to a private boys’ school, and we had girls in the last two years.
Chris Lilley
Christopher discovered that you dealt with obnoxious masters and most older boys the way you dealt with governesses: you quite politely told them the truth in the way they wanted to hear it, so that they thought they had won and left you in peace.
Diana Wynne Jones
And I’m the kind of person who does not let inconsequential things like boys and near death experiences stop her.
Veronica Roth
To all the boys who inspired this album: You should’ve known. 😉
Taylor Swift
Boys, it is just like the Alamo. Somebody should have by God helped those Texans. I’m going to Vietnam.
Lyndon B. Johnson
Everything I ever learnt as a small boy came from my father, and I never found anything he ever told me to be wrong or worthless. The simple lessons he taught me are as sharp and clear in my mind as if I had heard them only yesterday.
Irving Pichel
I don’t dig that two-beat jive the New Orleans cats play. My boys and I have to have four heavy beats to the bar and no cheating.
Count Basie
I almost stand in awe when I think of Joseph Smith. The angel appeared to him in 1823 – he said to this simple little boy, ‘Your name should be known for good and evil throughout the entire world.’
Gordon B. Hinckley
Oh, Mia. You haven’t even begun to find out who you really are, and, believe me, other boys are going to fall in love with you. If a guy can’t see how special you are, he isn’t good enough for you.
Kristin Hannah
It’s not bad enough I am exiled? It’s not bad enough you take away the few good heroes I’m allowed to meet? You think it’s funny to send me this this ― this charbroiled runt of a boy to ruin my tranquility? This is NOT FUNNY! Take him back!
Rick Riordan
Musically, he was like an old man in a boy’s skin.
Eric Clapton
You can’t marry boys and expect them to be men – and you can’t massage them into being men.
Laura Schlessinger
I don’t do cold. My reaction to cold is drastic. I’m a southern boy.
Morgan Freeman
I was a mother’s boy.
Don Rickles
When this boy was brought to Dr. Young, his name being William, the same as mine, my mother was ordered to change mine to something else. This, at the time, I thought to be one of the most cruel acts that could be committed upon my rights.
William Wells Brown
For some reason, on that sparkling afternoon last week, I actually saw the coal that was passing by and it set me to thinking how important coal was to our everyday lives when I was a little boy.
Nick Clooney
Go home all you boys who fought with me and help build up the shattered fortunes of our old state
Robert E. Lee
The three most destructive words that every man receives when he’s a boy is when he’s told to ‘be a man’.
Joe Ehrmann
When some of my friends have asked me anxiously about their boys, whether they should let them hunt, I have answered yes– remembering that it was one of the best parts of my education– make them hunters.
Henry David Thoreau
If Donald Trump were elected, it would be the first time a little boy became president.
Eric Walters
You’re the nicest boy ever,”, I told him, feeling undeserving and terrible. “You didn’t have to get me anything. I like thinking about you thinking about me when I’m not around.
Maggie Stiefvater
When I started, I was 23 years old directing my own music videos; I’m co-producing on my album; I’m hands-on with everything. I’m more than just a pretty boy: I’m an artist. I’m not saying I’m a hip-hop music artist, I’m an artiste.
ASAP Rocky
Boyhood is the longest time in life for a boy. The last term of the school-year is made of decades, not of weeks, and living through them is like waiting for the millennium.
Booth Tarkington
The moral turpitude of the boys of today appears to center in their failure to concentrate on any particular objective long enough to obtain their maximum results.
Major Taylor
Alaska decided to go help Dolores with dinner. She said that it was sexist to leave the cooking to the women, but better to have good sexist food than crappy boy-prepared food.
John Green
For a moment man is a boy, for a moment a lovesick youth, for a moment bereft of wealth, for a moment in the height of prosperity; then at life’s end with limbs worn out by old age and wrinkles adorning his face, like an actor he retires behind the curtain of death.
Fun, fighting, and feeding! These are the three indispensable elements of the boy’s world.
Baden Powell de Aquino
Be careful what you’re doing, because no one is ever who you want them to be. And the less you really know them, the more likely you are to confuse them with the girl or boy in your head
Rachel Cohn
Although as a boy I had dreamed about going into space, I had completely forgotten about that until one day I received a call from an astronaut, who suggested that I should join the program.
David M. Brown
‘The Queen Is Dead’ is not merely the Smiths’ best album, but it is one of those timeless, perfect, inexhaustible artifacts that could only have been made by a gang of sullen, sun-deprived rock & roll boys fighting off adulthood tooth and nail.
Rob Sheffield
I realized that I might be a lonely Indian boy, but I was not alone in the loneliness. There were millions of other Americans who had left their birthplaces in search of a dream. (217)
Sherman Alexie
I got caught shoplifting, which is not good. I was stealing for this boy that I went with at the time, and I ended up getting a three-month punishment.
A heroin-thin boy with enough rings in his eyebrows to resemble a shower curtain rod.
Jodi Picoult
Boys are much more likely to objectify girls bodies, while boys are seen by girls as whole people.
John Green
Boy what a hotel that was, why they stole my towel.
Rodney Dangerfield
It’s no wonder we’re all such a mess, is it? We’re like Tom Hanks in Big. Little boys and girls trapped in adult bodies and forced to get on with it.
Nick Hornby
Before I was a comedian, I thought the coolest thing that would happen to me was being a teenager… Boy, was I wrong!
Chris Rock
People rarely speak of children; you hear of ‘cohort groups’ and ‘standard variations,’ but you don’t hear much of boys who miss their cats or 6-year-olds who have to struggle with potato balls.
Jonathan Kozol
If I win and get the money, then the Oakland Police department is going to buy a boys’ home, me a house, my family a house, and a Stop Police Brutality Center.
Tupac Shakur
I used singing as a safety measure. I would pay attention to what songs the popular girls liked, learn those songs from the radio or library cassettes, and then “accidentally” sing or hum these songs in class. This would impress the girls, who would then defend me from the boys.
Vivek Shraya
For little boys are rancorous
When robbed of any myth,
And spiteful and cantankerous
To all their kin and kith.
But little girls can draw conclusions
And profit from their lost illusions.
Phyllis McGinley
Rule One, boy: shoot first then ask questions Rulw Two, Double tap just for good measure. Better safe then sorry. -Bubba
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I believe the old boys’ network is a powerful one. No one gives up power and privilege willingly, do they?
Quentin Bryce
A doctor could make a million dollars if he could figure out a way to bring a boy into the world without a trigger finger.
Arthur Miller
Boys do what they can; men do what they want
Project Pat
I wasn’t sure if the word boys should mean dim or incomprehensible. I was hovering between the two, with a healthy dose of testosterone-poisoned.
Lilith Saintcrow
When I was a kid, I was always around boys. I was always trying to keep up with boys – skateboarding and snowboarding. If my brother was mowing the lawn, I had to mow the lawn. If my brother was using a hammer, I needed to use a hammer. I’ve always been a little bit of a feminist.
Daria Werbowy
I grew up like a boy, also because most of the children who came to our house were boys.
Indira Gandhi
You can’t control who likes you. If I got Backstreet Boy fans what am I supposed to do? Turn them away? Whoever likes my stuff, likes my stuff but just know Slim Shady is hip hop, I grew up on hip hop, it’s the music I love and it’s the music I respect. I respect the culture…that’s me.
As a boy, I wanted to be the Peruvian Diego Maradona. Sadly, Peru hasnt made the World Cup since 1982, so I guess I did well to choose something different.
Daniel Alarcon
If I could offer a single prescription for the survival of America, and particularly black America, it would be to restore the family. And if you asked me how to do it, my answer – doubtlessly oversimplified – would be; save the boys.
William Raspberry
Don’t fight in front of the client, boys.” Catarina implored in her sweet voice,” or I will knock your heads together so hard, your skulls will crack like eggs
Cassandra Clare
when you’re fifteen and somebody tells you they love you, you’re gonna believe them. And when you’re fifteen don’t forget to look before you fall. In your life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team. I didn’t know it at fifteen.
Taylor Swift
I’m not a poster boy for misogyny and I don’t think hip-hop should be either.
Bakari Kitwana
The battle of life is already half won by the young man who is brought in contact with high officials; and the great aim of every boy should be to do something beyond the sphere of his duties- something which attracts the attention of those over him.
Andrew Carnegie
Crying wolf may have been the boy’s undoing, but the true irony was that the wolves were always lurking nearby.
Wes Fesler
There comes a time in every rightly constructed boy’s life when he has a raging desire to go somewhere and dig for hidden treasure.
Mark Twain
Cats are oppressed, dogs terrify them, landladies starve them, boys stone them, everybody speaks of them with contempt. If they were human beings we could talk of their oppressors with a studied violence, add our strength to theirs, even organize the oppressed and like good politicians sell our charity for power.
William Butler Yeats
Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.
Nicole Krauss
Boys should not play with weapons more dangerous than they understand.
E. T. A. Hoffmann
A little boy was asked how he learned to skate. ‘By getting up every time I fell down,’ he answered.
David Seabury
I know we’re meant to be these hard-headed, money-obsessed professionals but we’re still little boys at heart. Just ask our wives.
Rob Lee
Whatever you are doing, put your whole mind on it. If you are shooting, your mind should be only on the target. Then you will never miss. If you are learning your lessons, think only of the lesson. In India boys and girls are taught to do this.
Swami Vivekananda
I’m a 20 year old white boy residing on the Eastside of Cleveland, OH, and I am loud and obnoxious troubled youth that spends weeknights pissing parents off by turning their daughter’s room into a giant orgy-fest.
Machine Gun Kelly
When television came roaring in after the war (World War II) they did a little school survey asking children which they preferred and why – television or radio. And there was this 7-year-old boy who said he preferred radio “because the pictures were better.
Alistair Cooke
She [Virginia Madsen] and I had a really long relationship after that movie [‘Class’] I love her, and I can imagine it was not much fun to do that big sequence with a bunch of laughing, ogling frat-boy actors. I mean, can you imagine putting up with me, [John] Cusack, Alan Ruck, and Andrew McCarthy at 18?
Rob Lowe
I don’t intend to simply go away and write my plays and be a good boy. I intend to remain an independent and political intelligence in my own right.
Harold Pinter
Come on boys! Give them the cold steel! Who will follow me?
Lewis Armistead
Now that I’m losing some, I can see how tough I was — the killer instinct, the single-mindedness, playing like a machine. Boy, that’s what made me a champion.
Chris Evert
I was never into smart college boy music.
Gene Ween
Spain travel tip: If bathroom genders are indicated by flamingos, the boy flamingo is the one with a hat. I learned this the hard way.
Dave Barry
I think I’ve been a good boy long enough and given everyone around me a fair piece of the pie as far as all of the fleeting glory and reward that comes from the heavens – or the music press, whatever you want to call it.
Jack White
People think that I must be a very strange person. This is not correct. I have the heart of a small boy. It is in a glass jar on my desk.
Stephen King
Women are my biggest defenders. It’s that bad-boy syndrome. Now girls chase me.
O. J. Simpson
When the masculine mystique is pulling boys and men out into the world to growl manly noises at one another, the only power with astronger pull on the male psyche is maternally induced guilt. The guilt is quite necessary for our moral development, but it is often uncomfortable.
Frank Pittman
I lump Canada and the States together. I like good old North American boys.
Tricia Helfer
Now, leave.” All three boys slumped forward. Percy fell face-first into his pizza. “Percy!” Annabeth grabbed him.
Rick Riordan
… there had been the two little boys. Now they were gone, too. They loved her and called her and sent her e-mails and would still snuggle up to her to be petted when they were in the mood, but they were men, and though they would always be at the center of her life, she was no longer at the center of theirs.
Cathleen Schine
She wasn’t mine. She hadn’t been mine for a long time. She shouldn’t be here and I shouldn’t have asked. So instead of reassuring her, I kept leaning agains the tree looking like the devil and hoping she turned and ran. ~ The Vincent Boys
Abbi Glines
I don’t like boys. They’re kind of annoying.
Michelle Wie
Often I think boys don’t become men. Boys just get papier-mâchéd inside a man’s mask. Sometimes you can tell the boy is still in there.
David Mitchell
You are obvious, boy. You are difficult to miss. If you came to me in company with a purple lion, a green elephant, and a scarlet unicorn astride which was the King of England in his Royal Robes, I do believe that it is you and you alone that people would stare at, dismissing the others as minor irrelevancies.
Neil Gaiman
Don’t mess with the dead, boy, they have eerie powers.
I’ve nothing against kids reading anything they please, but I do have a problem with pink books for girls and black books for boys.
Joanne Harris
I’ve dated a number of ‘mama’s boys.’
Gabrielle Union
I once said to a boy, ‘You’re a really good kisser,’ and he said, ‘You’re only as good as the person you’re kissing.’ I think it’s the same with the music. If someone [says], ‘Your music is really provocative,’ I’m only as provocative as the person that’s listening to it.
FKA twigs
Expecting to be able to get rid of the competitive drive, first of all, flies in the face of human nature – and little girls certainly have this drive, as much as little boys do, or at least the little girls I have observed in my immediate family have it.
Lynne Cheney
Nine times out of 10 when people do a tribute album or tribute songs for somebody, it’s what I call ‘white boys playing reggae’. They know they can’t, we know they can’t, so they sing like they can’t and play like they can’t. They gently make fun of the idiom or sing in a false accent.
David Lee Roth
Girl, boy or dancing bear, you’re the finest page-the finest squire-to-be-at court.” (Jon to Alanna)
Tamora Pierce
But thou art fair, and at thy birth, dear boy,
Nature and Fortune join’d to make thee great:
Of Nature’s gifts thou mayst with lilies boast,
And with the half-blown rose; but Fortune, O!
William Shakespeare
And that boys,” yelled Mr. Weasley over the tumult of the crowd below,”is why you should never go for looks alone!
J. K. Rowling
There’s so much testosterone when you raise three boys, so much energy … I don’t think as a parent you’re meant to control them, you’re meant to guide them. Especially with their dynamic personalities, that’s the challenge and that’s half the fun – trying to keep them on the tracks.
Raine Maida
Look, let me just say it: He was hot. A nonhot boy stares at you relentlessly and it is, at best, awkward and, at worst, a form of assault. But a hot boy . . . well.
John Green
Femi Fani Kayode is my boy. Provide him food, he will eat and then sing for you. He’s a smart boy
Olusegun Obasanjo
I am glad to go with my wife and baby boy.
Alex Campbell
But you’re dead,’ said Harry. ‘Oh, yes,’ said Dumbledore matter-of-factly. ‘Then… am I dead too?’ ‘Ah,’ said Dumbledore, smiling still more broadly. ‘That is the question, isn’t it? On the whole, dear boy, I think not.
J. K. Rowling
It’s been nice not having a boyfriend. I could be in a relationship if I wanted to be, but I haven’t finished doing what I’m doing. I like boy, a lot. I’m boy crazy. That hasn’t changed since I was very young.
Cameron Diaz
I know people want me to sort of defend myself, to sit here and be like, ‘I’m a boy, but I wear make-up sometimes.’ But, you know, to me, it doesn’t really matter.
Andrej Pejic
Marx, if he had come back alive would have said Mao’s his boy.
Paul Sweezy
Being an actress can be a little like being a girl in the ’50s: You’re stuck waiting by the phone, hoping that the boy you like will call.
Zooey Deschanel
Good boys are nice – don’t go for the bad ones!
Vanessa Hudgens
Distinguish yourself […] in an age where girls often make themselves too available to boys, by making him work a little for your attention. He’ll think he’s won a prize when he gets it, and he’ll work that much harder to keep it. Boys turn into men and men put a premium on what’s hard to get.
Karen Marie Moning
„You,” the female on the bed said, her timbre shaded with irrittion. „New guy. Angel Boy. Colonel Curls, or whatever you want to be called. I’m done asking, so now I’m commanding. Free me.
Gena Showalter
There are two kinds of people in boxing. Those who say, ‘Oh, boy; Tom Hauser is writing an article about me,’ and those who say, ‘Big problem; Tom Hauser is writing an article about me.’
Jim Lampley
In setting out the walls of a city the choice of a healthy situation is of the first importance: it should be on high ground, neither subject to fogs nor rains; its aspects should be neither violently hot nor intensely cold, but temperate in both respects.
Marcus Vitruvius Pollio
Boys everywhere. All seven of them plus their dad, running and laughing and shoving each other around on the front lawn, engaged in what appeared to be a full-contact, tackle version of ultimate Frizbee. They were playing shirts and skins. Shirts and might-fine-lookin’ skins.
Kate Brian
I’d like to be more of a bad influence than a role model. I’m getting lots of boys to wear eye-liner again which is good.
Brian Molko
I played on an all-boys team in the 8th grade, but they wouldnt throw me the ball even though I was on their team. One day I stole the ball from my own teammate and I made a basket. From that point on, everyone yelled Give the ball to the girl! I was the only girl on the whole league!
Lisa Leslie
I was a boy, suddenly treated like the men and expected to act like them.
Robbie Fowler
Pittsburgh entered the core of my heart when I was a boy and cannot be torn out.
Andrew Carnegie
Sword? Haven’t got a sword. That boy has, though. He’ll lend you one.
J. K. Rowling
Give me a few minutes.” “You have time.” He sat in the grass. “Are you just going to sit there and watch me?” “Yes. Watching pretty peasant girls is what we poor little rich boys do best.” “Peasant?” He shrugged. “You started the name calling.
Ilona Andrews
Edgar Sawtelle is a boy without a voice, but his world, populated by the dogs his family breeds, is anything but silent. This is a remarkable story about the language of friendship—a language that transcends words.
Dalia Sofer
I am always for getting a boy forward in his learning, for that is sure good. I would let him at first read any English book which happens to engage his attention; because you have done a great deal when you have brought him to have entertainment from a book. He’ll get better books afterwards.
Samuel Johnson
Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.
All work and no play makes jack. With enough jack, Jack needn’t be a dull boy.
Malcolm Forbes
I’ll always be the baby in the family. I’m the youngest sister, but growing up with so many boys, it makes you tough. You get teased. There’s no tiptoeing around each other. You say it the way it is; you’re honest.
Nicola Peltz
Scouting is a man’s job cut down to a boy’s size.
Baden Powell de Aquino
The boy’s got problems, the boy’s got stress, the boy’s got a .38 hidden in his desk.
Alice Cooper
Jerome was sliding and climbing on top of me and it felt like it had the night before, like a crushing weight. So do boys and men announce their intentions. They cover you like a sarcophagus lid. And call it love.
Jeffrey Eugenides
I was national amateur champion. I was 24 years old. My father was there, and I couldn’t wait to see him, and my mother. I went up and was waiting for all the accolades, and my mom was teary and happy and my dad looked at me and said, “Well, boy, you did good,” and that was it.
Arnold Palmer
I like playing really super-intense, live-in-the-moment characters. It asks me to not phone it in. It’s impossible to phone it in. Every American boy has spent his childhood pretending to get shot.
Rob Corddry
[On Sitting Bull:] The contents of his pockets were often emptied into the hands of small, ragged little boys, nor could he understand how so much wealth should go brushing by, unmindful of the poor.
Annie Oakley
A man crawls into a tomb to die. A boy crawls in to live. You think that’s chance?
Michelle Paver
Is he Catholic?” her grandmother asked on the way out. He’s a drug dealer — so if he is religious, he’s got incredible powers of reconciliation. “He looks like a good boy,” her vovo said over her shoulder. “A good Catholic boy.” And that was that — for now.
J.R. Ward
If I was on an island, just for melody, I would take albums by the Stones, AC/DC and the Beach Boys’ Smiley Smile.
Steven Tyler
Why does a salmon rise? Why does a small boy cross the street just to kick a tin can?
Lee Wulff
As boys should be educated with temperance, so the first greatest lesson that should be taught them is to admire frugality. It is by the exercise of this virtue alone they can ever expect to be useful members of society.
Oliver Goldsmith
Our sacrifice is greater than his,” cried Rilla passionately. “Our boys give only themselves. We give them.
Lucy Maud Montgomery
I don’t date boys. I don’t like boys. It’s true. I don’t change.
Nicki Minaj
To people who remember JFK’s assassination, JFK Jr. will probably always be that boy saluting his father’s coffin.
Michael Beschloss
Boy, you gotta be real sick to get this much attention.
Michael Landon
You can’t say Hillary Clinton is not evolving as a candidate. And boy is she trying very hard to move to where the Democratic base is.
Chuck Todd
Everyone I know, men and women alike, would love to see the world changed so that boys and girls, men and women are valued equally for what we contribute, despite the differences in how our brains and bodies work.
Cris Mazza
To tell the truth, girls are no longer the way they used to be. They play gangsters, nowadays, just like boys. They organize rackets. They plan holdups and practice karate. They will rape defenseless adolescents. They wear pants… Life has become impossible.
Alain Robbe-Grillet
The little boy inside of all us men always loves something video game related.
Dane Cook
My mother and father have also raised five boys so they know there’s only so much that can be controlled.
Henry Cavill
We’ll be back!” he snarled. It was really Ari’s voice. Boy, you just can’t kill people like you used to,” said Fang
James Patterson
Men get opinions as boys learn to spell by reiteration chiefly.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
In high school, I was Mr. Choir Boy. I had solos, I was helping out the tenors with their parts and our choir teacher would ask me what songs we should do.
Lucas Grabeel
Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men.
Kin Hubbard
The neighborhood children, of course, were forbidden by their parents to play with my little boy, Garth, so I finally got him a little kitten to play with. A couple of weeks later we found it on the porch with its neck wrung.
Madalyn Murray O’Hair
Just the dream of every aging has-been actress who slipped out in public is to work with a bunch of gay boys.
Margot Kidder
Curse false-hand-holding boys!
Lauren Myracle
The boys that were running away from America because they didn’t want to get involved with the Vietnam War had come to me. They would tell me how they felt.
Eartha Kitt
There was a point a few years ago where I realized I started out playing boys on camera and stage, and then I translated that to playing boys in animated shows. I was like, “Whoa, this is intense.”
Pamela Adlon
It took me a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints and forty minutes to get over that boy.
John Green
My faith experience, well, as you can imagine, you need a lot of faith to raise five boys.
Ann Romney
Her elf is going to do just that,” he said, the red glow of the ever-after sun turning his hair auburn, almost as red as mine. “I did not work this hard at getting her to accept who she is to let you take your spoiled brat of a little-boy temper tantrum out on her. She stays on my side of the lines.
Kim Harrison
Unrequited love–plain desperate aboveboard boy-chasing–turned you into a salesperson, and what you were selling was something he didn’t want, couldn’t use, would never miss. Unrequited love was deciding to be useless, and I could never abide uselessness.
Elizabeth McCracken
I want to see you game, boys, I want to see you brave and manly, and I also want to see you gentle and tender.
Theodore Roosevelt
I’m an island boy, so I love my reggae and soca music.
Dule Hill
I was an altar boy in the Roman Catholic Church and no priest ever laid a hand on me. That’s me, always the bridesmaid.
Dana Gould
Boys go to Washington to be somebody…men go to do something.
John J. McCloy
I attract a different kind of boy when my hair’s red. I get more quality men – like a more thoughtful, nerdy dude.
Kirsten Dunst
Well, you know what grown-ups are,’ said Dinah. ‘They don’t think the same way as we do. I expect when we grow up, we shall think like them – but let’s hope we remember what it was like to think in the way children do, and understand the boys and the girls that are growing up when we’re men and women.
Enid Blyton
In American fertility clinics, 75 percent of couples are requesting girls and not boys.
Hanna Rosin
No good book has ever been written that has in it symbols arrived at beforehand and stuck in. … I tried to make a real old man, a real boy, a real sea and a real fish and real sharks. But if I made them good and true enough they would mean many things
Ernest Hemingway
One of the troubles of the day, observes Mr. C.N. Peac, is that once we came upon the little red schoolhouse, whereas now we come upon the little-read school boy.
Bennett Cerf
Any time you do an Adam Sandler film, it’s kind of like a boys’ club, because you’re hanging out and there are guitars around, and basketballs and footballs and electric bikes and scooters and different people dropping by.
Kevin Nealon
No one told me about boys. I had to figure it out myself. The first thing I learned was that sometimes they grow slower than women mentally.
Elena Anaya
The Scoutmaster teaches boys to play the game by doing so himself.
Robert Baden-Powell
The boy had the towering arrogance only seen in the greatest of artists and all nine-year-old boys.
Neil Gaiman
Why would I cry over a boy? I would never waste my tears on a boy. Why waste your tears on someone who makes you cry?
Kirsten Dunst
For the blockbusters, people were always telling me that if you write female protagonists, the boys won’t go, so you have to put the boys’ stuff in it to get everybody. I write for people from 8 to 80, and that’s not easy.
Linda Woolverton
My husband, after two weeks of dating, asked me, if our relationship were to work out, would I be OK with our first boy being named Ace.
Jennie Finch
When I was a young boy in San Francisco, I remember being sent home – I was playing with a friend. And I remember the mother saying, tell Jeffrey to go home. And I said to the girl, I said, why? She goes, my mother says that you’re the people who killed Christ.
Jeffrey Tambor
The TV said you should ignore bullies and they would stop harassing you. In practice this worked about half the time. The other half, you ended up with two tall boys shadowing you through a trailer park, their fingers taking little nips at your clothes, like dogs.
Jennifer Echols
I have smelled some very famous and undoubtedly sexy boys. And sometimes, as cute as they are, I’d rather have them as a friend – just because of the way they smell!
Rachel Nichols
My first film goes into production in October. It’s called White Boy Shuffle and it’s based on a novel about a young black kid and it’s sort of reminiscent of Catcher in the Rye.
Ryan Phillippe
When people know you’ve been a soldier, they judge you: you are a thief, a lost boy.
Emmanuel Jal
You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you, too.
Roy Campanella
Look, I got 11,052 songs on my iPod. Cyndi Lauper, Guns N’ Roses, Geto Boys, N.W.A. push shuffle and anything will come on.
Big Boi
There are many strange happenings, my boy. Many mysteries beyond the power of the human mind to comprehend.
Edward T. Lowe, Jr.
[Lev] Tolstoy is not a boy-writer. He’s a grown-up. And [Fedor] Doestoeivski is not a boy-writer.
Paul Auster
I did think of becoming a priest quite late on, when other boys were thinking of knocking over fences and going out with girls. I would have made a very good bishop: nice housekeeper, nice clothes – god, the clothes.
Colm Toibin
My first love was singing and I had no time for boys.
Christina Aguilera
I was only a working-class boy from a Nationalist ghetto. But it is repression that creates the revolutionary spirit of freedom.
Bobby Sands
War is a quarrel between two thieves too cowardly to fight their own battle; therefore they take boys from one village and another village, stick them into uniforms, equip them with guns, and let them loose like wild beasts against one other.
Thomas Carlyle
Up until college age I was using the typical little-boy dummy that sits on the knee and makes woodpecker jokes. My first original character didn’t happen until later, and that was Jose the Jalapeno on a Stick.
Jeff Dunham
My brother Jim and I spent many wonderful summers working on dairy farms in Wisconsin owned by Mom’s cousins, and as members of our local Boy Scout troop.
Peter Agre
When I think about my relationship with America, I feel like a battered wife: Yeah, he knocks me around a lot, but boy, he sure can dance.
Sarah Vowell
If I’m the poster boy for steroids, steroids is going out of business.
James Toney
How do you deal with it?” Kami asked Jared. “The laughing at nothing and occasionally stopping dead in your tracks.” “I have a system where when I stop, I lean casually against something,” Jared told her. “It makes people think I’m a bad boy. Or possibly that I have a bad back.
Sarah Rees Brennan
I need you here with me we look for our love but we dont find it im searching and searching, I really need you here with me boy were going Round-and Round!
Selena Gomez
Probably like a couple of years from now, there’ll be a lot of girls here, and then it won’t be just like all boys, so they’ll have to build like another dorm for girls, so it’ll be a huge impact if more girls start playing.
Mo’ne Davis
The five different areas in which boys are in crisis – education; jobs; emotional health; physical health; and fatherlessness – are handled by different portions of the government.
Warren Farrell
I had never seen so many cute men in one place in my life. But I could tell they were not for me. Russell was like the gay vampire Hugh Hefner, and this was the Playboy Mansion, with an emphasis on the “boy.
Charlaine Harris
All you’re supposed to do is every once in a while give the boys a little tea and sympathy.
Robert Anderson
Kids are growing up and they don’t know the difference between fact and fiction. The line is getting blurry. I can handle it, you know; I’m a big boy. And the entertainment industry has always been crazy. But the problem is, it spills over into some very serious issues, in politics and real newsworthy stuff.
Rob Lowe
Yeah, I like that idea. Maybe he’ll shoot at us again. I was hoping someone would shoot at me today. That was the first thing I said when I got up: Boy, I hope I get shot at today.
Janet Evanovich
It’s rumored that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son is cheating on his girlfriend Miley Cyrus. After hearing about it Arnold said, ‘That’s my boy.’
Conan O’Brien
There is no sin in not liking to play; it’s a mistake for a boy to be there if he doesn’t want to.
Bear Bryant
Just once I’d like to meet a fella who isn’t a phony. Somebody who doesn’t wanna buy me a fur so he can show me off to his boys.
Libba Bray
Keep your words. This pain is no life.” “You only feel pain because you’re alive, boy!” the keeper thundered. “This is the mystery of it. Life is lived on the ragged edge of the cliff. Fall off and you might die, but run from it and you are already dead!
Ted Dekker
“Then what can you want to do now?” said the old lady,gaining courage. “I wants to make your flesh creep,” replied the boy.
Charles Dickens
There’s nothing a well-regulated child hates so much as regularity. I believe a really healthy boy would thoroughly enjoy Greek Grammar–if only he might stand on his head to learn it!
Lewis Carroll
I don’t really like the slogan ‘It boy.’
Emile Hirsch
I like dressing like a guy. I love it. When I was modeling I used to do pictures where I would dress up like my little brother. No makeup and I looked like a boy.
Grace Jones
I went to an all-girls pre school where everyone went off to Harvard or Yale, and I had zero interest in doing so. I think they thought I was on drugs. There was a neighboring all-boys school, so we’d get together and do dumb things. It was your typical Catholic-American upbringing.
Katherine Moennig
A sensitive boy’s humiliations may be very good fun for ordinary thick-skinned grown-ups; but to the boy himself theyareso acute, so ignominious, that he cannot confess themcannot but deny them passionately.
George Bernard Shaw
I’ve been rapping and writing since junior high school, just having fun with it as a hobby. Then I got signed to a label Poe Boy Entertainment four years ago, I started taking it serious about a year and a half, two years ago.
I prefer men to boys. To clear it up, it’s not about an older or younger thing. It’s a mindset, not age. There are 18-year-old men out there and there are 40-year-old boys.
Keri Hilson
I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy.
Adam Lambert
As a boy, I used to look upon the hieroglyphics as so many wonderful pictures.
Cecil B. DeMille
Molly: So how do you think of Bryce Hamilton crowd so far? Boys hot enough for you? Bethany: I wouldn’t say hot. Most of them seem to have a normal body temperature.
Alexandra Adornetto
An optimist is somebody who thinks our various political and social systems, schools and churches, support groups and Boy Scout troops, jury trials and congressional committees, are on the up-and-up. That they are intended for the benefit of the members. The reality is that they are designed to keep everyone in line.
Jack McDevitt
Let me say that the credit belongs to the boys in the back rooms. It isn’t the man who sits in the limelight like me who should have the praise.
Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook
If there’s a therapist who wants a writing project, I think there’s a need for a book about how the culture affects the mental health of boys.
Mary Pipher
The trouble with me is that every match I play against five opponents: umpire, crowd, ball boys, court, and myself.
Goran Ivanisevic
There’s a palace in your head, boy. Learn to live in it always.
Grant Morrison
I cannot imagine any boy of spirit who would not be delighted to play a drunkard even to vomiting in front of his Sunday school. Indeed, the vomiting might be the chief attraction of the role.
Robertson Davies
I didn’t want to be in a situation where I was broader than the boys, which I was, in the academic world.
Betty Friedan
I have teenage boys and I think teenage boys require a father to have eyeballs on them at all times.
Miguel Ferrer
Chauncey seethed at the outrageous insult. “And your father?” he demanded, extending the sword. He didn’t yet know all his vassals, but he was learning. He would brand the family name of this boy to memory.
Becca Fitzpatrick
Just try to keep your head above water until the boys get back. It’s as simple as that.
Larry Bowa
I’m not going to say who looks the most beautiful, but it’s clear. It’s Jared Leto. I mean, he’s the prettiest. Boy is he pretty
Ellen DeGeneres
I was going to be the best paper boy ever. I used my Sting-Ray bike and got the papers there after school. People know I porched everything. No roofs, no lawns. I stopped the bike and nailed it. And if I ever missed, I would go pick it up and do it right.
Gary Carter
That’s when the idea for Mad About the Boy arrived. It wasn’t even a Bridget [Jones] story initially – then I realized I was writing in Bridget’s voice and it grew from there into a Bridget novel.
Helen Fielding
Christianity is not a political theory. It is not even a cultural theory. It is, at its root, all about changing the heart of each man and woman, boy and girl, so that we begin to think God’s thoughts and act in accordance with his character.
Ravi Zacharias
I started writing while I was a little boy. Maybe it’s because I was reading a lot of books I admired, and thought that I would like to write something like that someday. Also, my love for good writing pushed me.
Naguib Mahfouz
It is easier to build a boy than to mend a man.
Mahatma Gandhi
Conscience is what makes a boy tell his mother before his sister does.
Evan Esar
I think my daughter actually influences my style more than having boys. I tend to dress more masculine with pants or shorts or flat boots, and she makes me want to dress more stylish, more girly.
Kourtney Kardashian
I coach to help boys become men of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good.
Joe Ehrmann
Growing up in the Boroughs, I thought I must be the cleverest boy in the world, an illusion that I was able to maintain until I got to the grammar school.
Alan Moore
When the Negro finds the courage to be free, he faces dogs and guns and clubs and fire hoses totally unafraid, and the white men with those dogs, guns, clubs and fire hoses see that the Negro they have traditionally called “boy” has become a man.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Any man that can’t find what he is looking for in a thousand women is really looking for a boy.
Gershon Legman
As my friend George Oppen once said to me about getting old: what a strange thing to happen to a little boy.
Paul Auster
A real writer learns from earlier writers the way a boy learns from an apple orchard — by stealing what he has a taste for, and can carry off
Archibald MacLeish
A young critic is like a boy with a gun; he fires at every living thing he sees. He thinks only of his own skill, not of the pain he is giving.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I was a modest, good-humoured boy. It is Oxford that has made me insufferable.
Max Beerbohm
He just stood there, looking at me, as if I had actually changed before his eyes. But this was the girl I’d been all along. I’d just hidden her well.
Sarah Dessen
I want my boys to have an understanding of people’s emotions, their insecurities, people’s distress, and their hopes and dreams.
Princess Diana
I love working with children and this young boy, Thomas Sangster, is quite a remarkable young actor. He raises your game, you know. He certainly raised mine.
Liam Neeson
I’m still a farm boy at heart. If I hadn’t suffered from asthma as a child, I would be a farmer today.
Jim Davis
Even in half demon hunter clothes, Clary thought, he looked like the kind of boy who’d come over your house to pick you up for a date and be polite to your parents and nice to your pets. Jace on the other hand, looked like the kind of boy who’d come over your house and burn it down just for kicks.
Cassandra Clare
Spooky things happen in houses densely occupied by adolescent boys. When I checked out a four-inch dent in the living room ceilingone afternoon, even the kid still holding the baseball bat looked genuinely baffled about how he possibly could have done it.
Mary Blakely
Bodybuilding has been the tool that single-handedly taught a little black boy from the projects to use his mind to achieve success. it taught me to see things for what they can be. I had 17-inch arms; I imagined them to be 24 inches. The power of my mind allowed me to achieve what I imagined.
Kai Greene
As a boy,I was extremely shy, certainly as a result of my upbringing. I was an expert blusher,and some of my harsh actions may echo this shyness by way of compensation.
Gunter Brus
Twenty years ago I wanted to move to a nice place so our Charley would grow up a nice boy and learn a profession. But instead we live in a jungle, so he can only be a wild animal. D’you think I picked the East Side like Columbus picked America?
Abraham Polonsky
All I know is that young boys sleep late and hard.
Ernest Hemingway
My personal life is the same. At the end of the day, this is just a job. I love what I do, and it’s a great job. But it’s like my alter ego. There’s Chris Brown the singer. And there’s Christopher Brown, the down-home Tappahannock boy that plays video games and basketball and hangs out.
Chris Brown
When I started escaping to a neighbor’s house to watch what I darn well pleased, it turned out to be The Big Valley. Every afternoon my friend and I would pour grape juice over mounds of ice cream and settle in to see what was happening with Barbara Stanwyck and Linda Evans and the boys in The Big Valley.
Elizabeth Crook
Through baseball we channel boys desire for exercise and let off their explosive violence without letting them get into the police court.
Herbert Hoover
Dear Skeezie, Today I ran after a boy as he was trying to get away. I tackled him and we both landed in the mud. Do you think I appeared desperate?-Joe Bunch
James Howe
Boys are cute, but food is cuter
Tori Amos
With three boys in the house, my mother was always on us when growing up about keeping our faces clean, washing behind our ears, and brushing our teeth. So I still take my morning routine seriously.
Cam Newton
I thought, “If I could bring these characters [Wonder Boys] to life and lead the audience to react the same way I did, this could be a really special picture.” Then I read Michael’s [Chabon] novel and got even more enthusiastic about it.
Curtis Hanson
I tried to be a boy, I tried to be a girl, I tried to be a mess.
Madonna Ciccone
Being in the army is like being in the Boy Scouts, except that the Boy Scouts have adult supervision.
Blake Clark
In every school, more boys wanted to be remembered as a star athlete than as a brilliant student.
James S. Coleman
You said ‘God is cruel’ the way a person who’s lived his whole life on Tahiti might say ‘Snow is cold’. You knew, but you didn’t understand.” He stepped close to David and put his palms on the boy’s cold cheeks. “Do you know how cruel your God can be, David. How fantastically cruel?
Stephen King
Hurry boys, hurry, we have to make a quick change or the hour will be up.
Malcolm Campbell
I’m not a poster boy for good behavior and recovery in Hollywood, I’m just a guy who knows he has a lot to be grateful for.
Robert Downey, Jr.
[I]n 1938, Superman appeared. He had been mailed to the offices of National Periodical Publications from Cleveland, by a couple of Jewish boys who had imbued him with the powers of a hundred men, of a distant world, and of the full measure of their bespectacled adolescent hopefulness and desperation.
Michael Chabon
If you only knew, for instance, how much I enjoy being a grandmother! Do you know I’m twice a grandmother? Rajiv and Sonia have had a boy and a girl.
Indira Gandhi
I’ve wanted to be an actor ever since I was a little boy.
Henry Darrow
2001: A Space Odyssey was a wonderful conundrum when I was a boy, with its giant concepts thrown across the giant screen at Indian Hills Theater. That movie woke me up in ways that I hadn’t imagined, and I went searching for book versions of the same drug.
Robert Reed
[Donald Trump] is so unpredictable that foreigners are going to look around and say “boy, we’ve got to head for the safe havens.” And one of the safe havens is Treasurys and [another is] the dollar.
Gary Shilling
I like to sit in the window and watch the cute boys walk by.
Harvey Milk
I was with a famous comedian when a young fan walked up and asked for an autograph. The comedian blew him off. I’ll never forget the look on the young boy’s face. He was devastated.
Louie Anderson
I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a boy, though it seemed an unlikely outcome since I showed no real talent. But I persevered and eventually found my own row to hoe. Ignorance of other writers’ work keeps me from discouragement and I am less well-read than the average bus driver.
Garrison Keillor
I was a boy when I first realized that the fullest life liveable was a Poet’s
Wilfred Owen
While I was a voracious movie-goer as a boy, I never put writing and films together in my mind.
Christopher McQuarrie
When I was a boy the Dead Sea was only sick.
George Burns
There’s life outside Backstreet Boys that is going on and continuing.
A. J. McLean
Yeah? Rock ‘n’ Roll is fast, you know. If all goes according to plan I could be in rehab next thursday. Tuesday week I’ll be living on an island with a small Indian boy.
Noel Fielding
And what are you doing on it, I would like to know? Running away from home, yesno? If you were a boy I’d say are you going to seek your fortune?” “Can’t girls seek their fortune?” “I think they’re supposed to seek a boy with a fortune.
Terry Pratchett
I wanted to be a witch when I was a kid. I was obsessed with witchcraft. At school, me and my two friends had these spell books; I always wanted a more magical reality. I had a little shrine at home and I did a spell to try and make the boy in the other class fall in love with me.
Florence Welch
In the 1970s and a lot of the 1980s, we would have thanked our lucky stars in the coalfield areas for growth of 1.75 per cent. The only thing growing then were the lines of coke in front of boy George and the rest of them.
Dennis Skinner
Dance on, dance on, we see, we see
Youth goes, alack, and with it glee,
A boy the old man ne’er can be;
Maternal thirty scarce can find
The sweet sixteen long left behind.
Arthur Hugh Clough
I enlisted when I was a boy. The Navy looked after me like my mother. It fed me, took care of me and gave me wonderful opportunities.
Tony Curtis
Photo of boy with white dirt on his faceYou may be on the right track, but if you just sit there you’ll get run over.
Paul H. Dunn
I got used to dealing with groups of boys and getting on with life in unpleasant circumstances and being smart and funny and subversive at the expense of authority.
Eric Idle
In this day and age, where you have a lot of comic book movies made every day, and most of them are really good boys, it’s important to have a couple bad boys out there, too.
Nicolas Cage
I feel like I went from being a boy to being a man, in some respects, through the help of Dustin Hoffman.
Patrick J. Adams
I love my boys so much I fear my heart will explode. I wonder if this love will crack open my chest and split me in half. It is scary, this love.
Amy Poehler
I love the whole makeup of men – that they never mature and are always just boys.
Krista Allen
For a man, there’s a big responsibility that comes with having a boy because men are made by their fathers. If you’ve got a good productive man around it’s better. I have such a close relationship with my dad and that responsibility to produce a good man is something I think about.
Rafe Spall
I can’t selfishly take journeys anymore because I have to take a little boy along with me.
Sandra Bullock
Boy, everyone is stupid except me.
I think that I write about stuff that others don’t write about. I don’t have a bunch of love songs cuz I don’t really have much boy experience. I just write about what I am actually going through in my real life.
Brie Larson
And it struck me then, that I liked Sean because he looked, well, slutty. A boy who had been around. A boy who couldn’t remember if he was Catholic or not.
Bret Easton Ellis
As a teenager, I was very much a people pleaser and that excludes being adventuresome at all. I was a Boy Scout though and so that’s as adventuresome as I got.
Rob Corddry
I’d learned myself by the age of sixteen that just as girls guarded their virginity, boys guarded something less tangible which they called Themselves.
Joyce Johnson
You have to be literate in today’s world. We’re not going to get away with not teaching boys to read.
Christina Hoff Sommers
I’ll confess right here that I secretly wish I’d have drawn a strip about a little boy with a fake tiger, going for adventures throughout the universe in spaceships of his imagination.
Berkeley Breathed
The boy and girl going hand in hand through a meadow; the mother washing her baby; the sweet simple things in life. We have almost lost track of them.
Edward Steichen
I play a bad boy on television, but in real life I have a passion for nature and nature conservancy, specifically bird rehabilitation.
Mark Salling
A small man intoxicated by being allowed to run around with the big, aggressive, powerful boys after so many years as a corduroy-clad peacenik.
George Galloway
I know not why any one but a school boy in his declamation would whine over the Commonwealth of Rome, which grew great only by the misery of the rest of mankind. The Romans, like others, as soon as they were rich, grew corrupt; and in their corruption sold the lives and freedoms of themselves and of one another.
Samuel Johnson
I’m hard to get rid of.” He smiled. All Tegan’s suspicions about the boy came flooding back. “So it seems,” she replied icily.
Peter Grimwade
Well, my favorite roles so far are Lucas and Lost Boys.
Corey Haim
If we socialized boys like girls, we would have a much lower crime rate in America.
Meda Chesney-Lind
Oh boy. His chest was smooth and warm and hard as stone, and she wanted to both touch and nibble. And lick. Could she pretty please lick?
Jill Shalvis
There was a part, you know, obviously there was a part of the whole I military experience that you know like hooks right into the whole boyhood experience that that you know most American boys have growing up, you know, which is proving your manhood by proving how hard you are, by proving that you can take it.
Peter P. Mahoney
Raising five boys is a handful, trust me.
Barbara Bush
Go on and increase in valor, O boy! this is the path to immortality.
Seneca the Younger
Everybody thinks I’m, like, a bad boy. I’ve had my day, but I just sit at home and play the blues mostly.
Brad Renfro
You condition a vulnerable boy at puberty to become aroused by brutality. It’s the violence, not the nudity. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind if every teenage boy had a subscription to Playboy. They’d be looking at attractive naked female bodies while they masturbated, not eviscerated female bodies.
Park Dietz
I was dreaming … about my grandfather. A very old man, at least as old as I am now, 91. I thought, when I was a boy, that he had been 91 all his life. Now I feel as if I have been 91 all my life.
Thomas Pynchon
I think a lot of my girlfriends growing up gave themselves up to any boy who paid attention to them. I think young women now are a lot more particular. They pick and choose.
Bo Derek
I’m kinda just looking to do things that have never been done, but still have that skratcher b-boy element included. Very interesting experiments happen and it’s not always a good thing, but learning from doing it – all the beautiful mistakes – and accidentally coming up with something I love is the real fun!
DJ QBert
Growing up, I was sort of a tomboy. I was the one skating with the boys.
Amy Smart
Cute? You think he’s cute? What’s cute about him? … Well, yes. He’s got that smile, that really bad boy smile, and a great backside. On page eighty of the relationship manual, it clearly states, you cannot look at another man’s backside, especially if you think it’s great.
Christine Feehan
The boy in the pearl gray suit could have been Jane’s twin. His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely.
Stephenie Meyer
I thought of Chatterton, the marvellous boy, The sleepless soul that perished in his pride; Of him who walked in glory and in joy, Following his plough, along the mountain-side. By our own spirits we are deified; We Poets in our youth begin in gladness, But thereof come in the end despondency and madness.
William Wordsworth
The filth and noise of the crowded streets soon destroy the elasticity of health which belongs to the country boy.
Rutherford B. Hayes
I think my favorite part about being on the road is that it’s like a boys’ club.
Butch Walker
I can still see my first dog. For six years he met me at the same place after school and convoyed me home – a service he thought up himself. A boy doesn’t forget that sort of association.
E. B. White
I was rather a fat little boy.
Cyril Cusack
Old boys have their playthings as well as young ones; the difference is only in the price.
Benjamin Franklin
I thought I knew Elton John, but then it was like, “Woah, Elton’s a pimp! He’s really amazing.” And since Billy and Elton are homies, I’m finally getting it – the two piano boys.
Mac DeMarco
Look, people get drunk … People chase girls. And the point is, it’s a hell of a lot better for them to get drunk than to take drugs. It’s better to chase girls than boys.
Richard M. Nixon
He doesn’t pretend,” the punk pixie said. He nodded toward Doyle. “Nice rings. You got anything else pierced?” “Yes,” Doyle said. The boy smiled, making the rings in the edge of his nose and his bottom lip curl cheerfully with it. “Me too,” he said.
Laurell K. Hamilton
Hybart is a little community I grew up in, so it was just a wonderful time in those years. I was the youngest of about nine boys in the neighborhood and we played ball all the time, and I looked up to them and they let me play around with them, and we just had a good time.
Jeff Sessions
Just at the age ‘twixt boy and youth, When thought is speech, and speech is truth.
Walter Scott
Little boys are a ton of fun.
Tori Spelling
I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words. When I was a boy, we were taught to be discrete and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly wise and impatient of restraint.
My life has been a kind of mystery to me. By all my logical, linear thinking I started out in school as a little boy, I didn’t have a clue about anything. What they were talking about in school, couldn’t play sports, couldn’t learn, and I was bottom of the class.
Anthony Hopkins
When she walks she walks with passion when she talks, she talks like she can handle it when she asks for something, boy she means it she know you would do [anything] to keep her by your side she’ll make you work hard make you spend hard make you want all, all of her she’ll make you fall real fast [in love].
Nelly Furtado
I have twin boys, 12, and a daughter, 17.
Lee Majors
To think things out properly and fairly, a fellow’s got to be calm and old and toothless: When you’re an old gaffer with no teeth, it’s easy to say: ‘Damn it, boys, you mustn’t bite!’ But, when you’ve got all thirty-two teeth.
Nikos Kazantzakis
Nature herself is not always unambiguous. Sometimes a girl child may have so well-developed a clitoris that it is assumed she is a boy. Likewise, many male children may be underdeveloped, or their genitals deformed or hidden and it is assumed that they are girls.
Germaine Greer
I didn’t really get the chance to talk to girls. I was a straight boy with hormones kicking in, and I wanted to talk to girls, but they weren’t interested in talking back to me, so there was a real sense of loneliness.
Andy Biersack
I went to Art College and during the summer I made a movie with my brother. I got hold of a little camera, wrote a script and dragged my brother, Tony, out of bed to help me (which he did not like), so that we could shoot a film every day for six weeks. It was made for ВЈ65 and it was called Boy On A Bicycle.
Ridley Scott
Can you be sure?” “I haven’t spent the last fifteen hundred years learning how to knit my own socks, boy!” The crone looked like she might box Heinrich’s ears, if she could reach them.
Jessica Day George
The McCarthy boys, at the proper moment, gave orders to fire upon the advancing enemy.
Buffalo Bill
Excitable boy, they all said, he killed and raped her and brought her home.
Warren Zevon
I couldn’t see well enough to play (baseball) when I was a boy, so they gave me a special job – they made me an umpire.
Harry S. Truman
I was born just after the end of World War II, and with my friends in our little suburban backyards in New Jersey, we used to play war a lot. I don’t know if boys still play war, they probably do, but we were thrusting ourselves into recent history and we were always fighting either the Nazis or the Japanese.
Paul Auster
Watch for a wild boy of no particular clan, ready for anything, always armed. Prefers fighting to toil, drink to fighting, chasing women to booze or battle: may attempt all three concurrently.
Nelson Algren
The nerds are my favourite sort of boys – any guy with a passion – whether it be physics or film or writing or poetry even, I think it’s super sweet and it’s very attractive for a female.
Teresa Palmer
Me? Robin Goodfellow, a family man? He, not likely, ice-boy. I mean, think of what that would do to my reputation. Glamour shimmered around him, and he gave us a wink. Later, lovebirds. Gimme a heads up when the kid arrives. ‘Uncle Puck’ will be waiting.
Julie Kagawa
My particular interest area is working in issues of emotional literacy. What I see of the way that we educate boys and more than that, the way we socialize boys within their families and then in schools to me is tantamount to just removing any element of emotional intelligence from them.
John Amaechi
When I was a young boy, my father taught me that to be a good Catholic, I had to confess at church if I ever had impure thoughts about a girl. That very evening, I had to rush to confess my sin. And the next night, and the next. After a week, I decided religion wasn’t for me.
Fidel Castro
Boys need wood to chop.
Stephen D. Nadauld
Well when I was young, when I was very young, when I was a little boy I don’t remember the music I heard, but there was an article in the Brooklyn Daily written by my Aunt about how I could choose phonograph records.
Elliott Carter
A damn independent boy; independent as a hog on ice.
Sam Rayburn
The women I liked when I was growing up, as a little boy, were Anita Ekberg, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor, because they had these curvaceous figures, and they were erotic to me.
John Travolta
This was what the universities were turning out nowadays. The science-is-a-sacred-cow boys. People who believe you could pour mankind into a test-tube and titrate it, and come up with all the answers to the problems of the human race.
Frank M. Robinson
I can’t imagine what it would be like to have sex with a man. To be so intimate with another person. Not to hide anything. I don’t know if I could do that. It would have to be a boy anyway, not a grown man, someone as scared as me.
Rachel Klein
Nothing better for the hormones and worse for the heart than the right boy at the right time.
Jacquelyn Mitchard
Debating clubs among boys are very useful, not only as affording pleasant meetings and interesting discussions, but also as serving for training grounds for developing the knowledge and the qualities that are needed in public life.
Annie Besant
I’m a good Catholic boy.
Zakk Wylde
The wilderness is gone, the buckskin man is gone, the painted Indian has hit the trail over the Great Divide, the hardships and privations of pioneer life which did so much to develop sterling manhood are now but a legend in history, and we must depend upon the Boy Scout movement to produce the MEN of the future.
Daniel Carter Beard
Tom said to himself that it was not such a hollow world, after all. He had discovered a great law of human action, without knowing it — namely, that in order to make a man or a boy covet a thing, it is only necessary to make the thing difficult to attain.
Mark Twain
You always get that one customer that decides that your name is boy. Or something. It certainly reinforces a respect I already had for people that are in the hospitality industry.
Ryan Reynolds
When I was a little boy, they called me a liar, but now that I am grown up, they call me a writer.
Isaac Bashevis Singer
Beautiful and fresh, Girl Saves Boy is full of the absolute truth-life is complicated. I could not put it down.
Rebecca Stead
It’s good for my fans to be able to connect with me as a person because I am a very normal 15-, 16-year-old girl. I still get in trouble. I still have boy problems and friend problems so it’s just very good for my fans to see that.
Cheyenne Kimball
In my acting, I have to identify with something in the character. The big tough boy on the side of right – that’s me. Simple themes. Same me from the nuances. All I do is sell sincerity and I’ve been selling the hell out of that ever since I started.
John Wayne
I think every day there is some new actress comes out and inspires me to do something else… like Hilary Swank. After she did Boys Don’t Cry, I felt this yearning to go out and be even half as good as she was.
Elisabeth Moss
I had set about trying to make myself more polished than a country boy would be.
Charles M. Blow
To solve the drug problem, we have to start at the root – first grade. If a boy has all the toys in his head that reading can give him, and you hook him into science fiction, then you’ve got the future secured.
Ray Bradbury
A lot of the Google inventions came from engineers just screwing around with ideas. And then management would see them, and we’d say, ‘Boy, that’s interesting. Let’s add some more engineers.’
Eric Schmidt
All over the walls of my room are pictures of Peter Pan. I’ve read everything that Barrie wrote. I totally identify with Peter Pan, the lost boy from Never Neverland.
Michael Jackson
Babies and Other Hazards of Sex: How to Make a Tiny Person in Only 9 Months, with Tools You Probably Have around the Home.
Dave Barry
I always think back to the original movies and to those quieter moments where Luke is out in A New Hope, and there are the two suns setting. It is the equivalent, basically, of a farm boy dying to get out of his small town and do something bigger. It’s those kinds of universal themes that ground this whole thing in space.
Adam Driver
I’m not perfect, I’m not an angel, but I try to live a certain way because it brings honour and respect to my mother. I tell people that when they look at me, they’re looking at nothing but a big, overgrown, tough mama’s boy. That’s who I am.
Mr. T
Earth laughs in flowers to see her boastful boys Earth-proud, proud of the earth which is not theirs; Who steer the plough, but cannot steer their feet Clear of the grave.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
One of the things that I found very confronting in my early working life was that people thought I was some sensitive doe-eyed lovelorn boy, because they’d seen me do that a couple of times. What tends to happen is you get a run of similar roles.
Ben Mendelsohn
The guide, the guru, the leader, the teacher, has passed away; the boy, the student, the servant, is left behind.
Swami Vivekananda
All my life I’ve been seeing things through the culture. My father, for instance, was the press’s bad boy. People really hated him. He was always a big flirt. He was always in trouble – going bankrupt, whatever.
Carrie Fisher
I mean, a Mexican boy couldn’t be anything else but an Indian. And why did you take the name of Quinn, they used to say to me. Hey, you’re an Indian, so I played Indians.
Anthony Quinn
Fishing, Danny boy, is purely a state of mind. Some men, when they are fishing, are after fish. Me, I’m after things you could never set a barbed hook in.
William Kent Krueger
I do not want a boy. I only want Monseigneur!
Georgette Heyer
The best trick I learned was when a priest came to me when I was an altar boy and said, “Always, when you make a mistake, pretend it’s ritual.” It’s beautiful!
Ragnar Kjartansson
I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss.
Jessica Alba
You see in the streets of London, great and little boys running about in long blue coats, which, like robes, reach quite down to the feet, and little white bands, such as the clergy wear.
Karl Philipp Moritz
I don’t see white police officers slamming the heads of little white boys into police cars.
Maxine Waters
Barack the boy was raised by his white maternal grandparents; his Kenyan father abandoned him. The qualities Americans appeared to find universally appealing in the ambitious, affable Obama – his confidence and calm, and his commitment to community and kin, education and excellence – these came from Kansas, not Kenya.
Ilana Mercer
I’m a liar. And I can’t stop thinking about boys.
Meg Cabot
Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.” And the boy did. And the tree was happy.
Shel Silverstein
And I tell you, having girls has made me a much better man. I have friends who are fathers, but they only have boys, and they have the same attitude toward women they always had, you know? And I don’t play that… My girls, you mess with them? I will bury you underground.
Mark Wahlberg
Life’s tricky for women because they have to make more choices than men. And yes, choice is good, but boy, you better be an expert choice-maker.
Marcus Buckingham
Who feels injustice, who shrinks before a slight, who has a sense of wrong so acute, and so glowing a gratitude for kindness, as a generous boy?
William Makepeace Thackeray
My parents loved me. My father used to carry me around on my shoulders. I know my father loved me. All families love their children, and we were good boys.
Jack Kirby
He’s got the whole bad-boy-in-need-of-redemption thing going on, but the catch is, most bad boys don’t want redemption. They like being bad. They like the power they get from striking fear and panic into the hearts of mothers everywhere
Becca Fitzpatrick
That song [ “Proud of your boy” ] in particular, I sing towards the beginning of the show [Aladdin], and what it does is show his wants and needs at the beginning and what’s motivating him and carry it throughout the show. It gives him layers and dimensions. He’s a well rounded character and it’s great.
Adam Jacobs
Some people aren’t satisfied that I’m a gay man in a woman’s body and swear that I’m secretly a real boy.
Victoria Beckham
I very much wanted to be editor of the ‘New Statesman!’ But I never wanted to be prime minister, except maybe as a little boy.
Paul Johnson
See, at a certain point it becomes cool to be boy crazy. That happens in sixth grade, and it gives you so much social status, particularly in an all-girls school, if you can go up and talk to boys.
Rosalind Wiseman
This ain’t the Girl Scouts. This ain’t the Boy Scouts. This is the NBA.
Kevin Garnett
I’m a boy who appreciates a good body, regardless of the make.
Vin Diesel
What are we doing that for in the 21st century? Why on earth would we teach kids that girls are less important than boys? It just made no sense to me.
Geena Davis
My most fervent prayer is to be a President who can make it possible for every boy in this land to grow to manhood by loving his country–instead of dying for it.
Lyndon B. Johnson
I was the boy who liked to sing his own songs at talent shows, and I was suddenly officially uncool.
Josh Groban
I was a Knicks fan of the Kenny Sears-Carl Braun-Jim Baechtold vintage. I was even their ball boy when I was a teenager.
Marv Albert
In high school, I got picked on. It’s funny that I got tormented for what I’m doing now – the acting thing. People would see me in a Nickelodeon commercial, and I would hear about it the next day at school. Kids would say, ‘Hi, TV Boy.’ They heckled. I never got beat up.
Jason Biggs
From the time an Aiel boy becomes a man he will not sing anything but battle chants, or their dirge for the slain. I have heard them singing over their dead, and over those they have killed. That song is one to make the stones weep.
Robert Jordan
You show me a boy who brings a snake home to his mother and I’ll show you an orphan.
Erma Bombeck
I coach hockey players—some of them just happen to be girls. When I’m coaching youth hockey, I put the boys and girls together and they can’t tell the difference. They are just playing hockey.
Natalie Darwitz
And you’re a bad boy?” I asked. Ollie’s grin was contagious. “Oh, I’m a bad, bad boy.” Cam shot his friend a look. “Yeah, as in bad at spelling, math, english, cleaning up after yourself, talking to people, and I could go on.
J. Lynn
Mister, I ain’t a boy, no I’m a man, and i believe in a promised land.
Bruce Springsteen
This is one rule about mixing boys and girls: that a date always comes first.
Elizabeth Berg
That boy is your company. And if he wants to eat up that tablecloth, you let him, you hear?
Harper Lee
My words are the garment of what I shall never be Like the tucked sleeve of a one-armed boy.
W. S. Merwin
I like the idea of seeing Krishna as a baby, the way He’s often depicted in India. And also Govinda, the cowherd boy. I like the idea that you can have Krishna as a baby and feel protective to Him, or as your friend, or as the guru or master – type figure.
George Harrison
Some article called me the most feared man in Silicon Valley. Good Lord! Why? My teenage boys got a kick out of it: ‘Dad, how could this be true? You’re not even the most feared person in this house.’
Nathan Myhrvold
When you’re in love it’s beautiful. When you’re not it’s just dirty filthy sex. Loveless sex has no true spiritual meaning deep inside your soul. But love makes everything totally cool. Love is God’s special gift to horny teenage girls and boys. It makes them feel less guilty.
Christopher Pike
The most pleasure any manager can get is seeing everyday boys joining the Club as youngsters and growing into men and giving themselves a better social standing than they could ever have dreamed of previously.
Jock Stein
For a mother the project of raising a boy is the most fulfilling project she can hope for.
Andrea Dworkin
Is he a good boy? (Cherise) No, Mom, he’s Satan incarnate. In fact, once it’s over, we’re going to get liquored up and tattooed, then find some cheap hos and have a good time with his trust fund. (Nick)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
We are worse off – all of us, including men and boys – if our society is not developing and empowering 100% of the resources of humanity, including women and girls.
Sally Kohn
There is a time in a boy’s life when the sweetness is pounded out of him; and tenderness, and the ability to show what he feels, is gone.
Norah Vincent
Coach Bryant, before you start hugging me, you ought to know that my boys are fixing to get after y’all’s ass.
Pat Dye
I was a momma’s boy. I didn’t get anything from Dad, except my body and baseball knowledge. The only time I spent with him was at the ballpark.
Barry Bonds
You know, most boys would enjoy being trapped in close quarters with a girl.” I roll my eyes. “Not claustrophobic people, Tris.
Veronica Roth
I feel like you may be a special and kind person. And I would like to make it my business to know special and kind people. Especially if they are boys my age.
Rachel Cohn
I understood the workmanlike quality of a good stand-up. They all have this. There’s a technique for everything you do. But boy, it’s tough, ’cause there ain’t anybody else out there but you.
Tim Matheson
In truth it is best to learn wisdom, and abandoning all nonsense, to leave it to boys to enjoy their season of play and mirth.
I was 13 when I first saw my mum’s films. There were these boys who said to me, ‘Your mum makes sexy films,’ and I said, ‘She doesn’t.’ Then I watched them and my mum makes sexy films! I’m a huge fan of my mum.
Alice Englert
My father has taught me all the tricks of the boys at an early age, which has made me very careful.
Kim Wilde
My first concert isn’t that cool or ironic. I wish it had been like, “My first concert was the Backstreet Boys,” but the first concert I went to, I think, was this band called The Samples.
Nick Kroll
Wherever they go, and whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little boy and his Bear will always be playing.
A. A. Milne
Humans are divided between those who can still look through the eyes of youth and those who cannot. Though it causes me frequent pain, I find it very easy to place myself in the shoes of almost any boy, and can conjure my own youth with an ease that is troublesome.
Dave Eggers
If I can give a very substantial injection of humanistic thinking into corporations, boy, that would change things a lot.
Ruth Simmons
He had everything a dream boy should have. Back, front, sides, Everything. A head.
Louise Rennison
Research shows that girls look at leadership differently than boys.
Anna Maria Chavez
When I realised I wasn’t Michael Jackson and I was this 10 year old boy growing up in the suburbs, I was devastated
Darren Hayes
I don’t think he likes girls”, I said. “Or boys. Look at the horror on his face. He doesn’t look like a people person.
Sarah Rees Brennan
The scene at a certain time was definitely boys; those huge warehouses were kind of violent parties, even. I think people in your immediate community made a nightlife scene that actually did break down gender roles and were along different lines of identity that had to do with race and experience in the ’90s, rather than gender.
I can’t get over my disappointment in not being a boy.
Louisa May Alcott
Bought a pair of boots the other day, and they was some silicone gel in there. Big red letters said, “Do not eat.” Do they really need that stuff in them boots? Is there really some dude opening a pair of boots goin’, “Boy, look at them boots. What the hell? I better eat that. I don’t know what the hell that is.”
Larry the Cable Guy
Distorted history boasts of bellicose glory… and seduces the souls of boys to seek mystical bliss in bloodshed and in battles.
Alfred Adler
I’m the biggest nerd – I love comic books and stuff like that! I don’t have any friends who are actresses. I only had one girlfriend when I was growing up. Most of my friends were boys. I was such a tomboy. I enjoyed doing guy things.
Megan Fox
My mother always told me if I rode a motorcycle with a boy, she’d kill me.” … She couldn’t hear him laugh, but she felt his body shake. “She wouldn’t say that if she knew me,” he called back to her confidently. “I’m an excellent driver.” -Clary & Jace, pg.289-
Cassandra Clare
If we girls aren’t strong, we can’t protect the boys we love.
Naoko Takeuchi
Boys have penises and girls have vaginas. If they touch at the wrong time, you can make a baby or die.
Eugene Mirman
If you have to fight a crowd of boys, it’s best to go for the biggest one. That way you won’t have to fight them all. The others will see that you mean business and you will win their respect.
Suzanne Vega
One boy made fun of me because one day, I had really curly hair, and I wear glasses normally, and I also bite my nails. I feel like everyone is different in their own way, so, people shouldn’t try to make them feel bad because of that.
Elle Fanning
I absolutely insist that all my boys are in bed before breakfast
Colin Ingleby-Mackenzie
In 1961 somebody could’ve hit a home run to win the game and the next day the headline was about the M&M boys not hitting a home run. But everyone was real good about it. Instead of getting mad they joked about it.
Mickey Mantle
Please. She sighed. ‘Can’t a girl have high standards? I don’t want an ordinary boy.
Sarah Dessen
There is less flogging in our great schools than formerly-but then less is learned there; so what the boys get at one end they lose at the other.
Samuel Johnson
If you were to try and pick him out of a group of boys, you’d be wrong. He’d be the other one. Over at the side. The one your eye slipped over.
Neil Gaiman
Little Boy Blue… he needed the money!
Andrew Dice Clay
The pool was but a stone’s throw from the house, and I arrived there in a few minutes, only to find a boy disturbing the water by dredging it with a worm. Him I lured away with a cake of chocolate. . . . Every day I see the head of the largest trout I ever hooked, but did not land.
Theodore Gordon
One of the tragedies of our day is that too many boys are growing up without guidance of a father, or another man, to show them what it looks like to do away with that boyhood stuff. As a result, they often move into adolescence and then adulthood looking like men but still speaking, reasoning, and behaving like boys.
Dennis Rainey
That’s because we keep weapons int the attic, silly boy. Do you think this is the first time monsters have attacked our family?” “Weapons,” Frank grumbled. “Right. I’ve never handled weapons before.” Grandmother’s nostrils flared. “Was that sarcasm, Fai Zhang?” “Yes, Grandmother.” “Good. There may be hope for you yet.
Rick Riordan
I have long hair because I’m American Indian. I’m an Oklahoma boy, and I’m very proud of my heritage.
Christian Kane
I have never been carried around by a large boy, or laughed until my stomach hurt at the dinner table, or listened to the clamor of a hundred people all talking at once. Peace is restrained; this is free.
Veronica Roth
Nestor beckoned to me and I dismounted with care.I handed the reins to the boy with thanks. I do not wish to see that hard-charging bag of bones again, unless it is in my soup.
Tamora Pierce
I have a rule for working out if the root problem of something is, in fact, sexism. And it is this: asking ‘Are the boys doing it? Are the boys having to worry about this stuff? Are the boys the centre of a gigantic global debate on this subject?
Caitlin Moran
Your parents don’t give you much love, do they?’ ‘I don’t need that stuff,’ I told her. ‘Henry, everybody needs love.’ ‘I don’t need anything.’ ‘You poor boy.
Charles Bukowski
Here’s what I’ve learned about raising boys… if you keep ’em busy, they’re fine. You let ’em get bored, they’ll dismantle your house board by board.
Kenny Rogers
When I was a young kid, my dad, a man of few words, told my brother and me, “Boys, Christmas is about Jesus.” I thought about what he said, and I began asking the Christmas questions. I’ve been asking them ever since. I love the answers I’ve found.
Max Lucado
Scientific thought – indeed, any mode of thought, whether it be religious or philosophical or anything else – is just like the fashions that we wear – only much longer lived. It’s a little like a boy band.
Jasper Fforde
and i am a boy waiting-for the heat and fruitfulness of summer,waiting to see who will walk out of those woods for me. Waiting for my lovely summer girl
Maggie Stiefvater
I’m a big Backstreet Boys fan. I always give y’all shoutouts. I love the things y’all do.
Puff Daddy
Joy to the world
All the boys and girls now
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me
Hoyt Axton
School was great. There were no boys there, which didn’t really bother me at the time because I had two brothers, so I was quite pleased not to spend any more time with boys.
Jo Brand
Because I see my own boys growing, and I see other children growing and I just have such a connection.
Sam Trammell
I am angry that I starved my brain and that I sat shivering in my bed at night instead of dancing or reading poetry or eating ice cream or kissing a boy.
Laurie Halse Anderson
Michael!” Oliver’s voice came faint through the front door. “Something you should see, my boy! Look out your windows!” “Trap,” Shane said instantly, and reached out to grab Michael’s arm as he walked by. “Don’t, man.” “What’s he going to do? Make faces at me?
Rachel Caine
But the trouble is that he [Alan Greenspan] had been an Ayn Rander. You can take the boy out of the cult but you can’t take the cult out of the boy.
Paul Samuelson
My heritage is something that I have always been aware of, however, some would say that there is a disproportionately low number of Asians as professional athletes. I take pride in trying my best to be a role model to show young Asian American boys and girls that they are only limited by the size of their dreams.
Nathan Adrian
Some tropes are universal. Boy meets girl. Betrayal and revenge. The search to discover a hidden truth…. A mother’s love isn’t clichГ©, it’s universal. These things are archetypes. They’re the building blocks of myth and legend. They are a big part about what it means to be human.
Patrick Rothfuss
All the boys in rehab are totally available because their girlfriends have all given up on them. It’s fantastic.
Nicole Richie
I was like you once, long time ago. I believed in the dignity of man. Decency. Humanity. But I was lucky. I found out the truth early, boy. And what is the truth, Stark? It’s all very simple. There’s no such thing as the dignity of man. Man is a base, pathetic and vulgar animal.
Charles Grandison Finney
A 66-YEAR-OLD woman has become the oldest new mum in Britain after giving birth to a baby boy. I’m amazed she needed to have a caesarean section though, you’d think at 66 she would have needed some masking tape down there just to stop it falling out.
Frankie Boyle
Flown Raven is the country,”I muttered. “City slave,” he said. “Farm boy,” I shot back. “I’ve never even seen a farm.” “Don’t trifle me with details.
Moira J. Moore
You said you’d kiss me if I lost Tank.” – – “You want me to kiss you?” Oh boy. “You were happy I’d lost your puppy?” He was looking like he was still thinking about smiling as he glanced down at Tank, tucked under his arm. “No. That would make me an asshole.” Right.
Jill Shalvis
I’m no romantic, surfing, California boy. I like reading, writing, philosophizing. Scheming. I’ve been doing some exploration of the inner space.
Henry Hopper
They had me doing Beach Boys remakes and all that. I was basically a marionette.
Leif Garrett
A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.
Christopher Nolan
When you start one of these programs, school lunch programs, in a country that heretofore had nothing of that kind, immediately school enrollment jumps dramatically. Girls and boys get to the classroom with the promise of a good meal once a day.
George McGovern
Maybe this is the secret to talking to boys–maybe you just have to be angry all the time.
Lauren Oliver
When Michael Jackson, a poor black boy who grew up to be a rich, white woman, married Elvis Presley’s daughter the Scientologist. Makes you proud to be an American, dudn’t it?
Molly Ivins
Scouting teaches a boy to take care of himself and stand on his own two feet.
Ezra Taft Benson
On the weekends I do the usual parental things, going to the boys’ football tournaments or getting out for a hike along the Great Wall.
Zhang Xi
I’m a closet Backstreet Boys fan. They’re very sweet
Sarah McLachlan
My father was a civil servant in northern India where I was born. As a boy I saw the dire effects of poverty and illiteracy, especially on women and children. It often seemed that the only thing separating me from them was luck.
Naveen Jain
It took me a long time to realize that being a girl is so much more powerful than being a guy, but I really saw myself as boy for a long while.
Lizzy Caplan
The boys that lose our directioners are so stupid, they will never find such beautiful girls in the whole entire world.
Niall Horan
My voice as a filmmaker is always about boys searching for their fathers. And not only boys, but all children looking for those figures in their lives.
Sheldon Candis
You get to go and play with the big boys, it’s a very privileged thing for us to do. So I’m sure we have more ideas than what I actually have time for.
Sam Worthington
Whatever you say, old boy. Just look after yourself. And whatever you do, don’t swallow the gum!
Anthony Horowitz
Oh teacher, I need you like a little child, you got something in you to drive a school boy wild.
Elton John
Boys forget what their country means by just reading “the land of the free” in history books. Then they get to be men, they forgeteven more. Liberty’s too precious a thing to be buried in books.
Sidney Buchman
I prefer to unwind by DJing. I learned that from Mike D from the Beastie Boys. After a show, he would DJ. Once I saw that, I wanted to do that. And now DJing is like my lifeline. I love the power it represents.
‘Sort of’ is such a harmless thing to say… sort of. It’s just a filler. Sort of… it doesn’t really mean anything. But after certain things, sort of means everything. Like… after “I love you”… or “You’re going to live.”
Demetri Martin
I get an adrenaline rush from “playing with the big boys.” I consider myself a tomboy and was an athlete in high school, so I like to “talk shop” anyway. But it’s fun to actually get paid to cover the NFL with all these incredible former players and sports anchors.
Megan Alexander
Being a Boy Scout saved my life. I was a bookish, introverted kid, shy and withdrawn, unhappy and easily bullied. I was also gay, although I didn’t know it yet. I should’ve been miserable. But being a scout got me out of myself and into the world.
Christopher Bram
I began as a boy with artistic talent… as a visual artist… I thought that was what I’d become and in my late teens drifted into reading serious literature.
Russell Banks
Making a film from the point of view of a young boy’s eyes opened the door to another universe with lots of freedom and to explore a new dimension. This was achieved as I started doing things that were close to what exists in a child’s universe.
Alex Abreu
I had to be a grown-up when I should have been a little boy, and now that I’m a grown-up my little-boyness has exploded out of me. I’ve lived my life backwards.
Alan Cumming
I like everything. Boyish girls, girlish boys, the heavy and the skinny. Which is a problem when I’m walking down the street.
Angelina Jolie
When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a baseball player and also join the circus. With the Yankees, I’ve accomplished both.
Graig Nettles
Boys and girls need chances to be around their father, to be enjoyed by him and if possible to do things with him. Better to play fifteen minutes enjoyably and then say, ‘Now I’m going to read my paper’ than to spend all day at the zoo crossly.
Benjamin Spock
I had to work on a Marlin boat, like gutting fish, like as the bait boy.
Mark Ruffalo
Personally, the worst thing a boy can do to a girl is to ignore her while she’s loving him with all her heart.
Liam Payne
I like to go to art museums and name the untitled paintings… Boy With Pail… Kitten On Fire.
Steven Wright
If you want it, boys, get it here, thing.
David Bowie
You know how exasperated you can be when you’re the mother of five young boys.
Ann Romney
Mutual funds give people the sense that they’re investing with the big boys and that they’re really not at a disadvantage entering the stock market.
Ron Chernow
I guess I was a bad boy… Yes, yes, I’ve had lots of women in my life.
Kirk Douglas
I would never let a white boy beat me. You can print that. I would never lose to a white person.
Bernard Hopkins
Wasn’t that awesome?” Seth asked. Warren cocked his head, his expression mildly embarrassed. “I’m sorry, Kendra–it was pretty cool.” “All boys belong in insane asylums,” Kendra said.
Brandon Mull
If you grew up in my generation, you’re going to be influenced by Run DMC, the Beastie Boys and also listen to Metallica – it wasn’t segregated anymore.
Vanilla Ice
Meditation on a passage of scripture… led a young boy into a grove of trees to commune with his heavenly Father. That is what opened the heavens in this dispensation
Ezra Taft Benson
When my oldest boy was about 14, I started to talk to him about some of the mistakes I made in life, just to put a few dents in that shiny armor.
Denzel Washington
I feel excited in that I think boys born to feminists have a leg up. At least, the ones I’ve met seem like they do. There’s something really vital about that exchange. I think I’d only imagined, beforehand, handing down a feminism to a young girl. But I’m newly excited by the challenge of raising a boy.
Maggie Nelson
Damon Runyon. A day-coach boy in a parlor car seat.
Damon Runyon
Oh gosh, well, you know, growing up in the ’70s being a young boy there, you know, there were still exploitation movies, where, you know, were, you know, still opened up every week and, you know, played – sometimes they would play it at the local, you know, mall theater.
Quentin Tarantino
It’s a sad, sad world when a girl will break a boy, just because she can.
Fiona Apple
Its Vermeer” Kat turned to the boy who lingered in the doorway. “It’s stolen” “What can I say?” Hale eased behind her and studied the painting over her shoulder. “I met a very nice man who bet me he had the best security system in Istanbul.” His breath was warm on the back of her neck. “He was mistaken.
Ally Carter
I’m over dudes trying to look like they’re in boy bands.
But remember, boy, that a kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword.
Rick Riordan
I started out as a box boy. You know, I didn’t go to college, and I did well in supermarkets.
Ronald Burkle
I’m a Brooklyn boy. I was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised there, and spent most of my childhood there.
Robert Jay Lifton
Although individual temperaments vary, boys are designed to be more assertive, audacious, and excitable than girls are.
James Dobson
The boats came, and they were only taking a few people at a time, so what happened was they took a boat and said, ‘We can have two more children’, so the boys went.
Anna Lee
Yeah, I’m a geek. I read sci-fi and I watch sci-fi films. I love my computer and I love to fix it. I’m a total nerd. I literally am a 12-year-old geeky boy trapped in a 32-year-old woman’s body.
Amber Benson
The Spoonsize Boys steal the dollhouse toys while the cat by the fire is curled. Then away they floats in their eggshell boats, down the drains to their underground world.
Tim Powers
I like boys. I am not foreign; I was born and raised in Hickory County, Mo.
Sally Rand
A boy sent by his father to steal does not go stealthily but breaks the door with his feet.
Chinua Achebe
I’m still Elliott Yamin. I’m still the funky white Jewish boy from Richmond, Va.
Elliott Yamin
Shortly after this I was made a member of the boys choir, it being found that I possessed a clear, strong soprano voice. I enjoyed the singing very much.
James Weldon Johnson
If there was one thing I refused to be, it was an insignificant footnote in some boy’s history.
Justina Chen
They said I couldn’t play anything but an English boy. I knew I could. So I went to New York.
Roddy McDowall
Once there was a tree, and she loved a little boy.
Shel Silverstein
The Avatar is a child to the children, a boy to the boys, a man among men, a woman among women, so that the Avatar?s message might reach each heart and receive enthusiastic response as Ananda. It is the compassion of the Avatar that prompts His every action.
Sathya Sai Baba
When Hitler declared war on the United States, he was betting that German soldiers, raised up in the Hitler Youth, would always out fight American soldiers, brought up in the Boy Scouts. He lost that bet. The Boy Scouts had been taught how to figure their way out of their own problems.
Stephen Ambrose
Michael Jackson has a new baby boy; no word yet who the father is.
Jay Leno
I fell in love with scent when I was a small boy.
I was intrigued by how each bottle on my mother’s dressing table
gave such a different scent-each like a genie waving its spell,
transporting us away from the mundane to worlds full of fantasy.
Roja Dove
It took me twenty years to get Steven Parrino’s work. From the time I first saw his art, in the mid-eighties, I almost always dismissed it as mannered, Romantic, formulaic, conceptualist-formalist heavy-metal boy-art abstraction.
Jerry Saltz
To call me in, I’m thinking I don’t own a suit, a ring, a watch, a cellphone. I’m dragging up out of the woods here. You boys must be hard up these days.
Phil Robertson
He broke up with me.” “Because you weren’t in love with him. That’s an iffy proposition, and I think he’s handling with grace. A lot of teenage boys would sulk, or lurk around under your window with a boom box.” “No one has a boom box anymore. That was the eighties.
Cassandra Clare
If I was freer than I had ever been in my life, I was not yet entirely free, for I still hung on to an idea that had been set deep in me by all my schooling so far: I was a bright boy and I ought to make something out of myself… something else that would be a cut or two above my humble origins.
Wendell Berry
The whole town’s talking about the way Jax Stone sat in your hospital room and snag to you until you came out of your coma. Then he apparently wouldn’t leave you alone for a minute. The boy sounds hooked.
Abbi Glines
I get hit on by the hottest girls ever. Oh my god, if I was a lesbian, I would be so in luck. But it’s just not my thing. I’ve always batted for the boys’ team.
Kelly Clarkson
I always thought I would have boys, but as a father, when your kids are born and they’re healthy and happy, that’s the most important thing.
Rob Mariano
I discovered when we suffer, we suffer as equals. And in their capacity to suffer, a dog is a pig, is a bear…is a boy.
Philip Wollen
Why do only boys get to chase? Nuh-uh! If anything, I think this whole sitting back and waiting thing can be self-sabotaging. We have to send up flares. We have to let guys know we’re open for business.
Ginnifer Goodwin
I don’t want to lose the boy with the bread.
Suzanne Collins
Boys, you must strive to find your own voice, because the longer you wait to begin the less likely you are to find it at all.
Robin Williams
In their heyday, the Pet Shop Boys were the Interpol of the Eighties, dressing up to sing really weird pop songs about lust and loneliness in the big city. They’re low-pro now, not retro-worshipped in the manner of Depeche Mode, New Order, or The Cure, but you can hear the reason why – these guys are too sad.
Rob Sheffield
The screech-owl, with ill-boding cry, Portends strange things, old women say; Stops every fool that passes by, And frights the school-boy from his play.
Mary Wortley Montagu
Gambling makes boys selfish and cruel as well as men.
Thomas Hughes
The little rift between the sexes is astonishingly widened by simply teaching one set of catchwords to the girls and another to the boys.
Robert Louis Stevenson
How is it I know this little about the boy who says he loves me — the boy whose real name is powerful enough to keep us alive in a train car full of enemies?
Veronica Roth
I like to see Quentin (Roosevelt) practicing baseball. It gives me hope that one of my boys will not take after his father in this respect, and will prove able to play the national game.
Theodore Roosevelt
Mathematics-a wonderful science, but it hasn’t yet come up with a way to divide one tricycle between three small boys.
Earl Wilson
And I could see this boy doing his homework and thinking about my sister naked. And I could see them holding hands at football games that they do not watch. And I could see this boy throwing up in the bushes at a party house. And I could see my sister putting up with it. And I felt very bad for both of them.
Stephen Chbosky
The Operative tried to implement the Purusey breathing technique, which has been proven effective at fooling polygraphs. There is no conclusive evidence as to whether it is effective at masking the internal lie detectors of fifteen-year-old boys.
Ally Carter
Never send a boy to do a man’s work; send a woman.
Katie Louchheim
For me too, the periodic table was a passion. … As a boy, I stood in front of the display for hours, thinking how wonderful it was that each of those metal foils and jars of gas had its own distinct personality.
Freeman Dyson
Life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care.
Matthew Healy
Most of my cousins are boys, so I’m used to being around boys.
Michelle Ryan
A boy in love is not mainly a calf but a poet.
Robert Wilson Lynd
Men at any age truly never grow up. All, no matter what importance they may have attained, are still no more than little boys.
Diane de Poitiers
When I was a boy, I naively thought that this thing called happiness would be something I would wake up to find every day once I could smoke, drink and fornicate.
Jeffrey Bernard
Boy, you just can’t kill people like you used to.
James Patterson
I have never been a girlie girl and have always been a boys’ girl with an equal amount of friends who were boys and girls.
Anushka Sharma
I’m old and crazy, but I still give a damn. And I still think the boys got screwed over in Vietnam.
Waylon Jennings
If there wasn’t The Beach Boys and there wasn’t music, I wouldn’t even talk to them. But through the music I fell in love with my brothers.
Dennis Wilson
Bribes and boy bands. That’s all you need to be a babysitter.
Mindy Kaling
My mother let me know that we’re all connected. If some of us become more affluent it’s not because we’re better or even smarter people – we have a responsibility to ourselves to be a good boy.
Haskell Wexler
I train as hard as I can every time I train and I do extra training every day and I’ve done that since I was a young boy.
Wayne Rooney
Living with these teenage boys allowed me to see how much their psyches were like their girl counterparts. They were more familiar to me than I would have thought.
Marlo Thomas
…she yanked open her shoulder bag and pulled out a stake. Boy Scouts and vampire slayers should always be prepared.
Christopher Golden
Once upon a time – for that is how all stories should begin – there was a boy who lost his mother.
John Connolly
At age 11 in 1960, I moved to an academic state secondary school, Harrow County Grammar School for Boys.
Paul Nurse
The difference between a childhood and a boyhood must be this: our childhood is what we alone have had; our boyhood is what any boy in our environment would have had.
John Updike
I’ve always been a bit repelled by “Sunset Boulevard”, which is wrong about almost everything it touches, whether it’s fame, Hollywood, screenwriters, or old ladies. Sunset Boulevard would only make sense to me if it was about John Gilbert and the pool boy.
William Monahan
Children love their mothers. Especially with a boy child and his mother, there’s a bond that’s unbreakable.
Tyler Perry
As a young black boy, it made me proud to see black leaders that did something amazing and made the world change.
John Legend
I just made a balls of it, old boy. That’s all there was to it.
Douglas Bader
A lot of people say, ‘Wow, you’re a single father of twin boys, that’s crazy!’ Two toddlers can get hectic, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Every day they teach me different things. The love is there. When you have a two-year-old saying every other hour, ‘Papi, te amo. Papi, I love you,’ it can’t get better.
Ricky Martin
Girls fall in love with what they hear. Boys fall in love with what they see. That’s why girls wear make-up and boys lie.
Wiz Khalifa
Boys frustrate me. I hate all their indirect messages, I hate game playing. Do you like me or don’t you? Just tell me so I can get over you.
Kirsten Dunst
Most people believe me when I lie. I’ve learned how to say the words just right. I have a trusting kind of face. But the boy in front of me was a trained operative, so Zach knew better. And besides, Zach new me.
Ally Carter
I don’t feel sorry for myself, because I’m living my dream. Even when I was a little boy I used to stand in the playground and pretend I was on ‘Opportunity Knocks.’
John Barrowman
Women, girls and young ladies tend to be as good or better at math than boys, but you didn’t think that either.
Sallie Krawcheck
There are nights when I think that Sal Paradise was right / Boys and Girls in America / Have such a sad time together.
Craig Finn
No, Sir, claret is the liquor for boys; port for men: but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy. In the first place brandy will do soonest for a man what drinking can do for him.
James Boswell
I just like boys who are good-looking, really! I like people who are tall with a good sense of style. My faves are the indie look, the smart look or the surfer look.
Pixie Lott
Father’s Day is hopefully a time when the culture says, ‘this is our moment to look at who our men and boys are.’
Michael Gurian
The reason the all-American boy prefers beauty over brains is that the all-American boy can see better than he can think.
Farrah Fawcett
That’s one thing about Republican Presidents. They never went in much for plans. They only had one plan. It says “Boys, my head is turned. Just get it while you can.
Will Rogers
As we celebrate mediocrity, all the boys upstairs want to see. How much you’ll pay for what you used to get for free.
Tom Petty
With boys you always know where you stand. Right in the path of a hurricane. It’s all there. The fruit flies hovering over their waste can, the hamster trying to escape to cleaner air, the bedrooms decorated in Early Bus Station Restroom.
Erma Bombeck
The American people already know that Bill Clinton is a bad boy, a naughty boy. I’m going to speak out for the citizens of my state, who in the majority think that Bill Clinton is probably even a nasty, bad, naughty boy.
Larry Craig
I was never pretty enough to be the pretty girl and I was never quirky enough to be the quirky girl. Boys didn’t look at me in high school and think I was the pretty girl.
Lea Michele
What war has always been is a puberty ceremony. It’s a very rough one, but you went away a boy and came back a man, maybe with an eye missing or whatever but godammit you were a man and people had to call you a man thereafter.
Kurt Vonnegut
I’d always wanted to make a record with Jim Dickinson, and I’d known about his boys for years, … He reminded me that when they were 13 or 14 years old they had a punk rock band and I’d called him and wanted to make a record with them then.
John Hiatt
A boy, by the age of 3 years, senses that his destiny is to be a man, so he watches his father particularly-his interests, manner, speech, pleasures, his attitude toward work.
Benjamin Spock
It’s really important for boys to have a father around, or a grandfather, or an uncle – a man they can really relate to who loves them, and who they know loves them.
Laura Bush
Every now and then the stars align,
Boy and girl meet by the great design,
Could it be that you and me are the lucky ones?
Everybody told me love was blind,
Then I saw your face
and you blew my mind,
Finally you and me are the lucky ones, this time
Lana Del Rey
I dyed my hair red when I was ten and when I was 11 – in my goth period – I dyed it black and I was really into witchcraft. I made mini shrines in my bedroom with candles and tried to cast spells to make the boy in the next class fall in love with me. I don’t think he did.
Florence Welch
A Dream is where a boy can swim in the deepest oceans and fly over the highest clouds.
J. K. Rowling
March is the month of expectation,
The things we do not know,
The Persons of Prognostication
Are coming now.
We try to sham becoming firmness,
But pompous joy
Betrays us, as his first betrothal
Betrays a boy.
Emily Dickinson
The state of my poor boy’s health prevents me from leaving home for a night.
Edward Irving
Helen Mirren and Meryl Streep can play with the boys but there just aren’t that many tour-de-force roles out there for women.
Aaron Sorkin
I don’t just want to be the girl boys get excited about, I have no desire for people to see me in a sexy way. I won’t do nudity ever.
Alicia Silverstone
I’m not Mr. Debonair Suave. I’m just a regular boy who goofs around, pulls pranks, and makes jokes. That doesn’t sound very hot to me.
Jensen Ackles
Empathy is what separates human beings from teenage boys.
Victor LaValle
I want a bad boy in public, and a pussy cat at home!
Christina Aguilera
Susannah.” My dance partner’s breath was soft against my cheek. “Susannah….” Yeah. In my dreams. In real life, the voice calling my name wasn’t a bit masculine. That’s because it belonged to a twelve-year-old boy.
Meg Cabot
There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother… Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too.
Anna Quindlen
There is a time in the life of every boy when he for the first time takes the backward view of life. Perhaps that is the moment when he crosses the line into manhood.
Sherwood Anderson
He turns to the painting. “I fear Mark was right.” “Who is Mark?” “A silly little boy who runs after George Boleyn. I once heard him say I looked like a murderer.” Gregory says, “Did you not know?
Hilary Mantel
My grandfather always told me that it is no good lying on a hospital bed saying, ‘I had the right of way’, … That’s one of the reasons I was so pleased that the boys could do the IAM test as well.
Nigel Mansell
When you’ve been in the tabloids as a drunken ‘It-boy’, people automatically assume you’re thick.
Nick Moran
You had been a paper boy to me all these years – two dimensions as a character on the page and two different, but still flat, dimensions as a person. But that night you turned out to be real.
John Green
I’ll be a good boy, please make me well. I promise you anything, get me out of this hell. Cold turkey has got me on the run.
John Lennon
Boy George is all England needs. Another queen who can’t dress.
Joan Rivers
Excuse me, but aren’t boys forbidden on this floor?’ Macey said on our way to the suite. ‘That’s the advantage of being the only boy,’ he (Zach) said. ‘No one actually comes right out and makes rules like that.
Ally Carter
The games industry is already bigger than the music industry, and it’s mainly directed at teenage boys.
Thomas Dolby
So,” I (Percy) said glumly. “We’re going to get a ride from your brother, huh?” Artemis’s silver eyes gleamed. “Yes, boy. You see, Bianca di Angelo is not the only one with an annoying brother. It’s time for you to meet my irresponsible twin, Apollo.
Rick Riordan
a TEN-YEAR-OLD lad in Indianapolis who was arrested for picking up coal along the side of railroad tracks is now in jail. If the boy had known enough to steal the whole railroad he would be heralded as a Napoleon of finance.
Mother Jones
A boy will learn more true wisdom in a public school in a year than by a private education in five. It is not from masters, but from their equals, that youth learn a knowledge of the world.
Oliver Goldsmith
The Bible parable says that while men slept, the enemy sowed tares among the wheat. A boy who rises at 4:30 to deliver papers is considered a go-getter, but to urge our young people to rise at 5:30 to pray is considered fanaticism. We must once again wear the harness of discipline. There is no other way.
Leonard Ravenhill
For a long time, I used to think that I had a man’s brain that I thought more like a man than a woman. But now I’ve come to realise that whatever it is I do think like, it’s not like men; because men don’t really think like men, they think like boys.
David Baddiel
When I was young I was one of the second generation of black people in Holland. My father was the first. My mother was white, and living with a black man at that time and having a how-you-say half-caste boy is not easy.
Ruud Gullit
When Martha gets out she’ll be under house arrest in her big $40 million mansion in Bedford. Boy, that’ll teach her. She’s only allowed out of the house for doctors visits, grocery shopping, or to dump more stock.
David Letterman
God is a twelve year old boy with Asperger’s.
Eugene Mirman
He’s going to audition for the Vienna Boys’ Choir!
Gorilla Monsoon
And the truth is, I’d felt kind of a thrill about wearing Jason’s Big Boy pants. I was a sick kid, even way back then.
Meg Cabot
I’m a mama’s boy above all.
Shaquille O’Neal
Popular, You’re gonna be Popular! I’ll teach you the proper ploys when you talk to boys! Little ways to flirt and flounce! I’ll show you what shoes to wear, how to fix your hair, everything that really counts, to be POPULAR!!
Stephen Schwartz
Bad Boy Entertainment did not shoot anybody. I didn’t shoot anybody.
Puff Daddy
And then, going to high school, I saw how popular girls had to behave to get the boys. I knew I couldn’t fit into that. So I decided to do the opposite. I refused to wear makeup, to have a hairstyle. I refused to shave. I had hairy armpits.
Madonna Ciccone
I had my first kiss under a tree near the school. It was with a boy named Michael who rarely spoke, but he would sometimes give me one of the cookies from his lunch. Maybe it was the gifts that made me feel special? I don’t know, but when our lips touched, it felt magical.
Paula Abdul
Lochie. The boy I once loved. The boy I still love. The boy I will continue to love, even when my part in this world is over too.
Tabitha Suzuma
My first dance ever on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ was to ‘Let’s Hear it for the Boy.’
Julianne Hough
If the poor boy cannot come to education,
education must go to him
Swami Vivekananda
In the United States I have always believed that there was a big difference between Conservative and stupid. Boy is it getting harder to prove that one by the minute.
Rick Mercer
Back off, boys. You don’t want to mess with an out-of-work secretary. We’re real testy.
MaryJanice Davidson
I haven’t really spoken to God since I was a boy and I’ve rediscovered god and prayer in the process and all of that has come together.
Joe Eszterhas
I remember being in high school and my mother would say, “What about such-and-such boy?” I’m like, “Oh mom, he’s too nice,” we don’t like the nice boys when we’re 16. I’d say, “He’s not attractive,” and she’d say “All young people are attractive.” And they are, and I get that.
Rosemarie DeWitt
I didn’t know then what a sperm was, and so wouldn’t understand his answer for several years. “My boy,” he said, “you are descended from a long line of determined, resourceful, microscopic tadpoles– champions every one.
Kurt Vonnegut
Science in England, in America, is jealous of theory, hates the name of love and moral purpose. There’s revenge for this humanity.What manner of man does science make? The boy is not attracted. He says, I do not wish to be such a kind of man as my professor is.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I had given up on being beautiful. But I thought I could kind of inspire boys to write songs about me. So I became a music journalist at the age of 16.
Caitlin Moran
You’d better not be trying to steal that,” she said. The boy shrugged and reached for the small rolling suitcase at her feet. “I wouldn’t dare.” “Because I’m an excellent yeller.” “I don’t doubt it.” “And fighter. My cousin gave me this nail file… the thing’s just like a switchblade.
Ally Carter
I’ve got a Ferrari 430. It’s black. I don’t know what it cost but it wasn’t cheap. I bought it because I was being a boy. It’s fast and looks good.
Jermain Defoe
Boy, you better pray that I bleed real soon.
Tori Amos
Be patient with the boys – you are dealing with soul-stuff.
Elbert Hubbard
A fairly bright boy is far more intelligent and far better company than the average adult.
John B. S. Haldane
A girl conceived in China has to run an eerie kind of gauntlet if she is to survive. many parents will use the ultrasound technique. and, if it reveals. a girl, they’ll abort her. If it reveals the baby is a boy, they’ll celebrate.
Steven W. Mosher
AHA!” interrupted Officer Shrift, making another note in his little book. “Just as I thought: boys are the cause of everything.
Norton Juster
The first question we usually ask new parents is : “Is it a boy or a girl ?”. There is a great answer to that one going around : “We don’t know ; it hasn’t told us yet.” Personally, I think no question containing “either/or” deserves a serious answer, and that includes the question of gender.
Kate Bornstein
Ah Padriac. I have often wondered if boys who have flaming red hair up top also have…yep.
L.A. Meyer
I kept starting ‘Anansi Boys’ as a movie and stopping, and eventually wrote the novel and was happy.
Neil Gaiman
I can’t pull off blond, but I got some blond tips. Which is as close as I’ll ever come to being in a ’90s boy band.
Ron Livingston
The first essential in a boy’s career is to find out what he’s fitted for, what he’s most capable of doing and doing with a relish.
Charles M. Schwab
Women have made tons of progress. But we still have a small percentage of the top jobs in any industry, in any nation in the world. I think that’s partly because from a very young age, we encourage our boys to lead and we call our girls bossy.
Sheryl Sandberg
Such, such were the joys
When we all, girls and boys,
In our youth time were seen
On the Echoing Green.
William Blake
Marijuana. Boy, I thought that was just terrible. How could this great man do this to his life?
Tommy Rettig
I have been in the film industry for 35 years, and everyone, including the spot-boys, will vouch for my character.
Om Puri
In my old neighborhood, a boy stopped playing when he began to lose his pulse. And then he became the referee.
Bill Cosby
He described how, as a boy of 14, his dad had been down the mining pit, his uncle had been down the pit, his brother had been down the pit, and of course he would go down the pit.
Barbara Castle, Baroness Castle of Blackburn
i felt my being flutter. each tousled head that came through the door i wanted to be his, but no and on, a dozen boys entered, yet not the one.
Laura Whitcomb
But the frat boys were all frivolous and idiotic in our minds now, a bunch of conformist fools going through the motions of hip.
Bill Ayers
Dante would not have forgotten: they say that when Dante was a boy, he was asked: Dante what is the best food? to test his memory. Eggs, replied Dante. Years later, when Dante was a grown man, he was asked only: how? and Dante replied: fried.
Fernando Sabino
Boy, there’s nothing worse than an inscrutable omen.
Bill Watterson
I’m not very experienced with boys or the whole dating thingy.
Vanessa Hudgens
Little Boy’s performance is authentic, natural, moving & inspiring.
Eva Longoria
I’m often reading a magazine and hearing about someone’s new record, and I think: “Oh, boy, that’s gonna be better than me”. It’s a very common thing.
Paul McCartney
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But all play and no work makes him something worse.
Samuel Smiles
There’s a test they can do to determine a baby’s gender ahead of time; I think they insert a tiny photo of Leonardo DiCaprio into the uterus, and if the baby punches it, it’s a boy.
Dave Barry
All boys belong in insane asylums.
Brandon Mull
During the time I was on The Hardy Boys, I was also watching other people’s careers. I thought the next step was to be a movie star. I kept saying no to projects, and offers stopped coming in. I was no longer hot
Parker Stevenson
When I was a child, I wanted to raise horses in Wyoming or be a cabin boy on a pirate ship.
Sadie Jones
Nature makes boys and girls lovely to look upon so they can be tolerated until they acquire some sense.
M. William Phelps
And so my hope for you, good boy, as you grow taller every day, is that you will learn to take good care of yourself, and you will learn to take good care of others-and, someday, you’ll see how those two things are exactly the same.
Katherine Center
Oh, I’ll trust you,” the boy told him carelessly. “It hardly matters. We are all betrayed sooner or later—all betrayed, or traitors.” “I see that a flair for the dramatic runs in the blood,” Magnus said under his breath.
Cassandra Clare
When I was a child, my father taught me to put up my fists like a boy and to be prepared to defend myself at all times.
Camille Paglia
The funny thing about the boy who gave away his loaves and fish is that he, too, ended the day with a full stomach.
Mark Hart
Yes, sir. I’m a real Southern boy. I got a red neck, white socks, and Blue Ribbon beer.
Billy Carter
Not being one to calculate or look ahead, I had not stopped to think, when boys started paying attention to me, that the cup might be dashed from my lips, though experience should have taught me that dashing cups from lips was the way Victorian parents got most of their exercise.
Margaret Halsey
To me, when there’s movies that are about, you know, guys named Hell Boy, and you know, the issue that they have with our movie that she doesn’t get an abortion, I mean, I think there’s greater suspensions of disbelief.
Seth Rogen
The mission of a great school is not to cram you with facts so that you can regurgitate them…This gives many boys such a distaste for learning that they never read another book as long as they live. No, the mission is to inspire you with a taste for scholarship – a taste which will last you all your life.
David Ogilvy
A boy has a natural genius for combining business with pleasure.
Charles Dudley Warner
When there is oppression, the only self-respecting thing is to rise and say this shall cease today, because my right is justice. If you are stronger, you have to help the weaker boy or girl both in play and in the work.
Sarojini Naidu
The second person to write a story about a young boy and an escaped slave on the Mississippi wasn’t a novelist, he was a typist.
Seth Godin
A girl meets a boy, Ed, and everything changes, or so she says.
Daniel Handler
Few misfortunes can befall a boy which bring worse consequence than to have a really affectionate mother.
W. Somerset Maugham
So many boys and girls talk the same way, listen to the same music, look the same. If I’m out, I’ll notice the person who looks different before I notice the person who’s, “really hot.”
Jack Antonoff
I have six sisters, so I assumed I’d have a girl. Learning I was having a boy was really weird.
Melissa Joan Hart
Young ghetto boys thought that in this society, the good guys lost and the bad guys won.
Eartha Kitt
Some day we’ll awake, have a reformation of the heart, teach our kids honor and kill a few sex psychologists, put boys in high schools with men teachers (not sissies), close all the girls’ finishing schools, shoot all the effeciency experts and become a nation of God’s people once more.
Harry S. Truman
I think we need to teach pleasure. What beautiful touch means. What reciprocity means. What being connected and what intimacy means. Boys get out there at a young age and the performance posturing is so great and ends up being hard and aggressive.
Eve Ensler
The Weimar system appeared to me like a father who locks his little boys in a room and stirs them up against one another and says: ‘Beat each other up as much as you want.’
Robert Ley
I really never thought about the way I looked until boys came into the picture.
Georgia May Jagger
Years later Magnus would return to London and Camille Belcourt’s side, and find it not all that he had dreamed. Years later another desperate Herondale boy with blue, blue eyes would come to his door, shaking with the cold of the rain and his own wretchedness, and this one Magnus would be able to help.
Cassandra Clare
I didn’t just write about boys and relationships like usual. I wrote about other things: rock ‘n’ roll, nostalgia, Hello Kitty.
Avril Lavigne
It’s not a playoff game, it’s like the Super Bowl. … This is going to be a blood bath out there. I know they’re going to be ready to play. This is going to be a physical game. I’m sure that I’m going to be ready and I know my boys are going to be ready to back it up.
Jason Pierre-Paul
(As a boy) I was listening to Sonny Boy Williamson’s (I) records and I would close my eyes and I could visualize myself playing the harp.
Junior Wells
I’ve discovered nothing. but do you remember how much we talked when we were boys? We talked just for the fun of it. We knew very well it was only talk, but still we enjoyed it.
Cesare Pavese
I think one of the major differences between Wonder Woman and Jessica Jones is that Wonder Woman is iconic and much better known, so you get into a lot of ridiculous expectations, like what’s her costume going to look like? Well, nobody knows who Jessica Jones is, except for fangirls and boys.
Melissa Rosenberg
Believe it or not, people went so far as to suggest that I might not be able to write songs anymore because now I am married. I tried to explain again that there are other things to write about besides boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy breaks up with girl, girl is sad.
Lucinda Williams
Identical twins. I’m glad they’re identical ’cause you save money on photographs. That’s what I like. Yeah. Here’s my little boy. I got another one just like it.
Ray Romano
The best day of my life was when I turned 25. That’s the day my car insurance went down. Yeah, boy, I saved $1,200 that day.
Stephen Jackson
What boy well raised can compare with your street gamin who has the knowledge and the shrewdness of a grown-up broker.
Elbert Hubbard
Boys should abstain from all use of wine until their eighteenth year, for it is wrong to add fire to fire.
I was stealing all the bases, and when you had to go to arbitration they said, ‘You know, only the big boys make the money.’ So I got to try and figure out how to hit a home run, too.
Rickey Henderson
Irri and Jhiqui argued about Rakharo. “You are too skinny for him,” Jhiqui was saying. “You are almost a boy. Rakharo does not bed with boys. This is known.” Irri bristled back. “It is known that you are almost a cow. Rakharo does not bed with cows.
George R. R. Martin
John will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil.
Teresa Heinz
I think it’s always funny when you see kids do Shakespeare. When I was at school, I was in Hamlet. I played Claudius, who’s supposed to be a 60-year-old man, and I was like 18. It’s inherently ridiculous seeing 18-year-old boys with gray beards. That’s always funny.
Steve Coogan
Young boy, let his gun bang, let his nuts hang
Transition to a Lamborghini from a Mustang
Drugs slang in the drug game with the hustling
(I know one thing) Anything is better than that 1 train
ASAP Rocky
I could forgive the boy, now, if he’d committed a million sins!
Mark Twain
I always like to pretend two things: one, I’m sitting in the seat beside you watching the game together. I’ll say, ‘Wasn’t that a great shot? Boy, it sure was.’ The other thing I do is pretend I’m talking to people who are non-sighted. I try to create a word picture. I get more mail from blind people thanking me.
Chick Hearn
The Marine Corps … took a boy and made him a man.
Ed Bearss
Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed I would do something important in aviation.
Neil Armstrong
I sat and thought for four (delayed train) hours, and all the details bubbled up in my brain, and this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who didn’t know he was a wizard became more and more real to me.
J. K. Rowling
Cause I’m a stealer, fresh up out the dealer All the dope boys gon feel her
Nicki Minaj
Like Frankenweenie is a story about a boy and his dog, Big Fish is the story of a father and his son, and all those conversations you can’t have. It’s universal, in a way that can go from one medium to another medium. That’s been the funnest, figuring out what we can do in a Broadway show that’s unique and special.
John August
Being a pastor, of course, obviously people would say it (shouldn’t) have done much but, boy, it sure gave me a peace I never had before. I think we struggle in life. Even people of faith struggle when things don’t work out quite the way we think they should.
Todd Burpo
I have the libido of a 15-year-old boy. My sex drive is so high. I’d rather have sex with Brian all the time than leave the house. He doesn’t mind.
Megan Fox
When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.
Ingrid Newkirk
Comics have a problem, and that is continuity – the obsession with placing the characters in an existing world, where every event is marked in canon. You’re supposed to believe that these weepy star boys of now are the same gung-ho super teens fighting space monsters in the ’60s, and they’ve only aged perhaps five years.
John Hodgman
When I went to high school, an all-boys’ school, a Catholic school, I tried out for football, and I didn’t make it. It was the first time, athletically, that I was knocked down.
Mike Krzyzewski
The humiliation that Jane had felt turned to something else–grief perhaps, or regret. Regret that she had not known how to act with a boy, regret that she had not been wiser.
Beverly Cleary
We send young white boys to the Army. We’re sending young black boys to the prisons.
Talib Kweli
If you can’t go to secondary school, the boys get to go and the girls don’t, you’re locked into a cycle of poverty, because you don’t have a chance.
Melinda Gates
Waiting for the end, boys, waiting for the end.
What is there to be or do?
What’s become of me or you?
Are we kind or are we true?
Sitting two and two, boys, waiting for the end.
William Empson
As a boy, I was ashamed to wear glasses. I memorized the eye chart, and then on the test they asked essay questions.
Woody Allen
Don’t climb on that, don’t break anything, don’t be so aggressive, don’t be so noisy, don’t be so messy, don’t make such crazy risks. But God’s design – which He placed in boys as the picture of Himself – is a resounding yes. Be fierce, be wild, be passionate.
John Eldredge
He doesn’t love me. He might still love me as I was at fifteen, when I didn’t know any better. When I trusted everyone. I’m not that person any more. He’s just a boy. He was the first to really hurt me, but he’s just a boy. There were a lot of them.
Sarah Dessen
Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex.
Ready? No one is ever ready, my boy. But some do what they plan to do and some never will. The difference between the two is that the first group understand that they need to start somewhere, so they do so. Straight away
Chris Murray
I had the idea of a boy who was a wizard and didn’t yet know what he was. I never sat down and wondered, “What shall I write about next?”. It just came, fully formed.
J. K. Rowling
You have the power to tear me to pieces, to wound me so deep and true that I’ll never recover. What Rissa’s death did to the boy I was? You have the ability to do a thousand times worse to the man I’ve become.
Nalini Singh
I really liked the idea of playing that kind of optimistic, super-intense, go-get-’em spirit combined with being a little bit of an outsider. I am really drawn to girls of that age in general, who believe they can be a waitress, scientist, actress, a dentist, a zookeeper…and who really aren’t boy-crazy.
Amy Poehler
Back in the early 1960s, when I was eight or nine. Some neighborhood boys and I saw a disc-shaped, windowless object that hovered, silent, then simply vanished. My parents said, “That’s very nice” and ignored it, but I knew what I’d seen, and it was life-changing.
Steven M. Greer
My role models were always the Pacinos and the Oldmans, the guys who get dirty with their characters, and I arrived in L.A. during the big boom of ‘Dawson’s Creek.’ I was getting cast as the boy next door, or the friend of the jock. I thought, ‘Did I really have to do all that studying?’
Gabriel Mann
Some people have their marriages annulled, which means they never existed. Boy, talk about denial! What do you say when people see your wedding album? ‘Oh that was just some play I was in.
Carol Leifer
Is this how you repay my goodness–with badness?” cried the boy. “Of course,” said the crocodile out of the corner of his mouth. “That is the way of the world.
Alex Haley
It’s like this, dear boy, the one in front is blind and the kind one behind is pushing him.
Noel Coward
Boys like him didn’t die; they got bronzed and installed outside public libraries.
Maggie Stiefvater
Ash sarcastically rang an invisible bell with his hand. “Ding, ding, ding. Give that boy a tropphy.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I am competitively aggressive. My dream since I was a young boy was to be an NFL quarterback. I am living that dream.
Tim Tebow
Let us remind ourselves that it is ordinary people – men and women, boys and girls – that make the world a special place
Nelson Mandela
I was really enjoying one of the screenings of “Beautiful Creatures” and there was this little 14-year-old boy sitting next to me in the screening and I was laughing at all the jokes and I just felt really judged. I had to keep it down a bit. It’s a bit embarrassing.
Alice Englert
Baseball should be the only thing on an eight year old boy’s mind.
Aidan Quinn
Asked why they wanted to fight, the young women said they enjoyed it, just as some men and boys do.
Katherine Dunn
I kicked a boy in the shins in second grade for making fun of my father.
Stephanie McMahon
I only write about stuff I know. I don’t have a lot of experience with boys and stuff so I write a lot of songs about interesting and strange subjects that people wouldn’t write songs about.
Brie Larson
I’ve just returned from my daughter’s Halloween parade at grade school. She was supergirl – and she was perfect. And, even better, she still considers boys to be made of kryptonite.
Jonah Goldberg
When I was going for my graduate degree, I decided I was going to make a feature film as my thesis. That’s what I was famous for-that I had my thesis film be a feature film, which was ‘You’re a Big Boy Now.’
Francis Ford Coppola
I don’t want to play into the perception that all women should look like fourteen year old boys. I don’t want to add to that pressure for young girls. But in Hollywood, there is a constant pressure to look a certain way.
Amber Heard
Boy, a drive-through liquor store. God bless America! A place where you can drive through and buy whiskey, beer… just the thing for that drunk driver who’s constantly on the go. Cant stop now! I’ve got places to go, people to hit!
Drew Carey
In what twisted universe would a girl who’s just been dumped still want to be friends with the boy who dumped her?
Susane Colasanti
As a boy, because I was born and raised in Ohio, about 60 miles north of Dayton, the legends of the Wrights have been in my memories as long as I can remember.
Neil Armstrong
Must I shoot a simple-minded soldier boy who deserts, while I must not touch a hair of the wily agitator who induces him to desert? I think that in such a cse to silence the agitator and save the boy is not only constitutional but withal a great mercy.
Abraham Lincoln
Birds, birds, birds, I’m a Pet Shop Boy
Killa Kyleon
I was an altar boy as a kid. And the answer is no.
Mike Birbiglia
All I care is what the boys at the forks of the creek think of me.
Huey Long
I think it’s very pretty. Can it be pretty if no one thinks it’s pretty? I think it’s pretty. If you’re the only one? That’s pretty pretty. And what about the boys? Don’t you want them to think you’re pretty? I wouldn’t want a boy to think I was pretty unless he was the kind of boy who thought I was pretty.
Jonathan Safran Foer
From the time I was a little boy I found myself reading history when I had a choice. I read a lot of things, but history had a special appeal for me.
Donald Kagan
I really wanted to raise my boys in a place where ‘celebrity’ wasn’t important, and where I could be closer to where I grew up (upstate NY). I love it here – it reminds me of my childhood. It seems more open minded and inclusive, and I love the seasons.
Lauren Holly
It amazes me how well the majority of jump jockeys ride in a race until they’ve landed over the last, then how badly most of them ride a finish. Apart from a half-dozen, they look like coster boys sitting on top of donkeys’ behinds, bashing about with shillelaghs.
Jack Leach
Yeah it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two
But I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do
‘Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase
All the right junk in all the right places.
Meghan Trainor
It is only when you know a boy’s environment that you can know what influences to bring to bear.
Baden Powell de Aquino
I wish you luck,’ she said, kissing him on the cheek. He still had the most beautiful eyes of any boy she’d ever seen. But now her heart beat so much faster for someone else.
Cornelia Funke
As a boy, I used to look at reproductions of Rembrandt’s portraits… the people in his paintings were so real I felt I knew them… It is his empathy for the sitter, combined with his enjoyment and dexerity in handling paint that captured my imagination then, and is what I am striving for still.
David Cobley
A boy has never wept…nor dashed a thousand kin
Dutch Schultz
And you’ve got a boy right there who looks at you like he would drink your bathwater if you’d ask him!
Abbi Glines
I was a typical farm boy. I liked the farm. I enjoyed the things that you do on a farm, go down to the drainage ditch and fish, and look at the crawfish and pick a little cotton.
Sam Donaldson
Blue Boy proves that if you don’t quite fit in, then you might as well stand out with as much wit, color and audacity as you can muster.
Josh Kilmer-Purcell
I could always escape into this demi-monde of homosexuality, which I feel really indebted to. It stopped me being a ‘mummy’s boy.’
Rufus Wainwright
Our eldest boy, Bob, has been away from us nearly a year at school, and will enter Harvard University this month. He promises verywell, considering we never controlled him much.
Abraham Lincoln
I am actually really boring and I lead a quiet life. I love being at home, cooking for my boys, watching movies and I like nothing better than to go to bed early with a book.
Patsy Kensit
Boy Meets Girl, So What?
Bertolt Brecht
You can’t be the fastest gun in town forever. There comes a time when you’re not the golden boy, and you have to go off somewhere and figure yourself out.
George Carlin
Math-thinking, I would say, encourages flipping and substituting letters in words (in the novel, one of the boys double-majors in math and myth, for example, and his twin cracks a joke about the father’s handwriting that morphs “cacography” into “dadography”).
Mary Kay Zuravleff
She wished she could talk as he did. His speech was so quick and easy. It sounded as if he liked her and was not the least afraid she would not like him, though he was only a common moor boy, in patched clothes and with a funny face and a rough, rusty-red head.
Frances Hodgson Burnett
All I want now is to be a nice, clean gentleman. I’ve proved my point. Now I’m going to set an example for all the nice boys and girls. I’m through talking
Muhammad Ali
When I was a boy I first learned how much better water tastes when it has set a while in a cedar bucket. Warmish-cool, with a faint taste like the hot July wind in Cedar trees smells.
William Faulkner
My first career ambitions involved turning into a boy; I intended to be either a railway guard or a knight errant.
Hilary Mantel
With the country moving toward inclusion, the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have instead sent a message to young people that only some of them are valued. They’ve chosen to teach division and intolerance.
Chad Griffin
I haven’t told anyone this before, but when I was a teenager… I actually thought I was turning into a boy, and I didn’t really care. It didn’t bother me at all.
Vivienne Westwood
In a man, I like funny guys. A guy who doesn’t have a lot of therapy, who’s mature. A man, not a boy.
Maura Tierney
Boys have said in the past that I live my life like a movie. I love all things romantic, like kissing in the rain.
Mollie King
I think about it, and I realize there’s been some version of a Batman or Spiderman or Superman franchise since I was a boy, since before I was a boy.
Clark Gregg
To an old father, nothing is more sweet than a daughter. Boys are more spirited, but their ways are not so tender.
But I couldn’t draw as fast as she requested. Thus, I tried to create the worst abomination of a comic that I could, so as to make her not want comics anymore. That abomination, my friends, was Happy Noodle Boy.
Jhonen Vasquez
All work and no play make any forensic pathologist a dull boy.
Hill Harper
Boy, I’d hate to shoot on tape or disc or whatever the hell they’re talking about. I love film.
Frank Darabont
I see so many little boys I wanna marry, I see plenty little kids I’ve yet to have.
Devendra Banhart
I feel old and vulnerable. I now realise that I knew nothing and know nothing, but back when my career was beginning, I thought I was a man when, in fact, I was a dewy-eyed boy who’d not seen an avocado or eaten a tomato.
James Nesbitt
I’m a boy who doesn’t want to grow up.
Ray Park
You talk to the farmers, the ranchers, our small community bankers, and boy, one of the No. 1 issues is the regulations coming out of Washington.
Steve Daines
It was very unusual for a boy to play tennis in my country.
Novak Djokovic
It certainly wasn’t taught in school beyond the idea of “girls can do anything that boys can do” – I understood that kind of pop culture feminism. I did not understand anything else about feminism.
June Diane Raphael
Boys will be boys. And even that wouldn’t matter if only we could prevent girls from being girls.
Anne Frank
Boys think girls are like books, If the cover doesn’t catch their eye they won’t bother to read what’s inside”.
Marilyn Monroe
Alabaster, you told me earlier that heroes don’t die. You may be right, but I can tell you one thing.” Claymore looked the boy in the eyes. “I’m not a hero.
Rick Riordan
I don’t think successful musicians were really put on this planet in order to have a great time, pat themselves on the back and say, ‘Oh, what a clever boy I am!’ I think that, like most artists, we were put on the planet to suffer just a little. And we do.
Ian Anderson
The old boy network is still too strong in Canadian business. A visit to the Toronto clubs at lunch stands in about as great a contrast to the multicultural, multiracial subway underneath as can be humanly imagined. This is not healthy.
Bob Rae
Of the Black Prince [his son] at CrГ©cy, 1345: Let the boy win his spurs. [Old English] Also say to them, that they suffre hym this day to wynne his spurres, for if god be pleased, I woll this iourney be his, and the honoure therof.
Edward III of England
For years I have been mourning and not for my dead, it is for this boy for whatever corner in my heart died when his childhood slid out of my arms.
William Gibson
If people like to read their books, it is all very well, but to be at so much trouble in filling great volumes, which, as I used to think, nobody would willingly ever look into, to be labouring only for the torment of little boys and girls, always struck me as a hard fate.
Jane Austen
My angel-boy is close now, as in five-feet-away close. There’s no way I’m going to burst into song in front of him. But then the contrary part of me says, you’re going to let a boy keep you from singing out loud? Sing, sister! Sing! So I do, and my angel-boy turns his head.
Lauren Myracle
You “have a date,” you “go out with a date,” you “groan because there isn’t a decent date in town.” A situation defined as containing a girl – or boy – of the right social background, the right degree of popularity, a little higher than your own.
Margaret Mead
My world was completely different to other boys my age. When I was six I was earning money, and by 10 I was paying more tax than the parents of other pupils. I feel a lot older than my years. Because I was working with adults, I had to mature a lot quicker.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
I was blessed to grow up on a farm, and when you’re a farm boy, exercise is part of your lifestyle. Like it or not, that environment makes you work out. On the farm, nature is your gym. You walk and run and swim and have to do a lot of work with animals too.
Cesar Millan
My mom was very strict when I was growing up. I could not talk to boys until I was 18. I had to study and work hard.
Coco Lee
The first boy was always the hardest.
Sarah Dessen
Heaven lies about us in our infancy! Shades of the prison-house begin to close upon the growing boy.
William Wordsworth
The idea behind a dish – the delight and the surprise – makes a difference. Great literature surprises and delights, and provokes us. It isn’t just ‘Here’s the facts – boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl.’ It’s how you tell it.
Nathan Myhrvold
Straight out of Blackpool, I’m William Regal. My rhymes so intense, they shouldn’t be legal. My style is refined, not crude and crass. I’ll keep you grounded, like volcanic ash. I’ll take you down, rung by rung. I’m just like British Parliment; I’m completely hung. Straight-up gangsta trippin’. Yes, boy!
William Regal
Isn’t the Democratic Party the official SODOMIZER PROTECTION ASSOCIATION of AMERICA — oh, I forgot, it was just an accident that Clintoon’s[sic] first act in office was to promote “gays in the military.” RAGHEADS are Boy-Bumpers as clearly as they are Women-Haters — it all goes together.
Jerome Corsi
It’s taken folk a while to come around, hasn’t it? Even the boys in the band weren’t too sure about the whole art thing. They just wanted me to concentrate on the music. But they respect it now.
Ronnie Wood
I was an altar boy, a spokesperson for the Virgin Mary, I was a choir boy but then at the age of 14 I discovered masturbation and all that went out the window.
Guillermo del Toro
How did Mike Bibby get on the team? Any Cub Scout with Boy Scouts can do Boy Scoutish things. When Bibby was in the Cub Scouts, he was a Cub Scout. When he was with Vancouver, nobody heard about him. Now that he’s with Sacramento… he’s on the team. I ain’t going.
Shaquille O’Neal
What he said was: “You obviously don’t know where the bar should be, and you’re only going to do a disservice by putting it anywhere.” And boy was that good advice. Because what he said was, you obviously don’t know where the bar should be, and you’re only going to do them a disservice by putting it anywhere.
Randy Pausch
I grew up in the East End of London, the youngest of three boys in a Catholic household. Both my parents were market traders and worked seven days a week.
James Herbert
But when he thought to complain about the burden of its weight, he remembered that, because he had the jacket, he had withstood the cold of the dawn. We have to be prepared for change, he thought, and he was grateful for the jacket’s weight and warmth. The jacket had a purpose, and so did the boy.
Paulo Coelho
The hockey I was raised on, the hockey I understand, the hockey that my dad taught me about when I was a boy was intrinsically connected with fighting. I grew up in a house where we revered tough guys.
Jay Baruchel
I won’t be happy until we have every boy in America between the ages of six and sixteen wearing a glove and swinging a bat.
Babe Ruth
I tried to exploit such freedom to create those drawings like if I was a boy. I tried to draw with that freedom and that love that I remember from being a child and spending a day drawing without worrying about whether what I’m drawing is real or strange.
Alex Abreu
So the kind of boy I was, or that I was told to be, you were kind of this like half-gladiator, half-dude who, you know, was supposed to have as many girls as possible and work until your heart exploded, have no fear, you know.
Junot Diaz
I’m afraid that, in this chapter we must talk about sex in a very explicit manner, because we want to expand the Frontiers of Human Understanding and also we want to sell as many books as possible to adolescent boys.
Dave Barry
The Backstreet Boys….they really do have good music!
Enrique Iglesias
I want to see the birth of my baby. Hopefully it’s a boy. He can play for St. John’s.
Jayson Williams
Sanguine chuckled. “I like you, boy. You got optimism in these bones. I like you so much that I ain’t gonna tell you what I did to poor old Jethro, the first Jethro, may he rest in peace, may they someday find his head.
Derek Landy
Saudi Arabian police arrested seven teenage boys for leering at women. In accordance with Saudi law, the boys will be whipped and the women will be stoned to death.
Tina Fey
Forget diamonds or dogs—a girl or boy’s best friend is always a high-powered weapon.
More than two years after Mad About the Boy was published, the [Bridget Jones’s Baby: The Diaries ] movie started coming together. I felt better about the material, and found myself writing a letter from Bridget to her son: explaining the original story of how he came to be, from his own Mum.
Helen Fielding
I would have rather had a dad with change jingling in his pocket; one who would have spent the last forty minutes of the world raking leaves for his kids to jump in, so that they perished in one loud, bright instant, giggles still bubbling up from their bellies, never suspecting a thing. Yeah, well. Tough luck, rich boy.
S.A. Bodeen
The boy and his heart had become friends, and neither was capable now of betraying the other.
Paulo Coelho
The bad-boy label is just an assumption.
Russell Brand
If the girls and boys have talent and feel like working on themselves, they can become champions.
Rafael Nadal