Buddy Quotes

Buddy Quotes by J. D. Salinger, Chris Kyle, Bryce Dallas Howard, Michael Shannon, Steve Arterburn, Dr. John and many others.

You’d better get busy, though, buddy. The goddam sands

You’d better get busy, though, buddy. The goddam sands run out on you every time You turn around. I know what I’m talking about. You’re lucky if you get time to sneeze In this goddam phenomenal world.
J. D. Salinger
MY REGRETS ARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE I COULDN’T SAVE—Marines, soldiers, my buddies. I still feel their loss. I still ache for my failure to protect them.
Chris Kyle
’50/50′ is a comedy. I shouldn’t say it’s a buddy comedy because it’s not farcical, and it’s based on a true story, but it’s viewing that experience through a very truthful lens of humour.
Bryce Dallas Howard
A lot of times the characters I play tend to be kind of loners or they don’t have best friends or best buddies.
Michael Shannon
When you bounce your eyes away from a sexual image, immediately pull from your memory a pure image. Maybe a wedding picture, or a vacation experience with your family, or your buddies. There are thousands of positive images you can pull from your memory within seconds to replace the sexual images you’re tempted with.
Steve Arterburn
I had somebody call and make a joke about it: ‘Oh, Buddy Guy won the Grammy – You should have won.’ I said, ‘No. Buddy should have won it.’ He’s a very talented cat. And don’t forget, he’s my homeboy, too.
Dr. John
Well I guess I like variety pretty much, but I do enjoy this work very much. Particularly with Buddy on the gig, we get a chance to knock each other out It’just wonderful.
Gene Krupa
When I first was on Big Time Rush, the TV show, I did a lot of silly things. Among the first episodes that came out, my buddies wanted to have a viewing party, so we turned it into a drinking game. Every time I did something dumb, we took a shot. We were hammered!
James Maslow
Scott: I don’t think I’m ready to be a grown-up. Kim: I don’t think you are either, buddy. But hey, you’ll get it. It just takes practice.
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Sooner or later, The Rock’s going to get tired of that empty space on his mantle where an Oscar should be, and that’s when I’ll get the phone call for the buddy movie that finally makes his career.
Mick Foley
My daughter will say she’s hungry, and I’m like, ‘Buddy, you’re just bored. Do you understand? And you’re already starting a pattern of satisfying an internal disconnect with an external stimulation, and that’s a dead-end road, sweetie. Courtney Love lives on that road; you don’t want to live on that road.
Dana Gould
I’ve stayed buddies with my old buddy Jackie Slater. I talk to Jackie Slater. I play golf with Marcus Allen a lot. I play golf with Marshall Faulk a lot. My buddy Craig Young, he lives up in New Mexico. I still talk to a lot of the guys.
Eric Dickerson
When you have a buddy to work out with, you don’t want to flake on that person.
Cheryl Burke
At any given time I’m listening to the Cory Branan, Leonna Naess, Eve 6, the King’s Noyse, Sean Paul, Green Day, the BoDeans, Buddy Holly, Nowell Sing We Clear… the list goes on and on. But I rarely listen to music while I write. I start typing the lyrics.
Sarah Addison Allen
Pain is the body’s way of telling the brain it’s in trouble. Similarly, confusion is the brain’s way of telling the body, ‘All right, buddy, drop that book.
Stephen Colbert
Did you ever spell a word so bad that your spell check has absolutely no clue what you’re trying to spell? What do you end up getting, you end up getting, like, a question mark. You got a million dollars of technology just looking back at you like, ‘You got me, buddy. Which is pretty amazing because I have all the words.’
Bill Burr
I’m gonna drive until my buddies can’t lift me in the car, and I’ll get some younger buddies if I need to.
Ken Schrader
I’ve always been a fan of Buddy Guy as a guitarist, as well as Stevie Ray Vaughan and those blues guys. I’d say those are pretty big influences on me.
Chris Carmack
When I was 14 years old, I had the opportunity to meet Buddy Holly. I asked him how he got that big, powerful sound out of his guitar amp. He said, ‘I blew a speaker and decided not to get it fixed.’
Robbie Robertson
There’s danger in just shoveling out money to people who say, ‘My life is a little harder than it used to be.’ At a certain place you’ve got to say to the people, ‘Suck it in and cope, buddy. Suck it in and cope.’
Charlie Munger
When my son was 3 years old – I’ll never forget this – there was this homeless guy walking toward us, and my son looked at me, and he said, ‘Who’s your buddy?’
Al Madrigal
I’m sort of known in the comedy community as “Smooth Sailing,” just ’cause everything always goes great. I’ve always had success at every turn. Everything has gone well for me. I’ve never had a project fail. Everywhere I go, it’s “What’s up, Smooth Sailing?! How are the seas today, buddy?” I’m like, “Calm as can be!”
Jon Glaser
Wow, it really snowed last night! Isn’t it wonderful? Everything familiar has disappeared! The world looks brand new! A new year … a fresh, clean start! It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on! A day full of possibilities! It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy … let’s go exploring!
Bill Watterson
Growing up in Kentucky, I used to hang out with four running buddies as a kid – 6, 10, and 11 years old. Two of them would later come out, and so 50 percent of my friends as a kid were gay.
Hal Sparks
I was a teenage idol, but not the one that the girls would put up on their walls, like Fabian and Frankie Avalon. I was more cerebral, like a Roy Orbison or a Buddy Holly. I was one of the few who could write songs.
Neil Sedaka
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!
Will Ferrell
I was raised on Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly and discovered the Stray Cats when I was 11 or 12 years old.
Drake Bell
Right before I moved out to San Francisco, I played in Buddy Guy’s band.
Steve Miller
When Buddy Ryan cut me, my wife was pregnant.
Cris Carter
My cat, Andy, has been my best buddy since I was 18, and he doesn’t care if I’m on a TV show or if I’m red-carpet ready. He just likes it when I’m there.
Jenna Fischer
My views on everything from welfare to a balanced budget to affirmative action can be traced to what Buddy and Helen Watts taught me as a young boy growing up poor but proud in Eufaula.
J. C. Watts
If drummers are ‘anti-solo,’ that’s up to them. They’re musicians, and they can play whatever they want. But my inspirations early on were people like Buddy Rich, seeing him on ‘The Tonight Show’, or Gene Krupa.
Neil Peart
Tom [McCarthy] said to me, “Buddy, you got an Oscar nomination through that haircut! That’s the real feat, man.”
Mark Ruffalo
When Buddy played, he played all out, all the time. It was a wonder he didn’t keel over and die before he did.
Al Hirt
I don’t really get to see a lot of other comedians, because I work with the same people all the time. The guy I really like is Nick DiPaulo. I love Nick DiPaulo, but again, he’s a buddy of mine. But I liked him for a long time. I liked him before he was a buddy of mine.
Larry the Cable Guy
Sasha snorted. “I have never in my extremely long life seen anyone take so long to answer a question. It’s like you went into your brain and got lost. you need a bread crumb, buddy?” He made a noise like he was calling his pet. “Here Lassie, here. Come back girl.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I think it’s obviously no secret that my buddy is Franck Ribery.
David Alaba
Back in high school, my buddies tried to put the make on anything that moved. I told them, Why limit yourselves?
Emo Philips
I’ve been married five times, and people think that’s some bizarre thing, yet I’ve got buddies who refuse to get married and have sex with 15 people a week. I’m like “Which is better?” At least I was trying.
Billy Bob Thornton
I was on the road with my buddy Alex – he’s my guitar player – and we watched the movie ‘Click’ by Adam Sandler. And I don’t know why, but me and him just got in our feelings. And then we ended up calling our girls, and we were like, ‘We’re so sorry. We wish you were here!’
Kane Brown
I got my first tattoo when I was 16 years old and I went with my mom to get it done – she has a bunch too so we’re tattoo buddies now.
Josh Hutcherson
While having friends shouldn’t be the main reason why you love your job, it definitely makes the work day run a lot more smoothly when you have a workplace buddy.
John Rampton
I grew up mostly in Champaign, Illinois. My dad was at the University of East Illinois, so I was always around the music. One of my dad’s buddies was the avant-garde composer John Cage, so I picked up on that weird classical and eclectic music.
Stuart Hamm
Staying away from junk food and the pops-it’s something that, for me, is harder than doing the actual workouts. It’s so easy to get off-track. Like when you’re out with your buddies and they’re stopping at McDonald’s. You can’t have a Big Mac with them.
Steven Stamkos
This seemed a dreary and wasted life for a girl with fifteen years of straight A’s, but I knew that’s what marriage was like, because cook and clean and wash was just what Buddy Willard’s mother did from morning till night, and she was the wife of a university professor and had been a private school teacher herself.
Sylvia Plath
Lizzy, Will thought. Lizzy P. ‘You n me gonna be buddies, darlin’. He stretched one hand to Elly’s hair, and circled Donald Wade’s rump with his free arm and touched Thomas’s leg, on the far side of Elly. And he smiled at Lizzy P. and thought, Heaven’s got nothin’ on being the husband of Eleanor Dinsmore.
LaVyrle Spencer
But actual rapists, men who are usually known to (and often loved by) their victims? Men who are sometimes our sports heroes, political leaders, buddies, boyfriends and fathers? Evidence suggests we don’t despise them nearly as much as we should.
Jaclyn Friedman
A senator will come off Capitol Hill and they’ll be barred from two years from lobbying in the Senate. So they’ll pick the phone up and they’ll call their buddy, the senator, their old buddies, and they’ll say, ‘Listen, I’m here at this law firm now. I can’t lobby you, but my new partner, Jack, can lobby you.’
Jack Abramoff
I find myself chatting with my paintings, not deep and meaningful stuff, but things like ‘hey there buddy’ and ‘oh, look what I did to your nose!’
Anh Do
Curt Hennig was my buddy, and he had great success with Mr. Perfect.
Scott Hall
It’s kind of too movie-like to say, “When I started climbing, I knew I wanted to climb Everest some day.” Instead, I just started rock climbing as a kid, when I was 16, and then I started teaching and a buddy of mine started taking me out.
Erik Weihenmayer
The reason I got a break in Hollywood when I moved here a few years ago is my good buddy, who I was on the beach with when he was a publicist, is now the chairman of HBO.
Russell Simmons
Apparently, there is no bad economic turn a conservative cannot do unto his buddy in the working class, as long as cultural solidarity has been cemented over a beer.
Thomas Frank
The only other time I can recall my dad getting upset at me was when I missed a hockey practice. My parents were away, so my buddy and I decided to skip it. I never told my dad about it, but he found out from the coach.
Mike Weir
What a piece of garbage this smart car is. There’s a commercial – the smart car has zero percent interest for six years. Well, good, I got zero percent in six years in buying this smart car. I’ll tell you that much. I mean, it’s ridiculous. My buddy has a smart car, totaled it. He hit a deer tick.
Larry the Cable Guy
There isn’t anyone anywhere who isn’t Seymour’s Fat Lady. Don’t you know that? Don’t you know that goddam secret yet? And don’t you know — listen to me, now — don’t you know who that Fat Lady really is? . . . Ah, buddy. Ah, buddy. It’s Christ Himself. Christ Himself, buddy.
J. D. Salinger
You’ve never had a job that you thought was secure. You don’t think the Tonight Show is risk free. Especially when you saw what happened with your buddy Conan O’Brien. There is always a Plan B.I am ready to apply to the post office.
Jimmy Fallon
My Brat Pack buddies and I didn’t exactly handle celebrity very well. Success at an early age is far more difficult to handle than failure.
Judd Nelson
One of the perks is when John Mayer calls you up and tells you, ‘Hey, buddy, I just bought a ranch in Montana. When are you gonna come by? When are we gonna hang out?’ It’s just not something I ever expected to happen.
Corey Harrison
But I’ve lost parts because of my looks. I auditioned to star with Richard Dreyfuss in ‘The Buddy System.’ The producers said no one would believe he would leave me for another woman. They just couldn’t see me with him.
Donna Dixon
As regards my feelings about drummers – there’s Buddy Rich, and then there’s everybody else.
Mel Torme
Once you get into a routine of eating healthy, it hurts twice as much when you fall off the wagon. But it’s nice to have a few bites of something you like. I’m not a sweets person, but I love pasta and pizza – oh, buddy!
Carrie Underwood
One last toast, to our friend, Owen Hart. We’ll never forget you, buddy.
Jim Ross
Like it or not, I’m the new f***ing Aquaman buddy.
Jason Momoa
The one place where I can relax is on the golf course with my teammates and buddies, assuming I’m hitting the golf ball well. If I’m not, well, that is another story.
Carson Palmer
Quick! Head for the ground floor! We have to get out! We will die if we stay! The vampires are here!” “Haven’t you got a hug for me, Larten, old buddy?
Darren Shan
I just thought it could make a really cool movie. It’s not that it’s just a buddy comedy but it’s all about two guys hating each other and towards the end they’re good friends. I liked that these two guys were best friends from the very beginning, and they’re crazy.
Seann William Scott
You did it! Congratulations! World’s best cup of coffee! Great job, everybody! It’s great to be here.
Will Ferrell
So you shouldn’t really flatter yourself that they want to be your buddy. They don’t. Generally. They want you for some reason or other, and you just have to fend that off all the time.
Kurt Loder
The songwriting style, to me, is superior. There was a certain amount of joy in it, no matter how sad the song is. You get joy in listening to these Buddy Holly or Roy Orbison sad lyrics. I’m attracted to songs that have balance between the darks and the lights and giving them all equal opportunity.
M. Ward
I wish we could get a national buddy network going. It would be a great thing for the American people.
Bart Starr
I like sitting and writing with my buddies.
Adam Sandler
I have a buddy of mine who’s a musician, and I play guitar and sing quite a bit with him.
Jensen Ackles
Buddy Guy finally got a break and made it. And Buddy Guy deserves it.
Luther Allison
Light weight … Yeah buddy!
Ronnie Coleman
My dad loved comedians, especially George Jessel, and he loved Henny Youngman and Buddy Hackett.
Al Franken
Buddy Holly was the geekiest looking guy in the world, but he had some really rockin tunes.
Chris Cheney
War buddies don’t exist in the meeting room. It’s a battle between a lot of different officers. Some continue fighting when they don’t realize that they have been shot.
Hideo Kojima
I wanted to be a pro wrestler, but my mom didn’t let me. I used to make videos and stuff in the backyard. I had a buddy named Daniel Decker, and we used to have a tag team called the ‘Deck Garra Era.’ We used to make video after video. We were the tag team champions, but then we turned on each other.
Josh Segarra
Some guys, first pitch of the at-bat gets called a strike – maybe it’s a ball off or below their knees, and it gets called a strike – and then the next two pitches, they swing at balls in the dirt, and all of a sudden, they’re yelling at the umpire about that first pitch. You just swung at two balls in the dirt, buddy.
Aaron Judge
My definition of God: God is not only the alpha, the omega, he is friend, he’s a confidant, he is a buddy. He is a lover of my soul. That’s my definition of God.
DeVon Franklin
The first one that I went to with my friends was with my buddy Michael – and we actually cut class to get tickets – was INXS at the Garden.
Adam Richman
Frankly, what we need to be looking at is whether this election was rigged by Donald Trump and his buddy Vladimir Putin.
Tom Perez
So, I’m on Sesame Street, walking around with all these monsters, Elmo and his buddies, a whole bunch of chickens, a whole bunch of penguins and a number four dancing about. It was just pure joy, simple, ridiculous fun, stupid joy. There’s no irony. Sesame Street is just a crazy great place to be.
It seems like a dangerous concept to have someone who’s just your drinking buddy. Someone you have nothing in common with, if you’re sober, is probably not a good, healthy friendship.
Olivia Wilde
The term “rock” has, unfortunately, become appropriated by four-year-old girls and accountants. An accountant does something amazingly well on the stock exchange and his buddies high-five him: He’s a rock star! A four-year-old girl learned to ride a bicycle: She’s a rock star!
Ian Astbury
I like strong girls, as long as they don’t get snappish. And furthermore I think it important that you are good buddies and she does not get angry when you don’t have your day.
Jonathan Brandis
Buddy Rich is one of a kind; he’s a genius, and that’s all there is to it.
Mel Torme
I drummed in some rock bands. I asked for a drum kit when I was 15 and my parents were kind enough to buy me one and I just started playing with my buddies who played guitar.
Miles Teller
Months after I retired, the Kings won the Stanley Cup and I was there for that game… I happened to be there with a buddy of mine and I was like, ‘Oh, I miss this.’
Nnamdi Asomugha
When I’m training a dog, I develop a relationship with that dog. He’s my buddy, and I want to make training fun.
Ian Dunbar
You can take things that Jimi Hendrix took, from Curtis Mayfield or from Buddy Guy for example, because we are all children of everything, even Picasso. But if you want to stand out, you have to learn to crystallize your existence and create your own fingerprints.
Carlos Santana
I don’t want to be the flavor, the passing thing that the girls scream at. I think that it’s more important for me, honestly, that the guy who gets dragged to the show, you know, looks at his wife and says, thank you, that was great and tells his buddies.
Michael Buble
I actually got dared to audition for the dance team. All my track-and-field buddies dared me to audition, and I was one of the few guys who did it.
Harry Shum, Jr.
You know how I came up with the name ‘Road to the Super Bowl?’ It’s an homage to the old Bob Hope – Bing Crosby buddy movies – you know, like ‘Road to Zanzibar’ or ‘Road to Morocco.’ Can you tell? All I’ve done my whole life is go to movies.
Steve Sabol
He’s an angel. Isn’t he supposed to love everyone, even the damned? Especially when said damned are his drinking buddies.
Richelle Mead
I’m working at trying to be a Christian, and that’s serious business. It’s like trying to be a good Jew, a good Muslim, a good Buddhist, a good Shintoist, a good Zoroastrian, a good friend, a good lover, a good mother, a good buddy: it’s serious business.
Maya Angelou
Early on I was more interested in gypsy jazz music until rock and roll came around and I listened to a lot of Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and skiffle singer Lonnie Donegan.
Denny Laine
I enjoy trying to figure out a way to deal with machines – they become like little buddies or something. It’s almost the same way you might develop a relationship with a dog – maybe that’s weird to say – but there becomes an understanding you reach after a while.
Panda Bear
Being on ‘Nashville’ and working with some incredible people like T-Bone Burnett and Buddy Miller – so many wonderful, incredible musicians that I’ve been blessed to play with and observe – that has continued to shape the process of arranging music, writing music.
Jonathan Jackson
The real heroes were my good buddies who died during the battles.
Ira Hayes
Tyrone, I think they’re taking to festivals. I don’t know which festivals it will be at. It’s like a buddy picture. It’s a couple of guys driving across the country and they get to a small town and they hit a guy. The guy turns out to be a drug smuggler.
Ethan Suplee
I liked to scrapbook and collage a whole lot in high school. Im always ripping things out of magazines, and always collecting quotes from the Internet. When I was 17, I loved AIM. I was obsessed with my buddy list!
Jenna Ushkowitz
One summer I remember, I got exposed to Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly and Buddy Holly was a very very big, made a very big impression on me. Because of a lot of things, you know, the way he looked and his charisma.
Eric Clapton
Buddy Rich was one of the most incredible technicians in the world, on this planet, but the only people he could really impress, who knew what he was doing was another musician or another drummer.
Dick Dale
I just thought it could make a really cool movie. It’s not that it’s just a buddy comedy but it’s all about two guys hating each other and towards the end they’re good friends. I liked that these two guys were best friends from the very beginning, and they’re crazy.
Sean William Scott
I hate when your friends quit drinking on you, don’t you? It’s sad. I’ve lost more friends to AA than Liberace did to the virus. It’s sad to see ’em go. You see a thirty day chip on your buddy’s key ring, it’s like seeing a toe tag on his cold, stiff corpse.
Doug Stanhope
You know, Sarah Palin is the Governor of Alaska, you know that. And she’s a lifelong member of the National Rifle Association. So great, is what I’m thinking, another vice president that shoots a drinking buddy; just get ready.
David Letterman
Depressing thought: my friends were the girls I ate lunch with, all buddies from kindergarten who knew one another so well we weren’t sure if we even liked one another anymore.
Lauren Groff
I somehow always found the right people on my own to jam with as well as playing with all my buddies. I didn’t get to a point where I was auditioning for any bands.
John Petrucci
With my background and genetic makeup,buddy, you’re lucky I’m as normal as I am. (Katra Agrotera)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I used to find places in high school and college, empty rooms or spaces with pianos. Instead of going to a party, I’d play alone for hours. It became my buddy.
Rachael Yamagata
So I just came out here to Los Angeles with a bunch of buddies I had gone to film school with. You know, for better or worse, we just tried to slug it out here.
Danny McBride
As a songwriter, oddly enough, my influences were people like Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground, and Buddy Holly. Some psychedelic stuff, too.
Ric Ocasek
Why’s it so sunny?” she repeated. Zooey observed her rather narrowly. “I bring the sun wherever I go, buddy,” he said.
J. D. Salinger
Now listen, buddy, there are a few corny ideas you got to get out of your head if you’re going to fly an airplane. Most things are just the reverse from what people think. The higher you are the safer you are. The Earth down there, that, that-s your enemy because once you hit that, boy, you splatter.
Dalton Trumbo
Dealing with sketch comedy and buddy teams like Abbott and Costello, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby – I just loved buddy comedies.
Drake Bell
Sorry, are you telling me that your demon-slaying buddies need to be driven to their next assignment with the forces of darkness by my mom?
Cassandra Clare
‘205’ should be called ‘Buddy Murphy Live.’ The championship is on my shoulder, and so is the show.
Buddy Murphy
Actors are actors. They’re all buddies. I’ve done so many movies and TV that you get to be friends with everyone. And the ones you don’t get to be friends with, you simply don’t work together with them again.
Michael Rooker
People like B.B. King told me I was a `star` and told me I was `the future of blues` – and Buddy Guy, too, … They told me, `You`re it, son; go on out there.
Larry Coryell
I had a buddy of mine call up the other day, all upset ’cause he slept with his third cousin. And I’m like, Man, if it upsets you that much, quit countin’ them!
Larry the Cable Guy
Once we’re done filming, we’re all buddy buddy, laying all over each other and grooming each other and just helping each other out. They never show any of that kind of stuff. You can’t do RuPaul’s Best Friends Race!
Chi Chi DeVayne
Lifestyle is an terrible, unpleasant put to not have a very finest buddy.
Sarah Dessen
Did you hear this? They say now Osama bin Laden and his buddy Mullah Omar have left Afghanistan dressed as women. They dressed up as women and went across the border into Pakistan. I think they’re going to make a movie about it. They’re going to call it ‘Some like it Jihad.’
David Letterman
Once I opened up a fortune cookie and inside was the guy’s cheque next to me I said hey buddy I got your cheque he said thanks.
Rodney Dangerfield
To me, meeting Buddy Guy was like meeting a piece of history.
Angus Young
I prefer to stroll which has a buddy at nighttime, than by itself inside the light.
Helen Keller
It was like fighting with the MPAA… to me it was like this is an R easy… but it was NC 17 over and over and even with this cut they were like, you are right on the edge buddy, one more thing and it’s NC-17.
Rob Zombie
Coming out of my first yoga class, I was astonished that there were nothing but hot girls there. Just 55 girls, Bobby Shriver, who’s a buddy of mine, and myself. I came out of class, I was so high. I been sober 26 years, but I’m an ex-druggie.
Russell Simmons
When I was younger it was, you know, my dad dressed up in drag on ‘Bosom Buddies.’ And that was what I was having to deal with at the time. And then around the time that I was into college was when he became statue-worthy I guess you could say.
Colin Hanks
I couldn’t sing without a guitar. I like the way it feels to sing and be holding a guitar, even if I’m not playing it that much. All my idols that I grew up liking always had a guitar on them, but they didn’t play it – Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Lou Reed, Elvis Costello. It’s like having a partner with you.
Albert Hammond, Jr.
You know, sometimes guys work with other guys because they’re buddies off the track, not necessarily because they’re buddies on the track. Sometimes you’ve got that going against you or for you.
Jeff Gordon
I didn’t realize Metallica was as big as they were. I just thought it was my buddy Kirk’s band – we went to high school together. I wasn’t really following metal.
Les Claypool
In high school, I went to a place called the Mountain School. It’s on a farm in Vermont, and I read Emerson and Thoreau and ran around the woods. Now I go hiking with a bunch of my comedy buddies. We talk about our emotions. I also do a lot of writing on hikes, just to get the blood flowing and the ideas moving.
Nick Kroll
I miss all of my old friends who have passed away. Sometimes you just don’t understand why they were taken so soon. I loved and miss Johnny Cash. I miss my old buddy Johnny Paycheck, who happens to be buried in an area of the cemetery that I bought for my family.
George Jones
I just kind of assumed that you do a movie and then you leave and you hop onto the next thing. I never thought that people are actually buddies.
Gabrielle Union
I just love music, and I’m not as genre specific as most songwriters. A lot of my buddies just listen to country, or just Americana, or whatever their style is, and I just listen to everything.
Kevin Fowler
I am my father’s daughter. It was not up to me growing up. I was his hunting and fishing buddy, so I’ve been shooting my whole life.
Amber Heard
My buddy Tim Bass he’s a-workin’ pumpin gas, and he makes two fifty for an hour. He’s got rhythm in his hands as he’s tappin’ on the cans, sings rock and roll in the shower.
Jon Stewart
I mean, Sting is one of my great buddies and I love him to death.
Elton John
My buddy tells me a lot of interesting stories about what goes on in prison – it just makes my head spin about what they deal with on a day-to-day basis.
Aaron Douglas
I have my loyal cyber-buddies out there, and I really do answer my e-mail. I’m in my pajamas at 3 in the morning with my zit medicine on. I owe everything to them.
Cindy Margolis
When I’m doing the Justice League stuff, my point of view is always coming through Buddy. And he’s a dad, and there’s stuff about his life that I relate to with my life, and I can also take the abilities of animals, which a lot of people don’t know about me.
Jeff Lemire
More than any other president, save perhaps John F Kennedy, whose father ran a film studio, and Ronald Reagan, a leading man and governor of California, Trump is on a buddy basis with media moguls, a speed dialer with the heads of studios and media conglomerates.
Michael Wolff
I wanted to know how Jackie felt about [John F. Kennedy], and I got to know Rachel “Bunny” Mellon. Bunny and her were buddies. I asked, “How do you know what Jackie knew?” And Bunny said, “She told me.”… Jackie called him “Magic.” Bunny said she just picked her man. That was it. This was the guy she loved.
Chris Matthews
I plug into a lot of old rock & roll. Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis – I love all that stuff.
Angus Young
Hey buddy, don’t you be no square, if you can’t find a partner use a wooden chair.
Elvis Presley
I feel like I’ve got a novel in me somewhere, but that’s something… I was just talking to a buddy of mine about it, who’s a writer as well, and he’s nearly done with his first novel, and it’s taken him 11, 12 years to do it. And I can totally understand; it’s a long process.
Corey Taylor
Mancini was a big part of my life. I sang a lot of his music, and he became a good buddy.
Johnny Mathis
I’m on backslapping terms with everyone from Sanjay Dutt to Sanjay Kapoor. That’s why wives never feel threatened by my presence in their husband’s lives. They know if I’m their husband’s friend, I’m the wife’s buddy as well.
Raveena Tandon
Guys like Henry and his buddies were an accident waiting to happen; the little kids’ version of floods or tornadoes or gallstones.
Stephen King
I’m working at trying to be a Christian, and that’s serious business. It’s like trying to be a good Jew, a good Muslim, a good Buddhist, a good Shintoist, a good Zoroastrian, a good friend, a good lover, a good mother, a good buddy – it’s serious business.
Maya Angelou
I was traveling down the road with a buddy and there’s a guy driving around in a jeep with a dead deer strapped to the hood. My buddy says to me you think he’s been hunting? Nope, They’re probably giving them away with the purchase of every jeep. Here’s your sign!
Bill Engvall
I’m sorry,” Butch croaked. “Oh God, I’m so sorry…” V put his arm out and curled it around the cop. Pulling the male close to his chest, he laid his head down on his buddy’s. “It’s okay,” He said roughly. “It’s all right. It’s okay…You did the right thing.
J.R. Ward
When I was very young, I got my first opportunity in television with a show called ‘Surfing the Menu,’ and it was myself and another buddy. We traveled around Australia and we surfed and cooked and drank too much wine. And we had a lot of fun.
Curtis Stone
And the old horror of being a professional writer, and the usual stench of words that goes with it, is begining to drive me out of my seat. (Buddy)
J. D. Salinger
Usually, you don’t really end up lifelong buddies with your co-stars.
Lea Thompson
Fortunately for me, I was able to see the newspaper and saw that they were hiring in a new program called the Cedar Program, and I recall going to one of my Olympic buddies and saying, “Hey, man, this might be a shot in the arm for us. Let’s go down and apply for these Cedar jobs.”I took a job as a gardener caretaker.
John Carlos
We’re not dead yet.” – Sundown “Yet is the operative word. If that’s all that’s in the way, I’ll kill you and end it. Ren? Give me your knife.” – Sasha “It’s their decision.” – Ren “Oh, that’s it. You’re fired buddy. Get off my island until you learn to be a team player.” – Sasha
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Hidan: That was pitiful! What happened there, buddy? Kakuzu: You should talk. I wasn’t the one who fell for a shadow clone! Hidan: Ahaha, right. You saw that?
Masashi Kishimoto
My father left our family for his ‘yoga buddy’ in 1984, when I was 15. I always stayed in touch with him – I had a deep need to be connected to my father, even though it could be painful at times. I shunned the yoga community because of his actions but eventually realized that yoga could be the antidote to my pain.
Mandy Ingber
What strikes me most about Best Buddies International is the simplicity and magnitude of the mission. Friendship is a simple idea.
Tom Brady
You talk to – I had a good fortune of getting to spend a lot of time with Uncle Miltie and guys like Buddy Hackett before they passed away.
Ralphie May
I punched my buddy in the nose after lunch, now I’m in trouble cause the dean saw the punch.
Bobby Vee
Justice Rehnquist was friendly and unpretentious. He wore scuffed Hush Puppy shoes. That was my first lesson. Clothes do not make the man. The Justice sported long sideburns and Buddy Holly glasses long after they were fashionable. And he wore loud ties that I am confident were never fashionable.
John Roberts
Coach,” Annabeth said, “it was an accident. We were talking, and we fell asleep.” “Besides,” Percy said, “you’re starting to sound like Terminus.” Hedge narrowed his eyes. “Is that an insult, Jackson? ‘Cause I’ll-I’ll Terminus you, buddy!
Rick Riordan
From Day One, I’ve told [my troops] that killing is not wrong if it’s for a purpose, if it’s to keep your nation free or protect your buddy, one of the most noble things you can do is kill the enemy.
Douglas A. Zembiec
You ever hear Buddy Miles play the drums? You know, he doesn’t vary the tempo at all.
Miles Davis
Well, I knew instantly when I met my wife what a good relationship it was, compared with what I had been doing for the previous 20-odd years. She is my buddy, my partner, my friend. And part of being a comedian is that it’s your job to look at life and regurgitate it in a funny way, to point out its absurdities.
Greg Behrendt
I’d love to be [one of MacGyver’s buddies]. I’d watch that one and just think, wow, what a life. Living in Hawaii, driving around in someone’s Ferrari, and solving mysteries.
Rhys Darby
I’m never going to get married.” “You’re crazy.” Buddy brightened. “You’ll change your mind.” “No. My mind’s made up.
Sylvia Plath
Get your friends involved. Let your shopping buddies know that you’re on a tight budget, and they can help you out when your willpower starts to weaken at the mall.
Jean Chatzky
My dad always believed in me. He was always kind of, ‘All right, buddy, if that’s what you want to do…’ My mom was always more of a realist.
Cole Swindell
Fear and I were old buddies, despite my best efforts to the contrary.
Peter Straub
That’s sort of a trick question, and I don’t have a trick answer. Next question, please. You’re not going to get me with that question today, buddy…I’m a veteran at this, buddy. Can’t get that with me, buddy. Not today.
Shaquille O’Neal
The best way to get to know the place you are traveling in is to walk around… and the best way to walk around is with comfortable shoes! Grab your travel buddy and your running shoes and go explore!
Laura Marano
I have a band that I started with a buddy of mine, a Vietnam veteran pal named Kimo Williams from Chicago.
Gary Sinise
I’m not buddy-buddy with the players. If they need a buddy, let them buy a dog.
Whitey Herzog
When I face an opponent in the cage, it doesn’t really matter who they are. Whether they’re my buddy, like Scott Jorgensen, or someone I don’t like, like Dominick Cruz, I’m going in there and realizing this guy is trying to hurt me, and that’s what I’m going to do to him. I try to keep it real basic.
Urijah Faber
But Buddy was an upper. He was happy. He loved music, and he was really happy. I don’t know… I don’t believe in reincarnation at all, but if all that stuff is true, then he might have been on his last time around.
Waylon Jennings
A lot of my girlfriends like baggy oversized stuff and put on menswear already. And I also wanted something that my boyfriends – my gay and straight buddies – could wear. I wanted something for everyone.
Chloe Sevigny
In my wildest imagination, I never thought that the fifth of six children born to Helen and Buddy Watts – in a poor black neighborhood, in the poor rural community of Eufaula, Oklahoma – would someday be called Congressman.
J. C. Watts
Treat people kindly. When you are kind to somebody and I don’t mean necessarily “buddy-buddy”, just show kindness and consideration. Show that people are worthy and you respect them and you are glad they’re with you.
Colin Powell
Most guys my age have girlfriends and drinking buddies on their speed dial. Me, I have the Memphis CDC.
Mira Grant
Buddy Holly and the early rock ‘n’ roll was no lighter than the way I play. It’s very minimal.
Joni Mitchell
It’s a fun thing to do: Go to a shooting range with a buddy, knock off a few rounds, release stress.
Laurie Holden
My buddies, we’ve always just tried to make each other laugh. I mean, just like all friends hanging out – that’s the goal.
Adam Sandler
I love playing rock music, man. You give me a guitar in my hands, and I go out there, and, for me, it’s like…you know, some dudes like hunting, fishing, going out and playing ball in the backyard with their buddies on a rainy day. I like being out with my buddies playing rock guitar. That’s what I love to do.
Robby Takac
I would say ‘American Werewolf in London’ is like an unconventional buddy movie: even if the buddy dies 20 minutes in, he still remains throughout the picture, and their partnership is one of the best things in the movie.
Edgar Wright
A lot of my buddies enjoy the writing part or the studio part, and I love the live show part. That’s the reason I got into all this, to play keg parties and bars. I still love playing live.
Kevin Fowler
You have a couple of buddies sleep over, and, you know, you play cops and robbers. That I’m getting paid to do it now is kind of funny.
Chris O’Donnell
You can’t tell your best buddy that you love him.
John Mellencamp
I worked with Devin Kelley on ‘Resurrection,’ and Mekhi Phifer has been a long time buddy.
Nicholas Gonzalez
We come from the days when rap used to agitate the mainstream. Now it’s more buddy-buddy. That doesn’t sit well with me. So what we need is [a bit more] street politics, bringing up issues, agitating you a little bit. And nothing can agitate you more now than a terrorist threat.
Ice Cube
I’ve got a buddy who will not watch me because he’ll say ‘I don’t know who that dude is.’
Ed Gordon
When I was young in L.A. and I couldn’t get into clubs or restaurants, I would call imitating celebrities and get a table, and it would work often. I was either Stallone or Mickey Rourke: ‘This is Sly. I may be late, but my buddy Hank will be there early.’
Hank Azaria
The road has taken a lot of the great ones: Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, Janis, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis.
Robbie Robertson
The only method to possess a buddy is always to be one.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
You spend so much time writing a character the way I did with Buddy Baker and then Green Arrow that you start to care about them. And you almost think of them as people, you know?
Jeff Lemire
The prime minister of Ireland will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at the White House. So finally the Secret Service agents will have a drinking buddy.
Conan O’Brien
As far as drummers are concerned, when I was a child growing up I was really attracted to artists like Gene Kupra and Louis Bellson and Buddy Rich; a lot of the drummers that played in the popular big bands of the ’40s. I would listen to their records.
Bill Ward
Buddy of mine once told me that he’d rather fly a jet than kiss his girl. Said it gave him more of a kick.
Jerry O’Connell
The only use for a knife during a shark attack is pure treachery: Stab your buddy, swim like hell, and hope the munchies take him.
Tim Cahill
I moved to Los Angeles in January 2004 because a buddy of mine, who I met at a friend’s wedding, said he could get me a room in his apartment for $500 a month. I took it thinking that it would probably only be about six months before I moved back to Chicago, but I fell in love with it.
Jake Johnson
I loved rock and roll when that came in, Bill Haley, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, all those great records. So I begged my mom and dad for a guitar, which eventually they did get me for Christmas, but it went out of tune very quickly, and it hurt my fingers.
Ian McLagan
Well, my career choice made a difference because I never would have met my wife, Jenny. I met her through comedian Buddy Hackett. He set us up on a blind date and then we got married.
Bob Newhart
Eddie Cochran – I never got to see him live, but he could play. Him and Buddy Holly, they were the best guitarists. They could get a good raunchy beat going.
I tried to pretend that I was sitting in the stands with a buddy watching the game – poking him in the ribs when something exciting happened.
Curt Gowdy
A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine, we pulled his boat into the dock, I lifted up this big ‘ol stringer of bass and this idiot on the dock goes, Hey, y’all catch all them fish? Nope – Talked ’em into giving up. Here’s your sign.
Bill Engvall
Every morning just before breakfast I don’t want no coffee or tea, just me and my good Buddy Wieser, that’s all I ever need.
George Thorogood
Unlike the LeBrons and A-Rods of the world, anointed as special from pre-K, Matt Leinart exudes an approachability rarely seen in superstars. It’s why kids on the autograph line chat him up like a buddy with whom they could stay up late playing Xbox.
Stephen Rodrick
Happy 60th Birthday, good buddy.
How are you dealing with your awful debility,
lessened utility and loss of mobility?
John Walter Bratton
My thing is, and I’ve always been this way – to get to know as many people as I possibly can on a personal level, so that way, when you get on the football field, you’ve got your buddy right beside you, and you’re ready to go.
Russell Wilson
I thought, ‘My God, this is like Buddy Guy on acid.’
Eric Clapton
You need a wisecracking buddy standing next to you? That’s the role for me. You got the guys who are knock-down, drag-out handsome. That’s what people want to see. Let that guy be the hero. But there’s always a role for the Everyman.
Billy Gardell
It was a lot of fun in the back of that bus with Ritchie Valens, Buddy and The Big Bopper sharing each other’s songs.
Dion DiMucci
My best advice is to work out with a buddy. They keep you motivated and get you out of bed.
Heidi Klum
For me there’s always a line or two in a script, when you hit it you almost decide to do the whole movie off a line or two. You almost do it for the fun of getting to say a line or two like that. I don’t have any specific plans, you know. I mean, if Seth Rogen calls with a great buddy pic, I’ll be there.
Edward Norton
I wanted to do Buddy Faro as a small budget movie. They said no. So I wanted to do it as a series of recurring TV movies, and they said no. So I agreed to do it as a series.
Dennis Farina
My mom is my 3 A. M. phone call, my annual road trip buddy, the connective tissue between my father, sister and me – and one of the funniest people I know.
Brianna Keilar
My best artist friend is definitely Jason Aldean. He and I really get along great and are really great friends. It’s fun to tour with a buddy and somebody that I just enjoy hanging out with. If we weren’t touring together, we’d be hunting in the off-season still and knocking around doing stuff, certainly.
Luke Bryan
I went to a Buddy Guy concert when I was, like, seven years old.
Gabriella Wilson
I’ve always been curious about why one man jumps out of a foxhole with a grenade and charges a machine gun nest, and his buddy next to him sits there cowering. And my feeling is that the difference is tiny between the two.
Stephen Lang
Besides that, I felt guilty. I thought for some reason… I was alive, and Buddy and those boys were dead, and I didn’t know how, but somehow I’d caused it.
Waylon Jennings
The difference between winning nineteen games and winning twenty for a pitcher is bigger than anyone out of baseball realizes. It’s the same for hitters – someone who hits .300 looks back on the guy who batted .295 and says ‘tough luck buddy.
Warren Spahn