Budgets Quotes

Budgets Quotes by James Marsh, Donald Trump, Mary-Louise Parker, Barack Obama, Nicholas Bloom, Rand Paul and many others.

I've always worked very efficiently on small budgets, b

I’ve always worked very efficiently on small budgets, both in documentaries and in features.
James Marsh
Using these new funds, I will ask my secretary of defense to propose a new defense budget to meet the following longtime goals.
Donald Trump
I feel like movies, if there’s any kind of budget whatsoever, there’s so much sitting, and I really like to work. Otherwise my blood sugar just drops, you know, six hours sitting in a camper.
Mary-Louise Parker
To try to blackmail a president into giving them some concessions on issues that have nothing to do with the budget.
Barack Obama
The Brexiteers promised their supporters wonderful things, almost none of which can ever come true. The billions that London transfers to Brussels will most certainly not land in the budget of the country’s National Health Service. Brexit is going to be very bitter for many of its supporters.
Nicholas Bloom
If there are few conservatives in the senate wing of the Republican Party that will say no to a budget that never balances, we could have the power to say to the leadership, you know what, need a better budget.
Rand Paul
To do what we are doing in this budget to our children, cutting their health care funds, decreasing opportunity, simply so we can pay for tax cuts and a war in Iraq is beyond belief, and we need to reverse it
Tom Allen
Our first idea is a grand opening, a big launch, a press release, or major media coverage. We default to thinking we need an advertising budget. Our delusion is that we should be Transformers and not The Blair Witch Project.
Ryan Holiday
The United States has a huge budget deficit so taxes are going to have to go up and I certainly agree they should go up more on the rich than everyone else. That – that’s just justice.
Bill Gates
In an ideal world, I’d bounce between big projects and no-budget TV dramas with fantastic scripts. A lot of Hollywood films tend to be bloated, bombastic, loud. At the same time, I do like the infrastructure of making a blockbuster; it’s like having a big train set.
David Yates
I support responsible spending, and balancing the budget, but this tax cut and the budget cuts of last month accomplish neither of these goals.
Marty Meehan
I think we have lost track of a core Republican principle of limited government and balancing budgets and restraining federal spending. We have got to change the system.
Sam Brownback
Because my movies are not successful, they are not shown. So I make a living from the budget.
Jean-Luc Godard
We got a malaria initiative, really a phenomenal time, even though in the early stages there was some uncertainty. Then of course [Barack] Obama, although he had budget constraints, he believed in these things; a lot of new initiatives, including in agriculture.
Bill Gates
Eisenhower admitted that the budget can’t be balanced and McCarthy said the communists are taking over. You don’t know what to worry about these days – whether the country will be overthrown or overdrawn.
Bob Hope
It is great to be a part of big-budget movies, but it is harder to feel like you are contributing, in the sense that it has such big machinery behind it.
Naomie Harris
No matter how you look at it, one person cannot be evaluated and paid in isolation of budgets.
Steven Sinofsky
I believe very firmly that we can get to balanced budgets without raising taxes and without cutting transfers to the provinces or to individuals.
Andrew Scheer
I’m coming to Washington D.C. to do the people’s work, and the people’s work has to do with – reducing spending, and –
cutting budgets, and – and trying to get a grip on the size of government.
Ken Buck
I do love directing. I’m only comfortable working in the independent film arena for a very small budget where I have creative control and I can put my stamp on it.
Vera Farmiga
Cyberattacks have become a permanent fixture on the international scene because they have become easy and cheap to launch. Basic computer literacy and a modest budget can go a long way toward invading a country’s cyberspace.
Evgeny Morozov
Any sensible family has a budget that lays out how much will be spent for household and other purposes. Without such planning, things would quickly go awry.
Walter Ulbricht
I opposed Clinton’s budget deal in 1997 because he brought in $115 billion cut in Medicare that created greater pressure for providers not to participate.
Dave Obey
It’s wrong for libraries to have limited budgets.
Jo Walton
I love shopping on a budget. I believe that more fashion mistakes are made by people with deep pockets than by those who shop on a budget.
Tim Gunn
In an ideal world, I’d bounce between big projects and no-budget TV dramas with fantastic scripts.
David Yates
The biggest challenge [making Pineapple Express] was that we had a comedy budget. We really got excited the more we got into the development of it about blowing stuff up and having shoot outs. That stuff costs money.
Seth Rogen
I’m still a conservative, you know, someone who believes in limited government and balanced budgets and the Constitution.
Charlie Sykes
It’s a world creation show [Shadowhunters], so we’ve gotta work hard in the physical production capacity with the visual effects, the sets and everything. It’s not just the real world with two people chatting in a diner. That’s tough on a television budget.
Joseph McGinty Nichol
It’s like low-budget filmmaking – a focus on dialogue and relationships over plot. Quirky. Improv.
James Franco
And there are a lot of groups or mayors that might say, hey, I need the money. I have budget deficit, so I have to do it and they do it. It doesn’t matter what the community wants or where the money comes from?
Eric Bolling
As long as you keep your budgets small, there’s a way of making films.
Andrea Arnold
I had learned many years ago in private business never to take responsibility without adequate authority; and the new Secretary of Defense, as budgets were sharply cut, quickly found that out.
Stuart Symington
Congress did not pass last year’s 2006 budget proposals. The 2007 budget proposals are very similar, and once again unfairly target agriculture. I expect Congress to reject them again.
Saxby Chambliss
Coolidge thought budgets were virtuous. He had his econ straight. He didn’t just cut taxes, he also cut the budget.
Amity Shlaes
[Puerto Rico] losing not just taxpayers, but professionals, people who are vital to their communities. I don’t think that is good. So undoubtedly, if what we are facing in Puerto Rico in terms of budget and debt goes on, if it continues, it would be a disaster for the island.
Marco Rubio
Orson Welles, one of the best of the best. One of the strongest. As strong as an animal. He somehow was pushed out of the business because he would spend the entire budget of the film before he had even done half the pre-production.
Werner Herzog
If we cannot return to fiscal integrity because the public prefers profusion and prodigality over balanced budgets, we cannot escape paying the price, which is ever lower incomes and standards of living for all.
Hans F. Sennholz
And yes, it is harder to make movies because budgets are getting smaller, and the companies stocks are down. The only good news on the horizon is that box office has been up by something like 23% from last year, which is great for us. It’s still the cheapest form of entertainment.
Jerry Bruckheimer
Inhumane treatment of the undocumented cannot be rewarded with repeated budget increases. It goes against our country’s most fundamental values and cannot continue. We must cut I.C.E.s budgets until these concerns are addressed.
Mike Quigley
I had about the biggest, longest wish list anyone could have, and 99 percent of what I wanted to get on the screen we got on the screen within our schedule and within our budget and within our resources.
Brad Bird
It’s good news that he is proposing to restore budget cuts that he made, but the reality is that he is still proposing a 4.5 percent increase in tuition that’s above inflation.
James Rosapepe
We couldn’t afford test screenings. This is a relatively low-budget movie [Don Jon]. But what we did have was the festival circuit.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Since Star Wars, that film’s success led to bigger budgets, more hardware, that the great movies like the ones I did, which were studio movies, are now independent movies. They range from half a million to several million, and a lot of those have very interesting roles.
Faye Dunaway
I just like to do work that inspires me, and I don’t pay any attention to whether it’s a high- or low-budget movie.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I’m not the guy to get big record company budgets. My budget is Britney Spears’ catering money.
The biggest problem with the independent film sector in Toronto is that they find themselves having to make that budget show on screen.
Atom Egoyan
I find shoestrings very hard work. I like big budgets.
Julie Harris
Being a defense hawk and a budget hawk are not mutually exclusive.
Pete Hegseth
The people of Illinois sent me to Springfield to end the era of unbalanced budgets and runaway debt.
Bruce Rauner
I get a headache when I hear supporters of this endless warfare complaining about the federal budget deficits. They’re like arsonists complaining about the smell of smoke in the neighborhood.
Bob Herbert
Budget grows out of the story. If you’re writing a story with people caught in an elevator for most of the film, you’re pretty sure it won’t be a $200 million movie.
J. Michael Straczynski
Possibly the only genre that efficiently converted from TV to YouTube / Vine is sketch comedy, which has always had more to do with the skills of its creators than its budgets.
Hank Green
A Congressional Budget Office report released as recent as June 2004 says the system will be able to pay full benefits until 2052, and 80 percent after that.
Grace Napolitano
The 9/11 Commission strongly recommends that the National Intelligence Director be fully in control of the budget, from developing it to implementing it, to ensuring that the National Intelligence Director has the clout to make decisions.
Leonard Boswell
The budget for nuclear forces in the United States is on the order of $25 billion or so. That includes warheads, delivery systems, command and control; does not include environmental clean-up, which is another maybe $10 billion or so. So that’s about 5% of the U.S. military budget.
John Burroughs
I will not cut our military budget by a trillion dollars, which is a combination of the budget cuts Barack Obama has, as well as the sequestration cuts. That, in my view, is making our future less certain and less secure.
Mitt Romney
One of the issues that we professional newspaper columnists are required by union regulations to voice grave concern about is the federal budget deficit, which we refer to as the “mounting” deficit, because every extra word helps when you have to produce a certain number of gravely concerned newsprint inches.
Dave Barry
First of all, for me the secret is in the ingredients. You don’t need to start spending fortunes on organic foods and start becoming way over budget. The better the ingredient, the littler that needs doing to it.
Gordon Ramsay
Our public schools need to be in the control of parents and the community, as opposed to businessmen who see the $23 billion budget as a means to giving no-bid contracts to their cronies.
Charles Barron
There’s still another problem which puzzles a lot of people – whether or not a baby will come within the budget. Our sentimental advice is to have one anyway, if you want one and have been through the marriage ceremony. The people who wait till they can afford a baby seldom have one at all except by surprise.
Marjorie Hillis
Cutting the space budget really restores my faith in humanity. It eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation.
Johnny Hart
And I like being able to go back and forth, and I don’t really care if it’s a small budget or big budget or studio or independent, as long as it’s got a story that’s compelling and there’s enough money to make the picture.
Griffin Dunne
As Indiana’s governor, I balanced eight budgets, never raised taxes, and left the largest surplus in state history. It wasn’t always easy. Cuts had to be made and some initiatives deferred. Occasionally I had to say ‘no.’
Evan Bayh
Well there are tough decisions necessary in budgets. I agree there are tough decisions necessary to ensure the long-term health of the budget. What I don’t accept and will never accept is that those decisions must be unfair as a matter of course.
Chris Bowen
It’s all right to agree or disagree on the balanced budget amendment. It’s all right to talk about how we’re going to appropriate.
Sheila Jackson Lee
Having a trade deficit and a budget deficit, it’s two different things.
Stephanie Ruhle
What’s amazing to me? General Electric has a bigger budget for – special interest budget than all of the oil companies combined, and yet nobody says anything.
Glenn Beck
And it is crucial of course that chief constables are able to make decisions within their budgets about how they deploy their police officers to the greatest effect to ensure that they’re able to do the job that the public want them to do.
Theresa May
While I am not a scientist, and write primarily on economics, tax policy and budget issues, I have been fascinated over the years by Heartland’s work on climate change.
Peter Ferrara
It’s a combination of yes – making a movie about the characters – and then, also, budget.
Ti West
Another ingredient in a happy marriage: Budget the luxuries first!
Robert A. Heinlein
You could go out with a camcorder tomorrow and make a movie with virtually no money, but promoting a tiny low-budget movie costs $20 million. And the money they spend on the big movies is astronomical.
Amy Heckerling
I’m always attracted to lower budget, not because it’s lower budget, but because they tend to be better scripts.
Helena Bonham Carter
Finally, assuming that many of those are fulfilled, which won’t be easy in tight budget times, we’re taking the supply side at the basic research level, because that’s where government is absolutely fundamental.
Bill Gates
If there’s a severe recession, the automatic stabilizers will come into effect, and we will still try to reduce the structural deficit, but we will not try to keep cutting the budget so that we keep worsening a severe recession.
Franklin Raines
Always changing genres, making very different films is a good idea. It’s a way of making yourself feel vulnerable again, getting back to that innocence. As is working within a circumspect budget.
Danny Boyle
My friend James Cameron and I made three films together – True Lies, The Terminator and Terminator 2. Of course, that was during his early, low-budget, art-house period.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
I am in favor of reducing all budget items. But the item I don’t want to reduce is the pension expenditure because it affects the weakest part of society.
Mariano Rajoy
[Donald Trump] supports the modernization of the U.S. nuclear arsenal, while complaining about budget expenditures. He presumably intends to go forward with the $1 trillion nuclear modernization plan.
David Krieger
At the enterprise level, businesses have the talent and budget to create and enforce policies that prevent staffers from installing things themselves.
Jeff Duntemann
I learned from Ridley [Scott] how to come out of the trailer at a fast walk and make your decisions and keep it going. We were very much on time and under budget, as they say. That was a very important thing for me and very satisfactory.
William Monahan
I knew that if I wanted to really maintain control, I would have to keep the budget down. And I did. And I feel very fortunate that – y’know, this movie [Don Jon] – frame for frame, line for line – is exactly what I wanted it to be. Nobody made me change anything.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I think everybody’s contemplating TV now, because mid-level and high-budget independent films are not being made now.
Billy Bob Thornton
We are committed to achieving the fiscal deficit target announced in the budget.
Narendra Modi
My parents, and especially my mother, always made films in a very artisanal kind of way. Her office was at home. She was always filming low budget stuff and including her family inside. It was more a way of life. I related to that from the beginning.
Mathieu Demy
Shooting on location and dressing locations in Los Angeles is shockingly expensive, especially when you’re talking about webseries-level budgets, so the opportunity to build our sets in YouTube’s space gives us a lot more room in our budget in being able to create the world of ‘VGHS’ properly.
Freddie Wong
If you have a lot of money, you know that you can make almost anything happen, but with a smaller budget you don’t have a lot of time or too many resources, so you have to conceive things in a very simple manner and make them happen fast.
Rob Zombie
The poor have been sent to the front lines of a federal budget deficit reduction war that few other groups were drafted to fight.
Marian Wright Edelman
The very hirelings of the press, whose trade it is to buoy up the spirits of the people… have uttered falsehoods so long, they have played off so many tricks, that their budget seems, at last, to be quite empty.
William Cobbett
I read in the press, and therefore it must be true, that no secretary of defense had ever been quoted as arguing for a bigger budget for State.
Robert M. Gates
Decreasing the budget on the space exploration is nothing but a great treason to humanity! Space exploration is closely related to our very existence! Cut the budget on other things and increase the budget on the space exploration! Think great; if you do not think great, universe annihilates you!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Just as we should never balance the budget on the backs of the poor, so it is an economic delusion to think you can balance it only on the wallets of the rich.
George Osborne
[Rex] Tillerson himself has no deputy, for example. Latest plans from the [Donald Trump’s] administration call for a 37 percent cut to the agency`s budget, 37 percent.
Rachel Maddow
You can’t have euro bonds without more interconnection among the national budget policies.
Jean-Claude Juncker
The perception that ‘Indians can’t make superhero films’ needs to change. We can make superhero films in the budgets given to us.
Remo D’Souza
We need to balance the budget and force Washington to stop spending more than it takes in.
Joni Ernst
In order to have the success with ‘Empire,’ you have to have Fox; you have to have huge P&A. You have to have huge budgets for the show. I’m pretty confident that the budget of ‘Empire’ is six times what I’m spending on ‘Have And Have Nots.’
Tyler Perry
By necessity, budgets require hard choices.
Sam Graves
We need more transparency and accountability in government so that people know how their money is being spent. That means putting budgets online, putting legislation online.
Carly Fiorina
Help me find more money in my budget!
Elisabeth Leamy
Feature films seem geared toward very large budgets, action, broad comedy. That seems to dominate all year where it used to be relegated to summer.
Holly Hunter
I made a few movies in Holland for a lot of TV series. I came to Los Angeles and for the last 10 years, I made a lot of feature films – all kinds of low budget action movies for the studios.
Roel Reine
Businesses should absolutely set aside funding in their budgets for security consultants. Unless there is an expert on staff, and there usually is not, it needs to be outsourced.
Kevin Mitnick
The largest portion of our state budget is Health and Human Services. It will grow by approximately $500 million. A half a billion dollars is a very big number.
Mitt Romney
Yeah, it was always a low-budget passion project. It’s my directing debut. I’ve always wanted to make an improv movie because I have so much experience in it, but it’s not a big studio movie. It was an experiment that turned out better than I thought.
Matt Walsh
I stay subjective because that’s what I do. That’s one of my abilities. I don’t need to watch it because I’ve had the adventure. I don’t do low-budget acting. I do the same acting, whether I’m in a Jim Cameron or not. I always try to do good work. There’s no snobbery in there
Lance Henriksen
Cuts to defense budgets are already underway…there is now a lot of emphasis starting with the President that we have to build up our capabilities for development aid, resolutions, and getting allies to cooperate more on what needs to be done in the name of security.
James F. Hoge, Jr.
The majority of people are straight, and movies, with their bigger budgets and burdensome marketing costs, will try to appeal to as many people as they can. As the means of production and distribution become more democratized with advances in technology, more gay stories will make their way to the mainstream.
Nina Jacobson
I think we all have limitations, as directors. I don’t care what the budget is, it’s probably never enough money and never enough time. You figure it out. Sometimes the limitations bring more creativity.
Francesca Gregorini
I’m very excited about is that my son Scott is a director and he just finished his first picture. It’s called “Lucky 13”, it’s a low budget picture, it stars Jeremy Dillon, Daryl Hannah and Jami Gertz.
Garry Marshall
The bigger the budget, the less an audience is trusted, and that’s the difference between a big-budget film and a small-budget film.
Peter Hedges
I did Are We There Yet? because I wanted to do a movie for my fans’ kids. Black kids don’t really see movies on this budget for them, starring them. And there’s so many white kids that love that movie.
Ice Cube
[Ecstasy] had its flaws, but again it was shot on a low budget, and they did well. It’s not in the same league as Filth.
Irvine Welsh
Both candidates for president talk about balancing the budget ten years from now. Even if they win, they won’t be in office then.
Virgil Goode
If you’re opposed to the budget I submitted to the General Assembly, you’re for a tax increase.
Matt Blunt
The funds from the sale were put into research and general teaching budgets at the university. Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates, Inc., is now a growing enterprise with many model and other econometric facilities.
Lawrence R. Klein
I’ve got a publicist at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt who’s been working little miracles for me, but it’s true the budgets aren’t what they once were in terms of advertisement and book tours.
Patrick deWitt
The problem for independent filmmakers is that huge companies control all the promotion, all the advertising. Hollywood films’ advertising budgets are as large as their shooting budgets.
Robert Kane Pappas
I was not going to balance the budgets on the backs of communities.
Dannel Malloy
Although we are being presented in Carnegie Hall, we have to furnish a budget for our guest stars, and for the music writing – which is a huge budget in any orchestra that plays popular music.
Skitch Henderson
I hope to always be doing some low budget things.
Rider Strong
Starship Troopers was great. It was great fun to work on something with blue screens and big budget special effects. Denise Richards was nice to look at too, of course.
Neil Patrick Harris
The biggest budget is the military budget. For what? We’re fighting two wars in very small countries that have no nuclear weapons, that have no capabilities to destroy anything. They probably couldn’t even get to America.
Lupe Fiasco
I like working on big budget films.
Freida Pinto
Because television doesn’t offer the kind of budget that a movie offers, you’ve got to be a little more careful where you spend the money to put the fiction in science.
Steven Spielberg
Law Number XVI: In the year 2054, the entire defense budget will purchase just one aircraft. This aircraft will have to be shared by the Air Force and Navy 3-1/2 days each per week except for leap year, when it will be made available to the Marines for the extra day.
Norman Ralph Augustine
When we look at the budget, the budget is bad to a large extent because we have people that have no idea as to what to do and how to buy.
Donald Trump
I mean, the fact of the matter is, Ohio ‘s coming back because we set a clear path, we cut taxes , we balanced our budget , we got credit upgrades when the whole rest of the world , including America , was being downgraded.
John Kasich
I often get questioned about how we came up with the name Weebly. We all know that all of the good domain names are already taken, and we had neither the desire nor budget to try and fit our business into a pre-existing word – so we made one up.
David Rusenko
On the last couple of movies I made – big-budget Hollywood movies – I really missed being able to create my own material.
Rick Moranis
The two-war strategy is just a marketing device to justify a high [military] budget.
Merrill McPeak
Voting to go on strike is not a decision working people take lightly and is always accompanied by a strong sense of injustice at work. The impact of losing a day’s pay is significant, not least for those in the lowest paid jobs who are already on the tightest budgets.
Frances O’Grady
Often GOP political strategy seems like the human wave theory of the Chinese military translated to politics. Where Beijing uses masses of soldiers to overwhelm their adversaries, the GOP uses huge campaign budgets as a substitute for strategy, thought or issues.
Dick Morris
How many people out there really set a budget?
It’s not a cost of doing business when the corporation executives go to jail, and that’s why they fight so hard to make sure the prosecutors’ budget are very limited and that the campaign cash-greased lawmakers keep defending them against being held accountable.
Ralph Nader
Strong advocacy for education, health care and worker safety will be indispensable if they are to get their fair share of President Bush’s austere budget for the next fiscal year.
Arlen Specter
I’ve worked on films where the budgets are almost limitless and you’re in trailers that are bigger than a hotel room. You’re taken care of and the food is amazing, the quality of the job is amazing and then you work on smaller things but it never dictates my happiness or my willingness to go to work.
Dominic Monaghan
A budget must be more than a ledger sheet. It should have a heart and serve as a blueprint for a better quality of life for all residents.
John R. Leopold
The opponents of my budget propose taking $200 million out of our classrooms and instead spending it on a larger school employee pay raise. Our focus should be on making sure our children come first.
Bob Riley
The cost of taxpayer compliance with [the tax code] is over $80 billion per year, more than eight times the cost of the IRS budget
Charles O. Rossotti
The challenges presented by our budget crisis are some of the most difficult we have ever faced. We are – very simply put -adjusting to reality. These times, and our citizens, demand change.
Kathleen Blanco
Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.
James Cameron
You see a lot of so-called architecture that part of the ego trip overpowers the functionality and the budget and all that stuff.
Frank Gehry
We can become very short-sighted in terms of objectives. The first thing to go during times of economic crisis and budget cuts is funding for things that are essential and not-quantifiable, like the arts. Save Big Bird
Julia Stiles
A nation is not a budget, no matter how much ideologues want it to be so.
Steven Weber
The bigger budget films only shoot about a page or two a day, so there’s very specific amount of time spent on detail and getting each tidbit exactly how they want it. In a movie or TV show, you shoot eight or ten pages and you aren’t afforded as much time to do each scene.
Dan Payne
We didn’t actually overspend our budget. The health Commission allocation simply fell short of our expenditure.
Frank Howard Clark
I do want to work on a larger scale with bigger budgets partially as a way to prove that women can do that, for sure. I definitely feel a bit of a responsibility to do that.
Elizabeth Banks
I spent ten years in the private sector, actually learning how business works. I’m the governor of Ohio, and I inherited a state that was on the brink of dying. And we turned it all around with jobs and balanced budgets and rising credit and tax cuts, and the state is unified, and people have hope again in Ohio.
John Kasich
The nominal budget is a poor indicator of the impact of government outlays and revenues.
William Vickrey
In Washington, the air quality today was described as ‘red.’…You know what ‘red’ is? It’s bad for everyone. Not just old people, sick people and babies. When it’s just bad for old people, sick people and babies, that’s called a Republican budget.
Bill Maher
[The US] budget is dominated by the retirement programs, Social Security and Medicare – loosely speaking, the post-cold-war federal government is a big pension fund that also happens to have an army.
Paul Krugman
I don’t have a firm line on balanced budgets.
Jagmeet Singh
States should not balance their budgets on the backs of students.
Arne Duncan
Balanced budget requirements seem more likely to produce accounting ingenuity than genuinely balanced budgets.
Thomas Sowell
I worked for the Office of Management and Budget in the White House, on nuclear energy policy. But I decided it would be much more fun to have a specialty food store, so I left Washington D.C. and moved to the Hamptons. And how glad I am that I did!
Ina Garten
The budget was unlimited, but I exceeded it.
Donald Trump
I didn’t know there were at least as many terrible independent movies as there are big-budget ones. Like, every single year. And bad in a worse way, too. They’re just parodies of themselves sometimes.
Kyle Parker
Scope movies shown on TV letter-boxed are always the big budget movies.
Gaspar Noe
It will be sufficient to point to the enormous burdens which armaments place on the economic, social, and intellectual resources of a nation, as well as on its budget and taxes.
Ludwig Quidde
I feel like I’m long overdue for a “one for me” movie, so I’ve got two low-budget indy personal things I’m working on.
Greg Mottola
We believe in some basic human principles – everyone should have the opportunities not just to survive, but to excel with their God-given talents and abilities. Those are the values that should be reflected in our budgets.
Patrick J. Kennedy
The budget acknowledges the importance of maintaining our ports and waterways to encourage commercial deep-draft navigation and economic competitiveness.
Jeff Landry
We were both [ with Russel Crowe] hand-plucked to do [The Quick and the Death]. He had done Romper Stomper and I had done Gilbert Grape and so we were hand- plucked to do this big budget film. So we were both very bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Leonardo DiCaprio
I actually signed on to do ‘On the Road’ before we started on ‘Tron,’ but we were in flux for a while, just sort of playing the waiting game, trying to get the right budget and the right cast.
Garrett Hedlund
Food and energy account for a significant portion of household budgets, so the Federal Reserve’s inflation objective is defined in terms of the overall change in consumer prices.
Janet Yellen
One of the worst things you can do is have a limited budget and try to do some big looking film. That’s when you end up with very bad work.
Roger Corman
Actors want to work. Give them characters they want to play, or a story they want to tell, and hopefully the budget will follow.
Lorene Scafaria
A budget should reflect the values and priorities of our nation and its people
Mary Landrieu
There is no doubt that directing television has helped hone my directing skills. What television teaches you is to be efficient and to think on your feet. You have to adhere to strict deadlines and budget constraints.
Emilio Estevez
I wanted to do Buddy Faro as a small budget movie. They said no. So I wanted to do it as a series of recurring TV movies, and they said no. So I agreed to do it as a series.
Dennis Farina
What if we gave fifty percent of our discretionary budget to the world’s poor and then counted on the moral power of that action to protect us?
Anne Lamott
I’m seeing more and more books by celebrity authors, and I’m not happy to see them. I’d rather see publishing budgets devoted to genuine talents.
Jabari Asim
The real goal should be reduced government spending, rather than balanced budgets achieved by ever rising tax rates to cover ever rising spending.
Thomas Sowell
The federal budget deficit is the biggest single impediment to revitalizing the American economy.
Alice Rivlin
Domestic discretionary spending on education and health care and the environment has been growing at 2 to 3 percent a year. He says we have to rein it in, but he ignores the spending category that is the big spike in the budget.
John Spratt
When it comes to our military, what we have to think about is not, you know just budgets, we’ve got to think about capabilities.
Barack Obama
I don’t want to get too involved in marketing budgets, online promotions and download set-ups because it would be a bit like Gertrude Stein mapping out a TV campaign. I want to sing. I want visibility. I am essentially Al Martino, not Seymour Stein.
I put forward a budget of what I called “middle-class economics” that continues to be fiscally prudent but makes necessary investments for us to continue the economic momentum and job growth.
Barack Obama
There is no budget for travel for a Shadow Foreign Secretary.
William Hague
If you compare NASA’s annual budget to explore the heavens, that one year budget would fund NOAA’s budget to explore the oceans for 1,600 years.
Robert Ballard
I was a novelist first. But in the mid 80s, I did work in television for ten years. And yes, that was frequently the reaction to my scripts. People would say, you know, George, this is great. We love it, a terrific script, but it would cost five times our budget to shoot this.
George R. R. Martin
Reforming public education, cutting property taxes, fixing adult and child protective services and funding our budget can all occur when Democrats and Republicans engage in consensus and cooperation – not cynicism and combat.
Rick Perry
Three years after starting, by physically doing everything from raising the finance to special effects, we’d finally cobbled together our low budget film.
Yahoo Serious
I really like Jason Blum a lot. We’re friends, and while we make wildly disparate films, we share a philosophy about low-budget filmmaking, about taking chances on young filmmaking, taking risks and obliterating our salary so we can make something cheaply and if it wins everyone wins big.
Mark Duplass
Even a low-budget film costs way more money than a high-priced record. So, it’s mo’ money, mo’ problems. When you have more money, it just creates more people trying to get involved and you have more trouble.
Rob Zombie
I’m a believer that emotions can move mountains, that spirit alone can trump budgets.
Diego Simeone
Although it was constructed in 1536, the New York subway system boasts an annual maintenance budget of nearly $8, currently stolen, and it does a remarkable job of getting New Yorkers from Point A to an indeterminate location somewhere in the tunnel leading to point B.
Dave Barry
The growing role of enterprise social media, plus the growing budgets and authority of CMOs entrusted with choosing the best platforms, translates into an exciting future for apps that harness social potential for large companies.
Ryan Holmes
There are several insights at the heart of the A’s system that I think are wonderful for baseball. One, that it’s a team game. That no one player is going to make that much of a difference to your team, so for god’s sake don’t go blow a quarter of your budget on one guy.
Michael Lewis
President Obama unveiled a $4 trillion budget for 2016 that would increase taxes on the wealthy and spend more money on education. He also made a snowball and put it in the oven, just to see which would last longer, his budget or the snowball.
Jimmy Fallon
If you’re doing movies on a set… many times, I’ve shot the end of a movie in the first week of shooting. Because of locations or budgets or actors’ availability.
Liam Cunningham
I look forward to being a voice of reason in fighting for transparent and accountable budgets.
Ilhan Omar
The current budget that the Republicans are looking at never balances. How can that be fiscally responsible? And how can we look at the public with a straight face and say yes we ran on balanced budgets.
Rand Paul
So many directors are solely focused on their own success in Hollywood and multimillion dollar budgets and deals.
Shirley Knight
There is a difficult leap between talking about balancing the budget and actually doing it.
Kevin Brady
When I became an entrepreneur, I had the knowledge to develop and manage budgets, market products and review legal contracts.
Vivek Wadhwa
When I say that I am opposed to this budget, everyone says, “Well, what do you think the United States should do?” My response is, “Why should the United States do anything?”
Akbar Ganji
The most productive system of finance will always be the least burdensome.
James Madison
We were kind of arrogant when we started and became really humbled as we were doing architecture. It’s really hard to work with budgets and deadlines and all of these collaborators and all of these voices and special interests.
Elizabeth Diller
‘Bahubali’ is not about big budgets, big visuals, or massive marketing. If a hero, producer, and director in Bollywood can have that kind of trust, something even bigger than ‘Bahubali’ is possible.
S. S. Rajamouli
Guns don’t kill people. Video games, the media and Barack Obama’s budget kill people.
Wayne LaPierre
Those who analogize the federal budget to a family’s budget must know nothing about either.
Robert Reich
I think sometimes big budget means explosions! CGI! CGI, the possibilities are so limitless that it begins to be impractical.
Brit Marling
Invariably, what I’m trying to do is more ambitious than the budget, but we manage to do it somehow.
Terry Gilliam
Through Economic Action Plan 2015, our Government will continue to help create jobs, encourage skills development and balance the budget in 2015. I look forward to hearing Canadians’ ideas on what we can do to further support and grow the economy for the benefit of all Canadians.
Kevin Sorenson
On the supply side, for innovation, you’d say, go look at those R&D budgets, and they haven’t moved in the last 20 years. In the case of the US – which is the majority of R&D funding across every category you can name: health, energy, whatever – it’s been about $5 billion a year from the Department of Energy.
Bill Gates
Just trying to get a film made which is always difficult no matter what kind of a budget you have. Not having a budget makes it even more difficult. Having nineteen days and no budget makes it extremely difficult.
Eriq La Salle
A novelty in Polish filmmaking was that it was possible to find funds for a big production. However, at the same time, the state budget committed less and less money to filmmaking.
Andrzej Wajda
The average family exists only on paper and its average budget is a fiction, invented by statisticians for the convenience of statisticians.
Sylvia Porter
Well, I think the president has clearly submitted us a tight budget, but it’s what’s called for if we’re going to get spending under control and keep the economy moving in the right direction, with economic growth and job creation activity.
Thad Cochran
I learned everything I ever need to know about questioning artful dodgers by covering the most artful of them all, Ronald Reagan. For Reagan, performance was as much a part of governing as understanding the details of the federal budget.
Andrea Mitchell
Writing is great because in the writing you never have to… First of all you never have to leave your home. And you never have to meet the test of reality when you’re writing.
Woody Allen
Beyond budget fights, the Obama second-term agenda was supposed to be about passing comprehensive immigration reform.
Juan Williams
My taste in watching things runs from dramas and low-budget films to high-end fantasy/science fiction.
Michael Sheen
I was offered seven deals from seven different major labels between 2009-2011, and to be quite honest… nowadays, you need a hit record, a great radio team, an amazing PR firm, social media, a big budget, a team that is ready to work extremely hard, and the drive and passion to win!
Cheops’ Law: Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.
Robert A. Heinlein
Several unions have agreed to larger employee contributions for their members. Taxpayers are living with cuts and making sacrifices to deal with the reality of California’s budget crisis, state workers are going to have to do the same.
Jerry Brown
I understand all the problems for the Ministry of Defence, of course I do; working within a budget and trying to do so many things is not easy.
Mike Jackson
Not in the constitution, but I would propose a law to the French parliament that provides for reducing the budget deficit year by year, until we have reached a balanced budget by 2017.
Francois Hollande
The only way to meet pressing social needs and be fiscally responsible is to cut the runaway Pentagon budget, which now almost equals the military spending of all other countries in the world combined.
Dennis Kucinich
We’ve got to start worrying about America. And if we don’t start dealing with the debt we have and the deficit spending we have in Washington, politics doesn’t matter, because the American people do realize that they have to balance their budgets.
Marlin Stutzman
From the earliest days, the Rothschilds appreciated the importance of proximity to politicians, the men who determined not only the extent of budget deficits but also the domestic and foreign policies.
Niall Ferguson
Movie logistics never really allow you to do anything but shoot the way the budget dictates.
Christopher Nolan
We finally found out the technique of separating and getting information about where every train would be at any moment. Of course, I went over budget many times, because – as you go along – some things improved, and you get better ideas.
John Hench
I came from Bill Blass, where it was a well-oiled machine and if I said I needed a fabric, it was done. Now, I have to budget everything. I have to take on the role not just as a designer but a business. But Im a glass half-full kind of guy.
Prabal Gurung
Ben Carson seems pretty proud that he knows how big the Medicare budget is. All that money goes to the private sector, but Carson seems to think the private sector would do a lot better if…something. I’m not quite sure what.
Ted Cruz
Once upon a time, government budgets were balanced, our money was sound, the streets were safe, and taxes imposed by all levels of government took less than 10% of our income.
Harry Browne
We say that anytime budgets are balanced and an ample savings account has been set aside, government should just stop collecting taxes. Better to leave that money in the pockets of those who earned it, than to let it burn a hole, as it always does, in the pockets of government
Mitch Daniels
Governing isn’t as easy as you think. Many of you have taken pledges that are contradictory – to balance the budget and cut taxes, for example. You must be honest about the numbers, since our annual deficit now exceeds all discretionary spending combined.
Brian Baird
I get offers to do huge-budget music videos with big production companies all the time, but I have no interest.
I still, by and large, make low-budget Australian films.
Hugo Weaving
I think my husband did a pretty good job in the 1990s. I think a lot about what worked and how we can make it work again, million new jobs, a balanced budget.
Hillary Clinton
I do like the idea of doing something different, maybe doing something that’s more like a genre film. And there are certain actors that I’d like to work with that would go along with working with a bigger budget.
Joe Swanberg
We have creative freedom because of budgets. Ever since I have been doing low budget movies, we’ve really had creative freedom.
Jason Blum
The budgets are much higher now, it costs more to make a movie and the kids that go to see them are into instant gratification. They want things bigger and bigger. I don’t make those kind of movies. I make movies about relationships.
Jerry Weintraub
The Bush Administration claims there is a Social Security crisis only to distract Americans from its serious mismanagement of the federal budget.
Mark Dayton
Build into each budget the cost of hiring and don’t lump yourself with capital investment.
Ann Macbeth
I believe we can balance the scales if Tom Cruise would lower his quote by a mere $29 million… I assure you my salary would not make a difference. My annual salary is the budget for Altoids on one of Tom’s movies.
Alec Baldwin
More personal films, you could make them, but your budgets would be cut down.
Martin Scorsese
I’m a small filmmaker, making my small, low-budget movies, but I’m super lucky to know that everybody reacts differently to my movies. That’s interesting.
Quentin Dupieux
That’s one of the benefits of working on big budget films. You work with people who have a lot of experience and you get to learn a lot.
Liev Schreiber
The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled, the public debt should be reduced and the arrogance of public officials should be controlled.
Ross Perot
Every year the State will be the dog that chases its own tail… engaging in a futile attempt to close a perpetual budget gap.
Richard Codey
The measure in the budget in relation to parental leave pay is based on a simple proposition. Most women across Australia have access to one scheme funded by the taxpayer. Some women have access to two schemes and that’s great.
Tony Abbott
It’s pretty clear that [customers] know what their budgets are now, and what they want to spend it on.
Ben Horowitz
Folks, the most insidious part of this whole health care scheme is that all of these vast medical expenditures will become nothing more than government budget items. We individuals will no longer exist. The relationship between a government and citizen will change forever.
Rush Limbaugh
I am glad that Congress has recently authorized $800,000 to State welfare agencies to expand their day-care services during the remainder of this fiscal year. But we need much more. We need the $8 million in the 1965 budget for the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare allocated to this purpose.
John F. Kennedy
I’m always keeping an eye on the court. Also, when the members of Congress came to his office during the budget debacle of a year and a half back and said, “We want to de-fund Planned Parenthood,” he said, “Not going to happen.” Those apparently were more or less his exact words.
Anna Quindlen
NASA’s annual budget for space exploration could fund NOAA’s budget for ocean exploration for 1600 years.
Robert Ballard
The budgets are runnin’ low, the streets ain’t really got money no more, things are just dryin’ up; I just felt like people needed some motivation, so I took ’em “Overtime.”
Ace Hood
I had a real comfort with being on a set and in particular working with special effects and because of that background, it became much easier for me to base a first time feature film on a low budget cause I was sort of already knew how to do that.
Duncan Jones
Every episode of ‘True Blood’ is like shooting a low budget feature.
Christopher Heyerdahl
After six years of working on low-budget independent films of the too-weird-to-watch variety, being asked by DreamWorks to come and play with the big boys, it was like finding an unicorn in your sock drawer.
Sienna Guillory
American’s greatest deficit is no longer found in the federal budget. It is a moral deficit, and it may be found in a polluted and poisoned culture that has become the great enemy within.
Pat Buchanan
Pentagon’s readiness and modernization problems are not due to budget cuts. The are the result of habitual modes of conduct evolved during the Cold War and a desire by the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex (MICC) to protect its comfortable life style in a world that is changing rapidly.
Franklin C. Spinney
For the fifth year in a row, the Bush budget cuts city core services to pay for wealthy tax breaks. And once again, the mayor’s requests were not funded.
Anthony Weiner
Unfortunately, every time there’s a budget crunch in New York, the Parks Department is usually the first to be cut. So they need all the help they can get.
Bette Midler
You balance the budget by restraining the growth of government and encouraging the growth of the private sector.
Mitt Romney
The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.
Kin Hubbard
If you embrace moderation, eat whole foods instead of junk, live within your physical, monetary, and environmental budget rather than constantly exceeding it, you will lose weight, tread more lightly on the planet, and gain satisfaction from these things.
Mark Bittman
I hadn’t done a comedy for a while. I had directed a very low budget movie called The Ape and it was playing at a festival in Austin. Judd [Apatow] was there and he came and saw it and it’s kind of funny.
Seth Rogen
My approach to cutting spending as president, is to do a ten percent across the board cut of all federal agencies, and then ask each of my new agency heads to find another ten percent by drilling down. That’s what you do in business to come up with approximately 20 percent cuts for the first fiscal year budget.
Herman Cain
On the lower budget pictures, you go overtime more, you’re sort of scrambling for the shots and cobbling together more ideas at the end.
David Hayter
Budget affects everything.
James Pearse Connelly
The Concord Coalition in Virginia complained about pork projects and wasteful spending in the federal budget. Consider the Senate chaplain’s salary. As occupations go, only mind readers in Los Angeles have fewer things to do all day.
Argus Hamilton
You can’t get to a balanced budget and begin to pay down debt and thus create jobs in this country if you don’t have specific plans to make it work.
Ted Cruz
What’s exciting about the Bay Area, is that people are not waiting for permission from the industry to make movies – unlike Los Angeles or New York, where you can get stuck into that desire of raising a big budget, or working with the studios.
Matthew Jacobs
I was elected by the Democrats to be chair of the Veterans Committee, which I’m very proud of. And now am the rankings member on the Budget Committee, leader of the Democrats in opposition to the majority Republicans.
Bernie Sanders
Well, the whole trick to doing an independent film, is to keep great pace and momentum. You’re shooting maybe three times as many scenes in one day that you would on a big, luxurious budget on a luxurious schedule, and you try not to sacrifice quality for that. Things are just compressed, but essentially the same.
Kevin Kline
When I grow older and less popular, there will come a time when I have to shoot films on low budgets.
Park Chan-wook
My philosophy is to make movies with the biggest possible budget that will allow it to be made in an independent fashion.
M. Night Shyamalan
The Senate needs to leave enough money in the proposed budget to not only reduce all marginal rates, but to eliminate the death tax, so that people who build up assets are able to transfer them from one generation to the next, regardless of a person’s race.
George W. Bush
There’s a stability and growth pact which was agreed for the eleven countries which tries to limit the size of budget deficits among the eleven countries.
Robert C. Solomon
The White House has now put together a website for kids. It’s a website to teach kids how to manage a budget responsibly. The website is called ‘ Irony.gov. ‘
David Letterman
Despite a decade of criticism and budget cuts, the specialised UN agencies have far more expertise and hands-on experience than any other organisations in the world.
Jeffrey Sachs
It is clear to us that we will have to become more involved in our neighboring regions so that the migration pressures aren’t so high there. Of course the budget negotiations will be difficult, as they always are.
Wolfgang Schauble
Mainstream Bengali cinema unashamedly tries to copy Bollywood. They forget that they don’t have the kind of budgets that Hindi filmmakers have.
Aparna Sen
I’ve had some of the best craft services on independent movies, actually, because they get more creative, generally, with a smaller budget. The work is still the same. I didn’t really notice the difference other than I was getting dressed behind a curtain, basically.
Jennifer Beals
I think nothing can be taken for granted – be it the fact that you get to work with a certain kind of talent, certain kinds of budgets, or that the audience looks forward to your work.
Farhan Akhtar
To avoid large and unsustainable budget deficits, the nation will ultimately have to choose among higher taxes, modifications to entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare, less spending on everything else from education to defense, or some combination of the above.
Ben Bernanke
I’ve, we have in this state, like many other states, we’re experiencing an enormous budget deficit that we’re trying to grapple with. But we will have progress despite the deficits.
Jennifer Granholm
Look, architecture has a lot of places to hide behind, a lot of excuses. “The client made me do this.” “The city made me do this.” “Oh, the budget.” I don’t believe that anymore.
Frank Gehry
I don’t think you can discriminate against budgets, you know? I’m an actor, I guess, so I’m just trying to play as many characters as I can. If there’s a character I think I can play, and they’re going to let me do it, I’ll do it whether it’s $10 or $1 million or more.
Ryan Gosling
When we started, we were in a van and looking for change under the seats so we could buy food. We went from that to having a hit and getting to do things like make music videos with million-dollar budgets.
Tony Kanal
I prefer the smaller budget versus the bigger budget because the mentality that goes along with big budget filmmaking doesn’t really suit me; the mind-set that money is the answer.
Keenen Ivory Wayans
The size of budgets does not alter my decision if I should do it. If there’s a movie with a budget of only $1 million that I find interesting, then I’ll sign up, but it has to be in the hands of a director who can do something with it. Ultimately, it’s a director’s medium.
Andy Garcia
The movie of my life must be really low budget.
Jim Butcher
Balancing a nominal budget will solve nothing, and attempting to achieve such a spurious balance will produce much mischief.
William Vickrey
I naively thought I was making a low-budget movie. But, when the film came out, the Daily Variety reviewer at that time who was named Art Murphy described it as an exploitation film. I had never heard that term before. Roger never used it. So that’s how I learned that I had made an exploitation film.
Stephanie Rothman
The next time someone tells you we can trim the budget by cutting aid, I hope you will ask whether it will come at the cost of more people dying.
Bill Gates
Bigger-budgeted films have more restrictions and less freedom to create. Because of this, I try to find freedom in the people I work with. I often work in ways I don’t want to. It’s more about controlling the situation. Lower-budget films are freer.
Takashi Miike
When you cut a half-a-trillion dollars from the defense budget, it affects almost every area in the defense budget.
Leon Panetta
If you think about it, candidate Obama, Sen. Obama, was running on sort of long-run economic issues, like restoring prosperity to the middle class, dealing with the perennial problem of health care in the United States. He talked a lot about the budget deficit, about the need to transition to clean energy.
Christina Romer
But, you know, all I can do is submit my budget and then make the case to the Legislature to act.
George Pataki
I spent years working in low-budget horror films. When you’ve done ‘Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death,’ you can handle anything!
Adrienne Barbeau
We’ve not had one Republican president in 34 years balance the budget. You can’t trust right-wing Republicans with your money. You ought to hire somebody who has balanced a budget. I’m much more conservative with money than George Bush is.
Howard Dean
There’s no way you can shoot low-budget stuff on lots of locations. It’s just a practicality thing because every time you move, it costs time and money.
Ben Wheatley
Bigger budget features are the juice. Delicious juice you want to spill all over yourself.
Kyle Cassie
I do not believe that we must maintain a bloated military budget which spends almost as much as the rest of the world combined and may lead us to perpetual warfare in the Middle East.
Bernie Sanders
When salaries skyrocket, budgets skyrocket, and then rigor mortis sets in: moviemakers turn out formulaic junk in an effort to hedge their bets.
Jeff Giles
I suspect that had my dad not been president, he’d be asking the same questions: How’d your meeting go with so-and-so? . How did you feel when you stood up in front of the people for the State of the Union Address-state of the budget address, whatever you call it.
George W. Bush
If he slices the budget like he slices a golf ball, the nation has nothing to worry about.
Bob Hope
We can’t get to the $4 trillion in savings that we need by just cutting the 12 percent of the budget that pays for things like medical research and education funding and food inspectors and the weather service. And we can’t just do it by making seniors pay more for Medicare.
Barack Obama
Balance the federal budget now, not 15 years from now, not 20 years from now, but now. And throw out the entire federal tax system, replace it with a fair tax, a consumption tax, that by all measurements is just that. It’s fair.
Gary Johnson
Chinese brands will face many obstacles when marketing to Western consumers. Beyond the associations with poor quality and unsound environmental practices, they generally do not have the marketing capabilities or budgets to build powerful global brands.
Nirmalya Kumar
The notion that Nature does not proceed by jumps is only one of the budget of plausible lies that we call classical education. Nature always proceeds by jumps. She may spend twenty thousand years making up her mind to jump; but when she makes it up at last, the jump is big enough to take us into a new age.
George Bernard Shaw
Independent film is such a huge deal in the UK. There aren’t many big budget studio movies that get greenlit at all. The indie film industy is a great opportunity that I’m trying to seize.
Aml Ameen
I also admire my pastor, John K. Jenkins Sr. (First Baptist Church of Glenarden). My pastor taught me the importance of tithing and giving back, that it has to be at the top of my budget. And he is one of the most generous folks I know.
Michelle Singletary
Deficits do not in themselves produce inflation, nor does a balanced budget assure a stable price level.
William Vickrey
Doing the big budget films really makes you appreciate doing movies like Shelter. It’s because this is like doing theater, you just have to hit the ground running
Paul Bettany
We had a very good situation in 2005. The common budget had a volume of 80 billion dollars per year. Thousands of jobs were created in Germany by Russian investments. At the same time, a large number of German companies invested in Russia. There were countless cultural and social contacts.
Vladimir Putin
I have to say that oil and gas revenues make up a large part of the Russian budget revenue. This is a serious component for us in addressing economic development, budget funding for our development programmes and, of course, and meeting of our social commitments to our citizens.
Vladimir Putin
I think one of the biggest things is the budget.For a studio, becomes a very big challenge to make sure that movie will work even better on every level. As an actor I don’t think in those terms when I make a movie.
Famke Janssen
Berlin has traditionally backed a rules-based eurozone in which every member state is responsible for its own finances, including bank bailouts, with political union limited to a fiscal overlord’s possessing veto power over national budgets that violate the rules.
Yanis Varoufakis
The more you push the budgets up, the more you make records cost $20, the more you make records last 4 and 5 minutes on the radio.
Queen Latifah
Work is good when people are responsible, and in low-budget movies a lot of the actors don’t want to be there. They’re there to build a resume.
Sean Young
I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.
Jackie Mason
As a Member of the CBC, I will fight tooth and nail to increase funding for programs, such as Ryan White, that were flat funded in the President’s budget.
Corrine Brown
It’s a bit ridiculous to have people who have two years of experience handling an $83 billion budget.
Mike Thompson
These people who are always briskly doing something and as busy as waltzing mice, they have little, sharp, staccato ideas, such as: “I see where I can make an annual cut of $3.47 in my meat budget.” But they have no slow, big ideas.
Brenda Ueland
Budgets are not merely affairs of arithmetic, but in a thousand ways go to the root of prosperity of individuals, the relation of classes and the strength of kingdoms.
William E. Gladstone
When you’re just writing, you can do anything with it. But with TV, you’ve gotta work within certain budget constraints, so you’ve got to pick and choose your battles.
Austin Butler
Pop was initially ignored as a moneymaker by the recording industry. In the seventies they were still relying on Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett for their big hits. You know, most of the budget for the record companies in those days went to the classical department – and those were big budget albums.
Tony Visconti
On a low-budget film, you don’t have all the luxuries.
Lukas Haas
I’ve been on sets where the turnaround is so fast and the budget so small that the actors have been asked to speed things up and save money by changing in the public toilets. There’s no room for vanity at times like that. It’s the best way: get on with it!
Anna Friel
You want to balance the budget in this country? We change the salary structure for Congress and the President. Every year they don’t balance the budget, we don’t pay them.
Daniel Keys Moran
There’s nothing like being on a massive-budget film where you don’t know anything, and there’s a million people, and no one’s communicating.
Hugo Weaving
I’m not sure it’s the stimulus money that will necessarily allow the economy to recover. It will help to fortify our budgets, frankly, to ensure that there isn’t as much backsliding in the areas of education and healthcare, for example.
Jon Huntsman, Jr.
Nor should the argument seem strange that taxation may be so high as to defeat its object, and that, given sufficient time to gather the fruits, a reduction of taxation will run a better chance than an increase of balancing the budget.
John Maynard Keynes
The budget should be balanced not by more taxes, but by reduction of follies.
Herbert Hoover
I love films that are made with almost no budget.
Alan Moore
I, for one, believe that revenue has to increase. I think every American would pay more if they thought spending was going to be cut and the budget brought to balance.
Douglas R Oberhelman
Your first try will be wrong. Budget and design for it.
Aza Raskin
Having certain limits – not too many, but certain limits on an ability to tell a story – makes us work harder, me and my writers. Sometimes I watch a giant movie with a $250 million budget and I think they feel kind of bloated, and that if they’d been leaner and meaner they might’ve had better storytelling.
Vince Gilligan
You can make low-budget film as long as there is something compelling about the characters. There is a believability in the chemistry and a likeability amongst the characters.
Mark McGrath
I am a strong champion of personal health and social care budgets.
Liz Kendall
If congress refuses to obey its own rules. If congress refuses to pass a balanced budget. If congress refuses to read the Bills. Then I say, sweep the place clean, limit their terms, and send them HOME!
Rand Paul
Parents are working more than ever before and unable to monitor what kids are eating at home, and schools are selling astronomical amounts of junk food in order to supplement shrinking budgets. It’s a ticking time bomb, and America’s children are exploding.
Lisa Ling
Doing a budget means learning an ancient and powerful word: NO.
Dave Ramsey
A feature film is an expansion of budget, stress, story, hours, time, workload, everything.
Taika Waititi
I have voted to make tough decisions in budgetary times, I’ve served on two recessionary budgets, my opponent has never served on any a budget committee where there was less money to spend than the year before.
Matt Gonzalez
Someone once said that nothing costs more and yields less benefit than revenge,” Aomame said. “Winston Churchill. As I recall it, though, he was making excuses for the British Empire’s budget deficits. It has no moral significance.
Haruki Murakami
The size of the federal budget is not an appropriate barometer of social conscience or charitable concern.
Ronald Reagan
Whereas, if you just say all right, let’s try to bring in some recurring people, maybe that will alleviate some of the burdens on the budget moving forward.
Aaron Korsh
The military budget is simply an enormous pork barrel of special privilege, the privileges taking the form of windfall profits, of no-risk profits and, most importantly, of enormous outlays of capital supplied by the Pentagon to arms contractors.
Walter Karp
We can’t have deficit spending in Texas. You have to balance your budget every two years.
Rick Perry
The work I prefer to do are the smaller budget pictures, television can be great but it ties you up for quite a long time.
Jeremy Irons
I’ve been really fortunate in my career to do budgets at all different levels.
David Leitch
A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.
Bob Hope
Got a budget for the lawyer though.
Rick Ross
You know, a low budget, you have to work harder. You have to plan well; you don’t have much time to rehearse.
Hector Elizondo
Coolidge believed that government officials who tell themselves that spending benefits the economy delude themselves and the citizens. Government budgets promote human freedom.
Amity Shlaes
When newspapers started to publish the box office scores of movies, I was horrified. Those results are totally fake because they never include the promotion budget.
Francis Ford Coppola
When I started in the late 1950s, every film I made – no matter how low the budget – got a theatrical release. Today, less that 20-percent of our films get a theatrical release.
Roger Corman
My capital budget maintains my commitment to the education of children, health of the Chesapeake Bay, and safety of all Maryland citizens. We will continue to focus on the five pillars of my Administration as we build today and look forward to the projects of the future.
Bob Ehrlich
Making your bed every morning is correlated with better productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and stronger skills at sticking with a budget.
Charles Duhigg
Money power means budget power and it is folly to imagine that the citizen can control government unless he can control its budget.
E.C. Riegel
Since you control a federal budget that has just been increased from $17.8 billion last year to $19.2 billion this year, is asking people like you if we should continue with our nation’s current drug policy like a person asking a barber if one needs a haircut?
James P. Gray
Once we get three more directors elected, the Sierra Club will no longer be pro-hunting and pro-trapping and we can use the resources of the $95-million-a-year budget to address some of these issues.
Paul Watson
You know, we certainly have a great budget on the show, but the expansions to world of the show really arise because, and this is kind of the idea of the premise of the show, where is each week you’re kind of meeting . . . It’s random access.
Jonathan Nolan
The big-budget blockbuster is becoming one of the most dependable forms of filmmaking.
Peter Jackson
If American women would increase their voting turnout by ten percent, I think we would see an end to all of the budget cuts in programs benefiting women and children.
Coretta Scott King
Films allow you more preparation time, keeping the higher budgets in mind. Television makes you work really fast, but maintain certain standards. Then it’s up to me to seek out the best of both worlds.
Indraneel Bhattacharya
Everyone has a budget, I don’t care who you are.
Dusty Baker
I will never be able to create a budget from scratch with the amount of time that I have, but my instructions remain the same: Give me a budget that has no new revenue.
Christine Gregoire
The social and racial conflict, which springs from the redistribution ideology, may deepen as economic output is shrinking and transfer ‘entitlements cause budget deficits to soar. The U.S. dollar, which has become a mere corollary of government finance, is likely to survive the soaring deficits.
Hans F. Sennholz
Big-budget movies might have huge marketing budgets, but only some films have the content to stand out.
When jobs come up, like a low-budget film like The Last Exorcism, you say yes and you see where it takes you.
Patrick Fabian
The long and short of it is that I am now in a position in England to green light movies, and that’s really excellent – not high-budget movies, but movies none the less.
Idris Elba
Sometimes big budget means explosions! CGI! CGI, the possibilities are so limitless that it begins to be impractical. I’m more interested in the kinds of movies where the science fiction world has a set series of rules and you operate in it because of, maybe, constraints in the budget.
Brit Marling
Universities have to tame their budgets, especially for student amenities that have nothing to do with education.
Robert Reich
We need to replace hyperbole with a reasonable, informed discussion about how to reinvent the federal budget with more transparency and better accountability.
Mike Quigley
I don’t really want to be doing high budget, where they’ve got cranes and everything. That just sounds boring, having to do the same thing over and over again.
Rider Strong
We need to increase education budgets.
Malala Yousafzai
It’s always a challenge to make an independent film. It’s always a challenge to make a low budget film.
Anne Heche
None of what we [as country] have done is credited. None of the good works. Our foreign affairs budget, foreign aid budget, none of it is ever thanked.
Rush Limbaugh
Even when I was with Arista records, which was the freest part of my career, you still have to run a lot of stuff by committee whether it’s a budget, or the album artwork, or how may songs you get to record. This was total freedom. We had nobody to answer to. We didn’t have to get anything approved.
Pam Tillis
I will bring our energy companies back. They’ll be able to compete. They’ll make money. They’ll pay off our national debt. They’ll pay off our tremendous budget deficits, which are tremendous.
Donald Trump
When completed, the budget must provide the services we have promised to our constituents.
Jane D. Hull
Once a bureau is created, its staff becomes a tenacious political interest group, well placed to defend its budget and to make a case for expanding its activities.
Robert Higgs
It is dangerous to play politics with the Budget.
Clement Attlee
Approach every film with the same enthusiasm, regardless of its budget.
Lou Diamond Phillips
The Trump International is way under budget and way ahead of schedule. And we should be able to do that for our country.
Donald Trump
You know, the Democrats want to balance the budget by raising spending and raising taxes. The Soviet Union had a balanced budget.
Tom DeLay
We should not use special budget procedures to jam through legislation to drill in the Arctic Refuge. This topic is too important to the public to address it in such a back-door manner. We should be having a full, open discussion of the issue during an energy debate.
Russ Feingold
The reality is, the United States has global interests. Our defense budget is about the same as the defense budgets or military budgets of every other country in the world put together.
Robert M. Gates
This budget is a Sanjeevani (new life) and an Arunoday (sunrise) for the last man in the line. This budget converts hopes and aspirations of the people into trust. It adds a new ray of hope for the poor and downtrodden sections of the society.
Narendra Modi
I think that in big-budget movies there’s a lot of other stuff going on besides acting, like special effects.
Rachel Weisz
I respect the view of a rating agency, but I do not make a budget for the rating agency. I make a budget for the people of India.
P. Chidambaram
It’s becoming increasingly harder and harder; there’s no such thing as independent film anymore. There aren’t any, they don’t exist. In the old days you could go and get a certain amount of the budget with foreign sales, now everybody wants a marketable angle.
Gary Oldman
People gravitate occasionally to the brilliantly made art low budget films, which is maybe one out of every five hundred low budget films made.
Roger Corman
This Budget reflects a choice – not an easy choice, but the right choice. And when you think about it, the only choice. The choice to take the responsible, prudent path to fiscal stability, economic growth and opportunity.
George Pataki
Well, we’re going to start in a couple weeks with our budget adjustment bill. The first step is we’re going to deal with collective bargaining for all public employee unions, because you use divide and conquer.
Scott Walker
We’re for the balanced budget amendment and yet the budget we’re going to introduce, that we’re going to repeal Obamacare with never balances.
Rand Paul
Giving Northern Europe a veto over Southern Europe’s budgets will not hold a monetary union together. The euro zone will continue to need the weaker countries to stomach decades of high unemployment to grind down wages.
Austan Goolsbee
What you really remember at the beginning was that you have to throw a budget together. We made some terrible mistakes at the beginning in my own budget that took us at least a year to catch up on.
Donna Shalala
The Beltway is waking up to the realities of Prsident Obam’s budget plan, which taxes, spends, and borrows as far as the eye can see.
Matthew Continetti
Today is the day for the complaining to end and for statesmanship to begin. Today I am taking action to cut state spending and balance the budget this year.
Chris Christie
In a budget, how important is art versus music versus athletics versus computer programming? At the end of the day, some of those trade-offs will be made politically.
Bill Gates
I’m not one for Sudoku or crosswords – the thing that fires my little brain is doing tour budgets.
Ian Anderson
Budgets are moral documents. They reflect the values of any government and when you’re compromising clean air, clean water, and lead, you’re making a statement about communities you don’t care about.
Tom Perez
Some of my favorite movies are just movies that are just good stories, and aren’t necessarily big budget movies or anything.
Miranda Cosgrove
A rigid economy of the public contributions and absolute interdiction of all useless expenses will go far towards keeping the government honest and unoppressive.
Thomas Jefferson
We act in a pragmatic and careful manner. We reduce spending on budget items that do not constitute a priority.
Vladimir Putin
But you know, there’s always a danger nowadays that films are gonna be brought up to Canada for budget reasons. And that’s something that really concerns me.
Philip Kaufman
Bengali movies are a great form of cinema too. Interestingly, they work with lower budgets.
Priyanshu Chatterjee
What are we seeking to achieve? We are seeking to optimize budget spending. I believe that even in such uneasy times we employ a very pragmatic approach towards economic and social issues. We do address major social problems and deliver on our promises to our people.
Vladimir Putin
The defense budget is more than a piggy bank for people who want to get busy beating swords into pork barrels.
George H. W. Bush
After I script the movie, I have to storyboard it out, I have to budget it, and I have to understand if I can afford all those visual effects or not.
David Twohy
In a climate of tight budgets, reduced workforces and stiff competition, internal training can be a great substitute for costly offsite workshops and conferences.
Harvey Mackay
I think what happened there was just the budget would be too big to build these sets because nothing really exists here in New York of that period; you have to build it all.
Martin Scorsese
Many women have asked me if it is possible to have a well-built complete wardrobe on a limited budget. “Money,” I tell them, “is no guarantee of taste and the fitness of things, and an overstuffed closet is often as bare as a skeleton when it comes to wearable apparel.”
Edith Head
Without a doubt, first thing we should do is clean up our fiscal house, and that starts with balancing our budgets and digging out of this red ink. We cannot expect to continue in this fashion and remain the leader of the free world.
Marcy Kaptur
I am a small-government conservative who clings tenaciously and old-fashionedly to the idea that one ought to have balanced budgets.
Christopher Buckley
I am concerned that a film without an large advertising [budget] can not establish a connection with contemporary audiences, of course.
Lucrecia Martel
No matter what happens in the future, whether it is a Labor government or a Coalition government, whoever is in government is going to have to fix the budget.
Joe Hockey
Lawmakers imagine they can be political heroes by voting for budgets that slash scientific research by 20 percent, but they inhibit our ability to respond to health crises.
Bill Foster
As Indiana’s governor, I balanced eight budgets, never raised taxes, and left the largest surplus in state history. It wasn’t always easy. Cuts had to be made and some initiatives deferred. Occasionally I had to say ‘no.
Evan Bayh
I lost 80 percent of my wealth and then gave away over half of the rest. So I’m a man of modest means now. But if you budget carefully and watch your expenditures, you can get by on a couple billion dollars.
Ted Turner
We need a mayor who knows how to balance a budget, who understands the urgency of delivering all the services that a great city needs, who understand the need of working families.
Carolyn Maloney
We grow our own source revenue base, we put ourselves into a stronger financial position and so this budget is unashamedly going to be about focusing on ensuring that we continue to grow our economy and create jobs.
Peter Gutwein
We need to upgrade and modernize America`s infrastructure.Our budget is going to have to figure out how to balance those priorities and pay for it and our big goal is to leverage the private sector dollars as much as possible so that the public taxpayer isn`t paying for all of this.
Paul Ryan
The purpose of Conservative Budgets is to empower the British people and revitalise the country.
Priti Patel
We’re in a period of uncertainty about [Donald Trump] administration policies and the range of what might happen is particularly higher. I don’t think that these R&D and innovation budgets will be substantially reduced.
Bill Gates
The word “budget” is the idea-killer. It slaughters any idea.
James Pearse Connelly
All the states are required, either by constitution or by statute, to have balanced budgets – they’re not able to print money. So they have to focus on establishing priorities.
Gary Locke
Obamacare is a crime against democracy because a material part of that bill was not disclosed to the Senate nor to the House of Representatives. The funding was hidden in the bill. That was fraud and I can’t vote for any budget that fails to bring back that money from Obamacare.
Michele Bachmann
There is no real justification for a requirement that a budget of any sort should be balanced, except as a rallying point for those who seek to hamstring government.
William Vickrey
When you only have a million dollar annual budget and a Super Bowl ad costs $4 million, you have to do something very creative to get onto the Super Bowl.
Allen St. Pierre
There’s really no difference between what I do and what a male filmmaker might do. I mean we all try to make our days, we all try to give the best performances we can, we try to make our budget, we try to make the best movie we possibly can.
Kathryn Bigelow
I don’t worry about budget, at least not early on. I discovered that if you start worrying about budget, then you’ll get half of whatever you’re trying to worry about. You’re constantly working yourself into a corner. So, you just shoot for the stars and then see what you get.
Eric Heisserer
Never base your budget requests on realistic assumptions, as this could lead to a decrease in your funding.
Scott Adams
No ruler in the history of the world has ever been able to afford a war. They’re not affordable things. No prince ever says, ‘This is my budget, so this is the kind of war I can have.
Hilary Mantel
In certain areas I don’t function well and in other areas I function very well. I’m very good professionally. I have good discipline, I’m able to write every day and do films and not go six times over the budget. I mean I’m a coherent person, but I also don’t like to go through tunnels when I travel. I’m claustrophobic.
Woody Allen
At the end of the day, regardless of whether you’re doing a huge budget film or a small budget film, you still want the film to do well, and have people see it. That’s the whole point. You want to put some kind of message into your films, and you want people to see it.
Josh Hutcherson
There’s the concept that if I do this big budget project, then that will help me do the things I really want to do and bring more money to those films.
Giovanni Ribisi
When in college, I would hardly attend classes. In fact, we would go to other colleges and hang out there. Every six months, my friends and I would hit the roads and go to Goa. We weren’t rich kids, and our trips were on shoestring budgets. But, we hardly cut down on the fun.
Emraan Hashmi
… everything written is at least in part fantasy. Except maybe the national budget. That’s horror.
Mercedes Lackey
Everything that I’ve done so far has had a bigger budget than the last, but I’ve never ever felt the benefit of the bigger budget because the ideas always exceed the budget.
Edgar Wright
The actor that taught me the most was Bernie Mac. I did my first big budget studio film with he and Angela Bassett, ‘Mr. 3000’ for Disney. Bernie taught me by example what creates success is humility and hard work.
Brian J. White
The American people want a balanced budget. They want Congress to stop this barbaric practice of perpetual deficit spending. It really, if you think about it, is a form of taxation without representation. We fought a war over that issue and we won that war.
Mike Lee
There are a lot of parallels between doing a sequel and doing low budget movies, which is they give creative parameters. As a creative person myself, I work better with parameters as opposed to anything goes.
Jason Blum
Team members have to be focused on the collective good of the team. Too often, they focus their attention on their department, their budget, their career aspirations, their egos.
Patrick Lencioni
The goal of a church is not to have a bigger building or budget but to see the word of God increase and disciples multiply
Kevin DeYoung
I said that this would be a Budget based on prudence for a purpose and that guides us also in our approach to public spending.
Gordon Brown
As we at all times criticise the Premier for his management of home affairs, call Mr Butler a fool for his Budget, find fault with Beecham’s conducting, or Gielgud’s performance, can we not, sometimes, say that our cricketers are not quite so brilliant as usual?
Margaret Hughes
I’m obsessed with the venue and the people so it’s going to be really fun.The last couple of tours I didn’t have anything like that because of the budget, so I’m super excited because this is really going to bring the album to life.
Melanie Martinez
Since September 11th Congress has created the Department of Homeland Security, more than doubled the homeland security budget and implemented a bipartisan overhaul of our intelligence systems.
Doc Hastings
In the ’80s, I can’t say that Amy and I were aware of an independent film community. We could only get a certain amount of money for our pictures, which made them low budget movies, but they were distributed through studios.
Griffin Dunne
When you’re generating your own stuff, you can never have too much money around, because you’ve already sacrificed so much and cut your budget so much that everything’s taking a hit.
Katie Aselton
The most important preliminary to the task of arranging one’s life so that one may live fully and comfortably within one’s daily budget of 24 hours is the calm realization of the extreme difficulty of the task, of the sacrifices and the endless effort which it demands.
Arnold Bennett
Yes, deficits are a problem. I’ve been saying so for more than a quarter of a century now. But the problem is not the size of the deficit, it’s the size of government’s claim on our economy.
Ronald Reagan
The Budget is in line with our vision for a skilled & digital India, guided by Mantra of ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’.
Narendra Modi
No pecuniary consideration is more urgent, than the regular redemption and discharge of the public debt: on none can delay be more injurious, or an economy of time more valuable.
George Washington
I think that I would like to have that kind of a budget [hundreds millions dollars] and I think the reasons for it are it gives you more time and it gives you the opportunity to be more ambitious with what you want to do with the camera and also how a scene works. I wouldn’t want to direct those kinds of scripts.
Duncan Jones
The [EU] Council of Ministers will have far more power over the budgets of member states than the federal government in the United States has over the budget of Texas.
Jean-Claude Trichet
Due to budget cutbacks, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.
Robert Townsend
As on the one hand, the necessity for borrowing in particular emergencies cannot be doubted, so on the other, it is equally evident that to be able to borrow upon good terms, it is essential that the credit of a nation should be well established.
Alexander Hamilton
When you create a basic budget and stick to it, it will suddenly seem like you have more money.
Dave Ramsey
The whole reason one wants to do lower budget films is because the lower the budget, the bigger the ideas, the bigger the themes, the more interesting the art.
Francis Ford Coppola
However, this President sees no problem eliminating funding for Perkins Loans in his budget, even though the cost of tuition is rising and will continue to rise as the administration’s policies force inflation.
Tim Bishop
You couldn’t make a cheap drama. That would be too low-budget. Drama has to have good photography and well-known actors.
Bruce Campbell
The obesity problem among children is very serious. When advertising budgets are big and business can corrupt the way we live so that it becomes the norm to snack all day – and if you are never hungry you are never going to feel like eating a healthy meal – that can’t be right.
Prue Leith
The government can access these funds but only following approval by the parliament to support our budget requirements and investments in infrastructure development, education, public health, and so on.
Jose Ramos-Horta
It will be an unusual dynamic [in Congress]. It won’t be like the rallying behind President [Barack] Obama in 2009 or behind President [George W.] Bush, even at the beginning of his presidency, or even [Bill] Clinton in ’93, when he got his budget through on a partisan vote.
William Kristol
By the year 2000, such renewable energy sources could provide 40 percent of the global energy budget; by 2025, humanity could obtain 75 percent of its energy from solar resources.
Denis Hayes
Now that judges embrace forcibly starving someone to death, Congress should use its appropriation power to starve the judicial budget.
Phyllis Schlafly
If you look at the studies coming out of the Congressional Budget Office, the number one thing that’s going to blow a hole in the deficit as we go forward 20, 30 years is government spending on healthcare.
Christina Romer
I’m used to always having struggles getting finances together and keeping precarious budgets alive in the independent film world.
Todd Haynes
There is no excuse for waste, fraud, and abuse in the Defense Department budget.
John Bolton
The only way to learn on a zero dollar budget is to talk to people
Drew Houston
Instead of focusing on the amount of money lacking in your budget, focus on what you DO have: a willing spirit, an imagination filled with bright ideas, people who care about you and can perhaps help you in some way. These are the things that will enable you to do almost anything.
Phil Keoghan
The budget is tight, and that is exactly where we want it to be and where we need it to be.
Jim Nussle
If I had my choice, I would do the same little independent films, but they would have $100 million budgets, so I could get paid a fortune and hang out in a huge trailer.
William H. Macy
The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance.
Taylor Caldwell
In showbiz sometimes, we’re a little disgruntled our budgets are low, sometimes our buildings aren’t that great and the sets aren’t so cool, and all of a sudden you have these security teams showing up poking around on set and you’re on high alert.
Yannick Bisson
My goal in creating Geek & Sundry was to create a community based around web video, and we’ve accomplished that, especially on our budget.
Felicia Day
We’re going to go to the moon. We’re going to go on to Mars. We’re going to set up a base on the moon. OK, but no money to pay for it, nothing in the budget for it. And so the decision made at that time was to cancel the whole shuttle program to save money, which I think was very, very short sighted.
John Glenn
Wyclef is a musician that tried to unite as many musicians at once as possible. I am trying to be successful at that. The greatest challenge is that, I just got arrested for protesting in NYC for cutting the school budgets… And I think that it’s important to stand up. Schools are important.
Wyclef Jean
In a movie, you have to be mindful that no budget is going to be able to deal with running around the globe at every whim of the writer.
Daniel Clowes
Some folks serve the almighty dollar far more faithfully than the Almighty God. They get greater delight out of balancing the budget than watching the Lord multiply the loaves and fishes.
Charles R. Swindoll
A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.
Dave Ramsey
As fighting in Iraq intensifies, President Bush delivered his supplemental war budget to Congress. The money will cover 30 days of fighting, then we’ll be sent one war every other month until we cancel our subscription.
Craig Kilborn
Comparing your family budget to the sovereign debt of the United States is a little like comparing two kindergartners tossing a paper airplane to the Apollo 11 mission.
Matt Taibbi
In a time of serious budget deficits, immense war costs and a sluggish economy, we cannot afford to grant such outlandish subsidies to some of our Nations largest corporations.
Ron Kind