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Candidates Quotes by Tim Kaine, Christine Pelosi, Peter Camejo, Jeb Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Jesse Ventura and many others.

For Donald Trump, Latinos are second-class citizens. We

For Donald Trump, Latinos are second-class citizens. We believe we are all Americans. We believe we are strong together. There is a big difference in this sense between the two parties and the candidates.
Tim Kaine
In politics, all candidates and volunteers are ambassadors to voters who expect better than parroting the politics of personal destruction. Being able to find common ground at the higher ground is what separates the stateswoman from the stuntwoman.
Christine Pelosi
A Green Party candidate would be very different from a Democrat or Republican and should be heard.
Peter Camejo
As a candidate, I intend to let everyone hear my message, including the many who can express their love of country in a different language.
Jeb Bush
Republican primary voters, whether they’re close primaries or open, are voting for anybody but candidates attached to the Republican establishment.
Rush Limbaugh
Get every candidate to wear a NASCAR racing suit when they go debate; this way we can see how their sponsors really are.
Jesse Ventura
Protestations of indifference to higher office are hard to take seriously when the ‘non-candidate’ is busily engaged in testing the waters.
Jeff Greenfield
I think people are looking for a president who has views and who sticks to those views. So, I think Governor Romney, Governor Perry, Governor Huntsman are all terrific candidates. I think we got a chance to elect a real, executive leader.
Lamar Alexander
In some states, you can vote a straight party ticket, but you can’t vote for individual candidates.
Michael Moore
Republican candidate George Pataki said his dogs would give him the best endorsement for becoming our next president. Until they hear Chris Christie always carries bacon in his pockets. (Joke’s on them, though, he’s never going to give them any of that pocket bacon. It’s what gets him through long meetings!)
Jimmy Fallon
I’m not wasting my time with any more non-straight-talking candidates.
Jesse Jackson
Hillary Clinton is such a formidable candidate.
Natalie Portman
I have never seen . . . so slippery, so disgusting a candidate.
William J. Clinton
Columbia Law School men were being drafted, and suddenly women who had done well in college were considered acceptable candidates for the vacant seats.
Constance Baker Motley
It seems the more shallow and mean the candidates are the more they rise in the polls.
Paul F. Tompkins
Not to give too big of a spoiler, but I never find myself thinking, for example, Oh, remember that crazy time I stumbled on that closeted Republican candidate’s sex tape?
Kathleen Rooney
It’s very easy for the candidates to talk about how conservative they are, how conservative they will be.
Phil Gingrey
The Moon and Mars were the two most likely candidates for life in the solar system; what exists beyond our solar system is mere guesswork.
Walter Lang
You can’t let a candidate run for too long. He will be dragged along, cut apart, put back together and ripped to shreds again – from both the political opponents and the media.
Peer Steinbruck
Ford O’Connell, the guy in the sound bite we just played, he’s the guy who said that nominating a conservative presidential candidate would just postpone the GOP nightmare.
Rush Limbaugh
You know, I think Marco Rubio would be a spectacular candidate for vice president. I think he would energize the country. I think he has a great story. He’s bright. He’s articulate.
Mario Diaz-Balart
We ought to have more people who believe in constitutionally limited government. We have to have more people come to Congress with that mindset. I think we can make this a better place, if, when elections happen, we support candidates who share that philosophy.
Mike Lee
The reason that minorities and women dont have a better shot at getting elected to the Senate or to statewide office is because the campaign finance rules are so skewed as to make it very difficult for non-traditional candidates to raise the money necessary to get elected.
Carol Moseley Braun
Any god who can invent hell is no candidate for the Salvation Army
Joseph Campbell
Donald Trump’s election was a watershed moment. Even those like me, who had previously pulled levers for candidates of both parties, felt that Mr. Trump had not only violated all sense of common decency, but, alarmingly, that he seemed to have no idea that there even existed such an unspoken code of civility and dignity.
Bari Weiss
If you’re following candidates in a campaign, you get on their plane, and what they’re generally doing is they’re dividing the cost of that charter flight by the number of reporters they’re carrying aboard. In effect, the press is buying them that campaign flight.
Richard Ben Cramer
Other Republican candidates may retort to personal attacks and negative ads.
George W. Bush
After Donald Trump`s ban all Muslims proposal, candidate Jeb Bush reacted by calling Mr. Trump unhinged. However, that would be the same Jeb Bush who says we should only allow refugees into this country who are Christians.
Rachel Maddow
Hillary Clinton is also not a very exciting, inspiring candidate to a lot of the left-leaning Democratic base, especially in Iowa.
Mara Liasson
“The New York Times” is reporting correctly that women had accused a presidential candidate of sexual assault. Now that’s news on any level. I mean you can’t argue that that’s not news.
Megyn Kelly
While I hold my own views, it’s important not to get too wrapped up in individual candidates and personalities, but instead to focus on the real issues
Marcus Samuelsson
Fighting gerrymandering is one thing. The other thing is insuring we have the right candidates for the people and not the right candidates for the Party.
Ilhan Omar
Our party for the longest time has relied on the votes of white guys. I think that all of these candidates are going to improve our party, our policies, and our nation.
Ken Mehlman
I don’t have any problem with the right candidate [for presidency]. And so whoever I believe is going to be the best for that office – and the most qualified – is the reason that we put them in that position.
Paula White
So Hillary [Clinton], “I do feel in some ways tired.” And that’s your leading Democrat presidential candidate for 2016. She’s been tired for how many weeks now? Hillary has been tired for how many weeks so she can’t go on and explain? It’s been two and a half months, and she’s been two tired to talk about Benghazi.
Rush Limbaugh
The presidential candidates are offering prescriptions for everything from Iraq to healthcare, but listen closely. Their fixes are situational and incremental. Meanwhile, the underlying structural problems in American politics and government are systemic and prevent us from solving our most intractable challenges.
Larry Sabato
I’ve had four presidential candidates visit me in the tents, and they all lost. I tried to get Hillary down here, but she’s too smart. She won’t come to the tents.
Joe Arpaio
A number of the pundits said well, if a couple of the other candidates drop out, if you add their scores together they don`t understand that as they drop out, we`ll get the votes.
Donald Trump
There’s always a risk when the candidate becomes president: Will he deliver what is expected of him?
Francois Hollande
I think the Democratic Party has picked a lot of the wrong candidates, the kind that Middle America, or people who are more down the middle and more rational, can’t side with. I think that’s been the problem.
Glenn Danzig
I think what you expect of every candidate and ultimately of a president is to listen to the facts and to deal with things in a way that’s smart and direct. I’m confident that’s exactly what President [Donald] Trump will do.
Chris Christie
There are so many candidates, so it’s very hard to get over that number. It’s very unfair, in a we are – but because of the fact that there’s so many candidates and so many candidates are grabbing delegates.
Donald Trump
If I were a white candidate, I’d have won the Democratic nomination.
Jesse Jackson
Candidates have been telling you that if elected they would ‘pull you from this bog hole of financial misery.’ Now is a good chance to get even with ’em, by electing ’em, just to prove what a liar they are.
Will Rogers
For background, Brand New Congress was created in the summer of 2016 with the goal of recruiting 400 candidates to run for Congress with a national campaign and a clear set of policies they would advocate for. It was an attempt to create, as per the name, a brand new Congress.
Saikat Chakrabarti
Don’t let a lack of big company names on your resume get you down, but also, don’t let it feed a Silicon Valley ego. Oftentimes, the best candidates come from startups or smaller companies. It shows they are open to risk and can keep up with the long hours and occasional harsh demands.
Brit Morin
It doesn’t matter if the Republican or the Democratic candidate wins the governorship [of Hawaii]. Either one is already in the kingdom.
Ed Silvoso
The Russian Federation has a growing Muslim minority, which is causing cultural and religious clashes. This is similar to mass immigration of Mexicans to America, and certain presidential candidates are tailoring their campaigns to get Mexican votes.
David Duke
Our democracy if self-cleansing. If you don’t like it, be a candidate, or support a candidate.
Dick Gephardt
Like NASCAR race drivers or PGA golfers, why not require each of the [US presidential] candidates to cover their clothing, briefcases and staff with the logo patches of their corporate sponsors?
Jim Hightower
One of the least appealing aspects of modern presidential candidates is that, to avoid saying anything that might prove to be an embarrassing, costly blunder, they cling to a rigid set of talking points that reveal as little as possible about what they really think and who they really are.
David Horsey
I might add that in small towns, we don’t quite know what to make of a candidate who lavishes praise on working people when they are listening, and then talks about how bitterly they cling to their religion and guns when those people aren’t listening.
Sarah Palin
I like reading, I like boring things, and yet I think people for ages had this image of me that I was on the tube with a chainsaw looking for any likely candidate.
Jo Brand
Anger about the wars isn’t the only reason voters support Mr. Trump. But his willingness to say what other G.O.P. candidates won’t reflects what people like most about him: his complete break with the party elite.
J. D. Vance
Whether McCain actively sought Palin in 2008 or passively yielded to aides’ pressure, he set a new standard for GOP candidates who rely on lots of sizzle and little substance.
William M. Daley
The media should probe and challenge candidates to help voters understand their views on foreign policy. Questions should include, ‘What lessons have you learned from past foreign policy decisions? How will they shape your vision as commander in chief? What is America’s role in the world?’
Pete Hoekstra
Because liberalism typically doesn’t sell in American presidential politics, liberal candidates tend to run as culturally conservative centrists.
Rich Lowry
Sitting at a candidate rally is similar to sitting in a ballyard. Both give you the opportunity to assess the technical metrics and reflect on the intangibles – what baseball calls “make up” and politics calls “character” – the leadership, talent and maturity to add value to a venture.
Christine Pelosi
Well, first of all, I was asked by Ross Perot on a telephone call in March of 1992 if, since he had committed on the Larry King Show to becoming a candidate for president, to get on all 50 ballots
James Stockdale
I may not be the favourite candidate of some people within the Republican establishment, but the voters made a decision.
Todd Akin
We are asking the wrong question. The issue is not who should be trusted with all the power of the Presidency. Instead, we must ask how much power any candidate can be trusted with.
James Bovard
A page is turning for me. I won’t be candidate in legislative elections, nor in any elections to come.
Nicolas Sarkozy
I think the legacy of the civil rights movement is that now whites are more open to being represented by people of color or people who are women or, again, non-traditional candidates.
Carol Moseley Braun
The law requires a paper towel ad to be scrupulously honest, but allows political candidates to lie without reproach. What’s wrong with this picture?
Jef I. Richards
Ron Paul may be the wackiest candidate in the GOP field. But for pure, blind stupidity, nobody beats Santorum. In my 20 years in the Senate, I never met a dumber member, which he reminded me of today.
Rick Santorum
I am not a party candidate, and if elected cannot be President of a party, but the President of the whole people.
Zachary Taylor
I am very proud to be the only candidate up here who does not have a Super PAC, who’s not raising huge sums of money from Wall Street…
Bernie Sanders
The candidates we have in this campaign are… the most accomplished, in terms of public service, that we’ve had since 1960. One of them will be successful.
Hillary Clinton
I think it is a mistake for candidates, or once they get elected in office, to be dwelling too much on the topic of markets.
Rick Santelli
Every candidate goes into every debate hoping that they can own a particular moment.
Peter Jennings
I assume I have the lowest blood pressure of any candidate.
Jill Stein
We tried two moderate Republican candidates, McCain and Romney, and we lost both times.
Jeff Duncan
Obama a ‘light-skinned’ African-American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.
Harry Reid
One GOP Congressman named Carlos Curbelo actually suggested that Donald Trump may be a ‘phantom candidate’ that has been planted by Democrats. The DNC strongly denied this – while Hillary said, ‘Crap, they figured it out! Take off the wig, Bill.’
Jimmy Fallon
I’m no longer just a candidate. I’m the President. I know what it means to send young Americans into battle, for I have held in my arms the mothers and fathers of those who didn’t return. I’ve shared the pain of families who’ve lost their homes, and the frustration of workers who’ve lost their jobs.
Barack Obama
[American Communist Party] legally exists in the U.S.A., it nominates its candidates in the elections, including Presidential elections.
Joseph Stalin
I guess you’d call me an independent, since I’ve never identified myself with one party or another in politics. I always decide my vote by taking as careful a look as I can at the actual candidates and issues themselves, no matter what the party label.
Jackie Robinson
Having more candidates come with a creative and artistic sensibility would actually bring more people out to vote.
Zephyr Teachout
Call-time has renewed my faith in the need for public financing of elections. Call-time is where I as the candidate, sit in a room with my “call-time manager,” and a phone. Then I call people and ask them for money. For hours. Apparently, I’m really good at it.
Al Franken
Unfortunately, every American citizen takes the same position… that we don’t like negative advertisements. But they work! And, as you see, many a candidate has prevailed by tearing down the reputation of an opponent in a more advantageous position.
Jimmy Carter
Whether or not you agree with Bernie Sanders’ version of socialism, it is enormously significant that, for the first time in US history, a presidential candidates who calls himself a socialist has had an actual shot at winning the presidential election. And to his credit, he has not backed down from the label.
Kshama Sawant
If you want to beat Donald Trump, you know, one of the clearest indications of who can beat Trump is Donald spends every waking moment attacking me. He doesn’t attack any other candidates, because his campaign views us as the only real threat to him.
Ted Cruz
The more I ponder some of the boneheaded decisions GOP candidates have made of late, I can’t bring myself to believe that they are serious about capturing more than about 8 percent of the black vote.
J. C. Watts
The difficulty is no longer to find candidates for the offices, but offices for the candidates.
Thomas Jefferson
Donald Trump was a very unconventional candidate. He’s going to be an unconventional president.
Paul Ryan
I said during the course of the campaign I didn’t like it and I don’t like the idea of having an opponent’s picture on your ads and it would be nice to see candidates sign a pledge like that.
Scott McCallum
Don’t worry about what candidates have done or said, just vote for the Democrats. Then, afterwards, you can go eat fried chicken.
Michelle Obama
Thrilled that Gov. Romney enjoys my old character. I enjoyed the character he used 2 b 2. If he’d embrace that again, he’d b a great candidate.
Jason Alexander
No candidate dares to look for a new campaign model that could really enhance the democratic process. Instead we are left with the current one which makes our candidates look like hucksters.
Greta Van Susteren
I also do not like the idea of soft money, these issue ads – people don’t know where the money is coming from, millions and millions of dollars outside of the control of a candidate – there’s no accountability.
Scott McCallum
While campaigns typically purchase mailing lists, it was strange to use donor money to buy a mailing list from the campaign`s own candidate, especially when [Newt] Gingrich could have gifted the mailing list for free as an in-kind donation.
Chris Hayes
I want to be president because I have the sensitivity, as a woman, to listen. I’m a different candidate… different because I don’t belong to powerful, privileged groups, because I’m honest.
Josefina Vazquez Mota
I am honored to have this role [of the moderator], but this evening belongs to the candidates and, just as important, to the American people.
Lester Holt
Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the U.S. Senate race, the Republican she’s going to be running against, has been married three times, had an affair with his chief of staff, had two kids with her while still married to his second wife. This is the first time in history that a Clinton is the ‘family values’ candidate.
Jay Leno
Richard Nixon was a Republican presidential candidate who encouraged crooks to commit espionage against the Democratic National Committee in order to gain an edge in a presidential election.
Tim Kaine
Progressive Conservative candidates from Quebec want to exert real power in Ottawa, not simply be content with playing a secondary role.
Kim Campbell
You know, I think, people of all stripes in California, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, liberals, frankly, as I have traveled the state, the number one issue is jobs. And they are looking for which candidate can get the economy back on track.
Meg Whitman
Candidates With Deeply Held Christian Beliefs Are Unfit and Disqualified From Serving As A Federal Judge.
Charles Schumer
I think the President himself is a remarkably intelligent, decent, ethical man. I think he did very well, but I think the job builds up over expectations which all candidates contribute to including this President that simply cannot be fulfilled.
Lloyd Cutler
I think President’s candidates need shock collars or something.
Ted Cruz
Because of tax laws governing charities, including almost every single civil rights organization you’ve ever heard of, including the NAACP, the Urban League, the ACLU, and others, those organizations are not allowed to endorse political candidates or use their resources in political campaigns of any kind.
Shaun King
No matter how invasive the technologies at their disposal, marketers and pollsters never come to terms with the living process through which people choose products or candidates; they are looking at what people just bought or thought, and making calculations based on that after-the-fact data.
Douglas Rushkoff
Our leaders should certainly engage passionate advocacy of needed reforms, and equally strong criticism of policies they believe are destructive to America. But, from the school boards to the White House, let’s elect more candidates who are committed to constructive dialogue and reasonable compromises.
Martin Luther King III
The democratic race is really boring when the media is basically writing stories and spending money to ask questions in a poll about somebody who is not even a declared candidate.
Dana Perino
I am not a Hispanic candidate. I am an American candidate who happens to be of Hispanic heritage, who understands the culture, who has worked the border and has a unique understanding of those issues. But rest assured my job is to represent all Americans as a U.S. senator.
Richard Carmona
The mainstream media has chosen their candidates and their issues, and they’re not the same as the GOP’s. They are going to be painted as the bad guys.
Barbara Olson
Within the Green Party, we have candidates from every faith and religion and a lot who don’t believe there is a God and wonder why anyone would be so foolish as to think so. And everyone is respected and welcome.
Elizabeth May
I have the greatest aversion to being a candidate on a ticket with a man whose record as an upright public man is to be in question–to be defended from the beginning to the end.
Rutherford B. Hayes
The primary moral judgment on candidates and their positions is to be made in the light of their concern for protecting human life from conception to natural death.
Francis George
I don’t know who all of his advisers are, but I’ve seen some of the names and some of them are quite far to the right. And sometimes they might be in a position to make judgments or recommendations to the candidate that should get a second thought.
Colin Powell
The key question for many voters is: How much is the candidate offering for my vote?
James Bovard
The number of American presidential candidates varies with the sunspot cycle and the phases of the moon.
P. J. O’Rourke
We realized that the world of popular culture had been creating the perfect candidate for many years: the female champion of the universe.
Nick Offerman
There are those who think that the private lives of candidates are none of our business. But when those candidates ask us for our attention as they explain their plans for how they will represent us, no one should be surprised at our interest in how they represent themselves.
Marlo Thomas
Both candidates for president talk about balancing the budget ten years from now. Even if they win, they won’t be in office then.
Virgil Goode
While the establishment Republican candidates are busy doing this, attacking each other, and doing everything they can to bring each other down, they seem to be missing the bull`s-eye. They`re missing the targets.
Melissa Harris-Perry
I don’t think you can be a credible, modern candidate for president without making the environment a major part of your platform.
Graydon Carter
In the early days of the republic, the secretary of state was the heir apparent to the president. Presidents could easily hand-pick their party’s next candidate. The party caucuses formally selected the candidates, but presidents guided the process.
H. W. Brands
You have [Donald] Trump and [Ted] Cruz battling it out, and the moderate establishment candidates like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich – they have formed a circular firing squad.
Mara Liasson
Each congressional race really depends upon the candidates and how they carry the message.
George W. Bush
Rarely does a candidate think ahead and take the time to understand what the hiring company’s priorities are, and then carefully presents himself as a ‘solution’ to the company’s existing gaps/needs.
Azran Osman Rani
Barack Obama may be black, but John McCain is the first Albino presidential candidate: he’s completely see-through!
George Lopez
In campaign reporting more than any other kind of press coverage, reporters aren’t just covering a story, they’re a part of it – influencing outcomes, setting expectations, framing candidates – and despite what they tell themselves, it’s impossible to both be a part of the action and report on it objectively.
Michael Hastings
A candidate for office can have no greater advantage than muddled syntax; no greater liability than a command of language.
Marya Mannes
I would caution all of us or I would remind all of us that any candidate that we support, they are going to be flawed.
J. C. Watts
National security, the government is in charge of that. And you better have a president that understands the threats we [the state] face and what we have to do about it and if you can’t articulate that as a candidate, you cannot be commander-in-chief.
Marco Rubio
Successful candidates follow a simple fundamental rule: Define yourself before your opponent can define you.
Nina Easton
We have always had many more franchisee candidates than available locations.
Fred DeLuca
The preparatory education of candidates for knighthood was long and arduous.
Thomas Bulfinch
No matter where you are on politics, I think it is wonderful to see candidates funding campaigns not by talking to a very small number of very rich people, but by reaching out to a very large number of citizens.
David Brooks
When Donald Trump raises money for the party, raises money, a lot of that money goes to the party, and that’s fine. If you’re doing a door-knocking program, for example, in Wisconsin, it also helps Ron Johnson who’s running for senate. It helps the congressional candidates.
Kellyanne Conway
At our church I do not endorse politicians publicly. Because I am afraid that if I endorse one candidate, it would keep somebody from coming to our church. So I made one exception one time to put one bumper sticker on my car, but I don’t ever do it anymore.
Max Lucado
The good music companies do an amazing thing. They have people who can pick the person that’s gonna be successful out of 5,000 candidates. And there’s not enough information to do that – it’s an intuitive process.
Steve Jobs
Republicans are taking the possibility of [Donald] Trump as nominee seriously enough that the committee that oversees next year’s Senate races laid out a confidential seven-page blueprint for candidates on how to run with Trump at the top of the ticket.
Dalia Mogahed
I tell people it’s like shopping for a car.People are taking candidates out for a test drive, seeing what they like.
John Thune
I actually think this whole Brexit thing in the U.K. was a welcome example of being straightforward. With the candidates pulling out quickly, there’s no stringing the people along.
Trevor Noah
I must admit I found it astonishing to watch the candidates below Donald Trump beat up each other and never lay a glove on the front-runner. I mean, when I was running, everybody went after the front-runner and pointed out my weaknesses and foibles, and that’s part of the normal primary process.
Mitt Romney
Research has shown that the perceived style of leadership is by far the most important thing to most voters in evaluating officeholders and candidates.
Robert Teeter
There is plenty of time for Republicans to have a Macaca moment. But right now, as of October 17, 2014, the Republican Senate candidates have performed better than they have in years. For the moment, today, as you read this, the Democratic candidates are the jokes.
Matthew Continetti
As a president I will be like the candidate that I am, a respectful candidate, a rallying candidate, a normal candidate for a normal presidency, at the service of the Republic.
Francois Hollande
Enter the candidates on horseback: While military leaders can sometimes be dangerous in politics, our best generals and admirals embody the democratic values and leadership skills for which the country is yearning.
David Ignatius
California’s economy is declining so rapidly that candidates are asking ‘Are you better off now then you were four minutes ago?’
Craig Kilborn
In the primary debates for the 2016 election, every single Republican candidate was a climate change denier, with one exception, John Kasich – the “rational moderate” – who said it may be happening but we shouldn’t do anything about it. For a long time, the media have downplayed the issue.
Noam Chomsky
In every election cycle that I can recall, there comes a moment – or a few – where charges of elitism and claims of commonness are wielded by presidential candidates like a sword and shield: ‘Vote for me ’cause I’m one of you. It’s the other guy who’s out of touch.’
John Ridley
No candidate at present is thinking of justice for the Black and the Red and the Brown in this manner. And none of them are showing they will accept to let us go to save America from the Wrath of God. So Black and White have to know America now is in the crosshairs of God Himself, the Great Mahdi.
Louis Farrakhan
I’m very confident that not only will the other candidates who ran for this office support me but all of their supporters will as well. So yes, I’m very confident that I will get their support.
Tom Barrett
Early on, even before he was the front-runner, TV news was giving Trump far more attention than other candidates and far more than he deserved.
Campbell Brown
Candidates [Hillary Clinton and Donald trump], we look forward to hearing you articulate your policies and your positions, as well as your visions and your values.
Lester Holt
For me, the most important issue in the Republican presidential contest is immigration and its effect on our national security. On that issue Mr. Trump stands head and shoulders above the other candidates.
Kris Kobach
To the new ‘Apprentice’ candidates I would say to follow your gut instincts, be yourself and get ready to work hard for the next few months. Oh, and try to have some fun!
Bill Rancic
Almost 100 years after women secured the right to vote in 1920 through the 19th Amendment, we still do not have equal rights under the Constitution. My question for the GOP candidates: Do you support the Equal Rights Amendment?
Jane Fonda
Sarah Palin, who with 17 months remaining in her single term as Alaska’s governor quit the only serious office she has ever held, is obsessively discussed as a possible candidate in 2012. Why? She is not going to be president and will not be the Republican nominee unless the party wants to lose at least 44 states.
George Will
While I may not be the youngest candidate in this race, but I will be the youngest woman president in the history of the United States.
Hillary Clinton
The no-secrets era of social media makes one consider the built-in risk factor of nominating high-testosterone men to positions of power at all. Everyone is under too much scrutiny now to take a chance on candidates who suddenly blow up into a comic meme, a punchline, a ribald hashtag.
Tina Brown
I get out of all of these things that many of these candidates would rather take legislation to build a time machine and go back in time to where, uh, we had, you know, no women voting, slavery was cool. I mean, it’s just kind of ridiculous.
Thomas Roberts
Tonight the Republican presidential candidates had a big debate, 10 candidates. The last time that many rich white guys got together, I think Exxon merged with Mobil.
Jay Leno
Republican candidate Ben Carson told reporters he thinks American prisons might be too comfortable. As opposed to Mexican prisons that have personal showers with $5 million escape tunnels.
Jimmy Fallon
We’ve already seen other candidates set up these secretive super PACs where they don’t take any responsibility for what they’re funding… because that’s how the game has always been played. I’ve been very proud to tell people, ‘I’m stepping forward, and you can see every single one of our donors.’
Eric Greitens
I think that the American people are curious about who a candidate is, what their background is, who their family is, what their faith experience has been, their education, their work experience. All of those are factors that voters look at because they want to take a measure of the individual.
Michele Bachmann
Joe Biden stands out from other Democratic candidates not just by taking on President Trump directly but also by seeking to separate Trump from the rest of the Republican Party.
Max Boot
LOSS, n. Privation of that which we had, or had not. Thus, in the latter sense, it is said of a defeated candidate that he “lost his election”.
Ambrose Bierce
A candidate is a person who gets money from the rich and votes from the poor to protect them from each other.
Stanislaw Lem
I think that some of it is electoral – helping candidates that are willing to take dramatic actions, not just to say a few words about how climate change might be a problem.
Bill McKibben
Voting for impersonal parties and their programmes is a false substitute for the only true way to elect people’s representatives: voting by an actual person for an actual candidate.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
I read contrived memoirs by presidential candidates. For every ‘Dreams From My Father’ – Barack Obama’s honest, literary portrayal of his biracial upbringing – there were a dozen cautious, formulaic vanity projects by politicians.
Amy Chozick
The two majority candidates right now, the Democratic and Republican candidates,[Donald] Trump and [Hillary] Clinton, are the most disliked and untrusted Presidential candidates in our history with more than majority disapproval.
Jill Stein
Every voting choice you exercise ought to be for the candidate, platform, party, or policy that will best represent the values of the kingdom of God.
Tony Evans
Let’s not forget, Sarah Palin may not have a golden touch, but she gave Christine O’Donnell candidate a big touch that got her over the top.
Chris Matthews
The best thing about this group of candidates
is that only one of them can win.
Will Rogers
Bronco Rick Perry is the first candidate I’ve ever heard say he’s not doing well because he’s sleepy. You know, we criticized George W. Bush a lot, but there was one thing he was very disciplined about, and that was getting his full eight years of sleep.
David Letterman
Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate.
Mark B. Cohen
I think in theory, Donald Trump could be a formidable candidate, right? The theory of him is, if he ignites working class white voters, he can put Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, states like Ohio in play for the Republicans.
Joy-Ann Reid
I was the perfect candidate. America had their chance with the perfect candidate.
Michele Bachmann
The Democratic Party, all the candidates from Washington, they all know each other, they all move in the same circles, and what I’m doing is breaking into the country club.
Howard Dean
I really do not like having media moderators. Lincoln and Douglass didn’t have moderators. Let the candidates ask one another questions.
Ann Coulter
The reality is I have a job as a national party chair that, one, requires a thick skin. It requires me to be able to absorb the body blows so our candidates can stay above the fray.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
I am committed to ensure that our 2008 Republican presidential candidates forthrightly address issues of importance to the African-American community.
Ken Mehlman
It is because I owe America more than she has ever owed me that I am a candidate for president to the United States.
John McCain
I have come to the conclusion that while a candidate’s faith matters, what’s most important is how he or she applies that faith.
Gary Bauer
When fear enters the heart of a man at hearing the names of candidates and the reading of laws that are proposed, then is the State safe, but when these things are heard without regard, as above or below us, then is the Commonwealth sick or dead.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
We have many candidates, like in reality television, but we don’t really have a leader.
Reuven Rivlin
Looking at female candidates today, other women are the hardest on them, especially older women who were brought up in a different culture.
Eleanor Clift
My approach to politics is that I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. I’m an American and I always support candidates I think are great for the country.
Marc Benioff
You can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect people are going to vote for your party or your candidate.
Antonio Villaraigosa
Race to race, the Republicans are putting up candidates that are quite far out of the mainstream in terms of should we have passed the Civil Rights Act or does Social Security need to exist.
Tim Kaine
To win in November, Republican candidates must show they are in touch with voter concerns about growth, jobs, paychecks, government spending and debt. The only way to do this is by offering specific, persuasive ideas.
Karl Rove
[Two of the most unpopular presidential candidates selected by the two parties in history] indicates that there is a lot of cynicism out there. It indicates that the corrosive nature of everything from talk radio to fake news to negative advertising has made people lack confidence in a lot of our existing institutions.
Barack Obama
In the television age, the key distinction is between the candidate who can speak poetry and the one who can only speak prose.
Richard M. Nixon
But when I was selected, after my very first tour of squadron duty, to become one of the youngest candidates for the test pilot school, I began to realize, maybe you are a little bit better.
Alan Shepard
I personally think money in politics on any level is horrible. I’d like to see a set amount and have every candidate spend it. Have it be completely transparent. But actually getting to that spot, as we have learned through all the legislation over the decades, is very difficult.
Rick Santelli
Crossroads is second to none in our support of Tea Party candidates. In 2010 and ’12, we spent over $30 million for Senate candidates who were Tea Party candidates. We spent almost $20 million for House candidates who were Tea Party candidates.
Karl Rove
The Tea Party movement started in late 2008 as a rejection of President George W. Bush’s bailout of the auto industry and Obama’s excessive stimulus spending. It evolved into a movement opposed to ObamaCare, and grassroots efforts were employed to find qualified political candidates who could beat incumbents.
Katie Pavlich
We keep hearing how qualified Hillary Clinton is. She’s well prepared to be president, more exposure to the president than anybody else. Hillary Clinton is the most prepared to be impeached in advance of any presidential candidate America has ever had!
Rush Limbaugh
[Democrats] have got to start winning elections. That involves not some great idea, but it also involves recruiting candidates. And Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, who has given obnoxiousness a new definition in his personal behavior, oftentimes in his dealings with the press, had a very good point.
Mark Shields
If I’m selecting a group, the first thing I look for is a record of achievement . . . If (candidates achieve) in small things, there’s a very good chance they’ll perform well in big things.
Edmund Hillary
You might have a warrior spirit in there somewhere, and it’s just waiting for the opportunity to come out. If you do, you might be a candidate for the pathway to enlightenment.
Frederick Lenz
I don’t think anyone should pick a candidate for any office based solely on gender. That would be, I believe, a mistake.
Jim Nussle
I do not believe wealthy candidates should spend vast resources in their own campaigns.
Laurance Rockefeller
Weaponization of a candidate’s words against him or her is something we’re seeing a lot. The term Obamacare was used against Obama in a pejorative way, but Obama again reclaimed it.
Ben Zimmer
As Littlewood said to me once [of the ancient Greeks], they are not clever school boys or “scholarship candidates,” but “Fellows of another college.”
G. H. Hardy
People are really excited by Obama abroad because he seems to be the first American presidential candidate who has ambition to go out of the country. In a sense, with the power of globalization, you are kind of electing the leader of the Western world to an extent.
Irvine Welsh
Candidates seeking the highest office in our government deserve the opportunity to be fully heard.
Harris Faulkner
We tend to prefer candidates that don’t talk about us one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco.
Sarah Palin
Maybe instead of asking political candidates to submit tax returns, we really should be asking to see their brain scans.
Daniel Levitin
It has been reported that Rudolph Giuliani has trademarked the name ‘Rudolph Giuliani’ so other candidates can’t use his name in negative campaign ads. … For similar reasons, Hillary Clinton has trademarked the words ‘ballbuster,’ ‘castrater,’ and ‘nutcruncher.’
Conan O’Brien
And I’ll tell you another thing, you won’t find any candidate that supports prayer in school and gay marriage. For that reason alone, people should vote for an independent-thinking person.
Kinky Friedman
If you are part of a society that votes, then do so. There may be no candidates and no measures you want to vote for … but there are certain to be ones you want to vote against. In case of doubt, vote against. By this rule you will rarely go wrong.
Robert A. Heinlein
I’m not going to speculate.I’m just going to run my campaign, talk about what I’m doing and why I think I’d be the best president of any of the candidates on either side.
Hillary Clinton
Voters have demonstrated time and again that candidates who buck the teachers’ union are rewarded.
Campbell Brown
I don’t think voters give a hoot about the character of their political advisors, except to the extent that character reflects on the candidates.
Bob Woodward
We are grateful to the Liberian people who volunteered for this important clinical trial and encouraged by the study results seen with the two investigational Ebola vaccine candidates.
Anthony S. Fauci
If you love our country and love your children as much as I know that you do, stand and speak and vote your conscience. Vote for candidates up and down the ticket.
Ted Cruz
The world would be a better place if people stopped voting for folksy candidates they could have a beer with and started voting for people smarter than they are.
Marcus Sakey
The leading non-establishment Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, is just sailing past [establishment Republican candidates] in the polls. He is still surging. He is basically killing them all.
Melissa Harris-Perry
Advocacy groups and voters are not wrong to push candidates to declare their position clearly on policy issues. That is good citizenship. Hard questions should be asked of every candidate, every politician. And those public servants should be prepared to answer, but in their own words.
Mark McKinnon
As an American, no one expected Donald Trump to ever be a serious candidate for President. I don’t think he even expected to be a serious candidate. He wanted the free media he would get.
Marco Rubio was fighting to grant amnesty and not to secure the border, I was fighting to secure the border. And this also goes to trust, listening on to campaign trails. Candidates all the time make promises. You know, Marco said,” he learned that the American people didn’t trust the federal government.”
Ted Cruz
It is harder to lie in an interview. A good interview – and it can be polite – is not a one way street like a candidate controlled ad. An interview is not programmed by the candidate and so the candidate can’t be exactly sure what will be asked.
Greta Van Susteren
He has selected from a group of overwhelming candidates. This candidate was nominated to the Supreme Court because of his extremely overwhelming qualifications.
Rod Parsley
Corporations are economic entities or structures, and yet they’re allowed to fund political candidates, and when those candidates are elected, guess who gets in the door first? It’s corporations.
David Suzuki
Technology not only allows grassroots conservatives like Palin to get their message across without the mainstream media’s filter and become a ‘force multiplier,’ it also helps them topple candidates financially backed by the establishment.
Steve Bannon
This is pop music. You’ve got a candidate for president of the United States using it, that’s hitting the biggest audience you’re ever going to hit in your entire friggin’ life. And you don’t want that? Bullshit. That’s what you want. It’s not even for success or fortune, it’s because that’s the power of the song.
Sammy Hagar
The charade of politics is to make voters think that the personal narrative of the candidate affects the operation of the corporate state. It doesn’t really matter on the fundamental issues whether the President is Republican or Democratic.
Chris Hedges
We’ve got a lot of down-ballot candidates that are also being lifted up by this campaign [for Presidency in 2016]. If we don’t take a stand at some point and begin to stand our ground, we are never going to begin to move forward. We’ve got to do that.
Jill Stein
Colleges seem to want candidates that are so well-rounded they’d have to be two different people use together with mutually exclusive characteristics! They have to be gung ho athletes and sensitive artists, studious nerds and gregarious social networkers, future rulers of the universe and selfless altruists.
Rebecca Goldstein
If the elections are a mere fraud, why are terrorists being trained and infiltrated into India at the command of the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency of Pakistan to kill election candidates and to intimidate voters?
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Under the system that we now have to nominate presidential candidates, for instance, I would prefer that we have a system that is closer to, say, the one we had in the 1960s.
Michael Beschloss
I am the only candidate for mayor of London with the experience of being a transport minister.
Sadiq Khan
The Democrats can’t lose, so they got rid of Bob Torricelli, way beyond when it was permissible. The time for a replacement had passed, but the New Jersey Supreme Court made up of Democrat hacks said, “Hey, if our candidate can’t go, sure you can put in a replacement.”
Rush Limbaugh
Preparation is based on one driving force for me and that is to be relaxed enough to be able to listen to what the candidates are saying and react appropriately.
Jim Lehrer
The American people deserve to have access to as many qualified candidates as possible, not only the ones who can afford to buy name recognition or who already have it.
Wayne Messam
More and more parents and voters have rejected the teachers’ union antiquated, top down, one-size-fits-all approach to education and continue to elect candidates who embrace reform that celebrates students and empowers parents.
Campbell Brown
The goal of the moderator is to illuminate the views of the candidates on the issues that matter the most to voters, and you don’t need to be on the side of the party to do that.
John Dickerson
It’s quite a stark contrast between the candidates, in how they will change things for women. Hillary Clinton wants to appoint Supreme Court Justices who will protect Roe v Wade. [Donald] Trump wants to punish women for getting abortions and defund Planned Parenthood.
Natalie Portman
It is evidently necessary to generate and test candidates for solutions in some systematic manner.
Niklaus Wirth
Because of where I come from, I never thought I’d see in my life a black candidate running for President.
Samuel L. Jackson
I think, if you’re a candidate and you want to be totally safe, and assure that what you say is not going to be recorded or broadcast on the Internet, you have to have something like safe cone. Everything is so viral right now that you have to assume as a candidate that anything you say will be broadcast.
Jay Carney
I shouldn’t want you to be surprised, or to draw any particular inference from my making speeches, or not making speeches, out there. I don’t recall any candidate for President that ever injured himself very much by not talking.
Calvin Coolidge
I am not interested in being vice president of the United States. I’ve let the candidate know. If the candidate asks me to be vice president, the answer is I got to say yes. But he’s not going to ask me.
Brian Williams
Is Donald Trump a serious candidate? The reason I ask this is, if you’re going to close the Internet, realize, America, what that entails. That entails getting rid of the First amendment, ok? It’s no small feat.
Rand Paul
I don’t have more money. I won’t have more money than any of the candidates, even the Republican candidates. We know that already. But we are building this campaign team like I would build a business. And that is, we are building it so far with no debt.
Herman Cain
I do think we should be focused on substance and record. If you want a candidate who opposes amnesty, who opposes citizenship for the 12 million people here illegally, I’m the only candidate in the race who opposes that.
Ted Cruz
These are the people we elected and if we are not satisfied we should get new candidates. It is in our hands. It is our country. It is a very simplistic view that politicians are to blame for everything.
Robert Stanfield
The Brexit Party doesn’t have any candidates, because it’s not a proper political party.
Gerard Batten
Any attempt to wriggle, especially from leadership candidates who campaigned to leave the EU by focusing on immigration, will be unacceptable to the public.
Theresa May
The 1980 Republican presidential contest might have been as good a roster of candidates as ever fielded by any party.
James Carville
Candidates ignore New Hampshire at their own peril. You all remember President Giuliani? He’s done a great job in the White House.
Corey Lewandowski
I’m one of the few candidates that actually goes out and talks in public, so I say a lot of things based on my experience, my judgment as an environmental health physician, so I say a lot of stuff.
Jill Stein
A woman who rides a motorcycle is in tune with the universe, a candidate for high adventure.
Celestine Sibley
Start-up teams are always in flux, so, like all start-ups, we’re always talking to candidates for various key roles.
Sean Parker
I always like to take my time and examine the two candidates, see not only the two candidates but the policies they will bring in, the people they will bring in, who they might appoint to the Supreme Court, and look at the whole range of issues before making a decision.
Colin Powell
I think that what is really important is that, at the grassroots level, Indian-Americans really engage in the political process. That means voting and volunteering and assisting candidates who support the agenda that is friendly to their values.
Raja Krishnamoorthi
Republicans can’t run their normal playbook on me that they try to run on Democratic candidates. They can’t say I flip-flop because I don’t. They can’t say I’m weak on defense because I’m not. They can’t say I’m weak on values because I’m not. They can’t say I’m a big taxer and a big spender.
Joe Lieberman
I believe that it is preferable sometimes to have one candidate rather another candidate, while you understand that that is not the solution. Sometimes the lesser evil is not so lesser, so you want to ignore that, and you either do not vote or vote for third party as a protest against the party system.
Howard Zinn
I ran for the presidency, despite hopeless odds, to demonstrate the sheer will and refusal to accept the status quo.
Shirley Chisholm
When the NRA wants to prevent gun reform, they funnel money into the campaigns of candidates nationwide to make sure they don’t vote for common sense gun reform. Insurance companies do the same to block Medicare for All and prevent us from guaranteeing health care as a right, not a privilege.
Kirsten Gillibrand
What I would like to vote for is a candidate that is socially liberal, a fiscal conservative, broadly libertarian with a small l but sensible and pragmatic and with a chance of winning. Thats more or less the empty set.
Tyler Cowen
Three years ago we said you’d have to think long and hard about hiring a recruiter with less than a couple of hundred LinkedIn connections. Now the same holds true for candidates in general.
Kris Dunn
I consider myself an excellent candidate… because I care.
Frank Vincent
Mo Udall didn’t want the presidency bad enough. He was too sane. He was a marvelous guy, but you had the feeling there was another Udall outside his body watching the candidate Udall who was too extravagant, telling him to cut it out.
Jack Germond
A reporter told me it is very rare to see a woman of my age in the movies. Right! In the movies! But they have been for so long in very serious and important positions in life: scientists, prime ministers, candidates to be the president.
Sonia Braga
The weird thing for me is I’m sitting there in the ’80s writing about the Mutant Control Act and here we are in the second decade of the 21st century with the Patriot Act, listening to presidential candidates talk about building walls to keep people out: who’s acceptable and who isn’t. It’s very creepy.
Chris Claremont
Unsuccessful candidates for the Presidency should be quietly hanged as a matter of public sanitation and decorum.
H. L. Mencken
People read inevitability as entitlement, and the American people want their candidates to sweat for the job. They want them to actually make a case for the job.
Deval Patrick
No matter what name we give it or how we judge it, a candidate’s character is central to political reporting because it is central to a citizen’s decision in voting.
Roger Mudd
Basically I’m the first woman [run a president campaign] – it doesn’t get covered a lot because I’m in the wrong party to have done that, and worked for the wrong candidate to have been recognized to do that.
Kellyanne Conway
Our job is not to dictate the policies of our candidates or even influence them but simply to articulate them in the most clear and meaningful way to the relevant audience.
Alexander Nix
As yet we use our media only for selling things – including, of course, political candidates. What will happen when someone masters the art of selling souls?
Erica Jong
The highest and best use of our time that really matters over the next decade will be working to elect clean-energy candidates, especially in swing states and swing districts around the country.
Eban Goodstein
If free will exists, why do the tallest candidates with the best hair usually win elections ?
Scott Adams
From 1976, Judy to 1996, we had six presidential elections. And it was run under the Campaign Finance Reform Act of 1974. In all six of them, every candidate agreed to limits of what he could collect in contributions and what he could spend in seeking a nomination. And they all abided by it.
Mark Shields
Everybody talks about candidate tax returns, and they release those – well, most. But medical records, that’s another thing, and that arguably might be more important or relevant than somebody’s tax return.
Rush Limbaugh
Sure, it’s fun to chat with people with interesting backgrounds who seem to have a passion for your company. But a job interview is not a friendly chat. You need to determine whether candidates, can they really do the job. So ask them to prove it.
Kathryn Minshew
When it comes to Buttigieg, he doesn’t want to reveal what his actual policies are, where his stances are – and for some reason, he is better than all these other candidates in the eyes of mainstream media pundits.
Ana Kasparian
Democratic candidates who run from President Obama in red states where he is unpopular are making a big mistake. Their holding Obama at arm’s length deprives voters of a clear choice at the ballot box.
Donna Brazile
Super PACs and a corrupt campaign finance system are destroying American democracy. We’re proud that we have received four million individual contributions, more than any candidate in American history at this point.
Bernie Sanders
The presidential candidates are offering prescriptions for everything from Iraq to healthcare, but listen closely. Their fixes are situational and incremental. Meanwhile, the underlying structural problems in American politics and government are systemic and prevent us from solving our most intractable challenges.
Larry J. Sabato
Because I was into like proving myself, which was one of the big things that ah, that the whole military experience sort of offers a kid at that age, um, I went to officer candidate school. Um, and I graduated as a second lieutenant at the age of nineteen.
Peter P. Mahoney
Politics, where fat, bald, disagreeable men, unable to be candidates themselves, teach a president how to act on a public stage.
Jimmy Breslin
I’m hoping that college students and young professionals in general will pay very close attention to what is being said by both parties and all the candidates in the parties and pick the best person that best reflects the values that we all have.
Jaime Harrison
The Prussian Academy of Sciences is a fast-track academic institute that requires a proactive, hands-on-type individual to overthrow the Newtonian conception of the universe. The successful candidate will have an excellent command of mass, energy, space, time and some maths. Bonus paid upon completion of proofs
Albert Einstein
Candidates run for election on campaign promises, but once they’re elected they renege on those promises, which happened with President [Barack] Obama on GuantГЎnamo, the surveillance programs and investigating the crimes of the Bush administration. These were very serious campaign promises that were not fulfilled.
Edward Snowden
We often feel a twinge of guilt over our own fascination with presidential candidates’ wives – as if we are secretly reading the ‘Star’ for our campaign information instead of the policy journals.
Naomi Wolf
America is saying, we want to have justice and safety and end inequalities. And we don’t want fancy candidates.
Eric Adams
I think we should know about candidates desires and views, but I think it would be a mistake to assume that they will become reality.
Sung Won Sohn
I’m a single-issue voter, to get straight to the point. I’m really only interested in the candidate who’s toughest and least apologetic when it comes to the confrontation with Islamic Jihadism.
Christopher Hitchens
Despite romantic fantasies about caring candidates who learn of America in donut shops, most politicians rely on media to teach them what concerns the average person.
Dick Morris
Over three-quarters of the American people are saying it’s time to open up the debates. We have rejected these two candidates [Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump] at the highest levels of disapproval in our history.
Jill Stein
I think that women just have a primeval instinct to make soup, which they will try to foist on anybody who looks like a likely candidate.
Dylan Moran
He is racist, he’s homophobic, he’s xenophobic and he’s a sexist. He’s the perfect Republican candidate. [California Democratic Party chairman about Pat Buchanan.]
Bill Press
Late 19th-century populists saw bankers and industrialists manipulating markets to enrich themselves at the expense of small farmers and labourers and favoured political candidates promising economic relief through free and unlimited coinage of silver.
Robert Dallek
If one candidate is appealing to your fears, and the other one’s appealing to your hopes, you’d better vote for the person who wants you to think and hope!
William J. Clinton
The media does not do news. The media is the Democrat Party hacks assigned to journalism positions. Some hacks are consultants. Some are candidates. Some serve in elective office. Some are professors. Some are teaching assistants. Some run think tanks. Others are in the media.
Rush Limbaugh
If you want a candidate who is led the fight against Obamacare, who will lift the burdens on small businesses and bring back jobs, I’m the only candidate in the race with that proven record.
Ted Cruz
To beat terrorism, there’s only one candidate who can do it and it’s Hillary Clinton.
Tim Kaine
Journalists become candidates for cardiac arrest when they see or hear an African American disagreeing with an African American. We would become inauthentic if we did not have disagreements with this president.
John Conyers
I have six times as many Twitter followers as all the other candidates combined, but it didn’t count because if it counted I’d still be a candidate; since I can’t be a candidate that can’t count.
Newt Gingrich
When his apprenticeship was finished (the candidate for Knighthood) was received into the Knightly Order by a ritual of sacramental awe.
Ariel Durant
During a recent event at a restaurant called Tommy’s Country Ham House in South Carolina, presidential candidate Ben Carson delivered a speech right after he lost his front tooth. Which still left him with more teeth than everyone combined at Tommy’s Country Ham House.
Jimmy Fallon
If you want a candidate who agrees with you 100 percent of the time, I’ll give you a suggestion: Go home and look in the mirror. You are the only person you agree with 100 percent of the time. You’ll always know who I am, you’ll always know what I believe and you’ll always know where I stand.
Chris Christie
Conservatives are better talking about opportunity and growth in the abstract, while liberals talk more about poor people. Right now we [americans] need a good, optimistic, conservative opportunity ideology that is totally geared toward lifting up the poor. That’s what I most want to see in candidates.
Arthur C. Brooks
This is what happens, when, for the first time in modern history, a candidate resorts to lawsuits to try to overturn the outcome of an election for president.
James Baker
I trust people. So I make my music for people not for candidates.
Neil Young
A Green Party candidate would be very different from a Democrat or Republican and should be heard. I was the candidate first time a Green or any progressive third party has ever been in a national televised debate. I was in five of them. And the response from the public was overwhelming.
Peter Camejo
The McGovern/McCarthy type candidacies have disappointed too many people, because of a disillusionment with the candidates themselves.
Hunter S. Thompson
Anyhow, all mankind’s ideas and interests, all human aims and motives, are exhibited, fully formed, in a three-year-old child. The kid is just operating on a smaller scale and lacks the advantage of having made enormous soft-money campaign contributions to political candidates.
P. J. O’Rourke
It’s been reported that some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s opponents have been circulating naked pictures of Arnold on the Internet. Yeah, in a related story, Arnold is leading the other candidates by four inches.
Conan O’Brien
Belonging to one party is acceptable. But my days of just ticking the party box are long over. I judge the candidates for who they are.
Rob Lowe
I’ve often fantasized about visiting the Bahamian beach where Columbus first stumbled ashore in 1492. Sadly, no one knows where that beach is. In fact, no one’s even sure which island Columbus first encountered (there are three candidates). It’s a pity, a disappointment, and a lost revenue source for the Bahamians.
Seth Shostak
The Court made an exception, however, in the case of candidates contributing to their own campaigns because of the rather reasonable presumption that a candidate is incapable of corrupting himself.
James L. Buckley
About 65 percent of Republicans believe that Donald Trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with Hillary Clinton.
Ted Cruz
[Donald] Trump is going to appeal better to African Americans, Hispanics, and others than previous Republican candidates because he’s talking about what they want: a fair chance to have a better life economically.
Jeff Sessions
Congratulations to Saddam Hussein on being elected to another seven-year term. It was very close. He received 99 percent of the vote, and one percent of the vote went for last-minute candidate Frank Lautenberg.
David Letterman
Well, I’ve been in the political arena all of my life, and 10 years of that as a candidate and elected official, and that’s about enough.
Jim Hightower
The Conservative party’s always been a broad church, and I can appeal better than any of the other candidates to the centre ground to unite the country, and to voters who will ultimately deliver a majority so we can really get things moving.
Matt Hancock
I regret that a private comment I made to the vice presidential candidate made it through the public airways.
George W. Bush
The Republican candidates clashed on terrorism, immigration and foreign policy in their fifth debate.They all said President [Barack] Obama and Hillary Clinton have not kept America safe.
Renee Montagne
Blogging is a great way to show your talents and interests to prospective employers, while adding an edge to your resume. If you blog consistently it shows your dedication, passions and creativity – all of which are key attributes employers look for in job candidates.
Lauren Conrad
I was guided by Allah (God) to give a yardstick to the voting public, particularly Black people as to what will set that candidate apart from others.
Louis Farrakhan
Presidential candidate Donald Trump had a meeting with Ted Cruz. He said he does not know why he agreed to fly to New York to meet Ted Cruz and then he promised to bring that kind of leadership to the Oval Office.
Conan O’Brien
We are going to have the candidate of food stamps, the finest food-stamp president in the American history, in Barack Obama, and we are going to have a candidate of paychecks.
Newt Gingrich
Democracy in many parts of the world is undergoing a very deep crisis. Politics is becoming a branch of the entertainment industry. People vote not for the best leader, but for the funniest candidate.
Amos Oz
Regarding the Hall of Fame, when they decided I was going to be one of the possible candidates, when I heard that, I was so thrilled. You’re always hoping for something like that.
Gabriela Sabatini
Any time you get into a presidential campaign and the stakes are so high, all candidates – they want to be in complete control whenever they can. And you can’t blame them for that.
Bob Schieffer
Much of what Tea Party candidates claimed about the world and the global economy during the 2010 elections would have earned their adherents a well-deserved F in any freshman economics (or earth science) class.
Eric Alterman
We just want to make sure the best candidates get the attention they deserve.
Terry Sanford
One thing I resent is the slur that I just support political candidates because of the business.
Rupert Murdoch
Now back in 1927 an American socialist, Norman Thomas, six times candidate for president on the Socialist Party ticket, said the American people would never vote for socialism. But he said under the name of liberalism the American people will adopt every fragment of the socialist program.
Ronald Reagan
One of the great virtues of our democratic system is that only one of the candidates gets elected.
Bernard Meltzer
I think that most of the candidates [for presidency] can’t run the railroad, and I still worry that whoever gets elected will have policies designed for political rather than practical reasons.
Michael Bloomberg
I don’t care if the Koch brothers or Soros spend their money to promote one candidate or another. I care about members of Congress spending 30%-70% of their time raising money from .05% of us. Change the way we fund elections and you change the corruption.
Lawrence Lessig
Conservatives looking at presidential candidates have to ask what kind of leader they want sitting in the White House.
Tom Tancredo
You can never find a candidate that will agree with everything you believe. Then you would just have a clone and that doesn’t exist.
Arnold Schwarzenegger
It’s all these pundits, all these consultants, and the candidates, as if they’re in a bubble leaving democracy off-limits.
Ralph Nader
It is acceptable to bring someone to tears if it explains to them in an emotional way why a product, a service, or a candidate is the right person, is the right thing to do.
Frank Luntz
Europeans forget that one-third of the American people have had a personal conversation with Jesus Christ and that the born-again are not just little old ladies in black but also CEOs and provosts of universities and candidates for office.
Edmund White
Today I’m a candidate for the office of president of the United States of America. My kids can’t believe I just said that.
Jon Huntsman, Jr.
George W. Bush is very vulnerable but not if you campaign the way the major candidates – except for Dean and Kucinich – are campaigning.
Ralph Nader
Newt Gingrich’s job to capture the Congress was to give Republican candidates an edge and a distinction from their Democratic opponent. That required a very high profile, some very strong language.
Pete du Pont
You can’t say Hillary Clinton is not evolving as a candidate. And boy is she trying very hard to move to where the Democratic base is.
Chuck Todd
The only thing about politics I do discuss is, be into them: Read what’s online. Read what the candidates are talking about. Try to understand why people are fighting over what the candidates are standing for.
Elvis Duran
Donald Trump is not a normal presidential candidate.
Hillary Clinton
Iowa is especially critical for underdog and cash-strapped campaigns, because the caucus system relies on grassroots organizing, enabling candidates with time for retail politicking to beat better-funded rivals. So underdogs usually seize on the state.
Ari Melber
Republican candidates have won whites with college degrees in every presidential election since polling began.
Mara Liasson
I will do my best and our candidates will do their best to earn one vote at a time.
Annamie Paul
Were I to commence my administration again, the first question I would ask respecting a candidate would be, Does he use ardent spirits?
Thomas Jefferson
The only candidate pocketing big money from people who want to destroy coal is Mitch McConnell.
Alison Lundergan Grimes
In my opinion, Donald Trump lives a life of loving and helping others as Jesus taught in the great commandment. He cannot be bought; he’s not a puppet on a string like many other candidates… who have wealthy donors as their puppet masters.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
A lot of people like me who worked in Republican politics had a personal set of beliefs on issues that were at variance with the candidates that we worked for.
Steve Schmidt
I honestly don’t even really want to think about it; I’d rather focus on how wonderful she is. Hillary Clinton is such a formidable candidate. I think we’re lucky to have someone as smart and capable and strong as she is wanting to be our president.
Natalie Portman
The charge that liberal candidates don’t connect with or understand the values and beliefs of regular Americans is embedded in old epithets like ‘limousine liberal,’ which I first heard aimed at New York Mayor John Lindsay in 1969.
Jeff Greenfield
If supporters of equality for women want to vote for the best candidate, they must look to a person regardless of gender and must disregard the gender of political opponents.
Karen DeCrow
People are fed up with the politics where candidates just rip each other apart and then the voters lose in the end because no one really knows what anybody stands for.
Dennis Kucinich
If it were up to the candidates for president on the Republican side, we would be driving foreign cars. They would have let the auto industry in America go down the tubes.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
We need candidates who are able to reach out to young voters, women voters.
Elise Stefanik
We need a nonpartisan debate commission that actually allows candidates, who are on the ballot in enough states that they could win the election – voters not only have a right to vote, we have a right to know who we can vote for.
Jill Stein
In 2016 we are faced with a particularly bizarre and unappetizing choice as regards the two main political parties’ presidential candidates, in my opinion.
Viggo Mortensen
I still have five years to the end of my term. There are many candidates. There’ll be a problem if it’s supposed to be a European or someone from the emerging countries, the so-called BRICS. This will be decided, but please don’t think Poland has anything to say about it.
Marek Belka
The idea that you can merchandise candidates for high office like breakfast cereal – that you can gather votes like box tops – is, I think, the ultimate indignity to the democratic process.
Adlai Stevenson I
I would not be President because I do not aspire to be President. But l’m sure that a woman will be President. When? I don’t know. It depends. I don’t think the woods are full of candidates today.
Ella T. Grasso
One of the candidates running for governor is a 100-year-old woman. Yeah, the 100-year-old says she’d like to recall Governor Gray Davis, but more importantly, she’d like to recall where she left her teeth.
Conan O’Brien
It’s important to remember that whatever the presidential candidates of either party say, they will have to interact with the United States Congress, particularly the Senate, when it comes to crafting policy.
Tom Cotton
There was a time in my life when election year was nothing to me, but in 1912, I joined that great army of Americans who drop a stitch in their routine every four years, and give themselves up to backing first a candidate for the nomination and afterwards a nominee.
Margaret Case Harriman
Having a Republican candidate speak at the NAACP convention is like trying to build a house starting at the roof. If you don’t have a foundation, the roof isn’t going to stand.
J. C. Watts
I am not now, nor will I ever be, a candidate for offensive coordinator of Iowa.
Marco Rubio
I see all four presidential candidates, the leading four, Cruz and Trump and Sanders and Clinton, all oppose TPP.
Sherrod Brown
We can’t nominate such a weak candidate. I’d love to be able to get one-on-one with Gov. Romney and expose the record that would be the weakest record we could possibly put up against Barack Obama.
Rick Santorum
The head of the AFL-CIO endorsed John Kerry, saying, ‘The time has come to come behind one man, one leader, one candidate.’ Then he said, ‘And until we find that man, we will endorse John Kerry.’
Conan O’Brien
I think the American people are sophisticated enough and wise enough to make judgments about the candidates and wade through the charges and countercharges that come with the [election 2004] campaign.
Colin Powell
We ought to have more people who believe in constitutionall y limited government. We have to have more people come to Congress with that mindset. I think we can make this a better place, if, when elections happen, we support candidates who share that philosophy.
Mike Lee
Remember, at the end of the day [election] campaigns are always about the candidates.
Chris Christie
At USC, if you’re running back there, and you do gain you over 1,500 yards, people see you as a candidate, but not one of the top ones.
Marcus Allen
In politics there are some candidates who use change to promote their careers, and then there are those like John McCain who use their careers to promote change.
Sarah Palin
It will be about which candidate, which of the two candidates remaining, is best suited to make a positive difference in the lives of North Carolina families, and I submit to each of you tonight that I am that candidate and Elizabeth Dole is not.
Erskine Bowles
I’m not quite certain how you can force a candidate to stick by the rules.
Gwen Ifill
The question is not if the candidate’s heart is favorable to Christianity, but if he has Christ as his starting point even for politics, and will speak out His name!
Abraham Kuyper
The 2009 elections were the first my party faced. Still MNS candidates lost by lesser margins. Each of my candidate got more than one lakh votes.
Raj Thackeray
Mike Huckabee said he’s the only person who has fought the Clinton political machine and won. As opposed to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who’s the only person who fought a fax machine and lost.
Jimmy Fallon
The final ballots represent players, managers, executives and builders who are top-tier candidates and worthy of review for consideration for election to the Hall of Fame.
Fay Vincent
In certain tantric rituals the candidate is first beaten by his guru, hashish forced down him, and he is taken at midnight to a dark cemetery for sacred sexual intercourse. Thus he achieves union with his god.
Peter J. Carroll
NBC Universal has created a role called ‘talent branding specialist’ – a marketer whose job is essentially to put the company on the radars of the most sought-after candidates.
Daniel Lyons
Hast thou attuned thyself to the suffering of humanity, O candidate for light?
H. P. Blavatsky
I’m the only one of the republican candidates who’s actually turned an economy around and turned it around with the with kind of pro-growth principles that we’re talking about for America.
Rudy Giuliani
Candidates don’t want to be associated with poor people, people who have jobs or are ugly; they want to be associated with a certain middle class demographic, so as a result they leave those others out completely.
Matt Taibbi
PayPal once rejected a candidate who aced all the engineering tests because for fun, the guy said that he liked to play hoops. That single sentence lost him the job.
Max Levchin
I don’t vote party lines. Never have. I vote for the best candidate.
Curt Schilling
After saying yes to Turkey, the EU is having difficulty finding clear and consistent grounds for saying no to other, still more remote candidates – but being in the general vicinity of Europe does seem to be a continuing requirement.
Timothy Garton Ash
Rather than fretting about IQ scores, voters should try to determine what candidates read – other than the Bible, which they all say they read – and the kind of people with whom they spend their time.
Jack Germond
Like manchurian candidates, we have been made into manchurian consumers, who subconsciously buy when we are triggered by our brand masters.
Bryant H. McGill
Candidates need to demonstrate strategic thinking and strong problem solving skills. And, just as importantly, they need to know when and how to ask for help.
Marillyn Hewson
Every presidential candidate highlights patriotism, but Mr. Romneys is backed by the Mormon belief that the United States was chosen by God to play a special role in history, its Constitution divinely inspired.
Jodi Kantor
Any candidate who’d offered a real possibility of an alternative to Nixon – someone with a different concept of the presidency – could have challenged him and come very close to beating him.
Hunter S. Thompson
The latest national polls show a tightening in the race to the White House, especially in key states like Ohio and Florida. But when it comes down to it, winning in November [2016] will depend on which candidate has a viable path to 270 electoral votes.
Gwen Ifill
Your ideal possession candidate’s a thirteen-year-old recently orphaned schizophrenic girl three days away from her period on her way to see the shrink with whom she’s romantically besotted.
Glen Duncan
Corporate efficiency has led to a nasty trend of filtering resumes for keywords. This might save time, but it ensures that many of the best candidates will never make it to the interview.
Leah Busque
The most sought-after candidates in the world today by companies like mine are people who make computer software – there’s a shortage of talent.
Xavier Niel
It’s just common sense that if you only have one candidate remaining, the apparatus of government should be responsive enough to accommodate that and not spend any more taxpayer money,.
Anthony Weiner
I believe that presidential candidates actually have a responsibility to point out substantive differences: to point out perspectives that are different.
John Edwards
I have been really furious about the constant charges being lobbed against me about identity politics that, by the way, are only lobbed against women and candidates of color.
Ayanna Pressley
We must invest in and empower our state and local parties by creating effective field operations, an enhanced and advanced voter file, and a culture of collaboration between candidates at every level. Let’s put the voters first.
Keith Ellison
As a head-hunter I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my candidates do well and therefore my clients happy. I want to work with clients more as a partner than simply a head-hunter.
Bruce Bennett
Some candidates need to say provocative things that make noise to break through the media muffle and get themselves noticed.
John Podhoretz
You may have heard me say that I am going to create a safe, fair, affordable city for all New Yorkers. But you have probably heard other candidates say that before. What I want you to know is that those will be my priorities because those issues aren’t political to me; they’re personal.
Eric Adams
That’s one of the nice things. I mean, part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich. So if I need $600 million, I can put $600 million myself. That’s a huge advantage. I must tell you, that’s a huge advantage over the other candidates.
Donald Trump
Senator Jon Kyl has given all of the eventual candidates in this race an excellent model of how to best serve Arizona and the country. He’s set the bar extremely high, and I’ll do my best to meet that standard.
Jeff Flake
I don’t think the federal government or federal candidates should be making decisions on everything and opining on everything.
Rick Santorum
Barack Obama is probably the most exciting candidate that either the Democratic or Republican party has produced at least since I’ve been around. He’s fresh, he’s new, he’s insightful.
Joe Biden
One of the problems with a candidate like Bob Kennedy, and his brother before him, was that people assumed they didn’t need contributions.
Pierre Salinger
Candidates should be extremely cautious in displaying a sense of humor. If he or she tells a joke with a point, there is almost certain to be some minority group offended.
Jack Germond
That’s insightful, but equally insightful is what they say afterwards. The other thing that I always point out is it’s one thing to talk to the candidate. It’s quite another to talk to the staff, and that’s when you find out what’s really going on.
Kurt Meyer
Asking presidential candidates whether they support or would change past foreign policy decisions is the most common line of questioning among members of the media. It’s also the most pointless.
Pete Hoekstra
It’s all about media culture and people on television, and that feeling comfortable, friendly, or warm toward a candidate [in the elections] is a reason people would emotionally attach themselves to that candidate. I get the mechanics of it, I just hate that it’s true.
Michael Schur
We have the most liberal, the most leftist candidate who has ever run for president in my lifetime; he’s a sitting duck. This guy’s policies are aimed at destroying the age of American greatness.
Rush Limbaugh
Wouldn`t it be great for some of the Republican candidates to stand up to the money guys
and say, if you want a presidential nominee who will do what the Bushes did, go from war to war, look elsewhere.
Chris Matthews
Almost all politicians are able to have a great one-on-one meeting. But Im not interested in the candidate who can have a great meeting. Im interested in the person who can make the right decisions.
Kenneth C. Griffin
By the end of ‘Game Change,’ one feels that the candidates’ few happy moments are those when they ‘lose it.’
Tina Brown
The politics of crime is not about a party’s record or a candidates proposals, but about perceived character and values.
Susan Estrich
They have to earn our vote. Neither Hillary [Clinton] or Donald [Trump] have earned our votes, yet the media is kind of closing ranks around them to try to prevent before people find out that there is actually – you know, that we actually have other choices. We are not limited to two corporate candidates.
Jill Stein
I believe Donald Trump is the best guy for president; and I’m not going to shy away and I take the risk. I could just stay home and don’t talk about any candidate.
Joe Arpaio
What I’m really more interested in doing – because I think, in a way that’s kind of obvious – and you can see, look into Austria – you’ve got a far-right candidate who may become the president because he’s in a close-run race.
Tony Blair
I worked for a lot of candidates, in tough campaigns that lost. Most of my candidates lost until Bill Clinton. There was always a point where you look in their eyes and they knew it was over. And there was never that point with Clinton. He never quit. He never gave up.
Dee Dee Myers
Black people need to share collective dollars and demand equal representation, and the way you do that is by controlling their own economy and putting money behind candidates.
Killer Mike
Some people advocate public nomination and a three-track system – allowing voters and political parties to make nominations along with the committee. These people do not want any screening of candidates, but they have not clearly defined the concept of ‘screening.’
Carrie Lam
I may have been the only candidate in America who failed to ride the wave of anti-establishment anger to victory.
Mickey Kaus
When candidates have asked me for support before, they have asked for more than a check.
J. B. Pritzker
One of the traditional rites of passage for political candidates is the revelation of financial status – a catechism-like recital of money mistakes made and debts owed.
Stacey Abrams
People who refuse to accept unpleasant truths have no right to complain about politicians who lie to them. What other kind of candidates would such people elect?
Thomas Sowell
This is a very crucial period and we have got five fantastic candidates. All of them would make excellent leaders of the Party.
Harriet Harman
When you think about a presidential candidate spending all of his or her time talking to that tiny, tiny fraction of us who have the capacity to fund political elections, it’s obvious why the perspective of government is skewed relative to what most Americans care about.
Lawrence Lessig
I don’t hide my emotions from people. I am not a focus-group tested, blow-dried candidate or governor.
Chris Christie
There is something democratic about grass-roots, widespread money support. There is something anti-democratic about one person propping up a candidate who can’t make it.
Ari Fleischer
BSP gives tickets to Muslim candidates in areas where they are in good numbers so that they can enter Parliament and Assembly. On the contrary, Congress gives only a few tickets to the minorities.
I don’t feel like it’s a wasted vote because I think it encourages more people like that to run. I vote for the candidates that aren’t bought and paid for like the Clintons.
Bill Burr
Super Tuesday is the day on which most states hold their primaries. Its darker partner is Dirty Tricks Thursday: the Thursday before an election when candidates release scandalous stories to garner bad publicity for their opponent: the timing means the accused will have little time to refute the allegations.
Susie Dent
The real fight is within the Republican Party to get it to nominate grassroots-type candidates who the public wants, and not just some ‘echo’ of the other side.
Phyllis Schlafly
What’s interesting is that you’ve got a lot of overlap between supporters of different parties and different candidates who feel regardless of who’s been in power, the rich have got richer and half the country’s got poorer.
Steve Hilton
We do know that [Hillary Clinton] was probably attacked and smeared as much as any candidate ever has been. We know that.
Keith Ellison
Have you seen these Republican presidential candidates? I bet Obama is sorry now that he spent all that money on the new birth certificate.
David Letterman
I personally know Donald Trump, and I know a lot of amazing really kind acts that he’s done one-on-one with people. And the candidate that I see is not the person I know.
Mika Brzezinski
I always advise my candidates, ‘You better fight to the last bullet.’
Rick Wilson
I do think there is every potential in 2010 and 2012 to begin to see independent candidates who are capturing a significant percentage of the vote and even win.
Steve Schmidt
I tend to support and get behind issues instead of candidates, because of the whole ‘Super Bowl’ generalization of our world – You’re on this side, I’m on that side; you’re a Republican, I’m a Democrat; you’re country music, I’m rock music.
Brandi Carlile
There aren’t many honest men or women in Washington anymore. Politicians get where they are by the sheer force of their egos, not their convictions. And you know what? It’s our fault as voters. We don’t demand better candidates, so we end up getting what we deserve—on both sides of the aisle.
Brad Thor
When candidates run on conservative principles, they win. But when we legislate conservative policies, the American people win.
Lauren Boebert
One of the left’s favorite refrains is falsely caricaturing Republican candidates as ‘racist’ and ‘xenophobic,’ throwing out ‘dog whistles’ to fuel racial sentiments.
Kayleigh McEnany
I think that Gov. Huckabee is one of us. I know that a lot of the other candidates try to talk like evangelicals, but he’s actually one of us. He believes like we do on all the issues, which energizes me as a voter.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Strom Thurmond, the former segregationist candidate for president was the Republican Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986 and he tried to get Jeff Sessions` nomination through that committee, but he couldn`t.
Lawrence O’Donnell
We talk about the ’68 Democratic Convention. I was too young to really know a lot about it, but – and didn’t even watch it, but I have read about it, and I know enough about it to know that it damaged the Democratic candidates.
Emanuel Cleaver
Barack Obama didn’t get elected president, would never have been elected president, had he decided to run as a black candidate. In order to reach the broadest number of people you have to speak to their interests as broadly as you can.
Gwen Ifill
The economic recession in America wasn’t caused by bad luck; it was caused by bad Republican policies. But the Republican candidates are doubling down on the same flawed policies that led to the loss of 3.6 million jobs in the final months of 2008 and gravely affected middle class families across America.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Romney has adopted almost every position conservatives want their candidate to espouse: He’s pro-life, he wants to repeal ObamaCare, he wants to cut taxes and cut the federal budget, and he wants an unapologetic foreign policy dedicated to the proposition that this too will be the American century.
John Podhoretz
When you read Trump’s tweets or see candidates interact online like Jeb did with Hillary, you’re like, ‘Yes, it’s just like my friends.’ That’s the magic.
Harper Reed
To take all that we are and have and hand it over to God may not be easy; but it can be done; and when it is done, the world has in it one less candidate for misery.
Paul Scherrer
Last I looked – and I’m not a candidate – but last time I checked reading about the Constitution, the Electoral College has nothing to do with parties, has absolutely nothing to do with parties. It’s most states are winners take all.
Michael Bloomberg
Nobody understood better than Mr. Lincoln the obvious truth that in politics it does not suffice merely to nominate candidates. Something must also be done to elect them.
John George Nicolay
Voluntary public funding of elections solves the free speech ‘problem’ with more speech instead of more regulation: by giving qualified candidates who show broad-based constituent support enough matching public funds to mount a credible campaign.
Alan K. Simpson
If you vote for candidates who think it’s the role of the state to provide health care, don’t complain when your hospitals are as badly run as everything else run by the state.
Daniel Hannan
There’s been this attempt to block Donald Trump, in primary candidates and Democrats, that – to try to make everything he says some sort of extreme overstatement.
Jeff Sessions
It is not in the nature of politics that the best men should be elected. The best men do not want to govern their fellowmen.
George MacDonald
While there are certainly things that I admire and respect in each of the remaining candidates, I believe Donald Trump is the candidate best poised to make America great again.
Scott DesJarlais
I don’t have great thoughts about a lot of Republican candidates.
Sam Seder
I want to make sure my candidates have my support. We are a family, we always go together.
Tan Cheng Bock
Presidential candidates don’t chew gum.
Theodore C. Sorensen
When I was in Grade 9, there was an election for high school president, and one of the candidates told us that if we elected him, he would abolish homework. He promised this to the entire student body from the stage in the school gymnasium.
Martin O’Malley
In ‘The Apprentice,’ they don’t re-do shots, it’s all one-take. We literally follow the decisions that the candidates make.
Karren Brady
On Tuesday, Utah Candidate Mia Love became the first black Republican woman elected to Congress. She’s also a Mormon. Yeah, a black female Republican Mormon. Even unicorns are saying, ‘Not buyin’ it.’
Jimmy Fallon
When you become active in the system and communicate to your representatives, and they don’t vote in accordance with your values, your responsibility is to support candidates who will.
Joan Blades
The two candidates have very different visions of America. Donald Trump’s is very dark: Things are not going well. There are dark days ahead unless you make a change, and he’s the one to fix it.
Dana Perino
Good candidates can arrive at the binary search tree as the right path in a few minutes, and then take 10-15 minutes working through the rest of the problem and the other roadblocks I toss out. But occasionally I get a candidate who ‘intuitively understands’ trees and can visualize the problem I’m presenting.
Robert Love
Again and again, Americans have voted for a president to keep them out of a war, only to see the “peace” candidate elected who then brings the nation into war.
Howard Zinn
It’s important to know enough about all of the candidates to make an informed choice, and our candidate is Hillary Clinton.
Marcia Fudge
If you are feeling overly optimistic the Republican Candidates Debate is on.
Kristen Schaal
For most of his life, Donald Trump has described himself as very pro- choice and as a supporter of partial birth abortion. Right now today as a candidate, he supports federal tax payer funding for Planned Parenthood. I disagree with him on that.
Ted Cruz
The point is that you see candidates running in these different kinds of contests. A primary shows you something that’s different from a state party convention, which shows you something that is different than what a caucus shows you.
Michael Beschloss
Candidates are up one day, down the other. Candidates’ fortunes turn on a dime. They can be determined by a good or bad debate performance.
Ana Navarro
I’m not going to talk about supporting somebody for a long time. I don’t know who the two party candidates are going to be.
Michael Bloomberg
Voters do not choose candidates because of their ideological fit. They choose them because of their cultural fit.
Krystal Ball
So as far as leadership and patriotism goes, I think it’s really important that those things have to take place. And I think he’s the best Democratic candidate we’ve had since Bill Clinton. And that’s coming from a Democrat.
Toby Keith
Donald Trump is in office. It’s not just another Republican candidate – Donald Trump. And people were so disaffected with the liberal message that they were willing to vote for him.
Steve Inskeep
I was proud to have been the anti-establishment candidate after more than twenty years in politics, a small town guy fighting for the ordinary Canadian.
Jean Chretien
Wisdom is essential in a president, the appearance of wisdom will do in a candidate.
Eric Sevareid
You can’t exactly bake a man to your specifications. Most of all, one shouldn’t alienate a candidate. A hybrid of Einstein, Tarzan and Inge Meysel doesn’t exist. Besides, the images of politicians in the media aren’t always accurate. I’ve had my share of experiences in that regard.
Peer Steinbruck
A significant fraction of evangelical voters appear more likely to ignore the candidates’ specific economic and foreign policy platforms in favor of concerns about gay marriage or abortion.
Lawrence M. Krauss
Millions upon millions of secret spending by the fossil fuel industry that was unleashed by the disastrous 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision – this money not only fuels the campaigns of many candidates; it also represents a threat to those who don’t toe the polluter line on climate change.
Sheldon Whitehouse
This is a fundamental question, Mr. Mayor [ Rudy Giuliani ]. Is the president of the United States legitimate or not? Do you believe it? If you believe it, why doesn’t your candidate state it.
Chris Matthews
I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Donald Trump. He is – he – as you can imagine, I mean, he’s a very engaging man. He’s – he puts on an image as a lot of candidates and I think all of us do when we’re in front of a microphone that’s really tough and combative.
Rick Santorum
Conservative voters will put up with a lot of things in the culture that disagree with their views. They have proven time and again they will roll their eyes at actors and musicians saying negative things about the presidents and candidates they vote for and still consume their product.
Ben Domenech
Candidates are making lasting impressions on voters, not just primary voters, in how they campaign.
Jeb Bush
While imperfect, the electoral college has generally served the republic well. It forces candidates to campaign in a variety of closely contested races, where political debate is typically robust.
William M. Daley
Senate races are different from House races, in the sense that they are more candidate-driven. The higher the office – that is, I mean, governor, senator, president – the more important the candidate.
Judy Woodruff
I think all of us could insist on preserving the truth and preserving the peace. We could insist that political candidates tell the truth about controversial issues. And secondly, we should be sure to encourage our political leaders, after they’re elected, to preserve the peace.
Jimmy Carter
The problem with every American candidate regarding the presidency, I am not talking only about this campaign or elections, but generally, that they say something during the campaign and they do the opposite after the campaign.
Bashar al-Assad
It looks to me like the candidates are trying to relieve the farmer of his vote, instead of his debts.
Will Rogers
The sentiment that Punjab did not accept the Delhi leadership has been unanimously expressed by candidates and party leaders. Somewhere, the feeling has emerged that the Punjab unit should take lead rather than the Delhi team calling the shots.
Gurpreet Ghuggi
Bolton was one of the relegation candidates when I got there but we took the club to another level and even had the opportunity to play for the first time in the Europa League.
Jay-Jay Okocha
Perfection is our enemy… not because we don’t want perfect candidates, but because perfect candidates don’t exist.
Michael Capuano
It is critical that Democratic candidates, whether they are in New Jersey, or Virginia, or anywhere, emphasize the fact that we can be trusted, and can bring fiscal integrity to our state, local, and national government.
Mark Warner
I am supporting many Republican candidates who embrace the principles and policies set forth in Speaker Ryan’s vision and who are committed to moving our country forward on the right path.
Kenneth C. Griffin
I’ve been looking at some video clips on YouTube of President Obama, then candidate Obama, going through Iowa making promises. I think the gap between his promises and his performance is the largest I’ve seen, well, since the Kardashian wedding and the promise of ’til death do we part.
Mitt Romney
You’ve got to be happy if they get your facts right. Since January I don’t think I’ve recognized a damned thing that I’ve filed. I just pour everything out of the boot. Otherwise you get a phone call at three in the morning asking why you left out that the candidate had his teeth drilled that morning.
John Lindsay
In the view of everyone, I am a viable candidate and I should be on the ballot.
John McCain
I admit I do have some drawbacks and limitations as a candidate. Although I am a professional comedian, some of my critics maintain that this is not enough. I cannot deny that I stand before you untested and inexperienced – I only spent two years in television, never as a romantic lead or a song and dance man.
Pat Paulsen
I played a father a few times. You don’t have to shoot heroin to play a heroin addict … I’m not running for president but I could play a candidate. Most of the time, you don’t really have to have those things in your life to understand what they’re like.
George Clooney
[Donald Trump] was a better candidate; that’s how he won.
Kellyanne Conway
They say John Kerry is the first Democratic presidential candidate in history to raise $50 million in a three-month period. Actually, that’s nothing. He once raised $500 million with two words: ‘I do.’
Jay Leno
The Republican Primaries were quite interesting. The establishment had its candidate, [Mitt] Romney, a kind of a Wall Street lawyer and investor, and they wanted him in. But the base didn’t want him.
Noam Chomsky
The popular choice, by more than 2 million votes, is a completely qualified candidate for president.
Lawrence Lessig
Vote for candidates who care about these issues, and hold these candidates accountable. I don’t care what party; I’m past that point. I care whether they are concerned about the energy security of this country.
Laurie David
That would be the biggest shake-up Washington ever had, if big money didn’t dictate who the candidates were and who got elected.
Virgil Goode
Obviously in the next few months we have got to do everything that we can to make sure that Donald Trump, who in my view is the worst, least-prepared candidate for president in my lifetime. Number two, we’ve got to obviously elect Hillary Clinton.
Bernie Sanders
As a curator, I’ve met endless people who feel a ‘special connection’ with Anne Boleyn, or Victorian prostitutes, or various other unlikely candidates.
Lucy Worsley
When considering a candidate for office, almost right up until they enter the polling booth and sometimes even in the booth itself, most voters rely more on what they see and hear themselves in real time than on facts, history, logic, or learned experience.
Quin Hillyer
There is a real diversity of talent and background on the A list so as to better reflect our society in all walks. There are people who have been candidates before, Councillors, Doctors, business leaders, charity campaigners.
Adam Rickitt
Donald Trump is the first candidate ever to run for president in the last 40-plus years who has not released his tax returns, so everything he says about charity or anything else, we can’t prove it.
Hillary Clinton
Today, possible presidential candidate Donald Trump released his birth certificate. It lists his eyes as blue and his hair as ridiculous.
Conan O’Brien
To write without pay until somebody offers pay. If nobody offers pay within three years, the candidate may look upon this circumstance with the most implicit confidence as the sign that sawing wood is what he was intended for.
Mark Twain
Viewing that complex relationship one-sidedly from the aspect of manufacturing and the impact of Chinese imports on the United States makes sense from the point of view of the Rust Belt of the United States. It may even make sense as a political strategy for a candidate running for office.
Judy Woodruff
When I vote for a candidate I always try to learn as much as I can about them, but I guess I focus a lot on environmental issues, and I tend to vote along those lines.
Jack Johnson
There are a lot of songs that would ostensibly be a good candidate for parody, yet I can’t think of a clever enough idea.
Al Yankovic
We have felt for some time that if political candidates or their staff are willing to make the pilgrimage to North Iowa, the least we can do is show hospitality. And it’s also a wonderful way to get to know these people who make our political system work.
Kurt Meyer
We are the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump. And we’re the only candidate that can beat Donald Trump. If you look at the Super Tuesday states, we’re running neck and neck with Donald in states all across Super Tuesday.
Ted Cruz
I think what separates me from the candidates is the fact that I have a proven track record of being a fighter. A fighting for what people believe in, whether it is popular or not. Despite the opposition, I stand true. Because people know that I will do what I say. And that I say what I do.
Michele Bachmann
Much of what candidates have to do is raise money and appeal to constituencies or interest groups that can provide that money.
Robert Scheer
A lot of celebrities relish politics and are eager to lend their names to candidates and causes. I never wanted to be a spokesman for anybody.
Charley Pride
Former President George W. Bush has hired a man to lead his presidential think tank in Dallas. The man was hired because he was the only candidate who could say the words, ‘George W. Bush think tank’ with a straight face.
Conan O’Brien
Decent people must refuse to back Corbyn and his candidates.
Luciana Berger
It’s important for us all to elect people not just on blind party loyalty. We’ve got to really examine what candidates say and do.
Paul F. Tompkins
This is the first convention of the space age – where a candidate can promise the moon and mean it.
David Brinkley
This is America. We pick our leaders through democratic politics – ballot boxes, campaign stops, and good old-fashioned retail electioneering. It’s a system that doesn’t work without thousands of volunteers and ordinary supporters getting out in public and making the case for their preferred candidates.
Lara Trump
Naming a transition team varies with the intentions of the candidate; some candidates have been careful to name a transition team as much as a year in advance.
Richard V. Allen
I was accepted into Cornell in 1979 and went there to follow a finance and business path. I ended up pursuing marketing and sales because I was selected by Procter & Gamble as an undergraduate candidate to go into its brand management program, which is typically available only to M.B.A. candidates.
Reggie Fils-Aime
In order to get around the $500 cap, it’s common knowledge that either potential candidates or public officials simply create these organizations, accumulate large sums of money which are then used in support of their campaign or to contribute to their campaign. They were trying to close that loophole.
Bill Vaughan
I’m arrogant enough to tell you that I’m smart enough to have scored higher on my Scholastic Aptitude Test than any US president whose SAT score has been made public. I even scored higher than ex-presidential candidate Al Gore, whose SAT score was so high, it was deemed as potentially off-putting to voters.
Jim Goad
If you look on the fungal genome as being soldier candidates protecting the U.S. as our host defense, not only for the ecosystem but for our population… we should be saving our old-growth forests as a matter of national defense.
Paul Stamets
Donald Trump is great at the one-liners, but he’s a chaos candidate and he’d be a chaos president. He would not be the commander in chief we need to keep our country safe.
Renee Montagne
There has to be some decorum left in politics and in American journalism as well. Our husbands are the candidates.
Cindy McCain
Debates are set up for nothing more than to tear down the candidates. It’s pretty hard to be able to sit and lay out your ideas and your concepts with a one-minute response.
Rick Perry
Some comments are within bounds, while some are not. But by whining about every little barb, candidates are trying to win the election through a war of staff resignation attrition, and Americans are losing the ability to distinguish between what is fair game and what is not.
James Carville
African-Americans who might have disagreed with candidate Barack Obama’s left-of-center politics voted for him in 2008 because electing a candidate with brown skin was too historic an opportunity to miss.
Alveda King
Jim Gilmore was the only GOP candidate not invited to the Republican debates tonight, but I saw that he actually planned to live-tweet it. When he heard that, Jeb Bush was like ‘Can I do that? I don’t want to be here!’
Jimmy Fallon
Let me first of all congratulate both of the candidates who have made it through – both Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom are formidable politicians and they have fought great campaigns and they deserve to be in the final two.
Michael Gove
[When asked, as a prospective Presidential candidate, whether she had ever committed adultery:] No. But then most congresswomen don’t have 25-year-old lifeguards throwing themselves at their feet around this place.
Patricia Schroeder
Anyway, I just haven’t been able to find any humanity in any Republican candidate ever in my entire life.
Alan Rudolph
Candidates matter. Campaigns matter. ‘He can win’ or ‘She can’t win’ is up there with, ‘I’m going to lose 10 pounds, win the lottery, and live forever.’ Saying it does not make it so.
Kellyanne Conway
Presidential candidate Howard Dean is now being attacked for dodging the draft. I never knew this about the guy – but now I know this guy is presidential material.
David Letterman
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has taken American politics by storm.
Sean Hannity
Northwestern’s alumni list is truly impressive. This university has graduated best-selling authors, Olympians, presidential candidates, Grammy winners, Peabody winners, Emmy winners, and that’s just me!
Stephen Colbert
Trump can spend virtually an unlimited amount of his own money on this election, which makes him unlike any of the other candidates in the race. So those who oppose him will have to work very hard to make sure he doesn’t win.
J. B. Pritzker
When I started CNN, I made the decision to stay out of endorsing candidates, and let the doers make up their own minds about politics, that it wasn’t going to come from me.
Ted Turner
I see a big difference between the Republican candidate and the Democratic candidate.
William Weld
I was extended secret service protection during my presidential run in 1984, when I received the most death threats ever made toward a candidate.
Jesse Jackson
Everyone knows the presidential candidates and has an opinion about them. But as you get to smaller races, that evaporates and you can win through sheer elbow grease.
Joe Greene
God has called us to be His representatives in our nation and in our world. Select candidates who represent your views and work for their election.
James Dobson
Federal election laws bar candidates from the ‘personal use’ of campaign donations – a ban meant to stop candidates from buying things unrelated to their runs for office. If a purchase is a result of campaign activity, the government allows it.
David Fahrenthold
A libertarian presidential candidate isn’t going to win anyway, so he can afford to say that all taxation is theft, and it isn’t the job of a libertarian presidential candidate to cook up new ways to commit theft.
L. Neil Smith
Does it make any sense at all that the chair of a national party would want fewer voters to see our candidates?
Hillary Clinton
Scientists say over the next hundred years, the coast of California will sink almost five feet. So the presidential candidates need to do something. Mitt Romney is conflicted. On one hand, he denies that global warming exists. But if California is under water, he would definitely win the next election.
Craig Ferguson
In the past, candidates’ performances of ‘Christianity’ have been strong points for voters, but Trump’s ascendancy with evangelicals has eviscerated that expectation. Evangelicals, like other voters, can be very pragmatic about the issues they want addressed by the leadership they support.
Anthea Butler
There is always a gap between what candidates say in the heat of the campaign, when they are not constrained by the realities of governance, and how they act after being sworn into office.
Anand Giridharadas
If the gods had intended for people to vote, they would have given us candidates.
Howard Zinn
The Occupy movement needs an organizing principle, and – just as the Tea Party did – it needs some actual measures of success. Choose one candidate whose agenda is squarely within that of the movement and make his or her electoral success a focal point.
Eliot Spitzer
We need candidates who are deeply rooted in their communities, working-class people who understand the struggles their neighbors face. That is the future of the Democratic Party.
Richard Ojeda
To balance China, the democracies will need new friends – and India with its fast-growing economy, youthful population, and democratic politics seems the obvious candidate.
David Frum
ROSTRUM, n. In Latin, the beak of a bird or the prow of a ship. In America, a place from which a candidate for office energetically expounds the wisdom, virtue and power of the rabble.
Ambrose Bierce
I thought there was something in Ted Cruz`s dignity that prevented him by endorsing a candidate like that, because that was the best explanation of what he did.
Josh Barro
I am the only candidate capable of delivering these three things as prime minister, and tonight it is clear that I am also the only one capable of drawing support from the whole of the Conservative party.
Theresa May
Rick Perry is the perfect candidate for those who thought George W. Bush was just too dang cerebral. And Adios, Mofo is the perfect guide to his record, his rhetoric and his remarkable hair. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll vote.
Paul Begala
I think it is commonplace for parties to change candidates and reshuffle ministries to bring in new faces.
Naveen Patnaik
Few losing V.P. candidates in the modern era have walked away with their reputations and future political prospects significantly enhanced, and some have even been damaged by their turn on the national stage.
Steve Kornacki
And, when the votes are counted, let everybody, including the candidates, get into a good humor as quick as they got into a bad one.
Will Rogers
There’s going to be a demand for perfectionism on the part of Hillary Clinton, or any other pro-equality woman candidate, that would not be made of men. There are going to be attacks based on different standards of morality and different standards of dress and physical attractiveness.
Gloria Steinem
I am a registered Democrat (there are only two Republicans in Maryland and they’re both in office) and two-time unsuccessful candidate for office myself.
Jack L. Chalker
The vice presidential candidate tends to be a bit of an afterthought.
Mary Cheney
Donald Trump is sort of the first candidate of his type that non-politician, true outsider, was coming to shake up the system.
Kellyanne Conway
No president can amend the past, and the public is tired of candidates who simply point fingers instead of offering their own solutions. They want a leader who will describe the threats as they are and rally the country behind a strategy to defeat them.
Pete Hoekstra
Then there’s politics. Just imagine politics with its dumbbell element subtracted. There would be no Republican candidates. There would be no Democratic voters. The whole system would collapse.
P. J. O’Rourke
Russia and Ukraine are candidates for the entry to the WTO and their dispute would be easy to understand and tackle if they are both members of this organization.
Pascal Lamy
An eminent American is reported to have said to friends who wished to put him forward, ‘Gentlemen, let there be no mistake. I should make a good president, but a very bad candidate.
James Bryce
I think many of the mainstream media players are liberal Democrats. They intend to vote for Hillary [Clinton]. They believed Donald [Trump] was the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat.
Ted Cruz
Just because somebody else likes a candidate doesn’t necessarily mean everybody else will like him.
Roger Ailes
Have you ever seen a candidate talking to a rich person on television?
Art Buchwald
The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your [Hillary Clinton] damn e-mails!
Bernie Sanders
I don’t think there’s any clever way for the establishment to take Donald Trump down. It’s very simple. Another candidate is going to have to find a way either to out-maneuver him, or to just frankly beat him in the argument.
Dalia Mogahed
It was important for us to be as supportive as our candidates and as our incumbent senators would have us be.
Tom Daschle
It’s important to know where candidates for president are getting their ideas. Where do these ideas come from, who funds them and who is shaping our political discussion? These are all questions that are important to a healthy democracy.
David Brock
It’s an unfortunate fact that in the male black population, a very significant percentage of them, more so than whites or other minority candidates, because of convictions, prison records, are never going to be hired by a police department. That’s a reality. That’s not a byproduct of stop-and-frisk.
William Bratton
…the very notion that a candidate should openly solicit votes violated the principled presumption that such behavior itself represented a confession of unworthiness for national office.
Joseph J. Ellis
So much of what passes for public life consists of little more than candidates without ideas, hiring consultants without conviction, to stage campaigns without content. The result, increasingly, is elections without voters.
Gerald R. Ford
When a Caltech student asked the eminent cosmologist Michael Turner what his “bias” was in favoring one or another particle as a likely candidate to compromise dark matter in the universe, Feynmann snapped, “Why do you want to know his bias? Form your own bias!”
Richard P. Feynman
All the other candidates are making speeches about how much they have done for their country, which is ridiculous. I haven’t done anything yet, and I think it’s just common sense to send me to Washington and make me do my share.
Gracie Allen
[Bill Clinton] has settled numerous lawsuits without admitting any guilt on a whole number of things. Are you saying, are you implying that settling a lawsuit is implying guilt? Because if so, it means that your candidate is guilty of an awful lot of things, no.
Anderson Cooper
Dynamic, rapidly expanding European monarchy seeks a can-do visionary to head up its South American divisions.Our ideal candidate will have at least five years’ experience in New World colonization and be willing to accept shift work. Fluency in Spanish an asset.Some travel involved
Christopher Columbus
I believe we have to move, eventually in our country, toward a system of public financing that really works for candidates running for federal office. I will support that as president.
Janet Napolitano
I would rather be the candidate of the NAACP than the NRA.
John F. Kerry
Presidential and vice-presidential debates are not about campaign staff or consultants, and it is high time we as a people took control and reminded them and their candidates of that important fact.
Bob Barr
I was incredulous as the bias of the media in terms of the candidates [for presidency]. I was incredulous at the fake news.
Paula Broadwell
I see many founders waste too much time trying to work their networks and/or ultimately settle for mediocre but available candidates. You will definitely have to interview hard for cultural fit, but the best talent isn’t cheap.
Scott Weiss
I’m not sure Lincoln would fare well if he were a presidential candidate today.
David Herbert Donald
The economic recession in America wasn’t caused by bad luck; it was caused by bad Republican policies. But the Republican candidates are doubling down on the same flawed policies that led to the loss of 3.6 million jobs in the final months of 2008 and gravely affected middle class families across America.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
A lot of Republican candidate will tell you they’ll protect innocent human life and they’ll hunt down ISIS and get rid of Common Core, but we’re actually doing things in our state. We need a doer, not a talker.
Bobby Jindal
It’s really remarkable to see two candidates,[Donald] Trump and [Marco] Rubio, making things up and putting things out for which there is no evidence and no basis.
Ted Cruz
I think like a lot of people in this country I want to see a vision. And, again, that would be true of candidates on all levels. It’s time to see a clear, bold vision for progressive economic change.
Bill de Blasio
When you make the judgement as a network that there are only three candidates, you are censoring points of view.
Tim Robbins
Each party steals so many articles of faith from the other, and the candidates spend so much time making each other’s speeches, that by the time election day is past there is nothing much to do save turn the sitting rascals out and let a new gang in.
H. L. Mencken
I see The Rock running in 2020 and being a two-term president. I think he would be great, and I’m joking when I say I think Stephanie McMahon wouldn’t be a fine president of the United States. I think she’s got the leadership qualities. I see those two as potential candidates, and I see Kane as a congressional leader.
Mick Foley
If you say in advance there is going to be a main candidate and then that doesn’t count later, then that’s going to be a highly problematic occurrence in a democracy.
Martin Schulz
It is a cause of shame to any member of the human race to be a member of the same species some of whose members could vote for any candidate for president that has been offered by the Republican party. Such people seem to be motivated only by short-sighted greed, ignorance, fear and hatred.
Allen W. Wood
[James Mattis] also has real passion for the care of the men and women in the U.S. military and their families. So, you know, I think he would be an outstanding candidate.
Michele Flournoy
Millions of people die every day. Everyone’s got to go sometime. I’ve came by this particular tumor honestly. If you smoke, which I did for many years very heavily with occasional interruption, and if you use alcohol, you make yourself a candidate for it in your sixties.
Christopher Hitchens
I debated in high school! If you told things that weren’t true or just made things out of whole cloth, you were penalized. It’s too bad they don’t apply the same standards to presidential candidates as they do to high school students.
Mark Hamill
I’m going to take part in the elections, not just as a candidate but as a mouthpiece for those who can’t become candidates.
Ksenia Sobchak
Both candidates in this election [2004] pledge to end this war and bring our troops home. The great difference – the great difference is that I intend to win it first.
John McCain
Any deep-rooted prejudice against others, such as homophobia or misogyny, would be grounds for rejecting a candidate for the priesthood, but not their sexual orientation.
Timothy Radcliffe
All candidate moves should be identified at once and listed in one’s head. This job cannot be done piecemeal, by first examining one move and then look at another.
Alexander Kotov
I believe that any candidate who supports the war should not receive our support. It doesn’t matter if they’re Senator Clinton or whoever
Cindy Sheehan
It’s how you make decisions that matters, and that ought to be the question that people ask of any candidate for any executive office, whether it’s mayor, governor or president. How do you make decisions? Who do you want in the room helping you make those decisions?
Tom Vilsack
What people are looking for are candidates and representatives that are going to work hard, tell it like it is. I’m unafraid to do things when it doesn’t poll well.
Adam Hasner
I’m the candidate who forgot to take off her hat before she threw it in the ring.
Gracie Allen
President Obama, by the way, has set a Guinness World Record as the fastest person to get a million Twitter followers. Obama now has as many followers as the Republicans have presidential candidates.
Conan O’Brien
No matter who wins, God is still sovereign regardless if my preferred candidate wins or not.
Max Lucado
Senate Democrats blocked President Obama’s trade bill yesterday because they’re worried it could hurt jobs. It’s not an issue for Republicans, since they’ve all found work as presidential candidates.
Jimmy Fallon
You must understand printing lies about Republican candidates is OK. It’s called vetting. Printing the truth about liberals – that’s called “swift-boating.”
Howie Carr
As someone who’s been covering presidential campaigns since the 1950s, I have no delusions about political reporting. Candidates bargaining access to get the kind of news coverage they want is nothing new.
Dan Rather
I dislike both of [candidates] but there’s obviously no choice in the election – if you’re concerned about the future of anything, you need to vote for Hillary Clinton.
Dylan Moran
The candidate out front on Labor Day has historically been the one who stayed ahead in November.
Peter Jennings
Everyone is so concerned now where all of the candidates are born. McCain was born on a military base in Panama. Hillary was born outside Chicago, and if you believe the media, Barack Obama was born in a manger.
Jay Leno
I probably carry more scar tissue on my derriГЁre than any other candidate-that’s political scar tissue.
Alexander Haig
In creating superdelegates, the Democratic Party recognized the expertise that its top holders of public office have gained by running for office themselves. They are experts at winning. They know the issues. They are in a unique position to evaluate presidential candidates.
Jim Hunt
Mudslinging – In politics, anything bad the opponent says about our candidate; in contrast, when our candidate does this, it is called ‘making a good point.
Richard Turner
Lots of women candidates get compared to one another because there’s so few women in office and positions in corporate America.
Gretchen Whitmer
Some good souls found The Candidate cynical. I wonder what they’ll think when they read this portrait of the real-life Jerry Brown… This is the book that could force the little fox into the open.
Jeremy Larner
For us political activists and candidates, the morning after any election is a mix of emotions – the personal and the immediate, the culmination of your own recent campaigning efforts; and the fortunes of your party and the success or otherwise of what you stand for and believe in.
Lucy Powell
Often, when we support the ‘right’ causes and candidates, we fail to recognize that with progress comes sacrifice. That sacrifice might mean that you are no longer the obvious choice for the job. Your job security may no longer be a given.
Nina Shaw
I would support a Presidential candidate who pledged to take the following steps: … At the end of the war in the Persian Gulf, press for a comprehensive Middle East settlement and for a ‘new world order’ based not on Pax Americana but on peace through law with a stronger U.N. and World Court.
George McGovern
Candidates don’t have to deal with reality. They talk about the wonderful things they can accomplish as if advocating them is the same as achieving them. They live in a world of political make-believe in which everything from reconciling conflicting interests to paying for costly programs is easy.
Fred Barnes
Many candidates use a political autobiography to sell their candidacy.
Ari Melber
Republican candidates had to appeal to their base, which is by and large elderly white people arguing with empty chairs.
Paul Krugman
It is universally accepted that an admission of atheism would be instant political suicide for any (U.S.) presidential candidate.
Richard Dawkins
Looking to the future, the words uncertain and scared near the top but hopeful and optimistic prevail and beneath the division one sign of civility, 73 percent of Americans have a close friend or family member who voted for an opposing candidate.
George Stephanopoulos
Favorite-son candidates almost always win their states decisively in presidential elections. But their status as national celebrities can end up breeding fatigue and resentment among home-state voters when the election is over.
Steve Kornacki
Republicans are good at standing by their candidate.
George Clooney
I think a primary always makes the other candidate a better candidate because you’re battle-tested and you have to think in ways that other people are thinking in addition to your own vision, how to incorporate some fresher, newer thinking into all of that.
Nancy Pelosi
If you’re running to be president of the United States, you can’t just tell people you’re going to make America great again. I think you need to begin to explain exactly how you’re going to do it policy-wise. We’re not going to win a general election with a candidate that refuses to detail policy.
Marco Rubio
We must ensure that we are hiring and retaining qualified, diverse candidates not only to teach in our classrooms, but to work at the DOE overseeing our students’ education.
Letitia James
NHPrimary Trivia: The Republican candidates have not spoken to a black person since Herman Cain dropped out.
Andy Borowitz
Black Lives Matter, as a network, will not, does not, has not, ain’t going to endorse any candidates. Now if there are activists within the movement that want to do that independently, they should feel free, and if that’s what makes sense for their local conditions, that’s fantastic.
Alicia Garza
I want to be the candidate placed on the ballot by the people, not the party.
Andrew Cuomo
It is often just as important to be perceived as something as actually to be that something and, as a matter of fact, a candidate need not be anything ideologically at all.
Jimmy Carter
At one time kings were anointed by Deity, so the problem was to see to it that Deity chose the right candidate. In this age the myth is “the will of the people” … but the problem changes only superficially.
Robert A. Heinlein
The cost of campaigning has skyrocketed in recent years because of the falloff in TV viewership. With only one-third as many people watching TV as did 20 years ago, politicians have responded by buying three times as many ads, driving the cost of campaigning to levels which only favored candidates can afford.
Dick Morris
Trump’s last name is an omen that he’ll win the Republican nomination, since “trump” means “triumph.” One might suggest that this will constitute the triumph of insanity over reason, except that none of the other Republican candidates make any sense either. Trump just makes them seem less crazy by comparison.
Michael R. Burch
Will Herman Cain become the first black President that I acknowledge? I call him a dark horse because he’s an unlikely candidate who surged forward, and not because he’s a horse.
Stephen Colbert
If I were to vote, I would intentionally vote for the goofiest candidate. It is my theory that when the people can outwit the leader, the more respected their voices will be.
Criss Jami
If it’s of help to my candidates, I would like to go anywhere to give my candidates a boost.
Tan Cheng Bock
By voting for a candidate, we’re not endorsing a particular lifestyle. We’re simply voting on the issues.
Robert Jeffress
You can’t get much more liberal than John Kerry is. I mean, he’s my candidate, but, I mean, come on.
Don Imus
I would vote for a Muslim if he or she was the best candidate able to lead the country and defend our political values.
John McCain
The idea of a celebrity endorsing a presidential candidate is nothing new, but the full-throated endorsement for Senator Bernie Sanders from one of the country`s biggest hip hop stars had surprised some political observers.
Chris Hayes
Despite all the evidence that Hispanics are not single-issue voters, Republican candidates are told that if they say harsh things about sanctuary cities, American jobs lost to illegal labor, or scandalous border security, Latino voters will punish them by voting Democrat.
Tom Tancredo
Think of the French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, Ciudadanos in Spain, Nowoczesna in Poland. These are early efforts to reimagine a liberalism which is neither right-wing nor left-wing in the traditional sense.
Anne Applebaum
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the most disliked and untrusted candidates for president in American history.
Jill Stein
I’ve never heard anybody [of president’s candidates] talk about the poorly educated.
Chris Matthews
I never stop running. I’m not one of the weenies who drop out just because the electoral college votes. I’m still in the race. I’m an extremely corrupt candidate and I stress that in case anybody in our reading audience is interested in sending me money.
Dave Barry
I always run ahead of the ticket [compared to Democratic presidential candidates]. But this time there were a lot of people that just voted party line, a lot more than usual.
Collin Peterson