Cassette Quotes

Cassette Quotes by Harland Williams, Andrew Schulz, M. Ward, Romeo Santos, Dwight Yoakam, Jermaine Fowler and many others.

I used to do little sketches into my cassette tape reco

I used to do little sketches into my cassette tape recorder when I was a little boy. I would just turn it on and just start doing voices and characters. I just loved it.
Harland Williams
I remember listening to Eddie Murphy’s Delirious on cassette tape – you might have to explain what that is to your younger demographic – with my father. I wanted to make people laugh that hard.
Andrew Schulz
I don’t like the way recording to digital sounds. Most of the time, when I’m recording to two-inch tape, I still have a romantic vision of how songs sounded coming out of the radio when I was younger, and how they sounded coming out of my little four-track cassette player.
M. Ward
One day, my father brings a cassette. He’s showing me this, and he’s like, ‘Look at this guy, his name is Anthony Santos, like you.’ I popped it on and started hearing the songs, the music, and I was like, ‘Wow, this sounds great.’
Romeo Santos
In the past 3-4 years I’ve developed a habit of keeping numerous small cassette recorders in my house and in a bag with me so that I’m able to commit to tape memory song ideas on a constant basis.
Dwight Yoakam
I used to record ‘Futurama’ episodes on my cassette player and play it to help me go to sleep.
Jermaine Fowler
The fact is I’ve always been such a big Bollywood fan, from the time I was very young. I remember I’d watch new Bollywood films every Thursday night on a video cassette.
Mahira Khan
Growing up, I was definitely surrounded by music all the time. My parents used to always play music; my dad used to have reggae on. I remember walking around with a cassette recorder, and I used to just record the songs I would hear on the radio so I could play it back when I feel like.
Stefflon Don
I remember there were two tapes that my papa had in his truck at all times when I was younger. It was a Ralph Stanley gospel cassette and the ‘Hee Haw’ gospel album.
Tyler Childers
Yeah, anybody can go in with two turntables and a microphone or a home studio sampler and a little cassette deck or whatever and make records in their bedrooms.
David Byrne
Trish Stratus is a cassette player and I am the newest version of the iTouch. iTouches keep improving. Technology gets better and better. Cassettes are collecting dust.
Maryse Mizanin
I used to make cassette tapes but never thought about making a career of it.
Christina Grimmie
A hard copy? It’s fire. People want vinyl and cassette tapes – it’s just cool to be able to touch it and feel it.
Tierra Whack
I don’t even know how people managed without the Internet years ago. Having to mail a cassette tape of your music to strangers over the course of months… I just can’t imagine having to do that.
Frankie Cosmos
Whenever I see something that looks like it could be good – whether it’s on vinyl, CD or cassette – if it’s not too expensive, I’ll take a chance.
Will Oldham
I have some vivid memories of walking around as a child with a cassette tape.
James Vincent McMorrow
Technology has very little to do with what I do. I have a purpose built studio but all I need for writing is my piano and a cassette recorder as I still use cassettes.
Gilbert O’Sullivan
A lot of times Mick will play me different things, or I’ll listen to a cassette, and out of twenty ideas or whatever, I’ll find two or three that are just blowing me away, and we’ll start working on them right away.
Lou Gramm
The people I idolized I saw once a year on the Tony Awards. I would buy the cassette tapes of the various Broadway shows and scour the photos inside the recording package. That’s how I exposed myself to the arts – New York and professional theater felt like a very distant thing.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
After my second No. 1, my record company, Warner Brothers, gave me a beautiful present – quite unique at the time – one of the very first Sony stereos which had speaker and radio included so I could record the radio and build up cassette tapes of music, gospel singing, adverts, evangelists.
Leo Sayer
A few days after 9/11, I put the old cassette of ‘Born in the U.S.A.,’ twisted and worn, on the car deck as I drove past West Point, across the Bear Mountain Bridge, along the Hudson River. It was the perfect moment to hear it.
David Means
I love listening to music on holiday, and back in the old days, I used to travel with cassette tapes and a boombox.
Art Malik
I remember the first time I received a cassette tape of a band called The Clash. I became an instant fan of the Clash and then bought their albums after that and went to their concerts and gave them my money… but I first got it for free.
Michael Moore
Yeah, you know, I’m always into cassette. At least they seem to be the longest-lasting medium we used to have. I don’t play cassettes much anymore, but I play records all the time.
J Mascis
Just the other day I pulled out this old cassette of Ragged Glory and I popped it into my cassette player and I was digging it. They were just a great rock and roll band, one that presents the song ahead of everything else – there’s no grand idea or concept behind it.
Krist Novoselic
I’ve always sung. I was really into musical theater when I was growing up. As a kid, I listened to Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, actually, on cassette tapes.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw
I spend a lot of time visiting friends, watching video cassette movies, and things like that.
Frank Sinatra Jr.
I graduated from high school in 1963. There were no computers, cell phones, Internet, credit cards, cassette tapes or cable TV.
Jeffrey Gitomer
I got No Doubt on cassette, ‘Tragic Kingdom.’ And I just remember being so psyched about all those songs and, like, the songwriting and just her voice, and her vibe was amazing.
Teddy Geiger
I actually started making videos in 2004, before YouTube, using a VHS camcorder, but had to take the tape with a cassette to friends’ homes so that they could see it.
Ryan Higa
When I write songs, it’s just me and a cassette player – or at least it used to be before smartphones – to quickly record a basic idea.
Rick Nielsen
I used to do semi-classical dance as a child; I did not have a choreographer, but my mother gave me a cassette to learn from.
Shamna Kasim
When I was 10, 11, 12 years old, I would pretend to be on the radio. I bought a mixer and these big, ugly headphones and I would literally broadcast the cassette tapes in my bedroom.
Ryan Seacrest
My parents are musicians. I was listening to the radio and recording songs off the radio on cassette tapes and playing guitars and pianos. Just emotionally responding to music from a very young age.
Weyes Blood
My first cassette was ‘Synchronicity,’ and my first CD was U2 ‘War’ and King Crimson ‘Discipline.’
Christopher McCulloch
You can’t even imagine how it felt to have a cassette that you could take with you with a microphone so you could put down an idea and not have to hum it a million times to remember what it was.
Robert Plant
I have about a dozen cassettes lying about which I use in random order. Very often, I pick up a cassette to dictate a letter, and I find my voice coming back at me with the lines of plays three years old.
Tom Stoppard
I’m not saying that kids today have everything, but with the Internet, it’s like, you have it there, so use it! I know a bunch of kids who are into cassette tapes now. Cassette tapes suck! Why not use your iPod?
I’ve never been one to think it was cheating to sample this or to loop the drum part there – I’ve always done that. Even using four-track cassette recorders, I was always doing whatever I could to make it as good as I could.
James Mercer
In the beginning, if you look at those early label albums of the Chicks, we didn’t write all that much. We had an A&R person and they were getting songs from publishers, listening to hours and hours of cassette tapes.
Martie Maguire
I never paid attention when the LP became the cassette and the cassette became the CD and now we’re dealing, you know, with MP3s. It’s okay.
Clive Davis
I remember my school had some of the first Apple IIs in North Carolina. I remember, when I first started using them, we were using a cassette tape to store programs because we didn’t have floppy disk drives.
Parker Harris
I had a boom box with a dual cassette deck and a mic, so I used to make pause tapes. I think a lot of people started like that because it was all I had. I would just take rap records that I liked and just loop the beat by pressing pause and record and make, like, five minutes of these beats.
A great song is a great song, whether it’s on vinyl or CD or cassette or reel to reel or mp3. Then again, that might be an overly optimistic view, but I do think that great music will transcend the medium in which it is delivered.