Cautiousness Quotes

Cautiousness Quotes by Robert Pattinson, Byron Katie, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Jack Dee, Luc de Clapiers and many others.

It’s funny now, trying to socialise with people. There’

It’s funny now, trying to socialise with people. There’s this cautiousness about people which I just find really weird.
Robert Pattinson
When safety is our priority, we live our lives being very, very careful, and we wind up having no lives
Byron Katie
My donkeys are Jack and Don Quixote. They’re very smart, very cautious. Much of what people consider stubbornness in donkeys is actually cautiousness.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
I think it is more a cautiousness that protects me from enthusiasm about things. I tend not to get excited. People perceive it as a scowl, which is fair enough.
Jack Dee
The young suffer less from their own errors than from the cautiousness of the old.
Luc de Clapiers