Challenging Quotes

Challenging Quotes by Freddie Ljungberg, Mort Walker, Christopher Walken, Sushant Singh Rajput, Janet Mock, Mickey Drexler and many others.

I felt Arsenal had let a lot of players go. When Thierr

I felt Arsenal had let a lot of players go. When Thierry left I felt it was time for me to do something different and challenging.
Freddie Ljungberg
Most people are sort of against authority. Here’s Beetle always challenging authority. I think people relate to it.
Mort Walker
People think that my favorite roles to do are villains, but I find comedy to be the most challenging and rewarding.
Christopher Walken
I think, for every actor, the most challenging part of playing a character, specially a real-life character, is to convince yourself that you are the character.
Sushant Singh Rajput
It was through my hashtag #girlslikeus where I connected with other trans women on Twitter and Tumblr. We had challenging conversations, courageous personal revelations, and shared insights and experiences, and just had fun. The hashtag tethered me to many women in my community in impactful, lasting ways.
Janet Mock
While 2015 was challenging, we implemented many strategic and operational initiatives to improve our business and better position J.Crew for the future.
Mickey Drexler
Grittier students are more likely to earn their diplomas; grittier teachers are more effective in the classroom. Grittier soldiers are more likely to complete their training, and grittier salespeople are more likely to keep their jobs. The more challenging the domain, the more grit seems to matter.
Angela Duckworth
Dealing with those personalities and the people who run this music thing has been most challenging. It’s hard to really communicate things to people who run a business yet forget the nature of the business. They only look at the bottom line and the financial return, you know, they forget what it is they’re packaging. It’s art.
I do admit to being challenging, but it’s always for the work, it’s never personal. I will walk out on a scene if it’s all lit and ready to go but it’s not happening.
Debra Winger
Challenging the integrity of the non-proliferation regime is a matter which can affect international peace and security.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Restoration I did because I really loved e novel and I like Michael Hoffman, who directed it, but it wasn’t a really challenging part for me. I’m not critical of the film: I just don’t think I gave a very interesting performance.
David Thewlis
Movie acting is a great job for your twenties: You travel all over, you have affairs with people, and you throw yourself into one part and then another. It gets more challenging as you get older, and it’s not just having a daughter, it’s wanting to have your own life and be yourself.
Helen Hunt
Like so many families, we were dealing with limited means. We weren’t poor at all, but we had some challenging times financially. When my stepdad got laid off… we were really trying to find our footing for a couple of years.
Mahershala Ali
In the case of climate change, the threat is long-term and diffuse and requires broad international action for the benefit of people decades in the future. And in politics, the urgent always trumps the important, and that is what makes it a very difficult and challenging issue.
Martin Rees
If there’s one thing that I’ve done on purpose it’s to take whatever job, so long as it’s interesting and challenging, whether it’s theatre, radio, TV or film.
Laura Linney
To expect the world to receive a new truth, or even an old truth, without challenging it, is to look for one of those miracles which do not occur.
Alfred Russel Wallace
I try to write fun – though difficult and challenging – things for actors to do, because I know if they’re having fun, they’re going to give it everything they got.
Tracy Letts
For me, it’s always been about continually challenging myself and continually figuring out how to go down the hill faster.
Elana Meyers
Magic lies in challenging what seems impossible.
Carol Moseley Braun
Learning how to deal with people and their reactions to my life is one of the most challenging things… people staring at me, people asking rude questions, dealing with media, stuff like that.
Bethany Hamilton
I like doing a challenging class because it makes me more brave in life. My perception of hardships is now completely different. I’m not whining and moaning inside as much.
Ione Skye
I’ve been delighted by Cannes and Toronto but I keep saying I don’t know how good we’re going to be received in America because that’s where it’s most challenging.
William Hurt
As you become a legend in the game, you build more doubters than you build supporters. And that’s fine. I think that comes with anything that’s challenging. I think it even comes with sports. The older that Michael Jordan got, I think the more doubted he became.
Many women assume they can’t be good mothers and have challenging careers at the same time, so they might give up trying to do both as they get to a crucial point in their career. Although it can be hard at times, it’s important for women to recognize the benefits of working outside the home.
Susan Wojcicki
Even going out to get milk becomes a little bit challenging, just because there is a whole entourage that then travels with me for this simple thing. So I tend to try and find ways not to inconvenience a whole raft of other people, so it changes my mindset a little bit.
Jacinda Ardern
What I enjoy doing is challenging stereotypes of what people believe a Tory must be. You don’t have to say every Tory is in it for themselves – it’s pathetic caricaturing that has no place in the 21st century, and if we can challenge that stereotype, then great.
Louise Mensch
Exercise helps me with stress. It changes your brain chemistry. I turn to Ashtanga yoga when I feel the need to relax. I love it, but it’s not right for everybody. It’s taught to you a little bit at a time, according to your body type and your strength. That keeps things challenging.
Lisa Edelstein
As a Harvard Ph.D. economist and U.C. Irvine professor, Dr. Navarro has been instrumental in challenging the prevailing Washington orthodoxy on so-called free trade.
Sean Spicer
I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to play hockey, especially when there weren’t equal opportunities as there are now. But at times, it was challenging.
Hilary Knight
Putin wants nothing less than to return Russia to the center of global politics by challenging the primacy that the United States has enjoyed since the end of the Cold War.
Ivo Daalder
I came from a traditional family, and it was an exciting but challenging transition to move to America and live on my own. The world around me was suddenly so different.
Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
I think, first of all, every time you want to play somebody who is real is always challenging and always scary, because you are given a responsibility of someone’s real life.
Liya Kebede
Actors are tough because they’re not used to challenging questions – other than from paparazzi. And so you just ask one perfectly legitimate question, but one that they’re not comfortable answering, and all of a sudden they look at you, and you’re the paparazzi.
Jake Tapper
I love independent films. I love going to see them. I love being a part of them because it kind of feels like ‘all for one and one for all.’ It can be really challenging but also really rewarding because sometimes you have to do so much stuff in a day, but I like that challenge, and you make such amazing friends.
Juno Temple
I had done a couple of auditions for ‘Amistad’ and didn’t feel it was going to go any further – and then the call came about heading to Los Angeles to work with Steven Spielberg. It was surreal: exciting, challenging, overwhelming.
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Zappa was very technical and impressed by things that were musically challenging – weird time signatures, strange keys, awkward chord sequences. Zappa was important to me as an example of everything I didn’t want to do. I’m very grateful to him, actually.
Brian Eno
Sharing our experience with pregnancy was incredibly important because we realized how challenging and difficult that was, and there are really dark moments where you think you’re alone.
Priscilla Chan
I am proud of my record as Colorado’s State Treasurer. I have protected the taxpayer’s money and grown the value of the state’s investments in a very challenging economy.
Cary Kennedy
The most challenging part of being a dad is self-restraint. So often your instinct is to teach and tell. I am constantly reminding myself to listen to them.
Michael Chiklis
I believe in taking chances and living your life. Sometimes doors open and others close and you have to figure out which one you’re going to take. I’m always for the one that’s challenging.
Gisele Bundchen
After 20 years of doing comedy, I find dramatic work more challenging.
Marla Gibbs
I feel myself becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being. Have I arrived? No. But I’m constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes.
Janelle Monae
Do we value privacy in any real way? Thinking about blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace… all these suggest we value exposure rather more. And instead of challenging this transformation, as they are supposed to – certainly at the more thoughtful edges of the art – novelists are buying into it wholesale.
Guy Gavriel Kay
It’s such a challenging time, and in my small way, I will make it so that other younger women, and maybe older women, will be able to do the things they want to do, and accept themselves and their experience.
It’s easy to play a character who is suffering with a disease or has a psychological problem. ‘Gentleman’ is completely opposite. There are both positives and negatives in the role, and it is the most challenging role I have done so far.
I think being a parent is the most challenging thing you do. That’s why we’re here. It’s at the heart of what it is to be a human being. It’s the ultimate experience because it questions everything about who you are. But it’s difficult.
Michael Sheen
When kids get stuck on one of our quests, we now have an app for that. It is so cool to know that now kids can use mobile technology to learn more about Poptropica’s great adventures and solve its challenging quests.
Jeff Kinney
One of my biggest sources of angst is having people so comfortable with a formula that works that they are not challenging themselves or their ideas.
Mark Parker
Balancing trying to be an athlete trying to get ready for WrestleMania, training twice a day, to everything you do at the office to remembering that you have a wife and kids and everything else – it’s challenging, but you just make it happen. In some ways, it’s no different than anyone else’s life.
Triple H
I like to go into an audition room, particularly when they think I’m not right for a part, and really fight for it. There’s something so exciting and challenging about proving to yourself that you can pull it off.
Sarah Paulson
The changing economic situation, the changing global market means it is understandable that employers are constantly raising the bar. It is challenging the education system to come up with ever higher standards to meet the expectation of employers.
Jim Knight
Modeling is great because I don’t have lines to memorize. But I find acting much more challenging – which is a good thing!
Candace Kita
There was a belief after World War I that painting could be an act of civil revolt. I want this exhibition, ‘New Museum,’ to be an act of civil disobedience. It’s not so much about the New Museum on the Bowery, but the idea of challenging museums as projections of cultural authority. It’s painting as insurgency.
Richard Phillips
The Gospel of Judas is a kind of protest literature. It’s challenging leaders of the church.
Elaine Pagels
I think the first thing I consider is whether I like the script. Once that is done, the next thing I look for is my part in the movie. Many a times you come across good offers, but the part they are offering might not be challenging. So, I don’t take up that film.
Rani Mukerji
In choosing any role, I ask the same questions: what kind of part is it? is the role challenging? does the director have a vision? is the story moving? etc.
Lukas Haas
At the end of the day, I’m a human being and I just think that’s what it is. Challenging stereotypes by just being who I am.
Tinie Tempah
I take them both seriously – I don’t particularly want to be an ‘actor-musician.’ I want to play the great challenging parts, to be right for the part, rather than just, ‘Oh, he can play the fiddle.’
Johnny Flynn
I want to keep doing roles that are challenging and different.
Mia Wasikowska
I used to think that the worst form of discrimination for women was being hit on or hearing something disparaging. What’s even more challenging for young women is a very senior male who will take an interest in you, who see themselves as father figures or mentors.
Leila Janah
I mean, really, skateboarding is just going out and having fun with your friends and filming cool tricks and challenging yourself and just really just having a good time. That’s what skateboarding really is.
Nyjah Huston
We’re raised to believe that asking for help – that not having all the answers – is a sign of weakness, somehow challenging our manhood.
Tony Goldwyn
Some of the roles that are challenging are more in theater and TV. In movies, there’s a tendency to cast actors in roles that have been successful for them. It has to pay for itself.
Al Pacino
Feminism isn’t about hating men. It’s about challenging the absurd gender distinctions that boys and girls learn from childhood and carry into their adult lives.
Robert Webb
I can’t say it was challenging for me to shake the image of Frasier. I’ve been fortunate to have had a very interesting career since the series ended. I think the turning point for me was the show, ‘Boss.’
Kelsey Grammer
Science is very vibrant. There are always new observations to be found. And it’s all in the interest in challenging the authority that came before you. That’s consistent with the punk rock ethos that suggests that you should not take what people say at face value.
Greg Graffin
I’m glad I got to do ‘The Last Five Years’ and ‘Into the Woods,’ which are both shows that I just don’t think I could have the stamina to do them eight times a week. I just have so much respect for the women who do these vocal roles eight times a week. They’re so challenging.
Anna Kendrick
Later in life, when my kids struggle to understand a tricky concept or master a new skill, I want them to have the strength and experience to tell themselves, ‘I don’t know how to do this… yet!’ I want them to be confident that, even if something seems challenging today, they have what it takes to figure it out.
Sal Khan
When you’re a director, and you look at Scorsese’s work, he’s always challenging us to push the envelope and break the rules. Someone like that is necessary and a godsend.
Antoine Fuqua
I don’t think an actor ever wants to establish an image. That certainly hurt me, and yet that is also what made me successful and eventually able to do more challenging roles.
Farrah Fawcett
My job is never boring. It’s always new, exciting, and challenging, and I get a rush every time I go to work. I’m the luckiest person on the planet to be able to do what I love for a living.
Jewel Staite
So when you’re following guys like Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish or The Young Bucks or Jay Lethal or The Briscoe Brothers, and you’re going out and trying to really stick out and have a very memorable, talked-about main event, or the match of the night, like the main event should be, it’s really challenging.
Adam Cole
Seriously, we are in the midst of the convergence of voice and data and that is challenging the infrastructure of the telephone companies. There are huge commercial interests in the basic technology, but even more so in content delivery and control of content.
Steve Crocker
Love is a complicated emotion because you can learn something or hear something that goes against what you have come to know personally. It can be very challenging to what you believe.
Aja Naomi King
Why write for the orchestra? For one thing it’s a very challenging problem.
Elliott Carter
Any actor is happy to be involved with something that’s challenging, controversial, and not easily palatable. Things that are too dumbed down or easy to swallow are uninteresting… It’s good when people have such a polarizing response.
Adam Driver
I think independent movies are actually very challenging right now, because it was this huge scene and it was great for a few years. Then, it was totally co-opted by the studios. Now, it’s become very corporate, the independent scene.
Bob Odenkirk
Comedy is much more challenging, because you have to have the same level of belief but you have to make people laugh, and that’s definitely a challenge.
Jenna Elfman
I think that the secular work environment in general is a place that’s challenging for Christians to thrive in without getting caught up in materialism or in competitiveness or in things that are really not important.
Scott Derrickson
I love directing – it’s always so involving, so challenging.
Stanley Tucci
I’ve studied astrology for many, many years, and I feel like it’s an incredibly challenging art.
Lynn Collins
Shooting is very challenging because 10 metre air rifle you have different rules, short gun you have different rules.
Gagan Narang
I feel like the business side came more naturally to me along with the product design side, but managing and effectively leading large organizations of people is something that is perpetually challenging and the topic on which I am constantly looking for good advice.
Stewart Butterfield
I had good coaches and mentors. They helped me a lot, and I trusted them when they tapped on my shoulder to move to the next level. And maybe I’ve been smart enough to always say yes more than no when I’ve been proposed a new and challenging jobs.
Pierre Nanterme
Creating deluxe cuisine is like playing a sport. Always competitive. Always challenging. And if you slow down a bit, you can no longer return to the top level.
Joel Robuchon
Looking back, the most challenging thing for me was actually directing. It’s very tough. Being in front of the camera is easy since the director can tell me what to do. But being the director and giving people directions is the toughest thing for me.
Prabhu Deva
My weight has been one of the most challenging things that I’ve had to deal with throughout my career.
Kelly Price
Now is not the time for us to shy away from challenging ourselves to make substantive change for the better. We have the opportunity to raise the bar in the faith-based world by forging a culture in which inclusivity, diversity, and equality are paramount.
Lynn Schusterman
The history of storytelling isn’t one of simply entertaining the masses but of also advising, instructing, challenging the status quo.
Therese Fowler
I’ve been banking my holidays, which means I take time off later in the year. It makes it a lot easier to fit filming in; it can be quite challenging to study and film at the same time.
Bindi Irwin
I’m attracted to things that are challenging and fun and interesting, and it certainly seems that audiences enjoy them as well.
Kevin Spacey
I’m excited by challenging myself physically and mentally every day.
Emily VanCamp
Fitting a walk into a busy life can be challenging, so I suggest walking rather driving to work or to run errands as often as you can – in other words, think of walking as alternative transportation.
Andrew Weil
It’s a job, and it’s challenging. But I love music and creating. That’s why I got into music.
Mat Kearney
I don’t know if it’s harder but when you’re playing a real person you want to honor their memory – even if they’re a criminal or someone that the public loathed. That can be challenging.
Toby Jones
I think that makeup can be challenging, especially when you are younger.
Lauren Conrad
I just want to do something challenging.
Addison Timlin
To me, I think when women who have children are fighting overseas, that’s long distance. And that’s very challenging. I really honor those families that do that.
Kate Hudson
I work really, really hard and it’s challenging going through all of those time zones and having to be awake when you’re supposed to be asleep. I literally fly more than a pilot.
Miranda Kerr
President Obama and Hillary Clinton most definitely signaled to Islamic State leaders that they had no intention of seriously challenging them, or even of calling radical Islamic terrorism by its name.
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
I would like more challenging roles. I definitely would like to something that’s more challenging.
Morris Chestnut
So here comes this black guy from the Bay Area talking about peace, feminism, challenging racism, challenging the priorities of the country, and talking about preserving the fragile nature of our ecological system. People looked at me as if I was a freak.
Ron Dellums
Probably the most difficult things were my favorite parts. The make-up and the big fight sequence at the end of the movie were very difficult but really fun and challenging.
Scott Speedman
Buddhism has turned me on to my humanness, and is challenging my humanness so that I can become more human.
Herbie Hancock
The important thing is to build up my cardiovascular system, so I have the stamina to do stunts. To me, stepping over the line, taking a chance and succeeding is the ultimate freedom, be it in rock and roll or when executing a really challenging routine.
Wendy O. Williams
In all of my books, I’m taking them on an emotionally challenging and sometimes physically dangerous process with a bit of fun and anarchy along the way. With the power comes responsibility.
Morris Gleitzman
Parenting definitely has some challenging moments.
Tamera Mowry
Each book has been different and has been challenging in its own way to write.
Jean M. Auel
Life is too short to do anything that’s not challenging.
Michael Mayer
It definitely gets challenging at times. I travel a lot more now, and its never easy having to leave the kids, even if its for a few days.
Peter Facinelli
I like challenging parts, something I haven’t done yet, something that scares me. There’s just a feeling I get when I read a script that I love, I feel an attachment to it, a yearning to play that character.
Tatiana Maslany
As an industrial designer, you design the thing by yourself, and then it goes away from you, whereas fashion is in constant relation to the body and to psychology. It makes it more complicated, and it makes it more challenging.
Raf Simons
Everything was a lot more challenging for me because of who my brother was. If I were in the film, someone would had said that I got the part because Eddie’s in the film. If I wrote a script, folks would say that I didn’t really write that: that Eddie did and I threw my name on it.
Charlie Murphy
Fun wouldn’t be the right word… it was the most difficult, challenging, physical, extraordinary stretch I’ve ever had to make, in all those wild regards.
Uma Thurman
Republicans in Hollywood hide. I’m challenging them to stand up and have courage. I won’t be scared into submission.
Stacey Dash
The pace of change in marketing and the marketplace continues to accelerate. Unicorn companies are challenging long-established brands, and categories are being re-imagined.
Richard Edelman
Kenny Lonergan, as a filmmaker, doesn’t tell stories so much as he observes them, which is to say, his films don’t come pre-digested. You have to bring your own enzymes. It’s a more gripping and challenging experience.
Bennett Miller
Sometimes doors open and other close and you have to figure out which one you’re going to take. I’m always for the one that’s challenging. That’s where I think you live your life to the fullest.
Gisele Bundchen
People are consuming more than ever, but I think they want a bit of honesty and depth. Adele, Gotye, Janelle Monae – they’re giving you a catchy song, but it’s also a challenging song at the same time.
It can be very challenging to be what you can’t see. Think about it in the physical world. You walk into a room, and no one looks like you. Can you relate to them? Do you feel welcome? Let’s stop talking about how men dominate the technology industry and instead focus on the women who are killing it.
Caroline Ghosn
When people affected by epilepsy are reluctant to expose their condition, the public remains in the dark about it – a tragic irony that has made patient care and raising funds for research more than challenging.
Lynda Resnick
I think I did a pretty good job – particularly when I was racing with Hakkinen. It was maybe the first time that I have been challenging with the big boys, and I really enjoyed it.
Jos Verstappen
Honestly, I think we in the WWE are very underrated as performers. What we do would be very difficult for even an experienced actor. To go out and sometimes have 15 minutes of verbiage, sometimes have to ad-lib and then, of course, have other variables such as the interaction with the audience, it can be challenging.
There is nothing better than being a parent. It is the most challenging job one could ever ask for. I love being a mom and I love being a friend to my children as well.
Marlee Matlin
I think all women should learn how to strip. It’s a really healthy, extremely challenging thing to do.
Sandra Oh
I like playing with that space between laughter and discomfort where your discomfort can also make you laugh, and you’re confused about the mixed feelings. That’s challenging, and I think that’s what makes for some of the best art.
Hari Kondabolu
I love acting and would love to do it more. It’s harder to go into acting as a model now than it ever was because so many models are doing the same thing. I want to do anything that’s challenging and not within my comfort zone, and a Bond girl is so different to who I am.
Barbara Palvin
Just as the lunar landings inspired many young people to consider careers in space and related fields, the solution of the challenging instrumentation problems presented in space science can inspire young people to push beyond the current state of the art.
Nancy Roman
We were playing, not for the drunks, but for the musicians, because it was more intellectually challenging. We needed somewhere to put our energy to show that we were growing, and as we started to achieve this, people came to hear us musically.
Ronnie Hawkins
Challenging snow is one of my favorite kinds of skiing, and I like being able to switch techniques at liberty.
Paul Parker
Since I’m a mother and a wife, I have to have passion or the frustration would win out. But I love managing people. The product is second to managing the people. And marketing to consumers is so challenging because it is evolving constantly.
Andrea Jung
The big difference between TV and theater is that you get to do a new play every week, so it’s quite challenging, but it keeps you fresh. There’s never any fear of getting stale in your performance.
Kevin Chamberlin
I find all folklore challenging, and I never cease to be grateful that I became a professional folklorist.
Alan Dundes
Stating my views on Islam has brought me to court on charges of ‘group insult’ and incitement to racial hatred. I am being tried for voicing opinions that I – and my constituents – consider to be the truth. I am being tried for challenging the views that the ruling establishment wants to impose on us as the truth.
Geert Wilders
My parents, they’re the kind of people that didn’t want me to get a big head, so they just kept challenging me and challenging me.
Abby Wambach
I actually see a lot of the pain and destruction, like Black Lives Matter, in the long-term as positive because it shows that we’re moving forward; we’re evolving and moving and challenging the frontiers.
Thandie Newton
In my experience (I am the lone father of an eight-year-old boy who lost his mother when he was one year old), parenting is the most difficult of all jobs: forget your chief executives, editors, prime ministers and the like – parenting is far more challenging.
Martin Jacques
I really appreciate that: to walk into an environment where everyone is serious and dedicated to creating the best performance possible and challenging themselves to figure out the most interesting way to approach the work.
Aja Naomi King
Skimming has led, I believe, to a tendency to go to the sources that seem the simplest, most reduced, most familiar, and least cognitively challenging. I think that leads people to accept truly false news without examining it, without being analytical.
Maryanne Wolf
I would love to do Broadway the rest of my life! Because it’s challenging, because it makes me grow as an actor, as an entertainer, as an artist, and that’s what I need; that’s what I’m hooked on.
Ricky Martin
My first thought when I came here was that I understood why there are so many great Irish writers – because there is something mystical in the air. There’s always this cloudy, moody sky and it’s challenging.
Christopher Meloni
The role model approach to social change is no substitute for challenging unjust employment practices, educational policies and housing.
Patricia Hill Collins
I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do, and there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact.
Scott Pruitt
I think R. Kelly’s range is so vast and broad that in order to stimulate himself creatively as an artist, he has to step so, so far outside the box, or else he feels like he’s not challenging himself.
Digitization is certainly challenging the old ways of doing things, whether that’s in publishing or politics. But it’s not the end. In many ways, it is just the beginning.
Heather Brooke
Playing the character of Arjun is a challenging task, and I like taking up challenges.
Shaheer Sheikh
In a perfect world, I could be doing some bigger films and balance that with some independent films because they seem to be the most challenging and unique.
Sherilyn Fenn
The further you get away from yourself, the more challenging it is. Not to be in your comfort zone is great fun.
Benedict Cumberbatch
I have no wish to offend, but I do think that holy cows need challenging.
Naomi Alderman
The young men, they look to me for a story they can get nowhere else, a challenging risky story.
Chuck Palahniuk
Back during the most dramatic and challenging time in our history, when we first came together with wolves, we had no idea that it was changing everything, but we literally evolved together. Without us there would be no dogs, and vice versa.
W. Bruce Cameron
I find being a manager really challenging. For instance, I don’t enjoy some of the administrative tasks that go along with hiring and firing.
Dylan Lauren
I know many filmmakers, and shooting in IMAX is challenging. Filmmakers love the vividness and power of those big images.
Nina Jacobson
You read things, and they come to you, and if they speak to you at the moment and there’s a voice in you that says, ‘I don’t know, that’s risky,’ or ‘That’s challenging,’ then do it. Run at it and tackle it. And if it’s bad, it’s bad. You’re gonna get over it.
Corey Hawkins
Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.
Willem Dafoe
It’s challenging to drive in a way that’s human-like.
Karl Iagnemma
There is no reason why challenging themes and engaging stories have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, each can fuel the other. As a filmmaker, I want to entertain people first and foremost. If out of that comes a greater awareness and understanding of a time or a circumstance, then the hope is that change can happen.
Edward Zwick
I learned how to horseback ride in English style, which is very hard, by the way. I had no idea how challenging it was. I’ve always ridden horses, but Western is like riding a horse in a rocking chair, as opposed to English, where you have to balance and hold on with your legs.
Minka Kelly
I’m at my most fulfilled challenging myself with something that scares me.
Rachel Riley
Doing womenswear is challenging, and it’s exciting. I approach it the same way as I approach menswear, so it’s in a tailored way, and I do my thing. I love doing it.
Thom Browne
The room-service Caesar salads with soggy croutons, the distant relatives who show up at readings pitching weird, far-fetched investment schemes, the fans who have you sign a book to ‘Cathy’ and then tell you, ‘No, it’s Kathy with a K’ – it gets challenging after a while. It tests your stamina.
Walter Kirn
Alan Ball, he’s good at challenging his actors, I’ll say that.
Nelsan Ellis
I had, probably, a more challenging experience growing up than most middle-class chicks.
Jennifer Hale
It’s always really challenging trying to go from player to player/coach. You have a kind of friendship basis of relationship with all of your teammates, and now you go to this power position where you have to make decisions that might hurt people’s feelings.
Abby Wambach
I often think you need a lot of courage to be in the acting business. The job itself can be incredibly challenging for various reasons. Sometimes it’s impossible and requires sheer guts.
Sarah Alexander
Books are challenging and inspirational to me.
Amy Sedaris
I’ve never cared for the idea of a career path, or where a film might ‘take me.’ My love is for acting not money, so I only take on roles that I find challenging, in stories I find interesting.
Gael Garcia Bernal
I think the most challenging aspect from my father’s perspective was probably getting advertising. He really did pattern ‘Ebony’ after ‘Look’ and ‘Life’ magazines.
Linda Johnson Rice
My life experience confirms that the U.S. government frequently overclassifies data. But that’s a stronger argument for not dumping large volumes of government traffic on an unclassified personal server than it is a justification for retroactively challenging classification decisions.
Michael Hayden
I want to be a better writer. I want to learn and grow, to know how to tell stories in a different and more challenging way. I’ve learned it doesn’t get easier each time. It actually gets harder.
Karin Slaughter
London audiences are the most challenging around – it’s a group of such diverse strangers.
Rik Mayall
Trauma fractures comprehension as a pebble shatters a windshield. The wound at the site of impact spreads across the field of vision, obscuring reality and challenging belief.
Jane Leavy
Surviving failure is one thing. Surviving success is… is challenging, with the consequences and what you lose along the way.
George C. Wolfe
Among the many things that have slipped up on me while my back was turned are all of these challenging and well-manicured public courses that have sprung up across America with elegant bars and restaurants.
Dan Jenkins
I want to work, but the balance to find between working and being a mom is challenging.
Doutzen Kroes
Don’t forget we are in a state of war and no peace. But it’s very dynamic and challenging compared to the rest of the Arab world.
Walid Jumblatt
Whenever you have a character in which one of his defining qualities is his sexuality, it’s always challenging, because you don’t want to bring in someone who’s going to play that in a phony way.
Nelsan Ellis
If I had to choose criteria, for me, it’s about first the director. I want to be a part of something that’s good and intellectually challenging. After the director it’s the character and the story. That’s the deal for me.
Giovanni Ribisi
I think there’s a fear of disconnect sometimes; communication is a huge issue for all of us, from adults to kids, as far as our face-to-face time and our ability to interact with each other without isolating itself to a phone. I think that has to be something that’s very challenging.
Jim Rash
I find directing so incredibly rewarding and challenging and humbling and exciting and engaging. Scenes become challenging. Actors bring out the best of you. Circumstances demand you dig deep.
Noah Wyle
As a trumpet player, I was playing Xenakis, Lindberg: very challenging, technical, atonal, and I enjoyed it.
Andris Nelsons
Retail is about change. It’s challenging and fast-paced. It’s a team sport.
Doug McMillon
While I’m in L.A. I always make time for my favorite activity which is hiking. The trails in California are amazing, as they are always challenging, and I never get bored from all the beautiful scenery.
Dylan Lauren
When you have an author and an auteur, it’s a difficult and challenging relationship.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
In ‘Queer as Folk,’ we had three or four sex scenes in every episode, so I got used to doing that very early on. Those kinds of scenes can be challenging. They take a bit of time, and everyone’s a bit nervous.
Jeremy Podeswa
I miss improv. I hate it in a way – watching it, doing it – but only because it’s so challenging and nerve wracking. Improv is the only belief system I’ve ever experienced that directly works on how to be. Just how to be.
Ilana Glazer
I enjoy playing other people. It’s a great job and it’s challenging. I couldn’t do a desk job.
Christopher Parker
There are more people than you think who want to have a challenging experience, in which they are obliged to reflect about the past.
Umberto Eco
Moving to India was challenging being a foreigner. I don’t have any family here. I didn’t have anyone to guide me. But I never felt for a second that I am not welcome here.
Jacqueline Fernandez
One of the more challenging things in life is not being the guy who does the cheating, but not saying anything about it and going along with it.
Dale Murphy
Acting is a sport – especially working with Mark Rylance. There is competition involved. I have to be muscular, challenging, get audiences on side. It’s extraordinary how Globe audiences join in – it’s like competing at an event – I love it.
Samuel Barnett
I’m trying to lead by example. But I’m definitely challenging myself to be a better player, the player I want to be.
Avery Bradley
Self-examination – when the whole world around you is pressuring that and challenging you – is very, very hard. Looking at a whole structure – in my case, let us say of snobbery, basking in certain privileges, marks of what appear to be superiority – that’s ugly to look at.
Margo Jefferson
I want to keep doing interesting work with interesting people in whatever form that may take, but I want to play the big parts of classical theatre; I want to go on stage and play great Shakespearean roles and, at the same time, do amazing, challenging indie films and comedy, and I want to do it all. I am greedy.
Gwilym Lee
A montage is incredibly challenging. When I can, I’d like to know what the music is going to be ahead of time because that will affect the beat, the pace of the montage.
Michelle MacLaren
I try new techniques and styles almost every day, so I’m always challenging myself.
James Charles
Movies are usually difficult, often insane, constantly challenging and always strangely amusing to make.
Yahoo Serious
The scariest thing about ‘Roy’ was that it was sync sound. So, I had to worry about my diction all the more along with my emotions, acting, and my dialogues. That was very challenging because it pushed me to work on my Hindi, and in a good way.
Jacqueline Fernandez
I try to eat a plant-based diet, but it is challenging in the winter months and traveling all the time. I just do my best every day to eat healthy, wholesome foods.
Jamie Anderson
A youthful American voice isn’t particularly challenging – I’ve been a young American, and they’re all around me. I can walk from my house to Barrington High School.
Gene Wolfe
When I first entered the corporate world, doing good and making money were seen as separate and contradictory threads. Challenging that notion set my career – and life – on a new course.
Dan Schulman
When you do a slasher film, you find yourself repeating the same kind of scene, then it becomes not very challenging and not very interesting.
Alexandre Aja
To be able to make a good living in a challenging medium like soap operas is great. The best is that I get to act and am rewarded for it. And the people I work with are great. Funny, intelligent, hard working. They’re all great to be around.
David Canary
Questlove is an artist who I respect because he constantly shifts within the idiom, challenging perceptions of hip-hop and black American culture.
Kehinde Wiley
India is a unique and special place but a challenging business environment.
Adam Neumann
The challenging times will bring you closer together in marriage.
Bill Rancic
Confront a corpse at least once. The absolute absence of life is the most disturbing and challenging confrontation you will ever have.
David Bowie
If your kids attend school and grades are up that will make $1,000 contributions to some 10,000 kids across the country, are challenging kids to learn foreign languages or challenging kids to get summer jobs or seek summer enrichment opportunities?
Harold Ford, Jr.
For me, it’s first about the characters. I look for a character who is intriguing and challenging and different from what I’ve done before.
Maika Monroe
When you’re out there trying to still figure things out, it can just slow things down. So you have to kind of think on your feet, and it makes it kind of fun and exciting and challenging at the same time. But more time is always better for any movie. I think any director would probably tell you that. Any filmmaker, really.
Wes Ball
Although I grew up in very modest and challenging circumstances, I consider my life to be immeasurably rich.
Sonia Sotomayor
If I see something that’s extremely challenging, I’m like, ‘That seems really hard. Let’s try it.’ It’s just my personality.
Condola Rashad
To me, the most worrisome part of traveling comes before any of the traveling actually occurs: the suitcase-packing process. It’s a challenging and anxiety-filled process – I am caught between wanting my suitcase to be light and worrying I am going to need every single item in my bedroom.
Laura Marano
Indians felt despondent about Indian governance. Changing that atmosphere of gloom was a very challenging task, and I faced many difficulties in rectifying the situation and bringing back confidence and hope.
Narendra Modi
TV is so different from the movies. It takes a lot of stamina because you work such long hours. It is really challenging. You are learning the next day’s lines while you are shooting today’s scenes. I found courage I never realised I had. I hope to do more.
Sharon Stone
I’m just so lucky – my office is a racetrack. That is something I’m very thankful for. It’s exciting, and it’s challenging, and there are a lot of emotions and nerves that come with it, but right there before the gates open, before that minute and a half or two minutes of the race, it just hits you.
Chantal Sutherland
I know where TNT’s sweet spot is, and when I read ‘Perception,’ I thought, ‘This is a chance to play a fascinating, fun, challenging character but still within the realm of something that will sit very well with ‘The Closer’ and ‘Major Crimes’ and the other shows there.’
Eric McCormack
We start with strong characters and build the movie from there. That not to say we don’t struggle with story – that’s the most challenging part.
Chris Meledandri
I have nothing but admiration for the actors on soap operas. It is unbelievably challenging to put out an hour show in one day.
Catherine Mary Stewart
Motherhood is the most challenging as well as the utmost satisfying vocation in this world.
Nita Ambani
I enjoy challenging myself in new and different ways.
Kameron Hurley
The advent of the Internet exposed the fact that the old business model for newspapers was broken. The world wide web fundamentally changed the media eco-system, challenging established journalistic practice in what is known as the mainstream media: radio, television, newspapers and magazines.
Lionel Barber
The transition from unknown to known-in-publishing has been empowering but also challenging. It’s an honor to know that people actually want to know what I think about certain issues, but I also have to be careful about what I say or, rather, how I say it. The Internet is forever, y’all.
Angie Thomas
I tell everybody, no one understands how challenging and stressful practicing medicine is.
Drew Pinsky
I’m a risk-taker. Most of my career has not been a joyful experience, but it has been challenging. I like the dangers.
Michael Douglas
If I wished to do something, even if I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to make the effort with me, I would go out solo climbing. I did find solo climbing very challenging and a little frightening. You knew that you were completely on your own, and you had to overcome all the problems and possible dangers.
Edmund Hillary
Being creative and making money in the theater is very challenging.
Val Kilmer
Running on different types of racetracks is challenging – not only for the drivers, but even more for the team members who have to make adjustments to the cars before each race.
Michael Andretti
One of the things that happens that’s challenging within the democratic process is that people say, ‘Look at this failure, so we should totally change this whole thing.’ And then you add in tons of bureaucratic process and checks and balances, and all of a sudden, it doesn’t work that well.
Reid Hoffman
The first months at Harvard were more than challenging, as I came to the realization that the humanities could be genuinely interesting, and, in fact, given the weaknesses of my background, very difficult.
Philip Warren Anderson
What if we treat the high-rise like a mountain, or we have gardens in the sky, or waterfalls? I think that’s the most challenging thing I want to try in my architecture.
Ma Yansong
Christopher believed that to overcome any adversity, no matter how challenging, you need to go forward each day with strength, determination and compassion.
Dana Reeve
I always go to yoga – I do core fusion and Vinyasa. My favorite poses are variations on the handstand and the scorpion. You have to use your whole body, it’s physically and mentally challenging.
Jamie Anderson
I write in longhand and assemble lots of notes, and then I try to collate them into a coherent chronology. It’s like groping along in the dark. I like writing and find it challenging, but I don’t find it easy.
Joyce Carol Oates
I’d love to play more challenging roles, characters that would stretch my comfort zone and imagination.
Isabelle Fuhrman
I’m looking for things where, like with ‘Ten,’ I don’t look like me, and I’m playing something a bit different. I’m just trying to flex a different muscle and see if it works. I’ve saved the world and killed monsters and done all that. Now I want to try something a bit different and a bit more challenging.
Sam Worthington
When you’re climbing something as challenging as Meru, it’s all about efficiency. Even a decision as small as what to eat for dinner would expend energy you need for making other, more dramatic decisions.
Jimmy Chin
No matter the circumstances are that you lose someone, nobody’s truly prepared. Steve’s accident was so unexpected – it was extremely challenging.
Terri Irwin
King Crimson is never easy; it’s challenging. That’s why I like it.
Adrian Belew
2016 was really challenging for me. I don’t know what it was.
Rose Namajunas
Men weren’t always happy for me. It was very challenging to watch a woman be so successful.
Lady Gaga
After playing now for 60 years, it’s still very challenging for me to play a simple melody and have it clean and touch the reed at the proper time in the proper way.
Lee Konitz
When you do action stuff and sci-fi stuff, you have a lot to hide behind – the hair and the makeup and the special effects. But when you play a normal girl, it’s challenging because you have to trust yourself.
Lana Condor
‘Sacred Games’ has actually turned out to be the most challenging experience of my acting career.
Kubra Sait
Self-esteem is such a challenging issue for young women.
Kimberly Elise
Sometimes fake laughing is hard once you’ve done a scene 18 times. I don’t want to brag, but I have a reputation for being very, very good at that. It’s funny finding what’s challenging about acting as you go.
Allison Williams
I love playing different characters and things that are challenging. I’m not interested in safety at all. That’s what makes me get up in the morning.
Aunjanue Ellis
In essence, what Innocentive does is it provides a platform where you can post a really challenging problem and offer a reward to anybody who can come and provide a solution. And it’s been remarkably effective. People get very challenging problems and get solutions to those problems.
John Hagel III
My favorite models are always going to be the people who are pushing the boundary and challenging what it is to be a model.
Barbie Ferreira
Prime Minister Modi keeps challenging the system to keep performing better and better. He sets aggressive targets, and the whole system has to act.
Piyush Goyal
Performing, I can take it or leave it. Horticulture is far more challenging. I’m absolutely fascinated by it.
Kim Wilde
We police in America in communities of color and economically challenging community, we police based on the behavior of the numerical minority that is committing crime. That small percentage of people who commit crimes in a community becomes the methods that’s used for the entire community.
Eric Adams
Sustaining true friendship is a lot more challenging than we give it credit for.
Mariella Frostrup
Some songs are dead easy, and others can be quite challenging. Other times, you just have to put it in the bin.
Rob Halford
Work is no longer challenging.
John Belushi
Politics is challenging for everyone’s integrity… I have to wake up with myself every morning, and I have to be OK with the person I wake up with. If I string together too many days of waking up with a person I’m not happy to be, I have a lot bigger things at stake in my life than an election or a job.
Betsy Hodges
Acting can be pretty challenging. I can’t say making a romantic comedy is challenging, but to do anything well, you have to put yourself into it.
John Cusack
I love challenging films, really. I’d prefer to do some gritty, challenging roles. That would be awesome and really fun.
Charlie Rowe
Male critics and men in the publishing industry want from their women writers what they want from their wives. I’m interested in presenting characters that are more challenging, threatening, complicated and unpredictable.
Kate Braverman
What I do like is hiking. And that’s what filmmaking is. It’s a hike. It’s challenging and exhausting, and you don’t know what the terrain is going to be or necessarily even which direction you’re going in… but it sure is beautiful.
Joss Whedon
China in particular is an absolutely fascinating place to be. Culturally and politically and economically it’s becoming more and more relevant. If you look at how China is perceived in different parts of the world, you can recognize it’s very dynamic. It’s also challenging what it thinks of itself.
Jan Chipchase
It’s hard to balance everything. It’s always challenging.
Vera Wang
I love challenging myself, doing different things, and exploring different areas that I haven’t been to or gone to before.
Taylor Lautner
I feel making a commercial movie is much more challenging because there’s so much you have to achieve within a certain period of time and budget.
Aishwarya R. Dhanush
I always believed that you can make challenging films, but they should be fiscally responsible.
Jason Reitman
Challenging vested interests requires a government’s full commitment.
Mo Ibrahim
People have always found me challenging – I don’t know why, when I am only being myself. I don’t understand why they find me so annoying but they do. It is pity, but that is how it is.
Ian Hamilton Finlay
It’s pretty challenging in a small country to develop a business school with a world-class reputation because of the problem of attracting a critical mass of top-class researchers.
John Quelch
Never feeling really at home in any one country is always challenging. You realise that you have to lean on yourself and to own it.
Henry Golding
The biggest challenge for everybody to realize out there is that we’re in a very complicated business world and that were all under one umbrella and it’s very challenging for everybody to figure out where the priorities lie and where the loyalties lie.
Scott Bakula
When you experience difficulty at work or in your life, instead of looking back on it as something that was really challenging, look at it and ask yourself, ‘What wisdom did I learn from that?’
Caroline Ghosn
I think it’s more fun to grow to love characters who are flawed than it is to present perfect characters. Perfect characters aren’t very funny. Certainly my friends are a strange, intense bunch of people, and people’s families drive them crazy, but challenging relationships are always more rewarding.
Christopher McCulloch
As an international batsman, I have to come out to bat under any situation. Sometimes a platform has been laid; on others, we have to build one. That’s part of our job, and that’s why international cricket is so challenging.
Suresh Raina
Doing that hunt scene was really quite demanding. I actually broke a rib during that scene. And then all the scenes after that became quite challenging, just breathing and laughing.
Guy Pearce
Ideologically, the pursuit of science is not that different from the ideology that goes into punk rock. The idea of challenging authority is consistent with what I have been taught as a scientist.
Greg Graffin
Anytime we make additional investment in a coal plant, we are really challenging whether that investment is economic.
Lynn Good
At some point in your career, maybe you, too, have made the life-altering decision to start anew. If so, you know first-hand how exciting, challenging, and sometimes disorienting the first 30, 60, 90 days can be.
Angela Ahrendts
It’s a challenging task for every artist to come up with new ideas. Your last video would have made a benchmark, so the next one should ideally be better than your previous work, so there’s always a competition with myself to be better.
Bhuvan Bam
I’m about challenging people. Like, properly challenging them and their assumptions.
Steven Rodney McQueen
Obviously, defence is very sensitive and very challenging ministry.
Nirmala Sitharaman
Imagine a libertarian president challenging Congress for meaningful immigration reform.
Gary Johnson
Every role is challenging in its own way, but the most challenging roles are the ones that are badly written – then it’s completely up to you to come up with something that is interesting to the story and myself as an actor.
Richard Schiff
Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging.
Joseph Campbell
I’d make a White Stripes record right now. I’d be in the White Stripes for the rest of my life. That band is the most challenging, important, fulfilling thing ever to happen to me. I wish it was still here. It’s something I really, really miss.
Jack White
Nature’s God really descends from an ancient Greek tradition that was passed along to the early modern philosophers. And these were quite radical thinkers who were really challenging the ways of thinking of their time and the established religion.
Matthew Stewart
I’d be the first to say that cybersecurity is a difficult and challenging matter.
Richard Cordray
I am attached to the west coast of Scotland – it’s gorgeous to look at and challenging. You have to contend with the possibility of being blown away or rained on. And in the summer months you can be eaten alive by midges.
Clive Anderson
I hope that seeing the excitement of solving this problem will make young mathematicians realize that there are lots and lots of other problems in mathematics which are going to be just as challenging in the future.
Andrew Wiles
I don’t love getting up at the crack of dawn and having makeup put on my face for three hours – like, I really don’t like it – and then having a part that’s just not that challenging.
Rene Russo
We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.
Barbara De Angelis
There will always be some corners which are challenging and more dangerous than others.
Charles Leclerc
When the Eagles were starting out in the early ’70s, it would have been hard to imagine anyone in the fledgling, country-accented rock group someday seriously challenging the artistic punch of Neil Young or Joni Mitchell.
Robert Hilburn
It seems to me that whatever path you choose to take, in the end its up to each of us to try, test and live what we find out, to apply it and see what actually works, and that’s the exciting and challenging part of this very real adventure.
Linus Roache
Carrying my own show again is exactly what I want to do. I loved my experience on ‘Less Than Perfect’ so much and I would like something like that again. I love half hour – I feel like it’s where my heart and soul is somehow. It’s the perfect combination of fun and light and extremely challenging.
Sara Rue
You see any movie, and it’s just a feat of human strength and perseverance. It is a brutally challenging business.
Jay Chandrasekhar
The most important thing to keep in mind is the incredible diversity of talent that’s out there – there are so many great actors from all over Asia, from Singapore and Hong Kong to the Philippines and Mainland China, not to mention many great Asian-American actors who are eager for fun and challenging roles.
Kevin Kwan
I’d never seen anything like it in my life. Someone so blatantly challenging the ideas of race and gender and sexuality. In a way, it was comparable to David Bowie, except that Prince brought that to the black community.
Edward Enninful
It’s very challenging to learn something new as an adult.
Rashida Jones
I’m challenging the powers that be.
Richard Ojeda
It was challenging. It was never easy for me. My life changed suddenly, and I lost my health. I lost the body that I knew.
Amy Purdy
Leaders are focused on using their vision and courage to do great things. This means challenging the way things are done and then sharing the journey with others.
Lewis Howes
That’s the challenging thing with TV; it’s not the action scenes per se, and it’s not the location scenes and the heavy dialog scenes, but the fact that there is just no let-up; there is no break.
Jason O’Mara
The most challenging roles were Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘Mars Needs Moms’ because they were both motion capture, so there was a lot of physical work involved.
Raymond Ochoa
Extreme sports tricks are becoming increasingly complex, the courses ever more challenging and crashes all too common.
Lucy Walker
I’ve been on a lot of sets, and I’ve been around a lot of directors, and I’ve been working for many years now, but stepping in the shoes of being the decision maker and the guy that everybody is relying on at some point, yeah, it was challenging for sure. One thing is that you’re responsible for a large group of people.
Ryan Eggold
Be it cinema or TV, I have always been interested in taking up challenging projects.
I just got to do a challenging scene with Jennifer Aniston! That’s unreal to me.
Danielle Macdonald
One of the fun things about being an actor is stepping outside yourself and outside of your own experience. It’s challenging yourself to totally commit to something that in your core is so wrong.
Jason Priestley
I’m not a dark person at all, so those roles are the most challenging. I don’t think I’m necessarily drawn to dark things. It just seems to work out that way.
Camilla Belle
As an actor, you hope to find roles that are challenging to you as an artist. Then if you are truly blessed, you will find that it also carries a message that you can impart to your audience.
Michelle Yeoh
I feel as though my criteria are based more on how challenging the role is, it doesn’t have to fit into any particular profile, is it something that I’ve never done before, and is it something that I feel like I can really feel challenged and therefore fully engaged in, and that’s when the work gets to be the most fun.
Ron Perlman
That’s the joy of art – it should be dangerous and challenging but it’s just art – it’s safe.
Val Kilmer
Every job I’ve done so far, every character has been completely different, and that’s really important to me because I don’t want to fall into a stereotypical box. Of course, every actor has their box, and you have to respect and play for it, but I do love challenging myself.
Aneurin Barnard
I’d never thought of horror as being so challenging, but it is.
Maika Monroe
I’m having a blast being the music director at the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields. It certainly is challenging for me, but I love challenges.
Joshua Bell
Living without my children in Manchester has been incredibly challenging for me.
Carlos Tevez
I feel fantastically excited that we have a leader who fought for the leadership without compromising his quite challenging view that the party has to change.
Francis Maude
Writing for videogames is really unique. You learn all the rules of writing, but there’s a whole other set of rules for game writing, and we’re changing them as we move along as well, which makes it more challenging.
Rhianna Pratchett
Challenging and highlighting abusive power dynamics in our culture is my goal; replicating them is not.
Kara Walker
Be open to opportunity and take risks. In fact, take the worst, the messiest, the most challenging assignment you can find, and then take control.
Angela Braly
If you do the same thing all the time, it’s not very challenging.
I follow a dairy-free and gluten-free diet, which can be challenging in some places.
Brandon Boyd
I’d rather risk confusion and stay creatively fresh and stimulated. I feel like I’m growing and challenging myself all the time.
Ron Howard
My path to motherhood was challenging, to say the least, and I always feel like I’m living a ‘Sliding Doors’ version of my life.
Renee Elise Goldsberry
The most challenging part of being a boss is that nobody will tell you if your work is suffering.
Bill Williams
I admit that when challenging times first surface, it’s not first instinct to do a happy dance. But when you take time to pause and add insight to injury, you will immediately start to feel empowered to make those majorly needed life shifts.
Karen Salmansohn
I started doing non-surf stuff like commercials, short films, and music videos and just started expanding my filmmaking that way. I started doing that more for a career: you know, it was paying the bills, and it was challenging. I was stimulated by it.
Taylor Steele
You can add things to savoury dishes as you cook, but sweet dishes are more challenging.
Ella Woodward
After joining theatre, I started thinking that acting in films was not half as challenging as theatre.
Arfi Lamba
Meru was the most challenging climb of my life. Not once but twice.
Jimmy Chin
Theater is a way to keep challenging myself.
Patrick J. Adams
The process of science is difficult and challenging. It involves always being aware that your ideas might be right or they might be wrong. I think it’s that kind of balance that makes science so interesting.
Lisa Randall
People think memorizing lines is hard, when that’s the last thing you worry about. You get that done, and then you’ve got to worry about the internal stuff, which is the challenging part.
Paul Dano
Before we come to a challenging situation, before the universe squeezes us, how much of our effort is geared toward the reason we came to this world? The more focus we have on the front end, the less focus we end up needing on the back end.
Yehuda Berg
I went to acting school, and there were twenty other actors in my class who were exceptional. It’s hard for anybody to get work. When I was trying to get jobs, I felt a responsibility to be respectful of the opportunities and take challenging things that could be interesting both for me as an actor and for the audience.
Billy Crudup
There are always things that I’d love to do. As an actor, none of them are specific; all I’m looking for are things that are good quality, that are challenging for me to work on, and even better if I get to work with people that I respect and am excited to work with.
Jason Alexander
The ideal is to build a culture of healthy discussion, where everyone’s ideas are valued. At KIND, we want everyone to be comfortable challenging my or anyone else’s ideas without ever feeling or making someone else feel that the questioning is a personal attack.
Daniel Lubetzky
It’s very challenging to carve back market share.
Paul Allen
At News Corporation, we have a history of challenging media orthodoxies.
Rupert Murdoch
The first time you go out and perform at WrestleMania, it’s a very challenging thing. It’s the showcase of immortals, and you don’t know what to expect, and every WrestleMania is different.
Bray Wyatt
When you love the competition, the opportunity to achieve at simple but challenging games, some people are really into it, and I’m one of them.
Guy Fieri
I’ve purposely made my music to be challenging and different. There’s some electronics, R&B, blues, Motown, country, jazz and lots of soul.
Jack Garratt
It’s always challenging when you’re shooting a film. Shooting things out of order and keeping continuity on all levels is always for me the most challenging thing.
Amy Adams
Of course a woman who decides to work full time as a mother in the home can be happy and deserves full respect from us. Motherhood is one of the most challenging and creative jobs anyone can do. The goal is to remake the world so that our choices are not so stark.
Naomi Wolf
Microprocessors were instantly attractive to us because you could build something for a fraction of the cost of conventional electronics. That’s essentially what we did with the Traf-O-Data computer – only it was too narrow and challenging an area to try to build a service business in.
Paul Allen
Even the things we are certain about are only an illusion. We are born with a female side and a male side, and these two sides are always fighting and challenging each other. This is why anything we want to do, we have the other side of telling us not to do it, to be careful about it.
Asghar Farhadi
I was a gay kid who didn’t know I was a gay kid, which was really challenging because you think there is something wrong with you until you understand what it is.
Jillian Michaels
That’s probably one of the most challenging things about our sport is walking the line between doing the tricks that you know how to do that are safe and pushing yourself.
Scotty Lago
On June 3, 2015, in keeping with a long tradition, I visited my home club in the Pepper Pike suburb of Cleveland, known simply as The Country Club. It’s an old William Flynn design and perhaps the most underrated course in America. It’s elegant, challenging and filled with old-world charm.
Jim Nantz
Freshness is important. If a game is fresh, new, intriguing, challenging, and enchanting, it will sell, and sell well.
Roberta Williams
I can say, hands down, ‘Annapolis’ is the most challenging film I’ve ever taken on.
Tyrese Gibson
That’s the kind of work I like to do: challenging work that has a message.
Brandon Victor Dixon
I don’t think rock ‘n roll is necessarily a young man’s game. I think Neil Young is just as rock’n’roll now as he was in his 20s. I’d like to think we can still be edgy and challenging.
Adam Clayton
Once you do a show like ‘Modern Family,’ which has been an amazing thing, and I’m so happy about it, it does make it a little challenging to do other things.
Ty Burrell
I hate the idea of sheltering kids from challenging books. It’s just another form of conservative fear that promotes ignorance more than anything else.
Adam Rapp
What tends to happen when people talk about Chinese sci-fi in the West is that there’s a lot of projection. We prefer to think of China as a dystopian world that is challenging American hegemony, so we would like to think that Chinese sci-fi is all either militaristic or dystopian. But that’s just not the reality of it.
Ken Liu
I’m interested in telling stories about characters that are interesting and who are challenging in some way, one that will make you think about them afterwards.
Dee Rees
You can’t patent a move. It’s challenging enough to come up with a move that nobody else does… I try and do things that I would want to see done that I haven’t seen other people do. Most wrestlers obviously don’t think that way, and instead they steal somebody’s move as soon as they’ve gone on to the next company.
Rob Van Dam
Creatively I just enjoy challenging myself in different genres.
Debra Messing
My wife asked me if I ever thought I would ever retire from stand-up. And I thought about it, and I was like, ‘No, because it’s my job; it’s what I do, and I enjoy it.’ It’s still the most challenging thing for me to do.
Wanda Sykes
One-planet living means not only seeking to reduce our own consumption, but also mobilising against the system that promotes the great tide of junk. This means fighting corporate power, changing political outcomes and challenging the growth-based, world-consuming system we call capitalism.
George Monbiot
As artists, we thrive when we can express our comfort and our discomfort. If a certain scene is really challenging for us, if we’re in an environment where we feel safe, we’re able to do our work.
Aja Naomi King
You speak to the press at the Tour every day, but most often in a negative sense. Ninety per cent of the questions you are asked in the post-race press conferences are challenging or provocative, so you have to justify yourself; you have to try to give the right answers about every topic across the board.
Bradley Wiggins
I’ve found acting on stage much more challenging than on screen.
Elizabeth McGovern
You do a drama, and you are limited by the rules of reality, and in science fiction, you create your own reality. Some people find that daunting; I find it challenging.
David Twohy
The wonderful thing about theater is that it has so many people involved in the creation of it. The worst thing about theater is that it has so many people involved in the creation of it. That dynamic is thrilling and challenging every time you make a show.
George C. Wolfe
I’m trying to talk about challenging subjects people might not like and trying to find relief as we discuss it.
Mara Brock Akil
In ‘George Lopez’, I played Veronica who’s a bratty 18-year-old, and so I feel like it’s much easier for me to play that because I feel like a late bloomer. It wasn’t difficult or challenging at all because it’s not like I haven’t been a teenager.
Aimee Garcia
I choose work that is hard to pull off. And it’s scary how things can go wrong. But if there’s no risk involved, it’s not challenging. A good idea will survive any process.
Steven Holl
It is quite annoying that we have to change the sound we invented just to avoid sounding like people who simply copy us, but… it is flattering and of course challenging.
Jonathan Davis
The stories I’m interested in are challenging ones, and maybe that requires a little bit more of you. I love my job and I want to earn the right to do it every single day.
Daniel Radcliffe
I’ve always enjoyed doing challenging things and also challenging common wisdom.
Stefan Hell
I like to play people that are real, a real person, and then something that’s interesting with that person. I think it’s a lot more challenging to do that than something that’s extremely fantasy-like.
Devon Bostick
I like confusing people and challenging myself.
St. Lucia
For me, becoming the best you can be in something that you love, like rowing, is incredibly challenging, and what you learn about yourself, the sense of satisfaction as you get older and move on, you’ll never forget that. It’s huge.
Tyler Winklevoss
When you are challenging for the world title, you’ve got to go into the lion’s den to try and rip that belt away from the champion.
Naseem Hamed
We are living in very challenging times. Pressured in the workplace and stressed out at home, people are trying to make sense of their lives.
Les Brown
As an artist, I think it’s important to always keep growing, and I definitely want to keep challenging myself.
I like playing a variety of roles and characters, as it forces you to keep challenging yourself.
Gustaf Skarsgard
To me it’s more fun and more challenging, too, to do different types of pictures.
William Wyler
In my experience, it’s all wonderful with girls until about 16. Around that time, boys kind of calm down and start focusing their testosterone. Girls get a little challenging, especially for fathers.
Tim Allen
It turned out to be exactly that, but more challenging emotionally. I looked at it in a more physical way, having to act in a chair and move around. But it really was more emotionally challenging.
Gregory Hines
Coming to YG entertainment as a trainee was one of the most challenging yet most life changing periods of my life.
I come from an art-school background, and I still feel that in my music, it’s about exploration and challenging myself, about putting myself in a place that’s frightening because I haven’t been there before.
P. J. Harvey
Voice work is really fun and challenging. I like learning different skills and different styles, and this is definitely different from doing a play or a filmed TV show.
Isabela Moner
Life is challenging but I’m always up for a challenge.
Venus Williams
I did this role in Life Goes On as an HIV positive character and so emotionally that was the most challenging.
Chad Lowe
It is very challenging to adapt to life at a big club like Madrid, but I’m not the kind of person to make excuses.
Luka Modric
The task ahead of us will be extremely challenging as the Tory party continue with their austerity agenda and as we continue to resolve the issues of the past and build unity, reconciliation, and equality.
Martin McGuinness
Both Chelsea and Manchester United will be challenging for the Premiership title next season.
Roy Evans
My taste in the films I’ve taken as an actor is similar to what I’d do a director or writer: all quite odd, challenging stuff, slightly off-the-wall.
Daniel Radcliffe
Friction and misunderstandings often occur when communicating across generations. It gets even more challenging when working across virtual settings.
Raymond Arroyo
Hollywood is a challenging place; it’s very easy for people to lose their heads. Fortunately, I grew up on it and I think I have a little bit of a head start.
Troian Bellisario
Dreams have always expanded our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries of the real, of the possible.
Henry Reed
When you’re a touring musician, you’re always turning over new rocks, and there’s always a certain level of tension in your life. The music business, and the travel that comes with it, is stressful, challenging, redundant, exhausting, exciting, and often very depressing.
Mark Kozelek
We’ve all experienced those days when we feel like an absolute failure. It’s a normal feeling when things don’t go as exactly planned. And, when we feel like that, it’s challenging to think of yourself as a successful individual.
John Rampton
You’re really creative when you’re in an environment that you don’t know how to handle. So collaborating was like that for me. I think that was one of the reasons why I knew I was gonna get a challenging reaction.
Liz Phair
At any age, we struggle with intimacy. When you’re a kid, you think, ‘I won’t have that problem. I’ll have sex whenever I want when I’m a grown-up!’ And then, somehow, it doesn’t quite turn out that way, and it’s so surprising to people that connection remains so challenging even when you’re married.
David Frankel
I’m really passionate about things I enjoy, and I like to be out there doing things, and learning and challenging myself. So it’s just more fun that way, just to get out and try and do and learn and meet people and try to do something new.
Steve Nash
It is particularly challenging for women who are trying to stay competitive in a real estate market where men really don’t have the same degree of safety concerns.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
The most challenging work and the best work I’ve ever done was in a thing I did for PBS called ‘Lemon Sky’, a play by Lanford Wilson. I think it’s the rawest, most complex work that I’ve had to do, and the thing I’m most proud of.
Kevin Bacon
Graphic tees are vibes. And I think they’re the basis of a lot of wardrobes, but that makes it challenging to distill what you’re brand means within a T-shirt.
Virgil Abloh
It’s challenging, but you have to at least try to eat right and exercise.
Joely Fisher
I’ve chosen the parts that have interested me and parts that I thought I could do a job with but also were challenging and a little bit scary.
Casey Affleck
If you can help guide somebody through a challenging moment because you’ve been there, that ends up becoming a great gift.
Christian Slater
No matter what your profession is, it’s good to scare yourself a little from time to time! It’s crucial to keep challenging yourself and to learn from people who are more accomplished than you are.
Lisa Kleypas
I think the biggest advice that I could give people is to actually try and live beyond your dreams by pushing yourself, challenging yourself to do things a little bit outside of your comfort zone.
Peggy Whitson
Some hospitals screen all ICU patients and isolate those with MRSA, a process that can be challenging for both caregivers and patients.
Tom Frieden
I’ve been doing yoga since 1980 or ’81, and I’ve kind of developed my own routine. It’s challenging and thorough, but I’m not holy about it. Sometimes I’ll watch a tape of Jon Stewart’s show while exercising.
April Gornik
A good cult delivers on its promises. A good cult nourishes the needs of its members, has transparency and integrity, and creates provisions for challenging its leadership openly. A good cult expands the freedoms and well-being of its members rather than limits them.
Philip Zimbardo
I’m always trying to figure out ways to one up everyone, and that’s what I love about competitions. I love challenging myself and pushing the envelope.
Ryan Sheckler
A movie is a filmed rehearsal in a way. The audience doesn’t know that because you’re taking out the things that don’t work. There’s no comparison to the theater because it’s live. But making a movie is just as challenging and exciting, I find. A movie is pure process. The theater is the result of process.
Peter Riegert
It’s really fun and challenging to build things that have never been built before.
Hilary Mason
One of the things I find extremely challenging about the continent of Africa is that when the immediate needs and the social needs of people are not met, that kills dreams, and it’s all about survival.
Djimon Hounsou
Skating in itself is a difficult sport, and the amazing athletes within the sport are very challenging.
Nathan Chen
Once you start putting in political subtext, it does create intellectually challenging science-fiction, but with ‘Pacific Rim,’ I always thought it would be a shame if kids couldn’t go see this movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters because it seemed to have a political point of view.
Travis Beacham
To me, creatively challenging myself is my version of owning the Nets.
When I’m working, even though it’s sometimes challenging and difficult, there’s still no place I would rather be.
Dakota Fanning
In exceptional boardrooms, the intellectual rigor generated by a challenging question is both an accepted norm and a precursor to reaching informed decisions. This is the crucial edge that sets apart boards that lead from boards that follow.
Punit Renjen
The challenging thing from a work perspective is just the range of things on any given day that you’re dealing with and making sure you have the head space to really be giving them the thought and consideration you’d like, too.
Jacinda Ardern
Being a successful Hollywood actress may be challenging, but little did I know that the very body that had always been my calling card would betray me.
Teri Garr
I have the experience and ability to step in on day one in Washington and start working on the challenging problems facing our country.
Darlene Senger
‘Shivalinga’ was a tough project – I did my own stunts in the film. I actually enjoyed it, as I play a character with many layers. It was challenging to switch between the many phases of the character.
Ritika Singh
AOL has a great collection of brands, and the question is, ‘Can they innovate and scale their business?’ And those are very challenging things to do. But I think they are well positioned to grow.
Jason Calacanis
I couldn’t go now to a brand that had a niche attitude like… gothic. I couldn’t do that. Well, I could do it, but I wouldn’t find it interesting, challenging.
Raf Simons
It was very, very challenging being on this thing called the gimbal. It would throw you around, give you whiplash, and they’d tie you down.
Emile Hirsch
Every artist undresses his subject, whether human or still life. It is his business to find essences in surfaces, and what more attractive and challenging surface than the skin around a soul?
Richard Corliss
If you’re one car accident away from poverty, you’re on a high wire without a safety net. And that’s a challenging proposition.
Tom Perez
If you watch the evening news, Dr. Kissinger is very often brought on to sort of be the statesman of his age and to reflect dispassionately on world events. And so a film challenging his legacy, a film that assesses charges that are quite grave against him, is something that is touchy for the media to show.
Eugene Jarecki
You try to find things that are challenging and interesting and hopefully it will be the same to the audience.
Alan Rickman
The financial side of Broadway is the easy part. Plenty of people want to put money in a Broadway show. The challenging part is finding the material that excites me enough to spend a couple of years of my life devoted to it.
Marc Platt
It’s so easy to make an Asian person the doctor, the lawyer, the smart kid in school. What’s harder is challenging the norm and hiring Asian actors to play your Average Joe.
Vincent Rodriguez III
I like making things. I enjoy putting words and images on a blank space. There should be joy in the writing itself because parts of it are so challenging and lonesome. I take great pleasure in reading, researching, and interviewing. I enjoy forming my sentences and revising them to make them clean.
Min Jin Lee
Romcoms are challenging, but I’m hungry for drama.
Ginnifer Goodwin
Evolution is the key to avoiding the whole issue of God. When you challenge evolution, you’re basically challenging someone on a spiritual level.
Frank Peretti
It’s challenging to find an identity as a young person if you don’t have the sustenance of love, because you’re being shipped around.
Mary J. Blige
I love doing emotional scenes. As I’ve had a perfect life, I don’t really have much to pull from. But it’s really fun and not that challenging. It’s almost pretty easy. The hardest thing is to try and make people laugh. That’s a really hard thing.
Hilary Duff
If the material is challenging, it forces you to challenge yourself when handling it.
Joel Coen
This is the most challenging activity that humans get into, which is love. You know, where we have the sense that we can’t live without love. That life has very little meaning without love.
Leonard Cohen
It was challenging getting myself into the mindset to lose the weight. Once I got there, the weight dropped off quickly.
India Arie
When I signed ‘Kaaka Muttai,’ a lot of directors told me that I shouldn’t be doing the role of a mother so early in my career. But I went ahead, as I aspire to do challenging roles.
Aishwarya Rajesh
As long as something is fun and you’re enjoying it and it’s challenging you, then I’m there and I’m happy to do it.
Chrishell Stause
I’d like to be making more films more frequently, but I do find that making movies, for me, has proven to be an extremely challenging road. No movie is easy; no movie has come together quickly.
Karyn Kusama
Some people think it’s an easy gig working as an extra, but you often have to stay very concentrated for long stretches in challenging conditions.
Gina Bellman
When we talk about the things at Airbnb that are challenging and that they are going to have to overcome, the parallels with eBay are across the board. It’s community management. It’s making sure the marketplace is in balance – the right amount of buyers and sellers.
Jeff Jordan
Art is going to make a bigger comeback than ever. That’s the upside to things getting challenging.
Lady Gaga
No, most of the decisions that I make with regard to taking roles, I just look for something that’s challenging, something that I think I can accomplish, you know.
Terrence Howard
It is no judgement of a thing outside yourself to say it makes you ill. The wise reader knows that every pronouncement is, to some degree, an act of self-exposure; the book you find too challenging might only show how ill-equipped you are to face its challenge.
Howard Jacobson
Science is the first expression of punk, because it doesn’t advance without challenging authority. It doesn’t make progress without tearing down what was there before and building upon the structure.
Greg Graffin
For a director, the most challenging scenes are the dialogue scenes.
Bruce Beresford
People often tell me how much they love the digital skies that we obviously painted for ‘War Horse.’ Well, there’s not a single sky that we put in through special effects. The skies you see in the movie are the skies that we experienced – but it was definitely challenging at times.
Steven Spielberg
Personally, I know how challenging it can be to find free time in today’s uber-busy, espresso-chugging world to tend to our spirits, to nourish our souls.
Karen Salmansohn
Classical music presents some of the world’s most challenging pieces.
Jake Shimabukuro
Agatha Christie’s writing is incredibly skillful because her books are incredibly intellectually puzzling and challenging.
Sophie Hannah
I think the most challenging part of being a performer is just making sure that people know that when you get up there every night, it’s unique and that you care.
Kate Voegele
The reason I wanted to do ‘The First Men in the Moon’ was that there is something so challenging in the combination of space travel and the Edwardian period.
Mark Gatiss
I don’t have any particular recipe. It is the reason why doing research is challenging as well as attractive. It is like being lost in a jungle and trying to use all the knowledge that you can gather to come up with some new tricks, and with some luck, you might find a way out.
Maryam Mirzakhani
When I went to university, I was a philosophy major, but because I’m not very bright I chose to study philosophy at a performing arts school, maybe because the philosophy program there wasn’t too rigorous or challenging.
Multiple mergers can be challenging because people come from different backgrounds.
Arundhati Bhattacharya
While I find my job as an actor challenging, I also think that there’s fun in that challenge.
Theo James
It’s nauseating for me when I feel like I’m not growing or challenging myself.
Lucas Hedges
‘Doctor Who’ is really challenging and fulfilling on so many levels.
Alex Kingston
I quit flying myself last year and that was difficult for me because I enjoy it as much as playing golf. It was an adjustment sitting in the back of the plane, rather than at the controls, but I’ve grown accustomed to it and enjoy reading a book, doing some work or challenging my wife to a game of dominos.
Arnold Palmer
Challenging unfairly subsidized products, fighting counterfeit goods and intellectual property theft and holding countries accountable for an unfair currency regime will help American companies remain competitive.
Virginia Foxx
I get bored quite easily, so I like to keep my mind entertained by challenging myself.
Douglas Booth
I’ve worn a lot of humdingers in my time, but as a model it’s my duty – my responsibility – to bring life to any garment. That can be challenging when it comes to high fashion, where the creations can be very eccentric, but I’ve gained a reputation for being the go-to girl who can pull it off.
Erin O’Connor
It is certainly true that as we grow older, our need for healthcare also grows. It is also true that those who have lived their lives in the most difficult circumstances and experienced the most exhausting and challenging work places need healthcare the most.
David Blunkett
I really believe in challenging myself, pushing myself to new places.
Jonathan Evison
I’ve worn my share of dresses and heels in my career. It’s easy. It’s not very challenging. It’s not fulfilling.
Melanie Scrofano
I do music that makes me happy by challenging myself to go the extra mile and not do what everyone else is doing.
Isn’t it about getting out of your comfort zone and getting off the couch and challenging yourself and forcing yourself to do things you wouldn’t other do? Otherwise, what are you living for?
Sean Hayes
Our lives are really hectic, and I think that’s challenging.
Maryse Mizanin
While not impossible, it is especially challenging for teenage parents to develop bonds with their children. A high percent of them were themselves children of teenage parents and have never experienced appropriate parenting.
Jane Fonda
It’s challenging to find self-love when there’s confusion and you’re living in a world that’s seemingly very binary and black and white.
Tommy Dorfman
Learning a musical instrument is challenging, it demands fine motor skills and coordination. It develops children’s listening, thinking skills, imagination and perseverance. It brings out the very best in the children as they work collaboratively with their peers and teachers.
Sheila Hancock
I think when I first started acting there were different people who I thought, ‘I want that person’s career or that person’s career.’ And as time has gone on, it’s become really clear to me what is important to me; getting the best roles, the roles that I feel are challenging and scary and that I haven’t done yet.
Carla Gugino
When you are doing a site that you understand is not making money, you kind of understand when times get challenging or there is a new economic climate, you will be scrutinized very closely.
Chris Connelly
As the economy faces such difficulties, more tough questions need to be asked about what the Tories would do if elected. Their ideology of free markets and small government needs challenging. That has to be part of our job.
Lucy Powell
It’s the best thing in the world, the most challenging thing in the world, being a parent, and one of the first lessons I learned was to ask for help.
Kerri Walsh Jennings
After ‘Spring Awakening,’ I wanted to do things that are really challenging and outside my comfort zone: things that scare me a little and make me grow.
Jonathan Groff
It’s such an enormously challenging process to make any kind of television. It’s stressful and works towards getting the best out of creative people.
Jeph Loeb
If you think you’re in shape, try boxing. You’ll discover that you are not. It’s the most physically challenging thing I’ve ever attempted, but I love it and I want to keep up some of the training.
Seth Numrich
It’s a little challenging as a congressman to keep a low profile, but I try very hard to keep a low profile.
Seth Moulton
With the support and dedication from employees at every level of the company, we’ve been successful in expanding supplier diversity in many areas, including traditionally challenging areas such as construction services, legal and professional services.
Debra L. Reed
I’ve been called Mr. Patient Money because I have the patience to work through challenging circumstances.
N. Murray Edwards
It just seems there’s better things to do in your life than be on television if it’s not interesting, if it’s not challenging, if it’s not fun. You know? When it stops being those things for me, I’ll stop making television.
Anthony Bourdain
Being a fan of authentic Dada, I find today’s art – what I call ‘Bankers’ Dada’ – mind-numbingly dull. The most challenging work I’ve seen of late is by The British Art Resistance. Their document, ‘A Call for Heroes in an Age of Cowards’, is apt in these days of witless chancers.
Billy Childish
I decided I could develop a toy and get some revenue from that and then use that revenue to really become an inventor and work on some of the more challenging projects I had in mind.
Lonnie Johnson
I just preach the importance of reading, the importance of learning and challenging yourself to be the best you can be in life, whatever it is you do.
Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
‘Piper’s Pit’ was totally unscripted – everything just happened – thus, innovation was a challenging must to accomplish.
Roddy Piper
Divorce is challenging. When your kids go through things, it’s tough. But it’s no different for any other woman. And I have great compassion for single moms. It’s lousy out there for them. I had the ability to work. I have always been the provider anyway, but there are a lot of women who can’t support themselves.
Marie Osmond
Consumer electronics is a challenging one.
Kevin Rollins
The thread of culture that runs through the entire history of punk is also a dedication to challenging the authoritarian.
Greg Graffin
I’m fortunate to have success, but it was a long and challenging road, so I try to make that not be the case for other women.
Joy Mangano
Some mentors are more challenging than others.
Bonnie Hammer
I decided that I want to live in a big world. And since then, any time I’m confronted with a challenging situation, I go for it.
Nick Woodman
I know for me the subject of how to be in a relationship is precious and complicated and challenging.
Helen Hunt
Life is challenging enough without politicians to confuse us.
Alexandra Adornetto
I’m focused on the work. And now I’ve done ‘Morris’ and ‘Mr. Robot,’ my appetite is whet to go deeper. It’s fun, and it’s challenging, and it stretches me. I’m not saying I’m done with comedy by any stretch of the imagination. I’m saying, yeah, let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Craig Robinson
We knew the 2017-18 offseason would be one of our most challenging. We’ve known that for a long time.
Theo Epstein
‘The Sleeping Beauty’ is the greatest, most challenging and most vulnerable of classical ballets. Everything can go wrong with it, and all too often, everything does.
Robert Gottlieb
Silverstone is challenging, but it has a good feel. It’s one of the quickest tracks of the year, with legendary corners like the Magotts, Becketts, Chapel complex.
Romain Grosjean
In life, it is important to not be afraid to put yourself out there, win or lose. It is all about the spirit of challenging yourself to be open to realizing your highest potential.
Cynthia Bailey
For us as entertainers traveling, the schedule gets really crazy – flying all the time, being on a bus tour, changing hotels every day. And it’s challenging.
Sheila E.
It is challenging to communicate attractions which are hard to understand unless you actually touch and experience them yourself. This is especially so with Wii U because it has unprecedented entertainment potential.
Satoru Iwata
One of the most challenging things for me to do was to walk away from ‘Black Panther.’
Amandla Stenberg
I do a lot of media work, I’ve been investing and I’m involved with real estate. It’s totally different from what I had been doing but I find it challenging and fun. To be honest, I really don’t miss the track. I pretty well accomplished what I set out to do and it was time to move on.
Donovan Bailey
At its best, alt comedy can be challenging, surprising, and innovative. And at its worst, alt comics think that being is a substitution for punchlines.
Phoebe Robinson
I tell young people to prepare themselves as best they can for a world that grows more challenging every day-get the best education they can, and couple that education with real-life experience in social justice work.
Julian Bond
You have to keep challenging yourself. I’ve always tried to do that, and I’m not saying I’ve always been successful. Maybe I’ve rewritten the same song; it’s inevitable, but I’ve always been mindful of taking the writing somewhere else. You can’t stick in your little comfort zone.
Paul Weller
There were 100 intellectual reasons not to pursue ‘Wicked.’ There were times where it was very challenging, where the mind said, ‘This is maybe too challenging,’ but the heart willed it. The heart willed it to succeed.
Marc Platt
Enjoy your time in public service. It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life.
Donald Rumsfeld
I think culture is a very challenging thing to reverse.
Ayanna Pressley
I love a challenge, and I love challenging people’s preconceptions.
Owain Yeoman
I actually had someone say to me, ‘Lynn, you’re going to have very good days, and you’re going to have very bad days. But It’s rare that things are as good as they look, and it’s rare that things are as bad as they seem.’ So having perspective, and challenging perspective, is important to making good decisions.
Lynn Good
I would love to do regional cinema, provided the role is exciting enough and artistically challenging.
Nushrat Bharucha
It’s really difficult to navigate attention and stardom and celebrity status and still try to maintain yourself and hold onto your intelligence and integrity. It’s really challenging.
Shirley Manson
I write when the urge hits me, getting the words down as fast as I can type and then I step back from what I just wrote and start a dialectical process where I begin challenging my own writing.
Donald McKay
‘Guardian’ journalism itself will remain what it has always been: thoughtful, progressive, fiercely independent and challenging, and also witty, stylish, and fun.
Katharine Viner
I went into science, ending up with a Ph.D. in cell biology, but along the way I found out that experimental science involves many hours and days and nights of laboratory work, which is a lot like washing dishes, only a little more challenging. I was too impatient, and maybe a little too sloppy, for it.
Barbara Ehrenreich
Challenging someone is good. You need to do it. Sometimes they don’t even realize you’re doing it, like when you joke with a goalie, ‘What’s wrong today? You losing it?’
Sidney Crosby
In ‘Law & Order,’ your main job is to stay out of the way of the plot. On another show you’d receive your script and see stuff that seems challenging and feel excited that the writers thought highly enough of you to write it for you.
Jeremy Sisto
No artiste wants to be boxed. We thrive on challenging roles, and they can come from anywhere. I consider myself blessed to be recognised as a pan-Indian actor. Yes, it means more hard work, prepping more for the roles, but I’m all for it.
Aditi Rao Hydari
If you are of sound mind and body, many exciting and challenging adventures are within your reach irrespective of your age.
Gad Saad
I was just excited to have challenging work to do and smart people to work with.
Katherine Johnson
With ‘Decoded,’ the goal is to just keep pushing forward and challenging ourselves to tackle important subjects in creative and funny ways.
Franchesca Ramsey
I personally love to run outdoor fitness trails. I love the meditative value I get when out alone, challenging myself to run faster and higher.
Laurieann Gibson
For me, the most challenging thing was developing myself as a songwriter and as a performer and as the leader of a band. And I just did it.
Juliette Lewis
You’re going to a bunch of auditions, and most of the time you’re just getting denied, but just staying in there and keeping my head and being determined helped. Growing is what’s challenging; you have to constantly practice your craft.
Natalie Martinez
As you get older, you realize just figuring out how to be nice to the people in your personal sphere is almost more challenging than trying to change the bigger culture.
Mike White
‘I Can Do That’ has been the most challenging show of my life, and the result has been overwhelming. It is good to know I will be in the history as the first winner of the season of the show.
Rithvik Dhanjani
I think new plays are vastly more surprising and challenging and inspiring; I hear from audiences all the time that they are delighted when they see plays about the world we live in now, at this moment.
Theresa Rebeck
I needed to do a play. I needed to learn how to act again, in a focused, all-encompassing way, and a really challenging play is a great way to do that.
Elizabeth Reaser
I’m used to adapting my novels for feature film – it can be challenging to cut and compress three or four hundred pages into two hours of dramatic action.
Tom Perrotta
It’s astounding how challenging plays are… The scary part is that you get to encounter humanity in a way you don’t in films. The audience amplifies the experience.
Bill Pullman
I faced quite a few challenging times, and in front of those, I was more positive than some people not facing those conditions. I’m actually of the belief now that it is that struggle that offers you that open-hearted hope.
Life as an astronaut in space is a very interesting one. There are things we all take for granted here on earth, like gravity, that can make things a bit challenging. One of the fun things about getting here is the zero gravity and floating around. But it also makes things very difficult.
Kevin A. Ford
I never write my stories as a wake-up call as such. I simply explore the kinds of situations that I find personally challenging by placing characters into situations that challenge them in similar ways.
Ted Dekker
I have to tell you, TV is an incredibly difficult medium. The most challenging show to do is the hour long dramedy. It’s a very tricky format.
Candace Bushnell
Sometimes it gets a little uncomfortable to not do everything. That was my modus operandi for many years, but I just feel like I want to do challenging roles.
Josh Pais
Challenging orthodoxy is a death sentence in Washington.
Stephen Kinzer
When I’m doing a one-on-one with somebody, I have to speak in a language that that person can understand, using a vocabulary that they instantly get, and I always have to feel my way around to figure that out. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s also really challenging – challenging in a different way from performing.
Lea Salonga
I love challenging the status quo.
Sara Ramirez
I refuse to be typecast, and I’ll have a go at anything so long as it’s different, challenging, hard work and demands great versatility.
Pete Postlethwaite
The School Energy Crisis Relief Act authorizes the Secretary of Energy to issue energy assistance grants to help the poorest school districts across the Nation offset these unexpected and challenging costs.
Joe Baca
People are deeply interested in rewriting the established narratives and challenging what we see as the norm in every way. We want to see a new definition of beauty and sexy. We want to see different people look vulnerable and show strength and redefine what it means to be strong.
Winston Duke
For a spinner growing up in England, it is challenging to become an off-spinner. The line and length needs to be altered on each of the four days of county cricket or five days of Test matches. The pitches in England don’t have a set pattern. It changes with each day, and accordingly, the length varies.
Harbhajan Singh
Black girls are punished, many times violently so, for questioning and challenging authority, which is something that is often celebrated and encouraged as a sign of intelligence and critical thinking in white boys.
Kimberle Williams Crenshaw
We have a wonderful film lined up early next year called ‘Desi Magic.’ It showcases me in a double role for the first time. This movie has offered me the most challenging role of my career so far. It’s weird I chose to do my toughest film with my own production house.
Amisha Patel
Imagine a libertarian president challenging Congress to repeal the PATRIOT Act.
Gary Johnson
I want to be in some Willy Wonka-type weird stuff, a role where I’m an alien. Anything that’s new and challenging and real. I like real stuff.
Lakeith Stanfield
Theater is the most challenging thing to do. It’s just you out there with no rope. You can’t call time out; you’re on a roller coaster.
Sebastian Stan
I do think there are some big questions here about approach, about how people are treated. I was brought up in very challenging areas.
Sajid Javid
After my second-to-last record, ‘The Greatest’, I had gone on tour for a while, and I didn’t play an instrument for about five years. And I got kind of – it’s not self-esteem or whatever, or anger toward myself – but disappointed in myself that I hadn’t been challenging myself to learn musically.
Cat Power
Every character needs an adversary – one who is both challenging and a contrast for the hero. The best adversaries reveal something about the character they’re contrasting.
Greg Rucka
I’m sure my agents would like me to play leading roles, and I guess I should, but I’m more interested in the character parts. They’re more fun, challenging and interesting.
Lucy Punch
I will insist on a military so powerful no one would ever think of challenging it.
Mitt Romney
Like the ancient Silk Road itself, ‘The Sound of Silk’ will make the foreign familiar while challenging long-held notions of identity and our place in the world.
Morgan Neville
I studied economics and made it my career for two reasons. The subject was and is intellectually fascinating and challenging, particularly to someone with taste and talent for theoretical reasoning and quantitative analysis.
James Tobin
Sometimes the simplest tasks are so incredibly challenging but everyday I try and I make choices to push myself further than I could ever imagine.
Jessica Mulroney
The directing is something that is incredibly satisfying to me and challenging to me because it’s asking me to draw on everything I’ve been able to absorb over all these years of acting and having all this set experience.
Jason Bateman
We’re apt to fall in love with those who are mysterious and challenging to us.
Helen Fisher
Music is about people for me. It’s not about sounds. It’s about people; it’s about putting people into challenging situations. And for me, challenges are opportunities.
John Zorn
I like challenging people. I love pop music that can just throw you off.
A script narration is like watching a film, and I react to it like an audience with my own instinct. After that, I look for what is my character, what will I bring to the table in that role, how challenging will it be.
Deepika Padukone
I find the roller-coaster ride of auditioning most challenging. It’s always about putting yourself out there, being rejected, and then getting back out there and trying again.
Jenn Proske
If teaching isn’t rewarding and challenging, we’re going to continue to lose our best teachers to work in other fields.
Michael Bennet
In 2013, after a challenging two years of long-term IV antibiotics and six weeks at a clinic in florida, I received the ‘Star Light’ award from the Lyme Research Alliance for my advocacy and strength to light the way of Lyme disease awareness.
Yolanda Hadid
‘Stomp the Yard’ was a great film. It was a great film, great opportunity. It’s the reason I live in Atlanta to this day, that film. But as far as acting goes, it wasn’t very challenging. I played me.
I believe that good television should be challenging and frustrating and maddening and thrilling. If you just want to see people who look like you and think like you and do what you would do in any given situation, you’d have to stop looking at TV and start looking in a mirror. But would that be as much fun?
Shonda Rhimes
What keeps this industry challenging as an actor is that you never know how something will turn out. The ups and downs are constant. You’re never just smoothly sailing along. You’re always going to be on loose footing. That’s what ultimately now I expect and accept and that doesn’t scare me as much.
Elisabeth Shue
There is something very strange and unsettling for me about making a work that doesn’t fit with what’s the norm or what’s acceptable. There’s something both liberating about it and challenging. I can imagine it doing more harm than good.
Kara Walker
I want to play a psycho, something more challenging than just ‘the girlfriend’ part.
Barbara Palvin
‘Star Trek’ says that it has not all happened, it has not all been discovered, that tomorrow can be as challenging and adventurous as any time man has ever lived.
Gene Roddenberry
For me personally, my favourite part of performing is just going in the crowd and doing crazy things that they never expected to see. Challenging myself to do new things that I never expected to do. That’s the biggest thing for me.
Tory Lanez
What happens so often as an actor is that you retain the information about the scenes that you yourself shot and you obsess over certain scenes that you found the most challenging or interesting. The rest of the film kind of falls away in your memory or it fades a little bit.
Olivia Wilde
As the generalization goes about the art industry, people can be really challenging and thought-provoking in their thinking and questioning the status quo, and it’s really important that the status quo can be questioned and that there are people doing that.
Lily Cole
I’ve learned that guns are exceptionally challenging to use effectively, with a power that must be respected. But mostly what I’ve learned is that they’re a lot of fun, and dangerously appealing to an active imagination.
Trieste Kelly Dunn
The imposing edifice of science provides a challenging view of what can be achieved by the accumulation of many small efforts in a steady objective and dedicated search for truth.
Charles H. Townes
One of the challenges of innovation is challenging a set model. A traditional way to manufacture footwear existed for hundreds of years. Now we have a whole new way.
Mark Parker
I try my best to squeeze in a simple exercise routine whenever I can – even though this is proving to be more challenging than I expect.
Pritam Singh
I got into hula hooping at age six – I hula hooped all day, every day. That was something I was comfortable with, but I never tried walking or singing while hula hooping! It’s actually pretty difficult and tiring. But I like challenging myself. It’s hard, but it’s really fun.
Patina Miller
I like a role that is challenging. That’s what I look for and I’m certainly always looking to move further and maybe push myself into a place that might be temporarily uncomfortable so that I might learn something.
Ezra Miller
Playing basketball is second nature to me; acting I found far more challenging.
Stephon Marbury
Going to school on a campus where the faculty overwhelmingly disagrees with you, and where the student body overwhelmingly disagrees with you, is challenging. If you go in without a firm foundation, it can undermine what you believe.
Ted Cruz
Going into a pregnancy is a really challenging time for a woman, because it’s forever-changing, both mentally and physically.
Brooke Burke
You can’t just repeat. It’s valueless. So we – we’re really keen to challenge ourselves. I suppose a byproduct of that will be challenging our fans a bit as well.
Ted Dwane
I love sports. I love being active. I love challenging myself. I was a jock growing up from the time I could walk.
Lara Spencer
That’s what university life is all about. Challenging, questioning, enjoying good people and good friends, and pushing yourself to the limit.
David Robinson
Sprinting for a full day in Atlanta in midsummer proved very challenging. That humidity is crazy. Georgia is a beautiful state, but the weather is intense. I was warned, but for some reason I thought it would be like L.A. in the summer. The reality? No.
Theo James
Skating is a sport that I found a lot of interest in from a very, very young age. Ultimately, I think that being on the ice, being in the cold, and trying things and challenging myself in different ways is something that made me really interested in skating.
Nathan Chen
I’m always interested in challenging myself and pushing and seeing how far I can go.
Taraji P. Henson
There are challenging days – but I’d tell people they should really do what they are interested in and not think about their gender.
Alexa Hirschfeld
A lot of the ‘Back In Black’ stuff is really challenging.
Axl Rose
I wanted to stay at Chelsea because we are always fighting and challenging for trophies. That desire and the will to want to win things have not gone.
Ashley Cole
Education must provide the opportunities for self-fulfillment; it can at best provide a rich and challenging environment for the individual to explore, in his own way.
Noam Chomsky
Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in while, or the light won’t come in.
Alan Alda
I did an episode on the TV show ‘Awake,’ and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s really hard.’ To do that so fast and to do that, if it’s very successful, for nine months out of the year, for a bunch of good years, that’s challenging. But, it was interesting. It’s a good show. You’d have to have a very good character, I guess.
Ayelet Zurer
One of the things is challenging yourself to do a Rome show when everybody’s done a Rome show. To find some aspect of food culture or chef culture that people can look at in a new way.
Anthony Bourdain
Part of the criteria for doing a project is that it’s scary or challenging because at some point you go, ‘It’s too scary; it’s too challenging. I don’t want to do it.’ But things that seem easy are never any fun.
Casey Affleck
I had a really kind of yucky divorce and it was really challenging to get over that.
Ricki Lake
I like to take up something that is challenging. I like to stretch myself.
Christine Lahti
We still have a tradition certainly in English television; it’s faded a bit in the last five years, but we still have a tradition where the important thing is the quality and the challenging nature of the programming.
Rowan Atkinson
It’s challenging to take on something else that is not you and make it very real and have others be able to associate with it. It’s wonderful to provoke thought.
Dash Mihok
Looking back at my earlier pictures, I think that the work is very much coming from the same place. I have gone through a period of challenging myself with a complicated idea to currently challenging myself with the idea of simplicity.
Tim Walker
I have just been lucky to get challenging characters every time.
Sriti Jha
I just want to keep challenging myself. Keep moving the goalposts and raising my game.
Martin Henderson
You live your life day by day and find ways to get through it. You grow up through things that are challenging and you find the joy. You realize there are so many people that have it much worse and remind yourself. I have been very blessed.
Kelly Rutherford
It’s very challenging to be a playback singer in Bollywood.
Mohit Chauhan
Unlike what people assume, it is more challenging when you work with people whom you are comfortable with, because they know what you are coming up with, and hence, they expect you to deliver something new or different.
D. Imman
I don’t care how much you know, how many books you read, how you much you study and, you know, how educated you are, you’re still going to struggle. Life is challenging.
Susan L. Taylor
I found it to be more challenging to be in a huge effects movie, because a lot of the things aren’t there. You have to trust the director and react to nothing.
Katie Holmes
I believe that bringing a life into this world is the single most important thing a person can undertake, and it can also be the most challenging. I think as mothers we are all just trying our best.
Gisele Bundchen
The mist was so challenging and the winds hit me, definitely more than I expected. It was definitely those winds, you can’t re-enact them, you can’t recreate them. Then my forearms started to tense up and you feel like running.
Nik Wallenda
I feel every painting is a challenging piece of a puzzle for me and others to solve. I feel both humble and exhilarated to see if completed.
Akiane Kramarik
There are two big beasts in the arts: the BBC and Sky Arts – challenging, leading the way.
Melvyn Bragg
Video is moving online in a big way. It’s proven to be a challenging market for some companies that start out as a pure Internet company such as Joost.
Niklas Zennstrom
As ambassador to China, Huntsman never publicly objected to Obama’s trade policy, which allows China to take advantage of us – something that Donald Trump highlighted. Challenging Obama on China is one of the keys to beating him.
Roger Stone
People are familiar with ‘the stick’ of the Tea Party… challenging incumbents, flooding the phone lines. What they’re not so much familiar with, and what I want to expand, is ‘the carrot.’ So when a Mitch McConnell, or when a Republican caucus stands firm… we have to reward them.
Niger Innis
People know that they’re going to see something which is entertaining but challenging as well because of the form it’s in. It’s dance theatre and it requires you to use your imagination – it’s not straight forward.
Matthew Bourne
I think ageing is challenging, surprising, fun, and full of friendship, so that is the approach I’ll take, objecting to the stigmatization of ageing in so many modern societies.
Martha Nussbaum
I’m aware of the fact that people that are watching to see what I do next – It’s challenging to make the best decisions, and I don’t always get it right.
Renee Elise Goldsberry
Begin challenging your assumptions. Your assumptions are the windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in awhile or the light won’t come in.
Alan Alda
I love the idea of challenging what the standards is.
Joshua Henry
When the rules of judging skating in international competition changed in 2004 with the goal of making judging more transparent, one of the consequences was the rewarding of skaters who attempt more challenging technical elements in the pursuit of ever more points.
Tara Lipinski
I never expected to be the face of sexual harassment. But I never give up on anything. So when placed in a new, challenging situation, it’s like, ‘I’m going to give this 110% because that’s what I’ve done my entire life.’
Gretchen Carlson
I did six series for the BBC and that was enough. I’ve been writing for ten years, which is more challenging artistically.
Alexei Sayle
Along with my will power, it was my parents who stood by me like a pillar of strength in my most challenging phase of life.
Sudha Chandran
I think it’s always challenging to look at a script and make it your own while maintaining the sense of what the style of the show is.
David Boreanaz
An ordinary pushup is much more advanced and challenging performed on a stability ball.
David Kirsch
Madam C.J. Walker was the first person to devise and scale a business model that addressed the hair care and beauty needs of women of color while also challenging the myopic ideals of the beauty industry at that time.
Richelieu Dennis
As an actor, or as a person, I like to do things that are challenging.
Joanne Froggatt
I’ve always loved kids, but to have your own little munchkins is unlike anything else. It’s the greatest form of love; it’s challenging and scary, but so rewarding and exciting.
Steve Nash
As much as I can and am able to, with the projects that are presented to me, I try to just really choose things that are challenging and are something I haven’t tackled before.
Michelle Monaghan
So I’ve tried to be this very eccentric character, and that works very well if you want to be a painter which I did once upon a time, if you want to be a musician which I did once upon a time. But if you want to make movies and you want to make challenging movies, you’ve got to be the sanest person in the room.
Tony Kaye
I don’t make decisions for money or popularity. I do things because they’re right for me, and they’re interesting and challenging.
Clare Balding
Each one of us has our own evolution of life, and each one of us goes through different tests which are unique and challenging. But certain things are common. And we do learn things from each other’s experience. On a spiritual journey, we all have the same destination.
A. R. Rahman
It is illegal to be a member of an organization that is challenging the constitution by armed force.
Meles Zenawi
Essentially, you know, one of the great advantages of working in science fiction is it does give you an opportunity to talk about interesting and somewhat controversial themes and social issues and in a way that doesn’t really threaten the audience, because I’m not challenging their particular points of view.
Ronald D. Moore
While it can be challenging for women with disruptive, technology-based ideas to acquire significant funding, in my experience, once I was able to raise that funding, I was met with droves of people offering to help me fulfill my dreams.
Jennifer Hyman
Nothing is so threatening to conventional values as a man who does not want to work or does not want to work at a challenging job, and most people are disturbed if a man in a well- paying job indicates ambivalence or dislike toward it.
Alice S. Rossi
I still really love acting. I find it really challenging. And I really love film; it’s a lot of fun.
Steve Zahn
Our biggest goal is to continue to force ourselves to always start our creative work on a white page and not take advantage of past successes and challenging ourselves.
Guy Laliberte
Most challenging, mainly for me, learning how to bump, learning to trust your body and trust somebody else with your body, when we’re learning how to do bodyslams and suplexes and figuring out how to kick somebody right while making sure to protect each other. In the beginning, for me, a forward roll was pretty challenging.
Nia Jax
I think to do anything out of one’s comfort zone, there has to be some aspect of it that feels inspiring and challenging in a positive way.
James Newton Howard
I think acting is definitely the most fulfilling, because it’s the most challenging in my mind.
Estella Warren
And I had known Peter O’Toole before in London. And I’d liked him very much. And the thought of being in a picture with him was very challenging to me. And he was playing the starring role.
Anthony Quinn
I am generally fascinated by what are the big, challenging questions – that’s behind my curiosity.
Paul Allen
The history of Iranian foreign investment in the past, their terms were always quite challenging, quite difficult.
Rex Tillerson
If you look at the global security environment and how challenging and crazy that is, and it’s our products that are going to help with that, I think we’re a great growth story. As I look at companies in our industry, I’d bet on us.
Marillyn Hewson
We have to get to a point in this country where our top players are seeking out the most challenging environments.
Jill Ellis
It’s always challenging to go into a role.
Jay Hernandez
It’s equally interesting and challenging to work on stage as much as movies.
Ashish Vidyarthi
We were talking about the kissing in the movie just recently. Clearly, it’s pretty challenging material, but Ang said two men herding sheep was far more sexual than two men having sex on screen.
Jake Gyllenhaal
In Spanish, I record a lot of single-voice tracks, and in English, I ‘stack’ a lot of voices, so it’s very different, and I think I got so used to recording in Spanish for six years that it was really refreshing and challenging to get in and record ‘Double Vision’ in English.
Prince Royce
There are plenty of brilliant people who are too stressed out to read challenging literary novels.
John Burdett
Taking on challenging projects is the way that one grows and extends one’s range as a writer, one’s technical command, so I consider the time well-spent.
Donna Tartt
When you walk onto any set, it’s usually primarily men. Which can be weird, especially when you’re doing something emotionally challenging.
Billie Lourd
I don’t have a favorite genre. I love to work and live vicariously through every character. It’s all about trying to bring the character to life and get the story across in a way that resonates with the audience. It’s always interesting and challenging in a gratifying and unique way.
Catherine Mary Stewart
Replacing traditional sources of energy completely with renewable energy is going to be a challenging task. However, by adding renewable energy to the grid and gradually increasing its contribution, we can realistically expect a future that is powered completely by green energy.
Tulsi Tanti
That’s an actor’s dream to get something meaty and juicy and challenging to work on.
Rutina Wesley
I can say I won a Senior British Open at Turnberry. I think that’s the best thing about it, the whole week, was playing this course. It’s a challenging, very tough course, under extreme weather. But you know, it’s nice to win any event.
Fred Couples
Higher education should provide an environment to test new ideas, debate theories, encounter challenging information, and figure out what one believes.
Kirsten Powers
A reporter from ‘The Times’ wanted to arm-wrestle, and as I recall, he kept challenging me. So we went at it, and there was a pop. His arm broke. Very strange. He went into a kind of swoon.
Charles Portis
Every actor has to deal with what’s on his plate, and I try to deal with doing the best work possible with the most challenging scripts. I don’t base it on whether it’s a feature film or a TV-movie or cable.
Jimmy Smits
I know someone might look at a creative person’s job and think it’s pretty fun. It is. It’s the best thing in the world, but it’s also extremely challenging to carve out your own completely unique path and not following a default path that someone else has already paved.
In a broken marriage, it can be challenging and tough to get that work/life balance. I love performing but I also love being a mum, and I hate having to choose between them.
Toni Braxton
For me, as an actor, just to keep acting and to keep being able to work and to do different roles and challenging roles, that’s something I’d love to do.
Stephen Hunter
I’d say it’s far more challenging to be female and be a showrunner. People are not surprised to see a black person running this show, but the female aspect is the thing that I get asked about.
Courtney A. Kemp
Sean’s movies are provocative and challenging without being slick.
Robin Wright
What I love about my job is challenging myself and finding weird, different roles.
Maika Monroe
I just look at the character and the arc of the character, and see if it’s going to be challenging. We always want to challenge ourselves. That’s the biggest thing that I look at. Is this going to be a challenge? Is this going to be something that I can try my best to create, that no one could see anyone else do?
Chris Zylka
The divestment movement is a start at challenging the excesses of capitalism. It’s working to delegitimize fossil fuels and showing that they’re just as unethical as profits from the tobacco industry.
Naomi Klein
I could have been on a path that led to different, more traditional teen romance, and ‘Nip/Tuck’ shook me loose from any generalization I might have been forced into. It helped me understand I wanted to take on things that were edgier, more challenging and riskier.
Seth Gabel
Rather than constantly questioning and challenging our beliefs and being willing to think differently about the opportunities that are out there, we withdraw into what we’ve done before. And in a world that’s rapidly changing, that’s a formula for vulnerability.
John Hagel III
This can sound as something naive. But if we are together in this union, it’s because we choose to be one in many things. That’s what makes the European Union experience so challenging and also a model. Why did we do this choice? Because we see that we share a common interest and common values.
Federica Mogherini
It makes sense for social scientists to become more involved in policy because many of society’s most challenging problems are, in essence, behavioral.
Richard Thaler
I’ve had this conversation with friends who have had challenging relationships with one or another parent. The only thing I can say is what I feel: The other person isn’t going to change. That is who they are.
Christie Hefner
I found the structure of writing a screenplay harder than the structure of writing an essay. But it was definitely challenging to force myself to sit and write. I’m not used to having to force myself to work.
Judy Greer
It must be said that it is challenging to balance uncompromising artistic integrity with commercial requirements, but I’ve also come to learn that couture clients are adventurous and particularly unpredictable in their taste.
Stephane Rolland
The worst thing when you’re working is to say, ‘I have a question,’ and the other person goes, ‘No! This is what it is.’ That kind of rigidity is very challenging because musicals are constantly mutating.
George C. Wolfe
I still reject lead roles, as I don’t accept any role if I don’t find it challenging enough. I am very careful while making selections.
Boman Irani
The evolution of playground equipment has been to this ever safer, less challenging, less interesting assemblies of equipment.
Gever Tulley
I love being a dad. Basically it’s the most gratifying, rewarding relationship in life. But, at the same time, it certainly is the most challenging.
Dennis Quaid
The most challenging project I’ve ever done, I think, is every single thing I’ve ever tried to do. It’s never easy.
Paul Auster
I’m here tonight, not as a Republican, not as a Democrat, but as an optimistic American who understands that we must come together behind the one man who can lead the way forward in these challenging times: my president, our president, Barack Obama!
Charlie Crist
Consider one possible future that could occur soon, where autonomous trucks travel highways with a human ‘monitor’ in the cab who can assist with particularly challenging driving like navigating city centres and ensure goods are delivered safely.
Cathy Engelbert
All of us might wish at times that we lived in a more tranquil world, but we don’t. And if our times are difficult and perplexing, so are they challenging and filled with opportunity.
Robert Kennedy
After much soul searching I was able to renounce my past Islamist ideology, challenging everything I was once prepared to die for.
Maajid Nawaz
‘Homeland’ is great at challenging our preconceived ideas.
Nazanin Boniadi
I’m a believer in challenging myself and overcoming challenges by doing things I’ve never done before.
Alexandra Daddario
The most challenging part of being CEO is communicating to 200,000 people what you want done.
Steven Burd
I don’t feel the need to have to break out of anything or prove that I’m ‘edgy.’ Been there, done that mentality. I’m just ready to tackle on new projects that are challenging and help me continue to grow as an artist.
Chrissie Fit
It’s fun to get away from myself for a while when I take on these roles that have very different personalities from my own. I get to say things I normally wouldn’t say or act in ways I normally wouldn’t act. After all, such roles are more challenging because you really have to immerse yourself in the character.
Kelsey Chow
Creative content is challenging, no matter what, and animation is particularly challenging.
Kevin Reilly
People shouldn’t look at me and think life is one big piece of glamour. That’s the marketing, the spin. Life is challenging. But I have courage, strength, and enough good health to see the positive.
Carmen Dell’Orefice
Maybe some people think that it’s all about the hype, about the fame, but it’s not. It’s all about being the best. It’s all about challenging myself everyday.
Joanna Jedrzejczyk
Working outdoors in the Delacorte Theater is always challenging.
Corey Stoll
Challenging leaders is as American as it gets.
Rick Santelli
It’s really challenging to play comedy.
Michelle Monaghan
On my first day in office as Ohio attorney general, I authorized Ohio to join the multistate lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare.
Mike DeWine
Writing is challenging work because it’s so easy to get consumed with how it’s going, what’s going to happen to it, who’s going to like or not like it. You want to get all of that stuff out of your head and just let the work flow.
Wayne Dyer
There is a comfort zone of knowing where things are going and having characters in place, but the action gets more and more dramatic and is very challenging to describe.
Jerry B. Jenkins
It is very difficult to work in another language, and it is also very challenging.
Yami Gautam
A lot goes in my mind while choosing a role. Choosing unconventional roles is not a conscious decision. I choose the most exciting and challenging role from the options I have.
Radhika Apte
Persuading employees to let go of old values and beliefs and adopt new ones can be challenging.
Steve Blank
It wasn’t sexual in its element. I wasn’t being exploited. I was doing what happened. It was very challenging because I played Phyllis from 15 years old to 53 when she died of breast cancer.
Lesley-Anne Down
The privilege I’ve had over 15 movies over a very long time has been to make movies that were ambitious or grown-up, complex, that had themes in them that were sometimes political, sometimes challenging, to make these movies on a scale.
Edward Zwick
I’ve always wanted to be on a show that’s well respected and had critical acclaim and that people like to watch, and at the same time find something that, for me, as an actor, is interesting and challenging.
Mike Colter
There’s something very… spiritual about fighting. It’s physically very challenging. It’s for killing people, after all, so it’s taught me how to look at something head on. It’s like living – confronting something. Everything for me came from films.
Rinko Kikuchi
Some people have that school of thought where fitness isn’t enjoyable, but we’re making it enjoyable, I think, by making it more fun, challenging, and engaging rather than this boring thing that you have to do. It’s about using technology and data to change this experience.
Payal Kadakia
Every artist says that he/she wants to do something challenging, and I’m not any different. If someone approaches me with a serious role, I’ll be more than happy.
Kapil Sharma
Working with franchises can be challenging, but at the same time I really did enjoy working on ‘Star Wars,’ for example, and I have done a lot of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ games, but I still enjoy it very much.
Chris Avellone
Why is it braver to be a single mother versus being with a partner? Being in a couple and having a child could be more challenging because there might be conflict if the male partner cannot understand the extreme attachment a woman feels when she has a child.
Monica Cruz
Well, number one I like dancing. Number two I knew it would be challenging because I had never done this type of dance before. I always wanted to and I happened to have the courage to go out there and give it my best shot.
Evander Holyfield
The only thing I would say is, I think there’s a lot of future value in Blackberry, but without experienced people who have run this type of business, and without a strategic plan, it would be really challenging.
John Sculley
I think my music is experimental, playful, challenging, focused, fun. I don’t want it to be thought of as trying to appeal to a certain type of person or being very cerebral.
Julia Holter
Few of my classmates looked like me. While we shared similar aspirations and many good times, there’s much to be said for making any challenging journey with people of the same cultural background.
Kimberly Bryant
I keep waiting for a paradigm shift to happen that will let network and studio execs see that sci-fi is the same as any other genre in terms of how you approach it – logically, character-based, with challenging ideas and forward thinking – but I worry that it might never happen in my lifetime.
J. Michael Straczynski