Chief Executives Quotes

Chief Executives Quotes by Henry Mintzberg, Rebekah Brooks, James Hansen, Joe Lhota, Malcolm Forbes, Richard Jefferson and many others.

My feeling about executive bonuses is that any candidat

My feeling about executive bonuses is that any candidate for a chief executive job who even raises the issue of bonuses should be dismissed out of hand.
Henry Mintzberg
I was the editor of the News of the World; I was the editor of the Sun and chief executive.
Rebekah Brooks
…chief executives of large fossil fuel companies to [should] be put on trial for high crimes against humanity and nature; [Hansen] accusing them of actively spreading doubt about global warming in the same way that tobacco companies blurred the links between smoking and cancer.
James Hansen
The mayor of New York is the chief executive of the city. It is a complex organization and it requires the requisite skills to understand how to be the leader of the people and manage the government of N.Y.
Joe Lhota
An inadequate chief executive officer’s time at the top is always too long no matter how short.
Malcolm Forbes
Businessmen… were not born chief executives. They were often people first.
Richard Jefferson
[Former chief executives] come away thinking that America needs a strong, functioning presidency to succeed, and they become very protective of that office. Democrats and Republicans alike are willing to put aside their own party’s self-interest to preserve the presidency. That’s been true over the decades.
Nancy Gibbs
Chief executives, who themselves own few shares of their companies, have no more feeling for the average stockholder than they do for baboons in Africa.
T. Boone Pickens
I doubt very much if a man whose main literary interests were in works by Mr. Zane Grey, admirable as they may be, is particularly equipped to be the chief executive of this country, particularly where Indian Affairs are concerned.
Dean Acheson
The hardest thing for a chief executive to do is to tell someone that they don’t have a job anymore.
Carly Fiorina
A market where chief executive officers make 262 times that of the average worker and 821 times that of the minimum-wage worker is not a market that is working well. And it is surely not working well enough to build a solid middle class.
Marcy Kaptur
I have been tested in many ways, personally, I have beaten breast cancer, I buried a child to addiction. Professionally, you cannot go from being a secretary of nine-person real estate firm to the chief executive of the largest technology company in the world without having been tested over and over and over.
Carly Fiorina
Chief executives that are successful make good chief executives.
Scott Walker
A sister is the cure for swollen heads and ego trips. One may a star, a Chief Executive-famous and rich and beautiful. But one’s sister has the family photo album. And a long, long memory. And a tendency to wink at one on Top Occasions.
Pam Brown
I believe that if you go and ask a chief executive of a Goldman Sachs or a BP, and they answer you honestly they want monopolies, they want government subsidies, they want preferences – they’re not interested in free markets.
Ian Bremmer
The reason is still difficult to explain, but it is not complicated. That inner voice that will not be denied, once we learn to listen to it, had whispered since the beginning, “Business is not what your life is about. Founding VISA and being its chief executive officer is something you must do, but it’s only preparatory.”
Dee Hock
I was the chief executive once, I’ve been there. My recommendation to anybody is don’t go backwards.
Stuart Rose
Of one thing the investor can be certain: A large company’s need to bring in a new chief executive from the outside is a damning sign of something basically wrong with the existing management – no matter how good the surface signs may have been as indicated by the most recent earnings statement.
Philip Arthur Fisher
To have a healthy and thriving business, there must be healthy relationships with the C.E.O.S. in the organization and I’m not referring to the Chief Executive Offficers. I am talking about the Customers, the Employees, the Owner (or stockholders), and the Suppliers.
James Hunter
The right response when, in the army, you are given an unlawful order, is to refuse that order. The right response of a chief executive in this state and in this nation, when faced with an order by a court that he conscientiously believes violates the constitution he is sworn to respect, is to refuse their order!
Alan Keyes
I think Gary Johnson would be capable of being a good chief executive and yes a commander in chief – Aleppo to the contrary, notwithstanding.
William Weld
Show me a chief executive who’s on five boards and who lends his or her name, prestige and time to 15 community activities — and I’ll show you a company that’s underperforming. A chief executive is paid to run the company. That’s the CEO’s job.
Albert J. Dunlap
Life is very good. I’m the president and Chief Executive Officer of the Wireless trade association, the CTIA.
Steve Largent
Business chief executive officers and their boards succumb to the pressures of the financial markets and their fears of takeovers and pour out their energies to produce quarterly earnings – at the expense of building their companies for the long term.
J. Irwin Miller
Any chief executive who hires a consultant to give them strategy should be fired.
Duff McDonald
It is well to remember that the office of Chief Executive is in part a symbol of the nation and that leaders in a nation may differ in their own house but they have instant solidarity in the presence of foreign attack
Herbert Hoover
A tremendous chief executive in a small market will never be great. All great companies start with great markets.
Douglas Leone
It has become the custom in our country to expect all Chief Executives, from the President down, to conduct activities analogous to an entertainment bureau. No occasion is too trivial for its promoters to invite them to attend and deliver an address.
Calvin Coolidge
Pro football was taking off when I became commissioner, and when a sport’s successful and you’re its chief executive officer, much of the credit flows to you and you develop a good track record.
Pete Rozelle
I’m here with Howard Millar and Michael Cawley, our two deputy chief executives. But they’re presently making love in the gentleman’s toilets, such is their excitement at today’s results.
Michael O’Leary
At the heart of any good business is a chief executive officer with one.
Malcolm Forbes
The unions need to be taken on. British Airways is massively over-staffed and has got to get its costs down. . . . The problem for [chief executive] Willie Walsh is that the board of BA has no spine, no balls and no vision.
Michael O’Leary
I received a phone call from the chief executive of my principal sponsor [Marlboro], who actually told me that it would be in the interests of the sport if I started to lose races. Which, I mean, just blew my mind.
Ron Dennis
A president who believed that America’s greatness is recoverable and expandable – a chief executive determined to lead us back to national restoration – would reject the crippling notions of national impotency that Obama has embraced.
David Limbaugh
Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.
Edward F. Hennessey