Chip Quotes

Chip Quotes by Christian McCaffrey, Doug Baldwin, Homaro Cantu, Trish Stratus, Craig Revel Horwood, Joanna Gaines and many others.

People do the eye test and underestimate me, so I do pl

People do the eye test and underestimate me, so I do play with a chip on my shoulder.
Christian McCaffrey
I’ve got a chip on my shoulder, and honestly, I’ve always had it, but I don’t think about it in those terms, like I’m trying to be better than this guy or that guy. It just helps keep me focused.
Doug Baldwin
When we think of classic American desserts, we tend to imagine apple pie and ice cream. However, the most classic American dessert of all might be the chocolate chip cookie.
Homaro Cantu
Oh, gosh, okay… well, my biggest injury was probably a bone chip in my ankle that required surgery.
Trish Stratus
Friendly Fires were dull, and I wouldn’t really sit down and listen to Hot Chip.
Craig Revel Horwood
Chip is like that kid, like the five-year-old kid that’s trying to make his mom breakfast, and there’s milk everywhere.
Joanna Gaines
I was brought up in a way that when you’re at a dinner party, you don’t grab a chip unless it’s been offered to everyone else. It’s the manners of being brought up by English parents.
Hugh Jackman
When I was born, my dad was a scaffolder, and my mum worked in a chip shop. Then my mum taught herself how to be a hairdresser and ended up with her own salon; my dad became a postman and then a counter clerk. Our first house didn’t have a bathroom.
Timothy Spall
Young guys kind of have this chip on their shoulder of, ‘I want to prove something,’ right? ‘I’ve got to prove how tough I am. I’ve got to prove how good I am.’ And man, now as I’m getting older, I think it’s almost sad when guys my age and older still have that chip on their shoulder.
Ben Askren
I do play with a chip on my shoulder. That’s who I am. That’s how Philadelphia basketball players are raised.
Kyle Lowry
Believe me, I love a good chocolate chip ice cream. I’m not going to go for some lousy version of it. If I’m going to have it, I’m going to have a really good one. I believe in treating yourself occasionally to something.
Christie Brinkley
I’m not a player who’s going to come out and hit you off the court. But I can chip away at people.
Cameron Norrie
There was a massive poster of me down my road, right outside the chip shop. I was about to go in, but then I saw it and changed my mind. Me coming out with a bag of chips, while I’m up there doing crunches on the poster… well, it would not look good.
Jessica Ennis-Hill
As a person, when I was seven or eight, my dad would try very hard to tutor me through school because I had learning difficulties or whatever. I would wish that they could just plant a chip in my brain so that I would know everything and not have to study.
Dichen Lachman
My sister, mom, and I always make holiday treats like Christmas cutout cookies and red and green chocolate chip cookies.
Devon Windsor
I’m like always smiling but I’m superaggressive. I have like a different type of chip on my shoulder.
Martellus Bennett
I am pushed by my critics. I don’t want to say I want to prove them wrong, but it pushes me on the field to play with a chip on my shoulder, and I play best when I have a chip on my shoulder.
Hope Solo
I don’t have a lot of shame. That doesn’t mean I can’t feel bad about the way someone reacts to me or about something I read about myself online. But I don’t have a lot of guilt, no. I’ve always been this way. I’m missing a chip.
Chelsea Handler
Romney still enjoys the Republicans’ traditional advantage among voters who are veterans, but the Obama campaign is confident it can chip away at that.
Mara Liasson
In the ’60s, my father, Wally Amos, had been a talent agent and a personal manager before taking a major career detour in 1975, when he opened a store selling chocolate chip cookies.
Shawn Amos
Trying to outplay my sister or come out from her shadow, I think that gave me an edge, or a chip on my shoulder. That’s where the flair and a little bit of the drama came from.
Reggie Miller
When we started out, you could design a chip with a few guys in a basement.
Henry Samueli
If they need me to score 30, I can go do it. If they need me to just rebound and defend, I can do that. I can play this game, just in case people forgot. You just carry that chip on your shoulder, and you go out there and do what I was put on this Earth to do.
Chris Bosh
In the beginning, though, I have to admit that I did have a chip on my shoulder. I did want to prove everyone wrong. But after I went through the process and came out the other side, it wasn’t about anyone else.
Billy Corgan
I always had a chip on my shoulder.
Terry Rozier
I’ve got a chip on my shoulder, but that’s something I’ve carried with me my whole life.
Caleb Plant
I was like any other inner-city kid with a chip on his shoulder because his daddy and his mommy wasn’t together.
Tracy Morgan
Brady Hoke is an underdog. He has an attitude, a chip. He’s self-made. He always has something to prove.
Jason Whitlock
I grew up in what some would call an immaculately clean home. I hated my mom a little for it. I wasn’t allowed to paint my nails, since they’d chip and ‘look trashy.’ My brother and I didn’t run around in clothes that had holes or were stained.
Stephanie Land
We were in Ethiopia for Christmas and they all chip in to buy a cow and stand around eating it raw. The whole thing. The stomach, the gullet, the hump off its back – the lot.
Jock Zonfrillo
I definitely have a chip on my shoulder after having transfered to Division I-AA.
Joe Flacco
When it comes to MMA, there is a big chip on my shoulder. There is a way that I look at myself. I think it’s really, really important, and it’s something I’m not really apologetic for it. As I get older, and I win more, I start to embrace it even more.
Jon Jones
We are not a nation of strikes and inaction. We will not be preached at by militant unionists with a crap whippet and a chip on each shoulder.
Katie Hopkins
We all need to chip in with goals and assists. It’s not just the front three. It’s not just the defence that keeps clean sheets, either. It’s a team game.
Andrew Robertson
I am not in the business of pointing fingers or making excuses. However, recent history has shown that I, like thousands of others in Ireland, incorrectly relied upon the persons who guided Anglo and who wrongfully sought to portray a ‘blue chip’ Irish banking sector.
Sean Quinn
Lunch is a problem because my office is above our chip shop – everything is fried in proper beef dripping. It smells so good that by 12 o’clock it’s hard not to think very lovingly of fish and chips.
Rick Stein
I’d like to be a geneticist to be honest, but there are limits to what I can do now. For my dream to come true I’d have to be 20 years old again, heading off to a blue chip university.
Adam Faith
My nan, God bless her, used to buy the NME, then go to the chip shop and be like ‘ooh check out that’ every week, she’d be saying, ‘Oh have you heard the new single by Arctic Monkeys?’ and it’s like, I haven’t even heard this!
James Righton
Divisive national politics continue to chip away at our daily life.
Kevin Faulconer
Lacey had this huge chip on his shoulder. He walked into the room thinking that the people didn’t welcome him and didn’t like him. He gave the impression that he didn’t understand the Voice and New York, and he didn’t want to.
Sydney Schanberg
I’ve carried my chip with me my entire career. I’ve had to fight and claw for every position I’ve had. I sat on the bench as a junior in high school, I had to compete my senior year in high school to get the job. I competed again at Vanderbilt before having success.
Jordan Rodgers
I do probably come down a little hard on a group of people I call the ‘blue chip gays.’ I mean people who have managed to become very, very famous and are still very famous partly through staying in the closet, like Jasper Johns, Cy Twombly, Susan Sontag, Harold Brodkey and others.
Edmund White
I always have a point to prove where I have a chip on my shoulder at all times.
Jaylen Brown
When you’re from the Bay Area, there’s this chip on your shoulder that you inherently come up with, because us, as a region, we’ve been overlooked in the grand scheme of the history of the genre and the culture.
Farm jobs are not a bargaining chip.
Doug Ford
The Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookie was an unexpected, unplanned pop culture phenomena. My father went from star-maker to star.
Shawn Amos
People might think Chip is just this goofy guy, and he is a goofy guy. But he’s also the bravest person I know.
Joanna Gaines
Do I have chocolate chip cookies? Yes, I do. Do I have mint chocolate chip milkshakes? Yes, I do. I love them. They are fantastic. But when I have them, they’re worth it. I earned them. I did something. I worked out super hard. I stayed clean on food.
Jocko Willink
In my childhood home, the chip pan was always on the go.
Gregg Wallace
Seaweed sheets are my go-to for my salty chip cravings, especially wasabi flavored ones.
Chrissy Teigen
My whole career, I’ve been an underdog, I’ve been underestimated. Therefore, I’ve had a chip on my shoulder my entire career. Being drafted in the second round when you think you’re supposed to be in the first round, a lottery pick, the chip grows bigger. And you have more to prove.
Malcolm Brogdon
While they’re still warm, I like to sandwich a chocolate chip cookie with raspberry stracchiatella gelato.
Sherry Yard
Coming from a smaller school, you kind of have a chip on your shoulder, so to speak.
Carson Wentz
I would love to eat my body weight in chocolate chip cookies, french fries, and peanut butter, but I don’t. I choose not to. That’s on me, just like it’s on me if I choose to do it.
Gunnar Peterson
My view on issues is based on common sense, and my experience as a mother of four children, as a sole parent, and as a businesswoman running a fish and chip shop.
Pauline Hanson
Twitter taught me how to become better at writing jokes because it forces you to chip away at all the extraneous words.
Peter Serafinowicz
Any call that jeopardizes a big chunk of your chip stack just because you think your opponent might be on a bluff is flat-out wrong.
Daniel Negreanu
It’s funny because I think that genre literature can be looked down on by literature literature. And I like that! I like being scorned; I like people looking down their noses at us a little bit… It gives us a little chip on our shoulder.
Don Winslow
I didn’t learn how to swing a golf club until late in my career. And even though I won all those tournaments, I still struggled with consistency, and I relied on my strengths, which were hitting the ball long and high, and I could chip and putt with the best of ’em.
Tom Watson
I wasn’t a very highly recruited guy out of high school… It’s always a chip I’ve had on my shoulder.
John Collins
I never carry a purse. My iPhone is always with me, a credit card, and a piece of mint chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream gum.
Rachel G. Fox
It struck me deep in my mind. Some day, the chip is going to surpass mankind’s brain.
Masayoshi Son
A lot of people thought I was going to be a one-hit wonder, so I had that chip on my shoulder.
Bubba Sparxxx
Number one, I absolutely love making chocolate chip cookies. I mean, it’s fun. It’s exciting. Beyond the fact that I love making them, I love eating them.
Debbi Fields
There are a lot of positives things coming out of Israel, whether it’s the stent that was manufactured by an Israeli company for heart disease, or the chip in your phone or the drop irrigation system that has helped farmers all over the world to grow crops… the list goes on and on.
Haim Saban
Fans of the hit HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’ are well aware that its stars, Chip and Joanna Gaines, live on a farm in Waco, Texas. Nearly every episode features some kind of montage of their four kids romping outside with various kinds of farm animals, from pigs to horses to goats.
Kelly Evans
We try to pride ourselves in having a chip and being hungry every game.
Malcolm Brogdon
I have that blue-collar mentality. I’ve always played with a chip on my shoulder, and I’ve always been hungry to learn.
Kyle Kuzma
I’ve just always played with a big chip on my shoulder, and that keeps fueling me.
Kyle Kuzma
Remember, a chip on the shoulder is a sure sign of wood higher up.
Brigham Young
I come from Yorkshire in England where we like to eat chip sandwiches – white bread, butter, tomato ketchup and big fat french fries cooked in beef dripping.
Helen Fielding
I remember, when we first got married, the only money we had was what was in Chip’s pocket. He always had a wad of cash, but we were broke. If I needed to go grocery shopping, it’s whatever was in his pocket. That’s how we paid the bills.
Joanna Gaines
Some people will basically just shred all over everything, even a ballad. I’m glad I wasn’t born with that genetic chip – the need to just wheedle-whee all over the place.
Synyster Gates
I love bridge-and-tunnel characters. In some respects, they have a chip on their shoulders, but they’re proud of where they’re from. They’re fun and colorful.
Max Joseph
We should not chip away at the protections that have built the largest economy and the largest middle class in the world.
Bill Foster
I want to open a destination place where you go for the best chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever had in your life, the biggest champagne list ever, the best fruit tarts you’ve tasted.
Sherry Yard
Electrodes aren’t the only things we may someday start implanting in our brains. Consider what you could do with a chip in your head that linked directly to the Internet: Within milliseconds, you could retrieve just about any piece of information.
Maria Konnikova
I think the hardest part of writing is revising. And by that I mean the following: A novelist has to create the piece of marble and then chip away to find the figure in it.
Chaim Potok
You can’t cuss on TV. It does hurt your brand if you do stuff like that. That’s not what blue chip sponsors are looking for.
Forrest Griffin
Some experiences can give you a chip on your shoulder, but they also teach you the value of independence and looking out for yourself.
Rick Ross
There are many ways to manipulate chip cards. For example, a number of years ago when American Express issued the first chip card, criminals would take a small hammer with a little device and bang the chip to destroy it without hurting the physical appearance of the card.
Frank Abagnale
If I were to play somebody who ran a fish and chip shop, I would not work in a fish and chip shop for three months. Staring at chips is not going to help me in my performance.
Ben Kingsley
People tend to associate Qualcomm with the chip – and they should: We’re an excellent chip company – but I think we have a larger role in the ecosystem of cellular that I think people are not aware of. And our relevance to more consumer electronics – and, I would say, industries – is actually just increasing.
Steve Mollenkopf
I think what I try to do with all the naysayers, negative comments, or even people that think you can’t do it, I’m trying very hard to use it as motivation and to add to that chip on my shoulder.
Erin Andrews
I’m just going out there and doing my job, so whatever it is – if it’s a hard slide protection, if it’s a double team, or even a triple team or a chip – whatever it is, I’m just finding ways to win, so that’s about it.
Aaron Donald
I’ve always had that chip on my shoulder, felt the need to prove myself.
Kirk Cousins
I can sit here and hit all the balls and chip and putt all day long, but if you’re not playing competitive golf… there’s nothing better than competitive golf.
John Daly
I was in London for 13 years and I think I only found one good chip shop.
Danny Rose
The English contribution to world cuisine – the chip.
John Cleese
I am the ultimately chippy person, and I am glad I am. I have a chip on each shoulder, so I am well-balanced.
Lenny Henry
Wouldn’t you like to have an augmented memory chip that you could plug into your head so you don’t have to look everything up and remember everything?
Kevin J. Anderson
I’m not big on dark chocolate, but I do have a sweet tooth, so it gets me in trouble. I love warm chocolate chip cookies with ice cream. Then there’s this chocolate pie my mom makes for me every year for my birthday. She’s been making it since I was younger, and there’s nothing like it. It’s really so, so good!
Phillip Phillips
I once choked on a chip at a friend’s birthday when I was seven and had to be sent home, as I’d broken my collarbone coughing.
Stella Young
You try to figure out the best way to throw the shot put, or the perfect way to long jump, and you don’t ever get it. You just chip away, chip away, chip away as time goes on.
Ashton Eaton
When I was a little kid, I was chunky. My mother would always joke she would have to get me husky jeans for larger kids. My wife reminds me sometimes, if I overdo it with chocolate chip cookies, that I will have to wear husky pants again.
Harley Pasternak
Manufacturing takes place in very large facilities. If you want to build a computer chip, you need a giant semiconductor fabrication facility. But nature can grow complex molecular machines using nothing more than a plant.
Ralph Merkle
If you’re wanting something salty, do air-popped popcorn. That, to me, would be a healthier choice than having any kind of fried chip.
Bob Harper
Public crowdfunding still suffers from a tragedy of the commons problem. Everyone will want the benefit of the crowdfunded efforts but is incentivized to sit on the sidelines and hope others chip in.
Fred Ehrsam
As a kid in Fayetteville, N.C., I played golf all day, every day, a lot of it by myself. I spent hundreds of hours around the greens at Cape Fear Valley, the course my dad owned, hitting every shot I could think of – the one-hop-and-release, the chip that lands dead, the explosion from a bad lie.
Raymond Floyd
Chip maker Nvidia is the new old thing, an overnight success story years in the making that is having its moment and then some.
Adam Lashinsky
I like that, to possibly be the guy to make Chip Ganassi Racing a championship team year in and year out.
Kyle Larson
Since Chip and I try to go on a date night once a week, we don’t feel the need to keep holidays like Valentine’s Day all to ourselves. We set the table fancy, we all get dressed up, and we serve a big, beautiful candlelight dinner. It’s our kids’ favorite, too.
Joanna Gaines
I got a chip on my shoulder from the Draft.
Jordan Clarkson
I’m a perfectionist. And that’s served me very well in my career. It allows me to handle these large, complex problems without letting things fall through the cracks… That is the mentality you have to have to attack these complex problems of chip design, for example, when you’re overwhelmed with complexity.
Henry Samueli
I’ll always have a chip on my shoulder until I hang my shoes up. No matter how long I play this game, the chip on my shoulder will always be there. That won’t change.
Trae Young
In this industry, people want a ‘yes sir’ attitude. But ad men usually have a chip on their shoulders. We have more money and are more successful. We call everyone by the first name. My assistants call me Vivek but I don’t care.
Vivek Agnihotri
I always want to find something to get you to play with a chip on your shoulder.
Le’Veon Bell
You get hate in this business growing up. When you’re a young performer, you just don’t get the credit for the work that you did. And it is what it is. You can’t walk around with a chip on your shoulder.
Jaleel White
In his new autobiography, ‘Capital Gaines,’ Chip talks about the farm work – and he says he does, in fact, do it himself.
Kelly Evans
I may be only a fish and chip shop lady, but some of these economists need to get their heads out of the textbooks and get a job in the real world. I would not even let one of them handle my grocery shopping.
Pauline Hanson
The Chip also reduces the damage done by bandits. They still steal drinks and cheers along the course, but no longer scramble the paying runners’ results. No entry fee, no Chip, no time or place.
Joe Henderson
If you’re a fighter, you’re an alpha male. You have a chip on your shoulder.
Anthony Johnson
Disabled veterans are not a bargaining chip.
Jim Bridenstine
I have this ridiculous chip on my shoulder, having been a dancer, that I feel like I really ought to be able to do everything myself – but there are some things I very clearly cannot.
Amanda Schull
People who say, ‘Let the chips fall where they may,’ usually figure they will not be hit by a chip.
Bernard Williams
I’ve never felt opera was a party I’ve been invited to, and maybe I’ve got a bit of a chip on my shoulder about it.
John Tiffany
I love chocolate chip cookies – really anything with chocolate will do!
Laura Wilkinson
For the first 18 months of Joy Division, we used our jobs to fund the band. We’d all chip in three, five quid to go and do a gig. But it was worth it. It was amazing we could afford to feed ourselves. But we were so creatively and artistically satisfied. You can’t explain that to somebody who’s never been there.
Peter Hook
What’s important for all of us as chip companies is to keep the innovation going: putting out new products, figuring out how we connect these complex systems.
Lisa Su
My wife makes the best chocolate chip pancakes, and my son and I are only too happy to stay home and eat them.
Jason O’Mara
‘Chip Away’ is somewhat of a rail against cable news and divisive agendas… all for the almighty dollar.
Duff McKagan
Practically everyone I know now is from a middle- or upper-middle-class background, and I no longer have the huge chip on my shoulder that I carried around for so many years. I’m not sure it comes out much in the work, but coming from this kind of background is absolutely central to my identity, to my sense of who I am.
Geoff Dyer
Coming from the south side of Atlanta, Georgia, everyone has a chip on their shoulder. That’s how competitive it is. It makes athletes great who come from there.
Christian Coleman
I live primarily on chocolate chip cookies and coffee, and I’m prone to singing Katy Perry songs at the top of my lungs in the car. I’m an unapologetic fan.
Chris Sununu
I’m all over the place with muffins. Carrots are great. Banana, chocolate chip, they rock, too.
Shawn Mendes
If there are fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies on the table, I won’t say no to those. Soy sauce is another one, even though it’s awful – it’s so high in sodium.
Misty May-Treanor
The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions. A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life.
John Hannah
When the vast majority of strangers you interact with are trolls on social media, it slowly begins to chip away at your love for humanity.
Ana Kasparian
Risk-taking is my thing… I think of my company as my chip stack.
Jason Calacanis
Remember: the ratings system is a voluntary infringement of First Amendment rights, an uneasy bargain between the needs of parents, the needs of artists, and the needs of large media corporations to make profits. Any time we chip away at the First Amendment, we should at least do it with some reverence.
Marshall Herskovitz
There is no chip coming off of my shoulder because, at the end of the day, you’re still going to continue to be doubted.
Draymond Green
I like to chip in with goals because I’m an attacking player, and that’s what an attacking player should do.
James Maddison
For me, it was always survival. Learn where not to be at so you don’t get shot. Learn where not to walk at so you don’t get jumped. Learn who to stand up to, who not to stand up to. And then, when I got old enough to get a chip on my shoulder, I wanted to be the dog. I wanted to be the alpha.
Brian Ortega
Just because I’m a black woman doesn’t mean I’ve got an automatic sensitivity chip for cultures outside of my own.
Jemele Hill
Chip is the risk-taker. He’s all about the big picture but with a get-it-done attitude, and sometimes I’d rather play it safe and really focus my energy on the details.
Joanna Gaines
I could never give up Mexican food. Nachos are usually my go-to if I’m courtside at an NBA game. I always, always get my picture taken with my mouth wide open and a tortilla chip sticking out of it!
Eva Longoria
It’s my whole life of being the little guy and having a little chip on my shoulder, from year to year trying to prove myself, and at the end of the day to be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame is a very special honor for me.
Doug Flutie
I like L.A. It’s like a mini break. For a writer, it’s hilarious. Like the food. Where I come from, we eat chip sandwiches: white bread, butter, tomato catsup and big fat french fries. It’s delicious. Here, you order a creme caramel and the waiter says, ‘You know, that contains dairy.’
Helen Fielding
I feel like my objective in music is to take a hammer and nail and chip away a piece of my heart and give it to someone, so I feel, with merch, it’s a tangible parallel of that.
Jessie Reyez
Every player has a chip on their shoulder about something.
Donovan McNabb
Innovation usually arises from somebody taking a product already in production and making it better: better glass, better aluminum, a better chip. Innovation always starts with a product.
Vaclav Smil
And then lo and behold IBM, Apple and Motorola took an ad in all the newspapers, double page ad, and said, announcing the chip that they were now able to manufacture it and that they were going to kill Intel.
Arthur Rock
I think back into when I was in college coming out, what I had to go through, the steps I had to make. And I still play with that chip on my shoulder to this day and I always will, so that’s something that’ll always stay with me.
Danny Amendola
I am who I am. Chip on my shoulder? I was just born with the mentality to go win.
Kyler Murray
Housing is a human right, not a bargaining chip to let fall between bureaucratic cracks.
Cori Bush
I don’t mind autograph hunters when I go down the fish and chip shop. As long as I get my chips.
David Hemmings
The chip comes from people saying I’m not good enough, or I can’t score, or I’m not a real basketball player.
Willie Cauley-Stein
I like to think of Photography 1.0 as the invention of photography. Photography 2.0 is digital technology and the move from film and paper to everything on a chip. Photography 3.0 is the use of the camera, space, and color and to capture an object in the third dimension.
Edward Burtynsky
Always being an underdog, always being the player or the person nobody really knew, that always kept a chip on my shoulder.
Paul George
I think culture and art tell you what the soul of a nation is, and if we continue to chip away at the arts we are actually chipping away at our collective soul.
Lesley Sharp
My mom would get up every day at 4 A.M. and worked two jobs. I always felt I was the poorest kid on the block. I had a chip on my shoulder about being broke.
Jorge Masvidal
I am a sport. And I don’t have a chip on my shoulder.
Lady Colin Campbell
I know people still have questions about me. They still have questions about Ole Miss, whether we belong. With that feeling, you keep a chip on your shoulder that you want to prove to people that we are the best.
Chad Kelly
I can write a program that lets you break the copy protection on a music file. But I can’t write a program that solders new connections onto a chip for you.
Dan Farmer
Graham Greene famously said that all writers need a chip of ice in their heart; Cusk can come across as the most beautiful ice palace of stalactites and stalagmites, and some people find her company, albeit by proxy, about as inviting as a long weekend in a walk-in frigidaire.
Julie Burchill
If I didn’t have Chip Gaines in my life, I’d still be dreaming in my head – but not acting out on any of that, not living it out.
Joanna Gaines
Great players always play with a chip on their shoulder no matter if they have a reason to or not.
Christian McCaffrey
I have days when I say, ‘I’m going to have five chocolate chip cookies today.’ I’ll have a salad every day but every week I have a cheat day.
Melissa Etheridge
My stormtrooper suit would chip underneath the armpits and in between the thighs. So they had to do a lot of editing for my costume and shave some areas down.
John Boyega
Friendship is something whose depth fits human aspirations and fulfills human possibilities. It has heft to it, as a gold-piece does and a gambling chip does not.
Eugene Kennedy
If I could embed a locator chip in my child right now, I know I would do that. Some people call that Big Brother; I call it being a father.
Scott McNealy
The one-word story about why I have a chip on my shoulder is ‘bullying.’
Chris Gethard
To properly fund the NHS, we must ALL chip in. As a fully paid U.K. tax resident since 1985, I’d be proud to contribute to that.
Mick Hucknall
When a nanotech company matures and becomes a real business, it becomes something else. It becomes a biotech company or a cleantech company or a memory chip company. Nanotechnology has fueled the core innovations in electronics and energy.
Steve Jurvetson
A lot of people don’t think I can play. It doesn’t really bother me, truthfully. If anything, it just motivates me. It makes me work harder, makes me kind of have a chip on my shoulder.
Matt Leinart
This chip on my shoulder, this swagger and confidence, it helps me. If I didn’t have it, I would not be in the NBA.
Austin Rivers
Yeah, I have animosity, a chip on my shoulder. But I love, too.
I’m the chocolate chip cookie king of the world.
Lloyd Blankfein
Logging is an industry driven solely by greed. It prospers with government support and subsidies, and it is accelerating its rate of destruction, so that Tasmania is now the largest hardwood chip exporter in the world.
Richard Flanagan
I think it’s good to have a chip on your shoulder because it’s motivating.
Raphael Assuncao
I want to wake up next to what I went to bed with. I need a girl who can get dressed up to come with me to things, but also one who isn’t afraid to get her fingernails dirty or chip her nail polish.
Paul Walker
Whatever it is that’s bothering me – interacting with annoying guy at a restaurant, contemplating my age, or losing friends to illness – I’ll start to chip away at it. If you can poke holes in it, it’s not as formidable; it’s not as scary, and ultimately, it becomes another truth.
Billy Crystal
In some ways, chocolate chip cookie recipes are my favorite algorithms. You put a bunch of bad-for-you stuff in a bowl and get a delicious result.
Hilary Mason
I play with a chip on my shoulder always, I feel like people don’t always give me credit for my skills and talents and that’s just the way it is. I also don’t care too much, I don’t feel like I’m crazy disrespected. I have a chip on my shoulder at all times.
Christian McCaffrey
IQ is equivalent to chip speed, and superior chip speed will enable certain things that inferior chip speed will not enable. The same is true about just about any human attribute you can think of that has no relationship to IQ whatsoever.
Charles Murray
There’s a strange sense of accomplishment in making an independent film. Everything’s against you; there’s no time, and even less money – you bring a bottle of glue, chip in twenty bucks, and hope you all make it through the day. If you manage to finish it and it actually turns out to be pretty good, it’s thrilling.
Eric Stoltz
Adam Sandler, Chip Kelly, Dan Mullen and I all grew up within about a mile of one another. We had a nice community in Manchester. The school systems are great and people care about each other.
Ryan Day
Modeling is also the first job I’ve ever had where it’s my job to love myself. While many people think that modeling would chip away at your self-esteem, it’s actually bolstered mine tenfold.
Rain Dove
I’ll always have a chip on my shoulder. I always view myself as an underdog.
Kenny Stills
I had a very big chip on my shoulder – I won’t even lie to you. I had a very large chip on my shoulder.
Benson Henderson
In the chip business, our higher-tier products are actually becoming more expensive because more and more of the functionality of the phone comes into the chip itself. So we have been grabbing content on the phone at a time when the phone is becoming more and more like a PC in terms of things it can do.
Steve Mollenkopf
Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.
Phil Schiller
It’s a big chip on my shoulder that I have not been to any of his parties – P. Diddy, Diddy Puff. But he was super nice to me. And he does look sharp, that guy. Doesn’t ever go wrong with a suit.
Emily Blunt
The whole ‘SmackDown’ roster has a chip on its shoulder.
Jinder Mahal
It’s a compliment that people think that I’m a good player. I remember when people didn’t think I was good. And I remember being a rookie coming into the league with a big chip on my shoulder trying to prove myself.
Clint Dempsey
I’m fascinated with acting now. In retrospect, I was only beginning to chip off the tip of the iceberg with how far I can go or what I was exploring inside of me that I hadn’t touched in a while as far as emotional headspaces.
Hunter Schafer
No one knows when a robot will approach human intelligence, but I suspect it will be late in the 21st century. Will they be dangerous? Possibly. So I suggest we put a chip in their brain to shut them off if they have murderous thoughts.
Michio Kaku
I’ve had a chip on my shoulder every year that I’ve played.
Nnamdi Asomugha
There were points when I’ve thought about getting into landscape gardening or getting back to illustrating, but mostly with a bit of a chip on my shoulder.
Paul Kaye
I had saved a lot of money working at Mrs. Fields’ Chocolate Chip Cookies, ushering at the Golden Gate Theatre, and doing odd jobs so I could live in New York for a few months. If it ran out, I would have to give up and go home. It turned out OK. I got my Equity card and started working.
B. D. Wong
Consistently playing suited connectors like 8c-7c for raises and reraises will cause big chip swings. If that’s what you want, well, strap on your seatbelt, because you’ve got a turbulent ride ahead of you!
Phil Hellmuth
Not to dismiss Gershwin, but Gershwin is the chip; Ellington was the block.
Joni Mitchell
The least punk thing I ever did was open a money market account. Blue chip stocks. Mutual funds. They’re a very safe and dependable way to grow your money long-term.
Benji Madden
I’m passionate about anything I align myself with. You want to talk about chocolate chip cookies? I’m not going to open a chocolate chip cookie store, but I will talk your ear off about it.
Blake Lively
It’s hard for a fellow to keep a chip on his shoulder if you allow him to take a bow.
Billy Rose
There’s always going to be a chip on my shoulder.
Tavon Austin
I had the lyric ‘Chip Don’t Go’ and a few words, and my wife came in and said that it sounded like a good song. I thought I’d finish writing it up and posting it to YouTube. I didn’t realize it was going to take off like it did.
Mat Kearney
I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I have a boulder on my shoulder.
Doug Baldwin
Obviously, having my dad’s last name, I think that’s more the chip on my shoulder because it has been a mixed blessing. I always will have the Flair stigma, and I think that’s where I deserve to be there or this, or I’m not just his daughter. I think that’s the chip on my shoulder.
Charlotte Flair
Great American leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. worshipped God just as our Founding Fathers did. We must never forget this important aspect of our heritage or use it as a political bargaining chip.
Steve King
I loved Gary Neville’s energy, to get up and down for 90 minutes, and his leadership as well. He was always organising; he was passionate. It was just his all-round game. He was a quality defender and could also chip in with a goal and an assist.
Kieran Trippier
Considering my specialization in architecture, I’m not surprised that the first graphic novel to thoroughly engage, not to say captivate, me is Chip Kidd and Dave Taylor’s ‘Batman: Death by Design.’
Martin Filler
Conservatives like to insist that their judges are strict constructionists, giving the Constitution and statutes their precise meaning and no more, while judges like Ms. Sotomayor are activists. But there is no magic right way to interpret terms like ‘free speech’ or ‘due process’ – or potato chip.
Adam Cohen