Choosing Quotes

Choosing Quotes by Nancy Lublin, Alexandra Bracken, Jacob Tremblay, Christine and the Queens, Frank Luntz, Simon Cowell and many others.

Picking and choosing what kind of love is worth recogni

Picking and choosing what kind of love is worth recognizing is an expensive choice. Is discrimination worth that price?
Nancy Lublin
In ‘The Darkest Minds,’ Zu’s trauma manifests in her choosing to remain silent. It’s her one small way she can feel in control of her otherwise uncontrollable situation.
Alexandra Bracken
I think being thankful is very important, and being thankful means you’re choosing to be kind.
Jacob Tremblay
Fashion is a way to transform yourself. By choosing your own silhouette and shape, you can constantly change who you are.
Christine and the Queens
Sound science must be our guide in choosing which problems to tackle and how to approach them.
Frank Luntz
Choosing how you vote should not be a snap verdict based on a few minutes of television.
Simon Cowell
My criteria for choosing a film are first the story and the team that I’m working with.
Shriya Pilgaonkar
Choosing location is integral to the film: in essence, another character.
Ridley Scott
I’m very sensitive. Because my mum was my primary emotional caregiver growing up, I found myself being pinned into dresses, darting her dresses, choosing her high heels for the evening or what to wear. I’m very much a mommy’s boy.
Tom Hardy
I never think of myself as a big star. Getting good scripts is all I think about. I don’t have a godfather or anyone to take care of me. To move forward, I have to be very careful in choosing the right scripts, the right director, and the right technicians.
Nivin Pauly
Choosing a hard-to-guess, but easy-to-remember password is important!
Kevin Mitnick
I enjoy the preparatory elements of travel – packing my bags and choosing my outfits – but my favourite part is getting there.
Dominic Monaghan
Every time I’ve gotten myself into trouble, it’s because I’m choosing a project based on a long-term career goal as opposed to something that speaks to me at the moment.
Ryan Reynolds
One’s work usually occupies more than half of one’s waking life. Choosing work that does not bring happiness will lead to a life that is mostly disappointing.
Bo Bennett
I was young; I was newly married. My Cambridge degree was still warm in my pocket – a roll of parchment guaranteeing me, I thought, a sort of free ambassadorial passage to any campus of my choosing, and I had chosen Sydney – the world was all before me.
Howard Jacobson
Nobody but an idiot would pretend that they had an error-proof way of choosing the ‘best’ out of hundreds of perfectly qualified applicants – not for university or for anything.
Mary Beard
The detainees at GTMO are treated exceptionally well – so well that some have even declined to be resettled, instead choosing to stay at GTMO.
Mike Pompeo
I had relationships with men as well as women. I wasn’t choosing; I didn’t think I had to.
Jeanette Winterson
I’m always choosing the hard things, the things that aren’t easy.
Dee Rees
My mom says that my dad coerced me into choosing the cello. He says that’s not entirely true. I don’t remember; I was three.
Joshua Roman
If you know your destination, choosing a route – while not trivial – is manageable.
Tom Steyer
Industrialisation is necessary. But acquisition is by no means the only avenue through which it can be achieved. The Cochin Airport is a prime example of this. Instead of choosing to acquire the land, the State asked the private parties to negotiate with the landowners directly. The State merely acted as an arbitrator.
Jairam Ramesh
I haven’t left modeling completely; I just took a step out, and I now have the rare luxury of picking and choosing how to spend my days.
Christy Turlington
I’m picking and choosing what I want to do.
Spoken Reasons
The biggest mistake that I have made in my life is choosing Najib.
Mahathir Mohamad
If I could change anything, I would definitely have had a father around. My father. I would definitely say it affected me deeply as a young man, coming up. Who doesn’t want a father? Those are the beginnings, and those are what can dictate the roads you choose in life, and choosing them well.
R. Kelly
Giving governors more leeway in administering health care could represent a small, positive development in the ongoing saga of Obamacare. Unfortunately, instead of choosing flexibility, President Obama and his left-leaning advisers always default to rigid ‘Washington knows best’ answers.
Fred Upton
Empathy is choosing to see ourselves in another despite our differences. It’s recognizing that the same humanity – the same desire for meaning, fulfillment and security – exists in each of us, even if it’s expressed uniquely.
Vivek Murthy
I think in the same way when I’m cooking, when I’m gardening, when I’m choosing fabrics. It’s a way of living.
Dries van Noten
People think, ‘Oh, you’re doing ‘The Wiz’ because ‘Empire’ is such a big hit.’ The truth is, staging this musical has been a dream of ours since the ’90s, but the rights were tied up. It’s just coincidental that, this year, when we were choosing a new musical, the rights were cleared.
Craig Zadan
Democracy consists of choosing your dictators, after they’ve told you what you think it is you want to hear.
Alan Coren
I’m tired but grateful: choosing to blend parenting and public service has made me a more confident mother and a better legislator.
Michelle Wu
Breakfast is always the best time for something juicy, sweet and fresh – it just feels like the right way to open the day. There’s no right way, though, when it comes to choosing the fruit.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I’m really interested in passivity as a type of action – sort of allowing the situation to change you, choosing to give in being an act of agency rather than an act of submission.
Alexandra Kleeman
I’m a great believer in the idea of not choosing based on our taste.
Sheena Iyengar
In choosing a hypothesis there is no virtue in being timid. I clearly would have been burned at the stake in another age.
Thomas Gold
The model of getting the consumer to come to you is old, and the new model is how can you get to the consumer on their terms, in ways they want to engage in. How people are choosing to interface with content is very different. You’ve got to marry different platforms.
Mindy Grossman
I gradually work myself into a frenzy as the shoot approaches, while we’re choosing the costumes or working with the make-up artist. I’m not so much interested in my character as the film itself.
Jeanne Moreau
As it was, I realized choosing the study of Chinese literature as my life’s work was probably a mistake.
Eric Allin Cornell
Genuine good taste consists in saying much in few words, in choosing among our thoughts, in having order and arrangement in what we say, and in speaking with composure.
Francois Fenelon
Choosing forgiveness opens the door of your heart and makes way for a miracle in your life.
Victoria Osteen
As a teenager, my blackness was also questioned by some of the life choices I made that weren’t considered to be ‘black’ choices. For example, joining the swim team when it is a known fact that ‘black folk don’t swim’; or choosing to become a vegetarian when blacks clearly love chicken.
Issa Rae
The hardest part of directing is the choosing. Unlike an actor who can do a variety of work, it is a year of your life, you can’t afford to get it wrong.
Tom Hooper
You have to bump or throw a block sometimes. Even when it goes wrong, how many times has it worked? I think it’s a matter of picking and choosing your battles. You gotta do what you’ve gotta do to try to get a win.
Hailie Deegan
Many people out there don’t have a choice in choosing their friends and the people they’re being manipulated by. Thank God, I have that choice. I can use my judgment and choose.
Javier Bardem
Choosing to arm and train the Islamist opposition against dictator Moammar Gadhafi unleashed its most ruthless terrorist elements.
Pete Hoekstra
I am dying soon, and I am choosing to have fun today, tomorrow and every other day I have left.
Randy Pausch
I think it just helps to be very aware that fundamentally, there are no adults. Everyone is making it up as they go along. You have to find your own path, picking, choosing, taking and discarding as you see fit.
Naval Ravikant
Arsenal have a great manager in Arsene Wenger, top quality players and an attractive style of play. These were all important factors in me choosing to sign for Arsenal.
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
I’m ruthlessly picky when it comes to the crafting of an album, the choosing of musicians, the right mikes, the right studios. There was a time when it was, ‘whatever you want.’ Then, as you learn a little bit more about your tastes, I don’t give in to that kind of thing.
Josh Groban
Every politician should go and spend time and visit prisons and jails. Because if you are choosing to exercise this kind of power over another person’s life, there’s a role for that, but you have to know the kind of power you are exercising.
Zephyr Teachout
The more we thought, the more they all sounded boring compared to Apple. You didn’t have to have a real specific reason for choosing a name when you were a little tiny company of two people; you choose any name you want.
Steve Wozniak
Let us not return to the old battlefield where so many shed blood and tears for the right to vote. Instead let us move forward to an era where all eligible Americans have equal access to the ballot box and have the freedom to vote for the candidate of their choosing.
Marc Veasey
If you haven’t created the time as an owner to understand why people are choosing your model over your competition, then you are only managing the business that comes in the door, not actively seeking it out.
Michael Gerber
I’d like to do something a little different. Something a little less intense. I’m not sure what it’s going to be yet. For the first time in my life, it’s great to have choices, but I think I have to be very careful in choosing the right next project.
Kristanna Loken
As a Facebook user, do I have control of the data Facebook keeps about me? Concretely: can I examine and modify that data using tools of my choosing which are built for my needs?
Eric S. Raymond
I come more to Scotland than I ever used to, so I feel more connected to it, more part of the zeitgeist. You know when you realize you have a choice and I’m choosing my homeland. It’s funny: when you get older these things creep up to you.
Alan Cumming
Voting third-party in 2016 meant choosing The Green Party’s Jill Stein, the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson, or Independent Candidate Evan McMullion.
Fabrizio Moreira
Working with Barneys, and choosing the looks, I was thinking about whether a real woman would buy this outfit and feel beautiful and comfortable.
Carine Roitfeld
Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are worst for them.
J. K. Rowling
I have the same criteria for choosing roles as I have always had: fantastic writing and complicated characters.
Paula Malcomson
The act of willing this or that, of choosing among various courses of conduct, is central in the realm of ethics.
Corliss Lamont
Perhaps the majority of human beings never think of standing by themselves, and choosing their own employments, till the sentence has been regularly promulgated to them, ‘It is time for you to take care of yourself.’
William Godwin
I was young and I didn’t know much at that time and ended up choosing characters which were not suitable for me. Now, I know what type of roles suit me.
There’s no formula for choosing songs. I’ve beeen lucky over the years. You just hear it and you do it.
Anne Murray
I write about my life, choosing incidents that I think will be, for one reason or another, significant to people. Often because they may have experienced the same things.
Harvey Pekar
Each side tries to legitimize their aims by appealing to history, sometimes selectively choosing episodes and other times just by inventing history.
Norman Davies
And today more than ever, knowing about that society involves first of all choosing what approach the inquiry will take, and that necessarily means choosing how society can answer.
Jean-Francois Lyotard
Lot of ugly funny dudes end up with some pretty gorgeous women. Women are much deeper than us in choosing a mate – they see in the long term.
Patton Oswalt
A successful film begins by choosing a director whose creative vision will define the choices made by everyone involved in the film.
Kathleen Kennedy
I don’t like people being cautious and tentative and choosing their words carefully around me because I’m a dwarf.
Peter Dinklage
If I were king of the world, babies born in airplanes, balloons and blimps would, instead of choosing to be German, Maldivian or American, all get special heavenly blue passports with a stork on the cover labeled ‘Sky Baby’ – and they’d be allowed to come and go anywhere they please.
Robert Krulwich
While choosing a fashion show, I take into consideration the designer and the collection. Then only I said yes to do a show.
Kangana Ran
Choosing to be in the theatre was a way to put my roots down somewhere with other people. It was a way to choose a new family.
Juliette Binoche
‘The Daily Show’ was like my family. We had dogs in the office every day, all day. It was just such a warm, beautiful, sweet experience for me. Choosing to leave the show was so hard because I really, really loved everybody there, and I loved what it gave me and the platform it gave me.
Jessica Williams
Realizing that we’ve surrendered our self-esteem to others and choosing to be accountable for our own self-worth would mean absorbing the terrifying fact that we’re always vulnerable to pain and loss.
Martha Beck
I’m for women choosing whatever they want to do but they have to really know what they are doing.
Alice Walker
The point is – that Donald Trump has been making on the campaign trail is that he’s financing his own campaign. That’s very important for him to say now in his mind because he wants people to know that he owes nobody anything other than the American people, or the voters who are picking, choosing his candidacy.
Paul Manafort
I could give 48 penalties in every match if I wanted to. It is a question of sometimes choosing what is – in your own mind – of material importance and what isn’t, what might be a crucial potential penalty and what might not be.
Alan Lewis
I went through much deliberation on choosing my next TV role after ‘Reply 1988.’
Lee Hye-ri
A president is entitled to advisers of his choosing, who reflect his worldview.
Antony Blinken
I look at my contemporaries, and we’re all at different stages and levels, and all choosing different routes, different ways to do things.
Jamie Bell
No choice is the wrong choice as long as you make a choice. The only wrong choice is choosing not to make one.
Jake Abel
Getting out any weekly magazine requires many hours of reading, choosing, discarding, and thinking beyond the obvious.
Pete Hamill
I’m not going to run around uselessly spending money. It’s a matter of choosing your charity. Some people choose themselves. For me, that is not enough.
Claude Picasso
On the morning, Daddy and I get up at six o’clock because Christmas trees must be bought in the dark. We walk to the other end of town, as the big harbour is just the right setting for buying a Christmas tree. We spend hours choosing, looking at every branch suspiciously. It’s always cold.
Tove Jansson
All my friends were choosing university courses, but I had no interest in anything other than acting, so I applied to go to RADA.
Jonas Armstrong
Women are choosing to stay single rather than marry men who can’t step up and provide.
Hanna Rosin
Our streets should be inviting and safe so anyone can feel comfortable choosing to ride a bike, walk, or take transit, and so it is clear which space is for which mode of travel.
London Breed
Working harder is not a sustainable solution and it’s not how people meet their destiny. It’s time to get more creative. Instead of choosing one thing we love over something else we love, we must ask, ‘how can I do both?’ And, then, we can find solutions.
Maynard Webb
The power of choosing good and evil is within the reach of all.
People have been very quick to judge young black players on their lifestyles and then when they go on to win the World Cup, to take league titles or score goals they’re all of a sudden changed men. They haven’t changed, people are just choosing to see them in a different way.
Eniola Aluko
When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried before.
Mae West
Maybe, instead of putting our standards on other people, we should be very reticent, apprehensive, and deliberate and methodical in choosing whom we choose to elevate in the eyes of the public as role models.
Stephen A. Smith
I make mistakes daily, letting generalizations creep into my thoughts and negatively affect my behavior. These mistakes have taught me that the first step to successfully choosing kindness is being more mindful about it, letting go of impatience and intolerance along the way.
Daniel Lubetzky
The wisdom of crowds works when the crowd is choosing the price of an ox, when there’s a single numeric average. But if it’s a design or something that matters, the decision is made by committee, and that’s crap. You want people and groups who are able to think thoughts before they share.
Jaron Lanier
My key interest in choosing scripts is character-driven stories, because there are so many stories that sacrifice character for plot.
Lasse Hallstrom
It’s when we care for each other – choosing inclusion and love over division and hatred – that this great country is at its greatest.
Tulsi Gabbard
I think there is a very powerful wish that we all have of being self-contained and having sort of opted out or choosing to remove ourselves from society and to have no ties and no obligations, and even no possessions. To be free in a particular way.
Edward Zwick
We can consciously end our life almost anytime we choose. This ability is an endowment, like laughing and blushing, given to no other animal… in any given moment, by not exercising the option of suicide, we are choosing to live.
Peter McWilliams
Choosing sepia is all to do with trying to make the image look romantic and idealistic. It’s sort of a soft version of propaganda.
Martin Parr
The lives of the best of us are spent in choosing between evils.
Choosing death is no solution, romancing life is a choice.
Deepti Naval
Every religious tradition is rooted in mysteries I don’t pretend to understand, including claims about what happens after we die. But this I know for sure: as long as we’re alive, choosing resurrection is always worth the risk.
Parker Palmer
Popularity has always been the key currency in choosing a president.
Joy Reid
Post-‘Gangaajal,’ I changed my way of functioning, choosing my roles carefully and mixing them up.
Mukesh Tiwari
I’m just trying to write a good story, strictly from imagination. People just think it’s random, they don’t see the rewriting, phrasing of characters, choosing the words, bringing the world to light in which the characters live in. That creates an illusion that this is real.
Eric Jerome Dickey
In my case, everything starts from Marcel Duchamp and the new expressive possibilities he gave us with his ready-mades. I transferred his artistic language into today’s world, choosing, for example, to use pedestrian-crossing stripes as a symbol.
Virgil Abloh
In the real world in which we live, you always have to choose between evils. And in choosing between evils, you have to have moral criteria for how to make those choices.
Alan Dershowitz
My life has been about choosing different things from most people think that I should have chosen. It always has been about my hapiness and peace of mind therfore I have never stratagised or planned my career.
Ayesha Takia
Choosing an attitude of faith will release peace out of your spirit and into your soul.
Joyce Meyer
To understand something, whether we are aware of it or not, depends on choosing a model. We get to understand what we see by comparing it with something else, something that we think we understand better. But what we compare it with turns out to have a huge influence on the outcome.
Iain McGilchrist
My m.o. as far as choosing projects is I really try not to work. I try to not do the scripts that are offered me.
Jeff Bridges
With every positive, there is a negative across the board in life. It’s about choosing to see the positive and working with the negative.
Kate Gosselin
Having three kids at home is sometimes like dealing with Democrats and Republicans when you’re choosing a restaurant.
Vitor Belfort
People want to feel good about the choices they make. They want to know they’re choosing material that’s not going to harm the environment.
Franz von Holzhausen
Imagine choosing a job not on money or even on career advancement, but as part of a life worth living.
Dale Dauten
It’s interesting to explore the darker side, but the hero piece is interesting as well. It’s like choosing between comedy or drama. I like to do both.
Jeff Bridges
Not taking those few moments in the morning to decide what you’re saying to people by how you’re choosing to dress is a lost opportunity.
Kenneth Cole
Choosing a form of exercise you enjoy will help keep you fit and motivated.
Milind Soman
I’ve learned a lot about being in control of your career – and that being positive and believing in yourself goes a very long way. And creatively, the music needs to sound like it’s come from you, not someone else who’s choosing the songs for you.
Nina Nesbitt
For many members of Congress, the time for choosing is near – do what the party leadership demands, or do what the people have asked you to do. If my colleagues don’t mind some advice from a newcomer, I’d suggest going with the will of the people.
Scott Brown
People who attack biography choose as their models vulgar and offensive biography. You could equally attack novels or poems by choosing bad poems or novels.
Claire Tomalin
As my friends will tell you, I am a superior agonizer. Believe me, you do not want me in the cockpit of an airliner. But in my defense, choosing an idea is also a high-stakes affair.
Erik Larson
For me, a big part of writing psychological thrillers is choosing crimes committed for motives which would only apply to a particular person in a particular situation; a unique, one-off motive that is born out of someone’s particular range of psychological afflictions.
Sophie Hannah
I work with the options I have in front of me and my reasons for choosing a job can vary enormously depending on the circumstances. Sometimes I take a job because it’s a group of people I’m dying to work with, and sometimes it can be a desire to shake things up a bit and not to take myself too seriously.
Colin Firth
There are signs, I think, that people aren’t satisfied by consumerism: that people resent the fact that the most moral decision in their lives is choosing what colour their next car will be.
J. G. Ballard
It may be that other developers are finding that their games play better on one platform over the other, so they’re choosing to migrate to that platform.
Sid Meier
Over the past several decades, a growing number of investors have been choosing to put their money in funds that screen companies for their environmental and labor records. Some socially responsible investors are starting to add free expression and privacy to their list of criteria.
Rebecca MacKinnon
It’s cool to hear my songs on the radio. But for me, that’s just a way to get more people to have the option of choosing my music.
India Arie
I feel like I’ve always wanted to live in one place and stay in one place, but I always end up choosing things that make me travel.
While eating gluten-free may help you lose weight initially because it eliminates baked goods, one has to be smart when choosing replacement options because the gluten-free versions often have the same number of calories.
Marcus Samuelsson
I see theatre everywhere, actually. We’re all kind of performing a version of ourselves every morning by choosing the clothes and how we appear – but the stage is so emphasising that I really feel comfortable in it.
Christine and the Queens
I’m a bad customer for my own buildings! If I’m choosing an apartment, I choose one about five or six stories high so that I can see the people, the trees, and the world on the street. Beyond that, I lose contact with the ground!
Cesar Pelli
Whenever I pick a script, I make sure I’m choosing something I would want to watch. And ‘Quantico’ was something I’d definitely want to watch. As soon as I read the pilot – and I read 26 this season – I knew this was it.
Priyanka Chopra
I’ve been talking a lot about how music chooses you because you can pinpoint when you had the epiphany that, ‘Wow, I really want to do this.’ But there’s no real rhyme or reason about choosing to be in this industry. It’s one of those things where there is no real guarantee; there is no real rulebook to follow.
Lzzy Hale
Once again, the ‘New York Times’ has chosen to purposefully ignore facts and professional journalism to fit their political agenda, choosing to attack my character and reputation rather than present an honest report. The suggestion that I accepted cash payments is unfounded, silly, and nonsensical.
Paul Manafort
Choosing to disrespect our flag is an over-generalized indictment of the greatest nation on Earth.
Matt Gaetz
But, my passion is acting and I want to follow it. I want to be an actor who inspires people and breaks stereotypes of what women are and can be, by choosing strong characters.
Harnaaz Sandhu
If you’re choosing somebody that doesn’t have the competence, but because it’s a young guy, or it’s a lady or if it’s a man, it’s a positive discrimination and I won’t push that.
Maxime Bernier
There’s a huge migration of eyeballs from television screens to cellphones, tablets, and laptops. More and more people prefer to watch their favorite shows at a time and a place of their own choosing. Appointment TV only happens when you are waiting for the doctor.
Jorge Ramos
Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. If you can control the process of choosing, you can take control of all aspects of your life. You can find the freedom that comes from being in charge of yourself.
Robert Foster Bennett
I chose and my world was shaken. So what? The choice may have been mistaken; the choosing was not. You have to move on.
Stephen Sondheim
I know now that much of the pressure that resulted in my breakdown was self-imposed. I didn’t let myself enjoy the opportunities I was given, choosing instead to doubt myself.
Nicole Seah
I honestly can’t pick a favorite person I like to work with – that would be like choosing a favorite child!
Behati Prinsloo
In choosing a president, we really don’t choose a Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal. We choose a leader.
Rudy Giuliani
I have always considered that choosing a companion for life was a very important affair and that my happyness or misery in this life depended on the choice.
Ezra Cornell
The expression that friends are the family you choose, is so powerful, because most people are close with their families, and when you add people into that level of trust, love, and loyalty, it’s a really meaningful thing. The fact you’re actively choosing each other is so beautiful at its core.
Beanie Feldstein
The key to winning is choosing to do God’s will and loving others with all you’ve got.
Lou Holtz
As much as it’s really important, obviously, as a woman in the industry to be choosing the stories which represent women, you also have to keep an eye on the male side.
Jessica Barden
I’ve got a lot of coaching friends in the business, in basketball and in other sports, that really when you talk about choosing jobs, you want to make sure that you have a strong ownership group and the reputation of the DeVos family is as good as it goods.
Frank Vogel
‘Luther’ is raw and brutal like ‘Game Of Thrones,’ but it’s coincidence. If I’m drawn to anything, it would be the writing. Choosing a project is an organic process where I’m taken in by the character and storyline, not the genre, whether fantasy or gritty and raw.
Rose Leslie
I have a knack for choosing the wrong people.
Kangana Ran
For entrepreneurs, choosing your co-founders is like a professional marriage. You’re going to go through tough times, and you need to remember that ideas can change, but business partners can’t.
Nathan Blecharczyk
In choosing any role, I ask the same questions: what kind of part is it? is the role challenging? does the director have a vision? is the story moving? etc.
Lukas Haas
Acknowledging the unproductive thoughts and ineffective behavior that you’ve tried to ignore can be uncomfortable. But, stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing to proactively address bad habits will skyrocket your ability to create long-lasting change.
Amy Morin
We must reflect on the kind of country that we want to build and the kind of society which we are choosing to pass on to our children.
Loretta Lynch
With approximately 75 per cent of our rubbish generated by packaging, a few simple steps – buying loose fruit and veg, choosing products with recyclable packaging, and avoiding individually wrapped portions – can have a big impact.
Sheherazade Goldsmith
I’m choosing not to accept the Trumpification of the GOP as an irreversible fact.
Bill Kristol
It’s easy to get negative because you get beat down. You go through a few disappointments and it’s easy to stay in that negative frame of mind. Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is a whole cliche, but your attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.
Joel Osteen
Today, we are now deciding how do we treat those who are choosing to carry out a war against us, non-U.S. citizens who are choosing to take us to task for what we believe and who we are. In this conflict, we have to decide how we are going to try to find these terrorists.
Todd Tiahrt
All you need to do is turn on the news, and in five minutes, you’re depressed with the state of the world. Choosing joy is a completely active choice. It doesn’t just happen. You can’t just say, ‘I want to be happy.’ You have to take action.
Billy Porter
We will give importance to performance while choosing officials.
H. D. Kumaraswamy
My gift, if I have one, is choosing terrific talent and providing the atmosphere for them to do their best work.
Geraldine Stutz
For millennials especially, mobility has become a key factor in selecting a potential career path and in choosing an appropriate employer.
Alain Dehaze
Growing up as a singer, and a cast member, and now as an adult, a songwriter, I get the luxury of choosing the kinds of songs that I want to sing, because I’ll write, you know, hundreds of songs. Even though only 12 appear on the album. That’s 12 that I’ve chosen to sing of my catalog.
Jason Mraz
I read a lot about her. I read a lot of bios. I read bios about the royal family; I read this little novella called ‘The Uncommon Reader,’ which is a fiction: it’s about Queen Elizabeth going on this library bus and choosing books and reading them, but it’s so sweet.
Sarah Gadon
Success in past U.S. conflicts has not been strictly the result of military leadership but rather the judgment of the president in choosing generals and setting broad strategy.
Robert Dallek
My breadth of football experience, my injury history, and my all-or-nothing goal to become one of the best linebackers in the NFL, combined with all I’d been learning about the game’s neurological effects on the brain, convinced me I’d be wise in choosing another career.
Chris Borland
But you know, if you live an affluent lifestyle, there are all types of trappings that are there that you have to be cognizant of, and you’ve got to try and communicate freely and gain understanding about and then keep moving on, because you know, sometimes lifestyles are chosen for us as opposed to us choosing them.
Julius Erving
I’d love to remain a secret and still work, but I also want people to see the movies I’m in and get a higher profile because of that. I like to think that as long as you continue choosing diverse roles, you can avoid becoming predictable.
Christian Bale
One’s nativity is not of his own choosing, but whatever it may be, it is entitled to respect; and all nations have honorable place in the world’s family.
Paul P. Harris
A lot goes in my mind while choosing a role. Choosing unconventional roles is not a conscious decision. I choose the most exciting and challenging role from the options I have.
Radhika Apte
Lyft treats people better than competition. So whether that’s drivers or passengers, that goes into the car experience. That’s why more and more people are choosing Lyft.
John Zimmer
I include lots of nutrients like Omega 3 fish oils in my diet, which work wonders for my skin, hair and nails. I also pack in the greens and drink lots of water, rather than choosing foods that make me feel lethargic.
Sussanne Khan
Just because I am a chef doesn’t mean I don’t rely on fast recipes. Indeed, we all have moments when, pressed for time, we’ll use a can of tuna and a tomato for a first course. It’s a question of choosing the right recipes for the rest of the menu.
Jacques Pepin
I am optimistic that many, when choosing where to buy their lunch, will settle on the sandwich chain which a map, or possibly an app, says has committed to providing disabled access in all its outlets.
Penny Mordaunt
The three short years I spent at Harvard, where I lived with excellent people, taught me not only that I must know how to choose my partners but also that choosing excellent partners is a skill you can learn. Obviously, when you spend time with the best, you learn how to choose among them.
Jorge Paulo Lemann
I will stand up for a girl who is being harassed or bullied for choosing to wear revealing clothes. I will stand up for that!
Halima Aden
I don’t watch a lot of T.V. I only watch things via Netflix, so I only watch the things that I’m choosing to watch.
Gaby Hoffmann
I think the fact that I have a solid head on my shoulders and a brain inside that head gives me an edge over my competitors. It helps when I am giving interviews, charting out strategy for my career and choosing scripts.
Richa Chadha
Choosing to remain vulnerable and sensitive despite disappointments or heartbreak helps me stay authentic to my life. It is the hardest part.
Sobhita Dhulipala
I don’t regard the fact that there’s a disparity in test scores nearly as importantly as I do the need for diversity, because I know from long experience that test scores, though useful, are a very limited measure of things that matter in choosing students.
Derek Bok
I am sick to my stomach, just, all the time. The tools in my toolbox to address that are choosing jobs where I can be a full, complete person, where I have some agency and autonomy.
Kerry Bishe
I have more control of the material if I produce. I can be much more active in choosing the writer, shaping the script, casting and editing the film.
Yvette Mimieux
Women have to be extremely careful about choosing something that they consider an act of defiance that can really be used to further their enslavement.
Alice Walker
We have a tax code whose complications and levels of unfairness and levels of choosing people to give tax breaks to and choosing people to deny them to is thousands of pages long with endless complications and unbelievable manipulations by everybody.
Barry Diller
Choosing to work where there is a union and getting the related benefits of higher wages and collective bargaining, but not paying a fair share of the costs of representation, would be freeloading, right?
Cynthia Dill
Of all the tough decisions in life, choosing between the job you need and the family you love should not be one of them.
Tom Perez
The biggest reason for choosing ‘Save Me’ was the opportunity to work with excellent actors.
Ok Taec-yeon
There was a time when the term liberal had been so thoroughly demonized by those on the right that I remember consciously choosing to call myself a progressive in order to evade the stigma. But there was no change in my perspective that accompanied it.
Bret Weinstein
Choosing what you want to do, and when to do it, is an act of creation.
Peter McWilliams
For me, when I started writing, it was mostly poetry. And poetry is very visual. I feel the same way about the way that I approach direction. There might be a theme within the visuals that you’re choosing that people don’t consciously pick up on, but that they feel.
Lisa Joy
Well-established companies choosing to reinvest and create new jobs is what helps communities like Chatham flourish.
Ralph Northam
The idea that American producers and directors are choosing black British talent to save themselves a buck or two is ridiculous – it’s because we’re damn good.
David Harewood
President Obama is not the Antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.
Robert Jeffress
I believe that my choosing my present course I do no dishonor to them, or to those who may come after me.
Pete Seeger
Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.
Joel Osteen
It really broke my heart when music took a back seat when I was concentrating more on films. It was like choosing between two children.
Shruti Haasan
I wanna thank MTV and the VMAs for choosing me to be a part of the show because, on this show, if you not an icon or upcomin’ icon, you’re not on the show, you know?
DJ Khaled
Inspiration is key for me in choosing characters.
Morena Baccarin
Bergman was courageous in choosing people to do things that they themselves might not expect to play.
Max von Sydow
I am very selfish when it comes to choosing a film. There is no strategy as such; I take up anything that gives me a kick.
Disha Patani
The measure of choosing well, is, whether a man likes and finds good in what he has chosen.
Charles Lamb
Start-ups often die in the first 18 to 24 months because of formative mistakes, like choosing a bad co-founder or the wrong corporate entity or an inappropriate platform. Ninety percent of the companies the Founder Institute has created are alive because we’ve helped them avoid those mistakes.
Adeo Ressi
I guess it turns out choosing your life partner from a group of men trying to get their break in show business by sitting around shirtless in a swimming pool while cameras watch around the clock isn’t the path to a soulmate after all.
Willie Geist
Choosing a system is no longer enough, coaches have to be psychologists and motivational leaders too.
Giorgio Chiellini
I was right choosing to play with Spain. It is a pride; the decision was easy. I love Spain.
Thiago Alcantara
After Trump, how can we credibly say that our process for choosing a national leader yields the best possible result, or even someone capable of uniting the country, let alone running it?
Joy Reid
I’ve always had the same principle for choosing roles, which is to try and make movies that I would pay to see. As I get older, that’s meant different things.
Scarlett Johansson
The writing partnership is a good collaboration for the same reason the marriage works, which is two people who can stand alone choosing to stand together.
Ann Maxwell
Choosing a spouse with religion in mind is not always a mistake, especially if your heritage and your faith are important parts of who you are. The trick is, as always, to recognize a good thing when you see it – and never mistake the bad for something more.
G. Willow Wilson
If both John McCain and Obama were given a sip of truth serum, both would admit they made serious mistakes in choosing running mates in 2008.
Douglas Wilder
Choosing writing as a career, just by itself, is a measure of not being a calculating person.
Justin Cronin
For me, choice is the most important thing because I’m going to be an adult actor pretty soon. So I’ve got to be choosing the right roles now so that by the time I get to that age there will be wide options available.
Haley Joel Osment
It’s human nature – we want to be chosen, we want to be picked and when there’s this thing that isn’t choosing you, that can affect your self-confidence and your self-worth.
Stephanie Labbe
It might sound cliched, but choosing the right script is crucial. I think ‘Badmaash Company’ was a very big break for me because it gave me a lot of appreciation from the masses. It made me more confident as an actor.
Vir Das
Advertising is very simple in a lot of ways. Advertisers go where the users go, and users are choosing to spend a lot more time online.
Susan Wojcicki
Far too often the choices reality proposes are such as to take away one’s taste for choosing.
Jean Rostand
I don’t have makeup on all the time, but when I want, I have fun with my friends choosing clothes and putting nail polish on.
Emma Watson
Ultimately, I believe the only secret to a happy marriage is choosing the right person. Life is a series of choices, right?
Michelle Pfeiffer
I never thought I had a career. I think Meryl Streep has a career. I have jobs that I am lucky to get… I’m one of those actresses who never turns down a part, no matter how small. I don’t have the luxury of picking and choosing. I take everything.
Liz Torres
In my own life, I’m pretty good at choosing between good and bad. It’s the choices between good and good I find the most difficult to make.
Ally Condie
It’s a matter of choosing what is most important to you and putting that first. Once you have recognized your true purpose in life, this becomes much easier.
Clarence Clemons
Choosing between the 50 m and 100 m is like choosing between your children. I have favourites on different days.
Cate Campbell
If you see me when I first burst onto the scene, you see how quickly I could turn for a big lad and how fast I was up and down the pitch. Then I started picking and choosing my time to go forwards because I was scared of my hamstring going or my knee not dealing with it.
Micah Richards
Being a Sikh meant having to do what Mom and Dad said, and going to temple, and Mom and Dad choosing who I would marry. But going to an American school taught me that I was the one who’s supposed to make those choices.
Sheena Iyengar
Whether you’re choosing for yourself or for a character – or for a child – names have baggage of their own.
Nick Harkaway
When we prolong negative behavior – the kind that hurts the people we love or the kind that hurts us in some way – we are leading a changeless life in the most hazardous manner. We are willfully choosing to be miserable and making others miserable, too.
Marshall Goldsmith
The process of shooting – of choosing shots – is intuitive for me, and I just feel my way towards what seems right.
Lenny Abrahamson
Advocating for yourself in the context of friendship starts with choosing the right people to be part of your inner circle.
Kimberly Guilfoyle
I married my best friend. I was still in awe after more than four years of being around her at how smart and strong and loving and caring she was. And I really hoped that her choosing me and rejecting my advice to pursue her own career was a decision she would never regret.
William J. Clinton
I see myself as a roving mosquito, choosing it’s target.
Kenneth Williams
I think I’m becoming more relaxed in front of a camera. I suppose I’ll always feel slightly more at home on stage. It’s more of an actor’s medium. You are your own editor, nobody else is choosing what is being seen of you.
Michael Sheen
Woman must have her freedom, the fundamental freedom of choosing whether or not she will be a mother and how many children she will have. Regardless of what man’s attitude may be, that problem is hers – and before it can be his, it is hers alone.
Margaret Sanger
I know what Germans are. They are a funny people. They are always choosing someone to lead them in a direction which they do not want to go.
Gertrude Stein
To do health care was a noble, good thing, and it will help America dramatically. I don’t begrudge Barack Obama choosing it, even though if I were president, I might not have.
Chuck Schumer
To be black and an intellectual in America is to live in a box. On the box is a label, not of my own choosing.
Stephen Carter
Choosing the narrator for a first-person story like ‘Downriver’ is a crucial decision because the voice has to be one the reader wants to listen to, and the voice has to be a match for the emotion you want the story to carry.
Will Hobbs
I don’t really think it’s appropriate for me to be picking and choosing in the primaries. It’s pretty dumb politics for a Republican to choose between Republicans in a contested primary because obviously you’re going to be offending some people.
John Cornyn
At Cornell University, my professor of European literature, Vladimir Nabokov, changed the way I read and the way I write. Words could paint pictures, I learned from him. Choosing the right word, and the right word order, he illustrated, could make an enormous difference in conveying an image or an idea.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
People often ask me, ‘How do you go about choosing who to feature on Into The Gloss?’ And I’ve never had a great answer. Ultimately, I think the #1 thing that draws me to someone is their sense of freedom.
Emily Weiss
I don’t have a philosophy for choosing roles. Sometimes, it’s just, ‘This might be interesting; that might be fun to do.’ There might be interesting actors or directors in the project, even if the part is not important. And then sometimes, you need the money.
Max von Sydow
My father died. It is still a deep regret to me this day that in choosing acting as my career I was forced to hurt him. He died too early to see I had done the right, the only thing.
Conrad Veidt
By the time a person has achieved years adequate for choosing a direction, the die is cast and the moment has long since passed which determined the future.
Zelda Fitzgerald
Choosing one’s leaders is an affirmation that the person making the choice has inherent worth.
Linda Chavez
Reading is a pleasure, yes, but not without effort: choosing to read novels purely because they mirror your own experience is stultifying.
Dawn Foster
I refuse some movies. I cannot always give reasons why I refuse. Sometimes, I refuse just because I feel like refusing! I always look at my role, and never bother about who the hero will be when choosing a movie.
Neha Dhupia
I want to be intentional about my freedom – in choosing it, honoring it, and protecting it. One of the best feelings I know is feeling truly free.
Kristin Armstrong
When a player chooses to play for PSG he is also choosing a project that may one day win the Champions League. In this town, that will mean five times more than winning it at another club.
Marco Verratti
It’s one of the hardest things in life – choosing your own name.
Caitlyn Jenner
Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
John Kenneth Galbraith
Granted, the writers, directors, producers, and that community make a great deal of money. But they might be choosing to do a whole lot of other things for the living they make.
Norman Lear
Before my mother died, I was supposed to go to the local university, where I’d applied early decision. It was the same school my two older sisters had graduated from, which had been the sole criteria for choosing it.
Camille Perri
I am extremely eclectic in choosing my films as an audience, and as a direct result of that, I love exploring, I love cinema, and I love learning from different experiences.
Ishaan Khatter
As an American, you have a right to good health care that is effective, accessible, and affordable, that serves you from infancy through old age, that allows you to go to practitioners and facilities of your choosing, and that offers a broad range of therapeutic options.
Andrew Weil