Climax Quotes

Climax Quotes by Carlos Mencia, Rod Stewart, Nani, Peter Brook, Hector Tobar, Jackie Stewart and many others.

When women can't climax, it's our fault, but when we ca

When women can’t climax, it’s our fault, but when we can’t get an erection, we have to go to the doctor.
Carlos Mencia
A show is like having a climax. It’s like having an incredible, natural climax. And then suddenly it’s all finished, and you don’t know what to do next.
Rod Stewart
‘Manu’ is one of the best albums. The climax song will be a trump card for all break-up songs. Everybody will talk about the language of the lyrics.
Through a shared aim, shared needs, shared love of a shared result in theatre, from the creation of space… the coming-together of an endlessly repeated climax of shared performance, again and again, something special can appear.
Peter Brook
I am someone who is fascinated with European German history, the Holocaust, and to see these parallels in our own democratic system, and then to see them come to this absolutely incredible climax, and this fruition with the election of The Donald, it was just too much.
Hector Tobar
Cornering is like bringing a woman to climax.
Jackie Stewart
If one drops dead in the street, friends and loved ones are shocked, stricken, but a long lingering death loses all nobility and drama, while relatives and friends await the inevitable end in a succession of weary anti-climaxes.
Alanna Knight
The press, that goiter of the world, swells up with the desire for conquest and bursts with the achievements which every day brings. A week has room for the boldest climax of the human drive for expansion.
Karl Kraus
The climax is the place where the opposing forces in your story finally clash. This is true whether those opposing forces are two armies or two values inside a character’s soul.
Nancy Kress
The climax of ‘Johny Mera Naa,’ it’s one of the best climaxes ever written, ever directed. If I ever wanted to remake a movie, I’d try to do this one, just for the climax.
Farah Khan
Plots may be simple or complex, but suspense, and climactic progress from one incident to another, are essential. Every incident in a fictional work should have some bearing on the climax or denouement, and any denouement which is not the inevitable result of the preceding incidents is awkward and unliterary.
H. P. Lovecraft
But, inevitably, as he [Kierkegaard] approaches what we might call his Christocentric climax many readers drop off. Many scholars just leave that part of his authorship alone.
George Pattison
With fiction, you can do whatever you want to, but if you are making a film on someone, you have to stick to the truth. You cannot just say that I will change the climax because I do not like it.
Rajkumar Hirani
An album is not like an hour-long DJ set, you know, hit after hit and then build up to one big climax.
Hannibal at eighteen was rooting for Mephistopheles and contemptuous of Faust, but he only half-listened to the climax. He was watching and breathing Lady Murasaki…
Thomas Harris
Silences have a climax, when you have got to speak.
Elizabeth Bowen
I was reading stories by Raymond Carver and some of his stuff sort of ended abruptly here and there, where in other short stories that I’ve read have a bit of an ending, a climax, a twist or something like that.
The Lord hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. It is the most grievous sentence of the three, but it overflows with comfort. Strange is it that where misery was concentrated mercy reigned; where sorrow reached her climax weary souls find rest.
Charles Spurgeon
The Magician’s Land is a triumphant climax to the best fantasy trilogy of the decade.
Charles Stross
Dialogue, contrary to popular view, is not a recording of actual speech; it is a semblance of speech, an invented language of exchanges that build in tempo or content toward climaxes.
Sol Stein
In ‘Chattam,’ the climax was good and that was enough for the film. But the film was not promoted well.
Jagapathi Babu
Live each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. So climb slowly, enjoying each passing moment; and then the view from the summit will serve a more rewarding climax for your journey.
Fulton J. Sheen
Happiness is not a brilliant climax to years of grim struggle and anxiety. It is a long succession of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment.
J. Donald Walters
A film fable so structured that all alchemical searchings are clearly filmwise (gold being discovered cinematically in each sequence ot mixed black-and-white and color) so that when the drama-discovery is actually made, it acts as a deliberate anti-climax of aesthetic perfection.
Stan Brakhage
The conventional Aristotelian plot proceeds by means of a protagonist, an antagonist, and a series of events comprising a rising action, climax and denouement.
John Kessel
Think ‘Game of Thrones.’ In the old days, this sort of show might be considered bad writing. It doesn’t really seem to be moving toward a crisis or climax, it has no true protagonist, and it’s structured less like a TV show or a movie than a soap opera.
Douglas Rushkoff
There is a tremendous desire and longing for love, but love needs great awareness. Only then can it reach its highest climax — and that highest climax IS marriage. It has nothing to do with law. It is a merging of two hearts into totality. It is the functioning of two persons in synchronicity — that is marriage.
If I could climax as many times as a Derek Dingle routine I would be a happy man!
Dai Vernon
Have you noticed … there is never any third act in a nightmare? They bring you to a climax of terror and then leave you there. They are the work of poor dramatists.
Max Beerbohm
Everyone has a ‘Majnu’ in them. It’s not about the sad or happy climax. It’s a term we use to define someone who falls in love and faces problems.
We want a story that starts out with an earthquake and works its way up to a climax.
Samuel Goldwyn
‘Prom’ is a movie that follows a bunch of high-schoolers’ lives leading up to the prom, the climax of the movie. It focuses all their struggles and the social pressures that prom creates on their lives.
Cameron Monaghan
More than working toward the book’s climax, I work toward the denouement. As a reader and a writer, that’s where I find the real satisfaction.
Greg van Eekhout
The awkward truth, according to one study, is that 90 percent of 8-to-16-year-ol ds have viewed pornography online. Considering the standard climax to even the most vanilla hard-core scene today, that means there is an entire generation of young people who think sex ends with a money shot to the face.
Gail Dines
You will certainly grant me that neither antiquity nor whatever nation has devised a more repulsive and blasphemous absurdity than that of eating your God. This is the most disgusting dogma of Christian religion, the greatest insult to the Highest Being, the climax of madness and insanity.
Frederick The Great
Strength is the outcome of need; security sets a premium on feebleness. The work of ameliorating the conditions of life — the true civilizing process that makes life more and more secure — had gone steadily on to a climax… And the harvest was what I saw.
H. G. Wells
And you understand something: that although, like all American eaters, you’ve been conditioned to think of the entree as the climax of the meal, it never is. It is, indeed, almost always disappointing, especially if you order fish.
Tom Junod
His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge. Of contemporary literature, philosophy and politics he appeared to know next to nothing… My surprise reached a climax, however, when I found incidentally that he was ignorant of the Copernican Theory and of the composition of the Solar System.
Arthur Conan Doyle
Cornering perfectly is like bringing a woman to climax.
Jackie Stewart
Past the village flowed the river, like time, like life itself, waiting for the swimmer to come again on his way to the climax of his adventurous life, and to the end for which he had been made.
Margaret Craven
Our break-up had been a resounding anti-climax. I wanted to be wept over, bitterly. I wanted to be fought for. Mourned, or regretted just a little. I wanted to feel like I was someone who’d been worth having in the first place.
Catherine Sanderson
Both God’s love and God’s wrath are ratcheted up in the move from the old covenant to the new, from the Old Testament to the New. These themes barrel along through redemptive history, unresolved, until they come to a resounding climax – in the cross.
D. A. Carson
I wanted to do ‘Kanchana’ in Hindi but many heroes I approached were hesitant to act with the saree and also demanded that the climax song be removed completely. I wrote the script with such passion that I could not agree for any compromise.
Raghava Lawrence
Worry is thinking that has turned toxic. It is jarring music that goes round and round and never comes to either climax or conclusion.
Harold Bridgwood Walker
You need a good fantasy to boost arousal enough to climax… thinking about what you should make for dinner tomorrow during sex is not going to do it.
Gail Saltz
The climax of absurdity to which art may be carried when led away from nature by fashion, may be best seen in the works of Boucher.
John Constable
Though I have an idea about the climax, it always changes when we start shooting.
Gautham Menon
Ahimsa is the height of Kshatriya dharma as it represents the climax of fearlessness.
Mahatma Gandhi
The climax of terror is reached when the police state begins to devour its own children, when yesterday’s executioner becomes today’s victim.
Hannah Arendt
September is the month of maturity; the heaped basket and the garnered sheaf. It is the month of climax and completion. September! I never tire of turning it over and over in my mind. It has warmth, depth and colour. It glows like old amber.
Patience Strong
Good colour really means good taste; and ‘powerful’ colour means a reserve, to give a climax its full force, and not ‘red, white, and blue all over.
John F. Carlson
One only needs to read twentieth-century history to see that it has been the climax of human madness, if it’s measured in terms of human violence inflicted on other humans.
Eckhart Tolle
The more time you invest in something, potentially, the deeper the emotional impact of the climax. It’s true of relationships, too.
Brit Marling
In the menu, there should be a climax and a culmination. Come to it gently. One will suffice.
Alice B. Toklas
I was brought up in Florida, so there isn’t much difference between playing there and playing here. The climax are about the same.
Mickey Rivers
Every picture should have a place you can go, a home, a climax.
Jay Maisel
No scene in sacred history ever gladdens the soul like the scene on Calvary. Nowhere does the soul find such consolation as on that very spot where misery reigned, where woe triumphed, where agony reached its climax.
Charles Spurgeon
An actor is looking for conflict. Conflict is what creates drama. We are taught to avoid trouble [so] actors don’t realize they must go looking for it. Plays are written about…the extraordinary, the unusual, the climaxes. The more conflict actors find, the more interesting the performance.
Michael Shurtleff
A brief short story may require only a few paragraphs after the climax. On the other hand, in his massive novel ‘The World According to Garp,’ John Irving’s denouement consisted of 10 separate sections, each devoted to an individual character’s fate and each almost a story in itself.
Nancy Kress
I really believe that what happens one day affects the next, and I think that came from that experience of learning that if I told the score inning by inning, play by play, it built up to its natural climax.
Doris Kearns Goodwin
The most emphatic place in a clause or sentence is the end. This is the climax; and, during the momentary pause that follows, that last word continues, as it were, to reverberate in the reader’s mind. It has, in fact, the last word.
F. L. Lucas
sentences were used by man before words and still come with the readiness of instinct to his lips. They, and not words, are the foundations of all language. … Your cat has no words, but it has considerable feeling for the architecture of the sentence in relation to the problem of expressing climax.
Rebecca West
The Sabbath is not for the sake of the weekdays; the weekdays are for the sake of Sabbath. It is not an interlude but the climax of living.
Abraham Joshua Heschel
Without the silence that follows the chants, you get only half the story. It’s like the climax of a good story. The silence is there because it exists in the music. It just needs to be exposed and acknowledged.
Deva Premal
I describe television as feminine and movies as masculine, in the sense that television wants to examine a problem from all sides and talk about it for a long time, and movies just want to hit the climax and then maybe have a smoke.
Joss Whedon
Happiness is not a brilliant climax to years of grim struggle and anxiety. It is a long succession of little decisions simply to be happy in the moment.
Goswami Kriyananda
In September 1993, President Clinton presided over a handshake between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization Chairman Yasser Arafat on the White House lawn – the climax of a ‘day of awe,’ as the press described it.
Noam Chomsky
Climax shoot for ‘Dabangg3’ has been very hectic yet a great experience.
We are the product of 4.5 billion years of fortuitous, slow biological evolution. There is no reason to think that the evolutionary process has stopped. Man is a transitional animal. He is not the climax of creation.
Carl Sagan