Common Core Quotes

Common Core Quotes by Chris Christie, Anya Kamenetz, David Coleman, David Harsanyi, Donald Trump, Randy Hultgren and many others.

Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey.

Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey.
Chris Christie
There is certainly the intention of efforts like the Common Core to raise education standards and make sure that every student masters advanced math concepts – algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.
Anya Kamenetz
It is rare in a working environment that someone says, ‘Johnson, I need a market analysis by Friday, but before that, I need a compelling account of your childhood.’
David Coleman
Common Core, the initiative that claims to more accurately measure K-12 student knowledge in English and math, also encourages children to step up their “critical thinking.”
David Harsanyi
I’m certainly very conservative when it comes to education. We’re getting rid of Common Core. We’re going to have education at a local level.
Donald Trump
There certainly are some good aspects to Common Core.
Randy Hultgren
All of the common core standards stuff about critical reading and critical thinking and so on can only be positive.
James W. Loewen
You have got to have two things in education reform. You have got to have some flexibility, so people can figure out what to do. But you also have to have accountable, basically what the Common Core standards were, some sort of set of national standards, so we can measure.
David Brooks
Donald Trump hates the Common Core, created by governors and state education commissioners, and initially adopted by 45 states. [Betsy] DeVos has actually supported the Common Core until now.
Claudio Sanchez
We all are big believers in the notion that as a species we are better together than we are apart, that the common core of our shared humanity is stronger than that which seeks to marginalize us and factualize us and turn us against each other.
J. Michael Straczynski
I want to get rid of Common Core.
Donald Trump
We have a lot of rhetoric today about “high rigor” and you often hear terms like that thrown about when discussing the Common Core. But the American education system historically has not embraced intellectual seriousness.
Dana Goldstein
My kids used to love math. Now it makes them cry. Thanks standardized testing and common core!
Louis C. K.
We’re going to end Common Core. Going to bring our education local.
Donald Trump
I am going to provide school choice and put an end to common core and bring our education local.
Donald Trump
Shortly after her nomination was announced,[Betsy] DeVos tweeted, almost as if she had forgotten something important to say. And she said, I am not a supporter of the Common Core. Sandy Kress predicts that debate will die down soon enough.
Claudio Sanchez
I think Common Core is a disaster. That doesn’t mean there can’t be a little tentacle left of the Department of Education, like 5 percent, just in terms of local coordination, perhaps.
Donald Trump
Every Republican will tell you they are for school choice, shrinking government, cutting the government workforce and getting rid of Common Core. But talk is cheap. Talk is just talk. I haven’t just talked about these things. I’ve actually done these things.
Bobby Jindal
A lot of conservatives, a big part of the Republican base don’t like his position on common core, don’t like his position on immigration.
Jeb Bush
There is no question we need higher academic standards and at the local level the rigor of the Common Core state standards must be the new minimum in classrooms.
Jeb Bush