Compost Quotes

Compost Quotes by Natalie Goldberg, Geoff Lawton, Tim Johnson, Masanobu Fukuoka, Gary Snyder, Tom Peters and many others.

If you are not afraid of the voices inside you, you wil

If you are not afraid of the voices inside you, you will not fear the critics outside you.
Natalie Goldberg
Nature demands a gift for everything that it gives, so what we have to keep doing, is returning [leaves & compost materials] back to the soil, then we’re continuously giving the gifts to nature, because we have a return cycle.
Geoff Lawton
I consider failures to be the compost that feeds the better and best that is on its way.
Tim Johnson
One thing is all things. To resolve one matter, one must resolve all matters. Changing one thing changes all things. Once I made the decision to sow rice in the fall, I found that I could also stop transplanting, and plowing, and applying chemical fertilizers, and preparing compost, and spraying pesticides.
Masanobu Fukuoka
All this new stuff goes on top turn it over, turn it over wait and water down from the dark bottom turn it inside out let it spread through Sift down even. Watch it sprout. A mind like compost.
Gary Snyder
Never, ever rest on your laurels. Today’s laurels are tomorrow’s compost.
Tom Peters
However small your garden, you must provide for two of the serious gardener’s necessities, a tool shed and a compost heap. A wire bin takes up negligible space and can be concealed by shrubs, or you can make a small pit into which you sweep leaves and clippings, but try not to fall into it.
Ann Scott
Amazingly, we’ve become a culture that considers Twinkies, Cocoa Puffs, and Mountain Dew safe, but raw milk and compost-grown tomatoes unsafe.
Joel Salatin
Compost makes houseplants very happy.
Shalom Harlow
Religion acts as a moral gardener, to weed out, or suppress, evil tendencies, which, like weeds and nettles, would shoot up spontaneously in the wonderful compost of the garden, if unwatched.
Henry Morton Stanley
Once you can open yourself to joy, you feel as if you’ve transformed your sadness into illumination, which is really all that art is. All we want to do is transform the negative emotions into light. We want to compost them into light.
Sandra Cisneros
HAPA was like mint. You could rip it up, and six months later, it was back, healthier than ever. Mint smelled better, though, and you could make juleps out of it. I don’t know what I could make out of HAPA. Compost, maybe.
Kim Harrison
The garden is doing so well, we have so many greens and radishes that everyone is enjoying. Also, we are using one square as a compost bin, the Green Team is collecting food waste at lunch. Things are looking great, a huge thank you again.
Mike Moreno
But men labor under a mistake. The better part of the man is soon plowed into the soil for compost.
Henry David Thoreau
I am open to the accusation that I see compost as an end it itself. But we do grow some real red damn tomatoes such as you can’t get in the stores. And potatoes, beans, lettuce, collards, onions, squash, cauliflower, eggplant, carrots, peppers. Dirt in you own backyard, producing things you eat. Makes you wonder.
Roy Blount, Jr.
I think there’s only so many people that can take care of themselves, and can take care of other people. And the rest of the people … they’re useful in terms of compost for the whole planet, you know.
Bill Murray
I thought I’d love to be a gardener because I grew up with a vegetable garden and I love being close to the Earth and growing things. At my home in L.A., I have a great garden and I grow all kinds of things. I even have a worm farm! The worms help create organic compost out of kitchen scraps.
Curtis Stone
Strength may wield the ponderous spade, May turn the clod, and wheel the compost home; But elegance, chief grace the garden shows, And most attractive, is the fair result Of thought, the creature of a polished mind.
William Cowper
Confess yourself to heaven, Repent what’s past, avoid what is to come, And do not spread the compost on the weeds To make them ranker.
William Shakespeare
travel is compost for the mind
Martha Gellhorn
Never plant without a bucket of compost at your side.
Elsa Bakalar
The longer I live the greater is my respect for manure in all its forms.
Elizabeth von Arnim
Nature does have manure and she does have roots as well as blossoms, and you can’t hate the manure and blame the roots for not being blossoms.
R. Buckminster Fuller
So let’s not get frightened when the children read fantasy. It’s the compost for a healthy mind. It stimulate s the inquisitive nodes, and there is some evidence that a rich internal fantasy life is as good and necessary for a child as healthy soil is for a plant, for much the same reasons.
Terry Pratchett
Tomorrow composts today.
Bruce Sterling
Information is like compost; it does no good unless you spread it around.
Eliot Coleman
I have always kept notebooks and I go back to them over and over. They are my compost pile of ideas.
Louise Erdrich
I guess what concerns me always is the need for a field, a rich compost, for any art to flourish. But however isolate or unheard you may feel, if you have the need to write poetry, are compelled to write it, you go on, whether there is resonance or not.
Adrienne Rich
Old gardeners never die; they just very slowly turn into the most magnificent compost. But what a marvellous, active brew it is!
Peter Cundall
Producing quality compost is the most important job on the organic farm. A lot of the problems I see on farms I visit could be solved by making better compost.
Eliot Coleman
Do-gooders are easily overlooked. We’re supposed to be soft, touchy-feely types, who wear Birkenstocks, compost everything, and write poetry by candlelight.
Nancy Lublin
We [people] may enjoy this fleeting beauty [of life] for such a brief instance. And then we are compost. G – , the creator-destroyer, certainly has a strange sense of humor!
Sam Keen
Do not spread the compost on the weeds.
William Shakespeare
The ground’s generosity takes in our compost and grows beauty! Try to be more like the ground.
My whole life had been spent waiting for an epiphany, a manifestation of God’s presence, the kind of transcendent, magical experience that lets you see your place in the big picture. And that is what I had with my first [compost] heap.
Bette Midler
It’s all a compost heap. You just put down a layer of humus that helps other stuff grow. Your work will all be forgotten, but it will help stuff grow.
Murray Edelman
Earth knows no desolation. She smells regeneration in the moist breath of decay.
George Meredith
In the ’80s, I thought I’d be a success as a woman if I were the president of a billion dollar company, had a sensitive soul-mate husband, two bilingual children, buns of steels, and a compost heap. In the ’90s, I pretty much feel I’m a success if I can get through the afternoon without eating a cheesecake.
Cathy Guisewite
To turn ordinary clothes into gardening clothes, simply mix with compost.
Guy Browning
All good novelists have bad memories. What you remember comes out as journalism; what you forget goes into the compost of the imagination.
Graham Greene
Kings and cabbages go back to compost, but good deeds stay green forever.
Rick DeMarinis