Condescension Quotes

Condescension Quotes by Mary Barnett Gilson, Pope John Paul II, Emmanuel des Essarts, Elias Canetti, Edward Hoagland, Yoweri Museveni and many others.

It means eating your words, this thing of refusing to b

It means eating your words, this thing of refusing to be a fence-sitter, but I’d rather eat my words than get calluses from sitting.
No one who has not experienced the condescension of a buyer toward an ordinary salesgirl can have any conception of its withering effect.
Mary Barnett Gilson
Eucharistic worship is not so much worship of the inaccessible transcendence as worship of the divine condescension, and it is also the merciful and redeeming transformation of the world in the human heart
Pope John Paul II
Take advantage of the gracious condescension of the elegant calf’s kidney, multiply its metamorphoses: you can without giving it any offence, call it the chameleon of cuisine.
Emmanuel des Essarts
Almost Kien was tempted to believe in happiness, that contemptible life-goal of illiterates. If it came of itself, without being hunted for, if you did not hold it fast by force and treated it with a certain condescension, it was permissible to endure its presence for a few days
Elias Canetti
There aren’t many irritations to match the condescension which a woman metes out to a man who she believes has loved her vainly for the past umpteen years.
Edward Hoagland
We certainly would be happy for more help, but not at the price of condescension and arrogance. If the Europeans believe they can afford to be less committed in Somalia, please – we can deal with it ourselves.
Yoweri Museveni
I have always had the greatest respect for students. There is nothing I hate more than condescension—the attitude that they are inferior to you. I always assume they have good minds.
Mark Van Doren
Poets are regarded as handicapped writers whose work must be treated with a tender condescension, such as one accords the athletic achievements of basketball players confined to wheelchairs.
Thomas M. Disch
Obama’s style of argumentation is unlike any president I have ever met, and I’ve met a lot of them. And the condescension that oozes from him when he’s talking about his opponents, it’s really striking.
Paul Gigot
If your church conveys that spirit of condescension or judgment, it’s likely not a place where grace is on tap.
Philip Yancey
If you have any trouble sounding condescending, find a Unix user to show you how it’s done.
Scott Adams
The insolent civility of a proud man is, if possible, more shocking than his rudeness could be; because he shows you, by his manner, that he thinks it mere condescension in him; and that his goodness alone bestows upon you what you have no pretense to claim.
Lord Chesterfield
Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is an exquisite act of condescension from Norwegians, a dog biscuit and a pat on the head to the American hyperpower for agreeing to spay itself into a hyperpoodle.
Mark Steyn
All Nigerians must learn from Christ and be determined to imbibe the lesson of divine condescension.
Peter Akinola
…In this world I cannot see the Most High Son of God with my own eyes, except for His Most Holy Body and Blood.
Francis of Assisi
Every empire suffers from hubris, arrogance and condescension, and therefore a moral blindness. That’s true of the American empire, it was true of the British Empireearlier, and it will certainly be true of the Chinese Empire in the future.
Cornel West
I would not preach tolerance, which seems to me another name for condescension and presupposes faults in those to be tolerated … Nor do I believe in demanding love – that should be the gift of a free will. But simply to be kind – that is not too much to ask of any of us.
Josephine Lawrence
One who strictly prosecutes the misdemeanors of others will find not condescension towards his own.
Saint John Chrysostom
Lisp is still #1 for key algorithmic techniques such as recursion and condescension.
Verity Stob
There comes an end to all things; the most capacious measure is filled at last; and this brief condescension to evil finally destroyed the balance of my soul.
Robert Louis Stevenson
We must win the common people in every corner. This will be obtained chiefly by means of the schools, and by open, hearty behavior, show, condescension, popularity, and toleration of their prejudices, which we shall at leisure root out and dispel.
Adam Weishaupt
Perhaps there are somewhere in the infinite universe beings whose minds outrank our minds to the same extent as our minds surpass those of the insects. Perhaps there will once somewhere live beings who will look upon us with the same condescension as we look upon amoebae.
Ludwig von Mises
Of all insults, the temporary condescension of a master to a slave is the most outrageous and galling. That potentate who most condescends, mark him well; for that potentate, if occasion come, will prove your uttermost tyrant.
Herman Melville
Jesus Christ, the condescension of divinity, and the exaltation of humanity.
Phillips Brooks
What counts now are the value-less facts, the material and the rational. All else is regarded with condescension as being of only sentimental value.
Jean Gebser
I believe in human liberty as I believe in the wine of life. There is no salvation for men in the pitiful condescension of industrial masters. Guardians have no place in a land of freemen.
Woodrow Wilson