Cone Quotes

Cone Quotes by Alex Guarnaschelli, Erik Prince, Richard Simmons, Roger Rees, Daniel Schwartz, Laura Linney and many others.

I think unadulterated products and smaller portion size

I think unadulterated products and smaller portion sizes mean consumption of less food overall. Portion is everything. The first time I bought a scoop of ice cream in Paris, they weighed the ice cream on a scale before putting it on the cone. It was so small, it fell into the cone as she handed it to me.
Alex Guarnaschelli
We have the finest officers in the world, but it seems like once they become generals it is a self-licking ice cream cone of who gets promoted and who gets approved to join that club. No one thinks outside the box.
Erik Prince
Puberty for me was graduating from Thousand Island salad dressing to Caesar salads. It was like going from hot dogs and hamburgers to beef stroganoff, or from ice cream in a cone to creme brulee.
Richard Simmons
In Tom Cone’s work nothing is easy.
Roger Rees
For the life of me, I could not make a good-looking ice-cream cone.
Daniel Schwartz
I crave a cone of silence every once in while.
Laura Linney
Pick up a sunflower and count the florets running into its centre, or count the spiral scales of a pine cone or a pineapple, running from its bottom up its sides to the top, and you will find an extraordinary truth: recurring numbers, ratios and proportions.
Charles Jencks
Three of the brightest baseball pitchers of their times staged comebacks without much success – David Cone, Jim Bouton and Jim Palmer – but there was room to admire their quixotic gesture.
George Vecsey
What I do want is to be transparent about where I am and how I got here. I don’t like the cone of silence – it didn’t do me any favors in my 20s or 30s, and I don’t see it doing much for other women, either.
Rachel Sklar
If I’m going to get an ice cream cone two or three times a week, then it’s a pleasure. No guilt.
Melissa Leo
Life is like an ice-cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time.
Charles M. Schulz
Like, I don’t do drills at all. I think that’s why a lot of people who handle the basketball, I think mine looks different. You know, ’cause I’ve never done a drill. I’ve never done ‘get to a chair and go through your legs,’ or ‘get to a spot and a cone and go through your legs or behind your back.’
Jamal Crawford
I shaved my head once and learned that I’ve got, like, a cone head. So I’m never gonna do that again.
Tommy Fleetwood
‘Constitutional’ is just a real pip of a word. Positively rolls off the tongue. In fact, it’s downright fun to say. ‘Con-stit-too-shun-al.’ It’s the verbal equivalent of skipping down the street with an ice cream cone in your hand. It’s like a semantic bag of Lays potato chips. You simply can’t just say it once.
Paul Feig
Hip-hop is not about pretense. You can be missing an eye; you can have an ice-cream cone in your face; you can run around with Bantu knots; you can decide to wear gold, all everything. It’s not about how you look – it’s about what you say. It’s about what message you’re getting across.
Brian Tyree Henry
The only thing that ultimately matters is to eat an ice-cream cone, play a slide trombone, plant a small tree, good God, now you’re free.
Ray Manzarek
I love dessert. All kinds. But there’s something about ice cream that makes me happy. I am drawn to its simplicity. I am perplexed by the endless supply of constantly growing flavor options. And I am always in the mood for sprinkles and a sugar cone.
Rachel Nichols
I’ve never owned an actual trail-running shoe myself, but maybe I should. My favorite paths are fraught with peril, much of it skulking at shoelace level. A rock, a root, an errant pine cone. Wham, and you’re down, choking in dust and picking pebbles from wounds in your forearms and knees.
Don Kardong
My kids have always been allowed to have dessert. My husband thinks I’m too free and easy about that kind of stuff, but my kids will throw out a half-eaten ice cream cone if they’ve had enough, which I’ve never in my life been able to do.
Julianne Moore
The question is not really about a shift to the economic cone where officers are writing about the balance of payments and the need for economic stabilization.
Lawrence Eagleburger