Conference Calls Quotes

Conference Calls Quotes by John Scott, Niklas Zennstrom, David Einhorn, Brad Feld, Ben Casnocha, Carl Icahn and many others.

It's always better if you're next door. Ideas come up a

It’s always better if you’re next door. Ideas come up at the oddest times. They don’t always come up in a conference call.
John Scott
We also have a conference call feature where up to five people can talk on one Skype call.
Niklas Zennstrom
I will keep a substantial long exposure to gold — which serves as a Jelly Donut antidote for my portfolio. While I’d love for our leaders to adopt sensible policies that would reduce the tail risks so that I could sell our gold, one nice thing about gold is that it doesn’t even have quarterly conference calls.
David Einhorn
While I’m a venture capitalist who invests in early-stage tech companies, I often feel like a professional emailer and conference call maker. I try to spend most of my time doing whatever the companies we are investors in need me to do.
Brad Feld
It got a little stressful in my first two years of high school, trying to make conference calls with investors in between classes, but I definitely learned a lot of important time-management lessons.
Ben Casnocha
Reuters was completely accurate that I am concerned about the level of the market. But I also made it clear on the conference call (and I believe as Reuters reported it), that it is almost impossible to predict what a market will do in the short term. There are too many variables.
Carl Icahn