Constrained Quotes

Constrained Quotes by Emil Ferris, James Bovard, Jonathan Nolan, Lynn Abbey, Margaret MacMillan, Suzi Quatro and many others.

My mother was very, very beautiful, and I saw that the

My mother was very, very beautiful, and I saw that the beautiful women around me were often constrained not only by their beauty but by the way that being an object of male desire frequently caused violence in their lives. And it caused them to be constrained in these terribly sad ways – their brilliance was not valued.
Emil Ferris
Entire generations of Americans have come of age since the ancient time when the president’s power was constrained by a duty of candor to the American people.
James Bovard
I’m not a big believer in doing too much research – I think you can get lost in it. You can get constrained by it, which I think is a mistake. But if you’ve done your homework, the audience feels it.
Jonathan Nolan
I’m not constrained by being a genre writer. Any story I can imagine, I can cast as a fantasy novel and probably get it published.
Lynn Abbey
Women are interested in relationships and how other societies manage those relationships. They may have been constrained in what roles were open to them, but they could question and observe, and they could write it down.
Margaret MacMillan
There comes a crossroads in every marriage where you grow together or grow apart. I outgrew Len. He wanted me to be in that leather jumpsuit for the rest of my life and do nothing else. He constrained me. It got to a point where the marriage died or I did.
Suzi Quatro
Why should men be constrained by antiquated stereotypes of masculinity? What does it even mean to ‘Be a Real Man’ anymore? Shouldn’t we all be celebrating a wide range of definitions of manhood?
Andy Dunn
Feminism was about making women’s lives less constrained and giving them more choices.
Hanna Rosin
I’m phobic about the idea of being constrained.
Joanne Harris
But sometimes I’ve felt a little constrained by that idea of who I’m meant to be.
Emma Watson
Mobile communications had been around for a long time, but always as a limited market, constrained by the radio spectrum.
Mo Ibrahim
Mostly I’m writing about people, so I feel constrained to take with me my view of people, my curiosity about how people choose the things they do and why they come to certain decisions in a certain fashion and all the things that drive most writers.
Raymond E. Feist
I’d done my time in corporate America, from McDonald’s making shakes to Morgan Stanley making deals and, yet, I felt awfully constrained by the uniform – not just my clothes, but how I felt I needed to conform – that a traditional job required me to wear.
Chip Conley
Hip Hop has become real constrained. The creative juices and creative flows have been diminished.
Grandmaster Flash
A lot of the great pieces of journalism from Iraq showed how important command influence was in violent, aggressive environments, where Marines and soldiers had a constrained set of choices to make in sudden moments.
Phil Klay
Some Muslim children, both male and female, have little choice in who to marry, what to study, what their careers will be, and who they can socialise with. Their lives are constrained under the expectations of family ‘honour.’
Deeyah Khan
People think of politicians having true power, but that’s less and less true. After all, they are often constrained or being edged into a corner by a whole series of contingencies.
Bernard Arnault
I don’t do nonfiction anymore. Eventually, you just feel constrained by the facts. You want to go where the words take you, and people’s actual lives don’t always conform. And you can’t know them that well.
Tom Drury
As a child actor, you haven’t been allowed to be yourself for most of your life; you’ve been constrained by the demands of your job, your parents, directors. A fictional or amplified version of you exists, but when you’re 17, you can’t have a debate with yourself about authenticity.
Tony Robinson
One of the reasons I wanted to leave my position at Common Cause and return to politics was to regain the freedom to speak out politically – to not be constrained by a non-partisan organization.
Chellie Pingree
Sarah Palin is an heir to the women’s movement. She has not been constrained by gender. At no point in her life has she thought, ‘I can’t do that because I’m a woman.’
Gail Collins
Real science is the greatest, most exciting springboard I have available to me as a writer, and I don’t feel the least bit constrained by it.
Mark Waid
Apart from the fact that I’ve got a strange job, I do lead a fairly normal life. I do my own shopping. I don’t feel constrained by who I am because of what I do; I often feel disappointed by my lack of ability. I get frustrated at myself, but I think everyone does.
Robert Smith
By definition, startups are not constrained by the limits of established company culture. And so they push boundaries and develop new technologies and ways of doing things.
J. B. Pritzker
No matter what a candidate for president may say during the campaign, once someone is sworn in, they are constrained by the Constitution – about what the Constitution allows and doesn’t allow, what the law allows and doesn’t allow.
Mitch McConnell
I knew that, when writing a book, you’re not constrained by a budget. You’re not constrained by what you can do, in terms of the special effects technology. You’re not limited to any particular running time.
George R. R. Martin
Access to equal opportunity should not be constrained by zip-code.
Abigail Spanberger
But ultimately what I was impressed by during my years in government was how much the intellectual climate and the prevailing intellectual notions constrained and represented the universe within which the discourse took place.
Lawrence Summers
We have never been in danger of running out of resources, but we have encountered considerable dangers from people who say we are running out of resources and who say that human activities need to be constrained.
Robert Zubrin
I don’t want to do free jazz! Because free jazz – which is the musical equivalent of free marketeering – isn’t actually free at all. It’s just constrained by what your muscles can do.
Brian Eno
When words I uttered, believing them to be true, were exposed as false, I was constrained by my duties and loyalty to the President and unable to comment. But I promised reporters and the public that I would someday tell the whole story of what I knew.
Scott McClellan
I didn’t want to be a ‘Fortune’ writer who was constrained in any way.
Carol Loomis
I saw that publishing all over the world was deeply constrained by self-censorship, economics and political censorship, while the military-industrial complex was growing at a tremendous rate, and the amount of information that it was collecting about all of us vastly exceeded the public imagination.
Julian Assange
Sometimes, when you are in a really constrained situation, it makes you more focused about what you want to say and where you’re heading. The most beautiful love poems that were ever written are sonnets, composed in a very constraining form.
Etgar Keret
You’re more constrained when you’re wealthy. Or when you’re making a bigger film and people complain about no budgets; but having a small amount of money to make a film means you’re at your absolute freest to express yourself as an artist.
John Carney
I didn’t want to feel constrained, so I took on the Mutants.
Bill Sienkiewicz
Inasmuch as society cannot go on without discipline of some kind, men were constrained, in the absence of any other form of discipline, to turn to discipline of the military type.
Irving Babbitt
My ministerial career is 100 percent behind me, so I can be slightly braver about taking positions which I did argue for while in office, but was constrained by collective responsibility.
Crispin Blunt
There is this group of people who love innovation. Those people want to innovate, and they think the Internet is a wonderful tool for innovation, which is true. But you also have to remember that much of that innovation is constrained within the realities of the foreign policy.
Evgeny Morozov
But the power of science lies in open publication, which, with the rise of the Internet, is no longer constrained by the price of paper.
Michael Shermer
Sometimes, thinking on your feet can be the most creative. Constrained circumstances can bring the best out of you. Some of the most successful shows come out of shoestring invention.
Cameron Mackintosh
I think math is a hugely creative field, because there are some very well-defined operations that you have to work within. You are, in a sense, straightjacketed by the rules of the mathematics. But within that constrained environment, it’s up to you what you do with the symbols.
Brian Greene
I am a phenomenologist – I work on developing theoretical models that are constrained by observations.
Priyamvada Natarajan
I always think of albums as the format. I think it’s perfect. I don’t think you can tamper with that. It’s not just sound, the analog, which is so much richer. It’s the format. You’re constrained by just 45 minutes, and it’s perfect to me. I don’t want to listen to any more than, and I live and breathe music.
Jim James
Now I’m old… maybe I’m still an eccentric hippie. There’s a wonderful freedom in the eccentricity – you can go places, you can be wacky, and you don’t have to be constrained. I think that’s why people are eccentric – eccentricity is a weapon… and it’s great!
Sylvester McCoy
When I was a teenager, I felt my life was constrained by rules, school, my parents. I wanted to feel like I was empowered and different; that’s why superheroes, comics, manga, and video games filled my needs. When I got older, I realized power is not free; it comes with responsibility.
Jenova Chen
I didn’t write much until I turned 40. Up until then I felt constrained by a sense of the discipline of New Testament studies and a sense of the ruling elite in theology and biblical studies.
N. T. Wright
No machines will ever truly fully figure the brain out, because the brain’s performance is constantly altered or else constrained by this inanimate, rogue artifact you can’t control, namely, speech.
Tom Wolfe
I mean, I absolutely call myself a feminist. And by that, I mean a woman who believes that your opportunities should not be constrained by your gender, that women should be entitled to the same opportunities as men.
Ayelet Waldman