Counted Quotes

Counted Quotes by Wislawa Szymborska, Guy Standing, Liz Truss, Gale Sayers, Mark Twain, Margaret Cho and many others.

I slide my arm from under the sleeper's head and it is

I slide my arm from under the sleeper’s head and it is numb, full of swarming pins, on the tip of each, waiting to be counted, the fallen angels sit.
Wislawa Szymborska
If I care for an elderly relative without payment, it is not work, is not counted in national income, and, as it is not labour, is not counted as work. Should my neighbour pay me to do precisely the same tasks, it would contribute to economic growth.
Guy Standing
With Anglo-American capitalism increasingly under attack, those who believe in the power of free markets and enterprise to create wealth and social progress must stand up and be counted and champion our way of life.
Liz Truss
There comes a time when you have to stand up and be counted.
Gale Sayers
In the Spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.
Mark Twain
When you feel powerful, you are willing to stand up for your rights, you are willing to stand up for what you believe in, you’re more willing to stand up and be counted.
Margaret Cho
I think the East India Company represents what we would think of as a very modern approach to the world where everything was counted, every penny was counted.
Steven Knight
My father was a soldier and my mother was a great mover. She once counted up how many places she had lived in during the first 25 years of her marriage and it came to 20.
Mary Wesley
To change your mind about something is always difficult. I think that people who are big enough to admit they were wrong can be counted on your fingers.
Francoise Gilot
I never counted on playing rugby: I was just another fat kid chasing an egg. It has gone pretty well.
Alun Wyn Jones
Momentum has always counted for something, not everything, but it’s always perceived as being something that matters in American politics.
James Carville
Back in August 2013, when Obama entertained the White House press corps in the Rose Garden to explain that he wasn’t quite as eager to upbraid Bashar Assad as he might have inadvertently led them earlier to believe, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees counted about two million Syrians in its refugee statistics.
Terry Glavin
I first learned about kicking under pressure in 1996, my rookie year with the Patriots. I was signed as a free agent by a team that already had Matt Bahr, one of the best kickers around. To win the job, I had to show coach Bill Parcells that I could make kicks when they counted. That process started in training camp.
Adam Vinatieri
One, with God, is always a majority, but many a martyr has been burned at the stake while the votes were being counted.
Thomas Reed
Similarly, only people as misanthropic as myself can be counted on not to have to lie to others, since we have the unique luxury of not caring what sort of opinions others formulate about us.
Boyd Rice
Take ’39 Steps’. When I finished writing it, I counted the number of measures in the composition. I always do this because I am interested in the length of a song. So I counted this one a couple of times because 39 is an unusual number of measures for a song.
John Abercrombie
I went to state in track, won the girls’ city championship, and did well in volleyball. I was a varsity cheerleader. So you know, shoot, I’ve got a couple of letters and things! Last I counted, I think there were eight in my mama’s house.
Vivica A. Fox
We are as old as we feel. And while I never feel my calendar age, I often feel my Leaper age. And I’ll go with that. Because life is not something to be run down like a counter nor counted as it runs you down. It is an experience, and we can choose to live it as we will.
Rick Tumlinson
Follow the path of the unsafe, independent thinker. Expose your ideas to the dangers of controversy. Speak your mind and fear less the label of ‘crackpot’ than the stigma of conformity. And on issues that seem important to you, stand up and be counted at any cost.
Chauncey Depew
I think that there are artists of different genres whose calling is to use their art to hope to affect and better the human condition – whether it’s System of a Down, or Rage Against the Machine, or Public Enemy, or the Clash, Bruce Springsteen, or Pete Seeger. It’s a group that I’m proud to be counted among.
Tom Morello
Mike Hodge is someone I’ve counted on for strong, steady leadership from the very start of my union service, and he has never failed to deliver.
Ken Howard
Every vote counts and every vote must be counted.
Barbara Mikulski
Words must surely be counted among the most powerful drugs man ever invented.
Leo Rosten
We have seen voters denied their rights in recent elections as they have been incorrectly purged from lists, their absentee votes not counted, and voting machine integrity and security not assured.
Marcy Kaptur
You found during apartheid a strange occurrence from the white folks themselves. There were those who did make a choice to speak out and stand and be counted in the army of human beings who believed in justice. And then there are those who left.
John Kani
For decades, allies have counted on the U.S. to step up to the plate to work with them to protect the shared values we hold dear. As we face numerous international challenges, both old and new, we need to put more faith and investment in our international and diplomatic institutions, not weaken them.
Mike Quigley
The liberals in the House strongly resemble liberals I have known through the last two decades in the civil rights conflict. When it comes time to show on which side they will be counted, they excuse themselves.
Shirley Chisholm
Academia is very flexible, but I had a spouse who was very committed to being a completely full partner in our marriage. I think if you counted up how many hours each one of us logged in, he certainly gets more than 50%.
Janet Yellen
The Florida Supreme Court wanted all the legal votes to be counted. The United States Supreme Court, on the other hand, did not want all the votes to be counted.
Vincent Bugliosi
I am no more solely counted for comic or villain roles, which comes more often in mainstream, masala films.
Saswata Chatterjee
I have been proposed to a few times. I haven’t counted how many, a little bit more than one hand?
Lady Colin Campbell
The reason it takes us from November the second to December the sixth to certify is because we have a very tedious, very comprehensive process where we audit by precinct, across the state, every vote that was cast to make sure that every vote that was legally cast is counted.
Kenneth Blackwell
This I realized very late, that villain remains villain and are never able to become artists. We are never counted as actors and always addressed as villains.
Mukesh Rishi
From a personal point of view, I wouldn’t have been happy with one cap but would always have been happy with two. I never counted on getting to 80.
Alun Wyn Jones
I took a job at the pool in order to earn the five cents a day it cost to swim. I counted wet towels. As a bonus, I was allowed to swim during lunchtime.
Esther Williams
Had I not stepped into the saddle in the first place, entire cultures, histories, and most importantly, profound connections with people and animals whom I now counted as my friends would have otherwise passed by, invisible.
Tim Cope
The American system of democracy is founded on the concept that every citizen has the right to vote, to know that their vote is counted, and that the vote is counted accurately.
Barbara Mikulski
I think the beauty of Catholicism is its consistency through both successes and difficulties. I’ve counted on my faith to give me strength through both training and competition – but also in school, with my family and everyday life.
Katie Ledecky
Nobody disputes that cheap natural gas would be a good thing for the economy. The question is, is this a sustainable new development that can be counted on for decades to come, or simply a ‘bubble’ brought on by a land grab and drilling frenzy?
Jeff Goodell
Whatever we do, whatever our backgrounds, we’ve all had some kind of advantage somewhere along the way. Some break that might have gone to someone else. Some edge or inside track we couldn’t have counted on.
Ivanka Trump
Flooding the mails with ballots is an invitation for voter fraud and chaos on Election Day. There is a danger of votes being lost, tampered with and, frankly, not counted by overwhelmed election officials.
Tom Fitton
If one by one we counted people out For the least sin, it wouldn’t take us long To get so we had no one left to live with. For to be social is to be forgiving.
Robert Frost
Justice Scalia is predictable. He can be counted on to come down with a conservative opinion, and generally, to bring Justice Clarence Thomas with him.
F. Lee Bailey
Aristotle could have avoided the mistake of thinking that women have fewer teeth than men, by the simple device of asking Mrs. Aristotle to keep her mouth open while he counted.
Bertrand Russell
I like John McCain. He can always be counted on for a good quote.
Ted Cruz
I counted how many seconds it takes to get my smartphone out of my pocket, open it up, find the camera app, wait for it to load, and then take a photo. Six to 12 seconds.
Robert Scoble
Many churches are measuring the wrong things. We measure things like attendance and giving, but we should be looking at more fundamental things like anger, contempt, honesty, and the degree to which people are under the thumb of their lusts. Those things can be counted, but not as easily as offerings.
Dallas Willard
Criminals are never very amusing. It’s because they’re failures. Those who make real money aren’t counted as criminals. This is a class distinction, not an ethical problem.
Orson Welles
When I was a kid, one thing I counted on was rushing home from church to catch the start of the race. There’s something really awesome about that routine.
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Because a person has to be either working or looking for work to be counted as part of the labor force, an increase in the number of people too discouraged to continue their search for work would reduce the unemployment rate, all else being equal – but not for a positive reason.
Ben Bernanke
Americans have, at various times, leaned on the FBI for a measure of justice that local and state police couldn’t be counted on to deliver, and recoiled in fear at their exercise of raw federal power. That uneasy trust; the combination of need and dread, is the lot that FBI agents live with day to day.
Joy Reid
Undocumented residents and even green-card holders may fear that filling out the census could put them at risk of deportation and decide its better not to be counted at all.
Alex Wagner
Every citizen of this country should be guaranteed that their vote matters, that their vote is counted, and that in the voting booth, their vote has a much weight as that of any CEO, any member of Congress, or any President.
Barbara Boxer
Wealth, in terms of dollars and so forth, could be counted up, because dollars were finite. It doesn’t make any difference how many dollars you have-at a certain point you only have dollars. You start with finite, you end with finite.
Michael Nesmith
Whenever a Kurd wants to measure the depth of some foreign leader’s commitment to Kurdish autonomy, he listens for one particular word. That word is ‘federal.’ Anyone who will say he favors Kurdish federalism can be counted a friend of the Kurds.
Timothy Noah
By any accepted standard, I have had more than nine lives. I counted them up once, and there were 13 times I almost and maybe should have died.
Hunter S. Thompson
Whenever Elway was on the field, you never counted the Broncos out.
Joe Buck
Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong.
Ronald Reagan
The number of business leaders who asked me to lower their taxes can be counted on one hand.
Jack Markell
The votes of 60,000 Floridians were not counted. The Court threw out all 60,00 votes. And that’s what the newspapers around the country are counting now.
Vincent Bugliosi
The people went out and voted the banana man, and the Tabulation Center counted the tally sheets.
Jovenel Moise
The reality is that I’ve been counted out for a very long time and people continue to underestimate me and I continue to overperform.
Letitia James
Votes should be weighed not counted.
Friedrich Schiller
The Voter Expansion Project’s mission is clear: Ensure that every eligible citizen can register, every registered voter can vote, and every vote is accurately counted.
Donna Brazile
For everybody wanting to make herself counted you have to put your success before you.
Sherlyn Chopra
The only thing I hope I did was never put in question my love for the game, or my passion to be counted on when it mattered most.
Curt Schilling
We’ve got ballots flying around, being counted by hand, arriving by truck and in God knows whose custody.
David Axelrod
If people want to take the time to vote, they should be able to, and their vote should be counted.
Doug Ducey
Whether if soul did not exist time would exist or not, is a question that may fairly be asked; for if there cannot be someone to count there cannot be anything that can be counted, so that evidently there cannot be number; for number is either what has been, or what can be, counted.
A counted number of pulses only is given to us of a variegated, dramatic life. How may we see in them all that is to to be seen in them by the finest senses?
Walter Pater
During the cold war, it was easy for the Pentagon to justify its budget, as the Soviets essentially sized our forces for us. We simply counted up their stuff and either bought more of the same or upgraded our technology.
Thomas P.M. Barnett
The teacher crisis is something we are really worried about during the byelection in Mount Albert. I counted, across a month, seven teachers I identified just in my area who were all leaving – not the profession but Auckland.
Jacinda Ardern
In 2007, a very inspired New York University Ph.D. student counted all the models on the runway, every single one that was hired, and of the 677 models that were hired, only 27, or less than four per cent, were non-white.
Cameron Russell
I’ve been counted out a lot of times, but always find a way to win.
Danny Garcia
I am not someone who likes to be in the dressing room and waste time; I like to be on the field all the time and be counted. That is how I am.
K. L. Rahul
Looking back, it puzzles me that my parents decided to stay in Shanghai when they must have known that war was imminent. But the cotton works were my father’s responsibility, and duty then counted for something.
J. G. Ballard
Senior development specialists in the Treasury can be counted on one hand. America’s government is not even aware of the gap between its commitments and action, because almost nobody in authority understands the actions that would be needed to meet the commitments.
Jeffrey Sachs
For me, the biggest successes I’ve ever had were the ones I never counted on. I never thought my first big record would be a hit. I thought it was an average song.
Frankie Avalon
I was brought up in a household where you stood up to be counted.
Aminatta Forna
In my early teens, I acquired a kind of representative status: went on behalf of the family to wakes and funerals and so on. And I would be counted on as an adult contributor when it came to farm work – the hay in the summertime, for example.
Seamus Heaney
When I first ran for Congress in 1998, people counted me out.
Tammy Baldwin
To be counted in the census is to be both seen and supported.
Alex Wagner