Crazy Things Quotes

Crazy Things Quotes by Alan Cumming, Robbie Rist, Marcus Berg, Kevin Hart, Ted Dekker, Eddie Van Halen and many others.

I have no regrets in my life even the crazy things I've

I have no regrets in my life even the crazy things I’ve been in. It all made me the I am today and I wouldn’t change anything. I’m happy with who I am!
Alan Cumming
The crazy thing about the entertainment industry now is that you can’t do just one thing. If you’re focusing in on just one thing you’re pretty much doomed.
Robbie Rist
I’m 32 this year so I’m experienced, I know how it is: sometimes you do very easy things and sometimes you can do crazy things that you don’t understand. It’s just to be focused on the hard work. For me, that’s always the No 1 thing.
Marcus Berg
When you’re in love, love makes you do crazy things, and can take you down a whirlwind of a road.
Kevin Hart
He was as needy as she was. Alvin Finch only wanted to be needed. Loved. And absent of either, he resorted to deflecting his pain by killing. Just like a teenager might resort to deflecting the pain of rejection by cutting. People did a lot of crazy things to be wanted.
Ted Dekker
I can’t read music. Instead, I’d do stuff inside the piano, do harmonics and all kinds of crazy things. They used to put me in these annual piano contests down at Long Beach City College, and two years in a row, I won first prize – out of like 5,000 kids!
Eddie Van Halen
You just never know. Crazy things happen in elections.
Greg Kurstin
There are a lot of people who do crazy things without necessarily being crazy, for example crossing the Atlantic solo. Some crazy things which requires you not to be crazy to achieve them.
I was always pushing the limits, going as far as I could. I would do all kinds of crazy things.
Hal Needham
John McCain responded to critics who say he’s too old for a sixth term by saying that his mother is 103 years old and doing well. The crazy thing is that even she is somehow younger than John McCain.
Jimmy Fallon
Take this wealth and this fame, always stay humble, keep your family close, and do ridiculously crazy things.
Rob Dyrdek
Am I crazy Loretta?” “A little,” she says. I glance up at her. “Sometimes we’re called on to do crazy things.
Donna VanLiere
I was never into the boy crazy thing because I was very focused on my career.
Christina Aguilera
That’s the crazy thing about lies. You start to fall for them, yourself.
Jodi Picoult
History is the same thing over and over again.
Woody Allen
When you watch Monsters you understand that the effects he did on his laptop were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, I was astounded.More than a few people said to me, “That’s kind of a crazy thing to go from that level of film and then hand over Godzilla”.
Thomas Tull
Just when I think I hate fashion, I hate clothes, I’m seized by this crazy thing that I have to do. I have this little studio now where I just draw. I can be in the room for three days and not even look up
Isaac Mizrahi
I’m just a psycho myself. I loved playing Leila [from Fifty Shades Darker], taking on [a character] who’s completely unhinged. I saw her as a girl who’s grief-stricken and she just doesn’t have the tools to cope. Grief and heartbreak, it makes you do some pretty crazy things.
Bella Heathcote
I have done a lot of crazy things in my life, and I do not regret anything.
Nora Fatehi
2020, it’s been a lot. But I look at it as, I would never want to not do 2020 for as many crazy things that have happened.
Becca Kufrin
The crazy thing is that I really wasn’t under any pressure. My contract wasn’t going to expire until the end of 2008, and everyone was satisfied with me. But I wasn’t. I always wanted to improve.
Patrik Sinkewitz
Maybe it’s just hiding somewhere. Or gone on a trip to come home. But falling in love is always a pretty crazy thing. It might appear out of the blue and just grab you. Who knows — maybe even tomorrow.
Haruki Murakami
Campaigns are crazy things. They’re half startup, half enterprise.
Harper Reed
I did so many crazy things while drinking.
Keith Whitley
Such crazy things happen on daytime TV; if you were to take a specific scene out of context, it can sound so far-fetched that you start laughing at the material… and that can take you out of watching the performance.
Kassie DePaiva
Start saving your pennies now. People spend $300 on crazy things all the time, things like handbags. So work all year, scrape the money together, and come to my show. I’m worth it.
Madonna Ciccone
I’m going to go do this crazy thing. I’m going to start this company selling books online.
Jeff Bezos
The Sixties, of course, was the worst time in the world to try and bring up a child. They were exposed to all these crazy things going on.
Nancy Reagan
Someone asked me once what my philosophy of life was, and I said some crazy thing. I should have said, how the hell do I know?
Rock Hudson
The age of 20 was all about stupid things. I did crazy things but never lost it. I was, you know, a little crazy. I once broke up with my boyfriend in London and went to an Indian guy’s apartment who I didn’t know and who told me he saw my aura and gave me a massage.
Ayelet Zurer
Being on Netflix lets us be experimental. We can do crazy things.
Lena Waithe
And pigs may fly. And we may be able to terraform and send surface populations to Mars. And Jesus may come next week anyway, so it doesn’t matter one way or the other. All these crazy things run through people’s minds.
E. O. Wilson
There will always be crazy things that happen in our lives, but love is the central connector. If we commit to love and partnership, the other stuff doesnt matter.
Hill Harper
It just happened that the public happened to, uh, appreciate the satirical quality of these crazy things.
Rube Goldberg
This crazy thing called love…
Mike Myers
True, you don’t have to be religious to be crazy, but it helps. Indeed, if you are religious, you don’t have to be crazy in the medically certifiable sense in order to do massively crazy things.
Daniel Dennett
The crazy thing is we live on an ocean planet – nobody gets that yet.
Graham Hawkes
And you know, whether it’s drama or comedy, the best work is based on truth. It’s just that, with comedy, the circumstances are just crazy-heightened, and you have these crazy things thrown at you. But you still have to do it truthfully, because that’s where the humor comes from. So it’s not that difficult to cross over.
Tony Hale
I think the best cure is to stop doing the thing that you think you should be doing and go and have a bit of fun in another medium, maybe other crazy things.
Bat for Lashes
I do really crazy things all the time, but I can’t think of anything offhand
Casper Van Dien
Depending on who we’re playing, it’s just kind of, like, a little starstruck. You know, because these are guys that… I’m playing against Tom Brady or Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, guys like that that I’ve been watching since high school, that’s been doing crazy things.
Deshaun Watson
In every American election, crazy things are said. Positions are taken which the winners try very hard to forget afterwards.
Lee Hsien Loong
I may do some cringey and crazy things, but for crying out loud, I have Nikki Bella calling me out.
Henry Cejudo
It’s just that, with comedy, the circumstances are just crazy-heightened, and you have these crazy things thrown at you. But you still have to do it truthfully, because that’s where the humor comes from.
Tony Hale
Boredom makes you do crazy things
Jenny Holzer
My nan was very active in the Labour Party in the 1980s, her politics are way to the left of mine, she used to do crazy things.
Wes Streeting
There’re always some notorious people in the crew who are doing crazy things, but I try to keep it a little more low-key. My crazy thing is always just the show and putting all my energy into it.
Hoodie Allen
Come on, let’s go. Crazy people do crazy things.
Paulo Coelho
Cops are doing crazy things now, and they catching theyselves; bodycams, carcams. But until they really start giving these cops time – 50 years, 100 years – it’s not gonna stop. As long as they keep getting off, nothing’s gonna happen. It’s been going on since before N.W.A.
DJ Yella
It’s interesting that people who can perpetrate cons have talked themselves into believing that they’re not doing anything bad. That they tell themselves that there is nothing wrong with what they’re doing is the crazy thing about human behavior.
Craig Zobel
People fight, they get angry, they do drugs, and they do crazy things.
Steven Adler
Numb3rs’ was a wonderful gift because I had not worked in six months. It was so fun to be on that set doing these crazy things.
Ari Graynor
They portray me as all these crazy things and I’m so not like that. I don’t have entourages, I’m as normal as you can get in this lifestyle.
Kate Moss
All the weird, crazy things people say, like twins can read each other minds, they can feel each other’s feelings, it’s all true. We can have complete conversations with our eyes.
Brie Bella
Reading serves as a good escape when you’re in the middle of doing crazy things.
Carly Rae Jepsen
I think it’s too bad when teenagers become conformist in terms of fashion,because it’s the ideal time to go off into your own crazy thing without looking completely idiotic.
Clemence Poesy
I was the Pink Pansy or whatever, wearing this crazy thing.
Kel Mitchell
I remember the days beginning at sixteen, seventeen years old in Girls Aloud. Nobody knew us, nobody cared. We’d do university shows and people threw beers cans at us. All sorts of crazy things! We had to work really hard to get where we did.
Nadine Coyle
The first time I went to Daniel’s [Radcliffe] apartment to just hang out before, because we’re doing this crazy thing together, right away he said, “Do you want to put your hand in my mouth so we can get used to this?” And he was really ready to go. So we broke down any barriers pretty quick.
Paul Dano
The more you embrace the weird crazy things about you, the more you find your tribe.
Jinkx Monsoon
I sometimes feel I would like to do crazy things with ‘Endgame,’ where someone says something, but the words, instead of being spoken, are written words projected out of their mouth.
Simon McBurney
Obviously, I wore a lot of crazy things on stage. That’s just how it goes.
Tiffany Darwish
The crazy thing is that when we go to somebody’s house, what’s better than looking at their bookshelves? Nobody’s ever going to say, “Can I see the index to your Kindle?” It’s so depressing and so unsexy. Sure, it’s there, but nobody is going to get excited by that.
Jeanette Winterson
Final Execution is Wolverine’s spotlight arc. He goes through a crazy thing here. I think the fear with him is that he’s in so many books that his growth can become stagnant. He ends this story in a very different place.
Rick Remender
To me, most filmmaking is a kind of visualization of how people are. The dark, the light, the absurdity of life, all the crazy things, you know? So all of the characters that I’ve made have been really close to my heart. I guess what I’m interested in is just visualizing a really three-dimensional picture of a person.
Lynne Ramsay
I’m 36 years old, I love my family, I love baseball, and I’m about to become a farmer. But until I heard the voice, I’d never done a crazy thing in my whole life.
Ray Kinsella
It takes courage to pull the ball down and reverse field and do some of the crazy things that Favre and Manziel do. There’s going to be consequences when sometimes it doesn’t work out. But it takes a tremendous amount of guts and courage to go make a play when there’s nothing there instead of throwing the ball away.
Jon Gruden
I have seen some crazy people do some crazy things on my variety show. I have to stop and ask them a lot of the time, just how they figured out that they could do the things that they do, some of it is just plain freaky.
Steve Harvey
I like my body so much better after I had kids. Is that a crazy thing to say? I’m more womanly. I feel sexier.
Reese Witherspoon
It’s when people come at you on Twitter and say really crazy things. That’s the kind of stuff that I insulate myself from. All of that is not very interesting or helpful, but we have critics who sometimes really love us or sometimes don’t, and it’s really interesting for me to see what they don’t like about it.
Jennifer Konner
I considered writing a book too, but I think people don’t like to read, to be honest – they want to watch. People want to see crazy things, so we decided to make a film [“Selling Isobel”] instead.
Frida Farrell
I remember walking home one day from school, and this car pulled up behind me really slow, and it gave me a really weird feeling, and all of a sudden it skimmed me, and the man was half naked and tried to pull me into his car and saying crazy things to me. And it was terrifying.
Nikki Bella
When you’re a teenager, you could do a lot more crazy things, and your body recovers faster.
Michelle Yeoh
Alexia blinked stupidly at the Beta from around the earl’s upper arm. Her heart was doing crazy things, and she still could not locate her kneecaps. She took a deep breath and put some serious attention into tracking them down.
Gail Carriger
I feel like with comedy, the crazy things that happen are never serious you know? Like, rubble being poured onto you in drama would be something that’s absolutely terrible, but in a comedy it’s absolutely terrible but so funny.
Vanessa Hudgens
People can be anonymous when they go on blogs and say crazy things that they would never have the courage to say to your face.
John Leguizamo
‘The Onion’ is an amazing place to work because it’s a bunch of really smart, collaborative writers who aren’t afraid to try crazy things.
Jon Watts
I like to be wild, and I like to do wild, crazy things. I need excitement. At all times. Normal is not my type.
Neon Hitch
One of the crazy things about our job is that we get taught these insane skills that we could never use in real life.
Karl Urban
I grew up on film sets and I had a ball. It wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun if my dad had been working behind a desk somewhere. I remember being on the set of ‘The Godfather: Part III,’ and all the kids were running around and doing crazy things, and Francis Ford Coppola just embraced that.
Dominik Garcia-Lorido
There will always be crazy things that happen in our lives, but love is the central connector. If we commit to love and partnership, the other stuff doesn’t matter.
Hill Harper
No one can write down all the crazy things that have happened for me, and coming back to work for the NFL is the most ironic part of all.
Bob Sapp
You know what truth is? […] It’s some crazy thing my neighbor believes. If I want to make friends with him, I ask him what he believes. He tells me, and I say, “Yeah, yeah – ain’t it the truth?
Kurt Vonnegut
It is an incredible thing to see how many crazy things get thrown out that people then often write commentaries about how happy they are or how disappointed they are about something that’s completely false. But, it’s a lot of noise, frankly.
J. J. Abrams
Knowing that you’re crazy doesn’t make the crazy things stop happening.
Mark Vonnegut
People like Jeff Buckley, the Mars Volta and Bjork made me listen to music differently. You learn the voice is an instrument you can do crazy things with.
People are going to go out and do things after games and celebrate and do that kind of stuff. Everybody cannot be everywhere, and nobody can prevent crazy things from happening. Stuff is going to happen, and you’ve just got to deal with it.
Joe Flacco
I don’t feel like I have to use big words or theories to get my point across. People are like, “Whoa. That’s crazy” and make it into this crazy thing.
Jhene Aiko
I think everyone does crazy things in life.
Kevin-Prince Boateng
People believe you have to secure the border; whether you’re doing it with a wall that keeps getting higher because of the crazy things the Mexicans say, if you go that Donald Trump route, whatever route you go, everyone agrees in our movement that you have to secure the border.
Sean Duffy
I’ve made a lot of crazy comedy videos and said a lot of crazy things. If it’s too offensive, I apologize and move on, but I do comedy.
Shane Dawson
Losing my dad prepared me for everything that happens in life, and… life has thrown some really crazy things at me.
Jordyn Woods
Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.
Haruki Murakami
I think that people are having to do like really crazy things to shock people now, to get people’s attention and it kind of, it’s this way in lots of different aspects of life. You know, people fight for attention. It’s competitive. So they need to be the one that stands out.
Joss Stone
For me personally, my favourite part of performing is just going in the crowd and doing crazy things that they never expected to see. Challenging myself to do new things that I never expected to do. That’s the biggest thing for me.
Tory Lanez
With any group of people in life, sad things happen, and crazy things, and happy things. When you’re in the public eye, it’s just amplified, that’s all.
Margot Kidder
Once I established myself doing crazy things and being extreme, people want to see it all the time.
Jeff Hardy
My dad was obviously a really quirky, unconventional Asian man who didn’t care about what other people thought. When he would fight with my mom, he would be really dramatic. He would be like, ‘Devil, get away, for I am God’s property.’ He would say crazy things that were so melodramatic but so theatrical and funny.
Ali Wong
I did a lot of crazy things so I’m surprised to be alive.
Mel Gibson
I’m not ashamed to confess that I often note down many of the crazy things my children say.
Amitava Kumar
The best days I have are usually days where I’m out in the woods and something happens, like I see an amazing animal like a fox, or I get a glimpse of a wild pig or something that I never see. Or crazy things happen.
Amy Ray
I used to do crazy things that people would bail me out of, and I’m just grateful that I survived. But the music got very lost; I didn’t know where I was going, and I didn’t really care. I was more into just having a good time, and I think it showed.
Eric Clapton
Thank God I have parents who’d support the crazy things I did. If my dad found a snake, I’d take it to the woods. I was always taking these homeless birds and homeless cats home.
Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
I like a challenge and I like being able to prove to me and everyone else that I can do crazy things – even with a dodgy knee.
Kadeena Cox
Falling in love is a crazy thing to do. It’s kind of like a form of socially acceptable insanity.
Amy Adams
So for me, fashion was about standing out as an individual – and it helped me get the attention that most people try to get with publicity stunts or by doing other crazy things. But I just let the attention come to me naturally, and I think some of that has to do with my fashion.
ASAP Rocky