Dangerous Quotes

Dangerous Quotes by Carolee Schneemann, Vasily Smyslov, Marc Maron, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Mizuko Ito, Michio Kaku and many others.

It's really hard to have a fair discussion when you're

It’s really hard to have a fair discussion when you’re faced with militarism, aggression, and greed. The militarists do not want dialogue. They want what they want. They’re psychotic. They’re greedy, they’re narcissistic, and they’re dangerous.
Carolee Schneemann
In chess, as in life, a man is his own most dangerous opponent.
Vasily Smyslov
If you can’t afford the good food or if you can’t afford health care or if you don’t have a job or if your car is dangerous because you can’t get it fixed and you DIE, you just lost the game-bzzzzz-thanks for playing extreme capitalism.
Marc Maron
Education makes the wise slightly wiser, but it makes the fool vastly more dangerous.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
There are myths about kids spending time online – that it is dangerous or making them lazy. But we found that spending time online is essential for young people to pick up the social and technical skills they need to be competent citizens in the digital age.
Mizuko Ito
To a physicist, we have the ‘I’ word, the I-word is ‘impossible.’ That’s dangerous.
Michio Kaku
There are five dangerous faults which may affect a general: recklessness, which leads to destruction; cowardice, which leads to capture; a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults; a delicacy of honour, which is sensitive to shame; over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble.
Sun Tzu
I think the most dangerous influence for a young writer is to be treated with cynicism or discouragement.
Jane Gardam
In a time of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action.
Brian Tracy
Monsieur, sit down; listen to me. I am not a heathen, I am not hard-hearted, I am not unchristian, I am not dangerous, as they tell you; I would not trouble your faith; you believe in God and Christ and the Bible, and so do I.
Charlotte Bronte
Don’t be too brave. Bravery is a fine thing on some occasions, but sometimes it can be quite a dangerous thing. The stiff upper lip is not always the best.
Jeremy Brett
Human nature is so weak that the honest men who have no religion make me fret with their perilous virtue, as rope-dancers with their dangerous equilibrium.
Francis de Gaston, Chevalier de Levis
Honesty – however dangerous – should be as valuable as radium it seems to me.
Marianne Moore
When you’re convinced that you’re right and you believe that you have the license to do anything because you’re right, you can be bossy and you can be dangerous. You can be oppressive. You can be a tyrant.
Terry O’Quinn
We need to know who’s in the United States. We need to know everyone who’s in the United States that comes in here from a foreign country. And we have to separate the ones who are dangerous from the ones who aren’t. To accomplish that, we need a fence. We need a technological fence. We need a border patrol.
Rudy Giuliani
There are a lot of universities that are as dangerous with the indoctrination of the children as terrorists are in Iran or North Korea. We have been setting up reeducation camps. We call them universities.
Glenn Beck
One of the things that really drove me crazy was the way in which college kids, in particular, are educated to think that ideology is dangerous and bad.
Jonah Goldberg
We have to bring out the truth about how dark and dangerous and evil the taxi side is.
Travis Kalanick
People were stupid, sometimes. They thought the Library was a dangerous place because of all the magical books, which was true enough, but what made it really one of the most dangerous places there could ever be was the simple fact that it was a library.
Terry Pratchett
The man who has ceased to learn ought not to be allowed to wander around loose in these dangerous days.
Moses Coady
The SILENCE of the good people is more DANGEROUS than the BRUTALITY of the bad people
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Wait just a minute,” Ares growled. He pointed at Thalia and me. “These two are dangerous. It’d be much safer, while we’ve got them here—” “Ares,” Poseidon interrupted, “they are worthy heroes. We will not blast my son to bits.” “Nor my daughter,” Zeus grumbled. “She has done well.
Rick Riordan
Your empire is now like a tyranny: it may have been wrong to take it; it is certainly dangerous to let it go.
Only a teenage boy would agree to this: deceiving both our parents while repairing dangerous vehicles using money meant for my college education. He didn’t see anything wrong with that picture. Jacob was a gift from the gods.
Stephenie Meyer
Nothing could be left to chance, because chance, after all, can be dangerous. But what I didn’t realize all that time, what I missed all along, is that chance is everywhere. It’s also what life is made of. It’s all around us, but most of the time we never see it working.
Jessi Kirby
Those full of fear were the most dangerous of people.
Melina Marchetta
At such times the universe gets a little closer to us. They are strange times, times of beginnings and endings. Dangerous and powerful. And we feel it even if we don’t know what it is. These times are not necessarily good, and not necessarily bad. In fact, what they are depends on what *we* are.
Terry Pratchett
Life is weird, great and dangerous.
Henry Rollins
Most people would look at an animal in a cage and instinctively feel that it should be set free. . . . It’s a dangerous world out there, filled with predators. . . . What would you prefer? A comfortable, safe, warm, cosy life in a cage, or an uncertain life of freedom.
Scarlett Thomas
Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are. We are often like rivers: careless and forceful, timid and dangerous, lucid and muddied, eddying, gleaming, still.
Gretel Ehrlich
I think making a great action movie is one of the hardest cinematic endeavors. By definition, smart characters avoid action. Smart people don’t go down dark alleys, but if you’re making an action movie and you want to have an action sequence, somehow you have to get that character into that dangerous situation.
Doug Liman
There’s a dangerous bottom-lining, and super-summarizing that happens in a lot of our press and our media, and sort of our politicians’ talking points, that’s dangerously simple. I don’t know a better way to say it. And there’s usually a lot more complicated facts going on than what is quoted and quotable.
Seth Gordon
Long-term goals are dangerous. They limit you. They hinder you from reacting to new conditions.
Ben Casnocha
Sure. I’d like to live regular. Go home to a good looking wife, a hot dinner, and a husky kid. But I guess I got film in my blood. I love this racket. It’s exciting. It’s dangerous. It’s funny. It’s tough. It’s heartbreaking.
He has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so.
Walter Lippmann
Believing that other people are always better than you-better-looking, more capable, richer, more intelligent-and that it’s very dangerous to step outside your own limits, so it’s best to do nothing.
Paulo Coelho
The freer the society gets, the more dangerous the great beast becomes and the more you have to be careful to cage it somehow.
Noam Chomsky
Nothing is more dangerous than a dogmatic worldview – nothing more constraining, more blinding to innovation, more destructive of openness to novelty.
Stephen Jay Gould
The propensity to intellectualize is itself both essential and dangerous. I think in our modern world we are much more aware of its essential character than of its dangers, and that is why I think of it as being an expression of transcendence.
Talal Asad
If you really believe music is dangerous, you should let it go in one ear and out the other.
Jose Bergamin
It is dangerous to be so busy that you have no time to wait on God.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
I think we Americans tend to put too high a price on unanimity, as if there were something dangerous and illegitimate about honest differences of opinion honestly expressed by honest men.
J. William Fulbright
There are always risks in battle. It’s a dangerous business. The trick is to take the right ones.’ [said Halt]. ‘How do you know which are the right ones?’ Shigeru asked. Halt glanced at his two younger companions. They grinned and answered in chorus, ‘You wait and see if you win.
John Flanagan
I am portrayed as a dangerous individual who can be fought thanks to their ideas.
Tariq Ramadan
Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.
Harry Emerson Fosdick
It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.
Dangerous is wrath concealed. Hatred proclaimed doth lose its chance of wreaking vengeance.
Seneca the Younger
The money matters. And secret money is corrupting, secret money is dangerous, secret money leads to scandal.
E. J. Dionne
Many respected economists and statesmen believe our national debt is neither unwieldy nor a dangerous burden on the country. The trouble is that a vast majority of the American people think otherwise…. It violates basic American ideas of thrift and money management. These strong public feelings cannot be ignored forever.
Mo Udall
I think often if people don’t have a lot of experience with a particular type of person or a particular type of brain, they can make dangerous assumptions. That’s one of the reasons that I’m so interested in contradicting and troubling held thoughts about black women.
Morgan Parker
I didn’t die young. So I am very lucky. There are other artists and people that didn’t survive certain things… people can imagine that I did the most dangerous, and I did the worst… for many reasons, I shouldn’t be here.
Angelina Jolie
Our emotions are often beautiful, but they can also be dangerous. They represent our spontaneity, and seem to speak to us of our freedom.
Tariq Ramadan
What made it special made it dangerous, so I bury it… and forget.
Kate Bush
A world without nuclear weapons may be a dream but you cannot base a sure defence on dreams. Without far greater trust and confidence between East and West than exists at present, a world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.
Margaret Thatcher
People love their animals so much so that they put little clothes on them and necklaces and booties and things like that. And if you love your animal, then you should feed them something that’s not dangerous for them. There’s a lot of poisonous stuff that they’re putting in a lot of that food, those by-products.
Ellen DeGeneres
When you’re young, you tend to believe what people tell you, and that’s dangerous. As you get older, you learn that you’re never as good or as bad as they say you are. If you understand this, you win.
George Clooney
A.I. poses a potential threat more dangerous than nuclear weapons.
Judy Woodruff
If you learn a martial art, you learn to be dangerous, but simultaneously, you learn to control it.
Jordan Peterson
Before thee stands this fair Hesperides,
With golden fruit, but dangerous to be touched;
For death-like dragons here affright thee hard.
William Shakespeare
Fast pitch softball is just as dangerous as baseball. The ball is bigger so you can see it better, but the size also makes for a bigger space to move out of its way.
Sara Gilbert
Solitude becomes a sort of tangible enemy, the more dangerous, because it dwells within the citadel itself.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Never think negatively, for the negative thinker does a very dangerous thing. He pumps out negative thoughts into the world around him and thus activates the world negatively.
Norman Vincent Peale
Much as I like and admire Richard Dawkins, I do think that to call a book ‘The God Delusion’ is very worrying because the title implies that if you don’t believe in what I believe then you are ‘deluded.’ That, I think, is a dangerous concept and one that is unlikely to win hearts and minds.
Robert Winston
I noticed long ago that Amin has the tendency to concentrate power in his own hands but I did not attach any particular significance to this. However, recently this tendency has become dangerous.
Nur Muhammad Taraki
Our border patrol does a great job under these very dangerous conditions. They use very sophisticated equipment, including gamma rays, to detect drugs and illegal immigrants as they enter the U.S.
Timothy Murphy
In love, writing is dangerous, not to mention pointless.
Alexandre Dumas
I don’t believe in total freedom for the artist. Left on his own, free to do anything he likes, the artist ends up doing nothing at all. If there’s one thing that’s dangerous for an artist, it’s precisely this question of total freedom, waiting for inspiration and all the rest of it.
Federico Fellini
Stupidity makes you dangerous-to yourself and everyone around you.
Jennifer Lee Carrell
I think what’s dangerous is 24 hours a day, 335 channels, or whatever the hell there is. Too much is too much.
Norman Lear
Squelching debate by branding it un-American is dishonest, dangerous, and, in itself, hateful.
Ed Schultz
Whoever accelerates the media of earth, water and air centrifugally perishes unconditionally, for in so doing they reduce the Blood of the Earth (water) to a pathogenic state and make it the most dangerous enemy of all living and growing things.
Viktor Schauberger
Pakistan is the most dangerous country on Earth.
Joseph Cirincione
As a matter of fact, I was going to offer you something.” “What did you have in mind?” “A field trip. You interested in doing something dangerous, and possibly illegal?” “Does it involve underage girls, broken curfews and assorted fruit toppings?
Rachel Vincent
Religion is nothing more than a useless and sometimes dangerous, evolutionary accident. Religious behavior may be a misfiring, an unfortunate byproduct of an underlying psychological propensity which in other circumstances is, or once was, useful.
Richard Dawkins
The public library is the most dangerous place in town
John Ciardi
Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.
George Bernard Shaw
I don’t know what can be so dangerous about giving people hope. Causing people to have better relationships. I’m not leading them to some false God or something like that.
Joel Osteen
There is nothing more dangerous than a lazy parent.
Wes Fesler
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is a lot.
Albert Einstein
It was known in the mid 90s already that Saddam Hussein was a dangerous tyrant that he had already launched aggressions against Iran, he had invaded Kuwait.
Douglas Feith
If you ask the average person they’d tell ya, “Naw, it’s much more dangerous,” despite the fact that violent crime has dropped precipitously.
Barack Obama
I don’t want to be influenced as to what I write in the next book, to hear those voices in my head when I’m writing. The idea of second-guessing your reader is dangerous, trying to please some notional reader looking over your shoulder, instead of just yourself.
Maggie O’Farrell
It is dangerous, at any time, to multiply sources of weakness.
Lord Acton
The world has just got more dangerous because the things we use have got more dangerous.
Pierre Schaeffer
There are many different forms of life in the universe and human beings are unaware of most of them. Complex beings inhabit other dimensions. They can be very dangerous when encountered, unless, of course, you know how to handle or avoid them.
Frederick Lenz
People who do really dangerous tasks can’t afford to sit around and discuss the merits of what they’re doing.
Sebastian Junger
The most dangerous creation of any society is the man who has nothing to lose.
James A. Baldwin
A drunk driver is very dangerous. So is a drunk backseat driver if he’s persuasive.
Demetri Martin
Perfection does not exist; to understand it is the triumph of human intelligence; to expect to possess it is the most dangerous kind of madness.
Alfred de Musset
Positive obsession is about not being able to stop just because you’re afraid and full of doubts. Positive obsession is dangerous. It’s about not being able to stop at all.
Octavia Butler
The most dangerous follower is the one whose defection would destroy the whole party: hence, the best follower.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The way football is being played currently, that I have seen, it’s dangerous. It’s dangerous and it could impact their long-term mental health. You only get one brain.
Ann McKee
The most dangerous and successful conspiracies take place in public, in plain sight, under the clear, bright light of day — usually with TV cameras focused on them.
L. Neil Smith
To go outside what your charge was, and to try to solve everything yourself, is dangerous.
I don’t get in a position to be frightened. I don’t do anything dangerous, and I always pay my bills.
Elmore Leonard
Such self-transformation is the most difficult and dangerous challenge to the imagination, and it is the most rewarding. Meeting it is only possible for the person whose mind is open to contradictions and well-practiced in free conjecture.
Robert Grudin
People with a lot of theological study and no prayer life are dangerous… and not in a good way.
Mark Hart
The gods’ most savage curses come upon us as answers to our own prayers. Prayer is a dangerous business.
Lois McMaster Bujold
I think when it comes to Anderson Silva, it comes down to his speed, his distance and his timing are impeccable. They are second to none and that’s what makes him dangerous.
Shawn Tompkins
Influencing people is dangerous. Their acts and thoughts become your illegitimate children. You can’t get away from them and Heaven knows what they mayn’t grow up into.
Elizabeth Bibesco
I think in the corridors of power these dangerous kinds of orders are issued in a much more vague way, passed down two or three levels of command before they’re given to the assassin.
Eddie Campbell
Every one knows that the exercise of military power is forever dangerous to civil rights; and we have had recent instances of violences that have been offer’d to private subjects.
Samuel Adams
Life isn’t that simple. Everybody has a dual potential to do good and bad and you’re capable of doing both. But as to whether someone is beyond redemption, they’re dangerous.
Wilbert Rideau
Nothing, indeed, is more dangerous to the young artist than any conception of ideal beauty: he is constantly led by it either into weak prettiness or lifeless abstraction: whereas to touch the ideal at all, you must not strip it of vitality.
Oscar Wilde
I think opinions should be judged by their influences and effects; and if a man holds none that tend to make him less virtuous or more vicious, it may be concluded that he holds none that are dangerous, which I hope is the case with me.
Benjamin Franklin
I pray that no child of mine would ever descend into such a place as a library. They are indeed most dangerous places and unfortunate is she or he who is lured into such a hellhole of enjoyment, stimulus, facts, passion and fun.
Willy Russell
A little government involvement is just as dangerous as a lot – because the first leads inevitably to the second.
Harry Browne
Reliable and affordable energy is essential for meeting basic human needs and fueling economic growth, but many of the most difficult and dangerous environmental problems at every level of economic development arise from the harvesting, transport, processing, and conversion of energy
John Holdren
Temptations are like tramps. Treat them kindly, and they will return bringing others with them. Temptations are never so dangerous as when they come to us in a religious garb.
Dwight L. Moody
Playing on stereotypes was meant to be humorous. If it doesn’t tickle you in certain spots, it’s not going to be funny. Falling down the stairs is a seriously dangerous thing, but watching it is HILARIOUS!
Manila Luzon
I mean, so what if it’s a little dangerous? A one-armed kid is comedy gold.
Zach Braff
I don’t apologize for my behavior anymore. Whatever I do or don’t do shouldn’t matter. Moral certainty is dangerous. Moral certainty is what makes people go to war unnecessarily and illegally. Morality, as any halfway intelligent human being would tell you, is a very subjective thing.
Steve Coogan
It’s impossible to consider living without ideals. However, when ideas lead to ideology, that’s a very dangerous thing. Ideology then leads to creating the image of an enemy, and it leads to the murder and massacre that we’ve seen since the beginning of time.
Michael Haneke
A ‘why’ is a dangerous thing… It challenges old, comfortable ways, forces people to think about that they do instead of just mindlessly doing it. (Haplo) … I think the danger is not so much in asking the ‘why’ as in believing you have come up with the only answer. (Alfred)
Margaret Weis
I like autumn. The drama of it; the golden lion roaring through the back door of the year, shaking its mane of leaves. A dangerous time; of violent rages and deceptive calm, of fireworks in the pockets and conkers in the fist.
Joanne Harris
To delight in war is a merit in the soldier, a dangerous quality in the captain, and a positive crime in the statesman.
George Santayana
The pursuit of beauty is much more dangerous nonsense than the pursuit of truth or goodness, because it affords a stronger temptation to the ego.
Northrop Frye
A little learning is a dangerous thing.
Alexander Pope
surrenderin is unimaginably more dangerous than struggling for survival!
Leslie Feinberg
It was soon evident in my lodgings that I had become a dangerous lunatic, and there would be nothing left to destroy if strong measures were not taken. So I was turned out of the house, but it was only into the garden, where I was allowed to build a small darkroom of oilcloth.
Henry Peach Robinson
Precedents are dangerous things; let the rein of government then be braced and held with a steady hand.
George Washington
Dreaming carries no risks. The dangerous thing is trying to transform your dreams into reality.
Paulo Coelho
Kim Jong-Un is a dangerous leader, without a doubt. And both Republican and Democrat administrations have been completely ineffective in dealing with him. So we must continue to isolate him. We will need China as part of that strategy.
Carly Fiorina
I’ve heard that fact, that is you eat more than six bananas it will kill you. I saw a bowl with seven bananas in it and I thought, that’s dangerous.
Karl Pilkington
I’m very thankful, hearing impairment or not, that I’ve brought listening into my life. I will never say that I’m a good listener, however. Thinking that I was a good listener was one thing that kept me from being a good listener. It’s a very dangerous thought. I just want to be better.
Gordon Hempton
love is dangerous for your tiny heart even in your dreams so please dream softly
Mathias Malzieu
Maybe hope isn’t the most dangerous thing a person can have. Maybe love is.
Lauren DeStefano
Science becomes dangerous only when it imagines that it has reached its goal.
George Bernard Shaw
Proliferation of nuclear weapons to terrorist organisations is far more dangerous than proliferation of nuclear weapons to states, even states like North Korea.
John Bruton
I’m not a great pothead or anything like that… but weed is much, much less dangerous than alcohol.
Johnny Depp
Motherhood is the most dangerous and awesome relationship possible. … The parent/child blood relationship is one-sided and irrevocable and enduring. And it is all rather humbling.
Glenda Jackson
Of course, there are dangers in religious freedom and freedom of opinion. But to deny these rights is worse than dangerous, it is absolutely fatal to liberty.
Harry S. Truman
To assess the damage is a dangerous act.
Cherrie Moraga
Nothing is more dangerous than to live out the will of God in today’s contemporary world. It changes your whole monetary lifestyle…Let me put it quite simply: If Jesus had $40,000 and knew about the kids who are suffering and dying in Haiti, what kind of car would he buy?
Tony Campolo
I’m interested in going places that I haven’t been. And I’m interesting in working with people that I feel are dangerous and sort of push me in different places.
Nicole Kidman
Why write if this too easy activity of pushing a pen across paper is not given a certain bullfighting risk and we do not approach dangerous, agile and two-horned topics?
Jose Ortega y Gasset
Any people whose lives are about the way they look, whether it’s fat or thin, are in a dangerous area.
Dawn French
Traitors are more dangerous than enemies.
Velupillai Prabhakaran
He had learned that close-held secrets could often be cracked by going all the way to the top and there making himself unbearably unpleasant. He knew that such twisting of the tiger’s tail was dangerous, for he understood the psychopathology of great power.
Robert A. Heinlein
Thanking people is dangerous business. A name always slips your mind.
John Wayne
Some tools of thought are so blunt that they are almost useless; others are so sharp that they are dangerous. But the wise man will have the use of both kinds.
Gregory Bateson
It is dangerous and unbelievably fast and entirely different from the kind of track I am used to racing on
Valentino Rossi
She gives him what he can only call a sweet smile. ‘So you are determined to go on being bad. Mad, bad, and dangerous to know. I promise, no one will ask you to change.
J. M. Coetzee
Now that our troops are mired in a dangerous effort to defeat the insurgency and are also trying to help rebuild the country, Americans of all political persuasions simply want the United States to succeed and our troops to be as safe as possible.
Harry Reid
The institution of religion exists only to keep mankind in order, and to make men merit the goodness of God by their virtue. Everything in a religion which does not tend towards this goal must be considered foreign or dangerous.
I think it is quite dangerous for an organisation to think they can predict where they are going to need leadership. It needs to be something that people are willing to assume if it feels relevant, given the context of any situation.
Margaret J. Wheatley
I believe the most dangerous misconception is the idea our money and possessions belong to us, not God. Many of our problems begin when we forget that God is the Boss of the universe. But in fact He is more than the boss; He is the owner.
Randy Alcorn
We completely condemn this very dangerous attack, and I convey my condolences to the American people, to the American president and to the American administration, not only in my name, but on behalf of the Palestinian people.
Yasser Arafat
People with strong breeds are trying to be in control because their dog is labeled as aggressive or dangerous. That tells us how ignorant we are even though we love dogs.
Cesar Millan
We know how to get all of the energy we need without using dirty or dangerous fuel sources. It is no longer a question of whether we can – but of whether we will
Michael Brune
I tell you I’m dangerous and you want to put knives near me?” – Vaughn to Faith
Nalini Singh
That’s how things were out here in the wild, she was learning. Dangerous or beautiful. Or both.
Scott Westerfeld
For true patriots to be silent, is dangerous.
I think generalizations of any sort are dangerous. I’ll say, if that is the case – right now it’s an American issue.
Kerry Washington
The Fathers of the Church can well afford to preach the gospel of Christ. It contains nothing dangerous to the regime of authority and wealth; it stands for self-denial and self-abnegation, for penance and regret, and is absolutely inert in the face of every [in]dignity, every outrage imposed upon mankind.
Emma Goldman
Danger knows full well that Caesar is more dangerous than he. We are two lions litter’d in one day, and I the elder and more terrible.
William Shakespeare
Fettuccine Alfredo is dangerous for your health.
Robert M. Parker, Jr.
After one has been in a lowly position, one knows how dangerous it is to climb to a high place, Once one has been in the dark, one knows how revealing it is to go into the light. Having maintained quietude, one knows how tiring compulsive activity is. Having nurtured silence, one knows how disturbing much talk is.
Zicheng Hong
The ceremonial and religious uses of psychedelics are much older than their recreational uses and abuses. For most of their history, they have been mysterious, dangerous substances and must be treated respectfully.
Humphry Osmond
A man’s life is always dealing with permanence, that is the most dangerous kind of irresponsibility is to think of your doings as temporary.
Wendell Berry
I’ve been doing extremely dangerous activities for a long time, but I’ve been lucky enough to have survived so far. However, sooner or later we all die… and, if that’s the case, I want to die doing what I love to do the most. That’s how I view death.
Yuichiro Miura
It is a fact that many of the wars and conflicts happening all over the world are aggravated or fought strictly for geopolitical fossil fuel energy interests, and many of the world’s most dangerous regimes are funded by fossil fuel dollars.
Mark Ruffalo
The biggest lie about grace that Satan wants the church to buy is the idea that it’s dangerous and therefore needs to be kept in check.
Tullian Tchividjian
It’s dangerous to have feelings when you don’t have any money.
Ariana Reines
I am afraid that you have been listening to the conversation of someone older than yourself. That is always a dangerous thing to do, and if you allow it to degenerate into a habit, you will find it absolutely fatal to any intellectual development.
Oscar Wilde
Talent is very dangerous. It alienates people.
Elaine Stritch
Modernist discourse […] incorporates semantic devices – such as the labeling of theism as ‘religion’ and naturalism as ‘science’ – that work to prevent a dangerous debate over fundamental assumptions from breaking out in the open.
Phillip E. Johnson
Assumptions are dangerous things. I like facts a lot better.
David Baldacci
Be advised what thou dost discourse of, and what thou maintainest whether touching religion, state, or vanity; for if thou err in the first, thou shalt be accounted profane; if in the second, dangerous; if in the third, indiscreet and foolish.
Walter Raleigh
Nothing is more dangerous than discontinued labor; it is habit lost. A habit easy to abandon, difficult to resume.
Victor Hugo
All art is fundamentally subversive, because it upsets people’s perceptions, their notions about society. Therefore, art is dangerous, but good art is always making us reassess our thoughts and feelings about how we relate to other people. There are always people who fear that and want to suppress that.
John Boorman
The rhetoric on the Hill is getting very heated and it’s getting quite dangerous. The gun is at the head of the American economy and Congress is holding it and its got a hair trigger. We’ve got to pay our bills.
Peter Welch
After all, coffee is bitter, a flavor from the forbidden and dangerous realm.
Diane Ackerman
Maybe sometimes we don’t do the right thing because the wrong thing looks more dangerous, and we don’t want to look scared, so we go and do the wrong thing just because it’s dangerous. We’re more concerned with not looking scared than with judging right.
Philip Pullman
I think that in order for anything to work on television, you have to have conflict. Nothing can be too happy or it’s boring. People don’t want to watch that – they want to watch things that are exciting and dangerous and sexy and have tension.
Carrie Preston
I feel like I’m ready for any dangerous situation that might come my way, provided I have a hammer on me.
Chris Hemsworth
[St. Patrick] was a terror to any snake that came in his path, whether it was the cold, slimy reptile sliding along the ground or the more dangerous snake that oppresses men through false teachings. And he drove the snakes out of the minds of men, snakes of superstition and brutality and cruelty.
Arthur Brisbane
If a physician presumes to take into consideration in his work whether life has value or not, the consequences are boundless and the physician becomes the most dangerous man in the state.
Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland
The single and most dangerous word to be spoken in business is no. The second most dangerous word is yes. It is possible to avoid saying either.
Lois Wyse
I just like to be dangerous with what I try to do.
Flying Lotus
Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lungs.
King James I
If the FDA would spend a little less time and effort on small manufacturers of vitamins…and a little more on the large manufacturers of…dangerous drugs…, the public would be better served.
Russell B. Long
…was treading on dangerous water there…
(on Phil Neville)
Ron Atkinson
I think it’s dangerous to have lots of time on your hands as a writer. Time to pursue every little alleyway, to follow every single whim. I feel I’ve done my best writing when I’m stretched for time, when you’re most pressured.
Maggie O’Farrell
In a lot of ways, New York isn’t the city I moved to back in 1979. I’m old enough to separate my nostalgia for those days from the reality of how dangerous and uncertain they could be.
Bill de Blasio
Scientists, especially when they leave the particular field in which they are specialized, are just as ordinary, pig-headed, and unreasonable as everybody else, and their unusually high intelligence only makes their prejudices all the more dangerous.
Hans Eysenck
… he was sunset against the mountains, strong, vibrant, dangerous, and yet somehow sheltering, protective. And married. Picnic, meet rain.
Devon Monk
Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful.
Samuel Johnson
Madame Nature allows no dangerous classes, in the modern sense. She has, doubtless for some wise reason, no mercy for the weak. She rewards each organism according to its works; and if anything grows too weak or stupid to take care of itself, she gives it its due deserts by letting it die and disappear.
Charles Kingsley
The most dangerous ideas are not those that challenge the status quo. The most dangerous ideas are those so embedded in the status quo, so wrapped in a cloud of inevitability, that we forget they are ideas at all.
Jacob M. Appel
On the left hand path we take the direct route, which is much more strenuous, much more dangerous, and much more likely to cause you to fall.
Zeena Schreck
As with Randall Terry and other anti-abortion leaders, women simply
did not figure into [Roeder’s] equations. If all the abortion
providers were dead, the problem would be solved, and he’d never have
to think about those who sought to end their pregnancies through
illegal or dangerous means.
Stephen Singular
The internet creates chaos and a dangerous kind of piracy but makes the viewer much more active and gives the voice to minority players.
Agnieszka Holland
I’m terribly nostalgic, but I’m with the Elizabethans who thought nostalgia was a disease. It’s a dangerous place to be because you can get caught up in it.
Mark Gatiss
The Occupy Wall Street protests are shining a national spotlight on the most powerful, dangerous and secretive economic and political force in America.
Bernie Sanders
Fake news is a big thing in the field of Social Media Journalism. Fake news can be as simple has spreading misinformation.or as dangerous as smearing hateful propaganda.
Fabrizio Moreira
People crushed by laws, have no hope but to evade power. If the laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to the law; and those who have most to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous.
Edmund Burke
I do not have any fears, no fear of dying, of failure, of anything; that means I am very dangerous for my opponents.
Imran Khan
People have tried to control other people by trapping them with debt. A loan can become a harmful and dangerous weapon.
Kabir Sehgal
For me, something dangerous would be playing thebabe in a huge studio film. That would be terrifying because I’dstink… I want to explore human beings on as deep a level as I can.
Jennifer Jason Leigh
I often think to myself, at the end of an interesting life it’s maybe not such a bad thing to spend your last days with your friends sitting by the blue, blue ocean reliving the story of your life while sitting in the dangerous sun.
Baz Luhrmann
NGOs are dangerous. They do what the missionaries used to do in Colonial times. They are Trojan Horses. The worse the situation, the more the NGOs.
Arundhati Roy
In your friendships and in your enmities let your confidence and your hostilities have certain bounds; make not the former dangerous, nor the latter irreconcilable. There are strange vicissitudes in business.
Lord Chesterfield
Donald Trump believes that climate change is a hoax. Now, this is not just a stupid expression, but it is incredibly dangerous.
Bernie Sanders
The comic book world is so dangerous, you know what I mean? You say one thing and people – they’re ravenous – they are very opinionated fans. But they’re great fans.
Chris Evans
Fame is a delicate and dangerous creature; I saw people who didn’t honor it, who refused to take responsibility for it, get destroyed by it. I also saw that stardom in and of itself was empty.
Patrick Dempsey
Tanks come in two forms: the dangerous, deadly kind and the “liberating” kind.
Robert Fisk
Bombing is a very dangerous option because it’s so convenient and because at home it’s politically acceptable because our boys aren’t dying on the ground, it gets us into tremendous trouble, which, of course, in general is true of bombing.
Pierre Sprey
Careful, Mr. Spiro, guns are dangerous. Especially the end with the hole.
Eoin Colfer
True discipleship is for volunteers only. Only volunteers will trust the Guide sufficiently to follow Him in the dangerous ascent which only He can lead.
Neal A. Maxwell
My will enkindled by mine eyes and ears, Two traded pilots ‘twixt the dangerous shores Of will and judgment.
William Shakespeare
Keeping religion immune from criticism is both unwarranted and dangerous.
Lawrence M. Krauss
But remember that if the struggle were to resort to violence, it will lose vision, beauty and imagination. Most dangerous of all, it will marginalize and eventually victimize women. And a political struggle that does not have women at the heart of it, above it, below it, and within it is no struggle at all.
Arundhati Roy
The tyranny of a prince in an oligarchy is not so dangerous to the public welfare as the apathy of a citizen in a democracy.
Baron de Montesquieu
‘Hamlet’ is one of the most dangerous things ever set down on paper. All the big, unknowable questions like what it is to be a human being; the difference between sanity and insanity; the meaning of life and death; what’s real and not real. All these subjects can literally drive you mad.
Michael Sheen
In mountaineering, there is not only the activity, but the philosophy behind it. Some say a moral, but I am against that because all morality is dangerous.
Reinhold Messner
The air was stifling, but he liked it because it was stifling city air, full of excitingly unpleasant smells, dangerous music, and the distant sound of warring police tribes.
Douglas Adams
Voice over can be tricky. It can be dangerous because it’s over-used or inappropriately used.
Claire Danes
This sort of behavior is left to the psychotic, dogmatic, fundamentalist believers you see on your TV everyday letting off bombs and killing people in the name of God. Beliefs are dangerous. Beliefs allow the mind to stop functioning. A non-functioning mind is clinically dead. Believe in nothing.
Maynard James Keenan
When you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, even if you’re not dealing with show business, there’s still this sense that it’s the center of the universe. And I think that’s a really dangerous, limiting mindset.
Ed Helms
Intemperance is a dangerous companion. It throws many people off their guard, betrays them to a great many indecencies, to ruinous passions, to disadvantages in fortune; makes them discover secrets, drive foolish bargains, engage in play, and often to stagger from the tavern to the stews.
Jeremy Collier
It is just as difficult and dangerous to try to free a people that wants to remain servile as it is to enslave a people that wants to remain free.
Niccolo Machiavelli
The World has become too dangerous for anything less than Utopia.
R. Buckminster Fuller
As we all know, the objective and mission of the photojournalist is to show us the reality of the world. And in order to capture that reality, they go to dangerous and tragic places at the expense of their lives. I see them as the conscience of our humanity; they represent for me what is left of our humanity.
Alfredo Jaar
The most dangerous country for the U.S. now is Pakistan. … We haven’t been this vulnerable since the British burned Washington in 1814.
Robert Gallucci
The Contessa was surely way ahead of her time, too, in believing that men were not only usless and idiotic, but downright dangerous. That idea wouldn’t catch on big in her native country until the last three years of the Vietnam War.
Kurt Vonnegut
You notice how liberals keep saying, ‘If only Islam would have a Reformation’ – it can’t have one. It says it can’t. It’s extremely dangerous in that way.
Christopher Hitchens
I live in a very dangerous part of Los Angeles? it’s called Los Angeles.
Ralphie May
Indifference is dangerous, whether innocent or not.
Pope Francis
One does not need to lock up that which is not dangerous.
Alexandra Adornetto
Be not afraid of absurdity; do not shrink from the fantastic.В  Within a dilemma, choose the most unheard-of, the most dangerous solution.В  Be brave, be brave.
Isak Dinesen
Friendship is a difficult, dangerous job. It is also (though we rarely admit it) extremely exhausting.
Elizabeth Bibesco
matrimony is a very dangerous disorder; I had rather drink.
Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, marquise de Sevigne
My head grew muddled with it all; the silly ways adults acted with one another, never saying what they meant, trusting in sighs and glances and distance to speak for them instead. How dangerous that was! How easy it must be to misinterpret a sigh or a look.
Melanie Benjamin
There is nothing more dangerous than security.
Francis Walsingham
Science is only ‘one’ of the many instruments people invented to cope with their surroundings. It is not the only one, it is not infallible and it has become too powerful, too pushy and too dangerous to be left on its own.
Paul Feyerabend
He who loves a dictator is much more dangerous than the dictator himself.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Despite what our modern society would have you believe, the Witch within you is not dangerous, but protective. She is not frivolous, but exceedingly accurate and trustworthy.
Laurie Cabot
Are not laws dangerous which inhibit the passions? Compare the centuries of anarchy with those of the strongest legalism in any country you like and you will see that it is only when the laws are silent that the greatest actions appear.
Marquis de Sade
Second thoughts have aborted more dreams than all the difficult circumstances, overwhelming obstacles, and dangerous detours fate ever could throw at you.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
I’ve been around Hollywood and filmmaking long enough to know that it’s a tricky dangerous business when you go on camera, you got to watch yourself.
Wayne White
Ornament is but the guiled shore to a most dangerous sea.
William Shakespeare
There is a danger for Britain as we perceive ourselves, or as we are – less wealthy, facing economic austerity – that we essentially draw back. I think there is a recoil in parts of the country, and in parts of the government actually, from the multilateral system, and I think that’s dangerous and wrong.
David Miliband
To reason from analogy is often dangerous, but to illustrate by a fanciful analogy is sometimes a means by which we light an idea, as it were, into the understanding of another.
Anna Brownell Jameson
We live in very, very, very dangerous times.
Craig Shirley
I think it’s really important to have a life and have interests outside of this [movie] business, and not rely on this business to validate you as a human being. If you do that, you’re really in a dangerous spot.
Winona Ryder
Only after realising that routine immunisations were dangerous did I achieve a substantial drop in infant death rates.
Archie Kalokerinos
Christian, thou knowest thou carriest Gunpowder about thee, desire those that carry Fire to keep at a Distance from thee; ’tis a dangerous Crisis when a proud Heart meets with flattering Lips.
John Flavel
Fear is dangerous. It sparks violence much faster than anger.
Veronica Rossi
The most dangerous moment comes with victory.
Napoleon Bonaparte
It is a little bit humiliating when I have to say that Chou En-lai to me appears as the most superior brain I have so far met in the field of foreign politics… so much more dangerous than you imagine because he is so much better a man than you have ever admitted.
Dag Hammarskjold
Electricity can be dangerous. My nephew tried to stick a penny into a plug. Whoever said a penny doesn’t go far didn’t see him shoot across that floor. I told him he was grounded.
Tim Allen
If there’s something dangerous, sauces are dangerous for the body.
Karl Lagerfeld
Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.
Christian Lous Lange
Putting lessons in young adult books is very dangerous.
Ned Vizzini
We can guess that the unacceptable conduct of the soldiers at Abu Ghraib resulted in part from the dangerous state of affairs on the ground in a theater of war.
John Yoo
The arbitrary rule of a just and enlightened prince is always bad. His virtues are the most dangerous and the surest form of seduction: they lull a people imperceptibly into the habit of loving, respecting, and serving his successor, whoever that successor may be, no matter how wicked or stupid.
Denis Diderot
Donald Trump is dangerous. The truth is that the bigotry and hatred that he speaks have real consequences in people’s lives.
Deray McKesson
Of all the creatures on this planet none is more dangerous than a human being.
Robert A. Heinlein
As far as I am concerned, ambition is the most dangerous occupation in the world. I have never been ambitious, or if I have, it’s only been by default.
Marco Pierre White
A man has honor if he holds himself to an ideal of conduct though it is inconvenient, unprofitable, or dangerous to do so.
Walter Lippmann
Fun is temporary at best; it’s risky, even dangerous, at worst. Joy, on the other hand, was mystery I couldn’t seem to decipher.
Liz Curtis Higgs
Let me have men about me that are fat… Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look. He thinks too much: such men are dangerous.
William Shakespeare
The automobile is the most dangerous weapon in our society – cars kill more than wars do.
Ray Bradbury
I always think I should get on it if I want to have kids. Because once you hit thirty it can be difficult to conceive — it can be dangerous. The best time to conceive is when you’re a black
Souls are dangerous things to carry straight through all the spilt saltpetre of this world.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
What’s up, I’m DJ Danger. Some people might think it’s dangerous to have an unbrella inside, but i am dangerous!
Joe Jonas
Big business is not dangerous because it is big, but because its bigness is an unwholesome inflation created by privileges and exemptions which it ought not to enjoy.
Woodrow Wilson
The distempers of the soul have their relapses, as many and as dangerous as those of the body; and what we take for a perfect cureis generally either an abatement of the same disease or the changing of that for another.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but a little want of knowledge is also a dangerous thing.
Samuel Butler
I do think prayer is powerful and it is not to be diminished. Some of us who are struggling to put food on the table and are wondering where the next paycheck is coming from or have dangerous health situations and they don’t have access to appropriate care do pray – do pray for yourselves and for others.
Ashley Judd
The belief that men and women are different, the decision to date a Christian girl, and the audacity to disagree with one’s liberal friends suggest a radicalism so dangerous it merits a New York Times investigation.
Michael J. Knowles
It’s true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang, could be dangerous.
I’m a monster, you know. I’m one of the dangerous ones. No you aren’t, he promised. Your one of us.
Alexandra Bracken
It’s a deal that will lead to a nuclear Iran, an Israel that will be less safe and secure, and a much more dangerous Middle East. Let’s ask it: Hillary Clinton, as an inept negotiator of the worst nuclear arms deal in American history. Is she guilty or not guilty?
Chris Christie
Poetry is a dangerous profession between conflict and resolution, between feeling and thought, between becoming and being, between the ultra-personal and the universal – and these balances are shifting all the time.
May Sarton
African nationalism is meaningless, dangerous, anachronistic, if it is not, at the same time, pan-Africanism.
Julius Nyerere
With each shimmy, the bugle beads on their scandalously revealing costumes swung and shook. It was the sort of display Evie knew her mother would have found appalling—an example of the moral decay of the young generation. It was sexual and dangerous and thrilling, and Evie wanted more of it.
Libba Bray
The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.
Vincent Van Gogh
And all I knew about drugs was what I read in magazines like Time and Life. I learned that marijuana was a dangerous addictive drug and that I should stay away from it.
Kary Mullis
Living on Earth has always been a dangerous way to spend your time.
Anne Lamott
Being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says ‘no.’
Demi Lovato
A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the lungs, and in the black, stinking fume thereof nearest resembling the horrible Stygian smoke of the pit that is bottomless.
King James I
One should leave the piano when Oscar comes in. This man is dangerous.
Marian McPartland
Where princes are concerned, a man who is able to do good is as dangerous and almost as criminal as a man who intends to do evil.
Jean Francois Paul de Gondi
Children do not have to learn that streets are dangerous places by potentially fatal trial and error.
Keith Henson
To a liar, the most dangerous individual is the person who catches lies but doesn’t say anything about it. Then the liar isn’t sure which lies are compromised.
Jesse Ball
The conservative movement today is like that tall ship with its proud captain: strong, accomplished but veering off course into the dangerous and uncharted waters of big government republicanism.
Mike Pence
ideas are dangerous commodities.
E. C. R. Lorac
Wit is a dangerous weapon, even to the possessor, if he knows not how to use it discreetly.
Michel de Montaigne
She could have had a life as potent and dangerous as literature itself.
Michael Cunningham
[I]t would be unjust to our people and dangerous to our institutions to apply any portion of revenues of the nation or of the States to the support of sectarian schools.
James A. Garfield
The good thing is that I have always had wonderful people around me. It’s dangerous when you start earning a lot of money and you become famous when you are too young.
Penelope Cruz
Every man who is worth thirty millions and is not wedded to them, is dangerous to the government.
Napoleon Bonaparte
I was known to spout off about [ politics and religion] sometimes, especially in my drinkin’ days! It was pretty dangerous actually.
Steve Young
It’s very short-sighted and even dangerous to be engaging in the kind of demagogic rhetoric that Donald has about Muslims.
Hillary Clinton
There is nothing more dangerous for a population than self-censorship by fear.
Kenza Fourati
Villainy wears many masks; none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.
Washington Irving
All adventuring is rash, and all innovations dangerous. But not nearly so dangerous as stagnation and dry rot. From grooves, cliques, clichГ©s and resignation – Good Lord deliver us!
Winifred Holtby
And we’re being attacked because of what we do, not because of who we are. And by refusing to talk about that, I’m afraid the American people, at least, don’t have a good idea of just how dangerous the threat is that we face.
Michael Scheuer
This is our most dangerous addiction – our addiction to things. For it is this addiction that underlies the materialism of our age. And nowhere is this addiction more apparent than in our addiction to money.
Russell Peters
There is no place so dangerous as a world without magic.
Terry Goodkind
Getting away from a white or light colored tuxedo shirt is always a little dangerous. Certain staples shouldn’t be mixed with. Light pink or blue is not bad, but again, you’re just breaking from a classic.
Paul Feig
After all the dangerous adventures I’d had, I couldn’t die like this. Sadie would be devastated. Then, once she got over her grief, she’d track down my soul in the Egyptian afterlife and tease me mercilessly for how stupid I’d been.
Rick Riordan
Being twenty-something is all about taking it in: eating it, drinking it, and spitting out the seeds later. It’s about being fearless, and stupid, and dangerous, and unfocused, and abandoned. It’s about being in it, not on top of it
Jodie Foster
I think it’s dangerous to get into ideas of planning careers.
Clive Owen
Being in love is dangerous because you talk yourself into thinking you’ve never had it so good.
David Salle
I am one of those who do not believe that a national debt is a national blessing, but rather a curse to a republic; inasmuch as it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country.
Andrew Jackson
It is one of the dangerous self-deceptions of our society to pretend that mechanisms of control do not really exist, and to maintain, without qualification, that we are an economically “free” people.
Robert Heilbroner
If Donald Trump were to win this 2017 election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous.
Hillary Clinton
There is nothing more dangerous than a government of the many controlled by the few.
Lawrence Lessig
America’s most dangerous diseases have developed an immunity to politics. We suffer not from a failure of political organization or power, but a failure of love.
Cal Thomas
There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country. A wave of legislation, introduced in more than two dozen states, would allow people to discriminate against their neighbors.
Tim Cook
I think people are dazzled by Obama’s rhetoric, and that people ought to begin to understand that Obama is going to be a mediocre president — which means, in our time, a dangerous president — unless there is some national movement to push him in a better direction.
Howard Zinn
Do you like vegetables?” Sophie asked, hoping to steer the conversation towards a slightly less dangerous kind of food. “You is trying to change the subject,” the Giant said sternly. “We is having an interesting babblement about the taste of the human bean. The human bean is not a vegetable.
Roald Dahl
There are those moments where you realize that your parents or your heroes are human and are fallible. That concept, in and of itself, is something that is dangerous to me, in a good way. It’s exciting and scary to meet those people.
Simon Helberg
If you want to do something dangerous… Don’t tell your girlfriend!
Christopher Titus
We live in a church culture that has a dangerous tendency to disconnect the grace of God from the glory of God.
David Platt
Of all the weapons in the world, love is the most dangerous.
Seth Grahame-Smith
Now we are using the body scanner to scan the pilots. They became the dangerous people of this country?
Isaac Yeffet
In my view, suburbia in general has very poor prospects. I think it will only become devalued and probably more dangerous. It’s chief characteristic was that it represented a living arrangement with no future – and that future is now here.
James Howard Kunstler
Looking at them now, thought Jim, you’d never believe they weren’t in love with each other, and not with a hopeless, doomed obsession like poor Isabel Meredith. This was what love ought to be like: playful and passionate and teasing, and dangerous, too, with sharp intelligence in it.
Philip Pullman
You have this idea that you’d better keep working otherwise people will forget. And that was dangerous. And then you realize, no, actually if you take a break people might be more interested in you.
Robin Williams
I was such a dangerous hitter I even got intentional walks during batting practice.
Casey Stengel
Avoid any semblance of pornography. It is dangerous and addictive. If you continue to view pornography, your spirit will become desensitized and your conscience will erode.
Thomas S. Monson
Our instinctive emotions are those that we have inherited from a much more dangerous world, and contain, therefore, a larger portion of fear than they should.
Bertrand Russell
The future is too interesting and dangerous to be entrusted to any predictable, reliable agency. We need all the fallibility we can get. Most of all, we need to preserve the absolute unpredictability and total improbability of our connected minds. That way we can keep open all the options, as we have in the past.
Lewis Thomas
Mountains are not fair or unfair, they are just dangerous.
Reinhold Messner
Terrorism is in good part an effective government propaganda; it serves to deflect attention from governmental abuse toward a mostly imagined, highly dangerous outside enemy.
Mark Poster
emotion without discipline is as dangerous as a high-powered car without brakes.
Helen Kieran Reilly
The notion that the species can be improved in some way, that everyone could live in harmony, is a really dangerous idea. Those who are afflicted with this notion are the first ones to give up their souls, their freedom. Your desire that it be that way will enslave you and make your life vacuous.
Cormac McCarthy
The irresponsible rhetoric of Barack Obama, who has used the pulpit of the presidency to divide us by race and color, has made America a more dangerous environment than frankly I have ever seen.
Donald Trump
I declare I know no state of soul more dangerous than to imagine we are born again and sanctified by the Holy Ghost, because we have picked up a few religious feelings.
J. C. Ryle
In Europe there’s an dangerous growth of ultra xenophobia which is pretty threatening to any one who remembers the history of Europe… and an attack on the remnants of the welfare state. It’s hard to interpret the austerity-in-the-midst-of-recession policy as anything other than attack on the social contract.
Noam Chomsky
I am firmly of the opinion that a large number of unmarried men, over the age of 24 years, is a dangerous element in any community.
George Q. Cannon
To be apt in quotation is a splendid and dangerous gift. Splendid, because it ornaments a man’s speech with other men’s jewels; dangerous, for the same reason.
Robertson Davies
It is a modern tragedy that one of the Soviet Union’s most intelligent and realistic leaders has served and died during the administration of the most ill-informed and dangerous man ever to occupy the White House.
George McGovern
If there is ever an amelioration of the condition of mankind, philosophers, theologians, legislators, politicians and moralists will find that the regulation of the press is the most difficult, dangerous and important problem they have to resolve. Mankind cannot now be governed without it, nor at present with it.
John Adams
The most dangerous kind of person… is one who is afraid of his own shadow.
Philip K. Dick
Evil thought is a dangerous pet. It is safer to play with it from behind the iron bars of circumstance.
Jerome K. Jerome
People who use LSD today know how to use it. Therefore, I hope that the health authorities will get the insight that LSD, if it is used properly, is not a dangerous drug. We actually should not refer to it as drug; this word has a very bad connotation. We should use another name.
Albert Hofmann
In San Francisco, I am proud to say that one of my first mandates as district attorney was that my staff would never ask the court to impose money bail. If we believe someone is too dangerous to be released, then it doesn’t matter how wealthy they are – we should ask the court to detain them.
Chesa Boudin
Still people are dangerous.
Jean de La Fontaine
The test of all beliefs is their practical effect in life. If it be true that optimism compels the world forward, and pessimism retards it, then it is dangerous to propagate a pessimistic philosophy.
Helen Keller
We have yet to beat our drums for birth control in the way we beat them for polio vaccine. We are still unable to put babies in the class of dangerous epidemics, even though this is the exact truth.
Mary Calderone
I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump.
Hillary Clinton
It’s dangerous to write people off just because they’ve been arrested.
Raymond Kelly
Perhaps the central reason that Ahmadinejad’s message, and the hundreds of thousands of voices echoing his call throughout the world, are so dangerous is because the Free World is making precious little effort to assert its own message.
Caroline Glick
Printer’s ink, when it spells out a doctor’s promise to cure, is one of the subtlest and most dangerous of poisons.
Samuel Hopkins Adams
Also with that money comes the idea, “Let your imagination run wild.” Which I think is a very dangerous thing. I think it’s dangerous because you can get into pretty wacky territory. There are things that are too crazy.
Taika Waititi
[Donald Trump] said some very ill-considered, dangerous thing, and it’s around the world in a nanosecond.
Hillary Clinton
If you’re heading downtown from Centeral Park, my advice is to take the subway. Flying pigs are faster but way more dangerous
Rick Riordan
Donald Trump, in my judgment, would make a perilous world even more dangerous. I worry that his tendency to lash out and his ill-informed comments would cause dangerous events to escalate and possibly spin out of control at a time when our world is beset with conflicts.
Susan Collins
Sanguine felt the ridiculous urge to reach out and poke him, just to see if he’d react, but he’d seen that kind of anger before. It was the quiet kind. The dangerous kind.
Derek Landy
I think it’s very important to follow the lead of the South Koreans and the Chinese and not back North Korea even further into a corner, because that’s when they’ll be dangerous.
Robert Scheer
What sets these – and all – racers apart from less daredevilish mortals is their complete lack of fear and their joy of doing something on the edge. They love to speed because it is dangerous.
Peter Golenbock
There’s a lot of really inspiring music coming around the bend – we tend to believe that to sound classic or timeless is to sound vintage or retro. It’s a little bit dangerous, because you’ll really miss a chance to make your mark as a generation.
Brandi Carlile
It’s not always clear where a healthy patriotism shades into a dangerous nationalism.
Ross Douthat
While Occam’s razor is a useful tool in the physical sciences, it can be a very dangerous implement in biology. It is thus very rash to use simplicity and elegance as a guide in biological research.
Francis Crick
The Christian life is not about finding safety and comfort; it’s about finding yourself in a dangerous place of vulnerable compassion.
Ed Stetzer
There’s something dangerous about the boredom of teenage girls.
Megan Abbott
Tortures are a dangerous invention, and seem to be a test of endurance rather than of truth.
Michel de Montaigne
Rock’n’roll is not red carpets and MySpace friends, rock’n’roll is dangerous and should piss people off
Gerard Way
Surely a King who loves pleasure is less dangerous than one who loves glory?
Nancy Mitford
I can remember a couple of real fights when I ran. Because they were kinda dangerous.
Muhammad Ali
I suspect people who are indecisive are people who are far too enamored of analysis in all settings and are destroying their ability to make an instinctive judgment through over-analysis
and that’s dangerous.
Malcolm Gladwell
How dangerous can false reasoning prove!
Most people, if you live in a big city, you see some form of schizophrenia every day, and it’s always in the form of someone homeless. ‘Look at that guy – he’s crazy. He looks dangerous.’ Well, he’s on the streets because of mental illness. He probably had a job and a home.
Eric McCormack
Congress should ban advertising that preys upon children, it should stop subsidizing dead-end jobs, it should pass tougher food safety laws, it should protect American workers from serious harm, it should fight against dangerous concentrations of economic power.
Eric Schlosser
When you come into the presence of a leader of men, you know that you have come into the presence of fire – that it is best not uncautiously to touch that man – that there is something that makes it dangerous to cross him.
Woodrow Wilson
Words are weapons, and it is dangerous . . . to borrow them from the arsenal of the enemy.
George Santayana
The more hidden the venom, the more dangerous it is.
Margaret of Valois
I didn’t know if I still had it in me to be really dangerous, but I thought so. It’s like knocking someone off a bike with a baseball bat; you never really lose the knack.
Simon R. Green
The world is a dangerous place, full of people who don’t trust each other. This is why I am staying up in this tree.
Kelly Link
I start planning then that’s dangerous because then I have a target that I’m blinkered towards and I won’t listen to the warning signs quite so much. I’d rather be in shape and then look around and say there’s a race next week and jump into that than have it planned.
Paula Radcliffe
In the beginning there was faith – which is childish; trust – which is vain; and illusion – which is dangerous.
Elie Wiesel
That’s right. I’m scared to death. You said it’s your first time, feeling chest pain, and nausea. Well it’s not mine. I’ve felt that before, and I know how crazy hot it boils, and how dangerous it is. And I know myself. I’m a Yang Eun-nem-bi, so I boil faster, and hotter, than everyone else.
Cheon Eunbi
It is commonly a dangerous thing for a man to have more sense than his neighbors. Socrates paid for his superiority with his life; and if Aristotle saved his skin, it was by taking to his heels in time.
Christoph Martin Wieland
Studies that bring clarity and direction to the black male situation as an integral part of the black family/community are unpopular, not easy to get published and very dangerous.
Haki R. Madhubuti
One thing we can do is make the choice to view the world in a healthy way. We can choose to see the world as safe with only moments of danger rather than seeing the world as dangerous with only moments of safety.
Deepak Chopra
HIV does not make people dangerous to know, so you can shake their hands and give them a hug: Heaven knows they need it.
Princess Diana
Unlimited enmity of the Albanian people against Serbia is the foremost real result of the Albanian policies of the Serbian government. The second and more dangerous result is the strengthening of two big powers in Albania, which have the greatest interests in the Balkans.
Dimitrije Tucovic
In the case of ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane,’ it’s a book about helplessness. It’s a book about family, it’s a book about being 7 in a world of people who are bigger than you, and more dangerous, and stepping into territory that you don’t entirely understand.
Neil Gaiman
To strive with an equal is dangerous; with a superior, mad; with an inferior, degrading.
Seneca the Younger
There’s nothing more dangerous than a panicked politician.
James Zogby
That’s why you have to like a guy like Charles Manson. Say what you will about Manson – he’s one of the only people with the decency to look like a dangerous maniac the first time you meet him.
Richard Jeni
Of the primary emotions, fear is the one that bears most directly on survival. Children show fear. Adults try not to, maybe because it’s shameful, or, in some circumstances, dangerous. The fear response is automatic, though, and your body runs through its reflexes whether you want it to or not.
Sebastian Junger
Cripes Miss Wilcox, they’re not guns,’ I said. No, they’re not Mattie, they’re books. And a hundred times more dangerous.
Jennifer Donnelly
The situation in Iraq is dangerous but the regional situation is also very complicated and precarious.
Joschka Fischer
It’s better to do a dull thing with style than a dangerous thing without it.
Charles Bukowski
Fears are a complete waste of your time. Nine times out of ten, whatever you’re afraid of is not dangerous or life threatening. In fact, it’s probably not even real.
Sean Stephenson
…the most dangerous shortsightedness consists in underestimating the mediocre.
Georges Bernanos
People aren’t against you; they are for themselves. The most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later. He who conquers others is strong, he who conquers himself is mighty.
Unless a man has considerable skill with and reliance in his weapon, he will not remain cool in the presence of dangerous game close by.
Townsend Whelen
Nothing is more dangerous to reason than the flights of the imagination and nothing has been the occasion of more mistakes among philosophers.
David Hume
If you have got high-ranking officials reaching down five levels in the bureaucracy to drag an analyst up to their office to berate them and threaten their jobs because they don’t like the conclusions about an intelligence matter, that, in my view, is dangerous.
Christopher Dodd
Metaphors are dangerous. Love begins with a metaphor
Milan Kundera
What pleases our mind is not dangerous enough.
Kazuaki Tanahashi
Trash talk is dangerous, especially when it comes from hearsay.
Yolanda Hadid
Economists (and others) who are satisfied with nature-free equations develop a dangerous hubris about the potency of our species
Garrett Hardin
Environmentalism is a dangerous ideology endangering human freedom.
Vaclav Klaus
New York’s not exactly antiseptic. It could be clean and less dangerous, and not horrible, not under a tidal wave of tourists.
Fran Lebowitz
Is this so-called [Republican Party] hate wing that is so angry at all the things that have – all the changes that have happened in America, this is what they respond to.And I think it`s dangerous for the country, I also think it`s going to be incredibly unsuccessful in the general election.
Howard Dean
To generalize on women is dangerous. To specialize in them is infinitely worse.
Rudolph Valentino
The idea that a war can be won by standing on the defensive and waiting for the enemy to attack is a dangerous fallacy, which owes its inception to the desire to evade the price of victory.
Douglas Haig
Our communities will become more – not less – dangerous when local police officers are pulled from their duties to arrest otherwise law-abiding maids, busboys, and day laborers for immigration violations.
Kevin de Leon
You’re always going to have dangerous, disaffected people in any society, and some will be violent. Increasing prosperity and reducing inequality won’t solve that completely. But having big, positive dreams and a society that makes it possible to achieve those dreams is what we must strive for.
Garry Kasparov
There’s nothing so dangerous for manipulators as people who choose to think for themselves.
Meg Greenfield
Some people are surprised that the Republicans are waging a war on women, or that they voted against equal pay for women. I’m not surprised at all. In some ways, it may be a good thing. They’re defending the patriarchy, which is a wounded beast! And wounded beasts are always dangerous.
Jane Fonda
It’s pretty dangerous if you approach music trying to please other people.
Adam Anderson
You are more dangerous than daybreak.
Holly Black
I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
Thomas Jefferson
Art is not chaste. Those ill prepared should be allowed no contact with art. Art is dangerous. If it is chaste, it is not art.
Pablo Picasso
If the Son was begotten by the Holy Ghost, it would be very dangerous to baptize and confirm females, and give the Holy Ghost to them, lest he should beget children, to be palmed upon the Elders by the people, bringing the Elders into great difficulties
Brigham Young
However, I met with a horrible accident while riding my bike in Sangla Valley. The accident was a wakeup call for me stop getting too adventurous and concentrate on less dangerous passions.
Abhinav Shukla
On average, most people consume between 100 – 120 grams of protein per day. Not only is that unhealthy, it’s extremely dangerous, as the majority of the protein consumed is animal based.
Sharon Gannon
We were then in a dangerous, helpless situation, exposed daily to perils and death amongst savages and wild beasts, not a white man in the country but ourselves.
Daniel Boone
That strategy of buy and hold, which is the sound and sensible one for the individual, can have very dangerous and perverse effects for the market as a whole.
Ron Chernow
If critics say your work stinks it’s because they want it to stink and they can make it stink by scaring you into conformity with their comfortable little standards. Standards so low that they can no longer be considered “dangerous” but set in place in their compartmental understandings.
Jack Kerouac
Supernatural is a dangerous and difficult word in any of its senses, looser or stricter. But to fairies it can hardly be applied, unless super is taken merely as a superlative prefix. For it is man who is, in contrast to fairies, supernatural; whereas they are natural, far more natural than he. Such is their doom.
J. R. R. Tolkien
The time has come for people of reason to say: Enough is Enough! Religious faith discourages independent thought, it’s divisive and it’s dangerous.
Richard Dawkins
And Hale was devoted to President Kennedy, and there was some talk following the assassination that Hale had warned the President not to go to Dallas, and the connotation was that it would be physically dangerous for him to do so.
Lindy Boggs
Such men as he be never at heart’s ease Whiles they behold a greater than themselves, And therefore are they very dangerous.
William Shakespeare
Writing humor in my column isn’t as dangerous as performing it. If I fail in front of a live audience, the humiliation is as great as anything a human being can suffer.
Art Buchwald
Either philosophy reinforces communal beliefs, in which case it is pointless; or else it is at odds with those beliefs, in which case it is dangerous.
Georges Canguilhem
The most dangerous error is failure to recognize our own tendency to error.
B. H. Liddell Hart
Of all the weapons she had commanded, Elizabeth knew the least of love; and of all the weapons in the world, love was the most dangerous.
Seth Grahame-Smith
When you approach someone as a human being, truly and try to be as open as safety allows, some of the bigger reenactments with a whole army of paramilitary people participating, I couldn’t say my feelings openly in front of everybody, without it being dangerous for my crew.
Joshua Oppenheimer
I have often been downcast but never in despair; I regard our hiding as a dangerous adventure, romantic and interesting at the same time. In my diary, I treat all the privations as amusing.
Anne Frank
Success is a dangerous element in any endeavor. Embrace the struggle. Beware the achievement. For it steals your caution even as it leads you down the next unknown pathway.
Laurence Gonzales
Say my husband had a dangerous job and I wasn’t with him, I don’t know how you go, ‘Oh honey, how was it with the police department today? You got all your fingers and toes today?’ It would scare me. I’d have to become a police officer and work with him; I couldn’t do it.
Terri Irwin
The amount of military force necessary to provide reassurance depends on how dangerous people think the world is. And that I think ultimately depends upon the kinds of government that hold sway in major countries.
Michael Mandelbaum
Study requires solitude, and solitude is a state dangerous to those who are too much accustomed to sink into themselves
Samuel Johnson
The most dangerous enemy of the truth and freedom amongst us is the compact majority
Henrik Ibsen
Don’t get involved with non-physical beings. This current pastime, this rage, is dangerous. Many of these people who are channeling entities are going to become very sick, physically and mentally
Frederick Lenz
An accession of wealth is a dangerous predicament for a man. At first he is stunned if the accession be sudden, and is very humble and very grateful. Then he begins to speak a little louder, people think him more sensible, and soon he thinks himself so.
Richard Cecil
It is always dangerous to generalize, but the American people, while infinitely generous, are a hard and strong race and, but for the few cemeteries I have seen, I am inclined to think they never die.
Margot Asquith
Self-love is an instrument useful but dangerous; it often wounds the hand which makes use of it, and seldom does good without doing harm.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
The psychic phenomena and the number of people involved in psychic phenomena is rising at just an incredible rate – that’s a definite indication of the fourth dimension. But it’s also a very dangerous time.
Drunvalo Melchizedek
I really dread serious people. Especially serious, dogmatic people. I regard them as sort of what Reich called the emotional plague. I regard them as very dangerous.
Robert Anton Wilson
You can’t take away knowledge, and it’s dangerous to pretend you never had it.
Cynthia Heimel
The intertwining of corporations and government has become so extensive in this century that the notion of a democratic balancing act has become a dangerous illusion-and one of the cornerstones of the corporate mystique.
Charles Derber
There’s nothing more dangerous than a place that doesn’t exist.
Jonathan Turley
The most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.
Randy Komisar
In earlier days, even as a child, the beauty of landscapes was quite clear to me. A background for the soul’s moods. Now dangerous moments occur when Nature tries to devour me; at such times I am annihilated, but at peace. This would be fine for old people but I… I am my life’s debtor, for I have given promises.
Paul Klee
Klonopin is a horrible, dangerous drug.
Stevie Nicks
I used to choose friends based on similarity in age and life stage, but I’ve learned that those were the wrong criteria. Trying to live life exclusively alongside others our own age is like attempting to climb Mt. Everest without a Sherpa. It’s a little dangerous.
Glennon Doyle Melton
What I try to do is read stuff that won’t deal with the dangerous dark things I hope I am writing about.
Frederick Busch
New York is a bit of a dangerous place to me because you often leave in a blur.
Living too much in one’s head can be dangerous.
Anna Godbersen
Speak nothing but the truth, and you’ll soon be considered dangerous.
Ashleigh Brilliant
It can be very dangerous to see things from somebody else’s point of view without the proper training.
Douglas Adams
For a young and presumptuous poet a disposition to write satires is one of the most dangerous he can encourage. It tempts him to personalities, which are not always forgiven after he has repented and become ashamed of them.
Robert Southey
The exhibition has now become no more than a bazaar where mediocrity spreads itself out with impudence. The exhibitions are useless and dangerous… they ought to be abolished.
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
There is not a more dangerous experiment than to place property in the hands of one class, and political power in those of another… If property cannot retain the political power, the political power will draw after it the property.
Daniel Webster
Everything is dangerous to him that is afraid of it.
Benjamin Whichcote
A woman made of parts is a dangerous thing. You never know when she’ll throw away a piece you may need.
Heidi W. Durrow
Babies were dangerous . . . they made you fall in love before you knew what was happening.
Lisa Kleypas
Anybody who knows how to make a good movie, knows that it’s a collaborative undertaking. To deny that its really dangerous.
Claire Danes
I once said that it was unacceptable for Japan to remain “an isolated prosperous island.” At one time, it might have been all right for Japan to avoid sending any citizens to dangerous areas [even as part of international efforts] and just wish for its own people’s happiness. That time is gone.
Sadako Ogata
Most exotic animals are not particularly interested in people, which makes it hard to provoke them. Human-rearing gets them used to and sometimes imprinted on humans, which makes them potentially dangerous.
Frans de Waal
If it’s not accepted that big government, fiat money, ignoring liberty, central economic planning, welfarism, and warfarism caused our crisis, we can expect a continuous and dangerous march toward corporatism and even fascism with even more loss of our liberties.
Ron Paul
There are certainly numberless women of fashion who consider it perfectly natural to go miles down Fifth Avenue, or Madison Avenue, yet for whom a voyage of half a dozen blocks to east or west would be an adventure, almost a dangerous impairment of good breeding.
Jules Romains
The most dangerous enemy to Israel’s security is the intellectual inertia of those who are responsible for security.
David Ben-Gurion
The job of the organizer is to maneuver and bait the establishment so that it will publicly attack him as a “dangerous enemy.
They let dangerous men out of prison now, yes sir, I’m afraid it’s so. Cause they’re over crowded and it was only his fifth offense.
Hank Williams, Jr.
I think I have a big fear of things spiraling out of control. Out of control and dangerous and reckless and thoughtless scares me, because people get hurt.
Taylor Swift
What makes a Malazan soldier so dangerous? They’re allowed to think.
Steven Erikson
I don’t think that just because a lot of my music has a quieter aesthetic; [it] excludes me from achieving that in a live setting, from being dangerous or something.
J Tillman
Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
George Washington
To be original, or different, is felt to be “dangerous.”
Carl Rogers
It’s ridiculous that time and time again we need a radioactive cloud coming out of a nuclear power-station to remind us that atomic energy is extraordinarily dangerous.
Pierre Schaeffer
Women don’t like guys who are dangerous. Women just want us to think that because women are trying to kill us.
Dennis Miller
There are a lot of people being duped with misinformation, and they’re all rejoicing over Donald Trump. And having a white nationalist be his chief strategist and have a racist be your attorney general, this is a really dangerous situation for our country.
Christian Picciolini
I never socialized with singers. It’s very dangerous if you work with opera… I don’t think that in 30 years a singer has entered my apartment.
Rudolf Bing
You should really try to live your childhood when you’re a child, because if you do it when you’re 26, it can be dangerous.
Mike Lookinland
The strange proposition that black intellectuals – regardless of their training – are ‘race experts’ mainly because they are black is naive and potentially dangerous.
Carl Hart
Thy dangerous glances
make women of men;
new-born, we are melting
into nature again.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
An utterly fearless man is a far more dangerous comrade than a coward.
Herman Melville
I think this is the way love feels to people like you and me. Threatening and dangerous. We have to be in control, and love takes that away. People like us… We can’t tolerate vulnerability. But despite our best efforts, sooner or later love seems to catch up with us. And then…And then we fall apart.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips
There are few things in the world as dangerous as sleepwalkers.
Ralph Ellison
I don’t intend to be menacing, but I do think of life as being essentially dangerous. We never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next.
Alex Colville
I’m probably one of the most dangerous men in the world if I want to be. But I never wanted to be anything but me.
Charles Manson
I have always suspected that too much knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is a boon to people who don’t have deep feelings; their pleasure comes from what they know. . . . But this only emphasizes the difference between the artist and the scholar.
Margaret Caroline Anderson
Ladies first.” “Why is it men only say that when it’s something horrible or dangerous?
Kami Garcia
They’re not allowed to talk about it at school and they maybe feel uncomfortable talking about it with their parents. But instead of them not knowing about it, now we have these gadgets and we can learn about it and not tell our parents and get ourselves into potentially dangerous situations.
Sarah Steele
They had been corrupted by money, and he had been corrupted by sentiment. Sentiment was the more dangerous, because you couldn’t name its price. A man open to bribes was to be relied upon below a certain figure, but sentiment might uncoil in the heart at a name, a photograph, even a smell remembered.
Graham Greene
Established is a dangerous word for me. It could imply a modicum of complacency.
Sean Dyche
Wealth is a dangerous inheritance, unless the inheritor is trained to active benevolence.
Charles Simmons
My sister’s the type who religiously watches the fear segments of her local Eyewitness News broadcasts, retaining nothing but the headline…Everything is dangerous all of the time, and if it’s not yet been pulled off the shelves, then it’s certainly under investigation — so there.
David Sedaris
I was ordered not to go out to Abu Ghraib after dark early on, because Abu Ghraib was extremely dangerous.
Janis Karpinski
Don’t undermine the science just because you don’t like the economics. That’s a dangerous slope, because the problem of course is you’re not undermining just that, you’re undermining the basis of rational decision-making in society.
Brian Cox
Like all young reporters – brilliant or hopelessly incompetent – I dreamed of the glamorous life of the foreign correspondent: prowling Vienna in a Burberry trench coat, speaking a dozen languages to dangerous women, narrowly escaping Sardinian bandits – the usual stuff that newspaper dreams are made of.
Russell Baker
He seemed to be at that most dangerous of ages, where strength, skill, and confidence met naГЇvetГ© and idealism; when young men skilled at the crafts of violence could be manipulated into employing those skills with brutal efficiency–and without questions.
Jim Butcher
People who believe they are acting with the mandate of God, who see others who don’t share their beliefs as inferior in the eyes of God, make dangerous leaders. Just ask Osama Bin Laden.
Ron Reagan
There is not land beneath the sun where there is an open Bible and a preached gospel, where a tyrant long can hold his place… Let the Bible be opened to be read by all men, and no tyrant can long rule in peace… The religion of Jesus makes men think, and to make men think is always dangerous to a despot’s power.
Charles Spurgeon
Most people who make threats don’t follow through. The most dangerous people are often those who never make threats. But ‘most’ and ‘often’ aren’t what you are looking for when you’re dealing with a scary person. You want to ‘know.’ And there is no knowing.
Susan Estrich
As every authoritarian regime knows, association can be a dangerous thing. From discussion it is only a few steps to action.
Ann Scott
If the enemy could only know that Marcus Garvey is but a John the Baptist in the wilderness, that a greater and more dangerous Marcus Garvey is yet to appear, the Garvey with whom you will have to reckon for the injustice of the present generation.
Marcus Garvey
I don’t like the tendency on the part of so many people today to think that those who don’t agree with them are bad. In fact, I find that very dangerous.
Marianne Williamson
The idea of “race” represents one of the most dangerous myths of our time.
Ashley Montagu
Anger is a violent emotion, vindictive, and as dangerous to he who is driven by it as to anyone on whom it is turned.
Dean Koontz
If you disagree with them you may be tempted to interrupt. But don’t. It is dangerous. They won’t pay attention to you while they still have a lot of ideas of their own crying for expression. So listen patiently and with an open mind.
Dale Carnegie
But I do nothing that I don’t like, such as “inventing” up to the arty or “down” to the corny. I happen to relish a certain type of corn. What I think is the really dangerous approach is the “let’s be artistic” attitude. I know that artistry just happens.
Fred Astaire
In our modern complex world, fundamentalism is dangerous because of its rigidity and its imperviousness to other ideas.
Michael Crichton
The record business is dangerous to the health of bands and individuals, which is something I’m just now learning. But it’s not dangerous in any of the ways people think; it’s not that they try to make you compromise your art. That’s not the problem.
T Bone Burnett
But if it’s tolerable mediocrity, and you’re like, ‘Well, you know it could be worse. At least I’m getting paid.’ Then you wind up in a job that is slowly killing your soul and you’re allowing that to happen. Comfort can be a very, very dangerous thing.
Tim Ferriss
Nothing is so dangerous to the progress of the human mind than to assume that our views of science are ultimate, that there are no mysteries in nature, that our triumphs are complete and that there are no new worlds to conquer.
Humphry Davy
Extreme weather events continue to grow more frequent and intense in rich and poor countries alike, not only devastating lives, but also infrastructure, institutions, and budgets – an unholy brew which can create dangerous security vacuums.
Ban Ki-moon
How dangerous it is rashly to adopt the Mosaical institutions [Old Testament teachings of eye for an eye]. Laws might have been proper for a tribe of ardent barbarians wandering through the sands of Arabia which are wholly unfit for an enlightened people of civilized and gentle manners.
Gerald Heaney
A lie would have no sense unless the truth were felt dangerous.
Alfred Adler
A deeply true, wholly aching account of the dangerous way we live now–LOVE JUNKIE is great fun to read, and finally fully redemptive. Rachel Resnick brings a light, delightful touch to a hard subject, and creates a great, relatable, readable memoir.
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Finally, this case should serve as yet another reminder of just how dangerous and volatile these police home invasions really are, and why we should stop using them to serve search warrants for nonviolent crimes. They offer no margin for error.
Radley Balko
As an actor, I can still play a cop, but the bullets are fake, I don’t have to get injured, and I’m not faced with the day-in-day-out of what cops have to deal with, which is tragic and dangerous.
Titus Welliver
Beware of color theories. Theories in color photography are dangerous. The plain fact that there are so many of them proves my point.
Ernst Haas
CNN was one of the first news organizations in the world to train and equip its journalists before deploying them to dangerous areas.
Jim C. Walton
We had no choice. Sadness was a dangerous as panthers and bears. the wilderness needs your whole attention.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
The process of writing and directing drives you to such extremes that it’s natural to feel an affinity with insanity. I approach that madness as something dangerous, and I’m afraid, but also I want to go to it, to see what’s there, to embrace it. I don’t know why, but I’m drawn.
Dario Argento
It’s dangerous to short stocks.
Charlie Munger
The main reason to be opposed to political control of smoking is to keep power -even the smallest and silliest kind of power – out of the hands of … members of a dangerous class -the class that knows what’s good for us better than we do.
P. J. O’Rourke
We have ourselves begun to put our house in order by banning some experiments that may contain a risk for mankind. We would like to see society take a similar attitude, abandoning selfish practices that are dangerous for society itself.
Renato Dulbecco
There is nothing more dangerous than to leap a chasm in two jumps.
David Lloyd George
Lofty talk about ‘social justice’ or ‘fairness’ boils down to greatly expanded powers for politicians, since those pretty words have no concrete definition. They are a blank check for creating disparities in power that dwarf disparities in income – and are far more dangerous.
Thomas Sowell
As a society, we pick words that are offensive based on what we’re most afraid of. We associate sounds with some dangerous idea, and right now the most dangerous thing to us are the differences between us.
Richard Dooling
That was my big break [Lonesome Dove]. My first real kind of adult role on something really well-written. It was a spin-off of the miniseries, and I played Col. Mosby, a very dangerous, Southern colonel in post-Civil War, wandering the West.
Eric McCormack
The most dangerous thing about power is to employ it where it is not applicable.
David Halberstam
Software patents are dangerous to software developers because they impose monopolies on software ideas.
Richard Stallman
She cared about him too much, and he was a dangerous person to love. He wouldn’t love her back.
Ann Brashares
Everybody has this fond association with the car from Back to the Future, but most people have never seen one. I’ve seen people drive off the berm trying to take pictures. It ends up being dangerous.
Ernest Cline
Social media is dangerous for baseball players. Things can get taken out of context so fast. You can say something you don’t want to say. It’s dangerous.
Max Scherzer
I’ve always – outside of the outfielders running over the hump, and it could be slightly dangerous, and it can impact play; of course it can. But on the other side I think, again, just if you’re pitching, a relief pitcher, I think it’s kind of a great place to get involved in a game.
Joe Maddon
In some causes silence is dangerous.
It is the business of the future to be dangerous.
Alfred North Whitehead
For the first time, she did want more. She did not know what she wanted, knew that it was dangerous and that she should rest content with what she had, but she knew an emptiness deep inside her, which began to ache.
Iain Pears
Bankers regard research as most dangerous a thing that makes banking hazardous due to the rapid changes it brings about in industry.
Charles Kettering
Popularity isn’t just something that happens. You have to give something in exchange for it, and that’s the dangerous part of the process.
Robert Bringhurst
Nothing is more difficult than to understand the dead, I’ve found; but nothing is more dangerous than to ignore them.
Margaret Atwood
I think you cannot be too complacent. I think that’s dangerous and you cannot take anything for granted.
James Wan
The Roman Catholics must know as well as we do that ‘Popery’ when encouraged by government has always been dangerous to the liberties of the people.
Lord George Gordon
America’s most dangerous and threatening black man is the one who has been kept sealed up by the Northerner in the black ghettos – the Northern white power structure’s system to keep talking democracy while keeping the black man out of sight somewhere, around the corner.
Malcolm X
I never, ever romanticise life in the pit. It was a hard, dirty, noisy, tiring, dangerous job in a confined space, a very dark world with no toilets or running water to drink or wash with.
Dennis Skinner
I’ve found you can go on writing in the dark, and that the act of writing itself, that mysterious, dangerous, intoxicating, absorbing, nourishing magician’s trick, that act of creation is its own light.
Janette Turner Hospital
It’s dangerous to talk too much about future fights.
Amir Khan
Everything we do, our every objective, must be undertaken for the sake of… purity of heart… we must practice the reading of the Scripture, together with all the other virtuous activities… to hold our hearts free of the harm of every dangerous passion and in order to rise step by step to the high point of love.
John Cassian
For the first time in my life, I have tasted life. Life is wonderful but very dangerous. If you have the courage to live it – it’s marvelous!
Lionel Barrymore
And TV is not the easiest place to be dangerous or on the edge. Especially on a Saturday night.
Fisher Stevens
People are dangerous. If they’re able to involve themselves in issues that matter, they may change the distribution of power, to the detriment of those who are rich and privileged.
Noam Chomsky
Patriarchy requires violence or the subliminal threat of violence in order to maintain itself… The most dangerous situation for a woman is not an unknown man in the street, or even the enemy in wartime, but a husband or lover in the isolation of their home.
Gloria Steinem
Donald Trump must be taken seriously. He is fulfilling his dangerous campaign promises.
Martin Schulz
It’s a little dangerous to be a badass.
Jill Abramson
Every generalization is dangerous, especially this one.
Mark Twain
Errors, to be dangerous, must have a great deal of truth mingled with them. It is only from this alliance that they can ever obtain an extensive circulation.
Sydney Smith
I think it’s very dangerous as an artist to be comfortable.
I’m not attracted to dangerous men. I’m attracted, apparently, to height. One ex was 6’6; the one before was 6’4, then 6’3. I like freakishly tall people.
Rose McGowan
Convictions, in the end, they can be dangerous, but a world without them is just kind of an awful kind of gray, amorphous mass.
Authority is God ordained, but authoritarianism and raw power, in almost all forms, is dangerous.
James Dobson
It was a thunderingly beautiful experience-voluptuous, sexual, dangerous, and expensive as hell.
Kurt Vonnegut
I’m the most dangerous unarmed women in the world, I’ve prepared my entire life to be that way.
Ronda Rousey
I did some thinking.” “That is a very dangerous pastime,” Ghastek said.
Ilona Andrews
A functionary, when he really is nothing more than a functionary, is really a very dangerous gentleman.
Hannah Arendt
It is highly dangerous to receive the truths of the Bible with human wisdom, for this is a hidden and subtle method which invariably causes a believer to perfect with his flesh the work of the Holy Spirit.
Watchman Nee
You are so afraid of losing your moral sense that you are not willing to take it through anything more dangerous than a mud-puddle.
Gertrude Stein
A dangerous quality, if real; and a not less dangerous one, if feigned.
Charles Dickens
Example is a dangerous lure: where the wasp got through the gnat sticks fast.
Jean de La Fontaine
The fact is that it’s the most dangerous place to be on the political scale is to brand those on the other side as racist. That’s the atomic bomb. That’s the nuclear weapon of an American.
Mark Shields
Once you have people around you who don’t question you, you’re in a dangerous place.
Elton John
To rejoice in temporal comforts is dangerous, to rejoice in self is foolish, to rejoice in sin is fatal, but to rejoice in God is heavenly.
Charles Spurgeon
There is nothing more dangerous than idleness…In labor there is salvation; in labor there is safety.
Francis M. Lyman
Okay, look. I get it. You’re one of those people who thinks they have to help screwed-up people. Or maybe you’re attracted to dangerous, unbalanced people. But listen up: I’m not Edward and you’re not Bella” – Lana
Michael Grant
I’m a writer of fiction. I try to write about my time, but it’s dangerous if I’m seen as an investigative writer. I manipulate and change and control.
Abi Morgan
It would be dangerous territory if I wasn’t practising what I preach which is to always accept responsibility, always accept the consequences of your actions.
David Blunkett
There is nothing more seductive — and dangerous — than being listened to.
Donald Antrim
We cannot reform the world…. Uncle Sugar is as dangerous a role for us to play as Uncle Shylock.
John F. Kennedy
I stopped writing at the age of 18. I had written incessantly before that. I read, of course, because I was in university, but I wasn’t going to write. I wasn’t going to do any of those dangerous things. I was going to be a stolid, bourgeois lawyer.
James Lipton
No doubt metaphors are dangerous- and perhaps especially so in philosophy. But a prohibition against their use would be a willful and harmful restriction upon our powers of inquiry.
Max Black
Images of resentment and revenge only have us spending the precious moments of our lives imagining the ‘other’ as both dangerous and important!
Bill Crawford
“I love you,” he said, his voice almost musical with happiness. She shot him a scowl. “Isn’t saying that a bit dangerous considering these aren’t wooden swords and the ends aren’t even taped?” He laughed.
C.C. Hunter
When all feels calm and prices surge, the markets may feel safe; but, in fact, they are dangerous because few investors are focusing on risk.
Seth Klarman
You think the two of us and a slummy motel make for a dangerous combination?
Becca Fitzpatrick
Advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill.
J. R. R. Tolkien
I’ve never wanted to be anything but a gymnast. Maybe it is dangerous-but when you start thinking about danger, you might as well give up.
Olga Korbut
I think that we have strayed into very dangerous territory where people are not allowed to express a negative opinion.
Lady Colin Campbell
Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.
Moshe Dayan
Any politician who can be elected only by turning Americans against other Americans is too dangerous to be elected.
Thomas Sowell
Some people travel to other dimensions in their astral bodies when they meditate. But astral traveling doesn’t bring a person lasting happiness. If astral traveling is not done properly, it can be quite dangerous.
Frederick Lenz
Wherever on earth the religious neurosis has appeared we find it tied to three dangerous dietary demands: solitude, fasting, and sexual abstinence.
Friedrich Nietzsche
It is dangerous for a ruler to trust others. He who trusts others can be manipulated by others.
Han Fei
A little bit of suspicion is a dangerous thing; a drop from a pipette of poison into a bucket of otherwise clean water.
Bella Pollen
I know what you’re going to say! ‘They are men, and men should be free.’ A free man is dangerous to himself and everyone else. Freedom should be left to those who can put it to good use.
Dave Sim
CNN was one of the first news organizations in the world to train and equip its journalists before deploying them to dangerous areas.
Jim Walton
I believe that the combination of pencil and memory creates a kind of practical magic, and magic is dangerous.
Stephen King
The dangers of carbon dioxide? Tell that to a plant, how dangerous carbon dioxide is.
Rick Santorum
Washington’s a dangerous place.
Jack Abramoff
Gossip is a very dangerous tool. We should be more wary of the gossiper, and not the gossip they’re trying to relay to you.
John Lydon
Nothing is as dangerous in architecture as dealing with separated problems. If we split life into separated problems we split the possibilities to make good building art.
Alvar Aalto
Fools and wise men are equally harmless. It is the half-fools and half-wise that are dangerous.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I had to do something. A young man came into my home for protection. Is he dangerous? No. Is he a spy? No. Is he a traitor? No. He’s just a Jewish teenager who wants to leave.
Chiune Sugihara
Education can, and should be, dangerous.
Howard Zinn
The world is getting to be such a dangerous place, a man is lucky to get out of it alive.
W. C. Fields
Then there was the whole concept of coal mining, which is a culture unto itself, the most dangerous occupation in the world, and which draws and develops a certain kind of man.
Martin Cruz Smith
The theoretically unrestricted right to develop power, to wage war against other states, is antisocial and is doubly dangerous, because the state as a mass entity represents a low moral and intellectual level.
Christian Lous Lange
Round pegs in square holes tend to have dangerous thoughts about the social system and tend to infect others with their discontents.
Aldous Huxley
Power is always dangerous. Power attracts the worst and corrupts the best.
Edward Abbey
I can score goals and be dangerous with my passes.
Toni Kroos
On the rock bound coast of New Brunswick the waves break incessantly. Every now and then comes a particularly dangerous wave that breaks viciously into the rock. It is called ‘The Rage.’ That’s me.
Max Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook
My view is that when lies become mixed up with the truth, it’s a very dangerous world.
Christiane Amanpour
Learn from me, if not by my precepts, then by my example, how dangerous is the pursuit of knowledge and how much happier is that man who believes his native town to be the world than he who aspires to be greater than his nature will allow.
Mary Wollstonecraft
What reading does, ultimately, is keep alive the dangerous and exhilarating idea that life is not a sequence of lived moments, but a destiny.
Sven Birkerts
My point is not that religion itself is the motivation for wars, murders and terrorist attacks, but that religion is the principal label, and the most dangerous one, by which a “they” as opposed to a “we” can be identified at all.
Richard Dawkins
Assent – and you are sane – Demur – and you’re straightaway dangerous – and handled with a chain.
Emily Dickinson
But relying on one person for your every need is so dangerous. One set of hands isn’t enough to keep you from falling.
Sarah Addison Allen
Nothing is more dangerous than solitude.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
The office of reformer of the superstitions of a nation is ever dangerous.
Thomas Jefferson
Steve, it’s OK. I know Angle is a dork, but he’s a dangerous dork, our dork and your backup dork!
Vince McMahon
Cultivate your curves – they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.
Mae West
It is dangerous to be an American Negro male. America has never wanted its Negroes to be men, and does not, generally, treat them as men. It treats them as mascots, pets, or things.
James A. Baldwin
Art is dangerous. It is one of the attractions: when it ceases to be dangerous you don’t want it.
Duke Ellington
Remain in wonder if you want the mysteries to open up for you. Mysteries never open up for those who go on questioning. Questioners sooner or later end up in a library. Questioners sooner or later end up with scriptures, because scriptures are full of answers. And answers are dangerous, they kill your wonder.
Theories then are dangerous things.
Virginia Woolf
They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it’s not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.
Terry Pratchett
The ritual of exorcism is not practiced by an ordinary priest. An exorcist requires specific training and must be thought to have a personal sanctity. He can be exposed to dangerous behavior and personal threat. His prayers often cause a violent response as he attempts to shine a beam of light into the darkness.
Gabriele Amorth
What is objectionable, what is dangerous about extremists, is not that they are extreme, but that they are intolerant. The evil is not what they say about their cause, but what they say about their opponents.
Robert Kennedy
Things like microphones are dangerous things because you never know when they might feedback and squeal.
Temple Grandin
Yesterday is not a milestone that has been passed, but a daystone on the beaten track of the years, and irremediably part of us, within us, heavy and dangerous. We are not merely more weary because of yesterday, we are other, no longer what we were before the calamity of yesterday.
Samuel Beckett
It is true that success is the most boring thing, it is tinny and brittle, failure runs deeper. Success is dangerous. I have a very complicated relationship with that word.
Arundhati Roy
There’s nothing more dangerous than than someone trying to act for the greater good.
James Patterson
Without imagination, nothing is dangerous.
Georgette Leblanc
Moral cowardice that keeps us from speaking our minds is as dangerous to this country as irresponsible talk.
Margaret Chase Smith
Patriotism which has the quality of intoxication is a danger not only to its native land but to the world, and “My country never wrong” is an even more dangerous maxim than “My country, right or wrong.”
Bertrand Russell
Art is nowhere near as dangerous as it should be.
Edward Albee
Silent people are dangerous; others are not so.
[Fr., Les gens sans bruit sont dangereux;
Il n’en est pas ainsi des autres.]
Jean de La Fontaine
IPL does not allow Pakistani players because they are dangerous.
Alastair Cook
An enemy forgiven is more dangerous than a thousand foes.
Rodolfo Graziani
This century is going to be a very dangerous century.
Duncan Hunter
…you will do more harm than good by attempting to supplant old dogmas and customs with new dogmas. It will be the same in the end except that the old is less militant, less dangerous than a new order imposed by enthusiasts.
Gore Vidal
The dangerous assumption we unknowingly accept in the American dream is that our greatest asset is our own ability.
David Platt
Beer and other forms of alcohol will do you no good. Their use will be expensive, will dull your conscience, and could lead to the disease called alcoholism, which is humiliating, dangerous, and even deadly.
Gordon B. Hinckley
That’s why crazy people are so dangerous. You think they’re nice until they’re chaining you up in the garage.
Michael Buckley
Even labeling the tea party and left and right its dangerous, because it’s – it’s another ego separation tool.
Doreen Virtue
Ignorance is indeed bliss, but it is also dangerous and embarrassing.
Ted Nugent
The question is, can we have a more peaceful, effective relationship with Russia, utilizing interests that are similar in a realistic way to make this world a safer place and get off this dangerous hostility with Russia.
Jeff Sessions
It’s dangerous to start attributing your fortunes to luck and your misfortunes to fate.
Nancy Pickard
Apparently there’s nothing more dangerous than a religious criminal.
James Cook
there’s a lot of dangerous sports. You know, my opinion, football is the most dangerous sport there is. After that I’ll give it to probably boxing. Then there’s some other extreme sports out there, motocross where you’re really risking your neck every time you go out there and do it.
Jon Jones
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing – it only hastens fools to rush in where angels fear to tread.
Samuel Johnson
Chaos is not dangerous until it begins to look orderly.
Max Gunther
To be of no Church is dangerous.
Samuel Johnson
Id love a werebear. But I guess you need that seductive element of danger. And though bears can be dangerous, when you say werebear it just sounds kind of cuddly. Probably has a rainbow on his belly.
Kandyse McClure
Is there anything more dangerous to the cause of liberty than a politician fixated on re-election?
Neal Boortz
I think the most dangerous word in the English language is ‘should.’ ‘I should have done this.’ Or ‘I should do that.’ ‘Should’ implies responsibility. It connotes demand. Which is just not the case. Life ebbs and flows.
Chris Pine
The most dangerous thing for an entrepreneur to do is to actually go into a business that he does not understand fully.
Aliko Dangote
Religion is a dangerous prod, because it can always be misused and get out of hand, but it’s useful for keeping people on the straight and narrow.
Octavia Butler
What’s now urgently needed [to stop environmental disaster] is the international political commitment to take action to avoid dangerous climate change.
David Miliband
It is noble to pity a man who is cruel because he is weak, but it is idiotic and dangerous to allow him to have power.
Kate Horsley
a towering intellect, grand in its achievements, and glorious in its possibilities, may, with the moral and spiritual faculties held in abeyance, be one of the most dangerous and mischievous forces in the world.
Frances Harper
We have used the majority of our carbon budget and we are already at dangerous levels of CO2 concentrations, about 400 parts per million. The levels were 250 before industrialization. So the problem is what we have done already and, therefore, what must be undone.
Graciela Chichilnisky
The conservatives want to revolutionize the world all at once. And that’s a dangerous proposal.
Bernard-Henri Levy
I think so many young girls get caught up in the challenge of being with somebody who’s dangerous, who’s bad, who’s enticing, who’s all of those things, and you forget what it’s like to enjoy simple love.
Nikki Reed
Hetero – normative behavior and herd mentality is dangerous. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to stand out for whatever reason. Some people are just born that way and instead of trying to tear them down, learn something new. Be curious and open because maybe that’s a pathway out for you, too.
Rose McGowan
The goal, I submit, is obvious: subjugating the world (which is barbarian, dangerous, envious and ungrateful) to US power for the sake of America’s interests.
Breyten Breytenbach
Jeanine claims you’re all dangerous Insurgents.
Evelyn Eaton
Everything that’s fun in life is dangerous. Horse races, for instance, are very dangerous. But attempt to design a safe horse and the result is a cow … It is impossible to be alive and safe.
P. J. O’Rourke
I’m a very free woman, and maybe freedom is erotic in that way. Maybe it’s conceived of as something dangerous, and dangerous – in that creative and wild way – is sensuous and erotic. For me it’s more about making what I feel, but there’s always a reason, a level of integrity and classical expression in what I do.
FKA twigs
The world is a dangerous, unstable place and sometimes there are casualties and struggles for power.
Greg Bryk
I think it is quite dangerous for an organisation to think they can predict where they are going to need leadership. It needs to be something that people are willing to assume if it feels relevant, given the context of any situation
Margaret J. Wheatley
Peter Geye has rendered the Minnesota north shore in all its stark, dangerous beauty, and it is the perfect backdrop for this deeply moving story of conflict and forgiveness. Safe from the Sea is a remarkable debut.
Ron Rash
The most dangerous thing for an actor is to refuse to listen to anyone else, to feel you know more than anybody.
Rock Hudson
I think my work is influenced by the fact that we’re living in dangerous times. If I could put it in a sentence, in fact, my work is about just that: living in dangerous times.
Don DeLillo
For those who do not wish to step away from consensus, the creative is useless at best; at worst, it is dangerous.
Deena Metzger
I think doing variations on a classical theme is a dangerous thing to do.
Tori Amos
Polls are like perfume-nice to smell, dangerous to swallow.
Shimon Peres
The French constitute the most brilliant and the most dangerous nation in Europe and the best qualified in turn to become an object of admiration, hatred, pity or terror but never indifference.
Alexis de Tocqueville
Expectations are dangerous. I recommend not having any, if only to avoid disappointment.
Conchita Wurst
Obviously, the anti-ERA people are tickled about my ordeal because it proves that the ERA breaks up families. When they point out that feminism is a dangerous thing, I just say marriage is pretty precarious too.
Sonia Johnson
The European Union and Russia have an identical viewpoint. We have condemned any potential revision of the ABM treaty, believing that such a revision will involve a risk of proliferation that will be very dangerous for the future.
Jacques Chirac
I simply wanted to state that during this little slice of history, this is what happened and these were the good sides of it, these were the more dangerous sides of it, and this was the result.
Roland Joffe
While law enforcement officers are working hard in Illinois to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, they face a nearly impossible task because of weak gun laws in surrounding states.
Lucy McBath
On the first day Coraline’s family moved in, Miss Spink and Miss Forcible made a point of telling Coraline how dangerous the well was, and they warned her to be sure she kept away from it. So Coraline set off to explore for it, so that she knew where it was, to keep away from it properly.
Neil Gaiman
The truth is, what Americans enjoy about football is much of what makes the sport dangerous. However, I believe there must be a way to find the art of success and vitality in football, without the driving the level of impact that causes serious risk of head trauma, paralysis and other life-changing injuries.
Naveen Jain
When you are subverting the power of government, that’s a fundamentally dangerous thing to democracy.
Edward Snowden
Brave people may be persuaded to an action by representing it as being more dangerous than it really is.
Friedrich Nietzsche
The big downside to the global village that the Internet has created is that nothing has time to grow out of the public gaze and, even more dangerous, whatever your personal interests might be, there will always be someone somewhere to provide validation and encouragement.
Derek Ridgers
That’s the joy of art – it should be dangerous and challenging but it’s just art – it’s safe.
Val Kilmer
I try to avoid saying ‘fantastic’ too often and ‘obviously’ is a dangerous word for all broadcasters.
Gary Lineker
A little learning is not a dangerous thing to one who does not mistake it for a great deal.
William Allen White
Education is dangerous – every educated person is a future enemy.
Hermann Goering
The big powers are traveling on the dangerous road of armament. The signpost just ahead of us is ‘Oblivion.’ Can the march on this road be stopped? Yes, if public opinion uses the power it now has.
Sean MacBride
Yeah. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun… We’re showing people how, in a pretty crazy and whacked-out, dangerous world, you can still have fun.
Jimmy Buffett
Instantaneous and mass communication is the mother of mass naivety. Should we then lose hope? Is there any hope? But to lose hope is as dangerous as to nurture false hope. Where then can we find hope that is responsible?
Tariq Ramadan
A Styrofoam egg carton caught his eye. He opened it and found a single silver orb with little blinking red lights. “This is cool, too!” He dropped it into his backpack. “Dan, no!” “What? They’ve got plenty of other stuff, and we need all the help we can get!” “It could be dangerous.” “I hope so.
Rick Riordan
It may be conjectured that it is cheaper in the long run to lift men up than to hold them down, and that the ballot in their hands is less dangerous to society than a sense of wrong is in their heads.
James Russell Lowell
The atomic bomb is too dangerous to be loose in a lawless world.
Harry S. Truman
We will always meet rivals in everything we do, but the most dangerous are those we believe to be our friends.
Paulo Coelho
I’m saying language is a passport. A dubious, dangerous passport too.
Xiaolu Guo
The man of thought who will not act is ineffective; the man of action who will not think is dangerous.
Richard M. Nixon
Now a small woman, with dangerous curves. I could bite into her.
Nalini Singh
I’m really only responsible to make sure that one person is clapping at the end of my life. Because I feel like as a performer, a lot of times you live for everyone else’s applause. That’s a dangerous thing within the church or outside the church.
Jon Foreman
It’s quite a dangerous career move to go wilfully on making films that may not find a distributor.
John Hurt
Manhattan was a no-man’s land, empty, an unofficial demilitarized zone between Partials and the human survivors. No one was supposed to be here, not because it was forbidden but because it was dangerous. If something happened to you out here, either side could get you, and neither side could protect you.
Dan Wells
It is dangerous to play politics with the Budget.
Clement Attlee
Keep carefully not of all scrapes and quarrels. They lower a character extremely; and are particularly dangerous in France, wherea man is dishonoured by not resenting an affront, and utterly ruined by resenting it.
Lord Chesterfield
The notion of ‘we’ is very important. I think, for any family, any community to be able to say ‘we’ in this family, it means something. It’s dangerous to society when somebody will place himself or herself on the outside of ‘we.’
Jonas Gahr Store
The statesmen of the world who boast and threaten that they have Doomsday weapons are far more dangerous, and far more estranged from ‘reality’,than many of the people on whom the label ‘psychotic’ is affixed
R. D. Laing
I have a sense of humor; but over the years that sense has developed one blind spot. I can no longer laugh at ignorance or stupidity. Those are our chief enemies, and it is dangerous to make fun of them.
Charles Francis Richter
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I regret that this isn’t fatal.
Erik Naggum
We have not inherited an easy world. If developments like the Industrial revolution, which began here in England, and the gifts of science and technology have made life much easier for us, they have also made it more dangerous.
Ronald Reagan
We are 25 years too late. If the object is to avoid dangerous change, we’ve already had it. The object now is to avoid really dangerous change.
Stephen Schneider
Sometimes I’ve been to a party where no one spoke to me for a whole evening. The men, frightened by their wives or sweeties, would give me a wide berth. And the ladies would gang up in a corner to discuss my dangerous character.
Marilyn Monroe
Every human actions becomes dangerous when it is deprived of human feeling. When they are performed with feeling and respect for human values, all activities become constructive.
Dalai Lama
Sure, I can get a little bit jealous. The good part about jealousy is that it comes from passion. It’s also the dangerous part and it’s an ugly emotion that hurts.
Matthew McConaughey
An environment of carping and criticism is dangerous to your mental health, whereas those who support and encourage you bring out your true potential and spark your genius.
Willard F. Harley