Dark Alleys Quotes

Dark Alleys Quotes by Josemaria Escriva, Doug Liman, Brad Meltzer, Max Lucado, Jeff Bezos, Charles Simic and many others.

When we were little, we kept close to our mother in a d

When we were little, we kept close to our mother in a dark alley or if dogs barked at us. Now, when we feel temptations of the flesh, we should run to the side of our Mother in Heaven, by realizing how she is to us, and by means of aspirations. She will defend us and lead us to the light.
Josemaria Escriva
I think making a great action movie is one of the hardest cinematic endeavors. By definition, smart characters avoid action. Smart people don’t go down dark alleys, but if you’re making an action movie and you want to have an action sequence, somehow you have to get that character into that dangerous situation.
Doug Liman
When you go down a dark alley and you feel that tingling across the back of your neck, that’s not just a bad feeling, that’s a biological gift from God – the Gift of Fear…when you ignore that gift – when you go down the dark alley and say, Y’know, I’m sure it’ll be okay – that’s when you find real pain.
Brad Meltzer
The next time you find yourself alone in a dark alley facing the undeniables of life, don’t cover them with a blanket, or ignore them with a nervous grin. Don’t turn up the TV and pretend they aren’t there. Instead, stand still, whisper his name, and listen. He is nearer than you think.
Max Lucado
We like to pioneer, we like to explore, we like to go down dark alleys and see what’s on the other side.
Jeff Bezos
Poetry: three mismatched shoes at the entrance of a dark alley.
Charles Simic
When we come face-to-face with one down a dark alley, we’re going to be having a shufti to see if it’s solid, aren’t we, we’re not going to be asking, ‘Excuse me, are you the imprint of a departed soul?
J. K. Rowling
Love isn’t always magic. But if I offered my body to the magician, if I told him to cut me in half so after that I could come to you whole and ask for you back would you listen for this dark alley love song? For the winter we heated our home from the steam off our own bodies?
Andrea Gibson
Trying to micromanage the perfect vacation is always a disaster. That leads to terrible times. If you get lost and you just end up eating just anywhere, you know, you see a bunch of Venetians sitting around smoking cigarettes, eating something unrecognizable in a dark alley somewhere, chances are it’s interesting.
Anthony Bourdain
Always follow your dreams, even if they lead you down a few dark alleys.
Teresa Mummert
english doesn’t borrow from other languages. english follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over and goes through their pockets for loose grammar.
James Nicoll
Where would you like to go, what would you really like to do with your life? See Istanbul, Port Said, Nairobi, Budapest. Write a book. Smoke too many cigarettes. Fall off a cliff but get caught in a tree halfway down. Get shot at a few times in a dark alley on a Morrocan midnight. Love a beautiful woman.
Ray Bradbury
I loved the idea of a girl going into a dark alley, and a monster comes, and then she just aces him. It’s like, you want to see the tiny person suddenly take control. God, my whole career is basically about that!
Joss Whedon
I’m pretty sure lurking in a dark alley to mug me with your apology isn’t the usual way to go about saying you’re sorry. But I didn’t read that Mars-Venus book, so who knows.
Jim Butcher
Don’t follow it blindly into every dark alley. Always remember that you are not a model or a mannequin for which the fashion is created.
Marlene Dietrich
Imagination is a great thing in long dull hours, but it’s a real curse in a dark alley.
Zilpha Keatley Snyder