Decision Quotes

Decision Quotes by Raul Hilberg, Tom Daschle, Susan Cain, Allen West, Will Ferrell, Mallory Ortberg and many others.

At crucial junctures, every individual makes decisions

At crucial junctures, every individual makes decisions and … every decision is individual.
Raul Hilberg
Senators, like everyone else, want to feel a part of this decision-making process. They want to feel included.
Tom Daschle
Solitude is one of our great superpowers… Solitude is the key to being able to make effective decisions and then having the courage of convictions to stand behind those decisions.
Susan Cain
Today’s endorsement by President Barack Obama of the creation of a Hamas-led Palestinian state based on the pre-1967 borders, signals the most egregious foreign policy decision his administration has made to date…
Allen West
No matter how much you screw up your own life by the wrong decisions that you make, it’s never too late to do the right thing and change your ways and you can teach old dogs new tricks.
Will Ferrell
I’m of the opinion that it is always a kind and appropriate decision to get in touch with someone who’s lost a loved one to remind them that you’re thinking of them and have fond memories of the deceased.
Mallory Ortberg
To change, it takes a decision based on faith, faith takes forgetting everything you thought you knew.
Shannon Leto
In our education system, we are taught to munch figures and remember them for lifetime. But does it help? We are not taught how to make decisions.
Chetan Bhagat
God’s decisions are always mysterious, but they are always in our favour.
Paulo Coelho
Do you know what separates adults from children? Self-discipline. We don’t want to go to work, we don’t want to do our chores, and we don’t want to make unpleasant decisions, but we do all those things because we’re aware of the consequences which will follow if we don’t.
Ilona Andrews
I think there has to be a recognition that, you know, there’s so much at stake now, I mean, the business has changed so much and decisions are made so quickly, in nano seconds basically.
Hillary Clinton
It’s not really a conscious decision to do a quiet album or a noisier album. It’s just something that happens, I guess.
Sune Rose Wagner
The role of geo-engineering should, in a world of responsibility, in a world of scientifically enlightened decision making and ecological understanding, it should be zero. There is no role for geo-engeneering. Because what is geoengineering but extending the engineering paradigm?
Vandana Shiva
Everything is something you decide to do, and there is nothing you have to do.
Denis Waitley
The atom bomb was no great decision. It was merely another powerful weapon in the arsenal of righteousness.
Harry S. Truman
The tragedy of all political action is that some problems have no solution; none of the alternatives are intellectually consistent or morally uncompromising; and whatever decision is taken will harm somebody.
James Joll
I made the decision that I was going to make rap music in, like, fourth grade, so it’s been something I was saying for a long time.
Chance the Rapper
The greatest force of personal liberation is the decision to widen our circle of compassion, moving from focus on self to focus on service.
Marianne Williamson
A decision as a backbencher to vote against one’s party ought not to be taken lightly.
Dominic Grieve
When do you know it’s time to say, ‘OK, that’s it?’ That is the most difficult part of any decision like that because you don’t want to throw the ‘R’ word out there. I’ve mentioned it a couple times, but not in the sense that I’m doing it. That word is very fragile. We’ll see.
Jim Thome
We areВ all creators. Whether orВ not weВ create isВ not upВ to us. WeВ are human, andВ creating isВ what weВ do. Every interaction, movement, andВ decision isВ creativity atВ work. WeВ are allВ artists. WeВ all order creation around usВ into theВ world that weВ want toВ make.
Michael Gungor
If you simply cannot make the right decision, make a decision and then make it right.
Randall Dale Adams
Before making a decision, ask inside for guidance. Be patient and await an answer. Act only when you feel calm and certain.
Deepak Chopra
I think that’s the beauty of elections: You can’t hide from who you are. The more honestly and directly you communicate to people why you’re doing this, the way in which you want to serve them, I just think that the better, more informed decision that they can make.
Beto O’Rourke
American decision-makers must understand how damaging a foreign policy that privileges order and profit over justice really is in the long term.
Samantha Power
Every single decision you make as a leader has an effect on the spirit of those you lead.
Bill Hybels
I would prefer to let the president make the decisions that the president needs to make.
Anthony Scaramucci
When you’re dropping back and everything’s going on, part of you wants to force it, but you have to make the right decision and not force the ball and sometimes throw it away.
Nick Foles
If choices and decisions derive from hidden mental processes, then free choice is either an illusion or, at minimum, more tightly constrained than previously considered.
David Eagleman
Among some people arrogance supplies the place of grandeur, inhumanity of decision, and roguery of intelligence.
Jean de la Bruyere
If you chase the art, you really can’t fail because you’ll always be able to look at yourself in the mirror. And that’s not about making angry decisions, either, it’s about always doing the right thing for you, your fans and your art.
Gerard Way
With one decision, Judge Sotomayor changed the entire dispute. Her ruling rescued the 1995 baseball season and forced the parties to resume real negotiations.
David Cone
We love the ability of the people to influence the actions of decision-makers, of lawmakers and presidents to be removed from or elevated to office by the will of voters, and of the community to connect amongst diverse populations through the ballot box.
Charles Rangel
Even though I pretty much made my own decisions early on, when I was younger I tended to overbook my life.
Sheena Easton
If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem, but a fact – not to be solved, but to be coped with over time.
Shimon Peres
I truly believe that when a person makes a concrete decision and takes action towards a goal they’ve set, that the universe will step in and provide opportunities.
Tamara Tunie
In any case, decisions on troop levels in the American system of government are not made by any general or set of generals but by the civilian leadership of the war effort.
William Kristol
Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision.
Erich Fromm
Demons wait at crossroads attempting to influence our decisions.
April Smith
Boxers are going away and not getting decisions and are losing, so it’s not looking good for us, is it, as a nation? Thanks for pointing that out. It’s put even more pressure on me now. I don’t mind that at all. I love pressure.
Carl Froch
As the guardian of our rights, the Supreme Court makes decisions every year which either protect the individual or leave him at the mercy of more powerful forces in our society.
Herb Kohl
Human-rights advocates, for example, claim that the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners is of a piece with President Bush’s 2002 decision to deny al Qaeda and Taliban fighters the legal status of prisoners of war under the Geneva Conventions.
John Yoo
There are some decisions in life that only you can make.
Merle Shain
I had three weeks of prep on ‘Wolfman,’ a ridiculously inadequate amount of time to try to bring together the fractured and scattered pieces of the production. I had taken the job mostly because I had a cash flow problem, the only time in my career I’ve ever let finances enter into the decision process.
Joe Johnston
The decisions you are making right now and that you will make in the foreseeable months and years will absolutely determine whether you pivot towards the world or towards the Lord.
Sheri L. Dew
All I really want – when I pray , I don’t really ask for anything. All I want to do is God’s will and make the best decisions I can. I don’t go out and preach.
Harry Connick, Jr.
I used to be much heavier when I first started out acting and did a lot of crash dieting and a lot of crash exercise – a ton for a month before you burned out. Then I made a decision in my twenties to only do things that I can do for life, so everything’s kind of in moderation for me.
Rhea Seehorn
Meaning does not interest me and has almost nothing to do with my decisions or judgments.
Jeff Wall
You are here and you are allowed to be here and therefore you are allowed to make decisions about yourself and the people in your life; rather than sort of backing up and making sure it’s okay with everybody at every turn.
Elizabeth Gilbert
A conscious decision to eliminate certain details and include selective bits of personal experiences or perceptual nuances, gives the painting more of a multi-dimension than when it is done directly as a visual recording. This results in a kind of abstraction… and thus avoids the pitfalls of mere decoration.
Wayne Thiebaud
City came in strongly for me, put their cards on the table, and what I have found out since is that every game in England is a privilege – the atmosphere, the fans, the interest that surrounds it. Every time I go out on the pitch, I know I’ve made the right decision.
David Silva
The more decisions you make, the better, statistically, your odds of success are. And what I also learned was, it doesn’t matter: anything can be fixed. When you’re directing, you can agonize, but you can’t indulge. Stuff has to happen
Tony Goldwyn
Most of my actor friends dont believe its possible to let go of it and be happy, and for a while that was true for me. For the first two years I ached, every day. And I had such bad dreams. But then I made the decision to start working on my little shop and all that went away.
Genie Francis
I would guess that the decision to create a small special purpose language or use an existing general purpose language is one of the toughest decisions that anyone facing the need for a new language must make.
Guido van Rossum
Build confidence and momentum with each good decision you make from here on out and choose to be inspired.
Joe Rogan
When making public policy decisions about new technologies for the Government, I think one should ask oneself which technologies would best strengthen the hand of a police state. Then, do not allow the Government to deploy those technologies.
Phil Zimmermann
The parts of the [Civil Right] Movement we recognize so well now were not born from a single decision, but were a complicated and messy evolution of ideas and spirits, coming together after a long, hard struggle to triumph in moments when the odds seemed the longest.
Andrew Aydin
Ask yourself: What forms the decisions you make? What is it that gnaws at you? What are your crucible moments?
Les Wexner
If I want to do well in racing I need to be more focused so I stopped going to school. If I wasn’t a very good driver it would not be a wise decision, but it gives me an advantage over my competitors.
Lando Norris
I thought, possibly, that what I really needed was to go where nobody knew me and start over again, with none of my previous decisions, conversations, or expectations coming with me.
Maggie Stiefvater
We’ve all heard that we have to learn from our mistakes, but I think it’s more important to learn from successes. If you learn only from your mistakes, you are inclined to learn only errors.
Norman Vincent Peale
No wind serves him who addresses his voyage to no certain port.
Michel de Montaigne
A one-time tax does not get figured into people’s investment decisions.
Mitch Daniels
Commitment is not a barrier to freedom. Commitment is the *exercise* of freedom, the act of making a choice or decision and meaning it. The one without the other is meaningless.
Michael Rosen
My best decision was to choose to go to Wall Street over law. I learned a lot and focused on the expanding software industry at a time when the independent software industry was just beginning.
Safra A. Catz
It is unfortunate when final decisions are made by chieftains headquartered miles away from the front, where they can only guess at conditions and potentialities known only to the captain of the battlefield.
Attila the Hun
Sometimes, when a person gains a lot of success at a very young age, they become targets, and it’s really easy to follow the crowds and not make independent decisions based on truly how you feel.
Dane Cook
The Left has taken over the universities and, increasingly, high schools and elementary schools. It dominates the news and entertainment media. And many judges and courts are leftist – meaning that their decisions are guided by leftism more than by the law or the Constitution.
Dennis Prager
The decision to use the atom bomb on Japanese cities, and the consequent buildup of enormous nuclear arsenals, was made by governments, on the basis of political and military perceptions.
Joseph Rotblat
My decision to leave ‘Ween’, however interpreted, was absolutely not made in haste.
Gene Ween
I’m always dealing with this sadness. I don’t want to be Morrissey or anything, but it is a thing I deal with it. Every day, when I wake up, I have to make a decision to fight this depression. That sounds horrible but I’m fine with it; it’s who I am; it’s my life. I try not to let it cripple me.
Bobcat Goldthwait
No one was responsible for the great Wall Street crash. No one engineered the speculation that preceded it. Both were the product of free choice and decision of hundreds of thousands of individuals.
John Kenneth Galbraith
I believe devoutly that the national election is the closest thing we have to a civic sacrament of democracy. And I really do think that heed must be paid, and when people make a decision, those who are on the other side, including me, accept it, for that reason.
Mark Shields
Like sand on the beach, the brain bears the footprints of the decisions we have made, the skills we have learned, the actions we have taken.
Sharon Begley
How I wish we could all see the cost of our choices as clearly as a price tag on items in a store. If I know how much something is going to cost me, I make much wiser choices. But we have an enemy who schemes against us to keep the cost of dumb decisions concealed until it’s too late.
Lysa TerKeurst
Politicians have to make unpopular decisions. Schwarzenegger is going to understand the nature of his job. I wish him good luck, he’s going to need it. It’s going to be difficult for him.
Clint Eastwood
In life, the hardest decisions often have to be made more than once. But each time, it gets easier.
Matthew J. Kirby
The decision by France to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific has destroyed this hope and raised a storm of protest at home, in the South Pacific and thankfully around the world.
Jenny Shipley
In arriving at a decision in a question of doubt, the apostles in the Acts were guided solely by their sense of the Spirit behind the action, not by any speculations as to consequences which might ensue. And so they found the truth.
Roland Allen
The most important decision I’ve made in business? The choices of people I have around me. When I first started I brought everybody with me, my homies from the neighborhood, criminals. I just said, ‘Come on everybody, we made it.’ Then I had to realize we didn’t make it. I made it.
Snoop Dogg
Policy makers, like most people, normally feel that they already know all the psychology and all the sociology they are likely to need for their decisions. I don’t think they are right, but that’s the way it is.
Daniel Kahneman
The time to take counsel of your fears is before you make an important battle decision. That’s the time to listen to every fear you can imagine! When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead!
George S. Patton
There seems to be a concern about whether the public appreciation of science has eroded to a point where it has removed science from public debate and public decision making. Whether the public has come to regard evidence as optional.
Rush D. Holt, Jr.
Arnold Schwarzenegger’s publicist told USA Today that the actor has not ruled out running for governor of California, saying that he will make a decision soon. Reportedly Arnold needs that time to learn how to pronounce ‘gubernatorial.’
Jimmy Fallon
You know, I’m the President during this period of time, but I think when the history of this period is written, people will realize a lot of the decisions that were made on Wall Street took place over a decade or so, before I arrived in President, during I arrived in President.
George W. Bush
There is never a specific theme or anything I have interest in. Really, I make decisions based on decisions that are made by other people and whatever is presented to me, and I do it on a first come, first serve basis, and go from there.
Colin Hanks
We need to say that women have sex, have abortions, are at peace with the decision, and move on with their lives. We need to say that is their right, and, moreover, it’s good for everyone that they have this right: The whole society benefits when motherhood is voluntary.
Katha Pollitt
Being a judge is sometimes like raising children: litigants get the time they need, not necessarily the time they want, and you have to earn people’s respect by communicating to them that you’re going to listen, follow the law and make a fair decision.
Steven Pacey
Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you.
David Gemmell
You look back on some little decision you made and realize all the things that happened because of it, and you think to yourself “if only I’d known,” but, of course, you couldn’t have known.
Mary Downing Hahn
Decision making can sometimes seem like inner civil war.
Jim Rohn
For a contributing citizen to be released from the community was a final decision, a terrible punishment, an overwhelming statement of failure.
Lois Lowry
Around 2010, I kind of looked up and said, I’m 40 years old. You know, I chose music. I don’t have a husband. I don’t have any kids. Like, I chose music. So, I had to make a decision. Like, do I want to do something else, or do I want to go from journeyman to master? And I realized, I want to be a really good musician.
Neko Case
A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.
Grantland Rice
Christ was on display early in my childhood. Both my mother and father were living examples of what it meant to live for Christ and have Him be the focal point of decisions, actions, thoughts and words. It was a blessing but not entirely unexpected when very young I also came to the faith.
Aaron Kampman
I didn’t visit art galleries growing up. I didn’t know anything about it. But at 17 I made the decision to leave home and explore. I’ve been using the Internet since I was 13, so I could see there was this whole world out there.
In America, politicians do whatever to get re-elected, and a lot of decisions that were being made at that time by Kennedy were certain not to get him re-elected.
Kevin Costner
Peace is not the product of a victory or a command. It has no finishing line, no final deadline, no fixed definition of achievement. Peace is a never-ending process, the work of many decisions.
Oscar Hammerstein II
I was always fascinated by the decision-making process and the managerial process and just business in general.
Ronald Perelman
Working people really amaze me. When you give them all the facts, they make the right decision every single time.
Richard Trumka
High level policy makers and program managers do not normally listen to the voices of local people, local providers and local program managers when they make decisions about contraceptive introduction or other aspects of program development in reproductive health.
Ruth Simmons
How dangerous can false reasoning prove!
Somewhere along the line, I conditioned myself to be a quick thinker. I take a step back and try to assess the situation, then make the best decision possible at the moment.
Jonathan Sadowski
When people think of the outcomes of their decisions, they think much more short term than that. They think in terms of gains and losses.
Daniel Kahneman
Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.
Denis Leary
Sometimes a King has to do terrible things in order to protect those he has sworn to look after. When the stakes are so high, dreadful decisions have to be taken. It is the responsibility of a King to take on that burden, that guilt.
Cressida Cowell
The coach has put a lot of trust in me to make good decisions in the post.
Pau Gasol
We do have certain protocols in place with respect to doing the investigation by the FBI. And then prosecutors at the Department of Justice are the ones who ultimately make the decision as to whether or not to move forward with prosecution of a crime.
Alberto Gonzales
When you are a man of power, your decisions affect so many people and sometimes it can appear to be extremely evil, when really you just have a specific goal to reach. I had to understand that state of mind because what was most important was the bigger goal not the smaller decisions.
Jimmy Jean-Louis
For good-intentioned people making decisions, there’s no such thing as a bad choice. So it doesn’t matter what you choose. Choose something, then deliberately line up with the choice you make. This is the art of alignment and allowing.
Esther Hicks
If you make the wrong decision, you make the wrong decision. That’s all there is to it. There are few guarantees in life. One of them is that you will make lots of mistakes The worst thing you can do is wimp out and spend your life in suspended animation refusing to make a choice because it may not be a perfect one.
Nicholas Lore
We do the best we can,” she said softly, looking inward. “And punish ourselves for it. I’ve tried to make my choices with the idea that I’ve made those choices for the greatest good. Sometimes someone suffers in the process, but I made the decision for the right reason. That should count for something, shouldn’t it?
Tami Hoag
My friend Terry says that when you need to make a decision, in your work or otherwise, and you don’t know what to do, just do one thing or the other, because the worst that can happen is that you will have made a terrible mistake.
Anne Lamott
Finishing a painting demands a heart of steel: everything requires a decision, and I find difficulties where I least expect them… It is at such moments that one fully realizes one’s own weaknesses.
Eugene Delacroix
However, personally, I see this as not having the right to abuse this trust [among the citizens of Russia and Japan], and any decision we reach should correspond to the national interests of the Russian Federation.
Vladimir Putin
We had a bad court. Got a bad decision, had a court that’s been overturned I may be wrong but I think it’s 80% of the time.
Donald Trump
Consider the little mouse, how sagacious an animal it is which never entrusts its life to one hole only.
Many of those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom have come through the wrestling ranks. We need to honor them and win this decision to have wrestling – the world’s oldest sport – remain a part of the most prestigious athletic competition in the world, the Olympics.
Dan Gable
The single most important decision in evaluating a business is pricing power.
Warren Buffett
Developing an explicit decision-making process upfront for how you will make that decision will help alleviate conflict and gridlock when you actually need to decide.
David Livermore
You could have a woman who is also a mother. I mean, it’s just there – the roles of women is just to have that be in the President, I mean, we see this in the business. You see that having people with different experiences just adds to a richness of your ability to make decisions. And that is exhilarating.
Maria Echaveste
Look at other countries that have tried to have federally controlled health care. They have poor-quality health care. Our health-care system is the envy of the world because we believe in making sure that the decisions are made by doctors and patients, not by officials in the nation’s capital.
George W. Bush
My point is that true leaders…understand the possible consequences of their decisions, and are willing to bear that weight. The question is whether that’s a step you’re willing to take.” -Carlist Rieekan
Timothy Zahn
A pilot must have a memory developed to absolute perfection. But there are two higher qualities which he also must have. He must have good and quick judgment and decision, and a cool, calm courage that no peril can shake.
Mark Twain
Courage is required not only in a person’s occasional crucial decision for his own freedom, but in the little hour-to-hour decisions which place the bricks in the structure of his building of himself into a person who acts with freedom and responsibility.
Rollo May
Get me inside any boardroom and I’ll get any decision I want.
Tom Stoppard
And yes, there’s a simplicity to writing books because you’re not a member of a team, so you make all the decisions yourself instead of deferring to a committee.
Bernard Cornwell
Networks decide who will have a chance to do shows, but it is the viewers who make the final decision of who stays and who goes. I am very fortunate, in that the television viewers of our country have decided that Bob Barker can stay.
Bob Barker
Without constantly pushing my senior colleagues to formulate decisions, I would never be able to learn and know what they are made of.
Peter Woo
When you are under time pressure for a decision, you need to follow intuition.
Daniel Kahneman
Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level.
Peter Drucker
When the time came to make a decision about what do in life, I found myself thinking that acting was the thing I loved to do, so I applied to drama school. And then, I didn’t get in – twice.
Emily Watson
I think there’s a very clear recognition and understanding that the progress of women in business at the very highest decision-making levels is too slow. This is a discussion that’s going on in every country around the world, actually.
Quentin Bryce
She has got to have command of her body. So when she goes out into the world, she’s going out with a command that is hers. She is used to making those, decisions herself.
Will Smith
High office teaches decision making, not substance. It consumes intellectual capital; it does not create it. Most high officials leave office with the perceptions and insights with which they entered; they learn how to make decisions but not what decisions to make.
Henry A. Kissinger
Women could get it done…That’s why we need more women to run so we have more women in power to make decisions.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Digital time does not flow; it flicks. Like any binary, discrete decision, it is either here or there. In contrast to our experience of the passing of time, digital time is always in the now, or in no time. It is still. Poised.
Douglas Rushkoff
I’m on the verge of taking a stand.
Tom Hollander
Exile (being where we don’t want to be with people we don’t want to be with) forces a decision: Will I focus my attention on what is wrong with the world and feel sorry for myself? Or will I focus my energies on how I can live at my best in this place I find myself?…’I will do my best with what is here.’
Eugene H. Peterson
Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide,
In the strife of truth with falsehood, for the good or evil side;
Some great cause, some great decision, offering each the bloom or blight, And the choice goes by forever, ’twixt that darkness and that light.
James Russell Lowell
In every decision we make and in every policy we develop, we are committed to protecting those who cannot protect themselves… the very young and the very old.
Mike Rounds
I can’t tell you how much time is spent worrying about decisions that don’t matter. To just be able to make a decision and see what happens is tremendously empowering, but that means you have to set up the situation such that when something does go wrong, you can fix it.
Ward Cunningham
If reason is a universal faculty, the decision of the common mind is the nearest criterion of truth.
George Bancroft
I went onto reality TV as a business decision.
Bethenny Frankel
It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions.
Jim Rohn
The consequences of decisions don’t just affect spreadsheets… They affect, in fundamental ways, the lives of people and they often mean the difference between life and death.
Phil Bredesen
Have you taken the decision of war? Then, you are sick! Have you participated the war? Then, you are sick! Do you produce guns? Then, you are sick! Refuse all of them and be healthy, be human, be normal, be a real man!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I have worked hard and learnt that I have to make a decision – whether I am going to conform and protect myself or not. I chose not to.
M. Night Shyamalan
Some people are going to like the decisions I made, some people are not going to like the decisions that I made. That’s just the way it is.
George W. Bush
When my colleagues went to endorse Rob Garagiola, nobody asked me for my opinion about that. And I didn’t ask anybody else. I did what I thought was the right thing to do, and I made a decision, just like they did.
Donna Edwards
I am, however, deeply saddened by this [Brexit] vote by the British electorate. But I respect their decision. What is crucial now is that we focus very precisely on what Europe can do for people: stimulate investment, create jobs and together ensure the safety and security of our citizens.
Jean-Claude Juncker
I don’t have a particular recommendation other than that we base decisions on as much hard data as possible. We need to carefully look at all the options and all their ramifications in making our decisions.
Dorothy E. Denning
Ten years ago I also had a very difficult decision to make when we had (Carlo) Cudicini giving fantastic performances in Chelsea’s goal for many years. I had in my hands a 22-year-old goalkeeper I thought could be in Chelsea’s goals for years and years and years and this situation is quite similar.
Jose Mourinho
My dad told us up front, ‘Guys, if you want to play sports, go ahead, but it’s your decision.
Peyton Manning
As a rule it usually takes three or four readings for me to be interested in a script, and if I’m interested I’ll read it three or four times before I make a strong decision
Chris Cooper
We constantly feel stressed, overwhelmed and guilty.It’s our own fault if we’re unhappy. It means we made a bad decision.
Renata Salecl
Human rights advocates, for example, claim that the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners is of a piece with President Bush’s 2002 decision to deny al Qaeda and Taliban fighters the legal status of POWs under the Geneva Conventions.
John Yoo
There is nothing an addict likes more, or that serves as better pretext for continuing his present way of life, than to place the weight of responsibility for his situation somewhere other than on his own decisions.
Theodore Dalrymple
You cannot hinder someone’s free will, that’s the first law of the Universe, no matter what the decision.
E. A. Bucchianeri
It’s a pretty amazing to wake up every morning, knowing that every decision I make is to cause as little harm as possible. It’s a pretty fantastic way to live.
Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
The CEO is, by far, the most important decision for a company… The company is going to rise and fall with the CEO.
Carl Icahn
Politeness is the poison of collaboration.
Edwin Land
If the final decision for the salvation of fallen sinners were left in the hands of fallen sinners, we would despair all hope that anyone would be saved.
R. C. Sproul
Let’s reserve judgment for people who beat their children, sell their daughters into prostitution, or deny women the right to make decisions about their bodies and their lives.
Mayim Bialik
The art of never making a mistake is crucial to motherhood. To be effective and to gain the respect she needs to function, a mother must have her children believe she has never engaged in sex, never made a bad decision, never caused her own mother a moment’s anxiety, and was never a child.
Erma Bombeck
Pleasure and revenge
Have ears more deaf than adders to the voice
Of any true decision.
William Shakespeare
You can’t base your decisions on anyone’s opinion but yours and God’s.
Karen Kingsbury
I think what happened with Brandy [Burre]is what happens with a lot of people. You make these decisions for comfort and stability, and then eventually those same things that are comforting and stable end up putting walls around you that you didn’t expect.
Robert Greene
After a while it sort of began to rain, which is to say that it was the kind of rain that never comes to a decision about whether it’s actually raining or not. Driving in it, you would never have been certain whether or not to turn on your wipers.
Neil Gaiman
Knowledge is the antidote to fear
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Golf is a lot like life. When you make a decision, stick with it.
Byron Nelson
Having a financial adviser enables the investor to carry a psychological call option. If the investment decision turns out well, the investor takes the credit, and if it turns out badly, the regret can be lowered by blaming the adviser.
Hersh Shefrin
It has been my experience that competency in mathematics, both in numerical manipulations and in understanding its conceptual foundations, enhances a person’s ability to handle the more ambiguous and qualitative relationships that dominate our day-to-day financial decision-making
Alan Greenspan
I know the strengths and weaknesses of my teammates. I make my passing decisions accordingly
Steve Nash
Roger Goodell makes $40 million a year, which more than compensates him for the most difficult and sensitive decision in his nine years as commissioner: How hard to come down on Tom Brady, the best quarterback in NFL history, who Goodell told me last year is a “great ambassador for the game”
Gary Myers
Stories, as much as we like to talk about them, retrospectively, as emanations of theme or worldview or intention, occur primarily as technical objects when they’re being written. Or at least they do for me. They’re the result of thousands of decisions made at speed during revision.
George Saunders
I ignore my fear,” he says. “When I make decisions, I pretend it doesn’t exist.” I stare at him for a second. I can’t help it. To me there’s a difference between not being afraid and acting in spite of fear, as he does.
Veronica Roth
It’s better to make a decision, even the wrong one, than to be in limbo.
I mean,he decided we’d be better apart,you know?it wasn’t a joint, if your gonna make a decision about me and my life without consulting me,i’d better be dying and unconscious and you’d better be following carefully written instructions.
James Patterson
In my terms, “neurocognitive efficiency” is being able to make smarter, faster decisions on the floor.
Stephen Curry
Mediocre founders spend a lot of time talking about grand plans, but they never quite make a decision.
Sam Altman
Unfortunately, we can never truly know if we’re making the right decision. What we do know is that wherever we are, that’s where the Light wants us to be. It’s the best place for us to be now. And as long as we don’t try to control the situation, then we won’t end up in the place we shouldn’t be.
Yehuda Berg
I know as a manager you have to abide by the chairman’s decisions. But his decisions were this team, that team, this player, that player. The chairman is a control freak.
Paul Gascoigne
Only the closest collaborators of the Fuehrer know how difficult is the burden of this responsibility; how sorrowful are the hours during which decisions must be made which bear upon the well being and the fate of all of Germany
Hjalmar Schacht
At some point, I had to make a decision: I could practice more and become a really great guitar player or I could work on writing better songs. There are only so many hours in the day, and I found writing songs more fulfilling than working on becoming this virtuoso guitar player.
James Iha
The decision to leave [Iraq] should be based solely on the judgment of the combatant commanders on the ground who say, “My Iraqi counterparts can now handle this particular area of the country on their own with minimum American support or with no American support.” When they can do that, we should leave.
Duncan Hunter
Cognitive and character skills work together as dynamic complements; they are inseparable. Skills beget skills. More motivated children learn more. Those who are more informed usually make wiser decisions.
James Heckman
I had a very insightful friend who warned me back when I stopped reading scripts, ‘It’s easier to change directions while you’re still moving.’ If you stop, it’s harder to get started again. I still don’t think I made the wrong decision, but he was right.
Debra Winger
Nothing is more honoring to your heavenly Father than making life decisions based upon what he has claimed about himself.
Andy Stanley
When people are free to do as they please, they usually imitate each other.
Eric Hoffer
The Supreme Court has also issued and never reversed a number of decisions that are repugnant to the Constitution’s vision of human dignity and equality.
Sam Brownback
I taught for a semester, but couldn’t work out my teaching schedule with my acting schedule because they just didn’t jive. So, I had to make a decision. And by sheer luck, I’m sure, I have not stopped working as an actor.
Danny Burstein
If we are not happy with where our past decisions have led us, then the place to start is with our current thinking process.
Jim Rohn
Only fools make permanent decisions without knowledge.
Mike Murdock
Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of killing unwanted babies, it’s just that the idea of letting women make a decision doesn’t sit well with me.
Zach Braff
I’ve never gone through an audition process or anything. In most of my decisions like that, I just kind of feel it out: You know, do I feel comfortable with this person?
James Mercer
Studios just sometimes make decisions on their own that you’re always flabbergasted by. It just happens that way for whatever reason – not even pointing fingers, it just is.
Barry Levinson
There just comes a time when it’s so clear that moving on is the best decision.
T. R. Knight
No happy man bases his decisions on fear.
Jake Anderson
Apparently a great many people have forgotten that the framers of our Constitution went to such great effort to create an independent judicial branch that would not be subject to retaliation by either the executive branch or the legislative branch because of some decision made by those judges.
Sandra Day O’Connor
A decision once taken brings peace to a man’s mind and eases his soul.
Mika Waltari
One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned recently is that when you don’t know what to do, you should do nothing until you figure out what to do because a lot of times you feel like you are pressed against the wall, and you’ve got to make a decision. You never have to do anything. Don’t know what to do? Do nothing.
Oprah Winfrey
Respect Dhoni’s decision to quit. We should respect his incredible contribution to Indian cricket. Can’t measure in words. Probably his quitting came one Test early.
Sunil Gavaskar
You can’t blame science for being used for evil purposes. What you can do is say, ‘This is an exceedingly powerful tool.’ And you want to make sure it is used for good purposes, not bad ones. That is a political decision.
Richard Dawkins
I’ll be damned if I apologize for the choices I’ve made. They were hard decisions, but I had good reasons for making them.
Christine Feehan
An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.
Niels Bohr
When you appoint someone, you appoint somebody because of their character, their convictions, their abilities. And not because you have a belief, a confidence, in a foreordained outcome in any given decision.
Karl Rove
It takes less courage to criticize the decisions of others than to stand by your own.
Attila the Hun
Everything changes when you make a decision to be one of the courageous ones, someone who chooses to make a life, rather than a living.
Neale Donald Walsch
I didn’t even think of my breasts in a nostalgic way, I just wanted to be able to live my life without that fear all the time. It’s not ‘pity me’, it’s a decision I made that’s got rid of this weight that I was carrying around.
Sharon Osbourne
When we make decisions, about eating or anything else, with an attitude of kindness and acceptance toward ourselves, with awareness of what is involved in our choices, the conflict between deprivation and indulgence ceases to exist.
Cheri Huber
God’s is the causality at the level of our being, and therefore the roots of our freedom. Ours in causality is determinative of what kind of being we’re going to be through our free choices, what kind of action we are going to do through our decisions.
Francis George
Outstanding long-term results are produced primarily by avoiding dumb decisions, rather than by making brilliant ones.
Warren Buffett
The camera is objective. When it records a face it can’t make any hierarchical decisions about a nose being more important than a cheek. The camera is not aware of what it is looking at. It just gets it all down.
Chuck Close
I don’t know if I call myself a poet or not. I would like to, but I’m not really qualified to make that decision, because I come in on such a back door, that I don’t know what a Robert Frost or a [John] Keats or a T.S. Eliot would really think of my stuff.
Bob Dylan
Executives do many things in addition to making decisions. But only executives make decisions. The first managerial skill is, therefore, the making of effective decisions.
Peter Drucker
For most of my life, when I’ve finished the book I’m writing, there’ve always been as many as two or three other novels waiting to be written next. And the decision driving which one of them it should be was never based on how long it had waited or how many accumulated pages of notes I had.
John Irving
Decisions are the doorway to change.
Tony Robbins
I truly do believe that President Trump making decisions to pause our various immigration programs and refugee programs for a period of time so that we can ensure that there are new safeguards in place.
Mike Pence
Working toward perfection is not a one time decision but a process to be pursued throughout one’s lifetime.
Spencer W. Kimball
You make decisions and you’re not going to please everybody all the time.
Mike Quade
Once you say ‘I want to find Truth’, all your life will be deeply affected by it. All your mental and physical habits, feelings and emotions, desires and fears, plans and decisions will undergo a most radical transformation.
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
The decision to go to the moon is now appreciated and associated with President Kennedy’s speech, but somebody else had told him it was a good idea. It turned out to be a good commitment, but it was a unique situation.
Buzz Aldrin
For many people with HIV, finding the right doctor is the most important decision they’ll make.
David Mixner
I do not lose; I just do not get decisions sometimes. You lose when you quit. I have never quit. When it comes down to a decision, judges make a decision as to which fighter they want to win the fight. I have always been able to survive no matter whom they decide to give the fight to.
Evander Holyfield
As you get up in the morning, as you make decisions, as you spend money, make friends, make commitments, you are creating a piece of art called your life.
Mary Catherine Bateson
Bush reiterated his stand to conservatives opposing his decision on stem cell research. He said today he believes life begins at conception and ends at execution.
Jay Leno
I have finally accepted that there are consequences to every action. I earned them and they are rightfully mine. There is no time to make bad decisions. Every step is precious. The definition of living is mine.
Tarryn Fisher
The truth of the matter is there is significant debate among judicial scholars today as to whether or not we’ve gone off on the wrong path with regard to Supreme Court decisions.
Joe Biden
I think I just knew in my head there was something special about ‘My Church,’ and getting to accept a Grammy for it was just proof that I made the right decision.
Maren Morris
I’m 100 percent sure this is it. I know that I’ll never play in the NHL again. It’s not a hard decision. I think the hardest thing is you get a little emotional talking about your family. I couldn’t have played any longer than I did and I accomplished what I wanted to.
Chris Chelios
The majority of us do not enthrone God, we enthrone common sense. We make our decisions and then ask the real God to bless our God’s decision.
Oswald Chambers
Life is savagely unfair. It ignores our deep-seated convictions and places a disproportionate emphasis on the decisions we make in split seconds.
Chris Cleave
I made a decision when I was in school that I’d have a lot of male friends.
Zaha Hadid
One of the odd things about middle age, he concluded, was the strange decisions a man discovers he’s made by not really making them, like allowing friends to drift away through simple neglect.
Richard Russo
The myths have always condemned those who ‘looked back.’ Condemned them, whatever the paradise may have been which they were leaving. Hence this shadow over each departure from your decision.
Dag Hammarskjold
You know, great powers don’t get angry, great powers don’t make decisions hastily in a crisis.
John R. Allen
We have a lot of precedence for that; we’ve done that in the past. Or maybe that you want to sort of put that behind you. I don’t know, that’s – that’s a tough decision [ seeking a special prosecutor for Hillary Clinton].
Rudy Giuliani
I think that every decision I make in my life is based off of an emotion – and it definitely hurts me in some situations, and helps in some situations, like obviously writing and stuff is my favourite thing to do because I get to use all of my emotions and express them in that way.
Melanie Martinez
But I always need to identify with a character to write about him or her – and by “identify,” I mean see the world through that person’s eyes and have a strong sense of the inner logic of their acts and decisions, wacky or wrongheaded though they might be. In that sense, I think there’s some of me in all of them.
Jennifer Egan
What is really a stretch to me is to make quick decisions.
Ang Lee
Pakistan could be uneasy on the position of Indian military. But both the countries should take a bold decision, breaking from their past, to transform their relationship.
Simon Cameron
I don’t really have any regrets because if I choose not to do something there is usually a very good reason. Once I’ve made the decision I don’t view it as a missed opportunity, just a different path.
Andrew Lincoln
Sounds good, doesn’t work. Never going to happen. Our country is suffering because people like Secretary [Hillary] Clinton have made such bad decisions in terms of our jobs and in terms of what’s going on.
Donald Trump
The man who would forge to the front in this competitive age must be a man of prompt and determined decision.
Orison Swett Marden
I don’t remember sitting down and saying, ‘This is why I want to be–an actress.’ I just knew. It was never a conscious decision or a revelation.
Joanne Whalley
Successful people engage that creative part of their minds and ask, “Well, I wonder how else I can look at this problem? I wonder how else I could deal with this decision? I wonder what other possibilities I have there?”
Jim Rohn
Many people expect, just as they did then, “those at the top” to make all their decisions for them: Please get us work, and take care of our rent. These people vote for those who shout the loudest and deliver promises that are ultimately impossible to fulfill.
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
I made the decision to keep putting one foot in front of the other, and looking back that was a really stupid decision
Gordy Ainsleigh
Did God create man, or did man create God? Either way, the decision needs to be reviewed.
Ashwin Sanghi
The use of cases is to establish principles; if the cases decide different from the principles, I must follow the principles, not the decisions.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
All my life, I’ve stayed at parties too long because I didn’t know when to go.
Katharine Hepburn
Status quo just means that everyone’s doing it. It doesn’t mean that this was divinely ordained, and of course this is the right decision.
Alexis Ohanian
…and the red sun of desire and decision (the two things that create a live world) rose higher and higher, while upon a succession of balconies a succession of libertines, sparkling glass in hand, toasted the bliss of past and future nights.
Vladimir Nabokov
Make a decision. It doesn’t have to be a wise decision or a perfect one. Just make one.
Seth Godin
To say that a man is a reasoning animal is a very different thing than to say that most of man’s decisions are based on his rational process. That I don’t believe at all.
Rex Stout
I made the difficult decision to retire because a campaign of bullying, intimidation and retaliation by President Trump and his allies forever limited the progression of my military career.
Alexander Vindman
When consumers do not take full advantage of efficiency gains, it is because they are weighing other factors that influence their decision making. When the federal government arbitrarily places one of those factors over others, it makes consumers worse off.
Gina McCarthy
I think people in Montreal smoke a lot, and I used to smoke when I was 17-18, and just picked it up when I was playing juniors. But I think I stopped when I was 22, which was a big decision in my life.
Mario Lemieux
The happier you are, the more apt you are to make a prudent decision.
George Chuvalo
Chaos umpire sits And by decision more embroils the fray by which he reigns: next him high arbiter Chance governs all.
John Milton
Too many?pass judgement on wartime decisions in the luxury of a peacetime environment.
Harry S. Truman
No trumpets sound when the important decisions of our life are made. Destiny is made known silently.
Agnes de Mille
Defeat only happens when you make the decision to stop trying. Because determination works. Steady forward motion, even if it’s just a step per week, gets you there. So keep moving, even if it’s only a little some weeks.
Ken Evoy
More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity. It will steal you blind.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
I look back on my 20s. It’s supposed to be the prime of your life, the most vital, the most beautiful. But you’re making your critical decisions and sometimes your most critical mistakes.
Ann Brashares
Don’t get yourself in certain circumstances or instances, because it’s not a good feeling to be sitting in that chair where you’ve got 12 people that are in control of your life. You have an opportunity to be in control of your life for yourself by the decisions that you make.
Puff Daddy
Play within the system. Be a decision maker.
Dabo Swinney
I say, make the decision, and as soon as you make the decision, the rest of your life you just manage that decision on a daily basis.
John C. Maxwell
How can we keep growing instead of staying stuck-perhaps because we are fearful of making a “wrong” decision? Herbert Otto nudges us to get out there and experiment…then we may find ourselves with many “right” choices to make.
Herbert Otto Gille
Anyone who says that women do not have influence in men’s decisions makes a vast and stupid mistake.
Lisa See
Wise man also fears a weak enemy.
Publilius Syrus
I realised early on that there were two groups of people in the world: those who made the decisions and those who had the decisions made for them. I wanted to be one of the decision-makers.
Bronwyn Bishop
There are no wrong decisions ― only different ones.
Libba Bray
I think that’s one of the maybe under-discussed aspects of process – the difference between a good writing day and a bad one is the quality of the split-second decisions you made.
George Saunders
My raps are a decision, rabble rousing, spiritual, like gospel music. I don’t want to dance. We have so many things to deal with, we need to talk straight up and down.
Tupac Shakur
I have confidence that the government of Luxembourg will not make any decision that frustrates this transaction.
Lakshmi Mittal
Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions.
Todd Phillips
Regret isn’t good. Every decision one makes in life is made for a reason or another. Whenever something bad happens, I go, ‘This is happening for a reason’, or, ‘This is going to teach me something’.
Kate Winslet
Remember, it’s not conditions but decisions that determine our lives.
Tony Robbins
[Donald Trump] said that he would likely have a decision and an announcement by the end of January [2017] and that’ll obviously take a great deal of energy. It’s enormously important in the life of the Court and the life of the nation.
Mike Pence
In order to sell a product or a service, a company must establish a relationship with the consumer. It must build trust and rapport. It must understand the customer’s needs, and it must provide a product that delivers the promised benefits.
Jay Conrad Levinson
However, it was not us who refused to freeze oil production; our Saudi partners changed their point of view at the last moment and decided to slow down the adoption of this decision. I would like to reiterate our position, it remains the same.
Vladimir Putin
Not since before Roe v. Wade has a law or court decision had the potential to devastate access to reproductive health care on such a sweeping scale.
Nancy Northup
In the studio we spend a lot of time working our what materials will work best and also last. We do tests and come back to them years later to see how they are still performing, and this leads our decisions.
Patricia Piccinini
Downsizing budgets may be necessary, but downsizing dreams is a decision to be disappointed.
William J. Clinton
Each person makes their own decision about what it is that is happening, whether they like it or don’t like it, whether they want to lend their energy to it or not or what, you know.
Jerry Garcia
Firmness in decision is often merely a form of stupidity. It indicates an inability to think the same thing out twice.
H. L. Mencken
I must remind the right honourable gentleman that a monologue is not a decision.
Clement Attlee
Of course, the character of my garden is also determined by things beyond any human decision, mine or anyone else’s.
Allen Lacy
As a man thinketh, so is he, and as a man chooseth, so is he.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I think even though the court is moving toward trying to translate the Constitution into a digital age, there was that wonderful unanimous decision that Chief Justice Roberts wrote saying you can’t search a cellphone on arrest without a warrant.
Jeffrey Rosen
I don’t think I know enough about acting to direct. You need to be a slight megalomaniac, not where you want to take over the world, but where you want to make every single decision and the buck stops with you. It’s an awful lot of stress.
Matthew William Goode
People love America. Sometimes they don’t like the decisions made by America, but I don’t think you want a president who tries to become popular and does the wrong thing.
George W. Bush
Every decision we make has to be evaluated in light of our life-changing commitment to being a servant of Christ and His kingdom.
David Jeremiah
Again and again, the impossible problem is solved when we see that the problem is only a tough decision waiting to be made.
Robert H. Schuller
I go back and think of President Kennedy, who had a military service background, but he comes into the presidency, and he’s faced with a decision on the Bay of Pigs, with the C.I.A. and the military giving him data, and it turns out very badly.
Stanley A. McChrystal
We will be looking at things like the confluence of a scene, and we still have all these creative decisions to make. In general, we’re going to just try to make these under a half-hour. We’re going to try to take that kind of cable TV comedy model.
Mitchell Hurwitz
There is a force that controls all your decisions. It influences how you think and feel every moment you’re alive. It determines what you will do and what you will not do. It determines how you feel about anything that occurs in your life. That force is your beliefs.
Tony Robbins
The decision to relax rather than to grip, even in the face of impatience or fear, is a conscious and brave choice.
B.K.S. Iyengar
When you have to choose among methods, your locus of attention is drawn from the task and temporarily becomes the decision itself.
Jef Raskin
I never look at salaries. I have no aspirations of being a general manager or anything like that, I want to coach. For me there is no dollar signs on the towels, no dollar signs on their jerseys, I will make the decisions based on who is going to make us win. For me, that is my only priority.
Bob Hartley
The American people have a right to know that, when Donald Trump’s making decisions, they are being made in their best interests without him lining his pockets.
Elijah Cummings
There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, get hold of the feeling of it even before its manifestation and then joyously watch the unfolding as, piece by piece by piece, it begins to unfold. That’s the feeling of your hands in the clay.
Esther Hicks
I really enjoy just being an actor. It’s fun to be surprised by someone else’s writing and to collaborate in creating a character and to leave all the hard decision-making to some other room full of suckers!
Andy Daly
You know, albums are a funny thing. They’re not like an intellectual decision. It’s a collection of your kind of musings. Like it’s a collection of your diary entries and you pick which one’s gonna make the most sense together and you put out a record and you sort of live it.
Glen Hansard
The things you refuse to meet today always come back at you later on, usually under circumstances which make the decision twice as difficult as it originally was.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Figure out the one solution – not three – that you want to see happen. There were quite a few things we could have gone after but we decided to focus on the commanders and that was a strategic decision because that, for us, would be the most vulnerable point and the most effective one that could immediately change.
Amy Ziering
The decisions we make dictate the schedules we keep. The schedules we keep determine the lives we live. The lives we live determine how we spend our souls. So, this isn’t just about finding time. This is about honoring God with the time we have.
Lysa TerKeurst
You need to be empathetic in your own personal life and we help our neighbors and our friends out who are struggling in our neighborhoods. But we don’t make bad decisions based on empathy.
Thomas Sowell
My association with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference is sort of predated by an effort that we were a part of here in New York City regarding the reaction to this 1954 Supreme Court [Brown v Board of Education] decision.
Ella Baker
I want to discourage you from choosing anything or making any decision simply because it is safe. Things of value seldom are
Toni Morrison
A decision is made with the brain. A commitment is made with the heart. Therefore, a commitment is much deeper and more binding than a decision
Nido R Qubein
I believe the single most significant decision I can make on a day-to-day basis is my choice of attitude… When my attitudes are right theres no challenge too great for me.
Charles R. Swindoll
My goal was to do the best job I could in governing the state of Wisconsin, in some cases making very tough decisions to have to bring our spending in line with the resources we had at the state level.
Scott McCallum
Those who play badminton well take decisions quickly.
Dmitry Medvedev
We can all be weak, but we all have to make a conscious decision to be strong.
Yaya Toure
Many Americans who supported the initial thrust of civil rights, as represented by the Brown v. Board of Education decision and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, later felt betrayed as the original concept of equal individual opportunity evolved toward the concept of equal group results.
Thomas Sowell
Always revisit your decisions in the light of new knowledge and information. Don’t be afraid to change.
Chris Guillebeau
Women don’t make the decisions in the media. Even if you see women on camera, they have to answer to the person upstairs, which is mostly men. Women only hold 3% of the decision-making offices in the media.
Jane Fonda
No misery or bad situation is ever infinite or final until we make a conscious decision for it to be so. ~ Inferno
Sherrilyn Kenyon
It’s easier to be responsible for the decisions that you’ve made yourself than for the ones that other people have made for you.
John Travolta
We sincerely ask the Beijing authorities across the Strait to view the election result from a positive perspective, to accept the democratic decision of the Taiwanese people.
Chen Shui-bian
Anything that brings you to a decision will be answered. The stronger the decision is, the faster it’s answered. So if you’re in a situation where it seems life or death, and the desire is strong, it is answered now, because it must be answered now to be answered at all.
Esther Hicks
You make the right decision for the long run. You manage for the long run, and you continue to move to higher value. That’s what I think my job is.
Ginni Rometty
Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those I contact to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road; make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another on facing Christ in me.
Jim Elliot
One path leads back to this world, to rebirth; one path leads beyond. Your soul stands at a crossword, trying to make a decision, flipping a coin, a nice image for the soul, I think.
Frederick Lenz
All decisions originate in the brain. So if we can better understand what’s happening in the brain when we make investment decisions, maybe one day we’ll be able to make more accurate financial forecasts – for a stock or even the entire market.
Kabir Sehgal
Every decision that Donald Trump makes is going to impact his bottom line of some business that he owns all over the world. So it remains a huge issue.
Bernie Sanders
We’re making more and more decisions every day. I think a lot of us feel overloaded by the process.
Daniel Levitin
Land of snap decisions, land of short attention spans, nothing is savored long enough to really understand.
Joni Mitchell
People are going to do stupid things, but you don’t take away the freedom because somebody makes a stupid decision.
Jesse Ventura
I think I’ve been mildly obsessed with my hair. I don’t think I have a hugely adversarial relationship with it. One my essay is about my decision to keep coloring my hair once it started to go gray, but once I wrote the essay – once the book was in production – I decided to go gray.
Elizabeth Benedict
I didn’t want to just write a series – I wanted to write an epic, on story that spans three books, where decisions made in the first impact the last.
Marcus Sakey
Your parents will die before you do, so you’d better make your own life decisions. Your own choices are always good if you know yourself – especially in art, because whenever you do something new, everyone will be against you.
Yoshitaka Amano
The decision came from the publisher. It certainly was cleared by Chicago. And then they come out with these fine sounding words about relation to readers and their obligation. It has nothing to do with that.
Robert Scheer
Why is everything always my decision?” I asked. Because you will not tolerate anything else.” Oh, I remembered now. “Great”, I whispered. – Anita to Jean-Claude
Laurell K. Hamilton
Spend some effort in figuring out why each decision did or did not pan out. Doing that systematically is key: really try to question the way you make decisions, and improve it.
Daniel Kahneman
When you are having trouble making a decision or are at a crossroads in your life and are confused about which path to take, cry out to God and ask for His guidance.
Jacklyn Zeman
Deciding to commit yourself to long term results rather than short term fixes is as important as any decision you’ll make in your lifetime.
Tony Robbins
When I write a novel, every word is mine. I welcome suggestions from my editor, but in the end, I make all the final decisions.
Louis Sachar
I’m trying to have no regrets. I’m starting to learn about myself and how to live. As an actor, part of the job is accepting your life and learning how to roll with it. I want to live a life where I don’t regret any decisions, and if I do, I learn from them.
Ansel Elgort
This decision will only strengthen the bond between women players and one of the world’s great sporting events [on equal prize money at Wimbledon
Maria Sharapova
All you can do is make your decisions based on what you know now
Malinda Lo
Melania Trump`s husband tweeted this: “Arianna Huffington is unattractive both inside and out. I fully understand why her former husband left her for a man. He made a good decision.”
Lawrence O’Donnell
To be able to make decisions and see them come to fruition and feel the excitement around them, what it generates within the company, how the artists get motivated — that’s the most rewarding part; feeling I can be a catalyst for an artistic experience for our artists and for the public.
Karen Kain
and here I felt a strange leaping of my heart-God did! My job was to simply follow His leading one step at a time, holding every decision up to him in prayer.
Corrie Ten Boom
The thing about Iran is there are many political factions and it’s not quite the dictatorial, authoritarian state with one person always making every single decision.
Hooman Majd
Often hair is the way we are differentiated in this culture. To me the decision to straighten your hair is deeply political.
Jami Floyd
The president [of American research institute] can act as the CEO and make a firm decision about the long-term development of the institution, but he or she does so in constant consultation with the faculty. It may not always work this way, but the greatest advances occur when governance is truly shared.
Henry Rosovsky
I’m finding myself really angry over spending and the deficit. I’m finding myself really angry over what’s happening in the Middle East, the decision to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. I’m angry about cap and trade. And I’ve been on record for a long time on the failed war on drugs.
Gary Johnson
VaynerMedia filters the world how humans interact. This is how people are going to make buying decisions.
Gary Vaynerchuk
I made the decision a long time ago that I had an obligation to my children that I happily fulfilled.
Connie Stevens
When one begins to reflect on philosophy—then philosophy seems to us to be everything, like God, and love. It is a mystical, highly potent, penetrating idea—which ceaselessly drives us inward in all directions. The decision to do philosophy—to seek philosophy is the act of self-liberation—the thrust toward ourselves.
Cocaine decisions that you make today, will mean nothing later on when you get nose decay.
Frank Zappa
If I would put my talent on the table, if I would control my impulses, if I would make decisions and plans for my own life, then I could be successful.
Star Parker
Most of society thinks that biography is destiny, that the past equals the future, and of course it does if you live there…but what we really have to remind ourselves is that decision is the ultimate power.
Tony Robbins
Just by making a decision to stay out of politics, you are making the decision to allow others to shape politics and exert power over you. And if you are alienated from the current political system, then just by staying out of it, if you do nothing to change it, you simply entrench it.
Joan Kirner
If you are trying to take a difficult decision and you’re weighing up the pros and cons, you have frank conversations. Everybody knows this in their walk of life.
Tony Blair
I was with Ted Turner when he came to see Kofi Annan – the Secretary-General of the UN – to announce his decision to put $1 billion to the service of UN projects and programs.
Maurice Strong
The difficulty is not making a decision, it’s living with the consequences.
Micah Baldwin
Maybe we should always show pictures. Bin Laden, pictures of our wounded service people, pictures of maimed innocent civilians. We can only make decisions about war if we see what war actually is – and not as a video game where bodies quickly disappear leaving behind a shiny gold coin.
Jon Stewart
With an agenda dominated by global security and U.N. reform, it appears that the decisions needed to lift millions of people from abject poverty are not being given the prominence they deserve.
Kumi Naidoo
Understanding how to be a good investor makes you a better business manager and vice versa.
Charlie Munger
Just think of the opportunities we can unlock by making education as addictive as a video game. This type of experiential, addictive learning improves decision-making skills and increases the processing speed and spatial skills of the brain. When was the last time your child asked for help with a video game?
Naveen Jain
Human foresight often leaves its proudest possessor only a choice of evils.
Charles Caleb Colton
Overall, my life has been one of survival and the decisions that I have made along the way, including my identification, have been to survive.
Rachel Dolezal
When learning is recognized in the fabric of life and encouraged, when families make their decisions based on what leads to more interesting and educational ends, children learn without effort, often without even knowing it, and parents learn along with them.
Sandra Dodd
The point is that these decisions they’ve made are partly for your convenience and partly for theirs and partly out of stereotypes that they carry with them from the conventions of the computer field.
Ted Nelson
As the leaders and decision-makers of this great state, it is our responsibility to strive for perfection.
Roy Barnes
I rarely give interviews. I am against doing television interviews or chatting on the Net, even to promote my films. This is my personal decision, and it is not to hurt or embarrass anybody.
Ajith Kumar
I was a guy who needed to go to class, because I had some raw talent that I thought was identifiable, when I finally made a decision to be an actor. And yet I wanted to learn how to really do the stuff. You know, ‘How do I get to be a serious actor?’
Jon Voight
Our decision to close on Sunday was our way of honoring God and of directing our attention to things that mattered more than our business.
S. Truett Cathy
I greatly admire GE, their utterly ruthlessly focused management, to get the cost out and get this integration done.’ Okay, we may make a few mistakes along the way but we are not going to waste any time.’ They make decisions; they are incredibly disciplined and focused.
Larry Ellison
Every choice moves us closer to or farther away from something. Where are your choices taking your life? What do your behaviors demonstrate that you are saying yes or no to in life?
Eric Allen
One of the things that is not so good is that a decision was made long ago about the size of an IP address – 32 bits. At the time it was a number much larger than anyone could imagine ever having that many computers but it turned out to be to small.
Jon Postel
Indecision and delays are the parents of failure.
George Canning
Freedom of expression – in particular, freedom of the press – guarantees popular participation in the decisions and actions of government, and popular participation is the essence of our democracy.
Corazon Aquino
Life’s full of opportunities to make crappy decisions that feel good. And after the first one, the rest get a whole lot easier.
Holly Black
Forgive: Make a conscious decision to cease to harbor resentment, which includes forgiving a debt and giving up one’s resolve to retaliate.
Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Obviously it takes eight brains to come to one decision in this crowd. Good thing they have one another.
Mari Mancusi
The toy business began to drive the [Lucasfilm] empire. It’s a shame. They make three times as much on toys as they do on films. It’s natural to make decisions that protect the toy business, but that’s not the best thing for making quality films.
Gary Kurtz
My parents made the decision never to focus on my looks, and I had no sense of myself as beautiful.
Dani Shapiro
Most of us see Justice O’Connor as something of an icon, although we do not agree with all of her decisions.
Patricia Ireland
One of my Secrets of Adulthood is: Most decisions don’t require extensive research.
Gretchen Rubin
Fashion choices are never arbitrary. Even if you say you don’t care, that’s a decision. There’s something you’re trying to say.
Felicity Jones
The decision I’ve made has come from my heart. That’s me, to follow my heart.
Craig Stevens
The decisions of our past are the architects of our present.
Dan Brown
Courage is a decision you make to act in a way that works through your own fear for the greater good as opposed to pure self-interest. Courage means putting at risk your immediate self-interest for what you believe is right.
Derrick Bell
The great thing about fact-based decisions is that they overrule the hierarchy.
Jeff Bezos
Throughout my political career, I’ve believed in the concept of home rule. Some call it local control. Whichever phrase you use, the concept is the same – the best decisions are those made closest to those who will be impacted by the decisions.
Linda Lingle
It is always thus, impelled by a state of mind which is destined not to last, we make our irrevocable decisions
Marcel Proust
I never felt comfortable with making political decisions based on whether, you know, it was the right thing to do in terms of a poll.
Jeb Bush
A good decision is based on knowledge, and not on numbers.
I don’t speak up about something unless I feel strongly about it and until I’ve researched a subject extensively and have an informed decision about it.
Viggo Mortensen
The ‘global warming scare’ is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision making. It has no place in the Society’s activities.
Harrison Schmitt
And I realize that the decision to be human is not one single instant, but is a thousand choices made very day. It is choices we make every second and requires constant vigilance. We have to fight to remain human.
Matthew Tobin Anderson
If every decision would reflect our feelings as well as our reason, the world would be a better place to live.
Susan Polis Schutz
The scientific analysis that is supposed to provide our Governor the facts and information he needs to make a crucial decision was crafted with the guidance of the gas industry, not of the state’s scientists.
Sandra Steingraber
You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.
Maya Angelou
I’m not one of those guys that sits and studies all the stages to see what’s gonna be my sort of thing. I sort of play in the moment. Everything is split-second decisions, and I try and make the best out of every possible situation.
Magnus Backstedt
You should take a good look at all sides of an issue before making a decision. Put something away in case of an emergency. New neighbors will bring good cheer. A small problem may occur at home base, but you will solve it quickly and correctly. Don’t offer smart advice unless you are really asked to comment.
Vikas Swarup
I love the box that such a decision puts you in, and I love the interest the reader has in seeing how you negotiate that box: that seemingly hugely narrowed set of options. I also like the way in which it reminds us that we connect to the real world. That our relationship to the world matters.
Jim Shepard
So as soon as you want something to happen you begin skewing the data to support it. Our stuff is invaluable to decision-makers precisely because we have no ax to grind.
George Friedman
I’d love to say I made the smart decision of picking projects that became hits, but with ‘The Good Wife,’ I read the script and something inside me said, ‘I love this, I want to do this.’
Archie Panjabi
The NBA’s been around how long? A hundred years? Fifty years? So to change it now, whoever that person is needs his college degree revoked….Whoever did that needs to be fired. It was terrible, a terrible decision. Awful. I might get fined for saying that, but so what?
Shaquille O’Neal
How strange that something so simple could have been instrumental in my decision to ruin one of my most relationships and friendships, and damage another.
Veronica Roth
Our most important decisions are made while we are thinking about something else.
Mason Cooley
But there’s a decision that I find God is asking us to make: whether we are going to choose to interpret our circumstances based on what we hold to be true about God, or whether we’re going to judge what we hold to be true about God based on our circumstances.
Laura Story
Perhaps no mightier conflict of mind occurs ever again in a lifetime than that first decision to unseat one’s own tooth.
Gene Fowler
You can either keep walking in misery or make the decision to begin taking steps out of it.
Joyce Meyer
Leadership isn’t making all the decisions. It is making sure the right decisions are made.
Andy Stanley
If more men would see a story of what it was like to be pregnant, and how it felt to be in a place where you had to make a decision about whether to keep a pregnancy, maybe they would feel differently about women’s health care.
Reese Witherspoon
Whether or not cutting my hair was the right decision, it empowered me. But now I have no hair to wash men out of when I go through a breakup, so I’m going to have to get a new tattoo or something when that happens.
Betty Who
Not playing on Sunday has caused problems for other organizations or teams who wanted us to do so, but we never had to think twice about such a decision.
LaVell Edwards
Go into the heart of love, and come from that place in all your choices and decisions, and you will find peace.
Neale Donald Walsch
For the past few years, I’ve been more selective than I have any right to be, but I think that’s finally starting to work in my favor. I think I get way too much credit for making what people consider to be smart choices, but it’s only because I made a decision to stop worrying about making money.
Lizzy Caplan
I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to do anything. It’s nice not have to get decisions out of three, sometimes four people, which can be like pulling teeth. So the amount of control that I have over what I’m doing is better for me as a solo artist.
Graham Nash
Some people make that decision at 15 and some people make it at 50, and most people never make it all.
Brian Tracy
The discipline of daily devotion to God undergirds decisions.
Edwin Louis Cole
If you don’t vote, then you may be leaving the decisions up to someone dumber than you.
Jesse Ventura
I hope we get a decision shortly – I will be dead soon.
(on wanting to be Man City manager)
Stuart Pearce
I surround myself with people who make positive decisions … My friends and I look out for each other.
Demi Lovato
The millions or billions of micro decisions that you’re going to make, that’s what will determine who you are as a writer, not you deciding in advance.
George Saunders
I can’t hate people for making judgment on me, or making a decision of liking me or not liking me. All I can do is try to better as a person. And I’m good with knowing everything isn’t always going to be perfect.
Chris Brown
But a knife ain’t just a thing, is it? It’s a choice, it’s something you do. A knife says yes or no, cut or not, die or don’t. A knife takes a decision out of your hand and puts it in the world and it never goes back again.
Patrick Ness
I knew in my heart that it was right to go on a mission, but it required a lot of fasting and prayer to make the decision.Now that I am returned, I realize even more that I made the right decision.
Shawn Bradley
People feel they are not participating in the decision-making process. Decisions are exclusive to those at the very top. You have grown up with crony capitalism and it creates ever more resentment.
Sri Mulyani Indrawati
I’m jealous. I’m mad. I feel bad. But one day, I woke up and I thought, you know what? This is wearing me out. And I’m not getting anywhere. So, I decided that even though I did not have a good beginning, I made a decision that I was going to let go of what lies behind and I was going to have a great finish.
Joyce Meyer
The President of the United States, if you remove his blackness, then just ask the question, is he a good President or is he a bad President for the United States? Just remove the blackness and make that decision.
Ken Hutcherson
I think it’s very, very important that in foreign policy and national security decision making, as in any other realm, that there be a range of diversity that reflects the full complexity of America. We should draw on those experiences to inform our decision making.
Susan Rice
In the words of the ancients, one should make his decision within the space of seven breaths. It is a matter of being determined and having the spirit to break through to the other side.
Jim Jarmusch
I really do know what I want with my life. I think that keeps me from making bad decisions and spending time doing stuff I don’t enjoy.
Tove Styrke
Shoulda, coulda, and woulda won’t get it done. In attacking adversity, only a positive attitude, alertness, and regrouping to basics can launch a comeback.
Pat Riley
What the head thinks, should be examined critically in the heart and this right decision should be carried out by the hands. This should be the primary product of the educational process.
Sai Baba
I’ve learned a lot about stage-managing for illustration. Sometimes you have to delete characters from a scene just to keep from overcrowding the image. I’ve also learned to making big-scale design decisions early.
Scott Westerfeld
How do you decisions change if retirement is not an option?
Ramit Sethi
A young person has to start making decisions for themselves at a much earlier age than an overbearing parent allows one.
Twyla Tharp
I had a horrible life habit that I had to change. And I think it’s very true, the later we make decisions in life that are important, the harder it is to manage those decisions.
John C. Maxwell
I do not believe there ever was any life more attractive to a vigorous young fellow than life on a cattle ranch in those days. It was a fine, healthy life, too; it taught a man self-reliance, hardihood, and the value of instant decision…I enjoyed the life to the full.
Theodore Roosevelt
We should never allow computers to make inherently governmental decisions in terms of the application of military force, even if that’s happening on the internet.
Edward Snowden
People don’t get a chance to think, “Why am I a consumer?” Because the decisions come at them so fast and furiously, they’re not [even] given time to think, I am a consumer.
David Bowie
I usually do at least a dozen drafts and progressively make more-conscious decisions. Because I’ve always believed stories are closer to poems than novels, I spend a lot of time on the story’s larger rhythms, such as sentence and paragraph length, placement of flashbacks and dialogue.
Ron Rash
I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m going to do before I’m doing it because I base my acting off my partner and off the other people in the scene.
Ewan McGregor
My worst decision was not learning Spanish yet. I think it would really help my business if I could do some of my singles in Spanish or a Spanish/English mix.
Coco Jones
Even if there’s controversy, I’m going to make the decision, and people are going to be happy in one instance and unhappy in the next. But that’s the job I’ve been given and the job I’m going to embrace.
Gina McCarthy
In the end, many of his more militant colleagues began to feel that [Ho Chi Minh’s] tendency to compromise, and his reluctance to confront the enemy directly, was a sign of weakness. The decision to confront the United States in 1963-1965 was a tacit recognition that Ho’s approach had failed.
William J. Duiker
We must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them.
Marco Rubio
I’m still learning, but I can see there are decisions in life that are going to be very challenging and it’s always better to get through them, always.
Anthony Green
In the Middle East you get that sense that leadership decisions and the local powers that are working around us all the time have a direct effect on the quality of life… and that quality of life is obviously very different between a kid who is growing up in a refugee camp and somebody who is living in Tel Aviv.
Eran Riklis
I remember being in high school in the ’90s, and even then somehow hearing about the the Canadian Supreme Court’s Butler decision which was meant to keep “obscene” material from entering Canada. The stuff being stopped at the border was almost all lesbian.
Melissa Gira Grant
Not that I’ve always agreed with what she said – far from it – but Justice Sandra Day O’Connor has been properly lauded, in my view, as a judge who approached her duties with open-mindedness and with a sensitivity that affects her decisions would have on everyday, ordinary people.
Joe Biden
The decision to go to war is the most important decision that I can make as a representative in Congress. As a veteran, I see any potential military action first through the eyes of the young men and women who volunteered to wear the uniform and would carry out such a mission.
Mark Kirk
I do not believe, given her past decisions and comments on the reasons to go to war in Iraq, that Dr. Rice will be able to represent the United States without a predetermined bias from the war.
Daniel Kahikina Akaka
I take a lull from my CamelBak and choke at its potency. It tastes like bad decisions. It’s perfect.
Tucker Max
If your belief system is not founded in an objective reality, you should not be making decisions that affect other people.
Neil deGrasse Tyson
The 1st question the effective decision-maker asks is: ‘Is this a generic situation or an exception?’
Peter Drucker
You can never predict what kind of tough decisions are going to come in front of a President’s desk. But if you can trust they will do the right thing, and maybe the hard thing, and maybe not the popular thing, and if you really want to know how a person will operate, look at how they’ve lived their life.
Ann Romney
I never made a career decision based solely on my desire to be an astronaut. I attended the Naval Academy because I wanted to be a Navy pilot. I majored in math because math had always come pretty easily to me and I liked it.
John L. Phillips
And as a matter of fact, governments don’t act, governments only react. The bankers make the decisions, and then governments decide how are we going to adjust to this. Government can’t do anything unless the bank gives them the money to do it.
Robert Anton Wilson
If you make the decision to send your kid to public school don’t even look at private schools. Just shut the door. Just turn off the TV. And then you don’t even have to worry about preschool. You have to worry about what’s good for your kid, but you don’t have to worry about how to position yourself.
Cynthia Nixon
I encourage breaking free of self inflicted holding pens. I encourage the use of intelligence in every decision. I encourage creating.
Erykah Badu
The one thing about program television that’s absolutely incompatible with any concept of art is that all decisions have to be made by program directors, whereas art is autonomous. It may be dependent, but it knows no superiors.
Alexander Kluge
My confidence allows me to do things my way and help people make a decision. People like the idea of me just being me.
Curtis Jackson
Don’t decide yet,” Hephaestus advised. “Wait until daybreak. Daybreak is a good time for decisions.
Rick Riordan
I made a conscious decision when I was about 17 years old to strive towards mediocrity. I completely abandoned the idea of grandeur and importance, and I wanted to be mediocre.
Evangeline Lilly
No decision-making system is going to guarantee corporate success. The strategic decisions that corporations have to make are of mind-numbing complexity. But we know that the more power you give a single individual in the face of complexity and uncertainty, the more likely it is that bad decisions will get made.
James Surowiecki
There is a magic power in your own hands. Take your vital decisions-they may be grave and momentous and far-reaching in their consequences. Think a hundred times before you take any decision, but once a decision is taken, stand by it as one man.
Fatima Jinnah
It’s certainly what I like best about getting older. You’re not up for grabs for criticism anymore. You make a decision, it’s made, it’s fine, you don’t have to go back and rework it. You don’t have to apologize.
Anjelica Huston
What is the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you gain experience? Wrong decisions.
Abdul Kalam
Withholding a decision is a decision.
Orson Scott Card
Love trumps everything. Love’s decision will not always be kind to your artistic life.
Vinita Hampton Wright
In getting good results team leaders become conductor rather than driver, enabling others to play the right music, not by hands-on domination of all decisions and execution, but by providing inspiration, motivation and stimulus.
Robert Heller
Spreading the word about real issues is still helping. Just being conscious of helping animals every day will help guide you to make beneficial decisions for animals.
Alison Eastwood
Bill Clinton is like a lot of white politicians. They eat soul food, they party with black women, they play the saxophone, but when it comes to domestic and foreign policy, they make the same decisions that are destructive to African people in this country and throughout the world.
Sister Souljah
We live in a world that is subjectively open. And we are designed by evolution to be “informavores”, epistemically hungry seekers of information, in an endless quest to improve our purchase on the world, the better to make decisions about our subjectively open future.
Daniel Dennett
For ‘Blue Jasmine,’ I made a decision not to wear any make up in the last shot of the film, as I felt like she had such a mask on – I thought it would be a good idea to leave her with nothing and become completely transparent.
Cate Blanchett
Due to a Supreme Court decision, if these violent offenders cannot be sent home, our law enforcement officers have to release them into your communities.
Donald Trump
Realism in foreign policy is made up of a clear set of values, since difficult foreign policy decisions are often decided with the narrowest of majorities. Without any sense of what is right and wrong, one would drown in a flood of difficult and pragmatic decisions.
Henry A. Kissinger
Praise of blame in the moment means little: it is how their decisions play out over time that matters, and so the redemption they’re looking for is of a more lasting kind. They are one another’s peers; who else can really judge them?
Nancy Gibbs
All the decisions you makehow many of those decisions are based on you doing simply what’s right in your own eyes, and how many times specifically have you gone to Scripture looking for the answer, with regard to anything?
Paul Washer
Caution always, but when a man acts he should act suddenly and with decision.
Louis L’Amour
A real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken a new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided.
Tony Robbins
Your destiny is shaped by choice, never by chance. Beware the decisions you make, no matter how small, for they will be your salvation…or your death.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
I personally think that we should be extremely reluctant to use a recall mechanism for an unpopular decision simply because of the message it sends about judicial independence.
Deborah Rhode
The point of having a director is that they make the final decision; it’s their point of view, they set the rhythm and they make the final decisions.
Christian Bale
I base a lot of decisions on my gut, and going with an independent label was a good one.
Taylor Swift
If you have an important decision to make, or even a small one, it is good to make your decision with the guidance of the Lord.
Corrie Ten Boom
I made an important decision, which was to pursue happiness. Rather than accept unhappiness. That’s why I’m here, and it’s great. I’m in a very good place in my life.
Laura Marling
The sweetest part is acting after making a decision.
Emily Saliers
We have a planet that is at risk, where resources don’t have a permanent life. We are going to have to make the decision: are we going to survive or are we waiting for our extinction? One day we will wake up and find people are fighting not for oil but water.
Desmond Tutu
The awakening passed from simple recognition of my need for God at the center of my life, to a depth where the will is stirred And that is a deeper place by far. That is the place of response, of unifying one’s heart, mind, soul and feet around a decision.
Sue Monk Kidd
You have to make the decision about whether you want to avoid or you want to overcome the resistance.
Scott D. Anthony
Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time.
Robert H. Schuller
Openness, respect, integrity – these are principles that need to underpin pretty much every other decision that you make.
Justin Trudeau
It is no accident that wherever the State ha taken economic decision away from the citizen, it has deprived him of his other liberties as well.
Enoch Powell
In strategic decisions, I’d be really concerned about overconfidence.
Daniel Kahneman
I made a decision at some point to live a nontraditional life. I’ve become like, the opposite of a consumer. I just want freedom. I don’t want stuff. I don’t want clutter. I just want to be able to move freely. I want to be good to the people I love. But I don’t want stuff. I just want, you know, love and big ideas.
Craig Finn
However, the economics of our business continued to deteriorate. We barely escaped bankruptcy a year ago, and in the aftermath of that escape we had to make some even tougher decisions.
Gerard Arpey
I think electric cars can help save Detroit. They reflect good decision-making, and there has been bad decision making in the auto industry for so long, in my view.
Chris Paine
The people responsible for the dollars that will buy the sex and violence so many deplore, don’t even know what’s going – well, of course they know. But they’re comfortably ensconced in their country clubs and churches, and very far removed from the decisions that are made on their behalf.
Norman Lear
Life teaches you that you need to make decisions in the right time – not too early, not too late.
Jeb Bush
They decided that unpaid leave could only be granted through the decision of a council that consisted almost entirely of scientists who couldn’t understand my reasons for wanting to go so. They said no, no unpaid. So I immediately resigned.
George Woodcock
Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong.
Jose Manuel Barroso
Second guessing a decision is a waste of time.
Jack O’Neill
Sin, also for those who don’t have faith, exists when one goes against one’s conscience. To listen to and obey it means, in fact, to decide in face of what is perceived as good or evil. And on this decision pivots the goodness or malice of our action.
Pope Francis
To allow the policy question of same-sex marriage to be considered and resolved by a select, patrician, highly unrepresentative panel of nine is to violate a principle even more fundamental than no taxation without representation: no social transformation without representation.
Antonin Scalia
Hasty work and premature decisions may lead to penalties out of all proportion to the issues immediately involved.
Winston Churchill
It’s strange, I think, the way our lives turn out. Moments of circumstance, when later combined with conscious decisions and actions and a boatload of hope, can eventually forge a future that seems predestined.
Nicholas Sparks
It was a culture shock at first, moving from Michigan to Mississippi. But it ended up being the best decision I ever made.
Devin Booker
All there will ever be is what’s happening here. Decisions we make in this moment are based on either love or fear. So many of us choose our path out of fear, disguised as practicality.
Jim Carrey
We have a demon, we have an angel inside, within our souls, and you just play with it, and sometimes the evil part of you wins the battle, in a very important decision, or in a bedtime, with your lover. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
Demian Bichir
Persons who have no desire to live have a very slight chance of recovery. We can continue to extend to them our love, sympathy, and prayers; but ultimately we must respect a person’s decision to die.
Michio Kushi
Forgive yourself for the decisions you have made, the ones you still call mistakes when you tuck them in at night.
Sarah Kay
All men are created equal. It is what you do from there that makes the difference. We are all free agents in life. We make our own decisions. We control our own destiny.
Glenn Beck
I don’t want to get myself in trouble – and I don’t think I’m super important or anything – but I think it’s so funny that when you look at the business and the way that people make decisions in their lives, whether they’re in art or music or they’re in industry, they forget that being unique is the answer.
Justin Vernon
A goal or decision without a deadline has no urgency. It has no real beginning or end.
Brian Tracy
Journalism can go right up to the door of the room in which the decisions are made. A novel can go inside the room – and inside the character’s heads.
David Frum
I decided that I was going to go to the Olympics to see if I had made the right decision to retire because I knew that if I’d made the mistake of retiring I would know during and after those Games in Athens.
Cathy Freeman
To seek a justification for a decision already made.
Ambrose Bierce
The small choices and decisions we make a hundred times a day add up to determining the kind of world we live in.
Harold S. Kushner
It’s an unbelievable responsibility to influence decisions, shareholder value and most important to me, people’s careers and livelihoods.
Andrea Jung
Human decision-making is complex. On our own, our tendency to yield to short-term temptations, and even to addictions, may be too strong for our rational, long-term planning.
Peter Singer
Where I live, if I put solar panels on my roof I’m not allowed to sell that energy back to the grid. I can’t change that restriction myself. I need our local decision-makers to fix that.
Katharine Hayhoe
The ruling power is always faced with the question, ‘In such and such circumstances, what would you do?’, whereas the opposition is not obliged to take responsibility or make any real decisions.
George Orwell
I probably made a few pictures I shouldn’t have done, but I have four sons and I have to pay the rent. If you have a decision to make about whether or not you can buy groceries at the market or whether or not you’re going to make a bad movie, you’re going to make a bad movie.
Michael Madsen
There are definitely worse people to be compared with. I think Brad Pitt makes interesting decisions.
Charlie Hunnam
If we can find short-term incentives that are consistent with our long-term objectives, it is much easier to make the right decisions in the moment.
Tom Rath
Human life occurs only once, and the reason we cannot determine which of our decisions are good and which bad is that in a given situation we can make only one decision; we are not granted a second, third, or fourth life in which to compare various decisions.
Milan Kundera
In rendering its decision in our case, the Supreme Court equated money with speech because these days it takes the first to make yourself heard.
James L. Buckley
There are so many ways of saying Hi. Hiss it, trill it, bark it, sing it, bellow it, laugh it, cough it. A simple stroll in the hallway calls for paragraphs, sentences in your head, decisions galore.
Frank McCourt
Don’t get stuck where you are, keep growing. It’s a decision you have to make because it is easy to get stuck. Make a decision to develop better habits, to have better relationships and just to keep the enthusiasm for life.
Joel Osteen
They used to ask: “How will this decision that we make today affect our people in the future?” Now we make decisions based on: “How does it affect me, now? How does it affect the next shareholders meeting, three months ahead? How does it affect my next political campaign?”
Jane Goodall
Always remember, indecision is decision – usually against you.
Venita VanCaspel
Environment-based education produces student gains in social studies, science, language arts, and math; improves standardized test scores and grade-point averages; and develops skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making.
Richard Louv
Forgetting is something that time takes care of, but forgiveness is an act of volition, and only the sufferer is qualified to make the decision.
Simon Wiesenthal
Maybe this is blasphemy to say, but I feel like music is not meant to be something that earning your keep depends on because it cheapens it and it will force you into making decisions in the interest of earning your keep, as opposed to the interest of the thing itself.
John Maus
You have two choices: You can make a living, or you can design a life.
Jim Rohn
I mean, it really has a lot to do with who is actually physically doing a lot of talking. And we’ve just noticed that as we’ve evolved we’re still making all the decisions from this, like, “cave.”
Mark Duplass
Make a decision to be successful right now. Most people never decide to be wealthy and that is why they retire poor.
Brian Tracy
History is important because it teaches us about past. And by learning about the past, ypu come to understand the present, so that you may make educated decisions about the future.
Richelle Mead
I feel that if I am freed of the burden of politics, then I can do more and I can take more unpopular decisions. I can have as my guidance for decision whatever is right, not whatever is popular.
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo
My life is littered with bad decisions.
Will Forte
Everybody has someone in their life that has breast cancer. It touches femininity, motherhood and sexuality and as Barbara Brenner says in the film, “you get to say breast out loud in public.” Big corporations know this and market in a particular way knowing that women make most of the buying decisions in a household.
Leanne Pooley
This is America, and you have the right to remain sick. If you choose to treat yourself and your family, that is within your rights, and is necessarily your sole decision based on what you know to be best.
Andrew Saul
Now, I – for several years while I was researching this book, I felt quite obsessed by thoughts about sentencing, punishment, how judges arrive at their decisions.
Helen Garner
Keep your temper. A decision made in anger is never sound.
Ford Frick
The position the Government finds itself in is not one of constructing a law, but of carrying out a decision given by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.
Charles Tupper
The one-cylinder ward is one in which the bishop handles all the problems, makes all the decisions, follows through on all the assignments, and faces every challenge. Then, like any other overworked cylinder, he starts to sputter and behave erratically. Eventually, he burns out altogether.
M. Russell Ballard
At some point we must make a decision not to allow the mere threat of charges of cultural or religious insensitivity to stop us from dealing with this evil.
Armstrong Williams
I quit the Knicks so I know what quitting is, I did. I quit. And it’s something I regret to this day. I live with it every day and I regret it. And I let my emotions come into it. And I was just emotionally spent. I made a bad decision and I quit.
Jeff Van Gundy
…there must be an inviolate place where the choices and decisions, however imperfect, are the writer’s own, where the decision must be as individual and solitary as birth or death.
Janet Frame
I have not said your values are wrong. But neither are they right. They are simply judgments. Assessments. Decisions. For the most part, they are decisions made not by you, but by someone else. Your parents, perhaps. Your religion. Your teachers, historians, politicians.
Neale Donald Walsch
What was my dream when I was 18? My big decision when I was 18 was full keg or pony-size keg. I knew by about 16 or 17 that I was going to be an actor. That was based on the fact that there were not a lot of things that I could be really good at, or that I would enjoy enough to not run out of the building screaming.
Joel McHale
My attitude is born out of necessity. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve made decisions I regretted. I know what it’s like to live with regret. I live with it everyday. But if I let it take over, I’d never get out of bed in the morning.
Maya Banks
What we have in common is a mass men, a mass bureaucracy, and a manipulation of everyone to act smoothly, but with the illusion that he follows his own decisions and opinions.
Erich Fromm
When I signed with Scooter Braun and I decided to go overseas to promote my song, the only concern was how should I communicate with the public and the audience with my language. Scooter and I talked a lot about that: should we translate or not? Finally we didn’t, and I think that was a really good decision.
I saw things that reached a point that I could no longer conscientiously participate with them. And I simply do what I could to allow the public to make a better decision about whether or not these things should continue.
Edward Snowden
It baseball is an American institution and more lasting than some marriages, war, Supreme Court decisions and even major depressions
Art Rust, Jr.
The best decision I ever made was to marry Dave.
Sheryl Sandberg
In my life I think I made really solid decisions, and I would stand by them all over again.
Julia Roberts
If you will make a deliberate decision to develop a positive attitude toward opportunities and obstacles, you are on your way toward having what is the most important quality in education: the power of positive thinking.
Robert H. Schuller
This is a horrid generalization, so I’ll probably get hate mail from stockbrokers. I would have been forced to get back to work, and would have been less accustomed to being in touch with my feelings and allowing my feelings to drive my decisions and behavior.
William Mapother
It’s hope as a decision that makes change possible.
Jim Wallis
Too often we think we can act without explaining and take decisions without justifying them.
Peter Mandelson
Tragically, some people believe they are going to heaven when they die just because a few drops of water were sprinkled over their heads a few weeks after their birth. They have no personal faith, have never made a personal decision, and are banking on a hollow ceremony to save them. How absurd.
Max Lucado
Certainly I enjoy the outrГ© and I enjoy artistic comics and surrealism in comics very much. But the decision I made and have stuck with and refined was the decision to try to be funny and communicate humor. Once you put that ahead of everything else, it resolves those other questions for you.
Michael Kupperman
I’ve had people tell me to get Mystic Tan, blonde highlights, choppy haircuts, but I’ve made a conscious decision not to cave.
Kat Dennings
I’m a very positive person. My grandmother taught me that happiness is both a skill and a decision, and you are responsible for the outcome.
Helen McCrory
Every conscious act requires risk. Every conscious act requires decision. Put these two facts together and you realize that the secret to life is not to avoid gambling but to gamble well.
Mike Caro
I don’t know anything about the business side, but I know it’s a very, very expensive decision to make, to put production on hold to make the story as good as possible.
Jimmi Simpson
We’ve all made bad decisions, but they haven’t always been resulting in the deaths of innocent people.
Bruce Campbell
It is very difficult to make really big, important, life-changing decisions because we are all susceptible to a formidable array of decision biases. There are more of them than we realize, and they come to visit us more often than we like to admit.
Dan Ariely
To perceive is to categorize, to conceptualize is to categorize, to learn is to form categories, to make decisions is to categorize.
St. Jerome
The Stoics thought that a fundamental insight into human life is that some things are up to us and others are not, the famous dichotomy of control. Up to us are our judgments, decisions, and actions; everything else is not up to us, because it is influenced by external factors.
Massimo Pigliucci
I have a song called ‘Decisions’ that features Jamie Foxx, Mary J. Blige, John Legend and Common. It’s about people who have made a decision to really stand by you as friends.
Busta Rhymes
If you make enough bad decisions, every once in a while things work out for you.
Geoff Ramsey
We have a lot of things to work through. But the American people need to have confidence that we`re going to change things, but we`re going to move us in to a direction of more decisions and more choices, and not a diminishing of responsibility and care that people are really relied upon.
Asa Hutchinson
Hurry, conscious younger people! Get to power quickly so political decisions can be based on the greater good for all rather than the greater gain for few. Hurry, before it is too late!
Jane Siberry
Even a correct decision is wrong when it was taken too late.
Lee Iacocca
The Chinese are more successful [in building infrastructure] because in their country, only three people make the decision. … In a country where only three people make the decision, they can decide where to put their rail line, get the money, and do it. We don’t do it that way in America.
Ray LaHood
The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides health care for all?
Bernie Sanders
But where, after we have made the great decision to leave the security of childhood and move on into the vastness of maturity, does anybody ever feel completely at home?
Madeleine L’Engle
You must avoid the investigation trap. You can’t postpone tough decisions by studying them to death.
Percy Barnevik
The net is more than an organizing tool – it has become an organizing model, a blueprint for decentralized but cooperative decision-making. It facilitates the process of information sharing to such an extent that many groups can work in concert with one another without the need to achieve monolithic consensus.
Naomi Klein
My job as majority leader is be supportive of our troops, try to have input as decisions are made and to look at those decisions after they’re made … not to march in lock step with everything the president decides to do.
Trent Lott
Matters about reproduction and intimacy and relationships and contraception are in the personal realm. They’re moral decisions for individuals to make for themselves.
Tim Kaine
You make the decision with vision and god makes the provision.
Mark Victor Hansen
I don’t want to say that the poor are inherently cognitively diminished, but at the end of the day of making difficult, tough decisions, it’s very hard to have the energy to think about things with the right mindset.
Dan Ariely
In various memoir pieces, I have traced the trajectory of yearning through decisions made, good and bad, that had somehow kept the ambition on track.
Shirley Geok-lin Lim
I made a decision that whether or not I was going to make under the national poverty level wasn’t going to play a part in whether or not I was an actor. That’s what I do.
Don Johnson
Marrying Jared was the best decision I’ve ever made. You realize in life, not that many things matter that much, but your choice of a spouse is everything. We’re truly partners – he supports my work and my ambitions. I know that he’s always got my back, and I’ve got his.
Ivanka Trump
There wasn’t a time where I felt fearful that I couldn’t make the best decisions possible.
Barack Obama
I probably thought that about most of the things I did. But you wind up in situations where you have to make decisions very quickly, and you just go for it a lot of the time.
Lykke Li
Look down from as high as possible. Look ahead as far as you can see. Then decide what to do.
Simon Sinek
If wrong decisions, both from a governance perspective and ethics, happen, this is a slippery slope that we will go down. Unless and until you recognise this, you will not take the right decisions.
Cyrus Pallonji Mistry
Making wise decisions requires more than incentives. It requires wisdom.
James Taranto
Residents of my district continue to stress to me that they want health care decisions to be made by patients and doctors, not by the government and insurance companies.
Tim Walberg
The fact that we are culturally ignorant and we don’t know what our heritage is, the price that we pay is that we act outside of ourselves almost all the time. We make very bad decisions how we deal with other people and their culture.
Wynton Marsalis
Along with our many human propensities, we evolved a huge cerebral cortex with which we make decisions.
Helen Fisher
What is important in your life is what you decide is important — and this decision will indelibly create who you are
Neale Donald Walsch
I think every citizen in Burlington has a right to voice their opinion and participate in the local political process no matter who they are or what they are or where they come from or what their religious beliefs are. But for me to base all of my decisions based on my reading of the Holy Bible just isn’t going to happen.
Tim Scott
The ethical decision is always the fearsome decision. When something matters enough that we are afraid of the consequences – afraid that even the honorable choice could result in harm or loss or sorrow – that’s when ethics are involved.
Henry W. Bloch
We exercise great caution in airing an audio- or videotape released by a terrorist organization holding a hostage. These are decisions made by CNN’s editorial staff and not by any third party.
Jim C. Walton
The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there’s no good reason to go into space-each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the irrational decision.
Randall Munroe
Sometimes the best things are the ones that aren’t planned, the decisions made while living in the moment.
Jessica Sorensen
Greed: A word commonly used by liberals, low achievers, anti-capitalists and society’s losers to denigrate, shame and discredit those who have acquired superior job skills and decision-making capabilities and who, through the application of those, a job.
Neal Boortz
Food is not just what we put in our mouths to fill up; it is culture and identity. Reason plays some role in our decisions about food, but it’s rarely driving the car.
Jonathan Safran Foer
There are people who live inside their heads and their intellects. It’s something one is born with and stuck with. It’s not something you make a decision about.
Charles Simic
I think all of the decisions I make about my life and writing are the preparation – what I choose to write about and the immersive nature of the lifestyle I choose for playwriting.
Quiara Alegria Hudes
Quickly you make rash decisions. You dismiss your last allies: hope and trust. There, you’ve defeated yourself. Fear, which is but an impression, has triumphed over you.
Yann Martel
Eventually your little choices are going to become habits that affect the bigger decisions you make in life.
Jim George
Consistently wise decisions can only be made by those whose wisdom is constantly challenged.
Theodore C. Sorensen
You can only make decisions with the information you have at the time
Karin Slaughter
Do not be afraid to make decisions, do not be afraid to make mistakes.
Carly Fiorina
I have no desire to prolong uncertainty.
Clifton Webb
It was never a conscious decision – I was introducing myself as Duffy and my friends were calling me Duffy, so I just knocked off the first half of my name. For me it’s no big deal, but a lot of people want to unearth why I’ve called myself this. It’s just what I’m known as, you know.
Every time he tried to reconstruct the internal arguments that had led to his decision, they sounded feebler to him.
J. K. Rowling
If compassion was the motivating factor behind all of our decisions, would our world not be a completely different place?
Sheryl Crow
I never wanted to give up my power. I wanted to be able to make my own decisions, so that’s why I became involved in management, bottom line.
Queen Latifah
Be careful that what you write does not offend anybody or cause problems within the company. The safest approach is to remove all useful information.
Scott Adams
Indeed, an entire generation of Americans has grown to adulthood since the Roe decision of 1973, which held that the right to choose an abortion was a privacy right protected by our Constitution.
Robert Casey
Most of the time, I see what I see, I search my feelings, and then I make my decisions based on my gut – and I don’t always make the right ones.
Pharrell Williams
Religion attacks us in our deepest integrity by saying we wouldn’t be able to make a moral decision without it.
Christopher Hitchens
I think it’s inevitable that some of the court’s decisions will be found by a segment of the public to be not the right decision or subject to criticism.
Sandra Day O’Connor
Where you need to make fast decisions, people have to work in an open space where I can just walk to somebody’s cube, so we don’t need to schedule meetings for absolutely everything.
Marcelo Claure
I’ve passed on a lot of huge-money jobs. Money doesn’t enter into the decision-making. If I do a big blockbuster, it’s about how big an audience you’ll get and where you can take them.
Matt Damon
We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.
Arianna Huffington
Decision-making when things show up instead of when they blow up is actually a habit that can be developed and enhanced. The trick is to get used the clean feeling of having decided, instead of sitting on a fence.
David Allen
I’ve made lots of big decisions in my life that have shocked people.
Sam Taylor-Wood
We must wake up to the insane reality of our time. We are all irresponsible, unless we demand from the responsible decision makers that modern armaments must no longer be made available to people whose former battle axes and swords our ancestors condemned.
Thor Heyerdahl
Level 5 leaders are fanatically driven, infected with an incurable need to produce sustained results. They are resolved to do whatever it takes to make the company great, no matter how big or hard the decisions.
James C. Collins
What can i tell you about the choices we make? Fate reads like the polar opposite of decision, and so much of life reads like fate.
Jeanette Winterson
I don’t make the decision about what percentage of good guy or bad guy I play. For some reason, if I put my energy into the bad guy, that scares people. It’s magic.
Rutger Hauer
Maturity involves being honest and true to oneself, making decisions based on a conscious internal process, assuming responsibility for one’s decisions, having healthy relationships with others and developing one’s own true gifts. It involves thinking about one’s environment and deciding what one will and won’t accept.
Mary Pipher
The object of my relationship with Vietnam has been to heal the wounds that exist, particularly among our veterans, and to move forward with a positive relationship,… Apparently some in the Vietnamese government don’t want to do that and that’s their decision.
Ho Chi Minh
Everyone knows what it’s like to make the wrong decision for the right reasons. For me, wrong decisions are the heart of drama – a character who’s always making the right decisions is boring.
Mark Waid
Decisions determine destiny.
Thomas S. Monson
Prayer is not a substitute for work. First we have to do all we can ourselves to understand a situation. Then when we ask for help, sometimes it is very evident, sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes we may well be helped by not getting a decision.
George W. Romney
The politicians of New York have everything that is necessary to make proper decisions and they will have to live with what happens afterwards. The worst scenario is the politicians covering their eyes and turning it over to the FBI.
Tom Hayden
I would rather be of clear mind and decision with the wrong club than with an unclear mind and the right club.
Walter Hagen
Surround yourself with amazingly intelligent men and women. The people I work with not only are smarter than I am, possessing both intellectual and emotional intelligence, but also share my determination to succeed. I will not make an important decision without them.
George Steinbrenner
We associate leadership with decisiveness. That perception of leadership pushes people to make decisions fairly quickly, lest they be seen as dithering and indecisive.
Daniel Kahneman
It’s critical how we want to use these spy programs, these electronic capabilities, where we want to draw the line, and who should approve these programs, these decisions, and at what level, for engaging in operations that could lead us as a nation into a war.
Edward Snowden
The hopeful part about that is when you do have that help, you will feel better. It still doesn’t make this easy. Nothing makes this easy, but you can make better decisions.
David Sheff
When I bought my house in L.A., that was the best business decision I ever made, until the housing market crashed, and it became the worst business decision I ever made.
Michael Ealy
Taxes cause the most bad business decisions.
James Cook
Our Christian life began not with our decision to follow Christ but with God’s call to us to do so.
John Stott
As a producer, I think one of the most important decisions you make is not necessarily the material you are working on but the production apparatus that you choose to develop the project with, and that determines what funding you go to, it determines many factors.
Atom Egoyan
I think that when you get dressed in the morning, sometimes you’re really making a decision about your behavior for the day. Like if you put on flipflops, you’re saying: ‘Hope I don’t get chased today.’ ‘Be nice to people in sneakers.’
Demetri Martin
“Interactive Decision Theory” would perhaps be a more descriptive name for the discipline usually called Game Theory.
Robert Aumann
It feels great to have your own views reflected back to you, and you feel so right, but actually it’s very dangerous. Because to make good decisions, you need to have a clear view of what all the options are.
Eli Pariser
Important decisions are risky. They should be controversial. Acclamation means that nobody has done the homework.
Peter Drucker
What’s the most critical factor in any business decision you’ll ever have to make? Basically, it boils down to this question: If this all crashes, will it bring the whole house tumbling down like a pack of cards? One business matra remains embedded in my brain – protect the downside.
Richard Branson
Endless data show that diverse teams make better decisions. We are building products that people with very diverse backgrounds use, and I think we all want our company makeup to reflect the makeup of the people who use our products. That’s not true of any industry really, and we have a long way to go.
Sheryl Sandberg
…experience should warn us that tough and unpopular decisions are only made under intense political pressure produced by urgent necessity.
Tom McClintock
I have tried to make sure I knew the law and what the most recent changes were, and I’ve applied the law to the facts. I have not lost sleep over the decisions I have made.
Steven Pacey
Moral choices do not depend on personal preference and private decision but on right reason and, I would add, divine order.
Basil Hume
Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.
Elbert Hubbard
Leadership is about making the right decision and the best decision before, sometimes, it becomes entirely popular.
Martin O’Malley
My dad has always been extremely supportive in every decision I’ve made and much more interested in me picking what I wanted to do.
Colin Hanks
It’s not like you make a decision and everything inside you is 100 percent happy.
Tiffeny Milbrett
Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide.
Napoleon Bonaparte
My best career decision was probably not giving up when I wanted to. God as well as my family and friends were there for me during my toughest times.
Jeremy Lin
At the constitutional level, what we of course have assured is that women have the ability to make these reproductive decisions up to the point of viability.
Barack Obama
In an effort to devote more time, energy and focus to fewer projects, I’ve had to make some tough decisions, and one such decision was ‘retiring’ from ‘Speakeasy.’
Paul F. Tompkins
Had I not made it big, my family would have told me to recheck my decision. Now that I am successful, there is no way. They have to accept it gracefully.
Amisha Patel
Well, I’d love to make a decision like that, but I’m not sure how I could change my life.
Tony Robbins
A definitive decision to say you should start people on therapy as soon as you know they’re infected.
Judy Woodruff
Information can tell us everything. It has all the answers. But they are answers to questions we have not asked, and which doubtless don’t even arise.
Jean Baudrillard
There is a moment when you get older when your metabolism slows down and you don’t feel like working out any more, so you don’t want to keep yourself fit any more, but that’s your decision. Why should you be judged for it?
Janet Jackson
In his first 100 days, Mr. Obama has put the fate of his presidency in the hands of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He may come to regret that decision.
Karl Rove
You’ve got to make a decision: Are you going to go down with the situation, or are you going to focus and succeed? My dream…kept me going.
Christina Aguilera
This is a huge decision [to choose advisers and Secretary of State]. This is where he [Donald Trump] has the least experience and will have to rely on people with experience.
George Stephanopoulos
South Carolinians are strong, independently-minded people. At the end of the day, they make their own decisions. And I respect them for that. And I welcome that. And I told him that from the very beginning.
Nikki Haley
All of us would be better investors if we just made fewer decisions.
Daniel Kahneman
India is a democracy; it is in our DNA. As far as the different political parties are concerned, I firmly believe that they have the maturity and wisdom to make decisions that are in the best interests of the nation.
Narendra Modi
The people who make policy decisions should damned well know what they are talking about before they make the decisions. There is nobody who is an expert on cloning who would be afraid after seeing Attack of the Clones.
Kevin J. Anderson
You know, one of the things I’ve learnt since coming out of office is how much easier it is to give the advice than take the decision. I mean, you know, it’s tough.
Tony Blair
The greatest gift God gave us is the power to make decisions.
Paulo Coelho
I always tell people is really make sure you know why you want to do it. For me, I didnt make a conscious decision like “Oh I want to be a singer”, it was like I grew up around it, I was singing because it was just natural for me to sing.
Jhene Aiko
That’s why I made decisions; they were tough decisions but we shouldn’t feel bad at all – don’t look back with any regrets, that’s how I made decisions as governor.
Scott McCallum
Football is a game with tight results in which you don’t need to be the dominant team; if you’re a bit lucky and make the right decision at the right time, then you can be as successful as well.
Thomas Muller
I always want to win, and it was time to win some club prizes, some titles. I never would have gone for the money, but wanted the chance to get a bit further in my career. And it turned out to be the right decision.
Robin Van Persie
There are no minor decisions in movie making. Each decision will either contribute to a good piece of work or bring the whole movie crashing down around my head many months later.
Sidney Lumet
When you make a decision you need facts. If those facts are in your brain, they’re at your fingertips. If they’re all in Google somewhere you may not make the right decision on the spur of the moment.
Ken Jennings
Diversity and independence are important because the best collective decisions are the product of disagreement and contest, not consensus or compromise.
James Surowiecki
The right to privacy… is broad enough to encompass a woman’s decision whether or not to terminate her pregnancy.
Harry A. Blackmun
Numeracy: 1. The art of putting numbers to things, that is, assigning amounts to variables in order that practical decisions may be reach. 2. That aspect of education (beyond mere literacy) which takes account of quantitative aspects of reality.
Garrett Hardin
With all the decision making in my life, I often have to pause, look up and remember God is the One working behind the scenes. I say to myself, “He is able to work all things out for good. I just need to submit to Him and His ways. I can rest.
K.P. Yohannan
The challenge of every team is to build a feeling of oneness, of dependence on one another because the question is usually not how well each person performs, but how well they work together.
Vince Lombardi
This is the large range of issues we have to discuss [with ShinzЕЌ Abe] and make a decision on each one of them. Look, after the resumption of the negotiating process in 2000, we did not refuse to consistently work toward signing this peace treaty.
Vladimir Putin
I could vomit, right this moment. I literally could vomit on cue. Yes. Here’s the truth of that. We didn’t have a big audience, obviously, when we made the show. Very early on, we made a decision that we were going to try to give the fans and the people that were loyal to us something that they felt was special.
Mitchell Hurwitz
I’ve always valued the input of the people I love. So in the past, whenever I’d make a decision – what to wear to an event, whether to pursue a job opportunity – I’d consult those closest to me, like my mother, husband, or manager.
Alicia Keys
Niceness is a decision, a strategy of social interaction; it is not a character trait.
Gavin de Becker
Every decision in government is so important, especially when it comes to the military where thousands of people can lose their lives.
Donald Trump
A question I would like to present to the world is: Where is the love? And what are we doing? Who’s making the decisions that are putting us in the predicaments that we are in, with all of these people losing their lives around the world in so many different ways?
Jaden Smith
Television is so dictated by time constraints that you have to make quick decisions and go with them.
Ted Shackelford
Decide which is the line of conduct that presents the fewest drawbacks and then follow it out as being the best one, because one never finds anything perfectly pure and unmixed, or exempt from danger.
Niccolo Machiavelli
The highway of life is filled with flat squirrels that couldn’t make a decision.
John C. Maxwell
When the CEO makes a decision, people don’t come back on it.
Carlos Ghosn
The path to solid, supportive, healthy relationships, self-respect, and a quality life starts with the usually painful decision to do the Right Thing.
Laura Schlessinger
making a decision was only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.
Paulo Coelho
I made a decision back in 1978 that, in a trade off for money when I directed Halloween, I would have my name above the title in order to basically brand these movies my own.
John Carpenter
In each big decision, we’ll always make them by faith.
Craig Groeschel
I consider the decision of my colleagues and friends to be the best birthday present.
Vladimir Putin
There are a lot of things that have to be considered in National. The military aspect of it is only one of them. I’m confident that President Bush will have all of those things laid out for him before he makes the decision.
Hugh Shelton
Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free.
Paul Tillich
Presidents with strong nerves are decisive. They don’t balk at unpopular decisions. They are willing to make people angry. Bush had strong nerves. Clinton, who passed up a chance to eliminate Osama bin Laden, did not. Obama is a people pleaser, a trait not normally associated with nerves of steel.
Fred Barnes
The office environment that people live in and work in, dictates your culture and how people make decisions.
Keith Rabois
Most questions are clear when someone else has to decide them.
Howard Da Silva
I’m going to be prayerful about it. Whatever decision I make hopefully is the best decision I can make for my family and the fans and everybody.
Albert Pujols
… I think Finance is the one that everybody aspires to, who’s serious in politics, because that’s where the real decisions are taken and I think it’s a fascinating portfolio.
Lucinda Creighton
‘Empire’ was already given its green light. I was like, ‘Alright, this makes perfect sense. They wouldn’t be going this hard on me if I didn’t have it.’ So it was last minute when I learned, you know, it’s a business decision. That was my fault.
When someone is not playing well it’s natural to want to make a change. I’ve just learned to drown out all the noise and make a decision based on the merits and what each individual kid has earned the right to do.
Scott Frost
When you leave a club like Liverpool, you have to go somewhere you’ll feel comfortable and progress as a player. To come to Stoke was an easy decision.
Charlie Adam
The interesting thing is that there are so few important decisions. You don’t have to go in the “right” direction. You don’t have to enter the “right” business. What you have to do is have made a decision as to what you’re going to do and then you just have to figure out how to succeed at it.
Ken Oshman
Everybody grows up and they have to make decisions, and they try and make the best decisions that they know how to. It’s taken them their whole lives to finally step out and start making their own decisions.
Justin Bieber
I enjoy making the decisions.
Stuart Pearce
Lucky people generate their own good fortune via four basic principles.
They are skilled at creating their own chance opportunities, make lucky decisions by listening to their intuition, create self-fulfilling prophesies via positive expectations, and adopt a resilient attitude that transforms bad luck into good.
Richard Wiseman
I find it very, very hard doing what the law on DACA says exactly to do, and you know, the law is rough. I’m not talking about new laws. I’m talking the existing law is very rough. As far as the new order, the new order is going to be very much tailored to the – what I consider to be a very bad decision.
Donald Trump
Humility about how little I know has encouraged me to listen more carefully and more wisely.
John Templeton
Liberalism does not preclude an organisation of the flow of money in which some channels are used in decision making while others are only good for the payment of debts
Jean-Francois Lyotard
You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call ‘failure’ is not the falling down, but the staying down.
Mary Pickford
There’s no doubt in my mind that sleep deprivation is the hidden number one cause of arguments and cybersex. I’m convinced that countless good relationships end and bad ones begin because of chronic fatigue. Never make a major decision until after you’ve taken a nap.
Sarah Ban Breathnach
Whether it is in the United States or in mainland Europe, written constitutions have one great weakness. That is that they contain the potential to have judges take decisions which should properly be made by democratically elected politicians.
Margaret Thatcher
The structures of the WTO need to be reformed to increase participation. There must be a greater sense of shared ownership of the substance of the trade negotiation agenda. Decisions about issues to be negotiated, and in which sequence they should be taken, should rest with all WTO members, not only the most powerful.
Mary Robinson
President Bush is a liar. He betrayed Nevada and he betrayed the country… All Americans should be concerned, not just because he lied to me or the people of Nevada and indeed all Americans, but because the President’s decision threatens Americans’ lives.
Harry Reid
Folks can believe what they like but eventually a man’s got to declare if he’s going to do what is right.
Josh Brolin
Unconscious decisions for action go on constantly inside the head.
Robert E. Ornstein
You aren’t sure if you’re making the right decision – about anything, ever.
Joan Didion
Bouncing a sitting president requires conscious action, a national decision to redirect the country’s course. This cuts against the grain, and that’s why incumbents have a natural advantage.
John Podhoretz
For the employee, the goal is to have full access to necessary information and as much independent decision-making ability as possible. For the entrepreneur, the goal is to grant as much information and independent decision-making ability to employees or contractors as possible.
Tim Ferriss
The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children.
Bill Mollison
Is is in the small decisions you and I make every day that create our destiny.
Tony Robbins
In New York, you are constantly faced with this very urgent decision that you have to make, about every twenty minutes…you have to decide, immediately, you have to go “Ohmigod. Do I look at the most beautiful woman in the world or the craziest guy in the world?”
David Cross
When all of your decisions are based on economics, you end up with a sameness of vision. You’re not taking the risks, you’re not exploiting the passions of your creators. You’re manufacturing product for a huge vending machine.
Steven Bochco
See that the President, the Cabinet and staff are informed. If cut out of the information flow, their decisions may be poor, not made, or not confidently or persuasively implemented.
Donald Rumsfeld
The questions which for years were in dispute between the State and General Government, and which unhappily were not decided by the dictates of reason, but referred to the decision of war, having been decided against us, it is the part of wisdom to acquiesce in the result, and of candor to recognize the fact.
Robert E. Lee
My number one rule in business, and in life, is to enjoy what you do. Running a business involves long hours and hard decisions; if you don’t have the passion to keep you going, your business will more than likely fail. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then you shouldn’t be doing it.
Richard Branson
Design can also be used to invent strategic futures, make complex decisions, and craft a bold corporate vision. We need to move design up the ladder of influence.
Marty Neumeier
There are so many opportunities to make a bad decision in building a robot company on top of all the normal ways that entrepreneurs screw up that it is incredibly difficult to truly create value because it is so cost-sensitive.
Colin Angle
A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stores and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.
Seth Godin
With every decisions we make, the last question we ask is what does the consumer think of this.
Niall FitzGerald
I really am a strong believer that with editing, it should take a long time. Even you yourself are not capable of making the right decisions; sometimes you need a distance.
Shirin Neshat
Nothing has benefited me more physically, mentally and most important spiritually, then adapting a vegan diet. The best decision I have made as a human for me and the planet.
Tim Shieff
People who fail to accumulate money, without exception, have the habit of reaching decisions, if at all, very slowly, and of changing these decisions quickly and often.
Napoleon Hill
…whoever is guided solely by his own judgment and decision will never climb up to the summit of perfection and will not fail to be the victim of the devil’s ruinous power to delude.
John Cassian
Your decision to be, have and do something out of ordinary entails facing difficulties that are out of the ordinary as well. Sometimes your greatest asset is simply your ability to stay with it longer than anyone else.
Brian Tracy
I think that for most of our history, there was a nuanced reading of the Second Amendment until the decision by the late Justice [Antoine] Scalia and there was no argument until then that localities and states and the federal government had a right, as we do with every amendment, to impose reasonable regulation.
Hillary Clinton
We have to confront the reality of our world, and make the hard decisions about which way we want to move forward.
Edward Snowden
We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.
Stephen Covey
With more money brings more fear and when you’re trying to be creative in a fear-based environment it’s dangerous. Then decisions are made out of fear, not what’s best for the film.
Lake Bell
This is what everybody’s forgetting about [Barak] Obama and his immigration law and his executive action and his amnesty on it, the Supreme Court decision. Immigration law is settled.
Rush Limbaugh
A graphic is never an end in itself; it is a moment in the process of decision making.
Jacques Bertin
Every dollar the federal government does not take from us, every decision it does not make for us, will make our economy stronger, our lives more abundant, our future more free.
Ronald Reagan
Inspiration gives you a desire. Decision makes it an intention. Action makes it real.
Joe Vitale
The judge weighs the arguments and puts a brave face on the matter, and since there must be a decision, decides as he can, and hopes he has done justice and given satisfaction to the community
Ralph Waldo Emerson
My authoritarian and quick manner of making decisions led me to have serious problems and to be accused of being ultraconservative. I have never been a right-winger. It was my authoritarian way of making decisions that created problems.
Pope Francis
Of what does politics consist except the making of imperfect decisions, many of them unjust and quite a few of them deadly?
Lewis H. Lapham
If you don’t tour, you cannot expect to sell a huge numbers of your albums either. It was both a business – and an economical decision and we wanted to play anyway. We just wanted to get out for the tour when it was safe enough for us.
Kerry King
Nobody ever becomes an expert parent. But I think good parenting is about consistency. It’s about being there at big moments, but it’s also just the consistency of decision making. And it’s routine.
Sebastian Coe
The most difficult thing is the decision to act!
Amelia Earhart
Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.
Tim Storey
We can use decision-making to choose the habits we want to form, use willpower to get the habit started, then – and this is the best part – we can allow the extraordinary power of habit to take over. At that point, were free from the need to decide and the need to use willpower.
Gretchen Rubin
In the end, it was a no-brainer to join West Ham, but I still needed to take five minutes to myself because it’s a big moment for anyone to move club, especially off the pitch when it involves moving to a big city. You’ve got to take every single factor into consideration because it’s a big decision in your life.
Jarrod Bowen
We can make mistakes about what we ought to do, and these are not the same as making bad decisions about what to do.
Allen W. Wood
You must be single minded. Drive for the one thing on which you have decided.
George S. Patton
I think that when we talk about the regulators and the politicians, the economic consequences of bad decisions back in ’08, you know, were devastating, and they had repercussions throughout the world.
Hillary Clinton
We are not going back. We are not returning to the days of back-room abortions, when countless women died or were maimed. The decision about abortion must remain a decision for the woman, her family and a physician to make, not the government.
Bernie Sanders
I’ve always thought Harper Lee might have made a great decision. Much as you’d like to have more books by her, there’s something about just one that’s kind of mysterious and nice. On the other hand, the New York gossip about me was that I’d never write another book. So I thought, ‘Well, I will then.
Charles Frazier
We lose the fear of making decisions, great and small; as we realize that should our choice prove wrong we can, if we will, learn from the experience.
Bill W.
Directing is a more pragmatic experience, where you have to deal with the restrictions of time and money that force you to make certain decisions you don’t have to make when you’re writing.
Charlie Kaufman
For example, I was discussing the use of email and how impersonal it can be, how people will now email someone across the room rather than go and talk to them. But I don’t think this is laziness, I think it is a conscious decision people are making to save time.
Margaret J. Wheatley
As a rule it usually takes three or four readings for me to be interested in a script, and if I’m interested I’ll read it three or four times before I make a strong decision.
Chris Cooper
On the other track I got to talk with Jon Poll, my editor, and we go into more detail about the decisions we made in both the production and the post-production. So I hope the combination becomes something worth collecting.
Jay Roach
The whole enterprise of teaching managers is steeped in the ethic of data-driven analytical support. The problem is, the data is only available about the past. So the way weve taught managers to make decisions and consultants to analyze problems condemns them to taking action when its too late.
Clayton Christensen
We made a decision that monetary policy will be made by an independent European Central Bank.
Gerhard Schroder
In my house I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.
Woody Allen
The president’s decision yesterday to set into motion the development of the hydrogen bomb… has placed us on the knife-edge of history.
Henry M. Jackson
My grandparents came worked hard, and I believe they never regretted their decision to come here and make a new start.
Samuel Alito
I wrote in my book, ‘unPlanned,’ about a church that kicked me out when they found out that I worked for Planned Parenthood. I often get questioned about that, whether I still think they made the wrong decision. My answer is a resounding ‘Yes.’
Abby Johnson
Once I made a decision, I never thought about it again.
Michael Jordan
Each day is a day of decision.
Russell M. Nelson
A man without decision can never be said to belong to himself.
John W. Foster
The practical revolutionary will understand Goethe’s ‘conscience is the virtue of observers and not of agents of action’; in action, one does not always enjoy the luxury of a decision that is consistent both with one’s individual conscience and the good of mankind.
Saul Alinsky
The politics of partisanship and the resulting inaction and excuses have paralyzed decision-making, primarily at the federal level, and the big issues of the day are not being addressed, leaving our future in jeopardy.
Michael Bloomberg
We rob ourselves when we make decisions in the moment with no thought of how those decisions will impact our futures.
Andy Stanley
All through your life, you’ll be faced with making a decision between two things-choose the one that is right. If they are both right, then choose the one that will make you feel the best about it at the end of the day.
Thomas Jefferson
A good decision is our will to do everything we can within our power. It means to serve God with all we’ve got, be it little or much. Every person can do that.
Soren Kierkegaard
There is no name for all who participate in group decision-making or the organization which they form. I propose to call this organization the Technostructure.
John Kenneth Galbraith
Perhaps nothing in our society is more needed for those in positions of authority than accountability. Too often those with authority are able (and willing) to surround themselves with people who support their decisions without question.
Larry Burkett
Different people have different styles, but there is an opportunity as a director to be a writer in every moment, with every visual cue and every piece of production design. Everything is a decision, and everything can be obsessed over.
B. J. Novak
Consider what you think justice requires, and decide accordingly. But never give your reasons; for your judgment will probably be right, but your reasons will certainly be wrong.
William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield
I still agree with the invasion of Iraq. I don’t agree with most of the decisions that accompanied it.
William Hague
By far the hardest decision I’ve had to manage [was about my health]. Because I had 51 years of doing it wrong.
John C. Maxwell
If you don’t make a decision about how you are going to live, then you have already made a decision, haven’t you?
Tony Robbins
Life as a Divine Creator is effortless. You don’t have to do things to make them happen; you call forth people, situations, and events from an inner decision of being.
The entrepreneur in us sees opportunities everywhere we look, but many people see only problems everywhere they look. The entrepreneur in us is more concerned with discriminating between opportunities than he or she is with failing to see the opportunities.
Michael Gerber
Look down, not up, when making your initial investment decision. If you don’t lose money, most of the remaining alternatives are good ones.
Joel Greenblatt
The decision to make the present moment into your friend is the end of ego.
Eckhart Tolle
The ruling class is and will continue to be the class of decision makers.
Jean-Francois Lyotard
You can do anything you decide to do.
Amelia Earhart
It is something of a miracle that individual selfish decisions (in a market economy) must lead to a collectively efficient outcome.
Steven Landsburg
The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.
Sun Tzu
I’m a producer on my show, which is great, but it’s also kind of a mixed blessing because there’s so much responsibility. Everything is a decision. You have to worry about the money, you have to worry about daylight, who we’re going to cast and if this location doesn’t work out, what are we going to do?
Demetri Martin
Your courageous decision to believe in Him will bless you immeasurably and forever.
L. Whitney Clayton
Conquer fear..make a decision.
Reshad Feild
Better a good decision quickly than the best decision too late.
Harold Geneen
Somewhere deep down we know that in the final analysis, we do decide things and that even our decisions to let someone else decide are really our decisions, however pusillanimous.
Harvey Cox
I love factoids. It’s hard for me to keep those out. It just takes realizing that it’s stopping the character. Part of it is the decision to keep things where you want to train the spotlight. For me, it’s the personal side. I always ask, How does the person inside the character relate to this?
Adam Braver
When you’re a background singer, you’re there to support the artist. The transition is up to the person. You have to follow your heart. You make life decisions that will affect what you really want to do. You put that kind of energy out, and you put it out aggressively. And if you work hard, you’ll pave the way.
Judith Hill
The exile is a singular, whereas refugees tend to be thought of in the mass … What is implied in these nuances of social standing is the respect we pay to choice. The exile appears to have made a decision, while the refugee is the very image of helplessness.
Mary McCarthy
When I did make the decision to focus on acting, I think my mother was just relieved for me that I had finally started to focus.
Daniel Day-Lewis
I think love is one that can definitely make you go crazy, and it’s almost like love can induce mental illness in a lot of people, or bring it out worse. It makes people make crazy decisions.
I love producing shows. And so when you’re on a show where other people are making decisions you don’t necessarily agree with it, after a while you start to feel like a passenger.
Simon Cowell
You don’t have the right to be left alone with that abortion decision. The child is present…you are not alone.
Douglas Wilson
I didn’t choose literature. Literature chose me. There was no decision on my side.
Manuel Puig
I think a person who is disabled should be disabled by no act of their own. If you become disabled because of alcoholism, drugs, or things of that nature, I do not think those conditions qualify someone to be called disabled. I think those conditions result from personal decisions.
Jesse Ventura
Every decision is liberating, even if it leads to disaster. Otherwise, why do so many people walk upright and with open eyes into their misfortune?
Elias Canetti
We believe that we decide. We do make decisions. But the deeper decisions come from another part of our being that we’re not particularly aware of yet.
Frederick Lenz
I am where a great many voters are, which is that I am listening and watching and coming to a decision.
Ted Cruz
I think the important decision for a photographer is to choose a subject that intensely interests him or her.
Berenice Abbott
And in fact the only way I can deal with this eerie situation at all is to make a conscious decision that I have already lived and finished the life I planned to live – and everything from now on will be A New Life, a different thing, a gig that ends tonight and starts tomorrow morning.
Hunter S. Thompson
Negative thinking creates clouds at critical decision times.
John C. Maxwell
Every decision you make … is a decision about Who You Are.
Neale Donald Walsch
I firmly believe people have the power to make decisions locally and cooperatively. Anarchism is how that is put into practice.
Scott Crow
I got a chance to have my dream come true, and I wanted to make sure I made the decision as to when I dropped my last album. If I don’t feel like this album is an incredible piece of work, then I’m cool with the albums I’ve done. I don’t have to put out another album.
Sean Combs
Doris Kearns Goodwin’s Team of Rivals is instructive in painting a realistic portrayal of Lincoln and his methods for accomplishing his objectives. In fact, many good political biographies are useful in learning about power, strategy, and decision-making.
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Everyone’s got a moment or two in their life where something happens and you make a decision and then your entire life changes.
Brian Chesky
Early in a startup, product decisions should be hunch driven. Later on, product decisions should be data driven.
Fred Wilson
Cast aside any column about two subjects. It means the pundit chickened out on the hard decision about what to write about that day.
William Safire
While von Clausewitz said, ‘War is the continuation of policy (politics) by other means,’ when considering the welfare of our men and women in uniform, their families, our veterans and survivors, don’t let politics drive your decisions.
Joe Heck
I’m aware of the decisions I make and the responsibility I have as a role model. I wouldn’t disregard that.
Naomi Scott
My dad, Julien Temple, is unbelievable, so supportive. He’s helped me to make such important decisions and he’s so proud. I really admire him… I think he’s one of the most talented people in this industry, so to have him be proud of what I’m doing is incredible.
Juno Temple
I love my brother, I love my dad, actually love my mother as well, hope that’s ok. And I admire their service to the nation and the difficult decisions they had to make.
Jeb Bush
I really hate to be put in the position of trying to justify something, a decision that was made. I’m a military guy: when a decision is made, I go along with it, whatever the manufactured controversy and criticism.
Buzz Aldrin
Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.
Phil McGraw
It matters that there’s diversity on the court. I think it makes for better lawmaking, because you have people with more diverse range of judgment and who are going to make a better decision on the law.
Rachel Maddow
Football has a thing: You have to decide on an action in a moment, and your head has to be fresh for taking that decision in the moment.
Thiago Alcantara
I am so attracted to ambition and drive and talent. If a man loves something and can put his heart into it, I am instantly into him. I like a strong man who can be in control and make decisions but who is sensitive and attentive. That is the perfect combination.
Meaghan Rath
As politicians we have to make very difficult decisions and one…is when freedom of speech actually insults public safety.
Tulip Siddiq
If you look at the various strategies available for dealing with a new technology, sticking your head in the sand is not the most plausible strategy.
Ralph Merkle
If I’m to change my life for you, I’ve got to have some hope.” “I don’t want you to change your life for me. You’ll have to make the same decision every day, over and over – it must be for yourself alone.
Lisa Kleypas
Make certain decisions only once.
Spencer W. Kimball
Political freedom is neither easy nor automatic, neither pleasant nor secure. It is the responsibility of the individual for the decisions of society as if they were his own decisions-as
in moral truth and accountability they are.
Peter Drucker
Most of the choices we make each day may feel like the products of well-considered decision making, but they’re not. They’re habits.
Charles Duhigg
I made a conscious decision that I was not going to have children. I didn’t want others raising them, and looking after them myself would get in the way of being a musician and writer.
Stevie Nicks
Compromise is such an integral part of being a human being. You’re compromising in every decision you make.
Rick Remender
Every bad decision I’ve made has been based on money. I grew up in the projects and you don’t turn down money there. You take it, because you never know when it’s all going to end. I made Cop III because they offered me $15 million. That $15 million was worth having Roger Ebert’s thumb up my ass.
Eddie Murphy
In the spring of 1994 I decided not to seek reelection to the Senate. I had made the decision 12 years earlier, Christmas Day of 1982, just after I had been first elected to a full term, that I would do the best I could for a limited time.
George J. Mitchell
The President’s decisions make the weather, and if he is great enough, change the climate, too.
Theodore White
Even before the kids are born, you’ve go to make these decisions. If it’s a boy, do we get him circumcised? If it’s a girl, do we keep her?
Greg Giraldo
It’s impossible to make a record when you’re ill because it affects how you listen to things. You can’t make decisions. It all sounds terrible.
Alison Krauss
A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach . . .
Friedrich Nietzsche
Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.
Margaret Thatcher
You [as a president] have to have a strong team around you. You have to have respect for institutions and the process to make good decisions because you are inherently reliant on other folks.
Barack Obama
I’m going to make a guess, not a definitive statement, I would think if you had to make a decision like that [ completed the e-mail investigation on Hillary Clinton], you’d give it – you’d give that to an independent counsel. You wouldn’t make it as the appointee of the new president.
Rudy Giuliani
I learned to have the patience to listen when people put forward their views, even if I think those views are wrong. You can’t reach a just decision in a dispute unless you listen to both sides.
Nelson Mandela
Technology can also be used so that private individuals will have access to the way centralized decisions are being made.
Noam Chomsky
In the final analysis there is no other solution to man’s progress but the day’s honest work, the day’s honest decision, the day’s generous utterances, and the day’s good deed.
Clare Boothe Luce
A man should have a right to be religious if he wants to. The government should not be involved in those decisions.
Andy Garcia
The gift of creating new life needs to be, once again, welcomed and honoured as one of the most mysterious of human powers. And women need to be confirmed in their decisions to use this power however and whenever they see fit.
Patricia Monaghan
The felonious five in their Supreme Court decision never said Gore did anything improperly in Florida.
Vincent Bugliosi
As much as I’ve always dreamed of going to college, I have to think about whether it is the right decision for me.
Sadie Sink
Authentic Christian Preaching carries a note of authority and a demand for decisions not found elsewhere in society.
Albert Mohler
Our shared histories and common values make us natural trading partners and we will continue to work with both the United Kingdom and the European Union as we move forward with this new decision.
Justin Trudeau
I heard that a lot and I just sort of thought, the world was an even more interesting place than the people who were making the decisions were perhaps interpreting it to be.
Gwendoline Christie
The whole point of life is learning to live with the consequences of the bad decision we’ve made.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
If you are an entrepreneur planning to start your own company, I can’t think of a better place to begin than by operating your business by the Golden Rule. Make this a high priority; never make a decision that contradicts the Golden Rule.
Mary Kay Ash
God may not guide us in an obvious way because he wants us to make decisions based on faith and character.
Dallas Willard
Economic policy and decision making do not function in a political vacuum.
Manmohan Singh
I’ve seen Coach Saban over the years have to make a lot of tough decisions, and there’s not one decision he doesn’t make that he doesn’t bounce ideas off the staff. To me, that’s invaluable.
Kirby Smart
Aren’t you going to ask me if I’m all right?” I say. “No, I’m pretty sure you’re not all right.” He shakes his head. “I’m going to ask you not to make any decisions until we’ve talked about it.
Veronica Roth
It’s not my fault Snow didn’t have any other options coming out of high school. If going to college gets you a career backup goaltender job, and my route gets you a thousand points and a thousand games, and compare the two contracts, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out whose decision was better.
Jeremy Roenick
No great marketing decisions have ever been made on qualitative data
John Sculley
We have to make our own happiness, and we have to make our own decisions and play the hand that is dealt to us.
Maeve Binchy
I had no choice in the decision to make myself available. I was not always doing things I wanted to do.
Namie Amuro
Dr. Martin Luther King was never a man to say ‘I’ve got this’ as the leader of the movement. He wasn’t always sure that his decisions were correct, because he knew every decision he made was putting lives at risk, including his and his family’s lives.
David Oyelowo
There will be very few occasions when you are absolutely certain about anything. You will consistently be called upon to make decisions with limited information. That being the case, your goal should not be to eliminate uncertainty. Instead, you must develop the art of being clear in the face of uncertainty.
Andy Stanley
I never concerned myself with other people’s decisions.
Joe Torre
Once in a while, life gives you a chance to measure your worth. Sometimes you’re called upon to make a split-second decision to do the right thing, defining which way your life will go. These are the decisions that make you who you are.
Perry Moore
The basis of computer work is predicated on the idea that only the brain makes decisions and only the index finger does the work.
Brian Eno
Voice is one of the most elusive qualities in any story. We recognize it when we hear it, but it’s hard consciously to create an authentic voice. Somehow voice seems to be the natural manifestation of all the narrative decisions we’ve made so far. We discover it more than we fabricate it.
Philip Gerard
I swear, you are the only person I know who makes decisions based on what will provide the best material for a diary.
Rob Thomas
Show enough backstory to allow the reader to glean and make assumptions about what remains behind the curtain of time, yet continues to influence the character’s worldview, attitudes, decisions, and actions.
Larry Brooks
Who you spend your life with-much more so than how you choose to spend it-is the most important decision you can make. Do it right. That’s the best advice I can give you.
Eli Broad
In terms of trying to re-create an image, I think that’s a waste of time. I have no interest in doing that. The decisions I made are done.
George W. Bush
It’s very important to prioritize. I know, for me, my family comes first. That makes every decision very easy.
Jada Pinkett Smith
The most important career decision you’ll make is who your life partner is.
Sheryl Sandberg
I must end it. There is no hope. I will be at peace. No one had anything to do with it. My decision totally.
Freddie Prinze
It is tempting to think of your husband-to-be as just another bridal accessory. It may be easier for him to play along with this too. After all, you don’t expect your shoes or your beaded bag to help you make decisions.
Mimi Pond
Getting divorced was the right decision for me, but it’s not the right decision for everyone else.
Linda D. Thompson
I’m going to make decisions that I think are best for me and my family. So, when I make these decisions, of course I’m going to ask people for advice, but at the end of the day, Brandon Jennings makes the decisions. And I feel like the decisions that I’ve made so far have been successful.
Brandon Jennings
[Statists] believe that government should make decisions for individuals. Since individuals usually prefer to make their own decisions, coercion and compulsion become necessary correctives.
Theodore J. Forstmann
All the government decisions remain and won’t be altered until I get in the role and have had a chance to discuss them with my colleagues.
Jay Weatherill
My presidential victory, if it had happened, would have been artificial in relation to the Socialist party. It may be that on my deathbed, I will come to regret my decision, but for the moment, I live at peace with it.
Jacques Delors
So it was a hard decision but I know it is the right one.
Graeme Le Saux
Proper school nutrition must be complemented by activities outside of the cafeteria. The decisions parents make to keep their kids healthy are critical in fighting this battle on the home front.
Tom Vilsack
Theresa May’s decision to call an unnecessary general election after Article 50 was triggered was deeply irresponsible.
Keir Starmer
The best thing in business is to follow your gut. If a decision is not sitting well with you, don’t just make it.
Dylan Lauren
You can’t build a strong corporation with a lot of committees and a board that has to be consulted every turn. You have to be able to make decisions on your own.
Rupert Murdoch
The present tax codes inhibit the mobility and formation of capital, add complexities and inequities which undermine the morale of the taxpayer, and make tax avoidance rather than market factors a prime consideration in too many economic decisions.
John F. Kennedy
We live in a world of competing narratives. In the end, we have to decide for ourselves which is right. And having made that decision, we then need to inhabit the story we trust.
Alister E. McGrath
The essence of liberalism is negotiation, a cautious half measure, in the hope that the definitive dispute, the decisive bloody battle, can be transformed into a parliamentary debate and permit the decision to be suspended forever in an everlasting discussion.
Carl Schmitt
There are moments that define a person’s whole life. MOMENTS in which everything they are and everything they may possibly become hinge on a single decision.
Jonathan Maberry
Well, I mean, Congress did originally set the formula for the state grants, and they guaranteed every state a minimum formula. So that was a congressional decision.
Michael Chertoff
People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.
Zig Ziglar
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And venture belongs to the adventurous.
Navjot Singh Sidhu
As Ive progressed in my career, Ive come to appreciate — and really value — the other attributes that define a companys success beyond the P&L: great leadership, long-term financial strength, ethical business practices, evolving business strategies, sound governance, powerful brands, values-based decision-making.
Ursula Burns
The only power you have on this planet is the power of your decisions.
Paulo Coelho
Let the views of others educate and inform you, but let your decisions be a product of your own conclusions.
Jim Rohn
I made a conscious decision back then that I would rather be the best actress who ever lived than the most famous one.
Sally Kirkland
There was no “decision” per se to re-position myself. I simply decided that I wanted to write a book that would help people influence others.
Guy Kawasaki
I think Hillary and Bill are really liberals at heart. I think that, in addition to being liberals, they are very practical. They have made some decisions about what it takes to win.
Maxine Waters
If I ever feel a sense of anxiety, it’s usually over things that I have some control over, or I’m anxious about me making the right decision.
Stan Van Gundy
My mum made a conscious decision not to teach me any Indian languages so I wouldn’t talk with an accent.
Naveen Andrews
I had made a vow to never stay in my home state to play, I wanted to go as far East Coast as possible, more or less to get away from my family life. I ended up staying in my home state and fell in love with it. I ended up having a beautiful relationship with my family over time and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.
Hope Solo
I have hesitation making any kind of decision, really in my life. I’m really slow at it.
Jeff Bridges
Medical professionals, not insurance company bureaucrats, should be making health care decisions.
Barbara Boxer
President Obama has a strong record of doing what is best for America and Florida, and he built it by spending more time worrying about what his decisions would mean for the people than for his political fortunes.
Charlie Crist
We will never enjoy life unless we make a quality decision to do so.
Joyce Meyer
The paradox is that by the time you get to be senior, the decisions that matter the most are the ones that would be best made made by people who are junior.
One of the things I firmly believe about seemingly risky decisions is that you can’t fully imagine how things can be better while you’re in the thing you don’t quite like.
Jeffrey Veen
I consider Bush’s decision to call for a war against terrorism a serious mistake. He is elevating these criminals to the status of war enemies, and one cannot lead a war against a network if the term war is to retain any definite meaning.
Jurgen Habermas
If horses had controlled investment decisions, there would have been no auto industry.
Warren Buffett
Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.
Anita Roddick
You can’t make decisions if there are no charges or issues to deal with. So it’s quite normal to wait until there is some reason to react.
Bernie Ecclestone
The key decision for a statesman is whether to commit his nation or not. There is no middle course. Once a great nation commits itself, it must prevail. It will acquire no kudos for translating its inner doubts into hesitation.
Henry A. Kissinger
understanding the true nature of instinctive decision making requires us to be forgiving of those people trapped in circumstances where good judgment is imperiled.
Malcolm Gladwell
I have noticed that doing the sensible thing is only a good idea when the decision is quite small. For the life-changing things, you must risk it.
Jeanette Winterson
Character starts with the alphabet. Letters: words: sentences Character is a function of language—a collection of errors and deviations that resonate with certain behaviors. As with every other element in fiction, it is a record of a writer’s decisions.
Noy Holland
It’s just a logical guess that they are very very wise to put someone from the old series in it, and if you had to choose, it would be a very difficult decision.
Andreas Katsulas
Every choice, every decision, everything we do everyday, we want to be a champion
Nick Saban
Make your decision for what is right not expedient, and wash your mind of all compromise.
B. J. Palmer
I knew I wanted to do music, but leaving such a successful career one would think I’d kind of shot myself in the foot. I knew I made the right decision, and at the end of the day it’s up to me to get where I want to go, but it’s a lot to take on.
Avi Kaplan
Every soldier, every cop who’s faced with a decision to make, a life or death, does the best he or she can.
Peter King
As Graham, Dodd and Buffett have all said, you should always remember that you don’t have to swing at every pitch. You can wait for opportunities that fit your criteria and if you don’t find them, patiently wait. Deciding not to panic is still a decision.
Seth Klarman
Don’t make decisions by majority vote. The majority is almost always wrong.
Adrian Rogers
Seeking an acquisition from the start is more than just bad advice for an entrepreneur. For the entrepreneur it leads to short term tactical decisions rather than company-building decisions and in my view often reduces the probability of success.
Vinod Khosla
There is no such thing as completion. These are only stages in an endless progression. There are no final outcomes or decisions, since nothing ever stays the same.
Frederick Lenz
…eating animals involves an intentional decision to participate in the suffering and death of nonhumans where there is no plausible moral justification.
Gary L. Francione
There is no corporation in the world that would, in a competitive environment, try and concentrate all decisions at the corporate level.
James Mattis
The decisions and problems of Uruguay will be resolved by Uruguayans.
Tabare Vazquez
We live with the decisions we makeThat’s what bravery is. Standing by the consequences of your mistakes.
M. L. Stedman
I feel that one must deliberate then act, must scan every life choice with rational thinking but then base the decision on whether one’s heart will be in it.
Jean Shinoda Bolen
I’m not letting any stupid decisions get in my way. I want to be a role model, letting girls know that they can follow their dreams.
Miley Cyrus
Far from being a sum of distinct and partial results, victory is the consequence of efforts, some of which are victorious while others appear to be fruitless, which nevertheless all aim at a common goal, all drive at a common result: namely, at a decision, a conclusion which alone can provide victory.
Ferdinand Foch
The people are turbulent and changing; they seldom judge right or make good decision.
Alexander Hamilton
Self-definition and self-determination is about the many varied decisions that we make to compose and journey toward ourselves, about the audacity and strength to proclaim, create, and evolve into who we know ourselves to be. It’s okay if your personal definition is in a constant state of flux as you navigate the world.
Janet Mock
Those who are close to me know that I am a person who likes to analyse everything before making a decision.
Kepa Arrizabalaga
Many leaders rely on confidence, the ability to make timely decisions, and hold themselves and others accountable. But some of these leaders have not yet developed resonance, the ability to read the room, understand and appreciate the thoughts and emotions of others.
Suzanne Bates
It appears easier to talk about protecting women than it is to fully include women at all decision-making levels in peace talks and post-conflict planning.
Zainab Salbi
He’d undone all he could. You can be sorry, and you can be forgiven, but you can’t call back the futures that your bad decisions lost
Orson Scott Card
The chances of there being transmissibility by blood to blood contact on a basketball court is so infinitesimally small that it is something that shouldn’t influence a decision whether someone would come back or not.
Anthony S. Fauci
The most important decision you make is to be in a good mood.
The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life and the procedure. The process is its own reward.
Amelia Earhart
I feel a sense of obligation to our troops and their families because of the decisions that I made. So I’m involved with veterans.
George W. Bush
Sometimes knowing what’s right isn’t a rational decision, or even what works on paper. Sometimes leaving is the best course of action after all.
Jodi Picoult
Fiction is a place where people can meet, where they take the time to very seriously examine and think about the experiences of other people and about the sorts of moral decisions those characters are making.
Phil Klay
Houllier couldn’t deal with players expressing any anger or questioning any of his decisions
Robbie Fowler
The purpose of education…is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions.
James A. Baldwin
I don’t regret the decision to retire. My body was losing its edge. I was taking longer to recover from injuries. You have to get out at some point.
David Beckham
We can’t … take that piece of reality in this business and set that aside and say, well, that doesn’t count. And the Republicans on my side understand that the majority is in fact up for grabs next year. So there’s not a decision made up here that doesn’t have that factor coursing through that current.
Chuck Hagel
Decisions are being made a mile a minute while you’re making the work, and it has to come out of experience and vision.
Jules Olitski
Your natural decisions are the decisions that are going to be good.
Eli Russell Linnetz
My interest in well-being evolved from my interest in decision making – from raising the question of whether people know what they will want in the future and whether the things that people want for themselves will make them happy.
Daniel Kahneman
Think as you work, for in the final analysis, your worth to your company comes not only in solving problems, but also in anticipating them.
Harold Ross
When a decision is made to go to war based on intelligence, it is a fateful decision. It has ramifications and impacts way beyond the current months and years
Carl Levin
Authenticity is more than speaking; Authenticity is also about doing. Every decision we make says something about who we are.
Simon Sinek
China restricts the society’s freedom of speech. The Communist Party imposes these limits because it lacks confidence towards the future and has no ideals. Nowadays, China is experiencing the detrimental effects of such decisions. Its citizens have no creativity.
Ai Weiwei
I believe firmly that in making ethical decisions, man has the prerogative of true freedom of choice.
Corliss Lamont
Executive: a man who makes quick decisions and is sometimes right.
Kin Hubbard
Becoming a monk was a hard decision. Leaving being a monk was harder, but it’s given me so much faith in my ability to transition, and that what I learned as a monk can still serve me.
Jay Shetty
Virtually every decision Hillary Clinton has made has been a loser.
Donald Trump
It starts with your diet and then to your exercise… you have to make the right decisions as a consumer and learn about carbs and proteins as well as watching your portion control, and from there you have to stay active as much as possible.
Apolo Ohno
As soon as questions of will or decision or reason or choice of action arise, human science is at a loss.
Noam Chomsky
In real life, the most important decision you ever make is, where does reality leave off and make-believe begin? If you make a mistake about that, you’re dead. You know, you’re out on the street corner. You think there’s no bus coming. You step out, you’re dead.
Never make a permanent decision based on a temporary storm.. No matter how raging the billows are today, remind yourself: “This too shall pass!”
T. D. Jakes
It is my great hope someday, to see science and decision makers rediscover what the ancients have always known. Namely that our highest currency is respect.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb
It’s always really challenging trying to go from player to player/coach. You have a kind of friendship basis of relationship with all of your teammates and now you go to this power position where you have to make decisions that might hurt people’s feelings.
Abby Wambach
Nowhere have women been more excluded from decision-making than in the military and foreign affairs. When it comes to the military and questions of nuclear disarmament, the gender gap becomes the gender gulf.
Eleanor Smeal
Which meant I got left with Quinn yet again. Given the time he was taking to make his decision, I wasn’t exactly happy about that. I mean, putting me with him was like flashing chocolate my way then telling me I couldn’t have it. It was just plain mean.
Keri Arthur
People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.
F. Matthias Alexander
More that members of Senate know about Medicaid, in many ways, the harder it is to make that final decision, because you have got so much information, and you know how many other things are impacted here by one decision here that, five decisions later, has made a big difference in somebody’s life.
Roy Blunt
Forgiveness is not a feeling – it’s a decision we make because we want to do what’s right before God.
Joyce Meyer
English policy may not yet have made the definite decision to attack us; but it doubtless wishes, by all and every means, even the most extreme, to hinder every further expansion of German international influence and of German maritime power.
Bernhard von Bulow
We are the greatest computers in this world, but now we’ve created the smart phone which is smarter than us now, but we’re still making dumb decisions. We have given our creations more power than we have, and that to me is dumb.
Bootsy Collins
The Court’s legitimacy arises from the source of its authority – which is, of course, the Constitution – and is best preserved by adhering to decision methods that neither expand nor contract but legitimize the power of judicial review.
Diane S. Sykes
every individual can make a difference … if we continue to leave decision making to the so-called decision makers, things will never change.
Jane Goodall
The polling of Internet users shows that friends recommendations are the most reliable driver behind purchasing decisions. Right now that market is largely untapped. Facebook and other social networks can allow that to happen.
Yuri Milner