Delving Quotes

Delving Quotes by Robert Plant, Paul Dalio, Cynthia Heimel, Claude Monet, Pierce Brosnan, Stephen Crane and many others.

Yeah, I think the point has well and truly sunk in by n

Yeah, I think the point has well and truly sunk in by now, and I can just carry on. I don’t even know what I’m looking for except a bit of hilarity and mild insanity musically, and I can get none of that by just delving into the history.
Robert Plant
Fellini was [David] Lynch’s master and his biggest idol, and he believed in Fellini’s view that film is a dream, it’s not reality. It’s all about delving into the unconscious.
Paul Dalio
Reading is an escape, an education, a delving into the brain of another human being on such an intimate level that every nuance of thought, every snapping of synapse, every slippery desire of the author is laid open before you like, well, a book.
Cynthia Heimel
It’s on the strength of observation and reflection that one finds a way. So we must dig and delve unceasingly.
Claude Monet
Acting allows me to explore new worlds, to discover characters by delving into their lives, and ultimately to become someone else entirely.
Pierce Brosnan
Such an assemblage of the spraddle-legged men of the middle class, whose hands were bent and shoulders stooped from delving and constructing, had never appeared to an Asbury Park summer crowd, and the latter was vaguely amused.
Stephen Crane
The process of delving into the black abyss is to me the keenest form of fascination.
H. P. Lovecraft
I think the worst and most insidious procrastination for me is research. I will be looking for some bit of fact or figure to include in the novel, and before I know, I’ve wasted an entire morning delving into that subject matter without a word written.
James Rollins
Men are so delving into the mysteries of things that today a boy of twenty knows more than twenty doctors formerly knew.
Martin Luther
There’s a market for mysteries for adults. That feeling of opening a book and delving inside and not coming out until you’ve closed the book.
Kate Morton
Inner peace is found by facing life squarely, solving its problems, and delving as far beneath its surface as possible to discover its verities and realities.
Peace Pilgrim
I look at it scene-by-scene. Whether it’s a historical character or not, whatever, on the page is one thing and delving into the history or somebody is one thing, but making something work for an audience in front of a camera is another exercise and you bring whatever authenticity you can to it.
Gary Cole
What does seem to be a constant is that I write more emotional stories the older I get. I think a lot of that has to do with growing up in a patriarchal structure where unemotional intellect (male) is taken more seriously than delving into emotions (female), and gradually freeing myself from those expectations.
Karin Tidbeck
I think that there is a real beauty to the live aspect of the theater, and the working with a director for a month on a script in the isolation of a room and really deeply delving into who are these people, what is the story we’re telling, how do we want to tell it?
Karen Allen
When one considers the body in relation to dance, it is then that one truly realizes what suffering is: it is a part of our lives. No matter how much we search for it from the outside there is no way we can find it without delving intoŠ’Ā ourselves.
Tatsumi Hijikata