Desperate Quotes

Desperate Quotes by Andy Andrews, Al Purdy, Sun Tzu, George Friedman, Hart Crane, Steven Levenkron and many others.

In desperate times, much more than anything else, folks

In desperate times, much more than anything else, folks need perspective. For perspective brings calm. Calm leads to clear thinking. Clear thinking yields new ideas. And ideas produce the bloom…of an answer. Keep your head and heart clear. Perspective can just as easily be lost as it can be found.
Andy Andrews
In my own mind, I was sort of a desperate kid.
Al Purdy
However desperate the situation and circumstances, don’t despair. When there is everything to fear, be unafraid. When surrounded by dangers, fear none of them. When without resources, depend on resourcefulness. When surprised, take the enemy by surprise.
Sun Tzu
Italy is the fourth-largest economy in Europe and the eighth-largest economy in the world, and its banking system is collapsing. And Germany is desperate. It must maintain its standard of living. It can only do that with exports and Deutsche Bank is very exposed to Italian debt. But so is the rest of Europe.
George Friedman
And so it was I entered the broken world To trace the visionary company of love, its voice An instant in the wind (I know not whither hurled) But not for long to hold each desperate choice.
Hart Crane
Self-mutilation is a frightening barrier that keeps us from seeing a person who is lost, in pain, and in desperate need of help.
Steven Levenkron
Cleverness is like rouge – liberal application makes a woman look common and desperate. Wit is knowing how to apply it.
Tessa Dare
At one point, when I didn’t make the 2007 World Cup squad, I was very, very frustrated. Then I became very hard on myself. Whenever I used to go to the nets, or when I trained in the gym, I was very hard on myself. I couldn’t sleep; I used to think a lot. Very, very desperate to make a comeback.
Gautam Gambhir
People are desperate for these breathier, longer, more in-depth conversations. And the only thing I can’t provide in my show is the longer time.
Moshe Kasher
The people that live in my hometown do not walk along the street with smiles on their faces. It is a desperate place, but I got out.
Natalia Vodianova
I just want my name back so my life can go back to chaotic and weird instead of chaotic and desperate.
Kim Harrison
I think I’m slightly OCD. I’ll be desperate to get a part, but as soon as I do, the sense of pride wears off almost immediately, and fear of not doing a good job sets in. I’ll think, ‘This is a dream come true,’ and then, ‘It’s not OK until I get a good review.’
Will Poulter
I don’t want to say, ‘This is where I’m going to be in five years and I’m going to get there no matter what.’ I want to leave it open. I’m not a desperate actress dying to star in a B movie in a bikini.
Brooke Burke
For most of my writing life, I’ve refused to allow myself to believe that writing was a significant form of action. I always felt very uneasy about the fact that all I did was write in a situation as desperate as apartheid South Africa. Whether I was correct or not is a different issue.
Athol Fugard
The books weren’t exactly Linnet’s general reading fare, but a desperate woman will read anything.
Eloisa James
Is it possible to love so desperately that life is unbearable? I don’t mean unrequited, I mean being in the love. In the midst of it and desperate. Because knowing it will end, because everything does. End.
Peter Heller
Even though I present myself at the height of glamour and beauty, part of my truth is being desperate and emotional and unafraid of being unattractive.
Sasha Velour
Jumping through any hoop or taking advantage of any desperate situation that comes up just to sell a product is harmful. It is.
Trent Reznor
Electoral contests have nothing but polls, which is why people have grown so obsessed with them; we’re desperate for an objective rendering of what is happening and what may happen.
John Podhoretz
God knows just the place where you’ll be placed. He has a barren living room in desperate need of warmth and joy. A corner of the world needs some color. He selected you with that place in mind.
Max Lucado
This is an industry that generates addicted gamblers and they are desperate to get money
John Warren Kindt
I couldn’t wait to leave school. So I did it as soon as I possibly could at 16. I had no clue what I wanted to do next other than being at school wasn’t it and that I was desperate to make my own way as soon as I could.
Jameela Jamil
Much is forgiven anyone who relieves the desperate boredom of the working press.
William Weld
I love Scotland and I speak about it a lot, so people think I’m desperate to go back. They just take it upon themselves to say I’m going back, but I’m not. I’d rather concentrate on becoming a citizen of the world.
Billy Connolly
Atletico fans were always so desperate for us to win; it was like a religion to them.
Diego Forlan
There are patterns because we try to find them. A desperate attempt at order because we can’t face the terror that it might all be random.
Lauren Beukes
If I’m feeling desperate, I’ll go out image-hunting. I’ll go to news agents and stand at the rack flicking through magazines or go to second-hand bookshops. And then, bit by bit, like concrete poetry, I start to realise that I am drawn to particular things, and then I start wondering why that is.
Gary Hume
People on the stage are desperate to do the screens, and people on the screens are desperate to do theater.
Sian Clifford
In tough economic times, desperate people do desperate things, and the abortion rate goes up.
Jesse Jackson
I preferred to hang out with the dead, dying, or desperate books – used we call them, in a way that we’d never call a person, unless we meant it cruelly
David Levithan
My team of people around me, they were like, ‘Don’t be waiting and begging for a man.’ You know what I’m saying? Like, ‘Don’t be desperate because you think having a boyfriend is going to be better. It might be harder with your career.’ And then I was like, ‘Yeah, you’re right. I need to enjoy this.”
Meghan Trainor
At the beginning, you should only hire when you have a desperate need to.
Sam Altman
My prayer is spasmodic, occasional, desperate. It has a great deal to do with my children’s physical well-being – that when they’re traveling in the air the plane not crash, things like that.
Frederick Buechner
Human beings have hope. Not matter how desperate things are, they convince themselves that they can change things for the better.” – John Gregory (Clash of the Demons)
Joseph Delaney
The Brothers Grimm came along and I was so desperate for work… Actually I’ve got to say that I like the movie, I won’t apologize for it.
Terry Gilliam
I’m not desperate to sign, like, a record deal. I’m very hungry, but I’m just not desperate for it.
Little Simz
I just got really desperate to pay rent. It was weird, man. I had to wrestle a fake pussy off a crack head once.
Gold Panda
He asked, “what makes a man a writer?” “well,” I said, “it’s simple, it’s either you get it down on paper or you jump off a bridge. writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers.” “are you desperate?” “I don’t know.
Charles Bukowski
He sees such a desperate rapaciousness prevail; such a disregard to equity, such contempt of order, such stupid blindness to future consequences, as must immediately have the most tragical conclusion, and most terminate in destruction to the greater number, and in a total dissolution of society to the rest.
David Hume
I think now with fundamentalists, people who treat belief with a total lack of humor or empathy for any other viewpoint than their own – they, to me, are the enemy. And those people are born out of desperate extremes.
Benedict Cumberbatch
Democrats’ desperate attempt to focus on campaign finance reform instead of laws that may have been broken by the Clinton-Gore campaign is like Mike Tyson demanding a reform in boxing regulations after biting off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear.
Cal Thomas
When, in 1913, in a desperate attempt to rid art of the ballast of objectivity, I took refuge in the form of the square… the critics… sighed, “All that we loved has been lost. We are in a desert”… But the desert is filled with the spirit of non-objective feeling.
Kazimir Malevich
The rich nations of the world are acting like ancient usurers, lending money to the desperate poor on terms that cannot possibly be met and, thus, steadily acquiring more and more control over the lives and assets of the poor.
William Greider
No onslaught more fierce was ever seen in the savage world of beasts, where some desperate small creature armed with little teeth, alone, will spring upon a tower of horn and hide that stands above its fallen mate.
J. R. R. Tolkien
Drawing the desperate and the adrift, Los Angeles has long been the dumping ground of dreams both real and cinematic.
Steve Erickson
For a long time, I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was desperate to find something that fit me and I just decided that if I could organically make a professional living out of the things that interested me, then I would be a happy person.
Padma Lakshmi
When people around me were signing films, I would wonder why nothing good came my way. See, I wasn’t desperate to do films, but I was desperate to do good films.
Ashwin Kumar
In my experience what I’m hearing from people now is that they’re just desperate to hear about something else.
Jill Stein
I feel like I’m a stay-at-home mom, which I was for the five years before this. She’s absolutely been my focus. That’s the choice I made. Desperate Housewives is perfect for me. I get to go back to work and still be able to take my daughter to school and pick her up.
Teri Hatcher
It’s always been that opponents get down to business against Bayern specifically because they want to show how desperate they are to defeat the champions.
Franck Ribery
The Prime Minister seems now to be basing his re-election campaign on this plot line. He is saying to the Australian people, look out, the baddies behind you – hiss, boo and whatever you do, don’t vote Labor. This political parody of pantomime is looking and sounding desperate.
Julia Gillard
Euthanasia and assisted suicide are never acceptable acts of mercy. They always gravely exploit the suffering and desperate, extinguishing life in the name of the ‘quality of life’ itself.
Pope John Paul II
As lives go, I’ll take the quietly desperate over the radically bipolar.
John Green
Those that dare lose a day, ate dangerously prodigal; those that dare misspend it, are desperate.
Joseph Hall
Old love, middle love, the kind of love that knows itself and knows that nothing lasts, is a desperate shared wildness.
Louise Erdrich
America, the great liberator, is in desperate need of being liberated from itself – from its own excesses and arrogance. And the world needs to be liberated from American values and culture, spreading across the planet as if by divine providence.
Kalle Lasn
When a person feels so trapped and no options, they become desperate and in the middle of desperation.
Paula White
In many situations that seemed desperate, the artillery has been a most vital factor.
Douglas MacArthur
I was desperate to go back to New York and when 9/11 happened, I feared moving to the bulls-eye and that was very hard because I have a lot of family there and I really had to question what I didn’t like about this community.
Tea Leoni
I was desperate for new material, so anything I can write a joke about that works is in the act. No matter who it offends, or who it bothers – doesn’t matter if its something my wife hates.
Ron White
You have to be very poor and desperate, or very rich, or lucky, to live in Islington. We don’t have the people in the middle, the people who serve the community.
Emily Thornberry
Paul Lambert has assembled a great bunch of lads and training has been going very well. I am just desperate to get into the team and do my best for the club.
Kenny Dalglish
‘Desperate Housewives’ worked out beautifully. I went out for that before it began airing, and no one had any idea it was going to turn into what it did.
Sam Lloyd
The lower you are, the higher your mind will want to soar. It was natural that, bereft and desperate as I was, in the throes of unremitting suffering. I should turn to God
Yann Martel
The democratic system is challenged by the failure in television because our evening news programmes have gone for an attempt to entertain as much as to inform in the desperate fight for ratings.
Walter Cronkite
As people get more desperate, history suggests that they’re not going to rise in a mighty proletarian tidal wave and wash away their oppressors. They’re gonna turn on each other.
Alan Moore
Some of our best episodes of ‘Buffy’ were written over a weekend. You can really get in touch with your creative spirit when you’re at your most desperate.
Drew Goddard
I was so desperate to get a job on TV (with no money), that I dressed as an old lady, went to the TV channel and said to security that I was the producer’s grandma and had brought him lunch.
Omar Chaparro
I suppose there must be idiots who dream of signing deals with publishers while fully intending to drink martinis in cool bars or ride around on skateboards. But the actual writers I know are experts in neurotic self-torture. Every page of writing is the result of a thousand tiny decisions and desperate acts of will.
Helen Garner
I’ve worked with the greatest actors, and they’re all gone. This is what’s so desperate to me.
Angela Lansbury
Necessity urges desperate measures.
Miguel de Cervantes
Diseases desperate grown By desperate appliances are relieved, Or not at all.
William Shakespeare
I’m not a big fan of fantasy; I’d rather watch ‘Desperate Housewives’ than ‘Game of Thrones.’
Gautham Menon
Yes, testosterone-sodden young men too unattractive to get a woman in this world might be desperate enough to go for 72 private virgins in the next.
Richard Dawkins
Beauty is all about us, but how many are blind! They look at the wonder of this earth and seem to see nothing. People move hectically but give little thought to where they are going. They seek excitement … as if they were lost and desperate.
Pablo Casals
I have a desire to create more film, more beauty, more art, more love, but I don’t feel desperate. It’s not about creating or building a career.
Lisa Bonet
The best evangelists, the best preachers, the best teachers are desperate people.
Tullian Tchividjian
I’m desperate to enjoy my football again and play until I retire. Obviously I’m 34 so I don’t want to be sitting on the bench, I don’t want to be remembering my last few years of my career like that.
Rickie Lambert
By trying to control everything we become very neurotic, more and more desperate. It’s a huge tragic thing.
Charlotte Rampling
You know how many reasons we have to be desperate and despairing, the world is not learning anything. We have seen that.
Elie Wiesel
I thought when I… made my first big
mistakes in public that that was really
going to be the end of me. My parents
cried. My friends were desperate.
Sharon Stone
As a film-maker and a poet, I feel it’s my duty to be an eye and an antenna to what’s happening around me. I always felt a solidarity with those who are desperate and confused and misused and are seeking a way out of it.
Jonas Mekas
His style has the desperate jauntiness of an orchestra fiddling away for dear life on a sinking ship.
Edmund Wilson
As I travel across Illinois and talk with people, and as others reach out to my office desperate for help, I am becoming convinced that, despite their rhetoric, many lenders have no interest in actually helping their customers.
Lisa Madigan
I actually thought ‘Desperate Housewives’ finished very well. I just think there’s still stories to be told. I feel like I get that from fans that they weren’t done watching those people’s lives.
Teri Hatcher
I still believe in the need for guitars and drums and desperate poetry.
Frank Turner
No war can end war except a total war which leaves no human creature on earth. Each war creates the causes of war: hate, desire for revenge and have-nots, desperate with need.
Zelda Popkin
If you’re going to make a desperate, hopeless act of defiance you should make it a good one.
Ann Leckie
A LeBron James team is never desperate.
LeBron James
I thought I had been a suffragist before I became a Poor Law Guardian, but now I began to think about the vote in women’s hands not only as a right but as a desperate necessity.
Emmeline Pankhurst
It’s heartbreaking that so many hundreds of millions of people around the world are desperate for the right to vote, but here in America people stay home on election day.
Economic justice is not just something blacks are crying out for; whites are desperate for it, too. But in the public imagination, the face of poverty is black. In all actuality, the face of poverty is white.
Darryl Pinckney
Look at the Palestinians with the huge, huge percentage of unemployed. What does that breed? Anyone who’s unemployed in the world, you feel there’s no meaning and there’s a risk that you drift over to something desperate. Yes, we have to tackle the social problems as well.
Hans Blix
Why are women always described as ‘desperate,’ while men are just… irrational?
Parker Posey
The sensuality of desperate lives. Only poets talk like that. But poetry has never had an answer for anything. All it does it bear witness. To despair. And desperate lives.
Jean-Claude Izzo
It’s a challenge for me to make people like me. Maybe it’s just my desperate need for people to like me, that I choose the characters I have to play. You will like me, I don’t care what I’ve done, you’re going to like me.
Allison Janney
People need me. I fill them. If they can’t see me for a while they get desperate, they get sick. But if I see them too often I get sick. It’s hard to feed without getting fed.
Charles Bukowski
I still like sweets and sometimes treat myself but not often. I try to keep an eye on it, but it’s not like I’m desperate to go and eat a whole chocolate cake! I do like a bit of vanilla ice cream, though.
Petra Kvitova
Science unfolded her treasures and her secrets to the desperate demands of men, and placed in their hands agencies and apparatus almost decisive in their character. Reflecting on the outcome of World War I, and an ominous future.
Winston Churchill
People who say they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think they don’t care what people think.
George Carlin
I’m desperate to get to another World Cup and I feel ready for the battle.
Claude Makelele
you don’t need talent to be an artist. ‘Artist’ is just a frame of mind. Anybody can be an artist, anybody can communicate if they are desperate enough.
Yoko Ono
I can’t count the times I have lagged seemingly hopelessly far behind, and nobody except myself thinks I can win. But I have pulled myself in from desperate [situations]. When you are behind there are two strategies – counter-attack or all men to the defences. I’m good at finding the right balance between those.
Magnus Carlsen
A person, who no matter how desperate the situation, gives others hope, is a true leader.
Daisaku Ikeda
You know, there’s a big world out there filled with desperate orphans who would gladly swim across an ocean of thumbtacks just to be eclipsed by the long shadow that is cast by my accomplishments.
Daniel Handler
Faith in the supernatural is a desperate wager made by man at the lowest ebb of his fortunes.
George Santayana
Love After Love all your life, whom you have ignored for another, who knows you by heart. Take down the love letters from the bookshelf, the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life.
Derek Walcott
I tried a few grad school programs because I didn’t know how to make it… Eventually, I was desperate for a job, and there was a new newspaper opening up in Washington, D.C., called ‘The Hill.’ Even though my interest in politics wasn’t huge, they gave me a job as a copy editor.
David Grann
We are all aware that corruption is pervasive. It operates at every level. The poor may carry its greatest burden, but it is an affliction that every Indian is desperate to be rid of.
Rahul Gandhi
To put up a show is to face life’s injustices with one of the few weapons available to a desperate and brave people, their imagination.
Luigi Barzini
Comely was the town by the curving river that they dismantled in a year’s time. Beautiful was Colleton in her last spring as she flung azaleas like a girl throwing rice at a desperate wedding. In dazzling profusion, Colleton ripened in a gauze of sweet gardens and the town ached beneath a canopy of promissory fragrance.
Pat Conroy
I’m always slightly embarrassed to meet other actresses of my vintage. We have so little in common. They’re all so dedicated. I find – so desperate.
Paulette Goddard
Oh- and grab the plastic bag over by my suitcase.” I slug down the last of the coffee and get up. The bag contains panty hose. I put them on her desk. “They’re for you.” “You want me to look homeless, desperate, but also kind of fabulous?
Holly Black
By the time I was 16, I was someone to reckon with. I was so eager to repudiate any connection with any immigrant race, I would go above and beyond. I was desperate to belong to something. That was my drive as a teenager.
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Humanity, in the desperate attempt to fit 8 billion or more people on the planet and give them a higher standard of living, is at risk of pushing the rest of life off the globe.
E. O. Wilson
I feel like there are stages in many, many people’s childhoods when you don’t have one good friend. It can happen a lot in sixth and seventh grade because that’s when things are changing so quickly. It’s like a desperate dash for some kind of acceptable identity, and it can get ugly.
Rebecca Stead
You just have to have a song that you’re desperate to play along to, and for me it was ‘Turn’ by the Scottish band Travis. I went to see them headline the Scottish T in the Park Festival, so after that festival, I went home and taught myself all of the Travis back catalog with an old guitar and a little chord book.
Amy Macdonald
Many who have voted for the AfD, or who intend to do so, aren’t doing so because they are dyed-in-the-wool enemies of democracy. Rather, they are desperate.
Martin Schulz
The last thing you want is to be desperate in Hollywood.
Noah Hawley
Investors are impatient and they are also desperate for the ‘next big thing,’ and they are not paying attention to the fact that the ‘next big thing’ can be an economic crisis that they have created by being very irresponsible with their power.
Carmen Busquets
All futurity seems teeming with endless destruction never to be repelled; Desperate remorse swallows the present in a quenchless rage.
William Blake
Some people are desperate because they don’t know how to ask for His grace.
Bree Despain
Whenever you go up 2-0, you understand that teams are going to be desperate.
Sue Bird
I hate gold. It does not pay a dividend, it has no value, and you can’t work out what it should or shouldn’t be worth,” he said. “It is the last refuge of the desperate.
Jeremy Grantham
If I’m desperate, I’ll read anything. But even when I can be choosy, I still have no hard-and-fast rules. I have rules about what I won’t read, rather than what I will. No science fiction, no romance, no chick lit. Although even these rules can be broken.
Sonya Hartnett
Americans have perfected the art of reducing complicated truths into formulas and products. We’re desperate for instant, visible, measurable ways of knowing God, instead of trusting that it’s complicated and a mystery.
Mike Yaconelli
I believe that human beings are desperate, always, to belong to something larger than themselves.
David Whyte
So they were desperately in love and being desperately in love involves a desperate existence.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I was never desperate to work in Bollywood though I aspired to do a movie across the border but only if I was offered a strong character and a main lead.
Saba Qamar
At the last minute, from what I can gather, either Emmanuel Adebayor or his agent phoned us after they had agreed a deal with City and then did the same with Chelsea. He was desperate to get to either Chelsea or us.
Alex Ferguson
Until that moment she had never thought she could do it. Never thought she would be brave enough or scared enough, or desperate enough to dare.
Neil Gaiman
I had to smile when stories emerged questioning whether I was gay. Obviously I knew I wasn’t but people were curiously desperate to suggest I was … when you know a gay guy has a crush on you, it’s the most flattering thing.
Daniel Radcliffe
Destroy yourselves, you who are desperate, and you who are tortured in body and soul, abandon all hope. There is no more solace for you in this world. The world lives off your rotting flesh.
Antonin Artaud
The buying of a self-help book is the most desperate of all human acts. It means you’ve lost your mind completely: You’ve entrusted your mental health to a self-aggrandizing twit with a psychology degree and a yen for a yacht.
Cynthia Heimel
Some people, when desperate, retreat to pills or hard liquor. I nap.
Brock Clarke
New York City is a mismanaged carnival of stupidity that is desperate for revenue and anxious to criminalize behavior once thought benign.
Alec Baldwin
This is the way the world really ends: not with whimper but a desperate chuckle.
Martin Firrell
My experience has been in a short 77 years that in the end when you fight for a desperate cause and have good reasons to fight, you usually win.
Edward Teller
That if desperate times call for desperate measures, then I’m free to act as desperately as I wish.
Suzanne Collins
I planned so well for my post-‘Cosby Show’ life that I don’t have to make desperate acting choices that conflict with what my values.
Malcolm-Jamal Warner
Uh-huh. You know with that sinister tone you should look into working for the IRS. I’m sure they’re desperate for people who can cow others with a single growl. (Susan)
Sherrilyn Kenyon
‘Dancing with the Stars’ is a great format for us. It’s a format we license from the BBC, so that can’t travel for us, but we consider it a great success. ‘Desperate Housewives,’ on the other hand, a huge success for us internationally. ‘Missing’ has actually sold to 80 territories before it’s even gone on the air.
Anne Sweeney
Some folks hide and some folks seek, and seeking when its mindless, neurotic, desperate, or pusillanimous, can be a form of hiding.
Tom Robbins
Meanwhile music pounded / across hearts opening every valve to the desperate drama of being / a self in a song.
Anne Carson
I tried too much and too hard to get people to pay attention to what I was doing, and so paying less attention to what I actually wanted to do. It’s something you see a lot with very young bands who are desperate to get a record deal so they’re trying to sound like something else.
Your defeat is not only a reality, which has been historically proven time and again. It can also be seen in your helplessness and your inability to suppress the movement, in your desperate conduct when faced with our guerrillas and the vanguard of the people.
Ashraf Dehghani
I don’t believe the American people will uphold any political party that puts political exploitation above national interest. Surely we Republicans aren’t that desperate for victory.
Margaret Chase Smith
I’m desperate to work in football. I could make a lot more money doing other things but this is what I want to do.
John Barnes
Lego for many parents is the antithesis of the high tech world. We are desperate to wean our little ones away from the tablets and into the bricks.
Ben Fogle
I’m a twin, but only I emerged live from the womb. The fact that I was originally one half of a duo gave rise to a theory, much propounded in newspaper profiles, that my life has been one desperate effort to compensate for that stillborn brother.
David Jason
There is a dark side to being single in a great big city like New York. There’s this sense of isolation and I think you can get fairly desperate.
Brad Hall
It would take too long to explain the intimate alliance of contradictions in human nature which makes love itself wear at times the desperate shape of betrayal. And perhaps there is no possible explanation.
Joseph Conrad
Middle-class people are becoming desperate. It can cause a moral man to break bad.
Giancarlo Esposito
I want to have my desperate need for personal success shrunk, not enlarged.
Maggie Rowe
You go from these high hopes when you’re writing to just a desperate want of not making a complete fool of yourself by the end of it.
Rian Johnson
I don’t see many artists who are not trying to bring their work to the public – -to the contrary I see artists nearly desperate to get attention for their art and, failing that, often for themselves.
Sally Mann
I have a friend who lives in the South Side of Chicago. I helped out at a church charity there where they try to give a bit of cohesion to a desperate area. Everyone was very welcoming
Sara Paretsky
In our most desperate times, people going through true hardships use humor to cope.
Sean Baker
I am absolutely desperate to win a Super Bowl.
Daniel Snyder
So yeah, anyway – I’m thirty-four and my mother is desperate for me to get married. She thinks settling down is what you should be doing at thirty-four. How would she like it if I turned to her the day she hits eighty and said: ‘Hey, Mum – when are you going to break your hip? All your friends are breaking theirs’?
Sue Margolis
There are days when I swear I could fly like an eagle
And dark desperate hours that nobody sees
My arms stretched triumphant on top of the mountain
My head in my hands down on my knees
Stevie Nicks
I don’t want to say, ‘This is where Im going to be in five years and Im going to get there no matter what.’ I want to leave it open. I’m not a desperate actress dying to star in a B movie in a bikini.
Brooke Burke
A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.
Guy Fawkes
You have never felt the weight of disappointing love or of failing to live up to expectations. The only thing you’ve ever been is lonely by yourself-you have no idea how desperate it is to be lonely in the midst of people who love you, and whom you would have done anything to make happy.
Alma Alexander
When one drops everything to come to aide one in desperate need of support, that’s love
Missy Robertson
Hope and Memory have one daughter and her name is Art, and she has built her dwelling far from the desperate field where men hang out their garments upon forked boughs to be banners of battle. O beloved daughter of Hope and Memory, be with me for a while.
William Butler Yeats
I wrote this book [ Desperate Marriages] because of my own marriage. My wife and I struggled greatly in the early years of marriage. In spite of the fact that we were Christians before we got married, we prayed about getting married, we believed it was God’s will for us to get married, and we still had great struggles.
Gary Chapman
All the Democrats do is bicker. They’re not concerned about the war or the fate of the United States of America. They’re desperate characters.
Jackie Mason
Anyone desperate enough for suicide… should be desperate enough to go to creative extremes to solve problems: elope at midnight, stow away on the boat to New Zealand and start over, do what they always wanted to do but were afraid to try.
Richard Bach
The desperate hunger our president has for approbation has led him to such lengths as claiming that God stopped the rain during his Inauguration. In fact, Mother Nature made sure it rained on Trump’s hair the minute he started his speech.
Faith Salie
Traffic growled and snarled, rising at times to a machine-gun rata-tat-tat, while pedestrians were scuttling about with that desperate ratlike urgency characteristic of all big American cities, but which reaches its ultimate in New York.
Fritz Leiber
She was like a drowning person, flailing, reaching for anything that might save her. Her life was an urgent, desperate struggle to justify her life.
Jonathan Safran Foer
The destruction of the world is the last, almost desperate attempt to save myself from being crushed by it
Erich Fromm
Nations, like individuals, cannot become desperate gamblers with impunity. Punishment is sure to overtake them sooner or later.
Charles Mackay
The long path from material through function to creative work has only one goal: to create order out of the desperate confusion of our time.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
When we recognize the rod of a father, should we not show ourselves docile children rather than rebelliously desperate men who have been hardened in their evil doings?
John Calvin
The big reason why I became an actor in the first place was to communicate. I never acted in high school…I was desperate to communicate.
Bruce Dern
Our need is so desperate an idea, a thing, a law can’t help us. It took one thing, the gift of gifts, God in the flesh, to rescue us.
Paul David Tripp
However much I might have yearned to be one of The Beautiful Ones, particularly at those ghastly school discos, where any desperate attempt to impress the opposite sex lead to at best deep humiliation, I now feel extremely blessed that I wasn’t.
Miranda Hart
Without anyone’s help, Darth Maul will only commit himself to his mistakes of the past. Every time we find this character, he is living in the past and in some cases he is living with the dead. This character is desperate and he needs Obi-Wan’s help to move on.
Samuel Witwer
The unemployment rate is now at 9.2%, which is scary, because experts say 9.5 is the point at which people are desperate enough to consider Michele Bachmann.
Bill Maher
The sun fades like the spreading
Of a peacock’s tail, as though twilight
Might be read as a warning to those desperate
For easy solutions.
John Ashbery
When folks are in desperate times – say, like being stuck in the middle of a long-running interplanetary war – they grasp onto anything that might keep them afloat.
Jim Starlin
Her heart was pounding impossibly fast. Then she realized She was feeling both of their hearts, racing each other. A kind of desperate conversation, one they couldn’t have with words.
Lauren Kate
Nothing is so dangerous for our security as large groups of desperate people.
Marianne Williamson
Women make a terrible mistake because they usually are so desperate to nest that they pick on schlubs and worthless pieces of trash that they pick up in a bar.
Judy Sheindlin
When people get hungry and desperate, things get ugly. And I’ll tell you where it’s really going to get ugly: crime is going to go to levels we’ve never seen before.
Gerald Celente
It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.
Henry David Thoreau
I’d be smiling if I wasn’t so desperate. I’d be patient if I had the time.
Emeli Sande
A human hires a hit man to kill his cousin for money, boring. That same hit man botches the job twice, funny. Then пїЅthe desperate hit man sends a ghoul after the girl to finish things up, my curiosity’s piqued. That same ghoul ends up with his head cut off by a mysterious redhead . . . Ah. Now I’m interested.
Jeaniene Frost
There are always people who are desperate to put you in your one camp and never let you leave. The idea that you could be interested in the Yazidi community and also in lipstick blows people’s minds. It’s a really short-sighted, Stone Age attitude; it’s boring, actually.
Stacey Dooley
The familiar mood that awaits the sensitive young who are poor and dispossessed is a mood of sharp and painful inferiority, of violently angry tensions, of desperate and overwhelming longings.
Peter Abrahams
I have always been a reader. I was one of those kids desperate to learn. I would read anything.
Kate DiCamillo
Wherever a man goes, men will pursue him and paw him with their dirty institutions, and, if they can, constrain him to belong to their desperate odd-fellow society.
Henry David Thoreau
You think you can go into all those auditions not knowing who you are? The work came after I found my sense of self – when I wasn’t so manic and desperate.
Jenifer Lewis
These attacks prove one thing for certain: the liberal establishment is desperate to keep leaders like me out of office, and we are sure to hear more wild, dishonest smears during this campaign.
Rand Paul
I’m not desperate [but] I know that some day I’ll be the coach again of some team.
Diego Maradona
People hate it when they’re tickled because laughter is not pleasant, if it goes on too long. I think it’s a desperate sort of convulsion in desperate circumstances, which helps a little.
Kurt Vonnegut
When I was in High School I fell for pretty much any girl I ever met. But I was so desperate that I couldn’t get any of them because they sensed my desperation! After many, many years, I learned to relax and just be myself.
Jack Black
The tragedy of today is that the situation is desperate but the saints are not.
Vance Havner
I think a lot of comedians are desperate to show their serious side, but I got that off my chest early on in my career.
Kayvan Novak
If you believe you have a just cause, an important message, or a key contribution to make, you will be just as innovative as a college freshman desperate to see his girlfriend six hundred miles away. You will get there any way you can.
Laurie Beth Jones
I am not an expert at praying, as you know. But can you please help me? I am in desperate need of help. I don’t know what to do. I need an answer. Please tell me what to do.
Elizabeth Gilbert
The people who perpetrated the terror of the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings are something different because these people were obviously not desperate and poor refugee dwellers. They were middle class, educated enough to speak English, to be able to go to flight school, to come to America, to live in Florida.
Edward Said
I learnt not to be desperate in bad times and am learning not to be bullish when times are good.
John Elkann
I’ve been the desperate writer before. I wrote a novel, and they paid me for it, and I’ve had those calls from my agent, and I’m like, ‘Do you need me to ghost-write a vampire novel? What do you need? I’ll do Transformers… tell me!’
Tom King
Your woe hath been my anguish; yea, I quail And perish in your perishing unblest. And I have searched the highths and depths, the scope Of all our universe, with desperate hope To find some solace for your wild unrest.
James Thomson
I play until my fingers are blue and stiff from the cold, and then I keep on playing. Until I’m lost in the music. Until I am the music–notes and chords, the melody and harmony. It hurts, but it’s okay because when I’m the music, I’m not me. Not sad. Not afraid. Not desperate. Not guilty.
Jennifer Donnelly
I was the big, bossy older sister, full of enthusiasms, mad fantasies, desperate urges to be famous, and anxious to be a saint – a settled sort of saint, not one who might have to suffer or die for her faith.
Maeve Binchy
The one thing that Jessica [Johnson] and Miles[Morales] have in common is that there’s a great many people in the audience who were desperate for that kind of material. They didn’t say anything, didn’t tell anybody.
Brian Michael Bendis
To hope means to be ready at every moment for that which is not yet born, and yet not become desperate if there is no birth in our lifetime.
Erich Fromm
I always thought just because I love football, it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m desperate to manage.
Jamie Carragher
A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master.
Elizabeth Gilbert
Everyone wants, wants, wants… and when they have, they feel desperate.
Dani Alves
The heart wants what it wants.
Woody Allen
I’m desperate to start a career in music.
Katie Price
I’m less desperate now to express what’s inside me, that’s true – I act these days because it keeps me awake and interested, an eternal student.
Emmanuelle Beart
It’s a comedy thriller, brilliantly written and it’s full of twists and turns at every page. When I was reading it I was desperate to get to the end to find out what happens, it really hooks you.
Louise Jameson
Are we not all desperate one way or another?
Taylor Caldwell
You went out with a girl at first because the sheer sight of her made you weak in the knees. You fell in love and were desperate not to let her get away. And yet the more you thought about her, the less you knew who she was. The hope was that love transcended all differences. That was the hope.
Jeffrey Eugenides
Money, again, has often been a cause of the delusion of the multitudes. Sober nations have all at once become desperate gamblers, and risked almost their existence upon the turn of a piece of paper.
Charles Mackay
The most intelligent people disguise the fact that they are intelligent. Wise men do not wear name tags. The more people talk about their own skills, the more desperate they are—their work should speak for itself.
Tsugumi Ohba
In LA, I mean, here’s this place full of desperate and sad people who take their only pleasure from destroying others for the purposes of their own self-aggrandizement.
Heather Donahue
No scheme for a change of society can be made to appear immediately palatable, except by falsehood, until society has become so desperate that it will accept any change.
T. S. Eliot
For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country … not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change,” she said. “I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment.
What humans do when they’re desperate is just an expression of fear. What they do when they feel safe is a better indication of whether or not you can trust them.
Michelle Sagara
When things are really desperate and hopeless and you can’t do anything about this, and there’s a sense that something must be done, that is something usually leads to the U.N.
Kofi Annan
When you’re just a breath away from North Korea, it boggles your mind that that exists, or that something like the Khmer Rouge ever existed. You wonder how we allow that to happen as human beings; how we allow the human condition to get so depraved and desperate.
Cedric Bixler-Zavala
Underground people pay a desperate toll finding out things nobody else has discovered yet. We run around like headless chickens looking for the next cultural fix to spiral around in before it gets appropriated somewhere else and becomes something it never was. There’s this sort of one-upmanship in the underground.
Irvine Welsh
I knew I wasn’t going to make money in the beginning, so I found another way to support myself – I was a receptionist. It’s quite smart to work that way. Otherwise, you get vicious and desperate, and no one wants to work with you. Build your career slowly; then people start to trust you and pay you well.
Pat McGrath
I’m doing my bit for the women’s movement. The women have always been naked in movies, and now I’m just desperate to take my clothes off as much as possible.
Ewan McGregor
For the ANC to cry ‘sabotage’ the night before crucial local government elections shows just how desperate they are to disguise their incompetence and mismanagement.
Helen Zille
Many developing countries continue to be burdened by high percentages of their population living in poverty. Yet, instead of addressing this root cause of conflict, many states, ironically, increase their military might in order to control increasingly desperate populations.
Г“scar Arias
What is amusing now had to be taken in desperate earnest once.
Virginia Woolf
The more desperate you are, the more mistakes you make.
Canelo Alvarez
The only reason anyone would sell salt more cheaply than usual would be because he was desperate for money. And anyone who took advantage of that situation would be showing a lack of respect for the sweat and struggle of the man who laboured to produce it.
Paulo Coelho
In desperate hope I go and search for her in all the corners of my house. I find her not. My house is small and what once has gone from it can never be regained. But infinite is thy mansion, my lord, and seeking her I have come to thy door.
Rabindranath Tagore
I truly believe that fundamentalism stems from unemployment. A man without a job is desperate; he doesn’t want to live anyway.
Stef Wertheimer
Marriage is a series of desperate arguments people feel passionately about.
Katharine Hepburn
The characters in Six of Crows’ aren’t kings or queens; they don’t have grand destinies. They’re just six kids desperate enough to attempt the impossible.
Leigh Bardugo
In desperate love, we always invent the characters of our partners, demanding they be what we need of them, and then feeling devastated when they refuse to perform the role we created in the first place.
Elizabeth Gilbert
I think humans have always been desperate. I think it has always been about doing something awful if it might help, when the only other option is death. Maybe that’s what being a parent is supposed to feel like.
Lauren DeStefano
We are in desperate need of a return to limited, constitutional government.
Wendy Long
Football is based on desperation. All clubs are desperate in one form or another – desperate to succeed, desperate to survive, desperate to stay where they are, desperate that things get no worse, desperate to arrest the slide.
Simon Barnes
I’m quite interested in adapting some of James Herbert’s early work. ‘The Dark’… But I was always desperate to do an adaptation of ‘War of the Worlds’ until the Beard stole it from underneath my feet.
Neil Marshall
‘Betsy’ is one of my favorites because it is the one to which I’ve imposed the least clear narrative. To me, it’s so much more about the feeling – desperation – than any kind of story at all. There’s very little imagery or character development; it’s just about a deep and desperate search for something.
Julia Holter
I think it was really important for me before I ‘debuted myself’ in front of the world to have a private life with my imagination and my writing for several years. That also made it so I didn’t feel desperate for someone to find me.
Jenny Zhang
My biggest regret is that there are only 24 hours in a day. I wish there was at least a few more hours. Each hour of me being awake means I can help a few more migrants who are stranded and are desperate to reach home.
Sonu Sood
Right after ‘Desperate’ sold to China, we were the most watched show around the world at the time. That’s really something great to be a part of.
Felicity Huffman
My parents are desperate, they keep saying: ‘Please stop doing these angsty roles; make it easier for us.’ So, yeah, I’d love to do some comedy.
Ruth Wilson
‘Desperate Housewives’ is an ensemble cast, where I played a tertiary character. I made a lot of great friends, but that show didn’t keep me very busy.
Nathan Fillion
In my work in Haiti, I’ve seen the hugely positive effects that happen when people come together to build something in the middle of the most desperate situations.
Olivia Wilde
From Toscanini I learnt the essential and desperate seriousness of making music.
Georg Solti
Some people probably think of the Resurrection as a desperate last moment expedient to save the Hero from a situation which had got out of the Author’s control.
C. S. Lewis
I can remember playing for Carlisle and just running around like a headless chicken telling the others boys not to worry, that I’d do their running for them. I was just so eager and so keen and desperate to be a footballer that I did that.
Glenn Murray
North Korea’s whole idea is to create a crisis to solve a crisis. They’re so poor and they’re so desperate that they realize that this bombastic rhetoric can drive the South Korean stock market down and get the U.S. in a tizzy. And it’s a game they’ve been playing for many, many years.
Barbara Demick
I got my first job as a card-carrying actor in New York in 1967. Before that, I was a very desperate wannabe.
Morgan Freeman
O mischief, thou art swift to enter in the thoughts of desperate men!
William Shakespeare
His air of failure had nothing desperate about it; rather, it seemed to stem from an unresented realisation that he was not cut out for success, and his duty was therefore to ensure only that he failed in the correct and acceptable fashion.
Julian Barnes
Desperate men do desperate things when you take hope away. And that’s where the Palestinians are today.
Chuck Hagel
I just feel incredibly lucky to be employed when there are so many actors and actresses who are not employed. That’s why, you know, I sometimes feel desperate, in case I’m not going to be cast again.
Judi Dench
Fact is, the desperate desire to be cool has skewed our culture toward nihilism, carelessness, and ineptitude. It is now cool to be an idiot. A jackass. It’s cool to be a failure, as long as your failure is the basis for a reality show.
Greg Gutfeld
I have a need to always make people laugh. I have a desperate need. I love a great sense of humor. The people I sort of surround myself with have that.
Peter Dinklage
I nursed men back to sanity who were driven to despair. I solicited clothes for the ragged children, for the desperate mothers. I laid out the dead, the martyrs of the strike.
Mother Jones
I was desperate for a friend, and I used to lie in bed at night thinking about what it would be like. My younger brothers and sisters had friends, and I used to watch them playing to try to work out what they did and how friendship worked.
Daniel Tammet
I know too much; I’ve seen people at their worst, at their most desperate and selfish, and this knowledge makes me wary. So I am learning to pretend, to smile, to nod, to display empathy I do not feel. I am learning to pass, to look like everyone else, even though I feel broken inside.
Christina Baker Kline
Are we so desperate for entertainment that we will fall for a Trickless magician?? Saw a woman in half. Pull a rabbit out of a hat. Do something! What tricks does this guy have? “I’m in a box…and I ain’t gonna eat.”. “I’m in a box… and I ain’t gonna eat!!” That ain’t no trick! That’s called living in the projects!
Chris Rock
There’s something very addictive about people pleasing. It’s a thought pattern and a habit that feels really, really good until it becomes desperate.
Anne Hathaway
I know it’s a film and all of that, and it’s a Hollywood film, but it kind of feels like this sometimes, when you’re in pain and it hurts, and you’re desperate. Or you are about to cross some moral line and it’s so seductive and you just do… and all that.
Patrick Marber
Turning, then, from this loathsome combination of church and state, and weeping over the follies of our fellow men, who yield themselves the willing dupes and drudges of these mountebanks, I consider reformation and redress as desperate, and abandon them to the Quixotism of more enthusiastic minds.
Thomas Jefferson
The soul seeks God with its whole being. Because it is desperate to be whole, the soul is God-smitten and God-crazy and God-obsessed. My mind may be obsessed with idols; my will may be enslaved to habits; my body may be consumed with appetites. But my soul will never find rest until it rests in God.
John Ortberg
Republicans with any moral sense are desperate for a supportable alternative to Donald Trump.
Jacob Weisberg
I am desperate for change – now – not in 8 years or 12 years, but right now.
Michelle Obama
I remember feeling guilty that I had a good childhood. I thought everybody who is famous has to have a desperate childhood and work his way out of it, but I had a great one.
Tomie dePaola
The interesting thing is why we’re so desperate for this anesthetic against loneliness.
David Foster Wallace
Even before the Windrush scandal, it was clear Britain’s immigration system was in desperate need of reform.
Ed Davey
A certain number of people seek power over other people in a desperate attempt to find themselves. They fail, for self-discovery is spiritual in nature, not social or political. Authoritatively telling other people what to do is their distraction from an inner emptiness they can never fill.
Vernon Howard
But what is the use of preaching the Gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated upon a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive?
William Booth
And so gentlemen, I learned. Oh, if you have to learn, you learn; if you’re desperate for a way out, you learn; you learn pitilessly. You stand over yourself with a whip in your hand; if there’s the least resistance, you lash yourself.
Franz Kafka
I thank God that the gospel is to be preached to every creature. There is no man so far gone, but the grace of God can reach him; no man so desperate or black, but He can forgive him.
Dwight L. Moody
I want to challenge myself. I’m desperate to play in the Premier League, and I want to play for England.
Jack Grealish
Our struggle is–isn’t it?–to achieve and retain faith on a lower level. To believe that there is a Listener at all. For as the situation grows more and more desperate, the grisly fears intrude. Are we only talking to ourselves in an empty universe? The silence is often so emphatic. And we have prayed so much already
C. S. Lewis
And his eyes frighten me, too. They’re the eyes of an old man, an old man who’s seen so much in life that he no longer cares to go on living. They’re not even desperate… just quiet and expectant, and very, very lonely, as if he were quite alone of his own free choice.
Anne Holm
I read that book Fat is a Feminist issue, got a bit desperate halfway through and ate it.
Jo Brand
I played the mini-tours for a lot of years, and man, you see some weird things out there. There are a lot of desperate people, strange personalities and marginal players, and with that you’re going to see some cheating.
Boo Weekley
Obama was quite serious when he said he was going to change the world. And now he has a national crisis, a personal mandate, a pliant Congress, a desperate public – and, at his disposal, the greatest pot of money in galactic history.
Charles Krauthammer
I hate the idea of people nicking my stuff, but in all honesty, I’m pretty well off. If a genuinely desperate man on his last gasp nicks my coat from the pub on a freezing night, well, he’s welcome to it. It’ll change his life. Mine’s only inconvenienced by having to buy another one.
James May
Pursuit is a rather desperate act in itself. There’s something kind of frantic about the notion of pursuit.
Michael Leunig
Like an animal caught in a trap, trying to gnaw off its own leg, a woman who seeks abortion is trying to escape a desperate situation by an act of violence and self-loss. Abortion is not a sign that women are free, but a sign that they are desperate.
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Desperate times breed desperate measures
William Shakespeare
There is something about this process, and about the whole 8 x 10 [camera] business, that takes it out of the arena of the snapshot, even though, of course, I’m always desperate for that feeling. I wanted those family pictures to look effortless. I wanted them to look like snapshots. And some of them did.
Sally Mann
I think people are really desperate for conversations. I’m really fascinated by the idea that at the same time, the internet is sort of expunging our attention spans.
Moshe Kasher
Prayer, desperate prayer, seems so simple, but it’s a step rarely taken by those in family conflict.
Erwin W. Lutzer
She cried for herself, she cried because she was afraid that she herself might die in the night, because she was alone in the world, because her desperate and empty life was not an overture but an ending, and through it all she could see was the rough, brutal shape of a coffin.
John Cheever
I don’t know, I feel desperate when I sing. And I look desperate – it feels like I’m singing for my life, which makes me twitch, if that makes sense.
Countries around the world have their own immigration laws and methods of dealing with a recurring theme: desperate people searching for peace from volatile parts of the world. And nations everywhere thrive and prosper from the contributions of immigrants and the children of immigrants – including right here in the U.S.
Al Sharpton
I am desperate and vulnerable. … I am always terrified…. Beauty can sometimes be so very troublesome.
Faye Dunaway
With irrigation channels and rivers running dry and municipal water storage dams reaching record lows, California’s politicians are getting desperate for solutions to a drought that seemingly has no end.
Marc Levine
Carolyne and I were desperate for children of our own and I can’t describe the happiness I felt when she became pregnant with twins after IVF treatment.
Nigel Benn
While I was doing ‘Desperate Housewives,’ I actually watched it from the beginning.
Daniela Bobadilla
When you come from desperate poverty, and that’s exactly what I come from, you know that nonsenses are not to be tolerated. I’m not sure who gains from chaos, but I know it’s not the poor folks in the council flats. The politics of vindictiveness is never, ever anything like a solution.
John Lydon
I felt desperately sad, because it’s a real shock in the 21st century, where we’re fortunate to live in amazing country like the U.K., that there are areas where young women feel so desperate about what their future should be.
Lesley Sharp
To annihilate the world by annihilation of oneself is the deluded height of desperate egoism.
Sylvia Plath
The modern era has brought up immense conveniences but at what price. The human heart is desperate for something more than a quicker serving of popcorn.
John Eldredge
For pale and trembling anger rushes in
With faltering speech, and eyes that wildly stare,
Fierce as the tiger, madder than the seas,
Desperate and armed with more than human strength.
John Armstrong
There was this very strange moment when the world discovered what was going on for LGBT people in Russia. It was very gratifying: I thought, there is a world out there, a saner world. It had felt sort of desperate and bizarre until that point.
Masha Gessen
A misspelled word is probably an alias for some desperate call for aid, which is bound to fail.
Ben Marcus
My interest in desperation lies only in that sometimes I find myself having become desperate. Very seldom do I start out that way. I can see of course that, in the abstract, thinking and all activity is rather desperate.
Willem de Kooning
…a disgruntled reflection on my own life as a sort of desperate improvisation in which I was constantly trying to make something coherent from conflicting elements to fit rapidly changing settings.
Mary Catherine Bateson
Lies are just another kind of storytelling, but with the very distinct and enlivening motive of desperation. Since writers are by nature desperate creatures, they usually do a pretty good (or pretty awful, but always interesting) job of lying.
John Hodgman
I don’t sing. If I could sing or dance, I would have done something really gross in a G-string by now – when I wasn’t working and was desperate – and ruined my career.
Jason O’Mara
I came to see that what constitutes strength is not just a muscle or will. It can also include the most desperate vulnerability, the saddest heartache, the lightest, sweetest laughter.
Brenda Shaughnessy
I have been desperate to escape for so many years now, it is routine for me to try to escape.
Jack Henry Abbott
Why can I never go back to bed? Who’s is the voice ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I’m half past dead?
Emilie Autumn
I groaned. Man and his codes! Even in a lawless inferno, man has to give himself some honor, he’s so desperate to separate himself from the beasts.
Steve Toltz
My taking a seat on the Council of the Fathers caused a desperate fluttering among my ghosts.
Mason Cooley
The people at the CafГ© Lehmitz had a presence and a sincerity that I myself lacked. It was okay to be desperate, to be tender, to sit all alone or share the company of others. There was a great warmth and tolerance in this destitute setting.
Anders Petersen
I feel maybe at times I’ve just been a bit too desperate to do well, almost tried too hard. But even though I haven’t contributed as I would have liked, I’ve still enjoyed the cricket just as much.
Jos Buttler
Provided that societies stay mindful of the challenges that capitalism creates and never forget the paramount importance of inclusion and equal opportunity, we can and should celebrate the miracle of free enterprise-and the billions of souls it has helped free from desperate poverty.
Dalai Lama
I have to say I am a ‘Strictly’ fan, which is why I am in it. I’ve always watched it for years. I am not an ‘X Factor’ fan, and I just think it is a different show. One is about learning something new and having a great time, and the other is rather desperate.
Felicity Kendal
Like childhood, old age is irresponsible, reckless, and foolhardy. Children and old people have everything to gain and nothing much to lose. It’s middle-age which is cursed by the desperate need to cling to some finger-hold halfway up the mountain, to conform, not to cause trouble, to behave well.
John Mortimer
I’m not the kind of person that would step on people just to get where I wanted to be, but I have crossed moral boundaries when I’ve either been afraid or desperate.
Rene Russo
It’s always hard to remember love – years pass and you say to yourself, was I really in love or was I just kidding myself? Was I really in love or was I just pretending he was the man of my dreams? Was I really in love or was I just desperate?
Nora Ephron
I’m too old to be humiliated on reality shows, and I don’t want to look desperate. You won’t see me on ‘Big Brother’ or in the jungle.
Bobby Davro
I’ve felt since I was a kid this desperate longing to be closer to – I don’t know what. Just to something bigger, to be in conversation with the mystery of everything.
Adrianne Lenker
I’ve never thought of myself as a classic leading man. I’m a character actor who happens to play leading roles. Come on, look at me. I’m really Desperate Dan.
James Nesbitt
You don’t have to be desperate. Never be desperate. That is my slogan.
Yitzhak Shamir
I couldn’t imagine, and I don’t say this with any pride, but I really couldn’t imagine writing without a desperate deadline.
Hunter S. Thompson
We are in need of a way out of our poverty of soul and the desperate state of our human condition. We find it in this child lying in a manger, who was and is Jesus Christ, the long-promised Messiah, Seed, Redeemer, and King.
Stephen Nichols
Part of my reaction to my diagnosis of infertility was deeply sarcastic and critical, part of it was morbid, part of it was numb, part of it was neurotic and desperate. To mush all of those notes together would cancel them out. I ended up just trying to keep them as separate as possible.
Monica Youn
Some of your best songs come from a desperate attempt to escape, so sitting in an airport for hours I can just start pulling out little fragments of songs from my head. A lot of times a melody will just occur to me and be my companion for a couple of months.
Andrew Bird
I hate this quality, but I can go to dark levels when we lose. It’s not a panic attack, but there’s anxiety. I’m inconsolable. I’m a train wreck. I’m being myself. Then I get this crazy, intense focus, where I get desperate not to be embarrassed again. That dark spot is what I tap into. Creativity comes from there.
Erik Spoelstra
People get upset when I say most of the time serials are for those who are desperate for work.
Delhi Ganesh
I think if you’re talented and not desperate to do any film that comes your way, and are doing justice to all your roles, then you’re fine, because you can’t predict the rest. You also can’t predict the audience’s reaction.
Kriti Sanon
I feel like getting married, or committing suicide, or subscribing to L’Illustration. Something desperate, you know.
Albert Camus
I had no problem relating to Peter Parker. He feels like he might be in way over his head but is desperate to prove himself.
Jon Watts
When ‘Desperate Housewives’ ends, I think my girls will be about the kindergarten age. I will be so happy to be there for them through that huge transition.
Marcia Cross
The desperate hope that the patient will be healed… That’s the last treatment.
Choi Woo-shik
If somebody were to feel the necessity to reduce themselves to a desperate state to achieve what they perceive to be their goals in life, people who work in fashion, who are models or photographers, shouldn’t be judged because of untoward acts of others. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.
Lydia Hearst
I’ve been looking around, and I noticed something: how much you really need to be loved. Ambition isn’t just a desperate quest for positions or money. It’s just love – lots of love.
Janis Joplin
There was such a sense of relief on the left when New Labour came to power that certain orthodoxies could not be challenged. People became desperate to hang on to the ascendancy of left ideas without really questioning what they were about.
Claire Fox
We have a desperate need for producers in the [commercial Broadway] theatre, and it is very hard for them to get money and find investors for new plays.
Arthur Laurents
For-profit higher education is today a booming industry, feeding on the student loans handed out to the desperate.
Thomas Frank
…and she felt the words come from some iron place within her that hadn’t existed an hour ago. She didn’t speak loudly, but there was such a change in her voice. Coming from that iron place, it was heavy and true; it wasn’t persuasive, or desperate, or antagonistic. It just was.
Laini Taylor
There’s a lot of good midfielders all desperate to play for their country and all I can do when I get called up is prove that I deserve to be there.
John McGinn
I like, though, that people have a hunger to connect with other people. They’re desperate to know that you’re not lying to them or misleading them.
Augusten Burroughs
The interesting thing for me is that everybody felt that I was really wild when i was unbalanced and desperate to communicate something and didn’t have a sense of purpose. But I’ve never been so crazy and wild as I am with my son or as I am now.
Angelina Jolie
Sequels are desperate.
Adam McKay
There is now a desperate need for a London-wide left caucus of those interested in the GLC and local councils so that we can compare and discuss what is happening in each borough.
Ken Livingstone
He frames my face with his hands as he says, “Tess. Only you could be brave enough to die with me. But I want you to live for me.” We kiss, as desperate as though we were drowning. When our lips part, Alec says, “Forgive me.
Claudia Gray
Because I never set out to be an actress, I always feel so lucky and grateful. There are so many people who are really desperate to be stars, and it was completely the opposite for me – I fell into it.
Sophia Myles
Could there be anything but widespread misery, where a privileged few controlled a nation’s wealth, while millions labored for a pittance, and millions more were desperate for want of employment?
Ronald Reagan
I guess they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention” because you have two stark choices when you find yourself in a really desperate situation. You can either fold and cave-in to it or you can become really passionate about getting out of it.
Viola Davis
I did a series of dark, desperate women shoots, my exhibitions weren’t being well received, and then 9/11 happened, and I said to myself, “Have I gone too far?” Now I look back and realize going out on a complete limb at the time was right – well, people seem to be really responding to my message now, anyhow!
Miles Aldridge
Desperate times call for desperate analogies.
John Diamond
You turn into this desperate dude looking for a shred of attention when you just had so much. It’s like, “I’m just lonely and all I really want is a hug, but I gotta capture that in something real gross.” You start to understand why circus clowns are alcoholics.
Babatunde Adebimpe
Years later Magnus would return to London and Camille Belcourt’s side, and find it not all that he had dreamed. Years later another desperate Herondale boy with blue, blue eyes would come to his door, shaking with the cold of the rain and his own wretchedness, and this one Magnus would be able to help.
Cassandra Clare
He found that he had this sudden desperate longing for the fuming, smoky streets of Ankh-Morpork, which was always at its best in the spring, when the gummy sheen on the turbid waters of the Ankh River had a special iridescence and the eaves were full of birdsong, or at least birds coughing rhythmically
Terry Pratchett
I read a lot of highly unsuitable books for an 11-year-old. I was desperate to read as widely as possible. I thought, ‘There are so many places I am never going to get the chance to visit, but I can if I read them.’ And I did. I could go anywhere in the world – and off it – by reading.
Malorie Blackman
I really feel like life will dictate itself. You should allow it to unfold as naturally as possible. Just go with the flow. When you’re really desperate, you say a few prayers and hope for the best. That’s the way I’ve always lived my life.
Shania Twain
What is the use of preaching the Gospel to men whose whole attention is concentrated upon a mad, desperate struggle to keep themselves alive?
William Booth
Sanctions and workfare make it easier for employers to impose insecure practices on desperate people.
Guy Standing
‘Desperate Housewives’ – there’s no man on the planet that takes that personally, but if it were ‘Desperate Househusbands,’ they would shut ABC down.
Mike Binder
In many rural areas of the world, local communities use kerosene for indoor lighting, which leads to asthma, poor quality of light, and the desperate cycle of oil-based products that continually degrade the environment.
Olafur Eliasson
I was desperate for comedy to seep into me somehow, convinced that being surrounded by it would give me the confidence to go onstage myself.
Lolly Adefope
What crushed my soul was hanging out with bitter, desperate comics backstage. They’re a different breed than the bitter yet eager psyches in the wings of an improv theatre. Struggling stand-ups have externalized self-loathing into an art form. They’re a hunching, quaking, unshaven lot.
Scott Adsit
It was when my children were 5, 3 and 10 months old that I just felt the desperate need to get to know God through the pages of my Bible. And as a result, I started a Bible class in my city for the primary purpose of being in it.
Anne Graham Lotz
When you see government leaders really bullying business, you know that government’s economic policy is failing. They get angry and they get desperate.
Amity Shlaes
When I started on ‘The West Wing,’ that was at a time when this was still a stigma, because movie stars didn’t do TV. Now, every movie star is desperate to find their ‘True Detective.’
Rob Lowe
The truth is, however rich people get, they hate paying tax. Some live abroad for a year, or years at a time just to avoid it. Bizarre really – desperate economic migrants are driven to leave their homeland because of poverty; tax exiles are driven overseas by their wealth.
Clint Black
I try to have all my characters have a sense of humor. To me the most interesting thing is a desperate character. I think desperation is funny.
Bobby Cannavale
I did a film in which Andy Garcia and Michael Keaton both played the leads, ‘Desperate Measures,’ and interestingly enough it was their biggest payday. The film didn’t do well, and it kind of marked their careers. They’ve done less since. It all changed.
Brian Cox
I learnt not to be desperate in bad times, and I am learning not to be bullish when times are good.
John Elkann
Empirically, all pornography is made under conditions of inequality based on sex, overwhelmingly by poor, desperate, homeless, pimped women who were sexually abused as children.
Catharine MacKinnon
I don’t know if desperate is the right word but I know the fans have a big, big desire to see Everton challenging for titles and to win something but we have to go day by day.
Marco Silva
Laughter is something we have against oppression and oppressive people. Dictators hate people who laugh at them. It’s easy for them to destroy people who resist them. But if you create jokes against them, write funny poems or articles against them, then they feel helpless and desperate. They can’t do anything.
Burhan Sonmez
Mankind at its most desperate is often at its best.
Bob Geldof
I had a desperate need to be Van Gogh or something. Some tremendous artist. Jack’s so successful, what’s wrong with me, why isn’t this working for me? I hated myself.
Kyle Gass
This is the very ecstasy of love, whose violent property ordoes itself and leads the will to desperate undertakings.
William Shakespeare
What does it say about our country when people are so desperate for an alternative to our one-party state masquerading as a two-party state that they’ll even elect a professional wrestler governor?
Jello Biafra
Mt. Rushmore was conceived in 1923 in a desperate attempt to draw tourist dollars to a state that had been rushed into the Union to protect Republican political dominance and could not manage to achieve economic stability.
Heather Cox Richardson
Desperate courage makes One a majority.
Andrew Jackson
The problem with faerie gifts is that they always come with a price, which is why they are made by the desperate and the foolish.
Holly Black
And now I understand that truth casts a spell of its own, one I’m not sure of how to hold on to, though I’m desperate to try.
Libba Bray
A man who wants to die feels angry and full of life and desperate and bored and exhausted, all at the same time; he wants to fight everyone, and he wants to curl up in a ball and hide in a cupboard somewhere. He wants to say sorry to everyone, and he wants everyone to know just how badly they’ve all let him down.
Nick Hornby
The Kingdom of Heaven is not for the well-meaning: it is for the desperate.
James Denney
The person who is really in revolt is the optimist, who generally lives and dies in a desperate and suicidal effort to persuade other people how good they are.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
I had all these desperate feelings. I kept thinking, How will I ever play football again if I can’t even get out of this bed? I was an invalid. Football had given me everything: identity, money, confidence, friendships. I wondered what kind of man I would be without it.
Keith Millard
When desperate ills demand a speedy cure, Distrust is cowardice, and prudence folly.
Samuel Johnson
We have real cliched ideas of what prison life is like. It is not a happy place. It’s a desperate, sad situation.
Powers Boothe
When people are desperate or wealthy, they turn to socialism; only when they have no other alternative do they embrace the free market. After all, lies about guaranteed security are far more seductive than lectures about personal responsibility.
Ben Shapiro
Actually, I feel music becoming more and more important. It’s a big source of inspiration. With what’s going on in the world, we feel almost desperate. Music also brings you peace.
Cecilia Bartoli
Single gals aren’t all a bunch of Bridget Joneses, desperate for love.
Anita Hamilton
I’m kind of calling for a – I’m not the only one – you know, a revolution of some kind where we try to take back the web or start something new because, you know, the dominant medium of our time is in a desperate state and it doesn’t have to be like that.
Tim Wu
I’ve realized I’ve become a bit reactive to each film I do. After ‘The Road,’ I was desperate to do something that had color and warmth to it and a stronger sense of community.
John Hillcoat
The Test arena is a place I have been desperate to get back to, it is the pinnacle of the sport
James Taylor
I have become increasingly used to the Tory party mimicking our policies and phrases in a desperate effort to pretend to their members they are still Eurosceptic.
Nigel Farage
We Americans are the ultimate innocents. We are forever desperate to believe that this time the government is telling us the truth.
Sydney Schanberg
People who have reached France or other prosperous western democracies are still desperate to come to the U.K. Because we live here too, we don’t want that desirability to change. So let’s have an asylum system that can cope.
Damian Green
I know he was desperate. That makes people do all kinds of crazy things.
Suzanne Collins
I don’t think human beings learn anything without desperation. Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything or creating anything. Period. If you ain’t desperate at some point, you ain’t interesting.
Jim Carrey
At this crucial time in our lives, when everything is so desperate, when every day is a matter of survival, I don’t think you can help but be involved.
Nina Simone
The conformist understands that the reason of his desperate look for conformism is that he realises he is different and that he never accepted his difference.
Bernardo Bertolucci
Politicians are really getting desperate. In fact, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid sent out a final fundraising email to Democrats with the subject line, ‘I’m begging.’ Because what better way to show you’re a strong leader than acting like you’re drunk and dialing your ex?
Jimmy Fallon
I hope the reader’s sense that I am deeply empathetic with the pain of being in a desperate marriage, but I also believe that the person who is married to the abuser or the alcoholic or whomever has the greatest potential for helping them.
Gary Chapman
But Sarah Weddingtonhad never told me that what I was signing would allow women to use abortions as a form of birth control. We talked about truly desperate and needy women, not women already wearing maternity clothes.
Norma McCorvey
I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really.
Tennessee Williams
I went with the flow. I never knew this could be a career option. But as a 21-year-old desperate for people to watch his content and hear his music, I could go to any extent. Creating four videos a week, only a man sitting empty can do it.
Bhuvan Bam
Feeling lost, crazy and desperate belongs to a good life as much as optimism, certainty and reason.
Alain de Botton
Hope is the power of being cheerful in circumstances which we know to be desperate.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
We’ve poisoned our planet to a desperate degree. We have no idea of how severe the toxification is.
Benjamin Creme
My whole background as a social worker has allowed me to understand human behavior in difficult situations. Working in Kenya, I see the most desperate situations – things I could never believe possible – and then have to try to find solutions.
Eric Walters
If you’re writing about angry people, you use the language of anger. If you’re writing about desperate people, you use the language of desperation.
Chris Crutcher
Because of total depravity, you and I were desperate for God’s grace before we were saved. Because of total depravity, you and I remain desperate for God’s grace even after we’re saved.
Tullian Tchividjian
And if these be unprincipled agents who scruple at nothing, he will be a bold man who will deny that there are always to be found men at the bar who lend their services most cordially to back and support these agents in their most desperate cases.
George Combe
War is very uncertain in its results, and often when affairs look most desperate they suddenly assume a more hopeful state.
George Meade
It was the price of survival. The cost of his people’s last, desperate gamble: To rid his new home of humanity, he had to become human. And being human, he had to overcome his humanity.
Rick Yancey
I didn’t read a lot of comic books. But I was into ‘Dandy and The Beano,’ which were like a weekly pulp fiction that featured characters like Desperate Dan, Dennis the Menace, and Billy Whizz – pretty simplistic stuff but very entertaining.
Robert Sheehan
I’m not yet desperate enough to do anything about the conditions that are making me desperate.
Ashleigh Brilliant
If you start getting yourself into just doing stuff for the money, even if it’s a desperate situation, I just firmly believe that if you stick it out through that, then something right will come down the path.
Anthony Green
I never wanted to be one of those desperate actors, just waiting for their next gig, who might have to take something that they didn’t want to do to pay the rent.
Wendi McLendon-Covey
If you’re not sure about whether to support Mitt Romney, whether you’re liberal, or whether you’re very conservative, you ought to be excited, because he’s been on your side at one time or another. So I’m not completely misunderstood. I’m not as excited as I am desperate.
Louie Gohmert
It was Vivaldi’s Mandolin Concerto, Francesca Abraham realized as the radio alarm went off. Lively, unrelentingly upbeat, it was the perfect tempo in which to start the day. Covering her head with a pillow, she reached out blindly and urgently, desperate to shut the damn thing off.
Naomi Ragen
People today are desperate for leaders, but they want to be influenced only by individuals they can trust, persons of good character.
John C. Maxwell
It’s an interesting combination: Having a great fear of being alone, and having a desperate need for solitude and the solitary experience. That’s always been a tug of war for me.
Jodie Foster
I might be needy, competitive and desperate but it’s far better than being wet.
Jenny Eclair
The first thing you have to understand is that I was not desperate to be a writer. I was never a closet writer filing away notes in a cupboard.
Vikas Swarup
Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.
Mark Twain
Deep inside, I am desperate to do comedy.
David Suchet
Who can blame desperate parents for wanting to escape the horror that their families are experiencing?
Jo Cox
To live in poverty is to live with constant uncertainty, to accept galling indignities, and to expect harassment by the police, welfare officials and employers, as well as by others who are poor and desperate.
Barbara Ehrenreich
Divorce was emotionally traumatic for me. It was the death of a dream. I was in fairytale land, and the reality of it wasn’t so. But I don’t really like talking about it anymore, because it feels like a thousand lifetimes ago, and also it makes me look desperate, like I need it for attention.
Katy Perry
My disease is one of the best things that has happened to me; it has pulled me out of a quietly desperate life toward one full of love and hope.
Tom O’Connor
And I suppose tapes are a desperate attempt to steal something from Death’s suitcase.
Mitch Albom
The recent death of Gene McCarthy reminded me of a lesson I spent a long, long time unlearning, so now I have to re-learn it. It’s about political courage and heroes, and when a country is desperate for leadership. There are times when regular politics will not do, and this is one of those times.
Molly Ivins
Pritkin kissed like he did everything else, straightforward, accepting no prisoners and with an intensity that left me breathless. It was hot and hard and desperate, like he was starving for it, and I opened my mouth and took it, because, God.
Karen Chance
Along with a livable wage, many parents are desperate for quality affordable child care.
Kirsten Gillibrand
When I was a kid, in a very white boarding school in England in the ’90s, I had this sort of middle part that kids had – that sort of long, floppy hair. So I was always desperate to have long, floppy hair, and I would try and brush it and spray it, and it would just look like a Brillo pad!
Ed Weeks
What Anacharsis said of the vine may aptly enough be said of prosperity. She bears the three grapes of drunkenness, pleasure, and sorrow; and happy is it if the last can cure the mischief which the former work. When afflictions fail to have their due effect, the case is desperate.
Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke
But whichever form it took it brought with it, in those moments of bitter anguish, such a desperate surge of hope that it was almost untouchable, and flitted away like a golden butterfly into the bright blue sky – beautiful, unreachable and completely transistent.
Tabitha Suzuma
I never thought I would say this, but I’m desperate to do an action film.
Lily James
In my life, I have driven some crappy vehicles. But I have never been so desperate for a vehicle that I wanted a used rental car.
Jeff Foxworthy
The capacity to produce social chaos is the last resort of desperate people.
Cornel West
In 1932, lame duck president Herbert Hoover was so desperate to remain in the White House that he dressed up as Eleanor Roosevelt. When FDR discovered the hoax in 1936, the two men decided to stay together for the sake of the children.
Johnny Carson
When there’s fear people act out in desperate ways.
Robert Hood
We are all, in the private kingdom of our hearts, desperate for the company of a wise, true friend. Someone who isn’t embarrassed by our emotions, or her own, who recognizes that life is short and all that we have to offer, in the end, is love.
Steve Almond
One day we will have more inflation, and our bonds will bleed like a pig. The only reason for buying long bonds is short-term or as a desperate haven for terrorized investors. But the potential to make longer-term real money is naught.
Jeremy Grantham
During the protracted tooth-and-nail tussle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries, I was one of those fierce partisans desperate for the first black candidate with a serious shot at the White House to win the nomination.
Lionel Shriver
Among the difficulties I encountered, economic problems were the worst. I found that financial hardships could limit one’s ability to realize one’s dream, no matter how desperate and earnest you are.
Lee Hyeon-seo
Legends were not only for the desperate. Legends were for the brave. (Soren)
Kathryn Lasky
My backpack has seven or eight DVDs in it and four or five of them have been there three months and I’m desperate to get to them.
Lorenzo di Bonaventura
Like a lot of young people growing up in the middle of nowhere, I was desperate to leave my small town behind, but music reconnected me to my roots.
KT Tunstall
Nothing in our culture, not even home computers, is more overrated than the epidermal felicity of two featherless bipeds in desperate congress.
Quentin Crisp
What did Mira show your attacker last week? he asked, desperate to turn the attention away from himself now. Yakut shrugged. Only he can know. The girl has no knowledge of what her eyes reflect. Thank God for that. Niko hated to think of the education she might have just gotten otherwise.
Tina St. John
You may well ask how I expect to assert my privacy by resorting to the outrageous publicity of being one’s actual self on paper. There’s a possibility of it working if one chooses the terms, to wit: outshouting image-gimmick America through a quietly desperate search for self.
Kate Millett
I think that the roots of racism have always been economic, and I think people are desperate and scared. And when you’re desperate and scared you scapegoat people. It exacerbates latent tendencies toward – well, toward racism or homophobia or anti-Semitism.
Henry Louis Gates
I’m often amazed at the way politicians, who spend hours poring over opinion poll results in a desperate attempt to discover what the public thinks, are certain they know precisely what God’s views are on everything.
Simon Hoggart
I think mortality makes you live a fuller existence. When I was a kid I was scared of death, and maybe that’s what made me desperate to get the most out of life.
Dolph Lundgren
The privileged individuals and families who comprise the global elite will happily bankrupt their own countrymen, decimate their own community and evict their neighbors from houses in their desperate bid to increase their wealth.
James Morcan
We’re not on a desperate mission to write chart compatible stuff.
Stephen Malkmus
There aren’t that many great female roles in Shakespeare – none that I’d be desperate to play.
Maxine Peake
I’m way too famous and rich to be on a dating app, but if I get very desperate by the time I’m 60, I’ll go on Tinder. Or I’ll go on ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’; I’ll call Patti Stanger.
Lisa Lampanelli
Love is the most difficult and dangerous form of courage. Courage is the most desperate, admirable and noble kind of love.
Delmore Schwartz
I’m desperate to work again. I’ve often had those periods, but two years was the longest.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
When you’re desperate, it’s good on defense because your hair should be on fire, but it’s bad on offense.
Mike D’Antoni
Desperate people lose the thing that makes them human beings. They lose their heart. Anger and hate fill them so that they act like animals.
Arlene J. Chai
I’m not one of those people desperate to get in the ring again.
William Regal
The Hallows, the Hallows. A desperate man’s dream!
J. K. Rowling
Something is profoundly wrong and we are desperate for justice, for restoration and for somebody somewhere to do something about this.
Rob Bell
Place your army in deadly peril, and it will survive; plunge it into desperate straits, and it will come off in safety.
Sun Tzu
As a player, if a club is desperate to sign you, then you can benefit from that. Desperate clubs are prepared to pay more money; they are prepared to act decisively and play you.
Diego Forlan
The act of sex, gratifying as it may be, is God’s joke on humanity. It is man’s last desperate stand at superintendency.
Bette Davis
Desperate times call for desperate measures. That’s a saying, or a bit of advice, or a catchprase, or a string of words used to confuse people less intelligent than you. In any case, it means: Life is tough, so you’d better fight hard-or something like that.
Obert Skye
My brother died of cancer two years ago (1998), renal cell carcinoma. He was my only real brother and I didn’t know what to do. I’d never been so desperate in my life.
Quincy Jones
This is this thing I harp on: Sometimes acting can be a self-defeating psychological enterprise if we feel like we’re desperate, if we feel like we’re beggars at the door, praying that someone will take pity on us and give us a job. It would be so much better to feel like we’re tradesmen.
Michael Emerson
The animals of the planet are in desperate peril… Without free animal life I believe we will lose the spiritual equivalent of oxygen.
Alice Walker
I thought it must be desperate to be old. To wake up in the morning and remember that you were ancient – and so behave that way. I thought old people were full of aches and pains and horrible illnesses.
Maeve Binchy
Politicians used to be leaders. Now they follow voters, desperate for a tick in a box.
Katie Hopkins
Since I was five or six years old, I just wanted to be a professional football player. I wanted to play against the best players. I wanted to play in big stadiums in front of big crowds, and I was desperate to play for my country one day, and thankfully, I was lucky enough that happened.
Chris Coleman
Liberals have been driven to the desperate expedient of attributing . . .social pathology in today’s ghettos to ‘a legacy of slavery’ even though black children grew up with two parents more often under slavery than today.
Thomas Sowell
Life is a big collaboration – and when you’re tackling something that is painful and troubling and is causing you such desperate grief that you think life’s not worth living – you need to reach out. To people who will reach back.
Tim Gunn
I mean, our disaster in Libya also unleashed enormous amounts of armaments. We are the world’s leading arms dealer, arming all sides everywhere. And have we made the Middle East a more secure place? We’re only making it more desperate, more catastrophic and more violent.
Jill Stein
In the workplace, many people become helicopter managers, hovering over their employees in a well-intentioned but ill-fated attempt to provide support. These are givers gone awry – people so desperate to help others that they develop a white knight complex and end up causing harm instead.
Adam Grant
I am running after you, and life, in desperate pursuit. My dream is that someday you will both turn and let me catch you. That dream carries me through every night… I have enclosed a hundred kisses in this letter. You must count them out carefully and not lose any.
Lisa Kleypas
Marriage is like a cage; one sees the birds outside desperate to get in, and those inside equally desperate to get out.
Michel de Montaigne
I read that book ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’, got a bit desperate halfway through and ate it.
Jo Brand
that crack of the bat against a ball has been my mantra, a sound I hear in desperate moments, at times when I crave total satisfaction, a sound I hear over and over when I want something very badly but can’t express what it is.
Lucy Jane Bledsoe
For to be desperate is to discover strength. / We die of comfort and by conflict live.
May Sarton
I hope this will help new moms not feel alone or desperate, and that there is no shame in their feelings. PPD is out of their control, but the treatment and healing process is not.
Brooke Shields
When matters are desperate we must put on a desperate face.
Robert Burns
My parents never told me about Papa’s lung cancer or the desperate nature of the operations he was about to undergo, which were a last-ditch effort to contain the spread of his cancer.
Beverly Sills
I think I let go of the need for approval. It certainly feels good when you get it, but I used to be more desperate for it. Once I felt better inside about myself… I could do everything based on how I want to do things.
Ellen DeGeneres
I think I am very fortunate to have my sister, who is always there to guide me and my food and lodging has been taken care of. Since my basic need of life is secure, when it comes to working, I never appeared like a desperate struggler who needs the job to run the kitchen.
Ishita Dutta
While the Japanese droned on in a high-pitched voice, I blinked out the desperate message over and over. TORTURE…TORTURE…
Jeremiah Denton
The world of campaign consulting is full of hype. It is designed to offer those desperate for an edge on their opponent the promise of a silver bullet and a consultancy willing to go to any lengths – including all those things you’d like to do but can’t – in order to win.
Ben Domenech
When the situation is desperate, it is too late to be serious. Be playful.
Edward Abbey
It’s still about the women. It’s not called Desperate Plumber. People are more interested in cat fights.
James Denton
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest to children ardent for some desperate glory. The old lie: It is sweet and fitting that you should die for your country.
Wilfred Owen
An Obama administration desperate to strike a deal is likely to strike a bad one.
John Barrasso
Star-crossed lovers desperate to get home together. Two hearts beating as one. Romance.
Suzanne Collins
Young people realize that something is amiss. There’s a generation that fell in love with their phones, and it’s very hard for them to see that there’s a problem. But young people are desperate for the attention of their parents, who are really not paying attention to them.
Judy Woodruff
Lucknow is a city of love and I am really desperate to know more of what Lucknow is really about.
Madhura Naik
Cock-fighting, which has attained to the dignity of a literature of its own, is the popular Malay sport; but the grand sport is a tiger and buffalo fight, reserved for rare occasions, however, on account of its expense. Cock-fighting is a source of gigantic gambling and desperate feuds.
Isabella Bird
…intimacy being reduced to its content of mere sensation, will only be the misleading, obscure, and desperate alleviation of the existential disgust and anguish of him who has stumbled into a blind alley.
Julius Evola
During the desperate depression of the 1980s, there were no oil and gas companies without net operating losses.
George Kaiser
I want to again highlight the desperate need for us to pull together – the world over – to tackle knife crime and teach everyone how sacred a life is.
Jermain Defoe
I love working in television, and I’ve been thrilled to be a part of so many wonderful shows. I worked with Lady Gaga on ‘Gossip Girl,’ and the brilliant Felicity Huffman on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ but I think my favorite TV job so far was the pilot I shot for the CW Network this year called ‘Joey Dakota.’
Erich Bergen
I grew up desperate to be a professional footballer and I was willing to do anything to be one.
Glenn Murray
There isn’t a thing to eat down there in the rabbit hole of your bitterness except your own desperate heart.
Cheryl Strayed
I just wanted to make sure that yes, that those horror – they worked as a genre. To me, I just wanted to be touched by the film in the way that I saw plausible. Which is the story about compassion – giving and receiving it in those desperate times of need.
Vera Farmiga
I was desperate really for people not to accuse me of coldness. It was taboo.
Thomas Dolby
The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.
Richard J. Foster
In truth, I was desperate to leave New York. And Moscow was a special place for me. It was the city where my parents had grown up, where they had met; it was the city where I was born.
Keith Gessen
There was a desperate undercurrent to our marriage–a feeling of being in a dream from which I couldn’t seem to awaken. A nagging sense that my life, laid out so neatly like the clothes Deirdre left on my divan, was no longer my own.
Lauren DeStefano
I think the fact that all women get branded as the same, desperate for love, desperate for children, is just a really unmodern attitude.
Dawn O’Porter
It’s no fun to be a struggling young actor. It’s a desperate thing, no way to be happy. If you have any alternative, you should take it.
Tommy Lee Jones
I was far too embarrassed to share the experience of Indian food at school. As a kid, you’re desperate to fit in, to assimilate in some way, and everything about me stood out.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
You see all these things that make you feel desperate or sad, but you realize changes can be made, and it doesn’t take a lot of money on our part to make a change in people’s lives.
John Legend
Desperate is not a sexual preference.
R. K. Milholland
A haunting, harrowing punch to the heart, Among the Missing is flat-out brilliant. About the secrets we keep, the lives we are desperate to live, and the chances we miss, it’s a psychological dazzler. Truly, one of my favorite books of this year-or any year.
Caroline Leavitt
I’ve created several musical trends, really. That’s not because I’m so far out and fabulous. It’s because most bands have no ideas of their own. They’re so desperate they’ll grab at any old straw.
John Lydon
I’m sentimental–I know. I’m desperate and silly–I know that too. Oh, help me!
Anne Frank
Desperate Housewives’ was a good experience, though, as I got to play the bad guy for once. My only complaint was they had me in a lot of sweaters.
John Barrowman
Not suing others does not mean that others won’t sue you.If people are desperate enough to think that they can gain some kind of financial advantage, they’ll sue.
Errol Morris
In order to win in the NFL… you’ve got to be desperate to win a championship.
Carson Palmer
Don’t take our word for it. Read the Bible itself. Read the statements of preachers. And you will understand that God is the most desperate character, the worst villain in all fiction.
E. Haldeman-Julius
If one group of people say a woman has a right to choose, I get queasy because I’m against abortion. I don’t think a woman has a frivolous right to choose. What I don’t want is a desperate woman to die in an illegal abortion.
Elizabeth May
I became very attentive to customers because I was desperate not to have people leave and never come back.
Andrew Cherng
You’ve seen it in the news – the radical left in our country, stinging from their 2016 election losses, has become increasingly desperate and unhinged. They want nothing more than to push their snowflake agenda on the entire nation, and our conservative Georgia values are under attack like never before.
Brian Kemp
There’s a good reason why you’ve probably never heard of President Trump’s success in promoting animal welfare – the media are desperate to move on from any story that humanizes this president.
Lara Trump
We need Jesus like we need oxygen. Like we need water. Like the branch needs the vine. Jesus is not merely a figure for devotions. He is the missing essence of your existence. Whether we know it or not, we are desperate for Jesus.
John Eldred
I’m not desperate but I know that some day I’ll be the coach again of some team.
Diego Maradona
Ethics must be reintroduced to public service to restore people’s faith in government. Without such faith, democracy cannot flourish. Your ambitious agenda is filling a desperate need.
Walter Cronkite
I hate women like that. They’re so desperate for the attention of men that they’d willingly betray and harm members of their own sex
Sarah J. Maas
‘Heroes’, ‘Desperate Housewives’, ‘The Sopranos’ – they’re all very stylised. ‘The Wire’ is much more rooted in realism and honesty. In American television, I can’t think of anything I’d rather have been in because it has got something to say and that is the kind of thing I want to do.
Aidan Gillen
I’ve sometimes thought that it’s only by recalling that desperate devotion my kids once felt for me that I can maintain my own desperate devotion in the face of their adolescent sneering.
Ayelet Waldman
You are desperate to communicate, to edify or entertain, to preserve moments of grace or joy or transcendence, to make real or imagined events come alive. But you cannot will this to happen. It is a matter of persistence and faith and hard work. So you might as well just go ahead and get started.
Anne Lamott
People who are desperate for Barack Obama to win the presidency are capable of practically anything.
Mike Gallagher
Strolling on the plateau of life, desperate for the mountain, I never thought that I would get this far. It’s only art that has carried me through, given me faith in my own existence. But now I am approaching a point in my life where I desire more.
Tracey Emin
Our better angels get clouded and we’re more selfish than we should be, more anxious or neurotic or desperate or self-sabotaging. Crueler, even. But I do think there’s hope for everyone… I think redemption is possible for anybody.
Raphael Bob-Waksberg
The world of children’s books is a very friendly, decent place to be. It’s full of people who are desperate to enlighten, interest and excite children in ideas, imaginary worlds and contemporary issues.
Michael Rosen
At least one reason for trying to live lives that make a difference is that by so living, we hope we will not be forgotten by those who benefit from our trying to make a difference. Yet to try to insure we will not be forgotten too often results in desperate manipulative strategies that are doomed to fail.
Stanley Hauerwas
It was sad, like those businessmen who came to work in serious clothes but wore colorful ties in a mad, desperate attempt to show there was a free spirit in there somewhere.
Terry Pratchett
My friend and I sang an a cappella rendition of Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ at one of our football pep rallies in a desperate attempt to look cool. For a while, I wore pink Converse All Stars because I thought it made me seem daring and irreverent.
Ed Helms
Sometimes I do ‘So Desperate’ solo in the middle of the set. I really love to sing that song.
John Darnielle
There is nobody more terrible than the desperate.
Alexander Suvorov
Love happens! I release the desperate need for love, and instead, allow it to find me in the perfect time-space sequence.
Louise Hay
After university, I was desperate to be an ambassador. It went back to geography: I loved the idea of living in exotic and exciting countries, but still driving a Land Rover and having tea. I failed the Foreign Office exams three times.
Ben Fogle
The editorial strategy of the ‘World’ is seemingly rested upon the theory that in a desperate cause, it is well to ask a little less than you hope to get. I think you should ask more.
Heywood Broun
The World Health Organisation has a lot of its medical experts sitting in Geneva while hospitals in Africa have no drugs and desperate patients are forced to seek medication on the black market.
Pauline Hanson
If once a woman breaks through the barriers of decency, her ease is desperate; and if she goes greater lengths than the men, and leaves the pale of propriety farther behind her, it is because she is aware that all return is prohibited, and by none so strongly as by her own sex.
Charles Caleb Colton
Writing can be a pretty desperate endeavor, because it is about some of our deepest needs: our need to be visible, to be heard, our need to make sense of our lives, to wake up and grow and belong. It is no wonder if we sometimes tend to take ourselves perhaps a bit too seriously.
Anne Lamott
I nursed men back to sanity who were driven to despair. I solicited clothes for the ragged children, for the desperate mothers. I laid out the dead, the martyrs of the strike.
Mary Harris Jones
Partly because of the desperate economic situation in the country, what were once the leading institutions of conservatism are constrained.
David Frum
Depression and anxiety affect a huge number of us. It’s so important that the barriers that keep us from talking, seeking out help, and finding a way to cope when things feel desperate are removed.
Jacob Anderson
Changing schools and friends is hard on children and can often make them desperate and lonely enough to form closer ties with a sibling.
Linda Sunshine
‘My country, right or wrong’ is a thing no patriot would ever think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying ‘My mother, drunk or sober.’
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Earth, is not this what you will: in us to rise up invisible? Is it, O Earth, not your dream once to be wholly invisible? Earth! Invisible! What, if not change, is your desperate mission?
Rainer Maria Rilke
I swim with all my strength. No superhuman surge, or pony heroics; it’s just me at my most desperate.
Karen Russell
Hold onto me baby. I’m going to take care of you.” The raspy need in his voice only made me more desperate.
Abbi Glines
I think it’s still hard for me to turn down work if it’s really good because for so many years I was so desperate to get a job and couldn’t and so it’s kind of an anathema for me to turn down work.
Matt Damon
In a year of re-election he was desperate to impress.
Rod Stewart
It is men of desperate fortunes on the one hand, or of aspiring, superior fortunes on the other, who go abroad upon adventures, to rise by enterprise, and make themselves famous in undertakings of a nature out of the common road.
Daniel Defoe
When you get to the end of a TV series, you feel totally out of sorts as an actor. You feel unfit; your voice box has collapsed on you because you’ve spent all day muttering into a microphone that’s two inches from your head, and you feel desperate to spread your wings and do a bit of real thesping.
Kevin Whately
I always felt very insecure financially as a child. I was desperate to understand money as a child. I was desperate to be secure. Because I always felt like the rug could be pulled from under me.
Mellody Hobson
All poetry and music, and art of every true sort, bears witness to man’s continual falling in love with beauty and his desperate attempt to induce beauty to live with him and enrich his common life.
John Bertram Phillips
When I was in desperate trouble for maybe eight or nine years, I went to a neuropsychiatrist.
Gene Wilder
My friend and I sang an a cappella rendition of Extreme’s “More Than Words” at one of our football pep rallies in a desperate attempt to look cool. For a while, I wore pink Converse All Stars because I thought it made me seem daring and irreverent.
Ed Helms
If a huge number of people call for change, the government will have to react. If you want to avoid uprisings, or demonstrations, you need to respond to the people’s desperate need for change.
Mohamed ElBaradei
Like the Spitfire it was immensely strong: a pilot had no need to fear the danger of pulling the wings off, no matter how desperate the situation became.
Douglas Bader
The newsprint thesp celebrity interview as a middle-brow art form suffers from desperate overproduction. There’ll be at least 10 in the broadsheets today and every Sunday hereafter.
Peter York
Nightlife is, to me, a little synthetic, a little desperate?
Julia Fox
He could shred me so easily. A few words, a desperate look, and I was cut wide open.
Sylvia Day
When you start reading nonfiction books about piracy, you realize that it’s actually just a history of desperate people.
Daniel Handler
Men and women who are used of GOD, if I had only a few words to describe them, they are the passionate-weak, they are the violently-desperate.
Paul Washer
I like it when the captain comes to me and says, ‘We’re really desperate for a wicket, can you get us one?’ or when we really need something to happen in a Test match.
Stuart Broad
And gradually his memory slipped a little, as memories do, even those with so much love attached to them; as if there is an unconscious healing process within the mind which mends up in spite of our desperate determination never to forget.
Colleen McCullough
I find Los Angeles a bit desperate. For me, the energy there is bad.
Jaimie Alexander
Pursue not a victory too far. He hath conquered well that hath made his enemy fly; thou mayest beat him to a desperate resistance, which may ruin thee.
George Herbert
It’s no surprise that whether by blocking visas or building walls, there are parts of the country desperate to hang on to a vision of the United States that is rapidly disappearing from their TV screens as well as their neighborhoods.
Asha Rangappa
When I am not desperate, I am worthless.
Ivo Andric
If men, who in their hearts are friends to a government, forbear giving it their utmost assistance against its enemies, they put it in the power of a few desperate men to ruin the welfare of those who are much superior to them in strength, number, and interest.
Joseph Addison
When food becomes scarce, refugees often turn to desperate measures to feed themselves and their families. We are particularly worried about the health of the refugee population, domestic violence and refugees resorting to illegal employment or even to prostitution, just to put enough food on the table.
Antonio Guterres
At the end of a career you’re desperate more than ever for medals, grabbing as much as you can as you go.
Jamie Carragher
Books arent written on whim or promises. Books are written on years turned inside out by ideas that never let go until you get them in print, and even then writings a last resort, a desperate ransom you pay to get your life back.
Richard Bach
To cast Ida, it took ages, and I was a bit desperate. I couldn’t find somebody I could believe in. I spent months looking for the lead among young actresses and drama students.
Pawel Pawlikowski
A nation that turns away from prayer will ultimately find itself in desperate need of it.
Jonathan Cahn
Growing up, my family was an enemy of the state. I have experienced more disappointment than joy, much more sad stories or desperate conditions.
Ai Weiwei
In American tradition a certain kind of, I would say, desperate American friendliness in which the poet tries to reach out through the page to make a connection by the side of the road with some other person.
Edward Hirsch
Hype is the awkward and desperate attempt to convince journalists that what you’ve made is worth the misery of having to review it.
Federico Fellini
The working classes in England were always sentimental, and the Irish and Scots and Welsh. The upper-class English are the stiff-upper-lipped ones. And the middle class. They’re the ones who are crippled emotionally because they can’t move up, and they’re desperate not to move down.
Tracey Ullman
Prayer is never just an emergency flare or desperate anxious gamble. God’s attention is not based on our performance but parental love.
Timothy Keller
despite all our desperate, eternal attempts to separate, contain and mend, categories always leak.
Trinh T. Minh-ha
The self-assured strength that grows from knowing that we already have what we need makes us gentle, because we are no longer desperate.
Sakyong Mipham
I only escaped from Tibet because I feared my people would resort to desperate violence if the Chinese took me as their prisoner.
Dalai Lama
When Dad heard ‘The One and Only,’ he said: ‘That’s a smash.’ Dad played the demo through the speakers at Abbey Road, where we were recording. I was a huge Nik Kershaw fan and was desperate to meet him, but everyone else hated the song.
Chesney Hawkes
I’ve had a wonderful time in ‘Foyle’s War’ and I don’t mind being typecast. But I’m not prim. I’m chaotic, happy, and desperate to have some laughs. I’d love to do a comedy next, or something modern.
Honeysuckle Weeks
Far from protecting children, the abuse of Article 8 risks making them pawns – subject to coercion or worse – as part of a criminal’s desperate struggle to stay in Britain.
Dominic Raab
The other day, I was so desperate for a beer, I snuck into the football stadium and ate the dirt under the bleachers.
I was the British spy who had come out of the woodwork and told it how it really was, and anything I said to the contrary only enforced the myth. And since I was writing for a public hooked on Bond and desperate for the antidote, the myth stuck.
John le Carre
Dear Skeezie, Today I ran after a boy as he was trying to get away. I tackled him and we both landed in the mud. Do you think I appeared desperate?-Joe Bunch
James Howe
Mankind at its most desperate is often at its best
Bob Geldof
When I am in the Scottish Parliament chamber, I often feel the need to sit for the entire debate. It’s only courteous to listen to what everyone has to say, although I often find myself desperate to say something but too scared to stand up in case I regret it.
Margo MacDonald
We are reviled but we do not intend to speak evil in return. We are in desperate straits but do not despair. We are persecuted but not forsaken. It’s easy to humiliate and crush people who are open, but when I am weak, then I am strong.
Nadezhda Tolokonnikova
The end of a dissolute life is a desperate death.
Wilfred Bion
My 20s were all about feeling desperate. Desperate to find a new boyfriend. Desperate to get the perfect job. Desperate to get rid of this terrible relationship with this bad new boyfriend.
Jessi Klein
I never know what all of these guys are thinking, but Marco Rubio sounded desperate, like, We’ve got a leak in the dike, we got to stop this thing.
Chris Matthews
The intellectual’s struggle to deny the obvious is never more desperate than when reality is unpleasant and at variance with his preconceptions and when full acknowledgment of it would undermine the foundations of his intellectual worldview.
Anthony Daniels
When people want to lose weight, they get to a point where they are desperate and looking for the new thing that is going to work miracles. But at the end of the day, there is no such thing.
Mindy Grossman
I watch lots of American shows like ‘Desperate Housewives’ and so on.
Neena Gupta
In the not-for-profit world, there can be wastefulness because there’s not the desperate urgency of when you’re on a clock.
Twyla Tharp
Each one of us can do a good deed, every day and everywhere. In hospitals in desperate need of volunteers, in homes for the elderly where our parents and grandparents are longing for a smile, a listening ear, in the street, in our workplaces and especially at home.
Shari Arison
I have found it impossible to talk to anyone about my problems. I couldn’t face the embarrassment, and anyway I lack the courage. Any courage I had was knocked out of me when I was young. But now, all of sudden I have a sort of desperate wish to tell everything to somebody.
Roald Dahl
There are no desperate situations, there are only desperate people.
Heinz Guderian
Politicians seem desperate to appeal to their respective versions of the so called ‘middle class,’ unable to empathise with the precariat and eager to dream up fresh and tougher sanctions against society’s wounded.
Guy Standing
I think I’m probably a little too desperate to be successful.
Howard Stern
No level of border security, no wall, doubling the size of the border patrol, all these things will not stop the illegal migration from countries as long as a 7-year-old is desperate enough to flee on her own and travel the entire length of Mexico because of the poverty and the violence in her country.
Jeh Johnson
We spend a lot of time bickering at great cost, and very little time actually coming up with solutions. And I think we misuse our ambition for our own gains and rarely for the betterment of ourselves, and people around us and our environment. And I think that’s sort of pathetic and desperate.
Dave Matthews
In New York, everyone’s desperate for success, desperate for money and desperate to be accepted, but in London they’re more laid back about things like that.
David Bailey
Solutions-oriented campaigning with a little passion and a little humor; I think that will go a long way. I think people are desperate for it.
Laura Ingraham
I need some time to write songs and work on my thing, but I’m just living my life and doing family stuff and letting inspiration come when it comes. But I also don’t feel a desperate need to keep pushing myself into people’s faces to stay cool and relevant.
Phil Elverum
Every morning
I wake up with the news
of bloodshed.
I feel my body,
desperate to know whether
I’m still alive.
Suman Pokhrel
The Animals of the planet are in desperate peril and they are fully aware of this. No less than human beings are doing in all parts of the world, they are seeking sanctuary.
Alice Walker
I think there’s a kind of desperate hope built into poetry that one really wants, hopelessly, to save the world. One is trying to say everything that can be said for the things that one loves while there’s still time.
W. S. Merwin
Every new baby is a blind desperate vote for survival: people who find themselves unable to register an effective political protest against extermination do so by a biological act.
Lewis Mumford
He was desperate to tell his news to some other cat; he almost felt that if a mouse crossed his path he would stop to inform it that it was about to be eaten by a ThunderClan deputy.
Erin Hunter
Though my natural instinct is to wish for a life free from pain, trouble, and adversity, I am learning to welcome anything that makes me conscious of my need for Him. If prayer is birthed out of desperation, then anything that makes me desperate for God is a blessing.
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
I knew that was going to be the last chance to play in the Champions League final – I was desperate to win, I put a lot of pressure on myself. Finally I got hold of that cup – it was the defining moment of my career. I got really emotional and nearly fainted on the pitch.
Gianluca Vialli
A thing can be true and still be desperate folly.
Richard Adams
A God who counts minutes and pennies, a desperate sensual God, who grunts like a pig. A pig with golden wings, who falls and falls, always belly side up, ready for caresses, that’s him, our master. Come, kiss me.
Louis-Ferdinand Celine
The entertainment industry has three kinds of politics – sexual politics, money politics and power politics. A desperate actor can become victim of any of these political games.
Vivek Agnihotri
It doesn’t matter if you have a desperate heart when you have to sing about joy; it doesn’t matter if you’re scared to death when the lights go on.
Mireille Mathieu
Sex and excretion are reminders that anyone’s claim to round-the-clock dignity is tenuous. The so-called rational animal has a desperate drive to pair up and moan and writhe.
Steven Pinker
I hated singing, I hated being on stage; I hated being in the Cranberries. I was constantly crying. I was going insane. I wanted to be a shopkeeper, a hairdresser, anything. I was so desperate to have a reality, friends, a regular, boring life. I missed that.
Dolores O’Riordan
There is a new codeword going round school. DFS. It means ‘desperate for sex.’ It sounds like you are talking about the furniture shop. For the record, I’m certainly DFS. In fact I am permanently shopping in DFS with no hope of getting out of the store.
Rae Earl
Haste is needful in a desperate case.
William Shakespeare
I have never seen opponents so silent about their record, and so desperate to keep their power.
Paul Ryan
After a desperate fight, to know to congratulate your opponent, if he has beaten you, to shake his hand and go for a drink with him, in my eyes these things are particularly important.
Yannick Noah
Dogs who live in each other’s company are calm and pragmatic, never showing the desperate need to make known their needs and feelings or to communicate their observations, as some hysterical dogs who know only the company of our species are likely to do.
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
The spoiled superstar brat wouldn’t get far in Oklahoma City. We’re very value-conscious. Our city was settled in a land run. Those 10,000 people were desperate for a better life.
Mick Cornett
The end of a dissolute life is most commonly a desperate death.
Bion of Smyrna
Remember; no matter how desperate the situation seems, time spent thinking clearly is never time wasted.
Max Brooks
When I go to Africa and spend more time there with people who are the least of the least, those in desperate situations, I am broken by it. But I also find people with so much more joy and freedom living with nothing than I see walking down the streets of my own community here in Tennessee.
Steven Curtis Chapman
There’s a stage where you’re desperate to get a job, and you’re waving your hands in a sea of nothingness, going, ‘Please, please, please! I’m over here – give me a job!’
Joel Edgerton
Between the probable and proved there yawns A gap. Afraid to jump, we stand absurd, Then see behind us sink the ground and, worse, Our very standpoint crumbling. Desperate dawns Our only hope: to leap into the Word That opens up the shuttered universe.
Sheldon Vanauken
I think I started out because I was desperate for approval and acceptance and praise. Some actors never break away from that. They’re after that validation their whole life.
Judge Reinhold
My first kiss. A new kind of kiss, like the new kind of music still playing, softly, in the distance – wild and arrhythmic, desperate. Passionate.
Lauren Oliver
If you are curious, you will learn. If you are desperate, you will discover.
You don’t fall in love because you fall in love; you fall in love because of the need, desperate, to fall in love. when you feel that need, you have to watch your step: like having drunk a philter, the kind that makes you fall in love with the first thing you meet. It could be a duck-billed platypus.
Umberto Eco
The biggest thing I noticed growing up when I was doing BMX racing or playing rugby through to secondary school level, was seeing the parents who were so desperate to see their kids do well that they were almost living their lives through their kids and putting huge pressure on them to the point they weren’t enjoying it.
Chris Hoy
That’s the funny thing about knowing you can’t have something. It makes you desperate.
Stephenie Meyer
Nothing screams ‘I’m desperate for attention’ like tweeting in all caps.
Jaboukie Young-White
he was watching me and when our eyes met, i had no fan to cover my face, no way to hid my feelings. i was desperate for him, and he could see it, all the way in me.
Laura Whitcomb
People have become desperate to reduce everything, including each other, to mindless categories of good and bad, as if the world can be divided into Facebook likes and dislikes.
Victoria Coren Mitchell
Parents, you need to watch who you let loose your girls around. If you’re so desperate that you want your kids to be stars, and you’re going to unleash your daughters to the world, you better watch what you get.
Wendy Williams
Our personalities seem dangerously to blur and overlap with our mother’s; and, in a desperate attempt to know where mother ends and daughter begins, we perform radical surgery.
Adrienne Rich
In situations of sparse resources along with degraded self-images and depoliticized sensibilities, one avenue for poor people is in existential rebellion and anarchic expression. The capacity to produce social chaos is the last resort of desperate people.
Cornel West
My dad would do horrible things to me, but I was so desperate for his affection and his approval that I would keep coming back.
Bart Millard
We would be deceiving both ourselves and the people if we concealed from the masses the necessity of a desperate, bloody war of extermination, as the immediate task of the coming revolutionary action.
Vladimir Lenin
This is an election year, and I think we’re in desperate trouble and it’s time for people to speak up and not pipe down. It’s a real conflict for me when I go to a concert and find out somebody in the audience is a Republican or fundamental Christian. It can cloud my enjoyment. I’d rather not know.
Linda Ronstadt
writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers.
Charles Bukowski
The term itself–my life–is a desperate overstatement.
Don DeLillo
I sing the hymn of the conquered, who fell in the Battle of Life,-The hymn of the wounded, the beaten, who died overwhelmed in the strife….The hymn of the low and the humble, the weary, the broken in heart,Who strove and who failed, acting bravely a silent and desperate part.
William Wetmore Story
You had to knock the doors of the great directors and producers; of course I needed the work and was desperate for work. I remember one of the producers saying, we have R.D. Burman, we have Laxmikant-Pyarelal, we’ve got Kalyanji-Anandji with us, why should we take you?’
Anu Malik
Many boyfriends or close male friends seem so different when they are by themselves, as opposed to when they are with a bunch of other guys. I think it has to do with the desperate desire on the part of guys to be seen as a “real guy” – a real man, a man’s man.
Michael Kimmel
One of the most intuitive nature writers of our recently past century, Peter Matthiessen, lends a poets voice to the desperate effort to save the tiger.
Ron Franscell
Prison, blood, death, create enthusiasts and martyrs, and bring forth courage and desperate resolution.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Television production is so insane. There’s so many moving parts and flying pieces and you’re desperate to make it cohesive and artistic and have something to say about the human condition that feels like it has value to its existence.
Bryan Fuller
Beckham is unusual. He was desperate to be a footballer. His mind was made up when he was nine or ten. Many kids think that it’s beyond them. But you can’t succeed without practising at any sport.
Bobby Charlton
In this desperate way, I started many a comedy.
Charlie Chaplin
I don’t want my life to be explainable without the Holy Spirit. I want people to look at my life and know I couldn’t be doing this by my own power. I want to live in such a way that I am desperate for Him to come through. That if He doesn’t come through, I am screwed.
Francis Chan
The weapon of suicide bombing is so desperate that you aren’t even left with the possibility of taking revenge or punishing anyone; the terrorist is killed along with his victims, his blood mixing with theirs
A. B. Yehoshua
I was on ‘Desperate Housewives’ and that was my crash course on being on national television topless. Also, I do what I can in between scenes: push-ups, a little free weights. I knew going in it would be a big part of the show.
Josh Henderson
Love is not feeling, child, nor even the passion of lovers, which always seeks only its own gratification. It is the act of caring, of giving, the act of protecting the weak, the helpless, the imprisoned and the desperate. Love is the hand raised in defence. You cannot love and keep your hands clean.
Patricia Duncker
Sometimes snakes can’t slough. They can’t burst their old skin. Then they go sick and die inside the old skin, and nobody ever sees the new pattern. It needs a real desperate recklessness to burst your old skin at last. You simply don’t care what happens to you, if you rip yourself in two, so long as you do get out.
D. H. Lawrence
In desperate position, you must fight.
Sun Tzu
Only an intervention by women around the world, with their innate knowledge of interdependency, deep listening, empathy and self-sacrifice, could possibly alter our species’ desperate course.
When I’m desperate for spring produce but nothing has hit the farmstand yet, frozen green peas are a godsend.
Claire Saffitz
Very, very rare that you do a job knowing that the audience is desperate for you to do that job. Most films you make don’t get released, is the fact.
Ian Mckellen
Maybe I’m wrong,” Mom said. “Maybe the world really is coming to an end.” “Should I try Fox News?” I asked. Mom shuddered. “We’re not that desperate,” she said.
Susan Beth Pfeffer
I do not believe the picture that some people paint of Scottish towns dependent on welfare. Every time I come here, I meet people who are determined to get into work. Who, with the right help are desperate to get off benefits, support their family and set an example for their children.
Iain Duncan Smith
Rubio’s supporters must believe rank-and-file Republican voters are really stupid – or so desperate they can be persuaded that up is down, a leopard can change its spots, and a dozen bilingual unicorns will lead off Rubio’s inaugural parade.
Tom Tancredo
We don’t need to respond with desperate violence.
Dalai Lama
There are some sights that, once seen, can never be unseen. They replay themselves on a loop in your mind’s home-theatre system with Dolby surround sound until you’re so desperate to be rid of them that you’ll resort to other loops simply to dislodge them for a while.
Kevin Hearne
Think about it. These guys have far more reasons to pull a prank on Doug than they do me. I kind of wished we had changed clothes, though.’ ‘There wasn’t time,’ Katie said. ‘Your true love is in desperate need of your assistance. How can you think of changing into the appropriate attire for a rescue?
Robin Jones Gunn
My constituency is the desperate, the damned, the disinherited, the disrespected and the despised.
Jesse Jackson
Like a lot of folks coming out of the 2016 election, I was feeling sort of desperate and helpless in terms of the outcome we were facing.
Meena Harris
Whether you’re a man or a woman, life can be very, very difficult and confusing and desperate, and it’s life-enhancing to know that somehow, there is a way through it.
Marianne Elliott