Despots Quotes

Despots Quotes by Sue Townsend, Berthold Auerbach, George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Bailey Aldrich, C. S. Lewis, Ambrose Bierce and many others.

I think it's essential for comic writers to have a hate

I think it’s essential for comic writers to have a hate figure, a despot, a regime to react against, and I think Thatcher was perfect for me, I loathed everything she stood for.
Sue Townsend
Imagination is the mightiest despot.
Berthold Auerbach
If Despotism failed only for want of a capable benevolent despot, what chance has Democracy, which requires a whole population of capable voters.
George Bernard Shaw
The possession of unlimited power will make a despot of almost any man. There is a possible Nero in the gentlest human creature that walks.
Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.
C. S. Lewis
Fashion, n. A despot whom the wise ridicule and obey.
Ambrose Bierce
The constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruption’s of time and party, its members would become despots.
Thomas Jefferson
Your generous part in my liberation is taken by the world for the revelation of the fact, that the United States are resolved not to allow the despots of the world to trample on oppressed humanity.
Lajos Kossuth
Despots play their part in the works of thinkers. Fettered words are terrible words. The writer doubles and trebles the power of his writing when a ruler imposes silence on the people. Something emerges from that enforced silence, a mysterious fullness which filters through and becomes steely in the thought.
Victor Hugo
There is not land beneath the sun where there is an open Bible and a preached gospel, where a tyrant long can hold his place… Let the Bible be opened to be read by all men, and no tyrant can long rule in peace… The religion of Jesus makes men think, and to make men think is always dangerous to a despot’s power.
Charles Spurgeon
Be assured, fellow citizens, that in a democracy it is the laws that guard the person of the citizen and the constitution of the state, whereas the despot and the oligarch find their protection in suspicion and in armed guards.
Muslims, scholars or not, are on the side of the oppressed and never on the side of the oppressors. Some scholars claim they don’t do politics but if you listen to their statements in the Middle East or in other conferences, they support corrupt regimes and despots, such as as-Sissi.
Tariq Ramadan
At a distance, we cannot conceive of the authority of a despot who knows all his subjects on sight.
Love sometimes elevates, creates new qualities, suspends the working of evil inclinations; but only for a day. Love, then, is an Oriental despot, whose glance lifts a slave from the dust, and then consigns him to it again.
Sophie Swetchine
If men use their liberty in such a way as to surrender their liberty, are they thereafter any the less slaves? If people by a plebiscite elect a man despot over them, do they remain free because the despotism was of their own making?
Herbert Spencer
Ignorant, unconscious and dishonourable part of a society want and like kings, dictators, padishahs and all sort of despots; educated, conscious and honourable part of the same society hate and refuse monarchs, tyrants, oppressors and any kind of autocrats!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Those who disagree with the dictator’s plan have no other means to carry on than to defeat the despot by force of arms.
Ludwig von Mises
Power is the test. Some, once they have it, are content to buy the show of liking, and punish those who withhold it; then you have a despot. But some keep a true eye for how they seem to others, and care about it, which holds them back from much mischief.
Mary Renault
Close alliances with despots are never safe for free states.
Our nation and those of the developed world must offer our own resistance to despot leaders who seek to commit murder on the basis of religion or race.
Tim Bishop
One hundred and seventy-three despots would surely be as oppressive as one.
James Madison
I should favour anything that would increase the present enormous authority of women and their creative action in their own homes. The average woman…is a despot; the average man is a serf.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
There are three kinds of despots. There is the despot who tyrannizes over the body. There is the despot who tyrannizes over the soul. There is the despot who tyrannizes over the soul and body alike. The first is called the Prince. The second is called the Pope. The third is called the People.
Oscar Wilde
It is the old practice of despots to use a part of the people to keep the rest in order.
Thomas Jefferson
Surely the fates are forever kind, though Nature’s laws are more immutable than any despot’s, yet to man’s daily life they rarelyseem rigid, but permit him to relax with license in summer weather. He is not harshly reminded of the things he may not do.
Henry David Thoreau
In times of anarchy one may seem a despot in order to be a saviour.
Victor de Riqueti, marquis de Mirabeau
Despots and democratic majorities are drunk with power.
Ludwig von Mises
A hurt body and mind aren’t just like a dictatorship; they are a dictatorship. There is no tyrant as merciless as pain, no despot so cruel as confusion.
Stephen King
Woman, as Nature has created her and as she is currently reared by man, is his enemy and can only be his slave or his despot, but never his companion. She will be able to become his companion only when she has the same rights as he, when she is his equal in education and work.
Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
Providence has given the United States the duty of extending Christian civilization. We come as ministering angels, not despots.
Knute Nelson
Absolute power corrupts even when exercised for humane purposes. The benevolent despot who sees himself as a shepherd of the people still demands from others the submissiveness of sheep. The taint inherent in absolute power is not its inhumanity but its anti-humanity.
Eric Hoffer
Despotism is unjust to everybody, including the despot, who was probably made for better things.
Oscar Wilde
Absolute power turns its possessors not into a God but an anti-God. For God turned clay into men, while the absolute despot turns men into clay.
Eric Hoffer
Liberty is of small value to the lower third of humanity. They greatly prefer security, which means protection by some class above them. They are always in favor of despots who promise to feed them. The only liberty an inferior man really cherishes is the liberty to quit work, stretch out in the sun, and scratch himself.
H. L. Mencken
The greatest slave is not he who is ruled by a despot, great though that evil be, but he who is in the thrall of his own moral ignorance, selfishness, and vice.
Samuel Smiles
Even enlightened despots don’t make very good teachers.
Marilyn Wallace
Peace /n/: A rare state which has only existed when a despot has been fearsome or strong enough to impose it. The image of your head on the end of a stick is a strong incentive toward ‘visualizing world peace’.
Boyd Rice
Man, who wert once a despot and a slave, A dupe and a deceiver! a decay, A traveller from the cradle to the grave Through the dim night of this immortal day.
Percy Bysshe Shelley
The orators and the despots have the least power in their cities … since they do nothing that they wish to do, practically speaking, though they do whatever they think to be best.
When the last of the Reformers died, religion, instead of emancipating the nations, had become an excuse for the criminal art of despots. Calvin preached, and Bellarmine lectured; but Machiavelli reigned.
Lord Acton
If it’s a despot you would dethrone, see first that his throne erected within you is destroyed.
Khalil Gibran
Nothing is more durable than the dynasty of Doubt; for he reigns in the hearts of all his people, but gives satisfaction to none of them, and yet he is the only despot who can never die, while any of his subjects live.
Charles Caleb Colton
Despots prefer the friendship of the dog, who, unjustly mistreated and debased, still loves and serves the man who wronged him.
Charles Fourier
Idealism is the despot of thought, just as politics is the despot of will.
Mikhail Bakunin
A good constitution is infinitely better than the best despot.
Thomas B. Macaulay
Prig and philistine, Ph.D. and C.P.A., despot of English 218c and big shot of the Kiwanis Club-how much, at bottom, they both hate Art, and how hard it is to know which of them hates it the more.
Louis Kronenberger
No despot ever flung forth his legions to die in foreign conquest, no privilege-ruled nation ever erupted across its borders, to lock in death embrace with another, but behind them loomed the driving power of a population too large for its boundaries and its natural resources.
Margaret Sanger
The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.
James Madison
Neither a life of anarchy nor a life under a despot should you praise. To all that lies in the middle has a god given excellence.
If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic government to be your master. The wise despot, therefore, maintains among his subjects a popular sense that they are helpless and ineffectual.
Frank Herbert