Devilish Quotes

Devilish Quotes by Wayne Thiebaud, George Bernard Shaw, John Masefield, Martin Luther, Arthur Schopenhauer, Philip Pullman and many others.

Morandi gave an intimate view of his deepest thoughts.

Morandi gave an intimate view of his deepest thoughts. We watched him inquiring after the devilish questions of essences and substances.
Wayne Thiebaud
I find it easy to forgive the man who invented a devilish instrument like dynamite, but how can one ever forgive the diabolical mind that invented the Nobel Prize in Literature?
George Bernard Shaw
It is too maddening. I’ve got to fly off, right now, to some devilish navy yard, 3 hours in a seasick steamer, & after being heartily sick, I’ll have to speak 3 times, & then be sick coming home. Still, who would not be sick for England?
John Masefield
Anyone who can be proved to be a seditious person is an outlaw before God and the emperor; and whoever is the first to put him to death does right and well. Therefore let everyone who can, smite, slay and stab, secretly or openly, remembering that nothing can be more poisonous, hurtful, or devilish than a rebel.
Martin Luther
If the peasants are in open rebellion, then they are outside the law of God. Therefore let all who are able slash, strike down, and kill (those who rebel) openly and secretly, remembering that there can be nothing more venomous, harmful, or devilish than a rebel. It is exactly like killing a mad dog.
Martin Luther
To feel envy is human, to savour schadenfreude is devilish
Arthur Schopenhauer
All things from the north are devilish.
Philip Pullman
Curses of vanished elders echoed down on me; too pretty, too soft, too pale, eyes far too full of the Devil, ah, that devilish smile
Anne Rice
Whenever I may be tempted to slack up and let the business run for awhile on its own impetus, I picture my competitor sitting at a desk in his opposition house, thinking and thinking with the most devilish intensity and clearness, and I ask myself what I can do to be prepared for his next brilliant move.
Harry Gordon Selfridge
Ever since our first fathers by infection took this morbum sathanicum, this devilish disease, pride, of the devil, such tinder is our nature, that every little spark sets us on fire; our nature hath grown so light, that every little thing puffeth us up, and sets us aloft in our altitudes presently.
Lancelot Andrewes
Yes we are devilish; that is true we cackle. Yes we are dark like the soil and wild like the animals. And we turn to each other and stare into this darkness. We find it beautiful. We find this darkness irresistible. We cease all hiding.
Susan Griffin
The most devilish thing is 8 times 8 and 7 times 7 it is what nature itselfe cant endure.
Marjorie Fleming
No matter how much I wanted all those things that I needed money to buy, there was some devilish current pushing me off in another direction — toward anarchy and poverty and craziness. That maddening delusion that a man can lead a decent life without hiring himself out as a Judas Goat.
Hunter S. Thompson
It is devilish difficult to criticise society & also create human beings.
E. M. Forster
To sin is a human business, to justify sins is a devilish business.
Leo Tolstoy
Little sins carry with them but little temptations to sin, and then a man shews most viciousness and unkindness, when he sins on a little temptation. It is devilish to sin without a temptation; it is little less than devilish to sin on a little occasion. The less the temptation is to sin, the greater is that sin.
Thomas Brooks
I like devilish, thorny, dirty, mean roles, muck and mire, unbelievably sad, unbelievably happy, burdened. Inner conflict – that’s where drama is.
Amanda Plummer
There is a devilish mercy in the judge, if you’ll implore it, that will free your life, but fetter you till death.
William Shakespeare
Whatever your objective in life may be, never use violence to get it! Violence belongs to the Land of Evil; once you enter there, your face and your heart is forever sealed with the devilish ugliness of the violence!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
Blessed be those happy ages that were strangers to the dreadful fury of these devilish instruments of artillery, whose inventor I am satisfied is now in Hell, receiving the reward of his cursed invention, which is the cause that very often a cowardly base hand takes away the life of the bravest gentleman.
Miguel de Cervantes
Roguery is thought by some to be cunning and laughable: it is neither; it is devilish.
Thomas Carlyle
There are evil spirits who suddenly fix their abode in man’s unguarded breast, causing us to commit devilish deeds, and then, hurrying back to their native hell, leave behind the stings of remorse in the poisoned bosom.
Friedrich Schiller
As General Eisenhower discovered, it is easier to end the Cold War or stamp out poverty than to master this devilish pastime.
James Reston, Jr.
There is purpose in pain; otherwise it were devilish.
Robert Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Earl of Lytton
Laws are man-made! They can be faulty, they can be childish, they can be ridiculous, they can be silly and they can even be utterly devilish! Anything man made is open to all the possibilities except perfection!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
The devil’s most devilish when respectable.
Elizabeth Barrett Browning
A few days back someone sent me two feathers. Two bird’s feathers in a sheet of note-paper with a coronet, and fastened with a seal. Sent from a place a long way off; from one who need not have sent them back at all. That amused me too, those devilish green feathers.
Knut Hamsun
Never confuse the person, formed in the image of God, with the evil that is in him: because evil is but a chance misfortune, an illness, a devilish reverie. But the very essence of the person is the image of God, and this remains in him despite every disfigurement.
John of Kronstadt
There’s no one as transparent as the person who thinks he’s devilish deep.
W. Somerset Maugham
To err is human, to repent divine; to persist devilish.
Benjamin Franklin
But he always licked to get visitors alone in the billiard room and tell them stories about a mysterious lady, a foreign royalty, with whom he had driven about London. ‘A devilish temper she had,’ he would say. ‘But she was a dem fine woman, sir, a dem fine woman.
C. S. Lewis
Every man has his devilish minutes.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
Betty’s a good Muslim woman and wife. I don’t imagine many other women might put up with the way I am. Awakening this brainwashed black man and telling this arrogant, devilish white man the truth about himself, Betty understands, is a full-time job
Malcolm X
The ugly is very appealing to man. It’s instinct. One shrinks from the ugly, yet wants to look at it. There’s a devilish fascination in it. We extract pleasure from horror.
Sonya Levien
There was a pony named Barbapoppa that I received at the age of five, and he was very mischievous and maybe even devilish. Barbapoppa was the most fabulous first animal I was to have and challenged me much.
Chantal Sutherland
It is human to err, but it is devilish to remain willfully in error.
Saint Augustine
Peace is not a dream; peace is an option! You either choose peace and prove that you are clever and angelic, or choose war proving that you are stupid and devilish!
Mehmet Murat Ildan
I most sincerely doubt if any other race of women could have brought its fineness up through so devilish a fire.
W. E. B. Du Bois
There are those who say that revealed religion and organic evolution can be harmonized. This is both false and devilish.
Bruce R. McConkie
This modernizing experiment seems to have something diabolic about it. Everything that was becomes rejected in the name of a modernity that assumes the nature of a fiction, an illusion, a devilish apparition. To a greater or lesser extent this applies to all the postcommunist countries.
Andrzej Stasiuk
He was still dazed, and though she hated to admit it, he was actually rather attractive. If a girl happened to like that square-jaw, bright-blue-eyes, devilish-dimples kind of thing. Although he was in desperate need of a haircut and a good shave.
Marissa Meyer
Whenever God looks devilish, I see the philosopher fail.
Kedar Joshi
When truth kills truth, O devilish holy fray!
William Shakespeare
If Iran and North Korea, by some horrible, devilish, nightmarish scenario, got together and went to war at the same time, one against Saudi Arabia and one against South Korea, I don’t know what we would do about that. I don’t know that we could stop them short of using nuclear weapons.
Ben Stein
I don’t recall the so-called devilish things I do. But there are considerable amounts.
John Travolta
Take the word for it of a man who has made his way inch by inch, and does not believe that we’ll wake up to find our work done because we’ve lain all night a-dreaming of it; anything worth doing is devilish hard to do!
Henry James
To be true is manly, chivalrous, Christian; to be false is mean, cowardly, devilish.
Thomas Carlyle