Different Kind Quotes

Different Kind Quotes by Kei Nishikori, Samantha Fox, Mindy Grossman, Keanu Reeves, Bianca Jagger, Roger Michell and many others.

I'm Japanese, of course, but spending so long in Americ

I’m Japanese, of course, but spending so long in America has made me into a different kind of person.
Kei Nishikori
When I was a model, everybody was scrutinising me and I felt I had to go to the gym because my figure had to be fantastic. Now that I’m a singer, I’ve got a different kind of body – it’s more athletic.
Samantha Fox
Content is power in today’s world, and if you can own that content, create it and make interaction more of an experience than a transaction, you create a different kind of loyalty.
Mindy Grossman
Letters are something from you. It’s a different kind of intention than writing an e-mail.
Keanu Reeves
Tony Blair has turned his back on the principles he claimed he believed in before he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with George W. Bush. He was an entirely different kind of leader.
Bianca Jagger
I’m not saying that it’s wrong to make huge Hollywood films but it’s just a different kind of feeling, a different sort of pleasure.
Roger Michell
While we were filming ‘Munna Bhai MBBS,’ we didn’t think we were doing some kind of mainstream cinema. I only knew that I was doing a different kind of cinema.
Rajkumar Hirani
I continue to feel it was solidarity in the prison that made living in prison a different kind of community, and I began a life of service.
Susan Rosenberg
My cinema is of a different kind: give me a good meaty role instead of two or three songs and running around in foreign locations wearing itsy-bitsy costumes. I’m clear and focussed about my priorities.
Nithya Menen
I believe that writing on music is experienced inside your head, is not a physically present in the world, it has a different kind of authority and prominence and you absorb it differently.
Robert Christgau
I would love to do different kind of roles and genres.
Urvashi Rautela
Manhattan, though, was an entirely different ballgame in a whole different kind of world, with a man who was brilliant and at the same time terribly charismatic.
Mariel Hemingway
I had written in another draft a completely different kind of fight, but they said they couldn’t afford to shoot it. They needed a fight scene, though, so I was told to put a fight scene in, but not the one I had written.
Dana Carvey
With TV, your first draft just doesn’t matter. It’s a skeleton, and then there’s draft after draft after draft, and so many other factors influence it. It’s just a whole different kind of storytelling.
Sarah Pinborough
I do a bit of boxing in the off-season to stay fit – it’s a different kind of fitness.
Nikita Parris
I feel I’ll take on the responsibility of showing the world a whole different kind of Latin woman.
Eva Mendes
Like when I had long hair, you kind of got male attention from everything. But when you had short hair, it was a different kind of man that was attracted to you or I found coming up.
Ashley Scott
As an artiste you want to experiment, meet new people and do different kind of songs.
Ankit Tiwari
I’d like to do something dramatic or a different kind of role, but I tend not to separate comedy and drama all that much.
Paul Rudd
I’ve always felt like a different kind of ballerina.
Wendy Whelan
I’ve gone to Detroit. I’ve been to Ferguson; I’ve been to Baltimore, because I want our party to be bigger, better and bolder, and I’m the only one that leads Hillary Clinton in five states that were won by President Obama. I’m a different kind of Republican.
Rand Paul
I get a different kind of lyric from someone else that might make me go in a different musical direction.
Barry Mann
I will stop nasal singing. I will change if the time comes. I am 100% sure about it. The day I feel people are loving some different kind of music, I will opt for it and change myself.
Himesh Reshammiya
There’s different kind of champions. There’s the champion that becomes champion and they’re not champion for long. And then you have the guy who becomes champion and he stays at the top for like a decade. And those fighters tend to be very intelligent.
Keith Thurman
Some theatres back home used to screen arthouse films by Adoor and Shyam Benegal, and week-long festivals of films from France, Germany and the U.S.S.R. That was when I realised there was a world where people did not run around trees singing duets. That it was possible to make a different kind of cinema.
Different kind of cinema is being created, people are coming up with different kind of scripts, they are able to come up with scripts that work with the audiences and also scripts which will have something to say to the audience, which is a heart-warming thing.
Pankaj Kapur
The whole notion of journalism being an institution whose fundamental purpose is to educate and inform and even, one might say, elevate, has altered under commercial pressure, perhaps, into a different kind of purpose, which is to divert and distract and entertain.
Tom Stoppard
To me, it’s a different kind of voter suppression to constantly try to make people feel like the election is over before it’s even begun.
Kellyanne Conway
When I decided to become an actor, I realised that every role that we play on screen requires a different kind of prep. I learnt wrestling for ‘Dangal,’ went through an emotional grind for ‘Photograph’ and stepped out of my comfort zone and shed too many inhibitions for ‘Pataakha.’
Sanya Malhotra
I decided that I wanted to explore all kinds of music with my cello, not just the Western classical tradition. I just wanted to try and expand my vocabulary and bring that different kind of music to my audience.
Maya Beiser
‘Mud’ was a depository for a little more nostalgia and just a different kind of feeling, a different kind of mood. Something that’s not so dark. Something that does actually have a happy ending and is a little more hopeful.
Jeff Nichols
It’s a different kind of grief when you lose a parent.
Luke Campbell
The most successful people I’ve worked with, like the Rolling Stones – people of a different, kind of legendary caliber – have such great, warm energy.
Christina Aguilera
Just six years into the 21st century, one can say this is not shaping up to be anything like an American century. Rather, the U.S. seems much more likely to be faced with a very different kind of future: how to manage its own imperial decline.
Martin Jacques
I don’t assume, because I can write screenplays, that I know how to write a novel. It’s a very different world. There’s a craft involved in storytelling, and it’s a different kind of craft. But yes, someday I will do that. It just might be awhile.
Melissa Rosenberg
‘The Dark Knight Rises’ does not beat ‘The Avengers. ‘ The reason? It is a totally different kind of movie – to compare them is an empty exercise.
Neal Adams
The Stones are a different kind of group. I realized that when I joined them. It’s not really so much their musical ability, it’s just they have a certain kind of style and attitude which is unique.
Mick Taylor
I don’t think films and television can be killed by the web. They shall always remain but as time passes we shall see that they give us a very different kind of entertainment.
Vikram Bhatt
From the start, I used a different kind of girl in Nars campaign images. My choice to use models of colour such as Alek Wek, Naomi Campbell and Karen Park Goude was absolutely a deliberate one. I felt that makeup was universal and should apply to everybody.
Francois Nars
I want to be part of a different kind of celebrity, one that thinks not just about charity but policy.
Wyclef Jean
Poems have a different music from ordinary language, and every poem has a different kind of music of necessity, and that’s, in a way, the hardest thing about writing poetry is waiting for that music, and sometimes you never know if it’s going to come.
C. K. Williams
As a woman leader, I thought I brought a different kind of leadership. I was interested in women’s issues, in bringing down the population growth rate… as a woman, I entered politics with an additional dimension – that of a mother.
Benazir Bhutto
I’ve gotten my butt kicked by the best. Jet Li beat me up the best, but Steven Segal can still kick a good butt. It’s a different kind of kicking, though.
Anthony Anderson
You know what, I’m happy to say that everything outside of ‘Dexter’ feels like a vacation, and I don’t mean to say anything negative about the show. It’s just a different kind of work. Emotionally it’s taxing and complicated, and that’s a great thing.
Jennifer Carpenter
I love playing a villain. I think that there’s something freeing about that, and it’s a different kind of challenge.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Each book requires a different kind of treatment and structural gambit.
Colson Whitehead
I really love New York, and I’ve lived here for a long time. I know not just the different neighborhoods but the different kind of class cultures in New York from the up-and-coming, down-and-out kind of artist to the powerful worlds of finance.
Neil Burger
As far as subject matter, I’d say most of the songs aren’t that personal to me. I love making up characters and kind of having fun in a different kind of way.
Carrie Underwood
It is different because ‘Grahan’ was promoted Pan India and audience from all over the country watched it. It was obviously a very different feeling and a different kind of success.
Wamiqa Gabbi
I do believe everyone on this earth is an artist – some people more than others. But I do believe we are all artists in a certain way. We all have unique abilities. There are people who are meant to make it their life, and that is a different kind of person who would choose to be on that path.
Melora Hardin
Auburn is a very small, quiet college town, a different kind of place geographically and culturally.
Tim Hudson
I’d encourage anyone at any level to take lessons, as it really can turn you into a different kind of skier.
Dean Cain
I feel you need a big film to be seen but then, you also need to do something where you get to perform. Only then the industry notices you and gives you more chances with different kind of roles.
Angad Bedi
I have a muscular build and I’ve learned to embrace that because it’s makes me strong, giving me speed and power on the ice. It’s a different kind of femininity – one that doesn’t fit the norm.
Tessa Virtue
Maybe it’s becoming a mum and beginning a family. I feel like a different kind of confidence is starting to come.
Asher Keddie
I used to live in Canada. It’s a beautiful country with a lot of different kind of topographic regions.
Sebastian Bach
I enjoy playing different kind of people.
Pankaj Kapur
It is important to keep the filmmakers interested in you so they can offer you everything and anything. We actors are not given work on the basis of audience poll; the filmmaker will cast you after they see and like your work. It is essential to do different kind of films and not get typecast.
Randeep Hooda
It gives a different kind of high when, as an actor, I get to submit myself to the character I play.
Vidya Balan
I like to run on the beach. It’s a different exercise as well when you’re in sand, a different kind of training.
Charlie Bewley
‘Stree’ is something fresh and new. Audiences want to see different kind of content on-screen, and ‘Stree’ is exactly that. It is a unique genre – horror-comedy – which has not been explored much in our country.
Rajkummar Rao
I just think that people take me a little more seriously as a brunette. I don’t know if that’s just because of a societal preconceived notion that all blondes are stupid, but it’s a different kind of attitude.
Kate Bosworth
I think the live show is a different kind of catharsis. It’s an event. It’s supposed to be entertaining. To keep myself entertained, I like to play a rock n’ roll show. I still kind of feel like I’m a rock n’ roll musician anyway.
Jason Isbell
I hope that I’m sexy in a different kind of way than I think that a lot of girls are right now. I think a lot of girls in the public eye, especially musical artists, are just kind of objectified a little bit and wearing super-skimpy outfits and leaving nothing to the imagination.
Emmy Rossum
People don’t realize that we, we meaning people in show business, have the same problems as everyone else. Money doesn’t change that. Fame doesn’t change that. Sometimes that brings on more problems. You know, it’s just a different kind of problems.
Dolly Parton
Pentagon dollars are essentially seen as a different kind of funding that doesn’t have to stand for itself and make an argument for itself in the house of Congress.
Rachel Maddow
Different mediums are giving a different kind of satisfaction. The reason I do television, if I do web for the same reason, I will not be able to sustain it, and vice versa.
Karan Wahi
People think that what I see diving must drive what I put into films, but that isn’t really the case. When I am making a Hollywood production, I am telling a different kind of story. Of course, if I see something interesting that works, we will look at it, but they are different things.
James Cameron
Sen. Rand Paul is a Different Kind of Republican. He will drag the party, kicking and screaming, toward a new kind of conservatism that appeals more to today’s youth, who embrace liberty and are skeptical of foreign intervention.
Alex Pareene
Contrary to popular view, I’ve never been patronized in the Middle East. Men maybe treat women differently, but they do not treat them with disrespect. They don’t hate women. It’s a very different kind of mentality.
Zaha Hadid
Well, we certainly weren’t making a cartoon show for kids. It was a completely different kind of idea.
Dave Rowntree
I’d been reading Eastern philosophy since I was a kid. And I meditated. I did it on a daily basis. It’s the one thing I do with any consistency. Meditation gives you a different kind of mindset. It’s very powerful.
Forest Whitaker
When my mother was dying, I cooked for her. One of the things I realised was that the smell and look of the food was key. I concentrated on how it looked on the plate. Even if the amount was small, it gave her a nourishment of a different kind.
Simon McBurney
From a young age, I was rubbing elbows with a very different kind of person and social class, and I felt a lot of tension and conflict in my identity because of that.
David Lindsay-Abaire
I think for us – the Weinstein name, the Miramax name – they’ve both become synonymous with brands. We have a real winning formula when it comes to championing a different kind of movie, and I think the audience trusts us.
Harvey Weinstein
Just being able to grind, day in and day out. You have to be a different kind of person to not just do the workouts, but to not make money for months at a time.
Robbie Lawler
I am a big fan of the old Howard Hawks films from the 30s and 40s, I was a big Hepburn and Tracey fan for a while and Woody Allen films that are a very different kind of romantic comedy.
Edward Burns
I had a husband who stayed with me, and small children, and I had no choice but to pull myself together and rebuild a different kind of life. There was no other choice.
Kimberly Quinn
The joy of making a genre film is that you have audiences in that place, and it’s a perfect place to start because all it takes is finding ways to startle them out of that complacency and encourage a different kind of engagement.
Ari Aster
I could be making a lot more money now if I had chosen a different kind of movie, but none of that matters to me… I’ve done the parts I wanted to do.
Jessica Lange
Unlike a novel, where you expect a different kind of arc that leaves us with a somber sense of resolution, I think a story in some ways as like a train window: being able to watch the landscape pass for a certain amount of time. And then your stop arrives, and you have to leave.
Laura van den Berg
Every woman is just a different kind of problem.
Chuck Palahniuk
Everybody understands friendship, and friendship is different than love – it’s a different kind of love. Friendship has more freedom, more latitude. You don’t expect your friend to be as you think your friend should be; you expect your friend just to love you as a friend.
Carole King
Obviously, portraying a mermaid is a very different kind of work, especially when compared to any other character you’d probably get asked to play in a show.
Eline Powell
I attract a different kind of boy when my hair’s red. I get more quality men – like a more thoughtful, nerdy dude.
Kirsten Dunst
Yeah, there are a couple of wrestling shows out there with very, very good production values in RAW and SmackDown, but I think we’re going to offer something completely different from what they offer, a very, very different kind of product that visually is going to look as good or better in a lot of ways.
Tony Khan
It’s a different kind of satisfaction, different kind of enjoyment than making your own songs, to remake someone else’s song that you really like.
Mark Lanegan
Slashing its way to the finish line, ‘Black Swan’ is the first ballet movie for highbrow horror fans for whom ballet itself signifies little to nothing. Those of us who know and love ballet can only look on it with a different kind of horror.
James Wolcott
I shifted my career when I was 44 to quit the Washington beats. I had a great Washington beat, a series of them, and I quit to start my tech column, which was a different kind of tech column.
Walt Mossberg
I’m a different kind of Republican. I’ve introduced a five-year balanced budget. I’ve introduced the largest tax cut in our history. I stood for ten and a half hours on the Senate floor to defend your right to be left alone.
Rand Paul
We are a very close family, and I love them very much, but I’m definitely the odd one out. I live a completely different kind of life style. I always was different. I felt like a fish out of water; I really never knew who I was.
Janet McTeer
There was never anything like it before in history. It was a different kind of joyous, happy screaming.
Jo Stafford
I’ve been really terrible in a lot of things because I learned by making mistakes. That makes you a different kind of actor, because you have to figure out for yourself what you do.
Peter Capaldi
I think I’m a different kind of role model for young girls.
Megan Fox
There’s a way that you can throw negativity out there that seems rebellious. But I’ve always taken pleasure in a different kind of rebellion, which is putting a positive spin on everything, trying to enjoy myself at all times.
Zac Efron
Although Perm is one of the biggest cities in Russia it felt like a different kind of Russia. In Moscow, you have the Kremlin, St. Basil’s, a lot of Soviet iconography everywhere. In Perm, it was a different side of Russia. A little more folksy. If Moscow is an iron statue of an eagle, Perm is a matryoshka nesting doll.
Robin Lopez
I had seen ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ and I thought that was a different kind of film than I’d seen before, with that kind of editing and slick camera movements.
Dennis Farina
No, I am not my mother. I am deeply, endlessly grateful for what she did and who she was, but I am a different kind of person.
Elizabeth Berg
I’ve been lucky enough to have a lot of romantic leads in movies and indies, and you do form a different kind of connection when you do that together as actors.
Jake Johnson
Look at the movies of the sixties and seventies. They were making a different kind of movie then. Would ‘Network’ ever be made now? No. Would ‘Kramer vs. Kramer’ ever be made now? No. Would ‘Tootsie’ ever be made now? Probably not. Robert Altman films? Never.
Chris Pine
It was a very cool thing to be a smart girl, as opposed to some other, different kind. And I think that made a great deal of difference to me growing up and in my life afterward.
Elena Kagan
When I was 13, we went back to Argentina to live for a year. I got to see my extended family – really see them: where they grew up, how they lived. It was a different kind of struggle. There is no money. There are no jobs. And they still have to find a way to feed their families.
Diana Taurasi
I love people, but I don’t do so well in a system. We’re poor, and we lead a very different kind of life. We depend on other people so much.
Carolyn Chute
I want to create a different kind of legacy.
I would personally not run down any cinema just because I am not capable of making it. Anurag Kashyap makes a certain kind of cinema; I make a different kind. But when we meet, we are friendly.
Rohit Shetty
What I did with Slash and the Conspirators was a very different kind of music. Genre-wise, it is a step in a different direction.
Myles Kennedy
When you get into the final week of the Tour de France, it becomes a different kind of race. As the distance and the fatigue really tell, that is when it becomes a proper test of everyone’s fitness.
Bradley Wiggins
South Florida’s international connections mean there’s a different kind of innovation here. We’re able to intersect with a lot of brilliant people who are not associated with Silicon Valley.
Rony Abovitz
I’d rather sit in Jacksonville and do a different kind of work than get messed over.
Johnny Van Zant
I feel empowered to be a different kind of writer. The longer I stay here, the more light filters into my work. I feel very American. I belong.
Bharati Mukherjee
If I’ve been an architect of my own career in any fashion, one thing that I’ve attempted to do is not get typecast, in order to be able to play all different kind of characters. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that over the years.
Ed Harris
Once you’re in a musical, there is a huge opportunity for that, singing and dancing, ‘Aha!’ and ‘Tada’ at the end of the numbers; but it’s a different kind of discipline you have to go through to maintain that kind of performance.
Alan Tudyk
The family I’m from, well, no one had their name on big buildings. My family were builders of a different kind. Builders in the way most American families are. They used whatever tools they had – whatever God gave them – and whatever life in America provided – and built better lives and better futures for their kids.
Hillary Clinton
When you have an acoustic bass in the ensemble it really changes the dynamic of the record because it kind of forces everybody to play with a greater degree of sensitivity and nuance because it just has a different kind of tone and spectrum than the electric bass.
David Sanborn
After I had my baby, I reprioritized my life in general. I really wanted to play characters that gave me a different kind of fulfillment. That is a difficult thing to find, especially as an actress.
Anna Faris
In fact, it is more interesting to play someone whose politics is not in sync with my own politics because then I have to understand a different kind of mind and that becomes more interesting as an actor.
Rasika Dugal
I look for a role that hopefully I feel empathy with and that I can understand and love, but also that has that challenge for me to play – a different kind of role, a different type of character, a different time period.
Kathy Bates
Playing music for as long as I had been playing music and then getting a shot at making a record and at having an audience and stuff, it’s just like an untamed force… a different kind of energy.
Eddie Vedder
I put on fifteen pounds of muscle, so that was a lot of eating chicken and a high protein, low-carb diet. Also a lot of heavy lifting and a very different kind of training with an ex-navy SEAL guy who wanted to kill me every time I got with him. In a good way.
Josh Hutcherson
I talk about being a ‘what’ to people. Like, being gay in mainstream society is a different kind of ‘what’ than being black. They don’t always jive. It’s confusing and leads to these really awkward personal stories that have just been in me for awhile.
Justin Simien
I am keenly aware of how many people the Six of Crows stories’ brought into the Grishaverse, and to me, the story of the Crows, of Kaz and his crew, provides a very different kind of story and point of view, than Shadow and Bone’ and Alina’s story.
Leigh Bardugo
My father was a typical Irish father. He was a nice, hard working, driven guy. His politics were very conservative and I was just a very different kind of kid to that. I was very shy and bookish.
Ardal O’Hanlon
What makes ‘Derek’ a different kind of sitcom – if it is even a sitcom – is its sincerity.
Ricky Gervais
People think artists like 50 Cent don’t have charisma, but it’s just a different kind of charisma, a bully charisma, which is kinda frowned upon.
Earl Sweatshirt
I always feel on film you have to earn a ballad, because it’s a different kind of pace.
Rob Marshall
I am a big fan of Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller, who have carved a niche for themselves. I think doing different kind of films gives you longevity and the ability to set yourself apart.
Vir Das
I think I would have been a totally different kind of writer if I’d gone to England. I might have developed a cynicism about my origins, a belittling of them, or an excessive nostalgia for them.
Derek Walcott
I thought it’d be different. Kind of like, a lot of weight lifted off of my shoulders, as I don’t have to worry about finances for the rest of my life, or my family’s. But it wasn’t like that. It was more – there’s things I need to get done.
Giancarlo Stanton
I’ve twice run against women opponents, and it’s a very different kind of approach. For those of us who have some chivalry left, there’s a level of respect… You treat some things as a special treasure; you treat other things as common.
Mike Huckabee
You can’t worry too much about profile; otherwise, you become a different kind of actor, and that’s not the kind of actor I want to be.
Anne-Marie Duff
Our country was hit on 9/11, 2001. Everybody in the world knows that. It hasn’t been easy to deal with a different kind of enemy, but that is what we have, a different kind of enemy.
Kay Bailey Hutchison
The artist must ask you to think of the world in a different way, and sometimes it’s a more abstract way; sometimes it’s a completely different kind of colouring.
William Lipscomb
I have been doing a lot of romantic movies, so such roles don’t excite me much now. I would like to play an out-and-out, really cruel villain once. My character in ‘Da Thadiya’ had such a streak, but I want a full length villainous role. It is a different kind of excitement.
Nivin Pauly
I always would be happy to make a character even more unlikable, but you know, there’s a limit and if you go there, you get into a very different kind of movie, man.
Paul Giamatti
I would never tell anyone who to vote for. I’m a different kind of ‘liberal’ and I think people should be true to themselves. If you’re Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, you should be true to yourself and be who you are.
Jon Lovitz
I want to do different kind of roles that people don’t want to do.
Saqib Saleem
Theater is a dance of a different kind, a dance of rawness and characters stripped down.
Ian McShane
People walk differently in high heels. Your body sways to a different kind of tempo.
Manolo Blahnik
I think a famous parent is really different from a famous grandparent. My parents are very successful, but no one knows who they are, and they live a completely grounded, homey life. I’m friends with the Gummer girls, whose mum is Meryl Streep, and that feels from the outside like a different kind of burden.
Zoe Kazan
There is something about growing up in the Midwest that gives a different kind of sensibility. But if I’m feeling insecure, the smiles and politeness get upped a notch, and maybe that isn’t totally reflective of how I’m feeling on the inside.
Paul Rudd
If you’re playing a real person, then you want to do a certain amount of research, but that’s only going to be so useful to you. Each role requires a different kind of approach to get ready.
Laurence Fishburne
I have to be careful of what TV shows I choose, particularly ones that have commercials in them, because it’s going to be a different kind of television show.
John Hawkes
When Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister in 1997, we were combating a different kind of terrorism at that time. It was what you call sectarian terrorism, and 9/11 had not happened. And we were tackling that with success and dedication.
Shehbaz Sharif
We’re getting a very different kind of immigrant now, and it began as a specific plan to bring in lots of more Democratic voters, and it worked.
Ann Coulter
Dance is something I really enjoy; it gives me a different kind of happiness, something more spiritual. Plus it’s good exercise; I’m happy doing it, and it all shows!
Madhuri Dixit
I was working probably at the age of 10, when I had my first paper route. I had every different kind of job you could possibly imagine as a young kid.
Howard Schultz
I think anytime you see something that’s been brought to life by an artist’s hands, it just has a different kind of quality.
Travis Knight
The Premier League is a different kind of league, in terms of physical play.
Michael Ballack
I have a different kind of experience than other girls had. I’ve had to face a lot of different styles and adjust to them. I had to face a lot of bad situations and come back. I’ve had to fight with my eyes swollen shut and my nose broken and bloody.
Holly Holm
I think the kind of landscape that you grew up in, it lives with you. I don’t think it’s true of people who’ve grown up in cities so much; you may love a building, but I don’t think that you can love it in the way that you love a tree or a river or the colour of the earth; it’s a different kind of love.
Arundhati Roy
I got to be calm, but I mean, it’s the Olympics. Anybody wants to go out and do their best, so it’s definitely a different kind of pressure.
MyKayla Skinner
I want to do this for as long as I possibly can and coach as many different teams and opportunities and different kind of personalities. I want to gobble that all up. And I want to be able to give and add value to these teams.
Erik Spoelstra
Most magazines have peak moments. They live on, they do just okay, or they die. ‘The New Yorker’ has had a very different kind of existence.
David Remnick
For some, Into The Gloss is just a blog, and that’s cool. For us, it’s the connective tissue between us and you, and that has paved the way for the creation of a very different kind of beauty brand: Glossier.
Emily Weiss
Doing this James Brown thing for the last couple of days has been ideal. But it’s a different kind of fun.
Jules Shear
I would be involved in a show that was something like ‘Run’s House’… that’s a different kind of show.
Everyone has kind of a rough transition in the NFL. It’s a different kind of scouting.
Travis Kelce
Certainly if I were to think in terms of a field that would have required a different mode of education, I think I would have leaned in the direction of being a therapist. And without the education, or a different kind of education, I think my first choice would be a landscape architect. I love to garden.
Jill McCorkle
The Queen is not supposed to have a favourite or prefer anything. From a very young age, they are taught that if you fall down, you don’t make a face; you keep your emotions under control, and you don’t let other people know what you’re feeling. That’s a very different kind of way of thinking from how I was brought up.
Sarah Gadon
I was a different kind of kid, oversensitive and all that.
Brion James
I think when you love a child, it’s a different kind of love. You think, ‘I love more every day. I love more every day, more every day, I couldn’t possibly love any more, I’m going to blow up.’ And then you blow up. Your chest actually starts to hurt. You love so much, you think I can’t love any more.
Sharon Stone
There’s a different kind of attitude when you come from Western New York. You work for everything you get, and nothing’s really handed to you… You realize good work turns to good things, and that’s the edge I always came up with.
Luke Harper
Theatre gives you an altogether different kind of thrill which every actor who wants to grow must try.
I like watching different kind of shows, but I hate watching myself on TV. I feel I am a terrible actor.
Karan Wahi
I’ve written what and when I want to. It’s been about expressing myself. But with the degree, I had to learn to do everything in a very specific, disciplined way. I am very disciplined, but this demanded a totally different kind of discipline. A real challenge.
Joan Armatrading
It’s a different kind of feeling which can not be expressed while playing for home team and I hope that I would be doing well in the IPL.
Ravindra Jadeja
What happens if you stick at something long enough, and study it for so long, you have a different kind of intelligence. It’s not an intellectual thing. It’s almost like an animal intelligence. I call it our form of instinct, almost how a lion knows exactly where its prey is.
Robert Greene
Justin Bieber was born with the Superman powers. He could sing, he could dance, he could play instruments. I wasn’t born with those gifts, so I had to become a different kind of superhero… I’m a normal Joe. But, with a lot of effort, I’ve got a shot at being Bruce Wayne.
Scooter Braun
Both my parents are professors, and I never really saw people do any other jobs, so I didn’t really know how to want a different kind of job.
Alexandra Kleeman
How do you fight when you’re trying to pull somebody’s arms off or twist their head off? That makes for a different kind of fight.
Catherine Hardwicke
Trans people are beautiful. It’s a different kind of beauty, and it should be recognized and respected.
Carmen Carrera
Harry Winks is a very different kind of player to those we usually develop in England. He is more fluid in his play, very comfortable with the ball in tight spaces.
Jermaine Jenas
The publishers, as I remember at the very beginning of my career, wrote letters with their fountain pens. A letter is different from a phone call or fax. It’s a different kind of intimacy. That pervaded the entire business of writing and publishing.
James Salter
You can’t compare my numbers to the other point guards. I’m a different kind of player – if you like it or not.
Jose Calderon
There are different kinds of artists and very often, I’ll be very frank with you, I wish I were a different kind.
Wole Soyinka
We are not terrorists. We’re not criminals, we’re not motivated by money, we’re not motivated by greed. Nor are we simply nice kids gone wrong. We’re deeply committed to a different kind of society and a different world. I think that is something very hard to understand for a lot of people.
Susan Rosenberg
My story is how to have a life while dealing with mental illness, and I’ve had a life. I’ve been blessed. It’s been a different kind of life than what I planned on, but it’s been a good life nonetheless.
Beth Hart
Preparing for roles sounds so academic, doesn’t it? It feels as if you are preparing for an examination! In a creative medium, the preparation is of an entirely different kind, and for me, the ideas flow from the script itself.
Kay Kay Menon
Right before ‘Nebraska,’ I went to Ireland to do this little movie called ‘Run & Jump.’ It was so far away from home, I felt a real safety to explore a different kind of role. I loved how it turned out.
Will Forte
I was a different kind of player as a kid and didn’t do too much shouting and screaming. If things didn’t go my way, I tended to get a bit overwhelmed. All I wanted to do was cry on my mom’s shoulder. I didn’t know how to handle defeat in front of a crowd, and I didn’t want to be the loser.
John McEnroe
I came from the stage so it was a different kind of acting, or a different arena of acting, and I just loved to do it as a kid. It’s really gratifying to get to create these different characters and to get to create different voices and to get to wear different clothes.
Freddy Rodriguez
10 Endradhukulla’ is a thriller and the characters are all on the run. The film travels from South India traversing through the North, to the mountains where the climax takes place. Mine is a different kind of character; he is very suave and stylish and only later it is discovered that he is not what he looks like.
Abhimanyu Singh
Sex in the City was a different kind of phenomenon because of the show itself is a phenomenon and to me that’s successful because to resonate with women across the board for six years and have only one African-American actor pass through for one episode.
Blair Underwood
We have a lot of indie artists coming from Sweden, not so much soul. The closest thing we had was Robyn when she came out, but it’s a different kind of R&B.
Snoh Aalegra
‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ is a different kind of movie.
Isabela Moner
Seeing other people perform inspires me. I couldn’t be a good performer if just relied on my own talents. Seeing what other brave choices other actors are making gives me the strength to be bold in auditions and to approach roles in different kind of ways.
Andrew Keenan-Bolger
I think there are different kinds of quarterbacks, and if you look at any offense, there are different kind of quarterbacks, but you play to the strengths of whoever the quarterback is for the team.
Nick Foles
Feature filmmaking is a different kind of complication as documentary comes in the editing room.
Nicholas Jarecki
Korobov is a different kind of fighter than Willie Monroe, but I am prepared to fight against any style.
Jermall Charlo
I think it’s a different kind of activism. Like, women shouldn’t have to step into men’s roles to be empowered. They should be able to step into themselves. So that’s what I try to bring, that we shouldn’t be thinking of it as menswear or womenswear; it should be clothing for people.
Rain Dove
I do feel like I have always, in my life, been inclined to be on the outside, walk a different path or something. Because of that, and increasingly over the years, my sense of distance from mainstream society or from the way culture works, I have a different kind of perception of it.
Ian MacKaye