Difficulty Quotes

Difficulty Quotes by Ralph Ellison, Nhat Hanh, Benjamin Franklin, Paulo Coelho, Max Beerbohm, Albert Einstein and many others.

Every serious novel is, beyond its immediate thematic p

Every serious novel is, beyond its immediate thematic preoccupations, a discussion of the craft, a conquest of the form, a conflict with its difficulties and a pursuit of its felicities and beauty.
Ralph Ellison
Meditation is not meant to help us avoid problems or run away from difficulties. It is meant to allow positive healing to take place. To meditate is to learn how to stop—to stop being carried away by our regrets about the past, our anger or despair in the present, or our worries about the future.
Nhat Hanh
When circumstances don’t fit our ideas they become our difficulties
Benjamin Franklin
When we are living our dream, the difficulties we encounter make sense.
Paulo Coelho
It is a part of English hypocrisy or English reserve, that whilst we are fluent enough in grumbling about small inconveniences, we insist on making light of any great difficulties or grief’s that may beset us.
Max Beerbohm
In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.
Albert Einstein
Art is a subjective thing, and it should be a subjective thing. And the difficulty of subjectivity is that it becomes hugely problematized when you start applying large sums of money to art objects. That’s where it all starts to get a bit sticky.
Tim Crouch
I am, really, a great writer; my only difficulty is in finding great readers.
Frank Harris
The occasion is piled high with difficulty. We must rise to the occasion.
Abraham Lincoln
This is the crisis! Difficulty getting credit, slow growth, high unemployment, low consumer confidence-these are challenges entrepreneurs can overcome with hard work, smart risk and tenacious teamwork. This is precisely what entrepreneurs do!
Oliver DeMille
At first an ordeal and then an accomplishment, the daily run becomes a staple, like bread, or wine, a fine marriage, or air. It is also a free pass to friendship.
Benjamin Cheever
Surely, nothing can be more plain or even more trite common sense than the proposition that innovation […] is at the center of practically all the phenomena, difficulties, and problems of economic life in capitalist society.
Joseph A. Schumpeter
I should have been glad to acquire some sort of idea of Hindu theology, … but the difficulties were too great.
Mark Twain
I’m sure other writers have no difficulties writing nice.
Justine Larbalestier
It is a friend’s duty that he does not leave his friend in a difficult position but provide intimacy and support to him. In difficulty who leaves is a false and the one not quitting is a true friend.
There were too many lemmings – that was the core of their difficulty. None wanted solitude, but a crowd of this size was a torment. Being sensitive little beasts, they became overstimulated by superfluous numbers of their own kind. They had tried to escape, but with pitiable irony, all tried to escape together.
Sally Carrighar
The real difficulty about volcanism is not to see how it can start, but how it can stop.
Harold Jeffreys
I’ve never had difficulty dominating any market I’ve been in.
Steve Wynn
If you think about the contexts in which we talk about things being fun, often there’s a certain kind of misery or effort that’s involved with it. The difficulty of travel, getting all your bags packed and your work done and navigating the airports and all that. That sort of struggle.
Ian Bogost
The mind, placed before any kind of difficulty, can find an ideal outlet in the absurd. Accommodation to the absurd readmits adults to the mysterious realm inhabited by children.
Andre Breton
What is life without its angles of difficulty and defeat, and its tip of triumph and power?
Ameen Rihani
Think Thousand times before taking a decision But – After taking decison never turn back even if you get Thousand difficulties!!
Adolf Hitler
To treat a big subject in the intensely summarized fashion demanded by an evening’s traffic of the stage when the evening, freely clipped at each end, is reduced to two hours and a half, is a feat of which the difficulty looms large.
Henry James
Modernism in other arts brought extreme difficulty. In poetry, the characteristic difficulty imported under the name of modernism was obscurity. But obscurity could just as easily be a quality of metrical as of free verse.
James Fenton
Difficulty empathising translates into a whole set of hurdles. You might be last person to get the point of a joke, which can leave you feeling like an outsider. You might end up saying something that another person finds hurtful or offensive, when that was the last thing you intended.
Simon Baron-Cohen
I have had to learn the simplest things
last. Which made for difficulties.
Charles Olson
The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it. Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.
A major difficulty is that the answer to the Riddle of the Sphinx is partly a product of the answers that we already have given to the riddle in its various forms.
Gregory Bateson
No author, without a trial, can conceive of the difficulty of writing a romance about a country where there is no shadow, no antiquity, no mystery, no picturesque and gloomy wrong, nor anything but a commonplace prosperity, in broad and simple daylight, as is happily the case with my dear native land.
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Believe that you are bigger than your difficulties, for you are, indeed.
Norman Vincent Peale
If most people are not willing to see the difficulty, this is mainly because, consciously or unconsciously, they assume that it will be they who will settle these questions for the others, and because they are convinced of their own capacity to do this.
Friedrich August von Hayek
The sense organs experience the external light, sound, etc. with difficulty; the different sense organs only have a so-called specific receptivity for particular stimuli.
Johannes Peter Muller
It’s difficult for most people to imagine the creative process in tennis. Seemingly it’s just an athletic matter of hitting the ball consistently well within the boundaries of the court. That analysis is just as specious as thinking that the difficulty in portraying King Lear on stage is learning all the lines.
Virginia Wade
A healthy state can exist only when the men and women who make it up lead clean, vigorous, healthy lives; when the children are so trained that they shall endeavor, not to shirk difficulties, but to overcome them; not to seek ease, but to know how to wrest triumph from toil and risk.
Theodore Roosevelt
It’s the difficulty we had with Mr. Bean, actually, when it went from TV to film. You certainly discover that you need to explain more about a character.
Rowan Atkinson
I had difficulty in grasping how music was made for films. It was a huge learning curve and the toughest phase of my life.
That which we acquire with the most difficulty we retain the longest; as those who have earned a fortune are usually more careful of it than those who have inherited one.
Charles Caleb Colton
To overcome difficulties is to experience the full delight of existence.
Arthur Schopenhauer
The secret of the difficulties of those people who make a great deal of money, and yet are always in want of it, is this-they throw it away as soon as they get it on the first whim or extravagance that strikes them, and have nothing left to meet ordinary expenses or discharge old debts.
William Hazlitt
Our admiration of fine writing will always be in proportion to its real difficulty and its apparent ease.
Charles Caleb Colton
I’m up to here with cool, okay? I am so amazingly cool you could keep a side of meat in me for a month. I am so hip I have difficulty seeing over my pelvis.
Douglas Adams
Think about all the good things of your life. Never think about your difficulties. Forget yourself, and concentrate on being of service as much as you can in this world, and then, having lost your lower self in a cause greater than yourself, you will find your higher self: your real self.
Peace Pilgrim
It has been my philosophy of life that difficulties vanish when faced boldly.
Isaac Asimov
I realized going back and writing and explaining in details the difficulties I had lived actually became emotional again. It’s like therapy but sometimes therapy can be painful. But it’s
part of life and part of the autobiography so I’ll have to finish it sooner or later.
Jenni Rivera
But how to raise a sum in the different States has been my greatest difficulty.
Robert Fulton
How you experience your life depends on how you look at it. If you look at it as a constant stream of difficulties and challenges, messes and problems, it will show up that way. If, on the other hand, you see it as a continuing flow of good fortune, one good thing after another, that is what you will encounter.
Neale Donald Walsch
There’s a new line of research showing that people who don’t get enough sleep, they’re body doesn’t metabolize as well. And so they actually – it leads to weight gain. So if you’re not getting enough sleep, you might have difficulty losing weight.
Shelby Harris
When former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari passed the torch to Zedillo, he knew that economic difficulty lay ahead but believed that the Yale-trained economist’s impeccable technical credentials would be enough to maintain Mexico’s stability.
Denise Dresser
It is very difficult to say nowadays where the suburbs of London come to an end and where the country begins. The railways, instead of enabling Londoners to live in the country have turned the countryside into a city.
Anthony Trollope
I can’t recall any difficulty in making the C language definition completely open – any discussion on the matter tended to mention languages whose inventors tried to keep tight control, and consequent ill fate
Dennis Ritchie
What goes on inside a star is better understood than one might guess from the difficulty of having to look at a little dot of light through a telescope, because we can calculate what the atoms in the stars should do in most circumstances.
Richard P. Feynman
The best way out of a difficulty is through it.
Will Rogers
Sometimes, so much of the difficulty is the question of ‘What am I going to write about?’ because the world is so vast.
Jhumpa Lahiri
When I was in graduate school, I became very interested in why some kids took on challenges and were able to bounce back from setbacks whereas others shy away from difficulty and really crumble when they hit failures. I became fascinated with people who had that kind of courage to take on challenges.
Carol S. Dweck
Life at any time can become difficult: life at any time can become easy. It all depends upon how one adjusts oneself to life.
Morarji Desai
The friend who knows a lot more than you do will bring difficulties, and grief, and sickness, as medicine, as happiness, as the essence of the moment when you’re beaten when you hear Checkmate, and can finally say, I trust you to kill me.
There are the further difficulties of building a population out of a diversity of races, each at a different stage of cultural evolution, some in need of restraint, many in need of protection; everywhere a bewildering Babel of tongues.
Arthur Keith
Being human is itself difficult, and therefore all kinds of settlements (except dream cities) have problems. Big cities have difficulties in abundance, because they have people in abundance.
Jane Jacobs
I should point out, however, that at first some difficulty was experienced in observing the phenomena predicted by the theory, owing to the extreme smallness of the variations in the period of oscillation.
Pieter Zeeman
The younger generation is essentially idealistic. This applies to the Iranian youth as well. In addition, the youth in Iran face certain difficulties… the Iranian youth need more freedom. They are struggling for more freedom and democracy. This commands great respect.
Shirin Ebadi
I think everybody encounters difficulty. It’s just more pitched in some people.
Julia Cameron
Ninety percent of the difficulty in your intellectual life would never have happened if you just had better taste.
Terence McKenna
The right art is purposeless, aimless! The more obstinately you try to learn how to shoot the arrow for the sake of hitting the goal, the less you will succeed in the one and the further the other will recede.
D.T. Suzuki
All real difficulty stems from no responsibility. Full responsibility is not fault; it is recognition of being cause.
L. Ron Hubbard
It is not possible to refer a complex difficulty to a single cause.
Helen Keller
I think a lot of tunes can suffer from being so simple, so either they get over-complicated or their simplicity means the simple way to lay them down becomes the difficulty.
Thom Yorke
It’s not an easy choice, but that’s OK. Easy doesn’t equal good. Difficulty doesn’t equal bad. It’s just life, is all.
Barry Lyga
If you have difficulties making a decision, choose the lesser of the two evils.
My method to overcome a difficulty is to go round it.
George Polya
Don’t dodge difficulties; meet them, greet them, beat them. All great men have been through the wringer.
Alfred Armand Montapert
When repeated difficulties do arise, our first spiritual approach is to acknowledge what is present, naming, softly saying ‘sadness, sadness’, or ‘remembering, remembering’, or whatever.
Jack Kornfield
Of all nations, those submit to civilization with the most difficulty which habitually live by the chase.
Alexis de Tocqueville
As much as we love each other, there is some growing difficulty in my adult relationship with my father. Because we’re both writers, we’re having a very intimate conversation in a very public forum.
Natasha Trethewey
The natural inequality of the two powers of population and of production in the earth, and that great law of our nature which must constantly keep their efforts equal, form the great difficulty that to me appears insurmountable in the way to the perfectibility of society.
Thomas Malthus
You find no difficulty in trusting the Lord with the management of the universe and all the outward creation, and can your case be any more complex or difficult than these, that you need to be anxious or troubled about His management of it?
Hannah Whitall Smith
Stop thinking about your difficulties, whatever they are, and start thinking about God instead.
Emmet Fox
I quickly convinced myself that the true key to material happiness lay in a modest standard of living which could be achieved with little difficulty under almost all economic conditions.
Benjamin Graham
A successful surgeon should be a man who, when asked to name the three best surgeons in the world, would have difficulty deciding on the other two.
Denton Cooley
The difficulty about all this dying, is that you can’t tell a fellow anything about it, so where does the fun come in?
Alice James
When you welcome your emotions as teachers,
every emotion brings good news,
even the ones that are painful.
Gary Zukav
It is greed or financial difficulty that makes people fix matches, not gaining an edge over rivals, so it is different from say Lance Armstrong or Ben Johnson.
Neil Robertson
Young people coming up who are having difficulty with their so-called celebrity need to get back into their lives. It’s your life and you can’t let the fact that you do something pretty good take away the joy of it.
Nikki Giovanni
….those who become princes through their skill acquire the pricipality with difficulty, buy they hold onto it with ease.
Niccolo Machiavelli
Overcoming the difficulties of an ultramarathon reminds me that I can overcome the difficulties of life
Scott Jurek
…Then I got divorced and everything changed, and I became a father in a whole new way and found a whole new set of difficulties.
Louis C. K.
A tension or difficulty can signal the approach of a new grace of God. But it has to be looked at wisely and humanly.
Jean Vanier
Temples are places of personal revelation. When I have been weighed down by a problem or a difficulty, I have gone to the House of the Lord with a prayer in my heart for answers. The answers have come in clear and unmistakable ways.
Ezra Taft Benson
The only difficulty is to know what bits to choose and what to leave out. Novel-writing is not creation, it is selection.
Winifred Holtby
Since I have difficulty defining merit and what merit alone means – and in any context, whether it’s judicial or otherwise – I accept that different experiences in and of itself, bring merit to the system.
Sonia Sotomayor
Change is never a loss – it is change only.
Vernon Howard
Improve yourself by other men’s writings thus attaining effortlessly what they acquired through great difficulty.
I have difficulty putting words in peoples’ mouths. The best dialogue is very, very thin dialogue; you let people improvise and then basically you record what they’ve improvised and then write it down.
Steve McQueen
I think because of all of the difficulties in Europe with terrorism and stuff, a lot of people ended up going to Portugal. They felt, I think, safer in Portugal.
David Neeleman
It has been one of my difficulties, in arguing this question out of doors with friends or strangers, that I rarely find any intelligible agreement as to the object of the war.
Richard Cobden
Difficulty is the nurse of greatness.
William C. Bryant
People seem to sometimes have a difficulty drawing that line between the character and the person.
Clark Duke
The value of liberty was thus enhanced in our estimation by the difficulty of its attainment, and the worth of characters appreciated by the trial of adversity.
George Washington
But all of my efforts served only to make me better acquainted with the difficulty, which in itself was something.
Henri Poincare
All I know is that, thanks to a sort of habit which has always been ingrained in me, I have never, at any moment of my life, experienced the least difficulty in addressing myself to God as to a supreme Someone.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
I may say that here, as in most cases where the operations of nature interfere with the designs of man, it is not by a direct intervention on our part that we may remedy the difficulties, but rather by a precise knowledge of their causes, which may enable us, if not to check, at least to avoid the evil consequences.
Louis Agassiz
It takes the passage of time before an image of a commonplace subject can be assessed. The great difficulty of what I attempt is seeing beyond the moment; the everydayness of life gets in the way of the eternal.
George A Tice
Do not be afraid of your difficulties.Do not wish you could be in other circumstances than you are. For when you have made the best of an adversity, it becomes the stepping stone to a splendid opportunity.
H. P. Blavatsky
Reincarnation contains a most comforting explanation of reality by means of which Indian thought surmounts difficulties which baffle the thinkers of Europe.
Albert Schweitzer
I’m very comfortable with the idea of there being late bloomers, and for me, of course, there’s no difficulty at all in the way that I think of talent and achievement and so on.
Daniel Tammet
Truth is different from error in two respects: it is a little harder to prove and more difficult to admit.
Leo Errera
I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my life-style
Douglas Adams
They who reach down into the depths of life where, in the stillness, the voice of God is heard, have the stabilizing power which carries them poised and serene through the hurricane of difficulties.
Spencer W. Kimball
I lived and breathed football. Now I have difficulty walking because of that: because I gave much more than I actually had to give.
Gabriel Batistuta
More than half the difficulties of the world would be allayed or removed by the exhibition of good temper.
Arthur Helps
To cut out every negative root would simultaneously mean choking off positive elements that might arise from it further up the stem of the plant. We should not feel embarrassed by our difficulties, only by our failure to grow anything beautiful from them.
Alain de Botton
If your husband has difficulty getting to sleep, the words ‘we need to talk about our relationship’ may help.
Rita Rudner
Difficulty is what wakes up the genius.
The companies only developed if the state did not intervene in the French fashion. If on the contrary a certain degree of economic freedom was the rule, capitalism moved in firmly and adapted itself to all administrative quirks and difficulties
Fernand Braudel
To understand the difficulty of predicting the next 100 years, we have to appreciate the difficulty that the people of 1900 had in predicting the world of 2000.
Michio Kaku
I think that if in your heart, you are seeking out a real puzzle, and you’re not looking to frighten anybody, you’re not looking to upset anybody, and you’re looking to discuss a subject that you yourself went through when you were nine – you just don’t remember the difficulties of one’s own childhood.
Maurice Sendak
Silence is not the absence of sound. It’s a physical place, a
destination with value and meaning in a chaotic world, somewhere
arrived at with difficulty and left with regret.
Kenneth Turan
Do every day or two something for no other reason than its difficulty.
William James
How I hate this folly of not believing in the Eucharist, etc.! If the gospel be true, if Jesus Christ be God, what difficulty is there?
Blaise Pascal
Let weak and frail man come here suppliantly to adore the Sacrament of Christ, not to discuss high things, or wish to penetrate difficulties, but to bow down to secret things in humble veneration, and to abandon God’s mysteries to God, for Truth deceives no man-Almighty God can do all things. Amen.
Paul of the Cross
Perhaps some have created their own difficulties but don’t the rest of us do exactly the same things? Are we not all beggars?
Jeffrey R. Holland
Freedom has many difficulties and democracy is not perfect, but we have never had to put up a wall to keep our people in.
John F. Kennedy
Even when my opponent hits a very good shot, I don’t just want to get it back. I want to get it back so they have difficulty. And then I can control the point.
Caroline Wozniacki
Our difficulties of the moment must always be dealt with somehow, but our permanent difficulties are difficulties of every moment.
T. S. Eliot
You do not know, you cannot know, the difficulty of the life of a politician. It means every minute of the day or night, every ounce of your energy. There is no rest, no relaxation. Enjoyment? A politician does not know the meaning of the word.
Nikita Khrushchev
Especially when there are difficulties in our relations, parties and statesmen in China and Japan should look over the situation from a higher point of view and preserve the political foundation of bilateral ties.
Wu Bangguo
Everyone has a moment of difficulty.
Seo In-guk
Take the very hardest thing in your life – the place of difficulty, outward or inward, and expect God to triumph gloriously in that very spot. Just there He can bring your soul into blossom.
Lilias Trotter
It is better to be devoured by lions than to be eaten by dogs. Explaining why his Northwestern teams played difficult schedules.
Alex Agase
We are nature. Our every tinkering is nature, our every biological striving. We are what we are, and the world is ours. We are its gods. Your only difficulty is your unwillingness to unleash your potential fully upon it.
Paolo Bacigalupi
Difficulty is inevitable. Drama is a choice.
Anita Renfroe
I had chances to leave Inter, but this is my home. I stayed here even in times of difficulty and I was always sure that the winds of change would come through.
Javier Zanetti
Most of our difficulties come from losing contact with our instincts, with the age-old forgotten wisdom stored up in us.
Carl Jung
Can we fight against and subdue ourselves? That is the greatest difficulty we ever encountered, and the most arduous warfare we ever engaged in.
Brigham Young
The difficulty of always feeling that you ought to be doing something is that you tend to undervalue the times when you’re apparently doing nothing, and those are very important times.
Brian Eno
Let is walk … joyously, dear souls, among the difficulties of this passing life … These pains will have an end when our life ends, after which there will be only joy, only contentment, only eternal consolation.
Saint Francis de Sales
Stop killing your brothers and your sisters and help them out in any difficulty. That’s my message.
I had great difficulty in school interacting with others, and I took refuge in the contrived setting of play acting, which is what I still do.
Jesse Eisenberg
Armchair poverty tourism has been around as long as authors have written about class. As an author, I have struggled myself with the nuances of writing about poverty without reducing any community to a catalog of its difficulties.
Leslie Jamison
We can more easily avenge an injury than requite a kindness; on this account, because there is less difficulty in getting the better of the wicked than in making one’s self equal with the good.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
To take the difficulties, setbacks and sorrows of life as a challenge to overcome makes us stronger, rather than unjust punishment which should not happen to us, requires faith and courage.
Erich Fromm
The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself.
Maya Angelou
For women there are, undoubtedly, great difficulties in the path, but so much the more to overcome. First, no woman should say, “I am but a woman!” But a woman! What more can you ask to be?
Maria Mitchell
The difficulty with humorists is that they will mix what they believe with what they don’t; whichever seems likelier to win an effect.
John Updike
The difficulty with becoming a patient is that as soon as you get horizontal, part of your being yearns, not for a doctor, but for a medicine man.
Shana Alexander
Mechanical difficulties with language are the outcome of internal difficulties with thought.
Elizabeth Bowen
What do I want? I want to accelerate my personal evolution. I want Spirit to assist me in a greater capacity. I want my body to regenerate itself. I want to emanate health. I am willing to give up difficulty so that I can be a living example of what humanity can be.
Barbara Marciniak
My parents were divorced when I was a young teenager, and I was raised by a single mother after that. So, I understand the difficulties that families have. I understand single parenting.
Michele Bachmann
Many Christians estimate difficulties in the light of their own resources, and thus attempt little and often fail in the little they attempt. All God’s giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence with them.
Hudson Taylor
May we be strengthened with the understanding that being blessed does not mean that we shall always be spared all the disappointments and difficulties of life.
Heber J. Grant
As many as are the difficulties which Virtue has to encounter in this world, her force is yet superior.
Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury
Faith enables many of us to endure life’s difficulties with an equanimity that would be scarcely conceivable in a world lit only by reason.
Sam Harris
The difficulty one experiences in meeting himsa arises from weakness of mind.
Mahatma Gandhi
You know, if you’re a human and living on the planet, it doesn’t matter what you do; you are not immune to the challenges, the trials, the difficulty. And that fact that I happen to be a coach and a minister and a spiritual teacher doesn’t mean anything. I’m still human.
Iyanla Vanzant
I notice a lot of younger artists have difficulty telling stories. They might have short stories where they express themselves well, but they don’t really know how to tell stories with characters. That craft just passed them by.
Gilberto Hernandez Guerrero
The most important preliminary to the task of arranging one’s life so that one may live fully and comfortably within one’s daily budget of 24 hours is the calm realization of the extreme difficulty of the task, of the sacrifices and the endless effort which it demands.
Arnold Bennett
It is indeed a matter of great difficulty to discover, and effectually to distinguish, the true motions of particular bodies from the apparent because the parts of that immovable space, in which those motions are performed, do by no means come under the observation of our senses.
Isaac Newton
Russia is a part of European culture. Therefore, it is with difficulty that I imagine NATO as an enemy.
Vladimir Putin
It cannot be too often repeated that it is not helps, but obstacles, not facilities, but difficulties that make men.
William Mathews
Be secret and exult, Because of all things known That is most difficult.
William Butler Yeats
An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an empty head.
Eric Hoffer
A lot of these industries are having difficulty finding reliable workers with the skills they require.
Jerry Rubin
In 1962, my injury wasn’t because of violence; I just kicked the ball and it happened. And that was OK because Brazil won; I didn’t have any difficulty in accepting that. I still got a medal because I’d played two games.
So he with difficulty and labour hard Mov’d on, with difficulty and labour he.
John Milton
The difficulties of peace are better than the agony of war.
Menachem Begin
Out of clutter, find simplicity.
Albert Einstein
We have no firm hold on any knowledge or philosophy that can lift us out of our difficulties.
Anne Sullivan Macy
The difficulty with the present state of affairs is that there is no legislation on the sources of funding for the Polish film industry. There is no legislation concerning filmmaking. And, there is no legislation on television that would be beneficial to filmmaking.
Andrzej Wajda
When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not try to break them, but bend them with gentleness and time.
Saint Francis de Sales
This is my belief: that through difficulties and problems God gives us the opportunity to grow. So when your hopes and dreams and goals are dashed, search among the wreckage, you may find a golden opportunity hidden in the ruins.
Abdul Kalam
There is no excuse for this administration shielding information about Iraq and the fact that we have great difficulties there from the American people.
Jay Inslee
The great difficulty about keeping the Ten Commandments is that no man can keep them and be a gentleman.
H. L. Mencken
The human race is always trying this dodge of making everything entirely easy; but the difficulty which it shifts off one thing it shifts to another.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
The gem cannot be polished without friction nor man without trials.
Sober perseverance is more effective than enthusiastic emotions, which are all too capable of being transferred, with little difficulty, to something different each day.
Vaclav Havel
If you are not a writer, you will not understand the difficulties of writing. If you are not a writer, you will not know the fears and hopes of the writers you teach.
Mem Fox
The first lesson to learn is to resign oneself to the little difficulties in life, not to hit out at everything one comes up against. If one were able to manage this one would not need to cultivate great power; even one’s presence would be healing.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
I’m not very good at talking and being with people and being gregarious and outgoing. I love people, but I have great difficulty doing it.
Charlotte Rampling
For want of self-restraint many men are engaged all their lives in fighting with difficulties of their own making, and rendering success impossible by their own cross-grained ungentleness; whilst others, it may be much less gifted, make their way and achieve success by simple patience, equanimity, and self-control.
Samuel Smiles
The difficulty of writing a good theatre play set in new reality was even greater given that the level of similitude to life that is allowed in a film would not work on the stage.
Andrzej Wajda
It is easier taking the beaten path than making our way over bogs and precipices. The great difficulty in philosophy is to come to every question with a mind fresh and unshackled by former theories, though strengthened by exercise and information.
William Hazlitt
She wasn’t afraid of difficulties, what frightened her was having to choose one particular path. Choosing a path meant missing out on others. She had a whole life to live and she was always thinking that, in the future, she might regret the choices she made now.
Paulo Coelho
The difficulty is capturing surprise on film.
F. Murray Abraham
What is the difference between an obstacle and an opportunity? Our attitude toward it. Every opportunity has a difficulty, and every difficulty has an opportunity.
J. Sidlow Baxter
Science is triumphant with far-ranging success, but its triumph is somehow clouded by growing difficulties in providing for the simple necessities of human life on earth.
Barry Commoner
I was trying to write then and I found the greatest difficulty, aside from knowing what you really felt, rather that what you were supposed to feel, and had been taught to feel, was to put down what really happened in action; what the actual things which produced the emotion that you experienced.
Ernest Hemingway
The fundamental difficulty that most novelists face when they are trying to adapt their own book into a screenplay is realizing that a screenplay is a completely different way of storytelling, and it has limitations.
Barry Eisler
I had difficulty working for other people.
Don Cornelius
If we are going to live as disciples of Jesus, we have to remember that all noble things are difficult. The Christian life is gloriously difficult, but the difficulty of it does not make us faint and cave in, it rouses us up to overcome.
Oswald Chambers
…people today are so accustomed to pretentious nonsense that they see nothing amiss in reading without understanding, and many of them at length discover that they can without difficulty write in like manner themselves and win applause for it. And so it perpetuates itself.
George Albert Wells
If we are to go only halfway or reduce our sights in the face of difficulty… it would be better to not go at all.
John F. Kennedy
I had the experience last year of directing my first feature while I had a 1-year-old son and while I was also pregnant, so I am now well aware of the difficulties women who are rearing children face when they’re also trying to make headway in mainstream of film.
Diablo Cody
I think I’m a very lazy writer and by that I mean that I do not battle, I don’t struggle too hard against it. If I have difficulties in the writing, I just go and do other things. I don’t feel a compulsion to write.
Wole Soyinka
In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: you must first enable the government to control the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to control itself.
Alexander Hamilton
People tell me their own stories about how they have come through great difficulty.
Enda Kenny
The Eagle does not escape the storm. The Eagle simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm.
Jack White
Everybody loves a thing more if it has cost him trouble: for instance those who have made money love money more than those who have inherited it.
And you can really see in all of these issues that are priorities for Eleanor Roosevelt, where the compromises are painful, the compromises are hard, and the difficulties between them really begin to loom very large by 1936, by 1938.
Blanche Wiesen Cook
Curitiba is not a paradise. We have all the problems that most Latin American cities have. We have slums. We have the same difficulties, but the big difference is the respect given by people due to the quality of the services which are provided.
Jaime Lerner
I am a stupendously fast reader and always have been. I can read in at least three languages fluently and two languages with a little bit more difficulty.
Michael Korda
Nothing is done easily, first have the thing, then the thing has a success, then all sorts of difficulties arise through the success.
Ninette de Valois
Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties.
Frederic Chopin
Psychiatric services – that is, the attempt to help a person overcome his emotional difficulties in living – are priceless if successful or worthless if they fail.
Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
We avoid the gravest difficulties when, giving up the attempt to frame hypotheses concerning the constitution of matter, we pursue statistical inquiries as a branch of rational mechanics.
J. Willard Gibbs
So an ancient once said, “Accept the anxieties and difficulties of this life”. Don’t expect your practice to be clear of obstacles. Without hindrances the mind that seeks enlightenment may be burnt out. So an ancient once said, “Attain deliverance in disturbances”.
Difficulty is when you go to a place where the people don’t like you, they put a burden on you like what happened to me in Olympiakos.
Somebody who was born in this country who visited China would later face difficulty getting back in to the USA. We have to keep in mind that the struggles of the Chinese against these exclusion laws really laid down the foundations of civil rights law.
Iris Chang
The difficulty of accurate recognition constitutes one of the most serious sources of friction in war, by making things appear entirely different from what one had expected.
Carl von Clausewitz
We are so constituted by Nature that we easily believe the things we hope for, but believe only with difficulty those we fear, and that we regard such things more or less highly than is just. This is the source of the superstitions by which men everywhere are troubled. For the rest, I don
Baruch Spinoza
The British are proud of their ability to create a muddle and then muddle through all difficulties. I must shake the British pride: muddle is not an exclusively British institution. Read descriptions, for instance, of the over-organized, wonderfully systematic and “thorough” German war machine during the last war.
George Mikes
I have such difficulty calming down – my stomach, my head, reality, everything. That is the reason I live in Faro.
Ingmar Bergman
By freely choosing to believe God’s promises, a person’s faith may be more strongly embraced and, therefore, less likely to falter in times of struggle, sadness, or other such difficulties.
Mary C. Neal
Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air. These qualities have ever been displayed in their mightiest perfection, as attendants in the retinue of strong passions.
John Quincy Adams
The search for scapegoats is essentially an abnegation of responsibility: it indicates an inability to assess honestly and intelligently the true nature of the problems which lie at the root of social and economic difficulties and a lack of resolve in grappling with them.
Aung San Suu Kyi
I remember it was with extreme difficulty that I could bring my master to understand the meaning of the word opinion, or how a point could be disputable; because reason taught us to affirm or deny only where we are certain; and beyond our knowledge we cannot do either.
Jonathan Swift
The difficulty of explaining ‘why I am a Catholic’ is that there are ten thousand reasons all amounting to one reason: that Catholicism is true.
Gilbert K. Chesterton
It is not the path which is the difficulty; rather, it is the difficulty which is the path.
Soren Kierkegaard
We’re also fairly stubborn, I think, fairly independent. We have our share of difficulties with our federal government, although I’ve tried to as I am here encourage a better way of discussing those problems.
Dan Miller
serious difficulties don’t vanish by themselves, they are standing around your bed when you open the eyes the next morning.
Vicki Baum
It’s not just we Italians who are caught up in the difficulty.
Giorgio Napolitano
A true friend is a friend when in difficulty
Quintus Ennius
In science novelty emerges only with difficulty, manifested by resistance, against a background provided by expectation.
Thomas Kuhn
Difficulties can’t be eliminated from life. Individuals will always have them, countries will always have them…The only thing is to accept them, if possible overcome them, otherwise to come to terms with them. It’s all right to fight, yes, but only when it’s possible.
Indira Gandhi
In the greatest difficulties, in the heaviest trials, in the deepest poverty and necessities, He has never failed me; but because I was enabled by His grace to trust Him He has always appeared for my help. I delight in speaking well of His name.
George Muller
Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one
Bruce Lee
I have been tortured with longing to believe … and the yearning grows stronger the more cogent the intellectual difficulties stand in the way.
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Presumption should never make us neglect that which appears easy to us, nor despair make us lose courage at the sight of difficulties.
Benjamin Banneker
At the center of the religious life is a peculiar kind of joy, the prospect of a happy ending that blossoms from necessarily painful ordeals, the promise of human difficulties embraced and overcome.
Huston Smith
Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.
Abdul Kalam
And all our troubles, all our immense difficulties, now and in the future, can I say, be solved if we have the will, the courage, the boldness to face them, face them square.
Adlai E. Stevenson
People who are enlightened in previous lifetimes have a certain degree of difficulty in regaining their enlightenment. Sometimes it comes in childhood. Sometimes it takes many years to reintegrate the personality structure that they gained when they first entered into this world.
Frederick Lenz
Bob Gates understands the difficulty of going to war. This is a man who spent almost his entire life working for the government.
William M. Daley
The difficulties, hardships and trials of life, the obstacles… are positive blessings. They knit the muscles more firmly, and teach self-reliance.
William Matthews
I’m sure you’re well aware of the car companies that went out of business in 2008. And you’ve had other brands that have seen difficulties here and there, even some of the most famous ones.
Henrik Fisker
Few parents are aware of the difficulties that beset the minds of the little philosophers and theologians who sit upon their knees or play at their feet; and many a parent could not comprehend the disturbance, if he were aware of it.
Lucy Larcom
People with bipolar disorder have difficulty with boundaries.
Claire Danes
The difficulty is old, but none the less real. An omnipotent being who created a world containing evil not due to sin must Himself be at least partially evil.
Bertrand Russell
Nobody ever left the presidency with less regret, less disappointment, fewer heart burnings, or any general content with the result of his term (in his own heart, I mean) than I do. Full of difficulty and trouble at first, I now find myself on smooth waters and under bright skies.
Rutherford B. Hayes
Divide each difficulty at hand into as many pieces as possible and as could be required to better solve them.
Rene Descartes
At our college we were taught a universal approach to find out about a person: what problems the person has, what difficulties, what personal tendencies and likings.
Markus Wolf
I think that part of the difficulty of being a celebrity is that you may have to hide what you’re feeling and you aren’t totally allowed to be yourself, because you’re in the public eye.
Deborah Ann Woll
When I was in the first grade I was afraid of the teacher and had a miserable time in the reading circle, a difficulty that was overcome by the loving patience of my second grade teacher. Even though I could read, I refused to do so.
Beverly Cleary
No man will succeed unless he is ready to face and overcome difficulties and prepared to assume responsibilities.
William J. H. Boetcker
What we’re seeing early on is Democrats rallying around Al Gore, Republicans rallying around George Bush and the difficulty of anybody else to get any room in the race.
Stuart Rothenberg
Shadows which you see with difficulty, and whose boundaries you cannot define… these you should not represent as finished or sharply defined, for the result would be that your work would seem wooden.
Leonardo da Vinci
It’s a matter of each of the two churches being very deeply enculturated in its own setting and having difficulty understand the other.
Justo L. Gonzalez
The great difficulty with Guantanamo is it was perceived correctly as being a place where people were not being detained subject to rules. I don’t think the world thinks that you can’t detain suspected terrorists – the world thinks you can do that, but you have to do it pursuant to rules and to clear charges.
Noah Feldman
What parent has it easy? I just never make the difficulty of it an obstacle. I just do it.
Marlee Matlin
The left-leaning thinking that dominates the movie business follows a common liberal instinct to deny the spiritual dimension to every problem, thereby profoundly compounding the difficulties.
Michael Medved
What dependence can I have on the alleged events of ancient history, when I find such difficulty in ascertaining the truth regarding a matter that has taken place only a few minutes ago, and almost in my own presence!
Walter Raleigh
Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it.
Rene Descartes
There is always going to be a risk in a new love, a difficulty to be overcome, and more so considering all the challenges facing gay love, particularly in an adolescent. The desired other person could turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, could hurt us, could even ruin us. But the risk has to be taken.
AndrГ© Aciman
A prince who will not undergo the difficulty of understanding must undergo the danger of trusting.
George Savile
Trust, therefore, for the overcoming of a difficulty, not to long-continued study after you have once become bewildered, but to repeated trials at intervals.
Richard Whately
He who thinks with difficulty believes with alacrity. A fool is a natural proselyte, but he must be caught young, for his convictions, unlike those of the wise, harden with age.
Ambrose Bierce
If there were two princes in Christendom who had good will and courage, it would be very easy to reconcile the religious difficulties; there is only one Jesus Christ and one faith, and all the rest is a dispute over trifles.
Elizabeth I
The difficulties and struggles of today are but the price we must pay for the accomplishments and victories of tomorrow.
William J. H. Boetcker
All wars are follies, very expensive and very mischievous ones. In my opinion, there never was a good war or a bad peace. When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?
Benjamin Franklin
The essence of a vow does not consist in the difficulty of its performance but in the determination behind it unflinchingly to stick to it in the teeth of difficulties.
Mahatma Gandhi
Our most significant opportunities will be found in times of greatest difficulty.
Thomas S. Monson
Difficulty is a coin the learned make use of like jugglers, to conceal the inanity of their art.
Michel de Montaigne
The female mind is capable of understanding analytic geometry… The difficulty may just be that we have never yet discovered a way to communicate with the female mind. If it is done in the right way, you may be able to get something out of it.
Richard P. Feynman
Any difficulties which the world faces today will be as nothing compared to the full effects which global warming will have on the world-wide economy.
Prince Charles
Difficulties allow us to change for the better.
Thomas S. Monson
Difficulties come into our lives to develop us. Every storm is a school. Every trial is a teacher. Every experience is an education.
Nicky Gumbel
If I give someone a horsetail he will have no difficulty making a photographic enlargement of it – anyone can do that. But to observe it, to notice and discover its forms, is something that only a few are capable of.
Karl Blossfeldt
The uplift of a fearless heart will help us over barriers. No one ever overcomes difficulties by going at them in a hesitant, doubtful way.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.
Charles de Saint-Г‰vremond
Nobody, who has not been in the interior of a family, can say what the difficulties of any individual of that family may be.
Jane Austen
We must never despair; our situation has been compromising before, and it has changed for the better; so I trust it will again. If difficulties arise, we must put forth new exertion and proportion our efforts to the exigencies of the times.
George Washington
We often cause ourselves suffering by wanting only to live in a world of valleys, a world without struggle and difficulty, a world that is flat, plain, consistent.
Bell Hooks
I have a very hyper-sensitive sister, and when she saw in the papers the next day that I had proclaimed myself the daughter of an immigrant, she didn’t like it at all, and was with difficulty deterred from writing to the press that my father might be an immigrant, but not hers.
Margaret Case Harriman
I am struck by how sharing our weakness and difficulties is more nourishing to others than sharing our qualities and successes.
Jean Vanier
Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls aren’t there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to show us how badly we want things.
Randy Pausch
True hope is cleareyed. It sees all the difficulties that exist and all the potential for failure, but through that carves a realistic path to a better future.
Jerome Groopman
The main concern with a very large baby is difficulty in delivery.
Emily Oster
The fundamental laws necessary for the mathematical treatment of a large part of physics and the whole of chemistry are thus completely known, and the difficulty lies only in the fact that application of these laws leads to equations that are too complex to be solved.
Paul Dirac
When I was really small, my mother had difficulty keeping me dressed, as I liked to be naked! I definitely had very strong ideas on what I wanted to wear. My favourite look was always Action Man and Spiderman. Now though, I really like beautiful clothes.
Cara Delevingne
As newly created P2P businesses disrupt the status quo and compete with established companies, they face the difficulty of fitting a square peg into a round hole when it comes to existing regulatory regimes that don’t contemplate their business models.
Sam Graves
Another trouble with poetry – and I’m gonna stop the list at two – is the presence of presumptuousness in poetry, the sense you get in a poem that the poet takes for granted an interest on the reader’s part in the poet’s autobiographical life, in the poet’s memories, problems, difficulties and even minor perceptions.
Billy Collins
The short successes that can be gained in a brief time and without difficulty, are not worth much.
Henry Ford
It is expected that a children’s story will raise a difficulty and then resolve it: increasingly, this resolution is so prompt and so resounding that one forgets what exactly the difficulty was.
Rachel Cusk
The heavy casualties, the constant retreat, the shortage of food and munitions, the difficulty of receiving reinforcements… all this had a very bad effect on morale. Many longed to get across the Volga, to escape the hell of Stalingrad.
Vasily Chuikov
I decided blacks should not have to experience the difficulties I had faced, so I decided to open a flying school and teach other black women to fly.
Bessie Coleman
The best opinion now is, that there are multitudinous forms which are not sufficiently differentiated to be distinctively either plant or animal, while, as respects ordinary plants and animals, the difficulty of laying down a definition has become far greater than ever before.
Asa Gray
When you are in difficulties, look upon the overcoming of them as a great adventure.
Emmet Fox
Believing God’s promises the Christian is taken through difficulties of every shape and size – and arrives safely.
Richard Halverson
A man may call to mind the face of his friend, but not his own. Here, then, is an initial difficulty in the way of applying the maxim, Know Thyself.
Arthur Schopenhauer
Upon the whole, I am inclined to think that the far greater part, if not all, of those difficulties which have hitherto amused philosophers, and blocked up the way to knowledge, are entirely owing to our selves. That we have first raised a dust, and then complain, we cannot see.
George Berkeley
Why is it that we remember with difficulty and without difficulty forget? Learn with difficulty and without difficulty remain ignorant?
Saint Augustine
In adversity keep motivated, for often the best comes from difficulty.
Norman Vincent Peale
I have learned a great truth of life. We do not succeed in spite of our challenges and difficulties, but rather, precisely because of them.
Richard Paul Evans
Everything must be recaptured and relocated in the general framework of history, so that despite the difficulties, the fundamental paradoxes and contradictions, we may respect the unity of history which is also the unity of life.
Fernand Braudel
I am concerned because even in the past two years that were the jubilee years, I have seen evident signs which show that the people are still in great difficulties, and there are things that still need to be remedied and looked after in many areas.
Bhumibol Adulyadej
The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill
I learned the tricks… If you want to do academic things, you can do them. It is not difficult. Yet it is from this difficulty – the mistakes and dead ends – that artists develop, not through the quick solutions and not from something you learn and apply.
Isamu Noguchi
Every work has got to pass through hundreds of difficulties before succeeding. Those that persevere will see the light, sooner or later.
Swami Vivekananda
Those who can’t imagine change reveal the deficits of their imaginations, not the difficulty of change.
Nelson Mandela
When people ask if the United States can afford to place on trial the president, if the system can stand impeachment, my answer is, “Can we stand anything else?
George McGovern
Know how to use evasion. That is how smart people get out of difficulties.
Baltasar Gracian
There is a widespread difficulty in the Muslim world, which has to do with how the people are taught about examining their own history. A whole range of stuff has been placed off limits.
Salman Rushdie
It is not every calamity that is a curse, and early adversity is often a blessing. Surmounted difficulties not only teach, but hearten us in our future struggles.
James Sharp
I am called to man’s labour; why then do I make a difficulty if I am going out to do what I was born to do and what I was brought into the world for?
Marcus Aurelius
Difficulties come not to obstruct, but to instruct. Within every setback or obstacle lie seeds of an equal or greater benefit or opportunity.
Brian Tracy
I had great difficulties learning to play initially because I could not think rhythmically properly, although it’s an even-paced rhythm, I was not phrasing properly, I was too Western. It took me a while to learn to think in needed form, and the only way I could learn was just by ear.
Richard Meale
It was hard. I came to grips with a lot of difficulties that I’ve overcome. Each challenge kind of makes you who you are. It wasn’t always a good thing. I have my own struggles in my life because of the things I was forced to overcome.
Hope Solo
[O]ne of the greatest difficulties encountered in bringing about favorable change is this almost inescapable illusion that there is a perduring, unique, simple existent self, [which is] in some strange fashion, the patient’s, or the subject person’s, private property.
Harry Stack Sullivan
One cannot guess the real difficulties of a problem before having solved it.
Carl Ludwig Siegel
Authors of light pieces have, nobody knows why, a genius for getting into minor difficulties: they walk into the wrong apartments, they drink furniture polish for stomach bitters, they drive their cars into the prize tulip beds of haughty neighbors, they playfully slap gangsters, mistaking them for old school friends.
James Thurber
Optimism – even, and perhaps especially in the face of difficulty – has long been an American hallmark.
Pamela Druckerman
One of the difficulties in understanding the brain is that it is like nothing so much as a lump of porridge.
Richard Gregory
If all misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must take an equal portion, most people would be contented to take their own and depart.
The mathematical difficulties of the theory of rotation arise chiefly from the want of geometrical illustrations and sensible images, by which we might fix the results of analysis in our minds.
James Clerk Maxwell
Of all the vulgar arts of government, that of solving every difficulty that might arise by thrusting the hand into the public purse is the most illusory and contemptible.
Robert Peel
Who’s willing to face the unknown- the difficulties, the disappointments, the surprises of the unfamiliar. If you’re going to change, you have to face those things, and who’s able? Who has the skillful means, the knowhow, the perseverance, the help, the fortitude to keep going?
Surya Das
It is a great difficulty and a great necessity to have to start with the smallest.
Paul Klee
I will be capable of loving, regardless of whether I am loved in return, Of giving, when I have nothing, Of working happily, even in the midst of difficulties, Of holding out my hand, even when utterly alone and abandoned, Of drying my tears, even while I weep, Of believing, even when no one believes in me.
Paulo Coelho
Remember, nothing succeeds without toil.
Sweet is the recollection of difficulties overcome.
Marcus Tullius Cicero
It certainly strikes the beholder with astonishment, to perceive what vast difficulties can be overcome by the pigmy arms of little mortal man, aided by science and directed by superior skill.
Henry Tudor
The difficulties of economics are mainly the difficulties of conceiving clearly and fully the conditions of utility.
William Stanley Jevons
If everything was in your favor, if you did not have to surmount any great mountains, then you have nothing to be proud of. But if you feel that you have special difficulties, then you must indeed be proud of your achievement.
Eleanor Roosevelt
The male’s difficulties in his sexual relations after marriage include a lack of facility, of ease, or of suavity in establishing rapport in a sexual situation.
Alfred Kinsey
It may look like the difficulty is going to defeat you. But you need to keep telling yourself, “This sickness can’t take my life.” “This cancer can’t defeat me.” “No bad break, no disappointment, no accident can shorten one second of my divine destiny.”
Joel Osteen
One mustn’t close one’s eyes to difficulty and to shortcomings; the more one recognizes them, the less they upset one.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
The difficulty is not to write, but to write what you mean.
Robert Louis Stevenson
The honest truth is that if this government were to propose the massacre of the first-born, it would still have no difficulty in getting it through the Commons.
Diane Abbott
Unfortunately this Electric Monk had developed a fault, and had started to believe all kinds of things, more or less at random. It was even beginning to believe things they’d have difficulty believing in Salt Lake City.
Douglas Adams
Owing to the difficulty of obtaining horses, Mr. Henry returns from this place. In descending the Mississippi I will request him to pay his respects to you.
Zebulon Pike
For me, the moral difficulties lie in the continual pressure brought to bear on my friends and immediate family, pressure which is not directed against me personally but which at the same time is all around me.
Andrei Sakharov
My tendency to internalize emotion is probably why I’m an actor. I’m comfortable performing angrily but have such difficulty expressing anger in my life.
Dylan Gelulla
I’ve been reading [Nikita] Khrushchev Remembers. I know he’s a bit of a lad himself – but he seemed to think that making a religion out of an individual was bad; that doesn’t seem to be part of the basic Communist idea. Still people are people, that’s the difficulty.
John Lennon
Ah, no, deployment was delayed after you left. Technical difficulties.” “Oh?” “Yes, it was technically difficult to leave a heartbroken Alpha.
Gail Carriger
The understanding of Syria’s devastating civil war has been distorted by the immense danger and difficulty of covering it.
Nancy Gibbs
The difficulties we face originate from one of three sources. Some are sent to us by the Lord to test our faith, others are the result of Satan’s attacks, and still others are due to our own sinful choices.
Charles Stanley
I’ve said before, I’ve always had difficulty with anxiety and depression. I’ve been on medication for it since I was about 18 years old, varying degrees of medication. I’ve had big ups and downs with it and very bad periods.
Scott Snyder
There is a God of awesome grace who meets his children in moments of darkness and difficulty. He is worth running to. He is worth waiting for. He brings rest when it seems like there is no rest to be found.
Paul David Tripp
Don’t let the difficulty of actually achieving a shot make you think that the shot is good.
Sidney Lumet
Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want
Randy Pausch
A man’s worst difficulties begin when he is able to do as he likes.
Thomas Huxley
My approach to gymnastics in Beijing was heavily based on the amount of difficulty I could do.
Shawn Johnson
My subjects were maths and physics. I truly appreciate the value in sciences, but understand the difficulty finding and retaining teachers for these subjects, especially when most of my Imperial cohort ended up as management consultants or in finance.
Layla Moran
The story of Pakistan, its struggle and its achievement, is the very story of great human ideals, struggling to survive in the face of great odds and difficulties.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Constantly seek difficulties. You shouldn’t be afraid to fail; rather you should fail continually, so that you can win in the end. Without difficulties, we cannot grow.
Michio Kushi
I find I’m the sort of harried working mother who has difficulty scheduling in a bit of rest amid the Ptolemaically complicated interlocking gears of professional and personal life.
Sandra Tsing Loh
I accept of course we’re in deep trouble and deep difficulty. But if we, under a new leader, reinvent ourselves properly as a Brexit party, we will be faced with the inevitability at some point of a general election in order to deliver Brexit because this Parliament is stopping the delivery of Brexit.
Crispin Blunt
You can recollect the sayings of great men, you treasure up verse of renowned poets; ought you not be equally profound in your knowledge of the words of God, so that you may be able to quote them readily when you would solve a difficulty or overthrow a doubt?
Charles Spurgeon
There are certain things in war of which the commander alone comprehends the importance. Nothing but his superior firmness and ability can subdue and surmount all difficulties.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Ex Malo Bounum (good out of evil).
Saint Augustine
To name a thing is easy: the difficulty is to discern it before its appearance.
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
Great leadership does not mean running away from reality. Sometimes the hard truths might just demoralize the company, but at other times sharing difficulties can inspire people to take action that will make the situation better.
John P. Kotter
When you are face to face with a difficulty, you are up against a discovery.
Lord Kelvin
Love and kindness are the very basis of society. If we lose these feelings, society will face tremendous difficulties; the survival of humanity will be endangered.
Dalai Lama
The Occultists, however, know that the traditions of Esoteric Philosophy must be the right ones, simply because they are the most logical, and reconcile every difficulty.
H. P. Blavatsky
I think a major cause of present Asian economic difficulties that mainly come from, you know, lack of market economy.
Kim Dae-jung
One difficulty in making the Senate work the way it was intended is that America’s electorate is increasingly divided into red and blue states, with lawmakers representing just one color or the other.
Olympia Snowe
A defining reality for me is what Scripture teaches in Hebrews 12, that God is our father, and that a sign that he loves us is that he disciplines us, he takes us through hardship to build character in us that could not be shaped apart from difficulty.
Joshua Harris
Few diseases present greater difficulties in the way of diagnosis than malignant endocarditis, difficulties which in many cases are practi- cally insurmountable. It is no disparagement to the many skilled physicians who have put their cases upon record to say that, in fully one-half the diagnosis was made post mortem.
William Osler
You’re trying to escape from your difficulties, and there never is any escape from difficulties, never. They have to be faced and fought.
Enid Blyton
Every difficulty slurred over will be a ghost to disturb your repose later on.
Rabindranath Tagore
The best therapy for emotional blocks to math is the realization that the human race took centuries or millennia to see through the mist of difficulties and paradoxes which instructors now invite us to solve in a few minutes.
Lancelot Hogben
Unfortunately what is little recognized is that the most worthwhile scientific books are those in which the author clearly indicates what he does not know; for an author most hurts his readers by concealing difficulties.
Evariste Galois
In pulpit eloquence, the grand difficulty lies here–to give the subject all the dignity it so fully deserves, without attaching any importance to ourselves. The Christian messenger cannot think too highly of his prince, nor too humbly of himself.
Charles Caleb Colton
We should take as a maxim never to be surprised at current difficulties, no more than at a passing breeze, because with a little patience we shall see them disappear. Time changes everything.
Vincent de Paul
Science has not solved difficulties, only shifted the points of difficulty.
Charles Henry Parkhurst
When we are working at a difficult task and strive after a good thing, we are fighting a righteous battle, the direct reward of which is that we are kept from much evil. As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.
Vincent Van Gogh
In a sick society, women who have difficulty fitting in are not ill but demonstrating a healthy and positive response.
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
A well-trained mind has less difficulty in submitting to than in guiding an ill-trained mind.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
It is precisely our egoism, our self-centeredness and self-love that cause all our difficulties, our lack of freedom in suffering, our disappointments and our anguish of soul and body.
Tito Colliander
Difficulty is our most reliable narrative engine.
Leslie Jamison
Liberals and international diplomats (a distinction without a difference) have notorious difficulty understanding how to deal with totalitarian regimes.
Mona Charen
I wouldn’t say one is easier or more difficult, but when you’re inside a costume and a mask, you have to endure heat – and, often, difficulty seeing. The vision is not very good in a mask. And you have to cope with that, as well as trying to think about this character.
Warwick Davis
Hope is not pretending that troubles don’t exist. It is the trust that they will not last forever, that hurts will be healed and difficulties overcome. It is faith that a source of strength and renewal lies within to lead us through the dark into the sunshine.
Liz Chase
I have once more taken up things that can’t be done: water with grasses weaving on the bottom. But I’m always tackling that sort of thing!
Claude Monet
It is easy to be independent when all behind you agree with you, but the difficulty comes when nine hundred and ninety-nine of your friends think you are wrong.
Wendell Phillips
There are very few things impossible in themselves; and we do not want means to conquer difficulties so much as application and resolution in the use of means.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Think not of the amount to be accomplished, the difficulties to be overcome, or the end to be attained, but set earnestly at the little task at your elbow, letting that be sufficient for the day.
William Osler
I know it’s more five-star now than it was then, but it’s still a difficult tour. In the same way as India and Pakistan players find it difficult coming to Australia. People sometimes have difficulty believing that.
Richie Benaud
To THINK BIG and to use our talents doesn’t mean we won’t have difficulties along the way. We will – we all do… If we choose to see the obstacles in our path as barriers, we stop trying. “We can’t win,” we moan. “They won’t let us win.”
Benjamin Carson
Regardless of the difficulties we may face individually, in our families, in our communities and in our nation, the old adage is still true – you can make excuses or you can make progress, but you cannot make both! The America I know doesn’t make excuses.
Mia Love
Consider our difficulties avoiding junk food and overspending. Such addictions were carefully planned-for by professional marketing teams.
Robert J. Shiller
Well, I don’t want to talk too much about my children, but a friend of one of my children, something really terrible happened to her. I just felt like I had to speak about growing up again, because I felt that there’s no way I can talk about difficulties of life. I had to talk about possibilities.
Lukas Moodysson
We were not unmindful of the difficulties involved. So we decided to go through a process of self-purification.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
They must therefore not spoil Alexander’s undertaking, especially when they were almost at the close of their toils, and were, moreover, no longer in any difficulty about provisions on their coasting cruise.
And financial problems are exactly the same thing. You’re humiliated. You’re ashamed. You’re embarrassed about telling anyone that you are suffering financial difficulties.
Neal Gabler
With growing awareness, you can see where you’re caught or where you suffer or where you create suffering. You can then turn toward the difficulties that arise in your life with compassion, bow, and say, these too are part of human incarnation.
Jack Kornfield
I suppose that every time there is difficulty. I remember about Space Mountain: It took us ten years before we found the technology that would allow such a ride. And during these ten years, I had a model that I kept, waiting for the technology we needed.
John Hench
Whether I am writing about a man or woman makes no difference in terms of difficulty.
Nick Hornby
I think the films Insomnia and Memento share all sorts of thematic concerns, such as the relationship between motivation and action, and the difficulty of reconciling your view of the story with the supposed objective view of that story.
Christopher Nolan
My greatest disappointment in all the projects I worked on during the White House years was the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment to be ratified. … Why all the controversy and why such difficulty in giving women the protection of the Constitution that should have been theirs long ago?
Rosalynn Carter
Now of the difficulties bound up with the public in which we doctors work, I hesitate to speak in a mixed audience. Common sense in matters medical is rare, and is usually in inverse ratio to the degree of education.
William Osler
Almost everybody thinks about philosophy, even if they don’t realize it’s philosophy and even if they have no sense of the difficulty of the problems, the array of possible answers.
Rebecca Goldstein
What judgment I had increases rather than diminishes; and thoughts, such as they are, come crowding in so fast upon me, that my only difficulty is to choose or reject; to run them into verse or to give them the other harmony of prose.
John Dryden
I do have a lot of difficulty figuring out what I want to be working on, but what’s the alternative? To be one of those people who has a million things they want to do, and then never does any of them? And then where will you be?
Cyndi Lauper
In a difficulty in the company of the central and the instigator, be successful your central.
Swami Vivekananda
That no generally applicable law of the formulation and development of hybrids has yet been successfully formulated can hardly astonish anyone who is acquainted with the extent of the task and who can appreciate the difficulties with which experiments of this kind have to contend.
Gregor Mendel
The exchange program is the thing that reconciles me to all the difficulties of political life. It’s the only activity that gives me some hope that the human race won’t commit suicide, though I still wouldn’t count on it.
J. William Fulbright
The chief difficulty which prevents men of science from believing in divine as well as in nature Spirits is their materialism.
Helena Blavatsky
Difficulty need not foreshadow despair or defeat. Rather achievement can be all the more satisfying because of obstacles surmounted.
William H. Hastie
In war, the general alone can judge of certain arrangements. It depends on him alone to conquer difficulties by his own superior talents and resolution.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Though conscious of the difficulty of learning without a teacher, I set out with high hope, and a fixed purpose, at whatever cost of trouble, to learn how to read.
Frederick Douglass
I am trying to do two things: dare to be a radical and not a fool, which is a matter of no small difficulty.
James A. Garfield
The women are stepping up their degree of difficulty more than the men. A lot of us do the same dives as the men now.
Laura Wilkinson
The (editing) work was like peeling an onion. The outer skin came off with difficulty… but in no time youd be down to its innards, tears streaming from your eyes as more and more beautiful reductions became possible.
Edward Blishen
One doesn’t stay in a state of nirvana by hiding from difficulties. You stay in nirvana by lavishing nirvana on everyone you meet, by giving it away as fast as you receive it.
A large part of the art of instruction lies in making the difficulty of new problems large enough to challenge thought, and small enough so that, in addition to the confusion naturally attending the novel elements, there shall be luminous familiar spots from which helpful suggestions may spring.
John Dewey
The difficulty is to learn to perceive with your whole body, not with just your eyes and reason. The world becomes a stream of tremendously rapid, unique events. So you must trim your body to make it a good receptor. The body is an awareness; and it must be treated impeccably.
Carlos Castaneda
Your attitude towards problems, difficulties, and adversities is the most important factor in overcoming them.
Napoleon Hill
Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
Neil Gaiman
Men are not worried by things, but by their ideas about things. When we meet with difficulties, become anxious or troubled, let us not blame others, but rather ourselves. That is: our ideas about things.
As the size of cyclotrons increases and faster particles are produced, a difficulty arises due to the relativistic increase of mass of the particle.
Ernest Walton
I enjoy photographing. It’s always interesting, so I can’t say one thing is more fun than another. Everything has it’s own difficulties.
Garry Winogrand
The strong man, the positive, decisive man who has a program and is determined to carry it out, cuts his way to his goal regardless of difficulties. It is the discouraged man who turns aside and takes a crooked path.
Orison S. Marden
This is not pessimism but rather casting a cold eye on things. It is only one man’s story, and I think that things will go better, but difficulties exist and nothing is served by hiding them under a poetic veil or under a lyricism of the past. I am against slogans.
Chinua Achebe
Modern minds no longer object to the Church because of the way they think, but because of the way they live. They no longer have difficulties with the Creed, but with her Commandments. The heresy of our day is not the heresy of thought, but of action.
Fulton J. Sheen
I devoutly believe that there is no difficulty between two people for which both are not responsible.
Margaret Mead
The Difficulty lies, in finding out an exact Measure but eat for Necessity, not Pleasure, for Lust knows not where Necessity ends.
Benjamin Franklin
Paradoxically, the most constructive thing women can do is to write, for in the act of writing we deny our muteness and begin to eliminate some of the difficulties that have been put upon us.
Dale Spender
The lover’s pleasure, like that of the hunter, is in the chase, and the brightest beauty loses half its merit, as the flower its perfume, when the willing hand can reach it too easily. There must be doubt; there must be difficulty and danger.
Walter Scott
I only used a cell phone for the first time after I was released. I had difficulty coping with it because it seemed so small and insubstantial.
Aung San Suu Kyi
Acceptance is not a state of passivity or inaction. We are not saying you can’t change the world, right wrongs or replace evil with good. Acceptance is, in fact, the first step to successful action. If you don’t fully accept a situation precisely the way it is, you will have difficulty changing it.
Peter McWilliams
Not every day can be an easy one, nor every day fully happy; but even a day of tough going and difficulty can be a good day.
Norman Vincent Peale
As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.
Vincent Van Gogh
The difficulty comes from this, that Christianity (Christian orthodoxy) is exclusive and that belief in its truth excludes belief in any other truth. It does not absorb; it repulses.
Andre Gide
If the poor only had profiles there would be no difficulty in solving the problem of poverty
Oscar Wilde
Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.
Helen Keller
I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
If grace is so wonderful, why do we have such difficulty recognizing and accepting it? Maybe it’s because grace is not gentle or made-to-order. It often comes disguised as loss, or failure, or unwelcome change.
Kathleen Norris
Happiness is sorrow; sorrow is happiness. There is happiness in difficulty; difficulty in happiness. Even though the ways we feel are different, they are not really different, in essence they are the same. This is the true understanding transmitted from Buddha to us.
Shunryu Suzuki
The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. Everything is happening just as it should. It’s only our perception of difficulties that causes us the distress and the difficulty we experience. Not only that, but when we label events as ‘bad,’ we fail to perceive the benefit that is waiting for us.
Chris Prentiss
You can become all God created you to be even if you’ve had difficulties, even if you weren’t born into a good, loving family, God still has a plan for your life.
Joel Osteen
I think the challenge is to takedifficult and painful times and turn them into something beneficial, something that makes you grow.
Michelle Akers
Taking things lightly must lead to big difficulties.
My Paintings are Battles.
Georg Baselitz
The majority of the world – including myself – we all have problems and difficulty in life, and life’s messy. But there are great rewards in life, too.
Eric Close
There has to be a measure of difficulty or problem-solving in travel for it to be worthwhile.
Paul Theroux
A man is a poet if difficulties inherent in his art provide him with ideas; he is not a poet if they deprive him of ideas.
Paul Valery
It is in times of difficulty that great nations like great men display the whole energy of their character and become an object of admiration to posterity.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Dick understands what I go through. He understands the difficulty and the brutality of the business.
Lauren Shuler Donner
The Western poet and writer of romance has exactly the same kind of difficulty in comprehending Eastern subjects as you have in comprehending Western subjects.
Lafcadio Hearn
The difficulty with businessmen entering politics, after they’ve had a successful business career, is that they want to start at the top.
Harry S. Truman
Canadians know that our difficulties will not be resolved overnight. They are tired of politicians who pretend they will be.
Kim Campbell
The atheists are for the most part imprudent and misguided scholars who reason badly who, not being able to understand the Creation, the origin of evil, and other difficulties, have recourse to the hypothesis the eternity of things and of inevitability.
Humor is always important. There are people who help us deal with difficulty or hardship; from the concentration camps to the court jester, there was a need for humor. As long as these kinds of things exist, with repressive regimes, you need it to deal with the weight of daily life.
Maz Jobrani
Therefore keep in the midst of life. Do not isolate yourself. Be among men and things, and among troubles, and difficulties, and obstacles.
Henry Drummond
One needs to live every day according to God’s commandments. And then any kind of difficulty or unpleasantness will be manageable.
Fedor Emelianenko
When someone we love is having difficulty and is giving us a bad time, it’s better to explore the cause than to criticize the action.
Zig Ziglar
Notice how people can sit for hours and talk to one another, but call us to pray and we find it to be great difficulty. Why is this so? 1) Lack of desperation (realizing our dependence on God), 2) The wrestlings of the flesh, 3) Lack of faith to believe not only that God hears us but that He will move on our behalf.
David Wallace
[Photography] is the non-complacence of the eye. To practice my right to look is also a critical attitude. If I stare at you, I will make you uncomfortable, and culturally we have a difficulty of staring and being stared at.
Pedro Meyer
In my case, I think my exile saved my life, for it inexorably confirmed something which Americans appear to have great difficulty accepting. Which is, simply, this: a man is not a man until he is able and willing to accept his own vision of the world, no matter how radically this vision departs from others.
James A. Baldwin
When will mankind be convinced and agree to settle their difficulties by arbitration?
Benjamin Franklin
Difficulties indeed sometimes arise; but common sense and honest intentions will generally steer through them.
Thomas Jefferson
I never allow of any difficulties. The great secret of being useful and successful is to admit of no difficulties.
George Gipps
Nothing of real worth can be obtained without courageous working. Man owes his growth chiefly to the active striving of the will, that encounter with difficulty which he calls effort; and it is astonishing to find how often results apparently impracticable are then made possible.
Samuel Smiles
Among the idle rich, boredom is one of the most common causes of unhappiness. People who have difficulty in earning their living may suffer greatly, but they are not bored. Wealthy men and women become bored when they depend upon the theater for their enjoyment instead of making their own lives interesting.
Andre Maurois
Much of economics isn’t difficult, or rather, the difficulty is in cooking up arguments to “prove” that commonsense conclusions are wrong. The fact is that many commonsense conclusions are quite correct, and it takes a lot of education to get you to believe different.
Jerry Pournelle
Restaurant critics all struggle with the difficulty of writing about eating without resorting to the word ‘delicious’ and its synonyms.
Bee Wilson
As a Black woman and a Black person my experience has been very different. I have a deep love and connection for my country and my culture, but I also had a lot of difficulty growing up there.
Madeleine Madden
People who are not prepared to do unpopular things and defy the clamor of the multitude are not fit to be ministers in time of difficulty.
Winston Churchill
One of the difficulties about interviewing people in Rwanda is that the country is trying to get on with ordinary life and some people just don’t want to get involved in this.
Tony Greig
The thing is, if you always catch fish then you lose interest because any achievement is related to facing difficulty; having to work hard for it.
Jeremy Wade
Difficulties arise when reported observations seem to conflict with ‘facts’ that the majority of scientists accept as established and immutable. Scientists tend to reject conflicting observations…..Nevertheless, the history of science shows that new observations and theories can eventually prevail.
Ian Stevenson
Just because you have a learning difficulty or difference doesn’t mean you aren’t smart.
Gavin Newsom
The truth is if I had a gay son, I would love him just as much as if he was straight… I might have to try to love even more because I know of the difficulty that he would have in society.
Tracy Morgan
There’s a victory and defeat-the first and best of victories, the lowest and worst of defeats-which each man gains or sustains at the hands not of another, but of himself.
This is one of the benefits, as well as one of the difficulties of directing a member of your family. You know where the buttons are. You can push them if you want.
Emilio Estevez
The rule seems to be that those who find no difficulty in deceiving themselves are easily deceived by others. They are easily persuaded and led.
Eric Hoffer
Sometimes minor details can have a huge impact. If you don’t devote 100 percent of your efforts to every detail, you immediately run into difficulties.
Michael Schumacher
Pray earnestly and fast with purpose and devotion. Some difficulties, like devils, do not come out save by fasting and by prayer. Ask in righteousness and you shall receive. Knock with conviction and it shall be opened unto you.
Jeffrey R. Holland
Perhaps the Lord has called me and preserved me for this service not because I am particularly fit for it, or so that I can govern and rescue the Church from her present difficulties, but so that I can suffer something for the Church, and in that way it will be clear that he, and no other, is her guide and saviour
Pope Paul VI
I must protest that I would never seek foreign conflicts just to go over domestic difficulties; that would be frivolous. I was speaking of conflicts that we could not avoid, even though we do not seek them.
Otto von Bismarck
It is the individual who is not interested in his fellow men who has the greatest difficulties in life and provides the greatest injury to others. It is fro+m among such individuals that all human failures spring.
Alfred Adler
Spend 5 minutes breathing in, cherishing yourself; and, breathing out cherishing others. If you think about people you have difficulty cherishing, extend your cherishing to them anyway.
Dalai Lama
Thoughts are impediments to seeing your deepest nature.
Don’t give rise to any thought, and discover who you are.
That ocean of eternal peace is you.
What is the difficulty that we suffer from?
It is that we seek peace elsewhere and do not experience that we are peace incarnate itself.
H. W. L. Poonja
Sometimes I think the most difficult moments in life were actually good because they made me strong. I was a child labourer. From this, I learned to stand on my own feet. So I don’t want to forget the difficulty of my life.
Sonita Alizadeh
The difficulty is not making a decision, it’s living with the consequences.
Micah Baldwin
In the interweave of mind and body, dance is a mode that allows people to work through difficulties, anticipate the future, recollect the past, and confront the present.
Judith Lynne Hanna
Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you are trying to master and you will develop the powers necessary to overcome the original difficulty.
William Bennett
Nature is not embarrassed by difficulties of analysis.
Augustin-Jean Fresnel
The thing about opium is that it makes pain or difficulty unimaginable.
Sebastian Faulks
Passion is the degree of difficulty we are willing to endure to accomplish the goal.
Louie Giglio
When you become detached mentally from yourself and concentrate on helping other people with their difficulties, you will be able to cope with your own more effectively. Somehow, the act of self – giving is a personal power – releasing factor.
Norman Vincent Peale
Old friends become more and more precious to us as the years pass. They can look at us for who we once were and who we are now, appreciating the difficulties we have overcome, the abilities we have acquired, and the ways we have stayed true to ourselves.
Wendy Lustbader
I hate false words, and seek with care, difficulty, and moroseness, those that fit the thing.
Walter Savage Landor
Time of difficulty test our faith, our fortitude and our strenght. During these times, the level of our imaan becomes manifest
Yasmin Mogahed
Difficulties are things that show a person what they are.
The road to Lourdes is littered with crutches, but not one wooden leg.
Emile Zola
The mistakes and unresolved difficulties of the past in mathematics have always been the opportunities of its future…
Eric Temple Bell
That’s all the difficulty and the challenge and the battle: to look through this mechanical thing, these bits of glass and metal, at someone. And not lose the sense that this shape is a human being.
Eva Rubinstein
Abstinence is as easy to me as temperance would be difficult.
Samuel Johnson
The Russian Bolsheviks have discovered that truth does not matter so long as there is reiteration. They have no difficulty whatever in countering a fact by a lie which, if repeated often enough and loudly enough, becomes accepted by the people.
Winston Churchill
Often we fail to voice and act on our values because, before we even apply our best thinking to developing an action plan, we engage in process of “pre-emptive rationalization.” At some deep level, we anticipate difficulty and resistance so we start to back away from our own instinctive values perspective.
Mary C. Gentile
Even though we don’t always realize it, as the day goes on, we have increased difficulty exerting self-control and focusing on our work. As self-control wears out, we feel tired and find tasks to be more difficult, and our mood sours.
Travis Bradberry
We were an ill-matched pair, my husband and I, from the very outset; he, with very high ideas of a husband’s authority and a wife’s submission, holding strongly to the ‘master-in-my-own-house theory,’ thinking much of the details of home arrangements, precise, methodical, easily angered and with difficulty appeased.
Annie Besant
Irving Wallace wrote a bestselling novel, The Man, in the 1960s about a black man becoming president of the United States. We thought that such a possibility was thousands of years in the future. Some people may still have some difficulty with the idea, but that’s a major cultural meme shift.
Wayne Dyer
The difficulty seems to be, not so much that we publish unduly in view of the extent and variety of present day interests, but rather that publication has been extended far beyond our present ability to make real use of the record.
Vannevar Bush
Never trust advice from a man in the throes of his own difficulty.
I feel anxious for the fate of our monarchy, or democracy, or whatever is to take place. I soon get lost in a labyrinth of perplexities; but, whatever occurs, may justice and righteousness be the stability of our times, and order arise out of confusion. Great difficulties may be surmounted by patience and perseverance.
Abigail Adams
when the thrill of his body fades or changes, and the difficulties of pledging yourself to only one person surface, kindness will be the balm that soothes the wounds of life.
P. C. Cast
The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas.
George Santayana
Whatever difficulty you face, there are time-tried ways you can listen your way through. Because listening is the doorway to everything that matters. It enlivens the heart the way breathing enlivens the lungs. We listen to awaken our heart. We do this to stay vital and alive.
Mark Nepo
A life of ease is a difficult pursuit.
William Cowper
It’s enough to drive you crazy, trying to depict the weather, the atmosphere, the ambience.
Claude Monet
South Africa is labouring to find its revolutionary path; the colours of the Rainbow Nation have difficulty blending together; the wealthy elites (white, black or Indian) profit from de facto segregation.
Tariq Ramadan
It is easy to love perfection. The difficulty consists in loving the human with his good and bad. We mostly know as much as we love. Only loving God but not its creatures, you can never really know, neither really love.
Shams Tabrizi
When I first went to Japan, I was wrestling under my real name. The Japanese people have a great amount of difficulty with the letters f, r and l. So three out of the six letters in my first name they couldn’t say. It was a bit of a mouthful for those guys.
Finn Balor
I have a lot of difficulty in a business culture that is only interested in making money. I can’t see the point. What’s the point of spending ВЈ10,000 just to make ВЈ20,000? Why not just keep the ВЈ10,000?
Peter Saville
It reassures parents that we are aware of the employment difficulty and that we are doing as much as we can to provide information to their sons and daughters, and to help them deal with the post-graduate reality.
Michael Parkinson
The difficulty is that we try to perfect others before we perfect ourselves.
Sri Chinmoy
No. I had successfully solved the difficulty of finding a description of the electron which was consistent with both relativity and quantum mechanics. Of course, when you solve one difficulty, other new difficulties arise. You then try to sove them. You can never solve all difficulties at once.
Paul Dirac
There are few positions in life in which difficulties have not to be encountered. These difficulties are, however, our best instructors, as our mistakes often form our best experience.
Edwin Paxton Hood
The root of all difficulties is a lack of the sense of the Presence of God.
Emmet Fox
So far as my experience goes, travelers generally exaggerate the difficulties of the way. Like most evil, the difficulty is imaginary; for what’s the hurry?
Henry David Thoreau
There are some things which men confess with ease, and others with difficulty.
Almost any difficulty will move in the face of honesty. When I am honest I never feel stupid. And when I am honest I am automatically humble.
Hugh Prather
People think the gold medal is yours and they say you’re going to win – but they have no idea how hard it is. People aren’t doing it negatively – they’re mostly lovely and they really do want you to win – but they don’t understand the difficulty and intensity of competition.
Jessica Ennis
To find fault is easy; to do better may be difficult.
In a discussion, the difficulty lies, not in being able to defend your opinion, but to know it.
Andre Maurois
The accidents of my life have given me the ability to make stories in which different parts of the world are brought together, sometimes harmoniously, sometimes in conflict, and sometimes both – usually both. The difficulty in these stories is that if you write about everywhere you can end up writing about nowhere.
Salman Rushdie
Defectors often cause more difficulty than disinterested disbelievers.
Neal A. Maxwell
Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process.
Sai Baba
People who have addictive problems usually have some subset of emotional difficulties that causes them to abuse substances.
Leigh Steinberg
Read The Golden Key several times. Do exactly what it says, and if you are persistent enough you will overcome any difficulty.
Emmet Fox
A difficulty journey is more revealing of character than any discussion or analysis.
Michael Treanor
Courage is defined as: the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear or being deflected from a chosen course of action. Many of today’s world leaders have great courage: I wonder… would we be better off with cowardice?
Joshua Fernandez
We can only learn to deal with failure by actually experiencing failure, by living through it. The earlier we face difficulties and drawbacks, the better prepared we are to deal with the inevitable obstacles along our path.
Tal Ben-Shahar
Maximum difficulty isn’t the same as optimal difficulty.
Alfie Kohn
In all negotiations of difficulty, a man may not look to sow and reap at once; but must prepare business, and so ripen it by degrees.
Francis Bacon
Do not assume that he who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. His life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, he would never have been able to find these words.
Rainer Maria Rilke
Whenever there is a big difficulty, I don’t make excuses. Instead, I say I will solve it even if everybody leaves.
Masayoshi Son
It is fatal for any body of workers to have forever hanging from the fringes of its skirts other bodies on a level just below its own; for that means continual pressure downward, additional difficulty to be overcome in the struggle to maintain reasonable rates of wages.
Florence Kelley
Ive had my share of difficult moments, but whatever difficulties Ive gone through, Ive always gotten a prize at the end.
Audrey Hepburn
It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.
Upton Sinclair
There is another ground of hope that must not be omitted. Let men but think over their infinite expenditure of understanding, time, and means on matters and pursuits of far less use and value; whereof, if but a small part were directed to sound and solid studies, there is no difficulty that might not be overcome.
Francis Bacon
Men are always averse to enterprises in which they foresee difficulties.
Niccolo Machiavelli
The difficulty with big cities does not lie in skyscrapers or high-rises per se; rather, it is the values concealed within those buildings which lead to the loss of our humanity and our sense of spiritual emptiness.
Ma Yansong
However, the difficulties and pleasures of the writing itself are similar for a novel with a historical setting and a novel with a contemporary setting, as far as I’m concerned.
Helen Dunmore
And I really do think that the difficulty of research makes it more real to you than punching a thing to find out how many men were killed at this particular action.
Shelby Foote
Listen,” Mac interrupted, “you still have to knock it out of the park. But it’s a degree-of-difficulty thing. You’re doing a triple lutz and she’s skating. You’re the Sasha Cohen here.
Zoey Dean
This is the difficulty with not picking up points away from home: the home games become that much more critical.
Robert Green
Be carefree yet careful: While you should work on overcoming unnecessary worrying, have a healthy fear of danger and sensibly guard yourself from harm. Overcoming worry does not mean putting yourself in danger, but in having a calm attitude in dealing with difficulties and accepting what cannot be changed.
Zelig Pliskin
I am continually fascinated at the difficulty intelligent people have in distinguishing what is controversial from what is merely offensive.
Nora Ephron
When I paint I am ageless, I just have the pleasure or the difficulty of painting.
Francis Bacon
And try as I might, I am having difficulty giving a f**k.
Jon Stewart
The real difficulty, the difficulty which has baffled the sages of all times, is rather this: how can we make our teaching so potent in the motional life of man, that its influence should withstand the pressure of the elemental psychic forces in the individual?
Albert Einstein
Cinema d’auteur, cinema about people, about emotions. About la difficultГ© d’ГЄtre, the difficulty of being, existential problems. That’s what the nouvelle vague is. The early ’60s was all about that.
Charlotte Rampling
Facing difficulties is inevitable. Learning from them is optional.
John C. Maxwell
Ignorance, according to the Buddha, is our basic difficulty. Psychedelics and the process of aging make that clear to me all the time.
Laura Huxley
I blush easily. I have difficulty meeting people’s eye, difficulty with public speaking, the normal afflictions of the shy, but not to a paralysing degree.
Nicholson Baker
The height and value of true virtue consists in the facility, utility, and pleasure of its exercise; so far from difficulty, that boys, as well as men, and the innocent as well as the subtle, may make it their own; and it is by order and good conduct, and not by force, that it is to be acquired.
Michel de Montaigne
I mean no offence, but we know that the French league is not the same as the Spanish or English league, where there’s more difficulty.
I must admit, Peter, I have difficulty in understanding why an innocent man would want to spend twelve years as a rat.
J. K. Rowling
Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts.
Edward R. Murrow
No matter your obstacles, live a happy life.
Sam Berns
The difficulty with telling stories about real people is you have to find a way of mixing yourself into the matter.
Olivier Dahan
I have to wonder if some part of the difficulty in dealing with the repercussions of your actions on the Internet is just that we were not ever really built for being able to conceive of a global community of anything.
Zoe Quinn
I can take this real world and superimpose upon it the world of illusion (which isn’t, really), in order to either fix or prevent many of life’s difficulties–or even better, create happiness and well-being for both myself and others. I can do this, and so can you … if you really want to.
Silver RavenWolf
Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversities into opportunities.
Dhirubhai Ambani
The more humanity owes him, the more society denies him. Every door is shut against him, even when he has a right to its being opened: and if he ever obtains justice, it is with much greater difficulty than others obtain favors.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
When you’re overthinking a thought like the way I do, I can get completely pulled away from something I’m in the middle of because my thought channel just won’t help me get from point A to point B without any difficulty.
Adam Silvera
The key of success is for you to set one big, challenging goal and then to pay any price, overcome any obstacle and persist through any difficulty until you finally achieve it
Brian Tracy
With ‘Django Unchained,’ when you’re dealing with slavery, it’s like a gymnastics routine with the highest amount of difficulty. Quentin Tarantino is not going to do a movie that’s just going to lay there and be safe. There’s going to be twists and flips.
Jamie Foxx
I have a great female support system. We encourage each other because we all face some of the same difficulties. We all experience mommy guilt. It’s always great to have an uplifting support system.
Kelly Rowland
Sometimes my mother had difficulty communicating with me about certain topics.
Gloria Estefan
Difficulties melt away under tact.
Benjamin Disraeli
Why do some people, when they want to practice, keep coming against problems and difficulties, and obstacles – inner obstacles and outer obstacles? It’s because of the lack of merit.
Tenzin Palmo
It would be difficult to determine whether the age is growing better or worse; for I think our plays are growing like sermons, and our sermons like plays.
Anna Letitia Barbauld
It is good to be attracted out of ourselves, to be forced to take a near view of the sufferings, the privations, the efforts, the difficulties of others.
Charlotte Bronte
Finishing a painting demands a heart of steel: everything requires a decision, and I find difficulties where I least expect them… It is at such moments that one fully realizes one’s own weaknesses.
Eugene Delacroix
The difficulty of writing a second novel is directly proportional to how successful the first novel was, it seems.
Khaled Hosseini
Modern man’s difficulties, dangerous beliefs and feelings of loneliness, spiritual emptiness,and personal weakness are caused by his illusions about, and separation from, the natural world.
Benjamin Hoff
The wealth of society is created by the workers, peasants and working intellectuals. If they take their destiny into their own hands, follow a Marxist-Leninist line and take an active attitude in solving problems instead of evading them, there will be no difficulty in the world which they cannot overcome.
Mao Zedong
There are times when a falsehood well told bridges over quite a difficulty, but in the long run, you had better tell the truth, even if you swim the creek.
Robert Green Ingersoll
An author never does more damage to his readers than when he hides a difficulty.
Evariste Galois
The difficulty over the question of eternal torments lies in how it is irreconcilable with the Goodness of God.
Samuel Clarke
Difficulty comes not only because of your mistakes, but once you try to make an excuse or accuse someone else, your mind stops thinking.
Masayoshi Son
Be resolute, fear no sacrifice, and surmount every difficulty to win victory.
Mao Zedong
Sometimes I write notes that I have difficulty singing. And you start talking yourself out of the bold melody and start wanting to arrange it in another key or something. Maybe I just never learned my harmony part, because what everybody says sounds odd to them sounds perfectly natural to me.
Elvis Costello
I think it’s up to the parents to determine whether what they’re doing is consigning their child to difficulty. It’s not as though they were crippling their children after they were born.
Andrew Solomon
There are circumstances of peculiar difficulty and danger, where a mediocrity of talent is the most fatal quantum that a man can possibly possess. Had Charles the First and Louis the Sixteenth been more wise or more weak, more firm or more yielding, in either case they had both of them saved their heads.
Charles Caleb Colton
What has sustained me even in the most grim moments is the knowledge that I am a member of a tried and tested family which has triumphed over many difficulties.
Nelson Mandela
If you find great difficulty in trying to reckon with the future or even the present, I think it’s intuitive to start that process by reckoning with the past.
James Spader
What you want to acquire, you should dare to acquire by any means. What you want to see, even though it is with difficulty, you should see. You should not let it pass, thinking there will be another chance to see it or acquire it. It is quite unusual to have a second chance to materialize your desire.
Yosa Buson
Those physical difficulties which you cannot account for, be very slow to arraign; for he that would be wiser than Nature would be wiser than God.
Jeremy Bentham
The great difficulty with politics is, that there are no established principles.
Napoleon Bonaparte
The harder you chase something, the faster you go and the less you’re able to let life meet life. If you’re having difficulty coming up with new ideas, then slow down.
Natalie Goldberg
Do not be discouraged by the resistance you will encounter from your human nature; you must go against your human inclinations. Often, in the beginning, you will think that you are wasting time, but you must go on, be determined and persevere in it until death, despite all the difficulties.
Brother Lawrence
Yes, there are troubles in the world. There’s war and hatred, there’s sickness and difficulty. And there is also an undying spirit, an inviolable consciousness that is born in each of us. It is who we are, and it’s everything and it’s nothing.
Jack Kornfield
Certainly there is no contending against the Will of God; but still there is some difficulty in ascertaining, and applying it, to particular cases.
Abraham Lincoln
Laws, when good, should be supreme; and that the magistrate or magistrates should regulate those matters only on which the laws are unable to speak with precision owing to the difficulty of any general principle embracing all particulars.
My life is in the hands of any fool who makes me lose my temper.
Joseph Hunter
We need to learn to know Him so well that we feel safe when we have left our difficulties with Him. To know in that way is a prerequisite of all true prayer.
Ole Hallesby
Clearly Democrats are not united in what is the critique of what we’re doing there and what is the answer to what we do next. The difficulty of coming to a unified position is that for a lot of people who voted for it, they have to decide whether they can admit that they were misled.
Steve Elmendorf
No matter how closely we look, it is difficult to find a mental act that can take place without the support of some physical function.
Moshe Feldenkrais
The purpose is to be in gratitude forever. Live with applied consciousness, prosperity will break through the walls, flood you with it. You do prayer when you are in difficulty. Pray when you are not in difficulty! That is the attitude of gratitude.
Harbhajan Singh Yogi
Unless your work gives you trouble, it is no good.
Pablo Picasso
Why should not He had made all things, still having something immediately to do with the things that He has made? Where lies the great difficulty, if we own the being of a God, that He created all things out of nothing, I’ll be allowing something immediate influence of God on creation still?
Jonathan Edwards
He looked at her as a man looks at a faded flower he has gathered , with difficulty recognizing the beauty for which he picked and ruined it.
Leo Tolstoy
I am an incorrigible devotee to solitude, and am never so cheerful, I believe, or so unruffled by small difficulties as when I’m alone. There’s a sort of obligation to be polite and pleasant to yourself when nobody else is round.
Susan Hale
Excellence demands effort and planned, deliberate practice of increasing difficulty
K. Anders Ericsson
Alternate currents, especially of high frequencies, pass with astonishing freedom through even slightly rarefied gases. The upper strata of the air are rarefied. To reach a number of miles out into space requires the overcoming of difficulties of a merely mechanical nature.
Nikola Tesla
The price of change is measured by our will and courage, our persistence, in the face of difficulty.
Peter Block
Letting yourself simply experience your difficulties without getting caught up in thoughts about how much you dislike them and in wishes that you didn’t have to deal with them in the first place will change your experience of difficulties.
John Daishin Buksbazen
I think of Milan every day, really. I was really happy at Milanello. I love the team, the staff, everybody who works there. I love the fans. I miss Milan badly, I miss Italy. I don’t miss a single [Milan] game, and I don’t understand those that say that Calcio is in difficulty. It’s so competitive and complete.
David Beckham
There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.
Niccolo Machiavelli
There is no problem with Islam itself or with the Muslims, but these are difficult times, and the difficulty stems from radical Islam.
Daniel Pipes
Souls generally do not fall away from Christ because of the Creed; they first have difficulty with the Commandments.
Fulton J. Sheen
No matter what twists and turns your life offers you, your ability to be adaptable and flexible will help you to stay open to all of the hidden gifts that difficulty may offer.
Mandy Ingber
The channel of art can only become clogged and misdirected by the artist’s concern with merely temporary and local disturbances. The song is higher than the struggle.
Adrienne Rich
It’s hard to transition out of football. Even when you’re super successful, guys who have played 18 or 20 years and have won four Super Bowls, they still have difficulty with that transition. They believe they’re not ever going to do anything that important again.
Ryan Leaf
The response man has the greatest difficulty in tolerating is pity, especially when he warrants it. Hatred is a tonic, it makes one live, it inspires vengeance, but pity kills, it makes our weakness weaker.
Honore de Balzac
Difficulties can be a valuable tool in our pursuit of perfection. Adversity need have no necessary connection with failure.
Marvin J. Ashton
All writing is difficult. The most you can hope for is a day when it goes reasonably easily. Plumbers don’t get plumber’s block, and doctors don’t get doctor’s block; why should writers be the only profession that gives a special name to the difficulty of working, and then expects sympathy for it?
Philip Pullman
Difficulties are just God’s errands. If we are sent upon them, it is an evidence of His confidence. Therefore, let us be glad, be happy, for it is a way of being wise.
Ardeth Kapp
That’s the difficulty with free-kicks, as you get one, maybe two, and that’s why it’s tough. You have to score.
Dimitri Payet
You know well that Our Lord does not look so much at the greatness of our actions, nor even at their difficulty, as at the love with which we do them.
Therese of Lisieux
Generations to come will find it difficult to believe that a man such as Gandhi ever walked the face of this earth.
Albert Einstein
The difficulty is no longer to find candidates for the offices, but offices for the candidates.
Thomas Jefferson
As I always say, I do not wish you an easy time, but I wish you that whatever difficulty you may have, you will overcome it.
Indira Gandhi
There is but one pursuit in life which it is in the power of all to follow, and of all to attain. It is subject to no disappointments, since he that perseveres, makes every difficulty an advancement, and every contest a victory; and this is the pursuit of virtue.
Charles Caleb Colton
I had dinner with Marlene Dietrich in the early 1970s. I went to pick her up and she had someone with her, a dreadful man. He was writing a book about her, and he said to her, ‘You’re so cold when you perform,’ and she said, ‘You didn’t listen to the voice.’ She said the difficulty was to place the voice with the face.
Robert Wilson
Of all the difficulties in a state, the temper of a true government most felicifies and perpetuates it; too sudden alterations distemper it. Had Nero tuned his kingdom as he did his harp, his harmony had been more honorable, and his reign more prosperous.
Francis Quarles
I write by hand, making many, many corrections. I would say I cross out more than I write. I have to hunt for words when I speak, and I have the same difficulty when writing.
Italo Calvino
Such loyalty is admirable, of course,” said Scrimgeour, who seemed to be restraining his irritation with difficulty, “but Dumbledore is gone, Harry. He’s gone.” “He will only be gone from the school when none here are loyal to him,” said Harry, smiling in spite of himself.
J. K. Rowling
It has always seemed to me that the most difficult part of building a bridge would be the start.
Robert Benchley
Tempus never left a problem for another to solve. Tempus never let the pain or difficulty of an undertaking persuade him not to pursue a resolution his heart thought was right. Tempus never gave up.
Janet Morris
A difficulty is a light. An insurmountable difficulty is a sun.
Paul Valery
It is with considerable difficulty that I remember the original era of my being
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Every day has its emotional difficulties. I miss my mother whether I’m singing her music or not.
Nina Simone
Difficulty does not deter me. In fact, I find challenges exciting.
Farhan Akhtar
It is not my experience that life’s difficulties make people more charitable.
Cormac McCarthy
Parkinson’s is a slow but inevitable process. It’s hard living with it on a daily basis. The difficulty facing people with it is that they never quite know ‘Can I or can’t I do this today?’
Helen Mirren
In the middle of difficulties lie opportunities.
Albert Einstein
The root of all our personal and emotional difficulties is a lack of togetherness… I therefore believe that the surest route to overcoming problems and becoming the people we were meant to be is reconnecting with God and with our community.
Larry Crabb
In the twenty-five years that have passed since the ending of the World War when the people of this country emerged from generations of humiliation under foreign occupation, we have accomplished much to our credit, overcome many difficulties and changed the course of our history.
Tunku Abdul Rahman
When energy prices go up, the difficulty of projecting demand also goes up – uncertainty goes up.
Al Gore
Nothing can astound an American. It has often been asserted that the word “impossible” is not a French one. People have evidently been deceived by the dictionary. In America, all is easy, all is simple; and as for mechanical difficulties, they are overcome before they arise.
Jules Verne
With difficulty he is beaten who can estimate his own forces and those of his enemy.
Niccolo Machiavelli
The world calls for, and expects from us, simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer, charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor, obedience and humility, detachment, and self-sacrifice. Without this mark of holiness, our word will have difficulty in touching the heart of modern man.
Pope Paul VI
The very greatest things – great thoughts, discoveries, inventions – have usually been nurtured in hardship, often pondered over in sorrow, and at length established with difficulty.
Samuel Smiles
Much of our difficulty as seeking Christians stems from our unwillingness to take God as He is and adjust our lives accordingly. We insist upon trying to modify Him and bring Him nearer to our own image.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
My dear friend, to be both powerful and fair has always been difficult for mankind. Power and justice have always been seen like day and night; this being the case, when one of them is there the other disappears.
Mehmet Murat Ildan
When you start to add paraphernalia into a match whether it’s a ladder match or a tables match or anything, any of these outside factors, you start to ramp up the intensity and you ramp up the difficulty in these matches.
Christopher Daniels
The difficulty with this conversation is that it’s very different from most of the ones I’ve had of late. Which, as I explained, have mostly been with trees.
Douglas Adams
Whoever grows angry amid troubles applies a drug worse than the disease and is a physician unskilled about misfortunes.
The main reason for insisting on the universal Flood as a fact of history and as the primary vehicle for geological interpretation is that God’s Word plainly teaches it! No geologic difficulties, real or imagined, can be allowed to take precedence over the clear statements and necessary inferences of Scripture.
Henry M. Morris
To me, getting a chance to meet Yogi Berra and knowing how long he played and what he accomplished… I’m a huge fan of it. I’m just as enthralled as anybody else. Maybe a little bit more, because I understand the difficulty of what he accomplished.
Buster Posey
A leading difficulty with the average player is that he totally misunderstands what is meant by concentration. He may think he is concentrating hard when he is merely worrying.
Bobby Jones
It is not, after all, so very hard to acquire a fortune; the real difficulty is to deserve one.
Chapman Cohen
He who accounts all things easy will have many difficulties.
Do not mix temporary difficulties with real problems.
Be grateful for challenges because… Had there been no difficulties and no thorns in the way, then [each woman and] man would have been in his primitive state and no progress made in civilisation and mental culture.
Anandi Gopal Joshi
I like to think that each book I start is a completely new departure But I’ve learned that whatever you do, readers will have no difficulty assimilating it into what you’ve done before.
Ian Mcewan
It seems to me that when I see nature I see it ready-made, completely written – but then, try to do it!
Claude Monet
The need to find out what will happen if I don’t relent or moderate my actions has been a constant source of difficulty and discomfort in my life.
Russell Brand
In order to form a habit of conversing with GOD continually, and referring all we do to Him, we must at first apply to Him with some diligence: but that after a little care we should find His love inwardly excite us to it without any difficulty.
Brother Lawrence
Perhaps here we have a clue to the reason why royal rule used to exist formerly, namely the difficulty of finding enough men of outstanding virtue.
There is one vast human experience that confronts us so formidably that we cannot pretend to overlook it. There is no solution to death. There is no means whatever whereby you or I, by taking thought, can solve this difficulty in such a manner that it no longer exists.
Dorothy L. Sayers
(The difficulty over the question of eternal torments lies in) how it is irreconcilable with the Goodness of God, to put any Persons at all upon a necessity of making such an Option, wherein if they choose amiss, the Misery they incur must be irrevocable.
Samuel Clarke
Clever people master life; the wise illuminate it and create fresh difficulties.
Emil Nolde
Mathematicians seem to have no difficulty in creating new concepts faster than the old ones become well understood.
Edward Norton Lorenz
Maybe the hardest lesson is the one I have to learn over and over again, that each story is its own animal, that every story I write is going to come only with difficulty.
Bonnie Jo Campbell
What troubles me is not that movie stars run for office, but that they find it easy to get elected. It should be difficult. It should be difficult for millionaires, too.
Shana Alexander
Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary-line and adding to one’s liberty.
Henri Frederic Amiel
Some say no when others say yes. That’s the difficulty with handball.
Thomas Tuchel
The difficulty with any sort of esteem is that more is expected of you.
Judi Dench
The difficulty of finding organs suitable for transplantation on man must be met.
Alexis Carrel
I want to accept all the difficulties that face me in life with perseverance and patience.
Ameen Rihani
Most people tend to think the best of those who are blessed with beauty; we have difficulty imagining that physical perfection can conceal twisted emotions or a damaged mind.
Dean Koontz
Life, in all its uniqueness, would not be life without the negatives and the positives.
Jim Rohn
But the basic difficulty still remains: It is the expansion of Federal power, about which I wish to express my alarm. How easily we embrace such business.
Everett Dirksen
It was with the utmost difficulty that ancient Rome could support the institution of six vestals; but the primitive church was filled with a great number of persons of either sex who had devoted themselves to the profession of perpetual chastity.
Edward Gibbon
Surely human affairs would be far happier if the power in men to be silent were the same as that to speak. But experience more than sufficiently teaches that men govern nothing with more difficulty than their tongues.
Baruch Spinoza
When we allow God to be exalted in our difficulties we are in the perfect place to smell the fragrance of His Presence.
Aiden Wilson Tozer
Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.
Richard Bach
Technological society has succeeded in multiplying the opportunities for pleasure, but it has great difficulty in generating joy.
Pope Paul VI
Ours is a society of denial that conditions us to protect ourselves from any direct difficulty and discomfort. We expend enormous energy denying our insecurity, fighting pain, death and loss and hiding from the basic truths of the natural world and of our own nature.
Jack Kornfield
Through persistence, self-knowledge, prayer, commitment, optimism, a resolute trust in God and the building of your own personal moral strength, you can enjoy the blessings of a deeper faith and face the difficulties of life with courage and confidence.
Norman Vincent Peale
I do not underestimate the difficulty of the challenge that global climate change presents to us. It will take a significant effort and the best talent and technology we have to solve the problem.
Federico Pena
The President Donald Trump has great difficulty with the truth on many issues.
Bob Corker
The greatest difficulty of Travel is that one is forced to take oneself along.
Alain de Botton
And from the first time I picked up a basketball at age eight – I had a lot of difficulty when I first picked up a basketball, because I was a scrub – there were things that I liked about it.
Julius Erving
For his part, Blind Seer had no difficulty accepting idleness. A wolf proverb stated: “Hunt when hungry, sleep when not, for hunger always returns.
Jane Lindskold
I was in a lecture about concussions and of the 10 symptoms the guy mentioned, I had eight. The symptoms would be, for example, mood swings, getting angry very fast, forgetting some things, having difficulty sleeping.
Wanderlei Silva
It really is appallingly difficult to do something which is complete in every respect, and I think most people are content with mere approximations. Well, my dear friend, I intend to battle on, scrape off and start again.
Claude Monet
The honor of the conquest is rated by the difficulty.
Michel de Montaigne
I like a person who knows his own mind and sticks to it; who sees at once what is to be done in given circumstances and does it. He does not beat about the bush for difficulties or excuses, but goes the shortest and most effectual way to work to attain his own ends, or to accomplish a useful object.
William Hazlitt
People can’t, unhappily, invent their mooring posts, their lovers and their friends, anymore than they can invent their parents. Life gives these and also takes them away and the great difficulty is to say Yes to life.
James A. Baldwin
Being unemployed is even more disastrous for individuals than you’d expect. Aside from the obvious harm – poverty, difficulty paying off debts – it seems to directly affect people’s health, particularly that of older workers.
James Surowiecki
Only a great actor finds the difficulties of the actor’s art infinite.
Ellen Terry
If we are safe today, it is because America has stood with us. If we are to remain safe tomorrow, it will be because America remains powerful and self-confident. When, therefore, the Americans face difficulties, we need to say to them more clearly: We are with you.
Margaret Thatcher
But the life of freedom requires a beginning, and here a beginning is a resolution, and the resolution has its work and its pain-thus the beginning has its difficulty.
Soren Kierkegaard
The virtue of obedience makes the will supple… It inspires the courage with which to fulfill the most difficult tasks.
John Vianney
The last thing is simplicity. After having gone through all the difficulties, having played an endless number of notes, it is simplicity that matters, with all its charm. It is the final seal on Art. Anyone who strives for this to begin with will be disappointed. You cannot begin at the end.
Frederic Chopin
Beauty is composed of an eternal, invariable element whose quantity is extremely difficult to determine, and a relative element which might be, either by turns or all at once, period, fashion, moral, passion.
Jean-Luc Godard
With your reorientation as awareness, difficulty calls upon your resources – not first the resources that you’re familiar with, but the resources of your own being.
John de Ruiter
It is difficult to suddenly give up a long love. Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem
Join with those who sing, tell stories, talk pleasure in life, and have joy in their eyes, because joy is contagious, and can prevent others from becoming paralysed by depression, loneliness and difficulties.
Paulo Coelho
Your candor is worth everything to your cause. It is refreshing to find a person with a new theory who frankly confesses that he finds difficulties, insurmountable, at least for the present.
Asa Gray
I’ve had some struggles, some times with difficulty and people saying this, people saying that. I’ve done some things I shouldn’t have, but it’s about growing up and learning how to be a true professional.
Bryson DeChambeau
Death brings release & removal from all evil, every tragedy & all difficulty. Death is not an enemy.
Paul P. Enns
Religion is the natural reaction of the imagination when confronted by the difficulties in a truculent world.
George Santayana
Difficulty shows what men are.
Nor let a god come in, unless the difficulty be worthy of such an intervention.
[Lat., Nec deus intersit nisi dignus vindice nodus.]
When you grow up on film, people sometimes have difficulties accepting the fact that you are growing up. They always imagine you younger.
Michelle Trachtenberg
The fortitude which has encountered no dangers, that prudence which has surmounted no difficulties, that integrity which has been attacked by no temptation, can at best be considered but as gold not yet brought to the test, of which therefore the true value cannot be assigned.
Samuel Johnson
Morality, when vigorously alive, sees farther than intellect, and provides unconsciously for intellectual difficulties.
James Anthony Froude
There are no difficulties except for those who worry too much about tomorrow.
Rose Philippine Duchesne
You will get your difficulties with the point electron.
Paul Ehrenfest
Really good mountain bikers are lousy judges of trail difficulty.В  We haven’t a clue, we just ride.
John Olsen
Poetry is meant to inspire readers and listeners, to connect them more deeply to themselves even as it links them more fully to others. But many people feel put off by the terms of poetry, its odd vocabulary, its notorious difficulty.
Edward Hirsch
Life cannot be administered by definite rules and regulations; that wisdom to deal with a man’s difficulties comes only through some knowledge of his life and habits as a whole.
Jane Addams
I share my life experiences as a poet with my students. My poetic difficulties, joys, struggles and discoveries. If I read a new poem or essay or book I’m excited about, I bring it in.
Dorianne Laux
A pacifist has a lot of difficulty reconciling pacifism with scripture.
Mark Driscoll
All men are by nature free; you have therefore an undoubted liberty to depart whenever you please, but will have many and great difficulties to encounter in passing the frontiers.
The solution of the difficulty is that the two mental pictures which experiment lead us to form – the one of the particles, the other of the waves – are both incomplete and have only the validity of analogies which are accurate only in limiting cases.
Werner Heisenberg
Design: holding conflicting ideas in your head without difficulty
Danny Hillis
The difficulty, the ordeal, is to start.
Zane Grey
Facing a difficulty requires a willingness of heart.
Mary Anne Radmacher
Actually, we have no problems-we have opportunities for which we should give thanks… An error we refuse to correct has many lives. It takes courage to face one’s own shortcomings and wisdom to do something about them.
Edgar Cayce
Our cultural dilemma has nothing to do with children who don’t read very well. It lies instead in the difficulty of finding a way to restore meaning and purpose to modern life.
John Taylor Gatto
Have you ever played a video game that didn’t have escalating levels of difficulty? Well, life can feel like play, too, when we purposefully engage in activities that demand we test and develop our skills.
Brendon Burchard
… Nine-year-old boys usually turn ten at some point. It’s the nineteen-year-olds who have difficulty turning twenty.
John Boyne
Those tasks that have been entrusted to us are difficult; almost everything serious is difficult; and everything is serious.
Rainer Maria Rilke
Your innocence itself is a power and your innocence will definitely give you that wisdom by which you can solve all the problems without any difficulty.
Nirmala Srivastava
Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.
Jim Rohn
Our bread is not only the Word of God, our meat is not only to do His will, our bread is also…the difficulties that are in our way.
Watchman Nee
My real difficulty was to become a normal person again, after having been a movie actress for so long. For me, at the time I was living in New York and Hollywood, a normal person was someone who made movies.
Grace Kelly
There are two ways of meeting difficulties: you alter the difficulties, or you alter yourself to meet them.
Phyllis Bottome
Many a man renounces morals, but with great difficulty the conception, ‘morality.’ Morality is the ‘idea’ of morals, their intellectual power, their power over the conscience; on the other hand, morals are too material to rule the mind, and do not fetter an ‘intellectual’ man, a so-called independent, a ‘freethinker.’
Max Stirner
One of the greatest difficulties in civil war is, that more art is required to know what should be concealed from our friends, than what ought to be done against our enemies.
Lord Chesterfield
We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.
Oswald Chambers
We’re much better at dealing with dyslexia today than in 50th, but reading difficulties are still a problem in the U.K. I believe there’s currently something like eleven thousand functionally illiterate adults in the U.K.
Maggie O’Farrell
You can say that designing is quite easy; the difficulty lies in finding a new way to explore beauty
Yohji Yamamoto
The virtue of a free man appears equally great in refusing to face difficulties as in overcoming them.
Baruch Spinoza
All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming.
Helen Keller
Missionaries never give up on their dream of peace, even when they experience difficulties and persecution, which makes their presence strongly felt today.
Pope Francis
Real optimism is aware of problems but recognizes the solutions, knows about difficulties but believes they can be overcome, sees the negatives but accentuates the positives, is exposed to the worst but expects the best, has reason to complain but chooses to smile.
William Arthur Ward
Aging is fraught with difficulties, most particularly for women who have been socialized to think of youth as beauty and the female role as reproduction.
Margaret M. Lock
The arts of peace and the arts of war are like two wheels of a cart which, lacking one, will have difficulty in standing.
Kuroda Nagamasa
The difficulty in a number of Western democracies is that the playing field is being tilted. For many in the middle class, prosperity seems unattainable because a good education – today’s passport to riches – is unaffordable.
Raghuram Rajan
I have a great deal of difficulty recognizing faces, especially if I haven’t – if I’ve just met somebody, it’s hopeless.
Chuck Close
Difficulties and obstacles are God’s challenges to faith. When hindrances confront us in the path of duty, we are to recognize them as vessels for faith to fill with the fullness and all-sufficiency of Jesus.
A. B. Simpson
In times of difficulty we must not lose sight of our achievements, must see the bright future and must pluck up our courage.
Mao Zedong
My hand seemed arrested by a silent veto.
Winston Churchill
There was a long period of time when Sam Fuller had a lot of projects fall through and had a lot of difficulties getting a project off the ground. And I was able to observe him during that period, and see his incredible resiliency and courage as he faced this difficulty and just kept working.
Curtis Hanson
The battle of life is, in most cases, fought uphill; and to win it without a struggle were perhaps to win it without honor. If there were no difficulties there would be no success; if there were nothing to struggle for, there would be nothing to be achieved.
Samuel Smiles
My difficulties belong to me!
Alfred Adler
No one would feel embarrassed about seeking help for a child if they broke their arm – and we really should be equally ready to support a child coping with emotional difficulties.
Kate Middleton
Just as armor protects the soldier, spiritual knowledge protects us from the difficulties of life.
Mata Amritanandamayi
Between me and the other world there is ever an unasked question: unasked by some through feelings of delicacy; by others through the difficulty of rightly framing it. All, nevertheless, flutter round it. How does it feel to be a problem?
W. E. B. Du Bois
Today’s difficulties are often a result of yesterday’s disobedience.
Priscilla Shirer
This is a wrong course the Chinese comrades are trying to lead us on to, it is an opportunist road of vacillation and concessions to the Khrushchev traitor group which finds itself in grave difficulties, and is intriguing in order to escape defeat.
Enver Hoxha
Only the noble of heart are called to difficulty.
Soren Kierkegaard
Never focus your eyes on the obstacle or the difficulty. The obstacle will be a matter of total indifference to the river that will flow steadily through you if you will simply remember to stay focused on the Source.
Oswald Chambers
[Statistics are] the only tools by which an opening can be cut through the formidable thicket of difficulties that bars the path of those who pursue the Science of Man.
Francis Galton
It is the province of poetry to be more realistic and present than the artificial narratives of an outer discourse, and not afraid of the truthful difficulty of the average human life.
David Whyte
When you are following dharma, you will be happy, at peace, still inside. There will be a sense of purpose to your life. Difficulties will not seem unconquerable.
Frederick Lenz
I think one ages and one dates. I tend to have a good deal of difficulty in liking some of the new poets.
James Laughlin
It is an easy and vulgar thing to please the mob, and not a very arduous task to astonish them; but essentially to benefit and to improve them is a work fraught with difficulty, and teeming with danger.
Charles Caleb Colton
We can do whatever we wish to do provided our wish is strong enough. But the tremendous effort needed- one doesn’t always want to make it-does one? … But what else can be done? What’s the alternative? What do you want most to do? That’s what I have to keep asking myself, in the face of difficulties.
Katherine Mansfield
It is a high patriotic duty that we support and sustain the men who have been placed in position of difficulty, burden, responsibility, and even danger as the result of our suffrages.
Bainbridge Colby
The difficulty lies, not in finding a producer, but in finding a consumer.
Jean-Baptiste Say
Required to be constantly recumbent I write slowly and with difficulty…. Weakened in body by infirmities and in mind by age, now far gone into my 83rd year, reading one newspaper only and forgetting immediately what I read.
Thomas Jefferson
Do not disturb yourself by picturing your life as a whole; do not assemble in your mind the many and varied troubles which have come to you in the past and will come again in the future, but ask yourself with regard to every present difficulty: ‘What is there in this that is unbearable and beyond endurance?’
Marcus Aurelius
When you are frustrated and do not know a way out, only flexibility and moderation towards difficulties will save you.
Husayn ibn Ali
In Deuteronomy 11, God offers Israel a choice; either a life of productivity and enjoyment made possible by obedience to Him, or a life of difficulty and opposition made necessary by disobedience. The happiness Israel desires can only be theirs by being properly related to Him.
Max Anders
The cause of our difficulties in southeast Asia is not a deficiency of power but an excess of the wrong kind of power which results in a feeling of impotence when it fails to achieve its desired ends.
J. William Fulbright
I count him a great man who inhabits a higher sphere of thought, into which other men rise with labor and difficulty; he has but to open his eyes to see things in a true light, and in large relations; whilst they must make painful corrections, and keep a vigilant eye on many sources of error.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Middle-aged people can balance between believing in God and breaking all the commandments without difficulty.
T. H. White
When you have two people, separate beings, trying to share one life together. That’s always going to have difficulties.
Megan Fox
A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men.
John Holdren
Focusing on difficulties intensifies and enlarges the problem. When we focus our attention on God, the problem is put into its proper perspective and it no longer overwhelms us.
Charles Stanley
One is so apt to think of people’s affection as a fixed quantity, instead of a sort of moving so with the tide, always going out or coming in but still fundamentally there: and I believe this difficulty in making allowance for the tide is the reason for half the broken friendships.
Freya Stark
I have difficulties with contemporary language. Big difficulties. I counted, you know, something like 160 words have disappeared from the English language because of the use of the word “like.” “I’m like, he’s like” – not “thought,” not “as if .”
Toni Morrison
The man who says to one, go, and he goeth, and to another, come, and he cometh, has, in most cases, more sense of restraint and difficulty than the man who obeys him.
John Ruskin
I have never united myself to any church because I found difficulty in giving my assent without mental reservation to the long, complicated statements of Christian doctrine which characterize the articles of belief and the usual confession of faith.
Abraham Lincoln
I used to find great difficulty in drawing feet.
Ida Rentoul Outhwaite
For want of self-restraint many men are engaged all their lives in fighting with difficulties of their own making.
Samuel Smiles
What sort of difficulties would happen when people of different cultures try to come together to worship? Tiny little things such as let’s tell jokes with each other.
Michael Emerson
We live in terribly complex times. We are confronted by very serious problems. Some of us are faced with sickness, with economic difficulties, with worry and concern over many matters. Our refuge, our peace, our well-being lie in walking in the way of the Lord.
Gordon B. Hinckley
Society already possesses the psychological techniques needed to obtain universal observance of a code – a code which would guarantee the success of a community or state. The difficulty is that these techniques are in the hands of the wrong people-or, rather, there aren’t any right people.
B. F. Skinner
The difficulty of writing about sex, for women, is that sex is best when not thought about, not analysed.
Doris Lessing
After saying yes to Turkey, the EU is having difficulty finding clear and consistent grounds for saying no to other, still more remote candidates – but being in the general vicinity of Europe does seem to be a continuing requirement.
Timothy Garton Ash
The apprenticeship of difficulty is one which the greatest of men have had to serve.
Samuel Smiles
The finest flowers are those transplanted, for transplanting means difficulty, a readjusting to new conditions, and through the effort put forth to find adjustment does the plant progress.
Elbert Hubbard
Even modern English people are imperious, superior, ridden by class. All of the hypocrisy and the difficulties that are endemic in being British also make it an incredibly fertile place culturally. A brilliant place to live. Sad but true.
Pete Townshend
It’s often difficult for us to act compassionately, but sacred art eases the difficulty by ennobling us.
Huston Smith
Various are the uses of friends, beyond all else in difficulty, but joy also looks for trust that is clear in the eyes.
What paralyzes life is lack of faith and lack of audacity. The difficulty lies not in solving problems but identifying them.
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Those who will not take the trouble to think for themselves, have always somebody that thinks for them; and the difficulty in writing is to please those from whom others learn to be pleased.
Samuel Johnson
A man’s love, till it has been chastened and fastened by the feeling of duty which marriage brings with it, is instigated mainly by the difficulty of pursuit.
Anthony Trollope
Once established, an original river advances through its long life, manifesting certain peculiarities of youth, maturity and old age, by which its successive stages of growth may be recognized without much difficulty.
William Morris Davis
Difficulty attracts the characterful man, for it is by grasping it that he fulfils himself.
Charles de Gaulle
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.
Henry Ford
Whenever I attempt to frame a simple idea of time, abstracted from the succession of ideas in my mind, which flows uniformly, and is participated by all beings, I am lost and embrangled in inextricable difficulties.
George Berkeley
Settle one difficulty, and you keep a hundred away.
There was imbalance with my first husband just by the given of our 29-year age difference and the difficulty of me being this unformed, enthusiastic young woman and he already completely in place being the leader of the country.
Margaret Trudeau
Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.
Winston Churchill
Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.
Charles Spurgeon
With European powers no new subjects of difficulty have arisen, and those which were under discussion, although not terminated, do not present a more unfavorable aspect for the future preservation of that good understanding which it has ever been our desire to cultivate.
Martin Van Buren
The positive thinker is a hard-headed, tough-minded, and factual realist. He sees all the difficulties clearly… which is more than can be said for the average negative thinker. But he sees more than difficulties – he tries to see the solutions of those difficulties.
Norman Vincent Peale
I feel that talent means little unless coupled with an insatiable desire to give an excellent personal demonstration of ability…talent must be in company with a capacity for unlimited effort which provides the power that eventually hurdles the difficulties that would frustrate lukewarm enthusiasm.
Andrew Loomis
Prayer alone will overcome the gigantic difficulties which confront the workers in every field.
John Mott
In order to write a book, it is necessary to sit down (or stand up) and write. Therein lies the difficulty.
Edward Abbey
Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.
Out of every difficulty Omnipotence can bring us, only let us in childlike confidence cast our burden upon the Lord.
Charles Spurgeon
The whole difficulty of understanding Hell is that the thing to be understood is so nearly nothing.
C. S. Lewis
People want you to produce records. They don’t care what it took to make it. When a band is out doing concerts, the fans don’t want to know about equipment difficulties. They want their hour-and-a-half release, and that’s it.
The difficulty, if you’re in the world – and this is for anybody – is the eventual disappointment that comes with having to meet other versions of reality. Imposed systems that ask you to compromise or sacrifice things which you consider holy or sacred.
Billy Corgan
Faith in God is the instrument which enables men and women to remove the hills of difficulty which block their path.
William Barclay
I’m a professional fighter and like most professional fighters I have had difficulties with my hands in the past.
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Those who are willing to sacrifice and be of service have very little difficulty with people. They know what they are all about. People can’t help but want to be near them. They help them; they work with them. That’s what love is all about. It starts with your heart and radiates out.
Cesar Chavez
All difficulties are easy when they are known.
William Shakespeare
Justice inclines her scales so that wisdom comes at the price of suffering.
The difficulty in living our religion is when we haven’t totally made the commitment necessary.
LaVell Edwards
Adversity gives birth to greatness. The greater the challenges and difficulties we face, the greater the opportunity we have to grow and develop as people. A life without adversity, a life of ease and comfort, produces nothing and leaves us with nothing. This is one of the indisputable facts of life.
Daisaku Ikeda
The great difficulty is that you cannot be nice. If you want to take back the power, you have to behave in ways that are not conforming and will not be about pleasing other people.
Rachel Holmes
Herein lies the main objective of portraiture and also its main difficulty. The photographer probes for the innermost. The lens sees only the surface… .
Philippe Halsman
It is … marvellous … to have a period of apparent fanaticism. No obstacle can discourage you. The single vision of your quest obscures defeat and lifts you over mountainous difficulties.
Margaret Sanger
There is no remedy so powerful against the heat of concupiscence as the remembrance of our Savior’s Passion. In all my difficulties I never found anything so efficacious as the wounds of Christ: In them I sleep secure; from them I derive new life.
Saint Augustine
If you just think about the difficulty you’ll never get anywhere.
Brian Lindstrom
Made a sketch later on the cabin verandah, but it was impossible to keep up with the changes. Oh the difficulties of mountain art for too little genius.
J. E. H. MacDonald
In the face of life’s difficulties, let us ask the Lord for the strength to remain joyful witnesses to our faith.
Pope Francis
I find as long as I acknowledge the truth of something, then that’s it. I know what it is and then I can operate. But if I overestimate the downside of something or the challenge of something and I get too obsessed about the difficulty of it, then I don’t leave enough room to be open to the upside, the possibility.
Michael J. Fox
May I be given the appropriate difficulties so that my heart can truly open with compassion. Imagine asking for that.
Jack Kornfield
People love to be listened to and represented, and they love it when they feel like you have some of the same problems that they do. Everybody deals with things like romantic difficulties in relationships and death and cancer and abuse.
Jason Isbell
The style of life is a unity because it has grown out of the difficulties of early life and out of the striving for a goal.
Alfred Adler
This world cannot explain its own difficulties without the assistance of another.
Charles Caleb Colton
That profound firmness which enabler a man to regard difficulties but as evils to be surmounted, no matter what shape they may assume.
Charles Caleb Colton
The intention behind the high difficulty of the games I direct is to evoke a feeling of joy and accomplishment in the player when they overcome these challenges.
Hidetaka Miyazaki
The leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity… out of discord, harmony… and out of difficulty, opportunity.
Albert Einstein
Relish the challenge of overcoming difficulties that would crush ordinary men…learn to suffer.
Mark Twight
I really worked to try and be creative enough on the guitar parts so those who aren’t real educated would know that there was some difficulty in doing it.
Brad Paisley
I had realized in the meantime that action too has its difficulties, and that one can also be led to it by neurosis. We are not saved by politics any more than by literature.
Jean-Paul Sartre
Facing the difficulties, I can choose either to be a poor victim or a great adventurer.
Paulo Coelho
Only by coming to grips with difficulty can you realize your full potential.
Charles de Gaulle
When it comes down to business, everybody is very businesslike… I have never felt any difficulty in dealing with any of these situations.
Arundhati Bhattacharya
It is at least worth arguing that there is a modicum of the creative novelist in all of us, and that this absorption with how men get out of difficulties, single-handedly and alone if possible, is the stuff of which we weave the warp and woof of our own better dramatic imaginings.
Humphrey Bogart
Perhaps, to the uninformed, it may appear unaccountable that a man should be able to retain in his memory such a variety of learning; but the close alliance with each other, of the different branches of science, will explain the difficulty.
My difficulty with the whole right-left construct is that I don’t think it describes modern politics or the modern choices that people face in the world.
Leo Varadkar
Difficulties will assail you only when you lack in concentration and persistence.
Walter J. Phillips
No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form. The changing of a vague difficulty into a specific, concrete form is a very essential element in thinking.
J. P. Morgan
The biggest difficulty in getting to the top of the ladder is getting through the crowd at the bottom.
Bobby Knight
I do a TV show about a priest in London, and he is also slightly beleaguered and is subject to fate and misfortune and daily difficulty.
Tom Hollander
After every difficulty, ask yourself two questions: ‘What did I do right?’ and ‘What would I do differently?
Brian Tracy
Marriage is a state that is attended with so much care and trouble, that it is a kind of faulty indulgence and selfishness to livesingle, in order to avoid the difficulties it is attended with.
Samuel Richardson
Adopt responsibility for your own well-being, try to put your family together, try to serve your community, try to seek for eternal truth… That’s the sort of thing that can ground you in your life, enough so that you can withstand the difficulty of life.
Jordan Peterson
You see, if you are 30 years ahead of your time, you will always have difficulty speaking with the bosses in the industry. They are too conservative.
Luigi Colani
I never had the slightest difficulty with a fellow actor. Not until One, Two, Three. In that picture, Horst Buchholz tried all sorts of scene-stealing didoes. I came close to knocking him on his ass.
James Cagney
Through its influence upon the unconscious, music can have a specific healing effect. It can help in eliminating repressions and resistances, and it can bring into the field of waking consciousness many drives, emotions and complexes which were creating difficulties in the unconscious.
Roberto Assagioli
I’m full of fears and I do my best to avoid difficulties and any kind of complications. I like everything around me to be clear as crystal and completely calm.
Alfred Hitchcock
I’m never really sure what that word means, but however inaccurately I use it, ‘classical’ was always my ideal, as long as I can remember, and something of that has always stayed with me, to this day. Of course, there were difficulties, because in comparison to my ideal, I didn’t even come close.
Gerhard Richter
Some people carry their hearts in their heads; very many carry their heads in their hearts. The difficulty is to keep them apart, yet both actively working together.
Augustus Hare
There are so many things in the world – in the cities – so much to see. Does art need to represent this variety and contribute to its proliferation? Can art be that free? The difficulties begin when you understand what it is that the soul will not permit the hand to make.
Philip Guston
. . . I know, by sad experience, with what difficulty a mind, weakened by long and uninterrupted suffering, admits hope, much less assurance.
Sarah Siddons
Hope — Hope in the face of difficulty. Hope in the face of uncertainty. The audacity of hope! In the end, that is God’s greatest gift to us…A belief in things not seen. A belief that there are better days ahead.
Barack Obama
This is the problem for which revolutionary theory has yet to find the right solution, if there is one. The difficulty is that the economic interests of the two classes are antagonistic.
Garet Garrett
There is seldom a difficulty with religion where there is friendship.
Sebastian Barry
Even the finest actors will have great difficulty showing somebody’s loneliness. To put an actor on a chair and ask him to do nothing and yet tell the viewer everything about the character, it’s a difficult task.
Manoj Bajpayee
There are uses to adversity, and they don’t reveal themselves until tested. Whether it’s serious illness, financial hardship, or the simple constraint of parents who speak limited English, difficulty can tap unexpected strengths.
Sonia Sotomayor
Among nonclassical ions the ratio of conceptual difficulty to molecular weight reaches a maximum with the cyclopropylcarbinyl-cyclobutyl system.
Paul Doughty Bartlett
As for critical writing about modernism, its moments of lucidity are but fulgurations illuminating the dark and incomprehensible landscape of its subject’s unabashed difficulty.
Will Self
Difficulties give us the opportunity to prove our greatness by overcoming them.
Meher Baba
There had been a number of failures but we weren’t going out to ride a failure. And we felt they’d corrected all the difficulties with the boosters before that time and the launch problems. And so we had a lot of confidence that there was going to be a successful mission. We weren’t off on some suicide effort, certainly.
John Glenn
If my body is enslaved, still my mind is free.
Jazz speaks for life. The Blues tell the story of life’s difficulties, and if you think for a moment, you will realize that they take the hardest realities of life and put them into music, only to come out with some new hope or sense of triumph.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rather than getting more spoilt with age, as difficulties pile up, epiphanies of gratitude abound.
Alain de Botton
Coming out involves varying degrees of difficulty that are affected by class, race, religion, and geography.
Lance Loud
The other day the plane that Barack Obama was on had some mechanical difficulties and was forced to land. Well, the National Transportation Safety Board did an inspection on the plane, and you know what they found? The bolts on the plane were fine, but apparently Jesse Jackson had taken some of the nuts off.
Jay Leno
And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
When a man gets it into his head to do something, and when he exclusively occupies himself in that design, he must succeed, whatever the difficulties. That man will become Grand Vizier or Pope.
Giacomo Casanova
One cannot guess how a word functions. One has to look at its use and learn from that. But the difficulty is to remove the prejudice which stands in the way of doing this. It is not a stupid prejudice.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
It is true I had been successful on a small scale in overcoming one of the main difficulties in the new process, but there was still much to invent, and much that at that period I necessarily knew nothing about.
Henry Bessemer
‘Ernest Borgnine’ is sort of my version of Woody Allen’s ‘Purple Rose Of Cairo’ in that it’s about the occasional difficulty of coming to terms with the cold hard facts and the temptation to escape into another world – like movies, for example. I’m a pro at escaping.
John Grant
There is no excellence uncoupled with difficulties.
In times of difficulty we all have to understand our responsibilities.
Gennaro Gattuso
Hope is a vigorous principle; it is furnished with light and heat to advise and execute; it sets the head and heart to work, and animates a man to do his utmost. And thus, by perpetually pushing and assurance, it puts a difficulty out of countenance, and makes a seeming impossibility give way.
Jeremy Collier
The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.
Walter J. West
I have no difficulty with the recognition of civil unions for non-traditional relationships but I believe in law we should protect the traditional definition of marriage.
Stephen Harper
I always had difficulty as a model just being myself. I can be very shy, and I used to have a lot of anxiety about working on set.
Stephanie Seymour
I have a great deal of difficulty with those who live in a hugely prosperous country telling people in the developing world that they should be deprived of a critical source of energy.
Lee R. Raymond
Europe has found itself confronted with fresh challenges – challenges of a global character, the nature of which is directly connected with changes in the international climate and the difficulties of seeking new models for co-operation.
Boris Yeltsin
When Thales was asked what was difficult, he said, To know one’s self. And what was easy, To advise another.
Diogenes Laertius
Nature-deficit disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses. The disorder can be detected in individuals, families, and communities.
Richard Louv
No one is without their difficulties, whether in High, or low Life, & every person knows best where their own shoe pinches.
Abigail Adams
They wrong man greatly who say he is to be seduced by ease. Difficulty, abnegation, martyrdom, death are the allurements that act on the heart of man.
Thomas Carlyle
Men who can, when they wish to write a document, shut themselves up for days with their thoughts and their books, know little of what difficulties a woman must surmount to get off a tolerable production.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Snow and reflections were beautiful but transient effects and other difficulties were beyond me.
J. E. H. MacDonald
Nothing influences our ability to cope with the difficulties of our existence so much as the context in which we view them; the more contexts we can choose between, the less do the difficulties appear to be inevitable and insurmountable.
Theodore Zeldin
A source of conflict for women everywhere is the pull between reproduction and production. Women worldwide have difficulty in balancing their dual roles as caregivers and providers.
Madeleine M. Kunin
We must generate courage equal to the size of the difficulties we face.
Dalai Lama
Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him, who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust, in the best way, all our present difficulty.
Abraham Lincoln
In regard to education, something has been done by the Provincial Legislature; but to build churches, and to place clergymen is a work of greater difficulty.
John Strachan
The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.
John Maynard Keynes
But difficulties were made to be overcome and if the Supreme Will is there, they will be overcome.
Sri Aurobindo
We can let our past [difficulties and failures] beat us or teach us [to be more knowledgeable, competent and realistic in the future]!
Zig Ziglar
Accompanying the people in their growth through good times and also through their difficulties, accompanying people in their joy and in their bad moments, in their difficulties when there is no work, ill health and the challenge of the Church.
Pope Francis
The difficulty, in sociology, is to manage to think in a completely astonished and disconcerted way about things you thought you had always understood.
Pierre Bourdieu
If I were to search for the central core of difficulty in people as I have come to know them, it is that in the great majority of cases they despise themselves, regarding themselves as worthless and unlovable.
Carl Rogers
We all read news stories about the difficulties and tensions that the United States has with our allies and even with coalition partners in Iraq, but we rarely read about the good news.
Michael K. Simpson
Evolution … is really two theories, the vague theory and the precise theory. The vague theory has been abundantly proved…. The precise theory has never been proved at all. However, like relativity, it is accepted on faith…. On getting down to actual details, difficulties begin.
Anthony Standen
How do we describe the fact of human existence? At a certain point, perhaps, style fails us. Language, even and in particular at its most evocative, becomes less of an aid and more of a difficulty.
Katie Kitamura
I had to escape the destruction of my fathers bankruptcy and all that difficulty.
Brendan Coyle
When the difficulty of a problem lies only in finding out what follows from certain fixed premises, mathematical methods furnish invaluable wings for flying over intermediate obstructions.
Arthur M. Wellington
Young people need plenty of difficulties to achieve something…. If you receive a little money for this, a little money for that, everything becomes mediocre, and collapses ignominiously.
Salvador Dali
The first ATM in Hong Kong was actually at the foot of the bank. I remember my father using it. And I find it absolutely terrifying that – something about the way the machine just kind of coughed up money with no difficulty.
John Lanchester
What we look upon as our greatest unhappiness in a difficulty we are involved in, may possibly be the evil hastening to its crisis, and happy days may ensue.
Samuel Richardson
The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.
John Maynard Keynes
I have difficulty orienting myself in space, and I’m probably one of the few people who gets lost in Manhattan.
Paul Auster
Difficulty on the way to victory is opportunity for God to work
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The greatest difficulty with the world is not its ability to produce, but the unwillingness to share.
Roy L. Smith
Pursuit of knowledge under difficulties.
Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux
Many years ago, in the throes of my struggles on the PGA Tour, I had difficulty even getting into pro-ams. I needed money, so I put together a 45-minute magic show I’d perform at corporate events surrounding the tournament.
Gary McCord