Diffuse Quotes

Diffuse Quotes by Chrissy Teigen, Mary Helen Bowers, K. Eric Drexler, Joss Whedon, Romany Malco, Bernardo Bertolucci and many others.

I would not like to try any high stress job. Honestly,

I would not like to try any high stress job. Honestly, I wouldn’t like something like a PR job. I can’t diffuse situations.
Chrissy Teigen
Making fitness a priority will energize you, make you look and feel better, and help diffuse stress.
Mary Helen Bowers
Today we have big, crude instruments guided by intelligent surgeons, and we have little, stupid molecules of drugs that get dumped into the body, diffuse around and interfere with things as best they can. At present, medicine is unable to heal anything.
K. Eric Drexler
Everybody who labels themselves a ‘nerd’ isn’t some giant person locked in a cubbyhole who’s never seen the opposite sex. Especially with the way the Internet is now, I think that definition is getting a little more diffuse.
Joss Whedon
I learned early in life that laughter is a great way to diffuse and uncomfortable situation, so I began to use that as a tool, throughout my life.
Romany Malco
I think politics is a higher build in life. You know? If you diffuse under normal, common sense of a story, you make it political. If you choose a conventional way for a story, or refuse to use the conventional way, you make it political.
Bernardo Bertolucci
All renewables, much as I love them, are diffuse. They all have a small power per unit area, and we have to live with that fact.
David J. C. MacKay
These wealthy people were very interested in contemporary music. They wanted to help diffuse it and get it to be known to other people.
Elliott Carter
So my thing is we want come in and diffuse anything that’s not real, anything that doesn’t associate with real hip-hop. We want to be the one that says, ‘Yo, we want to help build and build a bigger and better industry.’ I’m just like, ‘Yo, with talent from Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec. Who’s paying attention?’
Comedy can always be taken the wrong way. If I do a bit that is meant to diffuse racism or sexism, I’m not going to avoid it on the chance that a small portion of the audience might take it the wrong way.
Doug Stanhope
As I understand from the real military personnel who I’ve had the opportunity to speak to over the last few years, humor is very much used to diffuse stress. I think that if they were to keep it as serious as the situations often are, there would be a lot more nervous breakdowns.
Daniela Ruah
When the late Bishop was appointed, about thirty-two years ago, to diffuse the light of the Gospel through this extensive portion of His Majesty’s dominions, it was even a greater spiritual, than a natural wilderness.
John Strachan
I use this brand called Ouidad; they’re great. Not Your Mother’s is another one. Garnier Fructis. I use a bunch of stuff. Literally, I just throw a huge concoction of stuff in my hair after I get out of the shower, and then I diffuse it.
Tori Kelly
In every human society, there is an effort continually tending to confer on one part the height of power and happiness, and to reduce the other to the extreme of weakness and misery. The intent of good laws is to oppose this effort and to diffuse their influence universally and equally.
Cesare Beccaria
Besides merely some pleasure that we get out of the combinations of pitches together and lines, I think that there is some satisfaction that we get in the fact of having this diffuse thing organized very concretely and put onto a frame and have it actually decided.
Leo Ornstein
I used to run the band hockey pool – regular season and playoffs. I would write weekly reports, which were meant to demoralize and diffuse enjoyment for others.
Gord Downie
Second only to the sea, the Miami sky has been the greatest comfort in my life past 50. On a good day, when the wind blows from the south, the light here is diffuse and forgiving.
Iggy Pop
I think when you’re dealing with very tenuous scenes and difficult and heavy subject matter, it’s important to be close intimately with your cast as friends, and be able to diffuse a lot of that tension and trust each other with the work.
Jack Falahee