Dilemmas Quotes

Dilemmas Quotes by Asghar Farhadi, Chris Cornell, Kenneth Fisher, Danny DeVito, Lara Spencer, Morten Tyldum and many others.

We have the wrong impression of life. We think the very

We have the wrong impression of life. We think the very big incidents of our lives are consequences of huge dilemmas or major decisions. If we paid attention, we’d realize that the determining incidents in our lives are ordinary things.
Asghar Farhadi
One of the main dilemmas that’s pretty common to a lot of people who are getting older is the idea that maybe there’s a finish line and that maybe there’s a time in your life when you start to slow down and stop and smell the roses and just kind of settle into what will be a comfortable period in your life.
Chris Cornell
Hundreds of investors ask me questions each year about the dilemmas they confront. Their worst problem? Uncertainty. They are traumatized and become emotional or confused to the state of inaction. Even worse, they try to solve a short-term problem in a way that hurts them financially in the long run.
Kenneth Fisher
There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull: How do you hang on to someone who won’t stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won’t go?
Danny DeVito
Flea markets tend to be overwhelming. A lot of times, when I go with a first-time shopper, they don’t buy anything. The rooms in my new book involved real people with real design dilemmas. They were paralyzed to make a decision.
Lara Spencer
Sci-fi is about ‘what if this happened,’ and ‘what would you do.’ You can play around with social dilemmas, or look at society or, in my case, relationships, in a very different way.
Morten Tyldum
The thing about ‘Dark Knight’ is its objective is to set Batman into your world, so that you can imagine the moral dilemmas he faces are exactly parallel to moral dilemmas that you would face in this world, today, if you were out there fighting crime dressed like a bat.
Zack Snyder
The simplest of women are wonderful liars who can extricate themselves from the most difficult dilemmas with a skill bordering on genius.
Guy de Maupassant
The literary depiction of life and its moral dilemmas compel us to use our conscience, to make those infallible distinctions between right and wrong.
F. Sionil Jose
Food is not a means toward resolution. It can’t cure heartbreak or solve untenable dilemmas.
Kate Christensen
One of the great dilemmas for America will be that American companies will do very well while American workers might not.
Fareed Zakaria
I don’t think that a Singularity would be visible to those going through one. Even the most disruptive changes are not universally or immediately distributed, and late followers learn from the reactions and dilemmas of those who had initially encountered the disruptive change.
Jamais Cascio
Life is a constant oscillation between the sharp horns of dilemmas.
H. L. Mencken
One of the dilemmas of architecture in general is that there is a Catch-22 – you can’t actually get to be commissioned to do certain types of building until you’ve already built that type of building. So it seems to be incredibly hard to get going.
Bjarke Ingels
Music should probably provide answers in terms of lyrical content, and giving people a sense of togetherness and oneness, as opposed to being alone in their thoughts and dilemmas or regrets or happiness or whatever.
Peabo Bryson
I like being the lead but I like being in an ensemble. There are different challenges and dilemmas with both. If you’re carrying a film, there’s a certain weight, but there are a lot of scenes to explore the character. When you’re in an ensemble, you have to convey the entire character in a limited number of scenes.
Carla Gugino
Here in L.A., you kind of get stuck in your own little dilemmas and your own little life, and hearing a story like Pocahontas’ reminds you there’s a bigger world out there, and there are so many more important things in life.
Q’orianka Kilcher
One of the things I strive for is realism. I need to be as real as possible in the dilemmas my characters face.
Tamora Pierce
Each generation, as it seeks to advance the common good, must ask anew: ‘What are the requirements that governments may reasonably impose upon citizens, and how far do they extend? By appeal to what authority can moral dilemmas be resolved?’
Pope Benedict XVI
Fiction should be about moral dilemmas that are so bloody difficult that the author doesn’t know the answer.
Pat Barker
As a producer, I am dying to explore psychology and urban dilemmas – say, fatigue – in a marriage.
Ekta Kapoor
Even if these stories are 3,000 years old, there’s still so much about the characters, about the dilemmas, about their understanding of the universe that still resonates. The whole idea of order and chaos, which is really central to the ancient Egyptian understanding of the world, is still very much with us.
Rick Riordan
I get bored with the same old film coming out every weekend. It feels like it’s the same story all the time, and the same visuals, and the characters’ dilemmas are remarkably similar.
Josh Hartnett
The thriller protagonist is really just us in extremis. He or she is this individual who is placed under enormous pressure, has huge moral dilemmas and decisions to make.
David Farr
On slower days, when I was only needed for coverage or reaction shots, the set of ‘The Newsroom’ was better than therapy. Chris Chalk and I would debate life’s dilemmas… until Sam Waterston would chime in and set us both straight.
Adina Porter
Stories are told not to preach or counsel people but to reflect the dilemmas of our time.
Sobhita Dhulipala
Sometimes it takes ten seconds to see some humor in your dilemmas, sometimes ten years.
Allen Klein