Directors Quotes

Directors Quotes by Bill Condon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Karl Polanyi, John Keltonic, Naveen Andrews, Viggo Mortensen and many others.

But you really - I always think that a director has got

But you really – I always think that a director has got to adapt to whatever the needs of the actor are. You know, so if you take someone like Eddie Murphy, who is not a big fan of rehearsal. You know he comes out of stand-up. He comes – it’s all about capturing the moment – in the moment, you know.
Bill Condon
I can remember getting rejected systematically by casting directors as a young kid. I felt like the biggest outsider there ever was; that I’d never belong in that club.
Leonardo DiCaprio
To allow the market mechanism to be the sole director of the fate of human beings and their natural environment….would result in the demolition of society.
Karl Polanyi
I’ve been a full-time composer for many years, and I’m still learning all the time. There is always more than one musical “solution” to each movie scene, but my goal is to compose music that works perfectly for the director, and me!
John Keltonic
It is not easy to get parts in mainstream films for most people of color. Hollywood and British writers are not writing parts for us, or the directors are not interested in casting us in parts that are color-blind.
Naveen Andrews
I’ve never been conscious of having any real career plan, and I do not have a wish-list of actors, directors, screenwriters, or cameramen I’m hoping to work with. Life, I feel, has a way of leading us to the right situations and people, or at least to interesting ones.
Viggo Mortensen
When I write a film, the film gets handed off to a producer and a director and I go my merry way. With television, I am expected and contracted to stick around and actually produce what I’ve written.
Marc Guggenheim
I don’t like the sort of hierarchical, totalitarian type of room a lot of directors can find themselves in.
Adam Rapp
I doubted that there were Communists hiding behind every corporation desk and director’s chair.
Gloria Swanson
That’s the trouble with directors. Always biting the hand that lays the golden egg.
Samuel Goldwyn
But I don’t really care for directors flaring up and trying to humble some actor, which they would do to try and make an example out of them so everybody else would stay on the ball – and David wasn’t anything like that.
Richard Farnsworth
I would love to meet some directors, and why not do some other movies in America? But, I’m not obsessed with this idea. I’m feeling very free in Europe.
Ludivine Sagnier
When I took the job as EstГ©e Lauder’s creative director, the first thing I did was go into the archives! I love taking our heritage and making it modern.
Aerin Lauder
I acted for so many years and sat on a million sets and worked with a million different directors so that is to me some of the best training you can get.
Grant Heslov
To be that big of a star and that grounded and that classy, I’m mean [ George Clooney] was a true mentor for me and, as a director, he’s incredible.
John Krasinski
Everything is the director’s fault – you can quote me on that. There are no excuses.
Steven Soderbergh
Every director is themselves; [they’re] not playing a part.
Scarlett Johansson
It’s not the ideal situation to have two directors. It’s just not the ideal thing.
Donna McKechnie
You hear again and again that audiences want to see movies that are different and critics say we [directors] make the same thing again and again in Hollywood, then you go and make something different and you get kicked in the gut for it.
David Ayer
I’m always looking for a way to surprise audiences. That’s, I feel, my job as a director. I felt that Amy Adams playing a tough woman in ‘The Fighter’ was a surprise. People saw her as a princess.
David O. Russell
Some directors don’t tell you that it’s not your fault, so you get increasingly depressed that you’re not delivering what’s required, and then you discover it’s not you at all, it’s something in the background that’s out of focus.
Ian Mckellen
I guess I am basically most comfortable when I’m alone. As a kid, I was very much a loner. I love long distance running and long distance biking. A director once pointed out that those are all very isolated exercises you do for hours at a time.
Kevin Conroy
I’m only wanted by directors for the image I give off, and it makes me angry. I always wanted to be an actor and not a beauty pageant winner.
Jude Law
I act once in awhile if something comes up that seems fun. I like to do it – its a lot of fun because theres no responsibility. You let other people have the headaches. The director has all of the headaches.
Rob Reiner
You have to be strong to be a carpenter, maybe, but the director of a film doesn’t need to have muscles.
Agnes Varda
I wouldn’t not want to be a director and write as I wouldn’t not to want to be a writer and direct movies.
Walter Hill
I always felt, and still feel, one of my best strengths as a director is having been an actor for a long time. Nobody knows actors and their insecurities and strengths and everything more than somebody who’s done it before.
Paul Feig
I view filmmaking as a director’s medium.
James Franco
You hope and pray that you’ll get involved with a director that you understand and who has the same sensibility as you do and knows how to push you and bring out the best in you.
Matthew Modine
I think the reason I was able to get the jobs I did is because I worked for some very strong, self-possessed filmmakers who wouldn’t listen to the executive-suited wisdom, and they believed in me from director to actor. Not from salesman to commodity.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
I think one of the major things a director has to do is to know his subject matter, the subject matter of his script, know the truth and the reality of it. That’s very important.
Robert Wise
And I just want to work with good directors and good people.
Charlie Hunnam
Some people are directors and I think they should stay behind the camera.
Matthew Vaughn
I once gave a talk at a girls’ school and, once I’d finished, 29 out of the 30 girls wanted to be film directors. I think that’s where we need to get girls interested in making films. We need to give them the idea that they can, that it’s one of the things on their horizon.
Beeban Kidron
I always want to challenge myself as a writer. I consider myself more of a writer than I do a director.
Lena Waithe
I’ve always had the utmost respect and awe of what the lens can do and what a director can do with just a camera move.
Matthew Gray Gubler
One of the things about working for an old school studio like Warner Bros. is that there is an institutional culture and institutional memory, in terms of production design, camera work, and directors who understand how to do this kind of thing.
Bruno Heller
A musical is only as good as its director. The same can also be said for the CIA.
Martin Short
I have no reason as a director to have films go up in versions that I don’t like. My only experience of film after ten years is honestly that if a picture doesn’t get second-guessed you’re looking at four Oscars, and if a picture does get second-guessed, you’re not. I’ve got an advanced degree in that lesson.
William Monahan
I think a lot of good directors listen to music while they’re working. The songs just don’t become a part of the film. They’re replaced.
Ben Folds
Love who and what you are and what you do.
Louise Hay
In N.Y.C., I auditioned for mostly ‘quirky friend’ roles. Since casting directors in L.A. lacked a preconceived notion of me, I was able to reinvent my type a bit, which was essential in booking the role of Amanda on ‘Ugly Betty.’ I don’t believe I would have auditioned for that role in N.Y.
Becki Newton
I think film and television are really a director’s medium, whereas theatre is the actor’s medium.
Christopher Eccleston
I can make fried tofu, boiled tofu, stuffed tofu. Cutlets and other fancy stuff, that’s for other directors.
Yasujiro Ozu
I don’t come in with any preconceived ideas, and although I will have done some preparation, I can go which way the director wants.
Jacqueline Bisset
The film [Dream of Life] is the way it is because it was the rhythm of my life, and also because the director and the editor are both gifted and both fine human beings.
Patti Smith
It’s a great luxury for me to be able to write on the films that I direct, and kind of a nice thing to be able to write enough to get credit, which is difficult for a director.
Harold Ramis
The worst is when I talk myself into something. Sometimes you take things because you want to work with a certain actor, or you want to work with a director, even if the script or the part’s not that great.
Jessica Lange
A lot of film directors are quite scared of actors. They are a bit of a nightmare sometimes, but I like them. It looks like cunning, but you try to get extra things from them all the time, by stealth, by making them feel confident, so they trust you and you can push a bit.
Danny Boyle
It’s fun to do something funny and have the director laughing. It makes you feel good.
Jon Lovitz
I found it to be more challenging to be in a huge effects movie, because a lot of the things aren’t there.You have to trust the director and react to nothing.
Katie Holmes
Winning an Oscar attracts the attention of directors and other actors and creates a boost in salary, particularly for someone like Halle Berry. For an established star like Denzel Washington, the benefits are less tangible.
Marc Platt
My directors of photography light my films, but the colours of the sets, furnishings, clothes, hairstyles – that’s me. Everything that’s in front of the camera, I bring you.
Pedro Almodovar
There are two types of directors: the directors who take and directors who give.
Allu Arjun
I should mention that I am a member of the board of directors of Dimensional Fund Advisors.
Merton Miller
Maybe many directors are trying to create their own style of filmmaking, or to respond to audiences that come expect a certain style from them. But I don’t care about that – I don’t intend to have a ‘Miike’ style. I just pour myself into each film, enjoy it, and then what comes out just seems to have a ‘Miike’ style.
Takashi Miike
Directors approach me for doing ‘strong’ women characters which, as an actor, increases a sense of responsibility to give my 100 per cent and even more for the faith they entrust on me.
Aishwarya Rajesh
Every director is different. And all the movies are very different, and the characters are very different.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Long before I ever started acting, believe it or not, I always knew I wanted to be a director.
Jay Baruchel
Making movies can be a creative exciting project for director and rest of staff.
Philip Kaufman
As a first time director it’s interesting, but not all that different from what I did before. A lot of parts of this job seem to be very similar to running a big company.
Timothy Miller
I had a sort of bad experiences as a playwright early on, when directors were putting in huge concepts that I didn’t intend, or they were stylizing something that was compromising the play, so I started to think like, “well if I’m going to fight against this, I should learn how to direct”.
Adam Rapp
I was really amazed when I started hearing ‘Songbird’ on the radio. I couldn’t believe that the record company promotion department had actually convinced radio music directors to play it -because there wasn’t anything like it on the radio at the time.
Kenny G
Sooner or later, directors in Germany will start casting without regard to where a person is from. It shouldn’t matter anymore.
Sibel Kekilli
The best thing an actor can be is flexible, because all directors are different and all actors are different.
Viggo Mortensen
I have so much respect for television actors and directors. We’re on set doing 16-hour days, and that’s just what we do.
Michelle Borth
As an actor, you’re a color of paint on someone else’s palette. But as a director, it’s your canvas and you make the painting you want to make.
Denzel Washington
With the most interesting directors, the cast comes together to make something magical that nobody counted on.
Susan Sarandon
I think every director’s different. Every director’s got his own style. I mean, when I directed, I basically just screamed for eight hours a day, twelve hours a day.
Michael Biehn
The director has to win, because you should never force a director to shoot something they don’t believe in.
Peter Jackson
You must become the producer, director and actor in the unfolding story of your life.
Wayne Dyer
I like working with directors much, because I want to be able to give myself completely to their vision. Otherwise I would only do what I could do, again and again. I want to be taken by someone in a different direction.
Catherine Deneuve
Things maybe take longer usually when it comes to TV – especially network TV. There are usually multiple levels that you have to go through in terms of the casting director, the producers, the studio, the network, reading with other people.
Andre Holland
‘Election’ is a movie I’d give a leg to cross the director’s name out and put mine in.
Jason Reitman
I am still very surprised that I managed to make that film [Close Up]. When I actually look back on that film, I really feel that I was not the director but instead just a member of the audience.
Abbas Kiarostami
I learnt a lot from the directors with whom I have worked like Sudhir Mishra in ‘Daas Dev,’ Prawaal Raman in ‘Main Aur Charles.’
Richa Chadha
Ang Lee’s been nominated for best director for “Life of Pi,” which is what I’m going to call the six weeks after I take this dress off.
Amy Poehler
[Alfred] Hitchcock was very interested in the image on the screen.As is any good cinema director. That is the language they speak. It is not literature, it is images on screen.
John Hurt
I really think the mind of someone who hasn’t been welded into place by their work or studios or actors or this whole society is a wonderful mind to work with, so I’d like to do a big picture with an unknown director.
Joan Severance
In a play, the director is God, and I’m a great arguer. Rather boringly so, I think, about trying different things.
Felicity Kendal
I like great directors who are scarce. Prolific ones are nice too but for me, there’s something about the scarcity that makes it all the more valuable.
Adam Brody
I just knew how to do the one thing I did, and whether I did it well or not depended on who the director was.
Jackie Cooper
I think theatre helped, only because it was acting experience. I got to work with a lot of directors.
James Denton
I think when you have some success as a kid, your notion of being a good actor is pleasing the director, doing exactly what they tell you to do.
Gillian Jacobs
The thing about Hitchcock which is quite extraordinary for a director of that time, he had a very strong sense of his own image and publicizing himself. Just a very strong sense of himself as the character of Hitchcock.
Toby Jones
A long-playing full shot is what always separates the men from the boys. Anybody can make movies with a pair of scissors and a two-inch lens.
Orson Welles
If you’re sounding right, you’re probably walking right, and vice versa. If you get the footwork right – if you get even one line right in a rehearsal, the director will say, do you know when you said that, it was exactly the character. You were – really landed on it.
Ian Mckellen
If I get lucky and I can choose, I would always choose a really good story and screenplay, even if I don’t know the director. If there’s a good screenplay, there’s a chance that something good is going to happen.
Ayelet Zurer
Man, without a saving touch of woman in him, is too doltish, too naive and romantic, too easily deluded and lulled to sleep by his imagination to be anything above a cavalryman, a theologian or a corporation director.
H. L. Mencken
It’s great working with directors and with somebody else’s vision.
James Iha
What happened in the late Fifties, early Sixties in French cinema was a fantastic revolution. I was in Italy, but completely in love with the nouvelle vague movement, and directors like Godard, Truffaut, Demy. ‘The Dreamers’ was a total homage to cinema and that love for it.
Bernardo Bertolucci
Some directors expect you to do everything; write, be producer, psychiatrist. Some just want you to die in a tragic accident during the shooting so they can get the insurance.
John Malkovich
When I do any stand-up, you’re the writer, director, and producer. You’re alone.
Andrew Dice Clay
What I always meant by that was that I do believe that a lot of directors, and writers, and sometimes producers just lose their edge because they haven’t seen anybody or talked to anybody or been with anybody who isn’t a kind of replica of themselves for a long period of time.
Buck Henry
The choice that you really have is that you can go and work for TV which is so badly paid that you have to really churn them out which I think probably helps you develop certain muscles. I’m not sure though that you really want to have those muscles as a director.
Robert Schwentke
One thing that is true in TV is that you do hire the directors. As the writer, it’s very different than in features, where you feel like, “If I want this to be this way, I better direct it.”
Zak Penn
Overseas directors who want to work in Hollywood, the language barrier is not a problem. With the right talent, any director can be successful.
Kim Jee-woon
Horror movies, man, the blood entails so much time. And horror movies are not fun; definitely not starting there as a director. Definitely not horror.
Corey Haim
It’s always fun to get to do independent film because I believe that that’s the life blood of film. It’s about writers and directors who truly have their own vision, and that’s hard.
Steve Buscemi
I’m a director’s actor; I’m a storyteller’s actor.
Michael Ironside
The director, Antoine Fuqua, relies on small details, which anchor the vigilante-as-saint myth in at least a minimal degree of reality.
David Denby
It’s dangerous for one actor to advise another one, especially when you’re not in charge. On the set, I’m never gonna tell another person, “Here’s what I think you should do.” That’s a discussion they should only have with the writers, producers, and directors.
David Koechner
Sundance is the only hand that feeds for women directors.
Allison Anders
Existence for eternity could get a little boring… especially towards the end.
Woody Allen
The more shows that are produced, the more writers are hired, producers are hired, actors are hired, directors are hired, it means the more people will get employed. It’s better for the economy. It’s a fantastic thing.
Kevin Spacey
There’s very exciting directors who haven’t made a feature yet. That’s what’s cool about the job – the ever-changing landscape of people you could potentially work with.
Jamie Dornan
James DeMonaco is one of my favorite directors I’ve ever worked with. I think he shoots really well and all that, but the work environment he creates – he makes everyone feel respected, he makes everyone feel appreciated, and he’s a true collaborator.
Zach Gilford
For me, creatively, I’d suffocate if I played the same thing, over and over again. I want challenges. I want to sit down with a director and be like, “I’ve never done this before, but it’s going to be exciting. It’s scary, but really thrilling, so let’s do it!”
Alexander Skarsgard
The directors [who know every detail] make films that are complete, basically.
Idris Elba
I don’t blame any director for wanting to do something more commercial. That’s all part of the business. I certainly have done it, as an actor.
Steve Buscemi
It can be a bit annoying if another actor is trying to talk to the director and the wife is sitting on his lap.
Colin Farrell
I’ve learnt so much from every film and every director – a new perspective, a greater appreciation of the art.
Sally Menke
I think the first film you do with your instincts because you haven’t learned with another director or you haven’t worked on other films, so you tend to do things your own way. I think what I learned the most was to take your time, to try to be less rushed into things and have some distance with what you’re doing.
Nadine Labaki
The main reason for choosing a project is not really the renown of the director that’s making the project. I feel like it’s the fact of an actor to constantly want to do different things.
Song Kang-Ho
I was the executive editor on a little magazine called Greek Accent, whose only claim to fame is that its art director went on to be the art director of Discover for many years.
Jane Haddam
Sometimes you don’t need to explain how you care and love someone so much, but I really love him as a person and as a director. I wanted to be perfect for Michael Mann. I wanted to give the best of my best of my best. I don’t know if I did, but I was touched by him. He’s totally inspirational.
Marion Cotillard
If anyone has the opportunity to work with that woman, jump at it. She is the most generous, most giving director I have ever worked with in my entire life. She is classy. She speaks a dozen difference languages.
Tituss Burgess
Unfortunately they’re practically all dead. And many were my closest associates: friends, co-directors, whatever you want to say – my partners in crime.
William Eggleston
I had a role in ‘Crossroads’ when I was about 21, and then I went on to perform in ‘Small Change’ and then ‘Piaf’ in the Donmar Warehouse, London, and it was when I was there that some casting directors spotted me.
Luke Evans
I’m definitely one of those actresses who comes to a set knowing how I want to do a scene, and I definitely love input from my directors and my writers. I know that there’s some actors who like to be left alone, they like to be very independent, but I actually really enjoy the teamwork.
Summer Glau
Songs are pretty easy. They are small, they are modular, they are about as big as a bagel. They are easy to build. Films are overwhelming in their magnitude and scope. By comparison, a lot of film directors wish they were writing songs because you can do it while getting your hair cut.
Tom Waits
People wonder why first-time directors can make a brilliant picture, then suck on the second one. It’s because they’re a little terrified the first time. So they listen to all the experts around them.
James Caan
Favourite directors change, like favorite authors. I had a passion for Gide and Stein and Faulkner. But now they’re no use to me anymore. I’ve assimilated them – so, enough, they are a closed chapter. This also applies to film directors.
Michelangelo Antonioni
What a director does… essentially, it’s storytelling, but a director also controls the feeling and the sounds and the texture. It’s an act of creation, like a symphony or a painting or a story. But with different tools.
John Carpenter
If I have to wear a hat as a producer to do that, then I’m willing to do that. An actor’s, producer’s and director’s point-of-view is all the same to me, as long as the story’s being told.
Michael Eklund
Be what we make, and not who we are.
Catherine Breillat
I think what makes a good actor’s director is the same thing that makes a good director. Acting is just one of the trades necessary to make a movie.
Matt Damon
I also get fed up with the fact that casting agents and directors have this impression of me as being frail and petite. I find it very patronizing. I’m quite beefy and strong. I was a gymnast in school and I have lots of muscles.
Helena Bonham Carter
No one appears on our stage unless the director has placed them there for our benefit
Paramahansa Yogananda
I can’t change my gender, and I refuse to stop making movies.
Kathryn Bigelow
You know, making an animated movie is such a lonesome thing. You mostly don’t see your fellow actors or anything. You go into your booth, you record all your dialogue. It’s very much an issue of trust. You leave it all up to the director.
Julie Andrews
I think it’s possible to be free in a big production. It’s the eye of the director and the actor and the story.
Adam Driver
Most directors make films with their eyes; I make films with my testicles.
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Some directors are like it’s their… nothing can change, nothing can move. I like collaborating, even when an extra has an idea, I like to bring to really have collaboration.
Louis Leterrier
I’d say the film to avoid is a director’s second film, particularly if his first film was a big success. The second film is where you’ve really needed to have learned something.
John Hurt
A board of directors that cannot produce reliable audited financial statements for almost seven years simply should not remain in office.
Dilip Shanghvi
I think the wonderful thing about doing theater is that it’s more of an actor’s medium. I think that film is more of a director’s medium. You can’t edit something out on stage. It’s there.
Kim Cattrall
The candidates at the Republican debate looked like a town council that was outlawing dancing. They looked like a board of directors that was lying about poisoning a river.
David Letterman
With episodic, kind of one-hour directing, they always have guest directors come in, so they don’t have the same person week after week. You get a break.
Melanie Mayron
I am a fan of the monster and horror genre but that’s not my style as a director.
Bong Joon-ho
I feel that I am just a storyteller, and whether I am wearing the director hat or the playwright hat, it doesn’t matter.
Adam Rapp
Casting director was a part-time thing, which later became a full-time job because there was a lack of casting directors in our industry and people were looking for professionals to do it.
Abhishek Banerjee
The action star’s life is very short. Back in Asia, I can do whatever I want to do. I’m the producer, I’m the director, I can do so many things, but in Hollywood any time I present a script they say: “No, no, no, Rush Hour 3, Rush Hour 4.”
Jackie Chan
Actors are like kids, they need to play a little bit. And that’s the nature of their job, they need to shake off some energy and then you as the director get them back on track. When you do loosen up the reins, you get some amazing things, but you have to wring out the performances for every last good drop.
David Ayer
Any film that you see is never just the director. If it’s a film that you love, it’s not so easy to say, “Oh it’s directed by this person – that means everything that person directs is going be wonderful.”
Vin Diesel
I’m a believer in trusting the director.
B. J. Novak
I believe in the truth of fairy-tales more than I believe in the truth in the newspaper.
Lotte Reiniger
I think film, to me, as a director, is about telling a story.
Donnie Yen
I think you have to be scared every morning that you go out to shoot, or you lose your edge. With actors, there has to be that adrenaline and you have to keep challenging yourself, and I certainly challenge myself, as a director.
Susanna White
The director is the ultimate creative arbiter of what’s going to happen. And as a director myself, you really appreciate collaborating with people who are trying to help you find what you need and what you want.
Roman Coppola
Well, I certainly was exposed to and learned to appreciate the work of great directors early on. As a kid, my mother used to take me to see really interesting arty films in Los Angeles.
Jodie Foster
You’re not a star until you love yourself. Directors, yeah, they’ve got to love their own philosophies. But actors have to really love themselves.
Shekhar Kapur
I’ve been offered lots of movies. There’s always some actor who’s doing a project and would like to have me do it. But you look at the project and think, ‘Gee, there are a lot of good directors who could do that.’ I’d like to do something only I can do.
Francis Ford Coppola
I’ve worked with more than 50 directors and I’ve paid attention since day one. That’s pretty much been my education, apart from studying art history and shooting with my own cameras. I’ve seen 50 different sets of mistakes and 50 different ways of achieving.
Tommy Lee Jones
When we say there’s a dearth of women directors, it’s not that there’s a lack of women who direct: it’s a lack of opportunities and access for women to direct and be supported in that.
Ava DuVernay
European films were what it was about for me – the sensations I needed, the depth, the storytelling, the characters, the directors, and the freedom that you can’t really find in American films.
Charlotte Rampling
So I write melodies – thirty, forty, fifty – then I cast them off until I have just two or three. If only one is needed, I go see the director and ask him to decide.
Michel Legrand
Directors typically have three choices – you do a studio movie and get a paycheck up front, you do an independent movie, which is for your heart and you don’t get paid up front and probably don’t make any money on it, but it hopefully goes to Sundance and is more of an art movie, and then you do TV.
Jason Blum
You mustn’t look at a film with only one point of view.
Jafar Panahi
Burt Lancaster was largely responsible for me becoming a director.
Sydney Pollack
(As) a director who is a writer, I have respect for writers, so I’m less likely to step on an idea or a line.
Ben Affleck
One of the great things about being a director as a life choice is that it can never be mastered. Every story is its own kind of expedition, with its own set of challenges.
Ron Howard
When museums are built these days, architects, directors, and trustees seem most concerned about social space: places to have parties, eat dinner, wine-and-dine donors. Sure, these are important these days – museums have to bring in money – but they gobble up space and push the art itself far away from the entrance.
Jerry Saltz
I recognize the amount of time that it takes as a director. I made the choice to stop taking roles outside of L.A. because I didn’t want to miss any of my child’s life.
Regina King
What I think after reading the script and seeing where the story goes, I go with my instincts on the character. If my instincts are wrong the director and the producers will guide me in the right direction. That’s just kind of how I take on any role, be it a fantasy movie or not.
Josh Hutcherson
Why did Erich von Stronheim leave Germany? Why did Hitchcock leave England? If you were a director you’d like to work in Hollywood too. Now go ahead and ask me if I’m still Polish. You people keep asking me this question. You want Polish artists to make it in the world, but when they do, you accuse them of treason.
Roman Polanski
I tend to … if I decide to do a job, want to be able to trust my director…
Charlize Theron
I want to get into the theater. I really wanted to be a theater director, but I turned out to be a movie director.
Frank Oz
I am still taking care of the creation of the collection alongside my staff, and my daughter Nathalie Rykiel, is the artistic director of Sonia Rykiel, who takes care of a lot of things. We are very alike and also very close.
Sonia Rykiel
I’m a good actor in that sense for directors because I always do what they say.
Alex Cox
Deb Zane, our casting director on the Hunger Games was very sanguine, from the beginning, about just blocking out what everybody else says that they want.
Nina Jacobson
God gave me a great body and it’s my duty to take care of my physical temple.
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Movies, I don’t really get the bad guys. In theater, I get more bad guys. Both audiences and directors are more willing… to allow people to stretch. In movies, you do one thing, and then that’s their reference.
Campbell Scott
The love scenes that worked, regardless of the director, were the ones where the actors weren’t fearful. When somebody was fearful, you could see it right away. It takes you out of the story, and that’s to be avoided at all costs.
Jennifer Beals
Its different being a director. I suppose, especially if its a story youve written and you feel compelled to tell, in some ways its a lot easier than acting because youre orchestrating the piece. As an actor, sometimes youre trying to second-guess what people want.
Paddy Considine
As you’re growing up, it’s odd, because directors don’t expect you to grow up. They think you’ll be young forever, but as an actor, there is an awkward period when you’re too young for old or too old for young, and it can be an odd time.
Nicholas Hoult
First time films are hard. Even with some of the greatest directors, you look back at their first film, and you are just going, ‘That movie is kind of bad.’
Mike Birbiglia
My passion is becoming involved in good work, whether that means as an actor or writer or director or producer or all – that is not as important to me.
Bryan Cranston
The size of budgets does not alter my decision if I should do it. If there’s a movie with a budget of only $1 million that I find interesting, then I’ll sign up, but it has to be in the hands of a director who can do something with it. Ultimately, it’s a director’s medium.
Andy Garcia
In the year and a half I was on SNL, I never saw anybody ad lib anything. For a very good reason – the director cut according to the script. So, if you ad libbed, you’d be off mike and off camera.
Harry Shearer
You don’t really audition for Hamlet; Hamlet is one of those roles that a director or producer decides you should do it.
Chukwudi Iwuji
I have been a director who has starred, participated on both sides of the filmmaking process.
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Many of the museum directors who make an impact personally curate exhibitions.
Jeffrey Deitch
I’ve worked with some of the great cinematographers. So I’m always watching what they do and I’m watching how the director composes his shots, just because I find it interesting as an actor; you’re trying to help them out as well.
Eric Bana
I am not a master-class director. I am not a teacher. I am a coach. I dont have a methodology. Each actor is different. And on the film set, you have to be next to them all.
Sam Mendes
The main problem is that the Hollywood system has already made the film before the director shoots a single frame.
Mike Leigh
When you work with directors who really love actors, who love their contribution, it feels amazing. But sometimes when you work with directors, you feel like you’re in the way.
Ruth Negga
The rule of thumb for a director or producer – which prevents them from just sticking their names on everything – is that you have to contribute substantially more than 50 percent of the character dialogue and story.
Harold Ramis
People come up to me and say “Steve, what is film editing?” And I say “How should I know? You’re the director.
Steve Martin
She’s got no charisma of any kind [but] I can imagine her being mildly useful to a low-rank porn director.
Christopher Hitchens
I wrote a script and I’ve been whispering in director’s ears for a really long time and I’d love to direct.
Jeremy Piven
When I worked on Altar Boys, they wanted to see us having fun. The four of us would have fun on set and steal each other’s lines, and mess with the director.
Kieran Culkin
It’s always different, depending on the writer and the director. A collaborator like Graham Reznick delivers a fully finished piece, perfected in every way. Other writers direct the recording session and then leave quite a bit of the work to us.
Larry Fessenden
I want to work with great directors. I want to work on good material with good actors. I’ve probably done 20 movies at this point and a lot of independents. It’s been an incredible ride and I love it and I’m just going to keep going and doing what I’m doing.
Famke Janssen
I’d like to produce. I’d like to come up with ideas and collaborate with people and directors and writers that I like, be a part of movies that have the same idea that the movies that impacted me have. I’d like to be able to do that for people.
Emma Stone
I am sure I am one of 2000 film directors in the world that Tarantino admires.
Park Chan-wook
I’ve acted with all types, I’ve directed all types. What you want to understand as a director, is what actors have to offer. They’ll get at it however they get at it. If you can understand that, you can get your work done.
Ron Howard
As an actor we’re just like workers in a factory, we provide our services to directors.
Chow Yun-Fat
There’s a different set of writers and a different director for the films, but Marvel has turned it into a pretty spectacular job.
Clark Gregg
Oftentimes when I’m deciding to do a movie, the main thing is really, that I look at, is the director. I’ve come to feel that more and more. The more movies I’ve done and the older I’ve – the more experience I have, I always knew it was a director’s medium, and I always said that.
Matt Damon
Don’t wait around for someone else to tell your story. Do it yourself by whatever means necessary.
Lena Dunham
Many people worked hard in order to create ‘Crash Landing on You.’ I am grateful to the writer, the directors, and all the production staff.
Hyun Bin
I wanted to trust in my partners and the directors and producers and do the best I can to deliver what I could deliver.
Martin Lawrence
If a film is very clever and well-written, that’s what gives you freedom as a director. Part of the freedom in directing, for me, is that I’m also the camera operator. That’s the place where things are less rigid, where I can adjust as I go along.
Patrice Leconte
I can tell you it makes a big difference to have a director who is collaborative. What motivates a character in my mind could be completely different from what the director’s thinking. You have to have those conversations ahead of time and throughout the process. It affects the performance.
Nia Long
Any movie’s only as good as the director.
Woody Harrelson
When you work with directors who really love actors, who love their contribution, it feels amazing. But sometimes when you work with directors, you feel like youre in the way.
Ruth Negga
Once you get the script, you then hope you can get the director that you want. Then you hope he can get the cast he wants. Again, you can go quickly or there can be a million stumbling blocks. There’s just no way to know.
Stan Lee
There are many, many different kinds of movies and directors and styles. I don’t mind that a movie looks like a movie.
Vilmos Zsigmond
When you’re doing a medieval show like ‘Pillars,’ it starts off a bit like a school play. You’re all in funny costumes; you’ve had your coffee, and you say, ‘Good morning’. Then you go on set and, if you’ve got good actors and directors, it takes on a life of its own.
Ian McShane
There’s very few directors I think in this industry that would pitch to a studio that they wanted to do a multi-layered almost at times existential high action, high drama surreal film that’s sort of locked in his mind. And then have an opportunity to do that.
Christopher Nolan
There’s was no pressure on it for me – I just went in and had fun. Whatever Jason Moore, the director, asked me to do, I did it! I ran around the room acting like a crazy guest on “Jerry Springer” and yelling at the audience. I just went for it.
Max von Essen
Before I go off and direct a movie, I always look at four films. They tend to be The Seven Samurai, Lawrence Of Arabia, It’s A Wonderful Life and The Searchers.
Steven Spielberg
If you want to be a great director, be a great screenwriter.
Akira Kurosawa
The best director is the one you don’t see.
Billy Wilder
The FBI director’s probably spent a great deal of pressure to go either way – you know, to have said something, to not have said something. And, you know, he made the decision this was the right way to go. You know, I’m not going to second guess him without knowing all the information related to the investigation.
Alberto Gonzales
I really love the experience of moving things around, in terms of being a director.
Johnny Depp
I’ve never been a fan of directors who clutter a piece with all sorts of crazy preconceptions or weird ideas.
Dan Stevens
I watch ‘Entourage.’ I aspire the good life that they live and lead. Honestly, I am just trying to be me by trying to do good films, have fun at it and trying to work with good directors, and, of course, I am a bit of a silent party boy, also. I have my share of fun sometime, too.
Ranbir Kapoor
No ‘mise en scГЁne’ has the right to be repeated, just as no two personalities are ever the same. As soon as a ‘mise en scГЁne’ turns into a sign, a clichГ©, a concept however original it may be, then the whole thing – characters, situation, psychology – become schematic and false.
Andrei Tarkovsky
With RoboCop, I couldn’t be happier because it’s such a quality director.JosГ© Padilha is a young master.
Joel Kinnaman
Good directors say, Here’s where the play is. They stand by the heart of the matter. Some of them stand beside it.
Sam Waterston
My dad is a director/producer and my mom is a dancer; she performed with Alvin Ailey, but I didn’t even think about becoming an actress.
Sanaa Lathan
I think ‘Trial & Retribution’ as a brand can go on forever. Its joy is that it has, to an extent, a formula, which gives a comfort routine for viewers. But we allow our directors total autarchy in putting their personalities on their stories.
Victoria Smurfit
How many movies do you see when you can say this director really knew what film he wanted to make? I can count them on the fingers of one hand.
Gary Oldman
My taste in the films I’ve taken as an actor is similar to what I’d do a director or writer: all quite odd, challenging stuff, slightly off-the-wall.
Daniel Radcliffe
What I like in pictures whether by an old director or a young director is when I have the feeling he or she is really using the capacity of film.
Jean-Luc Godard
And I may often question choices I make as a producer. But I’ve never questioned the choices I make as a director.
Steven Spielberg
[Director Richard Tanne] was inspired by their [Barack and Michelle Obama] flirtation, and their connection. That’s not normal with politicians who are married – they usually look forced or awkward.
Tika Sumpter
I have to say from an actor’s perspective, to work with a director who has been an actor through most of their career is a pleasure. They generally have a very deep understanding of the process of what you’re doing, of how you are building and exploring the character.
Karen Allen
I need to gain a lot more experience. I think so much of being a director, other than the technical aspect and the artistry of it, is the confidence that you are, I think in many ways, you’re the captain of the ship.
Josh Peck
A director who gets $150,000 per year from a company and needs the money is not independent.
Charlie Munger
I feel like some of the best talent is on TV right now, with the writing, acting and great directors. I’ve also been looking for the consistency of work that TV provides for you. And, I always thought it would be really interesting to live with a character for months, if not years.
Christina Ricci
When I first started acting in movies – as probably a lot of naive young actors do – I made a list of directors that I wanted to work with and sent it to my agent at the time.
Justin Bartha
I guess once you’ve been acting for a long time, you glean the great bits of good directors and the bad bits from other directors, and you know the way that you would like to be directed.
Luke Evans
I’ve been an actor for 10 years now, and if anything I want to talk more about my dad. He taught me that even if you get past the casting director’s door you’ve still got to do your homework: you’ve still got to work hard.
Rafe Spall
There are definitely reasons to do certain things, but I like to stick to good director, good actor, good script.
Amanda Seyfried
I never feel like a smug or a smart-alec film director, and there are plenty of those around.
Martin McDonagh
I only produce directors and movies that I have a lot in common with.
Guillermo del Toro
There are always leading characters. There are always complex characters; there are very rewarding plays with great directors and tremendous playwrights, yeah. I’ve done a lot of things with theater that I’m very, very proud of.
Dennis Christopher
The most nurturing of directors can make you feel too comfortable, and you don’t really push for that extra whatever.
Malcolm McDowell
I’d been on all the television programs as an actor, as a writer, as a director, as a producer.
James Lipton
You have to be open to the energy. If you can open your heart to the energy, that great love energy, of this entire universe, good things will happen to you. BUT, you’ve gotta believe. You’ve gotta believe in the goodness.
Ray Manzarek
A lot of the projects that I do, I like to be involved with earlier. I just feel that, certainly from an acting point of view, it’s easier to do my job, if I’m included in what the intentions are, for why people are doing what they’re doing, especially with a director.
Clive Owen
I get to play a great character while working with great actors and great directors on a great show.
Harry Hamlin
I auditioned for Ted Bundy and the director Matthew Bright and we really hit it off. He cast me as Bundy’s girlfriend.
Boti Bliss
Directors are not worried about casting beautiful women, but they are not sure that they want to cast great-looking men. My looks have prevented people from seeing my work.
Rob Lowe
I think we all have limitations, as directors. I don’t care what the budget is, it’s probably never enough money and never enough time. You figure it out. Sometimes the limitations bring more creativity.
Francesca Gregorini
When I work, I work very hard. So I look to work with people who have that level of dedication. And I depend on that from everyone. From the director to my crews that I work with.
Tom Cruise
When you’re acting, you’re subjective; when you’re a director, you’re more objective.You’re kind of watching from the outside and helping others, and therefore I learn my mistakes through others, and also my assets through others.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
In the re-creation of combat situations, and this is coming from a director who’s never been in one, being mindful of what these veterans have actually gone through, you find that the biggest concern is that you don’t look at war as a geopolitical endeavor.
Steven Spielberg
I don’t like actors who try to talk directors into making their part bigger and that’s really lame.
Franka Potente
All the actors I’ve worked with as a director over the years I really love and I thought they were all right for the part.
Billy Bob Thornton
Ever director has at least 10 bad films in them.
Robert Rodriguez
That was okay [ working with George Clooney]. One of these days I’ll work with a good director.
John Krasinski
Some months after [Keith Alexander] made that statement [Edward Snowden cause grave and irrevocable harm to the nation], the new director of the NSA, Michael Rogers, said that, in fact, he doesn’t see the sky falling. It’s not so serious after all.
Edward Snowden
As a first-time director in America, I feel I’ve been very fortunate.
Sam Mendes
Directors didn’t know what to do with me in college. I didn’t really sound like a belter. I didn’t look like a soprano. But in New York, I was in the right place at the right time, where my unusualness fit the bill.
Jessie Mueller
The contemporary Japanese directors who are well-known in the West – say, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Takeshi Kitano, Naomi Kawase – are mostly unknown to Japanese, particularly of the younger generation.
Hirokazu Koreeda
Im so lucky to have the opportunity to work with some directors and some actors I wouldnt have dared to think I would work with one day.
Marion Cotillard
The director is the channel through which a motion picture reaches the screen.
King Vidor
As a film director I like to have the actors create their own close-ups. It’s an older style of filmmaking.
Stanley Tucci
Spoilers are cowardly. They’re just people who want to anesthetize themselves against the tension and the experience that the director and the artist have set up. If you go in there knowing what’s going to happen, it’s like reading the last page of the book. It’s just cowardly.
Simon Pegg
I would love to work with Cameron Crowe; he’s definitely one of my favorite directors.
Victoria Justice
We [Elbow] have had some luck with media syncs in film and on TV. We’d love to do a soundtrack with a really cool director.
Guy Garvey
You’ve got to remember that improvisers are writers and actors and directors all simultaneously. That’s what’s happening in real time because you’re writing on your feet, and you are acting out the words and you are directing what the staging is. You’re deciding what staging is.
Mike Birbiglia
Becoming artistic directors is an enormous responsibility and not one that we take lightly.
Cate Blanchett
The director’s job is full of all sorts of annoyances and details – like how many cars are on the street. Ugh. I don’t want it. I like my gig. And I feel that for the next 30 years or so I can keep learning more about it.
Tyne Daly
I am lucky, that is all. Lucky because there are a lot of people – producers, directors, people who buy tickets – who put confidence in me.
Antonio Banderas
The secret of success in cinema lies in not just being talented but showcasing your talent to the audience. And, that happens only when you get the right films and directors.
D. Imman
As a director, you have to understand what is happening – if I don’t understand it, you can’t make changes.
Marjane Satrapi
When I was the NIH director, I often expressed envy of institute directors: they had the money and ran the scientific programmes.
Harold E. Varmus
I think the dictator director is based upon stories from the past. I don’t think anyone would put up with it now. There are a lot of people on a film set with egos. So, to be completely authoritarian, you’d probably have to have a reputation like Kurosowa or somebody to get away with it.
Colin Firth
I’m not one of these directors, so far, that wants to have a whole separate director’s cut of these things. So far they’ve turned out to be kind of the length that they wanted to be.
Jay Roach
When I think about directing a film, the thing that stops me short is wondering if I’m a natural at it the way I think you, and PTA, and Fincher are born directors. Maybe some people’s talent is in understanding the ways that film communicates, without dialogue, without plot.
Edward Norton
I went to meet Joe Johnston, the director, and he’s charming. I’ve been very lucky. Most of the directors I’ve worked with are charming. But Joe’s a particularly charming man, and he showed me lots of designs and, rather memorably, welcomed me to the Marvel Universe.
Toby Jones
Friends who are directors like Jim Mangold or the Wachowskis or Zack Snyder – who, whether they know or not – have really left a mark on who I am as a director.
David Leitch
We all like indie directors – heck, I even married one… but we’re divorced now.
Rosie Perez
When I came to the industry, many directors like Krishna Vamsi and Puri Jagannath had encouraged me a lot. Krishna Vamsi is my mentor, and I admire him. That’s why I give chances to new directors.
Ravi Teja
I think directing in a team is a really good idea because it stops the cult of the director as God straight away, and also you’re discussing things on set so it opens it out to everyone and it becomes a totally collaborative thing. And you have someone who supports you when you’re feeling a bit insecure.
Alan Cumming
If it were up to the executives, they probably wouldn’t have directors at all.
Gus Van Sant
The thing I love about working with first-time directors is that it’s always quite shocking how little difference there is between them and directors who’ve been directing all their lives.
Eric Bana
As an actor, when you walk into a room to audition, you get five minutes with a casting director, who doesn’t even look at you, most of the time.
Mark Duplass
Having a director who is also an actor makes for that very relaxed way of working and it’s empowering.
Chris Hemsworth
Michael Winterbottom is one of the great directors of this century.
Denis O’Hare
As a director you want to have actors, not only surpassing themselves, but also going somewhere, going different places.
Xavier Dolan
Directors and producers were afraid of a Dumont actor while at the same time they admired him.
Leon Askin
There are a few directors as a young person where I was kind of like, ‘Well, these are a sure bet.’ The Coens, Paul Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson.
Allison Tolman
I think I’m an extremely conscientious producer and now equally as a director and it gives me the opportunity to look at the entire movie and really allow the movie to be the creative vision of the actors, the writer and myself, because I’m in charge of it from a producer and a director point of view.
Tony Krantz
God may allow us at times to hit rock bottom, to show us He’s the rock-at the bottom.
Kirk Franklin
Some directors are really strong on action, manhandling you around the set; others are very focused on setting up the camera shots and practically ignore you. You have to get used to introverts, extroverts, directors who clown around for the crew, and the odd one who’s monosyllabic.
Gina Bellman
I knew that I always wanted to be a filmmaker, an actor, a writer and a director, that was always my plan.
Jaime King
I’ve had a couple opportunities where I’ve been on the other side of the audition process as a director.
Alden Ehrenreich
Interestingly, my first director’s cut was an hour and forty-one minutes. Then, the studio actually wanted to add more to the story, so we went all the way up to an hour and forty-seven minutes. After that, I made some additional cuts and now we are where we are.
Kim Jee-woon
It’s an important thing to have a relationship with the director, and have it be a positive one.
Trevor Rabin
What you realize is that a lot of actors want to be directed. They’re there to do the best job they can for the director. They have a lot of questions, and your job is to have answers.
Jon Turteltaub
Tarkovsky for me is the greatest [director], the one who invented a new language, true to the nature of film, as it captures life as a reflection, life as a dream.
Ingmar Bergman
You have to have the essential pleasure of making a movie. It’s such a huge factor and adventure for a director because you really are the leader and the captain.
Audrey Tautou
Larry Kasdan is a great director.
Brion James
When I was in college, my brother, B.R. Chopra, who is everything to me, was a director in Bombay. He taught me filmmaking. What I am today is because of him.
Yash Chopra
Stephen Daldry would be a director that I would love to work with as well as Peter Jackson, Tim Burton, and I’m very lucky to have worked with Isabel Coixet, who is also one of my favourite directors.
Sophie Turner
The biggest thing I learned is directors don’t make a lot of money on a movie.
Shane Dawson
I’m not the kind of actress who asks a lot of questions of my directors unless it’s something I really need to know.
Amy Adams
Picking projects, it’s always director first and then script. Those two things are pretty much head-to-head.
Cameron Diaz
I love being on sets with very seasoned directors as well as very new directors. Every time is a discovery process. You learn something new every time.
Mark Wahlberg
Film buffs who don’t live in Hollywood have a fantasy about what it’s like to be a director. Movies and the people who make movies have such glamour associated with them. But the truth is, it’s not like that. It’s very different. It’s hard work.
John Carpenter
I got offered to do Ben 10. Sue Blu was the [voice] director of that, and I had worked with her – I think she was on Transformers as well. And she was so great.
Judd Nelson
I read the books the day before I had met with the director Catherine Hardwicke. The first I heard of it was my agent called and said, ‘Do you want to be in a vampire movie?’ and I said ‘No.’ I thought it was like a zombie, blood-and-guts, vampire movie.
Peter Facinelli
When I decided I wanted to be an actor, I said I wanted to work with quality actors and directors.
Puff Daddy
In the old days, before there was such a thing as film schools, directors learned the camera by watching other directors, and learning from their own dailies, and listening to the cameraman, and seeing what would work. Some of those guys could cut their movies in their head.
Don Ameche
My kind of director is an actor-director who writes.
Orson Welles
Assumptions are the termites of relationships.
Henry Winkler
But a writer’s contribution is literary and a film is not literary. When you take that stuff off the page, and cast the people who are going to fit into those roles, that’s what being a director is.
Taylor Hackford
When actors give their input, it can be very ego-driven, and directors are scared of that.
Michael Pitt
When you’re really working well with a director then you can be as outrageous as you like and so can he. And there’s no worry about it.
John Hurt
Your director is your everything and you devote yourself to them and you want to help create their vision.
Natalie Portman
Carbon trading engages finance directors. It takes the issue of energy efficiency right to the top of the company.
Elliot Morley
All these directors, and I would include the Coen brothers and Quentin, have a very unique vision of what they want. They listen to ideas and make people feel like everyone is making the film.
Steve Buscemi
I understood that I was not the best director in the world nor the worst director in the world. I realized that there is a very mysterious element to what works and what doesn’t work in the theater. And it’s good to know that from the beginning.
Joe Mantello
When I was nine years old I use to copy ( not trace ) the covers of the Donald Duck comics. Many years later I became a close friend of Jack Hannah, the director of the Donald Duck film shorts.
William Jackson
When I came out here, my manager thought that casting directors might think I’m a girl, and when I did Threat Matrix, they thought Jamie was a little light.
James Denton
If you have a vision or if you believe the director has a vision, then at least you’ve got something to talk about, something to try and head to and I think that’s mandatory for every director to have to do a good job.
Kurt Russell
I love so many directors. I love David O. Russell. I love David Fincher, I love Alexander Payne and Jane Campion and my aunt. Spike Jonze. There are just so many amazing directors.
Gia Coppola
Music is where I have the most creative freedom, but I love producing. To me, that’s kind of where all the action is. You get a chance to have your hands in every aspect of a film. From picking a director, sometimes picking a writer, to the actors, the wardrobe, set design, editing, music, and marketing.
Ice Cube
When you’re making a television show, it’s about the story and arc of the show rather than any particular episode or director.
Eli Roth
I don’t know what to expect out of my films. My first two films were with extremely talented directors, and they didn’t work. And my next two films were with newcomers, and they worked well. So I’ve stopped expecting anything from my movies.
Sonam Kapoor
I’m always in awe of directors because they’re just holding so much stuff in the air. They’ve got so many decisions that they need to be making and they have to have the complete overall look of what the piece of artwork is.
Dominic Cooper
Whenever I’m offered something, I always read the script and meet the director. I still appreciate just being considered.
Steve Carell
I loved cinema while growing up and, for the longest time, wanted to be a director.
Robert Carlyle
When I came to England, the first director I met was Charles Sturridge, who told me, ‘You speak like somebody out of the 1950s.
Richard E. Grant
My sole inspiration is a telephone call from a director.
Cole Porter
Where am I? Who am I? How did I come to be here? What is this thing called the world? How did I come into the world? Why was I not consulted? And If I am compelled to take part in it, where is the director? I want to see him.
Soren Kierkegaard
I think every director has a different methodology.
Cillian Murphy
The process always starts with detailed conversations with the director, followed by a spotting session (deciding where the music goes and doesn’t go in the film, and what the music should be saying or not saying) in each scene. This is followed by sending the director demos of each cue for feedback.
John Keltonic
As a director, I’ve been able to combine with what I’ve learned as an actor and as a producer: it melds quite nicely into what I feel like I should have been doing all along.
Griffin Dunne
No English director would’ve cast me as an officer, I promise you. Not one.
Michael Caine
I think audiences, producers and directors included, develop crushes on actors (actresses in particular) and then lose interest and move on to the next one.
Julia Stiles
I’m not interested in making movies only with female protagonists. I think it’s ridiculous to think that a female director can’t direct men. That makes no sense to me.
Elizabeth Banks
The truth is that filmmaking is not really an actor’s medium; it’s really a director’s medium, so all I can really control is the character that I’m playing. So I try to look for characters that are interesting and engaging and different than what I’ve done before and hopefully it becomes a good movie.
John C. Reilly
I guess if there’s one thing that might surprise people about me, it’s that I’m very obedient. I’m kind of like a dog. I look at acting as kind of a service industry. You’re there to serve the writer and the director. I don’t really look at it as an act of self-expression, like I’m going to say what’s on my mind.
Michael Shannon
There are casting directors with lots of imagination, but also some with not as much imagination.
Max von Sydow
I didn’t just see myself as a film director here [in Life And Nothing More], but also as an observer of people who had been condemned to death.
Abbas Kiarostami
If there’s a criteria that really gets me interested in a work besides any type of personal interaction with the theme, it’s if I feel like this is the right piece of work for that director at that moment in their career.
Edward Norton
I’m not imprisoned in any one medium. In films I use techniques that are not necessarily what other directors attempt. When I write novels I also use techniques which can run counter to those that a novelist would use.
Philippe Claudel
Everything starts with writing. And then to support your vision, your ideas, your philosophy, your jokes, whatever, you’ve gotta perform them and/or direct them, or sometimes just produce them.
Mel Brooks
I’m just trying to find a good project. Work with a good director, someone I really admire. Find a good role.
Logan Lerman
You know, as director of the CIA, I got an awful lot of intelligence about all the horrible things that could go on across the world.
Leon Panetta
I always believe that Kar-Wai has a complete script: he just doesn’t show it to us. He wants us to experience and explore the character. He gives you a lot of space, and you know every time will be a very long journey. You just live in the character, and that’s very different from other directors.
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
I find that all great directors, and I would include Ben Affleck and Clint Eastwood in that, they have great confidence. And with great confidence comes great freedom for the actor.
Amy Ryan
On the one hand, young theatre directors were coming to television theatre, because they wanted to get closer to the cinema, despite having studied and worked for the theatre.
Andrzej Wajda
An actor really suffers when the director isn’t prepared because you start running out of time for the shoot and then have to do it fast.
Carol Kane
Learn how to draw. It’s the basis of what we [animation directors] do. Keep a sketchbook. Try making a very simple little film. Try and tell a story clearly and entertainingly. Study the way people move and animate move. Observe all you can, and try and capture that simply in a few lines on paper.
John Musker
There are some directors I hear about in nighttime or some I used to work with who walk around like gods.
Eric Braeden
I am open to working with new directors as long as the script excites me.
Akshaye Khanna
I was fortunate enough to work under directors who were, most of them, brilliant, emotional men.
Gene Tierney
I always thought it would be very funny if I was a blind film director.
Woody Allen
I think the financial restraint really pushes me as a director to be more creative with the way I shoot the film.
James Wan
The director of the FBI has been visiting Silicon Valley companies asking them to build back doors so that it can spy on what is being said online. The Department of Commerce is going after piracy. At home, the American government wants anything but Internet freedom.
Evgeny Morozov
When I feel like being a director, I write a novel.
John Irving
I believe the common denominator of the Universe is not harmony, but chaos, hostility and murder.
Werner Herzog
You could almost write an opera about the selection of music directors for orchestras. The intrigues are really interesting, and then, at the end, the results are completely unexpected.
Andris Nelsons
The only entry level position on a movie is director.
Colin Hanks
Choosing a Board of Directors based on race and gender is a lousy way to run a company.
T. J. Rodgers
What’s interesting is that producers, directors and writers tend to typecast me in terms of whatever movie they’ve seen me in most recently.
Gabrielle Union
I was in good shape from Divergent. Damien Chazelle, the director of Whiplash told me, ‘Stop Working Out! Don’t go outside!’ He wanted me pale and doughy. This is the first movie where I shut myself off from the world. It was, by far, the hardest thing I’ve ever done.
Miles Teller
I like to work with talented people, I must say that. That’s my weakness. I really like to work with good directors. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to work with starting up young directors, that’s fun also.
Vilmos Zsigmond
One of the problems of a director on the set is that we become overwhelmed by all the factors and threads of production, that sometimes we can’t focus on our main job, which is steering the performances to create the whole film.
Whit Stillman
The director, MoisГ©s Kaufman, just received the national medal of the arts from President [Barack] Obama . He wrote and directed The Laramie Project and he has directed several Pulitzer prize-winning plays. He’s a pretty profound director in the theater.
Patrick Heusinger
My philosophy is, ‘Show up, shut up, and do your job,’ and if you do it to the satisfaction of your director and the public, you’re likely to be able to do it again.
Stephen Lang
Certain directors are known for a certain kind of beauty; it becomes their signature.
Tom Ford
When you are the avatar for the writer/director, a lot of times, I just trusted him. If he had a choice, even if it wasn’t necessarily what was my first impulse, I was like, “Billy Ray has been living with this for two years before I even came on board, so I’m going with him.”
Matt Bomer
Being a conductor is kind of a hybrid profession because most fundamentally, it is being someone who is a coach, a trainer, an editor, a director.
Michael Tilson Thomas
When you’re in sync with the director, on the type of movie you want to make, the arc of the characters, how the characters intertwine and interact, plotlines and story, and things like that, it really makes a difference.
Dwayne Johnson
I think you’re peripatetic when you work in this industry. My husband and I are assuming the role of co-artistic directors at the Sydney Theatre Company in 2008. But as long as the film industry will have me, I will have it.
Cate Blanchett
I’ve always had good relationships with directors. I’m one of those people where, if there’s a good idea coming from the sound guy, I’ll take it. Filmmaking is a collaborative effort, whether it’s a first-time director or it’s Mike Nichols. I think that’s the standard that the great ones set.
Patrick Wilson
I was thrown in the deep end at 18 when I got cast in a movie that I didn’t audition for. The director just sort of found me and put me in a film, so the decision was really made for me.
Teresa Palmer
Scripts are what matter. If you get the foundations right and then you get the right ingredients on top, you stand a shot… but if you get those foundations wrong, then you absolutely don’t stand a shot. It’s very rare-almost never-that a good film gets made from a bad screenplay.
Tim Bevan
As you follow the escapades or the journey of the hero through a story, it evokes some kind of emotion in the viewers. The director’s job is to make sure that the audience goes through the journey and has an emotional reaction.
Don Bluth
If directors, actors and writers have the ability to drop their alpha-male egos, you will always get better work. In terms of my own demands, I actually want fewer lines. If I can lose a line and do it with my face, I’d rather do that.
Max Beesley
I do like to work with young directors because it’s such a difficult business that I think after directors have been around a while sometimes, not always, but sometimes their passion gets siphoned off because they get hurt.
Ellen Burstyn
OK, the director makes the movie. But some movies can’t get made without someone like me in them.
Jack Nicholson
My strangest auditioning experience was when I was reading for a TV show, and right when I started the audition, the casting director left the room and yelled at me from the hallway to keep reading.
Danny Strong
I would consider doing any part as long as the script is good and the film has an interesting director.
Daniel Radcliffe
I’ve never quite understood the idea of a “season.” Whenever an artistic director says to me, ‘I have this slot,’ I always start to feel we’re parking cars or something.
David Henry Hwang
All of the directors I’ve worked with I have loved and would work with again. I have no favorites.
Judd Nelson
‘Ice Age’ felt like stage acting. You’d write a sequence, and sometimes you’d submit pages, but other times, I would actually perform it for the directors and producer in my office.
Jason Fuchs
I think producers are more interested in backing concepts than directors and writers. I don’t think that’s the right way of making a decision about whether you’re going to back a film or not.
Steven Spielberg
I’m a huge fan of the director, Alejandro GonzГЎlez IГ±ГЎrritu, and his work, and I knew he was going to be an amazing actor’s director, based on the performances that I saw in his movies.
Javier Bardem
There are directors who desire to be artistic. It is pathetic to compare the seriousness of their aim with the absurdity of their attainment.
W. Somerset Maugham
When you have the Chief of Staff of the Republican National Committee and the political director of the Romney campaign, and their two companies get $150 million at the end of the campaign for the ‘fantastic’ get-out-the-vote program… some of this borders on RICO violations.
Patrick Caddell
To me it’s like, every time I’m a director, like today, you’re the captain of the ship, so you better dress like it. You’re the host of the party.
Mike Mills
[Director] Peter Wallerstein does great work rescuing sea life along the shores of LA, and I helped raise money for sanctuaries such as Chimp Haven, who are now taking in over two hundred medical lab chimps released from government-funded medical testing labs.
Alison Eastwood
I’m in awe of directors like the Coen brothers who can shoot their script and edit it, and that’s the movie. They’re not discovering the movie in postproduction. They’re editing the script they shot.
Spike Jonze
As a director, my job is to protect. I protect scripts, actors, cameramen, designers.
Stephen Frears
I am half Puerto Rican, a quarter German and a quarter black. That was always a big issue for me – being mixed race – because casting directors tended to be very like, ‘OK, are you Hispanic for this role?’ ‘Or is she going to be African American?’
Naya Rivera
I guess I’m not jaded because I still believe that there are good films out there, and there are great directors, and there are great writers. It just takes a little bit more perseverance and a little bit more time to find [them].
Elijah Wood
I’m always trying to find something unique or a project that I can do something unique in. When the director has a vision for a piece that I’ve never heard before, and they can back that up with visuals and they talk a good game, I get really interested in the world that they’re trying to create.
Josh Hartnett
The joy for me of television is the sort of family feeling of being involved with an ensemble – the cast and the crew and the director of photography and the guys in the camera truck – and you’re all coming together. There’s a great feeling when that is a successful unit, a successful family.
Jeffrey Pierce
Hmm, can I be obvious and say there is probably a double standard for male vs. female directors? Sadly, I think that’s actually the case. And it probably stems from the fact that there are proportionately so many fewer women directors than men ones that each project is perhaps more closely scrutinized for its content.
Lynn Shelton
I don’t have what German directors call ‘a concept’ – a solid, fixed sense of the pattern that you should impose on the given work. I always get the feeling that I am raking up the earth rather than laying down the concrete.
Simon McBurney
The quality of Korean actors is actually quite high. Their passion is overwhelming but not many platforms are available to cater to their creative needs. They’re thirsty for something new and I think that’s where I connect with them. They have vision. In certain sense many Korean actors have better vision than directors.
Lee Yoon-ki
Musicians ought to reclaim some of the power in the houses of production. The opera houses are run either by managers or by stage directors, never by musicians.
Laurence Equilbey
As somebody who makes his living in the movie business and wants to contribute to it, I think that the best chance I have of doing that is just consistently working with great directors.
Matt Damon
If you managed a baseball team, would you listen more closely to the team accountant or the director of player personnel?
Jack Welch
You pick projects for the part, the director, and the script. I just want to do different, interesting stuff.
Daniel Radcliffe
I’m very patient and always willing to try things but I have some resistance as well because I have my own vision. I have resistance sometimes because I see a director who’s freaking out and wants to have control and they sometimes anticipate about what I’m going to be doing or not.
Juliette Binoche
We haven’t done enough work to encourage minorities to strive to make movies. Hollywood is a place full of white male directors – there are many good ones. We just haven’t nurtured our voices.
Jordan Peele
I will say that I’m going to take full credit for this. I knew Josh [Hutcherson] was going to be a star. One of the things you do, as a music video director, is spot talent. Th at’s one of my things. I don’t just do random people.
Joseph M. Kahn
Most of the time I’ve worked with directors who write their own scripts. The story is more important to me than the part. The project of the film has always been more important to me.
Catherine Deneuve
A director is what a director wants to be. If you want to force something, you can fight to the death and maybe get fired, but it’s your job to help push things along.
Jon M. Chu
Rejecting offers has not been easy for me, especially when the movies involve some of my favourite actors and directors.
Sai Pallavi
I’m a person of the arts. I love the arts very, very, very much. And ah, I’m a musician, I’m a director, I’m a writer, I’m a composer, I’m a producer, and I love the medium. I love film very, very much. I think it’s the most expressive of all of the art mediums.
Michael Jackson
The lack of women directors is a sad fact of life. Kathryn Bigelows thrilling Best Director win may help turn things around.
Lynda Obst
I’m not a trained actor. I surrender to my directors, and they make me act.
Sai Pallavi
My first soldier role was in ‘Flags of Our Fathers.’ Casting director Jay Binder saw that movie and was looking for soldiers for ‘Journey’s End,’ which led to ‘Generation Kill.’
Stark Sands
I was the enemy of the major studio. I believed in one man – one film. I believed one man should make the film. And I believed the director should be that one man. One man should do it – I didn’t give a damn who. I just couldn’t accept art as a committee. I could only accept art as an extension of an individual.
Frank Capra
I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and that’s served me well in life; most of my directors have been male.
Diane Lane
As a director who loves the camera you learn a lot.
Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
I’ve always loved music videos – I used to make my own for bands like Pearl Jam. My favorite directors are Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze, and Patrick Daughters.
Akiva Schaffer
I don’t do rehearsal. Some directors prefer to do rehearsal – readings before the actual shooting – but I don’t like this process because I think there are certain things that are so spontaneous, and they cannot happen twice.
Wong Kar-wai
The core of a director is the person’s tastes in what elements go together and how they go together. It’s a puzzle.
Andre Øvredal
The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street.
Robert Doisneau
The foreign-language Oscar is something that doesn’t go to the producer or the director; it goes to the country.
Deniz Gamze Erguven
But for me, the challenge is how you turn a character into behavior. Once the director says ‘action’, you just try to live between those two worlds.
Robert Duvall
There’s the argument that you can relate to someone who’s completely unrelatable. In the way that a director shows you his imagination on a film, then I get to show you my imagination in a big dumb character.
Idris Elba
I don’t think about the gender thing very much. But when I speak at schools, I’ve had female students say to me afterwards, “I never envisioned myself being a director, since I’ve never seen women do it.” But after seeing me, they can picture themselves directing, so maybe we’ll see more female directors.
Jennifer Yuh Nelson
I am blessed to have got a chance to work with directors like Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj, and Nikhil Advani at such an early age.
Huma Qureshi
David Ayer is one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. He’s a true man’s man.
Scott Eastwood
Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it.
Louis C. K.
Twelve years on sets watching directors, I’ve taken a bit from everybody and rejected a lot.
Christopher Eccleston
I think film is a director’s medium and the good filmmakers that I like tell the darker stories. Therefore, I’m always inclined to follow people like David Cronenberg.
Naomi Watts
I have very talented art directors in my agency who start out telling me, ‘Well, this is what the picture is… ‘ I ask, ‘Well, what’s the headline?’ and they say, ‘We haven’t done that yet, but it looks this way.’ But I’m still writing copy, almost every day.
Jerry Della Femina
I reached a point where I’d watched enough directors do the job that I felt I understood it. And it’s not that I’m a slow learner and it took me this long; I also was enjoying writing, and I still enjoy writing – I get tremendous satisfaction out of the writing end of it.
Dan Gilroy
My mom and dad were actors when they were younger and had a horrible experience of it. My dad became a literary agent and my mom a casting director.
Daniel Radcliffe
You stay with the foundation and then you just try different things because you don’t know how the director will cut it and you want to give him, what will work, and you want to give him some options, give yourself some options, discover some things when you start to play. That’s what we do; we get paid to play.
Columbus Short
Children of Men is a solemn, haunting picture, but it’s also a thrilling one, partly because of the sheer bravado with which it’s made. It left me feeling more fortified than drained. [Director Alfonso] CuarГіn, the most openhearted of directors, prefers to give rather than take away.
Stephanie Zacharek
Stoller is one of my favorite comedic directors – one of my favorite directors that I’ve worked with to date.
Christopher Mintz-Plasse
I’m an actor who’s accustomed to bringing a lot of stuff to the table, and you have to be ready because some of them will be accepted and some of them will be rejected. Then you need a generous, free, fearless, loving director like Tarantino to allow you to take those risks.
Demian Bichir
I never suffered from the absence of a father. On the contrary, as a child I was more inclined to see men as a disturbing factor. It made things difficult for me when I started working as a director.
Michael Haneke
It’s pretty clear to me that working as a director for hire agrees with me. I like it. The films that have come out of that, I personally like better than the ones that didn’t.
Steven Soderbergh
Actors can become very involved in a role, but for a director or producer, that’s your life for many years.
Joseph McGinty Nichol
Well, in the theater, I think you’re actually more responsible for what is going on onstage as a director than you are in film.
Philip Seymour Hoffman
I think the three Mexican directors that came before me did a very good job in Hollywood because they came in and started directing things like ‘Harry Potter.’
Patricia Riggen
But if one could go back in time, I’d love to have been directed by Howard Hawks, who’s one of my great heroes. One of the greatest directors there ever was. He directed probably one of the greatest westerns of all time in ‘Rio Bravo’.
Stephen Fry
Many casting directors won’t hire aspiring actors because you might be burning some chick’s headshot under the table so she doesn’t get the part.
Olivia Wilde
I don’t plan, because everything goes against my plans anyways. There’s absolutely no point in planning anything. I’m just enjoying the moment. I’m meeting with a whole lot of people – casting directors, directors, agents. I have things going on everywhere, but I have no solid plans.
Tena Desae
There are so many elements that make a good film. You need a great director who’s driving it.
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
I love to tell stories and I love to work with directors and I think I write really visually, which I think directors like, and I love making movies, so I found something that I’m good at and I’m really happy doing.
John Orloff
My acting experience has been a benefit. What I learned from directors is how to listen to and talk with actors. I know how they think and what they need.
Scott Ellis
One final thing a director needs: The ability to say ‘I am wrong’ or ‘I was wrong.’ Not as easy as it sounds. But in many situations, these 3 words, honestly spoken, will save the day.
Elia Kazan
It’s so sad to me [see the director’s versions of films] because it shows how the filmmaker never got to make the film he had originally envisioned. You watch it and go, “Oh my god, he had to cut that scene! I can’t believe it.”
Sonia Braga
Every character I’ve ever played, I always try to take him right to the edge and not allow him to fall over, but directors have a tendency to pull me back a little bit.
R. Lee Ermey
Even if I loved the script, the director has to be right because it’s all about the filmmaker. It’s their vision. They’re the ones that go back into the editing room and reassemble the film.
Cameron Diaz
Directors love to do music, they’ve been doing that all along.
Melvin Van Peebles
Part of the problem is that many directors treat female characters too often as precious. Or they want to live in a fantasy world where they just do spinning hook kicks and knock out guys who are six foot four, and that doesn’t work either.
David Leitch
Tony Scott was one of the best directors Ive ever worked with, and I was devastated when I heard about his death. He was a great guy with great energy. But this is a difficult business, and peoples lives are sometimes difficult.
Christian Slater
Actors are accustomed to doing exactly what the director or writer requests us to do, and rarely get involved in that part of the process.
Catherine McCormack
I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m gonna think I’m a better political director than my political director.
Barack Obama
I don’t think many actors are the best judge of careers. I think generally we have good instincts about what we can do in terms of acting. And often they become directors, which I don’t want to be.
Hugh Jackman
Also one of my heroes is Syd Mead, who designed the vehicles for the first Tron. So, there are so many beautiful things happening here. And working with Joe was great. He’s an architect, so I worked with other directors in between who were just about the action.
Daniel Simon
Some directors hand over portions of their movie to their head of department to the point where it’s like, “I’m not going to talk to you about the costumes, but I’m going to let you talk to the expert.” Rather than, “You want to talk stitching, let’s talk stitching. You want to talk grade of leather? Let’s.”
Idris Elba
There are so few directors who are musical who appreciate music.
Alex North
The attitude of the English towards English history reminds one a good deal of the attitude of a Hollywood director towards love.
Margaret Halsey
Nine times out of ten, I’m trying to meet someone else’s expectations, whether it’s the director or the writer or the animator, when I go back in to re-record a line. I’m the icing on the cake, but the cake is the thing. I’m really just a hood ornament on a very solid vehicle.
Adrian Pasdar
Some friends of mine who are actors feel directing shuts them down and kills all their impulses, but the worst thing for me is if I feel a director hasn’t noticed.
Cynthia Nixon
But it’s cool working with female directors because I’m a girl, so you do relate to them more. You can talk to them about other stuff like clothes and all that.
Elle Fanning
As a director and an actor, I encourage improvisation but in character and in the moment of what it is.
Billy Crystal
If I’m going to produce something, it’s going to be with somebody I think is special. Once I go beyond a handful of directors, like Scorsese, there are very few I want to work with.
Irwin Winkler
I have never watched property programmes. I watch Property Ladder, because I feel it’s very rude for a director to work very hard on a programme and you can’t be bothered to even watch it. So I do watch it, but I have to turn away when I’m on screen. It’s quite unpleasant seeing myself up there.
Sarah Beeny
I was 17, certainly by the time I was 19, I knew that show business was where I was going to end up, and I had my sights on being a director.
Brian Henson
At school, I decided I wanted to be a director and then I went out and spent the rest of my adult life trying to be a director. It was really clear to me. So in that sense I was very lucky.
Stephen Daldry
I’m not living the life I thought I would lead, but it does have meaning, purpose. There is love… there is joy… there is laughter.
Christopher Reeve
It’s usually the exact same three things which are, the Scripts, the Director and the Role those are the three things I look for and really any two of them, If I get two of them that’s usually enough, but definitely those are the things I look for.
Matt Damon
I randomly went to a casting session in my hometown in North Carolina, and the casting director introduced me to my manager. I really lucked into it!
Maddie Hasson
There are directors, and there are authors. I think I am more of an author than a director.
Sergio Leone
Truthfully, most directors don’t direct actors. Every actor is different, so when you’re asked, “How do you approach an actor?,” it depends on the actor. With some, you do nothing. With some, you’re very specific.
John Landis
In order to make a movie it isn’t enough to have a script, it isn’t enough to have a director, it isn’t enough to have a male actor and a female actor, it isn’t enough to have financing. You have to have them all at the same instant.
Lester Persky
My philosophy is that to be a director you cannot be subject to anyone, even the head of the studio. I threatened to quit each time I didn’t get my way, but no one ever let me walk out.
Dorothy Arzner
If I am creating the shots from scratch I may have to spend more time holding the directors hand and therefore have less time to finesse the shot or the lighting etc. but it really all depends on the project. Some films benefit from their spontaneity.
Roger Deakins
I’m very fortunate to have the privilege of working with directors like Bill Condon and Paul Thomas Anderson, who I think is one of the greatest filmmakers of our time.
Rami Malek
I was going to say we saw Secretary [Hillary] Clinton reported that she believes that she would’ve won the election but for the interference of the FBI director James Comey.
George Stephanopoulos
It’s only human and natural that an actor should see the film in terms of his own part, but I, as a director, have to see the film as a whole. He must therefore collaborate selflessly, totally.
Michelangelo Antonioni
Most directors have little lists in their heads of people they really want to work with.
Alan Parker
Why would people have confidence in a female director when there are so few?
Jennifer Lawrence
I love being on set, because I’ve basically grown up on a set. And now I love to contribute as a director and help steer the ship, if you will.
Ricky Schroder
I admire directors so much, I find them incredible: they manage such a huge number of people of different characters, think of the money involved.
Catherine Deneuve
When I left my parents’ home when I was 19, I went to the University of Florida, and within 24 hours was in the mental health department. And within 20 minutes, I was being told by the director there that they didn’t have what I needed there.
Darrell Hammond
I love working with actors. If you cast the right person in the right part at the right time, they make you look like a better writer and director than you really are.
Todd Solondz
In acting, you are fulfilled if you give justice to your role… if you are able to do a credible performance and touch the audience. Same with directing. If you are able to draw out the best from your actors, then you fulfill your job as a director.
Timothy Hutton
I don’t have a favorite director just like I don’t have a favorite color or I don’t have a favorite food. I like everything.
Meryl Streep
I look for good directors mainly because if you do enough of movies where there’s not a real creative vision behind it, you start to turn into a robot and you want to jump off a bridge.
Jack Black
I’ve turned down jobs because I’ve said, ‘Honestly, I can’t find my way in. I can’t do it. I love you, as a director. I think the script is good. You deserve better than I think I can do.’
David Duchovny
I’d like to work with any actress from whom I can learn-one who has had many experiences with many directors and is willing to share some of her knowledge with me.
Fred Savage
Some directors are very free and some directors are very specific. It seemed like doing a play.
Michael Pitt
I’m like a movie director, so wherever I feel that I need to go over this type of beat, that’s what I’m going to do, that’s where I’m going to go.
Ghostface Killah
Asked by reporters about his upcoming marriage to a forty-two-year-old
woman, director Roman Polanski told reporters, `The way I look at it,
she’s the equivalent of three fourteen-year-olds.’
David Letterman
Clark Gregg and I are around the same age. He has been an actor and is a writer. But with a first-time director, there is a way to talk about things they might not know. Because Clark was an actor, though, he knew more about the process than most first-time directors.
Sam Rockwell
TV showrunners have become known entities to people who watch television in the way that movie directors have been known to filmgoers for a long time. When I started out as a writer and producer in television, I never had the slightest expectation that fame would be part of the job.
Carlton Cuse
I’m so consistent that my director’s cuts are usually 20-25 minutes longer than the released version of the movies.
M. Night Shyamalan
When you can find a strong character and a director that does want to protect the integrity of all characters, female and male, then you have a good deal.
Amber Heard
I don’t think the written word is important in movies anymore and the really great movies are done by great directors who in many cases write their own scripts. I think it’s gotten to be more of a visual thing than an audible thing.
Anita Loos
Jamie Foley – he’s a very different energy to [director] Sam [Taylor-Johnson]. The whole experience was actually quite different.
Jamie Dornan
A good actor’s director, first of all, is prepared, so there’s not an exorbitant amount of wasted footage.
William H. Macy
I always wanted to create a site that was sports and pop culture. 30 for 30 had a big impact because I loved how that was about finding, empowering and working with these incredible directors, and I thought the same thing could work for writers.
Bill Simmons
I want make more records with my sister. I want to go on the road. I want to tour around the world. I want to continue to make great films and work with incredible directors that I respect and look up to.
Amanda Michalka
When I was to come to Washington the first time as Music Director of the Boston Symphony, Mrs. Johnson phoned us to find out if they could give us a party and who we would like to meet.
Erich Leinsdorf
The director’s job should give you a sense of music without drawing attention to itself.
Taylor Hackford
Every actress has a line she’ll draw, where she’ll say, ‘This I will do and this I won’t.’ For me, everything has to be important to the story and the director has to be able to tell me why.
Sheryl Lee
Every film you work on is different, and that’s part of what it’s like for anybody who works on a film, is to learn how to work with others. Learn from top to bottom. Actors have to learn how to work with the director and the director has to learn how to work with actors, and that’s not just those two departments.
James Spader
I’m a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan. He might be my favorite director of all time – the beauty that he sees in the world and the attention to detail. I try and focus on that while making music: trying to use as many real instruments as possible, have it feel as tactile and tangible as possible.
St. Lucia
The thing I love about acting is that it’s got nothing to do with me; it’s about bringing forth a director’s vision. It’s like a release. I’m glad it’s come back into my life.
Lenny Kravitz
That’s why I never became a director. I never had patience with people.
Ray Harryhausen
I definitely divide my life into decades. Almost every ten years, something in my work life has changed. My twenties were my journalistic phase, then there was my screenwriting phase, then I became a director, then I started doing some plays.
Nora Ephron
If a director, I believe, has vision and knows so clearly what they want, then you can have a film that can perform. Whereas you can have done 50 movies, but if you’re unsure this time, your movie may not turn out.
Nate Parker
The only reason I took up small roles in big banner films was in the hope to get the attention of other directors.
Ranvir Shorey
How people are around a director, it really does affect everything, every detail of the life of the movie.
Daniel Day-Lewis
Fifty-percent of the director’s job honestly is casting the movie well.
Ransom Riggs
I think, as written, ‘Assassins’ simply acknowledges the very human need to be acknowledged. As director, I’ve got to put aside any particular biases or prejudices that, as a moral human being, this is not an appropriate or acceptable way to get what you want.
Joe Mantello
When Shana Alexander interviewed me for Life magazine in 1952, she gave up after 4,000. At one time or another, I’ve worked for every studio in Hollywood, for almost every director with most of the actors and actresses.
David Sharp
I have an image of Shanghai, which is quite different from other directors, I think. The story of Shanghai should happen in back alleys.
Wong Kar-wai
I don’t know what it is, exactly, but there’s a negative drag on film sets after the second week or so, a mutinous vibe because the infinite capacities of the directors and everybody else become quite finite and everybody’s under the gun and it becomes work.
Diane Lane
The importance of the assistant director cannot be overemphasized.
John Frankenheimer
I’ve constantly done my best to get the best material I can get with the best directors I can get to direct me.
Ashton Kutcher
There aren’t many American directors here trying to direct a Japanese yakuza film. When you combine that with the fact that I don’t speak much Japanese and this was an independent film I was financing myself – people were curious about what I was doing.
John Foster
When Chris Nolan is your director you are like, “I trust that, I’m wrong.”
Anne Hathaway
Hillary Clinton ripped FBI Director Louis Freeh on Wednesday. She said she can’t understand how FBI documents could vanish and then mysteriously reappear. She has to say that or she’d be thrown out of the Magician’s Society.
Argus Hamilton
We need more points of view from women and we need more support for female directors and writers in the industry.
Jessica Chastain
I was hoping to catch [Vladimir] Putin in a lie – like what happened to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper [in his congressional testimony]. So I asked Putin basically the same questions about Russian mass surveillance. I knew he’s doing the same thing, but he denied it.
Edward Snowden
The best camera, is the one that you have with you!
Chase Jarvis
There’s nothing like sitting in a completely quiet room, and then the strings start up. It’s like when you go to the cinema – the first two or three minutes of any film are amazing. Because the screen is so big. The scale. Directors can pretty much do anything for those first few minutes.
Jonny Greenwood
It’s really rare for film directors to be that interested in things other than themselves.
Alan Cumming
I like the anonymity that directors can have about their films.
Frank Ocean
Be yourself. Forget about whether you are male or female and just work hard to become a director who truly knows her craft and the direction she wants the film to go. People respect a director for her work regardless of her gender.
Mabel Cheung
My interests were aroused, and my faith in the cliches of the subject destroyed, as so often with other subjects, by the discussions with my friend, Aaron Director.
George Stigler
A lot of directors in my experience are very receptive. They see what you do first, and then they want to find a place to put the camera, and they tweak you here and there.
Annette Bening
Jim Brooks is a very powerful director and it was a lot of intense work.
Tea Leoni
That is a big turn-on for me, a director who knows what he’s doing and what he wants, and knows when he’s gotten what he wants.
Morgan Freeman
A lot of directors say, ‘Do whatever you want, and I’ll just change it on set.’ But I love being involved in every part of production. It’s very exciting. It’s like an empire of creation: Everybody is working so hard to respect a vision and an idea, and it’s very weird and inspiring at the same time.
Xavier Dolan
I ask a million questions, and I insist on having answers. I think that is what we have to do. I have to know what the director wants. Some are very much in their head, and I need to force it out of them. I just can’t play around for eight hours and see if something happens.
Mads Mikkelsen
I really just want to work with good directors and learn as much as I possibly can.
Dylan O’Brien
The best films are because of nobody but the director.
Roman Polanski
I just started to want to be more hands on, and again, because of the nature of this job which was to evaluate the writing apart from the production, I got clear on what a director did and I became interested in directing, so I started to do that in the late 80s.
Rob Urbinati
There are a few directors around who I have some excitement about spending my $7 at the theatre watching their movies.
Sean Penn
When I was in college, I had only one ambition that one day I would like to be a director.
Yash Chopra
I’m not in a position where I get to pick and choose roles. I usually go on auditions in long lines and embarrass myself in front of casting directors, and with a lump in my throat and my ears burning, I walk past reception and smirking actors as I go to the parking garage and go back on the highway.
Henry Rollins
I’d worked with directors who wouldn’t collaborate. Then I’ve also worked with directors who didn’t really know what they wanted. I knew I didn’t want to be either one of those guys – or girls.
Stuart Townsend
I dread to be compared to all these directors who have a lot of spontaneous emoting and swearing in their films – that is death; it’s a cul-de-sac. It doesn’t lift the material at all. It’s just a cliched reproduction of what we think is normal behaviour.
Pawel Pawlikowski
The fun for me is knowing what the other person is saying and what my character would be thinking at that time. On the stage you get the chance to do all that, to analyze and build a part, to react, to contribute something no one else can-not the author, not even the director.
Barry Nelson
A director shouldn’t get in the way of the movie, the story should.
Frank Darabont
You realize as a director that when you are cutting a film, you want to have alternatives. You need color and choices. You don’t want four takes that are identical.
Dolph Lundgren
I love producing. My dream as a producer is to be able to build a company that can be a safe haven for artists, for directors and for writers and actors to do what they do best and let them have final edit. I’d like to build something to that effect.
Brittany Murphy
I’ve never worked in the U.K. television industry, but my guess it that it’s a tough world for directors.
Lenny Abrahamson
My Mom is a ballet director, so I had this idea in me that classical training is the best foundation for anything you do, so I wanted to get a classical background and voice.
Shuler Hensley
The thing that fascinates me is that the way I came to film and television is extinct. Then there were gatekeepers, it was prohibitively expensive to make a film, to be a director you had to be an entrepreneur to raise money.
Tom Hooper
When I’m filming a kill scene [as a director], I just get happier and happier as we chop up body parts.
Eli Roth
I’ve wanted to make movies for so long. I learned most of what I know from director commentaries and behind the scenes featurettes and criterions.
Todd Strauss-Schulson
A disk unbeknownst to the director can go to the producer in another city or in another office and that producer can edit behind the director’s back much easier than in the old days. Since these dailies are now put on videotape, more kinds of people have access to dailies.
John Frankenheimer
In France, I have lots of opportunities. Maybe now I’ll be offered films in America. It’s the encounter, with the director and the story that counts.
Jean Dujardin
I think that’s what makes David Ayer really interesting. He likes to make a tough-y movie, but actually he’s a character director. He’s fascinated by the actual people who decide to have these jobs and the way it affects their lives.
Mireille Enos
[Warren’s Beatty] first film being with this very important director [Elia Kazan], I think we related on that in a big way. And I just was genuinely curious about his experiences in film, and about the people he knew.
Alden Ehrenreich
I’m probably one of the worst actors as far as preparation goes, because I actually don’t prepare. I find it easier to read the script and whatever hits me in my stomach, like deep down, I just go with it. And the director kind of molds me whether to go right or left with it.
Jaimie Alexander
What I’m looking for is the variety of choices and the opportunity to work with great directors – that’s what I’m looking for.
Ludivine Sagnier
The director I had most involvement with was Alex Rockwell. He gave me a lot of responsibility as an actor.
Steve Buscemi
Insider trading tells everybody at precisely the wrong time that everything is rigged, and only people who have a billion dollars and have access to and are best friends with people who are on boards of directors of major companies – they’re the only ones who can make a true buck.
Preet Bharara
Sometimes the person who is the most logical is the person whom we call insane.
Kevin Spacey
One of the things that’s awesome about being an actor is that you get to do stories, live lives and have experiences that you never could have even conceived of, and that’s because you’re living in another writer’s imagination and another director’s imagination.
Brit Marling
How do I let the director know how obsessed I am and willing to do anything for the movie? Like, I wanted to write this one director a letter, so I wrote him a handwritten note. But then I was like, ‘How many people are writing this guy handwritten letters? Is it going to seem cheesy? What do I do?’
Jennifer Lawrence
I’ve now been doing this for ten years, and I actually got to skip a stage of going to casting directors, and now I meet with the directors, either for lunch or an audition room, and I still read sides; you’re never going to get around that, but I’m not the best person to go on an audition.
Carly Schroeder
I have half a dozen designers who work for me, they ‘realise’ most of the design work, and I act as the design director and the main point of client contact on each project.
Michael Bierut
I do think that’s so much a part of what being a director is – in working with actors – to really try and be sensitive to what each actor needs to get to where he wants to be.
Bill Condon
I’ve worked with Steven Spielberg three times. I’m proud to say that I’m one of those actors that continues to get hired by the same directors.
Joe Pantoliano
Some directors are comfortable with music. Some feel comfortable discussing and talking and operating in a musical language. Others don’t engage so much.
Henry Jackman
What goes on between a father and a son, which is usually such a private matter, is that they are able to be honest with each other, and be honest with me, as a director. Its just remarkable.
Lee Grant
Not many French producers work the American way. In France, the director decides everything, he has final cut. I’m trying to do things differently, without the Luc Besson solution.
Thomas Langmann
I think all directors should be animators.
Steven Spielberg
I love supporting emerging voices, and new writers and directors. I love engaging an audience in a way that doesn’t have to involve me, personally, and yet still generates an experience for groups of people.
Zachary Quinto
Dodge v. Ford still stands for the legal principal that managers and directors have a legal duty to put the shareholders’ interests above all others and no legal authority to serve any other interests – what has come to be known as “the best interests of the corporation” principal.
Joel Bakan
Back when I was looking for my next step and was researching Gannett, I was interested in who was leading the various businesses within the organization: Are there a lot of women and minorities in important, operational roles, senior management and the board of directors?
Gracia Martore
Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
Sun Tzu
I’d love to be a huge television director. I definitely want to do that. I could imagine me going more and more into that, as I age.
Shiri Appleby
A successful director is someone who has the combination of skills that you can learn, but there’s also an intuitive sensibility that they bring to it, that they’ve developed on their own and that is singular to them.
Rick Heinrichs
Ten years ago, it was really difficult for a young actress to walk onto a set and disagree with the director and having that be OK and have a conversation about it and everyone be cool with it.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Having an investor on your board of directors who is naive about public markets or finds them complex or scary is non-optimal.
Bill Gurley
Tell me one director who will go on record to say that I don’t get along with them? I get along famously with all my directors because I am what I am today because of them.
Anushka Sharma
I love Malcolm Lee and jumped on the opportunity to work with him as a director.
Nicole Ari Parker
And as a director, you make 1,000 decisions a day, mostly binary decisions: yes or no, this one or that one, the red one or the blue one, faster or slower. And it’s the culmination of those decisions that define the tone of the film and whether or not it moves people.
Jason Reitman
‘Kaaka Muttai’ has gone places. It’s a great feeling. There is respect from family and friends. The film has travelled to international festivals, and I was able to meet big directors.
Aishwarya Rajesh
I love improv. ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love,’ the script was really great, but the directors were open to letting you try different things. And that felt like a muscle I hadn’t exercised in a really long time.
Emma Stone
I hope I don’t just do the exact same thing my whole life. I also feel like it’s really hard to make comedy. It’s almost impossible for comedy filmmakers and directors to stay relevant as they get older.
David Wain
I miss working with great actors, working with great directors.
Pauly Shore
There are so many movies like this, where you thought you were smarter than the screen but the director was smarter than you, of course he’s the one, of course it was a dream, of course she’s dead, of course, it’s hidden right there, of course it’s the truth and you in your seat have failed to notice in the dark.
Daniel Handler
I worked for a lot of directors.
Tony Gilroy
I love test screenings. Some directors don’t, I know. But I love it. I think it’s because I come from the theatre and in the theatre, previews are where you really have to listen to the audience and really feel how they’re responding. I found our test screenings incredibly useful.
Stephen Daldry
A lot of actors aren’t particularly good directors. And they’re not particularly good with other actors. That’s kind of a fallacy.
Peter Mullan
You come up with a story line, you hire the writer, the director, the stars, the set designer.
Andre Balazs
There are many directors in the middle range who’ve made mostly successful pictures, and then there are a few great directors who’ve had some successes and some failures. I suppose my life would be smoother if I wasn’t almost totally enamored of the latter category.
Jack Nicholson
Yeah, I mean the material, directors, the other cast, and if you think you can do something with the character then you do it and go from there. I am looking forward to doing some smaller movies.
Orlando Bloom
I studied Hitchcock and Josef von Sternberg under Richard Dillard at Hollins, and that year under his tutelage just completely rewired my brain. Both directors combine moral seriousness with great artistry and, certainly in Hitchcock’s case, an enormous respect for plot, for its power to enthrall and delight.
Adam Ross
When tradition is thought to state the way things really are, it becomes the director and judge of our lives; we are, in effect, imprisoned by it. On the other hand, tradition can be understood as a pointer to that which is beyond tradition: the sacred. Then it functions not as a prison but as a lens.
Marcus Borg
I don’t understand why there aren’t more powerful female directors. I don’t have the answers, but I hope that things may start to shift and that studios will employ more women to handle strong and interesting material.
Sam Taylor-Johnson
My first motion capture game was with Sony – NBA: The Life. It was very ahead of its time. Brandon Akiaten, he was the writer and director. He had a real vision of what this game was meant to be; it was a basketball game where I was the Jerry Maguire sports agent type guy. And it was great!
Nolan North
In the age of activism that is clearly not going away, it would seem that some form of engagement from directors with shareholders – rather than directors simply taking their cues from management – would go a long way toward helping boards work on behalf of all shareholders rather just the most vocal.
Andrew Ross Sorkin
I’m pretty much a character-driven film director and my movies are smaller. I don’t do a lot of coverage. I use lots of master shots.
Stanley Tucci
So many directors are solely focused on their own success in Hollywood and multimillion dollar budgets and deals.
Shirley Knight
I feel like I’ve had a really great intense relationship with every single Director I’ve ever worked with. I can’t say there’s one that hasn’t been deep and profound in its own way.
Hilary Swank
I had one well known director who kept saying, “Now Clint, this is what ….” And I’d say, “I know. I read the script. I’m the one who cast you as the director. Let me show you and you’ll correct me if I’m wrong.”
Clint Eastwood
I’ve enjoyed my time in the game, whether it be managing Luton in the top flight, taking Spurs to Wembley or, as director of football, pinpointing players such as Jermain Defoe, Paul Robinson and Robbie Keane with real sell-on value.
David Pleat
I didn’t want a guru or a kung fu master or a spiritual director. I didn’t want to become a sorcerer or learn the zen of archery or meditate or align my chakras or uncover mast incarnations…I was after something else entirely, but it wasn’t in the Yellow Pages or anywhere else that I could discover.
Daniel Quinn
If you’re a casting director, you’re going to be curious to see what Timothy Spall’s son is like. But when you get in the door, you have to have something to offer.
Rafe Spall
Is it ‘left’ to insist that presidents and CIA directors adhere to the law? I don’t think so. I think it’s American.
Anthony Lewis
I’m so tired of hearing casting directors ask if I have a sore throat. The people who have told me that my voice is distinctive, it’s unusual…those people have always been close to my heart.
Scarlett Johansson
What’s interesting, is that I’ve found that the more accomplished a director is, the more secure they are in giving direction that sounds incredibly unsophisticated.
Aaron Sorkin
In cinema, the leading player is the director.
Ben Kingsley
I always wanted to create a site that was sports and pop culture. ’30 for 30′ had a big impact because I loved how that was about finding, empowering and working with these incredible directors, and I thought the same thing could work for writers.
Bill Simmons
I’ve been fortunate in my career to have the opportunity to pick and choose the parts I play. I’ve also been lucky to always be involved with quality actors, quality directors, quality writers.
Powers Boothe
Screenwriting is the most prized of all the cinematic arts. Actually, it isn’t, but it should be.
Hugh Laurie
There are two kinds of directors: There’s the kind where two plus two equals four, and you have to help them figure it out. And then there’s the kind that throws you in a room, locks the door, sets the house on fire and films it.
Michael Pitt
Directors, like actors, get typecast.
John Landis
I’m a film rat. I love being in front of a camera. I love being behind a camera. I love talking to the director. I love talking film.
Jim Caviezel
I would say that the directors that I’ve liked the most are all curious in nature – curious thinkers. They’re all big questioners, I would say, first and foremost.
Brad Pitt
I provide the bricks and mortar with the words and situations – the director and the actors and the designers build the house.
Eric Bogosian
A film director is not a creator, but a midwife. His business is to deliver the actor of a child that he did not know he had inside him.
Jean Renoir
What I like about being an actress is that it keeps you feminine. Being a director and producer makes you manly and very masculine and I don’t like that quality in a woman. But I’ll do it when the film is very close to me.
Bai Ling
I know there were things emanating from me. I was not aware of what attracted all these directors to me.
Jeanne Moreau
All these directors who do different locations forget that one room can be shot from a million different angles and a million different ways. When I direct a movie, I’m going to use that.
Michael Pitt
In my own experience of male and female directors, people have a much, much harder time taking a direct command from a woman. It’s somehow very difficult for people.
Meryl Streep
I think I always try to be accommodating and open and available and proving for my director. I love to give as many takes as they want. I love to give them as many choices as they want.
Vera Farmiga
I think the press is doing a wonderful job of putting the pressure on the decision-makers in Hollywood to support more female directors.
Natalie Portman
A fantastic actor in a scene that’s just closed off will be good. But when working with a director who knows little tricks – correct music, slowly pushing in – that stunning performance will somehow become even better. I’ve always seen it as a symbiotic relationship.
Matthew Gray Gubler
We do not precisely enjoy liberty at the Figaro. M. de Latouche, our worthy director (ah! you should know the fellow), is always hanging over us, cutting, pruning, right or wrong, imposing upon us his whims, his aberrations, his fancies, and we have to write as he bids.
George Sand
I’m a frustrated actor. My … goal is to beat Alfred Hitchcock in the number of cameos. I’m going to try to break his record.
Stan Lee
In people’s minds, I’m a comic, so it took a lot of time before I was recognized as a director. I had to be patient until the public accepted me. As a result, my early films didn’t get a lot of attention. As a serious film actor, things didn’t take off, either. Only my comic talents were recognized.
Takeshi Kitano
Elephant Man [movie] was much more difficult physically. This had a couple of days. It was quite tricky. I had my leg strapped up behind me and I am a little older now. It was all marvelous, though. He [Bong Joon-ho] is one of the most fabulous directors in the world.
John Hurt
That is the great pleasure of working with great directors. You get to look at the world through many different prisms. I guess I love talent, whatever form it takes.
Isabella Rossellini
I always claim that the writer has done 90 percent of the director’s work.
Harold Ramis
Gotta watch out for directors.
Stephen Sondheim
People don’t normally just say, ‘Do you want to come and audition for one of your favorite directors?’
Stacy Martin
I think what’s fun about the fairytales is just seeing what everybody interprets them as, which comes from the different directors and what they want to do with them.
Colleen Atwood
I think that too often we, film directors, think that a big epic novel and feature film are the same. It’s a lie. A feature film is much closer to a short story actually.
Pirjo Honkasalo
I suppose as an actor you become very sensitive to rhythm, not just rhythm as you look at it sort of from the, from the outside as a director might see it, but within yourself you become used to the idea of hearing your fellow actors, responding to them in space.
Simon McBurney
[on editing of the films] There is always a question of time, and the director. I’ve worked with a lot of directors who don’t mind my involvement. They appreciated it.
Richard Gere
My criteria for doing theater has always been slightly different than my criteria with movies, in that there are a lot of reasons to do films, having to do with location, money, and first and foremost having to do with script and role and director.
Stephen Lang
I mean, I’m willing to do anything with Chris Chulack – he’s one of my favorite directors I’ve ever worked with, and I just think he’s a fantastic man, and a great creator, and a good friend.
C. Thomas Howell
If I hadn’t left Texas, I might not have met the director Terrence Malick, and I wouldn’t have met my husband and I wouldn’t have had the children that I’ve had. Life is interesting like that.
Sissy Spacek
I’m the girl that waits for the director to say, ‘I like that,’ or ‘Can you boost it up?,’ or ‘Can you pull it down?’ I’m that kind of actor. I started in theater, so that’s the feedback that I’m accustomed to. It’s the feedback that I really thrive off of.
Jill Scott
(When asked what a director does) I help.
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Critics don’t want to see directors they like make too much of a left turn. That’s good for criticism.
Quentin Tarantino
Definitely my favorite cut is the one that got put out. That’s my favorite version of the film, the one that I put in theaters. That’s my directors cut, there’s no question about it.
Fede Alvarez
There are plenty of bad actors and there are plenty of bad directors. There are actors who will always be bad and there are good actors who you cry for because they’re being badly directed or the material isn’t good enough.
Mike Leigh
I enjoy collaborating with all of the directors I have worked with. I love collaborating with creative people on interesting projects.
Lior Ron
I’ve imparted that philosophy to the writers, but some of them look stuff up while some don’t. Same with the editors, directors and actors. To each their own.
Vince Gilligan
Sometimes, when you work with directors who have done it a lot and are established in the business and know the game, there are all these rules that they have. First-time directors will allow you to come in with choices. They’re not so jaded by actors that they’re like, ‘Ugh, just do your job, man.
Jake M. Johnson
There are a lot of scripts that you can like, but rarely are there directors attached when you’re in development with something and that’s stressful.
Amanda Seyfried
Usually directors hire me because I’m what they are looking for. But once in a while, and it’s very rare, they will hire me and then try to make me over.
Christopher Walken
Acting is the work of two people – it’s only possible when you have the complicity, the help, even the manipulation of a director.
Victoria Abril
I’ve always said that with a lot of the horror franchises that I’ve started, it’s like directing a pilot. I come in, I direct the first movie and all these directors come in and direct all the sequels after me and hey have to kind of retain the look, the tone, and the characters.
James Wan
It’s nice, because after you’ve worked with various directors and producers enough times, they start to know your voice and what you’re capable of.
Laura Bailey
You need the words, you need the script, you need the material, you need the commitment, you need the passion, it’s like we depend on writers, we depend on producers, directors depend on us and once things are in the divine order as they happen.
Nia Long
Normally, I rely heavily on my director to massage me out of my actor comfort zones.
Vera Farmiga
The first time I went over to [my director’s] house, he said to me, This is a very strange play. I was pleased that he reminded me of that. [He] understands the play [VENUS] intellectually and emotionally and the humor, the funny bone.
Suzan-Lori Parks
I kind of end up getting caught up in whatever the rhythm of the movie is and how open the director is to changing things in the moment or finding it in rehearsal.
Michael Cera
As a director myself, you want to have colleagues and collaborators that respect your authority as the director. I’m very comfortable with that, and I’ve done a lot of work in second unit.
Roman Coppola
I think I’m probably one of the worst directors around, but I do have an interest in my fellow man.
John Cassavetes
You never really know what the director has got in his mind as far as the scene visually and art direction wise, etc. Even if you do, sometimes there’s a side of things that don’t necessarily gel the way people intend. So there a bit of a mystical entity, film.
Guy Pearce
Do you know what directors go through? It’s just hell. Like, why do I work so hard – to think I’m only going to see this movie five times and then never see it again ’cause I’m so sick of it? What is it worth, honestly?
Michael Bay
I always want to do something I haven’t done before and get to work with other actors, writers, or directors that I want to work with.
Gillian Jacobs
Women think in Sirk’s films. Something which has never struck me with other directors. None of them. Usually women are always reacting, doing what women are supposed to do, but in Sirk they think. It’s something that has to be seen.
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
I think the best directors rarely loose their temper. I think the best directors provide you with a safe environment where they can instill you with confidence and allow you to try things out and not feel like your failing or that you’re doing it wrong.
Luke Evans
It helps, if you’ve directed, to be able to write a script that is director-friendly. You’re really telling them [directors], “This is how it works on this show.” It takes some of the guesswork out of it.
Amy Sherman-Palladino
I believe I am a better director than actor. I enjoy acting if the part is right. Directing comes very naturally to me. I enjoy it. I am very confident in my work.
Jack White
I don’t consider myself a competition to anyone. There is ample space for everyone here. When there are directors who create characters for me, why should I feel bothered or insecure? When it comes to updating myself, I work very hard to relate to the emotions of characters I play.
Kajal Aggarwal
From my studies of genetics and neuroscience I have come to believe that people fall into four broad personality types – each influenced by a different brain chemical: I call them the Explorer, Builder, Director, and Negotiator.
Helen Fisher
I was an actor as a kid in Boston. Then I went to art school with Brice Marden, the Massachusetts College of Art. So the hybrid of being an actor and artist is a director.
Arne Glimcher
The popular image that Hollywood is ruined by difficult prima donna actors is nonsense. They’re certainly very nice to directors. I can’t say the same about producers, who I found difficult, paranoid, and certifiably insane, mostly.
Nigel Cole
I’m lucky enough that directors sometimes seek me out for little projects that people don’t even know about, that just surface later on.
Laura Dern
Todd [Phillips] doesn’t care. That’s part of his genius as a director, he will say anything to anybody.
Ed Helms
What I found about ‘Nashville’ coming in is it’s about these small performances. It can be on a big stage but detailed, small, heartfelt, real performances from musicians and singers. So if you try to do something bloated or showy, the directors dial us in and let us know.
Chip Esten
My advice to women directors is just to make the best work possible.
Jamie Babbit
[In relationships with a directors] I want to be able to give and take, and I can’t name what it is: respect, energy, investment in the task, focus, humor, intelligence, but I always feel responsible for taking the money.
Harrison Ford
Directing is exhausting, but not for the actual directing part, when you say “Action!” and give creative notes. As a director, the exhausting part is that you are a professional answer-machine.
Mindy Kaling
Some call me director, producer, filmmaker. I prefer to call myself pube-king.
John Waters
For example I don’t work with William Hurt the same way that I will work with Viggo. They’re different guys and they work in different ways. So a good sensitive director has his general style and technique and personality that he uses but you don’t impose that on the actors.
David Cronenberg
If all the world’s a stage and all the people players, who in bloody hell hired the director?
Charles L. Grant
I love the Kathryn Bigelow example: she didn’t just do war movies – she did them better than other directors.
Patricia Riggen
Directors always used to be like the police to me – the enemy, the people to tell me what to do when I didn’t want to do it. But I’ve lived with one for a while now and I guess I can put myself more in their position. You shouldn’t be too sympathetic to them.
Helen Mirren
We haven’t seen a situation where you have the FBI director talk about an investigation side by side with the attorney general who confirms, yes, I accept the recommendation of the FBI director.
Alberto Gonzales
I never saw myself as a director. It’s certainly a second language but making movies for 40 years, you pick stuff up. However, this style of making movies, this documentary style, is easier for me because I gather a lot of material and with an editor, write it on screen. You try to write based on what you shot.
Al Pacino
I learn a lot from every director that I work with. I sit on set and watch them, every one.
Jonah Hill
Sometimes you have to say the words exactly how they are on the page, but sometimes when you improv, it only helps to get across what’s on the page, and I just love working with directors who allow that.
Taraji P. Henson
I owe Bankhead a gift; she made a director out of me.
Elia Kazan
I’m not really a full-time director, I just like to direct the things that I write because I think I’m going to know it better than someone else.
Billy Bob Thornton
I love working with the best directors in the world and great material. If I get an opportunity to do that, I’m going to do it. On the other hand, if something doesn’t really hold a candle, I’m going to put my efforts where I can be the most effective.
Daryl Hannah
I think that collaboration makes me a better director and observer and writer because I can look at things in a different way.
Saschka Unseld
All film directors, even the ones using 3-D today, want you to look at what they chose.
David Hockney
I think of myself as a meat-and-potatoes kind of director.
Stanley Donen
I’m a theatre person, that’s who I am. I’m happy to make sojourns into the world of movies but I’m basically a theatre director that potters off and does a couple of movies.
Stephen Daldry
I have worked with a lot of great directors but my favorites are all entirely different from one another. They don’t go about it the same way.
Ewan McGregor
I want to pick good projects, I want to work with great directors and try not to put too much pressure on myself and just read things for the story and recognize when I’m drawn to something for the right reasons and try to maintain some sanity. Sanity would be good. I’d like to have a little sanity!
Rachel McAdams
Zhang Yimou is one of the best directors on mainland China.
Jet Li
If you are a 19-year-old woman, there are very specific things that directors and the people in positions of power in the industry – who tend to be older men – are going to want you to be and do. They are not going to want some chatty, difficult, slightly spoilt girl.
Romola Garai
One of the things about writing a novel is you can do it any way you want. It’s your voice that’s important and I see absolutely no reason why a screenplay can’t be the same. It makes it a hell of a lot easier when you’re the writer and the director.
Quentin Tarantino
What I do as a director is really create a safe environment that everyone can feel very comfortable in and experiment within so that they don’t hold back anything. You never ever want someone to go, ‘Oh I shouldn’t have done that.’ There isn’t anything you shouldn’t try. If it’s terrible, who cares?
Paul Feig
A director in Hollywood in my time couldn’t do what he wanted to do.
Douglas Sirk
I’ve never seen a movie director who was happier to be directing a movie than Dave [Mamet]. His sets, everyone who’s ever been involved with one of them will tell you of the funnest, funniest sets you can be on.
Clark Gregg
My dream as a producer is to be able to build a company that can be a safe haven for artists, for directors and for writers and actors to do what they do best and let them have final edit. I’d like to build something to that effect.
Brittany Murphy
I think women are in much the same place in the Irish theater as they are everywhere else. Certainly, we have wonderful Irish writers, and we have quite a number of Irish women directors. But there could be more, and there should be more.
Garry Hynes
Developing films with directors, developing films with actors, is a poor percentage play for a screenwriter.
Tony Gilroy
Part of the advantage, and part of the result of trying to be a producer and director, are the practical things, you find. It’s so advantageous to go to a place that you already have a feel for, a literal and spiritual familiarity.
Campbell Scott
Louis Malle is maybe one of my favorite directors, but I love Tarantino.
Richard Ayoade
I’m an unusual director in that my cut is usually shorter then the final released film. I like short films.
Barry Sonnenfeld
If I were in the director’s chair, I would cast [Geena Davis] in something awesome every six months if I had the choice.
Emma Watson
It’s whether they have a vision and whether they’re able to communicate it. The best director is just someone who gets over-excited about doing it – they don’t even have to know much about camera or acting.
Colin Firth
A friend of my mom’s was a casting director so, really as kind of a lark, I had a couple of acting jobs that had just enough exposure to give me the option to continue if I wanted to. I followed through with it.
Ben Affleck
As an actress, I think it’s important to look back and realize that we aren’t always quite as original as we think we are. There’s this grand, textured history for us over the last 100 years of incredible writers, directors, and performers.
Natalie Dormer
The more women directors that get hired, the more practices will shift, top down.
Marielle Heller
It is an honor to serve as the Ad Council’s next Chair of the Board of Directors. I am deeply committed to its mission of creating campaigns that improve everyday lives. I look forward to working with the Ad Council team and Board to continue to shine a light on the most important social issues of our day.
Margo Georgiadis
[Roger] Vadim became famous worldwide as a director, and I as an actress, but the other side of the coin was terrible. My life was totally turned upside down. I was followed, spied upon, adored, insulted. My private life became public.
Brigitte Bardot
I don’t want to be a director, or to have responsibility for hundreds of people.
Zoe Wanamaker
Stage is the place of the playwright: you’re guided by great actors and directors, but it’s the playwright’s word on the page that counts.
Abi Morgan
In a collaborative environment directors hire actors because they want their input, not just their bodies.
Kelly Lynch
All I mean is, I’m not the kind of audience comedy directors want at a test screening because I seldom laugh, and if I do, it’s not very loud. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the movie.
Todd Solondz
Oh, what the hell did I know? I went to the set the first day in full makeup and the director told me to take it off. So I did the film without makeup. I had nothing to do with anything I did. I never understood why I was so famous.
Ava Gardner
I’m more interested in photographing people who have done something, like writers or directors – even billionaires – as long as I can study them before I photograph them.
Francesco Carrozzini
I don’t know how to put it, but I don’t have many friends. All my friends circle was in Madras, and I lost touch with them. But I’m friends with all my directors, and they are very important for me.
Mahesh Babu
In Kurdistan, theres a lot of hardship – a lot of wars, a lot of bitter and difficult lifestyles. And witnessing all those made me a director.
Bahman Ghobadi
I still think that movies are amazing; I respect actors and directors.
Joaquin Phoenix
I don’t want to be a director. I want to direct. There’s a difference.
Marty Feldman
The first film is everything you want to say and how you want to say it. Lots of directors will do that and do it really well, but the second film is not so easy.
John Hurt
Good evening, ladies and gentleman. My name is Orson Welles. I am an actor. I am a writer. I am a producer. I am a director. I am a magician. I appear onstage and on the radio. Why are there so many of me and so few of you?
Orson Welles
Just being hired by a great director is complimentary.
Tom Skerritt
The question I always ask is: ‘Where are all the women directors in America?’ You know, where’s the female Martin Scorsese, the female David Lynch?
Gillian Armstrong
My strongest quality as an actor is taking direction. I will give my performance as a template and if the director gives any instruction, I take that information, process it and morph it into the next take. I love the feeling I get when nailing a scene through direction.
James Preston Rogers
Director Gary Ross has created an adaptation that is faithful in both narrative and theme, but he’s also brought a rich and powerful vision of Panem, its brutality and excesses, to the film as well. His world building’s fantastic, whether it be the Seam or the Capitol.
Suzanne Collins
Sometimes directors will hire you and say, ‘Oh, we love your work.’ And then they start to tell you how to do it. I say, ‘Hey, man, back off. You hired me to do it. Let me do it.’
Robert Duvall
In my own life, I have noticed when I have been meeting directors, that the same sentence with the same inflection can be said by a man, like: “Get me this.” But if the same thing is said by a woman, it’s seen as harsh and unacceptable. That always fascinates me.
Meryl Streep
My interpretation of a strong director is someone who knows their story. That’s what directors are, they’re storytellers because they’re directing where your focus is going to be as an audience.
Dennis Quaid
It’s hard to give up that amount of control. It’s scary to make yourself that vulnerable. Because you might do all kinds of things that are unplanned or are unexpected that maybe don’t work, and you have to trust the director to see that and work around those things. I find it really scary.
Sarah Polley
I always think it’s a sign of a truly gifted director when they can move seamlessly between genres.
Cillian Murphy
It is great to work on different scripts with different directors who have different styles. You get so much experience from that.
Devon Bostick
One tries to be an observer as an actor and indeed as a director because the small things, the give-away things are what are really interesting to a performer.
Janet Suzman
A million pounds sounds like a lot of money now that I’m saying it. But in terms of moviemaking, it’s not a lot of money. And yet you can see what can be done with that, with the talent of a great cinematographer and great director and actors.
Ewan McGregor
As an action director I always try to bring something fresh and new.
Donnie Yen
The very nature of cool is that you think about it too much and it becomes uncool.
Don Johnson
I’ve had amazing experiences with directors who believed in me.
Jason Clarke
I’ve got to be out doing a million things. That’s how I find stories. That’s how I get the relationships and get the projects that I get with the writers, the directors.
Dana Brunetti
Producers and directors think they have the power, but what they think of as the weakest link, the actor, is all-powerful.
Ken Stott
I want all my films to look distinctly different, like some other directors I admire. But in a way, I can’t really take myself completely out of the movies I make.
Imtiaz Ali
Definitely the script because you want to be part of an interesting story, you want your character to be a challenge, then comes the director. But essentially it’s the script first and whether it’s a character that you think you can do.
Eric Bana
There needs to be more film directors of colour. They bandy about the word ‘diversity’ a lot, but when I say ‘of colour,’ I mean Asian, black – I mean people of all colour. We need to have those voices given the opportunity, not told that their films will not be distributed or will not sell well abroad.
Marianne Jean-Baptiste
Whenever I’ve been asked to be in a film, directors only want me to play myself… I’m fascinated by the thought of being an actor, but it’s too hard. And I think Shakespeare-which has been suggested to me-might be a bit of a stretch.
Tom Jones
The profession of film director can and should be such a high and precious one; that no man aspiring to it can disregard any knowledge that will make him a better film director or human being.
Sergei Eisenstein
I’ve figured out what to do so far, but it’s always the next thing you come to where the man with the bucket of ice cold water is waiting – whoosh! in your face. That’s why you work with directors who know what to tell you to do.
Judi Dench
As a director, you’re only as good as your collaborators. You surround with collaborators that are going to understand what you’re trying to do. Not only that, they’re going to push and fight for what you’re trying to do.
Alfonso Cuaron
I get asked why there aren’t more female directors all the time. I’m kind of reluctant to talk about it. That’s not because I think the question is irrelevant or stupid. It’s just that there are so many mitigating factors.
Lisa Cholodenko
I think the perspective that small-town directors bring to films is very different.
Anurag Kashyap
I think when you work with really wonderful directors who have a really strong vision, it lets you as an artist set the tone for your own career.
Sarah Gadon
First, speaking for myself, I don’t want to ever be in a position where I’m telling other directors how to make movies, because I don’t think it’s any of my business.
John Frankenheimer
I find it kind of weird that directors want to put themselves in their films.
Andrea Arnold
I am a director because I believe in my own impulses and my own point of view, and that belief encourages me to tell stories that will move, provoke, and change people. But I became a director because I wanted to be a part of the world.
Anna D. Shapiro
Every director bites the hand that lays the golden egg.
Samuel Goldwyn
As an actor, most of the time, you only have so much say in how, what and where things go. As a director, you really get to paint a bigger picture. You have many more brushes to use.
Eric Balfour
A lot of new American directors have had mentors who have given them advice. And some of them have had the way paved for them by huge Hollywood directors who saw a younger version of themselves.
Julie Delpy
Because I’ve always aspired to direct and produce, I’ve literally worked with about 200 directors and countless producers, so what I appreciate is how, through osmosis and through actually asking questions and through people offering wisdom, there’s a lot in there.
Malik Yoba
I don’t watch the movies I make, so I haven’t seen ‘Footloose’ since it came out. You see this young, hungry actor, it’s pretty fun. I was the only one they screen tested. It was an attempt by the director and producer to talk the head of the studio into hiring me because they didn’t want me.
Kevin Bacon
I did all my directing when I wrote the screenplay. It was probably harder for a regular director. He probably had to read the script the night before shooting started.
Preston Sturges
Todd Solondz is one of my favorite directors.
Eric Wareheim
I’ve done auditions where the casting director is taking the paper out of my hand in the middle of reading.
Kevin Hart
I’m just trying to choose interesting, quirky projects or things with interesting directors or just movies that have a lot of people I like attached to them so I know I’m going to have a good time.
Douglas Booth
A lot of young directors, they’re not confident; they’re not open to the emotional level of the scene.
Terence Stamp
And also, Sergio Leone was considered in Italy a director of category B, not a big director.
Claudia Cardinale
I read that Hollywood wanted to film Fences years ago with a white director, but [August] Wilson refused. He thought that the director needed to have lived the culture of black Americans.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
You are the executive director and screenwriter of your life.
Eric Thomas
I want to do literally everything. I think I was gifted… I inherited one of the best comedy visionaries as a director.
Marlon Wayans
In Dreams…well, I was slightly overcompensating with that. I was a bit like a director for hire, so maybe I was putting too much imagery that was familiar to me into it.
Neil Jordan
I walked around my apartment with food in my mouth asking myself: “How do I come up with this voice?” Then I found the voice. I called the director and said on the phone: “Guess who you’re talking to Chris? Sid, that’s right Sid!” And that’s how I came up with the voice. That’s a true story.
John Leguizamo
Let’s say [Warren Beatty] wants you to speak louder in a scene. He won’t stop playing the role and say to you as a director, “Will you speak louder on the next take?” He’ll say it as Howard Hughes: “I can’t totally hear you. Why don’t you speak up a little bit?” To kind of keep this rhythm going.
Alden Ehrenreich
I was offered and accepted a part in ‘A Few Best Men,’ and then the Australian actor’s union argued that there were too many British actors. And the director decided to lose me.
Noel Clarke
When I’m acting, I’m in the director’s hands. I’m very happy to be. I like to be focused on what I’m doing.
Kenneth Branagh
If the script’s good, everything you need is in there. I just try and feel it, and do it honestly.
Olivia Colman
When I was a crusade director in British Columbia, all of our meetings were at 9:03. Somebody said ‘That’s ridiculous. Why did you do that?’ It’s because you remember it. You’ve never been to another 9:03 meeting.
Josh McDowell
There’s nothing wrong with you that a little Prozac and a polo mallet can’t cure.
Woody Allen
The director of 500 Days of Summer is doing the Spider-Man movie. That’s not necessarily the movies I want to make, but it’s all about the story, and if you connect to the story, and you feel you can tell that story better than anyone else, then great. Jon Favreau killed Iron Man, I loved it.
Katie Aselton
I like directors who have worked as actors. They know the experience.
Gabrielle Union
Any time you talk about the look of the film, it’s not just the director and the director of photography. You have to include the costume designer and the production designer.
Spike Lee
Some musical directors have more chutzpah. They pick up the phone and talk people into giving. I prefer to call and say ‘thank you’ after the money has been contributed.
Zubin Mehta
Actually, the few good Chinese movies that foreign countries choose to import are Zhang Yimou’s, and mine, a few directors, but how many movies can we make in a year? We can only make a few, while they turn them out continuously.
Jackie Chan
There are American directors I’d really like to work with, but I don’t know how much I want to be sitting in my house, doing the rounds of meetings with CEOs. You have to be really hardworking to do all that, and I’m lazy.
Romola Garai