Displacement Quotes

Displacement Quotes by Anya Taylor-Joy, Guy Standing, James Clerk Maxwell, Atom Egoyan, Andrew Ng, Thomas Hardy and many others.

I've been quite lucky in that the roles that I've been

I’ve been quite lucky in that the roles that I’ve been able to play are all kind of outsiders. And, you know, I belong to so many places and belong to none of them at the same time, so there’s this sense of displacement – I very much understand what it is to not fit in or belong somewhere.
Anya Taylor-Joy
What we can say with confidence is that the technological revolution is worsening inequality, due mostly to mechanisms that limit free markets. It is also bringing about disruptive change that is intensifying insecurity and may indeed lead to large-scale labor displacement.
Guy Standing
One of the chief peculiarities of this treatise is the doctrine that the true electric current, on which the electromagnetic phenomena depend, is not the same thing as the current of conduction, but that the time-variation of the electric displacement must [also] be taken into account.
James Clerk Maxwell
It is about this very abstract sense of displacement that he feels the moment he turns off the television.
Atom Egoyan
Job displacement is so huge, I’m tempted to not talk about anything other than that.
Andrew Ng
Many…have learned that the magnitude of lives is not as to their external displacements, but as to their subjective experiences. The impressionable peasant leads a larger, fuller, more dramatic life than the pachydermatous king.
Thomas Hardy
As we double down on urgent issues of housing affordability, access, inequities and displacement, we must prioritize addressing climate change.
Ted Wheeler
The world must come together to confront climate change. There is little scientific dispute that if we do nothing, we will face more drought, famine and mass displacement that will fuel more conflict for decades.
Barack Obama
I refused to learn English for two years when we moved to London, hoping to send my family back home. It was tough, but at the same time, it has given me a sense of displacement that actually really suits the life that I’m living now.
Anya Taylor-Joy
I think the global community always has a … has a responsibility to any humanitarian crisis. And I think it’s in our best interest to address a humanitarian crisis on this scale because displacement can can lead to a lot of instability and aggression.
Angelina Jolie
The displacement of the idea that facts and evidence matter by the idea that everything boils down to subjective interests and perspectives is – second only to American political campaigns – the most prominent and pernicious manifestation of anti-intellectualism in our time.
Larry Laudan
I do miss the excitement of seeing history up close, of having intimate knowledge, through direct experience, of what happens when people and governments clash, but I do not miss the danger or the constant displacement.
Deborah Copaken Kogan
The displacement of scripted series by reality programming continues to be a severe obstacle to a working actor’s ability to earn a living.
Alan Rosenberg
The drafters of the [Refugee Convention ] had the Cold War in mind and mainly sought to protect a few thousand dissidents from the Communist bloc. They did not envision the mass displacements of people we are seeing today.
Kofi Annan
For the Russians, the displacement of the Holocaust is calculated and cynical. It’s not emotional; they don’t care about the Holocaust one way or another. They only care about it insofar as they can use it to manipulate a German sense of guilt.
Timothy D. Snyder
I prefer to put myself in an environment that’s further afield and look through the eyes of someone who differs from me in age, ethnicity, gender, and/or social class. I think a little displacement makes me a sharper observer.
Amor Towles
The point is not to stay marginal, but to participate in whatever network of marginal zones is spawned from other disciplinary centers and which, together, constitute a multiple displacement of those authorities.
Judith Butler
I think you write only out of a great trouble. A trouble of excitement, a trouble of enlargement, a trouble of displacement in yourself.
Eleanor Clark
There are very few things that are certain in this market – apart from one, and that is that small displacement diesels are dead.
Sergio Marchionne
Listening is not a displacement for leadership. You have to have leadership.
Angelo Sotira
Whenever l’ve travelled l’ve found myself affected in conflicted ways. Sometimes the new experiences inspire a path of self discovery, but at other points those situations can highlight insecurities and bring about feelings of displacement.
The oppressed people of Palestine, whether those who dwell in that bloodstained holy land or those who continue to bear the brunt of hardship and displacement worldwide, are all in all the victims of Zionist discrimination and aggression.
Mohammad Khatami
Archimedes said Eureka, Cos in English he weren’t too aversed in, when he discovered that the volume of a body in the bath, is equal to the stuff it is immersed in, That is the law of displacement, Thats why ships don’t sink, Its a shame he weren’t around in 1912, The Titanic would have made him think.
Richard Digance
I know why the caged bird sings.
Maya Angelou
I’ve spent my whole life in Chicago being asked where am I from, so that I have a sense of displacement that also is very psychologically disorienting.
Ana Castillo
Now if this electron is displaced from its equilibrium position, a force that is directly proportional to the displacement restores it like a pendulum to its position of rest.
Pieter Zeeman
One of the drivers of displacement and potential conflict over the next 10 to 20 years will be climate (change) – resource scarcity, climate change is going to compound the cocktail that’s driving war and displacement.
Ed Miliband
I do miss the excitement of seeing history up close, of having intimate knowledge, through direct experience, of what happens when people and governments clash, but I do not miss the danger or the constant displacement.
Deborah Copaken
Eureka! Eureka!
Supposed to have been his cry, jumping naked from his bath and running in the streets, excited by a discovery about water displacement to solve a problem about the purity of a gold crown.
The Olympics are too powerful. I hate sports – they generate so much nationalism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, economic exploitation, displacement of communities to build worthless bankrupt stadiums.
Terre Thaemlitz
We need to define gentrification as separate from the process of displacement.
Justin Davidson
To read is to surrender oneself to an endless displacement of curiosity and desire from one sentence to another
David Lodge
Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.
Joseph Goebbels
Humility is the displacement of self by the enthronement of God.
Andrew Murray
The vast material displacements the machine has made in our physical environment are perhaps in the long run less important than its spiritual contributions to our culture.
Lewis Mumford
Thematically, in a lot of what I write, there’s a sense of displacement, of being rooted in multiple places, and how that can tug at your identities and your wants and your goals.
G. Willow Wilson