Divine Revelation Quotes

Divine Revelation Quotes by Jon Krakauer, Steve Lawson, William E. Gladstone, Abraham Lincoln, Carl F. H. Henry, Ben Shahn and many others.

But perhaps the greatest attraction of Mormonism was th

But perhaps the greatest attraction of Mormonism was the promise that each follower would be granted an extraordinarily intimate relationship with God. Joseph taught and encouraged his adherents to receive personal communiquГ©s straight from the Lord. Divine revelation formed the bedrock of the religion.
Jon Krakauer
Truth is never determined by majority opinion, but by divine revelation.
Steve Lawson
My only hope for the world is in bringing the human mind into contact with divine revelation.
William E. Gladstone
The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.
Abraham Lincoln
Our generation is lost to the truth of God, to the reality of divine revelation, to the content of God’s will, to the power of His redemption, and to the authority of His Word. For this loss it is paying dearly in a swift relapse into paganism.
Carl F. H. Henry
The values that reside in art are anarchic, they are every man’s loves and hates and his momentary divine revelation.
Ben Shahn
I am not responsible for what other people think. I am responsible only for what I myself think, and I know what that is. No idea I’ve ever come up with has ever struck me as a divine revelation. Nothing I have ever observed leads me to think there is a God watching over me.
Isaac Asimov
The renaissance of Christian philosophy has been accompanied by a resurgence of interest in natural theology, that branch of theology that seeks to prove God’s existence apart from divine revelation.
William Lane Craig
Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. Therefore, Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression, as their speech and actions are determined by divine revelation and not based on people’s desires.
Anjem Choudary
A divine revelation must necessarily be intolerant of contradiction; it must repudiate all improvement in itself, and view with disdain that arising from the progressive intellectual development of man.
John William Draper
I am sorry to have to inform you that I do not believe in the Bible as a divine revelation, & therefore not in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.
Charles Darwin
These enemies of divine revelation extol human progress to the skies, and with rash and sacrilegious daring would have it introduced into the Catholic religion as if this religion were not the work of God but of man, or some kind of philosophical discovery susceptible of perfection by human efforts.
Pope Pius IX
In the eyes of a seer, every leaf of a tree is a page of the Holy Book and contains divine revelation.
Hazrat Inayat Khan
The punishment of murder by death is contrary to reason, and to the order and happiness of society, and contrary to divine revelation.
Benjamin Franklin
What is nobler than to tread under foot the gods of the nations, to exorcise evil spirits, to perform cures, to seek divine revelations, and to live to God? These are the pleasures – these are the spectacles – that befit Christian men.
Something about the possession of a book – an object that can contain infinite fables, words of wisdom, chronicles of times gone by, humorous anecdotes and divine revelation – endows the reader with the power of creating a story, and the listener with a sense of being present at the moment of creation.
Alberto Manguel
Why may not the Bible and especially the New Testament be read and taught as a divine revelation in school? Where else can the purest principles of morality be learned so clearly or so perfectly as from the New Testament?
Gene Fowler
A faithful woman looks to the spring, a good book, perfume, earthquakes, and divine revelation for the experience others find in a lover. They deceive their husbands, so to speak, with the entire world, men excepted.
Jean Giraudoux
If man wishes to know anything about Creation (the time of Creation, the duration of Creation, the order of Creation, the methods of Creation, or anything else) his sole source of true information is that of divine revelation.
Henry M. Morris
Sometimes, divine revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows.” Angels and Demons p. 484
Dan Brown
The Mormons had a divine revelation in favour of polygamy, but under pressure from the United States Government they discovered that the revelation was not binding.
Bertrand Russell