Dominion Quotes

Dominion Quotes by Friedrich Schiller, Cyril of Jerusalem, Molefi Kete Asante, Spencer W. Kimball, Ovid, Brigham Young and many others.

Joy, in Nature's wide dominion, Mightiest cause of all

Joy, in Nature’s wide dominion, Mightiest cause of all is found; And ’tis joy that moves the pinion When the wheel of time goes round.
Friedrich Schiller
O God of our fathers, and Lord of mercy, who has made all things with your word, and ordained man through your wisdom, that he should have dominion over the creatures which you have made, give me wisdom that sits by your throne so that I might understand what is your will and be saved. For I am your servant. Amen.
Cyril of Jerusalem
There are two things over which you have complete dominion, authority, and control – your mind and your mouth.
Molefi Kete Asante
Great women and men are always more anxious to serve than to have dominion.
Spencer W. Kimball
Love conquers all things; let us own her dominion.
God himself is increasing and progressing in knowledge, power, and dominion, and will do so, worlds without end.
Brigham Young
Be not under the dominion of thine own will; it is the vice of the ignorant, who vainly presume on their own understanding.
Miguel de Cervantes
Darius was clearly of the opinion
That the air is also man’s dominion,
And that, with paddle or fins or pinion,
We soon or late
Shall navigate
The azure, as now we sail the sea.
John Townsend Trowbridge
The great must submit to the dominion of prudence and of virtue, or none will long submit to the dominion of the great.
Edmund Burke
To promote a woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion, or empire above any realm, nation, or city, is repugnant to nature; contumely to God, a thing most contrary to his revealed will and approved ordinance; and finally, it is the subversion of good order, of all equity and justice.
John Knox
God works to over throw the ungodly, and increasingly the world will come under the dominion of Christians, not by military aggression, but by godly labor, saving, in vestment, and orientation toward the future… This is where history is going. The future belongs to the people of God, who obey His laws
David Chilton
I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’ve had my share of mood swings, believe me. But it’s a powerful thing when you realize that you have dominion over your behavior and your passions.
Matt Dillon
WEAKNESSES, Certain primal powers of Tyrant Woman wherewith she holds dominion over the male of her species, binding him to the service of her will and paralyzing his rebellious energies.
Ambrose Bierce
We shall fight for a universal dominion of right by such a concert of free peoples as shall bring peace and safety to all nations and make the world itself at last free.
Woodrow Wilson
Christ in us must take dominion over the earth…. The next move of God cannot occur until Christ in us takes dominion.
Earl Paulk
the world exercises dominion by force and Christ and Christians conquer by service.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
To be given dominion over another is a hard thing; to wrest dominion over another is a wrong thing; to give dominion of yourself to another is a wicked thing.
Toni Morrison
For the love of gain would reconcile the weaker to the dominion of the stronger, and the possession of capital enabled the more powerful to reduce the smaller cities to subjection.
When man fell from grace, he lost a kingdom, not a religion. He lost dominion over the earth; He did not lose Heaven. Therefore, mankind’s search is not for a religion or for Heaven but for his kingdom.
Myles Munroe
The world dominion of western thought, forms of organisation, technology and military force is not God-given, nor eternal, nor greatly appreciated by the rest of the world.
James Buchan
Swaraj means even under dominion status a capacity to declare independence at will.
Mahatma Gandhi
Affect not to despise beauty: no one is freed from its dominion; But regard it not a pearl of price–it is fleeting as the bow in the clouds.
Roger Scruton
In most of our lives, we are accustomed to aiming at mastery and control and dominion- – over nature, over our lives, over our jobs, over our careers, over the goods that we buy.
Michael Sandel
if the devil can get the church to withdraw from prayer by believing reasonable excuses, the church is under his dominion.
Edward McKendree Bounds
Dominion is a spy novel, a love story, and also I hope gives some sense of the difficulties faced by dissidents under any totalitarian regime: the threat of imprisonment, torture and death; the threat to one’s family, the terror of being alone in a hostile world.
C.J. Sansom
Only he who has measured the dominion of force, and knows how not to respect it, is capable of love andjustice.
Simone Weil
The sexual parts are not only vivid examples of the body’s dominion; they are also apertures whose damp emissions and ammoniac smells testify to the mysterious putrefaction of the body.
Roger Scruton
My concern is that the leaders who are presently responsible for guiding the masses and teaching the people in the church environment, as well as business and corporate, reconnect themselves to God’s original idea and that is that God created man to have dominion over the earth.
Myles Munroe
Prophets, mystics, poets, scientific discoverers are men whose lives are dominated by a vision; they are essentially solitary men . . . whose thoughts and emotions are not subject to the dominion of the herd.
Bertrand Russell
Stone, steel, dominions pass, Faith too, no wonder; So leave alone the grass That I am under.
A. E. Housman
He possesses dominion over himself, and is happy, who can every day say, “I have lived.” Tomorrow the heavenly father may either involve the world in dark clouds, or cheer it with clear sunshine, he will not, however, render ineffectual the things which have already taken place.
Break in the sun till the sun breaks down,
And death shall have no dominion.
Dylan Thomas
So is man’s heart. The desire to perform a work which will endure, which will survive him, is the origin of his superiority over all other living creatures here below. It is this which has established his dominion, and this it is which justifies it, over all the world.
Jules Verne
How did an allegedly free people spawn a vast, rampant cuttlefish of dominion with its tentacles in every orifice of the body politic?
P. J. O’Rourke
And so do people pass out of one’s life and all you can remember of them is their humanity, a poor fitful thing of no dominion, like your own.
E. L. Doctorow
As beauteous is the world, and many a joy Floats through its wide dominion. But, alas, When we would seize the winged good, it flies.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Law hath dominion over all things, over universal mind and matter; For there are reciprocities of rights, which no creature can gainsay.
Martin Farquhar Tupper
And on this earth of ours there are but few souls that can withstand the dominion of the soul that has suffered itself to become beautiful.
Maurice Maeterlinck
Man was appointed by God to have dominion over the beasts, and everything a man does to an animal is either a lawful exercise or a sacrilegious abuse of an authority by divine right.
C. S. Lewis
However muted its present appearance may be, sexual dominion obtains nevertheless as perhaps the most pervasive ideology of our culture and provides its most fundamental concept of power
Kate Millett
Marriage in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.
Gordon B. Hinckley
The world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. We have no selfish ends to serve. We desire no conquest, no dominion. We seek no indemnities for ourselves, no material compensation for the sacrifices we shall freely make.
Woodrow Wilson
To-day it appears as though it may well be altogether abolished in the future as it has to some extent been mitigated in the past by the unceasing, and as it now appears, unlimited ascent of man to knowledge, and through knowledge to physical power and dominion over Nature.
Frederick Soddy
Since Deacon Hollingshead’s arrival in town last July the Dominion had been hard at work, cleansing New York City of moral corruption. “Corruption” is a popular word with the enthusiasts of the Dominion, usually uttered as a prelude to the knife, the docket, or the noose.
Robert Charles Wilson
Can any one be so indifferent or idle as not to care to know by what means, and under what kind of polity, almost the whole inhabited world was conquered and
brought under the dominion of the single city of Rome, and that too within a period of not quite fifty-three years?
As the vice-regents of God, we are to bring His truth and His … dominion … over our neighborhoods, our schools, our government… our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors – in short, over every aspect and institution of human society.
D. James Kennedy
God created the first pair equal in rights, possessions, and authority. He bequeathed the earth to them as a joint inheritance; gave them joint dominion over the irrational creation; but none over each other.
Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Man gains wider dominion by his intellect than by his right arm. The mustard-seed of thought is a pregnant treasury of vast results. Like the germ in the Egyptian tombs its vitality never perishes; and its fruit will spring up after it has been buried for long ages.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin
The idea that the Lord had given us a present, that the world is a gift from God… well, the amount of stuff, back then, that the Lord was giving away was limited. We do not have dominion.
David Attenborough
Your real selfВ – the I am IВ – is master of this land, the ruler of this empire. You rightfully have power and dominion over it, all its inhabitants, and all contained in its realm.
Robert Collier
The same Power that brought the slave out of bondage will, in His own good time and way, bring about the emancipation of women, and make her the equal in power and dominion that she was in the beginning.
Amelia Bloomer
Anarchism, then, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion.
Emma Goldman
We sail across dominions barely seen, washed by the swells of time. We plow through fields of magnetism. Past and future come together on thunderheads and our dead hearts live with lightning in the wounds of the Gods.
Norman Mailer
In giving us dominion over the animal kingdom God has signified His will that we subdue the beast within ourselves.
John Lancaster Spalding
The power of God, the Holy Ghost, isВ the Spirit of Dominion.В  It makes one a god.
John G. Lake
O love, when thou gettest dominion over us, we may bid good-by to prudence.
Jean de La Fontaine
Time, the foe of man’s dominion,
Wheels around in ceaseless flight,
Scattering from his hoary pinion
Shades of everlasting night.
Thomas Love Peacock
The lust of dominion innovates so imperceptibly that we become complete despots before our wanton abuse of power is perceived; the tyranny first exercised in the nursery is exhibited in various shapes and degrees in every stage of our existence.
Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann
The idea that it is funny to see wild animals coerced into acting like clumsy humans, or thrilling to see powerful beasts reduced to cringing cowards by a whip-cracking trainer, is primitive and medieval. It stems from the old idea that we are superior to other species and have the right to hold dominion over them.
Desmond Morris
O execrable son! so to aspire
Above his brethren, to himself assuming
Authority usurped, from God not given.
He gave us only over beast, fish, fowl,
Dominion absolute; that right we hold
By his donation; but man over men
He made not lord; such title to himself
Reserving, human left from human free.
John Milton
For everything that God desires to do in the earth, He enters into partnership with those to whom He has already given dominion.
Myles Munroe
Nature is thoroughly mediate. It is made to serve. It receives the dominion of man as meekly as the ass on which the Saviour rode.It offers all its kingdoms to man as the raw material which he may mould into what is useful. Man is never weary of working it up.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Because Adam, God’s deputy on earth, transfered his legal dominion to Satan, God became obligated to recognize Satan’s legal standing.
Ed Silvoso
‘God’ is a relative word and has a respect to servants, and ‘Deity’ is the dominion of God, not over his own body, as those imagine who fancy God to be the soul of the world, but over servants.
Isaac Newton
The freedom of man is, in political liberalism, freedom from persons, from personal dominion, from the master; the securing of each individual person against other persons, personal freedom.
Max Stirner
When we come on the radio, people will go, ‘That’s Old Dominion,’ ’cause it’s a sound that can only be made by whatever the five of us make together.
Matthew Ramsey
The more readers use the Bible app, the more valuable it becomes to them. Switching to a different digital Bible – God forbid – becomes less likely with each new revelation a user types into the app, further securing YouVersion’s dominion.
Nir Eyal
Few are those among men who have crossed over to the other shore, while the rest of mankind runs along the bank. However those who follow the principles of the well-taught Truth will cross over to the other shore, out of the dominion of Death, hard though it is to escape.
Gautama Buddha
Yes, sin, sickness and disease, spiritual death, poverty and everything else that’s of the devil once ruled us. But now, bless God, we rule them – for this is the Day of Dominion!
Kenneth E. Hagin
It was in the recognition that there is in each man a final essence, that is to say an immortal soul which only God can judge, that a limit was set upon the dominion of men over men.
Walter Lippmann
Karou saw them with her human eyes, this army she had rendered more monstrous than ever nature had, and she knew what the world would see in them if they flew to fight the Dominion: demons, nightmares, evil. The sight of the seraphim would be heralded as a miracle. But chimaera? The apocalypse.
Laini Taylor
Today all sounds belong to a continuous field of possibilities lying within the comprehensive dominion of music. Behold the new orchestra: the sonic universe! And the musicians: anyone and anything that sounds!
R. Murray Schafer
I am Zebedee, lord of the woods! Bow down snail, I have dominion!
Bill Bailey
Human beings are empowered to exercise dominion over nature and even to be participants in creation; and yet, at the same time, there are strictures against idolatry, which is a kind of overreaching and confusing human beings’ role with God’s.
Michael Sandel
‘Old Dominion’ is the nickname for the state of Virginia, and four of us have ties to Virginia.
Matthew Ramsey
God in heaven has dominion
Over so many events.
He can frustrate what seems inevitable,
And bring to pass the thing that you least expect.
When blithe to argument I come, Though armed with facts, and merry, May Providence protect me from The fool as adversary, Whose mind to him a kingdom is Where reason lacks dominion, Who calls conviction prejudice And prejudice opinion.
Phyllis McGinley
If you are under the dominion of sin, you are yet an utter stranger to the salvation of God.
Catherine Booth
This is the year of expansion in the Kingdom of God! Tent pegs will span to the north, the south, the east, and the west in the realm of revelation in the dominion of the Kingdom, where you will walk in a greater dimension of the manifestation of the Kingdom for your life!
Keith Miller
You can have no dominion greater or less than that over yourself.
Leonardo da Vinci
Adam was a super being when God created him…he had dominion over the fowls of the air which means he used to fly…well of course how could you have dominion over the birds and not be able to do what they do. Adam flew into space, with one thought he would be on the moon.
Benny Hinn
Your real self – the ‘I am I’ – is master of this land, the ruler of this empire. You rightfully have power and dominion over it, all its inhabitants, and all contained in its realm.
Robert Collier
Nothing is more gratifying to the mind of man than power or dominion.
Joseph Addison
When you’re writing a team book where every character already has his or her own series, you don’t have dominion over them as individuals – but what you can exploit is their relationships with one another.
Mark Waid
Thrones, dominions, princedoms, virtues, powers–
If these magnific titles yet remain
Not merely titular.
John Milton
It [Adam’s act] cast off the authority of God, usurped his prerogative, and gave the mind up to the dominion of natural desire
John L. Dagg
It is in vain that he seeks dominion abroad, who is not kingly at home.
Christian Nestell Bovee
Some of us believe humanity should be in divine partnership with nature, some people believe that man has been given by God the right to have dominion over nature. But since even they say that we should be good stewards, that right there should be the common ground.
Marianne Williamson
It is clear that God is saying, ‘I gave man dominion over the earth, but he lost it. Now I desire mature sons and daughters who will in My name exercise dominion over the earth and subdue Satan, the unruly, the rebellious. Take back My world from those who would loot it and abuse it. Rule as I would rule.’
Pat Robertson
The land was then covered with morasses and forests, which spread to a boundless extent, whenever man has ceased to exercise his dominion over the earth.
Edward Gibbon
Marriage, in its truest sense, is a partnership of equals, with neither exercising dominion over the other, but, rather, with each encouraging and assisting the other in whatever responsibilities and aspirations he or she might have.
Gordon B. Hinckley
The married woman as family provider beside the man, often also in place of the man, but always however subservient to the man’s dominion – this is the worst form of woman slavery our time has created.
Ellen Key
We have experienced the truth of this prophecy, for England has become the habitation of outsiders and the dominion of foreigners. Today, no Englishman is earl, bishop, or abbott, and newcomers gnaw away at the riches and very innards of England; nor is there any hope for an end of this misery.
William of Malmesbury
I am almost inclined to say that India will get Dominion Responsible Government the day the Hindus and Muslims are united.
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
If kings would only determine not to extend their dominions until they had filled them with happiness, they would find the smallest territories too large, but the longest life too short for the full accomplishment of so grand and so noble an ambition.
Charles Caleb Colton
Time has no dominion over love. Love is the one thing that transcends time. (Bones)
Jeaniene Frost
Travel makes all men countrymen, makes people noblemen and kings, every man tasting of liberty and dominion.
Amos Bronson Alcott
When God forgives a sinner who humbly confesses his sin, the devil loses his dominion over the heart he had taken.
Bernard of Clairvaux
Though sin may be in the Christian, yet it hath no more dominion over him; he hath an unfeigned respect to all God’s commandments, making conscience even of little sins and little duties.
Joseph Alleine
The lust of dominion burns with a flame so fierce as to overpower all other affections of the human breast.
Though they go mad they shall be sane, though they sink through the sea they shall rise again; though lovers be lost love shall not; and death shall have no dominion.
Dylan Thomas
Canada emerged as a political entity with boundaries largely determined by the fur trade. These boundaries included a vast north temperate land area extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific and dominated by the Canadian Shield. The present Dominion emerged not in spite of geography but because of it.
Harold Innis
Under the dominion of the priests our earth became the ascetic planet; a squalid den careering through space, peopled by discontented and arrogant creatures, who were disgusted with life, abhorred their globe as a vale of tears, and who in their envy and hatred of beauty and joy did themselves as much harm as possible.
Georg Brandes
The Life we have is very great.
The Life that we shall see
Surpasses it, we know, because
It is Infinity,
But when all Space has been beheld
And all Dominion shown
The smallest Human Heart’s extent
Reduces it to none.
Emily Dickinson
He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.
Leonardo da Vinci
Even Kings and emperors with heaps of wealth and vast dominion cannot compare with an ant filled with the love of God.
Guru Nanak
Our assignment is to see the dominion of God realized into people’s lives. It is not an overpowering control, it is a life-giving, liberating experience with the almighty God, who is an ultimate, perfect Father who loves to bring liberty and freedom to His people.
Bill Johnson
Cambridge was the place for someone from the Colonies or the Dominions to go on to, and it was to the Cavendish Laboratory that one went to do physics.
Aaron Klug
And the life of the ebony clock went out with that of the last of the gay. And the flames of the tripods expired. And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all.
Edgar Allan Poe
But have we Holy Ghost power — power that restricts the devil’s power, pulls down strongholds, and obtains promises? Daring delinquents will be damned if they are not delivered from the devil’s dominion. What has hell to fear other than a God-anointed, prayer-powered church?
Leonard Ravenhill
Are we asserting the easy dominion of our civilization over all times and all places, as signs that we casually absorb as a form of loot?
Martha Rosler
Why should the brave Spanish soldiers brag? The sunne never sets in the Spanish dominions, but ever shineth on one part or other we have conquered for our king.
John Smith
Great is the hand that holds dominion over man by a scribbled name.
Dylan Thomas
This most beautiful system of the sun, planets and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.
Isaac Newton
To have dominion by religion, is to have dominion over men’s souls, thus over their very spiritual life, and to use the Divine things, which are in their religion, as the means.
Emanuel Swedenborg
I am called
The richest monarch in the Christian world;
The sun in my dominion never sets.
Friedrich Schiller
A shepherd, in whom the spirit of God works, is more highly esteemed before God than the wisest and most potent in self-wit, without the divine dominion.
Jakob Bohme
How many emperors and how many princes have lived and died and no record of them remains, and they only sought to gain dominions and riches in order that their fame might be ever-lasting.
Leonardo da Vinci
Individual initiative alone and the mere free play of competition could never assure successful development. One must avoid the risk of increasing still more the wealth of the rich and the dominion of the strong, whilst leaving the poor in their misery and adding to the servitude of the oppressed.
Pope Paul VI
Two or three hours’ walking will carry me to as strange a country as I expect ever to see. A single farmhouse which I had not seen before is sometimes as good as the dominions of the King of Dahomey.
Henry David Thoreau
As a little kid, you go where your parents drag you. You have no agency, no dominion.
Richard Linklater
For he who has died has been freed from sin…14 For sin shall not have dominion over you, for you are not under law but under grace.
Paul the Apostle
The cheat ambition, eager to espouse dominion, courts it with a lying show, and shines in borrowed pomp to serve a turn.
Francis Jeffrey, Lord Jeffrey
Our toil is lessened, and our wealth is increased, by our dominion over the useful animals . . .
Edward Gibbon
For members of the political class, the crucial question is always: how can we push out the frontier, how can we augment the government’s dominion and plunder, with net gain to ourselves the exploiters who live not by honest production and voluntary exchange, but by fleecing those who do so?
Robert Higgs
Religion is, in fact, the dominion of the soul; it is the hope, the anchor of safety, the deliverance from evil. What a service has Christianity rendered to humanity!
Napoleon Bonaparte
This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.
Isaac Newton
God gave us the earth. We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees.
Ann Coulter
Begin to act from your dominion. Declare the truth by telling yourself that there is nothing to be afraid of, that you no longer entertain any images of fear.
Ernest Holmes
Avarice, where it has full dominion, excludes every other passion.
William E. Gladstone
Masters of one art have mastered all because they have mastered themselves. With dominion over both mind and muscle, they demonstrate power, serenity, and spirit. They not only have talent for their sport, they have an expanded capacity for life. The experts shine in the competitive arena; the masters shine everywhere.
Dan Millman
Humans have “dominion” over animals. But that “dominion” (radah in Hebrew) does not mean despotism, rather we are set over creation to care for what God has made and to treasure God’s own treasures.
Andrew Linzey
My deceased patients have taught me over the years to believe in the glass half full, to make good use of the time we have, to be generous – that was their lesson for the Uber-mind, and it was free. ‘Do that,’ they said, ‘and then perhaps death shall have no dominion.’
Abraham Verghese
My conception of dominion status implies present ability to severe the British connection if I wish to.
Mahatma Gandhi
Students regularly act out little psycho-dramas of oppression before an appreciative audience of diversity deanlets who use the occasion to expand their dominion.
Heather Mac Donald
Providence has decreed that those common acquisitions, money, gems, plate, noble mansions, and dominion, should be sometimes bestowed on the indolent and unworthy; but those things which constitute our true riches, and which are properly our own, must be procured by our own labor.
Desiderius Erasmus
How can Life grant us boon of living, compensateFor dull grey ugliness and pregnant hateUnless we dareThe soul’s dominion? Each time we make a choice, we payWith courage to behold the resistless day,And count it fair.
Amelia Earhart
When God saves us through Christ, He not only saves us from the penalty of sin, but also from its dominion.
Jerry Bridges
Working with a company like LIDS just makes sense for us. Every night, we play a song we wrote that has now become a hit and was inspired by seeing so many of our fans wearing Snapbacks. Our fans are LIDS customers, and we are excited to partner up and bring them into the Old Dominion family.
Matthew Ramsey
Knowledge, Virtue, Power are the victories of man over his necessities, his march to the dominion of the world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
The very beginning of Genesis tells us that God created man in order to give him dominion over fish and fowl and all creatures. Of course, Genesis was written by a man, not a horse.
Milan Kundera