Down To Earth Quotes

Down To Earth Quotes by Jennifer Garner, Leo Sayer, Amanda Bynes, Nicole Scherzinger, John Barrow, Guy Laliberte and many others.

I am lucky to have had an attentive, curious and loving

I am lucky to have had an attentive, curious and loving dad and heart-smart, down to earth, gifted mother. They changed the outlooks of their own lives and have never forgotten the people and organizations that helped them dream bigger than their circumstances should have allowed.
Jennifer Garner
Kids in England will stop you on the streets and tell you bluntly they don’t care for your current record. But it keeps you down to earth.
Leo Sayer
I feel like people start to believe things that people say about them and start to think they’re really important. If you have a family that is down to earth and cool, I don’t see how you can be like that.
Amanda Bynes
In normal life people say, ‘You’re so different than on stage!’ Offstage I’m down to earth, simple and a very goofy girl… I like to make goofy faces, be dorky and not take things too seriously. I just love to laugh.
Nicole Scherzinger
One moment you appear to be riding the crest of a wave, only to have the rug pulled away from you, bringing you back down to earth with a sickening thud.
John Barrow
Ironically, the opportunity to go into space brings you back down to Earth big time! My decision must also take into account my children, my family and my friends. I must be at peace with this decision. And I was. I weighed the risks without letting fear feed on fear. There is no room for fear in my life.
Guy Laliberte
In Mexico and Latin America, everything is big: Bigger emotions, bigger reactions. Here in the U.S., everything is more natural, more grounded and down to earth.
Eugenio Derbez
People are surprised at how down-to-earth I am. I like to stay home on Friday nights and listen to ‘The Art of Happiness’ by the Dalai Lama.
Carmen Electra
We’re in this world to bring heaven down to earth.
Bo Sanchez
I’m just down to earth.
Frank Sinatra Jr.
God is still in the business of coming down to earth: to this cubicle, this email, this room, this house, this job, this hospital room, this car, this bed, this vacation. Any place can become Bethel, the house of God. Cleveland, maybe. Or the chair you’re sitting in as you read these words.
John Ortberg
Our souls are made of water, Goethe says. So too, our bodies. There is a flow within us, rising and falling, unidirectional, to the heart. there is a flow without also. We circulate. We are drawn up, and we fall back down to earth again. It’s all haemodynamics.
J. M. Ledgard
Name one practical, down-to-earth effect of spirituality,” said the skeptic who was ready for an argument. “Here’s one,” said the Master. “When someone offends you, you can raise your spirits to heights where offenses cannot reach.
Anthony de Mello
The best thing about Sachin Tendulkar is that he’s completely rooted, down to earth, and a thorough gentleman. He’s probably the best thing to have happened to Indian cricket and maybe Indian sport as a whole.
Sania Mirza
With the Eucharist, therefore, heaven comes down to earth, the tomorrow of God descends into the present and it is as if time remains embraced by divine eternity.
Pope Benedict XVI
We’ve stayed really normal and down to Earth I think, and haven’t let the success thing go to our head.
Ashley Olsen
Cher’s great, she’s incredible. She is an enormous, enormous star, who goes anywhere and crowds follow her…and yet she’s a disciplined actress and she’s down to Earth and cool. I can’t say enough good things about her.
Greg Kinnear
I have a lot of people that are down to earth around me.
Alphonso Davies
I know certain actors who have done very well. They are still down to earth.
Tom Weston-Jones
I’ve met many rich kids over the years. Many are very down to earth and work hard; they come from decent parenting. Others, however, are not.
Jesse Spencer
I look at every girl, and I think, ‘You’re going to change my life.’ I’m very down to earth at heart.
Tristan MacManus
My favorite thing is when I work with anybody – crew, hair, makeup – I always love to ask who’s the coolest person they’ve worked with in terms of who’s been the kindest and most down to earth. A lot of people have said Meryl Streep.
Katie Stevens
Just like my agent had told me, Tom Brady is a really cool, down to earth guy.
Jimmy Garoppolo
I imagine if aliens came down to Earth, they’d actually be quite tall; people seem to get everything right about extraterrestrials but the size!
Nicolas Roeg
I like girls that are down to earth, intelligent, and don’t try to be anything that they’re not. One thing that I fall for all the time is girls with blue eyes and brown hair. There’s something about that combination that I find really sexy. It’s all in the eyes…and the personality, but that’s obvious.
Devon Bostick
My father was a very humble and down to earth man, and was known for being very honest and trustworthy.
Wissam Al Mana
My life is routine-obsessed. I’m OCD, and if I’m not at home, I always get up early and exercise. I don’t crash and burn at night, not these days, so early-ish to bed. At home, I have three small boys who bring me down to earth with school runs and endless meals.
Gary Kemp
You can’t go wrong with reading the fans and letting them tell you who they like. I think that’s really paid off for me in the long run – being down to earth and just really cool with each and every fan that I meet – and they’ve really supported me through thick and thin.
Jeff Hardy
I think it’s helped me that I’ve always been very grounded, very down to earth. Lots of my friends are people I’ve known from school, and when I’m away from football, they’re the ones who I knock about with.
Peter Crouch
I used to think you needed a passport to go south of Watford. But when I came to London the people were fantastic, so good, right down to earth, my kind of people.
Neil Warnock
What I’ve noticed about celebrities is, if they are really successful, they’re more down-to-earth.
Laura Bell Bundy
It’s really nice to have things to mail to people when they mail you things, or trade to people at shows. Something homemade, it feels… down to earth.
Brian Chippendale
The stars of eternal truth and right have always shone in the firmament of human understanding. The process of bringing them down to earth, remolding them into practical forms, imbuing them with vitality, and then making use of them, has been a long one.
Bertha von Suttner
The great thing about it is, in Hollywood, certain people are very good at keeping their lives and who they are very private. I’ve never met anybody as down to earth and cool in Hollywood than Matt Damon.
Anthony Mackie
You’re in the public eye and you get treated better than royalty, and then you’re dropped down to earth with nothing. You may not have any money for rent, and you have no friends because they all think you’re big and famous now.
David Oakes
Generations of men are like the leaves. In winter, winds blow them down to earth, but then, when spring season comes again, the budding wood grows more. And so with men: one generation grows, another dies away.
I grew up believing my sister was from the planet Neptune and had been sent down to Earth to kill me.
Zooey Deschanel
My dad is very down to earth, and I view him as a creative genius, and I am very proud of that.
Dylan Lauren
My teammates know I’m down to earth. I’ll joke with them. But when it comes to basketball, I try to be serious about it.
Chamique Holdsclaw
I always have to pretend I’m somebody else to give the best performance. It kind of feels like I’m acting; it’s definitely an exaggerated version of me. I’m a very normal, down-to-earth person, but I wanted the videos to be striking, so I have to lay it on a little bit.
Jessie Ware
I am so glad that I get to maintain a relatively down-to-earth lifestyle.
Evangeline Lilly
Someone once told me that something they really liked about me was that they thought that I was really down to earth and not high-maintenance. I think that was cool. It’s important to stay grounded.
Victoria Justice
I haven’t left the house without a packet of Kleenex in my back pocket for as long as I can remember. Whenever I start thinking I’m incredibly cool, the packet of Kleenex in my back pocket brings me right back down to earth.
Josh Radnor
I think the biggest misconception about me is people really don’t know who I really am. They see the party side of me, they see the crazy side of me. But I also have a laid-back side. You know, I’m chill, down to earth. If you want to grab a cup of coffee and just talk about life, I can do that.
Nicole Polizzi
I fell into that kiss like Alice into Wonderland, headfirst and flailing, heart pounding the whole time. The world spun around me and still I fell, and I only crashed down to earth again when someone called my name.
Rachel Vincent
Spreading manure is a great way of bringing yourself down to earth.
Steven Ford
I’m just a down-to-earth guy.
Ace Frehley
Want a happier, more content life? I highly recommend the down-to-earth methods you’ll find in ‘Mindfulness.’ Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman have teamed up to give us scientifically grounded techniques we can apply in the midst of our everyday challenges and catastrophes.
Daniel Goleman
In order to satirize adequately, I think you need to bring people down to Earth and be like, ‘Yeah, these people drink coffee and have tummy troubles and they go to the bathroom like anybody else, and they all have relationship problems, if they even have relationships.’
Anna Chlumsky
If a Martian came down to Earth and watched television, he’d come to conclusion that all the world’s society is based on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. He’d be amazed that our society hasn’t collapsed.
Michio Kaku
In oddball places, the electric guitar has been taken as an almost alien object – this weird, six-stringed instrument that fell down to earth and was then played loud but with traditional grace and intelligence
Ry Cooder
Shah Rukh is a chilled-out person and down to earth.
It’s a horrible idea that God, this paragon of wisdom and knowledge, power, couldn’t think of a better way to forgive us our sins than to come down to Earth in his alter ego as his son and have himself hideously tortured and executed so that he could forgive himself.
Richard Dawkins
I feel like a lot of famous people think that they’re doing a good thing by being kind. They’re like, “Hey, I could be an asshole, but I’m not! Isn’t it so cool that I’m so down to earth?” Like, No, you’re not!
Miley Cyrus
I make notes about things I see in films that really affect me, like the ending of ‘Jules and Jim.’ I think about how I can utilize things in my work. And I have a team of people who keep me down to earth.
John Singleton
There are a lot of people very sure of themselves that need to be brought back down to Earth. As good as they think they are, they’re really not.
Drew McIntyre
I’m very down-to-earth and accessible, I think.
Juliette Binoche
As far as I’m concerned, Cate Blanchett is a goddess, but she’s really down to earth. She’s got all those Oscars, she’s made all those amazing films and she could spend her whole life doing that, but what does she also do? She gives birth to three boys and creates her own theatre in Sydney.
Sylvester McCoy
I’m very much down to earth, just not this earth.
Karl Lagerfeld
A life is never useless. Each soul that came down to Earth is here for a reason.
Paulo Coelho
My children came along at a perfect time in my life. My career was soaring, and they didn’t care who I thought I was. They just wanted to eat. It brought me down to earth.
Sissy Spacek
I certainly never get above my station – my family would soon slap me back down to earth.
Sheridan Smith
I don’t want to come off as one of those artists that’s not down to earth and real.
La’Porsha Renae
Gaddafi’s a great bloke. The media only show the bad things. I used to go round his house. His son’s a super simple guy. All the Gaddafis are very down to earth.
Luis de Agustini
The whole intention of empirical economics is to force theory down to Earth.
George Akerlof
He [Kenneth Branagh] is the nicest guy. He is absolutely fantastic. Hes really down to earth, really friendly, and he has a great sense of humor. I really liked working with him. Hes a fantastic actor as well. Theres such a presence about him.
Emma Watson
I make sure I always surround myself with good, down to earth, fun, real people, who always keep me grounded.
Sean Kingston
Aliens didn’t come down to Earth and give us technology. We invented it ourselves. Therefore it can never be alienating; it can only be an expression of our humanity.
Douglas Coupland
You know, people always talk about how Jesus came down to Earth as a human being. He became a human being, But no one ever takes into account what that means.
David Javerbaum
I’m Creole, and I’m down to earth.
Boozoo Chavis
I felt very comfortable working with Jr. NTR. We immediately broke the ice almost the first day. I always found him very down to earth.
Nithya Menen
So one thing that I want to do is to make people realize that astronauts in general are very normal people. They are down to Earth, so to speak. I know it sounds contradictive, but we are very normal people. We are very normal people with a fantastic privilege and opportunity to do something that is extraordinary.
Luca Parmitano
Mathematics are the result of mysterious powers which no one understands, and which the unconscious recognition of beauty must play an important part. Out of an infinity of designs a mathematician chooses one pattern for beauty’s sake and pulls it down to earth.
Marston Morse
Barbra Streisand has accomplished so much, and Dustin Hoffman as well. They are down to earth and approachable. I admire that.
Kevin Hart
Everybody hangs out with everybody, which is very strange for a cast this large and this young. We’re all cool and down to earth and not caught up in this maniacal business at all…. Everybody really, really likes everybody else.
Lizzy Caplan
The Malayalam industry is down to earth and instantly recognizes talent.
We must begin to believe that God, in the mystery of prayer, has entrusted us with a force that can move the Heavenly world, and can bring its power down to earth.
Andrew Murray
I’m pretty down to earth, I always have been and though I am on a much different path than most 25 year olds, I feel like I have a bit of a double life. We will go on tour for weeks at a time, but when I come home, I feel like I am picking up where I left off.
Tristan Prettyman
Pilots are a rare kind of human. They leave the ordinary surface of the word, to purify their soul in the sky, and they come down to earth, only after receiving the communion of the infinite.
Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra
After my tour I had time to stay at home, be with my boyfriend and hang out with friends and that brought me down to earth and helped me write music from a more relaxed place.
Adam Lambert
I think I’m pretty much down to earth, and I’m not really way, way out there.
Robert Morse
There’s good genuine down to earth people here in Indiana.
Jim Harbaugh
I suppose that some days I wake up I have to wake up and be responsible, reliable and down to earth, and some days I don’t.
Jude Law
The Bible is meant to be down-to-earth. It was written for real people facing real issues.
Judah Smith
My mom is seriously down to earth.
Holly Branson
People want to know everything, and so they put you in the limelight. Sometimes, I am not down to earth, and I think I am flying away from the outer realms of reality.
Karl Lagerfeld
I’m so down to earth, I’m bringing gravity back.
Tinie Tempah
If you’re in a band or think of yourself as a slightly creative person, you can get quite self-indulgent, so sometimes it’s nice to have those people who bring you down to earth, but in a pleasant way.
Jarvis Cocker
I like spiritual songs. They struck me as truthful and serious. They brought me down to earth and they lifted me up all in the same moment.
Bob Dylan
I’ve always just loved drawing and loved cartoons. Growing up, I loved Disney films, I loved The Simpsons, and I was a big fan of the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes and the way that they would have weird fantasy and then down-to-earth funny character comedy.
Alex Hirsch
I usually have a driver, or take a taxi. But I’m down to earth. I like to clean the kitchen, I iron and wash my wife’s car! I just don’t usually take trains.
Gino D’Acampo
Because of his compassion Owen was always in trouble with his partners. They would have much preferred a tough, down-to-earth manager who would get a days work out of the little bastards.
John Kenneth Galbraith
I think baseball has such a way of humbling you. You can go 20-for-20, and before you know it, you’re going to go through an 0-for-30. It has that way of knocking you back down to earth.
Chipper Jones
I actually am a down to earth and easy going girl. Not just another model.
Alyssa Arce
I like girls that are down to earth, just like to have fun, and be themselves.
Jacob Latimore
I`m down to Earth, a lover of music, making music and making love. I love to make people happy and I think I`m basically a good person … despite what you might read about me.
Duff McKagan
I’m a very down-to-earth person, but it is my job to make that earth more pleasant.
Karl Lagerfeld
Despite being such a brilliant director, Hansal Mehta is a simple and down to earth man. He is very sorted and driven by passion. So that’s a rare combination – being a good craftsman and a good human being.
Pratik Gandhi
It bothers me when people say, ‘Oh, you’re so down to earth – for an actor.’ Even when they don’t say ‘for an actor,’ I feel like that’s the implication. Why are the standards so low for performers?
Jake Gyllenhaal
I am very down to earth and practical.
Ashley Olsen
I’m very down-to-earth and approachable, and I can be one of the guys and watch sports… I like to cook – I’m like the girl next door.
Marisa Miller
Plutarch’s peers were writing “rhetorics,” which were these dry philosophical treatises that made really broad gestures about life and death and fate. Plutarch stepped out of the stream to create an essayistic form that relied on a digressive structure and down to earth anecdotes.
John D’Agata
We think the whole world’s going to change, and forget that human beings are still human beings; we have the same five senses, we still interact the same way, we still love and hate the same way, but marketers lose track of that. But then it comes down to earth.
Michael K. Powell
Some people say I’m arrogant or cocky but I’m a down to earth, decent guy.
Chris Eubank Jr.
Astrology is astronomy brought down to Earth and applied toward the affairs of men.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
I’m kind of well-known in Holland, which is nice. But in Holland, we’re down to earth; there are no paparazzi in my garden and no autograph hunters at the door. We have ‘Strictly Come Dancing,’ but I’ve not been asked.
Marianne Vos
Nonchalance is the ability to remain down to earth when everything else is up in the air.
Earl Wilson
You will notice that the Occupy Wall Street crowds – and the progressives who support them – focus on bringing the wealthy down to earth rather than lifting the 99 percent. They have a nearly religious belief that too much wealth is fundamentally immoral and unhealthy for society.
David Harsanyi
The sun is coming down to earth, and the fields and the waters shout to him golden shouts.
George Meredith
The cast of ‘Parks & Rec’ is just a group of unbelievably nice, humble, down to earth, hilarious friends.
Rob Lowe
Some people are cool, some are cold. Many are down to earth, while a select few are divas.
Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
I don’t really think of myself as a heartthrob. I’ve got a lot of brothers, and there’s a natural competitiveness between us when it comes to girls. If I said something about being a heartthrob, then they would bring me straight back down to earth!
Ross Lynch
You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Wayne Gretzky
I mean, I grew up with pretty down-to-earth, atheist parents, but I was born a Pisces.
Melissa Auf der Maur
Neymar is a very humble down to earth guy, who enjoys playing football and likes to play that way. Anyone that knows him understands this.
Jordi Alba
Fundamentals are right down to earth. And one fundamental is: You have to make calls. Nothing happens until you make a call. It’s that fundamental!
Ben Feldman
My mom is so chill and so down to earth and not fussy about anything.
Ellie Bamber
Many outsiders see the art world as elitist and it is, except it is also oddly down-to-earth and embracing of oddballs who don’t fit in well anywhere else.
Sarah Thornton
People are always surprised when they spend time with my children by how normal they are. They’re polite. They’re well mannered. They’re very down to earth, in a way.
Donatella Versace
I love London. I would move here. I like British people; everybody is so down to earth.
Verne Troyer
I am convinced that there is no great distance between heaven and earth, that the distance lies in our finite minds. When the Beloved visits us in the night, He turns our chambers into the vestibules of His palace halls. Earth rises to heaven when heaven comes down to earth.
Charles Spurgeon
I’m down to earth; people sense that and they appreciate it.
Drew Carey
Quietly they moved down the calm and sacred river that had come down to earth so that its waters might flow over the ashes of those long dead, and that would continue to flow long after the human race had, through hatred and knowledge, burned itself out.
Vikram Seth
I think that you may find that Tamera’s a little more vibrant and energetic, but I’m much more likely to go up to a person and say, “Hi, I’m Tia, nice to meet you”. Wheras Tamera is like…well …she’s a little shy. She’s down to earth. I’m more extroverted and she’s more introverted when meeting people.
Tia Mowry
I’m a really good person. I’m down to earth. I have a big heart. I have feelings. And I’m just like everybody else.
Paris Hilton
Although the rudiments of snobbery are there, its finer developments are basically alien to the Australian soul – that is, if Australians have a soul; many people believe that they are too matter-of-fact and down-to-earth to have such fancy commodities.
George Mikes
A guy comes down to earth, takes your sins, dies, and comes back three days later. You believe in him and go to heaven forever. How do you get from that to Hide-The-Eggs? Did Jesus have a problem with eggs? Did he go, “When I come back, if I see any eggs, the whole salvation thing is off.”
Jon Stewart
I have always tried to write in a simple way, using down-to-earth and not abstract words.
Georges Simenon
I’ve known that about myself, that I’ve had two sides: one that’s pretty tactical, down to earth, aware. There’s also a really spacey side. But I realized they’re kinda the same thing.
Kamasi Washington
Country Music has always changed for the times, if you listen to the recordings from the 50’s to 60’s to 70’s, to now, the message is still there, basic down to earth songs about real people, it the music that’s been updated. Some of it I like, but still prefer the traditional sound.
Mark Chesnutt
Off the field I’m down to earth. I’m a very caring person. I’m a very giving person.
Terrell Owens
[Leonardo DiCaprio] is so cool. He was one of the coolest, down-to-earth people that I think I’ve ever met. I’ve never experienced meeting someone like that, [who could] just be so cool and down-to-earth and welcoming.
Quindon Tarver
I’m playing a powerhouse singer who is big competition, but she’s also really down to earth and sweet. But the whole sweet thing goes away when she’s in competition mode. I love the show, so I’m very excited to be a part of it. I’m going to kill it on ‘Glee!’
Jessica Sanchez
I love Rob Zombie. Rob’s just a dude, you know? He’s an artist, but he’s a regular guy, down to earth. And he’s a damned good director, too, and a lot of fun to work with.
William Forsythe
One day, you’re a nobody, and the next, you’re in a movie that everybody is talking about. But Hollywood has a way of knocking you back down to Earth.
Patrick Fugit
I first met Hanson over in Japan and they gave me some great advice about the fans and they seem real down to earth. They’re great.
Meredith Brooks
Cher is really down-to-earth, very nurturing, incredibly funny and fun, a great storyteller, and creates a great environment on the set.
Steve Antin
Some people, they feel like they have to change and try to go out and do this or do things for the cameras. I’m myself at all times, whether I’m at a grocery store or I’m speaking to a school. I want to be as levelheaded and down to earth as possible, because that’s who I am.
Torrey Smith
Bev Pettersen writes with flair and a down-to-earth warmth that will make you smile and sigh with contentment.
Julianne MacLean
I grew up believing my sister was from the planet Neptune and had been sent down to Earth to kill me. I believed this because my sister Emily convinced me of it when I was a toddler. I think she’d seen Invasion of the Body Snatchers and her imagination ran away with her. There’s a part of me that still believes it.
Zooey Deschanel
I take on everybody’s problems. I have a very maternal side. I’m basically a very normal, down-to-earth person.
Shannen Doherty
I’m still so down to earth and regular. I still be in the projects, I still be in the hood – just regular.
Tierra Whack
Happiness does not fall out of the blue and dreams will not come true by themselves. We need to be down-to-earth and work hard. We should uphold the idea that working hard is the most honorable, noblest, greatest and most beautiful virtue.
Xi Jinping
I’ve always considered myself to be fiercely patriotic. I love Britain – its history and the down-to-earth attitude people have.
Gary Numan
Insecurity prevents young artists from ‘flying’ and older artists from being ‘down to earth.’ Young artists should work on their confidence and the older ones on their humility.
Igor Babailov
I remind myself to stay down to earth so I can keep in touch with my audience.
I feel as though I’m nice and that I’m down to earth, and – people like me get taken advantage of. So by being tall and outgoing, people mistake that for being overpowering, overbearing, loud, and being a bully. No, no I’m a flower.
Wendy Williams
I’m a humble guy, I’m pretty down to earth.
Liam Smith
I guess I’m reasonably confident in all honesty. But I definitely don’t think I’m arrogant. I’m pretty down to earth, I mean I’m genuinely down to earth.
John Key
The hardest part has been maintaining a small head and remaining down to earth. So many people try to make you more than you are.
Brandy Norwood
You pull anyone from an alien planet down to Earth, and you want to show them great work, show them Tywin Lannister on ‘Game of Thrones.’ I mean, it’s just as good as it gets.
Alex Graves
I am just a person who is human, down to earth enjoying life.. whatever god blesses you with. Enjoying life for me is just normal.
Mohamed Al-Fayed
Most musicians are normal people who want to hang out and are really down to earth.
Sharon Van Etten
I like down-to-earth people.
Amos Lee
I tend to go for women with common sense. Being down to earth stands out more than looks.
Sean William Scott
Most of my books are set in the American Midwest, where I have always lived. Midwesterners are lovely, down-to-earth people. The luxury of choosing this region as a setting is the endless supply of seasonal change images that accompany it; in addition to, the wide variety of settings, urban and rural, to choose from.
Leigh Michaels
I never want to lose my Canadian-ness…and when I say Canadian-ness, I mean down-to-earth. I like being able to not take myself seriously and to not feel entitled.
Cobie Smulders
Down to earth advice about the path that leads away from the kingdom of the hollow men.
Sam Keen
Every so often I’ll go back down to earth and I’ll make reference to a phone or a house or something, something that’s a bit more real. But I suppose what that does, is it puts you in a surreal place but also my music doesn’t get too carried away in that sense, which I quite like.
Ellie Goulding
Yiddish has a down-to-earth quality that makes it remote from high-flown rhetoric, and it has a catch-as-catch-can charm derived from its stunning variety-of syntax, spelling, pronunciation, and vocabulary-from region to region.
Israel Shenker
Lady Gaga is not a diva, and she’s not crazy. She’s just an incredibly nice, down-to-earth person who really cares about art and creativity. It’s pretty amazing to be able to work with her. I’m pretty grateful for that.
Evan Peters
Popular women use positive, optimistic language in their online profiles, not buzzwords like “future thinker”. Here are the ten most often used words I found: easy-going, love, laugh, laid-back, optimistic, outgoing, fun, down-to-earth, pleasure, adventure.
Amy Webb
I find it very easy and good to cooperate with President Donald Trump. Because he’s very down to earth, very concrete. He tells me what he wants; he asks me what he can get from us.
Andrzej Duda
A bird can fly as high as it wants but it eventually has to come down to earth and get some water… and when it comes down to get that water that’s when you strike.
Kimbo Slice
You and I, it’s as though we have been taught to kiss in heaven and sent down to earth together, to see if we know what we were taught.
Boris Pasternak
I look back and wonder why I wasted my time talking about fried potatoes with the great John Lennon. But that’s what was so fabulous about him – he was very down to earth.
Kiki Dee