Early Life Quotes

Early Life Quotes by William Boyd, Dolly Parton, Nelson Mandela, Chris Crutcher, Luther Burbank, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II and many others.

As a novelist, where do you go to tap into memories, an

As a novelist, where do you go to tap into memories, and impressions, and sensations? It’s usually, in my experience, your early life, before you started thinking of yourself as a writer, because somehow those experiences are unadulterated.
William Boyd
I do remember how it was to be poor. I do remember that in my early years, we had to grow and raise all of our food, even our animals. And I remember in my early life, we didn’t even have electricity. So it was very, very hard times then.
Dolly Parton
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela
My early life had a lot to do with my origins as a writer, but I didn’t get into doing any writing at all until I was about 35 years old.
Chris Crutcher
Do not feed children on maudlin sentimentalism or dogmatic religion; give them nature… Do not terrify them in early life with the fear of an after-world. Never was a child made more noble and good by the fear of a hell.
Luther Burbank
I formed, in early life, two purposes to which I have inflexibly adhered, under some very strong pressure from warm personal friends. They were, first, never to be a second in a duel; and, second, never to go security for another man’s debts.
Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar II
There was little in my early life to indicate that an interest in biology would become the passion of my academic career. In fact, there was little to suggest I would have an academic career.
Eric Kandel
The style of life is a unity because it has grown out of the difficulties of early life and out of the striving for a goal.
Alfred Adler
I am secretive. Always have been. And one way that secrecy manifested in my early life was that I was adept at juggling multiple social realities: I could get by no problem in many social arenas (including that of high school), but also felt alienated and totally uninspired by everything that happened there.
Melissa Febos
After all these years, I could say thank you to a woman who had a powerful impact on my early life.
Oprah Winfrey
My early life was full of music because my sisters played the piano and I started playing at three.
Jeanine Tesori
I would go to school, then go for my dance training and be back home only by 9:30 P. M… and that’s what my early life was about.
Sudha Chandran
I think every young girl at some point in her early life wonders what it’s like to be a princess. They like the idea of dressing up and the fun of it.
Julie Andrews
The writers who have the deepest influence on one are those one reads in ones more impressionable, early life, and often it is the more youthful works of those writers that leave the deepest imprint.
J. M. Coetzee
My business in life has been to think and learn, and to speak out with absolute freedom what I have thought and learned. The freedom is itself a positive and never-failing enjoyment to me, after the bondage of my early life.
Harriet Martineau
Dear, don’t think of getting out of bed yet. I’ve always suspected that early rising in early life makes one nervous.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
I think so much of my early life, even though I grew up White and middle class, I was completely shattered by the horrifically violent atmosphere I grew up in. I am a consequence of violence. That opened a door to many realities that I would not have experienced had I not survived what I did.
Eve Ensler
While I was there I became deeply interested in photography, and indeed the most noteworthy event in my early life was winning first, third, fourth and seventh prizes in an international competition for college and high school students.
Douglass North
Since I was very young, probably two or three, I had really good memorization skills. I would memorize stuff from TV and perform it for my family. I was the little performer for most of my early life. So eventually, my mom caught onto that and thought I might want to get into acting.
Nathan Kress
While books provided me with some escape from the mental and physical horrors of my early life, they were unreliable. Many times the protagonists suffered terribly and then died at the end.
Sherrilyn Kenyon
As we grow older, the memories of early life brighten, those of maturity and senescence grow dim and confused.
Anthony Burgess
My mother’s early life revolved around the Methodist faith.
Carol Thatcher
For me Oliver Twist is a political novel. It is a furious critique of the treatment of orphans and poor children who were forced to spend their early lives in ghastly institutions.
Henning Mankell
There is no golden mean between these two extremes; either this early life must become low in our estimation, or it will have our inordinate love.
John Calvin
I don’t remember my childhood very well for one reason or another, possibly childhood trauma or possibly just a very bad memory. My early life has sort of been erased from my memory banks.
Michel Faber
Snowden has been very sparing about discussing his early life or his personal life.
Barton Gellman
It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations. Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations is an admirable work, and I studied it intently. The quotations when engraved upon the memory give you good thoughts. They also make you anxious to read the authors and look for more.
Winston Churchill
My early life has given me a great deal to draw on, certainly – but would I have swapped a happy childhood for the writing? Yes.
Bruce Robinson
I’ve always known how patient I’ve been because I’ve been patient with pretty much everything from early life until now.
Every parent knows this moment in a child’s age when he or she needs your attention in a very specific way because it’s the beginning and ending of the early life of imagination. It’s such a responsibility.
Nicole Ari Parker
Discipline our youth in early life in sound maxims of moral, political, and religious duties.
Noah Webster
I was 20 when I was sentenced to death. My life had been on a one-way path to self-destruction for years. I don’t remember too much about my early life, but I think I had a happy childhood, growing up in Philadelphia in a loving family with five siblings.
Nick Yarris
I was partially raised by an aunt who was a dress designer, so I was around her studio all of my early life. I know materials. I can look through Harper’s Bazaar and decide what works and what doesn’t, or any other magazine, Seventeen if you wish.
Ray Bradbury
It is my fervent hope and prayer that by exposing my mistakes and by pointing out the things that were a part of my early life, some who might be following the same paths might not make those same mistakes.
John Clayton
Emerson is the spokesman and prophet of youth and of a formative, idealistic age. His is a voice from the heights which are ever bathed in the sunshine of the spirit. I find that something one gets from Emerson in early life does not leave him when he grows old.
John Burroughs
Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
Margaret Mead
I’m grateful that, after an early life of being silenced, sometimes violently, I grew up to have a voice, circumstances that will always bind me to the rights of the voiceless.
Rebecca Solnit
Breaking the ice in the pitcher seems to be a feature of the early lives of all great men.
Robert Benchley
People who have it too easy in early life have a disadvantage for later on, because they get to thinking that everything is going to be easy.
Mildred Dresselhaus
It is a great piece of folly to attempt to make anything out of my early life.
Abraham Lincoln
I think if Keith Moon was here today and you asked him to recall most of his early life or most of his life, he wouldn’t be able to recall it.
Roger Daltrey
A mystery, and a dream, should my early life seem.
Edgar Allan Poe
My early life was a bit of a mess but it was no one’s fault. It was just how it was.
David Warner
I had a kind of tough early life. I had a tough time in school. I had an unsympathetic family in terms of what I was trying to do. I decided that my family situation was simply hopeless. I kinda bailed out, and my brother and sister didn’t. I failed at marriage, which I’m very upset with myself over.
Thomas McGuane
I have a good memory for early life. My visual memory is good about childhood and adolescence, and less good in the last 10 years. I could probably tell you less what happened in the last 10 years. I remember what houses looked like, sometimes they just pop into my head.
Jeffrey Eugenides
If there is a tendency in modern television I hate, it is the unstoppable march of the dramatic reconstruction to tell the stories of anything from an ancient Egyptian battle to the early life of Paul Gascoigne.
Kevin Macdonald
Very few people really see things unless they’ve had someone in early life who made them look at things. And name them too. But the looking is primary, the focus.
Denise Levertov
We spend so much of our early lives trying to figure out who we really are. And we spend the rest of our lives preparing ourselves to let it go.
John Cameron Mitchell
I certainly spent many years in my early life chasing all over the globe for meaning and purpose. I’d feel like I’d found it, then it would fade away again.
Roger Housden
When we notice a connection between our present fears and their origins in early life, we are finding out how much of our identity is designed by fear. Is fear the architect of me?
David Richo