Egg Quotes

Egg Quotes by Frank Black, Erika Jayne, Jose Andres, Claudette Colbert, Mary Roach, Mitt Romney and many others.

For some artists the live performance is the chicken be

For some artists the live performance is the chicken before the egg of writing or recording of repertoire. For other artists the writing or recording of repertoire is the chicken before the egg of live performance.
Frank Black
My breakfast is egg whites, avocado and grilled tomatoes. Lunch is usually some type of chicken and then for dinner… I like to eat. I’ll eat pasta even though I’m not supposed to.
Erika Jayne
My whole life, I have been trying to cook an egg in the right way.
Jose Andres
I bet you think an egg is something you casually order for breakfast when you can’t think of anything else. Well, so did I once, but that was before the egg and I.
Claudette Colbert
When I was a kid, I hated everything. I was really skinny, and I’d have a milkshake with an egg in it. Growing up, I ate, like, five different foods. I was not an adventurous eater. But as soon as I left home, that all changed and from that point on, I’ve been a pretty enthusiastic eater of new and strange food.
Mary Roach
When sperm and egg unite, something goes from inanimate to animate. It is life.
Mitt Romney
His life was one long extravaganza, like living inside a Faberge egg.
John Lahr
Obviously I’d love to have kids and all that. Luckily, as a man, there’s not such an egg timer on it, but I’d like to be able to pick them up without Nurofen first.
Tom Hollander
The egg of every species of animal or plant carries a definite number of bodies called chromosomes. The sperm carries the same number. Consequently, when the sperm unites with the egg, the fertilized egg will contain the double number of chromosomes.
Thomas Hunt Morgan
There is a restaurant in L.A. called Crustacean, which is very famous for its garlic crab. Well, I can make garlic crab better than Crustacean. My sauce is so good you’ll want to dip your bread in it, put it on your egg omelet, in your cereal, and in everything else.
Tasha Smith
I can’t even cook an egg. The only thing I can do well is baking bread. I love it and find it incredibly therapeutic.
Ben Fogle
In the early days of the Libertines, we used to put on Arcadian cabaret nights. There’d be some girl climbing out of an egg; we’d try and get a couple of mates to tell a few jokes, performance poets, and then we’d play in the middle of it all. More people were on stage than in the crowd.
Pete Doherty
My first meal when I wake up is five boiled eggs, egg whites, and a slice of whole wheat bread.
Romeo Santos
I don’t believe the fertilised egg can be equated with the sort of human life that you and I represent, or our children represent.
Robert Winston
I’m easy to imitate. All you need are the soft-boiled egg eyes and the bedroom voice.
Peter Lorre
I love making buckwheat crepes with ham, Parmesan cheese, and a fried egg on top. It’s my go-to breakfast.
Taylor Swift
I bet you think an egg is something you casually order for breakfast when you can’t think of anything else. Well, so did I once, but that was before the egg and I.
Claudette Colbert
Some versions of crab cakes are mostly crabmeat lightly bound with egg, but I’m a firm believer that a crab cake should contain bread crumbs.
Tom Douglas
When I got to France I realized I didn’t know very much about food at all. I’d never had a real cake. I’d had those cakes from cake mixes or the ones that have a lot of baking powder in them. A really good French cake doesn’t have anything like that in it – it’s all egg power.
Julia Child
I usually eat six times a day, small meals. For breakfast, an egg and a corn tortilla, salsa and cilantro, and some ham. For snacks, I’ll have an apple, some string cheese, a yogurt. For lunch I’ll have salad with protein in it and for dinner usually steamed vegetables and chicken or fish.
Sprague Grayden
Early on, they were timing my contract with an egg timer.
Conan O’Brien
My favorite splurge is homemade chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream or a Sausage McMuffin with egg or scalloped potatoes or turkey yanked right off the carcass and dipped in gravy or See’s chocolate.
Elizabeth Berg
I eat an egg every morning, and when I’m done, I almost always have the thought: ‘There. Now even if I’m captured and starved, I’ll be able to live off the protein of that egg for a while.’
Miranda July
When you cannot have steak, either you eat egg or you don’t eat. So, in the end, you eat egg and you enjoy it.
Robert Kubica
The aim of a nuclear-transplant experiment is to insert the nucleus of a specialized cell into an unfertilized egg whose nucleus has been removed.
John Gurdon
I don’t know what the creative process is. I don’t know how to trick it into starting or how to egg it on.
Sydney Pollack
The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.
Arnold H. Glasow
On days that I go gymming my consumption of egg whites and chicken stew goes up.
Mimi Chakraborty
It is a well-documented fact that guys will not ask for directions. This is a biological thing. This is why it takes several million sperm cells… to locate a female egg, despite the fact that the egg is, relative to them, the size of Wisconsin.
Dave Barry
I’m very much a person who walks on egg shells.
Kathy Burke
Whites cook at a lower temperature, set at a lower temperature than yolks. That, to me, is very interesting. That has opened up – as an egg lover, that has opened up sort of a world of possibilities, of applications.
Wylie Dufresne
Eggs are one of my all-time favorite foods, and making the over-easy egg is a test of skill.
Wylie Dufresne
Love is a competition. If you don’t think so, then you’re crazy, because why are you dressing up, why are you wearing those heels, why are you wearing that $400 perfume? Why are you shaving your chest and eating 40,000 egg whites?
Chris Harrison
I train in the mornings, and I’ll eat two breakfasts. I’ll have waffles with flax seed and almond butter and one egg scrambled. Then I’ll work out and have a second breakfast – another egg or a protein shake. Within a half-hour to 40 minutes after a workout, that’s when you want to load up on protein.
Justin Timberlake
If you like to bake with eggs, you can substitute Ener-G egg replacer, bananas, tofu, or many other ingredients. You get the hang of it quickly enough.
Ingrid Newkirk
My go-to, I eat a lot of boiled eggs, egg whites.
Le’Veon Bell
Really, the golden egg of doing a series is that you cross that very stupid bridge that says ‘Name Actors Only’ in casting sessions. All of a sudden, you become a name actor; it gives you marquee value. That’s all that a series does.
Jason Alexander
In the morning after my workout, I eat egg whites, very little toasted bread, cheese, tomatoes.
Salt Bae
Patriotism is a kind of religion; it is the egg from which wars are hatched.
Guy de Maupassant
If I have to lay an egg for my country, I’ll do it.
Bob Hope
I still think an Egg McMuffin is the best breakfast.
Judy Sheindlin
When you’re the cash cow that lays the golden goose egg, people are always going to cheer you on, whatever.
Noel Gallagher
I use egg whites and an olive oil-based hair mask that deep-conditions the hair and adds incredible shine.
Yami Gautam
Whenever possible, I use local, fresh ingredients, just because it tastes and feels better to eat an egg or a tomato or a hamburger that wasn’t flown halfway around the world, that didn’t travel on a truck and get stuck in traffic jams, that hasn’t been sitting in a supermarket’s refrigerator case for days.
Kate Christensen
A hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg.
Samuel Butler
I’ve got little ankles and a bit of a belly, so it makes me look rather an egg on legs.
Johnny Vegas
Every director bites the hand that lays the golden egg.
Samuel Goldwyn
How are things visible? Can you see an egg against a white background? Not by drawing a line around it can you make it evident.
William Morris Hunt
The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.
James Allen
Start with the basics: make pancakes, boil an egg, make toast. Get the kids used to getting a bit of toast and understanding it’s hot.
John Torode
Of course I love cooking Eastern European food because I’m a Jew, but I also love making roast chicken. I love making Hungarian goulash. There are a lot of egg noodles in my cooking.
Judy Gold
Even if I’m gone all day, breakfast is the one meal I always cook for my kids. I make French toast, oatmeal, or an egg burrito.
Gabrielle Reece
It really is amazing that some days you’ll come out and you’ll feel like you can beat anyone, and then some days you come out and you’ve got no confidence in the world, and you can’t break an egg with a hammer.
Jason Day
I ate some pretty funky, authentic Chinese food in Hong Kong. There was an egg from some bird that’s not a chicken. I can’t remember what it was, but it was green and brown and not very tasty.
John Legend
Toum is essentially a mayonnaise, but it’s stabilized with garlic instead of egg. Just like mayo, toum is an emulsion of oil into water, made possible with the help of a third-party emulsifier.
Sohla El-Waylly
I can cook really complicated recipes, but it takes a real talent to do the perfect egg.
Chrissy Teigen
For breakfast, I eat organic food with high fat content, such as whole milk yogurt, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and a scrambled egg. I cook it in organic grape seed oil for its high omega content. I drink a cappuccino for its dose of milk and the coffee for its taste, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Connie Nielsen
This sounds like a brag, but I know how to make good fried rice. I learned in college. There are two secrets – take the rice after you cook it and let it get cold in the fridge. Then cook the egg like you’re making a fried egg and just before it’s done, dump the rice and veg on it and swirl it around.
Patton Oswalt
I have driven school buses, sold egg rolls and painted houses, and I have often wondered what my life would have been like if I hadn’t gone into acting. Mind you, it’s a great life, going around pretending you’re other people and getting paid ridiculous sums of money for it.
John Malkovich
Our curses on them that boil the eggs too hard! What use is an egg that is hard to any person on earth?
Lady Gregory
The most Korean thing you can eat that’s so easy is Shin Ramyun with an egg cracked into it and kimchi on the side. I feel like every Korean person eats that at nighttime or for a snack.
Michelle Zauner
You know how fighting fish do it? They blow bubbles and in each one of those bubbles is an egg and they float the egg up to the surface. They keep this whole heavy nest of eggs floating, and they’re constantly repairing it. It’s as if they live in both elements.
Audre Lorde
It’s like the brooding hen sitting over a china egg.
Navjot Singh Sidhu
Once you’re retired and are no longer counting on earned income to live on and supplement your nest egg, you’re done with disability insurance. At that point, though, the need for long-term care insurance – which protects you from spending that nest egg too fast – takes over.
Jean Chatzky
Have you ever heard of a club captain who’s a bad egg? Me neither.
Ross McCormack
Chance is hugely significant in biology. In fact, the presence of apparent randomness in so many aspects of biology – from mutations in DNA to the chance involved in that one sperm reaching that one egg that became you – suggests that randomness is useful, even necessary, in very many cases.
Alice Roberts
When you start with a portrait and search for a pure form, a clear volume, through successive eliminations, you arrive inevitably at the egg. Likewise, starting with the egg and following the same process in reverse, one finishes with the portrait.
Pablo Picasso
You know how you toilet paper and egg somebody’s house? I did it, right? But I did it back-to-back nights, Saturday and Sunday. They called the police. Good thing nobody got arrested but that was something embarrassing and stupid. Why would you do the same house twice? It was ridiculous.
Jared Dudley
Many people thought that, given my knowledge of the egg, I should analyse embryonic mutants.
John Sulston
A Royal Commission is a broody hen sitting on a china egg.
Michael Foot
When you’re poor, an egg sandwich is dinner and you cut your potatoes with a butter knife.
John Witherspoon
There are two kinds of cloning right now. One is therapeutic cloning which is for coming up with cures for life threatening, really, really awful diseases. Then there is reproductive cloning, which is to make a human being out of your DNA and a donor egg.
Mary Tyler Moore
No one ever told me I should eat egg whites or drink a gallon of water each day.
DJ Khaled
Coconut oil mixed with olive oil is what I put on my body every day; I put rose hip oil on my face. If my hair feels dry, instead of going and buying something filled with chemicals, I put egg whites or avocados or mayonnaise in my hair. I leave it on there for an hour or two and I wash it out.
Nikki Reed
We’ve done some stand-alone cookbooks that have been very successful, like ‘Great Curries,’ ‘Perfect Pies,’ ‘Meat Feasts,’ so why not ‘Chicken & Egg?’
Dave Myers
When I was young, I would gorge on chicken. But for the last several years, I’ve been a pure vegetarian; I don’t even take egg.
K. J. Yesudas
Being born in a duck yard does not matter, if only you are hatched from a swan’s egg.
Hans Christian Andersen
The reform and opening up of China hasn’t been happening quite the way we’ve been told, like a small bird breaking out of its egg. Its more like a cicada shedding its skin, emerging ever so slowly. Energy is the last part of that shell that needs to be shed.
Chai Jing
A day without an argument is like an egg without salt.
Angela Carter
Football is a fertility festival. Eleven sperm trying to get into the egg. I feel sorry for the goalkeeper.
The vulgar boil, the learned roast, an egg.
Alexander Pope
There’s nothing like simple spicy egg bhurji.
Madhur Bhandarkar
I always have breakfast, say, scrambled egg whites, a vegetable smoothie, or whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk. For lunch and dinner, I eat a lot of fish and vegetables. And throughout the day, I try to stay hydrated.
Beyonce Knowles
I like to think of deviled eggs as a suit. The egg white and filling are like the jacket and pants – they’re the main attraction, and the part that the egg is largely going to be judged by.
J. Kenji Lopez-Alt
I think I can poach a pretty mean egg the old-fashioned way.
Wylie Dufresne
An artist looks at a juice bottle, an egg carton, or a newspaper and sees something valuable in them.
Ruth Asawa
Keep your energy levels high by adding bananas and egg whites to your diet.
Nargis Fakhri
I don’t think I’m a bad egg.
Mark Noble
I think cookery shows have become so sophisticated, and everyone’s so marvellous at it, but there are people like me who aren’t into the cooking malarkey, who still don’t know how to boil an egg for three minutes.
Anton du Beke
I do like my eggs in the morning, if I was trying to be good I’d have a piece of rye bread with a bit of avocado and scrambled egg whites.
Michelle Keegan
You never create a scene around the Easter egg. The Easter egg is always just, ‘Oh, there’s an opportunity for something that the fans will enjoy if they can spot it.’
Kari Skogland
For breakfast, I’ll have scrambled eggs or poached egg on toast… and – this is gonna sound weird – I have it with blueberries as well. Everyone says it’s weird, but try it – you’ll like it.
Jordan Henderson
I wondered whether the nuclear transfer techniques could be used to introduce purified macro-molecules into an egg, and hence into embryonic cells.
John Gurdon
We call ‘Ain’t No Mountain’ the golden egg that landed us at Motown.
Nickolas Ashford
In ‘The Serpent’s Egg,’ I created a Berlin which no one recognized, not even I.
Ingmar Bergman
Breakfast would be, like, egg whites with tomatoes, turkey sausage and feta cheese. Then for lunch I’d have salmon and spinach or something like that.
Baron Davis
When you are born into a body that takes the image of another, you ask yourself a question much like the famous ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum. Do you take the form of he, or does he take the form of you?
Dylan Sprouse
I’ve always eaten egg whites because when I was little, I didn’t like the color yellow, so my mom would trick me into eating eggs by taking out the yolk.
Eva Longoria
I love cocktails. My specialty drink is a gimlet with a little egg white in it so it gets frothy. I really like rose water – sometimes I’ll add it to champagne.
Christina Hendricks
I live a quiet daytime life. I walk everywhere. I lie down. I wash socks. I fry an egg.
Pete Burns
I don’t have any blindness when it comes to my money. As an actor, you can get distracted by your work. I do keep an eye on my nest egg, if you will.
Judd Nelson
An egg today is better than a hen to-morrow.
Benjamin Franklin
I would always advise if you were to have several egg whites, include a couple of yolks in there because there are some amino acids in the yolks that are slightly lacking in the whites.
Dorian Yates
The vulgar boil, the learned roast, an egg.
Alexander Pope
I am a breakfast girl. Breakfast is my favorite food. I love it. I love egg white omelettes. I love biscuits. I love toast. I love granola. I love quiche. I love all the fatty, horrible breakfast things!
Molly Sims
Occasionally, if I am very confident in the establishment, I’ll risk an egg salad on Dutch crunch, but I must be very confident indeed.
Gail Carriger
Easter egg hunts and parades are nothing new to any household or city, however nobody does it better then the Big Apple.
Hilary Farr
I was mainly raised by a working mum who didn’t have much time or inclination for making food. So I had three or four basic meals: fish fingers and a tomato; a packet scotch egg and a tomato; pasta with a tin of tomatoes; and extra mild plastic-y cheddar chopped into cubes with bits of cucumber.
Paloma Faith
My first attempts to transplant nuclei in Xenopus were completely unsuccessful, because the Xenopus egg, unlike those of other amphibians, is surrounded by an extremely elastic membrane and jelly layer that make penetration by a micropipette impossible.
John Gurdon
An experienced slush-pile reader doesn’t need more than a few seconds to see if a story has potential. You don’t need to eat all of a rotten egg to determine that it’s rotten.
Gardner Dozois
I only eat fish – no chicken, no turkey, just fish. I get all my protein from fish and egg whites.
Jack LaLanne
If you’re a retail investor, you have set aside some of your hard-earned money for investment or to create a nest egg, for your kids or family.
Vito Fossella
When we anthropomorphize the egg and sperm, when we turn them into a miniature bride and groom complete with personalities, what effect does this have on abortion legislation?
Emily Martin
One piece of white bread has the same calories as three egg whites scrambled with peppers and onion. Which option do you think is better for you? If all calories were created equal, these two options would have to be nutritionally equivalent.
Harley Pasternak
The present was an egg laid by the past that had the future inside its shell.
Zora Neale Hurston
My whole life, I heard, ‘Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg.’ It’s all I heard throughout elementary school.
Robin Lord Taylor
Hard-boiled eggs are wonderful when they’re really done right. I bring the water to a boil, and then I put in the eggs. And then I boil them for – well, it depends on the size of the egg – maybe eight minutes.
Alice Waters
I think you can fairly say I spawned or laid an egg that has turned into a lifestyle industry.
Martha Stewart
When I was young, I would gorge on chicken. But for the last several years, I’ve been a pure vegetarian; I don’t even take egg.
K. J. Yesudas
I prefer a home-made breakfast of brown bread and egg whites.
Rituparna Sengupta
I always run in the morning on an empty stomach, and I’ll go through a bottle and a half of water. Then I have a protein drink or I eat egg whites.
Drew Carey
In high school, I taught dance classes for 3-year-olds up to 16-year-olds, so between that and some bat mitzvah money, I saved up a pretty good nest egg to move to L.A.
Dianna Agron
Every time I found an egg to eat, or when I survived a storm in which trees were collapsing all around me, I felt that it was Providence. I don’t need to believe – I know.
Yossi Ghinsberg
I’m a vegetarian, but now, on my doctor’s orders, I have begun eating egg white.
Zeenat Aman
Once in a while, I’ll slip and get off my vegan diet and have egg whites in the morning, that’s a good source of protein while I’m out on the road. If I can feel my body starting to tire, those are good to keep you healthy.
Travis Barker
What I love for breakfast is eggs. My favorite thing is scrambled egg whites with cheddar cheese and pepper.
Chrishell Stause
At home in Ghaziabad, everyone is a pure vegetarian. In fact, when I want to cook non-veg there, my mum shoos me out on the terrace where I have my cooking utensils. I’m told categorically that whatever non-veg or egg, etc., that I have to cook, I should do upstairs and not enter her kitchen at all.
Suresh Raina
The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.
Pamela Hansford Johnson
Given that southern Italian pasta-making doesn’t incorporate the richness of egg yolks like they do in the north, even the basic hero of Italian cuisine – pasta – is vegan.
Melissa Leong
Although each egg cell produced by a woman carries a single X chromosome, the sperm cells produced by a man carry either an X or a Y. This means, in very simple terms, that the sperm cell determines a baby’s sex.
Kenneth R. Miller
I used to get nits all the time as a kid. I was six when I first encountered the egg planting hair vermin.
Stacey Solomon
I always have hard-boiled eggs with me to eat egg whites for protein. Even when I travel, I bring eggs with me so I don’t eat the plane food. Yes, I’m the person you do not want to sit next to with hard-boiled eggs.
Marissa Jaret Winokur
I never counted on playing rugby: I was just another fat kid chasing an egg. It has gone pretty well.
Alun Wyn Jones
Food is a big part of my culture, so everyone knows how to cook. When I came to America and asked a babysitter to softboil an egg for my son and she didn’t know how, I was shocked.
Isabella Rossellini
That’s the thing with sci-fi and action roles. You have to play the danger as real. If you don’t, you end up with egg on your face. You have to commit. You can’t think about how stupid it might look without the special effects.
Victoria Pratt
Usually, I’ll have egg whites, turkey sausage, fruit, and oatmeal for breakfast. For lunch I’ll have some grilled chicken or a turkey burger with veggies, fruit and wheat bread. Between lunch and dinner it’s often a protein bar, and then my evening meal is pretty much the same as lunch.
Vernon Davis
I can make a couple of good sandwiches: tuna salad and chopped egg salad. And Greek bean soup. I was a cook for my old Zen master for many years. So there were two or three dishes that he liked, you know. Teriyaki salmon, a few things.
Leonard Cohen
I realised what goes on in the egg industry and the dairy industry, so then I was like, ‘That’s it! Going vegan!’ and I just kind of went cold turkey, basically.
Sadie Sink
My brothers and sisters and I spoke in a language called Egg Latin. In the early ’50s in Canada, this became a fad way of talking among certain people. It’s based on the concept that in every syllable before the vowel and after the preceding constant you insert the word ‘egg.’ So, my name Phil would be ‘Pegghil.’
Phil Hartman
Of those beings who live in ignorance, shut up and confined, as it were, in an egg, I have first broken the eggshell of ignorance and alone in the universe obtained the most exalted, universal Buddhahood.
For breakfast, I usually like to do either a protein shake if I’m rushing out the door, or egg whites and turkey bacon are also a go-to for me.
La La Anthony
I’m brilliant at cooking my stepmother’s scrambled egg recipe. The secret is to put eggs, butter, milk, and seasoning together in the saucepan, and to keep stirring with a wooden spoon under a low heat until the preferred consistency is reached.
Ian Mckellen
I’m not an egg whites guy. I can’t deal with egg whites. I need the flavor of the yolk, and I like the fat of it as well.
Seth Rollins
I’m technically a vegan, but I do eat egg if it’s in things.
Mayim Bialik
If you’re not authentic you get found out. You wouldn’t watch Jamie Oliver if you found out he couldn’t boil the egg.
Chris Harris
I took a cookery course. On the examination, I had to cook a cheese omelet with peas and an egg custard. With the egg custard, which was supposed to be a dessert, I forget to put the sugar in, so that’s more of a quiche, isn’t it?
Lesley Nicol
I was mainly raised by a working mum who didn’t have much time or inclination for making food. So I had three or four basic meals: fish fingers and a tomato; a packet scotch egg and a tomato; pasta with a tin of tomatoes; and extra mild plastic-y cheddar chopped into cubes with bits of cucumber.
Paloma Faith
Lots of people ask me, ‘What do you do?’ Apparently, being a columnist, TV bird, all-round good egg, mother of three, and wife of one is not sufficient for them.
Katie Hopkins
Before I was married, I had never washed one dish or seen how you fried an egg or baking a potato.
Anne Sexton
I just went to the hobby shop and got an electricity kit and a chemistry kit, and I’m really excited to do experiments like squeezing an egg into a bottle and growing crystals. I’m really getting into hobbies.
Rivers Cuomo
There’s not one person at any club I’ve been at who would turn around and say I’m a bad egg, it’s only been at Aston Villa. That speaks volumes.
Ross McCormack
I make a honey, egg white, and lemon face mask. It helps to reduce the appearance of sun spots and pimples; plus, it’s so nutritious and natural, what could be better!
Devon Windsor
Man comes not from an egg but from an animalcule that is found in male sperm.
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
A potential person is not a person, any more than an acorn is an oak tree. I don’t think women should have to give birth just because a sperm met an egg.
Katha Pollitt
In principle. what is done is to take the nucleus out of a cell with a very fine micro-pipette or needle and introduce it into an egg. That had been done with amphibians a long time ago, and then there was a long pause of many years before people were clever enough to make that work in the sheep.
John Gurdon
It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.
C. S. Lewis
The importance of the egg’s non-nuclear material – the cytoplasm – in early development is apparent in the consistent relation that is seen to exist between certain regions in the cytoplasm of a fertilized egg and certain kinds or directions of cell differentiation.
John Gurdon
A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.
Bernard Meltzer
I eat egg whites a lot. Aside from that, I eat everything. I try to avoid too much oily food, but I do eat carbs. I have to have a balanced diet.
Genelia D’Souza
She looks like she combs her hair with an egg beater.
Hedda Hopper
If you want my Tim Hortons order, I do get the egg and sausage and cheese on a biscuit. One is usually enough. If I’m really feeling greedy, I’ll get two. I’ll do that with a large coffee.
Vanessa Williams
I walked out of the Chinese restaurant with a fat check, a record deal, and a box of shrimp egg foo yung!
Solomon Burke
Since we can’t count on the meat, egg, and dairy industries to protect animals from the most egregious forms of cruelty, what can we, as consumers, do? Opting out of paying someone to allow animals to die in a barn fire or at the slaughterhouse seems pretty reasonable.
Ingrid Newkirk
It struck me what we should be trying to do was pluck the egg from the ovary and fertilise it in the laboratory. We could do this in animals increasingly… this was the way to go in the human species.
Robert Edwards
I’m youth, I’m joy, I’m a little bird that has broken out of the egg.
James M. Barrie
Fresh egg pasta is traditionally served in the north of Italy with butter, cream and rich meat sauces, whereas dried pasta is more at home with the tomato- and olive oil-based ones of the south.
Yotam Ottolenghi
I was in Yorkshire. We were a family of five and I used to be sent sometimes to get the rations for the week and I was easily able to carry them back. It was like one egg and a tiny bit of tea.
Judi Dench
We always have a traditional Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. My Aunt Lynne organises that for the family, so we go to her house in Hampshire and it gets ever more elaborate every year.
Kate Garraway
Beverly Hills is too intimidating. Everyone’s got lovely teeth, so you don’t want to smile. Everyone’s ripped, so you start working out at 4 in the morning and eating egg white omelets.
Rob James-Collier
Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid.
Mark Twain
One-third of all female infertility is the result of blocked fallopian tubes. If fertilization could be done in the lab and then the fertilized egg implanted in the womb, it would get around that problem. Millions of women who cannot have children would suddenly be able to.
James D. Watson
The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Whoever will be born must destroy a world.
Hermann Hesse
I had a bright yellow jumper that my mother knitted me and I used to call it my scrambled egg jumper.
Dave Myers
I’m sort of shy, and Twitter feels like chatting all day with a group. I like to follow people. I’m following Joel Osteen, Steve Martin, and an anonymous purple egg – just to see where they go with it.
Maria Bamford
The argument about zoning and the presidency of Nigeria is like the philosophical argument of the egg or the hen. Who is older through the evolutionary process, who came first?
Goodluck Jonathan
In ‘The Serpent’s Egg,’ I created a Berlin which no one recognized, not even I.
Ingmar Bergman
As with most animal eggs, the early events of amphibian development are largely independent of the environment, and the processes leading to cell differentiation must involve a redistribution and interaction of constituents already present in the fertilized egg.
John Gurdon
When I was at primary school, we had this theory that if you ate an egg, it meant you’d get pregnant and give birth to a chicken or another egg. It was something we dared together. I avoided eggs for years, but now they’re my favourite food.
Erin O’Connor
It’s like a ‘chicken or the egg’ thing. We’re all part of the culture. We’re reflecting it; we’re changing it. So, yeah, I think culture is always changing.
Roz Chast
Fortunately, the DC Universe is full enough and replete enough with every kind of character that you could want, that it’s not that hard to find the right character. Sometimes it’s nothing more than an Easter egg, or a name drop, and sometimes it’s someone like ‘Deathstroke,’ who is a huge part of the DC Universe.
Marc Guggenheim
When we first put ‘Let It Be’ out, I had to cut out a lot of stuff that I really like and wanted to stay in there. The stuff in the new DVD has a lot of the stuff that had to be cut out. So for me, it’s like the egg is now complete.
Michael Lindsay-Hogg
My mornings go by so fast I forget breakfast. Lunch – that’s turned out to be my biggest meal. I like tuna fish with low-fat mayonnaise and celery, egg whites and garlic. It’s delish.
Jackee Harry
I have long argued that ISIS and Assad are not separate problems to be chosen between, but are action and reaction, cause and symptom, chicken and egg: impossible to untangle no matter how much we might like to.
Jo Cox
I always felt like I was stuck in between my parents, relaying information back and forth and walking on egg shells, not knowing what was going to trigger something to make them mad and not knowing what to say in front of them.
A few weeks after my mom passed in November of 2013, I came back from an injury and entered the Egg Bowl in the second half against Ole Miss. I’ll never forget the feeling when I walked back out on the field. As I walked into the Egg Bowl, the crowd stood up and clapped like they were enveloping me in a giant hug.
Dak Prescott
I like egg white omelets with veggies, or oatmeal with almonds and fruit.
Vanessa Hudgens
Combining proteins like egg whites and oatmeal with berries is the best and most important food of the day. The mix will help energize you. And you should have it in the first 30 minutes of rolling out of bed.
David Kirsch
Animals feel pain and love and joy, just as humans. But in the industrialised meat, dairy, and egg industries, animals are denied everything that’s natural and important to them. Some of them don’t even feel the fresh air. They don’t see the light.
Sylvie Guillem
Okay, a lot of people think that I’m someone known for a love of eggs and egg cookery. Being asked to endorse an egg yolk separator, I mean, I understood where it came from, but it didn’t seem necessarily like something that was ultimately worth pursuing.
Wylie Dufresne
I used to help my dad with a stall selling eggs when I was about 12. People were so hard up they would ask for one egg. But mostly no one came by at all. It was very demoralising.
Lynne Truss
Remorse, the fatal egg that pleasure laid.
William Cowper
Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken.
M. F. K. Fisher
There is a real opportunity right now as parents and grandparents to come up with a plan that leaves our kids with something better than we have; that is, an opportunity to own, build, and grow a nest egg of their own.
Norm Coleman
I don’t know whether endurance sports attract obsessional people, or training for endurance sports makes people obsessional… it’s the chicken and the egg.
Alistair Brownlee
My fantasy breakfast is just a really good egg scramble. Maybe I’ll add a little feta, so, uh, obviously not totally dairy-free. Definitely some vegetables, maybe some really nice tortillas; something to make it like a Mexican-style breakfast. I just really love breakfast.
Alex Honnold
I wake up in the morning quite excited by the notion that I get to immediately have a meal. That’s the thing that gets me out of bed – just the thought of having a poached egg, or even some granola.
Tim Minchin
Ever crack an egg into simmering water only to watch the white spread out and form wispy tentacles? It happened to me until I came across this game-changing fix: Break the egg into a sieve set over a bowl. The watery outer edge of the white will drain through, leaving the thicker white and yolk intact.
Claire Saffitz
Balthazar has a great New York vibe with the accent of a Parisian brasserie. I usually have the corned beef hash with a fried egg on top and wash it all down with Krug Champagne.
Daniel Boulud
Breakfast is my favorite way to start off the day. This is usually what I order every morning on set: egg whites scrambled with broccoli and a side of well-done turkey bacon. Sometimes I add a bit of feta cheese.
Cassie Scerbo
In a way, NAFTA is like a scrambled egg. How do you unscramble an egg? The value chains are so interwoven that it would be very difficult to do that. But government policies force us to look for ways to unscramble it.
Shahid Khan
My idea of baking is buying a ready-make cake mix and throwing in an egg.
Cilla Black
I used to work a lot on food issues and every time somebody predicted that production would be inadequate they got egg on their face a year or two later.
Susan George
I’ve been learning how to soft-scramble eggs. And once you’ve had an amazing soft-scrambled egg, you cannot go back. It takes a little bit more work, but they’re really great.
Alexis Ohanian
There are going to be birthdays, weddings, BBQs and work dos and you are entitled to have a few drinks, a slice of cake, a pepperoni pizza or an Easter egg every now and then.
Chloe Madeley
Concede that the new government of Louisiana is only to what it should be, as the egg is to the fowl; we shall sooner have the fowl by hatching the egg than by smashing it.
Abraham Lincoln
This is all me. That’s why all my products come in this dragon egg literally ’cause I’m like, I laid an egg for you, girl. Every little last detail is so Nikita and extra and wild. I’m creating things I’ve always wanted to see in the beauty industry.
Nikita Dragun
I usually eat six times a day, small meals. For breakfast, an egg and a corn tortilla, salsa and cilantro, and some ham. For snacks, I’ll have an apple, some string cheese, a yogurt. For lunch I’ll have salad with protein in it and for dinner usually steamed vegetables and chicken or fish.
Sprague Grayden